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B. F. SLOAN, Editoz
MORN'O, NOV. 12.
Corroberative Evidence
lihl i we Kay of the ootreetion of tlw 1ea(1
of the IZelittlilitluct party with the -ehente
if olsl Joint Brown to revolutionize the
.ztithern States, asittoonvert the fair
,f that part of the Republic into a r 4 con .1
* mit poini ti go, we wish it tii:.tinctly un
-1,r,t00,1 that we tnakc no charges ti.g.on-I
the hut , : of the virters--the r:urk anti Id, I..Vh IVt have 110 L 110 v., 1111
net It:A the least. plea that they -vnit.J
[lll-o,olrwitli Ste real olveets or then letiAl,
tilt- atlair at's Ferry has hrott:tiit
to le.tht. are mistaken, Lint patriot , .•
men. who, having imbibed the el, t that
-tat et y 1% a monster. .le-tined to ruin tit.,
"tnitry. -tri% nig to curl, i t:
Ana curtail it- influent, ,tit
thi, they Lou.
like an Inen Itt a antl-e imperial/11A. ttri•
reatly U, seize ti l ionit lie lir•t.
e- their path In tile
infection they want to et , .. -11,m 01,m revolution -flllll asvarch) the
le ~rtr
rn,te fruits of th e ir foliOrt. :111,1 tlf••‘• will
march no farther Aiol ; • that It
to u, the tiut3 cd'e‘cr) tii
a••• fai 34 IN) , ,lble•, An the I.WLS etier
11441 11 the , tathirvot 01.1 Itrovio th•
tho-e which go -114 m,
ti- we think twiny of thom In, mo-t of
h.• ).(•11 /eider, or tlia,t. VIM
liii.rtut of old Brown' , schellio lAio±• helolo
It eckllltlAttlatt'll :It
thi% can be -n-taith - 41 hy;iir; c%
‘c ol t it. th.....,....c0r. , 4 , ,tard. mei tieblingA.
reel S•nhalt. I. pc; it•tps doubt Int • hut there
;kl;tnetatiec ..1' ; evidelicis
man) h•. 1.•
tt V.); ;it 2;t1; coot tilted .t
..1 h•ttcrs puke); tint! tee II:1%
Title/1 I 011, 1.1
t.. F. '''..1111.-111
\t, liw rwwWiws
wi‘r 1r S 11. t. I.
od • emaain 1 1..1 1 0 I ,
Wrllitun 11.'Svnal;1.3 I'. 11.11 c, I'. ;
11"2.41 t• li/ rile% nth , h."l. •;;
14.11% , 1..1 . 1% 111 vlordili ink N‘,lll tio•
, i.kl.• in li.o .i . \"t 11111
F 011.4•,. , tt ..nt• t in (lie I%rit
rll Alin Itfii•l 4:N' tl
...motet , Milli 11 Itc•
r.Atttlt• t /to I.!,:thilt: tip tl
lc' .411(1°11 nt IN ~11u.• t.. il i t• I Jiti.,l
, rtt the eh , r,e ter 01 an
etne-Qer th. , II thaw I•ut
i..• did not Ali, 11•11 tlil a I , li
N 13 1 •11 .t height a- 1.. M. 114101 liern
f)pen their put -e-strolg- the
of Itale. Ili- fir , t Plizigetnent here
appears t 4) 'MVO !Wen OH the N. 1". „ .
as a wrib.r or translator, II)• next sun led
a liewtiaper in New York, it ith the f-x
-pettation of obtaining tilt' snriort ot the
reAtlents in the [Wiled :State-.
While heivas rondlietin.g this paper. I tssa•
wabttnie Arown came 1 rO/11 Kati-as to New
York, ireitenreh of a military leilder to train
14.44,1 guidet' the 'Kansas
this link , enon:l4 was known ,
,u rations that the friends ()I' the(-aus.• %von h
make ,unbar I : mittamps to Europe ii
the stilt rt of his family. The money tvas
not t r i,! i • •itted, Follies' family were le
du • 4) eat destitution, and he returned
to New. .'ork, a disappointed and exasper
mod "bhmanilarian." lie stated hi ens. ,
in writing to Charles Stunner, Dr. S. G.
Howe; Horace Greeley and others, in no
very gentle terms, accusing the promise
breakers of being clients. !loran) i ;wiry
consoled him, by saying that he ought to
have known that such engagements acre
never kept. It appears that while in Kan
-as he differed from Brown as to the host
mode of getting up an insurrection on the
Virginia border. That design is frequent
ly spoken of in the letters :is far back as
bite, t M the Ist of May. Is.")A, he was in
ti sluced toSenator Scward,in Wasiiington,
and went fully into the whole matter in all
its bearings. Mr. reward, after hearing
him, "expressed regret that he had been
told, and said that he, in his position, ought
not to-have been informed of the circum
stances." Forbes speaks of writing tracts
at the request of the Aid Society, and some
of them have been found among Brown's
effects. some of these were addressed to
the United States soldiers in Kansas, for
the purpose of shaking their fidelity. It
cannot be said that ihese letters furnish
any direct evidence that his correspondents
knew that any attempt to raise the slaves
would be made at Harper', Perry; but
they do prove that the idea of a slave in
surrection was iseqiiently considered by
most of the parties a year and a half ago.
In regard to FORM' antieedents, the fol
lowing from the Paris correspondent of the
London ,Star of a recent date will show that
while he was the agent oft/te New Eng
land Republicans in Kansas, he was also in
the employ of the English Abolitionists,
who have long hoped for the dissolution of
this government.
l'ark, earremponSpooe of Ole London Stu.
The sail belief in the defeat fit - Garai:all is
nfirined, although some little hope still
remains thkt the misfortune may lie but
momentary. The organizatiOn of his little
band was so defective that from the ery
th , t it was foreset.o that nothing short of a
miracle could have rendered it capable of
maintaining the field against the first attack
made upon it by the Au*Arians.
The organizing power—the friend and
emitted—the cool English head of Col.
Forbes, his old ally, was sadly missing from
the very 'first. Col. Forbes, during the
whole of riaribaldi's former campaigns,
hail been:, the guarding genius' of the
chieftain, the head and brain of every en
terprise, while Garibaldi himself seemed to
Is• the heart and arm. An English gentk
man, living upon ample means at Vienna,
where he was holding a first rate position
in society. Mr. Forbes, on the outbreak of
the Italian insurrection, found himself in
capable of resisting the torrent, anti joined
heart and soul, body and mind, person and
purse, to that were cause of which Gari
baldi had proclaimed himself the leader.
Ity a singular freak of nature, it was di,
co% NIA that this quiet English gentleman,
who had all his life been engaged in .84liart
tilit, piirsuita, living in the bosom of his
family in the adrntnistratiop of his own
private fortune, was possessed of the most
marvellous talent for raising troops, ands()
well (lid he exert it, that it is owned by all
persons familiar with the events,of that
period, that it 'was entirely owing to the
rapidity with which regiment after regi
ment was raised, equipped and prepared
for the field by Forbesgthat tiaribaldi was
itnittitt.t it
t 1 , • to kline a ll t Viiietibit tint . of hi,
1911 . 011 i tit i 111.1 it e tlutt Stead) t I lit MI ill
0 hi. Vtitt.l . VI hieh ti , :t4 arrested. only hy
the c or A11(4111111:4 nutuliert• sent stgainst i
hint by dim new and unfortsseon etionayr
tbs. 1: 1 , 1 ,11 ik hi . Leas forttlnato than
I sal Walsh. Vorlies wass#rresteil and thrown
Into prkots, whore 14 -remained for more
I lysn 0%0 tears, and witenee he vitas tolezts
-01:It die of the British govern
-010111 110 sittlysesititsritly wont to K
when. hr. hwt dean skiin g t, I :orrice in
the anti-slaver eauso, de o tttied by th e .te
filet te.. of London :o \ ssn York to t eal
the itiovethetttll
t.tirthr the .11,1 th bailee, i 0
that provinefi.l
Will` hey Hang Him ?
F.Vcl') day )I , te are 3.-keil —ytoa, till'lCt•
4.r).19) —e U) they hmtg(ll.l John Brown'
I ke .t trite rnke.• w 4. reply I.y ti gkin g
minthor- .Inel lie ,lev.erve death ' I.(•t
1'9,,11 3 mid ror mnth:, hr
1 1l 411141 t%) elmitult lattr‘ler Not O w mut-.
it I oi one 111411. Or o 1 one %%cella!" or one
chila Not n that hall injured hint,
Itrniti t he 11.1.1 ~it.e for kite!
11 ' 11 1 " . • ‘ V hs
'llllll hi, wa: of an 3-totikliing
tin- meth..l in it , s o
0)31 It ,11041.4,11 , 1
111 C`011%;11,111:_!, , 110 110/1111•11 11111/ Of Net%
1.111,1 ':11111 . \ Hilts 11 , !•
1110‘.1h.' til!).4• 1111(44! 111.1111re41
leki•-, an i ,lea,ll
- .•nlit4;_2ll, ill fact. a l'.•1.!.
.11k 1 Id 111.111 111/1, I/1 II it lr tot
ISt.ite. C ouiti tut itisatie 111. 111 till 1111 Then ‘‘liv
•hlnlhi h.
ilit. },cinalty hi, v ,h,h, the
%%110, likl2 [Ol er, 01 I! 111.11, It 3
111011 t ut 1): Is 4 41111 e OEl4' 11 ,
to 11611. humc likt•
and Is, .7,11 ;-•n :11/1i'll11'a~Ibt •
of tL< M5t!,4.4 Harp. Ferry j ust as,
pr,:wits tk, tilat or Dln-lao.ri.. xhn 1011 In.
tlke 1,11,f, of j•%,1 - r W. 'wt the livr of
'num t ./ oth,t
v4lO. 1,11 ti. titutaorou- fir,
I,Antl, i ti t %.11tt,t1.1e tt,
tht ir t:lnalla • •i• lit “Ithe.frittit.:
lt d ;- 1:f 1 , IIF if 1Z))1f,101<,)
I 1 %.% \ I 111 , 1 -Ins I o
I:l“%syt I ,;.• )11.1 at Oh- -3111.•
I 1.. t. 1114 W..). 1.1 1%.1 , T !kW!
k 1/111 1: 11111 111:111%
11l - 11;11; 11 .1 1,1 • /11,11 31111 .111 1/10/%11
111 t •11,14 ; Olt , / 1.1,1 i *Aro , 1/I,' it
t Itt• iN , •‘‘ N NV H. 11.
'40,11 luU•"..gpft"i• itvrt, iti t
.'tt lei tt tAI%II , I , 0 Itct
it i• to , t. ii h to
.•,),nt. Ihe 411 , 4•11)1) , , me,
) ‘,l 11.1 u!ned - nriex•
no if) 1.1 u- 1.44,
t it ‘Vily t'f .3 , nt•-
~ d ulnd t i int, Ili I't,6. In iiii4kr
'lie itrtifutl y mmt f. ,ti
\I tnlnl,rtll `11:111 , thy M.., •Z nut
,), ,ffilt•
-b.,111.1.1. (.1 10.1,4,1.4
Itnt,t 11,1, t,),%
-h„ft tli). 111-
In- I. ) , •11 , 11--, :ul,l 111. and tlic)
Rut. it 1- viigitimil
-li.• )1 uwrtrrtd /um. )I,t'll//1,
pit \ :111 . in 11111 t ill a patilM atol
1% ill :tit , w,•l idirpo , e, iu
tritn.• Iti-lwo fludn lovo
wzrxr.'rhe truth 14 o u t at la,t in
t..g.114 to the mush
- e rota I tt• taste fi rob/
f.ts. I•filtli-li,tl It 1.1%%1 and a .11-
'1,4,0 It, ivllf.lll. a lii-tory
Bruit hi; lollowers 111 Kansas. The
pipet elt 4110 terire-James - Itedratti."
Phillip-. and Rag), a, out
hist and mitiols-ti. of Brown's gang. it
states that Broan aiiil four of his son- en
tered Kansas sum setiltsi at hitt:mot:omit
creek it, the tall of I Some things are
recorded by the //,,./4/ will n i ther
startle some in our Republicans. For 111-
the l/„ that John. Brown
on one ion, -in:zits! out -.even men,
'•inarebed tot point eight miles :Wove Pot
titiavot.imie Creek. and culled from their
Itisls at their Aervral at the Il..tir
of midnight on the :2 lilt of Al
lt n Wilkinson, \Valiant Sherman, William
I'. le William Dot i and Itrury Doyle.
AII s'. to found the next morning by the
reitnbtide ris in the hr.:lnv:ly. some with a
ga , li iu thi•it head- land rile. , alnd their
throats cut others with their skull- split
open in two plais.t, with holes in their
breasts and hands ent oil': and other; hail
holes in their brea-t-, sifli their fingisr;
(tut otf. No Mall Kaasas has pretended
to deny that old John Fitown 14s1 that mur
derous forty, which nrovarrisl thot-e men
Up to that period not ti hair of old Join'
Brown's head, or that of any of his :501)4,
had 144'11 injured by tho pro-slavery party.
It seas not until the :ugh of August, three
months after the Prato? titan/lit massacre,
that the a taek Wa.4 111a441. nn im ga w a t om i e
by the pro-slaNery loreot, and Frederick, a
son of old .John, was killed." The Heraht
of Fr, relom n the same paper, as our readers
will reoollect, for which 4 Republican meet
ing wa. e.alled in this city in bslitt, for the
purpotw of raising meant; to sustain it —the
wife of the editor being i present, and seve
ral of our prominent rOpublicans palising
round the hut, and I} stitsserib
ing stunt, t um one (olive dollars, in its
behalf. hoes our neighbor of the IJr:tet",
recollect it
tioxe Usura.—There Si no u=e mincing
matters' The Demnera), h:tvo "gone un
der." been - scoured ouC' prett) eltectual
ly in New York. Now .1 rt*.y and isormin ,
in which eleetionc werel hold this week.
The train i Republicans
had no buckwheat to ga k theratid the Dem
ocrats had: con.i.equen tlyimore I?cpublicans
voted than Democrats. land conmiluently
agititi the Republicans come out ahead !
fk,n't phin as one
of Old John IWwn's pi4e
air It is reported that Gov. Wise, under
the laws of Virginia, emitted interefere in
the t7►se of Brawn' and his aasociates. even
if het wr„.disi .edt4 dotso. They having
lawn; convicted or 'treason the pardoning
powttr lies with the Legislature,- and his
execution can only he staid by a joint res
olutinn of bottiHouses. Ilov. Wise is thus
reliered of all responsibility in the prem
ises, and as tlse day of execution inter
venet, between the, senteneeand the meet
ing ef the Legislature, there apiwars to be
no e4rthly hoph that ..old Brown" and his
colleagues mit escape expiating their
(Times upon the gallows : a sad warning to
timati whose fanatical notions !esti them in
to treatinitable.praet ices.
lititr Some dlaholieul villiana on Friday
evening heat. at/ Newport Ferry Lailing,
tarred a little girl two years; old and
th'en twmt hor home to her parents. Hang
ing would he too mild a punishtnous for
such miscreants.
The Harper's Perry Imnareetion.
Ar, A toldsinasi paper SI4OWS vs t
el 1 A.:wain w
n oto
vomi, fniti afoul the f
Ty (brvpiresey. J P
Fn la tharLs• rernoVCASOtins) /11141 of 0114sedareig9.
Tlir 'first thing the Vbpliit of antlas
heard of obi .loltti Ilmwtt, was in the sum
-1114.r of I 557). A meeting of ultra Abolition
i.ts was lirlri at Cazenovia, N. Y. if wo
reeolleet rightly. W kilo in r,ession,
who is a mit ivf; of Essex county, N. Y., pp- .
peared in that convention, and made a
very fiery gpeeeh, during which he aitid - he
had four sons in Kansas, and ho had three
others who were desirous of going there,
to aid in fighting the-battles of freedom.
le could got consent to go unless he could
go armed, anti he would like to arm all
his sons, but was not able to do so. Funds
were contributed on the spot, principally
by Gerrit Smith.
The four Suns had located on Potutwato
tale creek, in l.ynkius county, and in the
fall of 1555 were joined by the father and
other brothers. When the Wakarusa war
was ientling the old man and four sons ar
rived:it Lawrence the balance he reported
,ick. As they drove up in front of the
Free State Ilotel, they were all standing in
a small lumber wagon. To each of their
persons was strapped a short heavy broad
,wor,l. Each was supplied with a goodly
1)011114-w of firearm, and navy revolvers.
and poles were standing endwise around
titer a 9;..t..111•0X with fixed bayonets pointing
unwaoL, • They looked really formidable,
ant wet.. reeeived w ith great eclat. A knell
m ilit ar y company was organized at once,
and the command was given to Old Brown.
From that moment he commenced foment
ing difficulties in camp, disregarded the
,•oumaands of superior officers and trying
t•s ttoince the mon -to goilown to Franklin
I'l,l make attack upon the pro-slavery
gates enetanillett The Committee of
Public :itifety were called upon several
times to head off this wild adventure, as
the people of Lawrence had planted them
-eh e, on the law. claiming that they had
not lieen guilty of its infraction, and. that
no armed , bosh of men should enter the
loth for an \ purpose whatever, arml that
their willll , l not go out of town to attack any
. Peace was establishisl and t std
Bow n rota ed in disgust
Wit. n the news of the threatened siege
or L iii roue.. leached John grown, Jr. who
ineinli,r of the Tolieka Legislature,
he orgitoi.e.l s contpall ofabout.. i kty men
us l wart h. ,I 141Wal'Ai. 1-I,WrenCe. Arriving
st Pflni>ra. he learned ut the sacking of
tio• t,es n amt the po-ition of the pople.—
lic seeonnourered for a CUM, in the Viettl
ll), hUt ill 1.111) marched brick towards US-
Alt/n.114' Hie night before reaching that
1.1 t. whin old) a few miles away, they
naps! I .1 the 111 : 2111. 01.1.10hn Brown,
wk.', ttr hclicie, %\n.!' the party. sne! -
le,' OW, n tat -,•%, ell Men, These
iteirehe.l to a point eight mile:- above
he ul n,lb of Pot atorniA• creek, and
e tiled how tie it hods at their several
Heti. e-, tit Ole hour or mettlight oil the
Allen IVilkile.on,
, hei u . vl P. DI () 1.. ' NM. 111(y It, Ana
I ) 1 (11 ( Y)(•. 111 V% found the neat
Mill iii;: los / hi. t)3(1,1 , b• or in the highway.
.ante with a gnu in their Iltrtas uud yddezi,
and 01011 throats .ut; otiofrs with their
~ lit open in two places, with holes
In d a rn ke.ists mid their hands cut off:
and othei had holes through thein breasts
V. till t linger. cut off. .1u ~,u„ in KW,
•vh,fdeaf t;tl,l •If 11. 111 - 1 , 1 ,7
I , I hurl . l . °rag, rea l'r,u , .ccucre l 11/4/14 •
I 1 ,, 14,14 p. rn,.l hid (/ AgriuJ Old dam
ad, 11..1 , !f ISt /es 5,515 , A d d
It was not until the of August, three
T itillate. atter the PottawatOnne massacre,
thatie attack was laude On the 011NaWar
.111 . pro,favery forcers, and Fred
fit k Brown, a son of old John was killed.
The truth of history reittaires this state
ment. If Brown was a monomaniac, •1,
we asserted that the reason the "Do
Nothings," its we called them, were 0p
,.....1 to engaging in the Territorial eke
t ion 4,1 that year, and ssienpetin g with th e
1.1•0,1:1% cry party for the olliecs of the gov
ernment, wits Found in the fact that they
a i,ii,d to probe) ) ; our Kansas difficulties
-to keep the Territory in a wnsuuit fer
ment . that t heir design itas revolution,
and anything n inch looked like a peaceful
~. ,lii t ion of our troubles had been and would
be vil ,Ivn tI y opposed by thew. We statt4l t1..)-e aho 1.41 oil in the do nothing
policy had no material intlpest in Kansas
in common With the set—that they .
were -lards of ].Madge,' itome here like
!Award- to feed on deadtare, :welt, and
:i... -teen .I- the period Sheat h ! come when
tlicit• was nothing left tor tlent to least up
on they c ould leave the ' rritory. We
i l
charged them with subsisti g alm os t whol
ly on hinds seed here trontfle elutratable
in the F . :4st to sulq,ly the wilt ts of the des
titute and kitiffering. These men had
charge. generally. 4,1 the avenues to public
opinion They wet e the 01 , rits,pondents
of Earstvrn newspapers 01 journals at home.
The country NV:L , continually Hooded with
their lalsels,culs, and telerts,Were constant
ly made to convey the idea that those who
were in tat or Of settling our trouble+ qui
etly. and without a resort to Woodshed.
4,,,,. R . 4,4 0 4 6 ,-aash,, of , 'haul sold out to the pro
slavery party." And who wive those men
in the 'Jeri-nosy at that time? We remem
ber meeting a &ligation of them at Cen
troi,oli- in August ollilaii'Clir. There were
Wald.-n and Thachor, Ralph and John E.
Cook. Holmes and Kagf. we believe i Phil
lips and Itedpath, I finton and Conway.
The Lecompton Constitution itself was
next made a pretext for bringing on war.
Whoever i. 4 able to call up the incidents of
the 22d and 23d of Ifecemb,er Convention,
held in Lea rence, will belible to tam pre
h end that to which we allude. "Brown's
cellar Kitchen Convention," as Thacher
and his a- Q^eiates branded the affair. foiled
them in their plans i but then came on the
difficulties at Fort Scott, inaugurated by
the leaders of all these revolutionary move
ments, and backed by Jim Lane, 1./11 John
Brown, Redpath, Phillips, and all that
class Or person=. Then max organized the secret
oath Itnund 4 agist., the dyed n . l which whit to
murder, 4,4 odd /4/4.0d, every efficer elected undo ,
Me Lemotilto, Con4talition, to lie a free State
wan or , 14 e nri.le. The password to thol secret
organ:talon ICUS Lane, The tr had plan of CO
ka.,snuaton, ni relays ty' horses fir the execution
ers, d•..., or.. In the possession ig" good mot in
Lawrence, and hew been for a long period. But
there was a peaceful acklustment of all these
matters, because Congress bid not give
legal sanction to the Leeompton Constitu
)111 .) Oh 1/ Brown, with his minions, who
opened the bloody issue in Kansas by mur
dering the five heads of families on Potts
wattatnie ('reek, at midnight, on the 25th
of May, I $541, appeared and took charge of
the marauding forces. They attempted to
make the whole population of Missouri
responsible for the horrid murder , near
Chateau's Trading Post. Brown was in,
constant intercourse with men in the Est,
who declared on the stump, and in all
their publisherl correspondence, that their
"only hope of abolishing slavery in the
United states lay through revolution ;"
and tram diem less receives fund s f rom
time to time in prosecution - of his war
schemes. When Montgomery discovered
Brown & co.'s plans of revolution, to his
credit be it said, lie protested, end in con
sequence of their quarrel, probably, more
than anything else, t latter made a bril
lia IN
nt , 11,11 frdai into Missouri killed Oro!,
sikliis slaves, and made a fonmsd marelzin
to Caimik, receiving any iunount of "aid and
comfort" from his cohorts along theroute.
A Cu tx° Statoomita C 144115 fOR Nsw OR,
titAxs.—The schooner Fume cleared at Chi•
eJsgo, on Tuesday for New Orleauss, via the
Illinois and Itliehigan Canal, with a
of 'ash and evergreen trees. She is to doe
engage.l in thefishing trade in the (lvilf of
aloxlen. This is the second vessel of the
kind ever cleared trop that port for New
Orleans by the same mute.
goad gig wars.
stir • pros a Ein
Auction et Chsapsida,
to-day. Kt
ia"sß• . ; .r . • 4.ltlrhighiless out
in the bsy ltienill4; enerlibbyt barilia on
Capt. Ortgaana's
par Meson !loam & Beam? are build
ing two fine houses on Sixth street, week°, the
let- the lain - A*llone are laid for the new
Sunbury and Dris L itailiguy Depot, at the foot
of Sttue street, and the building will shortly
he finished for business.
Nar What's up'. 'The Geseite says "mar.
rigid people who dont agree should certainly
separate " What's up, we repeat—are not
"I he brethren satisfied."
gitr• The Post office at Spring Creek, War
ren county, discontinued a short time since,
has been re-established, and Wm) B.Dosrato
-4os appointed Post Master.
Tito? 'SA OUT.—Tbe Gaiters/ trots out our
amiable friend Bast., for Gubernatorial honors
nest fall, while the American sconUt the idea.
The mentos enters Gen. Dies of Crawford.
fur the Congressional race in 1860, while the
liar Sufficient iron has been received by
the Pittsburg and Erie Railroad Company, to
finish laying the track to Jamestown. Won
der if we shall have an excursion to Crawford
county this Winter?
fair The "He fever" is contagious' Our
Warren county neighbors have caught it.—
root panics are being formed there to prosecute
thorough search for the slippery stu%
Ac et ottsv.—Mr. B. BRAD, et present em
ployed in the 06aerver office, fell between the
bed and platten of one of our steam presses,
on Thursday aftgrnoon last, and received en
irrerre,setas from which he will not soon recover.
Ile was taken in charge by •Dr. Cole, and it is
hoped the injuries will not prove fatal, though
he will doubtless bear the marks of his close
connection with the "press gang" through life.
611 , 11.1. GROWIMi Sala COUSTY.-1111 our
i-.te two week , . since, we made notice of the
interest recently manifested in the crultiration
of the grape in this county, promising to give
"or reader*: the benefit of such information as
wr• might become possessed of on the subject.
Since t hat time we have received statistics from
two of the North East vineyards, which, al
though incomplete, will be of interest :
Amount n( Land ostler cultivation, MIMS
No of Vines in boluing ...
W.•ight of Fruit on 'I% sores, lbs. _
Whirls will produce in Wins (galls
Market vela. of Trait at 20e per lb.._
No Witte has been made the resent year,
the fruit gelling for :10 cents per pound, in
Roston. Proviilenee, and other Eastern
which Is morn profitable than wine-making.
This irinertril was much injured last season,
by plowing between the rows, which should
n,r, r l r dons after the woad year. Boil, a loose,
dry gravel ; dressing. well-rottal saw-dust, o
chip manure.
Amount of Land under =Mystical, sues
Total number of Vines ...... ......
Number of Vines to ?wing __
Product this searta, ..........
Of the excellent quality of the grapes raised
at North Exist, we have abundant evidence, in
the tine present before Mt, for which we we
indebted to our friend 8 . May he live
to harvest the plump, purple beauties, a thou
sand autumns, and remember the printer every
Sir It is said that Hamlett, one of the in
surgents killed at lltuper's Ferry, was origin
ally n gentleman horse thief, hut finally de
generated to such a degree as to become an
Abolitionist, and naturally took to stealing
niggers, but his "irrepressible confiict" is
played out.—Esyrtest.
Query—did he ever "degenerate to such a
degree as to become" it candidate before "an
Abolition" convention, and at he so "degener
ated" that he could'nt get the nomination"—
If lie did, it is no wonder he "took to Mewling
Oaf" The editor of the Genesee Farm? states
that he has not seen a perfectly ripe bunch of
Catawba grapes in that vicinity (Rochester)
this season, and adds that "the Catawba sel
dom or never ripens" in the Genesee Valley
"in the open air, on the trellis. The finest
grapes that we ever saw, were produced on the
lake shore, in Chautauqua county." The Far
mer man would do well to extend his travels a
few miles further, into this county. flewotdd
then see a section of country, where the Ca
tawba ripens, every tow, "on the trellis ;"
there there is "more land to the acre," and
better, than In any other East of the prairies.
war We find the following paragraph in one
of our ezchang We wish that part of it in
regard to the monument wore true; but "at the
present writing," we are sorry to say it is not:
"Not long since, workmen for the Sunbury
and Brie Railroad, near Brie, Pa., threw out
a quantity of human bones, which proved to
be those of the Americans who fell at tbe bat
tle of Lake Erie. They were carefully taken
up and interred with honor by the authorities
of Erie. The citizens of the place have sub
scribed two thousand five hundred dollars to
erect a monument over them, and T. D. Jones
has been selected to make Ike design sod su
perintend its erection."
RCCUVIIIRT or Ebro Las Paornary.—Home
thirteen months since, Mr. Lyman Hitchcock,
of Crawford county, had stolen fitim him a
valuable pair of carriage horses, with carriage
and harness complete. Efforts have been made
by Mr. Hitchcock and Whom of leelswford
county to discover the property and thieves,
Which, however, have proved
one ag.—
Some two weeks since the case was given to de
tective officer Feaouton, of this city; who
mediatetly "laid the wires" !kw s rapture, and
has succeeded in securing a poster' of the
property, (one her and the pole oil the car
riage) near Newport, Ky. The property was
trot "sighted" at Covington, tracked thew to
Maysville, and 911121041 to Newport, w it wae
in possession of a man named , who,
however, it was shown, had bought prop.
:arty from th% actual thief, ant) was no ways
connected criminally with thc l on.—
Reese pre bail in $250 to appear at
ss„, Adjutant Gene erd Wilma her be to
Washington lately, mid wale 'arrangements
with the General Clevieummit to. reesiviv the
quota of arms due ibis Stale: We limy shortly
expose to have snakiest arms to sq 4
the nu
merous military conspankts thro out the
likatib, which fur louts time have hein organ-,
ixedi bat unable to be serviceable for want of
Large quantities or apples too Wog
skipped fro* this port... They are "ought is
thiscolmty at from to ad its. per hoshal.--2
Thefeehoooor Ri ?ova, of Illanitotrae, took a
cargo of yoga apples so Chicago OP T 111101617.
sir no &zubury and ibis road is steadily
oat its iron arms towards Warren.—
Moseley we passed war it, within a half
tWa Potsliski, Asedthff layers ore ,
tads ap. Y We were
p ii we law of its,
~,e • - ,
t Every wiz
s 11110167-river whore men were
paring to take advantage of the facilities it
tarnishes for business, and to open op the vast
sod hitherto dormant resources of the country.
I As to the road itself, it is perhaps the best
huanyeseat talks tonally. The
engineers in charge, -Messrs. Wonaott. and
Emma, An& *sit - apoistaata, have done the
company ample justice, and at the same time
established a reputation that will last as long
as the work to 11114 they have devoted their
time and skill. In eonversation_with an old
railroad contractbr the other day--a gentle
man who has constructed portions of the best
railroads in the country—he said that in pass
ing overtime road to Union it bad struck him
as being a piece of the elosest engineering he
ever saw. "I don't know who it is, but some
one," said he, "is entitled to great credit."—
In regard to the management of the road ; it
strikes us the company has been truly fortu
nate in the selection of itssiperintendent, Mr.
BLACK. Be is devoting to the business un
ceasing energy and watchfulness, and is fast
bringing out of chaos order and system. With
bot limited facilities for doing business—with
every thing to crests, as It were, and arrange
—his presence demanded almost (laity at every
station on the line—the wonder to us is that
he has succeeded so well in accommodating the
business interests along the road, and has stood
up under the labor he performs. There is not
one man in fifty that could or would perform
the labor Mr. B. is now doing for the com-
New Door.—lien. Remo is making prepara
tions for building a new dock, this fall, imme
diately west of his old one. This improvement
is demanded in slew of the large coal and iron
trade, expected to be done at this point the
next season. Gen. R. is also filling up, with
stone, the old doek, which belongs to him.—
The material for this purpose is taken from a
new quarry which ho has opened on the lank.
bar' Our negrodoving contemporary of the
Amerseiza claims for Crawford county the di.-
anguished honor (!) of haring been the for
mer residence of "Old John Brown." Such
"honors" ere piling on to Crawford ' thick and
fast. Only think of it ! Two such worthies as
George Washington Herald-of-Freedom Brown
and Capt. John Ossawatomie Brown, Provis
ional President of the United States of Ameri
ca! and all from one County !! We gliould'nt
wonder if the American man located "that oth
er_Preement" among us before another year,
if his poor, treacherous body should succeed
containing hissympathetie soul no lung. Where
is the "Rev. Toth Gross !"
11131111.—The papers of Westeni New York,
just previous to the late election, containell
some sublime specimens of partizan pleading,
reminding one of the "high old times of '40."
Witness the following from the Jamestown
* * * Who will swap off his kingly Pre- .
rogative to vete and control the country, on
that day, fer'a bushel of potatoes, or a .it ' s
ing ? Who will say "my country fi t,
and then my potato() patch." The ship on
which you sail, moves safely over the billows,
from the deathless watch-care of its crew.—
Will you bury your eyes is sleep, and drift nn
to the rocks? or will you go to the helm and
_._ s,~aa
IteMblif you in port 4 .
Atter election P. B.—An.l they all mei
'er 4bteer.'
Ira" The Dunkirk Prot, 4- ..trgwe lA Annu on
big stories : A recent issue of that paper
"makes mention - of a basket of itotattle4 lent
to its editor, which would average two pounds
and a quarter apiece. If the yarn had ended
here, we might have believed h Mit the Argus
man, to put , the story entirely without the
bounds of credibility, adds that they yield :;00
bushels to the acre, all of the .ant. port In
the same column with the potato story, this
modern Munchausen '•vaporises" over a "grand
fight" which occurred Bear the Depot in his
village. He says the row commence.' at half
past nine in the evening, by a "cullud pussen.':
who in the melee succeeded in getting awfully
knocked down, dreadfully kicked and wound
ed, and", - thoroughly - dragged out, and lasted
until halt past twelve. What ti whopper !
All Dunkirk three hours whipping one darkey!
lir Pine the iron horse has "got o he
snorts slimed within hearing of Warren, we
see &mist every day sonic of our Warren
friends on our streets. We noticed this week
lion. G. W. Scofield, Gen. Jame.. R Brown, Eg.,
anti others. By the by, we notice the latter
gentleman has been elected Brigadier General
lately, and is now "some military," and can
doubtless "march the required distance."
SW' Large amounts of coal are being re
ceived Wilds port by canal, and much of k iA
being shipped to Buffalo. Freight on coal,
from beds to Erie, $1,20 per ton; from Erir to
Buffalo, 75 eta. per ton.
mar If any of our readers desire to see the
sort of instrument that old John Brown was
furnished by the New England Republicans to
"peaceably" liberate the slaves down at Her
per's Ferry, they can do so by calling at (Jen.
office in this city. Passing through
Harper's Ferry recently he procured one as a
curiositt, and a memento of the folly of sew
nett, Greeds, St. Co. It is a =aileron!! looking
instrument, and in the hands of an infuriated
negro, would prove dangerous to the "peace"
of eves Pennsylvania.
b.• The °casette is very much shocked that
a newspaper office in Newport, Ky., was re
cently mobed, and the proprietor "grossly
and barbarously insulted," and yet the Demo
cratic press has not denounced the act. The
(Mettle serves are a peculiar institution.—
Three years ago a newspaper office in Erie was
"lawlessly sacked," and the proprietor, and
same of our oldest and most respectable citi.
sent, were ' 4 groeslyaad barbarously insulted,"
and yet, while the (Mel, faintly condemned
the not, it euenpulonely took care to shield the
Indere names from the public 'gaze, and atter
muds supported the ring leader of the mob for
St responsible and honorable office. When the
Gesetkrepirettiof this sill, it will be tip? *enough
fee us to investigate the New port us
ogs., The austral announcement of he "Cos
mopolitan Art Assosistion" will be found in
sour °Ann= to-day. This is one of the enter
prises in which a subscriber always gets the
worth of his money back, even if he fails to
draw Cite of the works of art offered as premi
um The engreving, Kilbakspeare and his
Prima*" is a magniticent picture, richly worth
twice the cose,orst membership in the associa
tion. (1. W. Mistretta, at the P. O. Netts De
pot, will receive subscriptions, and furnish the
war The scbooser St. Paul lost her jib-boom
ow Sodurtky last, by collision with the 'slum
my" at the entnuiee of the bay. She was
,being towed out by the tug, and was compelled
to put hack for repairs.
le. On Monday the recently elected County
Commissioner, Jos. Ilswonssos, Motu, wart
sworninE illat in the hoard. From
Kr. jrs:' - n the office, and his well
knolls I ' ty a moo, we predict the peo-
Pie 4111Zonnt ill not regret that they dia.
=ova.: t Is, and elected him. Ile
rt. W. Isros, Esti., whose
service in the Board, we are free to say, though
be b not of out boteebold pOiltiollly, has bees
cratitable to - himself and to the party that
elected him. Of many of his.v4tes and sets it
hue bees ocolliboonwo-to ~s* opprovOgly.
we expect to fight him many:years yet 64 6
polittoilti;but as a philestaa anti a t hp
oarries into his retresmaest our kindest w lakes
and regards. ,
Ss", Nov. 7th, 1869.
Ma. EDITOR.—I noticed in a lets number of
"The Observer" an inquiry as to the where
abouts of my &foul "biktodert." Re step
ped of the Cincinnati Espresa,lir, someeven
jags since at - 8— CrewskiSrith kyoung lady of
dark completioitt,d bright eyes, who remin
ded me grimily of WiThelmina at eighteen
years. During tbe summer, at various times
in crossing the tong bridge at S— Creek, I
have observed certain slpstelegratbic to pans
between Nicodemus and this divinity in the
When he returns, sir, which will doubtless
be very soon, I shall insist upon an explana
do; and his communicating with you immedi
ately. Are the brethren satiated!
Tours Iteepeettelly,
SW. They are.—Fttlitor.
We understand several attempts were
made, on Tuesday and Wednesday, to smuggle
tools and other articles into the County jail,
and by
,persona, too, who should be above a ens
pieion of that character. It appears that Mar
ty; and Snow, whom we noticed last week as
having been taken for larceny, have confeder
ates st ill at large, who do not scruple to use
the most desperate means to proenre their re
lease. The Sheriff has found it necessary to
board up the windows in order to prevent out
side interference.
received from the publishers, Messrs. 0. 11.
Bailey & Co., of 543 Broadway, New-York, a
pair of very large, full length steel engravings
of Washington and Everett. So many coarse,
miserable pictures have been palmed npola the
public as works of art, and especiallyla cheap,
black, and muddy engravings, that it is diffi
cult to tontince persons of taste that they are
safe in ordering what they have not first seen.
We are happy to be able to say, that in this
case, the engravings are all the publishers
claim for them, really beautiful works of art, that
adorn any parlor. No American home
Aottld be without a good portrait of Washing
ton, and now, as Mount Vernon is almiut to be
rescued by the lathes, it is especially appro
priate that the hero and his home should he
placed prominently before the public.
Mr. Everett, from his position. fame, and
worth, as well as from his efforts in behalf of
Mount Vernon, which have already contributed
over $70,000 to the fund, is well worthy of
being associated with the memory of. Washin
gton. The likenesses areeicelleut and spirited,
and both engravings are offered to biz sent to
subscribers post-paid, and any three dollar
magazine a year for SI.4M. Or one engraving
and a magazine a year tor $3OO. i 1 e have
never before seen anything so good at any
thing like the price. We notice that leading
New-York papers endorse the publishers as
“ ful irt et _ t v4l ll o"...o l 4l4Vingagifi e plto I t ;
friends. See advertisement.
J The Editor rejoiceth ins new HAT—
some people call it a "tile - -and the way he
became ••seized and possessed," as the law
yers say, of that necessary article of toilet, he
now proceedeth to relate On the VIII of Sep
tember he received a letter front New York, of
which the following is a titers! copy
New York, Sept 2rs,
brat Sir :—Pleape send the size of your
howl to 31, Courilana st., N. Y. A 4 the weath
er is getting cold, I hare thought, perhaps,
new entering would be acceptable. Direct
care of Coughlane, Langly ic Co., 34 (`outland
at W. K. S.
On the next day,' the Editor nnewereth as
Col low.
Your favor of the Vth, asking me to "send
the size of my head to 84, Courtland st, N.Y."
upon the supposition that, "as the weather is
getting cold," you "thought a new covering
would be acceptable," came duly to hand. In
reply, allow me to say that I ant not aware that
my "bead" ever did you any injury ; hut if it
has, and you desire to take your revenge in
that way why, as flettry Clay said about the
annexation of Texas ; "I have no objections,
on the contrary would be glad to see it." To'
business then—my "head" is just t 24 inches
round, and known among hatters as "7 i i large;"
and is the hest head of its size and kind I ever
had. I ant very Respectfully yours,
To W, K. , S
3-I, Courtland qt., N. r
And,t his week rum n AT came to hand, where
at the Editor "rejoieeth with exceeding great
joy." lie likewise returneth thanks! Stay
the donor live to it green old age, and become
e shining light to all hatters, tailors, shoe
makers, Ste.. who, seeing his good works,
and being desirous of emulating them. shalt
forthwith go and do likewise
our German fellow citizens celebrated the one
hundredth birth-day of the greet composer,
Scummut, by firing cannons, and other dem
onstrations of suitable character. The pro.
(*.dingo were taken part in by the “Saenger.
bund," "Turnverein," and other associations,
and wound up in the evening, by the presenta
tion, at the German Theater, of the drama in
five acts, entitled 'des ScAziler-Dcrtketalz."
stay' The second trial of Jacob Fourr for
the murder of russtroaa, some year and a half
ago in 'this city, was had this week before
Judge GALARAITU, and resulted on Thursday
morning in the jury bring4ug in a verdict of
murder in the first degree. l He was ably de
fended by Jona P. Visoaarland A. M'D. Lros,
Esqs., and the ease submitted to the jury in
charge which for its clear enunciation of the
law governing the case, and a just appreciation
of the responsibilities of both Judge and Jury,
has seldom been equalled. We understand that
immediately upon the rendition of the verdict,
the prisoner's counsel moved for a stay of sen
tence, and bled on application for a new trial.
It is not very likely that it will be granted.
Oa the lst inst., by Rev. G. W. (Iwolaud,
Mr. THOMAS H. CLOW, late of Boston, end
Kim ELIZABETH LTONS, of lisitorom),lt.
On the 2841 ult., Miss SARAH E. YOWLS.-
HEAD, daughter of the late Jobs Moorehead.
of Ilarborereek, aged 23 yam.
At the residence of his son, James fl. Um,
Itim„ in West Girard, Aug.„Both, 1869, ABEL
aged 86 years, 8 mouths and 6 days,
the same place, Ber. • 6th, AMU!, ton
*t. of Abel Boni, aged 81 years, 2 months and
ays d. -
' At Union Mills. on the Bth inst.. !TERRY,
lan of Henry Landereth. aged 7 years.
In thilOiy, on the Bth inst.. CALtBTA A.,
eons! rt. of Silas E. Finch, aged 34 years.
i.rroll4ollolllMarvilig literazy hut i
to t. v i e r ikoditod - to " w et it Obi Übe%
day ...ab l osta tad" lot the cno ooet imip, r u mt
blikalltell, J. 0. Ihn.ass, Pr,.J. C. INACCIIMART Y 6.
au.grafs gOvertiommits.
Rank Meeks
Bail Tire:kris,
Not and Lettere Haullngo, Awned Notions, C.rtdint.,
Enameled Slate Mantels
maws materials, of variant' colon., Barb u kyi„
bun, Red Antique, Yard Antique. Drooatell.,
Syron Color, Porybery, Agate, Ms. For sale at lbetoe T
Pia, by
Yemen Str.t, Er,
AT I - 11S STt wItE tIX PREN(II S' —
Persons who hare fun:Mote or any other prop,
ty to ern, are hefted to wad It the day before thr
that It may he gab -Wiped
E DI NllOlOl NoRMAL 1 , 4("114 )(IL.
The Winter Session of this Inststuties
opened on llonday, the 7th insL, still ander the direetsea
of J R. WRitftlhflN, umiste4 by lir. O.R. WOODWARD
and Miss AMELIA SCULL, and each other Teacher, as
the yeses may demand.
It a the only School in this region of country, 'Altai,
"owing to the hard tune.," bar been able to bold Rao's,
much less to show an actual gain of 14 per cent
The lien Ii• litcot, io hit lets rbit of this *cheek
*poke of it In the most flattering terms.
Its cite is eligible and healthy, and its espouser uuti
about one half of the school at Lancaster, its elder soles
Sri,. Sept. 30, 185 f
En. Onsenvan
In the lineraring of Wald:ll4ton. They oplendkl Re
grvaleste are from original paintings by Hicks, and are
magoefreit ow Steel in Um blithest style os Art. They are
each 2313.5 ioehea earl volt Aug all SQVAILI MIT. So
many cosine, miserable pictures bars beenpalmed open
the pablle as works of art—and expecia/ty cheap, abort
and maddr enlyrart t ott-tat t it Is Miran to amines
raZ n o s o . t . Smi te Weybaer" aal. in e
i V rhati ki. tbeir
.men prkert, amounting to MANY 1111006•111) MPOLLAItt, In
produce NAM/LA Vtgall IItRALLT nurrfret as well we Th
awe rowritArrn, and that shall be analneln otXwmcwre
To Lae remade. nor Optnhme that aim be relied on
42"; The Editor of the Rem Yore Ohsereer mays
maiming/tam truniw works of art—then/tepees
we are admirable. The tortrait of Mr. Mverett will take
preeeelence of an others.
rir The Nor Ye►! Gimme Ileva lie soy.
are among %kw/West engravings in haw ewer .00.120,14
TRIM" A 1.:1/1014T GRATIN.
We will wed, POINT PAID, eeenrely peeked la roilen•—lii
leer Bttsrtatrlrrt &ad as 3 Maimsln., one year, for
node Kwirrovisido and a $ 3 )lagaaloe, one par, for PA.
eaITAoLIM, who remit $.lO at on. UMW, will kate an
eopy of each cagier tog. IL.llagaaieea are
HpW., 7Xa rteknieoM , Loire Book
11:31r By veaw arranseinent, the entire /ear. sub
seription to the Magesinee is paid over by as to the pub-
Ushers, and subscribers receive their sandy for the year
dirt bow their respectire publication cea. The cow
itf the engrarlo is paid only by the diSarenee between
tate lowest mod the amnia: rice of the Mao.
or invivin g s seat at once, and satworiptiono to le
riodicals roomettes with eurrent hew, unless ',thermos.
ordered. Motley at oar rink if proof Ii Maloof of Le
fag beau mailed. First Imptemposs abal best, therefor.
seed early. Address,
ANNOUNCEMWT, and brilliant eters, in ~other
Warns. Nov 1.
D issoLurius.
sou.e is hereby givwso that l the Parte
a= heretofore *Meting between Fitt). p. tBB aid
C. 'MAYER, under the name and style of WEBB
k TRAYS& Illeassactarm Stott* Wars. the
2 of trio, Pa, Is this day dissolved by natal ,anent i".l..Sted to said rim, sad all kerftr Wafts.
rutak t
rhe are recinsitted to all on 111h.lhayer,
w ois anted,. i-ed to settlessad adjust the MUDS. Dated
Mo b War. T. 411610. CM. F. 1 / 1 :1111,
R.—The business will be swirled on as heretofore, by
; I r. WEBB, at the Old Stara-3M
ATMOUNCIIIIIOIT, sad brilliant online, In another
Column. Itrov.P2.
n OTIC6.-Tbe Furniture, Chair, Spring
Sod. We "lid CousinLoa &aro of
. . KLLSZY tits been RIMOYED se ÜbekSbo BS* Build-
l y r Os West side. next to Amara Gai
Cl' madativith Btieeto, oa Mat% trigN A, P '
in. ra, Ins.
UL M', asid. 4stllirl am, in manor
60hutut• Nor 12
A NY PERSON desiring to procure a
food GOLD WATCH, warranted IS Carat*
Sny, by a aura proem, requiting no awn" and but littie
martian, cut isms by satergiox 111. MILVIN,
airy Boon groan ihilletta
Nov. 112' 11100.-3600 Ni.. 112,130ut1i
---- -
A N NM' NCE NT, and brilliant *Om in *Delber
t* mon. N0r.12.
coo To Tit=
(A►POEITt TON POET 01171C1t,)
Per Tour sOs aid JO PIIINTING!
CHEST THE 13 Z. Et T 1
of Deposit, ke., kc.,
AT t• A. M.,
Bth Annual Announcement !
UFA) :•CCUESS up T 1.6
FRI►M all sections of the counts , ul.
sailers 4. thsa popular Art Institrtlion, . now qi
Nl‘lb raro •n. Gang rporiv.,l to a ratio uniarall.-d nll.
that of any pr., logo yontf.
ANN' 1U( CAN nteoity. A ITEM 1111 `1 1.
N H It'll HILL ViTITI.T. film T.
lat.—The beautiful Steel Engraving "Shake
pear and Hui Yr►enda."
2d.—A Copy of the ele#antly liltunratpd Art
Journal, one year.
• • • -•--• •
1e.K15 , 4 Er Broadway New-York `
la addition to, which. over few Inorrtrrii ralust.o. Work.
trt Art ire jrtee■ to aubeerifeee PIPMII3OIIIO,
choice l'atrotmge, L'` , eolpturre putlime, kr, ,
no.l Foreign drt ian..
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Full Length Steel Engravings of
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