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    Orht Exit eborrrrt.
lry Nags single II utoerihert, tf pa lin rdraue.
C 4, pies will be 'apt t.. roe 'Writes. b•• $l,, add
•• tbe WWI rate fur larier cluhe
,• A 1 3 ,0 mbeerlber failing b. frr within the year, tt,e
pay,' a., 6.0 macoaltuuml u,J thr so. mbalt made oat at
rate or $7, per year, awl left a Ibb a prop.{
~.1•, t•er
rjr Plften• Ilne• or less nuke • equare.lball
4 .4. 4 14 •1 04 . 414 . 'Am , 94 , 4 11 4 $ 76Ithi• square 2 months $3 00
~o • •• two 109 0 66 6 a.
1.0 time " 1.5 One " 9 .44 A 75
aW' 0u smart a year, changeable at pleasure, $lO
leo squares-3 months, 86, o months, $8; 9 months,
$ll 00, 1 yew, Ob.
one column, or 10 Nouse—on. jaw, $O9; 5 psontim.
$36, 3 months, $lB.
••• Cards inserted in the Detainee Direetory at $3 pre
',wan. sic Oa. rolowed ter I CARL, over Yl , and wider
eight, $3.
Apedel and EAlitortal nottoss, TO cent, I line ; but no
&Liven's' neat will be Weeded among the Special Notice*
ter lean than oae dollar.
or— Morahan hi an 4 others reqb wing frequems
is their devil teen:wets will be allowed twit squares, paper,
sod card, for $l3. tor additional spec*, the charges will
be in proportion, and the tlvertia merits must by atrirtly
<manned to the legitimate business el the advertiser. Pay
ment fur transient adrerUeenueate required in advanoe.—
lililla for yearly istrertnelog will be presented hall - . early
1:01:$ 1$ :4:AI 0$ : :"Ali illo *II
B MAN, ILENDItibi 8c 41:0„
1101.1114/11.11 AND HIST• IL GICOCCRR, .nJ
J•Mierl In Flour. Pork, Fiala, Salt, elookia. Woocl u,4
.:10. Wu*, Nsits and Gloss, al No 2 Wright's EIIoCIL.
0 I= = t 13
•T Law, St Loots, .ITo
g,re prompt attention to the locating of Land
A .rreotr mot the payment of Tate* 14 1.114 litatta ktir
.„ur, , 4 41 lowa will also fill all order. far the pureha
tt Swamp 1-am.l„ kr.
Ari l" A.
"L k ilf j 9 srcee to T R Muted
at•atrseri alit sod Whotnawle and Kota!! (Maier-in
lo,nueatic Straw Goodly Artdicial lettporota, sate, Larva., and VaAtiotsaiptor l'anngou
Uuud u l , IruUtitig the l'ark,lartw, Va.l'areular
iald to ttrd,r.
1• ATTOXNrY -tuyt
-treat, .11010.11.11 e.
Met. 2t, tssa
/ . DNALIIIt lo l lucha, 11 ateh., h uw Jee
ii :Weer llionono, ['Listed N 1 art., 1... A
Hoe Willy., Cutlery and Valley U..od•, Vamp.,
Silly Weal earl. near
11 V ILS 6.: J IL 1J A
Vir liouca• LK & RIZTA II Mk 10:P. IU I.
a1..1 Staple Pry Arpetr., )1%1 1 111)4a, .
No 1 Hivint'o
. • ITTOKXIrI AT 1..0r --4 lib,.
Block, over Neuberger na►r tiottnuy Storg
tr.r.on on fits!' St et
AT - MUSKY AT LAW- - oase.”,a, Goh ..t
opritta the t curt tt0.,,,
Fla S. sirict In,
1 . . V.ereitslor to Nintart 4 A.weteta,
‘. iluLita•Ly AXL. RKTAII.I.IIIVtitiIAT, t ortare 01 Stat. in.!
:th sVa, LMulrr iu PLut.., tltir , by StLl itl.llol.rn.
Horning I laid, Itrumtrm, kr.
ATTOK3IIfI /1111 , CoorN.tLitik AT i.••
14.11111.,1 A. ( . .111.rr Itoer3.%elg'. Hi ck
~, r o.r State Steret and the Pohl ie u i•
BUlUnit at. H I 7 6 4r41: 4 11.
r , AT LAP - 4 1 ITor 11, Raven
awnieu Mork, oppooltr ltr.•" I/ 1 1114 . 1, PI 11.1
ark, krt., Pa- •
ATE. 11 %GILA,
I , IOrTInT, i.frien in Riv/nn
TT •
• * beg • Block, n"rt.t. Andy of UPark. ► t Pa
J • kloLltl“ Lit ai.•l draLoo ru all ksrgtim
of kuglisit, (rrrnokta anl A no•rwan Itartiwar, Is \ nru,
!!ails, Mega, /cc. Sa.kilery and r •rnh_t•
Ilseblo•Bibltiog and P1144.10.4' r 000 , . ..r.;.
Kfrod Bosse, Ens, Pik.
IrMaCitS 4 HENPI k 67 1 .,
HULTY.ALII 4,61. RII • t. I In
k/ l'roek.irr t •t.l N.. iI no
r wi.arr Mock, t "rneq• ,•11 of I. rt..l -cat
N 111• 14 k".
(Saw/4/ 4 / 4 to Ban., tr At
,Pti err, In EegLah , German and A WWI I. au hard• Arf•
4 tier, Ala., Nana A II•110, 4 . 1r,5, 1., o •Ii• •:• • I
a Revd Rau..
tlllO4 I.VTI,Is.
T• 11.0 k. In I he re...go ,„;
J 41.110.0. ILA Ala. I /du., nnai .rcrr N
1111- Os) tvvvy lb. K.+.' It. ..
AANE0111) kis CO.,
1 / 1 ".../w Is
• 44( .tg.t ..0 lie
mt..% coolottantlY H.r sale \.•
Put.l.e f.a.i+
rtr u.r►a ►nd Sinnufsetur..r. et( 4 .ta1.,
a. rs►nllJ i , PrsehU,tothe►bopfo-u , ,.1),pea11,1
by J,.1,..
DILAULas IP 101,4,11ra, i'1 . 10•11.11.4111 , , I n.
duty, Pork, Flat., Grain, Flour, I. rust., $ 11 . , . • ...,
VW., Brame', Pinot, Wooden, Wi11.... ad.l At. r.. W.r.
&e. Terms Utab. Yrters low. No 4' Itgl r. Hloek
.t•t• Street, 4 door. albo‘• tier 1',..1 idt,e. k n ... , .
Durniro, offl.e in 00000
bock, Ourth aide of Public Square, i) t 4,61 1 , 1 ,• U;
YaQtll t Co. All work warranted.
Vir KL•LILIIA G/D.X.ILIS, itu4 d.atete ii
act lariia Gouda Vowder, r•ur.t, t.apa, Lraft•ty Foal
Tobacco, Cigars, Pub, oil, be., ki• , S. I .I , llLt .1 hi. a
State street., Krla, Pa.
• 111. 4411 AT. r t• lOU
j Oki N 111/LARN & CO,
IiOAWAJDI3IIII end Commission Ideretiants,
oeslres in Coal, Flour, Fiat awl agent for a
Upper i.krBteanSer►, Public 1 , n4.1., I.
MANCTAGTI KXU of :gram I.III Z I 'pit. 8.,t1.r5.
lila Gearing, /Leval ta ral
PA SMOLA NIJI DitausSliaro_ksn.l Azynt
fur N besler k Wason's Sewing liael.tnee t ...•rn. orer
Austin's Jewelry Store, West Park, krle,i nr
I elf done Ln Order.
A TTOILWNT •TLA W, trargl, F.rin ount),
es. Oullaettosa and othst business t., s at,
proraptsess and dispatch.
JTUTKIR OF TUR Pears, (Mee in 11..atty'r
ap-stain, Y►
1;.oc; N , ~..
limaestie and impart/xi aroJ i.:erstry.
Tobacco, Fruit, M tab. (Pd. and Itutl x b.
Al. No. 7 Salmon Plonk, ?tate par.. t
WI N. C•C41111, A J. 1.114 K
o_lilll W. AYR ki-.
►Axi PACT, 1...1 Ito
IttakT IS • fill kind. of rune,.
.ars and Dining ( hair; hap 4 \or, tii•wk M tk., l'n
ha e. CHM lit'llll.l..
ithArwert, luck k vn i.onbtr Rveti
n.I Whinkey, in thn 11„„....„„ f „ ,„ 1,
It/ • I.II.ALZIN Ira hoot. stvi •t 1 %1601.
gale abAll Retail. at Nu 10 it n•vrlC.
kris, Yam
(1 1.113 " .4.1111111/.I4:7I•SCRIISI A N • b.•t...1..nd Retail
Jeelers ie Well untl 1' tetern Polo!. of au p. r ~. rr unlit V Ibr
cheapest end best our is UM . 7, 64•1, uu twin 11 airy,*
raver Pewits. Brie. I.
X . Aqtlediibt for carry trig Water for famltt. farm or
{cal purpnabb for Kalb cheap
1.. W OLua,
- - -
DR. O. L. Xi• LI OTT,
I Jele• and Iturelllnir in math l'ark
brut blank east of kris bank natidmica
grm, July 10, 11(68
J .
YOKW•14.111111wd CURIMIN6I.I Merchant.
Ynti.e Doak. gel+, dealer In Coal, Salt, Flab, /lour ar.d
Wounaairetat and Retail dottier in firotwrloa,
r".".l 4 es, Eakip Chandlery, Wne4 and Walow wars Am,
kr.. State Street, Erie, Penn
E :PIPL //EY ieTollltele.
VW IC A till's% ruff., JelAsr•r, and lboted
Dealer in testy description of FUrkIKII and Lieasestie Dry
i;.eets, Carpeting*, Oil Cloths, Ira No. 13, State sizert,
corner of Fifth , Cris,
Jr•rtioa Mt Pim'''. P 4,411, Agres
ti:beat Ronda and Illartssova. Laws, stvontPli " d
earelully &tarn Offie• on French, mitre, over Jas. S
Aterre4t, Crae.ry Store Erie, P.
Arroutter AT LAW AND JVPIT IC! Or rum
Will ',rubor tiao Ne• end CVIII t+ of Fsir Curtrity,
Asti styli promplasel - laithful att,utiort to All 6131•1111.0 cm
trumbut SO bla bands, eilber Si an At/or:rev ilamistritiA.
rt TOlden in KniPir• mock, urrorr of Starr anti Fifth
rim, Pi.
T . W. DUCC:ILAP. 4 I4,
Arrostaki ,ir - o d in
n , en of State Sfrret,oo tL. north Ind* of the.
Park, trio Ps.
Jaatlr•t Or TFIt rtMt-IHn'. lo
{Rock corner of Nadi :giro' an 4 lM Public
aerawista, ihrulira mar/
aorta; No 230 Main Striper, Radalo, Y.
Onetime Ate attenuon etelastrel) to tbor treatment of
&mama of theliC)e 1/711i Ear
Tr& le, 1 069. —37.1 y .
maafaetered at Naar liftern, Coen. Havtag abed
WO tisk [sr Dearly a year Nat, are tan eanfitt say ra
comantaad lt,to tit* Wade lia teal am VW said.
lWti April 0, Mt —K. B. I. SLOAN.
gun and Om guxurito.
Ma. Epirus :—A llow me to introduce Myself
—Nicodemus Nightshade is my mune, air. I
don't know how 1 received this name unless it
was because I " came by night;" and eertes,
1 have a natural inclination to run at night,
and have seen very much of candle-light during
the last eight years on the Lake Shore Rail
road. lam the Agent of the Rail
road, and my hominess compete me to travel
over the road from Erie to Bußik) twice or
thrice a week, and I almost invariably journey
with wy friend Paul -, the Conductor. I
generally pass through the train with him. At
night 1 assist hint to wake the Medlin's, and
emir) his WI) 14 lute he takes the ticket, and
gin is out hiS checks. Paul and •I See vne
thing pleasing andviusing on every it min, and
I propose, In my rough and uncouth Wanner,
hi gave you a few notes picked up on four or
Eve of tLr train. 11 r start in nu Mad train
to Butialo Fir.4t n wuluau —• - Mr Conductor,
want to pa) deown to Keene, .Vetl Hampshire: .
‘ladatu, I can recelt e fare to Buffalo only
—llcll. du tell— which way had I best gol--htt.-
aet,% It after hat vest five year
xgo he Neat over the Green Muuntings,-raound
by Rutland. Rhich route did you take in
cowing out! enquired Paul. —Bless you, I.
hain't bin back since we waillnarried, twenty
une year-4 ago come March There want no
road at all when Eli and we CUM stout Eli
lie went and cum by Rutland—you see he
had 1.1-.ness that way, and had Lou. Eli durent
exa.ol) like that rauute—there was such ter
rible places to toll , hut the Conductor deown
here vra, , ter) Lula, and showed Eli where
te'd go 01 if the railroad ruu off the Intel.
d Ku deown three hundred feet and he inaNh•
•d—the eunduet••r was very kind to tell Eli
e parted from our female friend, and
her account of Eli, and promised to purchaiw.
her /I ticket. and see her safe aboard the Cen
tral train at Buffalo. Next, woman with three
dirty children salute us etSay, look here!
I want you to liTlp carry some of these children
to the otherXot, t some of these western peo.
ph, never c p t give up steamboat ing I kelieNe
it's your ace. tint it Oh yes, Ntadam.,—.
\ vow don't p•it forgit Me—the fellow that
(111/ellllO Third , JPSI 1111 , 111 %%IA It 1.,1,111 ihhr
H. you are , promised to carry Truman and
Nkry Jane to the other }mitt, and lea‘ e nit Kith
the hatid•box and the hfthy — A na tin t p ot
think the dirty skunk did nt come nigh me
••No he did . ni; • , otol Truman---dirty skunk,
IA Mary Jane I di.rut [mach much 1.1:411"!
ht till: Conductor—he dodged a very dirty jol,,
alit had ?sly come from Clitcn.go that day
I:id then. knuw. Conductors require but
ttr~ tulle tort or sleep, and belong to the pub
lic. W e ruN, "11., but in a Yew moments the
wunittn screams out, "rwarit some water for
the-e children." Dripper young geniletnan
from Chicago, clothed in a full suit of cable
good-, with garrote collar, allows t hat . 1t so, and
•uggeatq the idea of soap with the water Paul
answer'--••The water-buy will he 'thing iu a
tow minute. " Then a InaiJen Indy withcitritt,
an and gaunt—and saints and angels what
have we here - A band-box placed On sent he
side her, top firmly fastened, and through a bile
111 "tut top pt otrudes the head of a fierce look
ing grimalkin, She wishes to know
when the itadr,:ad goes out to Syracuse. Chi
cago replies "Sol lint '4l the I.)epot come" --
then looks shout him with au expression that
•eVIII3 10 a•k, 'are the brethren satistietr' i
S.,w ',minter down --theta is no chance
our )ou to ntisaer question. pt °posed to IS
unless ou follow into the next roach ar:ist
at- encountered a eountrynian N ho, of
when asked for his ticket, tustantly rises to his
feet, dives deep into his - pnntaloons pocket, and
draws therefrom n pocket-hook tienr a loot in
length, the contents well secured by Nitric)
Ann's green garter Ile deliberately-unwinds.
and after looking over countless m o tes oI hots
and old time-wurn papers, at good lung last.
concludes ticket 'taint there—puts up his pocket -
hook. and finally finds ticket in his vest pocket
a ift beside hint, hunting with lie? lintol
in one of his pockets -while he is yleitrehilig nl
the other until his ticket is found Of course
she unt t ert - rry tier own ticket. and never ....W
-illem 4. , [he Search for it owl' he 1.1 +eared. and
then tierviiMily goes to work. First, content+
of her .•litix7olll — aredrposited in her Ist.—ticket
-lint there. Roth rtAtt Iti their feet, look in
hind and under thilir seats— llturirtg tit. teai-
Is ear) tick its Ahe , wild. Paul is ansis4.rtna nll
mntiner of .inest lo persons behind. before,
and oil either .ide of ll.] then the) loon on the
ti.por. obi 1111111 gets out in passage way to let
old lady crook, in order to take a pawl look
In doing fm he tramps on soy toes. I jump hsek.
and nearly upset the water-boy, and he, in turn:
falls against the check-wan, and over goes his
check-reel, and hand.oniely unites up cheeks 10
Iheat,,n, New Tork, Albany, &e. The old lad
now charms on her pocket ; she prtAnces a puli
)1 I. In.;
of pectaelec; knitting work; handkerchief
skeins of worsted; spools of thresd; wooden
soldier man for Tummy at home ; a snuff hni;
'told finally she has h. You eau see 1 riutnph
in her eye: she draws from her pocket and
places in Paul's out st retched paint a—fine-toot&
comb. Nicodemne. he says, we are loosing
time. pass on—and to the woman, "Aunti,
you will probably find yodr ticket when I couie
round again...
Big woman from St. hull has window up,
and says "it's drefful hot," and hopes we tro'
let the nigger make any more lire. Three Or
four seats further on is Johnny Crspeau, from
Sew Orleans; "Ah, :Uses Conducta, vat fir
you make se stove—sair be no fi-er. Oui, tar
diet. 1 moost frees ; vair es se garcon-4 a:IM
hat sum fi-er—sat madam bat se weendow op!'
—rat se devil she make!" As we pass him lie
mutters, "Ah, mon diet*, le neat dime I dratt4ll
I reel stay at home—sacre!" Whatan ungentie
manly Conductor not to accommodate both !of
these people. Here coming in at the door
i te
m —jeet German cleryman, dark complexion st
nay dark green—many moles on his face, hpir
behind his ears, little bit of down under milt
ear, and . on chin; preaches to the brethrenlat
Sockeo X goads, motion of train does not agtee
with him; gastric functions are deranged; btu
been out on platform; left hat in his seat; 4
handkerchief to his month ; isuncertala wh er
or no to return to platforwr, has been "Par
but like the Dutch boy who drank,his moth#r`i
cream, "he ?eels mooch petternowlin his sit*, T
He kits a half Awe, or clergyman's aftst.
should a clergyman bare a half fare ticket a it
- *
- *
- •
. • N.: -Ton ,
• • •
- •
-- • •
_ .
D: a I. a- T.
aT. .
It had floated awsz . • •
Out of sight of s •to
An empty and a . • ;
BILL that boat w , 2 - go down.
The morning rose , waters wide,
And the night ten ; Ind dark,
Yet ever on with the . and tide,
Drifted that baits .
The sail had pausal „ Ate
And its painted •
The salt sea-weed • ' around -
Which had been se •d trim.
Where were the me • end free,
Who had gone with ••c•
We never (mimed:
[lath lives like that , ift
Lives, that in early .• •
Anchor, and sail,
And never. eseept on `
Cati route to moori , • more
Mail Trnin Eila 1.
Raihrosd In preference to a lawyer or s cob
[That was a grandletter written by Rev.—,
of Buffalo, accompanying the return of a com
plimentary pass to winter course of lectures
before Young men's Association. He it:abysm
the Committee that. his platy is punctually
paid, and that he is probably just as able to
pay for his ticket as many others who calculated
to attend the course; and furthermore that the
association were under no obligation - to him.—
It was all very courteously worded, but it was
a merited rebuke to that abominable habit
which dead-heads that class of people, or as
signs them a place in that interesting crowd
embraced in that last parting sentence on all
children in arms free, and under
ten years of age half-price."
Pay your clergymen their earnings like men
and place them above the necessity of receiving
your alms. They sacrifice alluring hopes of
gain—the certainty of fortune for the love of
their Master, their duty and you; and shame
—great shame on you, their hearers, when you
fell to do y , i'ur duty to them in order ••to
bring lurch things both new and old fur your
benefit, they must have books rare old costly
Itooks..-4 ray el, rye rest ion, and obeervate.n. It ie
your duty to provide thew with the mean+ for
attaining this end.]
To business again, ••Ltu i change cars Con
due tur,"' 11 here fur " • Why, fur New York:"
W hat route do ) uu tole, Central ur Erie" '• I
don't knots. Well, let me see your ticket.—
•' 1111, you did see it--you're gut it "
hut toy dear sir, 1 cannot remember your ticket
and probably did not notice your route. Ticket
is produced-10n change cars at Dunkirk and
go the Erie road. Fellow sluing next him
says. ••that conductor knew all the time, but
he was Co plaguy stiff he would'nt tell "
Nicodeinus," said the Conductor to me .•
wager a supper at Bloomers I could take that
fellow on top of the Depot a t Dunkirk and
make him believe lie wits on the broad gunge
road. My dear friends, if you were to travel
regularly with us for a week only and see the
leather heads who arc hound for New York,
your only wonder would be that so few become
the victims of suckers after arriving there.—
.. Captain.. what time do we reach Buffalo '•'
9.21). Same question asked by 'three person*
all in plain hearing of the first answer and
three 9,2tht follows. They wanted to he nor,
you know. I cannot give you more of this
train now ; it would fill too much space. I
will giNe you .vme items of •• West," nett
sta- The Editor of the Jamestown Dom..
e ,,1 %%en t down to Cincinnati this spring "on
a raft, - and being a little green in city
LOA', 3/111 a little tired of loafing about the
ee, he' concluded to invest a dollar or a
dollar-and-a-half in giving his ears the ben
efit of ht•Aring the renouned Strakosch
() ) ...ra 'Proupe. lir went—he saw—he bean!
'--ein4l bete ti, his criticism on the perfor-
•• stains five thousond people were soon
seated, +.insisung of the (hie of the city—it
ws. Ow frost fashionable audience I ever
saw ins themnati. I wish I could describe
some oftill.' fitnhinn. fIirTIOICACKI the • - . 0.41.
Kam. The ladies now wear white thing-um
bobs, tratimed with scarlet upon the shoul
ders, or nutter upon the upper part of the
arms—the shoulders were bare—and the
dresses s+em to have been cut too short at
the top. . 14(1 , 4 of these fiv+hionablepefriple
earned them...double barrelled what-do-yon
call-ems,isuch as Key threw at Sickles.
•• Atteri the usual delay, a littlabell rang.
and the qq•cliestra came out awl, took their
seats. Strakosch took hi. seat at a piano;
he wore t-potless white glove , . and with a
1.1 lek or • wand eommeneed beating the
sir o+ er the keys of the piano. but
did not touch them. At a very em
:ph.iti, .itoke of the afore-aid wand a tre
inetol,.us -Lint or thun canto from (Itch/m.l,
'and then St rakosch went on uith his airy
nut ni pti lat ion , .
Ahoutl this tuna the curtain rose, and the
tau-ac eonimenei.i. The piece wab M ozar t' s
N•l(-1,rat4 , 41 IT INo fitwitia, and ft-urn this time
for thrert hours the man in white gloves did
not eeale to heat the air with his stick.—
l'init -otne old is Apr of an Italian Signor
Sontelsille,", came forward, and said or sung
sninething in very had Dutch, I should
think; hh was followed by a chap tastefully
dresseil;who represented Don Juan.
Next,l3+fada me Pin-call. the world-renown
..l -tigf•r, came forward with a limping
gait I idtould think she wore tight shoes,
and wasi afflicted with eorns. she seemed
much tdiulil+.l at what the other fellow
had suit ~ and made up an awful face. I
think -I e mu.t Ilavi• been taken ,Inattrill)
ill %%lib iAn.--- at the stomach. I it.otilil
a dvi.e her to carn a bottle of Perry Davis'
'ain killer constantly with her, as I was
In-tnittlr4 relieve-4 a it's an) .Co 113 It KIIIIIII
a...... :
' W lON' [hut •1 Win 11 . 215 ...'il) mg soft WOril. to
her, Miiiilam Nrakosch einli , tot wart! a nd
sang i i iiiite ls‘autiftilly and ism-ibly for a
momenl. and then turned tip her eves like
a -1' k t•tit. and the mushy sounded as if it
;wit. litiMi It twitir) bird which she was t ry
t lig 1., l‘N ,illnW AV... This strain gradually
-well+ , IJ louder, till it enlminansl i n a groin
Wll“(4..:.imilar to one I heard from a n l n ..
ilia ti w kite on the raft. This brought down
the hotje-e in a whirlwind of applause.
I .
is is m) fi rst attempt at criticism of
a musi al concert, 1 hope my musical read
eri t.vd exensr an) hick of proper phrases,
I..l.eeinfliN when I inform them that to save
m) lit. 4 I ean't 1(.11 .411,1 Zip (.Mm - from
•-ttlal hundred."
pil l
I{ A T ER TuiN.-A ludicrous incident oc
curre4l this winter, at " Woodlawn," on
the 15 oomingdale Road. Jones hotel, of
that p ace, is ornamented with a hostler.
whose fun is as fearless as his face is ugly.
One d y in January, while twenty or thirty
fast gt tlemen were standing on the front
baled • of the hotel. an indPvidnal rode up
the h. on the thinnest horse mortal eyes
ever 1 ked upon, Leaping from hisphan
tom steed, the equestrian aid, turning to
the h4atier,
"111. re, .lohn, gise my horse some water."
.. Si} ?" said John, with sl'ook of sutton
i o
• -ti ray horse some water :" thunder
ed lb stranger.
N ur horse!" ejaculated JOhn, still
more )Rurprised.
" Ilss, you fool, my horse I" and the
strap er looked savagely at him, and com
ment. drawing the lash of his whip
throw h his hand.
Jon walked toward him as though he
woul demand an explanation. and bad
take' about Aix steps, when he suddenly
. topt I, like one surprised beyond expres
sion :
" less my soul!" says he, "'I ax your
Yard n, sir ; but your hattimal wo a stand
in. a line with that ere hitching post,
and didn't see him !"
T owner of the spectral beast tried to
but a roar from the balcony made
1 ,
him ge his mind.
1- -
t a
There is nothing by which I hare
th gh life profited more than by the just
obi* dons, the good opinions, the pincere
and'gentle encouragement of amiable and
menOble women.—Sr 8. Bornilly.
)111 whwir luteleas:tuastleas Jaya,
The hope and heart ye rime—
C7.msl mhips gu down • e stormy sets.t,
Hut tho.e empty he drift uu:
Our house is quite i r one, and, he-
Rides those apurtmenti l Zhich we occupy
ourselves and tho'te which we dedicate to
our guests there is a very little room on thq
second floor, which we never use and very
seldom enter.
One morning, Ift hen I happened to feel
in a very economical mood, I b4thought
myself that, were this rpocn fUrnished jlret
tilv, we might jted at 1441 as not take a
txXinier—there Were sk numbers of itri
verti,einents in the t rs for just such
places. So ninny sir; - ladies wished
"board in a feria ate .'I where no otter
boarders were taken," dso many sinhi
gentlemen pined for She comforts oI
home," that I hail nn 4gmbt we could Suit
ourselves exactly.
Accordingly. I broatiaeti the sulAject to
Psalter at the table t a i very evening.—
raftlter only laughed first, but, when ho
found that I wa4 in eillinest, Regal in
" 4
the arrangement, met* stipulating that
neither maiden lady tier -gentl and
his wife" were to become inmates o the
apartment. ConsequOntly my choice was
limited. A single gedtleartrin I must - have,
anti I WSW determined 4o he very Rartienlar
about him. I consOred myseU 4 very
good judge of clutract#, find I resolved to ,
select an intellectual, Mond, and well-man
nered person. or to give np the Idea alto
Tuesday and Wedricroday passed without,
my athswer. Tlaursdajt. bought • young
man l.clonging to a fire-Axnapany, who stip
ulated that the members orhis "Machine'
Aiould be allowed the prAyilege of meeting,
in my parlor once n Aritotts thngine
hrittail wag out of lik e in
that he always in the morning took
brandy instead of milk. in his coffee.
To the gentleman's proposal I was obliged
to answer in the negative, and, on his press
ing the point, to inform hint that the recep
tion of the engine company would.of itself
be an insuperable obstacle. I did not think
it. prudent to add that hi, appeantnee and
conversation did not tend to make we de
sirous of his company. Although I tho't
so, I based my objections altogether upon
the fire company's expectations of meeting
in my pat lots.
I had said enough to offend my visitor,
hovret or, for ho thrust his head forward
turtle-fashion, and remarked that I had
better not "say anything agin No. 240,"
and that I might be "hoppin glad to hare
',ln meet in my parlor, lor—forull I thought
myself :.orne punkin., I wa, only small
litturs," RIO that "No. 240 1,0) , 4 were all
fine fellers,eand I'd bett..r not contradict
hillll---.11-41y !'' HII (1 ,I..parteil leaving an
odor of had cigars slid stale whiskey behind
My next applicant was a maiden lady,
who (ft-sired accommodation for herself, a
parrot, a monkey, two pm.slles, a kitten
and a cabinet of mineralogical specimens.
(if course she did not .nit me espeeially as
she was very particular in her inquiries as
to my servant capability of washing
and attending to lassllial and parrots.
Closely following upon her heels canter&
gentleman of appearance and
plausible athirvws., with whom in spite_of a
pair of very wild. singular -eyes, whieh pro
truded be . vond the hits until they appear
ed about to drop 11/110011 his cheeks, I was
mightily taken. In fact. the arrattgotnents
were neatly 14 /MAUI 1. 4 1, M hen, to my hor
ror, I made thedi-em el . ) that lie was. a pro
fe.:Qnt. of Spiritualism, and a speaking and
singing medium my eyeA wore
opened at once to the smgulat ity of the
getillenuin's eyi.% by the confession. and I
Ikeefiftiie aware that the nearest insane asy
lum wctubl, in all prolathilitv, -int hint far
better than my humble So, with
an inward thanksgiving for my resole, I
got out of the scrape as politely as passible.
and the -medium •' departed.
Then arrived three very untidy young
min, who wanted to sliare the apartment.
After these had departed. I declare I was
(mite out of patience, and almost resolved
to give up my notable litre altogether ; but
just as I had conic to this conclusion, I
heard another ring at the bell. Such a ring!
Not a loud. imperative, obrupt peal, but a
modest, musical tintinnabulation, which
betokened an unassuming and well bred
applicant for admission.
" A young gentleman"--118 Biddy inform
ed me ; and, after peeping in the glass to
see if my hair was smooth, I ran up stairs.
There was a young gentleman in the par
lor—a tall, fair young man, with straight,
straw-colored hair, combed back from his
forehead witha brush and a white cravat of'
ministerial proportions. He had dear little
hands encased m the meet delicate of gloves,
and was so polite and gentlemanly that
really, I thought to myself, I could possibly
not find any One who would suit me better
for a boarder.
lie was on a visit to the city—so he said
—and his principal (*eel in the selection
of a boardmg place was privacy and good
society. Ile was a church member, and
kept very early hours. He was very fond
of children, and would be happy if L had
any of them dear mealtime, to instruct them
in any little accomplishment, such as draw
ing or music, as an agreeable manner of
passing leisure hour. Altogether be was
a perfect model.
Fanny happening to run in just then.
the young gentleman took her upon his
knee, and they became friendly at once.—
ammittow or other, it was all settled in•
a few moments, and Mr. Orlando Alberta
had agreed to become the occupant of my
apartment. After the business had been
entirely settled, he began to chat with me
and Fanny and the other children, who
had made their ; and while we
were converting, the hours paned by so
quickly, it was dinner-time before I knew
'APRIL - 80 - 1889.
it, and, Psalter and brother John coming
home, they were introduced to our new_
boarder, and insisted upon his dining with
us that very day. Re acoepted the invite:
Lion very sweetly , and said that, if we were
willing, he should be most happy to enter
his new quarters that very evening, and
would send to the Astor House for his lug
the next day, as he was so
ed by his journey. To this proposi
tion we unanimously assented, ami Uwn
all sat down to dinner, Alberts saying
Cceat. its commencement, and expr4,s
, in a cenversation which ensued,
atoellent, sentiments on all subjects, that
we were absolutely charmed with him.
Very soon after the Meal was finished,
our boarder. pleading fatigue, retired to hit.
own little apartment, and Psalter. John.
and myself, a little later, sot off for a con
cert which we were desirous of bearing.
leaving the children in the charge ui Lid
dy, with Instructions to put them to Is.Kl at
nme o'clock precisely.
and bmy,
broken mast,
' it bows,
•• How do you like Mr. Alberts, my dear
I said to Psalter as we walked along.
world's wide see
ing boat—
. dare lost
''s coast.
" Tolerably," replied Psalter: ••he -,4•••111,
to be a very excellent young man—not par
ticularly brilliant. but very worthy and well
- Well, it is better to he good than t., h e
brilliant, is it not?" I retus.rkoi.
But how do yqu ktmtv that Mr. AD.!! t•
itt not both!" inquirKt John. "There i= a
latent fire in It is, eye. a gui.r.r.iase4l fen, ir in
his Vinee, that t.e11•4 me he al truly great. rit
such men were martin" wade. Emma (.11.1
con notice how he it
wire= tu•tually grand."
•"rhat remark of about the dignity
of truth wits really tine,'' said Pwiltet Y , qt
may ho right after all, Julio.-
Anil he i, •e kind to the (
said L
" I am auto we shall he delight., 1 with
him." And w walked 1111 tOgOt thu
most amiable mood.
Thy concert over, we returood home,
When, to our great murpritse, 11 i• r,ptin.l trio
children all up and in the parlor.
*4 It is not my fault, =um." Maid ifiddy ,
when 1 spoke to heir about it. ••Tiii, yuuii
gentleman got up after 3on %v a. gt , tio r
has been play in' with ',•trx t Iv..
arta he sent out for .omo tidy for 'em ;
and then, when the tun was °vet . he res.l
'em a chapter, and hub 'em say their lira) -
era, for all the world lev if he a uxut
"Oh!" said Fanny, ••fig• ig,q(l sneot 1"
They talked about Mr. Alberts. all the
while they were undressing, and their ad
miration of him confirmed me in Inv opin
ion. Children have such perretra ! -
The next morning we arm° 24
Mr. Alberta did not make hi-; ;wr wi sram -p,
and Biddy informed mail:tat he had reqn;;-; -
ed her not to atomic hint if he sliould
late, as he never took breakfast. and was
very much taffetad by his journey Q..,
cautioned the - children to be quiet. awl le. ,
eat down to the table without hint. After
breakfast, the gentlemen started for
Places of business, and everything proe; 4;•;1-
-Jed as t eam! till noon: but still Mr. Alhcrt 4
did not - make his appftranee, and I berm
to feel nailer surprised.
It Wss about noon, when two men, •tout
and stalwart, and wraupol too hu g . ,
coats, knocked at the la , ernent .lour. awl
before any onaltad time to opin it. Qtel)!N-4 I
into the entry.
" Beg Lour pardon, ma'am . / raid the tit,t
man,—"'Beg your parilun, but i, tla , ri•
gentleman by tip , nainci of seraggin
' 7 ' No, sir," I replied
" Nor any one named ' inquired
the man.
" No, sir."
" Perhaps the name in Alhert%."
other stepping forty:mi.
" There Is a gentloinaii harried A r
present in the liou , it," I rei
"Ah! then you „ill he kind enotrzh to
tell him to 9t e p flown a minute 1 " "aid the
llrst Fpeaker.
"Certainly—if you will walk into the
parlor, I will call him," I Fatal.
Accordingly. the two men i,,roceole<l to
the floor ahnve, I sent 'Biddy to <gno
mon Mr. Alberts. After a crept deal fa
knocking, she retuined with the inform/le
tion that she could not ',mike him hear. --
"And what is mote, mum, - , tie continued,
"the window nut on in tin< roof or tho Shod
is open, and the curt Uris hlowin' out of it,
and it appears as though there wits no Vile
in at all."
"'rake my word for it that ti , i• loom
empty—the bird bird has flown." silt the first
We must unlock the door, and make
sure, however, said the secona.-
I stood there in perfe,:t MI en t
they said the placed, at the
same time, two stars upon the
their coato4.
"'What could it all ratan"' - I thouglit,
"Yon look ..urpri.eti, ma'am." . •NI
first polieemnn. "1 \l
hero,. came the ghoil. iitterlectooni Is I 'ld or
hotly over you, I ill t
er., like n good I. toot all that, oti
" He eertairtly .eetiteti to lie a 1' eiv cot!
person." I t vyltrd. lln lit. t, 1 r..., , ,rte
to ot he!
" Nor . repliod 11“. '• 1, -
mum! awl +re it tno mi.. , tnyttling. It !-
curious it you don't.-
tinytiting ?"
Yes, ma'am. !love pti ),mr
Over, ur tieen your joiveiry this to4‘rum • "'
4)h! what u start the amrcht gave nie ! I
flew into the hack parlo r. for, I.r it kIlUt% 11,
that in certain iintiv4.ra
kept any fork-. ttly •sur11111.• money,
and several firth b.f. of
era were closed. I tried them. The
.and WA contents gnu.': and
Arr. Alberts—the antiatote, imp at, pion.
Mr. Alberb--was the 1111,1'
It vol.: his particular forte the poliek.-
man told me—to impose hint-ell upon per
sons who advertised for hoarders, as a eon
wientious young man, and, tan r iminua
ting itimseif as deeply as p0..41,b , their
confidence, to take lfrench leave In com
pany with their valuables. I 411sonvered
afterwards that during Biddy 's untie for
the purpose of buying candy, Fauny had
innocently revealed to him the contents of
the book case drawers, so that'his task was
rendered comparatively easy.
Oh! ho* I felt!—how provoked I was
with myself! But, between you and I", it
was great consolation to know dust we were
all in the pane box--:although John, wby
expressed such an exalted opinion of the
amiable Mr. Alberts, declared that he had
not been deceived for one thoment.
Irwee still greater consolation to get our
forks back again, however, and to receive
the news that Mr. Alberts was a _resident
of .. i Tnit Sing. which we did in less than a
fort t.
P.have come to the unalterable
resolution never again to advertise - for a
single bonnier.•
led, The applause of a raan'a native place
is gen/many the last which he needy's, for
those who knew-itlm in youth will not read,
liy allow that in papacity he is superior to
themselves, and *re apt to regard - the com
ing of hid fame among them nark intrusion
to be resented.--4 &m antsingham.
ear Some workmen at St. Louis left a
whisky bottle where sample 91 little boys
about five years old got to it, aid drafik - of
the whisky., which- gave one of them a rave
nous appetite, and the ran hornet° appease
it. The othe_vWas stupified, imd died in
spite of *u cal efforts to save, his life.
Sidney Smith pronounces the following son
net one of the most beautiful in the English
With silent awe I bail the sacred utorn,
Which slowly wakes while all the fiel (Is are stall,
A soothing calm on every breeze is borne.
A graver murmur gargle' from the rill,
An echo answers softer from the hill.
Aml sulker sings Ate linnet from the thorn—
The skylark warbles in a tone less shrill,
!Wl' light serene, hail' sacred Sabbath morn'
The rook 4 float silent in their airy drovvi
The sue a placid yellow lu.ore show.*
The gn!ca that lately 9igheil along the grove
Hlnve hushed their tirovvey wing in 4weet ro-
Tho Motoring rack of cloud• forgot to more
S., smiled the day when the first morn arose
flat I ea,- in hive ea- a fact that ill," net
inlrnit of a shadow of doubt illiorted
nit-self like a per-oti in love , I I.tikeil like
11 person iit lone: I lisiked and hilt like a
1 „•i5.,,,n in het.. thu 1/21 4 1
0 , 11 o':?11011 t ~1 111itt`
110 ver,, 'i n e t
weigh in the I:iii!leh hut
guage to dc-scritie the t it lengt
hteadth et it, It
1 ,, gi • of 11111
y,•t t, In h. fix .1 I .inciple
lir the Irioal heioilni 01 ii.ann
Xi ) hut his It ILIIIIt:ti--1.110 strong
,t oat/unix
vi iii, iiinetei heart Kent via in
t" the lirecteiti ~t the tnii-t. beautiful mai
den in all --- , hire. in and Ate return .ent the
carnina hie heart tv tweet tuine. Twice
a week, as viten as the eeek kaine around,
i to the old br•,iia home et Dr,
ill .I.Lnlitor in) love, and
a. regitlarl te r a rdeital_
its return Irian the teil lips of my
Lintrutnig Janet. 'lle. geed chi c on lul u,.
rt):4i )ur 31/ , 1 11,
.1 , 11 11t1
t 40 , 1 plea -Me in coll-tallt ,••••
Iftltt , lttt92 1.. iii our yr , llth .birt , st Tr:o tn:-
iure4l by sly rvl.teller.f; playhous.o ul
thtt _shod, h linig-aleeved ptji t ifor t ...l Al i I
pallt.111 . 060:1 111011lik, ‘‘ii:lo I
1,11,1 nil t L OW -iu
no: moth. r 1. , met,. -
t • r. ,r neverthoit-,- , , thittorannod
warn; \\ 0t.14 Ay) :Ma)
liii• 1,•1].^1 I
in th(• Morpliews: "Ow
t ,, the , nonro-t rite: JAnet
wrm!4l. I,,vdt.aue, in a mottlerit 9 time..
J-i-trn brim n
At i.n,o wr :et about tinik;ng prepar.,-
ii4m- , -tor thi• important jonrnel Fvery-
Ohm!, ~t erair4e rnu , o-he enmin. hvl witit
tile greatert seere,y. At twelve u 11._a • k
It e 111% gvt 1.11%"
,tlterr gr..) nag cut I.; I 11,• •
.11111 hat 1 , t.“ her. : , 11 to,'
•lan. t was to, Va• waitin , s for m , . at her
Chamber window. 1 el-, to place a ladder
(It the -,41.111k , It 01(11 , W • • ht , Vt.ts lu llez.Leti , l
tlut latickr wer, t. , n to tiol
r.'ol lane, to til,iot %%b ore th, I, a w
rie.tened. an.l then Ow aim! not
out: un U.
Tlttre %;..t. 1 ut ott* , U illcuity lite S‘.l\
-r(0011,111.1.:1 . ,
a 51;1 ,
Ple 1.11 111..11111-, t • 11-1.1•
" Irll 4- 111111 1 k 1 . 1 at all hour,. t}l,
we. , out ...Ili- If l'aun) ttn.
1M11, 1 .1 111 1.0:41,110,
purp , -0 1 I.laccd in Janur- hand
remnd. , 10113 r. But Janet !teed
tu...,it.tanc4.. rut 144 -1 concluded to tnakc
I h• r 111. 1 “...1‘ .1.11...1111rt.11
in I liat c:1 -e
.0! r.t - It Lou-, I.:. 1.1,u
W(:11 1110 long :.n.
y. t dreaded night an at llcoi
loth. ii I..elen feet enrite.l ita ; Co,
now- chat ••1 i :nil.' It..utlid
tioll 1 tsii , up. a• , • 1 t.:11 by my . r
window out. 1 thought. for the
last t me, upon the hnme of my tather.-
1110 Innen VC/IS Mit In all her sipli)titor : -lie
,Lind t lightod up it her -11%in
do. 1.(4, ‘‘. II
1.. ...1 111 nli I 4.• IN. ilt I.;:t ; 1,•,.. the
world a warier.r. Thr• fif
out -.111• :111.1 hetore my gaze,
1-1/0 110111 , lu Mi hall 1 kiAdl Worked I_OY ,/11Ct` I W., :1 iatl. 1,. --4.11 :
.lcur. kind tailor r Lel !•t I. 0,,
junoture tnc t}:n at I. t.. I
tutu d tintlV fr.wat iI t w:titiow
'if I et 411,1 e (mt.*. in4.l
1/1:. I-% 11/1 • .at
N., . hettei ne.the:
than I have
In .1 -Intl! and .01)1011
1 1" u 1 t,I “untl for r-otnetilnig to
iak.• in% 1, 0 ,11...1%. ( w i l d b a d
ht. —.l e IC. I. • .• .1. I 3-4 .1 -pm
1% h....A w hvi i .• I s le i o
4110 0101 O. lII,' 'WWI it W‘,..)1.91 rod.
M Itl MN I. I.• 11.11 .1.1 1...11
II .11 , 1:. Ind Ow..
I 11. tilt 1...ek..t. I 11:1.1
not 11111. eloek to the
1..1 , 1 .,.-.,,11..1 -..1(.111!1 y :Iv
tun.. li.oi . :11011+,1h ,kow
- •-1, -• -;.•p 11. 0...
`tt t• tt: .1, 11,. l'ot Pt \ \\ lit ...I
11-I,t - tti tt4t41111,41 I P.m-Pl..]
111\-Pi; t.:111 I tip I'iittl..:llt It 111 .1 ter: p . . 11-
1 ..1111d.1. It Win
ted..IIItI 1110.101 i . ..I 111. , 1 .11
10.11 , T . ..ti11\ I .llt •i 1.1. --lug t• , .11 . ~ ,1
awl the 117t-han.l
1 -lie
vu( t , ,•at liums•
111 .• ,it liilellt
One. Ptilt ht.% %V.,11 . 11.1 11.11. - It,
I.4llmph:int exit li,,te t tL, ~1.1
and in 1.41% in(onont , Ira.*
.I , l4ritiLl real
tttr%.,qtlt- t h.• tate
.11. all w i t -1/11:e E.ii:
.6-. l eratt: tlll-f hit''' . it
11'0111.1 he ' .—‘tillat a al etcheAl prolicitment
uutiltl 1... in! 1 groaned aloul‘i .tt
the t I ptit.:l l rate tipm
th. matter: I -(11,1 that It it. N% T O hl plat
tee siltellid gr.. W. 01(TUIll ;VI: it It ‘%.1511 . i
light, in all piol.alftitt (,liould ,t.i 2 ; a t
ot right “1. twt right, it that
al,lo little 1- in helm) n,. I'.l spend all
my (lap; in aveitgoi the tvir(mg—that
(terrain. Wai lin earnotat? (11(1 - 1 tne..n it:
But Ice ~eel.
How earnestly and anxiously I to
wank the chamber window of Janet as,
atter fastening my horse by the road-isle,
I walked eauticinsly up the long lane that
led to the doctor's 11011t.e. 0 joy inexpres
sible.! the waving of a white handkervlnet
in the moonlight told me that everything
was right. that in a few momenta I should
clasp Janet fondly to my breast, mine, mine
forever Alt, how happy 1 was !--so hap
py, indeed, that I stood still there in the
moonlight, with my two hands pressed
firmly to my left side. fog. fear my over
loaded heart would burst from me entirely.
What a gore I must have cut then ! What.
an Apollo I must have looked, with my fine
proportions wrapped up in my wedding
suit! I was slender ; I was tall ; I was gaunt:
I am sure I wag ugly-looking at that
What me I ►nnot tell, but
from au o d chest I had taken a blue broad
cloth swallowtail coat that had belonged
to my grandfather in the limo qLhe wars,
and in the pride of my youth h got into
it. The u►ils 4..mtne nearly to my heels,
while the waist was nearly to my 'arm-pits.
The sleeves reached' te the** Of my fing
ers, hiding entirely from view the luxuriant
sir of white silk gloves, which I had al
-1 .wed -elf for the important occasion.
Above this uncetth pile of blue bioad cloth
was perched a hat. oye stars and moon
that looked upon it, testify with me this it
was a hat !—a hat and not & stove pipe, a
hat and not a boot leg I—That hat 1-100 -
ing back at it thrpugh the Mist of peony
five years, it seems to have aria T kt the
stature of two full feet, while ire tips
pears little wider than sny thumbotail.—
My eyesight isn't quite as perfectas; used
to be, and so I may not see quit . &rightly.
Make all due alkoranoes• dear reador._,
I say that I must have Looked ugly at
that moments 'Be that as itomnr,l thought
that I was looking spleeididiy ; ',thought
the figure I cut Wu an honor to the name
of Brown, and I was proud of it t. proud as
I walked up. to Janet's window,.and plsoed
carefully there the ladder that was to bon
her to my side. Everything war silent
about the house. Fate was surely with us..
Fanny has been bribed into service. As
I rnod ther e, , I could see her little trove
flit noiselessly to and Piro by the wand%
and how I blessed her—blesied tier . •
the very bottom of my heart, fbr her s. -
At last Janet commenced deacestOnst' the
ladder, and as she did so the moss crowd
t4:l in out of sight under a huge black aloud.
Tho heavens favored us; our success might
be looked upon as fixed. Three ste more
upon the ladder's rounds, and Janet's
dAilay little feet would stand : a t terra
firma my own. The steps were and
she held for a moment fondly by thealeirres
of my blue broad clods, before we looked
up to the window, both with upraised hands
to eateh a small bundle of cloth/Iw, that
Fanny was to throw down to us, ancierhich
welied no other means to with us.
" Be quiet Fan," whi n Janet, as
. .;6ter apt.ieared at window and
poi,ed the bundle above our beads. "Be
qui.l. Fan. for hi-oven's sake, and drop it
quickly ! '
l',ut Fanny 'till stood there, swinging
I,l,kwatd and forward the huge bundic,
without bee.ling Janet's earnest entreaty.
- lin, .lo throw it, Fanny dear! Do
hay some mercy on me! What if rattle'
-hunt.' know of this ° What if he should
be awakened !"
La. give it her, Fan ; don't plague your
in a hurry !" Called a voice at
that moment from the closed blinds at the
parlor win.i. ) wi, which belonged to none
othrr th•tn Dr. Stoddard.
"(five hor the things; and tell the boys
tr, r. rry out a tag of corn, a cheese, adze
%. i. ni,l tAtttfit to the cart. Janet must
Itat )a 4otting out. Only be dill about it.
1 . • eilelit•ul we were petrified upOn
t 'L ; I GlOUgilt. I should fall to the
gri quid . Wind should we do—run. faint.
le, ev *IN .rnae or go wad r While We stead
n two huge mattresses fell at our
11 . ti f owl Coo window followed at, once by
I t ot• I a, 1 i I I i's cam, table sloths and sundry
It it• t at tick< notx%atry to the setting up of
rr-IKvtlI1{1• hou*ekeeping establishment
•' don't one of tbee••
1), .% Le is belong to Janet r
Lim. ;it) z)tud.lartl. from one part of I,,be
:• Ye., yetA and a bolster, and a pa,ir of
ntce pillovrs too. Carry 'ern right ont of
the front door," was the answer. •
" Whose horse have you, Jason 7" asked
the doctor, pushing up the blind, " Your
" Humph ! didn't you know better than
that that old grey isn't worth a button to
go. Why didn't You come up to my barn
and get my black mare ? - Sam, Sam. harry
aw .ty !traight to the barn gnd harness black
Molly for .Jason. If you'll believe it, he
tuts going to, start off with kis father's old
or-r. : Ise quick Sam—work lively—they're
In hurry ; n 4, time they were off."
11.ive you anything with you Janet, to
e..t on tLe road?" put in Mrs. Stoddard,
poking her bead out of the window,
•• ma'am," faltered Janet, moving u
tvp or taw trout me.
•• \Veil, that:6 good forethought. And
s., 1 11. d. tnere 16111•1, 5 LIE. or =gm" wad..... 1
In t h y•, e;tiler : Can you ms some
ilitN 1 , 3,114 ikild bacon, and some brown
1,1 v. 1 ,1 elteese do, Jason ? It's all we
" Yes ma'am." I said meekly, step pi ng
easily as I could a little farther - from
" Lock, father and mother, quick, now
tile moon is out, and see Jason's new- coat
and hat!" called Fan. from the window,
her merry yoicv trembling with suppressed
laughteri Isn't that a splendid one,
bitilt•r?—just look at the length• of its
tail :•
'• 1", , s;r, rather new." I said, giving an
/0.. k in tits direction of the lane.
•• 11 1I,'• .Irawlid the doctor eyeing me
t..yly, , .• that tout, is handsome:"
•• .I.nd ha, 11.4., father:" called the tyick
ed Fan.
•• I tle-dare :" exclaimed the doctor.—
•• look here, and JSZISOII . I+
tout at d In.n, 1"
What althuld I do--stand there till morn
uis that inoetsant fire of words?
I,hould l tun Should I sneak off slowly,
.1.,n0t v, doing ? What, oh 1 what
• I ,, ,n't th.. look nice. mother?" asked
die doctor. puttmg one broad brown hand
ON r ill, mouth, and doubling his gr ey .
slino-t down to his knees. " He-haw,
Mother—he haw:
.Inn's they b K)1: 'not.," roared the doe-
evalkin't ,t mid it any longer. Tho doe
' us a ,ignal; it was echoed
Ironi all iorts oi the house. Fan cackled
troni t I. chamber window: Sant shouted
tram t lie I :Stoddard '"lnAto-ho'dl"
hula tilt. kttvlien ; while Charlie threw
luut , . II iiown in the doorway and
Itkt• a wilt( Indian. I turned around •
i l•atik aerosa the garden. Every
-14.1dattl. called after Tee. lam wrong •
‘.•;., .- , io.ldarti but Janet : she remained
told me to come bank for the
:ut.l cheese; another that I had for
a,t n 111% I , undlectnd bride ; another bade
tel. \%.,it tor I.l.kek dolly and the new bug-
Fan tod u nit• hold up my coat, earls, m isltould thorn draggled. I didn't seed
11) roqUeists; I went directly for
honio I le:14110d borne. feeling sheepish
--no. • - •liet•plOt is a weak word thr it—l
euu"t exi•ress to you how r felt. I had n
wrvn.: or hanging myself; I thought I
had iwttor be dead than alive; that fbad
made an idiot of Myself. It was all plain:
Fan had betniyelt us. I vowed vengence
upon le -r until (lay-light, then sneaked out
to tht' I.nrn and hid in the haystack. I
there until Charlie gtoddard brought
r» f.ither% horse.
The d(I gentleman was frightened , want
ed to knowhow he came by the horse.—
11.. rn told to 8.141 c me; he did ask me,
and I made a dean breast of it ; I didn't
u r u mt4e him not to repeat the offence;
there era. ; no need of it; but I am /lure of
thi= I did not Inc* at a girl for seven years
—no. not for seven years. When the eighth
year came round, I remembered my , old
v, Ay against Fanny Stoddard. Well, to
make a long story short, I married Fanny.
Janet became a parson's wife.
And here let me tell you in confidante,
yonder. that I really think little Fanny
Stoddard had a very deep motive in her
head when she betrayed' Janet and me,
though she was bUt a algid. She liked me,
even then,. I believe . Well, at any rate
she declares every time that the affair is
mentioned, that I have had my revenge
upon her., Bless her faithful heart, it has
been indeed a sweet one
)th A bungling dentist in Oncinnati
has caused the death of a Ml.. Weston,
who applied to him to extract a tooth. In
performing the operation while she was
under the Influence of chloroform, he tore
out a portion of her jaw. A day or two;
afterwards her head swelled enormously!
she could neither sleep eat nor drink, and
finally death relieved 'her of her intense
'• Y-e-e, sir," 1 stammered
Test gtve me my glasses, wife," said the
Is it a new one, Jason?"