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State Democratic Ticket.
A Chuiona Analogy.
The Boston Cburier chives a curious anal
ogy between the Republican party and the
animal' alled the Chameleon. It says that
Mr. Rock Lora, the naturalist, in his essay
on the nature and properties of that singu
lar animal, states that there seems a lack
of sympathy between - the two sides of the
chameleon's body. One may be entirely
asleep, and the other may be wide awake.
The same want of harmony extends to the
limbs : each half is the subject of an inde
pendent volition. It cannot swim, because
the limbo refuse to act in concert. The
two sides are like horses that will not pull
in harness. The chameleon is thus a sort of
composite animal : made up of two organ
izations joined together by the cunning[
hand of nature, like the two half eylanders
of cellar which are glued together to make
a common lead pencil.
The Republican party i, also a eompo.ite
party ; made up of two distinct elements :
one of which is the element -of principle,
and the otherof policy. The) do not blend
like oxygen and hydrogen in the composi
tion of water, forming n di-tine homoge
neous body, unlike the component Mgr. , -
iltentb ; but their union is simply mechan
ical, like the white and black threads in a
,liephonl's plaid, which may be seen. side
by side, when minutely examined. though '
at a distance thAr juxtaposition produce
the etleet of grii upon the e)t• Th.• Re
publican party is comtaised of two classes
or men : one of whioh siticerel
Jieartily opposed to slaver), and ,iet- from
the honest, though mistaken, vont a till
that this party can and nill arrest the pro
gress of slavery and lighten its burdens
the other made up or ,raft) and lesi g ii•
ing politicians, who hay joined the part.
because they had the sagacity to see that
by so doing they could make it the deini
nant party in the particular State %%here
they a cre. The line of eh-At:kg, ItA t tt wet it
the two is perfectly distinct . and ti n %%Ant
of harmony between thetti is eon-mutt\
showing itself by hacking ail
ing and rec alcitration. The recent illy
Massachusetts on the -übje-'t of the te,•
years amendment is an illustration. Hon-
esty went against it, because it Was wron e
in principle, and inconsistent a it Ii the niu I
multiplied professions of the party pol ICY
went for it, because it was expedient, and
a part of a bargain with the Know-Noth
ings. Policy prevailed , and honesty went
to the wall. So in the last Presidential
caucus, honesty brought forward Mr Sew
ard; and expediency, i'ol. Fremont . and
expediency carried the day. .‘ll,l thi- NN ill
be the ground of difference in the coining
national Convention: the simple doves wit l
on ze - ziaaf l . - Ist,
action—this necessity of sometimes concil
iating the conscientious portion t`.l' the or -
g artization. and at the same time of always
keeping an eye on the main chance--eni
rbarrasses the action of the party, just as the
lack of syinpa L thy between the two sides it
the ehanteleoiP clogs its movements. As
preventsit the chameleon from .wimnint,
so it prevents the Republican part) horn
getting ion swimmingly
But the chameleon doe. contrive to
shamble alon g in some imperfts t way and
so does the Republican party Flow is tins ?
Mr. Buckland gives an explanation in the
case of the chameleon, which make- our
parallel - complete. lie says the two sides
of the creature are fed by one mouth, and
as the insect tribes refuse to come to it,
they seem, in regard to all culinary matters
to agree to sink then. differences. pna to
mote in harmony. The stomach a po
tent harmonizer. It is indeed it har
monizes the differences betWeenfithe two
component pasts of the Republican party.
In regard to culinary' matters—the fat drip
pings from the official basting ladle—they
a g ree to sink their differences. The honest
Republicans want power in order to accom
plish their sincere aims : the politic Re
publicans want it for its substantial divi
dends. So they move forward towards a
common end, in a sort of growling and
imperfect 00-operation and Concert. Verily
the stomach is a potent harmonizer.
ler Ifirsar Es ~ a s well known
and higly evteemed citizen of IbuTisburg,
died on Wednesday morning, lit his resi
dence in that town, in the Will year ofhis
age. Mr. Buehler was, for thirty year-, the
proprietor of the popular Ilotel known bt
his name, and had an extensive acquaint
alive throughout the State lie formerly
took an active part in polities, as a mem
ber of the Democratic party and tilled the
office of Clerk of the State Senate for sev
eral session.. lie was a -on-in-law of t)ji
late Governor Wolf. and related to flit.
Coleman family, of Heading. The Ham—
burg papers Ray he was an upright man, a
useful citizen, a kind and charitable neigh
bor, and a true friend, who never spoke ill
of any one, but drew towards hitu . the re
spect and affection of all by his exemplary
demeanor in every relation of life. At the
time of his death he was the owner of quite
large property in Erie—inherited, we be
lieve from his parents, who at one time
resided here.
A• The Philadelphia Pot vinta n
learns from the Hon. JAYE!, Ross SNOW-
DgN, Director of the Mint, that there is
every reason to believe that the yield of
gold during the present season, from our
gold producing States, will afford a favor
able comparison with that of any former
year. He also says that there are large
amounts of bullion, principally silver, being
received at New ttrleans and Man Francis
co, from Mexico. The branch mint of the
United States, at San Francisco, is pushed
to its utmost capacity to meet the business
thrown upon it, by reason of the increased
yield of the mines of California. and the
receipt of silver from Mexicak
le. The Dayton &spur -Says that sonic
of the editors located in the district' iit
Ohio, where the wheat was ruined, are brag
ging about big wheat, and big yields, and
challenging those in other sections where
the wheat low/et ruined to beat it
*dr We bad intende. expi.e4sity, our own thoughts on the abiturdity of the doc
trine reeentlq embraced by sheSAterver find
its adherents, that popOdar e aoverelinty
means only the right of people of. ter
ritory to act on. the slam's question when
they form a t.'onstitutius.pcepatatoty to
their adtniasion as a Stap, &c., le.—F-r
What a pitty your good resolution to
•'expreas your 4tS•ll thoughts" was ohm
doned. The world has lost a treat] certain
ly. "Your own thoughtii"on this labsuid"
doctrine would be worth something, es.
pecially beside the "thoughts" of uch pig
mas in intellect as Henry Clay Daniel
Webster, Jas. K, Polk; Gen. Pierce, and
Millard Fillmore, all of whom gave the
weight of their influence to make4his "ab
surd" doctrine apart of the policy
of the country. Speaking of the acquisi
tion of California and New MexiCo, Presi
dent POI.K in his last annual Melage said :
"Whether Congress shall legisl e or not,
the people of the acquired territories, when
assembled in convention t* /pun .SYatt 'Cbostait
tons, will possess Uu' sole and exclusirrpower to
determine far tiu-nuelves telkether slaiery shall
or shall net mat tertian Meer lineal." This
wits good Democratic do(itrine, lhie, 5 1$48;
it was good Democratic' doctrine in June
P 4 s(i, as the following "plank" in she Cin
cinnati Plattbrtn, adopted unanimously by
the repre,erthitivei, of the Dernocrar) of
the N.,tion, yci) coneitt-i‘ely
"Remtlet - .1, That we recognise the right of
the people of all the Territories, including
Kaii-ai s and "Nebraska, acting through the
legally and fairly expressed will of a ma
jority of actual i re4idents, and Me
r, ruler of their iSd,tibtoantstusit6tes iP , 1 1 ) . !; , 7711 12
0... 41).01011 trith or tr,f4owl 111114' Shl Wry, and
adynatel ter 7 / 1 .1 of perl - ert
If the blltur titu_Kepee.o kilt;ll' half a..
much ,Lout the e.tablislied doctrines of
the lieinueratie party, 11 , he dues about his
vote+ fur FrAlmnit and Wilmot, be could
nut exiock , e ignoi'anee so often by eritt-.
cuing the pourse of the (A/Terre,. We stand ,
thi•l:incitmati Platform of l! , :it; without:
3 plank added 1 , 1 .tAl.strttett-41, intend
to -tam] tilere mull wi• lay down the I:Ali,
turial pen.
t l'Etct ter IV tail ii —The n.u..wlng in
credihie -tot), Iron' the Trot 1- to(
-.hock ine I r I I I. We h(pe tor the (Toil
it of huntattit% that it tan hoax •
••I\'.• have for .4otne Imp- been cognizant
of a iKtrqb.tent piece of cruelty towards a
lad) of the GI st respectability in this city,
and whom we hoped ere now to find re
-12 el 041 },y the interferernv of friends. 'lt
Appear,- that her husband, in a fit of
ou,y, .tornething more than a yEtar ago, pro
out ed a (stge complete of iron, into which
he compelled hi. wiff. to (It.•r, agdaltholifch
1. 1nti0 , ...i1,10 for her to -land ereet with
in it. Ate never permitted to leave it itic
iept at night. The social po,ition of the
parties 1- , dial we are persuaded itot
to mention TIP illeA at pre-cut. but .11811 hot
tail to ,lo within day or two, unlessi in
the nioantitne, !Mil the lady .iinetlylre
The Bottalo loan vt hitch v.e
the above, Int tuna Itkrl\ let lbe 4th job
etire itn usual thsternment. "vagk of
Iron - in doul.tles. nue of those fanhionihte
eontrivian s coaled a "hooped :-Itirt•-
kir Tun. ~,,,,,,, , • , , , 111, l% It/1011A tklUbti L.!
,01np,11,41 to -iv Alois declaration. In favor
i t
••t the les is al oi the :•••11iN o 4 ', Mi.'. It laY
is 111, e. 1 , 111 it /to .1 guild' tlowti the "(Al (a.
Inoteckir - 4,r take a place in the list o ithe
ri l o
, •-•, cosso,,s, ,s, oral It 11110.1(C•it 111 I MI.
i A I 11'd,-. NIIIII.Itir. Itn 14. well pOr•tell, hat
Ow next liepul•licati convention wil . in
corporate a plank in the party platfo in
f.svor of adopting the ,lewilt ordinate• of
virciuncision. Should this rumor p ve
true, nub the party succeed upon that int
folio. it /.. picstimed the gditbr of the s'3l-
...”, is ill h•resvitli be called to Washin • ton
1. - • conditet 111,. official organ
fit," 711 t• ta,htonat.le vhurthe , in
'fork gen.-ralk closo.l for the 4ettin
Sunday Ix t. I mini the burnttriersoli
toligion it. nut ut li , wll—gotrei to Ne%
to roll In tho •urf, to Surat4i, to
v'ongtoz-f- Wator, to the Follsi to stut.l .
tun., libt en to the Creatorr voice i
roar of the cataract.
new A ...trolling plireiilopt from
istowti. .Nfifflin count), in this State,
i4heiii in a novel way. He had resolv
it+ he phra.-ed it, uniluely. ohe
of in a otarving -tate to the • I ti upola o
Nitaaion l fouse Hotel in Reading, and
remained until he perished. Ile
printer 'by profes.sion formerly, and
known at Jlarrishurg.
Sift. The Chi ago paper% give an ay
of the ,elopement from her bushand
froth Fort des Wilier.. of a remar
hand-tome and dashing young lady,
helonp to a wealth) family in litett
the Am. married aguiu,t her will to 1
dle aged Western mall, and gone in
rv. a' her towiduct eau-e.l her fritn
4upect that tilit• iias It to familiar ui
unprincipled sporting wan. Nell kno
the keeper of a faro hank and the
a trotting litre--a marriage vtitli
they wotheil ti , a‘ert att an! price.
was wicked enough to take with her, l
ally indlired by alb "-porting man,
guilty iiiirtvoi, t;'27", in
rage vertifleattt. The middle aget
tlenuiti i- after them.
11104._ The ~unit,-r letter ,
rettit net/ t(. the Itei,at twilit at
tuition, 14 Alit 2,2:t11,0111). , 'OW
are annually found to pontain mime'
other valuahle-.„ and are, a , . soon as t
registered an.l ,returned t.. the own
The aggrepate eotitenbi of letter, dins an.
nually to the owners is about
t!'.1, 11 .001) , and about t Of In in iindls,
cheeks, notes. and other valUaliles, aptiotrf
puted at their nominal value,
/kir .1 free reading and coffee rodrn has
Leen opened in Net York, under the su
pervision of t Irvine tiardner, better known
hr the title of 'Awful" liardner, a reformed
"who 4 tru.l4, by doing what, good
he can, to undo, to sonic extent. toe evil
which he may have done in.times past."
PREII trrar.—A few of Our betnocratie
rotemporariep• tire disetptsins the merits of
the vairioio. candidates for die tiubernato
riat .tneeersioit'xiext year. 'We think, with
the FAst(in A r:042, that the *alum) of this
iStprPrrlallre. We have an impair
taOt content, on hand this WI, that iliould
be find- disposed of ; when"' that is over it
will be time telook about trt for so candi
date for our next tiovernor)
t Sturgis, Michigan, a young mat'
uaniedPim thanes d►¢pk two table
spoonfuls of wintergreen op, on a inolisltt
strife as to who could drink the strongest
oil. lle died from its elects in a few
fin ‘wnss, Kr.. July 4, 1859.
DLit Sift I—l notice an article ‘n
01erser of the lid, oicithedifilenity
HO. %Law DAt and 74'
Stsfs. alas entir" . Sten: by,
strangert , o the factilind the patties Capt.
S. is thebeinooratiecandidateitir Qftigress
in this—the' Ashland—district. He was
an:old-line Whig, and joined the Demo
cratie party when the Whigs abandoned
their principles and became Know Noth
ings. His claims to the title of "Captain"
arf that he commanded a company of Yo)-
untwist in the Metlean war. •
• Yours Respectfully, G. F. L.
All right ; and if we have spoken lightly
of the services of the gallant "Captain,"
we hereby make the amende honorable.—
And to prove our sincerity, if our Kentucky
friend will send us up a few bottles "old
liOurbon," we'll have them drank to the
health and success of his favorite candidate
at the August election. Say ;is its bar
P. S. They can be sent by Express, at
our risk and expense.
There is nothing new under the sun
—not even spiritualism. Rev. Mr. John.
son, a returned Baptist missionary from
China, in a recent discourse in Boston
stated that spiritualism had been in vogue
among the Celestials for three hundred
years, and mediums might now be seen at
almost every corner of the streets in Can
ton. soliciting opporthnities to transmit
communications to the spirit world.
lir A gentleman announces in the Buf
falo Advertiser that he will deliver a lecture
in that city, in the course of which he will
exhibit "a model of his steam battering
ram, by which two men can whip out any
war vessel now afloat, without firing a gun
or losing a man and also a model cannon.
t hat will load, aim, fire and swab itself out."
We have not heard whether the lecture
was delivered or not.
IWO...Phe fit. Catherines (C. W.) km/
states that •1 man fell down an embank
ment in that; city, a few nights since, and
was killed. 76, Coroner's jury which sat
upon the Is - sly, rendered a verdict of wil
ful murder against the Street Committee
and other members of the Corporation. for
leaving the place unguarded.
lie In the village of Waterford, Racine
county, Wis., a few days since, several In
dies got together and tarred and feathered
a cyprian for—for—for something or other,
in which their husbands had been engaged.
A suit has been brought by the tarred wo
man for dai►ages, as the suit she got from
the ladies did not suit her.
oft_ The lowa Democratic State I In
vention aSzlemble4l at De+ lifoines on the
'23tl instant and made the following nomi
tuitions: For tioveruor, I►ouuc; Lieu
tenant i lovernor. 1.. W. linaarrr ; Judgea
of tht• Supreme 4 'ourt. L. S. Wit,,,toz. ' ll .,
MA-m, and C. Cui.r.. The Popular Sov
ereignty platform wtut atlopted.
M.. It i, -.aid that :some fifty Eugh,li
gi.l%ticcultql have deterniiiied on chartering
u large ,tearner for an ex, ur , ,ton trip aern
the Atlantie, Intending to wake a tour
through the United States.
fie- The vountry will be ghul to learn
that the lion. Charle4 Sumner at last
write , ' that he has recorerell his health and
Ile L. The N. V. Tnbuse says the Repub
lican party is just uow in a state of sus
pense. That is the ease with all criminals
when the jury is out
A hirmr.Ry sr McgDora.—The citizens
of Mendota, in this State,are greatly 'ex cited
at this time, about a murder that is sup•
posed to have been committed thereabout
two years ago by George H. Lamb. who
was hanged at St. Louis, recently, for the
murder of his wife. A traveler, from
Ohio, stopped at Lamb's Hotel to stay over
night, and he has never been heard of
since. Lamb said that the man left in the
night, but that is not now believed. .
gent .eareh• is being made about the
prernie4,—.Srroqßrid (PO Regutt-r.
Cuswittakxu, July b.
Supt. Campbell, of the Michigan Southern
Railroad, makes the following statedment:
The number of deaths to date is exactly 40.
Constant search has been made since thc ac
cident, and it is believed that all the dead
have been found, and that all or most of the
wounded will recover.
POlLllo3llNaws.—The Vanderbilt from South
ampton on the of June, arriyed at New
York Sunday morning.—The Allies had made
forward movement, and their headquarters
were at Brescia, forty miles north west of
Mantua. and fifty miles east of Milan. The
Austrian Emperor has his head-quarters at
Villa Franca, twenty wiles north of Mant us.—
GARIBALDI is operating in advance of the
allies. He crossed the Chiese and had an act ion,
defeating the Austrians at Castenedolo. The
Austrians had evacuated Mont echiaro, a town
directly between Brescia and Mantua; but
having received large reinforcements, re-occu
pied it. It now seems probable that the
Austrians will take the open field and accept
an action somewhere in front of the Mincio,
before retiring to their fortresses. The course
of the King of 14artlinis in refusing to accept
the dictatorship of Bologna, will tend to
create confidence in the sincerity of the Allies.
We publish his proclamation. in which he
refuses to interfere with the Pape! States, and
says that he will not substitute Piedmontese
absorption for Austrian despotism. M r. AT
KUNO of the N. I'. Mare, with his correspon
dent. .•11alakof,'' has gone to join the French
head-quarters. From England nothing of
interest reaches us. The new administration
was busily engaged in arranging itself, and
public attention waited upon its movements.
Kossrru, having left London, and traversed
France, had embarked at Marseilles for Genoa.
1. to
I an
‘‘llf r
as 1-
An official dispatch tom Frankfort Mrs
that the destructive consequences of the war to
commerce, industry sod labor becomes daily
more apparent; that a large number of the
factories in Germany are closed, and that
those in operation are principally on Ameri
can account, and supplying war orders.
mg'. The New York correspondent of
the Boston ,/mvsa/ says :—"Almost estyday
that is pleasant, the form of Mr. Sickles
may be seen on horseback in the upper
part of the city. But all who knew him
one year ago, sawihis full and genteel appear
ance, the care of his costume and the
haughtiness of his air, exclaim, as they
behold him, What a change! Re isquite
thin, stoo as he rides; a restless move
mentmarkp his appearance, and he appears
like one on whom a heavy burden weighs
Wniv is A Itdtt; AI. TECDRit ?—The fol
lowing are the provisions of the United
States law prescribing "a legal tender ;"
"UoW eohni and silver dollars for all sums:
half dollain. and smaller silver coins for
sums not over $.5; and three cent pieces
for sums not over thirty cents." No provis
ion is made torrents, which may, therefore,
lie refused.
sijir Some editor says that the destiny of
tie world hangs on the sasallest trifles. A
little miff between Charles Bonaparte and his
lore faiitle, might have brokte off s utarrisge
which gave birth to Napoleon and the battle of
Waterloo, To which the (Weep dhotis,.
n 141112
"Yes, that is a fiat. /twos. 4 f Wit *O"
had taken place between awl Eve! What
then ?"
Arrives' itaamer Ads*id&
TAT mArria 1 1 ALMS
ne !" 11 , 111P ",
` r*
\ The ihesswee, mew - Mt
Fkinirday 1 6 ilt., arrived lit thisport
this )Itruaing. en route for New York.
The steamship law York, from New
York for \ Bremen, arrived at Southampton
on the 24th.
Prussia WIN( about to move 'an army to
the Rhine. N. •
The attitude of the coOtendiug sales
continued without change.
The main body of the Austrians was on
the left bank of Minas
The Emperor of Austria had removed his
head quarters to Valieido:
It was believed that the force of the Aug
trinna on the Mincia numbered 280,000
The entire French force had passed Mon
techiars, and the rewtmoisance had been
pushed as far as °cid°.
The Piedmont* had advanced towards
Napoleon, preparatory to any . offer of
mediation. had demanded permission to
march 31,000 troops through Hanover to
the Rhine.
It was believed that the basis of the pro
posed mediation would not be acce ptable
to France, thereby involving Prussia in war.
The reported treaty between Austria and
Prussia was denied.
It was rumored that Prussia had threat
ened to assist in suppressing aka Aungiari
an insurrection.
Prince Napoleon was on the bordera of
iL•7 BRITAIN; .—Parliamentary pr()m4+2o(l
- in England had been suspended until
the Ministers of the Government were re
It was rumored that the new Id.iniatry
would curtail the naval expenditures.
The Swiss troops sent from Rome to Pe
ruga to suppress the rising, had a desper
ate encounter with the people, who they
shot down indiscriminately.
T II Vial( LATENT BY TELLGI•I'II TO o.itilrev.
PAILIA, Saturday 25th.—The Emperor tel
egraphs to the Empress:
CAN AUL, Friday evening.--Great battle,
great victory. The whole Austrian army
formed a line of battle extending five
leagues in length. We have taken cannons,
flags, and prisoners. Tho battle lasted
from 4 in the morning to S in the evening.
A Vienna despatch supplies a partial
confirmation of the above. in stating that
a battle, was progressing, but details had
not been received.
Not VI K , July 7.
The steamers Vigo and Asia arrived here
to-day bringing London and Liverpool ad
v ims of the 25th ult.
The prominent feature.s of the news has
been already received via St. Johns, but
the papers contain interesting advices from
the seat of war previous to the great battle.
The Vienna correspondent of the Lon
don Times says : . .
Pickets of the two armies wire in sight
of each other, and scarcely al day passes
without slight skirmishes.
Garibaldi was accomplishing;reutarkable
feats in surprising the Austri ns, making
marches of 50 miles in a day, tnd setting
the country in favor of nation 1 indepen
There was an important omission in Na
poleon's dispatch announcing the battle,
as telegraphed from Cape Race. The Em
peror says : ''We have taken all the ene
my's positions and captured many can
nons, &v. '
There wan nothing additional concern
ing the battle in London up to 2 o'clock
Saturday afternoon.
Despatches from Vienna dated Saturday,
says that news was just received in that
city that a vigorous combat began on the
Mincio at. 1 o'clock Friday morning.—
Heavy cannonading was also , heard at Ve
rona. The recent.tumult in Venice was
occasioned by rumors that the French had
Jammu al ut.ta mitt TAMIL v enice vroulo
surrender in 3 days.
A Sardinian official bulletin of the affair
at Perugia, says the Swiss regiments attack
ed the town on the 20th, and met with a
great resistance, but after three hours
fighting they forced the town, when the
combat was renewed in the streets, con
tinuing for two hours. The Swiss troops
trampeled down and killed even women
and inoffensive persons.
The official Preusaische Zeitung of Wed
nesday says the Franco-Sardinian arm; is
moving near the frontiers of Germany. 1' he
Prussian Government regards the security
of Germany as entrusted to its care.'
The Prussian Government would he faith
less to its duty and to the sense of the na
tion if she should neglect to act couuzenq:
urately with that spirit by which Prussia
has become great. Prussia is free from
every engagement. She obeys only those
obligations which spring from the inermost
nature of her state interest. It will soon
be seen vvhetherirrussia's initiative will be
supported with the necessary weight by the
German States. Prussia s policy stands
firm, and whoever lays obstacles in its way
may consider that he is rendering service
to the enemies of Fatherland.
The Italian conflict is assuming even in
creasing dimensions. England and Russia
are arming on the greatest scale.
Despatches from Milan confirm the ac
counts that. the French troops are advanc
ing towards the Valtelline.
The Arch-duke Governor of the Tyrol
had arrived at Sanders to superintend the
enrolment of 24,000 men in the Tyrol and
Advices from Rome say an attempt was
made there on Sunday to display the tri
colored flag and proclaim the Dictatorship
of Victor Emanuel, but General Guyon in
terfered to prevent. The Pope bait notified
his protest against- the dismembership of
his States to the Powers represented ut the
Paris conference.
He had also communicated to the (:ar
dinals a letter of the Emperor Napoleon
guaranteeing the independence of the Pa
pal States.
JUSTICE 4U'I11" BUT CERTAIN, —.k striking
instance, says the Memphis Bulletin of the
'List, of the certainty of punishment which,
sooner or later, never fails to follow upon
the commission of murder, Caine to our
knowledge yesterday. It seems that a lit
tle over twenty-four years ago. amen named
C. B. Ivey, residing in Roane county, East
Tennessee, conceived a dislike to a sister
in-law residing in that county, and mur
dered her in a deliberate and cold-blooded
manner. He was arrested for the crime,
tried, convicted, but owing to some palli
ating circumstance connected with the af
fair, instead of being executed was sen
tenced to the penitentiary for life.
Shortly after his incarceration in jail,
however, he effected his esespe and made
his way to Arkansas, where he settled on
the Arkansas river, and resided up to with
in a few weeks past. During his residence
in Arkansas—a period of some twenty-two
,years--he married a highly respeetablelse
dy of that State, became the father of a
family, the owner of a large plantation, and
was honored by his fellow citizens with the
post of magistrate. for a term of some ten
years, and the duties of which position he
discharged with fidelity and to the general
acceptance of the citizens. He also became
connected with and for years was a leading
member of one of theprominent Christian
denominations of the duty. Surrounded by
his family, possessed of an abundance of
this world's goods, and eplif the esteem
and confidence of his n and alarge
allele of friends, he liv in fancied secu
rity, have long since ceased to fear that the
hand of justice would ever trace hint to his
far removed position from the scene of the
murder he had committed. But the ap
pearance at his hems, about two weeks
since, of an officer, armed with a retalia
tion from the Governor of the State whose
/kw , he had outraged, et once and forever
ilea fr.! alt his assurances of safety, and
Wlthilla resistance he yielded himself up to
the °Seal ousted • .
trA Ani kw* of WOOD WANTED at
011.. cm subsoriOtion.
46 • • • ,1 Ider.
The Great Balloon Voyage.
Daiwa easmasesiat: ,
Tile attiOval Mr. RIME, reporter of the
St. [ Ana ' . of do party of
the p:Attlantiejiu this* on Sun
dee,;_gi, ns taer *let 'intelligepie of the
ternansiMbni of the'grifit terial 4incuntion.
From his accounts and those of our ex
changes we are able to describe all leading
incidents of this marvellous achievement.
The ascension wes made at !{t. Louis on
1117 evening, at precisely 5 mieutee be
-o'olock... 'The party consisted 4 Dir.
Win as directing Chief ; Mr. Ls Wrnrv-
TAIN, Aronaut ; Mr. (Lion, Navigator, and
Mr. HYDE, 'Timor*. The direction. no-
Mediately after - tearing St. Louiii, was a
little north of east, a light cool IVrete.e
blowing. The night after leaving St.. Loots
i passed without special incident, the voy
l'agers all sleeping comfortably. At t” -
light of Saturday morning they were over
Ft. Wayne, Indiana. At Toledo they were
within speaking distance of the earth all , l
people on terrafiwia shouted to them "that '•
a• big Lake," "that's Lake Erie," don't g.)
there, you'll get 104," &c. The people
appeared very much excited anti alarmed
for the safety of the voyagers--apparently
ignorant-ef who they were, or of the pur
pose of their mission. At various poutts
the farmers along their course would catch
a glimpse of the balloon, and ft-el l u,•nik
the voyagers could hear the rural .w.i,,,
call to his spouse to get up and c•••• the
wonderful sight in the heavens. The) (1.--
scribe the effect of the sunrise. when th, t
approached Lake Erie. as grand in the cx-
Verne. They could net find words to ey
press the sublimity of the gnind panorama
surrounding them.
They passed over Lake Erie it, .1 11`jil
line from Toledo to Buffalo, hailing ,teane
ers and sail vessels. and receiving resism-,-.
They were off Sandusky at 7 A. M.: serf
Fairport at 9.31.) A. M.: ero,sed the N bagn
ra River, between Buffalo and Xingart
Falls, at noon, said were near Ifedind at I
Passing Rochester, they etwountddrol the
frightful squall which visteed thi , - city ,it
about 2P.M. of Saturday. This drifted
them out on Lake Ontario. and present. dl
their following the line of the \eW Y-1.11%
Central Railroad to 4.1b0.ny a theN hail in
tended. The gale was tort it I tid .len t a tid I
seemed to blew downy, ard. The
ing power of the balloon efts I.. -d, awl the
aeronauts were in imminent
bringing up in the lake. All the ball ei
1,000 164. wag thrown over. tll. II Ili. II I.
gage, instruments, the oars and -tut. et
their ism/3, and teen ,111.3/1 1.4•1,4,1i.L1
cues. lilt kwego, the eas..•
The balloon. still tended 'leant% del.
was drifting at a fearful rate pet alseod
water. The voyagers clambered tip ui ilie
car sixteen feet above, and the boat tie.,11%
struck the water, shattering it • dai-idd•r..
bly. It ithmetliately righted, .tie i on, :de
count States that Mr SN'ISF. returned! td.tld••
boat, and detached a.s many fragment
he could to lighten ship, and then
climbed t o
the ear. At this tine. I lit ) ra',%
and spoke to the propeller Young. Aiwa
ea, of (..fswego.
The balloon then rdee d•.
clear the 1111 d tier 111,1111 litre 111.1e
they drilled just :'Love them .11
two miles s minute until they made the
land in the tewn of II eiddlei..o, Id e a! -
etts Harbor.
Th`e Utica IleraLl guts, tie. 1,.11,m
count of the descent
"But It territie peril truce app...1..1 1 1,.
balloon itethed into a thick Id di. -I. .z.• I
tearing doe n trees and 'wet/kite!
pursued lks realStleNs course (.1 upu.9.l- ..t
a mile and a half--/Lething the to e uttiuet
of the car to and try against trunks and
limbs, until at last it caught in a tall -yd
more, and the silk was ri•nt into riblsdu
when the apparatus at once emu.- to :t
leaving the voyagers Witt%
in the air. Mr. La Mourieditiell:l, -light It
injured by striking against t hinl., but .ell
the others reached the ground did -at.
A number of farmers. hail obsei%••.l the
uaaawu ruaLll. 6 ,tamp, met Ills• alet
of course at its lauding a etuu .1 1,441 ed.l
- Refreshment. aere -upplied
the voyagers, and every rote too stet all. It
taon promptly paid them I . le 1' 1%,•1••• Ii•
terwartht taken t.. Adani , , a iwo• tie. e di
rived about 6
The est:item/pit ui Adanis upon le :midi,:
of the arrival of the distinguished voy:w..t -
was intenie. At first the people eel, Id.
credulous—they smelt a metete ette-uu
beret moat not vii-11 to
elephants or any sit h , art of dinned —but
when Mr. Wise produced tel -I.
Louis papers, dated. tile dal, 1., lore, and
other evidences of the v. 9 age, 411.• 1 , •
believed, and the :eronaut , welt- the
of the town. Am unprompte meeting ea
called at Saunders' Hall At least d ight
hundred people were present ('.el. II we
gerford presided, II whom die
were introduced lii the audience.
Wise and liager respectiN ely re' t to I d e e•
experiences during the trip.'
The highest point :attained tiurnig.
voyage %AS a little user Inc. nuli , s, 'pe e
balloon WWI Charged WIIII,;"1.11tKI fret
at the starting. The ',Aileen ea:- the one
constructed at Lansingldureth, and the 1 oy -
age was an experiment
e reparatory- 0., 3
trip across the Atlantic. nit , L..ronaill,:lre.
well satisfied with their trip. and are con
fident that atrial navigation lOr great dlis.
tances is entirely practical. The I rqd ...-t
Mr.Oager alone some twtAitou.:aucl.lnli.ti,
The time of lauding welt , twenty minutes
past 2, P. M., and the whole time occupied'
in the voyage was nineteen hour
and twenty-live minutes, The detailed. t
ad:tit:rutted at 1.150 miles. teak 'fig li.• At et--
age rate of 60 miles per bout.
Just after leaving all u...euleut
occurred well-nig% fatal t 4,
He ascended to the neck of th.•
adjust some portion of the costae.% Jed
inhaled so Shad/ of the 19.1regeti a, t..
stupefy hint. He was hailed lean beloii.
but giving no answer, het companion, tO
ger, went up and found him quite in-ene
ble. With great ettiart lie it as :mtes' and
safely lowered int,t) the (IF. Thk., %%a, ih,
only unpleasant, itteldelitto th o :ig,
• lllir A stern•wheel hunt, ot rea,e.•tal 1e
size, has been taken serum tlite I..,rt:Lgt• luu %evu
the head waters of the Nfittnesota ri% er to I
the Rod River of the Nuttit Thai nu u ,
simply that a steamboat oat) run hot/a Ilii
Gulf of Mexico to Ute 4 N,.rt lit.rn tI, 11
through the continent.
fej :
TILE subscriber, as Amigne‘ , E 1%1 in .1.
Kalas.offees for ale vrr, .e. 11101,1 price*, all or
W) part of the following Volemble k'.l Frinte in tin
Cltrof MAK
1. A nary voistable bassoons Lot fronting ou the ! , .. , rll,
aide of the fhtoarn between the 14,1 }louse aocl
Broyles Mond, having a-f , ront of 3D tact 7 , , inches on thr
Nadia St/pang and abe front on Fifth street, Ind e%-
tosidliait 166 Omit &Val laid NU to } Alryo t,
width mated a large three stnry fratne building, in
good *Wee, sad ainforsting a superior nen.ition for a dry
gawk ar other atone, and for otpt-t-s: of • Mat Imtuedt st.
MIMIIIOO CU be even. the premise. on the ' , Naar,-
e r bereasfor• ttosateandad • teat at the rate of $.510
omantisi. *bleb may be largely freersoard b kNlellag the
haat oo Fit% street.
IL Water Lot No. 74, baying 33 front on Front street
and the maw on the outer (*nal Ravin Pier. and extend
ing free St .
reet to her; Miring a Grocery building there
on eroded
S. Tee undiehind lief of 10-1.4 t. No. 3533, fronting ea
and sow:A strode, with a /ergo (raw
dealt been and other buildings thereon.
4. In- Noe. 382 R, MS% 11330,3331 k 3152, canine be
tween Mate, Plash. Mont nod *fond its , cad fronting
to Von mob of cold stroiste. This ground will be *obi
by foot he such purees as may cult the purchasers
The above property in ell is the moat improving phi-
Una of lb* City, led ogees an opportunity for emanter
kevorable location; and making proStaSie investments,
each au will probably not occur again in this City. A.
talethaeot uniatpoeitienly be made to NISI the rennin-
Mies et M eralgarreent of laid property for the benefit
tlf eroditore.
4nd It not toseer dbsed *lst private aide, *lll Foe
add at eieledlna to the WOll4 bidders, at the learket
Ilasaaja Xris,_aa Matadi': the Nth of A spat next, at
NI &clack. A. M. - IL HA ROM, Ati'y at Lan,
Bria, let, 8, Iti6o. BoatteAres4 eot, Plan Squaw
IN THE coma (4. com - mo 4 , LE.ks
OF tall' CfitiNTY.
the mean of the !beak Aeneaut of cimplee C. Boyd,
=he the tossrlit of the emitters of &meet
s ' sad D. C. Huteldna. No. rof Angu't Term,
O A•4 tai to bit : Jut 101 L, IMO. We account pre
seated and flad w in optei Court, hod the Clod onlet and
dined that notion of the Ming of the *ante be "Wen by
bileatien to wee soli apex published In the City of
prooir thrall meets , that the woe b•
on. Use Obit Itondeir of Mitnat,
nielent matpticeee then be died in the mean thee;
Pea ern.
tele,',Jskr 9, 2569.-811 JARS fignllora, Pro.
For Sale at a Great Sacrifice !
TIIE owner hiling, no we [Or them!
Judi*.Miubbes Air o.47little tow-r 1 Prime Gone.
wig* 30 Ibu. illhautier Nutt, Kathie Tops.
Gilt 40t 18 ./loco Mit Mirror VW 40t 18 . Ras 0.4 -
otruik DNA' now thou *Onus unit Cricerliit, with
Itt Rripihtitieu. For
l on Cotnintol.l.o, b
I:Jul,.6l;Julyi I; ELLSKY, State, Street.
SIED 111: (" " SW I LEVI'
on hand and (or ail. lir
July 9, IMO. JAt.33B HANSON.
IT )11 a tart teal, at ROILS.* period, 'very member of the
human family is subjeet to disease or disturbance of Vitt
bodily function, bet. with the aid of a good tome and
the eterrire Of plain Common. hoe, they ma.) is. able so
to regtibits ths •i s•em as to wart- permanent
la order to aceomplath than -hatred object, the true coo
3.3 patine IS OW [441434 that which wilt ptoduce a netts
state of things at the least hassol of vital strength tin
I ife, For this pu rpoor, for. Ilestetter has introduced tp
tho eoututr, a preparat tot, hearing ho name, which is olt
• owe toed...toe, but hoe that tan been tried for yea ,
Kiting aatialset ~,,, to all who hate 31114441 it. Th. Di
ittonsarh, /towels and fiver, M.
stoolig them to a healthy and vtgorous action, and tbult„
by the stmple prorwas of at,outthenlng nature, enable tlis
Ay stem 1.1 tttumph over dowses.
tor the cure 0 1,, Dyspepsia, I tolorealsola, Nausea, F 1 8 3 4 -,
{etc), hoe. of Appetite, or any , billions
sing from • mortnd tnactton of the stomach or Bowels,
producing Cramps, Dytiotery, Colo.. Cholera Vortins,
these Hitters nere no equal
tiarritoss, tlyaineem. or flux, en generally contraoted
by new settle/vsstet seamed principal/y by the change of
water and duet, 34 opredily regulated by a brief nee
~f thus preparacan Its spspein, • 3.114.444A.4 a prop
ably more press lent. In all it. varied lonia., than any oth
er, and the coo, of winch may alsav• be attributed to
derangements td the dorestore ortvlia, can be turgid witir
ouotsil by asing 110 . 114.1'1'F:it'd ,fult At. li
a. 1 , 4 r d,r oil t hy bottle. (tub* disear every
ph)sfrun will rt cowl:mew! Bitters or lai MX. bind; then
wlq not .tar an artiil. kinsman to he All nation!
have their as a I,•evootatiee of diratie and
atreogtbener of the., al. t.. In 41.3141111, and among them
all there Is net le be found a more healthy people than
the Germans, from whom this re. , penettem emanated, hoe
,:• sewn t air e pertmeuta w hich Imeie Waded to
prose t ie..t,./ tf,l. rear prepasattes, sr/ Vie smile of
medical uweritee
k•V.K mv. A.. lilt.
which 11‘.. it. rr Lac tl. v. grasp bodY ..1 num:, rride•
it. 4 111111 tl , 111. to 01 id , A. 114,1 flit.., sod rendering
lam 1.19 to all, mall. too 1.., can la. driven from
the t. 43, 6. 0„ 14•11:"rri. R.. RF • low NT ED MIL
T fates. F tstiors, • AL,11,• lien... ran tie
contract. I, r.,n o.nt.1.111*•I1A. tithe Bitters are
um.% ea pot din et oFilh. :hey not tto r create imam*
nor 4,11 , 11•1 t.u. Ilia ' ~,, r 11011. elan!
Of int.rru pit. not r•ltnnry pursuit', but promote
and •,, ttigcst it.. ~ s uplaint is rem
a. .l•.• •••o„, ••LrIlt vith th, pr,llo - tiuts of
a th..t.,prrltiatit-nt
is Ati,u,.r.l Years, nidotinq from
an ei,," • ortrirtit“.,..t and in rut tordy, thee. littler"
1 „ .• Atrougth 4114 vigor. and
00, • . • • 1 • a; I,rruaied. And to a mother
uu•..a.4 0..... t. • are in4speoesa4le, especially
rhos anelk am Hostetter's titovniocia !tigers,
t.. t• t , ,i ~r sey etreußtL and Vigor to the
611 111.111214 try till* MOW/ for
.11 ,t. r', iit r. fore so doing, ahoulds* tbsir
I , . t.,, 'if., III , : With the virtue of the
It. t• r , SL '.• site:owe ~/ wimitbest,
t'tl TI (IN tt, ~uhise against natant any
U. • lugli) taiiiLoW test 141. k
„ ( , t -; .4,6; ;; • I: that
•'• ;1, ;to s, r • I 11,40,1., 4 t.artarb
t`..• t lok 1,4“ •1 +tat.tre.l
tb, 41•1.104 , .. en]. or. (kii,c 111,4 I 4.1. t OUr
ti t..g(apl4 •N On it.. lat.'.
)", 11().• 17,77 It .1
.'Ulrll P ~~.,
•,,f x O l4 ,Ir
:1,7<•11yb,,,,et th
I olt, rid i; rt
.~ ,~
•/. ~
„ r 1. IL( , I' II %LI , Eno- It - .l`
1, CE-1•.! i' -.110:V \ I'...llAllurc D
1/. F i . Jun. Str_l s 5.
It,hxn.' l tart .11 F •
Nt. . I+'. ' l t In Ow r th,
~/ I
lyttr Dolt 11,1 r, I . lt.!
At. r, intermarried alai A la
T/41)2/lAM ACtILY,
I •a JIOW, lief'. /I /UR NDA, inter
tikur t• V N, t, I tr... I, V'. rook P. t1•I I• A Itlll.lA, Wt.?-
. • ; crown, ) AV/ hereby 110/44/21114i
I 1.. ptittal/..1. •a nt of Partition, and molar-of
1..• . f• 1 t. . to male pni - tiii•xt of the
.1 6.tate t.t la. I•ua.l .I...crets ouxtto dog
' i • lo tr. or iPIPIt. 11111,.. town.b)p
I i.. 110 td ...Not et, tituatttti in end acoun.l
ih • or IS , . wi• latrttrularly
4.1 .0
•••‘,• • •I• • r
l• •
3.1 11/ 1 ,.
A Li t.,1•••o: any.
0.1 1 Poll , n , n nit e prvns ••••• al••1 • .1 1111 b•
tarn ••te t•t N .tr.lott to .• • • .t
1,. 1,11, P/JIN IV It •
Ll\ Elt I\\
%N.% VU 111:011.1T%-TEa.,
If• .1 .!;!I. ;1"111
..I.en Ire I.»
,• n ni 'qty... • ••d b•
, •11.1 t• tee , l to• /• 14.• I,k Ilk.
f ; ilf , t tattiotpita.•..
r _, tb•
14 . rra .! • tr.-y.111,d 11. yr •Cl re re , rr• . 1
Unstrirri r rti r. ent • 1.. ofV, •Irrtr•
•.• r -r • 'SO- pel In lire t. Itivenr.l••• ..1
•nrriN r0r,,,1 •Ca 6 r , 6/ 6 •/6 6 1 6/ a.. / 6 4666:16 6 61 6 161.1.
6 • v., • n c,l • I 11 , .1“
i • l'l6 616. ••••.• • • .ak ~4 in
I I • tle 'ER iN VI (•Ott 47 . 0 k. kart
tt n ill eu, Liter l'em- 4 plainfo. RIIIFoAw Al
- Iv al pep. In. V" ('hronle Mortimer'',
,n , n , ir tz Intern ntern•
rt,r,,, a,, t • tr.
' •• Cboherle, t'bole
hiplera (it ' Cholera' 1 Dia onsau,
•I, net, i
WI .1.n. ....anal
a a as. . •,•• tl •"‘" , Ordloasrl
it 11..41e1111•,, t l 1.14 It if E I li
t( II h.. • •. • b,„ 1.• le.
I.lBlmitr. ' • ,
: otnrk. .411 who eig.4' It are
ti. inn 'l.'• r It •• 'folly r , at, it•
( - r - .)11 A. V. 414:II IN TILE .1111 t TII WITII
t curl her.
ice tine Dollar pirt Houle
F 1 VI 1.1
11101111111 EN
t.. ,•r. VI I • .I,S, .1111“ TI.
( niltnr tit. I'll.l
but Mthhrit , I • • t,,
preetice 1:1..r. t ..V4 -NP Cl 2 )I.ft,
hr • iioninUy Inc rear- 4.•Tr1n.,.1 front thoiev
vln I. P L U., and the 'stirs,-
I. • v 04 in to their one, hax
it 4 .1.• tn. In 'dart thy lentil of 11/1
n tn. that diderront Ca
r • 1.1., • „ 'I"• •••ut ••( the flirirel•
The P'1,3111.1 THIIITIC P11:11. bars,
• ,:h due T , '.• 1 , . • • • •tat..•livd fn. - 1,-11
.1, (rota a ~,'l') •
I, • I 1 , ,,,rt 1,„!.
.• / I, •r / T ',lr 'I net r iTarl r trin
rtl.rln.•. l 3' • .1• - • ) ...1 4. Km .04 F to all
• v..... • rs. I. t • IlI•1.L . L. M DE,
1121:111:1,111.NT , OF THE paTO3l 1 C
,:• in tin lI , }Q I
P• in tn./ ' c• I.•• r the vs bolo Body,
Iron, •••11,/drr. T.lO. n hiff , Qy • • twg
• Nil it/ I •Or. Lurg 4.1 A ppetde, •
I Yes.pir :••••,•111 .ir • .............. il'
T in Inn ivad, all 1111124.1111.
tun iorl Dive aI. Olt VI , In nr //alpo r,r
I 11••, itllf.t f.f u, - If. • „el I. put Baer r( the
Mood. nr•rl.• . • ~ I. h 0,
ti. , - I nil). tc• • r C . ) In ...rti-entent.
Bo*. , I, t.. Price, 30 11.1telk.
The Lei rr Iris irrorogor Pnruils Cathunie
PHI. am 1.-lid, •I 1., true n,• /
i• 1.1 ti. 1 iv.. •• tini iv.
T. tl. !...4".1 , 411111. 1G tl.,
3 :i4, frond% Neu 1 ark.
NIoRE TO 1.;. 1011ffi,i) 111 \ ha:
Worn by Kings or Emperors
What? Why a Beantiful Head oTHair.
r..t••• rt , Gd.d 11. n.v fi pr. rtded
• , ,,r 11 , 4 I: , •, he
, 11, 0 h
11,rm 0t.14 Win
r• 1' “I ,er
Anr•h need dr' ,
tz WI, •••
„~, ~~~„u i~., ,~. ,n
t.l's I
/t• th• !
• It tirm't .1 t, g,,./otr,,:
ft 11,,,,,
l'e•ritill Itlf I L O qr. v• 1.. yt‘g, I h.. obliviu„,,
i Int ow!. r the eof fro reetornto•fs of nit lofir fel It.
I ..1• , 1 1.1. .11 rl.. fillip or m) 4rn, At in 11... reilled
if 1.1. ...,1111Tz felt opott the &Nal
,.f out •,1,!-1.• •1 rreforeted
f•tfottni !off , . hlr K. o ry won.
(1. rlt,l ,n,r•nlL ,,'jr', 116, e. ft.ftreftf.l.,
I AM; •I'. t. LI • - If t:Rt./.
11 .1.11 N, 4 13 ,
1i...0. I
far - inwitth or as
wi wkw Pt. I rt. , . Uss,tle sr
and gni.- it it, o s,, , r Isso rostrhssis 4 to try It on her hair.
lath thinking at tin. tstit. that , t souls" nerrurs• the g ray
hau to f U oi , oa t ostssr, lift to as well as ID) surprise,
wilwr a ICR %VOILA . 11,4 It has iirrfornii4 that wonwierful
eti,v6by tort - lint,: all the gray burr to dart brawn, at
the SAID. time twautirs ing emf tlarkrupg the hair. I
rwetiniinwrii/ thw aton e to ail
111 "ant of a hangs' its their Is.s,sr
t.a \oar, July 'IS, 11111.
Paul.. 1., .1 NI ,iop -11 it!, .0W . ..1..11re do I rocodu tot Del
Our lair Itratoratno, ar 1. to K tio• tuout relicarlousartiala
paa l: ~.0 Hair U..6 , rattte my hair
awl ahlhkr.s *holt a, ro , /1,611 , , t white hap, KrUlailitAly
groan .iazir an.l I now fir/ roorol.olt that a (tor mom
ariplira , o u• nit. , floor natural color. It
C., . •inuOrn CT and Unpleasant itch
'hg. ~„ , tw o o g oho !. , spire frooly. e
J. h;111.111f.
Cole 10 .1, 111 , %Lay 1, 1881.
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July 2, 1949.-3m.4
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Low Price Jubilee l imit Commencing
Low Price Jubilee Just Commencin g •
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Frojai the Looms of France and Lyon-
Silkirdade MANTILLAS,
lit Freticb Design and Manufacture,
Lyons Laos Mantillas,
I !lave s4,ld readily at $18,)
Preach Lace Mantillas,
.17' .1 'ST TEN DOLLAR. ,
'Regular retail price $l5;
Reantiful In..ign and Superb (twilit,
ll' l'E Pld,/,.1 RN.
11 or' h at least $1.2. t
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I.l'h NY U 11;1 L. 31 VELMA I
11. pi o e. -or own making, it ai all r1 .2 1'011
abli. .3 ) .ay FORTY PER CENT at
lea.' below regular selling price-
And Fabrique
Hair and 1.41/144,ra%
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(lanai.. and Ernannai `zdk-
Tot,all3r Regardless of Cost
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Iht L'H,..tuets "It our land—
Ixt Franc.• 3114.1 u-trio.
Wuh w 1.()W ITICES
Triumph !
Come One ! Come All!!
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Just in from Auetiori
SHAWLS beautiful and cheap,
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Five Oases
Remnant Priam.
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No. 1, Brown'il llot.
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