Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, January 08, 1868, Image 1

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J.thLtt It:, filw
.vv , l A, hi, sio,r
r rew Poni"tveti
• •: i;l*
@ to la• t
rj,rr• t; , 4 tfo you.
ar.l '
Li, 41,.:a, 1:1t a tivntght
t•!%, ••• • 1 1.a.-Land.
i••• tat:bit. at
%.• to try' t,l , tt.ty to m is
It dr , a rilit 1,3,r,„
1,,k0 f 3 01:V k
", n t V'.tt ire ..r,c,
CC f':lli
1%0 •; for
[ 1.: w to tte tfr. in
L.( Lan vt.o
• wpl he Blared
tNithilitt Spi,`“%ing.
"t 4 t
'4lO. ; 1
~ Ixta: ~,l~c--~,
y httio.:( thwi.,ht
hE,~ri ii Lcrit, 1 :}. ;ta 1 not
1.% , ' a fuel, tlu rl
' , tier have y'vtit you S .11.'
ioa :lad tt;;:t :tal off with a
Oa have been the waking of
what are you fit for ? Hero
tg, able dwelled young man,
ar, old, and never earned a
ifs ! You ought to be ashaer•
t marry' li t:auzbet.r,"
d man, :trtcr a ti:w
e, - Nov, I've given 2tlo;',y
,ges for parting as any gir!
o ham,' t thrown 'ern away
't know how tO work, she',l
111 chose Icont,t
t otIQ t.ert ant but I don't, nu
clionta., Chat tuy daughter
de, is hale. s trealur , 4, full or
all teatitxr of fine lady sil
-1 of the seit!itr bright eyed, is. I did Psy that the
this had been cursed
her ; but tho's taken a foolish
nd tell ye wh i st 111 do; tv ,
prove yourself to be a Yuan
i' in sonic oecupatinn-1 don't
it be honest; ,than come to
girl is willing, she is yours."
twat sail this, he deliberately
hos out of Ms pipe again.t
es of ale porch where he
uoke4 it into hie vest pooket,
4e b.0u.5.e.
Bliven4 was waiting to see
et the irertita gate, their
place. 'l '
he bmiling light fad
ye3 a 3 she Ilia sober,
tams well," she said, as Luke
teak of his application.
not sure but what he is about ,
right, for it sems to me thot every man, k
he rich or poor, ought to have SOtile 04:4:11.
Thvil, as s o uotieed her lover's grAvo
look, she utbie,l. softly
"Sever mind, 1 for you. 1,111","
Lillie] Jordan unhien!y ife,uppeall run
lii4utecugtfino.l haunts, much to the Nttr.
Pri•t' of hi: Bat, t 1,e1"
ever be wort, he eartie 1 with him in hi , ex
ilr th ,,, word.. a n which were rr tower o r
4tren to hip eoul, - 1:11 wait fur %
One tdritaint mornit,z, late in
th•tobar, am farnivr wa4 Poliniv•
th gralic•vin“ iar bisfriutt yard, that ti! • -t
-t•tnal t.. break down with tha trcL ht• •
dti,•d;•o, sx neat looking rart•: • v
up. from whit•h I,tilio Jordan nlightod,
fvf•ok, ••. 1.• rotor!
him tlrilit'r ("3 lohuirety nitivoniontg.
t m,f inornitor, lr. Wirow, I un
titao,l that you wittit4 to hity aotor buttia•
tuha 3.4 vidor I think I hav :Jne
that aid jo.! :out you."
are thy e" ew.
1 , l i tu to , ( 11: , ^ 41V, the gate, he pa 11 . ,. I I,y
tb , ; vi'fl.2•.tt
Wm:,'" nn atr
"Ant I Of ti"l-n• any
cool , nr in the t "
Mr. theAN One
Th• it ch.,,'* e a . 4 1,. t
down the last th,hyt. "',Vltt
tat. , rut tie at ?"
— Nliat t :tact) yen fer rix nonillo
h pe=it*, h tniaLlo itt the
ey• tllh) a
the C.,:10.1nc , a! in 3 u a2t.
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if %se tr..l. 32 ,
.7: 41.'2. 01 ,•I
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t• I .1, • •, 1,,•.1 • rt
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:lite I' !
iir : ;:.. 0 , 1 I
nitnovoi wit:: , 1::•3110,
ails—tra:.hap y,fu * vv
a lot.
tzl!•- awl arrc;:. yvti
• I ....Co! :1.:.
• 11,r ut
i , );.!;‘,' It, 1,5% 11 ..n.I ;1
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th: f .
t.i 010 ‘Vc WO;
!:... ;
,: t '.,:r 1•• • ••
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t.- t..i 111.1.a.c.
It. •,'. i , I 1..,
- • •• !:'
1, , V ' , ll ••:a..“ , :0 Lt.;
t r,,31:11.**
1.AN:2cA.K , ,;141,t.r
Loar au,
twit 1.,:t , n are on the ,trcet
4'u alau It,;;,; Leen f h a t thr,o
1 , ate 1 le WI teseil
e 11`.4.1 the : , ;
Utiort to 0 . . 1
h.. ;,. ::-;; i.l
Lurf.tipidy halt d up
as ! "I :a t th • : Lll flan
log Ito! ,e 111. of
at.l' ; tL t
1 :We ; ( Irv; ;rli.r---s7J will be 11; , id; ,
hoth ; draw
iter•-,•••• the ettech:.-1 love you; drawing
throo,fit tho hand,-1. haw you; Jutting it
re..t on the right cheek---ye:-. ; letting it rcpt
on the left cheek—no; twirlitez in left hand
-- I wish to get rid uryna; twirling in right
Instil—Hove another; folding tai,l l to
, p..;a l :, with you ; ON. r the shoulder—follow
toe; at Loth hun•h-• wait
for nit ; drawing tie,:ro;4,,. the toraltead- We
1 i
ark; wateloti ; placing on wilt ear—you
hay,: aungtd ; nn lett ear—lhase
message you; letting, it remain on the
yea--sou are crud ; winding round the
roreJlio,4.:r— I am em , :tfred ; Vindinz around
the third finger--I am warrior
A MEDP.AL OPINI )I.—Ati unfortunate
wan, who had never drank water enough to
warrant disease, was to local to such a state
of drop* that a co.iN.,ltation of pll,, iciuns
%Am , held Upoll hi, case. They agreed tap
pin; v.a., and the poor patient
was invited to :dna to the operation,
which ho seemed inclined to do in spits of
• he entreaties of hid ,on, a boy of seven years
"O father, father ! do not let them tap
you," said the yciung hopeful ; "do any
thing, but do not let them tap you."
"Why, my dear, it will do Inc good, and
I shall live lot.g in health to make you hap
"Nro,iarlor, no ; you will not. There
never was anything tapped is our !time that
lat.ted longer than a weak."
SNP When does a man take a per to
hie bosom ? When he puts a handkerchief
in his bleed pocket.
11101111 Mti FOIL A P404.1333E.
telearaphiedispateh from Wa4itington,
to one of the Now York papers, do airt that.
woitiTu tkooeratio ntemhert , row,
who have hitherto been in favor of
P,ttlieton for President, havo lately wine
out for (I...neral liutgoek. We dqubt the
truth of this ,”patch, I...oattea we furl it
t.ylkve that any intelligent
i!:•n,c utt t.hotthl he in Nvor of the nomini•
(out of tf.m , r , tl Ilaneoek. NVlvit hang he
biro to 4 • 7.10 h can
of ly r::, .af..ty 0111 f 1,,,,cry by
I!. • u . 0 4 ,0 :fob nto.t I•rufkrat
11. v
! ,! thi'^
? Pr . 141r , ; it is wes , lo.
rOr tivi" O l n
po•!ti.on ? Why, he 1 - 0 i' . 1144, or
ra!lt , •: mi! . .,-0.• I one or tw.t fe0r,..1, rrr let,
of 3 erred: •hr:oo • wlinate in New ()Oran , ,
in th • out. of the Itorritle rer!onmtree
ti,on 11 1.1..1,1•11 ; ,c t M.rmr,rel Rump. The,enrts
I, toy denounce no nut only
+mewl -t itotiti. :1, anit utterly sulivomivo of
wh.,le tht or,y. ttil=i !.,,;rit of our roov•rri•
01 , tort as crt:. , l inamons to the last
t 6 t., !
flirt o t' the. 111'.0. 111,
111•• to•r-.1 prisicil.!e in
j.„..„..p, ti.' n ow ;•oing rrn
I.etwoot , :i•. .a t , I v1;01 1 .01 011
•••--B , •t- 111:.
9!! , i • .:,•• :;• 1 ... 10,Z;
.. , .••merott. ••.t Wolfe man
• J I . a ft »rt 'a,
1,i..0t ;I, riit , gr.l y,t that
toe i•a:ltog thom• , elve. to.:•.• , ••••:.t , ace for
-th:a a man for the tu. •;':'i I—arer
!Itqy 1 1 ,e nort o-t.nt
Tia: 5'1.0.•
er !1.. Re ! ;I
4 1. - 10•,-1. ean l:. '-.llt •••
.• • . ? 1,:o rfi;) h`ll.
;1 ; • 1 t.)
i•1 1 1.` • rerU.
:19t !...'r : I !rue 11. 1:0,
1... r.•l, f 0..• hi: env:! •
1 1 • .:e• t; • •
r • • ! • I , to
..~ 5...
.1 I. r • . !:r
. 1• ••• • I 1.,,1. 1 . • 101-55 , •
ei •It :1 :..11:111• 1 0,
I .: •I : •1 .:; '1 ••: 1 in, .1 I , lit !1••
I ••' ••:` ••''' • • :
i ./ • kit 1t• • !•. 1 0 1 .•:,.: 1 - 4,11'.01
2. 1 .fo (I,y, tool ••v 4 i : to I
ikt u“.„ •
..tic•lt an net :•••iot •••fato.-orm•i.iip
..•, i n
A;..1 th.• kocot: 0; • ar..o d.o• • io.f
a f•• 1 1%.
.. • 1;•oo....11.. I. 1 ahooi
1,; •••t
It •., ; t. 4.0
-, r ..
• n At: 1
•.; , :
It , r•t• .10 , i t•I
ren,(',l:. - . ~ .tr
in or '
1: 11 1•11 I.irr trove I ;.1
•, ; : , rrt:tfour,ilyin
• L4 - !•;', 1 • fz . c) trai!tir47.
; U. ; .. idcntia! )-
‘,. , •
v r t' y :
titat l• tlr3
of a d• 11.: ?:.•
who dot, not )1..1 that
itlon ,i;11,- :0 ,1 . • • .
e w fir, MI. •.' S.l •'..e( .211.
411111 ^t:iti. .1, .11 .• : t:" •It at.
At any tam C
tiligOd to I ;i 1.41.4 V;;11 soy
ID in; Ince who lids in tutie4:ne least
in Lai the Van.ous and hated
etiantitj tehmat. -of the Lamm its
luutic t tampal,J, thunder is appo-ition tto
alit he ak:mottle If, tlser€ftsre,
it ho tr ot that : , taitao westcrn member?, of
Coto , .. LOST gorse bobbing around alter a
military satrap, it only prove , : that they are
a pond decal better qualified to Lc dtad,,,cnt,
of a lunatic a...hint than to be !cadets of tilt!.
Democratic party in this great emergency.
Ilanotadi tra, Coe fr:Ttiaan of Mr, Smratt.
IL wit , im and :lining
in that and niuttlerous husin , ••
If he were fairly and ,justly trie.l by t! , ,'
he w=ati , l Le bunged for that iced. It was
revengeful, malicious markt% Nor dal
the form of military trial render it any the
'tus a murder, We Prdin3 to Crete. General
Hancock cannot execute the order of a
~and of asst- , tins, and then cxcn himself
by saying that he, individually, had no mil
ieu. lite law knows no such excuse as that.
It any Democrat fOr iota a man for Pres
ident, he mutt be such a Dentocrat as a
Den. Butler, a Dan. Sickles, a Lyman Tre
main, a Stanton, or titbit was—a Democrat
who is ready to sell himself and his country
Lora price. —New DA Day-Book.
THE ELASTIC EC .—Take a good and
sound egg, place it in strung vinegar, and
allow it to remain twelve hour; it will then
hexane soft and elastic). In this state the
egg can be squeezed into a tolerably wide
mouthed bottle; when in it should be coy.
ered with water having souls sons in it. In
A Caw hour; this preparation will re;tore the
egg nearly t;.. it; original after wbkeh
the liquid should be pourea off, end the
botch. dried. Keep it Si a curiosity, to
puzzle your Mends for as explanation how
the egg was laid in the bottle.
nepubMasa Decency.
1' idol! Ptt ipa, ilia ittal-mouthed teal
er of the jaeobin party who wanted every
body hung. far vdking kzaing tho Presbboa,
iu Idwfdo'm tinoc, 710 W wes the following
dirtrrot4ul latNrr of rOrw Jolrmip;
' lihere a mohkev i t It! God, what must
thft priest..,*°" If the lackey who
ed out Into a Clettio,:rat only after king an d
Cod Nos eiforo to make slave. , lriver,4 admit
him into their moiety—if the drunkard of
the filth of March—the ridinulomt swinger
towel the circle—Om bloody mobocrat of
,Ns" trlNltit3--thtt fotll , ltiOtttlied l i onagw , ue
broaty 22—the ,htitnek:=A pardon Ctn.
L, , ‘r tho Itig Vtat Winkle who wake up in
I -1t;,7 to palm off upon us, for fora :11•1;.-age.
some of the unn zd mannomipt4 of Pierce
or linehanan—if the e o 7 .yrool, whop e w h o l e
intellectual force eunsist4 of a pre,indiee
which the Hood of a hundred tights has
wa.lhoti out of every honorablo omt _ l e ti?
$eOJll , / Inn I M l .d who umhe take« to -ovag.
ger in DaA en , t.ofrgiottm- —•if this the
conqueror, how shall We (L. , nibe the three.
Peon., Ilepobl;, atm Ma-ter ' 4 liallow4 and
A nary w A gtmeiteeL 4 who disgrace th e s i mm ,.
is cot y (1' their D.tmo..ratie bretheni
in the relp 1 ',ova the bite vote ?
A litt'o! of "o'd Alo's" ;, thicei f3r ";htt
ii nr or a 11 , t1.! of Wetri , :irt.l
rlwa ly (r hemp wo3ll fln thi4
h.-1 trutor al) on N 3 trila
(.; Vtli 1 illlti,l4l , lttr tC
ONLY A --0:q n prj 140 Oh,
103 n, that Ntonn KLicb 3611 thrilkt er.,
I* w putt - H.loy ant t,f 3 WNy 611 , P!
t uon :lk earth., Vii,t 3l t h e y•
,„ 1 henvcn • t , 41
pliseft, th ther4!. is Lo can
• :, t
thee vault itto trail,
hearing aa.ort h, i f 'rth tt,..rvat3 ur firc,
V 11.4 ~ .V.lhti, * hy, of seething tutor,
;me. % r,? «Yuen g'taw
o Ari,; larl thlyi a h:otai.
nit the 1.11,T;t, • t.t:;:b ;
; ;1,11.!.:;f11 rtrtd thn. r:n7 :t
~•,•'i'o. I to; Nt
tl r
r •'.• : 1.;-;;.4
grico: ! . ; I'.:1 , - .;:; ,; I 6.;•!P . ;; ~ring
ha it t.,1 th , "
v: at! • 1 in tt..l
•;! !., . ;;, .._ :2j`vr;
.• t! ,, y
; ,••• c .1.11 c rlor : r ; anal
C. , - .t t. 1... Gl ' the f
I ; I 1 . 1: bait, the kel)-
A SA:. ..\) —0 n +Am . morn
ing of Irt..t week a t . td affair nemirrei
Gx Mane hEw k tinder the tollwitv, Cr
-1...1; ill. itiornirg a man
.• In:: 1,: • wif , . afienziml send
b& mw 2 Gcßxmß
1. azo alsow,
in t!•• : 1.!
'nil ler Ical.
Ut'kr Le - i• Luring die parent'e.
the [ix.; Ugly) raving with ttrztzlzei
ani fmariut tn the Led in . ha.
%:43 1:;:S twcp, A!cut
time &,bilk , .- were ina 1:102..) fa-
t'..%.rovere , 3 the J:or arl triihout
bunielel thi Lte., : r'.:eite. anti l ;tti'.
iii' -t. r:!..trt.-d tii; o'.;•
fo.• Ed. du. 11. :: hut owl 1 :v iii: •. the
, : , rt.., c,: t: ;L: Teo% the
thouLlit 1: !;;;;I : 1 , a the little g;-1 svz
writ .1 in C.- • ; 1 d euet awl
tuchi ~u • •1; hot tor the little
one in 11., tot.',
pile it.‘l ,rid that of the
moth. ;Ll:q.t . : n:l but ef`ntra he de
. t.C. I,
..1. k tha Fut] \vat riteg fur
1.: - •rt I er to learn snail o.lldren
—I tt,
:I L. ti remarks
Olaf • Pri th reputati,,a of a
fl-;ui , j4st !-41.)ut a 4 t,:16.;-r
-pli` ;. - :;: to hat th out rotten
Lndt t a ['AI v.,:i.:}l.ercuck."
tea. A down ex , t girl wa: asked, net
sivae, to unite htrst le to a Inisk lad, who
nau,ed May tar his p,ropaials. The lady ten
duly hinted i gut slay was an unlucky month
fur marrying. “Well, make is June then,"
honestly replied the bwein, anxious to ac
e mmiodate. The tlamsi paused a mam a rn,
eta down her eyes. and .aid, with a Windt
"wouldn't April du a well."
i John Bunyan had a great 4real of
pri le ; awl once, after ho Ltd
preached a rcry tine :,ernton, and hi friend: ,
troadrd round to ,hake him by the hand,
white they ex)", d the uttum.t xlmi rA ti; 4l ,
of ltix el v eteve, bt,:‘ !roved them r,ay
ing : "Ay, you fled not remind we of ti.; t,
for the deli! told toe of it boron)
or the puipit...'
A dilai.itlated old Markey in Mont.
ornery, Ala., watching the monkey:-
in nienaginie in that city, spoke thinly
` . ,Mani children 70t too much sense to vow
out of dat eago : white mon cut der tail:,
off and set "ern to votir; and utakin' conai
kir "why do you always buy a sis3end
class ticket ?" asked a g, Lntienian of a mists,
"Remise there Li no third class ticket,"
was the reey of the latter,
WI" A young lady went outwitlt a rather
tim:d t'cau sleighing, ono evening, and corn
plat.ently remarked ,to him that she seldom
went out sleighing hut what sho got chaps
on the lip:. The young Luau took the hint
and chapped.
Cr The girl who sang, "Oh, Charlie is
my darling," saw him ene night with an
other feminine and don't fine it as much
gho did,
fir 11A1tR1ta' MCFNEN KIMUALL,
'Fix rain, that ere the tnornine,
Crusted the snow it ith ery.ital
wind i imsbefl, do; Lir
Tice tairlaispe, litith
Ice.mnilea, the stately miles stnni ;
And statelier yet, on either heed.
no e:ro.trees lift to prouder huight
Vick (;orouals of hilwrr A iiit..:
31h1 day pAst, and stiff o'ertrlt
The gorm'b L.atipread. the it. Nrtioo a go I
A ht.r.nti., of rft:,) , prsAiwei.
I know that in tha viient night,.
The wand it 4turta will take 43 iligkt
And tdtMh it 4 gay tent ntherwhefr,
In the blue dehert of the att..
I know trio morn ;min -t.ll
To walk 111, , earth in brighter ,
Thd sun r tin 11 ; 4 AOry drPr3
Will triu:l3 tt;•1: fire tliu
And turn to fowl t eir nJuntiu
And make the hnov'q reolett lent en;.A
41,11t.10 4111,, ma, dust',
VAI (..••• 1 4 t , lr,—At a • •
;i1 cc Nr"ti s
prc.,,ltt: I Lt poiL4 t tl A
th :
1 . ; • :.••.!
cli tr.. . 14th,r, -.••:; •
1. ••• I !-.) the 1... r., r•ref.r..-.:. , . itt the
t Llll,l ChaneEgti:.. Vat)
o ; th• ri. - ...tt0 lof hi o•.t of 4e, Th
11. at WaB twcropor.o.
:Nazi ; th:t I:nce/ It, Kr, I that he itteLtcl
LI-. '.• . 'll.e •;.".er bez , •zalog
A:11 i jog A• the `41'll.;: "wan
silt ox t...!:irA UP th'...4.3 and
Licw hi ell you
4.• e? W:1 t I there?`'
B 1.1; hige , fur t:.€ ,
ii, a. 1, , )
"Tcuu kratiGn s' (Jit: ,cu Wa: t I
there • . 1?"
'Yu., is wf.)«.,t, tll,-;
Sdl,n's V. 50
irlk.r. It t7.!:.n.1S - ettik..l ct,xt tici.
Tim , t. A. P., wirich-. w;11 I c noroircitel f ,1.
Governor by the Democratic State Con Ten•
th.m f India na, ;r sigh meet. on the Sth of
..Thnuaq. Holman, who has
been spoken of in connection with the EO2-
~....r d Oft* , nn Op , ticket,
tlelin-d the honor .
WA— are, I,;a re , .:.itit Yankee
if= Lai iii.oleccia.irtaLle. A at al
1%= . 11 inrentcel In a glut in the
..:Litte.stalk is iuqrted a mare tit of LeJr•
male ie I.liot in the fire. It retaitc,
warieth fcr sonic hours, and keeps, the eke-
tract in a comfortall,, ecTA:tion—a sort
cr — , exataination of a
T.Jiti ' f • ; h.' t.thur
atrial A t •ra h a
eras , try wi•., the ta:tu rophed,
„v,:11 vo:y aittlaneir,:y air
-Ptowl, air dropped off smidonliy?"
"How Ultiie he to drop off udt oly? "'
mi.. 0,4 xt cploatirm.
, „„tt, air ; erte sloriff imposei
o!t 1..gi1.:11-1.70 4 .ieUb mature, Sr, and getting
I.:m on a platform to takti a look at a ee!eut
atilLnea, konekel A trap-door
Quarries of hied..2,e reroa;! , .al,:e
quality and tehturo have recently been
in {weer brier (;cunt;, West VirLinia. It
h.; said to be ,upPlior to the ?Arian and Zer
ravEzza garble of Itai.y.
Jacch cc,l citizen of Ez•
vine, Lilincis, stabbed and killed both hi di
vorced wits and himself on Thursday.
tT Job rags su,s tittle ate but few
,ightssiu thi life mere sublime and rattntic
than to sea a poor but virtuous yam); man,
rull of elhi :thin fortitude, ztinktitlin i ; to g„--;w
tk I:lotlttkokel2*.
"My son," an affectionati , moth
er to her , on—who re.i,h.,l at a short di--
twee mei expected to he married very r,r n
—"you are patina very thin." "Ye-,
I either," he replied, "when I c re — at
time you will he al...Le to tee my i.b."
CZ' in ilopertii.ent rellotv ...I
fleman at a pul lio gathering u'ay be Lad
Laved off his :Ide and v ane
ere. I, that to ratAt Kurile n
more "cheek."
PT"' "When I goes I! , tioppin." 4
old lady, "I idlers ask for what I tat ts, tool
if they harp it, and it's , tiit.blc, and I ft ot
inclined to buy it, and it ra chev, and can't
he rot for lei., I tnr , t :tilers takes it vk
o ut hamporiLg ..hom, it all thy, 4.4
people do."
tfir The Doston /Ist says a woman was
banished from town by tho authorities or
New Haven, because she allow a' 4 man,
not her husband, to kiss her, but this was
in 1843, now-a•days things work differently.
CV" At a contlaonoe meeting reeentlY, a
emmtrytuan gave it as 1,13 opinion "that if
men were not born totally depraveA, they
became an, pretty P^str."
lam' Prentice thinks that Radical,tin Con ,
grew atiremblea
tort intynelneent
Species Pantlent& and the ,taco•
Lugan °Luise,. )
1 A e I the Inner house of Con.
it re n r, and, it i : vi4,13'10 pals the Sen.
ena, prat:Patin a P.Sly further tIIVIZOSSO of
'lt, MeCta la contraction racy. This
settles the question as to whether any good
nin ensue ont of : 7 s:tartan and mamma the
Ramp Fran; tee re:ently plausable impute
,;(7. 6 r ,r,vit,.. We now find our
, nne rani ) . with a 1 :arab for either side
nf the iwl:roglio hetw, en the Ramp and
!he e leaf : a financial whonper fur the one,
dn I a ~ ...en.nrtactien yell of the firat rnagni
nide f the other. Who *Jail ray after
tn;,n, that W.. e partb nas be
LLL.I7WRIS to all righteouwn en not executed
rin ler the h n. 2 and real of Democracy?
t `errs, certainly, tat the veriest tr.: and
base's a cf fen 4t.:;inni I pnlitiorl
• flindcor, Ilettea eta, and I:nu/immix !
t'eat:en :1 to nr,minit murder,
an to ;t. : nte n•tn; -retired flare the
cen, an ontreg against
the fn. nen.: rf liandhallinn
1 , •ne n.t rec. .ined from cal
'l- I.' 41 • rinti,:r." rat a man*.
i an; rent• :te mania in
n. 'Ont. rn..; t' :tt the Gene•
rat einnint.n, and assumed
, tic ;Ike le •pent.:' , ic ••ititude, laths
I aa.44, no am rott t' r: to as
, ,; ; • : 4:.:taine, of gist.
i n . ; t' his clue. An enntra.:*.ra, Bat.
; -Lean or ebristinn- we wed.
to ~sr rank. all who have the will and
tin! t ta no in one resistance to
the eru 'nen of the .lanina'nla pan:.
r, ien, of r;tt; which t., era,
ticoretary Mneello:L Ind n n ln Johnson are
etnking to es ten n u , . 1a t at onou
b.ief, and n iwn;,•c: while we
stand ready to a. fir 44 way hoecme a
seen" with Pro-ident Andy for the
Southern Liberty Ainf.o-fasten supre
macy, we are also ready to do battle in the
e of ansimn the nrenumptuousen.
croa:hatenta of a , 4lence, even
w:th the Ramic:tnc. V'e are Lr the right
rgain...t the nrernt, now end forever. Specie
Fannin- t an Scull enough as a general thing;
Lut ;.e1 it is rl,m4ei to use them as
tenntinq a't of an enormous man-trap-as
a ennnin devieo whereby the many are to
be made the servants of the few-then we
are bound to demur. “Will you walk into
try parlor? said a spider to a fly," and the
silly fly walked in.
Tan, invitation to "return to specie pay
meats" is tendered with semi rnlitenenn,
an .l with mr, better matn-c. Rnwever, tine
motive in this Wit is a romtien by itself,
and we have no desire to 4.1-nun; it jolt now.
Ent n return to specie paynnnote at thia
nnlainh is not, as many suppose,
p•anti:alle rrnpentinta) ea:d innelne eon.
c :ec to tlte mane.; of ear pen
t ce the men; d: a tncno character.
The; wet!: of en:traction
would inevitably prenipitate a businsaa
mah-or, by which !,..we would
be entai!cd upon the country. The expo: ,
inientt of Secretary MeCulloch in this line
have already bean carried far enough to
demonstrate the fact that the `"contraction
po;:ey" is the ruin,
rnnl 4- I nn e, and i„!. For the
nor.;:l eren ; we will
have mote hot : a:.l an ee interest,
pen,n n ,t, inerense ion belts, w a t' I
he mantel in, and made
plapc...-it diva hang wen:n.l:4, =l2 it, he
entlarntl ? Can Jay Cooke, or any of Lis
natelitee inform us? Perhaps the Rump,
in in; opinion to "et ntractian," is only
illactiatinn its solieltutie on behalf of tbs.
land bolder-snufing repudiation from
afar-a:Tn.:inn it in the ultimata issue-
Fnr one, we Lave no cares o4leetian to
rentnlintien 4.4 a anintina of the financial
difficulties which the enemien of cur noun
try in a bloody effort at its overthrow,
have brought npc tas. The mom-Atoms
debt which is bowing 11.; to the earth WAS
contracted under false premnser3, by fraud,
and Fr:deny, and 4tui - end3uz crime, and is
not notary Linn-inn We have received nn
enrit ; it is the, price of unparalleled
,nnarine, done ante no an :d unto our children
nnte 'un hank cur country as it was when it
passel from Democratic en t•)1y! Restore
to us its Constitution all unsullied as when
given into the hands of its destroyer! Call
lorth flow their bloody Arend; our million
heroes slain without cause ! Undo, in short,
all the evil we havecuffered since the first
election oil Abraham Lincoln to the Prod.
;Innen, and then--, bat why indulge in
,:pcnniatiens so lamentably vain.
As the ease stands, we are manly for repu
diation at any mown*, but an de not wish
aggravate matters by martin it as the
cnnietins “contraction," We go for
repudiation, because we are convinced that
% • . all . smonditag op
t r , nid that of a Character too latel
y, .' , 14 , , t.n 1 erne. is positively nu
ti..' s;,n.k for miewn
t ••2 d!i, • . none other. a
h Dean with the aristocracy
that is Icing founded upon it, and down
forever with the pimps and spies -and their
name is leginu-nho long upon it to keep
the warmth of life within bodies that might
as well be odd for aught that we can see.
Bert twitive Miley, of Ohio has
written a lettr , r, in which he , lepreentes and
denle3 the current etter.vl4 that he ever pub
secured Preeklent Juhmon deny oom
plicity in the arms?inatien plot
1113.-. My clear —An expression med b
man aryl *We thy NtrawnrAment of
NO. 44.