Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, December 04, 1867, Image 4

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Pll 1014 e fur Tour Ntock.
Cold *slather and besting storms are upan
as, Wilier with its bluster and et4.l, ita
snow, Its sleet and its frevsing with
and biting frosts will won be here. Ares
our Arment and stock - owners ready ill it,
Money spent in preparing warns shrlter end
plenty of food fir horses. coos, ta'oe, awl
all stock, is always. a good investment, say.
'mg nothing giii,nt 'he kuuttnityot:oll, thing,
No Ingo myna Immo, or milt,
who is not able to protect such animals
against the severity of the winter, Sheep
particularly demand the utinte.t care.
Throughout the country many farms:to pro
vide no shelter at nil for their :doe*, ntel the
cousequeneu is, in the spring they turn out
to pasture a tot of half •t•ene.l, mud
cattle or sheep, that, it r,einires the entire
rummer to rcornit. Every per:on who ow:,
cows or oxen, raN ea. colts or Itor,e4.
i' in
duty bound to take care of their, err to . 4 .11
them to those who will title rare t:tt nt,
Every farmer in the !c , f,tt , who ours
mot it to hio,ir to that they 30. tc . ll
fed, well ‘vater , d f.'el P o r ; ns
who allow for di:, , 1 1. , • t
gothe,; suffering F., fa... 1 and ‘„,.; ,
to goto , iail and he m..tyrd c. It
criminal in people to Ow s treat
itnals who help to give th e m fool rot
went. That tnan glut -1“11,•s 0.• , ‘ t, bore
cats all summer, aitit; r
turns them out to .q. 41 1. 'Oll Free 7; not cr
the cold winter's curt =felt,
eti to school . ‘ , .(111 :0;11 t'ol..- it)
the highest (1e..: ert pt , . •ay to
everybody b. •a; • ~j ,
9%.1n told •.• L "
have ao y 41y t
board: , :, !.; .. • ;,1. ; I
shelter. It it
sheep to mot hle d o Le t •oi in
•wake by it in tle co Lit t; , n.• k; •
low save, and tie I t. , 1 • it' . ;
rive from it, If • : •
siteeniuw' tc (1.“ di% •') . sir •h•
who will de it. If .
:hie, fi n d • -pet 31. , 1 either
hate or hum: 4 11 .1
Remarks on Sit c4atl t'
The Ilex. Ii; lierry, hi 4 exceloil I:
tip Ilroeding, , .:
stOCk fcalat hitli +• I• t•i
he liit>i • , •t. ,•1
ti'‘ t 11 • ;;
tivns of (1'1.'34 rant •- :. -
cut , i - I. • v 1.
i ••. I .1 •
••; ti ••••• ~.•
ittg., :,rod -;.;• ;•'“
to ettablith th,.r. 1 .1 •.,..
, 01 - !.
to the : I. r. 1...;
Order that 11•: • . 41 1 . "it ;-
1 ; c:.:_}.:.
, ;:: •
ff.( • •. .1,
-1% ; • • r
tkt It.'o,ice is, t!‘ :
cazt ; irlx!,. !
to cot:!.i.
y ! .
to 1.0 1 , . •1 I. 1 !:;. 1,:- w1;11
Nn v e.ll-I;.nal 0..14 .;1 1 I •o;fli
eictitly stiniq rs l tro-11,
his Nit ‘t . • ... Lath', ;1.• 4 ! I .
to etalitio• 1: 1.. Thit4. , ,I t ..
r it 1 ~ F. ; I , o t,;
'keep iu tit , lT ;,• s i.! . i:.
the 1411$ it -..rt• .1 tilt
()Oyu:stir:awe that thy will tioi , titit the r
uun voluble properties to did** oin•pring,
but be must not &pool on ais alone. or h e
will Poen run the I bl of tlegenerney.-
.1 4 4.5 'Fattening animals of all kiods lay on
flesh Very rapidly as the weather grove
cooler. Keep beeves and sheep in pasture
WE long as the feed is good, but yard them
at night. and feed twice a day with grain, if
they ore to be marketed Kw.;ll ; otherwise
bimply feed so as to be sure they are eon
study gaining. Pigs should have rooked
food, End plenty of it. Push forward their
fitttoui&T as rapidly as possible, for at no
season via they gain faster. Keep them
Aean, and give them warm. sheltered nests.
Poultry also nir very rapid!), and it is best
to fatten them on seahl,ll meal, with corn,
v heat screenings, and other food in addition,
al daylight in the utoruiug and late in the rd'•
CURAAYT LEAF 'TEA.—Currant leaves,
when green, are nitwit used by French coun
try people far tea in eases of difficult diges
tion. With sugar this beverage iK agreea
ble, arunratir•, and postelped of exciting pro
perties. The leaves have been distilled in
the same way as those of peppermint balm,
etc, the operation being stopped when the
liquid obtained is equal in weight to the
substance employed. They should be han
dled as little as possible, in order not to
crush their odoriferous glands. This dis
tilled water is a good vehicle forall stomach
potations, and will keep two year.
bar The guise crop of the United state
this year is reported to be rtmarkably good
an d many new varieties have boon cultiva
ted with great encr?.ss. The N. Y. Min's
thinks that if now, "fmm sem variety of
the American grape, some skillful discover
er would draw a really good, palatable, cheap
light wine, he would render a service to his
countryman, end to public health, morals,
sad temperance, whielt would insure him
fortune and fame."
VINEGAR.—Hard cider will turn to rine
gar very boon, by capcsing it to the atmos
phere in u worm place. Alloning it to run
slowly from ono ve%sel into another, over a
platform covered with oak shavings, will
hasten the procem A few drops of rod
cubbago water will make the color deeper
red, If the pcorle detire it.
ler If you desire to keep gripes through
the winter tale off the bran3hes carefully,
in dry weather; pack them in dry grape
leaves carefully, and keep then inn dry,
ootd plane, out of the reach of frog.
Odin. In nut.ll:l3 AT AND Nit! laildhut
'ltorne al Law,
Office in ffic Cubango riolidifig, ofory.titer
scl'...^b Store, ffecood dime aliurc tis.
c harlot tiot, I,
Ithen...eiiits, April 17. 067.
M M. r i HAUGH,
B 1400.11'88 UR /11.
practice ice the crateful Cows iP etelume a l a
Mid Stijmoute reoeutcm.
iterAU imiiectimar promptly intended to.
Nita /3.
Plo slain au ti Surgeon,
• /MSG located pprmalletttly un Mait,
• Stry,-1, Pa., would irr
thit h to preprOred fit
frilV44 , / It, 411 hiwitw. , 4 (31111i.Any nod putictimily that
,14,0` ty. 1,,;14,4•,1 (,) bill c.ifV, Utl looms couittwoom
rittp tsitp
Ile pkvi .tract 3a , r4tiun to S.Wrgory ns IN* ,
MUNCY 1101'EL,
tyroming County, Pa.
N. HUDEQN, Proprietor.
elloyer I'MP
100,000 0;61 ES 45: li I,AIWE
14)T OF ET NcLYC LOAR DS 1 011
Tfie fi fo lcr.igfir l i 4 41.04 rr r<titr up , to site
aawt 1,{131.1e t,1041. ;0, (111.1111 wy, in
HO , ( . 01.1; Vi di 4, 11 . 1 C 1011161 M 11 . 011.
NitillZie told 4 ibrge lot vi fruailig
vh, qfiaPir, tkotli pm. and ifigfitork.
1. J VtCntitil.,
I• 1.. (+y
"y~rt It , qiee to 141 ittiLlit: reac t.
3 , tt #hxi 3 tN » pt, ,, twiti lutti
•pot.., to , o 4 .11 , 0 up , m I`l.
0, ,5 I (WA. till 1:31 i,t Ot•
••;, IN t".O t
. , , 1,.# wt,!
11 1:A.1.1M L0t:1.13.4.
•.! •:.44; iv:! , !. 1,4'
kN A
l'outiNclor and %aortal at Law,
• •• •. • tO. <API ir. %VW VI. p`o , llr, n
:! .• • w I . oc 410 , 1 !n•• tnn te , An *Oh'
cos}. ;L: " •nt printiptiy
WWI the 0 rr,v; , c pitc r. m
Tt • t`•,` Bt,yt~`fi.3t apt
~f •I it , : f"t'V lit 3 , 1e341
uan 1•11•ItitiV 6 t
Li k: 'fiwy
*44 • n •.. eu,lly ,
to: I :sg , ekt 51.4,
••••) 1 . 601.• 1••••• I• I $lOl. :oe *via
pot: r a,. v.
4,4 a prevl , ofs kr , ov lr 414 t o
11{;, 01,11 , 01
CAN ~,•• t;e•Pi.
t ;t rq, ciawn
i ) 1 1 I 'f' eats, Ste .
& t &11' .1 1.41 1 • ~- DAMS: PkiiSr CU.,
Ve: Ann tt!
• A A I:,
, •
!'t'A (14 a! II airitliwker 41,3 Jewsier.
:4 Al:\ STNEET .nr Ow Unlit rI! .qtx
C 3 lino ro...s"rt*ont of All4' viral,
pnr+iaetarn;ie;+tirml , 3o Ur Cie rep: Itioz vfnet s .,
Wa1:11 , , ry. :4141:i.:4 ;Lair; li 4
or , t r. iEiwol,k Will ill! o,i.
Hog. 3p,il I-, 1.4,7
Ihe orot-e.ightot !expert/tally hhonnnees thin he
Lae rrllut.•d a silet, ono d.ner ItelOW Mayuf's. Dna
el,l l O. Sit the Girt/moo* Ithwit where he to heepred
to randttet the hiawria.if ho-int pe to ell no hrehrhee.
he ea of e•turie; h Itt•hees rod ohat•tat Owl I/
ririrlltOU by lots. ttttt lie et.o doles
thhhhtl. thektite, them look w.•arly as ei....114P OM,
611.4. , HP . lima( reasiluldde leitllla. Clive holt a trod
•.7' Ileor Tunic ar the very beet quality. herd re
dean fag bait, kept am.t•ot!y 0 , 1 heed. acrd for eule
if. C. C
Pl.bsistD.l.ttre. A ur:p —if
E xt.), kw., 110'111
1111003120.1.1tG, COLeMal A cot:,%-rv. PA
The nnd.r•irr.J having pilrelskowl and lately rt.
fittril h *Meaty , ' oil MAI% Kr.
ei 00000 opi...poto Ills Owl Mouse. reeptitally
I..l“fislf Di. fri.hil* Mal
Illw.e it 111)* 11l or.lvr fut Ilse ace 1111 l eiludoliou
I istertminu "tit
111 . bna orlrOd 11.1 1.111i1.4 in preparing the Radian:o
..ineitt nud euud'ast of hi• galena alia,
tia.aaL as we wiK. aaid voliop a good hamar*. !or.,
ti14 , ;11 1 1 . 145C0 eta at jell limes ta•tweln lids Una..
and the ttitter:itt rdilroadll 1). - p..'ik. tiltinda 4111Ve , af.
w.ll be ce,veril to and frosts the 8./.1/./CIIVe 111816.111,
1111.11/.:1111 1 / 1 10 met tile eats.
Apri; O. 1114
Alinontiesa 1n lila mossy (timid.. N sal! au 111 011 d 111..
11%111*i/11111i ha Collllisue* Um abet n Lu.uu .e a I L it
(141 Mimeo( btorluvot At M: 1 ; bill I:I.: kl.0011$•
evatowerg ud "titers can be acentnniffil tic , l
nbill kende, Pto epiprf.Tinorre. rine even, 0 0 "
plltrle ,
ronn.l In ...
Weil regulated hr.l.
and on tbu mewl rea.onaible term..
t;:e• tiroirri NI% tur Pau }l.Ol and b• tu g . will to p u t
up out ob , tti 614.644% Alin., all bintl e of t p i , ao e„ f d un .
rotas:illy all upon libcrat *emu.
11. also beeps bit band a lam rapply of Milk
Pap•. of differuut ala.•t and Wear ; bc.iue• a oaa as.
orulturist of Planar. Patent salf•Neali Pw•
tarving Cana. Give buret a call.
Sul, Is. Put —tr.
bag apeneJ a Orgt•eiggs
nt tba r idd Ftand nil Main, illoomaborr. qb
stork Is ....thionital of the. vory lariat and twat "Wag
ever offend to tau csiiarn• of Cowman.% aiingay,
lie can getaminnauto the public, with too l'airlawiag
hondt and at thcap rotes:
Attire rail bola,
Ana, aien't kip, dirndl"
flay.' child'. Airier alt,vi• kid, Canvas, ai.a.
Men's 'intro kid Itnlitteria shore, M..ica. witwits'a
tole, and ni Wats' ulnae , kid Litor tog glib°, f . lAlogen'g
slava kid., tr , .ry hoe tVoluntl'o hoe oat noiroteo
batman's, Wono.n'a uirn'a ,tomato and cal( oboes,
common Mian, 0 . and I,ll.ld's shot.. Wit's,
111P15,'. bay.', had ckilJ'a oltppoto. lit
alw atop* a Vtlat VAIIIUIY of
ilATts, VAP,I, AND STRAW 4001,01
of o"r7 kind, at the lowest price, both for rash
and toga: .1; prado,,,..
Miquelon., the atttdctlon Is In our pond.. Don't
110 alarmed at +be cry of high pliers, but roil anti
aro tat yutirooloca. itoopettlallY.
1 414 , 4. 187.
C. aistrarr,
Established 1828.
G. W. C4841:1k112, HENsZE V it CO.
737 IdAltgi.r Sr. ono door below eth, PIMA tofiLPill A.
mrnictves, CHEMICAL!,
And .very olio( ankle apprrieloltti to the
bitiiirOlic of the heel quality. tied tattle
• lowest Mullet Rates.
Muth IS,
The &arena enrollment et the tart idrecrlptio“ to
the Itlinoinaburg Literary institute nal, due on the
drat of uctober Subscribers will please pity Ulair
raspeolive anxitteta, led oblige allitartlita.
L. B. ItUfglll, Friel/eat.
Li kt
.if,tis r. cAnow
tl Is genvnilly sweat* 11141 "the bent in alwayo
the thenpopt et Ind that being tb• twig groat phop i t,"
is token in Intrudueing t Um publin
which 14 tepidly beetttieng pateent wed v ith do.
muchitio 04 hard work of wo*Olog i* utitittatit.t to a
tetafertable and teetteent utak, 't he climate ore
pLirtol in hot nude, and *hat ta. White thee tatatete
rd and the , thrum coollora, tit* Machine 14 (11/11111411
0. kern 111.0V0, 11)04 11)(1 IVIIOI. 111speadilY. tle*sly
and enmity dune, and that tau withaat tearing one
neuting out the clolltvr, which to a pmt meat I.
the rmn►n under the old nothietted rubbing prep rii*
With a
the wh , "4 , tarmr trt wa.tliolt 1. but It littivaitt
.tiart wt,wrwil with mode of It tllittl 4 ifoi
at lit twilvtwg and tsria:iwt,
rim i..4.):5i0•m1,w1 t y tiro Ilti i tlv,t wit !title
e r to.prt,..r , rll rrr r %pet ;I. NO WWI} 01
tilv t * , 4.1 V vhwilV ion V,119,01.
Nal - S cLoTtiE,;
prink of ito , k , Machiues flitlgt , P , I I "WO'
v r. • • • • • of to)
tirttel ". 4 iR , • • PI 10
Nervily }1f..., tirr. 2 Wriktter, • • • •
No. „ • • • • • • .pi tn
V. R. tit.A.L.
tkv k ,
4 N,:iV Of (;000::x
A NEW trt , g'n 4.1
C, IV. SN V 11ER ,
4,1 ,tt, , ),10 in 3 first,!“.,
4iilr , l4leqw
14 , NA/LA. ,oldsTr.,K! ,
WAG; IN r , rtt ttiG, 4 mv! A X I.l>'.
rmsTs. tai i,t3 4434 “LA,s,
till,lllV and 411,
o.d %Tits, f.`, , t %IX r It 1,11:.P..r.
he., tht ,
li[3i3~V 4 ('t)M;;i\,ii}
1-10XribT mull!)
v.vr;:yr 1+1:It
tit) THE IMPrioVEI)
I,lt, r 01,19.1 1,1'a. 0 1,5..,N and
it:or , m , tmrx, Jum:
rbiladelphia Erie itail Road,
Ttitiourat A NI) Map . r BETIXLEA
NI I /OH 1.1 . 11 I . itA H aft
WI,rBG, I ,llSr+ r.
G!: 1; % T 011, EGII)N
HSI Ni fist unitee
On and airier MI/ 1 ;104V. 4 P.T. Ina 14th irc7. lb
rryiti...o rbi1a.1410.1.3 Jt Erie Cas: 1.1...1,1 will
12# (.11,1%.
I'light.i.-iphls II 15 p. no
Tli AiY 1 , 4 Vl4l
.. •• airily., at Eft.: g44p. to
I.IIIE EN PULt'S 11:44111 Ph tiiket•4l.llla IV IM neon
•• •• Nolitnnin,crinn I a 41 p. 1..
.. .• arrivd at ttin 9 43 it, la
1:1,MI1tA MAIL I.avaa Pitelaartryl,in M an a in
•• •• •• hanntin...llo6,l .4 e.-. p. •r.
•• .• snip.. 811 Lock W1V..13 1 I.i p. :41
31.111. TR UN ICAVt. Wit. IS Ni a in
It •• •• horit.acita 'land I •2i n. m
44 .• arrival at els.ladulphar $ :►t a. m
ER 16 rx routs k•ar•d Kill 4 11 P 111
• rsv , . sit l'Isolss•ls-lishla 04 p. in
ELMIRA MAII. lerves Link Haven 11l a, la
•• It. IG a
arilSle at lint/11.1..10ra it lu 1). n.
Ivo' And Kw...* with all tram. on
%t AlikEN M. rUANKLIN IiAII.IVAIr. rater net%
leaving Philadelphia at I,l' In M. noire at Iliasuann
ut u 16 . 4 Ix. and thinly at ft 341 4 m .
Loo SSW 1 .1 4 ,34 " 1 1 , 10.1 US o 00 E. M.. auto'? al 0.;
t'Py at 4 31 p. es.
dlitctlaoa Warr.•, A rrßoklin Koala ay make
rnunrcthon+ at hi city with mina t'..r P.ook
iin ou.l Potologiut 11.1011.161: 131
Till:WIWI. A. 1.. T1'1.131, dosit
lu. 1067.
giiii.iiiiS: QUI►K 'fii..siii6t-i
ireoured the g..rvliv. o r Mr U. Ziwhi.. ru t
( Ilir twit hll.t•-•. l.r bu 1.1,110 so th•r etuta. Me Ore
pl.q.nreli So rtirow,li so
M MI(41114411,
end others. with
Di et•trr iirsetiption. on mere notice. Iprin4 in an y
lOW drvired. to too Pleat sub.tatitie niaitaus, at
fratAitallie prig...
ala><nsutes hound, and old books teliaitiot i nt New
ILlrdrip Irn nl the errico of the paper publishing
this oirtnitisesinnt. or went I.y Isp►eos. Mel be it
irntleti to awl retUrnerl o ttbnut t ioneen.aan, t wi n y.
If. as. 1111.1..
Wrnntim. Jnne VC —lt
■a ettiiroto et" liinnntsimrit tin ,1 vicinity nrn in
formed q.v. P. 11. etulutet oes • opined a Met
ococrnv Awn CoNPECTIONARY NT All,
In ll,e ..I.lolll.lbhuentt stand," lately parcliamtd rad
1111 , q1 I , y by bow.
.1f )nu dedru putrheou
I ivrice. Ttic
Y 1 41AR,
Pil.T. Pe emu,
Nlget:4. k r &c. .
PLAIN amt fancy at WAYS.
11 IN.AtY:4I. 10:6
of every Anarripticm. awl • ereat vnrkty of cttwr
articles, NOtiou.s. er. , eloaprr thou N 10 ty other to
tell eiliblibhlnt tit In this erettuti, call airon
u. 11. tirunNEß.
blotomokri. Aurnal7. 1007.
\lre. MANY rintwAr takes pleasitre in enniwinc.
Ina lathe sateen, of liteennsburg and vicinity that
sin. Impish replenished Mr *heady Imp stud. of
Fall. amid Winter
fillitiolUZZlr COOP O s
at ISr nI4 Mend, nn Meta Street, In Blonntehn re
eh« !miles the spatial attrulton•ni the intblle to her
stock. GIMP her a esti Wore purchasing elsewhere.
Uet.O. 107.-4 w.
(Lae Assistant Medical Director V, e. Army.)
PhD&lau slid Surgeon.
Pr' Slee at its !both 14mor. Bloomberg, Pa.
Calf, promptly attandrd in kw b altpin sad dap, Bloommilrs. Nor. 21, lAN,
inthrm, !ha eltiarnlfnf illloont.hurg and trinity th t
he liar ain Pl l4 a haw
R Elvvr A I 'OT
• 9
41) tat• ptaed, invitow hi. old lU4
ca.tooptto low , ll and ; of ala t , 'far h lonita.""
14 I:1, a .11.fitioll ••‘l , 4by haws
L.lO Ell BEL& AND,„II,e,
ran stant iy enrimpo Area, Potter: Atrearrerslitr• Miro
aro Water, Plat, lameetteites, Realrbiery anal Lem
*to tlrupe, catt al Warr** kild at Ill* itiMagrittli.
la the ratios tine into6lo
not surpniniail In this Ow., tits. Pickled ()vital ,
Mins, Suptitio4 hob, Hitrilitanad Chltitan, Pi+ kfrt
Toi to pe wl a Dor( Tongue, e.„ Nn n is 4 poi
tiat ur
Niue* find Chetehrg Vitacco
fort hi* co o.holiero. oivo kilo c4ll.
Lit opiimburg. Julie 13, trui.
•M ti`(
11, eduction In Prices.
undersigaPd will niter to the publio
Is 7 AU kjudh Gt
IXtr.ol#: 'cro uta II aMI :10 4
I:I , X4Vt . A RE,
H %HMI/Mtn,
Buell% and Shoo+, llrii f, Car,.
and Notions in every ebrinlYi
04.111,.4. from t h e NA 91 Lamar), will be roil
ducted tot a trirctly
and peruonti ttiebins iq porehatot noyhtni its our
tttle coo do 1.10 tit o % Ey .ot.ll r ft..uia , o! 00.
11 1 / 1 0iCA•ale PrierM.
/ruin tali•isn in Exchange
'mite Om pub~k to
Allan , Or their initthilagi..
JAH nary 1,1,1;7.
Urfir! !
v ! LUM BE
thu public thui tltvy
have .t/e:r
OWNjU Nlt Chitin With an I'A'tetspive ivegfment
anti Are nwv prrtiiirVll 1.0 supply tdt orders a: , 11 , 41
th'l .Welt prirP4 I,lli ritloh, 7 !Wit 4,
6011.44111 , 11 004SIAv. of
%111 W fine Plank. Boardm,
Flooring', Surety(' 00a rd o ll
Siding, Hemlock Praval,-,
405t1 , 01 or Woolnooki, to ~ s lt, parahi,.elr rram, ,ttrid•
- .lt ttir•••, Tit , it rt.lttit,r. Vitt
apt lii.,
r 1,1,10 lo 0b../
1 b.., a,f c-It.t: otly 1111.110,.: , 11111 aiit R11.:11, t of 4411
ao ~ /101 sx i n >
gr,A,,,joi, 4,11 , 5 1. ‘l , ll air a .I , Wit fora
I,lre ,a Ana 4 , it '.l.`ru. Tt, ty aro 4 ! , 1'11411...4
„ flyper,,t-tt “4 C 14,111 11,. 510
tr 0.013 liw pnitt “ttil e 9”, i4lty
ttinu, 0. 6:1 WI to o ,, frfft• to ti. Pm t hat troy
to,. gilt qt.-{1;04 :tt0,1,1 , 51 to COI tillo . l , 4 1 0,0 t
tc,y i Irqr,;•l:s r,•11, ;foil Tito,
'At :1. trt t't , Ottot tett. raft tooto•i.
Atri ut! unn tail
w. 41. rog:itA m tht y
Itc pre - ,d1 , 31 to tif , srlt hind (114 .
Ka b,i et yr r , k tpPy
Ogra , toa! , irrtr , olo , , {/1011
6 , 0!
Ad !r
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111;,11 IN , ', I.t \ll. [lt)_ D
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The Grocery Deportnielat
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provisions. earls as mope, noilaases. dour. sad, Ash.
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Country prOtlett taken in eielinner Per ;14.04,
for which the higheat market price Will i. L.% ro.
Sr Mort fall to give him a call and acciiie
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rumor) , hear Or thavville, in Mt, Pleoront Town
ohly, Voluthlon rounty.
I.'sAuyuwt, U, 7.
No, 14 Bond St, New York.
rry• rull Information, rk ith the kitbag testhdopilelt
■l■n, et Book on Sprotal Di In sealed onsolopo
Joni ken,
V•• as err, 444 tend/or Mow. goof you will pot rep*
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P. cvca
Empire Shuttle llnrhhse
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NI (he: oat Street.
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/tux, Sack. Pod, Gum and Oil
Cow's. and Punt..
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Ute citizen* of lilousa.bilni. doll llpubh. golo
orally. that he is tumults
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tween olio 'Nen and the uhf
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OW than. going North and +South on Unt I,a k. &
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Hia ?ill !WS' ES are in lend rendition, eninata.
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!Cr rmanno wi•litwg to inert Of •re ip•i• friendly
&yam can b. acrowno.:sled. upon +.'a Inns ble
sharp* by leaving timely notice at oily of the iite
Illootsiliburg. April 17 Iso4
R E3I 0 v AL 0 10
C. C. Itl AR WS
rim I/00K .1110V11 • 1)010( It 11'
TIIK itlolereigned havlnt roecivell city
fill and compiute supply of
Sourer. Tinware,
Illiteilw are. I'.-
dar and SVeltow Ware, thaw'. enlifrrnn•
ery. Gtana•Wase, Tonatto 11.. t.• and
. Iltuate, Mar, Pak. VIA awl Mat ; all or
Which 1 propos selling as II very low dririlior
tatah or pre4Net ,
tir. Call Seld Ser. C. C.MARtt.
insonesherg. April 9 . PO.
v EW TAILOR . S 1101).
line opened n New Tailor !Orli on Main
Atract, Ilinnmentiri, where ha ti ill ho plen.e.l to see
all It in may furor hint with their commit. Ile keep.
1111 Mimi a wo II M. lected lot of clothe. tomentera, voit
Inge, which lie will wake up to artier with neatness
and despatch.
Attention void to rutting gentlemen end boy's
clothing. Also rowing none In the ladles' line,
ltospatang done sport short moils,. All work
05"' Otos AIM a WI. (Bloomsburg May n, IN7
Horse el Cattle Powders.
Co 11 u N,
pot, Improve
triad, Ina
the minilte
• smooth
/amply et iu
I.erable el
In all dlmuce
the Lung*, I,lvet
ha, One argel
Oct. tie a epeelfli
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out Lill r pipe!
to 4 pawl ,
travel r.w ill sl.
shore dlunise.
will bv enullaged
or entln.l) prevr
Pries 55 Cents per Paper, orb Papers for St.
S. A. you'rz & DUO..
No. 116 Franklin St., Baltimore, Md.
1... r Sub. by thfougla•
out tlot hailed litatto.
ro f t•ric at II:r Ptoz kure of
Otnorbtburr. laa f.. PG7.— iin.lo
1 ) 1,11100 11;1' (Int Peoplt.
1.0 Meow Si, N. T.
11 , 10.1 I !NH Otir ill ptot';.• 1011
.ct NAP.' P 13.4..... Its Vt.•
IS .1 Inr.” tn?q• to.
1 , 041 r 3.-. • ;it. •r estV..l.l
.s.i 't . Vs
STY 1.1;
prri LI; I' 7 .11 • I .1
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tl l'l'Lf7ll.7 t1i•• 1. ..
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W 41•11 C. 110.1. 4.1•1 • O oo" .o oo
8. - 0 tot. harp ,ot 1..• . 1. , 4'• 1 •
; .11 .1 .1 , 1/• h./11, t••• , - I
111113.1 ul lit. L. .t 0. 4114 I , f ti
I.lltlll , alili ot . ...eluew 1.10 , . Cp." P r ,
Irl joshlir. of .1 •:.•
1.1. i1f , :1e.•1.1 , 1 to 4 Ctilitoll •
ro• o ••./.
.P to:
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• Pa10111:0•:
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1. 4 ,..,1•' • otitt
1',./ :110
St•tli' ' '..) • • I ,
itt•l 6.111r0.W. • lo 1.1..; ....• • 0:
hoof[• IN 111. ;*. . •• - I
ta1.14.• F.trustietr• e• r • I n''" "
Ii nvi/s. 'VIVI , .1 INC. , 111.
ilif Ilf...:11:111.. 4110 n r n ill, •
din, I linfiti, A1.0.81'00. hot • 11 1 0111 441 , 1 •
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1:211 ftwooits. *hp, .•4. '1 1
.1- III," ) *l•t•teti* 111 ibVC^ulJ► y w*lst * rl
1114 4otlt••. al. -1 t'•• con:t. I Ise*, ne Sv a
floor.. t. 11: 141.14* 111/. NI 1..0" t
the I ttttt WIII 1 , 1na,4 b) t•
plt *4 krharite• poi r 114 110%
.1;110 li'A - II:RN/XS.
URN't. MIM'. F i Hi In I. 1•NI 11:11 r CA:r1:0,
No. 4.40 meat. N. V
un. el. woic-1 y.. 1, .1.
soltrii KILN CEN I,
910 10 irtin
illiOni Ch3lllllKe 0 1 c ora .
i\ 'MP? April will gut,
A+ 1.41.,0 r :
on 4, S 1 PPnVe• lilleta4sishoglats4..t.l443l. # l ql pills,
01.111.11., 411111 the Al IA ,1411,m•pearl. 140 14.
Ei411116 11 in 11.1.1. r:110.1.11112.14 :1 13 P. 1.. Norte,.
Irf 4 41; 11u1rilo J is r. Niigata Vali.
II 110 r. M.
4Qi p. v.• olornits4 111 nl
41,1t..11g 41 With im4pott, 11 13 P. '4 .
wino II 0.) A Al.
It &I XS Sorrit iv AII D.
tl 43 I*avn
prim:opal Owing+, al Ibirristimv, apu a . r .
11.14apar It 3 11 e i. l`letimb•lplosi t an r.. 1.
14 al A . 4 um,. Norsimiabpdand. Jit, 411
datiwie. arriving xi Itertr , lwita. al 113 a,. lird•
14444. r, 110 p. a., e1111a4. 0 14114 F. 4 1 1 P. a.
P >i • 1r44.) 44. 1 .1hUne. , 7 . 4114• so nil
.1;1111.11 4 . /Inv iog ll..rr4leir: itt :b
plim I 141 A, 14_ 114114444 7 au A. 4.
II 1 , 4 W, \ ,, roiltteltlwrlo.,l, givping et
ama•1a.114141111444 411110:t1 al 11app1.4041 4 01 ♦ 4.
Hallimort: 04 4.41, elal dolphin 7 1 0 A. Pl.
/ mammy. I. 14, via . lan.
Garet 64,0, liarripbute, rm. C; 4.1.1 Paao. Agent.
R n.a, .144
14. 1 1,44 e
14.1*1 441 , ologll 'I N V.
Airy pat".
LatkaWaltlitt , i. RlOnws:mig Halls uad.
iii tti. Ili a II AkillirialrgliN
64 ,- •i• ‘v 4) I) A I 14 V l'lt A INS. *Via
Os ANTI Arri It JANUACV •:a. tPti:, v tF•
Sl:hit:litt IliAlhisi 1; i 1.1. 111• N AS t' St
1. CA '1 K oti1! I tl .i .111 Is
.1N %I P M.
LiNoe Scranton. a ail 7.111 • 4 . ..4.
- King.too. t. XI SOS iOO
'. Iloport ONII it.l7
Doi sill •• it .1 t it 1 19
Art at SiorthutoPettrin.l In.:10 - 11.113
I...E.A'SIi 110111'1111' .14 D.
A 111 Pll
Lenge NorthnnitietlitoJ, 700 414
o Ottßetile, 7.11) A 00
.. Itulmtt. .. 1; I . M 0 33
Kingsims, iti to '.: '4 903
414.41% . .. nt 2, rir.toi 1!.,U 4,:h In fa
'Ern elld 1: , n , .1142 King .too n 1 .. 311 1: M ro, Seralleop
rnlinert o itli Titot4 , If ilv 1 , 1.4 nt Nvve V 4.244 et 5..4—.
P townie/. ilk omit V 44.40401 frcon virrnnt..n ht Sal
A M via ho4thumberl4o47,rolith Ilerrleltnre It 30 P M.
1141011 more 3 :10 P M., WnshlliVoll 10 PO PII fat Kn..
pert reach Philedelphis at 7 relr M.
11. A. FONDA. Pun
Kingston. Jan. 30 ISr,7
nK ton] fuvolobir
town, w ill tbor.
arlily n Invigorate
r.)lt, .10% n Dud
ty rtnnye,.ttintt
tMt cl...itnlnr the
, toenbets Juni Into•
It is a silts pi..
%rialto of ell dM'
was Inold!ot Io
Y ell 4. MO J EF ,
I:l4,tie.lostr 1.4
3;l•Str DCP WIWI-A
~r• f •••
Serofhla, or 'King's Evil,
I is a emistitutkmal diseroo,_4 Mrrtiptlun of the
Llend, by %illicit this fluid Livorno* ettl i g a i o
weisk. is d ..? to *l.c eirculadon, it
per's he the 11-.41 , Intl., and may bard out
t1i..Q4,1 riay part or It. No organ is fro.
I irons OS that cut so. likh it may
Inqt (1084 , 4. ' l l tam, is variously
mused by morcuriol JitellsV, TOW living. Or
ordered or unhealthy find, impure Air, nhh
and 11:01 thr depressing vietA, and,
egwe all, hy the vernercul infection. 'What.
ever Le its origin. it is hereditary in the eon
! stitutile, descending front parents to eitildrce
the third and fourth generation t" indeed.
it ~ e cin. to "uo the rod of litm who ear, f
' !I visit the initialise, of the fathers upon
their children."
Ito effects cammenea by'rlepoition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcerno. matter. whieb, in
the longs, liver, and internal omens is formed
tubercle'; It; the gland , , sac:U.lgs; and on
the surface, eruptions or More.,., This fool cot
repaint, which genders in the blood, dcpreowi
the energies; of life, so that scrofulous cons:lto.
tines not only , infer from scrofulous e'm.
phistoi, but they dove far lei power to With*
stand the attacks of other decrier i tome.
queutly, vast numbers polish by disonkrs
which, although not scrofulous iu their nettle..
8111 10;1114tr.d fatal by this tuint, Its the
Molt of the consumption %Mob de
l:motes the human family het its origin directly
or this scrofulous contamination ; arid many
dcatructivc diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the 11111110 cans?.
Use Wiliam . of ell our people rue scrofulous;
their persons aro invaded by this lurking in
fecthm, and tlietx Iraith is undernilued by it.
To cleanse it folio the systina •••••e mutt teirovate
thy blood by an alterative medicine, mid in.
vlgorate It by ht althy food end exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
)n it Invaluable
'yea the quality
1b... milk. It 1.64
rn provvn by fte ,
tl extwrlrovatt to
:name the gaan•
v at tun and
tat twenty pa
and make the
. .
.ter Arm mit!
eet. In fattening
Ida. It jive% thorn
41.4 tit.. loosen,
.Ir hide, end
them thrive
the most effectual remedy which the medical
.hill of our 'Mies can devise for this nrct!i
where rrrnilia.g am! fatal malady. It is com
bined fans the most active I.,!..sedialt. that hay.'
been di...mitered fur the txpargatiur. i. t •ts (OUP
dipkortler fa,:n tit Ws.f4, ar:d t).y rescue of 4.7
.y,teni (rum its dv.ttuctive consequencev.
Ilcuce it should he L.:1011A for the cure of
~.,t was ..,4,rofala, Luc also flax* other
deaf which arise front it, such as Mumma
and Bxts Inscases, ISr. ANTItONY . O
Rom or EliTatkrtAS, PIMPLIM, PINTVLer.
liUM:itts, I3L Iv 4 and lion...Totten^ Tavrt
sett 8.14 ittirem. tic mu MAIN Ittfcawoar.
it rest.iTtsX, SIT:I4IITM end MeittrtiAL Dr •
I)nor.r, DirykurbiA, f)rnarry, and.
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Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
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