The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, December 03, 1859, Image 1

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    ght ffirit Obiten
, 7 - rKx.,L Ala& poulateibers, It paid is admits
Capita will b. teat to one adder tor $6. sod
.1 cap maw tats fortithe.
atiawilow=ag to pay within tho par, the
pipor Valr alecontinaed and the account wade out at
I " m u, of $2 par year, aced left with a proper °Sole 1.."
• b•eNnt.
TRIMS OF' AlDrlllfflan
rp" rifted' Humor law wake wwwara.lll,
,• ,gear.. oarroonk, $ 70 rato "quire 11 moomitha 93 OD
two 100 Owe " 6 o aa
ter.." 140 " 9 " an
rawln. sours a sear, aluusfeable at plow" Va.
months, 1 6 : 6 month,, SC 0 twoutha,
81, ,0" I MIT $l6.
,„. onlia um, or 93 oquionape year, $110; el 'south',
"1:3 month*, $lll.
•••• I ',WU hearted In the Bashreno Diaretary at s:=
new allowedai
for • Cord, aver l, and
,•,cht. 95.
pedal and Edttorial notices, 10 *Fob a lino t bat an
..Wwtbr twist Or loasetod lowa, lb. Special Mott es
~ loam then oe•
rr Itorassaw and others requiring crap:eat omegas
, 11 110.0 dvettiwassia will be allowed two squaw% paper,
no 4 turd, for $l6. rat additional apnea, the "haves win
proportion, and the goeietiontatita ut be tibial,
NM Oak to ibwhoyttlaawiehowinss" eirthe po w .
wst for transient adeortleentento regal in erlhoTusesa--
Bill, forrearly advartisiag will ho ball. owls.
DIALS* IN TatrOMILD Winne nen [animas,
B. Mao& of Yemen Brandies, OWN ko., Chalet
*Use Cisret•Lito 4 otrar Ras" Rhein, Port,aod al=
d boammtie nines; also ntaantsetarer of raestßied wig.-
kr, obi Rio, Boarboa, illoarnishela, Re, Reed Howe, oa
'l,ciell Street, Ern,
J . C. 01.1111OZOO it CO,
Waoussaut DEW-SY 11l akOOIII.IIIS ANIS
PIIorISIOSIII, State Strest, No. 10 Brow-tie Mock.
ri M. COLS,
Boos Boroset Bssiex Boos Xsyerienemess,
se, in Seesiod Story of Rioineronekers Block &to, Po.
ATTOINXIIT a Col7llllllllAll AT LAIN grip u Ps.—
macs on mu. Street, aoni the Put, In the American
stock, second story of the building, oectipnd IL ; k II
S4blaudeker. e will always be fooled In Ws o and
.it fastness ponefoolly offended to.
KISNDIti & (1),,
Ma4nn Float, Port, Ptah, Solt, Seeds, Wood and
Willow Wars, Mali and Gls". at No 2 Wrtgbt's Block,
Ow, Pa
ir P. O.I3II.IrANSCIIT. SURT 1111(11111X. ELI 11131-0114
ArTent.,,ET AT Law, St Lana, M.
Will give prompt !attention to qui. Ineatlng of !And
Warrants and the payment of Tame* to the :Metes of Ili..
eo ett i 644 joys,. •alt &leo till all order, for the purehame
of Iffeaouri Swathe Laud, he.
1L1116.1 A. K. COLE,
111 d fetreceeeer e. T
LLIMPACTtIIita aml Wholesale and Retail Dealer an
Vendee and Domeette Steele tfooda, Artefleinl Flower;
Ribbona, !)tike, Lanes, and Eashloaable litihnery. rsfahoa
Rattail'', fronting the Pa/104 ~ Pareolet atteot nn
paid to Thders.
xtcwmoN PETTI
A ?TONI , ST • T I..Aar . Mk. 00 I. brettrat
Street, Meetleille, P►.
Ideb. IMP.—)yliti
rill M. AVPITIN. __
1 • Ltiwoor la Clerk.. Watch - wit. Plow Jew.
wiry, Sil•or Spoons Plated WV., Looking finiaimpa, (lilt
Mouldings. Cutlery mod Posey Good; Paragon Bonding,
wilt olds West York ow Pooch et
& arfAIL DULICILI In Panay
kr,.l Stapii, Dry airc7is=ta. Mailings, iiii (labs% he..
Ito I Brown's Mak. itliN Pa.
Q S,
rolierairee ay Law.--o See in Central
Block, orer Neebinge: k Baker's Clothing atom. En
trees* on Stela Street.
ATTOIUtZT A? Law—Otlke on eth street,
waif upratte Lb* Ceart Floses, Mr* Va.
T. saleCLAlit,
ntseeeseer Messer, t Shismanie.)
uouticaLit AND StZTAIL DlKlCiolin, of State and
7t6 et's, Desisr in Paints, Citis;Dy•-Stuffs. Guam, Campbell..
Hanna( kla4d, arembel„ be.
oleo moored to wow wow of Roorompies Unit.
,ereff Mai* Stiselmall tb. ?IA& Swifts trio. Pl 6
W . K. MALI L,
DinTirr, orno• la amen- '
..iet'i Rlock, north side of atm Part, Rs*, Pa.
•. CRAW.
iornet or Punt,—(Moe In Nee
A1(.4 corner of Peach Street and the Public Square, Erie
Ru4sitetis ac usamierr,
wßOLitaLlt AND %MAIL beflittli in Mille
ease, Crockery, Otesewase and Saddlery. Noe. 11 anA 12
"10.. Blot*, corner of Yi/th sod State 'tonere. Brie, Pa.
s anowals, 1. A. rininirr.
- _
(Summers Ss Berm, a At (irakty
intatana la Knitleh, German and American Hardware and
: atleq• Also, Nal/A, Anvil., Views, Iron and Steel, No.
Heed Howeeatrie,
sitea, In the roam recently occupied by
hence Sttl, Bag. as • Law Hike, and over the Store of N.
ruby tortween the Rsed Honer and Brown's Hotel
- - -
Du II GOLD, Silver, Rank Notes,
Godliest*. of Deposit, its Right "lobules on the vain
mod dill* eolitkanUi for ask. OflesNa 9 Reed !louse
Naito 'Square, Iris
dionssed sad Massisetsmrs 01 mat.,
(Huai amid Into* Nosh st., fa lb, fonnowiy twseopied
by Uugh Jopii.
Inman Sa Gronariaa, Provildolaa, Pro
-44e4. Pork, Saik, Grain, Pout, Frain., Hata. Mom.
Broom., pup., Wooden, Willey and Stool, Ware,
T. C.aab. Prlen low. No. 4.11r-rigfir4 Block.
Kuto threat, 4 doors *bare sb. Poet 01164., Wain, Pa.
"LUCE is surustm,
Dant" OfOw Sn arty 8 a op..
lock, soft!' $4. of Pallas Square, forsorty ocaap . I
Wytiii k Ce. All wart wyrrantad.
traotaseeta garlel3ll, sad &sten la
rest was 4hemia, Norse , . Shot. C T /4 " t Y /. " 14
Totowa, Arm, ell. lee ., N.' . , %smug! Meek,
State street, trio, A.
•. MAT.
JOHN H*A at CO.,
fostwAstoura sod Commakfolos YoreMoto.
&Woof to Cool, now. flak, sad spot lbw a daily 800 of
Upper Lobe Ififtooshoss. Public bock. hrts. Po
)111011111X iIIAItSH, 111 c
IfAirosactrtrwass anneals Itnrimajlo Hors.
tit Garin& Agricultural foylamasLti Raiter44 Can,
. riumatestaitta Dino Mika, and Aired
Wimmiler Jt ilitlaosea &Miss Ufiekilars Know over
A ..tue. Joaraln Stara, Writ Park, aria, Pi* Orsuseb
tog damp to Order. P_ _ _
GSOINIII 43(1111.1111L
*mum at Law, oiniza, TAO cosaty,
Pa. 0 013604 m, irk Wiwi attended to with ,
vromPtaili tuld dfq _ _ -
pail FIRIIIJ oIene* IINT.
0? ling Pleura, Me, be &mates
Maw, erstallny, sr* Pc - . ___ -
IrsoLausa Omer" and Psalm to
poems dad ingodiad Vt and Liqaan, air)
Tobasi r lteldt, 41n, one Agents Ow Wilda =
ale. Ng . t Boonall Block, Stair 'Angst Rric Pa.
damn" I 'MAIL
itorrearevaxs, Wholesale sod R e tail
Dealer le an Ida& of heti, Drawing Room, iteekteig
OSP sad Dtblag Mahe, No. 4 Xey Meek, Erie, Pit
ttia►uiu In SOCA* asigetb.ef at Wbsie.
erg st No. ti, Cadvitri Black State strairt,
lb* Plk.,
t rDrii dlr. LOW.
dorteronrosnaa k Wlikohoar and ROW
drokrer MOW and Meters Pumps of superfror qualfty,tbe
raon boat non to awe. Shop ott Twelfth strait
nrarTaso,, lb* Pa.
..Mra l sodeet kre ei=dar Shintly, faro or
parioasos far
1.. W. Orro,
Tit. O. L. 111.1.101%
Ram? thomet.— .
Ma sad Dvalffiag I. umiak Paa r ri.
:InA Meek emit of MAID Haat ba
ißia Jely 141, oft
Gnomic 4. MOUTON.
Paw *Douro sad Coatairiap bisrebitit.
Pohlla Dock, ttle. doger 0401. Seat, ra new and
Most. i
Wawaam* &ad Ma &atm firocerfaa,
Peaaaaaaa. Ship Clmandbel, Weed .a 4 Wsnaar aue
ka. Maar Ramat. FAL has.
- - - - - - - - -
vii. A. GA.,„oslobbitr. sod BMW
Gooda.l2o=Vl6ll.lVmsce.3, fast, strIPT4
earner of rink pa.
iititiaitiVt Plum = gy .44( ol * -
meat Seeds
M nn=, kg, s
11116 absol, Owe itik.
tiprr• . d. H.
Atrariumv Ay Law OS hones or
Taam ta %amnia Colorise tefeConli,
limoommi mood ~sew ko•nberiarnaise
la bomb. slam a• am Ataiirimey iheimb.
ar taispire No*. cower a/ State asdl IFlftb
• ktlellannr Law.--01114* nosirred
bel igu ialwr oil Oital. Street, boltboldle 44t
Di. Gamow" Ovalle% mode
Aoutot Re. SIO Stoat. Illeatle. T.
c...firos oroolrolinoty to Mr toostoost 0
TOO oron et za
M 01111401 lint.
ArMaul As 1.41/..—Oies on, !Avail Da
tap, Wows Swine* sad Lod liewse,__ Pa I
§:Pere alltallt IX.
Outais *A Ids& of Ate ' Maw, neer
efo., *a. raba• Doak
Pa. Deatertitaaltar4 ogti 44. 14 4 Selo,
. B. 4 Cawi L ite r al ' )
. imam:
• ''''‘"l"N‘ ac. ha. 412nriL•
U • Vii•Lisaul Nod Reiail is ail Iditile
°familial', Gomm sid Maoism Bleirim.doggy
Ames. inami
=ails, BUM, U. ailidaildti Cii=r=re
DOW. sad Piallchig
Reed House, TWA Pa. •
1 11 71101,118A1a DRUG MIRE
Is the City of Erie
IN anticipation of a oonsiaerable inerenae
to NM I ? ro d s to Ws ettri aa the vipsolog of eta ir tw
ang sod %Ai tho otbooribovi boss tale top
to their aroc to all Ito d. t o , aid al•
=to the 'odors of than laps may tom them
wax, NU
at prima that roosot tvli to ostoovat
ry sod mono a armli of endow tioidh e
aia or war the thoo taiiravt. sal Ind tittlati
most atoinnovioot point at width to VOW thOMPlareill or
nopdanian their 'otiose ottoas. sot the Itionot the sob
aeriarro, Vivo White linter Moro it
adjoining the look at Golootarar, to tit* ploot ili Met to
°Mai:finny and rani Wag to the threat
&e., &c., &c., &c.
L•t thaw who hairs lisaitutrair rot *ail ordovottombrord,
taro %beta attoution to Erie, sad to the Stag ot
Nov. 6,11169.-9! CART= it 112071i12, '
PORK, &0.,
AT Wll 01,ESA 1, E.
No. IU. Brown's Block: State Street.
erne, Oct It, INA 9 Is.
1 - 1017 - $333;
P. ELLIOTT, Proprietor.
Nis Wee thoroughly repaired sad refornisto
ea, sad is now open for the noopption ot 'sesta.
W§,Boord by the Day, Week or ilatath am rea
sonable terms, the Proprietor piedgitsp bloat(/' that
no i fort shall be tegatity to fire engirt otaitfortiook.
Private Partite. Dinner Parties. or itanagers of
Pa Bane will sod the aecenwoodatloos at this if...,
superior to any other In the city and the shames as rose
ErGood telablizar attaebed abet% pima tram tbs
country will ales, a Bad atteaUve isoetlere to take abaft",
at theft Gam. May 8, 1814.0111
TH E experience of twenty years, awl the
Ides that t could mete
to trie cheaper than I am buy tam elesabere, became
rent le ehesper, hasher la cheaper, east fa clasper,
Inns the woe, bbdtlead ise to employ oweepetwat
and omelets, experierooed workmen, who
canied ea a Maser Idaatifactoty tbas
aloe. for five years, and who sold reet *sir
entire stock to asks awl tneasseiste,
and lam now prepered farairls aly asuseeenalrleals
n sopiniemaquosssal
1247.A.N11:121..A.124M IVIECIME 2
For any length of Moe, to give
My reputation as a Studs:dm and bustneee man would
be lost it these lostraturats should not prove good. and I
aware the public that Duthie' is Haled to briag aboot
the desired malt, vie :
Prodeetas • are 5.4 subatandal Mao, ',NA
writi She that milateethre, am" tta7 Is
tome Miser diem asi7 Phu* I kaee► of.
tati PATRON=
Items Own MINIM •t Some 1
Lam" Produce, ardent as Steno, old lasdraaleata, Lam
her, and may Wag else I so seU Nola br n.e is lay boa.
loco, yin be takes la nabs*ge for Plano Fortes,
deans, Nabiamas sad say thing else km* la say stem
Chit:kering & Son's Plano Fates,
If I. F.0.11-All,
Nave rot wee, Wild of a poor Moor* Piano
Let toe keiew when it le sad I •' eceideewire IL
TO EDITOREL—You all remember the
otter hlr Home Waters at New Tett, bee wadetet
advertising 15 your pews. The elidereirDed de •
little better, if yam wilt beer him with • call, aid tali
ierniah yea with say Piano joe order er &tire. Otte
ISM >oar eider. irrunga.
Erie, Jane 114 {SIN —2
RS. CVRTIS has named from New
York, sad is saw esesiviaer her Monk of
Coasissiri el
*Silk, Satin and Straw Bonnets,l
Read Dresoni. Caps. Plower* Ribbons, auebes, Chsallle•
Veliat Ribbons, Collin% Loses. be.. Sc. Also, Comptes
Hoop Skirls. Hosiery. Zapbyr Rea*Ralitlrs sad
rc uitertils for Embroider', Lee Veils, 111 , 10
riot naniity, Sc, . ali of width Oil be is wir
no bit bought simarbere.
ar• 11141.114KR8 %applied *lilt soods is theirtiss
-Wholesale, SSR it . CURTI&
Rrio, Oet. 1, 16110.-17.
Oat's and athor vaaaailiatave of Nab
Iv a r ia v i , •
Paula Sonillaig.
The subeeriber baa ea* imp dr
magarsav ISOM, aviilati 14 all dispo s e a ammo Opp
Cub or approved paper. 1100,1 t.
grit, Apiel 9,M014 -44. U.
IL L Le vp ,
Aji (dl and egraspkil• sasertawat of StAibmitlisid•
trim for WS my low by am2l/41. J. C.
1,7 • tail amorlaissi at liaagery mat Oneria. _lOll 4
auaad,for oak very lew by t. at, MAW,
th• wrist awl awkrert Aga law alt u t iri
sr* Oat. ta, 11M41,—.11 J. C.
11010AtallWeise Naively at dr stet! ci.
aIIOVELS, and Tongs
QSteada, Ibr tait by IL
_,sliretrTLrat , Pocket' Knives of
sit stew sad gelato+, at pie" tff
ow'. 110-11 J, $120.141-
rim:Margit : D l TIMOTHY MID I
OD Bealwas skit lbw Mita liasety jr/I
qategg, sad Mr Asap by
1010. 04 KIM ZllOl3O lb 00.
Warn% id pr i or Vth i l i sr
Orr jowl mit boo ihrifillor rob lir
Ur Apia. seri G. W.
rri 01 of . a
bawl WWtam'"
e !A
OF Joy own make Of onf aocription,
worisalltr i Zib• all t=r e ipil WM: V
Nov. Side igessiwk
PlutiwEl AND AlOClttaill,Mbez. *rub
_ _ roe it mil
A ADDER AND INDIGO; tof ilhe'l4o
lost itualith Ivy WON* at laajggliktiar
10 , - 5 a
- - .___ -, .di - - --) --)
, 1
' *...
''''' ' , q
, • S , .. •
..—.__ .......----.--.__ _ _ - -..---------.- -------- ..-- ----. --- . _ ,.„...
r4l .. . . ...
l .
, I ) .." '..
, •
• I
A I.
v . 41 . • • -, , 0t, - ...
' , .... , •
•. I 1.. , ...ta ..r.' ..
t 1 1c:• • r I LI : : .
' l l'
1 1 . " I 'l : 1 . - '•. f.i :
. _
~,.: . .v._
Mir -
•' 1 ' Matt" ~ ' -. ..e
-. • .
V `1
i •
. .
• .
, s , . 1)%
~.: `.:
-41 , - :. . 1
% c:- • v . '
' '''t '
,•,:' i • 1 ,
t.ief ', ' .^-
I: 1441 tii 14 : .&-iiiit1.01.1111111111111.1111.11111111.1111111111.1111.11M . . , .
Wlllaltillff P4L.
E.:Pentad iwoloptly and 11
pn and esti pilaw.
air • 4. FA= Poosoarrum.
liovr, *sow Prod; she:seftly said,
uTos i saust *hoodoo mooldsg;
It voila your looke—and then your breath,
Indeed - it's most peovoldag.
Did G.h deinee list aim should be
A chimney Qps reprded ?
Then, darling Nod, lot it be sold,
Tobacco you've dloomded."
..llnkr, wen, nry dear," said Pred, .4 Akar
That WA Dot be eb env ;
Bat, like a inks, by a plea,
And do Globate to please ye.
Did God intend that woman's aided
Snob irenderous tblap obowid brow lore,
As Bustles, Bleenkete,
Or hoops-de-dooden-do, love ?"
*But really, tr-witlf, whit. whif• whit—
" And mind you, Fin ant jealia&—
f you abandon Criminals",
By Jove! 1-1114 bra up arnothq."
Onee a tra 4 .
"Mr. Brown," said a mutable to a übi
quitous personage the other day, "how
Many cows do you own II"
"Why do you ask r was the query .
"Because I wish to levy on them," was
the prompt 'rejoinder.
"Well, let me see," said Mr. 8., abstniet
edly, "bow unsay does the law allow me ?"
- Two," replied the constable,
-Two l" said Mr. 8.. with a - gdo . l - 1 natured
astonishment., "well, if the law allows Ina
two, I wish it would make haste and send
the other along, as I Aavol't bet ofw;"
sir 4 ten-yew-tad stubund-twist boy.
with a flag of truce Ilutnerins in bks rear,
was up in tbe,lfunicipal Court, and it was
suggested that he be sworn ass witness.—
The Jades, eaLling him saki: "My little
man, do you know the team of an oath,'"
'Yes, d--- • d well 1" said the juvenile, as
be rolled up his eyes to the ceiling. K.
was not sworn.
• sir "Ben," said a tither the other day
to his delinquent son, "I am bUsy now ;
but as soon ail get time, I mesh to give
you a confounded lioggial."
"Don't you hurry yourself, pa," replied
the lad, "I can wait."
sir Why are young Wins' at the break
ing up of a party like ornnost Became they
can't go without a beats and they are all in
a quiver till they:get one.
air Paddy's description of a Addle can
not be beat. "It was the shape of a tur
key, the aide of a goose; be turned it over
on its back and rubbed its belly with a
stick, and ooh ! Mt. Patrick ! bow it did
squeak !"
igir The moat amnaing man in the world
ig n Frenchman in it pamien.—"By gar,
you call my rite • woman two three awar
d times more, an' I rill call yon the vat&
house. and blow out you brains with a can
lir "Now do take gbh medicine, wife,
and I'll be hanged if it doesn't curs you f"
"Oh, I will take it then, by all means,
for it is sure to do good one way or the
Obedient wife, that 1 •
11SPLPIIIE `Mtn *7j
him tree hours and den him crow! 14
wife den, pop him into de pot with six
pounds o' tatters and 1 kick 'em all out ;
ho must a bin as old as did lerfooselum."
sly, Class in the middle of froffirsPhY ,
stand up. "What's a pyramid?" "A pile
wi l e
of men in circus, one on of the other."
"Where's 4pr pt I" " halters wee."
"Where is Wales ?" " Al) er the sea."—
"Very well; stay there till 1 show a ape
cite of bireh well known in this country."
Sr That *as *horrible 14*r—the mur
der of Kr. Dean, and the sealing up of his
remains in a tin box 1 "What Dean," ask
ed a half dozen voices, at once. Why, &Ar
dent, of room."
SO. The editor of the Boston Ass says
that brandy applications are reoommended
for baldness, oontinned externally until
the hair is well started, and afterward ta
ken in generous quantities internally, to
clench the roots!
/lir' An Irishman angling in the wan
was observed to keep his line under the
*rob o( a bridge. Upon being asked the
reason' be replied: and won't the
fish crowdln' there to, keep ont of the
wet., y spalpeen
_ I plows, I sows, I rasps . , I mows. I
gets oil wood for winter ; I d igs, I how,
and *ere grows, and for what I knows I
owes the printer. Ido suppose all knowl
edge flows right trona the printing-press, so
off I goes, in three' Ore clothes, to settle up
---I guess.
j A gentleman burying hie wife, a
friend asked him why ire expended so much
on a funeral t "Ah, sir," he replied. 'labs
would have done as much far me with
pleasure' '
I. The ?di'would* News says the best
protection from mcwquitees will mbe ob
tained by marrying a pretty women."—
Theee pests newer bbite a mon when they
ton And something better and sweeter.
).... A Cobweb tnerriscs is thus DOSiOld
b one of our ootemporsnes: "Marriedbist
week, Joins Cobb to Nis. Kate Webb."—
Their house will, undoubtedly, be fall of
!. 411antony,. you llttlo whelp, didn't 1
tell you tp lot that Pat's toil oloso?"-mid
an angry rather to a mon, who wassit
&frig to elongate a cat's weave. "
old 000k,swbst it you did Ws old 's
oat, and ('U pank thunder out of it, if 1
- - -
11/ilr"Did t understand you to call iota
aairr "Yes, dr. I called you a
Puppy "Lucky kw you. The Wank Is
too goon to nodes ; but if pro had called
me a dot—an old dog—i would bays
kisodkod you down."
sir A very clone ealkiltathtna mei that
which took & pries al Piamilliqpkii ma*
,10 1
Airs. wbet Mawr MI GO.,
May chest the ifboadoW He
down id* troop of harm *MGM,
, sisorgot.
'Ala. itch
t in ai si tki
iltomwholigk iir • • •
sasotioissiefterbeirseysimussig •
of she murk skis to relied to the Nein
g as
k ik. Ow wades togetbor ti—rA
, Axial y otosim Ina *ma bp 111. - 10010.'
i t a l
4100417 =
Sui,r-sost , tiaapsis.wbsoil smoiso4‘ithis . S
I aniscollooss , vorwcoiwtobepoiliestacirows ,
close oirisiln 4o its pilsos mew
&Wit .c it *as 0111 0406 ,
Oa . iiidaik is *cloth
Amp poeisisfoker,issibill
Imam sis i lois err
=t="liish , ars *se* slim
Low you' that if Aids ay
Maws you by digidaand
At the owns lad' ban.
In Um dm& iumeinders
Illsresoer. your fi.#iltigels .T*
Ever tallow. ihdailray.
And ob. talla us di year g.
Your isoesdag sad
Illistber wary, adosebor
Raadaseely or kaamdy dad :
B. as want as yen way,
Saaralkiag aro bath litds Pay.
AU the main rosin yea Road
With year male ar lady Mead ;
Evilly tetwalisla preiseaette—
livery es/1 sad eatutada—
Every whispered !Ord pea $7.
Come to a i te . throdih lilts Pity.
At the club, where friends you last,
She is knoolhur at your hot.
Aud your hued all would radials.
When the oparlahNi cup you drain;
Theo with hoary iwart away
inks the tearitd Ma Fill
fio if you would win my favor,
Guard in future your behavior,
And watch narrowly yourself ;
Por a cunning, stealthy elf,
As you seen for seaoy a clay
Is the wary Hole fly,
Chola Padua.
[lhsta ellietre Lad" liisla. foe riessubsia
11111111111111 NMII
"You will always reinember how much
=ear father hoped for you r' said Mrs.
passing her area round Harry's
nick and taking his hand.
The lad looked ewasooly forward We'
the oar window, afraidlo trust his voice to
answer. its was very young—iirdy fifteen
—end he Warn leaving his home for the ant
time. One little mouth before, bin father
bad left him—this lad—bead of the fami
ly, consigning to his awe his mother and
sister, and Henry liendsord , was starting to
make a living for them He had borne up
bravely ; had accepted thankfully a place
as cabin-boy in the Yawl which had haft
commanded by his father, Captain Sand
ford, and was starting With high hopes to
make his fortune. Bid, as he set in the
oar on his way to Liveepocd, his gentle sis
ter Lis& peeping before him, and his mo•
thar's tender, loving ninon tglieg upon
his ear, the boy fell; rest &nigh% sobs
e g g risin in his throat, and tears gathering in
heart is
Loa ithis•
600 011M1)
floes. He
Hitherto ' _ sne petters, _
ling of his parents and elder sister, franc,
generous and essentially boyish in his taste
and habits ; now, he must be a man, to
comfort and support his Widowed mother
and orphaned sister ; and from the boy's
heart went up s prayer full of holy suppli
cation that God would make him worthy
of the trust.
"We are almost at Liverpool," said Lis
sie, suddenly, looking from the window.
Mrs. tianford's grasp tightened over her
son's passive hand, and then he broke
down. Throwing his arm round her neck,
he laid his head upon his mother's breast
arid fairly sobbed.
"Ho 1 that won't do," said a pleasant , .
Wed sailor, who, with his wife, had watch
ed with much interest the sad group.—
"Come, be a man."
Harry raised his heed indignantly at the
implied want of manliness, and said, while
the tears stood quivering on his long eye
lashes: Hymn man may.not be ashamed
to ai xi irhen leaving each a mothers. I do."
1" cried the man. "So you are
going away ? A sailor. I see ?" And he
glanced at Harry's dress.
"A sailor inthe e liacket my father com
manded till be di ."
"What is her name
"The Sea Gull."
"Why, that's my craft," cried the man ;
and, springing up, he stepped over the
hack oi his own meat, and took one oppo
site to Harry. "Your father commanded
the Sea Gull? Are you Captain Sandford's
lad f"
"Going to sea with me, then t" Awl Itti
tool Harry's hand in his own. "I toiled
ten years under your hither-3D. Sand
ford"—end the rough tailor took off his
hat recurently—lise itz se I can I will fill
this bore habift's place to him. It ever L
go to heaven. Otptain Bandked—Ood Nem
hint 1--rant me there. A better sailor and
a better man never lived. 111 tell you how
it was. You see, f had got into bed amp
petty and bad wa t tand took more liquor
aboard frequen than I could autnar,
and I had got a name, and the other
men called me Drunken Jim."
"Jetnmy," said wife, gently leaning over
the meet
"Let mebg. Mary ; tell her," was the
answer. "Well ma'am. to wake It long I
std short. Captain Sandford took pis Into
hit vessel ten yew ego, and lie A l i* um
kindlyikent ell my old ways, made me a
new mew and limy bent who had tereind
me before, took me, seven c =go, for
better, for Verses Oa the s good
word. Wale* tract the bay to ?"
"I am glad to have my boy under the '
are of a man who lowed We fat te r, " eat
the widow, whose tears flowed ftoly,as
this White; to her husband's aanwary.
"Here we ever ort Jemmy. the
oats shot WA the dapill. "Keep doss to
ram. and l'U pilot the way to '
i er
tems whe the Captain always put up the
Alornios 4WD% after walespleet night in
tie iiMis..and the little party e ta** their
way id the pier. Amoy hadgope before,
and, when the SOO Of triMmoloved cap
Amin came on
lair Whitey" bal Atil.' andlrO gri =
aelteeted . so they welecitted high ensonget
'thew: ridle every het weritelted and wary
'valor was AP, as ihniesdskiss given. die
widoivV ais : workbag boy. She was
in to the boat, wlrta .vr t el la
puddmi - Ate Unwed.
hbe mid in a twerehihts robe, "its is my
Gay soft the child et' the eaptein you ail
4 tilo we .did." Wee the hearty rejoia
*Poi LeiUbe. Naka o ipsip t =ta
Rernetsbew,The h
wroandMiry Mit
ibeeepthrs the trnekaid Wm two .rpoptid‘
torwerd to lead the widow to the boat.
BT hatina Vikavvr
4:t ZOICI 1859-
TwilitiniiiiidlWiatudildati eta on' law way
hatenwswi, and the nextsher Thaw *ailed
out of the heater on his Mist voyage.
did • lad sail under more favor. al
able wainkow. d
OWtainflandiked.lad lb e
most idolise by his *now, sad 1101141 Ir of
his mak were still on the Sea OulL There
was a ceetiiint pride taken amongst them
in isitOgag the tog as goon a sailor al his
halm bad been I and thanks to hie kind
teschett, Hem whose reedy wit, recalling
long oolorm with hie Lather, helped
him muolk soon found himself at home in
his vowel. His bank, open disposition and
ma* mummers held finely the friends
hisfitlisseantszoory hadadledttround him.
partioulailj endeared
hint to he hada fine tenor voice,
and had had considerable instruction in
music, and never complained of hoarse
ness. Keay times, strong hands took his
work for the sake of having him sing to a
cluster of admiring Datelines. Leaving him
on the sew, stowing for China, I will tell
my readers some Wag of Barry Sandford's
antecedents. .
Twenty five years before the time when
'sty story gems, there *ante to the village
of HeitOla the Rev. George Childreth and
his sister Ellen. They were the children
of Harold Childreth. George and Ellen
settled.down into the personage, end, be
ing orphans, she kept house for him. oo
ossioruilly. a visit from their uncle the
present Sir Henry Childreth, or their cous
ins, would remind the villagent of the gen
tle birth of their pastor, but their quiet
unusuming modesty never forced it upon
the notice of the parishioners. George
died, and Ellen married Henry Sandford,.
The family chose to consider that she had
lowered herself by marrying the mate of
a merchant vane!, for that was her bus
band's rank at the time, and all commu
nication between them had ceased. Years
before George died, there had been anoth
er brother, who went into the army on his
father's death, and who bad but seldom
communicated with his brother and sister.
For seventeen years before my story com
mences Ellen Sandford had never heard of
her brother, William Childreth, who had
gone to ladle five years before her mar
It had been Hrs. ?Sandford's comfort and
pride, during the long voyages her husband
made, loam"' her in the little cottage, with
only her children, to devote her tune al
most entirely to their education. Has&
a woman of great intellect, with a superior
education, she was eminently fitted for the
task. Not only did she instruct them
thoroughly in the elements of a good Eng
lish education, but music and laneuages
were added, and Henry studied Latin and
mathematic» with the pastor of the village.
To give them ease in foreign tongues, Mrs
Sandford conversed with them, in their
dailyiintisroourse, in - both French and Ger
man:had studied Italian with them in the
long winter's evenings. Although Harry
was a manly lad, accustomed to all boyish
athletic exercises, he was also—thanks to
his rnother—a more accomplished gentle.
man and scholar than many men who had
passed through schools and academies ihr
years ;et there vresaguiet modesty about
the la d, and in his new station he bore
himself with so much manliness, and so
cheerfully performed even his most ardu
ous duties, that fire would have suspected
the depth of information under the unas
suming exterior.
Thermal had been out but three weeks,
and Harry stood, one afternoon, leaning
._sb. of ;sails, his eyes on the vast ex
but not red ; be was too yoang, r. 7. - ----•
boyish hope yet, for sad musings.
"I know you," said a voice at biaCide.
"Do you ?" he said, turning quickly to
look at the speaker.
It was a little girl, thedaughter of *gen
tleman who was ems to China, an eldelly
man, who kept his berth from illness, leav
ing this little one to wander over the deck
at herpleasure. She was very small, grebe
fel, and fairy-like, in spite of her steut
black traveling dress, which only beieit
sued, by contrast, the dazzling fairness
of her complexion and wealth of goldien
curls '
"Do you," /ski HokrY.oVio•
"Yes, you are the boy .that sinp. lift
me up ; I want to sit on the sail, and t i iiak
to you."
Harry lifted her in his strong arms, and
seated her on the pile of canvas, putting
one arm around her, that she might not
"What's your mune t" she risked.
"Henry Chi Wroth Sandford. What's
"Mabel Ross, but every one calls ine
Maj..e Sing for me."
had a pretty, imperative manner,
that amused the lad; she looked so fair
and tiny, and gave her orders like a little
"Slug for you ?"
"Yes, not a loud noisy song, but a pret
ty one. Mamma used to sing before she
went to heaven she sang such pretty
soup. 'Auld Robin (}ray'—can you sing
that t"
-I have beard it."
"And , 'Auld Lang Syne,' and-woh, can
you sing 'Bonnie Boon' 1"
"Yes. ll
"Mamma was A Scotch lady, and she
sang all those pretty songs. Are you a
/Woo:shown ?" -
"Paps Is not, but mamma was. Papa
wanted to leave me in England to go to
school, Mel I wouldn'tstay. Would you_
hive stared I"
f"teaasoi ten. Is not school pleasant?"
/ 4'i - don't know. 1 would not go, so pe
tit let me go to China with him. gds so
skit, poor papa, and the doctor said he
Must go to sea. Come and see him."
+"0, no, hell sick and must not he dis
turbed, Mite Tom"
ttfam'ilLise Boss I nis May, I'm only ten years
4, and I oluttet he Miss Rom for a long
. -Bing now." ,
i Harry e
ae'yeti. pay aster day, this pret
-1 tv falrr Would glide in amongst the
rough auk" watch till Barry was st lei
geh er amociatious of bogie hmi
ly, .1s hemt - warmed to the tioy•fairy who
honored hill with m tuna of her notice. •
'glory, here is papa
_' said !deb one
tnorniag, coming sr - d, leading by, the
hand a tall, elderly non, pale and tram- i
*lc= -Minnow
" Imasietyou, sir? mid Harry, Gi
-it 4 Berri, papa,Barry, who amp to
ve" iiidd. away.
• little iffa j girl owes much of the
tww___Alwit •volelle to Tow," seld,,
Pomo. Pt eccoPeirqg Sawlausimanee.
1 Ala V ir r WO OW to be lup her,
Ph'," mid . willing toohenge the sub.
Jed. "las Rosa says you have been very
1 • "Yes. ft wand yam. ' Thank you,"
'Mr. Ross added, ea litany smart h'h oat
and plated him in it, "thank you ; bot
do eaglet me detain you it you are air
hili'diabileekNowey raisedhis
histlaiiir . ; strwagetr at=
awarwillt :H . ZZaed left the
. ,--
'Mute Whet her Mho** able
i dole ti tit Aopirr h ilfiliallif /Larry bilks".
- lead instinctively
the distance between the toilet =s!
1 7 child_ 004 • ttioroltiot twoiliti
c`r bis spa • • •; wagon
ally, wtstro thosolt, arms *wad Tonitd
Wit neck lb* • 1 ,are ploidod for
addu be would starry her Oho the pat
itailsAld dos to kw tit s pretty.
Book& aotogs ber mother had ta Kt be
to love.
The royale wee drawing to a Glom ; land
was looked for everlday. One night, Hai ,
ry lay in his hammohlt, es as peace
_fWly as in hii oki oot at .kim4su s nsiti
of feet nom the desk disturbed him, lie
started hp, half awake, liAtiallei, and was
turning over to sleep slain, when a loud
hoarse voice shouted "fire!"
In another moreent he was on his fed*.
When he reached the desk, he stood for
an instant benumbed, chilled with dismay.
Prcen the hold of the vessel thick volumes
of smoke were rising and long tongues of
S nsaking their way through the planks
and licking the sides of the tweet The
life-beets were Warmed, and men crowded
into them. Land, long looked for, WM in
sight, but faintly disoerusbis in the dark
nem of night.
"0 Harry I`."
This was the-And sound that roused him
from the torpor of dread. May was cling
ing to his band, as if oomfor and protec
tion wart to be found there. The last boat
was filling ; Mr. Item was seated in it,
holding up his arm' for the child. The
boat was already crowded.
"I wont go unless you do," said May,
still clinging to the band abe had taken.
"There is not room for two more," said
Harry, firmly.
He raised her in his arms, printed one
long kiss upon her lips, and handed her
down towards her father. She gave a cry,
and sprang forward to Harry, making him
lose his Wanes, and they both fell over
board. The boat pushed ofT, leaving them
to rink or swim.
Daylight dawned, upon the line of share
which had been so faintly visible from the
burning vessel, where were collected groups
of men -- sailorsfr om various Eng lish and
American vessels--engaged in the melan
choly task of finding the men and goods
washed ashore from the Sea Gull. Sod
denly, a cry from one of mats called the
others around him. "See here?" He point
ed to two bodies. which were washed upon
i p
the shore. A boy in th of a Itntish.
sailor, and, clinging to is neck, a little
girl. Their cheeks against each
other, and his %ruts en 'ivied her little fig
ure, as if his last • movement had been -to
protect her.
• "They are not dead 1" cried one man:—
"We have revived seven already. Take
them to the ship !"
Strong arms raised them, and they were
borne toa vessel lying near, in the harbor.
Mr. Ross met the party bearing this young
couple, and, with a groan, gnised Ma
bel. It seemed doubtful, fora long time,
whether life or death would eons:per in the
struggle to restore them, bat, atlast, they
recovered ooasciousneas. May was the
first to speak. She was lying in her fath
er's arms. "HA wanted to pat me in and
wookrnt, come himself," she muttered ;
then gave a sharp cry : "Papa !"
"Here, darling 1"
She started up on his knee, threw her
arms round his neck, and burst into a pas
donate fit of tears,
Harry. in another room, bad also re
covered, with no face near him butstrange
ones. He looked for May. She was not
"The little girl is with her father," said t•
moment, fell asleep. When he awoke Mr,
Ross sat beside him. He sat up.
"May. tells rue you would have put her
in the boat, and sthyed yourself on the
ship," said Mr. Rosa, in a broken voice.
"There was not room for two," said
Harry quietly.
"And you wished her to have the place?"
Harry's honest face flashed as he said :
"Would you have . left a baby in that burn
ing ship to save your own life r
The only answer the old man made was
to bow his head over Harry's, with a whis
pered but fervent benediction.
"You have lost your vessel," he said,
after a moment's pause. "What will you
do r
"I mot try to find a place on another.—
The poor Sea t3uU I" he added sighing.—
"My father commanded her for ten years."
"Indeed I But, my friend, would you
not prefer the navy."
"I should., if I could enter as a midship
man, but my mother could not afford to
buy me a commission."
"Ahem T. Well, keep quiet ; you had a
great shock."
Harry wee very glad to obey the injuno.
tion. He felt dizzy and bewildered, and
had a rushing noise in his head which sleep
altme could relieve. He 444 again.—
When he awoke the second time, Mr. Bose
and his daughter had left the vessel.
The next day, late in the afternoon, a
package was handed to Barry. It contain
ed the commission of a midshipman on her
Majesty's man-of-war, the Faloon, with a
letter from Mr. RAM, begging his accep
tance of it.
"Where is the Falcon P" he inquired.
"There," said one of the sailors, point
ing off. -Loot one of her middies yester
day of Fever."
"The gentleman lost no time," thought
"Homeward bound?" -
"No. Going to the Mediterranean.—
We leave for England to-morrow. Any
letters ri
"Yes. I will write. lam going to take
the place of the midshipman who died on
the Falcon."
"Yon 2"
"Yes r
'l l 4ll, luck go with you. Good-bye.—
Here, you-dropped this note from your Mi
Hmy took the paper. It was a note on
the bank of England for a.hundred pounds.
The boy's cheek flushed. To be paid in
money for the generous feeling of his heart,
revolted hint. Mr. Roo war Air away,-
and, after a short struggle: he determined
to send the money to his mother, merely
deducting enough to replace the clothes
lost in the wreck..
•-•• • • * •
Ten years bare pulsed away, when in a
rills in Naples we find collected a group
of ladies and gentlemen, aome old Mends,
same DOW mat.
"Iltsjor," said a handsome old satin.
non standing near the door, to a tall, el
derly Man beside him, "who is tkot young
QM& abetting, wit.-my ward r'
iirM •
N L win not aware that you had a
" was ntol asnireef It myself until about
two years agoi, I lucre led a roving life, aa
you know, and in ;11ruseilles I met the
young men. ai wattinthe ammo hotel, and
we met lirequentay, title day,' when chat
hetold me name;
and. I found he arse my ub =
eon, named. /or my greauthtbre. kfteto
long pimmadon. he ommented 40 awrelwith
ma 11.0.1 his distiterge trout verde%
but & alp he reeidernd the vim
with his old rank of Lientemith •eadlinint
for Dagjand in a few
"He is a fine i
manlY•ltooking Ottlow."
• "Just such a man at las proundlteeell
ti V ir yourug — Aoir turned his head.
ottd.lthi ftkmd walked
over %elan. .-
11inky.!! add, his tendeelel inusintro..
- o
41 - 11 := :LI
is 0.41 1 k4% 1 40 t - met for,
on* l'MnM my hither.
"And the •Wry, wtt 4 , mos t is fir s t
the ;
I U the -/Un7 0 1 14.6b li Y azn
coaso 191 "
tokste here
ki 1 417 ! •
been.qtjate a ' wok 'fur& I RIF
‘ Stae 4 "4" • ') meet vis mod
Xabole ;!
"Too, ari y galria
'I am, tt la ten reus t r. wt my
-borne, and I hiwe been, , nearlk i ,every
part of the world slime." , 4.
And have lOU not &On OK
sinitthe"iditin you spoke, iif fpir TAR years?"
"1413. is Marrhisl,44o My, moth
er writes nioit entreittla*fspErrld j urn."
"She will aeons* kisoveyen.
"Let in see you in "Ltindoor said Sir
writins upon a cud. 4 , There is
my address. Ifity, we must go. Remem
ber, we, too, sail for England - bAiorrovr."
“Good by l" said Mabel, holding. not her
:Ait„ *. Di 26.
"Are you asleep 1" said Major Chiltireth,
Si, after seeing his guests out he Petri to
the place where Harry wee stain:Hu'
"So, only &teem." •
"Ahem 1 So that L a
the Miss Item whose
father gave you your von:minion 7"
"The same. She ffi changes 4, yet the
same • a woman. yet with silt he winning
ways amt. trade her childhood so beautiful;
the sane frank smile. the same angel face.
Is she not lovely ?" ,
",Ahemyes, 7,
"There is Miss Heller beekoriing to yen
"Mel Not a hit of it ; it is yea. Go !"
week latter, and Hoary Awed on his
vessel, grasping his uncle's hand in farewell.
"Tell EUen, your mother: that I Omit
come to England by the next stedmer
Good-by I God We you, my boy."
There was the usual cheering, and the
vessel sailed off, Homeward bound, •
Harry was glad to return hope. . He
bad pleasant visions of the pretty collate.
his mother, his sister ; yet, whenever he
fell into a musing fit, these visions Aided
set and he seemed to see a fair face en
circledby golden curls, to hear a sweet.
imperative voice saying " Sing th me," and
again feel a soft white hand in his, and the
saute voice raying, "I have neverforgot
you, Lieutenant Sandford." Thepeen. ton.,
card was put away carefully, th9ug.k harry
knew the address by heart. Mr, Hose was
dead. Harry had learned that: in his a:-
variation with Mabel; and her present
tan was her second cousin, Gtr Wil
liam siughton, Wealthy,living mitts noble
friends, beautifhl, talented, Harry's heart
sank as he compared with this the poor
lieutenant, with only his pay,'and a wit',
owed mother to spi= yOt . the
would haunt his day .
Home! He was the HMO depot in
Liverpool from which he had started oil
his long absence from home. ! • --
"In Isere, sir," said the conditictor,opfsu -
log the door of a railway carriage..
"No, in here," said a gentleman just
stepping into the nen't one. "Lieutenant.
well met."
"Harry grasped Sir William Harughto»'s
offered band, and fall Owed him into the.
carriage. He looked around. Yes, in the•
corner seat. arranging ha shawls, set
She blushed as she met Harry's ga za
lead gave him a smile of welcome. •
It was a long ride, but a plessati4one.
MaTre travels had given him abundant
conversation, and he quite wbn Sir 'Wit
Ham's heart. Anecdote, • seastories, de
scriptions werb ail poured, fbrtb ;. and the
oeasatioa of thelittle =whet needle's mo
tion, or the raising of a pair of soft,Wue
eyes fn the corner, gave !um freak Inspirit-
WU for each one. Onee or Woe MS
Bashed over his mind the *outcast hotwee7
his departure from Entriasid and hiareturn.
The sad, dreary ride In the secopti-class car,
amidst piles of sails, bundles atitibiegs,.with
bit m ot her' beside bins, se forth her
England, on a *Mb Ititerr,
coming home, gic7f - ho'pe, assure, high
in his profession, to wm.t the widow who
was looking for her boy.
The cars glided into the Lohdon
There were adieux and_provrtbseSte dteet
again Boon , and then. Harry' started for
Melton. Need I describe themidow's rap
ture at the return of her son, who left her
a boy, but came back a man f
Harry had been but a short time at biaine.
when Major Childreth wrote floe] London
to summon him and his mother to bye
with him. He had taken a house, Sur-
Wished it, and, as he had no wife, wished
his sister to preside cz a ir3 Harry was
thrown constantly into s society, and
it soon became evident, both to •eSir:Wil
liam Houghton and Major Cbil et.b,e that
there was a strong attachinent between
them. The Major, finding that' Harry's
want of fortune was the only drawback to
Ilse match; formally adopted his nephew.
and Sweet Mabel became Mrs. Sandford
one year from the dajr_of_Rarry's return to
England, confessing that the hero of her
girlhood was the love of her maideithood.
110... Social life in Oberlin, Ohio, is de
scribed in a Cincinnati paper, which. less
good anecdote from Col. Pepper, of• Rising
Sun, Ind., illustrating the negro euttality
doctrines of that eminently. &publittan
stronghold. The Colonel was passing
through Oberlin, and stoPed to take nip
per while he was waiting_ for the c toir
rive. The landlord of the inn informed
him that supper was ready, and the Col,
nel proceeded to partake of it. )42 he
arrived at the door the landlord tapped
him on the shoulder, and asked him IT be
had any prejudices against sitting down at
the table with several colored genitli4vien
who were boarders there. Upon the Col
onel informing him that he had a slight
objection to such a procedure, this : land , -
lord suggested that he had better, perhaps.
wait for the seoond table and eat offer
neroes had done! The Colonel took d'
carpet sack and left about that time, but
was followed by the landlord, who stated
that the predu&ms of the place were such
that he could make no distinction in color
at his house. The Colnue4, recognized, the
force of this but Onduiled he would take
supper in some other town.
n 1
lift. Yesterday a marriage, today• s
death I _ Thus mom on the of
Life. But who shall leaves in
their fall f or who the. fees in their
bloom? Not the beautiful of earth nor
Yet the Angels• in' heaven, for God alone
orders; and the hires* and 'brightest as
well es the billest and darkest creature of
His creation, are but made to obey ; to
come—grow--then to peas away. Lilro
the seasons, each to teach its duties and
baron, thus wish each see of our being
we some into the: world • With weeping
Sourish with the inteemiesiort fat iumshitte
and gloom. then.go out of the weritt joy 2
fully or sorrowfully, mour.lifit has taught'
us. Change inheeveni filet law; and we
but shadow out In imagination the great change, when we try to pierce
Wu the future.; Thought sods 'team
prehansibility, and feethsomeltainto hope
or fear, as the heart to pare, r stained.—
liet your hearts look . Invalidly upon that
poet change auciall is Well. •
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