The Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1859-1895, August 20, 1859, Image 2

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B. F. SLOAN, Editw
SATI . DAYR M )I{N*(i, .1 I:4 :Ai, <l.
State Democratic Ticket
MI: AI lIITOR I,EN i.R 1 1.
Two Falacies
it:t‘e in the 1'11110 . 4 ' 4 l:tte- ttv..
etttlot-iast , .. ft. It irt..voit,
to 1110 other, but It . 1\1114! :it
11 , 011 „ .11. t “11 ,1 .11-1..11-I \ 111.1t11 ti„•iu 111 , . \ 41 1114...110 11 %+ , i
It tit , -I/
tit.. Unit—l -
film • 1 , 01-lituti. , il doo. 1,1 ‘.1.1.,11
OA :kb...hit, j.ofiti(;,l c•411/11,I \ stall 1111.11
t 4•vi , tilici• th.
he.•uu+o II n•ri,
" It It 11(.11 \1 . 11. , Li. 11 , 1 t. r 1. 1 ,. ;Mt
%%li. 314' n. . 1i1L , 11,..( 111
tt tI. at.:tit• iNtat..-, tineytal to pr,‘‘,•,
4.11.•11 %yid' rind
•o or 0)1 ...I. •' •' • *on), Of
111 , 1 OM- tip
to,t .(I, 4 t.. ttlipo,..• ii/..21 111-411111H111
Oil tilt . eitiliT •t% ho t hi- r ••
eorPlenitt the e,Ol-tittitinti, ,1 11 41 • , , 11
I.• ‘.l ti. ,•11.11;t.,
al Iw, n and "WI omist, white. 61:t r•k. an
“%. Fe.kril
9nd ~untrl tut , tho 1"1:.1/1111. 1
I 1 I -II 1.1 11 , 1 11 .I II nI .
_of ail ti Of It` lava, previr ,. .l In .:,,br:he
,• , ,er% owl 4 . 1. e tothtt 111 , 1 h.. from ()
101 , of unr , • 11 111111. 1. 1,,
d.I ;tll,l ty.intt: agudtor , , nnt,t , h• ‘,l
tll ton,thl Wind V% 9r- hipT. ,, r. ol the (1.111,-.1)
It, th.• th i )111)41 AI. lit.' :In
01:11:1C1 , "t1 111-11t111.1011' , . I , h.
h‘• it‘ ;tut ur
.111.1 1% chi!
the int.•,
th.• .1 Ow i tl,, t •
Hi. obi IRA 1H•1it•10 V“, 111.1 co9t:1111
11111.1' ,1 1. - 1 1, % ur 1,•1
%%hi, h 1-
1111•11 t It I-, 111)%1
I'V. !hat h 11.1 v.• Ow it,
a. I.•ildent cnntrol i.t tivr n
Alm :old Vit tnnia !wt.-
111.• -tr•1141 /1'n1,4 .d one pk.t. it 11.4,1
liev do not a..S11111 , • a.- 1 ,, Itwir own
try. that %vitatt•% , •r alW.i%.• la IN:
did that all I,•%. , liition -iinpl) 1 , 1-
e iyt,t , it 1 , riwoltition ill 111 , contrlr%,
llii•% %% itli honor the ol Th%
it, 1111 I'telt,•I01.11,
Rut Ilk) :dm, alt. 14. tauatie.
0110. 1 , 1 a 1%11C.11 tiloy r•'l-ten
tl Ili a 1%1,t; e l inturtial Roil !Uncut. the
1100 itf V. 111,11 lh 111.• r(1•1....(•11
ta111".• lit 1 . 04 I :dn.'. 1. ::1-1:1111. .4--oull •it
d 1,1 IA 1 I11,11 , )1' , :1-11I(' 11110- I -1,1).11-11..t
los titloili• licirifir• 1. OW „ till
1..1'111 Of ;nu.' gulortutu•nt . t
.11:0 ill 1i k1:4.14
4)1.1:_!111 I.r hal e it . 7i tiny du nut appoal
41, , -11,• it, that it be tor upon them
.•ft at flit , (1 , ,t ot vlironjo Aivil war,
.11 l , y torvilni inla iuu. .111,1 tile! , at
Jaaitt ,uutitrws, t.oth of Euruptuiud .lul,•t lull to lie ALL/ t ae. :111111.:1111W 1
010 •01161114.11151111.1 cu-tom. uf tilt in 11,4 1,
par, I 01 il4
11.1 , b- and 'Alin. 4 in I . .irt,lllll 1 01 1,.411
- 111 tli- tun, u, 'pat,: L Ann:ln
110 ( ullstltUtflit 11••••••,•11114;i•••• ti
• lain , 0.. .t thel fl,l,•pt
%itli !nu( win!. lit ..r
111 ul 1- let Pr.
In it 1,.1i1 'll. • I I
t.••;; .;;;;I ill; 1,1-1 111. .1,.; • ;-
•%, (01 t403.•-•ilnit• ‘.:• , 1 lot luuu~ nor
JIM I- I , '.`,,1,11 (.! I tr,
Ho•i.g a- h.51.,1111111i1. 1111 11110i0 ,
-"MO 1111111-111 t: ,ply
•"...11111%.1 111111 Itith i I , lan=il.L•
H.l . train 01 III• iirlll- .1 1110,,
Ili ti I lIIM 74 , %:11 :111.1 1111110411.10 /!.
tt -4.1 it , tlt t.. 111 4, t r.1.4 .. 1t...1. .1 ttrq
, t1 , t , t 1 .4 nt ,
, :111 , 1 lii--pl. 11. It
) ,, 11 , 1 , 11 i•t th , • ClolltltitUtoM.a !let%
t•ttn t•Ntrtttr.lttn.•. :
ill.R) till•It• I- that all natt.m.../ kmtlretl.
.:..1 .trt• is t‘t 11 prepare.) P.
./ can "Ti a n prestrtttat -ti.?„
...\ .•rntll. tit Irk. onrst 1- the 111//,1. ,
rtn.• 11. tit pl . , that a
I ntrivnt Irkr that whit It /pin ltd..- Ili.
.1. -1111 i - of Frant t• t 1.1 ti.•, r,„ rwn,
• 411 than it, I:1,k. c.nts. .tittic. t t ltal.
Si..ttai-it .1 titta t
Wc ..Ic Is itrityl
.1-.• int., tL. c..1 1 11,.).•N\ •I :111 , /
tht• rt Nollutigism. 111a4tt litirc
truc :Itul what Ow
tlierollm a r,-.1
preeisolt the course we t-l-tected
;hiss Fditor of the E r wool i Like We
• tat. tl lae uas u Know Nothing I ot...anSt•
't , • motet n nomination in I of .1 I,:irt v.
menits•r- , of which were Knott Seth
f iI. Whether Ito was to et inside
, lodge wo do not piet, n.t to know- -lint
vrequined. from the fact that he Lad
honor , .it the hand, ol urvti
~,., hot intont,ors rn Know •ti 111111!
1 -Igo-. that he was, to lice a villarr-m.•red with the vine , tiok " If -lit II it
1,.P1 tho• fact. like issa dog Ira%
, i» had couipan. and has no one to
faint. hut himself. But boa It with the
he has made against u' ' 11, ha_.
tech tt ithout circumhx•ation or t•esert
toll 1.) :several yet-sons
it the\ Ow , infontrant , l had reiwati.liv
..4.11, iilth 11. in a Know Nothing lodgo
1,1 111 the Hera llouse in this city We
,‘ this is either true ow fal, , u—tiit is. he
,• ,other heon told this or he ha+ n0t—
,i,,1 e that he has not 'We .at• that
• per-op has ever told him any sut It thing.
.1, , 1 to 1:rotil that ho does not la 111 this
rt lett lar. we have mile(' upon him to give
• 1.,- i;nl , lte the nftme of eV eTI 0110 1'4114011
0. )1. /1:1- +41 . 1.1 that he evtr atteti,l,,l such
,•Ige with and ha replies a. ithovo:
he does not with to drag any body
• . • into a contrco•erry with um Let u
•n,e hint that there will no controversy
LS Ott tOl it. IC , do not 'Sant O." name
I. I,urpo , r Of eontrov. r.) we want it
• an es idenee that he -the Isittot
••f the 1:. pa. Lis not deliLertall) told it
s.•l That i: all' Will he give it to
4.1 the I
' 1 't. Th , a-livitte-t'ainn, will. we
, to i„• ta,,• hilliest ever
-( Ih, Ia ewer:it,* hale given
11. I I.- l b 111 ...1•••t volt they ever gave to
.1,• eKeeefilltlF hi,- vote
tae. I bond v%eli excepeling the
iote inv.l.ll hit NlA:nein in From
-••at ive the minority
FierriA will not i. i inateriall:i from
'),titwo We fear we It re itrq Haynes. Smith
to 4 'MIL:re, We think the
inoi nia,or it in the LegHatnrevrill
1., G .1,1 t to, I‘, •-.i) nom one tO three
./ five to nine iii the
thr. lietnoel map)/ it) /n the Sen
../.•sild.., %.•// 111.• Thi4
h,i• Itirpose,o
ht Ti •kl 1.1.: , ; 1•1 art RE.—The following
w:II he the i..litteal emplexioti
Lx 1.,,,-I.ituig• lust chi...en
Th.• It. ntrwrantie itv on joint h:t1101
,1l 1. alt) Tt trill Chlo l- . •
I I, 1.1.1 r
:ii. • //WI. • 14 .1 in .f. Cl/n(4I.IPM Wiirk 4 l .
11t1 t Itit of IVEarelt. 1 , 61
Is , %%it! Lora two Dolikoeriti,
mrill•••tit i Alll Iriv. nro.rlv 111111 maim ily
n. I . \ t I'‘,l the , In
.• I• I. 1: (IN.III .11.,111n1n:1 S..ll:ltOr
I tlO I WI. OW hill 1.
I 11 1// ti•litinnz ul
/ 111.11edit1.41.
itli ‘,l‘ 11 ,- , 111,,r111
l• it Ity procutol tl,• -,•r% 'lot-. of
mt, .11 11.1 m I , tug 1,, tit, a -
r I 11,-,,. 11,, ..gut',
The Recent Elections
di-patell from Nn-livill. -ny-
.r~i. rrv~~A
t ma,.,• ,
1, , +7.
I WT •trnt•
I Opt .ni tt.. 4
1),111". I.• rus3nr.:)
't 11 Lt. I i
‘ti Sloqre tale preptt - ittt trt
lwti•it 111 llt .11. 1 11.1110.
It~~-lortlier .-otn
.-19 t.• Lut 111 ,, priolohilitiev art. th3t
)(1-1,71 • t•loch .I iii)1411)0!'
•F itkl'RE`f \ %if%
Ki . thark) 311 , 11 'feline:4,e hay..
.•k I h 1114 •it the Ili??
? )1 , ? t.• 1 1 , F . t ,, 1 i ion
Ih 1 r.
I . tio id Cuirgitz,,
.14'11. ~, tin_ I 4/1 4 .1,14.11)..
t 114. -. Siotitil Armor-
11:-% Illy I ;I'4l. will hate t uit~
1 , 4 ”1
„ t • t - 11.1 %%di IA 1,1 , 1 t 11, balance
pkm (1 ill ;Ica 1., Iv Then” stryneth ntli%
,M11 , 111 , .1111 , 1 ,
IL, I iui II- tt ill h lye ixl -.1% rt•Fu
Tll , frrnii • "ntl l i Intl tiVt•lllt)-
1,“111 tilt• N. , 1 Lit
it tin I he•te hillepeliolt•1111 Jh•nlo
- 1•11 rtt•tl. flit• I4,.ust•, on the Tit -At ion
f .11‘1(1,,1
/011, •e' ra t.l
the hi eriei A of the ti: 7 , •.5. ,
.i niti/Llc on the Editor -01 at
h•i-t h tementber from week-to
k the lune he for them on hi.
- 1 ,, Ii 111 is, I- -ince he kilted
the pm tuttile hy the State
loilvention at Ilan rtsburgh in March. he
f?hger•yr. and t haze ,
ho =ti-t•eti re:zular norniOations, beeato , e,
he alik•ge..of their utiftiithfulne -, to the
principles id the p Kaintasi i N gn tlipisigi
e— out tre n
harp cit . rine -tying it 'n which he hag play
)ne notthl think, in view of all this, h, h.el Ifreen one of the prime p•upport
ers of that 1 in whin tt wa. , below CA3ngre , k...
\:(1V. Wert• pot a matter of history that
-..•0.tt0r hill put that tarn thiough
.-houl)/ hate lien load to ,up
- ht the lantentations of the
ler( moth of the /1, , v.. that the .mole rt•-
1.40, 11.“ I. , tt-d ui , on
nut „LI., : and alark
Ilu l‘o.• `. .I..fpr4 the Edam aekuowl-
1 1 1 \'• 11
" t‘. 14, er.• 1111111; In hirl6-
hunz Int mu pas{ , atre nt the 11/111 , 11.1-
\ ka. 1 , 111 thrtaigli '-cnnzress., flllll 1111(1
"ids eont.r.l nyer the editnnal
nlutnn-nf the WArren / never
t emplos :t wiinni ar
It ol 11..4' I letnoerney has
n.•%• r t,. t 1
1% \ 1i141.1101.1. etlit4W n 1 tht • eN
L 111.40 11 wlll cettaink not 61 , nn
that . a. he 1- now the principal wri
te' ul the e,iitorial depai Meta of the 1'4 , -
, .1 , :11
tyrititt_ t ,, the /..Jl,r ut oppokition to th,•
the Ka ii-teeNel,raska hill They
a ere wi t(11 too. %%itliotit J.! re ,
" a, I. in ~,,n,) ftrla.
• ha ON, /
W, ' , pro PT 14. r., inva rrperove ,041 ,
11'e thotiolit we lort , <lw the diffieultie4
:-onne art t topturet• ot that 1.111 a nold
I,riog the. Deinoerttie tkitrtr
.• 114 II 1131-t.1k..11
I t i. -eon fe-- is ann.! for the .oul"
aiiil After Chi. aliole N. .lo not (.1
1. 11 1 )1.• LIIIIO/ , )1 the J•lr, pr, •• . he ha.
I on ti th it he wag. a caztthilate before :1
le, (mid, .4... ( . .' , 11) "Mint) }:10 Angll 4 t - ha , .
thin In..‘‘ 11101 Iti 111,1r0,..41 to the
..! iLe Ktniitw hill- that lie en
tleavi 4111 to time it and in: •iutlior down
at the tone t hat hi 14 , N-tired the qervice of
anotlivi tiiilo the -sane—and non, to make
lth-eunteh , toil completc,lie only to add
ti that he ofanil -ii.tairted the
iln lot I.rnvt..l----t hat he voted for Fremont
and \Vilnint, and came to Erie only to ob.
ttiii .1 foothold among the Democrat:, for
the pot-1)014A of netraymy them ! Come, ier,
.11.. veil have eornmeneed well, down on
vour and let lc. have the whole of
it '
filar Tlte vditor of tho Pat? ag atul ("nu
in I I arristiarg. in a recent publication, says:
returning to hi. duties after a
rjrotractediabsence, takes occasion to ex
prcs- los rit,trut that the l'atraul ru.l rnicii
-lioubl have eontained personal flings at
any candidate for the Demi - wrath- nomina
tion at ('harleston. While he is re.posible
for the cssidtict of this journal, it will only
reler to those who have the confidence of
a considerable portion of the I)erriocrary of
any section of the Union in terms of re
ct, awl introduce their names for flue
cushion in connection with broad
I,rincip/ve. While giving ail political news
so as to enable the pUblic to judge ofatatea
tnen by their avoith4 and aftA. he dose not
deem it neceseary to reflect upon the char
acter 01 any who are proloNotl Loy a cannsiciT
i•rtil,le fraction of the Denx,ortitie party for
the mo-t re , ponsible positions," This is
the irtiv •audit persevered it% it will
.11,0111 /1 perreat unity of the party in
the -Litt'.
st a r Among the announcements in tbis
week's (;.I.:ette the name of W.
Esq.. of thi,. (It), a' a candidate fbr
Legislature- Hi. flag is unfuiled by that
-Colonel- of floe firm in the following
highfalutin hurt of gingergoeet eloquencla
• ELLS s ill Ma kw meat the ablest
and Most accomplished Representatives
that has ever been in our legislative coun
cils. Possessing pre-eminent abilities, and
warmed up by patriotic devotion to the sov
ereign rights of our Commonwealth, learm
tsi in her laws, customs and resources, he
will use his best energy to force forward
to an early completion the Sunbury and
Erie Railroad, which will elevate ourBtate
to the highest position in the civilised
world. We need an able representative
from the Back Door of our State. Lot u'
unanimously support Mr Kiturv."
Now. as to Mr. Kelley's talents and ac
complishments, we are not about to enter
into a discuission —and if his name had been
submitted to the people in a simple and
unostintatious manner. not coupled with
any of our public improvements, we would
not have deemed it due biota readers to al
lude to the matter at all. But we are told
by his eulogists—or at least given to un
derstand -o -that iu addition to the Re
pnblicans desiring just such a man at Har
risburg, bas election is very necessary to
the early completion of the Sunbury and
Erie road This is all loch—it dish, in fact,
of - ffisslo(Nfle" thrown t() the fools of
the pai,y, Et et man who has wanted
an calico in Erie county for th,x last five
years has pinned himself to the tail of this
company, hoping to Ilse when it would
n-e, and sail helot e the popular breeztr
ha. ever tanned that project in they
eounty. And it about time this th . ng
wa-, emit:4 , it - 18 about time the people
come to lenin that the Sunbury and
Erie road floe. not ti dire the election of
any partici:liar man, tinil leaz.t of all, we
think. the one who now -ought to be
foi.ded upon the people in its name If
Mr K great talents rind "pre-eurnent
—if In. "learning in the laws.
•• an. amt t(-source," of the stato, ar e .so
e- Nat s to • •lort e forward to an early
ompl.•tion" that great tvork—why, tho
name of .4 n-e, di4l not the company mike
him a Director la-t spring when he, and
his eulogi-4 were so fluxion" to Gnat him
upon the corniviny! I'he company said
then. as plain a- language can make it, we
don't want you—we won't have you—be
cau.e, politely speaking, ••you are not good
looking and you can't , nine in." If Mr.
Kelley and hi. friend. want to throw our
.41,1 Illend HENRY TEI lER overtoard—if
they dcei a to forget their promises to him
when he suffered a defeat he•c•au•e of
(inflection wtill them—why let them do
it —but we protest against the Sunbury and
.impany put t , i that, or an)
A Nom] tssnost.--We see by the
lowa papers that out old friend and fellow
s tt .1, oil 'S F. I ON BE Emi., has
Ikon nominated for the Senate by the Dem
ocrats in the F'ot t lkidge district of that
State. This, if we recollect right, is the
largest Senaterial•distriet in lowa, and pi
litically parties are cgually divided. Mr.
It. was raised in this county : graduated
ith honor at A Ilegbany College, and read
law and was admitted to the bar in this
city. Soon alter his admission he emigra
tisl to lowa, and in the labors of that infant
'tote -0011 took a leading part ; find his nom
. • tammou
iubt. tribute to sterling private worth
and political integrity. If lie succeeds it
will is , a great triumph, not only pers.on
ally, hut inn party point of view—and that
ho will succeed we have every confidence.
.1 And effective spetviker on the
•tumnl., and possessed of Incinninable ener
gy. and of talents that a II mike him a
leading mends r of the body to which his
-Cek to elevatc him, the people of
that section of lowa cannot tint] a better or
more able representative of their interests.
We -hall look for the re.ult ot• hi- eanva,s
with inuth int( red.
;IN i timt um,- a
liet..d cu a manner %inch r~mi.les th
plaeuP tlf lo ,11 , t. vrflt...l upon tlm
•:wartn- of gri.....thoupet , bat e
tet 141 the ett.2, Iron] the noighi,.oriug eou
try, and the 'll, , other day said •
" VP , terllav t 11(4.trtset+ and Ow howt4 , 4 Pt ,
withfilly l th•• vagabond. mi .,. _ mini: "
the .ttlet‘3lk , , recklevay aliou
--po)ing loft Ow , lightest regard to th
end ofti twenty foot headlong junt p
ine into window , and throught gloom dart
ing -taiiu;i)s, leaping, flying, hopping,
crawling. li.ling, dropping, div
ing. hotnemetting everywhere. to the infi
nite ili.gtet and annoyance of i•%
Large hutntAirs
do 1 the death'--crui-hed under the het-1a
of anil the wheel- of eque-Atri
tin.. But there e enough left and to
Wk.- The philosopher of the New York
the modern Datgenos of the white
coat anti hat—a rites from Pike's Peak that
“whi h• met! ‘1 it h two o r three each
are• quite eonitnon throughout this region.
aml omig an relatively eumly Indian
girls are bought from their fathers by white
men a- reguLirly and openly n.. eirrassian , s
at ron , ,tantinople. The usual prices are
from :340 to .;,sed —about t hat of I ndian hors
es. I hear it anted that, though all other
trade may be dull, that in young squaws is
always brisk on (lreen River and North
Platte. - This 1, a new species of slave trade
to which we gall the attention of the "op.
position,' rn this state. Their next State
convention should incorporate a plank in
their platform against it.
as,. li,. Buffalo Reputlic says that one
night boa week, as a brakeman employed
on the Central Railroad was coming from
the bionteagle House, Suspension Bridge.
to the American Hotel, in that place, a
man stepped up to him, placed his left arm
around his neck so as disable him by chok
ing, and then delibermely hit the Central
Railroad brakeman's nose off down to the
bones of his face. The assailant then fled.
lie is supposed to be a man who had an
old grudge againstfthe brakeirraan,and took
this means to revenge himself
110.- Captain Prier, the Engineer officer
having charge of the Artesian Well expidi
t ion to the waterless plains of the west, has
returned to St. Louis. It is said (list I.r.t.
Pon'. experiments provg.i inure. —6.1, .ttiti
that he sucreedmi in obtaining water by
boring to a depth of of one thousand four
hundred feet—the water, when found, ris
ing to within fifteen feet of the surface. He
think% it prtieticable to supply the desert
locations he has visited with water enough
to sustain all the travel that May pass
sad entertaining matter
sir [Houdin, the great rope walker at Ni
agara Falls, has got as l Itie APiforulktur
DeLate, tiPlinliWWl ate Oast** iiiiwalr,o4.3l.o4ww
ter, on a tight rope, on Tuesday.
Sir On Friday taunting of last week, Putt-
UP Miens., a glue toanufactlirer of this city,.
died suddenly of .14ssase of the heart, while
riding is a waggon irtear the Olornetes7. His
age was 34.
MT James Gordon Bennett, of the flew
York Hasid, doubelese beteg ambit ions to
,listinguish himself, is traveling from New
York city to Niagara Falls with his own car
riage, accompacied by two ladies.
Dar Notwithstanding the liberal appropri
ation of $lOO by our "City Fathers," to be
placed is the hands of the Mayor for the pur
pose of suppressing rowdyism in the city. wo
are told the -Short lloys - are tis busy as ever
every night. Can no means be devised to rid
the city of these pests!
gtfr Down in ('hautauque county it re said
the Brost cut down every thing but the county
taxes, which we thought was "piling it on"
pretty thick—bat Jefferson county iuthis state
is ahead of that. The frost wasso severe there.
as we see by the papers. !hat it destroyed the
-Jefferson County Agricultural Society "
air' The Coniieautvile Couner says an af
fair of "dishonor," ala Sickles, im reported to
hare been attempted in that town on Sunday
night last by an embryo N. V. "drunisner. - -;-
4 simtlar denouement was avoided by the mas
culine offender's making a Nulty exit to a
neighboring State
sir The Crawford flesioerof states ihni on
butt Thursday, James and Isaie Coyle, whu re
sided in the eastern part of that county, were
in the field rolling logs. both were intoxica
ted, and a dispute arose between them about
a log heap and ended by James !wing thrown
with his head against a legend killed. It was
evidently liquor that did the fatal deea. When
will people learn to let it alone.
jar We saw a matt fall down in the street.
a day or two e.nee, alter treading upon an or
ange peel. lie made.* evuory remark upon
the impropriety of having such articles on the
sidewr`k. We ap-peeled to him not to swear,
but be said that was /i-aken Wean:b. Wham
upon we told hint his mishap was another evi
dence of the truth of the Good Book, that the
wicked step on siipperi pincee ; and there the
Discussion ended
/fpa• The COnfectioderystoreof G. W Good
rich, on Slate 'street, has been, for two aticces
sive Sunanyo, broken into and robbed. The
last time the thieves were diseovered,, and
proved to he four young lade mimed Ward,
Guild, Sullivan and Lambertma—all leas than
15 years old. The two former were arrested,
and committed to jail, and will doubtless-he
sent to the house of correction.
ler A correspondent. in Bloomfield, Craw
ford county, writes us as account of a rather
singular freak of "turkey nature," which we
record for the benefit of the curious. Be says
he has a fine old gobbler, -fat and sleek"
enough to make a Yankton' " ""
ul tnanzinpving, winch in its bunt
about the door yard after grasshoppers and
other turkey diet, discovered a hen's nest under
a rose bush. Forthwith -sir gobbler" spread
himself, like fashionable crinoline in Broad
way, and squat 'upon the eggs, and there be
remained until they were hatched. No soft
blandishments of madam turkey s " though re
peatedly tried, could coax hint from his self
imposed task, and now he is rewarded with a
fine brood of chickens, which were a week old
at the time our cot .-espontient wrote, and which
he i. bringing up in real turkey fashion. If
any of Our readers can produce a gobbler that
cart heat that, we'd like to see them trot it out.
se' There is to he au "Old Soldiers - Con
vention at l'a'nesville, Ofito, on the Zia, neat
Toetulay The CleTelaud bannerol says i
••promiYes to he an meanie!) of nnusnal inter
cat The Railroad rompany advertises to carry
the'delegates to and horn Pittway:l/e on 141
•lay at half fare. J. IC Giddings is expected
to addresm the Convention. The music for the
occaaion will be furnished by the identical fife
and drum that inspired oar soldiers at the bat
tle of t'liatagee and Plattsburgh. Captain
Ilitritoon will doubtless shine out to ill kis
;grgir The action of the Board of Directors
of the Sunbury and Erie road. in locating the
Depots at the foot of Preach and State streets,
to noticed briefly by ns last week, appears lo
give very general satisfaction. The Gazeu
in noticing the fact in three or four well con
ceived congratulatory paragraphs, says. -The
thanks of thi. community are due and will
not be withheld from Messrs. MAMIIIILAD and
llty, the President and Vice President; due
also to the Board of. Directors, net forgetting
our townsman and immediate represeihtatire,
VnAti. B. Weiner, Reg To this ought not
our cotemporary to have Addeilthe neatest& the
Engineer-in-Chief of this divisien of the road,
JAs. Woasst.t.. Esq., and its Attorney, Wit.
A. GiLssArrn. Rag ? Roth them gentlemen
have been laboring we know for months In
their respective positions, to impress upon the
Directory the wisdom and justice of gm step
just takes. To the farmer particularly do we
owe much, and while we do not desire to di
minish the force of one word uttered by the
Gazette, we are very Sure that the profession
al reports of the Engineer-in-Chief of this di
vision had more weight in deciding the gross
tiotr in the Minds of tits board of Dinetors
than all otheresusesoombined. "Render unto
Caesar the things that are Comers," is our
s ir We hare on several occasioes noticed
the case of supposed wife poisoning which has
been before the toast of Crawford (meaty du.
ring the past six or eight menthe. Limt)treelt
the seemed, Davit Prussia, was brought up
for trial before Judge Dsaitcxsos, and almost
the entire week was occupied with the awes.
Thefollowing is an *harslet of the Adam
adduced upon the trial, which wee relied upon
by the commonweellh to world the' seemed
of the mustier of his wife.' We quote 'from the
Democrat: llttym Sheldon. a brother of the
dm:taint' instated AM he saw the dammed
the afternoon batemehe died ; that she `was
theft sick and had bees so the sense time ; but
not very sink; be again saw her between 10
and 11 ticket., the same evening slat Ina
than apparently very,tiolt,• and declared Ate
could pot live lf she 4idam. seen get rellet4 .
she ooMplained thateimispeaberederv-41tin
her stomach led bowels were bagnhig ; Ingl!
RIM seemed in the greatua distress;
vespart, and others testilied that thems
al""adng tfaifitsatte Prevailed until she died.
Dr. Owen testified. that he saw her early in thin
morning of the day she died, and that she was
then extremely prostrated, and complained of
the intense burning heat in her stomach and 1
tiewl. Owen, Phelps antipuan testified
drat ese re lima* the tinkfOrni symptoms
irtlikkiing I
e p4sesee of arsenic Mrs. Dec
ent:so testSed $ baring give, the deceased,
kk e itiglinitbeelie *e died, a white powder,
which the prisoner had given her, with the
order to put it on the deceased's tongue, and
that in a very short time afterwards she com
plaints/ of the burning in her stomach The
thrtta,above KWIC(' doctors all testified to hav
ing found what they deemed arsenic, in the
stomach of the deceased when they exhumed
her body and -made their post mortem exam
ination, and also from what they had leamed
front their own examination of the case, -her
death. was caused by arsenic Prof Williams
testified that he found large smounte of arse
nic, and some even in a crude state, in the
stomach of the deceased. The Profs. testi. ,
irony was very lengthy, embracing a history
and description of some of the many testa he
had employed to detect the presence of arsenic
in the stomach, all producing the same results,
hut we only give the result. The next point
aimed to be emilthlished by the pro-wet/lion.
was the connection, if any. of the prisoner
with the administration of poison to the de
ceased. Mrs. Davenport testified that the
prisoner, who is the father of the wither.. gat e
her a powder of a white color to give to her
mother on the evening of the I Ith of N; ,i N
ISSS , ittledging that he had obtained tt from
Mrs Owen, wife of Dr Owen, a few hours pre
vious—the Dr . not being at home,— that he
directed it to he given on the deceased .i.-
tongue—she did so and the effects as above
stated, followed Mrs Owen testified thst Mr
Prusia had riot heen there at do lime rarnlamed,
and that she had not yfren him ano oodoons ~/
any deurtption, for a long two Dr Owen tp.t -
ified that he was not away from haste at tile.
time mentioned by the prisoner It wa- also
proven that the prisoner had made other state
ments, as to the Lillie and manner or obtaining
the suspicious powder. It was proven th it
he had obtained .riyot to pie to his wile. and
that he had stated that he had given it to
for the purpose of producing abortion, sc - -
It was proven also that the deceased had 5,•%.
eral attacks of a sijuilar character, during the
pact 3 Years. 41 number of witnesses testified
to the apparent indifference of the prironer
the wants awl atilferings hir wife. erpeetany
in her last sickness—that her death .eetited to
rest lightly upon him. To further prove the
coalition of the-prisessee.i feelings in relation
to kis former wife, it was proven that on the
Itch day after the funeral of his wife, he had
visited, the house of Mr, St ur4pcani. a webs .
for matrimonial purpose.. and that within
three weeks he had made her three visit, and
had written her three letter. ' Ile had amkeil
her to marry him—and in nnQwer to her in
terrogatory, -what would lii' Ninny -may tihout
such a step," sail that it wa. all under.tood
and would be right with them The test Imo.
ny introduced to rebut all chi.. ilia not •imount
to much—and yet, after a brief,,ii
the Jeri brought in a verdict of nol
.001 y
war The Fredonia C'enfor !Yap the t -col.
ored gemmen, - whose street 'k pock ilou it in that
appropriate locality we noticed I:amt week. were
only training to lieciiine Editor. in Erie,
and were perfecting theut.telires in the mint es-
Borgia , ncqu'rcment of the protes.ion there -
Better stay where - they nre. and add a little
spirit to the press in that ILa•ality' IN 111.11 la.
pers are so perfectly dead as those of Fr..lonin,
a ararll ought to he added, by all ineanm
Mono. Blondin, the fool-hsrdy Frene
m... =Jo. 16.. Iwo,. _,f;.• 1..
feats at Niagara Fitlls, capped the chtumi of hi.,
performances on Wedur...,lly H ie
river on the rope with his agent, a Mr. tot.
curd, on him back. The in describing
this feat, says he tirocetsled dos n t he rots. very
slowly snit cautiously, am It feeling every +rep,
until he y was about link few f-oni the t`tinsils
mide-,-w-hen Colcord ill-ntounteil and
upon the rope immediately behind M. Mouth It
They here rewained to rest prohahly three or
four minutes, when Mr. eolcord again mount
ed,-and M. Dlonilin tirneevilleid still wmlking;
very slowly and , doppilg occsmionaily to I. d
ance himself Ths:3 stuipsttl tis t• t lines in
ing, and each time Mr Cokord diswotutte 1.
and again renumol his po.iiiun Ile it3.l
:111119 around \f. 'Houdin'. ne•c•k .111.1 `ti.
rested nn thf tknlanring pole Ile wa iu
shirt sleeves, and wore t -Iraq hat A
22 minutes were occupied in aetainiphshlng the
first half of the rope, and the halance in Di.
making 42 minutes •om beak 1.1 hark For
some seconds before the %merle:in ,I ) ,,r i s sea..
reached the crowd gathered round the end of
the rope became very noisy, and a good. deal
of excitement prevailed, and when he reached
the staging on this side safely, the vast crowd
shouted with the greatest enthusiasm tin
reaching the landing M ISI undin WILY touch
flushed and appeared very much fatigued. while
Mr. Colcord was pale, but did not betray any
signs of fear. It was shout half past sic
o'clock when he reached . , this able and the
trains which hnd been dern,;ned and wen. vund)
started immediately for their .ereral des: irvi •
tionn with prohnbly five thousand
ger There are many men who would not
have their note in bank utipa'd at maturity for
anything, or a debt of honor forgotten, and
yet they will say to their poorer creditors, go
and come again, time upon time. Indeed.
with many Men, the whole lialance lying in
their banker's hands so to keep
up their credit is made up of small sino., long
over due, but out of which the proper owners
are kept by various devices With some it is
{Herr carelessness, with others a settled prin
ciple, that it is never safe-or wise to pay in )
rum of money so. long as the payment can.
any art or artifice be delayed. They are nat
dishonest. They mean to pay, but not till the
bat practicable moment. Were it a debt of
honor they would pay it at once : but a
Printer'iphill, or &mechanic's account, or a saute
account of a few dollars, may be sent fur and
Sent for a dozen times.
. I The Ninth Annual Exhibition of the
Pennsylvania State Agricultural Society, will
be held at the Powelton grounds, Philadelphia,
on the 27th, 28th, 20th and ilath of September.
Among the jokes which Hon. Dario Tit,no4nr,
who, as President of the society selects the 'a
nions committees, has perpet-}t. in the per
formance of that duty, is t'o .t ; tt :ging the
Are Judges on oar Supreme t !ornmit
tee en Bacon anal 1111018. 11 ' ces our
Mend alts, of the Reading (,*az on the
cOminittee on Arrshire Bulls, and lion.
///L. Heister, Secretary of the Commonwealth,
alt that of Janke and Mules. Now all this is
capital—but we submit that the lion. David'•
budget of Jokes esenoe be complete until he
puma the, Cameron at, the head of the com
mittee en 41buziartia."
Mr The Repot)limns of Warren county held
their County Convention on Tuesday Isla.—
Ths moor that the _Editor at the &press apses
drutunitted Mrs&liss fors nomination, we are
suottAstgl Is entirely without inundation. We
can think of so way such a rumd could gain
curcenoy owly from the"tilica Qat he.was a tan
didata before s similar convention lam year
People who do net make a trade of politics
often make a mistake of a year In thi , .14Ie of a
political event.
se- There tanttot )11 1 a itittrt• titter
eating spectacle thr that I war-w , ,ra and
veteran stiotentnan !rei iring I he turmoil
end anife at the •liolit seal tirt-ita .ml
ilvpose in lbe ,Int :en nn , l 1 ..n.,.! t.t, •
Om. - POWIT and pail q: prof. ri....,! 311 great
triienliSe 4 to ambition ‘ l l 11 1. 1/ 111.11 1111 sr
mite demon tater hiki ~t .11u1
wet:ling 1,11131. pride pl t..e 141 th a tet,a,eity
whotte grasp 1 nn ..e1 , 14.nn he relea..ed
the •trntlit hand of deo], hlv4. beet' the
tuataucer utit_ I
us ttublutialy bp/en' I/1 which
man willingly 1,11,1 31uwn the ~ eeptre of
political power owl taken up the Crot.. , 'Two
illustrious VX111111.1.••• iii , tl' r eel Ira •
e 3l in the page l , l- 1 5,ry --thane of St Paul
and the Emperttr Chtvrte.. the Fifth T., there
may num be atitleti that ‘,11 . 01. Wareham War
ner Ili. Nollintury reliro l iii-linicut of 'tuft
f 'cal ati.l, noble lutrt thee of the ••prt.le of
place - hue fully con" ertv , l our reluctant win3l
to the belief, that +needle...o. have been
made, anti art., eNen )0•t, 1.4,..i11e • Permit
me. - ling the retiring et itemitnn, inn v:tr , l it
t 4, 1.13 I hat] LA it
ass week a
my frienti.r-iii Erie county for lb,• mamipt , or•
rouferre.l upon nun ilia 1a.., tee year.
Nu doubt the feel+ gia/cful for
un ••mftny the exiotes4iou of tha
gratitu.le would kinve hen mil well enough hit
it been made nt a priiper time Vul even 'b e t
ice Leen 1,11771 e,
to know huw t propeTqy rettptu. Ate ht. thlnk
for tbo?e ••Joao} when I bry retieete ,
that the - , nly 1 , 4%4.1, they tier /le...Lk/WWI lip , t
hi m erne n t••i tK El • to the (Alright
ture. having renelttedi . . rejected tutu Iter , tre
when n cntrirhir fi t Out! ~frirc "(u lrxctng
the political treat e‘.lll intie• "at - worthy ex -
Legi•dater, in a -train into 11/11. shit.
he Non.ed Lee we.. •tatt. heti , Ilg
the 1 , ,ti ieil arena f.d tn , a , ne-tHy
me 11, • I do .1-t I h• 11
Jutie•+ wiripli el( immi 1.
respect and pet f , JI ril U••••• r.•c.•ren , l I 'Ol
- mean • in.inuazt I,y h ,atendr
Pi rtill keep nn eye 4••igie h e “rolitic
arena. - nii.l on‘ e: 1.,111:'H 1.1:.. -,tirn
lie licit cute' tt u Will II philter
p41•1. , . , Thy ••NN onrrg.ltue.l
molt. nre -lit" c. mo .1 Reit
nn, sn•l the former clittrint -r•rr I Kith , ❑tt thr
utter and Vittere the ;r'. I I s lot titer
will OXISI :L. 1 10 , 4,1 , 111 , W "0,
11..4tviley rrii 1. .• ..•
a ••I,..rivitie.,,i• r.•tr't
en pr”ree.l-, la 3 •
:frrtiltai. :0 alb :0 that ••wh,ti :zove. fill'iliq Ire
C.171.` r u l 9:01 furg, , i• 11l to 7
then het , me
• the Itt with •he Litt;:ll.3.
etemen qty m••, ( 'Ido,
en.l c.
dt . -1)1.11,, iln (1 , 1. , •? , : , I 'lei!
lilll 1”)%i”r
Ili.ll t1T. , .11 tt • Il 1: il
r , l li , i
*d' r,•l • II 14 in
pe..i.le NN Len. ..•n•tore, aceor.i•ng to tin
ex-legi.lLl ice !he eiti.jeet , ‘ of 3 despotn
g , ,‘ Pt [Mil ut. l' ,• 1:. 'rig it. , elementary prinei
brew that governmen
an d e4t31.);-1, t 1,.-.• in it 4 stead, it i
evrt•tin Indic !Oh t. , they have "i.e. kiln
.11'1114 1.1 , 1 • nci.l aN tc by tts
rear ul flit. ‘1.1..71,1y
argillneTl l 9ilion but , t,•- li.i.'i••ig Ili I
with wha: y.. 1 1.. (..the 1, , t
:Itrottgli the • ,•. of 1...11110,1y 1,. ,1,1 .1%
rf , wtt In I i , 1•1 LA) 4,f 11,
H• 1..44! r, I Ili` ~ .1.11r. r . :IT
I ' ,/4//fi IV.II t /1..1 it Ind the let .
not he l canivol :I , l — Pb I 31.•Tiv the I't. 3•nl I
by I b v tn.,ro tlrrt Fr,n
Cr e. k . NA 11,n i h..*
• tar I.? or 3r/1111 :Ina ' 1110 deep-in.milie.
1, Artl 11j4 •In.l lb
.4 1111-h.
~ 1 :)
ire Icon 1.1.0 in [kr
I:c‘. !,;.,• n ~..w does he I •tr.w whether
they ry;il ).0 Vol of tvvolution. or
In —one ether t i e!) the Church .if God
1, id • o'er !lie
gii,. .It. I , %i• 11i4 (iir-iipmerit ROA •
‘Vo. -1,, .••i k nhil rt . •I 2.1 H Ilk
I ,.~~ , •i~••~I n•~'. , 'n n. i.,..~rt~, 1,.
1 u• c •1 %lot
lit , t•tt When I }lt it't' t'l t
%.4ri.14 t, 444 14 1 ., .4,1 V% el
31,1, „!• Chu! ' Ir
rove.' II it I 11, I ,Irtz '0 II Ire - ) n
••••• 0. ••• .• 11 I. "1”.111
I i 1 1
I { 101!: ti
t I 1.
I I I'll .1 I. •• 11 , I 1 ,411%e1 . 11
\II- , 4.,.1 F , n ,. ").1 I i
1-11 , 1•. ti rl.l •or,
IA hen kilt , t! 1 , 4.
If otNe., ••• I
Sar,lii‘m TIR•.1111. he •-st‘o.
t,1,1;‘ wit Ii (io,i .1011
i ~irnt p~~ww
Our rcrerru•l -I
h.• W , .11 4 '1 h•tN ntn t '•1 • },. ••n•''
t.I In• u , t tiutitz a% thLt
lIIPI .4)11 pr.per i ern), ,1-14 r
t lw lit. .t•lf tt etH % ! 1•••
list 1- lertrilly refresh Pig • Then , ••
rfl ., • efl.) f.‘
fi It I . i l•r
lift Ill:. I,
11.,••,1 a it ii
hi review(4l I , y Tile aTml 1 , ; •
Vrh r•olilirrlIT0.11',1,1.
L.. , ni %%
Vt I ,
sil t i•u•
t Trio of ttlt.-1.;,1,• ;
f.,t-ttt lut ut• ttevor h0• , T4l ..f 3"1
1'..11.41.1 why 1. Plum, It
I,l^ hn nu AV!
hiJ he rent el v„
tart of the ;-too,-,
1 , ( . .6 , 1••• blii rime ,k.f
titicte ..t I,eekon tig tt.
her ettihr 11.- '• " •w ••
him with t.) the Lecktlt..,
%3 prompting him t
and higher pu.,1.. h, , nor , t Aud r,. 1; nue
sr, within hip nn t.i , lit,: .11 I lettiy he re
l'nquisheA the purwit :‘ , , , •1,10u. !I, 1.,
liu al •trena wi:h con.inen.l,4l.:o -itr,w,hie.,
aewn ae hr .11.,,N0r- it Ir , nhia , eloliol 100 i,
and life Ntio.lhey ••Farcwctt. a long
farewell to rens, , ,, f o r
doing -0 hr _ • :,;,wt,j The ure rea•
lattark which we raaspeei• owl wt. •eh 14 0 i^r not
disp44ol to irtnit with lolly. .11 Nit..
'The N Tr, v. of thi. dgy, has
letters from t iregon et the I It It %% hich , taten
that 0011110 w return. aOw recent eleo
tion itniioate the defeat of Lor , ut. the
publican cal:Aldan. for congre,.. atilt the
election of Stout. iletn u rat , In a small
majority. t 'onseguentiv there 1 , 4 another
Republican victery ktit , cked into eternal
The Cr'iadi:uis talk of annexing
Maine co that country. 11,4 the natural
ternunu:4 for Canada. The I.rocel—, of
annexation is not itilim4ml,l., hut Whet' it
ot•curt the l'anadiang may find the dividing
lino of tho two countrie , iemored alto
gkr The glaiiimi.nt of the London
Ilendd that. this coserninent has
notiliell that of Ili.r )laitist)'s that the I'.
8 has . resolvisl to abandon pri ate.ontig
is portion of the nusrat lino law agreed upon
at the Congress of Paris in Is",ti, t'n tir le
withoist foundation rho ition
strictlw on it. I.
•fit" I.i.t of Traver.t..l,ll.. r • t
•on , raon Pleas I be
li.ttig • . 1'1.14 Ii ..r. \ •Ifi.
Br wn, (iretrie . Isaft )
I.lam 1' I. ,y•I l• 1.
(;:rard . 11 1% i 1.,; •
Henry l'ole. I.cliwiitt .1,1 9 } •
~r,.,.k, L.., 11
e Pergnr“,t,,
y, I Ifirt , orc , r •k . J 4.4 . 11,
ingl . FP. vet.
orPft • Killfaw ! ft. VI, at,
ell/ .Ft oil: 11 agnet , Jr ,
Lawler. Fit .T
arr.raghal I
o 11 aII. Summer. 1 U K.
Springfield . Lyman Mtirkv, ~„
•l,r Ilrtrrw. ihrlow,rn. k I: •
V% Minn? Mary, 1 ) ,
irt h
lia,m4..luru V.
1% hr ever hen
The . Leg
1, •,I k-s:,n
itt a l .••• 11.14 311.1.1%.
\ Y.r6 i .1111.1
1 , I}
ch 1 , 1 , 1 .:ott IL•4
1,t1._ 1: 0.11
tit %sli 111,L.1
:I :h,• ••1•:
,11 , 1
o'. I.
.4 •0.1 • t I
i N
I ,„1
W !ht h. 11-1
1 ,,
1, 1 .1 , t I
:•41,.. --,
ger 1.141 of Trtiverpe
1111710111 i'lenin r“. hod
4,1 Nlonilny in Sept. lhb`i
Jnaiah Bln;r, Girar , l .1 I. 1,.
Kean; James Careny Greene st ,
11 ,I,:ngt"n . Andrea I r,
W :is . ,
ew •• 4 1 - ringfi-1 , 1.
neant. ,I;eorgeDunivon. 1
cis 2.'41.. Franklin. N ril v,,,„. k s
Maxon r 1.,
lk &rte . +hrl.irr,
I. ll rt•t/:: I
It It. .
,„ e , I , %1• r I
W I'e,yir. EN Cre4.1... Jr,...,,et
I, ,„
ittibert F. Stet:Ht. ‘liKenn .1,,, I /
Er.e: Znet.ii:th Th 0111:1.. Jr . S t I ,
noi - ‘‘ ftti.9 1..!
per List of 1 tit ver.e J ta.n. f r
.curt of quarter
rie, on the ith MorLl3) m .44.1,E
J inh Br ern, Cuitconl .J d I •
East „Hull Beaky, Venartgo I
LeErroll ; k.
Ter. lark. Nlillereek
venport. Elk . 1 0 , rer I , \I
. 1 1121111 Fronkl'q .1 NN
►►ushingtun. James Gray,
lieumn Heath, I 'oneort : Lklvld II :r.- •
Creek , Amasa Ha: en, North Ett. , r
Greene, Joseph Kinheifer LOP y. Erie James Lot,
Luther. Fairview : "rhos.
.1 N1;11..n N 1,4 'renry: Millereek :
Fri n, I harle. \ I ,, rgan. areenfie: I
lin NI tr!tn Elk Creek : Wth P Nrcr r T. rut nani, North E..,;
Phelps, Waterford . David Ripley. Mt
It it. F I: , u•lernecht, Erie Zera St-- •
tea Thornp.on. Jr., Elk Cre,
phen Ter ell, Ilarh , ,rereck : R ii,
(•Ke an rhe.ter West: Waierlord
Ste a- ty, , ex in etod
t»•t at Warn•fl t 'filo. wrifrs at IL
-t‘ I;!adley of lohn
I t , . that the story of the 7 .
0,.1J-1..41.1, lit announcing that M
th.• Lippy Inother of )4
hush 1- at maliviotr4 hoax, and :1 , 1.1-
,111.1 l',ra , lloN aro i,oth ,a .
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