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13. F. SLOAN, Editor
State Democratic Ticket.
Jotur awarp,.
"A Daniel Como to Judgment."
We notice by the Clinton and Lycoming pa
pers that the Republicans have put in nomina
tion for the Assembly, in that district, th e some
what notorious B. Russ Prrsti.ex, and that
this candidate, thus nominated, bases his
claims to the votes of his party and the people
upon • publicly expressed determination to
break down the Sunbury and Ene Railroad
company, and thus prevent the full fruition of
the hopes of our people, cherished for twenty
years, of a direct communication between the
seaboard and the lakes. It is rot often that
we feel called upon to meddle in the elfatrs of
other sections of the state—but this cloud in
the horizon of our prospects certainly demands
a passing notice Especially is this so, when
we consider that the action of the Republicans
of Clinton is simultaneous with the rejoicings
of OW people, of all political parties, over the
certain completion of the Western division of
the road, and the commencement of the run
ning of trains over a part of it. Think of n—
on the bright prospects that gild the horizon
of our beautiful city, on this auspiciuos event,
this champion of public virtue, this ••Daniel
come to judgment," the- immortal Pelnkrn.
looms up from the woods of Clinton, and as the
candidate of the Republican party, asks to be
elected to the legislature fur the purpsp=e ut in
iestigating the allege./ stupendous swindle
by which the `Sunbury and Erie road obtained
possession of the Stste Canals and thl+po.ed of
the same It speaks well for the Republicans
of Clinton that they should he the Mast to more
in this matter—a county, too, that bas bad
expended in her midst and among her people
housands of dollars of the money obtained by
this alleged fraud—llott ha- the line of lb,
road oltno , t complvt. , i act "is her border- , , , tud
.lireetor to b- 1 unt,, 1 ,.5 11 tk
„:eat nut Aill' . .,tuncitnsl, ,;
the I,,ve \ tt'll`•• t 114.1
Republicans ~1 H u tt ~ u ,tt Ilat tln' , .a-ed
and unprejudiced tliej rh ul i ~..ake their in
dignant heads, and proclarni throng', tln•u
great man, their mitts, ttlate rime the
legislation that 14 enriching ti( snd
when the road it c,impleted will henent the -tate
tnt)lrsna of dollars, is all a )raud
be probed to the button, Stteh pithily and
party virtue demands all prniso ' Ifter this
tribute of respect the fiepill , lican- of Clinton,
it might be well to ask wh.• is Otts flag-hcart•r
of truth and principle —this tart uo u, man if
Rush Pargken r 1. , it the same l'etriken who
has been notorious the last fee winter.
lounger and borer around the capitol of our
state—one of those miserable scavengers who.
for a mall fee. aro always ready to do an )
dirty work demanded of them—a hatiger. ,, n in
the rotunda—% sponger in the rooms of [nom
berti—a personal and poiitiesil briber the,
weak and unwary legislators whoever) winter
go up to Harriaburgh to be sacrificed " 11 tJo•
itl the same man the Republicans of Clinton
have nominated as their candidate, to inve.ol
- frauds, they perhaps. could not have
nhosin a man mere intimate with trimsittiii , toi
of that nature in and around toe capitol W.
have been told, and we believe it is true, that
titre man was a borer for the passage of the
Sunbury and Erie Railroad bill ban y -, n , ."
.. so paid Dy its Ilierols for
supposed services, and was feasted by those I
interested in its paasage. We know of no
fraud, however, in the passage of this law The
measure was fully and freely discussed both
in and out of the legislature—its merits prais
ed, and its defects pointed out, and while we
think a higher price might have heen obtained
for the public works, yet when ourlaw-makers
were determined to glee them away. we were
pleased that the Sunbury and Erie R R was
the recipient, as it enabled that company to
push along the road, which we hope soon to
sea entirely completed. It remained for the
renowned Petriken to discover a flaw in these
pleasant arrangements, and he seeks a place
'aside at Harrisburg!' from which to hurl his
Aaveltn at the monstrous iniquity What new
light has broke in on his benighted soul we
know nut Laat winter a friend---now an en
emy of this road. Perhaps the money once
eipended in legislation is now used to build
the road. The fountain which once sustained
him in his purity and integrity has dried up—
his aervicees are no longer needed—the gold
no longer flashes in his greedy palm—the chant..
piugne no longer sparkles on his table—all is
hanged—and where he once beheld beauty.
and order, and rrandour, is now to hie famish
ed and distorted vision changed Into ugliness.
confusion, and deformity. Let tie suppose him
elected—let us look at him as lie rise. in Ins
seat to denounce corruption, and move an in
-les t igat ion. How imposing the spectacle. nod
bow faMcal the scene: Pamirs turned saint
and pleading morality ! His old eompantons
of the lobby stark aghast as they look at the
penitent—they tremble it the confession which
he proposes to make—at the dying statements
of this modern fkniapson, who seeks. is he him.
sel f assures us, tohury others to his fall The stu
tter has turned saint--and despising the max•
tin that it is "the greatest rascal who torus
states evidence. - he pours forth the items of his
own villiany until his hearers sire sick of the
homily, and heperhaps, is hissed down, never
more to be heard of; and while he shall godown
to the grave "unwept, unhonored and unsung.
the 'AU nhttry and Erie railroad. t riutuplung over
all its illtileulties, shall be i fully eetnplete , l,
giiitig to Pennsylvania a great and might)
trade, and building up a greet sit) on the lily
of Presque Isle which will be "strand only to
the city of Brotherly Lore Let Clinton t.innty
hums? .1 her Prtriken—our pride shall br
uittiutaititug the public nuproversents of "in
+lnt e, in whatever titiNrler they are, and it
strength Datitnt,siti the integrity
and IntneAty of our public senaor,
VW ' 4 .Ir.`4ATIJR Tomtits nuttit• a, speerit to a
largt• totatenee at F.oxtngton. ‘ia .
Frida). The (Klitor of the Augusta E,,-,„,.„ /
I .I,o' lc, Hho was present say% he sustaine.l
the #loottine of popular Isovereiglit . ), and
eXlol 1:11c41 Hon. L. J. Gartrell. I)ecuw , t. he
( ow trell says he will not oto for Senator
lotight.s for l'rettidont if nominated
fm. A movement is c,n foni in Tennes
see.. look ;lig to the erection of an v(inestri
tin statue of Gen. .lackuun in the we4tern
portom of the State. A gentleman of
!blemplug offprit to give .11.0(in toward it
The 't Louis Reputliean say 3 the getiersl
goyerianem has made arrangements to t e.
auee the time for carrying the mails from
lmlepentlenee to Knott Fe from twenty to
fifteen day.,
Tardy Justice
Thw c ‘, 31 , 10 ,0 ;ay, the Phi).l.i..ll.)tui
lief' Pict, .•, President ul tii.• I'tiltt , l
~t 111 %%21- the 10,...t aku-ed man ()a r ,
lumwage hardly funa
i-hod oxpleti‘e- sliopg to de
ma.thee luut. Auld Man) prcbminetd, wen,
editor- a- well aki private citizen-gloried in
their 6J MO I iIIIR 111111 --
Neal tR O ,igll. en
tired front his exalted (Athena position. a n d
became a ',mate citizen From that pe
riod a reaction has steadily been working,
and flow as find hint among the most pop
ulai of hi nttr American Statesmen Since
his return from Europe he has been greet
ed with the warmest demonstrations from
the people of all parties, and 1110 progress
from Boston to his home at Concord has
been a triumphal ovation Not a word of
reproach is uttered against him, but wher
ever he appears he tveeive, the warmest
welcome and the highest honor.
When he was President ol the United
Status, Le pita a visis to his Ne‘% England
home. and a companj. of volonwrs, known
the ••Arnoskeitg Veterans, - were invited
to join in his rwept ion. Prejudiced
against hint pohtiealiy, the member , of that
eompnny doclined to welcome him, and
held a meeting in s resolution:- v.cre
passel I,y no means CO mplurnentary to hurl
ill an ntle or a • a citizen Pre,a lent
Pierce pas%ed this cult over wink/well,
deeply as he must ltaie telt it. Time tolled
on, and the Laternuss of partizan prejudice
book n o coded The same •• A m
Veteranß - hegan to repent of their heists
and di-Ridged course, and a tow months
ago tin* held another meeting m which
the} retracted all thpy had s•tial agin-t Pros
ulent Pierre, and lablishe.4l to the IA othl
Ora thl(.. Ii tl4 , 1011 e 10111 \.el
.tut-tied they %eta to N - -too
receive loin on hi rmurn lrom Kiir.irt". land
aceomproliol him 11,41) that ,•itl to Mart
•l• .1 Loma ..1
rhiv. riovk Immo watt
kattl tor d.• tsr•,uil t‘ , th. tr teflow, th
the t hi fiNt 1,1 propii•,eate e.xcidentetst. atta tt
that the eri are o 1101110
to Act.; i10tV1.4 , 11.t.• their :Intl Wake rev
lir:atoll, .1.4 th.• ••Antrxqkv.ig, Vett!ratt - have
.h,n,• W.. , rt t tiro to ty that
-•ho I'r. tett a. prowl o. ul
11111 , 1'1 , , tkrt rhtnrO/ AN
\ :lid •41 ptit..ting P.rrr at tl
1,,,t.! 01 )11%, It 3 ; !1,,r)-, trona the phut- (if -kat
lent ttt the ih`t ,, l". “C ATIII , •
,ran tte , lll.lll -Ikt,\ll.l k, A k••••-••• 11% ts. 4
NV, I 0 104, pr, ow To 11.
11 ~•••• )1(1 Ire I . , 111 In LS. .1.
11. .111 , I tn ‘l. t l i , int ill'
tlial e t 4. nLu it Ole% ei
• 2ifilioi A,m , ner )11.1 - -urh un intiq
pent! , 4 0•111 , ..• , t n - th •..%n n•, uI
,t4lllllt tilAt 14'..t
‘‘ithollt I. ,c- , .11 ~.11,1,./1111,1 %%lOW
can-, 1;1011 11. Ar living rt
the) towlr , l Andrew
.1 trk..ln %%hen nt Ow
Unit , -4 .111 , 1 how I,ItL-11 tio• L i t or lio-uility thoN rh,
/-beel 11,-nry cht) ' :Iry m
alt I.ltial in-t in. nLl_ , ht ninitiphol
L•xt,int. Lilt 1110 f -
111111ai, .LL,L Icui— 111 u-ti mon- .\t
till. Il e ~f no , n lu thi
- 1.4.11.z0ng.• ol,l,•ritinela
on aja,n-t I'l, nt Bu. han.,n, ho W
v.. 00 logret cry ti l}4\ iiU. r
.1 . 11.• 11 , 1041 , 11 , :m
,4 111.11t1 , .11. an , / . 101//g , WP
, 4•••••• -"•'" ,•
t1)..111 ri/V;
emit), ..ition of a favorite
duck n. (11.• platform of "kmdr...i" 411E4-
Jlt , Tz.•thwr -ienr , red" by
ho )11-ro , tpl smivelbt) , ,n )11 the platfor
pi! Ica tit hi—thl% smrioiritat prover
bially Itiv..t,r wwl nl the author
vr th.• in•eciuni li- this
singular and shanteiul lu , r e ot party for
gi tfulnes- liene it us---vnnetse and to the
"f bat t•e• t the (“Hipletf•utrici
entire equality. /low/. tbP
WithOUt %‘l 4 l.ling t.. /II i.-I . e• ilia 141/8
14 no ...,no-rti of ourm, rospoetfully .ug
it e.4 that th. now Count% Corritiutt,.. h.
at .• and ha,.,ti,t- .11
teil plank 3,1414 A of a Ow
V ER) DisTiassts. cAptiuti
(ht. Ctrictithati 4. , Eill• 14 adjn g Dfnn
4-,,Criltt% 4141 , .'l , :tatty
4,t 11r. [$ , ,T make, tip,
A lay or two a, tvi g..4‘ a' the
following, editorially
Jllllll W Forney ha , Iwtaken hire. if to
writing .1 ,, gg..-N•1 about the
No peran c,tn Imagine the 10-4 Ise hale
subtatri,4 I,y that girnplo einent
The Pre! , , tru-kr.ti r loom
its ex, ipinue 1.1-,t, and we are no longer per
rurtc..a. hv memn-.. to :ewertain low
much it ineream“ 11,nly in eol
r. hair tn, ,I,Jubt, when ie an. al-
lowed In ho,k uionti its faro again ne stnt
initant front its unltaiilterAte
et.ponv. it die.l to tho
company In lli %tilliendon4lntlietann We
dared, °net'. 11101111 . Itintr, t 4, illfier with the
ool , .t)(.I. and, f, , rtlmalt lit
tht. axo , nir Pre' -- st.• hat-,• at
%% di Ole Ettget/r•
111: SLAVE CARouv
Th.. bl i zr‘tiAl.l •: A by,. e.i vontirtite ,
tit opposo tb.- I'angr.--4.10nal st,,c e c ode
propo-itloo hi its. 1 , -uo i, ",11 of August
it Make:, i , bieettost• to it. %owe of which
art 3 1.13 ri)110W , •
^ (t Cv.-111.V 4 11 . !, deStrk ih•vm.-
eratie orgati)73tion. anti loare it %. , r ) ,Lnabt
tttl whet hor :t Southern orgamz.ition
ta% er arlSe to take It. place
It might t/ite4. arm ( , ur , e , t.loti'•
act. dl 4M elevate a Black Hepahliean
the Preaidenel . and milli) by In,
re.ult in the elect ion of a Nouthi•rn utrti, un
It Laehoote:. the Sett:them fiellide, at the
midst of thezr pre,ent, unexample.i %Pt •+til I
prowerit, to betvam o f ev•
treme and nod] Iin...WEN the
eleinentm of that pn.x.perity by breaking lip
the rxi,Unt order ref thing. I , ontint,ulll%
ntipioving. t, r h er L t,,,,(1. 'night Ke
to her the beginning id innumber
" ii there 14 :lIIS Tar/r0
that) to prodiJer Olaf dire. rf-
Quit. It p. the ,I1,1.11,6(111i4 belltoCratio
party ot the- union. Without hat nig be ton.
our eve- the ((Tinnily of 1 •NoilllnTii I'on-
Retri,. Ti n Nowlin ant/ 14) Lave, the
two rope-walkers, have not tot hroken their
'leeks, an I reihnian and an A have,
I.'o l twins / • , peetatork of their feat , . 4 klii•
0./1 front it ri k ut Niagara Valk and the
other tiimMed int e the (;i•tir.., , , Thi s i s
the differenee Ipetwceu carefulnep— (`4 r les
n ess
The of litany ()lour vountrymen for
playing, on' practical jokes is curiously illus
trated in the annexed elsip4ssinas of a New
Orleate+ journal. The pretended Mends
of th.• ••tmzior negro" hare, by their (Lisbon
eso extravagtusce, subjected them
selve4 and those who confide in them, to
just such ittNiree *. the Cre.reni seems to ac
knowledge it ha, helped on, for the pure
fun of seeing an abolitionist "cavort, howl,
and rave"—metapherically, of course! Not
very dignified sport this, it must be admit
ted; but the experiment has proved that
the nigger yaibifiry in certain quarters has
no Lmit
The north / ern papers are now, and have
been for some months past, terribly exer
cised about what they choose to term a
renewal of the African slave-trade. Col
umns ponderous and columns,serbose--
columns denunciatory and columns sarcas
tic—columns foolish and columns fanatical
—have been written and published daily
fir the last six mouths, having sole refer
ence to this particular subject, and no signs
of a termination of the wind-mill warfare
have yet manifested themselves.
For our part, we have enjoyed the spec
tack., and take great pleasure at all times
in witnessing the contortions of the phari
saical friends of the African race. We like
to see somewhat a fanatic and hypocrite
invent a falsehood and then impale him
self upon it for the edification of the care
less public and the amusement of all sensil
men. ft is so funny.
The Blare Importation Hoax
Perhaps ice hair helped vn the delusion
under which so many of the free-soil pa
pers of the North labor. lino, we shall not
beg pardon of anybody. We have alluded
to the matter on several occasions, and as
sumed neither positive nor negative
grounds Indeed, we are not sure but that
we haVc very ',lightly encouraged this idea
that the African slave-trade was in active
t urn It we don't exactly re
inetaliiii at the present writing—ii i eu a to
ti,,. Iy, t. r aid Cvntkittly faV43ll, /WW(,
not because we had any definite
fit othe/ knowledge in the premises. We
Wert• well aware that a large nuvority ui south
, o r , rs were opposed to a re-operay,(
traflir, awl were convinced that nothing
of the sort on anything like an extensive
i-eale could be consummated without our
knowledge--our means of acquiring infor
mation being rather large than otherwise.
Perhaps one or two cargoes ofeongos, num
bering tti o or three hundred persons each,
have kern landed on southern shores from
}loaf , Ve.}. , '< Lt. manned b Yitakee officer,.
and -comer, suit fitted out and supported
',whey and enterprise exclusively,
within the last twelve months. Of even
On• we ate by no mecums sure; but, if it be
the ease, a Yankee, at home no doubt a
rampant abolitioni.d, was at the bottom of
u. A real southerner leouhl no more. Mink of
t/ supply of lahorers than he
app/yo,/ k. ale rare At , moon G, take
9' . 4
0, Lem.—N. 0. Crescent,
..f the• most borril ale• eases of self-mutilation
K•e• have• Prf•r heard or read of occurred at
the Itr•lling Mill of Irvin. Linn. McCoy Or
Mileshurg. Centre Co., on
List. The particulars of the case, as given
lei• the Hollidaysburg, Penn., Standard. are
al•nttt these
plung wan named Aaron !rely, who
had recently been pardoned out of the
penitentiary. where he had been confined
I. ,r horse stealing, bad been hanging around
the rolling null for several days. Nothing
unusual as observed in his demeanor. On
Wednesday morning, noon after the works
a et, starte.l. he deliberately walked to the
large iron ,shears. and before any one was
;twarii of his design, placed his arms between
the blade.% both o( which were completely
severed about midway between the hands
and elt.ows ! The horrible act was perform
ed eooly and deliberately that no suspi
cion entertained of his design. When
questioned as to his motive for the self
tilatiou, reolital ." ' 4'41
rueurvs ot sending him to the
penitentiary once, and he was determined
they •Isould tie% or get hun into trouble
Ile tta, taken to a neighboring house,
anti a ptri sician sent for, who re-amputated
both his arunt---an operation which he ie
, aid to have borne with a stoicism and in
ditr,rctive that aatontaheti all who witnevis.-
eti it Lie is recovering rapidly, and man
if,-ts the utmost unconcern for the loss of
his anti,
--, IIIIIP- -
A :Covxt. AtsrEstrarmssrr.—The most re
markable among the many remarkable
advertisements which daily fall under our
notice, to hundreds 14 exchanges from
evrry ..ctioo of the country, as the one be
A pi.‘‘ for sale iii the meeting house of
tlto first parish in Amherst. 'file man that
owns the pew owns the right of space just
long as i.f.vr is, from the bottom of
the meeting house to the top or roof, and
he can go as much higher as he can get.—
If a man will buy my pew and, ait in it on
sunday=. and repent and be a good man,
he will go to heaven if God lets him go.—
Lo a man *tart from the right place, let,
him g., right, hoop right, do right, and he
NN iII go to heaven at ltu t, and my pew is as
, od a place tostart from as any pew in the
mooting house
leer The lion ACGCSITS R. Sousas, of
Calvert i•••unt Mary land, recently attached
to the American party, and formerly a
Whig Representative in Congress from the
~txth I)eqriet of Maryland, has published a
b•t ter, ui 'tibial he sups:
'1 Lou forerd into the ranks of the Demo
erat n• party in spite of the prejudices en
gendered by twenty years of active opposi
tion. because I behold in that party the
only bulwark of Southern rights, the only
political organization capable of stemming
the tide of .Northern fanaticism, and of sup
portmg, in their integrity, the Constitution
and the I' Ilion."
I ;EIPRIAA Cinrume.—The following letter,
from a Western lawyer to a New York
house, is graphic* with regard to the ASSAAI
of the individual dunned:
i;E,rs: You will never get any spondu
lick from Bill J..hnaon. The undersigned
railed upon him yesterday, and found him
with nary tile ; his feet upon the naked
earth; and not clothes enough upon him
to wad a ;pm.
I garments this debtor had for a
rainy day, equal almost to what is known
AS the tinorgia costume, eonsiotting of a
Vokt Rod . pair of spwri.
'rho iiittiettlitioug beta. cen the Michi
gan southern Railroad c , mipany and its
etniilii)ee- hare 1.•. a ...tiled. The Gurnpa
agretN/ Gr pity three months wage*
to Ow eimiiove , •. at orwe, and the babincr.
1). tube:. .1 . 111. trams have enntatemssi
running regularly.
tor 1 fellow nanionfl keeper of*
lieu+r of il.l-fatne iu Elyria, wan drag
ged into tho root on the 'night of the 21a1
ne , f . anti torn.," wtl featticro4.l by A party
t f 'rho woulou of the Konen wore
ord,re4l to ltinte town, which they
with. tiatogi hoc( tvisailant- •Irrtuttol,
an , ' they waive4l examination..
Wt. Thr• inhabitants of Southern 'Ne
braska, having Wed to get annexed in
lia►3w+w, are deairou., of farming II State
government. and have prevailed upon the
governor to nail an extra *ass icha of the
Tax Dana* scs. —The difference in prin
ciple:entertained by the opposition in
different parts of the country is best exhib
ited by the feaohltiatta which have been
lately adopted In their several conventions.
The republicans of New York. Michigan,
and nearly all northwestern States, have
within a year adopted the following reso
lution :
"That the Constitution confers upoa
Congress sovereign power over the Territo
ries of the United States for their govern
ment, end that, in the exercise of this pow
er. it is both the right and the duty of Con
gress to= s isk Ote Territories those twin
relics of ex, polygamy andllavery."
This is the some resolution which the
republican conventions of Penisylvanis,
Ohio, and Kansas voted down by a distinct
vote. The opposition of Kentucky, with
whom it is proposed to fuse, at their last
State convention adopted the following :
"That the °destitution confers upon Con
gress sovereign power over the Territories
of the United !..Ataltltior their government.
and. in the exercise of this power, it is both
the right and the duty of Congress to pass
lawafor the protection of slavery in the Terri
On the contrary, the late republican State
convention of Maine adopted the follow
ing resolution -.
"That we hold unequivotudly to the doc
trine of genuine popular sovereignty, and
the rights of the pe o ple in every state and
Territory to estab lish their own institutions
in their own way, subject only to the constitu
tional power of Congress and the restraint
of a just morality." —
With this'radical di ff erence in sentiment,
it is no wonder that the arithmetic of the
New York Tribune fails to figure a repulili
can into the Presidency next year.
}ions.--Hotta has been down to New
Yorlt.tosleep. :11e7has not had a good
night's rest since he slept with John Tyler,
in Is But there wall no sleepirotitotts
in tiothant. A big band, with big. brass
horns, ham drums, 'zinc' other wititlinstru
ments, serenaded him, and he hail to get
up in slummy and Make a $JM'tCh. Fl. math:
no complaint about the mysterious knix•k
ing at the' door—the knockers were his
friends, and they wanted him to ta• their
next President—nothing more.
( I LN From the• California corres
pondent of the New York If«al.lwt vxtrat t
the following, relating to the , t•tznre of an
island :
"We learn from the headquarters of the
Oregon.ied Washington Militer) Depart
ment thin Gen. Harney has ordered a de
tachment of United States troops to take
possession of the island of San Juan and
establish there a military post. The right
of ownership to this anti other islands is in
dispute between the English and American
governments. Geu. Barney, it 1- to be tkre
sumed, acts Under instruction, from the
administration, and as British interests
have within a year acquired much import
ance in that quarter, it is not unlikely that
trouble will grow out of the affair.
The treaty of 1546 provided that the line
separating the British and American terri
tories should commence at the summit of
the Rocky Mountains, in latitude 49 de
grees. to which point it had previously been
brought from the East., thence run west
ward with the 49th gazelle' to the middle
of the Gulf of Georgia, thence southward '
with the main channel to the straits of Fu
cit,-and through the middle of those straits
to the ocean. Now it so happens that be
tween the point where the line leaves the
49th 'parallel and the point where it enters
the straits of Fuca, there is the Archipelago
de Hare, through which several large chan
nels run, the two main ones being the
Rosario Strait and the Canal de Hato The
vessels going
from the ocean to the mouth of Fraser
River, but the latter is the wider, though
obstructed by some small islets. Both are
wide channels, deep enough for the largest
ships. Between them lie a dozen small
islands, the chief of which is San Juan,
Lopez and tress Islands, and altogether
they may include about WO square miles
of land, or 124,000 acres, much of it good
soil, covered with fine grass. The Flritish
assert that the Rosario Strait is the "main
channel" meant by the treaty, and the
Americans say the Canal de Hero is meant;
and the settlement of that dispute vrill de
termine who is to be the owner of the
islands. Some British subjects already oc
cupy San Juan Island as a sheep pasture.
There are about four hundred English
soldiers scattered over British Columbia,
end three men-of-war—the Pylades, Tri
bune and Satellite—at Victoria. With this
force very little could be done, even if Gov.
Douglas felt disposed to-resort to extremi
ties. Thepeople in Washington Territory
would, no doubt, be pleased at an opportu
nity which would enable them to enter
the service of the United Ntates ; so there
would, in case of necessity, he no lack of
Mme. "Father." said a young hiper of
some three or four summers. "when wath
the Flood ?'"1), my mon," replied the pa
rent, "that happened a long time ag0."..._
" Wath we alive then ?" persisted the little
inquirer. "No, dear," was the reply. "the
Flood we read of in the Bible happened
many ILousand jearn ago." "Well, now,"
rejoined the boy, in great disgust, "that is
too bad' I thought Torn Brown 'another
vonngster of the , iatne age) wath
thaid to Inc thith wornin' that A: wath
there then, and ieadi'dtArougA !"
MIL ► out of seven hundrett deaths in
New York city woe+ before lust, upwards
of five hundred were children under ten
years of age. Nail' milk. unripe or rottett
fruit, bad nursing, and the foul atmos
phere of the filthy "tenant houses" are
supposed to be the scsAs of this harvest of
fie/ Mn. Mary E. Gardener, of t l i o nan
go Forks, was arrested in Syracuse las
Monday night, for wearing pants, coat, ha
and hoota in the street. Before her arres
Mut vißited several rextaurealts, and attraet
elpartieular notice by her neat attire, del
icate figure, and jaunty carriage.
ag. Summer is over at Saratoga. Vis
itors have mostly turned their faces home
ward. Them:aeon has been very successful.
At the principal hotels over 23. 1 )00 names
are registered. Add to this the visitors who
stppped at private boarding houses, and
the estimate of 35.000 is not extravagant.
estuitr.—The mean rascal who recently
perpetrated the swindle upou fifteen young
/allies from Philadelphia, whom lie decoyed
to New York on pretence of wishing to em
ploy them for school and music teachers
in the South, waa arrested in Washington
and is now awaiting a requisition from the
governor of New York. lie has a wife in
Washington, and slept at ber residence on
Thursday night, lie has lately been em
ployed as a laborer in the Patent office,
and is said to have in some Mariner swin
dled ROlllO of the citizens of Washington.—
Two large traveling trunks, to which - he
lays claim, are at the express office in that
city. and are supposed to contain vs/tub/es
belonging to his mums..
We have to-day returns for Representa
ti v. '4 from tr 2 towns, which show the election
;;, itopu! , lioans and 10 I►emocrats, while
tn tors... there was no choke, in 33 towns
the majority for Ilan for Governor is - 3,256.
Last year his majority in the same towns
was 3,259.
gotarantt gittrarg.
lam• Bev. Mr. Dares. of Buffalo, will occu
py Dr. I.Toies des* is Park HA to-morrow.
Air We notice the contrectors have com
menced operations to pave State street. It is
e shame it has been delayed so long, but better
late than never.
'kr The ()kid Fellows had an excursion and
picnic out at Union on Thursday. Of course
there was a good time, and the "brethren"
came home satisfied with ihemselyes and the
Sir Extensive preparations are making for
the fair st Girard, which comes off next Tues
day, Wednesday and Thursday. As our Gi
rard friends do up things generally about
right, we anticipate* "huge good time" gen
air We believe it can be safely said now
that there has been a frost in some parts of
this county every month this year, and yet we
doubt whether, take the wholecounty together,
there ever was a larger crop.
Oar Our old friend, B. F Mueslis, Eau_
lately of the Randolph Reporter, has connected
himself with the Cattarsugus Republwan As,
by this act, he has disregarded our advice to
wzw-wood, dig potatoes, peddle pukes even,
rather than publish a newspaper. we can only
wish that he may have a pleasant time of it,
and reap a harvest of gold and a house full or
B ar Those who heard the inimitable tem
perance lectures of Mr. 8. M Hewlett, when
here last spring, will be pleated to learn that
he is shortly expected here, and will again
speak upon the same subject
air The Republicans of Wiscsmsin heat
nominated i 3. G. NonLi, formerly of Wesibelti t
for Lieut. Governor. it there is any virtue iu
grease anti dirt. kle ' lS bound to be elected , for
when he was in this county he'was the best
specimen of s big. greasy, dirty blackgunr'l
that ever mounted the pobtleaf Amu!, '
SW The moral town of Westfield as nut ex
empt from the effects of —strychnine ' The
Re/tub/Kai says a drunken and disgrareful row
occurred in. the Saloon under the Westfield
House the other evening, in Which knit, es and
clubs were pretty freely used end about
everything in the shape of bottles smashed up
in the tildioin . and a number went off with
sore heals, and only the timely interference
of the police prevented serious results
Hon Mramt rcittasos, of Girard,
died at hia re.idence in that village /set week.
on Thursday, after an illneas of but three or
four days, aged siity t four cape Mr H was
one of the early settlerm of this county : having
moved to the place where heslied to IFCIt; lie
was universally respected by: his neighbors,
and it can be truly said of him, a good man
has fallen
pier Editing a newspaper I. a pleasant pas
time, in the opinion of it vast majority of peo
ple. Sine tenths of those who read have no
idea that it is dune fur pay, just as a man
makes a pair of shoes te neoccat souls, they
fondly imagine that the furnished, the la
bor performed, the pa r consumed. is all fur
nished and paid for in patriotism They never
think that all this takes the needful , that the
Editor must eat, that the drill must be ted,
and that the —pot must boil, or there willbe
no dinner. Again, these innocents are very
much put tint if the Editor does nut serve up
all the local news and gossip of the neighbor
hood ; but mark you, let one of those innocents
d „ , ats name within the
scope of news and gossip. and then if the Ed
itor gives the news, what a "tempest iu a tea
pot" there will be In a word, if you publish
the news you are datunetf, and if you don't
publish it you are set-Tea the mune any
Certes, but eatting a paper a pleasant pas
time ,
par Among the incidents of Iltundid rope
walking performarnces at Niagara, is the fol
lowing related by a Canada paper of a Detroit
Loan, who is deadlock" AA a entail fellow with a
dried up, wizened face. He sat at the corner
of the enclosure with an opera glass in his
hand, which he had. fixed to his eyeball from
the time plaudin started until he landed tioute
one asked him for the loan of his glass ..What'"
said he "I have come from Detroit every
week to see that mat fall into the river, and
do you think I would lose the chance of seeing
it now try lending you my glass, even for an
The Buffalo Repuhlte says that an ex
press train on the Central Railroad "made the
run from Town Line to Rochester, fifty-four
miles, in sixty minutes, Sonde two stops. and
took in wood and water at Batavia Thi4 waa
over a mile a minute, and the fastest time for
the number of miles run ever aeeutnpli•hed by
any road in the Union that we ever heard
gar The papers mate that the tio‘. has
written that as no appropriation Was wade by
the Legislafure last winter, for the purpose of
defraying the expenses of the State Encamp
ment, there will be none hehl this year Each
Volunteer ordered out is entitled to one dollar
and a half per day, and the appropriation is
intended to meet this expense, and nut as is
generally supposed, to pay for the ground,
freight. Ate
stir Hero is a warning to those who use
cosmetics A young lady in Cincinnati has
been in the habit of battling her oilcan with a
mixture of camphene and salt, as a means of
giving clearness to her complexion. Sot long
since, while engaged in this operation just be
fore retiring, her lamp set fire to the camphene,
and she was terribly burned. Her lite will
probably be saved, but her beauty, which was
remarkable, will he forevei destroyed.
per• New fashioned coffee pots are becom
ing all the rage. We have the Buck-eye, the
"Old Dominion," and several others nut ne
cessary to enumerate; but amomg them all the
heat ; yea, the rrry best, is the ••Contittental,"
for male by Rooaas Bessarr Besides its
beauty of finish, and the more than usually
substantial material use"l in it* manufacture,
the 'twilit, operand, of the •a of the
beverage ie fareuperior tout.
The French have had the r.
of makings better beverage o. ~fee ber
ry, than any other people Their process is, to
set a cup with a perforated bottom containing
the Coffee. upon the top of a pot, made in the
ordinary way, and pour into it boiling water",
which perculaten or leaches directly through
the Coffee thereby. extracting front it its de
sirable essential elements—being careful al
wive never to boil the 'material from which the
extract is made. Though their theory he cor
rect, -their apparatus is inconvenient and de
fective. For, by running the water directly
through, a much larger quantity of Coffee is
required, or the liquid has to be poured back
and run through a second, or a third time, by
which operation more or less of the aromatic
qualities of the extract are lost. The c.Con
tinental," while it possesses all the advantages
of French method, is ao eonstrupted that it
obvistee all its disadvantages: But we need
not dilate upon this article further---erery one
that want" a good cup of coffee, let him buy a
agr oso. HAMILTON, of this city, has
• „e assoeisted in the publicstion of the
'Spirit of do Age" At Meadville,
ou r The Sunbury and Erie road commenced
naming a regular train to Union on Thursday.
For particulars see advertisement.
liglL The Silver Creek ihrror asp that en
Irish child four or five years of age, was run
over by the cars on Saturday lam., near Evans,
sad out completely in two. The child was
playing on the track, unperceived by the en
gineer until too late to stop the train. The
"horrified mother carried her child into the house
in two pieces.
B ur We issue our, paper this week a little
in advance of our usual hour, in order to let
our hands have a chance of attending the Cel
ebration al Cajon
air- Political retribution it slow but sure,
and the defeat of WIC Kru.s% fors nomina
tion for Assembly by the Republican conven.
tion last week, is a most forcible illustration of
this truth. Last year, se all will recollect,
Wit. wee a delegate to the Republican
convention, and in that body labored with all
his power to defeat his brother-in-law, Jon%
H. W A cxxx, Emu, in hie aspirations fur a seat in
Congress He succeeded. Last week this
Millie Vti lt. /ista.ii) asked for a nomination foe
the Legislature. He was beaten in every ward
in the city, and beaten in the convention--ae
twiny not polling as many votes as Walker in
the convention last year Now, with the po
litical alai! personal aspirations of both these
men we have no sympathy—but, when a poli
tician acts the "pork," we like to see him get
the hot end of the poker in return.
Akar In the proceetliugs of the, city councils
we find the feliewing resolution, which it is
said par , 4ed Will branches,
That the High Constable betlireet
ed to notify the owners of property Ojoining
the first alley East of wrench Street. between
and tith Street+, to pare the Side Walk
scros4 totid alley on sth and Oth Streets within
ten days.
Now we, to common with all who live OD the
south side of :',lll street, between French and
Holland. are profoundly thankful even fur this
effort to cover up one of the mud holes upon
that street, we confess we cannot see why the
other alley on the saute square was not in
cluded in this resolution ' 'orrte, come, Messrs
Councilmen, &it' give us justice once'
the Alhiny Knickerbocker The alarming
news has been received from Fiance that the
Impress Eugetue iv discarding her hoops, and
is about introducing tight sleeves. As this
hemi.phere is entirely ruled In matters of dress
by France, it is certain that in a short time we
shall have a revulsion in dress. Balloon pet
ticoats will go out, Sail gored skirt. coins in
and as for the hoops, the rattan owls will be
given to the Ladies Renee Went Associations for
firewood for She use of tbe poor, while the steel
one; will he beaten into plow-sbaressnd prun
ing-hooka, for the use of distressed agricultur
afrai n The I"o'lowing recipe fur ireserving
cider in a sweet state any length of time, we
find ving the rounds of the press. We give
it fur what it is worth : and as it looks right,
we trust it will he trted this seaaon—which
may be truly denominated the cider year—and
the result communicated to the public:
-Put the new cider into clean casks or bar
relm, and allow it to ferment from one to three savory, d 111,4 an the MI eiall MP I • , i 4.11
When it has attained to lively fermentation
add to each gallon three-fourths of a pound of
white sugar, and let the :whole ferment again
until it possesses nearly the brisk pleasant taste
which it -is desired should be permanent
Pour out a , I tsitrf of the cider and mix with it
one-quarter of Nu ounce of sulphate of lime
for et ery gallon Ebert:task contain*. Stir until
it is intimately mixed, and pour the essulsion
tutu the hyoid. Agitate the ottaitesda of the
cask thoroughly for a few moments, then let it
rest that the eider may settle. Fermentation
will be arrested at once, and will not be re
sumed It may be bottled in the course of a
few weeks, or it may be allowed to remain in
the cask and used on draft. If bottled, it will
become a sparkling cider—better than what is
eslled champaigne wine
ear - An editor “tiown east "—not '•out west"
--who has recently been initiated into the mys
teries of the ions of 'Malta, gives the following
de.cription of the modars optrandi Nut yet
having broom* , s member we cannot Totieh for
the correetne4.4 of the •confession." still, from
what we know of those who belong,. we are in
clined to think there is more truth than poetry
in it .
••You ate first grabbed and thrown into a tub
of cold water, and forthwith several large men
begin to stick pins into you. Hauling you out
of the tub of water, they rush you into another
department, and now new men make /11 lunge
alter you. dressed in disguise, and immediately
comutence pouring hot molasses into your hair
and bouts. ,Meanwhile, a strewn of cold water
iti flooded on to you. and a man dressed in
black, thrusts a snuff box in front of your nose,
and all at once you begin to sneeze vociferous
ly, and now the eager crowd begin to laugh
aud hurrah. Shoring you further along, the
chief men and bottle-washers grab you by the
nose, hair and coat tail, and in this way rip
every bit of dry goods loose from your person,
and again the crowd roars with tumultuous
laughter at your aude state, with fire or six
men hailing on to your hair and toes, forcing
you up a soaped pole with pins and sharp sticks.
1 Oil now begin to think t ou are forsaken by all
of people, and the devil has certainly_
got possession of you. knocking you on the
head so that you see stars as numerous as they
are in the milky way. You are handled ill
this kind of tantalizing way for two hours,
when the officers give you a large dose of Lir,.
erwort and Tar• and then let you go. Fun '•'
air Our neighbor of the Gar..etr, who has
been spending a couple of weeks at St. Catha
rines, W , we notice htt+ returned—and we
hope repirinated and cured of all the ille deeh
i. heir to. By the by, speaking of the invig
orating qualitie4 of the St. Catharines water,
did our cotemporary read the following "well
authenticated . ' cue, as related by the rhea
Tekroph : before he selected that ns the place
to .peed his Hummer vacation:
-The waters of the St. Catharine's Springs,
C. W , are becoming justly celebrated for their
curative and invigorating qualities, and the
place is becoming second only to Saratoga, sa
a fashionable resort. A hotel proprietor in
Syracuse, who has just returned from a pleas
ant sojourn at St„Catharine's, related to us,
few taie ago, a well-authenticated and truly
wonderful unatance of the effectiveness a the
waters. Some four years ago, • married lady
from the East accompanied by her husband,
visited the Springs fur her health. Though
married for several years. she bad never been
blessed with offspring. She drank of tier wa
ters and kited in them. Sot many mouths
after her return home, her heart was rejoiced
by becoming the mother of twins—the father,
however, having died before their birth, , So
impressed was she with the beneficial effects pro
duced by the St. Catharine's waters, that ; lee
has, every summer sine., partaken of them,
and, wonderful to relate, though still *widow,
has added two pairs to the first twins. The
hotel proprietor aforesaid says that, at St.
Catharine's, the people are in doubt wheiber
it was merely "force of habit" on the part of
the lady."
Blesses' Wow( —The well known
firm of T B. Peterson at Brothers, 806 Ch
nut street Philadelphia, hare just couamen
publishing a remarkably cheap edition of these
eusapproaelable works of Action 1,
6. p e t errm ' s Cheap Edetros I 0.” Ih. V,Li v , o ,
entire writmys of Chart'. Ihrk , n., Ito
be issaggi cowplete in Twenty
volumes. One volume will b«
lerly on each and every Saturday, „‘
whole number of volumes --twenty
completed. The low price fixed
Ushers for them are only 211 cents a Ty,
t h e whole twenty-eight volumes flit' tt
A complete set will be forwarded fro :'
aft, by Mint, to any part of the 4 4 , 1 .:
to any one, by the publisher., on re,.
remittance of Ave dollars for thetato:,
vellums; or a remittance of thre.. l „ i4r,
pay for the And fourteen volume.,
tames of one dollar will pay for d i , A,.. {
ylibuslac The volumes will he nea t l y ',tit,.
and woltime will contain 160 h ero
pages, printed on fine white paper., t na t„„
boundirith paper covey. The revis e io, ,
Edinburgh edition, from wiajch this L e r ,. !
ed, comprises twenty-eiglift volumes, t y,
of which is ietle4y-firve ; sad t 6 ..
ties will erastain every word of the &Lt...,
edition. We commend the deterausc„
this enterprising Philadelphia Arm. to
the complete and entire works of Charlet
ens at a price:so reasonable that all
whatever *my possess a full set, and dlr.,
especial attention of our readers to
and would advise them all to make it Tenn..,
of Five Dollars at once, per first mail, •
publishers, for the:entire set, who veil.
them complete to any one. Tres of 'moo,
receipt of that sum.
lug of the Coal Dealers of the KM', b
called for the purpose of Considering t i„
dition of the Coal trade at At presett
It wu
Resolved, That it is inexpedieut, a z , j
Z ey believe injurious to their owu to .1 r.
erect of the Erie Canal Cotopaby,
to carry oa the Coal trade in the preen,•
dition of the Canal, with the present eat.
water svailab/6 - for navigation.
That in their opinion, the rate of T. _
charged on Coal, is oppressive and 1.•
under the depressed state of the Ind.
competition existing in the market. or.:
condition the Erie Canal is in for natqt.
That we consider the present price at ,
at the alines reasonaide.tand that lb.. .1.
of Canal freight now paid on Cana/ is a,
those engaged in the trade can pay arid,. ,
actual lose on sales, bat owing to the s
water and the detention of Boats at the •._
mit, often requiring from fourteen to tit -
days in making a round trip, when n
be accomplished in seven Jays, that the pr,
rate of Canal freight will nut admit of the
mg of Coal without an actual lone to aloe.
gaged in the bwiinesit
That the rate of transportation now pail
the Coal dealers of Erie is. greater than th-r,
paid by those engaged in the trade at
That the President and Directory of th.•
Cartel Company have nut •tecunted !be et, •••
those engaged in the busine.4 of the ran,
their effort 4 to Secure for the Caul': ;
portion of the nuszneas naturally
TUC tag it is tiecegattry to itteretvw the pro—
rate of freight on Canal to preterit actua
to the Boatmen and 112. IbJ4 en/m.4 tr
ttithuut 1111 ILetUat hiss uti uur part tics
111.'44re. nisi we con.hier if I/. , 1p 0 1 , /‘ I/.
to nil connected with lb. !fro]. ' at,;
receipts of rota for thirty nird,
C*lll3l 13 in 3 fit c, ninon t. I
COMP /My Wii) reduce the
thirty-fire to twenty-five eeut, per lot,
.INtl. HEARN & & DI)
SCOTT & RANKIN, hELL<ttits s,
Erie, Sept. 3. i; J
Rita% two tattle chthir.qt.
and Mary Welsh, aged respe.lively
and twelve years, arrived at Hannibal. 31
a few days ago, having accomplished
whole long journey from Ireland. witlivt,'
any other protection than their hellCsv---
nese and their own brave heart'. IL,
father had preceded them by a yea'
more, and having acquired a Lome Lc
wrote to the old country for hi.; family
On the eve of their departure the moth.•
fell sick and died. and the little v.,
nothing disheartened. set out alone
t heir long and perilous journey halt *roile
the world. All honor to the little h,r.
LXPORTA.NT ItAitaosn Pacrsiox.—The tor
nage tax suit which has been on trial •
the past few days at Harrisburg, and
parties to which were the Comaxinwealtl,
and the Pennsylvania Railroad tforopw
was on Friday decided against the Comp
ny. The suit came up on an appeal by 111 ,
Company from a settlement made b . ) tb,.
Auditor General and State Treasurer with
the Company, by which they wc•rt• fast: i
indebted to the State in the SUM of $147,1.N' •
for a period of five months up to the first •
November last, for tonnage due the t ai
passing over the road from Philadelphia t
Harrisburg: - The Railroad Company 0.11
tended that they were not hobbit° pay tax
on goods corning from other States an l
passing this State, and also that the
imposing this tax is unconstitutional. The
Company presented a mans of testimen
showing their connections with different
railroads, steamboat lilies, die. The Cont
mon wealth, on the other hand, contended
that the Pennsylvania Railroad was oaly
local road, and possessed no ohartere'l
privileges outside of the State, sad that the
Company had no right to act as warehouse
men to receive goods and forward them.that
their legitimate business consisted only in
shipping goods over their row(' when bro't
to them, &c. The question was very ably
argued on both sides, and will now 44'11
probability be taken to a higher Court.
Sea.. Jurnperts, the murderer of Solfhis
Werner, in Chicago, has been granted a nee
trial by the Supreme Court of
There at ema to be a great deal of sympa
thy for him there. Probably it is 011 ae
count of the alight character of offene.•
He only killed the young wotnan, cut h.. 1
into conyenient pieces, and packed her it,
a pork barrel.
The Tribune Washington correspondent
states that the points of the controNer•N
between our tiovernment anti Great Brit
ain, so far as Gen. Harney's course us Ore
gon is concerned, are these ; The island .it
San Juan has been occupied as a sort et
Common ground by Amoticans and a pert)
of the Hudson Bay Co., which company
have now no legal existence.
Some difference having arisen between
these parties. lien. Harney. at the requiht
of Atnericsuis, interposedwith a small pal
ly of troops to decirnatter which prof.-
erly pertains to the jurisdiction of the
British and American Commissioners tit %
on the ground, who are charged with the
duty of running the boundary. It is not
apprehended that hostilities, will put Nut
of the affair.
A SrAsszsa Cast—An Irishman by name
of &tansy Moloney*, just out of jail fur
assault and battery. at liarpersfield,ot
into an affray again on Satm•day last in Ow
same town. lie bad a difficulty with A
brother-in-law, named Luca, and under
took to get satisfaction, when Lcci in .41
defence drew a knife and plunged it into
the leg of hiccoucutting a severe gazii
grajust below the Mui.osorz bled pro
fusely, but M now doing well.-11*. Rep. •
Nair Yott., mgt. ;°