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    focal and gittraxg.
s e prof STaints made a balloon sacebsion
~ h,•mi,ott on Saturday last.
fr e Th,•c are eating large, inaniona pest *"
) , .rk, at $lO per bushel, brought from
, .Arle-.011, S I'
109,_ They advertise to take senbrotypes in
.0 . 0 , I,r eenta That is a little ahead of
~ _hut then Cour( is ahead of the Bufalo
in nil the elements of a good picture.
100 ,, Th,• krt. between Cleveland antl,But
~„ c i,,. Lake Shore Road, hint been peduee4/1
r meet the competitiotr of the Lake
e y,„et. Much have lately commenced run
.; I.,•!ween 11108 e two point!.
04. k .otl of 4. W. Batouss, Esq.. of this
„ Ir . I ten years, accidentally fell through
r I NI)11s, from the third story to the
, n Toe-day tuorulag, badly tweaking owe
t ,. c . That he escaped with his life is a
pg, The two Jamestown papers, the Jour-
Knot the Democrat, are baring a "good
,•Irru a tntt the question of "capital pun
-I%e think their readers will be cowl
's [ otto•hod fiefore they get through.
kr 1 Planing Mill and Sash Factory be
: ~,,:, r Slater at Girard, was burned
it- contents last week. The mill had
ihrough the day and at night was
‘i.:ll it-pt' elution
pe The atate•t that ahoy about Aix
(l- ages. employed in the tihtnicle
in 11 it Jittssoa, in Union township,
- I. t: •trot torn off at the shoulder. on
• the- 7111 111+1., While engaged Omit the
OFII h +Petit. 0.14 that although hceoinmini
rithnirera in New York, none of
,en, rit•lttiferte , l the `mt••:lne desire 1.4 pay the
oing ludy's,boarti NO usual in tote Hf
• n, c , .ll,44itteittly it is said ,he 1,11 One of the
,t,• hotels at that city minus het ween
tn , l t I tolllVlrld dolbilrs for board
kr The annottneem that the earner
„, „ I the Fn.! Pregbyterian Church will he
I fi1t.,13) hell, :LI 10 o'clock, M lu
tI • .11 • the rfu. , tor, (Rev. Dr. LvoN,) Rev.
11 I 1.. t. rind Rev. CRARLItY HI , WHIAIN are
s; , t pr.-tent and participate in the
-t- ltldreng appropriate la the ot•-
..—tt e dl he deltvered general attengli-nce
x, lw neataville Courier soy eIL heard
' I t.triner In lbal county who purchased
iievk ten barrels of flour, for $lOO, anti
a.• lime remarked that lie had 200
‘.l wheat in his granary, all of which
proted to re-sell at $lOl per barrel, to his
r ,tatNing neighbont His barn had nut
‘truck by lightning up to Tuesday mot.-
! L e — The Warren Ledger mn . y. a very prom
- .ong, man by the name of Ar gill, %VW' ,
tit.‘ll3 shot in that county on Saturday
.hile getting him gun rea.l , y for hunting
(4) , kVel) into /he mouth tint) throng! )
part of the head, killing flit , .
,•.ang mitt tilnot..i
Ti,,• weather t. 1114 week put on as many
‘• the party. .1 huh. fug
wle rairly—goutetimev intensely warm
n n •hale cooler —occasionally as bright.
• • ,, ti-hie rwiely irv.talled office holder.
t no a •••, cloudy as a .lefeated candidate --
wk ic , wever, it will pmc , for June
o tittV . I• of t he pipets lire the
• urh trout, sad est them.' We think
, i tle-tzou is wittily solved Catch them
they bite the hook, but be pure and not
, till they are cooked. We tried this
•t great, many yv,rs ago, and it workotl
!Oozy,_ N e are requested to my that the rumor
t! the Erie County Agricultural Society is
to invite Pticr. Monettr to deliver a SCi
,''sif• lecture upon the culture of wheat, and
t. , rever settle the question whether it will
.•1‘ rhesw, is premature. It may be kW,
crily not"he
like' A clear conscience and a eontented
are two qualities often sought. but rarely
.tio,i—more especially, if after buying a Sew
ig Machine you cannot make it work. Now
~htoin both, and obviate the latter, go to
s SLk Rs and buy one of the "National Seteriy
" It is the machine for the minima,
it'sti re cure for all morbid diseases the house
'l )4 heir to. It works like a charm.
Some papers have a queer way of tell
•¢ win'.lrsome truths. Thus, one tells Unread
- 'hat it is extremly unwholesome to fall in
oh another mares wife. A. renpeetable
••1. n of Alabama -died ' the frrit yearn ae
"t an affection titans kind. The last
was seep he was looking into the mouth
a ~,eked pistol.
ititer The other day a party of,ladics and
lewen of Buffalo went on board the City
lotlalo to examine her. Forgetting the ad
nit to•gu ashore when the -bell rings. -
hr 4 they knew they were on .their *ay
i'lereland, much against their will. The
.etelz+ and relatives of the abducted party,
, t haling a remote suspicion of the muse of
1r disappearance, were in much tribulation
of the party returned by the Lake
pick it 1.. Worm, Esq., who turmerly
~, •trtotban in thin city, has purchased
ii:nierprur, and will issue it
under the name of the Fayette Pal
. 1144. first number was to Appear this
"• k Ir'W is a republican, thud in the
w I O.) it ti,r members of that party in "olti
1. ' know which "side their bread is hut
will give hint a generous support.
commend hitu to tilt it
" nndw►lso to the "leader mercies"
• lir • liread eagle - friend of the Germs of
/ • ~y Success to kis l'uirsot, hot destruction
parriutisor ex he will preach through Fla
un.lo, tiny' we
gee - Ur Srrti 8.41.t.s hum r, who litany of our
• 1.. a. will reeallect as at one time the Mar
of the Western District, died at Wells-
Jrg. Citetauaig co., N. Y., an the SC/auk He
a,rly resided at East Sinithfield,'Etradford
~• nry. in this State, from whence he wen Wont
1...m3411e:i11y write • polities! letter in favor
4 441 I.4tra Jouvion for the Prottideacy.
&if To extras ■ Mentor from a calamity
philosophy ; and it is in this spirit that
• .rn•-iwondent. assures the Pittsburg. Journal
nor wheat crops have been suffering for
• ,tile year; mud from various kinds of Ws,
until the annual product has bees tsar
tie , l fully one-ball from what they yen s few
nr• back. Re thinks that all thee, are prob
.),ly exterminated by the recent frost, sad that
farmers should rejoice to lose an entire
r.,p to have these 1716•111 ire destroyed.
11F 3J— The Reading tiazette soya that sum
!, age one of its subscribers discontinued
I.ecnose he was taking too many papwrs. Ss
said he took two from Philadelphia, and on 4
from New York, besides the New York Ledger t
which made four, and that was too many for a
poor man. He thought he would try to do
without the Oaseite:as it was published at
bolos, and he didn't need it as muck as thee,
that contained the news from abroad. Th4l
Editor said nothing, but wheat's tbseeipired,
stopped the paper as directs& Last week,
however, the "discontinued!" subscriber same
and ordered the paper again. He did not know.
before, he said, how Worsening the local new
was. Sines he had stopped it, he was entirely
ignorant of all that was going on in the city,
and county, and he missed it more than he
would hate missed all his other papers put to.
gather. He was satisfied now A. , could not de
lookout a eoenty paper, and be would never be
without one again. This wan a very sensible
conclusion. The home news that the county
papers collect and publish, is of far more in
terest and importance to the eitisens of the
county, than all the contents of the New York
or Philadelphia papers; and It is s queer Dins
tration of the propensity people have undo
valuing everything at home, and seeking what
they want abroad, that so many refuse to take
the papers published in their own immediate
neighborhood, while they will take three or
four from the distant cities. If they could only
be prevailed upon to take a county paper fora
year or two, they would, like the subscriber
whose case we have mentioned, discover that
they couldn't do without it.
ear The Germans from all over the coun
try hare been having a "good time" generally
nt Cleveland for four days this week. The
Suengerhund Pest ival commenced there on Tues
day and lasted till yesterday. Delegates from
the principal musical societies in all cities and
large towns of the country were on hand. Of
coarse Erie, which possesses as much German
wealth and intelligence as any town of its size
in the country, wasduly represented
Good night! I have to say good night
To such a host of peerless charms'
Good night unto that snowy hand,
Good night to graceful, rounded arms,
Good night to fond, delicious eyes,
Good night to chestnut braids of hair,
(Laid night unto that perfect month
And all the sweetness nested there—
The snowy hand retains me, then
I'll have to say good night again.
[tut there will CUWC FL time, tuy love,
When. if I read our stars aright,
I shall not linger near the porch
With my admits. Till then, good night'
You wish the time were near—and I.
You do not blush to wish it so'
You would have blushed yourself to death
To own so much a year ago—
What but these snowy hands ! Ah then,
I'll have to say goal night again
ler The Greestftebl Maas. Deawc,at, says
that Haupt & CO., of which W. A. (.3.c.titth fru,
Esti , of this rity is a member, have contract
ed with a company to mink a shaft in the west
slope of Hoosac Mountain Vat feet deep, anti ex -
cavate 2,200 feet of the tunnel on the Troy aut/
Greenfield Railroad,:rheriby prosecuting the
work at four different places instead of two, at.
at the present tijne.
BM,. The Conneautville Comm/rem! :Meer
urr, a neat little paper published by our
riend, Judge PArros. gives our correspondent
•Nicodetnua," the following "first rate no-
RICADADLIt.—" Some Things seen on the
Cars," by Nicodemus Nightshade, now being
published in the Erie Observer, is • series of
humorous aril/gee about as good as is made
now-a-days. Genial, vivid and life-like, writ
ten in a free and easy strain, we'll bet some
thing handsome Nicode.nus has no "Chronies.'
That's true, Judge; "Sic" is never afflicted
with "chronies," unless it is a chronic propen
sity for fun.
Pie Mr. BACKI A, the editor of the Cana
joharie Radu, is a deaf mute, but how eloquent
ly he gives voice to the language of grief in
the following paasage from his lass paper, every
one Who has lost children will fully appre
ciate :
" We cannot this week fill our usual column
--every time 4 bitherto, before this. that we
have sat in the old place. to the now regularly
recdrring duty, we hare had dear little fingen.
rambling along our knees, or making strry
snatches at the paper, A little face, all lit with
happy eyes, bo-peeping into ours. .1 little
head, nodding as it shook its curls, a mock
"by-by, papa," and turning back again to the
sweet childish teasing. But now, alas' the lit
tle fingers are no longer here: the little eyes
are dim with a dimness that shall never know
the old lustre again, and the little curls are
yonder, beneath that sod that gleams so green
ly beneath the trees and the glitatnering white
ler The large foundry, and ware-houses
attached, belonging to E. A. LISTIR & Co., at
Fredonia, was consumed by ere on Wednesday
afternoon The wore-roomy were filled with
various agricultural implements, all of which
were consumed. The loss is estimated at S I ti,-
01X.), $8,260 only of which is covered by insu
rance in the ,Etna roroptiny, at Hartford.
sisr We are requested to say that the Wayne
Guards will hold their first election forofiker.
—Captain and three Lieutenants—at their Ar
mory in the Empire Block, this evening at R P
M. The attendance of all enrolled members
is earnestly requested.
jar Bsseusit has "laid upon our table ' tt
basket of the richest, sweetest, largest and
most luscious strawberries ever raised this side
of sunrise. They were of the Wilson's Al
bany variety ; and, let us whisper it in your ear
reader, he is bringink that same kind to.ttiwn
every , day. With a dish of them slightly
sprinkled with sugar, and smothered in cream,
a man need not care much whether school keeps
the balance of the (lay or not
s ir The Methodist Episcopal Congregation
of this city have contracted for the construc
tion of a new Church edifice, at the corner of
Seventh and Sassafras streets, with Messrs.
Parnintiss k Gahm aneliro. W. firshaker fur
the sum of $10,500. Much of the credit, for
the consummation of this long needed improve
ment, is doe to Rev D. C. Watotyr. the Pastor
of the Church.
air We learn from the Erie Casette that
after the first of July. the Erie Post-office will
ems' to be a distributing office. This will be
good news to the business men along the lake
towns, whose correspondence has to lie over
one day at Erie—it will bring them one day
nearer the Eastern cities.—Conneasu Reporter.
It is strange an Editor who pretend. to know
so munch about the working of the Postal sys
tem really knows so little. Bo far from the
"business men along the lake towns" receiving
their eastern correspondence one day earlier
because the Erie Post office ceases to he a din-'
tributing office on the Ist of July. they will
not receive it one day, one hour, or one minute
earlier than they do now. Let us Illustrate.
Sew York now makes up all Miters for the of
loe•on the Reserve this side of Cleveland in
packsgeako the Erie °See. That package is
opened here, sorted, and: the letters, is con
amnion with—others from rarious
made up in packages for their final destina
tion. After the Ist of July the New York of
gee will send this metier to Buffalo instead et
Erie, and own the same process we have de-'
scribed will be gone through with.—the time
of detention being precisely the same. When
Conneaut and its sister 'flake towns" arrive
at that point of guineas importance which
will warrant the *set rise is Haw Ttlek It
"changing haga diiteet with the offices of dm
*like towns" "foresail, than nast not till MIL
Will the delay lawalssit dititailmtiets be obri-
Mad. Bat that Oise, re appnbmi4, lral Ica
be in the lift titalt of ash fe their PrINTH
4, busineas mean"
A Card :ta tha t Palate.
To rataitnMettor MAI= Osamu :
We wish through Jim columns of your paper
to correct °troths ',thole's, in title end
*Veining Constar* Atll u Tit,week,
it was reported that dour wassailing In this
City at front $0 * to $lO 80 pek barrel,
when the fact was,' we were selling good su
!tilXX extra ell from $8 00 to $7 7b ; and
trw only Worth front $8 80 to $1 1 . 6 ,
barrel. The trade in our City, both In ~ r
and other goods, is become so large, , . the
competition so great, that all kinds . goods
are nbw sold hiere it less prices t . n:Clere-
Is id Dr Buffalo. i
would most reepeettliny tu t to our Mead
ville 'ends, that if they will row away all
rive of feeling, and rusk their purchases
here Wstead of going to eveland and other
Citi , they am save 10 to 20 per cent,
and yin their own wford County Bank
Me at par. l .;
motto is, buy whale we can bu y .
the eapest, even though that should be i
Mee ille. for the truth of the above, just
call (Lee) end take a little of his three years
artiorire Itlioksete Grocers cad deekra in
Ere, June 18, 1850. Flour, Ash, 4e...
Another arrival from Europe brings news
of another - battle and another allied tri
umph. The Euro left Liverpool on the
4th and her , intel ' nee is oonsequently
three days liter. e affair of Palest?*
was a serious engagement. On the 30th
ult., the Sardinian troops commanded by
the King in person, crossed the Sesia in
the face of the Austrians and took Pales
tro by storm.. At 6P.IL on the 81st, the
Austrians with .Z,OOO men endeavored to
retake Palestro. The Sardinians made a
successful resistance, and finally assumed
the offensive, driving the Austrians across
the 'Ticino. The allied head-quarters, are
now at Vercelli, recently occupied by the
Austrians. The entrance of the allies into
Vercelli was an occasion of great rejoicing.
In the fight at Pelesto the allies captured
0100 prisoners and 8 guns. WO Austrians
were drowned in a canal during the contest.
t)11 the 31st the Austrians made an nnsue
eesbful attack on the Sardinian vanguard
at Sesto f '3lentle, a town at the foot. of La
go Maggiore. From this it is evident that
the Austrians are between Garibaldi and
the main body of the allies. Garibal
di is making a brilliant incursion into Co
mo. Ile has been driven from Verese by
the Austrians, but returned, re-taken Va
rese anti re-entered Game, where he had
his 114%W-quarters at last accounts. Como
has (lectured for Sardinia and Garibaldi was
recruiting largely from the insurgent popu
lation. His force increases constantly. In
the Valtellina the people have declared for
sardinia and were marching to the revolu
tionary headquarters At Sondrio.
The stun of the neks is that the Aus
trians are beaten in every direction, have
abandoned the line of the Sesia, and will
make their next steno!! upon the Ticino in
the defence bf Lam y. Discouraged by
repeated disasters, thqy will soon fall back
upon Milan and other fortified places, and
to them the seat of war will be transferred.
According to the Plugs' letter of the ant,
mercial Genoral Neil, with 30,000 men, is
in close support of Garibaldi, with the
double object of protecting him and march
ing to Milan. Five Americans who had
been in prison at Route, had been released
at the demand of the American Commo
dore and were on board the Wabash.
Tux FSesT Psvic.-:-.-This panic IA fast
being dissipated, and; ere it not that there
is always a failure of the wheat crop just
i,e4cern kint-vorie, the Minim felt in many parts
of the country of a total or even partial
failure of the crops, Mould have noabiding
That the 1.1... e frost did somewhat injure
the wheat, is a fact, but that it destroyed
one-half, one-fourth, or even ono-eighth of
the wheat, is not now generally credited.
The present harvest, if what we hear
from a reliable source be true, will show a
greater yield of wheat than for many years
before. This is mainly caused by the un
usually large amount sown.
During the late pantie, so fearful were
some of a total failure, while othem, anx
ious to turn a dollar or two at the expense
of their suffering brethren, that large
amount.; of grain aria flour were bought up
and boarded for hiMprices. We are hap
py to record the fact that these greedy
gentlemen would now gladly disgorge at
the price% they paid, asking nothing for
their trouhle.—Clive. Nat. Democrat.
Forst] LADY Potsonso.—A most distressing
case occurred last evening, which occasioned
considerable excitement in the neighborhood.
A young lady, na.ned Miss Mary Queen, aged
1S years, residing wit h 'her parents on Walnut
street, below Fourth, it is said, had been unwell ,
for some time, and had received a prescription
from her physician, which was filled at one:of
our drug stores. She partook of a speonfisl,
and was. corpse in fifteen minutes- The prescrip
tion it is stated, was misunderstood, corrosive
sublitnste being put up through mistake.--4for
roibury Union, 91). ins!,
Berrat.n, June 7, 1859.
sitirtz -j
There is a pretty active dem d for Flour,
and some holders evinced ' anion to meet
buyers at lower rates. Sales 2,700 bbls, at
sii 75 for extra State from Chicago "Amp
tail" wheat; $6 00 from No. I spring do ;
it; 27., for superfine Michigan ; $6 7507 00
for extra Wisconsin; $7 25437 60 fOr good to
choice extra Michigan, Indiana and Ohio;
$7 450\7 75 for double extra do; and $8 00
for favorite do. Wheat doll and held avove
views of millers. Sales 1,000 Web fair white
Kentucky at 170 c ; 2,000 bu Standard Chica
go spring at 116 c ; :too bush Milwaukee elub
at 125 c ; 400 bush white Indiana at 10/4e;
and 5110 bush red Ohio bagged at 1 Ski. Cam
market dull and lower. Sales v i m* be"
wam.Chiea g o at 70e : 6,000 bush No. 1 Rail
road at 79,./c ; 2,500 bush prime River at 75c;
1.2(10 bush damaged Toledo at 71e; and 1,000
bush choice Illinois river at 760. Oats duU :
holders are asking 50e for Western, with buy.
ers at 47648 e. Rye .earee and would sell at
106 e. Barley dull and nominal at 00(85e.
FLors.—The market heavy and 100 Lower.
Sales of 6,800 bids; at $8 1606 40forsuper
fine State; $4 60®6 80 for extra State; Ko.
20&.6 10, for superfine Wm:item; $6 65(07 00
for common to good extra Western ; and $7
11 n 7 25 for common to good extra roustr
..ped 0hi0.4 Market eloeingdull. Comedisa
Flour-continues nominal and dull. Eye Flour
dull at $4 woes 00, with small Wm.
0 rutn,—The market for Wheat is heavy and
drooping. Sales small week white Kentueky
at 1790192 e. Rye dull. Sales 500 busk Jet*
eel at 94e ; choice held at 970, with bayous at
96c. Bahl more inquired Ew a . and no eaks
made yet. Corn market ie heavy and lover.
Sales 17,000 hush ; at s4e for old mined Wad
ers in store;' 881 e for new faddist do slot ;
88e for prime white Southern for tairmirt ; 88
®9oo for Scathara yellow, the /aim as out..
side prim ; tad 88081kr for renal yellow.—
Oats are lan? sad dull, with isles at 470610
for Mate; and 44/®6Be for Catedien.
or The Erie market far lour, as., is 04- ,
erred very tea erelly by the prises is Salle
mid New Port—hence the reader as read*
arrive at prises here from the reports above.
the sick sad Undol6 ratairm , go
tkola is( tie Mork HysMeta sad WWII, taw PUlls
elket • owe elm aU ether areas love dWsd 7 atti et.
these' • Mmes nattiolp. do Net esedsdi tna . solsimdi,
aattortey, or err Wog boottal to Ur eartatettas.
Well ibeettee• be the paattitlet monad melt wide,
skkk should be thriftily peeeetvet.
Selo A rod tor Übe timbal Male mil Ohm*,
JOB VMS. (14d• 1. C. ligidirid 11; 06.3
Bodrester. W. T.
N. 8.-411,00 and s poetry) stoma milkmaid to mi
barked to y
t, oi l fawns •Yo 000takdos AO pido
by otters mit.
NW 4 lkiMmiajklo4l%.
Nay T,
oar. tivnArimpor WI isSil.U•ll RA we
Tooth to the Al.t? Oboes* to as Weak 1
nil aoral proposatioa Ira sot gift tho approval of dm
aealty la every part 01 Ow veal/, sod tar dlarerarer aad
proprietor holm* proeiffilos It I. to
so • nyinormotor ood redeem et muted or Mort huietiour
Etutehlagrt US. ilikiholott abroad be and by MI wore
coma perm:mom it stimulates the isms to theft Wand
went, sad will not prodders a rosettos se orator bow
seibtenly dropped.
It is an, aOlAirto tom, sad olla istvo edict ist OVINIST•
ma with the Brat dims. A twist posiliiturne in its me will
moos% the stoosselli to a illoirsoi of read loot* and
baobab dyspepsia former.
The mord Assad ha sootaia to mobs Beadlike LAI
tabilarant a bouseboht artiste boom* on it wilt noodle
them youthful is feedisig media stesorth. &Moat& thou
to live over asulu the days of Ifs& *dim joy. it sot
only imbibed*, bututrangithluil, said h rally as torah , .
able bieselog. sapedally to them who balm boos redneed
to a modal°, of sorvillty by oridartoars sr *Wooly skit
mei& No *oder what the moos( the hapatsasy of say
hr maa ores, thii superb ralltassist Al remove the
Oben at owe and tosever.
notable Lilo Itaibirmat should be goody di pr
DOSS who ham 4So:doted sewn, atisoseb. Itror. mom
kr action, torpid intellect, or lowness of *MIL U. is
compounded Moen her Weis, fort powerful aimphis, sad
costal.= Dot a grain or atom of mineral rubotaisee.
resales alltioted with barreamem, will disessier m
flute-kluge' Life Uhllanai% The realisattess of their teepee
of sesisreity.
This remarkabis last amaippirmelthabls preparation is for
sale by the Proprietor, LLB. Thereratans, at 1% Chambers
Stivat, Nee Yo , k. All orders shemid be addressed to him
Sent by iglqpresh et's berm. Ow largo bottle $1 ;
boUJeedur Sobl by T. S. 81.14CIAIR, and t
IthaTtllth., Kris, 46.4
ur The nand ens Inve health metered by lintalitage
Wk Rsblterant, - wbleb I. infallible am a regurrement, and
will restore ersaled strength, with masieni protoplasm
and wonderful permanence. Yew old and hank pseroas It
has not its equal. Arad by CART= dr. BROThXR Isis.
Pa. 46.1 y
lar The Pietist et Liver Cocottetat will disariver la
hatchings' Lae Esiiiiariutt • grand pumas, anegnahed
for immediate and peratioeut effect in this iltstiesising
cosephilat: It likewise modem the Wed eales and cheer
ful ; it repiesaisiesiand radnires strength with tesebr
quiche/Hu. T S. SI 'CLAM Erie, Pa. 14-17
or The weak 6111 ramie, new strweirtb tram a ando,
?Ili am of that easel sat Thdebinve 1.114
SxbUarant. 11 Is 1664/114fal la all its artist/am As 66
{amigo rant It bar we 41441—rejaweasting the aired and
weakly with wondletial ealseity 66d pest•asest ell‘Pet.—
#old by CARTER k BRO. Ilhioa, Pa. wkly
Or fluteblegof Lib Itzlittarant la s rojuvirstov of
rat spprosetants blui tnineitslste ezerlienos. Tor an ner
vous diseases, so minim bon roubsesd, It oast be son
dieted so Isfslllblosbedne. It isslsosenrofirsillatkins
oeuteriug in the thus, stomach or brain. Its mission is
bestow strong" vitality, and pbystral shinty. &nay
CARTER! IMO. Si* Pa. j 46.1 y.
Ey- flatelderf Lib rattUarant. Li4e at weak and
sickly conalltatloaa, thaal4 take the }latchkey' Lib
talilarawt; 4 t will mak* rot stn.& Maltby mai happy,
remove all obetraetionaand hieTolarttime thaw tiolethab•
in 4 *Wm.. and "Ware th. bloom of bean to the *My
sod wasted takaoloolta thco. kid by CAROM k SRO.
ICA% ra. 45- if •
Eir Ths liervoisa will end theteklase Liao Taddhowe
a 11111111 mostly he MI their aillet6ll; MA renews dim,
trots the injudicious um el hileare.havetememeedeleeted.
said their wervints system' shattered. and roestittitises
bridges Swim Said by T.S. filliCLenit. tete Pri. 451 y.
The Drepeptle eon boys Ida *pee ben/8W If be teti
but see thetoldedot lA4 Itshileramet. Weak edorall,
feeble digestlea. &Area Oder oollosoloothit habits btiser.
bees, low spirit% wilt nod • mode! to the ammo osier
pound. Sold by CA RTZR nod T. lb SINCLAIII.
krie, Pa. bkly
natekddiMe Llie telhaseast. Doe dor widtromeovo
the and lidnosing *ads of Mod or note
teem, sod the asemoest the etomeoh retertem the Invigorat
ing .a.ets. the dletreeettleVaacl and all Pala." haling" wUI
he removed. Sold by 1. 1. sixcLAIR, Rn., P. 46.1 y.
listetative Wfe Itsbilarliat la quick and Mlantimik, cur
lew Um wont sad moat auravate4 case of Dy
Kidney Complaints, end air other dsrausementsVt
stomach sod bowels, and will relies the mobeacheily and
droop w spirits immediately. The feeble, ~VORA, sod
sickly should try it. Sole by T. S. surctra. Er*
Bit Imes 1111,310N1C
The meet certain mad p.ody ressedv err itamwerval /sr
.a tit.... 4t/ the awe and I r ma" aegis bads Asth
ma, Cimeemptires Breath** iftilweena. Memsewsla
oat Areetheref, Sere Throes 4e.
THUM WAPEILIS give the most instssetmemas
sad periled Mist sad when perwerod with ormentbeg to
directroes, weer MB to elects espkt sad lading tam—
Tiemessode ham bees teetered to reflect health vitalism
tried other mews to vain. To all dame and all oweeti.
tedious they sr* equally:a bemire; sad a care—ammo seed
despair, m matter how lea( the diem* marglesee *Met
ev4twevrer severe it easy bs, presided ties tergasie
et of the vital organ, la sot hopelessly decoyed.-
1, • one sAlleted should eve them is impartial trial
1 , 0011.111111 Ago Mew Bristaws, them wales ore
••• Harty valuable they will Is off DA tememe the
Wag weeny messional leosreenceo sad their reeptiar use
tor a km day, wIO, 41 all Ware, lowers the power sod
do:ability:of the coke tr .tly improving its toss, owe
pan and clew:ems, for which partway they ere regularly
used by.msny prod egionaLfroosileta.
JOB NOWT, Age Proprietor, Rocharter, N. Y.
trice SS mote per be:. Per male by Carter it Bev sod
L. I. Baldwin. • Brie, May t, 11160.—dit1y.
Nsw Tow( Juno 16
saproNWNY ABM WE MICK to"—etilight to
disposlUeess as they are mile& as restireeessi
so., .batch, ileeelaehe, eta., though regarded us moat
loaners le themselves, are, ammtheless, holiestium of
dersageassat, which U allowed to matinee, will merit in
moms' dimes* of Um whets prism With all Ha sem-
Vity re long as Um settee is, through say mese Wi
thal memist esseasemees a drrampuieet, whirl If
rot speedily remedied by a removal of the mute, will lead
through a loop list of Immo UM sad to me Liver owe
pWat,DLIPX" , Premien std sise sad Dottlx The
ac rid reservoir dross whores Is WfAmed
nourishment, ills and r are lawted to the ea
bey ; U Uwe, 'W ,Stesseol
kept healthy, and tree from merytistag rekilatod tote
melte s dimmed 'igloo, sad hinder the performatoe of
its legtdmate femstiose = sad when Waugh iediseestioo,
saddest er other ehemeetamem, the semgies et the
body re preetreted, gad the sheaseh sad Mlseit parts el
thw satemel fissesisty are iiimmtigh sad lesliebet to the
mrlixemmes of thelr datiseger when Yore Is ea readied
overgeties, then it hememes esemeary to resort to some
iledieioe, whom alterative sad terreetart itwalitieezaz
resters a melee sad stealthy teas. A r
speristst laxative, krill perhaps Imes time say ether
*edicts% aseemptilladmee thiseilsemelm,
et a MU{ ge•Go, amdelliskteA
ermat, that il A LOWIWS LA A 0 ?MA Mg OW
ad to ams petals. Aries euttrely etireksiir la their dew
w Umy may hp isistAfAgeed sal* te, et sway
weed' Mg, ea well leo de Waal sod idled. howitii ii um
to tbe ligerette owe. Far it= was 1 4. CM 1010 :
Wm, = l 47lAst wi t isie ssiA Affitigises
if tb who* MOM fly
j .
4.44 2=143
to 'ea woe et do Met sod Ned
and as the most perked end obi* boo ever
embed Is, the Bret sty or 7Bor ors
Os* prioiS I to n % Oat
IfeAd Le Etta may at B
Sion, lie. b, Beet Boom disk E. R Ely. ri
t amirmAirg lireirrAelk re es p e wt.
Vg. 16iNingsmiilholW
at Wrnikods Is 'Ow More Ur malt d 4 WI
aisieWve ls paWer. ? wl ru i
m i kTh64 thstr WI
"rids wrestler Ut
doss AU *Wks: OW sold sr
*sic * oUsers6s, pia ts . Mhi.",..
dM. iiNlsie er cm
sib N the WI! 1=1, 7 14 14 are1l
Sri+ barn SnsentrUssel iftWe.
le MMON. liADita t •
Dr. Chipossissa , e 11lim are linslssltis,asibq willies!
se, tli• siosibly perisi with taws/WV, takerimebs bin
Awes Die use al *Oaf Pilb moo Oils dm ,
Staissi Dr. Olosissra's Rib bele all Aid
MOIL Theis Is ow easditios iit VW Dal& ,
ins Is Al& ths Pm. sessell i t Wow illtb '
„ bo a yr to iisissislibi=
r inse is a serigel ew ssit io siiis IDS ispriesur
=li "........ viviii l
s-11"isss. - : -^1
' Pries , . DM MN lii "44
73Easor. Dui ID elbe Is
tows is strialle ,
brisk DaDsi Si TOL
lb irbask ell Ilipbbsals . sant 'be
ligli 3. 111131011.
lemmata. STORE,
Have removed
Their entire
From No. 10,
Brown's Block to
No. 13, CadareWs Block,
Lately occupied by
W. A. Griswold's
We are now prepared to furnish all of
3. G. Barr's old customers
and the public gen
erally with
Gents Pins Preach Calf !not',
Patent Leather,
Calf and Prunnel Congress
Gaiters; Gents calf and patent leather
Goats, Ladies, Misses, ()hiHusks
Ladies White is Black Satin Slippers.
French Kid, Black and Bronzed.
`Fine Sid and Prunnels Rankine, and
every thing else in the line of Ladies Shoes.
OW' Of Misses and Children' Shoes are
lave enough and to spare. .bring on the
ittle Misses.'jag
Ilii/We have Leather and Findings of all
kinds, inchuling Harness and 13ridleleath
er; Oak and Spanish Sole lepthec; French
and Eastern tanned Calf Skire , Calcutta
Kip and upper leather; Binding and lin
ing skins of all colors.
MlNLEibeentakers Tool* and Lasts, Tan
ners Oil by the bbl.,
Erie, May 6, 1 f ..2. 48
BONO WD cm - mug. A
beautiful Ras i; ly w.tb apcm7llllNl
putiment, .14 ur r to• Cl"d a • well
ow adults. Mod s 'moo o eme or tiro mat ppoopprrkir
Poop of Um day. Sertitw ,ta of Um words
Prim '26 mots, =Wed ee, Jost pahlialud by aOlllllOlll
Wallow, 3.0114 34. 333 Broadleaf. Now Volt.
NEW AN./ POPULAR VOCAL 111181 C.--41101 Wade
An c e. lAd me a.." "Moro of Gmakeel r
or ow pea r oatre M. r ek Sr Noustain Name r
"Thoughts of God ;" "Cm with Moss 11011 4tosor ed
Theo ;" agoo1"01.1 Nauman r to sung los kka Rtedmita at
Prue:Moo Collate. Pot •Id mote each.
NEW AND OfTLAII isorstrammu, Kmact.-
-ria. Garden rolk‘ ripetta ; •111sapor• or &deka
Quadrille ;' • Now Mare, prim No end' week. "Pieeo
lumini hiker •Wwimfhpir Nehottfaelor "Thomas Raker
SeboUlaeh ." all with e brae I, Dery "Riberulau Om&
rilla RS ants reek .1....•-oaßroa Walks ;" "Duval* lla
aorta r ..1-abisis War Cry bush r "Woordiwor refits e"
"Very taut Vaisoelono• . 'Weimar Polka sod "Abode
ra Polka Platr•Me vim 2$ mita ON&
Jam 11, 11130 —l.l ..
kik collet on 0j e ore hymns sad
to ea, outbid and le 'milord, remcally and thkply sneer
rd as solos, daub, trios. amed - ehoesek eid ehel 82 . 11 4 and
for muse, melodeon, or Mono . Thb book coetalsenserty
100 hymns and trues, and in elm of the Mod ordieellirse
tot Ilebbothmebook wee Weed. Peke 12 ante, so pw
ltandeed, pootess ] omit Ellssetty beemil„lo VS
per hundred, preys II eta. Ammons U lama amber of
bee and pawl* tam • mete be kmand "Cod Work ma
Nrier Dta T" • Co' nom Reeves" God Is
Them" /mot ueo• . • to sane No thoomod *flame
are teatbees at tbo . 24-school Cligebeelkin and Baked
Matti Tes twee Consentlon Ity oiewaal, littbedep2ilA,
by the Mk se d Nettle Tie r Moe stilkeol=
and IMO ilighly spur 4. IC sly twenty
entries h: tot en sold "DV" al. days. They bate Mee
la trod .uted into so el, of the' - sod nehook be Werer Peek
sad Brooklya. Aimee tbe number am Dr.= , :e i
Elateon's, Dr. Otllotteee mod Dr. likleme's. Joel
Jum 11, 1150.-1.6 w
NY Mill MIRO 111111111 4
With all the lirovnisenta for 1859.
Ties Mowerweigiiir w oulf heedird mil lidetrotee
p0 ,,,, d ,„ . 4 th e : si g ht hunam4 4•4 agiut pomade,
Dageirtmg onwthltd Imo dealt than any eibterieseltina,
se sitinarear testa at trials with the Dynamometer, and
the teetimoniala of fahners, abetainiatly ahem.
Being all liunt, except seat, pole mid Odium, and the
weight an distribated as:Au the rested amount of
diresigth with lb. isast Ind ed knit. The Castings aro
thaiourg bow. the linger-bat Is of wrought
ir on , with a oleo the front edge, thus Is
It great
iron with t weight-
The we *ribs &Wee esuotertabisetag the weight
slides et Ike hate, and tbsystair tibierhele epos
the ibta erbeet.
r•Aunlerrnie PING= BAR.
L this roped tt is esttsetr wi p m astted tki mg swab.
yet Etteed. Th s thspirrlihr up amid bows hods.
=Wof Its &Mori , asiblEsg It los* Wyse*
itrytiihi sad 411- riessiists=l , bap, mod
ay lobelia sae Was. •PWl's fie Wirt au lame
It. er lt esti she he mist
too ins* st say height from two 10
slirlites• biditit sad th *up iia be orb is am at!
slut, thus *IV, It to 1 ., 111 Maas st inst. rbakbotssom
or asset issol. . -
lag or
•Ale( soak ad) Oath* madas =ld
013101111kell r ai r en elagii OWN,
m 01044 8
fa Olt point II ay evasicall reopen: trailer Footles
aortas ear ipila k =trel at Ow , at* bat
sernaktatal mlide le reared sad tag.
as it bet wort satadlas am
at arms id a lam VoNdvtaat lima et piames Omer
Sr metros aid and la paw ihroemor low aaa sake
Witharaad or bie Naiad Ye flow oar is pmts evar o►
draath.y or mom hem add tothe draw ban
nay* •altaapar bandy isolt Add; r y arda; dr Mame%
Way anstaa aid Bab asseatiliw
It sissist be bassisdisik is madislossiritis
pis hi set labia topiseSsissOW is
sorb at Ism soisriells, miles wsitimiimisimi al-
Islistie_ 6_4 sat oho =dam is es ema il=
UMW n., 1 i lidi Z e ral II .
me prim atm Wit ye& 111111411111i - fisil*
ismi sosetiss' OW Norm M; Om Moss
Combined liseidss Sift
Mosisfeete*.by the "filo Arialikra ifechiss
, Works, l ThectiO, le. /T.
Slat ' UMW, Yank 0•4 Aguas, leis
011318 BY & BOOTIE, '
(iicessiers to fialiviOn th "SO -
i Stook of
Empire Stores.
:like 4 :
XX, Extra Superfine &Grabs=
Corn Ifta, Cracked Wheat,
Of all hint% kept constantly on hand and
for Bela at prices that cannot bat
satisfy ail. sarAuoode
Warnettoi to be jun toAnt recottortroded, and de
livered to cdlparet V die eityfree elsarge.
Illirßemember the old stead of Shannon
& Ryan, No. 5 Cheapaide, Erie, Pa.
Erie, March 12, 1039. 6m40
r l l.Trilf7l7l7ll
11001111 LB sad SPADES,
Springs, A
irlis. Ilarilts U. MAO.
.;saa relied le wtsit• Dom, Varafah. tar Pet ,
atlata A at We. I Rod Beam.
*la. Jam Isl —l2. 1.. 1. BALDWIN.
AT -4 ;57 - 23.0143313A-LEI.
rrHE subscriber would invite the attest
& tido et
001111111 RI XEROX/LIM
And BUYERS from all quarters to his
BOOTS AND 831.0118.
Which will be sold at a much Los mum
than can be purchased elsewhere.
It is the Stook of a:IWO:m*1
It Outprisse a Ossapiets Ansaistain4.-
And ate GOODS will be sold
H. F. writ
P. & Boots and %owlet, Retail, 40 per
sent below ordinary prices. Between
Btown'a Hotel and the Reed Rowe. ,
At Sign of Bad Floc
June 11, 1859.-I.lnt.
kbted mcm.
ALL= $llOOll4l. tCP the
hiftw 11111 1
Iliriraierestle with the =Mir, fob's thi
ay et Jolly sad. lad laseestik
.T. w. DOMAN.
Ide• 11,18011.—Nift. Itieshits.
Wooden & Willow War%
Pork, Fish, !MK be. bo.
Have on hand a large •Lock of
Cut and Wrought Spike,
Irma& Mats and Wuhim
WHIPS, &C., &C.,
No. 11, Reed House, Erie,
11111111 Nal 11C1115.
STYLES—Priods *ow S5O to StAti
Ram Mars. Of be Reseisers.
Ihmoo lnothisto boot two yolk as gozobrool
lois tibootsoo, regokfai so wwilosidag st *sort ; Um
an% lhal. liletboo, owl IMO* la a eogoottet tip* lobli
tog Noi; mot by tisk we ogodloot, ittemtot ristmost
lo log bitai, so la sogobtell bg Ober omobiamo
ll* wade botbworlierwor omits( Soo it oomolmo
ess, Gess Mao ei he one eat as Yon and ass, as
goooti.llll4 Joe nrodiftio to Ow miliot for &nag
osorfog, es amooselotlbole eleogiking, Etsobillty, as ot
meloggeteeeit„ sad ologootion to on vorlotbo et hinny
sudiog-olonolke unbar *ay or boo mob with aged
Ilmeng,Noi trill -M-W sabosi -
Am Mime of no IlsOleonolted togesdeeeitg ot liar
inoteleineo. tie Goma At Zmz emu, itamoreehoo.
wag bog boo to reopodtting robe to no balm*
•Haviag lad vas el Orem k lesiees Ideelldass la sey
Swift law smut; • yew sad a-bek. I take pleasure lei
eassesuedism It seeey way seillidelear aka ler
Aide IS Is
blaget. 11 6= 1 1 11141.117 Dr. r.. Aliw iatit.
Nt atahipo lorsif dollibtod wttb year &vise Illa.bloo,
yid* bra bola hi Ay &Ugly for sow immatirs. It has
-aver bop boody year ditty, estaistary so gia tstmeot, ant
Y sully Mor bid wary wilily tor orwirfr, by
=.48110111021 to
tb"We Ir. tbrabd."— Slibriga
sfr qf & '. pr. Strioltisail. liar qf At Y.
Ciridboo Adoorobs.
"MUT k oreerst peed sisehhoe, I peo
Immed yeallos seeleeat of its aisollottp. sot the per
hot Om with wallah is al tea. the
sod dolehlUdy et tie mew hog espeeflool"7re
eo•poleot to meek to Ode araissr awl I* sadlellmilar
omeoreasod it far every verieV of lkolly leoria"—Abs
& *mar. .4/* la.. lev erldreeidpe awe,
"I have egged a Groves Boum 51,111/ for
too pews, and have hood It adepbd to sr kM of too -
Up ..wise. boo Condole le Bresdeloth. Cluselote have
loom von set without the Elvis( way of a mute& The Wiwi*.
Is easily kept le Neer. sod eaelly seed."—Jrke.
4. N. Whipipkovir of Am the. /IMO; M reirL
...Tow &mei INS.ehlee bre bees to on to mew Wetly
the post two Taus, rod the ladies meant no to era you
their tortioosiata to US serest adaptedees., a. mat ea
laboe-asving qualities in the petits/whey of faolly and
boissebnid arviag."—Baden Bairmar., n w Ywt.
oPnr /PIM& menthe me ham mod Gross" k Baker's
gefriror Machin., and have come to the monelnaiou that
mr..r ) Ia.!) alto desirea ber aeafal isaaffifoilo mad efridia
WPOW e. /O ,, Nt tOrttlallte in prooprodne• nnear timer
e. liable and indefatopilmie 'iron noodle-women; obese
combined (*notifies of Irtenere, A, sad nimphary, are
toraluable."—J. M. Morrie, daagAtee of On. Os* P.
lifereirf, 144. r 4 Ma Haas J•ersat.
Katmet dl a letter from Tires. lt, Laav;Tr, Reel., as
American mintlearm, remr eminent in Sydney, New Smith
WM/notated Jannary IY , INA ;
"T had a tent made In lie!bourne, in ItSt In e lax II
them were river three thoseand aeL of ....wing 41 , 100
Wilk 6000(GS - 0\er A. 13aker'a Machines r an.l a ..meta
44 . that Mu ontatund all the drlndid seams Rimed by sailors
a needle and to inc."
"11 Homer eonta he rafted up from h;e murky hail.., he
would sing the advent of Skeeter k 'Baker a* a more be
ignant marseas of art than war ever Putout's amital.—
He would donottnee midnight Aim-making no 'the tlfinft I
spring of woes inratanibered."—Pry.
"1 tales phonons In saying, that the (linter it Baker
fiswing linektisss bees mon taus sustained my experts
thou. Mut t•7log and mint oing others, 1 hare three of
these la Operstkei fn
s up ditienrst *tea, and. atter toot
rune 614 ham bolt to da4.^-1. Himonord
swot.. of Sod* Cirsiins.
" olio boa bad ow et Grover h Mart's rola,
tog Math.booo termite Vase, aaal aim dettiakd taloa oi
the beet laborestieg merldneo that ban been Inveated.
tal k l snob phosase u reeownoeadlng it t. lbe public."
—J. G. iisorria, afterwar y lhosesees.
-nig a bessUde Wog, mad oats everybody tote as er
eliciting at good leloor. Were I a Catholic I aboald
hoist spelt Galata Gnaw and Baker boadiaria Normal
botldsy V aomoseeerottoo of their good deeds Ibr be
autotty."—Clerirt Y. gyp.
think IS by bko tip
. e NUM Is ass.
com bo odploi boss li basot mobile lo = 4 41
esislollol. It says ston o rt, son 7
them cos eau limaighie. Was scold ant 'lOblsesd,
mossy could sob buy tt."— I. O. Bows, irogrritle
"Itts stosedy, ••ty asst. sad darshls is its 'twit ; .•
sadly saderstood end 'mid in repair. lea meetly e•••• 1.
wood this Machine t• all sty segndntaac,s sad ether"."
—Abe. M. 4. Rust, Massplos Tlaw.
'we WIWI ski *sews* to work to mu eskiateektoo. end
with Atom" oweimead it so the poblie. as we bebere
the Grover lk Baker to be the beet Sowing Machias in wee."
—Dowry **then,lfHreie Tirew.
"If used exchsahely der firstly Ori culinary
care, I will wager tbey will lest orb• kL score and
ten: :a nd sower get oat et Ix "—Jerks trishise,
'I him lad oar tiarekisto for sovon.ll ,, sad ea
poilloolly tbot as ewe A dew IP the boot sad
meet beeettral that rea r olio noolo."—Mergia temoioro,
Sorsi Tar. .
u_.•!. *Po* mats , dsesieshi% end an.
lbws winesuag, sad the week is admirable--lsr then
the best kood..alsiaa. say ether machine I hams ewer
sesa." . --.74ety At. Alieheine, lbws.
"I fad tar malt 4lat• dammed aad auk liesatitt.l I
fart war assa, n,sile 'War by head ea loaalibm, aid re.
Worrever 4. &ger kaablas as avast 4.4z.t...t
to oar im."—Jlllra lapkw, Raalaills,
el bowies alchwatalt MMra&wfae llashimar la woo
is sty aid lad 1 sat eatertmitly
reemeheibt It la all is vast da auslalaa."-40.
T. Tlamaraa. ram.
%Wits pliamare a eartgolar la the utility rt for Grow
& Won Itarytactiteddites. Hums used arse es ahreoet
Ireer7 diaasiallas of work tar swath; and glad It am"
elasagat WAR la_rarry Norma duo welt ammo try
barst."—Mra Madly, Biasergile, nom
"I would kr wwwilldwg Ita **woo of my OPIMIN k
Vaddillehr • Wow assault. amid I wet repass. It avow at
ploasturs."—Mbo. il. G. Ihemmel, Perheeifile, leas.
"Vier two ilackhros, pdstkowsi Ilrosa you. do the week
tureeternl ikar iedies. Ile wtth olowere resonuourd
the eerer & Swim &rehire to be Me beet Ia
esft"--11. Blames Ch., Yr.ptti Tess.
ronierararras k Sakitkroiag Illardsime works odadzotakY •
1 Wok the With sod MIAOW' separter to tart of say
&swine likrebiar I isnersaw. Oa Ow wort, I Wok the
tit weld he herd te.leesL" W. J. Dark, klrapilit,
"I Sad Cho illasishis assay wisiempiel. miry ilusalag
bAiii Aran his rassauseaditqr is to slierbo w sootii
siiinaosioulim plostanew"—litts. 7W... N.
Pi ts Manisedi Haim fisartsi lisetidass ham rims mob
yliat 4814////hakr neoesmued lama WWI she
wish a good sod substantiaJ sawing Rio.. It caseates
trout with mash ewe sad mord, sod somillasty Ohm say
other sasseias ham sosia*—lits. At. Ai. .1111111014 Mom
hia Thom
'4 as law togfve aq tissabrieury In favor of Grover
Bus" eselig naeldoe, We of the sistba ke tkp i pt
ever he ovary moped. It ores mad is I T no means
aampacerad,aad I pone It to prathers I hove asen - -
item. brresi, *Rot. 4. M. Mriplok,
it %nor* los swab plasm* to may, that the Itaahlos
worts well ; and I do not frartabs to recoosasmal it an
mraZdan an advantaged yea alert tor It. Tay al&
ar auleh pleased with It, sad we take pienanre In per
tilfyina to this efeset,*—it. C Driabley, Iweptu , Thep
Memo me pleasure to Pod thethever k Baker Peeing
ltaeltfae gIHKae moth satlidhotion. I have It le con
stant ass. mid &14 ft all that could be dement. it is t ax
genet do* end durable machine la ass, and I lwartily
reergnemed /Pk"
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