The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, November 26, 1859, Image 1

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BY B. F. 1if.804.111.
_ -
.stuiF sulaciUmai, it paid la &dermas
• cap ed b• mot to .. 6 44 11 . ff t r so*
osnir rate for Ilirre dub..
. n....oweritorr rolling to pay Intl:an tb•yeat. tb.
• . b•onntinued lour The sec-oval bade oat al
,•• r, amt left I, isb a ptuper . ofßror Int
11:1005 t) r A ITV EnnalSit:
I r rm..... II nes or IMI unehilregeare.Ntm
1. 1 4 44 Owe equere menthe $8 00
' see ••
• dim • ; 11 r ) re't ,4
r.a yell: 4
t months, : *amnia, sa; 0 moo
rat ,
.1 10 equaree—oof year, $00: 8 menthe,
h o rded la Ibo Bisaitosollirosto7 104/0
.. aril s
' era Iwo* a llowed for a Card, over six, .aid andel
• 0,„.1 so d e - .ditonet eetseee, 10 mots a the • teat me
vent will be teented among the Speetal Notion
O h o one dollar.
r lisodoots sod °than riqatriag fruitiest
temr dm tteaseete will be silosed he° eqeezes, cl =
(mslo Flo midittemal epbee, the 4 WWESIO
ere ,
roe° • sea the dmethoomata most b. strictly
t he legitimate badmen sdositoor. Pap
tnorifrt sdeertteemeete neteeired to
v •t
5, , *3u obeetbdier vat be gemmested half-yearly,
Beaus sr thoorrsz) W 37710 ASP Lieroei,
1 " g r .. 4. of Freest' Brandies. Gine. ive-, Chasi=
;eo .
4 ~.. CienS, /WW I , gialliscSkißrrh Portesill at
, ~, ,. ..4 1 .. vnu t e; sift§ oeuraierareer bf nettled Irkfi
:, oxi Ityc Bourbon, Monongainels, kr , Reed Hoagie, on
mooch stnet, Erie....l*
----- - -
dr CO.,
Ofttadrl3l disowns,. A NI ,
, ,
hormoe, mato
K. a~pLY , gj___ .
"y D FNo~dp~t ' lltllßk, krL, P u
cowei C. W 114130111,
Arrow's ItallibaUt4 at Law, Erie
oa State Street, worth, Park. Is Na Ameliala
,t, wcoad 'tory of the occupy-0 by F 111
.cousdelac At Will always be loud Us hie oboe, sad
1.101r14 pu actually atteodwi to.
li" "l4 'w aijc io 1411" I is
tro .d
41 Flour, Pork, Flab„ Seeds, Wood sad
;wow Wan, Nana sad inatiaoit No. WrfinFa Una,
4 iWahriYerirr. rsft7PgraniAii• cu IMMO
j on
AlTilabliT At Lar.
KL:Ewe promo* otteattoo to the locattoli oR 14111113
7.',:raniosod the pf rsed. othrzes to tier Stator of INt
n and long "WI aloe 011 all orders for the poteitruPe
:11;11rOali AIM= • Lend, kr-
irel6 k . Socassoss si T.
itAsossollrOss sod Wholosshp sod Rata Desks in
"ftiall sod Doomolie Stow Goods, Adagio/. /lovers,
xtbbons,dtllahldhoesond tooldoosOls 'liniment, Pantos
4ulldlseb besat the Park,Brie, Pa./Nova/sr auras
e,J to Orders.
flawmg rams,
Amnon? A? t...w —Oar. nn chestnut
»deg * Ps.
ZS, 1 ba.—lyall
M. A UPOrlDt.
Dm'Lita is Ckstta, Watches, Floe Jew.
tir.:Silv a r Spooaa, Plated Win, Lauking Wailers, out
11,:u1,llais, Cutlery wad Pawl Goods, Pumps BandigO,
~,r te sale Waal hrit year Nadi Pt
[I A i Ctl s JOAADADI,
W sotkuur a ItirrAn. Diauati to Taney
du i staple Dry Goods, Carpdan, ['ether, a=.
4., 1 WPM'S !Wick, Jerks
wroasiall.OPe Lair —olkne in eierelaul
aka, orer Neuberger k sautes Clothing Store. En
cr on Sump fitregt.
Arroaszi A? Law—Glie• un dth itreet,
Dearly (twine the &Mit Rowe, tl4 Pa.
Oressrear N Stimert 4 Sinstaird
HoLzamia •31. MMAIs. Damns" Otruer al Mate and
a 041)0447'1n Paints, OilOy•-EltollEs, Dian, Canipbette
4areing Field, Brushes, hr. -
W tl.l.lAlld O. LAMS.
artolo7rt attneoltilltsuatlt a? Lair.
lire rrowted to eoroer room of INrourit s Mock,
r n .., 'tat. Rtrett and the Public !NUM', ES., ril•
Ar K. 3sAuKti,
puttltirt, Oak. In Resta- iell •• .•
...if: Buck, north side of the Park, irk. Pa. .
!ernes of, rem Puce—) e. to New
,oroor of Pooch Atm.< and the Public Aquae*, Wig
1r.0L...L. Asp RsTAIL Desi.r.• Hard
craekary, iibaurare and Saddlery, No& n sad 12
topre Mock, coiner of Ytfth and State “treets,teie l Pa.
faWaysyskols l* AI ckellep.)
intazaaifiiitaillok Gamma wad , nan liardvanPaad
allOl7. Min. liana, Aiwa", Vier, bon and Mint, Sn.
9_ 4 14 1 03 4 %
- -
••• - -
e • Talton., is the room reenetly eecapiedny
ISIDea Sin, Rag. u a Law 01Res, and over the Stara of N.
M rphy between the Read Hoare and Brown's frotal.
- - -
m 11.4141 1 1011T u t sx ?;,,
ortiestes Depnait, ke. Sight excitant; oa the a•
ettka oolastaistfy for male. 011ecNo 11 , Reed Boar
r,I.Mc Sambre, Brie.
STADIUMS sod Vlainalidarrrs of SaaL,
Do.* sad Bliads, Pesch R , tit atop fannorty aosuplimi
by Haiti 'Mom.
p M1N1416.
Dasista is tireessise, Preeteisas, Pr:r
isco, Peet, risk, Salt, atala. neer, Fruits, Nuts, GUM,
Nana, asosest, Palk, Woods., Willow sad Skase Ware,
V. Tinos Cash. Prises low. No. 4 Wrisght`e ales*.
tuts ittobet. 4 dam above the Poet OiNea, Cris, Pa.
ttic & aipastm,
Ihorrvin, 011ot IA Beaty' y ell
leek, wilt lift of PO& Square, toirsoarly °mu
',Men it Co. Al) wort mirrsated.
WOOLallail altoo/1 1 a. '
bpdair lcry %eke, 014
roblecu. sto irlia l / 2 Qi4 Ai, Nar ik" ,
*lift h.
I V. P. r. it113064:4
t i OHO WAN 41 CO.
rellftAltbtlO a.a COlindillion
4aidere I. C,..3, Flow, Ptak, sad scant to.. dsuy lisp d
ppor Las Steuires, POW Peek, IA& P.
LIDDBLL, MARSH, & 1:10. 9
Graft Apia%hand
. Ceia, Pa.
MOW 11, auussorta,
Yuma:moss Dams Mazza, .ad Avec
tar w brew.'Nome& aiming Mikeldses. Room, over
leveiry West Pak, trio., arSUideb
•l4 (Ina to•Oinda„
A= S= dot Law, Cased . Cris County,
r.Colladioes mai other bedness sttairdod e. sttle
wawa.= sik4 41111**mi.
708. N alliW/LEKT.
Amnon iv wit Puss, Oak* La Brattre
smithy, aroirin, Wm, Ps,
lirsourusa esoCkaa d Dollars to
Ammar, asol limported irlass tat tors. ale=
rasa" not, nab, On, and *pats Matti
cis Xe. t antaall Moak S *met Itris., Pa.
au, Y. ealallata, osaaa.
011Pnir • ' •
Ileinyraososzta, Wholesale asdang
DasJor fir all Nadi sif Tesey, fleimelast Haas.
Mee NA Mime advs. Mil 4 iLeveose most.
Rii & &&1611411.
• DnaLam is Boots satielhoso aMlab
&talk st Its 13. Casein Bibeit lasts stresk
r mi.a. unv.
7►ltoloaalo and We
balm liblibilirot Cletus of ooportoritnallthao
Mot sow to ow Shop on Twelfth oboist
~Tad' , Itfis, Pa.
Morbid br •=11:7 tor family, flinprlr
L. W. Osair, 111 L. Low. ,
tuismiorsoftr Dorrivr.— --
SIGs sad Dimeaff tie Pl* Sew, II # • 4 a
first bark sort e Me Oak lianair•
Lie. My le, OW
Pouwassans end Dameitadaa hardiest,
?dug Dock, Lie, dirk" to Dad, Bah, MA, now mid
Woodadass sad Norton &Won la Wow!" }
Provisholla, Milo CIowDIM Wood sod Irtlido war* lore ,
luk, Moire Itrort, trio 4, how 1
- -
Ws. A, thatiwou), Joiatar a RNesUt
=tor memory des ims Perot! AM m""r it ,,
kegs. Oirjeldnp. Cam, es. his 11. that ,
'varier el 11111$14 ESL PS. -
WILLAAK 111.111010 X,
• ittrITOX 0? till Pawl. Meier Air" -
Qat Mobaril illorioirm, Lows, he, fatearawy sod
~stay emirs. grost, ovw IL
Itmenet,,. y bate Air. A. -
j V. 7, PittXo_•
AT9.IIIIIV AV LAII UV Awn** or tini
rails. Illtputo tr.aa.« Ret►C.sK7i
=a PosoMo.ii Walla stbssales I. alt tamissome
to Ilia UAW altar" moo Miami, or Morioessfo.
IV Oar As Zarb* Mak, amen al 11614.0111 MS*
4 , 1ri0.1%.
• Arno' Ag Lawi..--0111e• rasserrod
Imre west *MAI Stmt. ea th. sorgislide of th•
Pa* rio ra.
DNA/ MKS 11114.11111.
Viss. aspvinat, Oesdist mad.
houtit, Ida tit Kate Vereirt, Mario, X. V.
coollne• Al. sikodbla doidiadlirddi to t f hd. tridilimindt 4
!IN et we trorlly mili Mr.
. Fah. 111111.
01“111111111.' rusurs.
Arrnans as LAw.-0111ca ern lianglata Its
, betems primes 114411 ..d !WWI Inamig,Pfi
cc: & 11143111.314
Ilmmumts la all Mirk et Coml. Sail, magi, nouit.
, is. Public Desk Agfa. ra. 11
at. sem. a. R. LIMN ,
, •'• : b - " J.
- 'i'..- •:. •‘'.
. i• .
. .
<Ail: L• _ ,
_________ _
• aVI rf • a - __ _ ...._
~ ,
-- T I anbatlon4 nin-.1.21 It 1., to: ..,./.,. ~,,,t0 • .., .4, ,i, ,, :' l ' - ', 114 M --.
~. ,
.., '
...........-- Seitl/11 312/ ;4 - I' ' l,li '``, , 161 if , VO'H fir .. r. -.-. .01 47, i ll - ." ,- .,::-. - 1;14 IVA Ilt 'Atrfr'-71.*M•f•n ~,.• - ,si, f ,
''' . •• • -:,. , ....:'4::°$ 7: ;1•.:. , t , i.., .- , z..-. 4 1,-..,.. -p, ilt : i
qatitilVott 147--
so :ivy.. 1 i .1.,-. ii rt. • 1 • j 0 I
;',.,"?-0.44# - ' ••, - • - :- .. . 4 , -" ik , - 11/ , 'i - • , -* ,
: • '! k .
,;__-, A 1e,f.4, '••,), a . . _
'Ey •tithnolf
iri t r sti i , 0 „ . mi.
ark ,
„ ,, ,,,,, 8.
, a er. .......
..;-;'.. i•-z a Bp 5 " • . • , ..... -
•• ' a ip , pm
--- :•• ot ~ •' r" ' F il
1 , 1 11. ~. • : friaha •A. ..•- • , - - ••• .4.;•-.. a 0
' licaasiiiialiima; '7: 3 71:417PE*. 1, ' ' .'• -- '•-'' . .• '' *- • - r -.
.. . .: .
......a• •11.
----.-.---- - -.----..—.
$1.504111 Aturtril,
INTOR&PRONug. . '''` i ' 11 °` 9w e ' ll "" ' ll -'''''' '''. '. L
' rit l •
. .. , ,
. .
r cntr% PA V t ; ' • '' '- '''' iOVEIMMER.26, 1 8594 I .V- , .. -
rtri won baoi Vitali: -4 SC . 'o
•rt. 4•, c.; - ,'
: " • • 4 -F-? ,, - t‘[ tei
• . - =, . , , • ...,1,... , ...0.:,..,. - 2
31, F.' SLOAN`,
V0LVAM130..,y,4 a.l. j. 41,n 44tiob u I
.1. SalLaWilihr ••+' - er
te/64, -...! l ith rg%-
aid UMW
=tituVigni. •••4,-c.
ellLinm o • -
Wsees',tumid sew diluter la
Clonmasood Asorlowailso4otoo. Wilk Vloo,
I lttak. 964 1ii5..111114
awls I,„,44llVirriattiMl,i-4Pi 4.
wit -- citnglig,
44 ,thit city
ill the ' ti, i). til• . f'• li
=44t lIIIIIIIEVIIkit '- • -r+l4;• • .. '
to_tiloir ortivx, all 1• • • A i.... sod • ,
=tont Ito tallotof IWO .141100
ray, st Woo tlollooadoot 1•11 to = l.O •; . ;•.. ,
ac r i d pm a a aostlausampe or resista. , ... .
" am r ==. ll 4 :,,,,,:-. ,i.•• 'r •,... Z! 4
riebilik adkimitzelMPlM Me • •,, :*.,. . POn,
ostitors, woo Onif IMutoir . ' .
M tliotliolt , • 1
obtala my Olt 0 ,41 9 Whialf t # • •
j 4 -
5 • .I.lll'
DRIIGS; . 1 , A-01 11
PURE inns 1141) ii • • • ;•,,
&a, &cs.,&c .
- .I r . . add t - tt . s
tat those w.lko Ws bordoklion Ilist;wo64
tom Itbilf stesoWt lollies,
1i0v.4, Lta-1 1 . • : . SARA 444119014
J. C. FORGES 4 4 - 8t 'M (4
••• jpwiTh. t:
lea 10, Brame, liasok, *ate ditateell.
tom, Oct. a, 18E9.
IR,33:ll:Enai M0T76334
FRONTING 12111 PUBLlCactattlEr
111114 ,, ‘PA.
P. ELLIOTT, Proprietor. •
aisles* itkamalib vevehtv4vvilrausviek
sd, aqd la sow oi mg
the reeeptlea °frusta.
aftaikwird by the Day. Wee* ev Matih vow fidet..
lodditif tervu. the Proprietor, Oat4i p? lwasell that
v0.,0rl sealttieep M eve attire eatitriktion.
Plow" Miser bulb" it liallik•ai
=Kll7wl/1 tlad implooddiktiopt e gts
mi tt/
soporkot to say ether %VW dity sad WV
ErGood St sAteichaii itliket.sssegla, 2E419 _the.
votustry lie always tioditttouttoo mown to ozw - tworer
of their toms. May 6, 18611.tifif ,„,
stram xvicho:**:
!CM i• i t
THE experience of twisty wars, agtd fit
ham that 1 aral4 =taw
PIANOS AND assixamcers
to Via cesairte %ea I eau UV 4 / 4 1 1 04 1
rtioC chaartsk 'amber la atwitter, foal hi thileper, '
brow the ISM., iiidatid its •• empley assitelitta•
sad asatplate, eqpinta=agortho .
carried on • lissa•
seine for Ilya Plialhes4 4 1 14 1/4ZZU
*ultra stack oftiebotoy to mit took
sad lam ea,. wittautri Iltablial, goillanWWllol,l,lll
rot sai loagth of Hawk*, ft,'
tiAiinfir ACTIOPCI
repartatbs• *a * impliseas doe
he lest IT there lasirddiside elhoold eot wove epod= il lt
WWI the public that beihiali Is rowed le bitter abide
the desired ressit, via; • • .
Prodwalaa a dm wad pabauumaiid Para* wildpik
will eve goad widnetetke, awd owns la
maw lawn Mu war rfra*J kwelli
TERMS VERY IL:181F , . 2
PRIM VERT gfamorwu.N.
Yost awn Clitiaisas at ENT
ORDERS at. irgOLCSALE or REtA 10 1 .
it sibenta ptoditokly ea bier
Cr Produce *Mots to Mons, old taeti
tow, and way an( *lse 1 cam paw* 1111411111411060 1 bik
101411, will be Lain Iti szebser for Maw Perim., Itieli+-
doom, Deirlaistli &stab 11104 •bwi bet in.soposuAt.
PIANOS TO LET I- , .• -1 as ...i •
.LION WEIA4A • • •
THVGINIIMOS vorlavalso, • ••• .. d
Otdokeringo* ms's. Pomo Faun,
Om ye% emir bimitme • Wee
wip ism" Orr* tt y.*a I ' lO "VI
EDITORS.--Yfan rew47,
.1. aft Kr. Baran Wages of Mow Tart; • r
aororldift. la yaw papaaa. , .1 ?ha , alahostplalis4ll6
ltade barber, yo• PDS *nor Ma wit It • oall, aad
ramie yea Ida aPY /lamp* ardor or doZ zi r.
am ?oar apiddr.
slis.Juse as. — 4 I ,t. • '- utv t+ .11
Apts. MIMS' h'ikiiitirrdlbd 116* *we
saiialeilwtosiMmilmor Ilfteenst • s •
TAB !Off :410e1ie4'
tm. corolla* '" " 400
Botha . 1614 'Strait SetiOrtig„
_n. Calk isairma, fir
Vetoes Inbion.ooomi,
Beep floolkairy
satenste slip&
rket te viM=Pe w 4411. •
zits "Pr ia " . " a fart i titr e
1: 51 0111. , •
01 Bawl odor . m illfle.,s4 PISIVAr , s t ir
Vane alb . ' 'VOIR 11 04 1 01111.,
---- -:,----.:
,z - •
N iro WANTS At.-“'ir•
ft. • lioir~r p ip lio
=ln WY, vide / . Its will.i rWI
teli.46.olllll4ll=lett i .: •I:ett • • • .1
tp 0 I L DSA IP U s Lirlir A ithi
jj • toll sod fitimaks44
.' firlate
wurs, for sat Ivry low by —..----
A fall assostassat satuniWif
wags, Pos asi• wry iry
qiA .4 .: • an.•
tag Wrist • -AA& in 41•141 4 111
Oil. lei ' ' • 1 1 . CI-. '
• Re:
r i :4 fl 7 IP • y e , * FT
. .: LE cu :V, -Rixticati Kiwi*, • .
, ; sk ilte"' io Vll* ll4. !q. a !e•sit i MW.sisases:
. MS iiiriersiallest Clara. lliimliNirllNmi.•/s.4P -
Dl•,g.t r li A gr l"t ‘116841t
S I OZ --- : A-70.0008 " WO=
lire ylkille. 7
r i alll4 47 , nalill b.l 7. R. s: t i 4101 4 -111111.1181 4. '-ni
' 1 iOl die • ...1„„k i t t ; ) • '...,,i
,I" d WM. elt iTirrtA , ris,l,llalii
lads h .!e,
ifllr ay azgliumbeotir ileadd
Up,y asi Msild eat
Mar, ft* 11441111.11001"
s 77 7- • • MAW - NO,
MUM 4 1 = • ' ; 4 , •.••
• (,•6 ;
• * 1,1
lOW* , •
b 41;
mir s•isVlNl4Mlatetrlttiir Weave that
t omit' veidittelicipe loan ahoweolook.
• , "Hianahnioson ,blegraitaoliad to a
5 lknl:Parip ArkilkimainLY
L j r =rttikii4o4a4tee'hitlfrotaids
ere' 1-IW‘ EV toll
the other'
4rhotil Ititigeolarred but the
Uell moot ,°°M4 illalilaters yam one of,
1 2 : 91 dAVAtiVfm ii l olsllu ski .04 wer , wpm
I allb. "Here is Wenitin‘' on a 'bridgi,"
. rsTPM - . alrihe handed to lke
DOW . Adhdionery. - Hilmar -it
WM& lone • ti , t YOU will liain s•frolg;
'4 3 r . P 4roPINLiI ilfOraorts'
tatti.belie sneatbered4oooinds, and
using thejtiernispaerosa the piaina
e 1 444 1 / 4 0*.thriteabillAWOCettred.
Ari6t4' With 'rn AndiaTAi recently
bided. hi 4 dsligiffet nineteen years
Id, ainliw *Anil* boom:. • Another father
these ftse Oen" turned• his danghter test
4f , 4acir• for the. inane ofroone. •
i iti,A, i r en A e, aiijrVreptiee, that
. .. . ....,
as - Ext . ea - emcee thfee to 'snake a pair
4--he, ens', is ktreid 1 01: Had - Adam
beat it-sandi.ria there vroiski have bean a
tiretilika iWrbintdiae to look ,after little
It e kfo kla4 !:tlxiK•Csiz. l _..... . .
I -____..........._..___. __.
islft.'`W heti* tfie - matter, emu.,"
'#Dat.nigrfteirdist lib down Cat ally bit me
n I . lp mouf wit/ his fiat.''
I "Well, didn't yaw... Alike him back,
Col ,r .. .:,...t ~, a , •
II • I 4. , Las .
s ia t ,substpy.t fronp &vest man all that
hiroWleto 'oprottuiiifiil, 'and all that e
hlrems to'hhaneeruilll. that , he has gained
the.witatoot able men s, and by the folly
bt Litie ementkee,-+eatk the , giant will often
! ) PAgft tii4l,l l llPAY_, .
v — tte;ll2) l, "J, ot4 editor of
the l'kreNt. Krk oCaattirdaf appear
ed liefbros Justieellrbbrne and gave bail in
Pee bubdred dollars to sinswcs the charge
totof libel recently pirefareed against him by
, t,
iiifr; A tillinie•tet:eallt f id at the house of a
friend of his the other day. and found the
wife in tears. - What :IR the mtater, my
good blotor mitt trie7 John.
isyrooti hoOrtts Away with' wid
ow Sakitit o ruci l'e, unorref •
.•• !!' .-- :, -- 1 0 7 - rf - r
A wayusiA ihtif vms
s' iV;10 f for N 4
hisat isillisektimdeefflkflaldt
WO:VA hnbgr 'say n that in h pertain
aeetion tber*ib n lady lotto has rafeed
'hureleterie rdpustaehelre her upper lip.—
thie eeei.iuu there da ea lady who.
,has liar! ;mite ihmeu bun/Isamu ropustachee
.on her upper lip. tuntall aifferent glinties
of I.lor .
•r• •
'Oar,' •inolv L , Hartford - hew made op-
Tlica Lion lia• a 4livorowirtiat his wife, on the
ground of her being 1y , Lie alleges that
,she %rip not get ity„ , th Phi:, morning, build
a firy tiid tiet.,/ttA tweilltru.“ akpeolionable
,hour. R. fi r inia no other fault with his
bo-nut partner, lAA the Squire retnaetr to
grant the preyeirsofAlui petitioner.
suoil ~
11111rAkis sistaiwdobappu t i o
e r g*Si 4RdfolizAkef
---41 cua
neNtC r l Ptirir 44 .**
igee 110 barn
, f• .
Maof Pobad kW" O. watch
iwei mit t • it.. 402 0 N .i. Ald
ent ear 4:11 ,
. .ppeoloot, tO
rlitA Wift6 IM-11641Y
: 1 ~,u
ukaklsn but I P trilo hind „head V'
Irr , i 4 P - r•• - -
Mir .t secret i 4 like silence--yen tan
not talk about it and keep it. Is ii e
money—when o on know therniaistly
orbrieealed it is half . 6*W illesr
••why did you betray fhe secreta told,
la it betrayin' votitaall Are, if I
found I icapn'triihte'Volteep It Anyaelf, ; did
nnt toairftlbbody 'that
J a r A ,gnklenlikre thOiiil4._ he'd.' like
something painted in the ,H of A 'DOW
0 1 9 1 1M e stra Dd .-AWA. '9* ll o l 41 0 • LaveliteePan
ing over ale Bed Sea. • lAtLengapd as
Irishman for the job.. who svent, towork
and painted the hall red.. Gentleinan.en
f aslicertmg.; tnt whore are
.• 1 •
. 4 0;1 WrOififed diet."
imipat , Vidittehieh thtiu heat to do, do it
adthstdi dertnight," Said r elettrrnin' to
Ittoslgette - "Sal did," said
Mt' *Wen *stet fella* fir Meer:.
'visit, • g hnd the fa ,
ifinjetlits hits thiou: his ottkPriug's
curia. "Why, I *all; . leek Edwards
ad he y enact hke bine, . You/timid
i41t44104,/aelWa him holiar,, dad." The
lookeauls,ppy while he explained
Oitifd asst 414 recept did not apply to
in' lift eilrethaf: "
.lir Our readers have ell heard the story
ofwaving . th e clergyman's tin horn at
, vii
P•zatiOimig - reo that. when • ,he went fp
i t i k nghtioxi„togellier he blew the
'. soap ' oyer 'tto4.her clergymen,
lldtii 6e ittleiroid
'.. , •qtrethren,wl P r keyed the Lord thirty
years, and in that tiaseshatre never utter
ed a profane-ward, init I'll be d--4.1 if I
MOlrt4l4,o•o9llPrAki l l ecffed Ittet hong"
uur rremmgtr i ; all itter4 tit*
ItApe"L'hip's" 'b sequel as given us
etftfWegsni " present.
wv4haste twiudirPrllfferOttin+ wrgyiktY,
• • itrolied on the
, • • lot Ores,
Cent • rtatkon Pt, , listen
% as t
4to kw Lc4s"afiffi " 1;1;
*lnsiirstfieetegivanctOtitah tack
. a position
loathe, altd.withil hut bee be
vieeJatis hands (wallowed . grawguij
* a
Lisepngr.. ,The
clergyman wa orn endeairoreci,
- 'AU& echniolitionil-he wes
t. . ibiestinT Weak thier3
leasitostoiellottehe vilest. Na be was too
wicked—there was no mercy for hint.
what erhon. have you oommit
ted ?" said, preacher
.1 41 1 1 `3 j_„ l:44
ibLi suio
Arawk faa lied
preso er. _ _ , _
"Worse thinwhit i t'irsined the emit:
: • .„ „
t . Thuti 1%445 _ 4
s,;hi • :), 4
. I
I -:. Yr':
• And thas the besatiewe saistomodloi I
It sesaMtb bat s day. •.
dhioe to our vales thelleittierair . brow&
By Wilkins, bias-eyel •INGY r •
flow o'er Dad ' s the tutus**,
Aid red no ,mors the roast d
And hided is As violet Om;
Ito 1117-4 W has trifrilk f ,. •• -
Sweet melody In Butoemet4
rrom of hat? of !ow,
kimrp—alas that's now liMitrami,
• While scarce s Mask ialaitail Mop.
the morrow of the rind* iiketwal
Yore hoarse unto the ale dot it seem ;
the feathered soziptem of as Imme
H ave emoted to warble Isis et lave
1..: i'... '.4;!4
The balmy breath at arras..
That kissed the dew-tisithm Sewers,
all its sweets had fled saw •
Te sport 'mid esifter beam
Ter npward falba mellow ii l
The blue bills rise open
And 'mid the sunset's geldwillash.
The forest karat in beantylthelt.
A few short days and Win
With hail and aunt,eon: ri ting on;
The woods, ao longer bad *my.
Sway to the mighty tendieties plume.
Thus roll the seasons
The fallen lest, the &mien rilift
The budding flower, the bra* shy— •
Now the made, anon the sige,
How swiftly dies tack paeans year
The Sunnueios endet--karitist peat—
And forest leaves of brilliant‘•
Float on the wintery blaat:i .
'Tis thus when sun-bright yinath hai god.
How dark and dress the yeinnisthead
But in rain the sigh that amour beam,
Vi him Winter's winds aloes ug Lifa's Leaves.
When James Hard
Graver, everybody
an excellent one.
as the average, but
in its favor ; and, I
the thne their -
lowed by two
like caul and*.
The Ereeb.,p_r_el
ua}ly fasted Ii
lov ,
reason. When his father scoi _ him, his
mother gave hint sweetmeats. When his
mother whipped him, has father laughed,
anti even encouraged the lad to retaliate
The results of such straining could hard
ly be unforseen : and. while s6ll at a tender
s i te. Jimmy was an expert at. all the baser
kinds of mischief to which mean-spirited
boys are plow\ All boys lova roguerT
the pas Non is inherent—but they exhibit
themselves in their dial./..rie as in their best
action,. A boy of real nobility does
chief from mere thoughtlesenessand super
abundant animal spirits; but the child
whose ,nature is actually warped. _evinces
an especial and unmistakeable malice in
all his escapades.
Of this character were Jimmy Hardee,-
tle's feats ; and he improved so rapidly—
in a retrograde direction--that be shattly
became the terror of the whole neighbor
hood. He led a band of young outlaws.
murices like himself. and avoid punnish
men t with wonderful skill. At one time,
the poisoning of every fowl in the village
was scoorn,dbhed in a single night—tnere
ly formisoliiei. At snot her, the grain fields
were laid waste by dre,just when the grain
was dry enough to cut. Then the windows of
the church were broken by a volley of bricks
that awoke and alarmed all who dwelt
near •, and finally it became necessary to
establish **police system in the little town
—ecentaininn only a few thousand of in
tiabitenur —solely to repress the loose ten
dencies of halta-doyen bed boys.
At this era, Jimmy bad attained his six
teenth year, and was the hero of a him
dredadventures. some of which
were • di criminal to have lent him
to the State Prison. bad it been possible to
fix any proofs upon him. Such were his
consummate skill in execution. and toot In
concealment, however, that all endeavors
to brand him as the author of these mi.
doings proved eminently unsuccessful.
On one dark end stormy night, in An
toms, a new and more than usually ogre&
SOUS piece of evil work was perpetrated by
these young scoundrels. They undertook
to burn down the village watch-home,
erected foe their especial accommodation,
and succeeded only too well ; for with it
several other buildgs were consumed, and
much velurble property destroyed. As
there were persons sleeping in the barbed
building, the mime wee a high balmy sad
it was unsafe for the frightened daredevils
who committed it to remain In the com
Jamee Herdeastle, being unable to sleep,
on the night of the incendiarism. arose,
from his bed at midnight to read. While
thus engaged, he was surprised by the en-.
ulnae of some one. througha hall window
endorse pima roof, and looking tint of
his 'tthami;eir door, found his son ascending
the stairs,: partially intoileated, and carry
ing a deft lantern. This evidence of his
loncommeeted eompliehr -in the evil-de.
iagi al tba village Youth, easeperated the
father, and-a terrible interview ensued—a
conversation ouch as I hope none of my
reader' *ill era be party to. The boy—
for be win still a mere boy—denied every
thing with the moat stoke= asservations;
bus his pallor and evident term, when the
shouts .of the guantriag crowd came to his
ear from the scene of the tionlisgratlun,
Were proofs poesitive of his Olt.
The either, though ordinarily self-pus.
seated and phlegmatia to enemies, lost all
command of his ourapose, at thisoridenoe of
- his son's hardelkedasturicamd from words
of bitter :rcgtrooNsh Wok I=4l. The
youthful desperado defected
tri be *Weed a seVerelviidnd - ort Ms shoul
der, by a blow - knot a Metal: stair
rod which harmed to he lying In the ball(
The ornamtweedirefoil end of this rod
- made a - deep gash where it Amok ; and
rehonoselseew terrified .thearrier by the
warm blond which Welt . , trickling down
his bosom, lied from the hour% with v
M 1
f a all malediction upon amid all it 0141.
• - •
S iii: imwM*4l4l)
hitter fitertturt. -
at orPleoz AZ$O,l4)
e a t :1-iiii s ta l r it gaSk — ,,:ib un g
Joireu s ensai "iiessieetibilkeseishing araiza
tetten eels i iimfdidiewed 1101 0
st =ramier waa CtiPtly
bee ' Pie "
=ftir liineeidn g weadth that
VW dose, aikodeitteit ehelokiingof eau
bein oillissa The approetialne campaign
seemed :comic ~ seteelititi .0 1 In*i. glimi
=de to odes upon it, if
rat et r iamb&
'llirliines pre - to lies as aims
inatiso vent. H : was elitism candidate
far the oak* of • poet that cone
inanded : greet . emoluments, 'a
bar during the canspai
be left Beehive turn to mecum *W
ilms. Be r'
The chid that was held up by
the Wolin Per4" o4o lielM.' Bros weapon
they employed against mardoestie--was
his eon. Sines the letter's Sigt e t, m on the
eight of the be, be had never beard
oti and, as the p4ular candidate had en
dears:lnd, so far as be could, to have the
WbOill akirbeiliatel, thefrequenVispeti
, Se, by his opponent/ t ot the ha that be
bsP , 11 felon son_ _prow ling about the earth
...oarestaiting his ihther's aoesesion to of-
Bac perhaps, tOrlitUrn and take shelter
wider his newdbund respectability—were
just ea %any thorns in Hardeastle's side,
As the election aapQproached, the hopeful
candidate suoosedsd in quieting these un
-1 pleasant reminiscences somewhat, and dia
-1 tired himself that hi path was a smooth
one thenceforth. Hie and expect.
1 mist mood wee however, • by
the reception rats; and eloquent letter
lent his innishod ion.
'flee man h a d been leading a life
of ty and petty misdoing in the
city. e had been alternately rich and
poor, gay and miserable, desperate and pen
itent, until be was tired of a rogue's life,
and longed for the great peace that a Clear
conscience only can bring. He wrote to
his father on the eve of a mighty tempta
tion—he did not say what—and his decis
ion between right and wrong d‘pended
upon the notice his letter received.. if hi
father would permit him to return to him
home, shield him from the penalty of a
crime of which he alone had proofs, and
help him to live an honest and useful life
there, he would gladly forswear the evil
menses be had. so long followed. If not,
he was becoming reckless, and would make
one last stroke for an ill-gotten fortune.
The would-be sheriff answered to this
earnest appeal and confession, thus :
elsess.—You have sinned, and It le tight
that you should suffer. Perhaps I may con
sider yottr propos:idea as practical, at some
future time, but, just now, I really do not see
bow I can allow you to retina here. My pros
poets would be seined. I think that y' U. had
biter wait, for s while at +least, but do not do
anything rule Meanwhile, las your lather.
The night ,that this brutal communize
tion reathedtits destination, the—bank
was broken open, and several thousand
dollars stolen from its 'eats !
)141. wi
as good
The next dry, the police were on the
triads of the robbers, and bad found traces
this' crookd undoubtedly lead to their epee•
dy detection.
One of time was shorts' overtaken, some
two or three 'hundred• miles from the city,
and near ilus villate where Efardastle
11v A; The 'odkii*" who discos ered him
dis ad his warrant; and- as he did so,
Nib• - • by a shot from the bury
ai;s ; d n) ;
_pockets, ant
the In Le murdet 4 officer upon his
hands. _ .4e circumstances were so aggra
vated, and the evidence so clear, that the
trial was short, and the conviction and
gentians prompt.
While these events were transpiring, the
elections had taken place. James Hard
ens!. was chosen sheriff by a large major
it,. and was bugging
. himself to anticipa
tion of some live or six thousand dollars
per annum, of fees and pickingsalo result
from his office. The neighbors' did not
envy him the task of executing the lately
convicted murderer—almost the first aftl
cial duty he was called on to fulfill—but
he was a man of nerve, and evinced no hes
itation in the performance of what be con
sidered his duty.
The doOmed murderer refused to betray
the faintest sign of weakness,or emotion to
any one. lie said he had played a large
and had lost. That was all, and he
i pay forfeit as coolly as be could.
'I aught astonish some of you." he said,
1 to some charitable gentleman who visited
him. "but I prefer to wait till I am In a
public position.—on the scaffold—when I
shall reveat my real name and some, other
facts. Till then, gentlemen. lan dispense
with your kind attentions. " You can do
me no good. and only bore me by trying.
Good day l ; be careful to shut the door be
hind you I"
So, when be stood upon the scaffold, be
neath the maul rope, he announced a de
sire to say ;a few words. The permission
being evert, of t he turned down the
collar of his shirk as if to prepare - for the
atijustniesit of thsi noose, and pointed to a
deep and ' ekar—e sort of trefoil
shaped • • a lief.
bat good people ." said he, in a
clear, at voice, "was tiren me by my
Slither. Sheriff Ilardeistle ere;y years
ego. on the night when I sv gs to the
watch-house, in this town. He strook me
with • suite-rod, and left me this Mark to
remenber him by. To him, also, I owe
the somewhat disagreeable conditions un-'
der which I now address you ; for bad be
permitted me to return to my old home
and an honest life. when I asked, I should
not have enterld into my late unfortunate
bank spearlatitio. Re preferred, however,
to save' his election, which my return
would have defeated. perhaps; and the
=aryl* may all draw for yourselves.—
Fatiisir. I will trouble you to proceed with
your functions I"
Theapectatore averted their faces with a
feeling- of indescribable horror. When
they again looked toward the, gallows.
Übe, iffledoestie junior was a convulsed
and *Shies corpse. and James flardoenle
mutat was being led from the gaisorryard,
he ofai apparently idiotic condition.
From this atide of apathy he wrier kola
i arousal t - aded witkine few week another
aberigke4 Ito be shown. to fill the s,
, left bylds death.
1 _
A .t '. • c4sw ut Ocantacmcm:—ltap ,
pears that thextaurderous *tom which
: ift4 Nadiaitiel Rum% the retuned
Celifonnin, to attempt the butchery of the
Re A tta
Bev Abler, in Daniabouville, au the
11th L rilll not without Kane fonadatiou
is Weise ham made a tbli confeinicia
(that be bashed intercoms;
with VW , for two peals past, while
a pot Of_thOWe helms bee pastor of the
pm ft l
Haptht oAlMagly. lie has lett
1 t oltira traktiowa s leaving . a wife and
alba, ebildrea is Chaatnitt Ifill vil
lage:, The *Notated littoband, it:will be
vemettibamili Idtarbtingisi Kiser into the
hoatit***Xtit t 'ihMell'ila Chilled WA
witlibl itudadded Wiwi& WA
iietw_ . -told 'with liniag bias isa4
V, . T,
with ten Ind Ili* at'
la the maid with iv WWI,
. jrinicelacapet with a . ..tiwr wage
mitt, mad raw for hialik Roma iiiittg two
pis* 'balheeblitaaite nat. kiting/tout
ellietiirerOW lie" 2ilwattk. ..*4 , '
• 'l44Was . , oiatetoitt or Ur. hi.
~?hiaii~o=-+L is?iás.
The New yak Maus* d a Mani dale
contains i long krid vemiedndilyi whim
say of wain event* whirk it /diva,
tnatepiristha Chiemp, and whisk Uteemdriel
ted with all the eim;unst a icy d truth,
We copy the staryinent the Yerrwip. for
the Qiiittego Democrat, stip t casung ors
name. however, of one of
pertonage* and neither afilturing i trt
Dying our faith in the entire truth of the
statement. The Memo says;
"A few weeks ago a prominent firm of
jewelers. doing business in ibis city, ree
(leaved • letter frem Cisiesen. enstaining
the following curious order ; The writer
said he was worth some hundreds of
thomands, and being desirous of making
his wife a handsome present, wished the
Messrs.....—. to manufacture for him im
mediately, a splendid golden urn of the
most elaborate description, and team
moron so meats al Hynes Hamm se ke
intended to place um owe heart in it, and
give it to his lady esti keepsake I The let
ter wound up with * postscript to the of
, feet that as /team might want
some proof of the writer's ability to foot
the bill, he begged leave to refer them to
his father-in-law, Mr. --,,..,,, of Chicago.
This jewelers were quite' non-plumed by
this singular order for a while, and hardly
knew how to act. The whole affair looked
like a freak of insanity ; but so many men,
acknowledged to be sane, had indulged in
just such whims, that they resolved to seek
farther infermation on the sukject. The
corresponding party at once addressed a
letter to a customer in Chicago, desiring
him to find out if such a man as the referee
named in the order really exalted, and if
so, whether he were a responsible party.—
In a few days an answer came, stating that
there was a person at the locality named,
and that he was one of the merchant prin
ces of the Western city. This almost sat
isfied the New York firm that the order
was genuine, but, they still hesitated to fill
it. and finally concluded to write to the
referee, and ask his advice in the mattter.
This they did, and the consequence was
that the Chicago merchant came to this
city at once, steam haste, to prevent the
I filling of the order. Be stated that the
penmen who gave it had indeed been his
son-In-law at one time, but was then a mai
-1 awe—harmless, it was true, but still a mad
man—and destined to be placed inn the
asylum very soon. The old gentleman
then went home, but scarcely bad he left
the city, when a second lettercame from the
son-in-law, complaining that the firm had
not acknowledged the receipt of his order,
and asking them whether they would fill
it, or obligehim to apply to other partial.
Rather provoked at what they considered
• troublesome hoax, the jewellers very
thotlessl wrote back to him that they
bad~eteote his true character, and would
write to the Chimgo authorities concerning
him, if he played any more of his crazy
pranks upoitUem.
• Of coarse t h e threat was a vain one, but
it had the effect to frighten the poorinna
tic, and by heightening his madness, led
him to commit "an outrage „ that brought
him before a certain portion of the Chica
go public. One evening at an elegantly
dressed lady was in the act of alighting
from here for the p urp ose of en
tering a store. he suddenly dart
ed to Lithe vehicle, and with • a
loud cry threw his sips around the neck
of the fair' questrian.. The lady at
leak fibutforistiintandeetanymni ; be Mem
Luau and bystan. Oil co p a man
away. Theuffair created a great sensation,
which was heightened by the mad mates
deciaiation that she was his wife, which be
made with fearful oaths. Finally, however,
the carriage was driven off with the lady
inside, and, the lunatic taken before a
isLrata. During the night he was secure)y
confined in a comfortab l e apartment ; d
in the morning the person he claimed as
his father-in-law was sent fly and came.--
Through the influence of the latter the ex
amination was held in privafie. hut enopgh
leaked out by certain channels to show
that the following strange Min of manly
constancy and women's perfidy was re.
It seems that sonneyearsego, James--
was a young man employed ea clerk in a
dry goods establishment on Broadway in
this city. lie received a rather meagre
salary for one obliged to support himself
aloud, yet be would probably have remain
ed there had he not lost his parents. Both
died. within a week of each other, by chol
era, and left their son to breast the world
alone. Heenly feeling his great loss, and
unwillinir to remain in a city where almost
every object reminded him of it, the young
clerk -"threw up" his situation and Went to
Chicago, carrying lettere of recommends
lion from the employers he had quitted.—
In Chicago he found a new employer in
tile person of a wealthy commission mer
chant, who received him into his counting
house as assiAtant book-keeper.
Hie refined manners. sensitive disposi
tion and practical ability, so won upon the,
merchant, that heinvited him to his house
before he bad been in his employ two
mouths, aryl rented him as a soa rather
than an employee. The mercant had a
beautiful daughter, ast entering her teens,
who also took a great liking to the modest,
retiring young book keeper, and as she
always saw him when the visited her fail-,
Ws store, as well as when be visited- the
house, they soon became well acquainted,,
then innocently familiar, and finally' loved.
The rich *enchant saw how the affair was'
likely to terminate ; but he had formed a.
resolution to let his daughter select e hus
band fur herself, and tho ug h his clerk had
onty alai:try then, he res ol ved to make "a
man" of him, if he 000tineed to do as well
as he hiid done.
lie was not much astonished, therefore.,''
nor very indignant, when the young man'
informed him that he loved and was- be-
loved ; but be told the-youth that he ,was
very foolish, and then otossented to she al-
hence. In short, the pair were married.
the lady receiving a dower of fifty thousand
del:arr,d the husband being eAtoottioda
ted wit ty sum sufficient to enable him to
go into business with his father-in-law's
nephew. They were very happy, and for
nine months "all went merry as a marriage
bell;" but at the end of that period, and
just se the young husband berm to feel
himself able to repay the the loan with,
which. his Wife's father hadkindly.favoredl
hits, his partner basely abs coti d, after,
drawing so heavily upon the credit of the
house, that he left it oompletely bankrupt,
' • The cruel blow filled James With despair
—he found himself iodeht, his meet gone,
and to crown all, hts father-in-law uiliust!
ly accused him of wild speculation, or
some thing worse, and refused tabors any
thing to say to him. Be still ramakiral
friendly with his daughter, however. We
have before stated that our . herb was pos.
messed Oa suavely seriatim nature ; hod
he beau constituted like most men, 14
mad: l ;4n have bripOtti: m his iltimdt sad
ooze hinteelfwith the tbouild that'
his ' a &Anne id-oiirry , heath
tom* Cut ofhls konW abated* lis=
4 4 0.4
'Ole ; IW. be awned the _ 61 0
die N , w wty of the ft. be` =
iamb ; iiplendesvored hi pin
eletubip. tit thiakei, - militteetaifid
Oplbuor would employ tiliteirbotwirbpi
Motion Inrhonc.rwsn
~ _ tunthattor
how unjust the to l tiVitid ‘ 4
inally diimvered be either iro
• .. ' oh f •ah ' , io • ,
tire • , - • _ _
1., adopt, after a - tits tatiatal ~ ,
that few twevaporiatiAttattattiatataat - : •
told ithi bride Of fits dettormination, aid af
ter - tki . tiitifibiritatilaif albras7
her foetal*, ibat they ma= .-
Ike knew warbort 14ou alma*
heft sad that painftittea--fieHata•weres a--
(1%4 itt the
jra ti. .. a ve tkattey,
idea of pa
tkpwit tfi ti t.
Itite -• • • dal
WU' Whir illeiviiiititailf sad
weaki Omer yea*. ha tit litaCkftstwob
asaia.„z 00)04 Ate
. p i t i l e r gist ,
weeW be AO siveigit, , , _ *Dais to
to, lid remain with rum, liktil ,
aryl ataerpriietaitrotleiairilitft latollistai 1
bad airlaill sba oat, stadia faish& I
maid without a Oath I
*ally the yams wife rtaatakatrated, iitit
James was Sr= in his ablest MO*, bore '
or..istuil .
The lA= husband went to a .
distant eitY. and gale mom leather:WO,
stool. where be remained twowlmle eats,
g l
recieiving Just enough to int -
decently. During an this he meitliiie
wrote nor received • latter his wife,
lac, such silence was me of conditions
upon which her father od hm at
borne again. In vain he eto
aide motion for he had no friends to aididar
with.their inftnenar, and
fheor had relin
quished nearly every
when a rich uncle died in ediftnia with
out a will or any near relatives, Mut the
poor clerk inherited his entire fortune.—
This sudden smile of fortune raised Jams
-from the depths of deposit. to the=
height Of joy ;. and visions of a
with his beloved wife flew fast &MAW
through his dreams. Not honor mitit bu
satisfied before love, and his debts in Chi
cago must be - paid before he could be
worthy of his best reward. His first went •
to California. sold off the estate of the de
ceased, and procuring drafts on New York,
retuined to the west. Each creditor in ,
Chicago was paid his fW,I claim with inter
est, and one morning in July the heir ap
peared in the counting room of his Sher
in-law, to return the money looked him
during his honeymoon.
The old gentleman received bias] very
coolly, and greatly surprised was Jar to
notice that he received the money shout
changing his manner. Poor fellow little
did he dream of the sorrow in store S him.
After much hesitation he aired awhile
wife with great emotion. The megolient
hal a l
rose from his chair with a frown, an
swered sternly, "If you speak of my -
ter, Mr.—, she is well and . t
she is no longer your wife. You
her ; and the law accepted that inestima
ble desertion as a cause for freeirig her
from all your claims as a husband ! i ' She is
now Mn.— !"
Such was the noble husband's
for him godlike self sacrifice. Sceneo ll it
been sway from Chicago six months; when
the father induced the wife to visit Indi
ana and procure a divert* from her too
faithful husband, and on tbe plowed bean
ie's desertion! She went, well divorced by
the iniquitous laws of the State. and re
turned home to be woed and wed
. by an
other !
Surely, it was not strange that the he.
hayed man fell like a log at the feet of
the iron-hearted poisoner of his life. He
was carried from the counting room to a
hospital, and when he rose from the bid
of sickness, disease had left his body to set
tle on his mind. At first there seemed to
be a method in his madness ; he invested
his money to good advantage, and, it has
since been discovered, willed it all to the
woman who had betrayed him; but in a
few Weeks there was a change, and for a
few days be would walk the street*, ettivice
ing, much attention by his odd way of
dressing, and carefully scanning each fe
male face he mit, with an expression of
hqeleas agony that was heart-reading to
behold. At hot be found out where! *be
aPd= r 4 . 4 .l' fo n dly on triO
of Th enA: ; ibirinetral
VC a** the
• 2
merit Of the story, en ..
great object of his life he was baffled, his
madness took a more cioeStied turn, and
be claimed the false one in the public
Gas. Twines Oirroaxsaaten.—There is
but one instance known; we believe, in
which the old veteran was Otagaillerlited, .
and as that was quite amusing, we will
give it to our readers. Genera Twiggs is
a strict disciplinarian, and meets out the
justice of army regulations with but a
slight tempering of megy. A few years
ago a private of dragoen• whose company
was stationed at San Antonio, incurred a
punishment p•o , ri&d for an ollenco he
bad been guilty of, and vowed to wreak
hiss upon the commander himself.—
WI a correct insight into the Genera's
ch , he 'elected the moat tender
point for his thrust.
One night be stole into TtrigP' stable
with a mar, and shaved his favorite char
ger as clean as dressed leather. No sighs
of the rage this mean action would natu
rally create was obserrable next. day in the
countenance of General Twins, but bet we
night be bad discovered and (dearly im
plicated the gui't y party. Arresting the
soldier himself, e conveyed bin, to the
stall from which the barbarous] . used ani
mal bad been taken. andsecu l e r fastened
him with a halter to the rack, which Was
plentifully supplied with bay;antl inits;but
contained not a serap of any biscuit or a
drip of grog.
For two days the soldier misdated...o
this fare untill,., it might have been sup
posed that he was transmitted into a cen
taur at least, and the poor fellow was the
subject of endless camp !jokes and
merriment. On the third ereaingGenerel
Twiggs re-entered the stall, and wiVi his
same stern. immovable expression of fea
tures, quietly stroked and patted' the
shouldersof the amateur barber, exclaim
ing. "Whoe,Charley ! there Charley ! stand
still, sir !" The soldiertine:ti e r himself
this was "adding insult to ," - but' it
was such a capital j oke, it would urdrind
in him s t to aid the veteran:loiter in car
rying it 6lit. So neighing and in
true equine style he commenced Making
about, and then kicked up behind in such
a sudden and vigorous manner, one of his
heels was planted in the General'eatehnnen,
and the old man fell over speechifies. As
soon as he could recover breath, he called
sot, "Serg ea n t, %errant," and as hi or
derly came running in, the horse man
trembled at the thoughts of what might
result from his friskiness. 'Solvent,"
gasped the general. "set this man tootle.—
lie would rather be a horse than a white
man, by G—d I"
A Yrn Sum Psoput.—The Maine. 'Lew
forbids the people of Kawachusetts tram
using spirituous Nuns. snoop ting in awe
of sickness. Mr. A. 8. Mansfield, the last
year he was liquor agent of Msesselnutetts,
sold spirits to the amount of 8108.760,48.
The sales of lb. Iturshasn,, his snooeseur,
have amounted this year to shoat ammo.
Burnham bought the most villainous com
=l, and practiced the most extensive
with them • Distillery slops, cur
rent in ell the ran holes of Yankisedom
at thirty or forty centsper gallon, ha would
*us la as to give thous du and fight dol
lar brandy anammes, and them at
that rate, pooleting the &Moreno. In the
name &Temperance Infant sb total Ab
stinent*. Great is mainelanism. said great
is Yankeedom, its inetakplay,
'are 410111) pure toaries r asked a
bird•derdits, with whom be
wasaecti2 tars l. for his fair."—
"Yes, ," the &i,• , oonfidestiany ;
"I raised 'erobirds from pure cane
-17 seed!": ' •
a . Gratitude Is' the fairest .14assam
which= 4 o
ai t fro m the soul . and lbeheart
of taaa !owe ateseisagrant.