Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, January 08, 1868, Image 2

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    ficonobtivo Mtututrat
WW. 11. Jilt OriV, Editor.
i•ettro,ilit?.. .1a ti.
4. K ri.11%,•?.. , troi4 rpoi
*r duly aothunrnd 1.1,0 f wit and ferriy” 4 , lll , Krtp.
Hon. sqlyprlvking (or thn Pfloorrof Hot., pitb•
ii.hg4 at /1100 , 10 1 .Jrz, roltunbta eutwy,
Thy fart Mlfa I a. and caber Mate
;esrnge is ordinarily a passion of rapid
growth, but, forttrately, in tie: H=itler of
Providenvo, the period of it, dUratigti is
eirmtneum:at: with the short time ti
t,, toren it. full iluvelepment.
This fortunate thr the human spcties,
to which more particuLtdy the shove rule
applies ; fur if the rule were that the pl.-
siert of revenge liould embrace all titr
t h e peri o d hi which to satiate itself the dor:
trine of Christian thrgir, enesi weal -1 twee,
rarity be abrogated, n would be &-
i es, through un everlteting
But while the ehristiln spirit of forgire
, s *l4 to be-encourag e d a-t bein' among
the hien% t of these impelling powe-,:-
mr not only to ' , anion, theist' who injure
n., but to do geed for -nr.; men
, tivilizel tqunletnitie whore it
•1 re: Vert a n '! lOr ..'”?/-1,i/gt the
rule or .• ion 171 '
tliqntbilii , T :PA MOn>
tither in r, t,
ill roll yr, t • , • • • .tine an
wrong in Llie t, : , I. r
th di 11 i.. ; 4 1 of the
w‘l,,iker r the st,
-a I aliJ. tet.ct:i ri
r,ot J P441::...11 .:.ire • 'i
ntent, i s not ! • t 'a rr,s
spell for thy: opinion : u ,
as a proper regal) tor har nu free
inert must . ! d f
a lunitagri vtli , „h V e u• • .; n Oil
v Mm, anlirrin.:: our • ' • t,
Thin" ft , t ho. wc-re indu.. IT
cost 11, pal:Ft...he lin lit ~ -if th y '
tt t r kette plro • ( • • 11", •.:%•
ties to be, h4l in th , citr, of y
the FAritet t.
to tepe .1' .1, i• di • ••••• • ti
r ;et ntunbi. r .•r I . , • • •,1,•, ••• • •••.!
. •i 1:••
• •• • •-, , •
~t 1:.• • • „oa r 1. 1 1 ~• •
: c•.•
41f,'; . •!; • 7 , ; ;II
r I . ;; . • ;, ••
:,;, : • 1•
'; ° (1 . 1110 •' • .. • ; .
V.1:0113 Li) ;'!I 1... ; 1 1. :1 ••
‘ , 4 • f.• ••, ‘• •
1110 fittiet th..:, * :. :.t !
gti‘ • 1 • .1
r;; i ;111 tt
t w t:: -; .
adieu to their v vv . :e i„
try jll: a. I.' :4 r • tt3.
Early /itt ttd by the of uti:iter.
peteert atel tui.lote , . In Anglo,
f~GI, a hattar.'n. I.f . matt ttituitte4
inky the county, wet:theft for a tittle a por
tion or the quiet town of Mood, hur,:, atei
were then, with all tlte pare pltert.viia of war ,
cannon, ant llliitit n, lc, taltelltu the... i nitro
quiet sugar ennill‘ , , tf‘tll. , r pm; th
county, int , the whit of a eem. '....ty of
;.taid farmer., anti there e.n the
preutni , atel in the hots..c • alp
to t he of . I:" 111. t
eror., and of thnce, thnt 5?I'l to th. ,
titter trtetien of till the I.;
of inoneent
I,nidio'l 4 . 110 1 'r l'EV,trintiri' r , r Ff.:V
-(141 dlyS' Oil the vote( th of the lwrd 1,11.(v.•
of the 4 e tuls"l)histica*e.l proe4eded
c.nt.t. 'pandit.; at the 'Teak of day to arret.t
tdanit one hotelred of the people on tvito-:!
labor they had lived. r"rty o more
thego (Ad and young, tr::re teas Led
off, in the tni'kt of giittt ring I..tiont tA, to
r.trt 311.11ip. But few of thr.o• wr...;1 ever
inought to tti.d. ertn I.;:fzne the
t, and IGettnhi e'Clit 11:11;i:try
Lino , of tw
But who, in the ca .o. , 1 71. 114 ,1;a
County 110:quiet's, was maidy to blame
Not the military. ; it, tit.,v ttpoti eit:7•
wide by ~,4 ;i?;/4t!
'raven hezutc#i fonot ie. t opt ; .t mod t o
those in power that rho 4iti701.; ot the far
-4 if region of Fishittgetcok wt.o.u, Atlx: , !
invotigatiom ern luctyJ 1.,t a :tha . ol
I;cm:rah of the rho. • I tliA ti;
p eo pl e u' rep ro g a g .el ottly in th 1 0 P.',
furglit- , of ttgriceliural
th- tete Lettelre e ro a-rt. and
the forty or toot.d inteiret r
Nou thee, ktja-tice, res. ilk , . be don.,
The Con‘ention is Melt i about to he be' h
is only "the heghtnti: g el the in Vet
much to vindicate the right and cloy re
buke the wrong niay ice accompli.twai
these outraged men on the tmotty second of
February next. L t the reel traitors, spie‘,
and lying' informers be totmaskt.l. fkc
blood hounds of the County f Columhia,
whose yelpings led on the minions of ins-
Spent Ude power should he woo.d to their
kennels—they Amnia have such car marks a
'would diotinguilt them for all time. To
this and ht out spoken men he :cut t •
this Convention. 'Lot in-five be don.: thonch
the heavens raw ; legit it be ii suet not i n a
spirit of re: , lige, but
The ritt•Ling I“.t ixt tteakir;,:of
the Rielien in tr0w. , .., 'Thee
mote Rejuh.ican nee c%A. r 1 rots
trouble from nest ycdr, r..! 1 41 are idreatb
howlin; ever ilk: iir , .+.!.. 4 t tire Dcmcvatie Ma^
inrity in the Legielatare, which h t elect a
St4teb Senator in place a Mr.
BUCKALEW. They have 'Already tiatnel the
liom 'attar 1. V MAACK, a.:4 the tltn
dilate of the Vernoemey. They may well
quake a - , dm mention of bia nnity.:, for if ho
haa any aspiration in that direction, he trill
certainly be elected. The Demmany don't
mean to atop until it is in poutession of every
branch of the 11m-eminent
TI'aR.—ft required no little pluck to under
take an enterprise like this at a time of'
general depression, when the appetite of
the public fur Inkrlnz irnm. for reading books
of all kinds had diminished wi t h the eon .
traction of their purses, enterprise W 413
begun, however; and, what is better, it has
soiszeeded. At the end of a year notorious
ly tin:'svorable in a business point of view,
the magazine is not only established, but has
ael eire t l a monthly circulation which the
oldest magazine of of its kind ;M AI be glad
to emulate, When we look for the reasons
of this success, aside front the undeniable
energy Uild spirit with which the business;
department of the publioutioa has been con
duet 'd, it is not difficult to find them.
In the first place, the Magazine is not for
Massaelorsetis or New England alone, but
fir the whole country. It has both contrib.
utors and subscribers from Maine to Califor
nia. and from Canada to the Gulf. The
topics treated in it embrace every variety of
hortieoltural interest, and appeal both to
nurserymen and to amateurs. It is espe
cially strong in the department of fruit
tare, do ugh a eem.ithArio pert of each num
ber isdevotel to the culture ur flowers,
awl it has an able editor for each of
then dotutrttrtrnts. Since the publication
of' its earlier number , , it has adopted rbc
plan, well suited to make it popular,
or Lrzating a great variety of topics in a
Feriet , % of short article., or condensed para
gliaph .1, so that thoso who run may read,
reserving however, a certain portion of
each nu 'ober for art icles of greater length.
; 1" tr the nmehattical evanittion of the
ntagazit.e, no pitinkation of its LOA in this
It( rs ha no.ov coaled or oven approach
ed it, and type arc admirable,
anti the inuMations pith which every nun
her ahottieh4 arc always ext.:diet - A, and Often
Liu the porfcetion in the art of wood
• ;A;gra‘ity. Tnk , ...;„ for example, the number
;-fur the present month which is now heron.
nrA. 111 S ean illn-trated titic.pky;„
tit.,447m; i in,ecrilent. taste, arid executed in
a nn,tm , c hart' > to I-••• sorpa.en 1. ihcn
11:0 w ,, 1 mazie of
the month then r, pre •ctit ttion
~f a tl ; n 'e•t.o Diana
II en'l...; to;•:r 0.• ;to tit,: palf
rend trmr ifs v;;;; • Omit V."1:1
YAIVV, I' then a cht.ter t
rt. ';•111 • ;;; . .... r... 1" • , S,Vi'Ll;', a wle.h. page •
tI..•T• Pe-v, of the tire, of
' f;•‘f , t ; :.• ; d oti.ot to tit.-; ".•;)o l
•• 1., •,;;s: th.ot if; ; roard Taman,:
. • and
,• C.: • !:. i.• 1 : isC tr.''
•i• = ' ;1 nut;her-, tie
!i, -1, a Ii sef ....Mi. , to fr-in one
t • 1....;:e4 on a va:".ty of Itotlitontaral
f N;;1 follow the - Nom-, runi
the rnr , trtlr . Those con 14150f,0w
fety short artiei;.r„ varyin..;' hone
• .;•!- to a f't,w Ins, and t;;.tt !no; in a
• a , 1•11:11 a*lf t!
i0,.L.• -1: -at,w urn
t:., • ... a•••• at L.:ln , a:, I r
, • ••'. ..mal;'•oa ,, t•-• in ~t part.
tits •- • • al: • , •• ti:ilnt:.
agla: •az 'fl! nom
!. • • witb d, • Luttyr-hoc.
4, votol tto 0•1•: - codamiant$ au i replita4,
may al.l, that, ill VivW of its great artiAic
excellanty, thi 4 magazine i•••t ono of tln ,
licapett r•riolicat. of the
( 4 11 SRI r, Too:1411, rnt , of tll eElitli's of
the La Cro , ;:e• / 4 Wa% Idle 1 in ow
0, : .2 ter near Angola, licw
hi r4a•ogn'!„-,1 by a rinz on
finiter trarke , l b." The last nntn
hi,r of the netho:t in, na l ~ n rny ! , .Q
,li.rpo , l In tnr , nntinst., with an e htiriiiti in
uilieit Mr. l'om tinnotthro ; the r.ll
I:t . t. rtmthn . f. "tr. LontitJJ. Iva.; en
lips tzar cn;r, where be intet,d l.fleolehrttte.
the hn"ilay. by getting married met the
fate v Huh has overtaken hint. kayos hitt
intenik..lbriile in an nullity adespair.
; 1,f)nt,13.t.t. As "Brick" says "Poor t'llarley!
110 WAS tt youv7 man---a writer or imblik
t>iiitti rOVI verquility, nwl of ereat fature
T.rorni,4. re? P.,,v,,yat will n:1 , 4 bho
rc.el•rs ticiil real , :; , that u
pa.asaist absent 11!)u, itslr4t.
I.c iq raw to it I, et:4r
'.t11.1, a 1 thn!, tlnngh hi 4 vc,ts
hrler VAti latlro than tir tralizatinn
or his it ot, of ea, thiy glory in that oth , r
wcrid where tic aro told there isno tlarkin..s
and that neither nor sorrow can en
' tt r thrrelit.— Pe r +, :Par IT on 1
Vt . . , to. , j .ertroh to furni-h our pa
nots and ethers will) the Dumocuxur AL
MA SAO AN!) roLTTit COMlaltif.lrll, for
the year Iw•cly, at the low prce of t2o cunt::
per y. ft is a linnth,onie hide volume,
out iluilitt al out ninety elotely.
but II rated matter, of a highly in.
ter - , :o r t ' o r. its ankle on finance,
I.c-ient indebtedness of the
t ;overate:lt. ant each Mute's proportion :
and the compltte late election return?,
parod with the returns of hilt), are alone
worth five time, the price of' the ALmANAr.
'I he work ire Nun) iled and published by our
ft:. a, WO tic friends of the N. Y. Pay Book,
Van Eerie, Horton St Co., No. 1,;.2 N loha u
:ltreet, S. Y., who will famish the Abitoette
to nerd , - at t= Itoo per hundred.
en_ vo Tut .rtz C.ViAtittlrE
1 } (M AL (i rum for I stlS is a Fplendid
publication, tilled with the most eho;eo flow
. rs, prket.f semi and instructions in culture.
His lar; f ie Feed Ware House is in Hot lw , ter
New Yolk. It is said that, for many yt ars
.I,Amc s . teas an amateur— vultivating
tho Me e t r them only, Mu a few
- 1 1 / 1 :. 4 , 1 ho curia eil the arena at , a itrtal
ioual rultisator, anti also as sli importer and
;; rowvr I.i' sctdJ, hull , , etc— in which field
ho rapidly acquired a reputation and celeb
rity that plac'eto him in a mos t. enviable peel.
tioo. This is the House to send to, for all
'lie choice seeds and bulbs. dead and get a
CoM , tegtit, fhr further inthrtuation.
---The Legklatitre convened on Tues
day. and elected lion. &tam% IV. DAvts,
of Philadelphia, speaker. 31r. D. wits
speaker enures ear! ago, when Han-slier from
the Vetiango District, end bnru in the
Mato three terms since from Philadelphia.
Ile is a wan of no little legislative ability
but n hitter partisan. The 31euilxtra stand
politically Republicans, 64. Denim:loQ. 46.
In the Benate, Republicans, /9; DClW
crato, 14. 11 , Yruhliehn mnjority on joint
ballot, 13
MILIaItTgA 1-w Ito, by "gouda flinui"
Ironton opponent' s stotrutrwts, though ihry lre
"Atli oars, *NA ototeincots mu be Wolf
Sucerhiffolly rrfufrd, it is weft Yea, A f t .,
dear Neter, we repeat, we did ask the only
public advocate or Mr. Vanderslice's elec
tion, and it tacitly denied, by porpnin4y eon.
miring his temperance views.
When we say porpositll, we speak by the
book. Dr. John has more than once, la-
Melded ariblYi and denounced fiercely the
room riperanee movement, When the
Conn ty fieenity was organized no spared no
pains to quietly advise its members to "be
moderate. or you will break up nor party."
When his signature we; solieued to a peti
tion ask in# Cited to close the ''intionoits
dens of iniquity . ' in his own town- who,*
temptations were constantly open to youth,
tend many were bring ruined, he answered
in substance, "It will militate against the
leffitxls tif , ety beVieegg, WOndt`r that ,yon
ask me." - IN heti a Committee was appoint
ed to ClUlVltss tr he expediency of petitioning
the 1 sigislatnre thr a County prohibitory law,
the My st ld e<r n was the first and the only
paper in the County to diseourage action.
Ilut more of this when necessary.
I am st.rry to admit that 6111(a': tilt'
Temithll'S and likewise republican, Tempters,
in too many instanees, sill sionifice Puppet:-
anee principles to party t after
n anilidato's polities, rather than his mor
als. 1 was ashamed of my party, crhrn 104
Pall they attempted to carry the election in
ma lt y localities. by denouncing the Repub
lican party as the "temperance party.' atol
them enticing liquor sellers a n d consumers
their ranks, by promises of lax-laws,—
nor did toy chagrin abate, when in those
loralitk“, the Repuldican party denied the
".' and in prool'of the denial, gave the
people nominees whirs° characters were
bla:.k with r edur r , ultose systems were
re, king with rum. Sll.ll ii the last politi
cal reilini Philadclphis. and many other
places Wl' 0111111 111016011.
It ' l,oll will politicians and their journals
recogni?:e their true relation to the morals:
of the U-1.1' , .'5?
Prua , -tiATIC TwaLtre.
Cataxvi.N3, I ) , 1:6 '4,7,
New liampf4lsire Coming.
Thera h.-Trns to k but little ilQubt that
the I)emotrat I will carry New liatapsbite
tit Om ouning election which takes Otto! in
... 1 1ardi. .111 the municipal 1 leetioel recent
ly held in the principal eitil4 and towns or
that State bac, rt -tilted in ih tur , eratie vie
t,Jth 4 . it l'ort , ninnth lint, then in 'Dover,
and ow.) in r the radicals have
heea utterly r •ated. They carried all thow
1:11 2 I'' 1%) . majfnitie4. We here tittle
clscuLt that th.. State el-etion will
r..-lilt in as old 111,hiotied Pi.m ,,, .Attic tri
umph iu the State,
P.`Vt. ',JP. Y. Pt: Ti; , enti ft
- "itlt tio .11, ,
i , 1.111 hl3O 1 , , aii .l
a:o •r. I , t bo u eorw Ivrttt. by all
• ! In this e , ,tintr;., 1 . ,:lolar limit
has hem griiv in;; in favor
: ':!- a t , floo male of Al-os and,
Rhoii:o rolt , 1 into a hall. Their hit'h
a t
position in i ,I'l , .11;1.1y
been 4p , , , rae,1 and fa,P null into permatieney,
by Ayer's Cathartic 1111:• , , the tort 4
t;intbinatii‘n ,rmetheitie thr the ili , ote( they
arcs int,l , kl to cure, that :oviettois van
o r art produce. who need pill*, na
lutittr be'itato what pills to take if they can
get Ayrr, It /toting r,/,)
111 1:104:r. 4J-r.r.,7, fh ,41,01,er,
I I y th lAA i, I Iv*ntkr, Mr. 1,..ct ,, Tt, 4 , f NV.o. l .*:n . N. V.. to
of Op; nwer
On On , 24th of ikolnl , er, by the
Bev. Nathaniel l!lpear, Mr. IV, AV. Miller.
iktooek, Colombia County, t o 31i.s An.
ttelinn !Anita .Ik, of Fishingerecli. Col. Co.
On the 21;tii of Po by the
,soar, Mr. James Everett, of
, Itawpt counly, to Mlir, .%+ltTia Moore, of
lrt..enwooti, t'ohoultia Coon
At the re-itletwe r,f tho 1 , 1 itto' , 4 lather, oo
the by the Rev.
E. IV:ol.worth. Mr. lhollet I.b. to MN.;
:itt. , anka 14.1hts, both of Fain/maw. Luz. co.
At t h e time. by the saute. at Town
Hill. Mr. Nathan la. Chat,in, or Itt e ,th ol ..
ton, htlzetta' Conwy. to 31i , ‘ll A.
rn:: - . or V-hintt,rvelt, Columlna '4o,tity.
the or the 1 tido', father, in
Mow,ltip, on the I'dth tslt., by the
Lev. 11 F. Alleman. Mr. ('intrlo. , 11. Knorr.
to A. Pietivnbaeh, all of Moot 'NI).
lho ult., by Allen :Hann, M r. Al , rahant !farm :rah of Pc,‘- a rt, N or th.
oo l h e rlawl County, to 31iA , :Mary Elvin, or
Rtiarin, , ,, - etv..l., Columbia County.
On the L'.6th t the rt. - 4 , lertett or the
1 1 011" e, 141 %
Calvin 11 , ring. of Orang , willo. :Via
A. IhAte. of Centre 'fowl: , hip.
t fn tho :awe tlac, L . . t. the same. le; 31r. J.
M:it.,n Pe...41T. to Miss Emtna Schieter!.v,
both of Cohtt:.l , itt Ceunty.
On the same Ihty, by fi l o Frono ,
lin} than, to Ni ,, s Dizal eth Sitter, both of
t`otuthria County,
0.1 the zatne flay, by the ,auto. Mr. John
A. I,Pe. to Miss Mary F. Culp, both of C;ul
un County.
In the 15th olt., by the s.atne, Mr. Adam
Varner, to Hiss It• both of
Luzon,: C o unty.
On tilt, :Yth u 4., by Rec. E. B. Wilson,
Mr. Wm. H. Snyder, to Miss Sarah Meek
leo hie. both of Orangeville, Columbia en.
At the same time, by the same, Mr. M.
M. MeganAl, to Miss Robeeta Achenbuch,
both of Orangeville, Columbia County.
On tb 2.lth of Pecember, it:47, at bight
Street. by the Rev. 1C M. C., Mr.
Emattml 14.9110 W% to :kik.: lie4ttr Whit.
mire, both of Columbia Cutimy.
On tit.. 2tAll ult. by 111. r Jaeob Modem
Numb. at the esbienee A' time la hl-'s fath
er, at Ftllwater. Mr. Thomas 11. Edgar, to
Alice 31elleury, all of Columbia County.
On 25;11 ult. nt the residence or tin
lartit4, by flev. M. P. Cro,tliwnitc,
5,4 1 t vicr, of tratmevillo, to Ali's.,
Beulah Metplotiliall, of Benton, Col. co.
On the 23th ult., at the Town Hill Par
sonage, by Per. M. P. eresthwaite, Lean
der Cartl4lll, of Rinebanana, to Ramona A.
Reler, of Nov inlumbus, Luzerne eo.
On the 24th nit.. by the Vey, 'William
Ever. Mr. John Williams to Mi-s Frederica
ILniine!e, both of Danville, Pa.
Al 'note IEII. on ib I,t h.t.„ by Err.
T. Wlel-worth, :%Ir. Samuel M. .1114 m., n.
to ..‘ll El-ie Baker, both of Huntington.
bezel ne County,
On the 2d in t„ by the sntoe„ Mr. Elf'ord
P. Fitzgerald, of Shiekshinny. to Mho , Liz
zie liat Visor), of Huntington, Luzane
On the 14th of Deecmher,',l9 , l7 in Frank
lin Township, Columbia Co., John Brooks,
aged about 80 years.
Madison Townoh4l), Columbia County,
on tho 7th of December Margaret
Detnott, daughter of daen'h Demon, Erqr.,
aged 45 years. Her disease was cancer.
In Limeatoneville, Montour County, ()fin
flematicti of the Luna, Charlie Hanniton,
ron of Maggie L. and Dr. C. 1. Kralitisin.
age .1 2 months and 14
The following list of retstipts to the Wm
wear for the past two months—November
and December—is eneonraging ; but when
we take out the actual expenses in the pub
lication of the paper, there is a very smill
margin left. To those patrons, who have
so kindly conic to our assistance during the
past two months, we tender our wannest ,
thanks. The present Volume is rapidly
drawing to a close, and there is yet gn abnu
dance or room upon this Itom o 1 HoNon
for hundreds of names. Our expenses are
heavy, and all we consume in our business
must he paid for in cash; consequently early
and prompt payments are expected, that
we may be better enabled to meet the de
mantis made upon as.
Rev. William J. Eyer,
t 2 00
Miles Albertson, 2 00
David K Hayman, 2 00
James Keifer, 3 00
John Fruit, sett., 2 tto
Henry Carver, 1 1140
John 11 Yohe, 1 00
John J. Barkley, 2 00
I\'m. Hagenbuelt,
2 01)
.1. IL Station, 1 PO
G. W. Palmer's Est.,
lialtis Sterling. 2 011,
11. W. Creasy & Co , 2 021
AtI..TCW I So ,
30yeph Mowser, 2 INI
C. Sarazo, 4 25
Jacob M. Mils:, 001
Joseph I tens, 2 00
Joseph Mowry, 2 01
Julia A. & Sade 31. Barkley, 3 87
Wm. Lemon, 2 04) I
Jeremiah C. Smith, 2 00
I J. Aslin. 2
Jacob Herring:tom 3 001
Charles I', Mann, 4 00
llira in Ash. 2 too
botcher 31. Evans. 2 01)
Peter L. With., 2 no
John G. Freeze,
Ja.tmei 31. Prim., 3 04)
Cyrus Robbins. 4 (10
lieljamiti Sterner, 3 35
J. N. Blocher, j (a)
Iloraee, 2 00
Elias Shuman, 0 0
Samuel Snyder, 12 00
JoS...ts John, •
C. it. .Irtley, 2 tat
John 1 Imo urn, 00
Wm. A. Kik, 2 00
I (haul Seliwemn r, 2 00
Mordecai Millard, 12 00
1-to, Lev,l4. 200
A ..1 * Nit ,r,,,,„, 0rt , 2 50
J. C. Ki 11cr, 2 00
I I , ley Tote. 2 oo
' t' 1., 3itsno 200
Jnhn ,M0. , 1,.„1., 2110
Joh:A a .‘,,.1„ 241 C
G. 1;311.11 . V. 11,1
Llearer s dmorpeulit 50
C 1.. Savago. (54
1 D. P. .!. 4 ifit, n, 2 0 0
4 ;corp. Zeigler, 2 00
31,me ,, , Hower.n
t John Kcichner, ja, 2 tat
! Eli Kitcheu, 2 en
Dr. 41. Horne.
I Daniel Knittle's F•#., f. 1$)
Samuel Kelebner, 1 s' ,
Diehard K 2 00
ni, t , eng, 4 00
11 ,
4 r i t,
ties hard,
Jaeoh A to .,
Montour County,
Thomas I
4 ; roe'l'itunight ,
Ileheeea Vanderdi P . m F. 0 4.1
nhli S 1011,1,1!,
1 I YC. 31111-.
t leo. 31. tlar tnir'n,
31ichael Waiter.
,; I la,.
('bat - its J. N 0 . ,.
ii.n. Tom Thulith,
' , avid
s„lanou Uhler,
Thomas & (*.les Mellor:,
Rehr Melt, nry,
I Ala:chant Dail,
' Coleman,
Casper Hahn,
John Ch , fier,
John S.,
I Williant Crab int,
L. Colo,
John ,leheatieb,
Caleb 11. Ludw ig,
5, S. Sl. , einaktr,
J. S.
1 1 11 rid W. (lark,
orge Strieker,
Wright liughe , .,
V e ,.a. National flank Of BlOolladirg,
Daniel P. Palmer,
Solomon Attl,y,
' Aaron Smith,
' Joseph Yorks,
Widniyer & Jacoby,
Stohner t< Wubuyer.
St a .l,l,olo,o's E s t.,
Monne , 11.iker*P., :St.,
Pt al en II at twit,
John Hot rho:,
John D. Weaver,
'letzten flohrhaeb,
S. 11. 1 tartranct,
John I:reveling,
Thomas B. Cole,
‘Vbetit iwr 4144 $2 40
11‘e, 1 'LI
Corn. :. 1 10
nuekwhcat " 1 00
Ottig, 1. 75
Vlovontev.l '' 700
Flour per barrel,
. ........
Eves per down
Tallow per . .. .
Hay per tout
Notice is bombe given that the following
persona have vomit; application to the Pro
thonotary or Columbia Comity for Tavern,
Restaurant and Liquor Store Li t enses to be
granted at the coming February 'form :
Bloom N 1 idinyer &Jacoby, E. House.
Co., Berwiek, 1; 4 .. i ligl ad Verger , "
.. ,
Cato% itz.fa. Gilbert ,k, L. Store.
Greenwood John Leggott, Hotel.
Maine. J. K Longenberger, "
Prot bowarv's Offer, t
Plerin , ,burg. inn. F. I.Fcc i
Vim tirio awl inot await of 4. rt. Miller. Coat.
mines of hoheern Vandetelieit, a NOIIII4, Ali the.
eon. ithero,ted will {AO lOW tast,the *comet of
eath ethethittee bar tidon tile,l in the PfaihollteCity'A
0111r..0 of Volowhit Monty end t h at the Pith wawa
wilt he parented to the Judge* of the Met of
Conine of Noes of said coedit) , tot et:411,010160d. hi
Tueeday, rebtoory (meth, Wit.
Medi; thilitid AN, Prothotietali
Bloomabo 114. N. lAK
Mat, of Meld /Y.Clirk, toltif .11Intoir r. p., drerditit
Lettere of adthinistration on the tettftto of Pthei4
Clook late of Montour Towothlh, Voloadtio
County, dereund have been plotted hp the Rogo.ter
of IMO to it 24. Shuman, In Chowison. Cne .
Comity. MI porton* haring Oahu' bitatAA tho ProP .
010 of tho :torodons ore rogileri VA to promoott thorn to
the odoholotrator for rotor wn& hod thooe bnowiug
thoutoet opt indothod to the notate Win atako SlOweitt•
htft pOtoolut to tho undoreigord
3. P. SHUMAN, Aithistharator.
Cntawiant, Jan. n,
to the Orphans* Coort io and for the Comity of
Colombia, to the nether of tlel potato of Willi tut
Hasher, hate of Wow Towhohip in mild chanty, de.
r.eared. The undersigned, Auditor appointed by the
Comet to make dirtributiott or the halation in the
hand* of the odaiiniotrator of said, deetdout. will
meet the parties lotereated Co- the purport of his
itypeantuteut at the +Ono of kotrort to, Clark Rog. to
Illoguroburo no Saturday the trot ,toy of Fehruory.
win+, at ro o'clock a. se All podia* interested are
reientoted to attend on that day and priming their
claims, Wbe forover exarded from soy part ur
shore of cold fund.
GEO. $, COLEVAN, Auditor
tnuary 1803-4 w.
,• . _
WIIBREAS. the dims. Moto s I"3.wstb, rresident
mite of the Court of Orr mol Terminer and We
eras Jed Delivery. Court of Quarter ttrasious of the
Pear- and Court of Common Ilene and Orphan's court
in Lot 31411 Judicial District. compered of the ronatn i a
of Colombialtolli van and Wyoming and the lion. leant
Pert and NSW K. Ilerbein, AosoiateJtobretinfroluno
Mato., have issued their oma, bearing date the thi
d it of pee_ In the year f l our Lord one thalPnind 'irk(
Imbed am' airipperen, to me directed for bidding a
Court oropi and Terminer nuationeral Jail delivery,
General Quarter Sessions ofthe Pew, Common Pleas
and Orphan's court, in Bloomaburg. in the county or
columbim en the first Monday, , Mang the 311 day; of
February neat, 14 continue two weetia.
Nome I. hereby given, to the Coroner. the Justices
of the Peace and Constables of the said county of col.
umiriathat they he then and there in 'heir roper roe.
sun at in o'cloek in the forenoon ofseol day with their
reverts, Inquicitions and other remembrance to do
those thing'. %atilt to their etheee appertain to be dune.
And those that are hound by reco l p f g A rp.., to pro , (i . t .
against the prisoners that ars or may be in the Jail or
mid county of Columbia to be then and there to prose.
ento (bola as ohnii lin pint. 'Wort aro rilinnitent to tin
ponetenl in then sitendantemreenbly to their notices
ono,on nettoi nt ttloonithurg, the ltd day of Dee.
'.in t he year of our Lanai one th o n c and mitt
f lot ndred and sixty seven And 'litho ninetieth
year of the independence of the I mold suttee of
A ow s a. ( Cant oven l' , olnOttWitsitta.
MiIIUACM attLLAI4O, eller&
ttlnemclArr, January d
&hurler. l'heruitto Deily,
nr.tiToN— iemb Orden.
HHAV k. GPortte Drisahuelt. • P K KOKO—John Puak, /brain
Cit% '44:11 AM—Jenks Dyer.
eATAWIttitA Meoh Shnigara, John Sharplsall.
U.Strl I NO , AVEK— J itiwe cpruph.qt.
FR. t‘KNlV—tfunoilou
Lit C .011—J tsegh s'Asie.
I Of, sr - Peter Vto um.
V %ON. tti —Pear) %Vaguer, Jaeoh M.Girton, Coo,
tV, ern{
i Mit hue! Hough.
Ott IIGII,-10 K. MIL
KHOut nottqwr„
r4o yr. I• Moore rrevehug„
s":Aftl,ol,l' Ge,ag,? Heitz V:,
rir 11. t. V EIISE litt I(Jt ri•lit_
it I: AU I" TERM. ip6.
K 14,!4,
CcmtrF•-Amon Vi llu r.
ratlirwirpt-t; syt,ro,„
t P. 410 -.Joooph
i'tah ink.rvnk-Jantra 14, rato,m.q. Ilirata
rciiitilm -William 11444140(1i.
0r... It it .14— C . 0 ,, 0rU.5 Nhii"...o kiaaft
John 1)011014n, Tlt.mi
ifritti4 ,, i(*
Jerksu±i-Jahn .t Atrilim.v.
Mt. Pl. 0 , 41' , t Wt1, 1 411111 ,, t - ".
P.,a,firtlO, W.. 1.,
&ft. 4:e•41(4 , !. W. Appiemtin. lam V`f
ti'MYlriteWtit C 1161.10 Hawk..
.1.401 4.. “*.g.
-t.lO/104 Lee,,..y, wiiki,n A
Parton.C Mc44llltllll. ti Ja.c44p
I«riv /Mitt Timm Ihilmati.
tiligarl , af-Jatite4 aril, Andrew Limicirli.
r **cif (taro—John Karol t
11:1101IS COrla t WiMt)N
" PLEASI, rEunt•AvY 100 , , I,w,
loom --Nl , lrl iti IV , o,dnard.tinwtantV. Hatton
Minos Knorr. John Wolf,
tb:ttro.h Dora—Joao Mc.Lrui7, lothat How , r.
ItesArt:ovek—John VV. Omit Hamel hAthio t:
olitaw pow —Samuel Kth.tenhan,let. Joh n Kt lift.r.
Winulto, Lead.. lit•tttr.
rcntre—tiohn MU. tome 11.41 , 3lnirlun 11.
--.n,el ;11, Kiernan.
Ps *Ong, reek—P,seph 040,,,0, 1 hellos j Mud,
rii".Lh I iimigtamt,
W. 3 Leidy Join wo
iiett,ortpt, Iv*. Pi tt'. t;41,,r.
UPilt fiL:l4 Wu, IFS .1 A
Fox. i' , rry 111.11,p4,
Miwison—ingeph 7A.10 , 111.
Marite—Altrol Vetterir,
O. rim,. 0,
tit - aloe—John W. 146.
lq , se—Luther A. Jovph Imbitheig,
Nissy it. (.es.' vs, rsbs,t Ilewell.el t al
? Gsvi.l V ,• 511.• VO, 16.4,10. MI O.
3 Wimets A. NI cm James Pvt....
n,u,utAbbott is Si we It. Edam.
. hones Gannon v*. Miehael Crane* Pt. O.
Tailo , ll r4ill va S,vlvester J. foot.
tLittortel Waters vs. 1..1 , 144 Watetts.
i Samuel Ws tors vs, George Winetcs,
9 John Tretaty &Gm vs, Silty K. Gte3e,
In John McDonald vs. Lewis howl, et al,
II Wet.t Itraneh Instalment:o vs Simon t: Strive.
):Sward McCall et 01. vs John OweonLy.
14 Peter Werk looser. Moto Rost, et at.
t 5 1 , 11, Person vs Andrew Press,
ID E. G. Person vs John Gain.
n James kivvivksv vs N L. Campbt
II 1111.11.1A1 Asia vs John It. Leitty,
10 Withal, Iketer v. John Savage. to O.
Jo Hann, G, Hers adult, vs. bones W. Stottey.
SI Charles tt. 31111er vs, the Township of UlOOlll.
tltt thottel Vetter vs.lssae. Vetter, et. at.
93 J.t.onit 'I hennas use vs Henry Frens,
13Int U LeSty vs, Gideon Arndt.
1.3 Catharine sittosiey vs. Stephen Niched.
Ili It tot y Esse ,et al vs. George H 44111441, ett, at.)
J. Itsvition vs, Ilobty C. Ilarttustt.
IS Henry It Hupp vs. Mirbilel aline.
IN Mr tilliam Cittrii. vs KOtihrt C Clark,
Itavol Helots vs David S,
3t jl,llll Gears vs flutist Gower. et al
Nary Alvitteatty vs Robert GOMM. r Co.
43 Joseph Hess vs. Samuel Everett.
Jitl4sl:: CuL.C3I AN. Pi otlPy
Ettatttn.borg Jan. 9, Intla.
1 t*,
I I)
_ ,
' 1
• 1M)
2 s
t Trims NoricE.
In the Cann of Cotinnen Plea. in ;ie.! (o tin
rnaney of ontainbin„ In the matter of the sate of
the real estate tai John Perry by the Sheriff. 'fit..
nenterrigteld andunr appointed by the Court to osiik,,
distribution of the fund to l'ourt, muting the
lien electors of John Perry, will meet the parties
interested G.r the pumas« of his notiolotillenti ci
He urn, in EStaamshurg, is Multi County, no Men.? ny
the filth ant of foolery, A. 0. Oahe at to o'clock a
at. nt . that day. All the partie,, ini,reoeu are cc •
quested to attend on that dap• or MI forever debarred
from romtnx in tar a part or shares of said fund.
11, It. litT.LEtt. Auditor.
ituannboorq, nee,ls, 11467.
. ) ,
. )50
1 25
N 1111.; ORPIIANS" CO IJ wr OF COl4
tlAt PIA COUNTY. Estate of Witham C Cohorts.
tote or Jorkeen ierrnolop, Colombia 'Willy. The
ooderefehe , l. oedit or , soyedlttel ly the I tr 0,3 0 ,, .•
Iloort of tlelo ehei CONIWY W ell , l :W.W.I the
rut. s and polrorlioO4 of fle. Woo.** of the Oeeedeet,
in WO WOW. of Ahr dhoti Youns ono otairatar of
Wolisst C. Roberta, der,orsa, , amotq *he
eveolliol , °rotor e , W4hIO.O , Ihy la w trill meet the
credos., of the ,0 sod all Mho , ' llorewlo Us
tere.itd. er llO , otheo of the Redoroe r of Heeds In
WOWlMberg in tool Sro raid Costs y r r the purpose
of his OppolilloweY OH Saturday, tha lath day of
January lane et Itt.'mark, n. to,„ of toad dry, AU
parties interested ore repterted tO Untie, on thud any
and preowit their rdtduno or ho twever dethartdd from
tomind id for s part or share or aid lend,
JOHN 0 YHhf ZE. Auditor,
illootuninire , Dee. It, IN4O.—Aw.
. r t)
Thu undrivigneil respeciflilly ahnnuncall that he
hee rattle., F. ohop, nue 4intw arias/ Meyers Urn/
Inure, In the Hsrhans. Ulna, where tin 1,4 prep und
in sanduct the barbering heels. spin NH Its breathes.
Th. , art of eolorink *blotters and movelarbes I
prattle...l by Mm mow ekinftilly. Ile glee eleane
ppoiliat. making Inuit' look eekely no pandas nnioc,
'wen mud' respoonble tenni. 'Melee prueu►ed
the prmierp nir findiliminblii heir dregor Ito it pre•
pered to veil frulnee In ram where It le denim*,
w put ay, or cot hair upon rennonnbin tonne
117 IlairToni,orfilerye, beet quality, need for
Owing hair, kept constently on hand, and ter pate hy
Ploom.hurg, Pre 11, 10b7. , tr.
The oily Devilment*le
Pub*lobed hi Mlle I==nited
A Nimbly Magnin:.
14evoted I.llleraluee. Felonry
sad Ail, and the Political
Prlneip:en of MG,
In off e ring to the inthlie the Proveetu4
of the Sixth Volum of TINE OLD
GUAIRIL the editor and publishers Awl
confident that no esplimation or the &tow
to of the, work is needed. Besidea the 1,0.
ruled InLitter, of grant impurtanue, bearing
npolt the principles of the siippronclung
Presidential l!ampaign, we shall pohlieb n
aeries of artielca from the pen or I AN Lvolr,
on the ammo of Olen. whicli will by
lustrated by beautif al plates ul the different
types of mankind. This new feature of
the Magazine will greltly ineremo the Cl'?
of puhhent on, but 110
bti eliarge(l , 4o , icribttrt, or now tot*. %Vs ,
h'lve also hail translated exprev•lv 14r thh;
Magazine, one of the inuit thriliitn;
lnr historical novels ever onlili,dted in the
Inugintpe, covesinp the Hi-tory of
the Pall of t h e iStut.eN, un , ler thr
horrible rnlo of C:ezar Puke or
written I y MoNti% mini', whit.),
will WC art onfo.lent, ~,0 , 1 ,1 in optilii inter ,
eNt, Any novel to L I.r. eAt. l , etirc the
Amyl it•hu durini y lita Ilc
-41,24 a thrilling I , ,ve.plot. iG enr,il4, with a
pen of lire, the terrible art 4 and ile.:pervte
deeds whieh tyranny alway+ to in
th , ttening its tuiwrit,+ upon tuinkir I TIC,
groat naiyol is 1111.: applupriunly brntlffq•
out in tint country ut pre ent time. and
cannot titil to find,' n I 4, 11.:1t
I /tiler great literary arovar in
which mil', it i 4 robl-r it cvvn
more. ftwet pv... tivut ire•
; Tv rns w Coda, to td to ii i it.
! Om , copy
r :on:" year 00000011 -
, •
I i %to otiou 5 ,1
Four cork. , . 10„, to
r tveetopics and one to rettoruvor dub 11 1 .
pr i , I • t I
. ”
Twenty U " " " 4., E d o
AVo will rend i”trf
3440%1.r tic Balzer AleMoing 311achIne,
to any tint': ulin will »4414 at an ) r:11
TIMITY SrBA'11114:1::4 tiLlt
at Three Hot MTN
molar rwr ::. temp.! ."§:f
sno b
ein, runs el., t: !UR!.
ever ofiered.
r0,;;H:p.. , ..' hilt!. • •• i •
or Draft tql t.•
of the Puhli i 4 th# t 10 . .•
.11f10 , 1 Prilt h•• a .,,,..•..,.
;I!. , rt '"• I 1,..• II '0
tly•-o• ! .•.1 ". • t •••••
Lot 'r.
Tht: Matt tr:t , •: ; Th. ; %%L on •
111111 .; ; • .•
leak," :,
thtiOnto t . ` i l th:atChl , P 0 1 ... i•u I
otirol that afi t * .e. a 1 I. •
tie , ',mt. , Prlst t ;owe.
tionq zwir . • , •1.:1.
I'. hot no titnr::: tla•eiti.:
b unitor4..T, that 111 hnlau ther •
thP Jlrgt.irc flit i •
one or ba et
A. 1,1 LI) 1;1%W!) i 4
bard 1, , Mthet,44113 krt:t
I. and I 1. . „
4 1 per eery:. Vol , 111.
I l' , r 1:45. :?•:. Vel. . tilt
V. t r t',..1„ r i e reel.
I plot: rtlap.*:
Ul letters 4,0,11,1 he at) I as r }?..:
TAN !ARSE lionTON a co.,
Prnti , atm, 162 Nassau , t, N. V.
.kuctit% wmited in evely Comity in
the United Stites to get suket iher , CI Tr? E
OLD GI AHD.. For telme, toldrc-4
cf Vtt!u:
1,1 1 1 `1 A 11 1 1 1 1
J!% 1 J 13 I ft I I
to pn.,=lo.*eP of ho Pvt. , of the Orphans' Court of
Cahnetna entity. Pa„ 1t•
THURSDAY, JAN. 9th, 185 e,
ht t terlork. p to , eyro,4 nefrtotr , l ono! Sytio,frr
Inrbor.l, Itholoktrator4 at lute Itetrtutrd. Int .
.41.1 r* , olety, d000)voo,
prprort to *al, by pubic
f'diftwol drticrttoot itv3l roOlito to 'tilt th At
rer' sn
pi?hate is itA i4nl Wen-hie rel o' ll ' V,
tonmied on the east by 141[1.10 lelett-r n ,4
.1111!” kiiludiile, nn the north he Wel et
Nfooce and John tato hirer. on the tve.l t y tatA et
irtnel Joseph routamit.J
mote Of WM*. MI Which rife rrerliq n PV frllfi
triune divelftnt !limo!. bulk barn 394 ,oi
I,utldinrr, a gwal spring ttni wnii of watf:r swot tho
the lour. sand appti! and p u nch orchard. and tat o 0.1
utrev of which eF tt,m,l titWorr,l hurt ; latu 13,
tPiPte raf rnid deceased, olittot, in ,t Townoltip
Mtviisott atul Colaty
Ulnonottirr, Ore. G. P.M.
05 --tineAlmd a in. ota, ht
t., sY.aO , l OF t4o •
tktr %COM , ' of I ,, te Itoriord, &evil , ' 4, 111 Int:oo.t
an °VI rnna« Ili be tho 14 .1,4 y ot
44,1 prto oat At It. r 4Fatti to 0,0 twit.* or
•aift litkrrl/t.ll, 1 .0 .1 to r rent. of Ove.111•101
1. 1 11411,LV .1.40 Ifi; 1,41.10 t x o tijlo a s
Ow property ow ,0“. roitth tote ow tot pp( re r i lit
the 4 . 4 1101,11,1 i. µOA 11,0 rooat,,,, t e tbren
WIWI" in 000 eegr time+:tfl.,r. tc ttlt tatoo.k. 1.411
cold, aotoon teal. 10 Allot law,. ttivot t., Ito. 44
crgn4 nitwit %NI : 111. •
The Hilderalgnret is db.j+lt AlO.l nn
, PHA TX, qt,
itt the PENN run' Atit,l uttd wel. will. to
the pub Isc tAti ht . :4OBU) `tAPte , 1,1:e.
Notia Scotia il'hite Piss%tet•,
tirrnrcd 'Tan.; for 'lei' in ionntnii 1n .us+ i~nrrl~aar
at any ftino tilc Jitnt in' Merlin
J Vls,:l*
rfitto% • hot 11, 1— 7
VX VA Mil NO 1 14 E
ori n 41144 p ( T At p,,,
Nl , llO. PirV t rVra 111 , 1 I.llor. o
the e.t.d.. 01 J. , i If , rot. 1.14.r. , a4. 41. 141 V ,14 ' •12
Cr Ph tutu h.h.p, t ohm hot t
cd by Oh Al ttLtrr of +hot hut) to
who reeldrr 111 .441 d 1, 411101 p ; utd nli v• Nom, in
hot 1911411,* 4.4 f, lir,* thetotal' are . f ,
the ar 1,, 1 . 4 ." A , 41111€ r for rtatlut , irhi. nr,,f tht.o . t heW
tog ;h. too tare li+ I,r 1 4 ,01, 01 140144 lit.
AtChittAil hl RA,. 0141,
"‘" ' f I in e '
r. tot, 4, II I f. 414 , L re•
tr 1.4 the 0,41,4 e , 44044 rod Lb , ay.' "I•
td.. t._:. o tot th. at for }num R.
hob. - 1,1) hoot., port b... ale% Tr. 'emote 41
41, Pau o loll , 0 • 4 k itorMt" o
001 :11 ,- P •on rho Ilitttl , . t ,4 , or rop4l4';' l .
vanrt 010 Mtlo4 01001, d no.ow ti,e '""
An' lit 1467, nktannahattg. M d:ay , ta.:ol of.
„MAID . .
0%000 LEs ,x A LARUE ix
bra/ .1 100101 r, of rart:o T-•
LOT OF FENCISt: BOAUDS OR I 410.atA(n,,,,fy
The 4,i 44' offore roe 4404, up on 0,
n 1,4 I 14'11014 et' Adn•10i44141,4100 tlee. rotate ! appo
t, 4,i iltr 0 1,,, ntla, bete of Franklin Towo.hte kn
InAllolti. 4OW MIA A CorNT y,ee, ot hothlrod thou. 4 t 4 "; keytatet *nut l'ontdy; io o dd
nand *fungi*** and Mee. lid of limy ~r , n ... t" , ""' 'lllnlilit in 4".4d o.toP i s ionlet
the vary boat quality, both pow mot h‘toloch " v iol 4140 404 ittninin the notate alb* Ns
J J. Mctir,sll3 Y. It r i o ' ool to hronent tto nt for nett toint o blP ti en
Benton. Nifty 0, it snintntratot nod throw er,44 , 14.4 In Uq
make 01,1 I , 4111 WithntLit delay In 4 " * igiolPr
tlnnrneea, Iluntnntan At CI 11 41 &knit Heated OE3 , OEN EN Er? Ix , Asoi
with the ttitiNallitki4ello by J. ittititret. hi, , rriohn. Dec. 146: t v 4.
rind Aotirt to w/ IY or 1 yde 14, irnitatti.. No.
Arch hitt* t, V6ltadrdyhtto, f, I I t* 1, I, OA, l`f
MOO rthhOla # 44 Utetik tut and m 144441 rtn •44
11 OMCO. The Mledieal (atoll) art. taattod 40 40.
40 04401 11000 1 t hntlenta. is hoe no .411414 04 102, 0 WEI"
brattier. AWN rll 1 11. t.f 14,lentorted %pilot path
No (lime rotNotioatinn N.O ortti TO V OnS
Nov (mow NEW onnixtt
ohmlA 1i m i n d ih n s
11. CHEANW Ss, Co.
Itityg t ; rolloNlltly head
'it LAM; KIM ;NI Li isr,- 4 TsCLErTED
syocl( 1,1414 AND WINTER
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