Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, December 04, 1867, Image 3

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To mid the 11,3 of the dirty old
'Ain for griming the common Grid
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Tlirre is a tertiblo airwave raging at
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it 14 wont of—tototh, unwell I,y the
tdeps/. Three died for butcher
Talus ; at his htstu me. Their re eaius
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Visc tundotem to ncg•
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aiLl bridle of dlr.
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giving awl prayer. llu•iness is
shory was ahtto,t entirely so:Tooled,
atores Leiug closed. Or mirs! the
ttokikr .it' turkeys were Ilk I N A
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oe , .9 11$ • nit hey 111 ertlti Mg no. Plot
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phitiop, on the Cathie it OWN.'
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as ortor by W. I.
'I.A It h. do t th, Ghronate.ll.
.. , tlarat ,, N. V. flu only towiltutti Atoot, for
041 i, tf the .am , .. it? 10.7
tto'lliberet at Ile.,
We that eitieken
4....114,4:1 ►lietusekcs, at a radii:* uu
I& hour, into *seem! benrchsts, in
)wit. during the nag week. Our
typo, 'Mr. Yort, had his chickens
A :harp detective is an their truck,
air prospects lilt' lermting out the
polies, and briuging them Indere thc
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gO:ti l / 1 4 oT a cr: rt:11 and badly Imri
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ly.ra rron a bugxy by & frightetual
::tl daawm.lllll3 bead.. Theft
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1.1/Wl.e to Make a lAA
lir. ,4reek wire left
(Nt on 'l'oestluy ittornitil; lag. for their
• , it oat i%
! l',lllll Irte Lee n it resident of New
11:1•11 •1.;.r 3 hit .• 1911101111
;!.•;.‘i 4 , 1 litt!.
: 114i+
W3.1.5t171c•1 :mt :440.1.11y
tbi: nit.. that it. tireat
IL-, fl.l4v.viat,!. Tim accit:m:
1:10 abecliktv tte thi•
••;•tilit•tr wltatt
ttig t Lihl it is :41.0,0-btk.l
ire %;!!. LEI, His whi:v
litT viol,: taught.— Sit.
Vt hette . er 1 lake my walk:. at matt
lay pear. titi,t.rahh. tiptiejet.: Ittaiph•
vc..ttla le. healthy. .444 1.04::. awl
a' Ow). toil Plantilf:on !litter+. rho
tor 441v1.1i.: VIOL 1.1
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.11 t • r
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.oithP.. With it
every unat, way be his ou
k WATER... -A deligtrnl toil et
•lior to Co!flpac aril at hall' the
NG Bunt iLAit Y. • lAL4 Friday night
rglars u .pted t•. rub the County
yat Middleburg.. 'rho- entereti the
*sinners' Mime through the window.
Matted du: bon &tor out of' the
tel then I.1:w open the Fare with
nut there was 60 nionoy in it.—
!so ebtored the Reitisters Olive. by
a round hole out of a pane of Atha a
chain end and then reatbiag in and
a nai: out of the window. But they
notwy hem. The Protl,ostv
• ti; had nearly 81000 in it, but this,
. r.,;! 1 11 to try.--Scliosyrut c
Si 'mu eichutiges nre
• n.,erting that the negro vote of the
will be counted in the Pre.identiai
1, next While we have no doubt
groes will vote at every election poll
hoot, the Routh, at that thee, yet we
with in believing, that Wore the
:t by thaw I ,orreget4 of ..itAisioniAts
vuui,te.l. in elder to decide who shall
next Preablent, there will he a little
gut um* cud shout t to ritughe4
•er utengreliAo mw —rrchmige.
court is in session—Mut/0i EL-
Judge, and his Associates,
ud //seis4n, on the Bench. John K.
WIN appointed foreman on the Clem,
There is more Commonwealth busi
is term than usual. quite u number
Testing eases are in the herds of the
Jury. On Monday evening the
Jury hurl tets - irted two true bills, the
or whieb we did not learn ; but up
m time, (Tuesday liirention) no Jury
hud yet been disposed of. In our
•sstt will be found a Pytiollsie of the
pm,modinot. There are mare
in J. Zel/1•11.t.. , VII - • ‘ . 4 1 21 . ? L:4414 ' 34g1
considering the TO ragas and coil
Is A AI'S. W. Li., 'Whine (fillisinirlf of I .4ir.
duo, 111441114.) Ile, M.
(rm. Oh *NEW thiinhin hin4rehs in ihe
city dii.ll'..intry LON be ~.N Mho. tarn. I hh used.
itl 11 Iht ~r , ' 4.r..1#11 , N 111*If , •1611% hi. IA Vii:l A 1.
I.l* , 11....1141111. , 11111A1N. Ku rinirith our Pr 41•111.
11.1.4 0 I thril 10, I y
I, /1, u 1 , .; V 1 , .; It Iti u
A lute n po,Ciretolnr. giving Inforoottlim of tde
inivorliitit« to %Ito yaw./ of both
It irt.rh.As how lb., sosy become lowitifUl.
Ilrr dry ootOl And lb.. forstoirn 11.
No ) nI lady or tivialPllll.lll oboold 6,11 to Pr nil
'brie 1144449, mn.l tredve a ropy port papt. by
turn atoll Ad Wide I' r, di. Troy, N.Y.
Yd. 11 Ily
Erotio Mr. V. Twain. Mimi muter at elalirbair.
••11111Ve twen WNW.' 01f yl.l l / 1 11,114**214 WWI.
W11..f.11111 , • 1•u14 21.1'7. illid e
sow ill •• •••••11,
1421. bud 1 0.04 You. Pulv4. Al.
.10112 1,21 . 11 r 41.1 u./11....t 411 , 4112/ 1 14444.. for 1.4.
HIM 111.10*Ive
"Well. W. IN MIA. at SON. rroprkims.
&ILI by ■il 004101140. Mea as. a 601, ALIA by 411/11111
(or WI C 44.
111 miaow I'. Thin rico n. Ihrmut CogOPP Aotrot
(VIA, 41414 oyes,* and Vorclinnantiran. uho lino
Os 0' the o l d wo r m.
kn. how Ilindoon N. Y. Al4ll tom
Tuorul.•l. p•...r.,r..4t1t V:olHierrisl 1/04“.(0 or ..nC
•oubt. (110111! 191 7.. *Milan 4uuwledl•+ (4 .
the Vein , at iMit“lfillitlCA. In OP stooli• or wattled 91
!rn, 4.1410 0( Amor., %Oa ilintne
ales the very Is utatnn of the pew.. you no. lir 1441•
ty. 011. 1 1 9f (hi out of bit lontt upheld 44 tnlen.e pow.
rf. lsuoou 444 Or 15.114 to sm.
duty Is 110 luhe welrtry at OM tutors 14411,
al Ow 4p p l.. “ta.i.v..thrr nOh nab of aollf clap. pn•
mali.a. ill Ills . Iran um Stun• of r liarkri..r. i c Tian
stribuuttins. 11131 kb.
suit n ill o..nd wit.n dr .irrd g roglig..lrectin.
NIP. or C !viva pagan:ltt<•. Shut the pi. 110.1 4. hal
it lainanin babe. by rariolak: u *total lurk of Ivor.
IVO 1411411411414 fr of bwh. 1004 i1ipp4 4 .114011111141 r.rnl•
114 , 1400. nun enclo.lax t•iln and eln.apen
nos addressrd to fettle.. It ynn will setrivo ibo )•...-
turf. sod &WA iuf•mneUou I.y ...Mien wail. All
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iltiwv. MAfAIIC E.T11;111tX1'11V. P. 4). awl
Hawing N V /frh
A YOUNG 1.-IDy icgruitsisu
s['l'i'l•:ll No MO::Ii!!
Ow. u•e
you b.• rOP+A pennuneusly.u,..l .1I N Ie 'Mug
,tolgsiii.ittug o:l•4thaneed (hi.
III.• r t. I to MI Soot V OW.
I lieiserPt I y mitt ririiel em
icr nur - rarthi;
lip M. A et . NW . thir
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u. - n , llls u n•.triv Jot icy 114101110.1110. loot. • 1
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or A.. II II iII f• o.trst 14r rpVM:l.f
res.. Vt• the br.lrlt t1i50•...1 Isto veti. s 5 s r. l n by
Os{ nmtr iiy ..(08. It
0.. 4 i. 41,
1101Li1.1.. , e.• 0.101 0110 t , I ,• r IC 11.1! 0,111. I II
1110 1,11N. 1. 10 It al tmea, resiativel Ita
mad Itaisptter4B. 1 i oct ' , ln* to gui1t5...4.4,4 10
• I er, •> R f (o.g. 1.41,!••0 .4 t.
•113. U N., 6..111.• If a biltestgit toe rit:•et .4 out C 1.4
;of attala.eit§ cu mn.
1.nin,•31;. 0 , 11p. 115 e Vlll4. %Ile .41.....1y
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1 1 1..1. fitsr 1 Pill Irian' %IN 041 41 - r 1,40,. o'
Itsr ist•flo.)% 1,11.1 11144.11.. t. rui , s fir., Ir.l vi
v.",. 1,. fj, • .14,• T..,11 it. i• p• • n•tr..d Iwo 1 -. 61 "
Cidta•l•iii4 sir 11 Uhl 01. Ile., •y• 1,0 P.elf
te3.0.,4111 , 110. el-15,11111 itoptelf OAP 110. 111111111 X.)
(14.11. .". I I. 111•t.P.05115 sr 1111 r lowan.
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1,111.. f ul 111*.1.11.41.• 1..1:411,400 rtiliP. Vs Sti ler *NM
11, 115 ad. 10... 5.4•V1t 10,1114 . 01, %5515 51 . 54 oryf•i • by
110111 ilf ell•erwi 0.11.....1151 01 WOW f«... ail ••1 -
.1.f.1•. 111:.111:1,1:, $ 1110101oi N.. 403
how,. rt.• Tll4. N. V. 111. 117— Iv.
. . •
r 311.1fA HOUSE.
It. U. sToux Ell, Proprietor.
1.111 I. Iv! , 111 . 1 k rtnna ;- .l••tc M.o.+ up iker thr airman..
011,14 ..1 1114. 1... t • Ivey In11111r • 1111.11..11111V. 041
%I.llf. 01 to. .1. a I.•tv •1:.• 1 , .11 /1111. 111.
10 - • U..14 . 1P-1.1 •• 19 11.
1 / 6 II r 1..% vl. It Mt..' f.111./...11111
eft fit.lll .1. Ohl t ati
where. Mr 14..
I'l pn n..ut Ohl h. aLn 1 , 111 . 04
to. vv. 1.41,111 1 11.11 I, 1114 811111 WIDIad
...Iwo. aln polloioot.oof there.i.lot patron ege.
1.. , ...0.•11ung. war li. 11.04.
rotolor. if Ito. 4..itott if VW w«lth.r won
r.e.l 1 . 411 1 11.4•• t Ira to veal.
,mi 111,••11,••1•11 11.1 MOW onil, Itottos
1101 1•144.14•1.1111•11 Its tss.••••rl p11 , 11•4•1t dlmefsas,
stsso otstt••••11 4,th I. 0, 40 .0. 01 1105.1
mare f 11i. .4 oriole: tittrrittOnt POO t.tototch
owl sq•sirals 1/1:4 1 111.• 3111 4 a 115. r 400 pow
11•• N rl+. 4.00• xll your tat v, l lll
•lUIItn n 11h lb el :'41.'1.11•) • , nrlll l /Is 11•11IC 114.1 I, lef s•
ItllY7 K 1 ITN s 1 4 11111 11:11 ipi 'Tees.
op II $llll mord, enrage 111« 1/1441••••• 4 too Is 004111 1111•41
fp/4.1..9111 51.4. 1:11.1111115•41. 2 1 1/ fief /11111 IP. I , , r...., “
9t ;bw ••Ito doll poi may ow
• IPIL•r." p. flop wsw.r ammo. met ilf pl. wr..110, 1.
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I. 110 1.011141111.111,11 515 V 1.011514/, .4,.c11je, 41 lino* u vi 551..10 «woo arpfo.triwo it to vlll4.ity
N• 1 .11.• 1111; EN INV.
elOns.u. nr inuoingable agonise. nil. sinit iu
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or Ixl. 001, 1110. 1 131 Lit'S 111'1'1'IUt1.,n Ilt
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••••.11 , i M tisrlo tine • 11.510.1 111 preolaintims
Intones ItUf.l 111 011111111 Mr. p u ns nn pipit Ii •••.
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awl You low, II in 11l .01 rryaryi
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henithlol-11Inollig n•• p• 4•41 to ptut , ont u•
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Sot poi!. r v .
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ants. Cetd4 -61*14.1. Croup, Irlusidair
Orals Lumina,. Mail the 111111%.111.18.. st• 111/11 a. gown,
tat. Li— upon ar Inc Tama. Cll.lll .111.1 tower I.l l .lfail
1111114 iltangent.l climate NI ail stitwatte ilia gear
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1.111.0 (I.lllld 1111111:.111,1 r. Ito d) •ler ' , ever*
nigh 111 g. the 11 111.1111• /1 1.1 11116.1. 1 11..11.1.54 , ,
tag and 1.. acesitti 1.07aa. a. matt V1411.1..1..11111 t l / 1
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*lir Illshew for II) *lir, befog us.seursl is:. Iwo that
so in. , si old is.,; isrosisise aseid rdert.. h. rant% isssi
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horsy Wild, 'Phu ceased rewillisis ha• etrlme
rpuorh la 1.11 up. hip lilh biglis ritslun'd
her lii hralll PIMPS that *ash several Physicist's
bad Sued le do tom had failed."
Pulsars' by 116111 W../ . lWitir• • 110.01. I'rre
weirs rt.. hos. Lou . sul 1w sets by OrlaigbaigebowlY
01 *Well (11114C1 1 1 Utah , lot *Or, sk , toe
A Cleutterti irks hatetied tot ir*Hl MIS .140114
P. ~ , , ,tors, I rtay. or IM IhrMrwr4
14 , hltr, cot torti.4l. too. *Ht. fo• th , • ate of 'Or , riot
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1 cooLyn!rti,* AND PFATIVE MTV, p•itit
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Pay 111, INK -Iy. •
fr"ati I,i)Ktf or MAN 111$11Flial U. A gpnllt
Won N I.N *WIMP (nr grira from hortimlo
Nepotist itehlthlt, Nightly KllllllOlllll4. kfili 10141 i HMI
WM* 11V.10. tLn 11.11.11, Of Vl4o'loo i t i t jj. c ri.l 141
CHOW UOll cndlnt his thaya In unpile.. ulisory, will,
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the 1101 al Puf. 11X1'KEI'X' • Pit I 41:It
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thr 1 01,4101 effil hit of I r NMI
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lbw haw, enrr by mull, •ealed 5.0•1 I,llllpirt4 Si.—
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leaving Ike obits *AI 61111104 tt4 tt,tt nn. I Thp.
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eetsi per pu..bace• int pet r. o. to ON? IliddlPM. rib
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kris. /). Iterrr Troy. N.V.
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1.. PLANK r. Clt . tm•hurtr \...J
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HAPPINESS on I%lisgity.
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Bell's Specific Pills,
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SO Broadway, New Tark,
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Dr. Harvey's
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Dr. Ila:vers
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Dalilmofe, An(n•t I, 1117.
NO. 124 'WALNUT tel MEET.
noo No. Ili GRANI PTIt EET•
MARRY liv.writAß.
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August . :S. la 7.
tIEYERS' Newly Isuproveil
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White Liquid Enamel,
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Feb Lin., tit. Etay. N.Y
if. H. RunebLyger, Agent,
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tom, 01 n !Cc .1e to kdior zatiOu of Common *clouds.
&C., '11111C1,1114 rO/I , llc. •
Mee, Thal 1/ 1 r. *tots Plo^riniondent of eneh
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1 ' DRUG r 3
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