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    WM. 11. JACOBI', Editor.
WednelidaY. Dec. 1, 1807.
P. M. Porrountu. & Co.. 37 Pack Inm Neff Yntk
Esc duly onihnrizent - ttoncerit. owl rowolvp
Motor and o.locttiOno h.r Itio.ntoterni Her. Pub.
1.1144 at Bloomsbury, Volumlciu county, Ps,
A Brace of Satrap Candidates
Hon. E. It Washburne, the red-hot
Mongrel member of Congress from Illinois,
who sleeps with Grant, or at least has made
Grant's house his home while in Washing
ton during the recess of Congress, says, in
a public speech :—Tho,liepernl was al
ways a 'Whig, so far as •he was a politician
at all, and never btlonged to, or had any
sympathy with the so-called Democratic
party." As Ihe'Deteneratio party has had
scolbricogs and 'rencatidee enough without
Grant, we tirelappy to hear that be always
abjured Deniocracy,• Apes at the
present time. Washburn, • furthermore.
says:—"He believes thereis. no protection
or safety to the•colored people or the ioyal
thitee in the 'rebel States except • through
impartial suffrage." 'flint is entirely antis
factory, beeauee if etch were Grunt's semi
metes, he wield le a more contemptible
r than Ben. Butler to encourage the
administration of the horrid neon itruction
acts with such unnecessary cruelty. These
acts are inhuman enough in theitimlvea, but
as Grant sees them eilininistered, they are
entirely devilish.' ; If •he ever was a Demo
crat, he must itirei:fellen farther from grace
into the slough of utter tweet:my than Ben.
Butler, Stanton or Joe Holt, whose sins are
certainly not to be fin-given in this world,
whatever they luny be in the world to come.
Those few Democrats who have bean in
favor of Grant Ihr the Presideney now look
unutterably foolish, but are making ecarce
ly less fatal mistake in trying to slide off
on to Sherman. \V have heard betbre
that the "hair of the Seine dog" would cure
certain wounds, but it is a des.peiate char-
latan remedy. Sherman's late speech shows
that he holds* not It single principle earnestly
in harmony with Democracy, awl if he did.
be is not fit for President. If ever we need.
ed a statesinati in that place it is now. If
ever the times called loudly for the greatest
and most experienced civilian, it is now.
Sherman's capacity as a statesman ie seen
in the following extract front hislate speech :
"When a conclusjon is once arrived at by
slue course of law, the subject is 'no lon ; yrr
on Or* elltelljoit ill.trirrxt:m, but should
be submitted to, ;imply localise it is the
law of the land." That doctrine limed
bind us all t r aceniesee in the horrific miff
tary bills of Conprefis, for they are "no lung
er open to disFuseion," according to Sher
infin•snntions. Whet a pily that a ci.ver
soldier should make an ass of himself by
atteniptisig toialtellife with mattem in which
he has neither sandy nor experience! Grant
does Letter by persi t temly flisig his tnriaii.:,
to keep nom expo tug his ignotunte.
Ile is like tensible tliitf in the cellar.
who gave as a rea"on fi e * not speaking, that
he 'lied nothing to say.'.' Sherman. how
ever, has spoken once, and just ndee too
often. His speech has finished him as a
Presidential aspirant.
The Next President.
At an inktual meeting of the Democratic
members of the Senate and H. We, the of her
evening, at Washington the names o Gen.
Hancock and Judge Thurman of Ohio were
wrntiorted a= canilkalatot of the Daimlers('
flo.President and rk:e President. General
8h •intan is spoken. of by the Dettincra:ie
res= : so, also Horatio Peymour, Thos.
Seymour. Franklin Pierce, fleorge H. Pen
&tut, It• C. Wint.trop and sev.,ral other
distinguished men 24 eminently fit to be tht
Democratic ktandarti hearer for PreAblent.
'the Radicals ar t . tfilkinv of Grant. (lase.
'Mob+ Butler, ColAtx. en mei on and
'with Fred. Douglas, the negro, for Vice
President. The —coming matt" rliettld be
by all mean% represented no their ticket.—
Stevens and Wendell Phillips have not yet
,decreed who shall reetive the ?adieu, note.
Umiak or ['order bold tour
General Grant seight do more et this mo
ment to reassure the country and prevent
probable disaster, than any man living. .1e
he seems tt., I..oS?lets:4 the confidence or the
Republican leader*, jut could say to them in
lew words and without Wary to himself
atop your reviles and destructive attempts
to break up the country and confine legis
lation to its appropriate funotionr, and if
did damage his pro4peets for the Presiden
cy, it is his duty to deelair it anyhow. The
interests of the whole people are everything,
General Grant is nothing• IVill he inter
pose ?
TAU BLACK ART IN Pourtca. —By the
disfranchisement of three-fourths of the
men of the South, and the eurraneldsen en
of the emancipated slaves, the Radicals
hope to elect tho next Pre.ident. They
fear the loss of the Middle Sturm, most of
the Western States, the l'aeitle State., the
"Bonier State'," and a good portion of New
England. Hence their black Iteeenstrue
tion scheme . Southern Stares mild nut he
controlled in their interest, though the black
rote, they affected to regard them nut of the
travel. Su soon we they can manage thaw
States, through nem voters, they will pro
nounce them in the Velma. This may Ire
fair:y styled the Mark nrt in polities. l•
is the miserable thimble-rigging of despertite
political juggler& With them the Union
is the LiNlr Juket. "Now you see it, and
now you tiqu't see it." But setae of tie
people who have attended the littaieal show
an paid dearly for a back seat in the pit.
are Whining to he "among the missini."
ggir The He teals are irnxion% to repent
the experiment tried by the 11'hip in raltr,
whin Gen. Scott. we nominated 'MI the
"111,4 Plata of Soup': .Plattorem They'
want to nominate Gi,:ti• Grant on Negro
Suffrage Platforw, ••• • '
Tha l wits led Reptablitwit tarty virtie
ly'detta.. The people, in their wrath, plaoed
their fltet nAn the ink of the hydrabeaded
monster andehoked it until it begged for
mercy.' It was R. child of sin, its daddy
being a thief and its mother a dissent bler.—
During its short hut eventful history it cor
rupted the people of the whole country and
left desolation, misery and dobaachery in
is train, For a time the people insulted in
fitiiated with the gay festivities furnished
by this new candidate for public favor, and
like the poor innocent bird that is sometimes
charmed by the brilliapcy displayed by the
wily serpent seeking its prey, they became
intoxicated with the extravagance, splqpilor
show and demoralization so freely indulged
in by this negro bantling, and were almost
ruined before they discovered that they had
been nursing a viper. Then it was that
they rose in the majesty of their power, and
hurled the accursed thing to the ground.
Thank fortune, the Republican negro party
is now among the things that were. Its late
adherents may attempt to galvanize it into
life, by handing its mutilated body to the
semi barbarian negrecs of the South, with
instructions to nurse it carefully and to
gorge it, with government pap. but all will
not do, fbr the death-rattle is in its throat,
and it may be txmaidered dead. —Exehas ge.
IT WON'T TAKE.—The radical editors,
presuming that ()rant will bo their next can
didate for President, are taking time by the
fiwelock in their endeavor to manufacture a
little capital for him. They are all engaged
in mottling around a eereotyped saying that
"Want it a tariff man. This won't take,
We predict, as that party ha co often de.
ceived the People on the tariff question that
all faith in their sincerity has been lost.—
Bosidos, the mass of the people are opposed
t t a high prohibitory tariff by means of
which the manufacturers are enabled to rob
the consumers. It is the interest of every
poor no:on and every farmer to have a moder
ate tariff on importations. Since the Radi
ce's have keeps in power the people have
been taxed so enormously that we should
think' they would want no more tariffs—only.
another name for use-. flrant may be a
tariff man, but to hat does that amount to?
The Donne:rats also are tariff men, a nd
always have been, but they want a rea.:on
abl, tariff, and not one to rob the floor and
enrich the wealthy at their es pense. &llus
) Jto num
IAM A. totPtiettettial banquet.
tendered by sevens! hundred Dentneratit of
Thibidelphin. wax given IJon. William A.
Wulistee,Cliairtnatt orate State Central Com
mittee, as an appreciation of the services in
the late and preceding eampaigim at the
Continental Hotel, in that city, on Wednes-
Jay.erenimt. It was a superb nffnir. The
%Torun Col. James Page presided. and
made n few few felititottg remarks. Mr.
Wallace delvereti a lengthy and aisle speech
me th_• i , •ue of the day, and remarks were
at•o made by et-Govertior Meier, Hon.
%Valiant A. Porto.. Hon!e %V. %rival
wa!!!, !kn. Anson V. Parsons. I1,•n.
sett Vans. tient:nil neaten Patterson. John
Esq., and Cul. Clattleid.
',Anew: County, Ohio, gets the
tna , :nitlcent tanner offered by the Demo.
eratic State Central Committee for the
.3rpe.t gain. The gain wax 1.321 votex.--
There were three town-hips in Ohio in
which not a single Radical vote wax east,
the three casting an ngrecate vote of over
lifyi Healthy spots to dwell in, those.
°rut SoinnLDAy isrroß certainly bears
the palm of being not only the vheapest and
best. Let absolutely the handsomest of all
the Periodicals for the Young Folks that
we have seen. The January number for
MK the first number of the twelfth %A
rum in already upon our table. It is lean•
printed, and embelished by quite a
number of fine engravings; its li4 of eon
reign i., throrelomt. a rich (bast of rood
things from some of the lest writers our
eountty affords. and the whole is neatly
bmiml in a tinted cover. printed in color.
We advise all the bops awl girls to send
•a mica fo• n sample copy which will be sent
with full instructions alxtut subscribing or
terming club•, for ten cents, and see what
a bripla, wide-awnke, cheerful companion it
would make fltr these coming winter ere
Hipps. Prive $1.25 per year or $l.OO to
clubs. The Publishers also offer most Ii .
rid Premiums for .e!te.s. Addre.s J. W.
nututhaday & Co.. Publishers, .124 Walnut
Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Loot( Ort.— A radical change in the
tenure of mom :ages has l'een made by the
late Consrespional Ltinkrupt law. It pro.
vides that tuortgovn given Iritltin lour
months before an insolvent del.tor fails , th e
holder of the mortgage will be compelled to
count in as other creditors. The effect of
thin will be PI alika greater cuutiun in ac
cepting mortgnses.
MA STETENS lit at ! Ofie f ifour yntin 7
timn , nien rect . litly purchased a "pup"
•shich he undertook to raise into a g ood
titilliful anti obedient watch-dog. Intendinv
to encourage the "pup," he named hi m a f•
ter the illustrious leader of the Itepublican
party—Thaddeus ti.evens. "Thad," as he
wits faniilially called, became incorrigible.
trieky, deceitful, and worthless, to such an
extent that his master resolved on putting
an end to his existence, and he was accord
inely shot on Monday last. Alas pool
A NUT ton llanteaLa To etIACK.— Foul
years or war and nearly three of pence un
ler lisditad usurpation have fulled to f ts t ort .
rho Union. The war crushed out the re
hellion, but ten States are still under mill.
tary despotism, nod representation in Con
arass is dun'e Ito eptirt. tom unities locenu
they oleet men who are opposed to thu ltad
italx Pennsylvania refused to
hnrniontse Supreme Court with the views
of. the RaJi,tl majority. and the people are
'rapidly de.....4.n't,a the view that the Hadiesls
!rya be mulled !Afore the Vein can be
- - .
Superintendent, of .eotntuon Scho o ls, thu
county Institute ,canvened in the Hall of
the Bloomsburg literary Institute, on Mon
day, the 24th of November, 1F. , 17: •
The meeting Was called to ordeo at 10
o'clock, A. M, bye. G. Itstutt,gY, County
Superintendent, President ex-oificio. • •
On motion of Mr. Garrison, F. M. Bides
and .Iforphy were appointed 'Secre
taries. •
Profs. Henry Carver, of Bloomsburg, and
C. W. Walker. of )lillville, made some re
mark!, expressing their happiness on seeing
an many teachers present. rite day was di
vided into three Pcsgioni. The morning and
afternoon sessions to be devoted to class lee
lures, dinusttionm, &c, ; the evening session
to the report or critics and lectures. The
President then appointed W. E.
Ileaeock../. W. Youngs. and Niss Jennie
Breese, critics fur the day.
Prof. li. Carver, introduced the subject
of Arithmetic to the class, and after stating
the manner in which he desiritl to dispose
of this branch of study before the Institute,
hu began with an elucidation of the element
ary principles nail the best method of giving
in .truction to pupils in the fondamental
passing thromAt Addition and Subtnaction,
and bringing out many useful suggestions.
Prof, e. W. Walker, next. conducted a
clam exercise in Reading, showing the man.
nor or teuliing children to reed understtin l
ingly, and with duo regard to the chummier
of the article real, so that thought may be
suggeited to mils, and information tier's? sl
trout reading in school as well as knowlcdp
of elocution.
After a recess of ten minutes. Prof. Ca--
ver opeitA the subject of tr;eogtftphy, port
ing With the form nod motions of theeari h.
smting the principles of nature tending in
pro.lucc a globular form and the effect of
revolutions, awaking considerable interest
and culbn forth wituerons quemcs.
Prof. IL D. Walker then introduced the
subject of Gramm's.... lie informed the
teachers of the manner he would hang this
brunch of study before them, and thou
spoke of the great itnportanee of proper
instruction in flmitumar, and the peculiar
adaptation of language to thought, saying
that inasmuch as a man's language is cit.-
etlittseribed so is his thought circumscribed.
W itimat language thought can not be de
veloped peperly.
On. hour was devoted to the report of
critter, and the answering of questions and
discussion of the various poiots suggested by
the remark!. of a lass iu-tructors.
Prof. C. W. Walker was announced as
the lecturer fer the evening. The subject
of hips kcterc--Uton►uttsr -he spoke of
its an appropriate 'banner awl with n►uch
interest to the teachers. lle treated it with
reference to its value, its beauty, and its
l'ref. SpAiding, of Cattiakvi, then
made a kw remarks nfwu EluCettsim, and
recited «cute seleeiii , no.
1131. 1 DA4 MORNING griilfiN.
Mio:4 Eu►ma limenrk, 3liss Sallie Keeler
null Me. William Price, were appoluted
critic► for the dec.
Prof. Verver resumed the , tNeet of Aritfr
enetic, •and etl•luuKd the wet lied ufkaching
Prf: C. W. Walker then intrwilneed the
study of Ilistury ff the (*idled Stahl. lie
began with the trials awl vrzation4 t.f
entities and ' , elated with great preeisl,ti the
ditties:? ,r in ' , revering for and titalhig the
first vttylge across the Attentie.
Ilr►:~grNl.hJwa:= next taken up by Prof.
11. D. Welker. Ile the let ter:, tbf Lit t
.411,11410 t 04 ibliows.— Veen)* Sillsvorals.
Ast.bates, Substitutes and Coati:yowls, said
with bomb itactebt tvuthieloi iuts extteixt in
!tr. I) A. 1t.11,1..r. heir(' in attendance,
made a kw appropriate remarks.
pmr. il. P. %Volker in talking of Galat
i u ar if:milted Anne valuable ideas upon the
itarNing congtuetion o sentences pe-
I euliar to the English langna i re. and stated
fvw uppheable to idtuui of thr
lamina •e.
Pror Carver continued his exercise in
41eovraphy, dwelling chiefly upon Latitude
Lomutude. argued that a meridian
is a in:Hite:maiml line extrioling North and
South upon the surface of the earth, and
terminating. hot at the imics as is usually
aswrted. hat, varying with the Pell•ii ii ,
extending over the illuminated part or the
earth; at one shoe reaching heyolid the
North pole and pointing it/the South pole,
and at another scarnn reseldna over the
Smith pole and pointing to tho North pole.
hot ('. W. Walker, impressed upon
teachers the importance of a knowledge of
Grin/wiry. hr 1111 Wing to them the univer•
pithily of el e seieutp. Ito said it. is hound
around tat in every Jay life. In the mechani
cal arts and ill thu iloressienal uotks. Its
principles are in nature, and we niust make
use of them continually.
Prof. Carter gave many t ;tillable hints
upon the method of teaching pupils to read.
lie said it is twees , ary that the child shoal
be made to, eoutKehe'lld tin meaning of that
which is read. Beading should he a study
and not a mere exercii.e. Words are sive.
of ideas Only when the individual fully toe
der.tands timer n.veniug.
Prof. B. D. Walker (templed the rempin
der of tie atternoest in rlisc ,, arsing upon the
gyairo/ character of the Occult.
1%1 Nltk 0 F.ESSION
The report of eritics clicitud considerable
discussion which was continued to the hour
for the muting lecture.
Prof. 11. P. Walker then addressed the
Institute 14 one hour no the physical fea
ture of the ocean, its utility to man, ttc.
The lecture was well received. mod nil
Feent ed exceedingly interested in the
pimpled Iylle n 1 le Prc4tser. Alr. H.
M. Si aiding, followed with a few rep silts
cet I lan utiuu nlid Wailing : Ile wad Ihrhas-
Kinn and ether selections with much
and geed t fi•ct.
S. C. Jayne, F. 31. Hoeg and 3fins 31. J.
Creels were appointed critic*.
After trunanetina some general lot sineif.
Rec. 1). ,1. Waller MIN culled upon and
nude !glee Intel eAing retio rks on the
Monty lona l'oreticr of teaching.
Prof. Carver roomed the 1.111.11 et of
meth! and oretwied the time rn &meld:ding
'meadow , ni.ked he the teneherd.
Prof. ii. P. Walker urged the itopot•
ranee of tenliing ehildn n the elooevitary
•omids TV, r anted by the lever,e of thr
et. rim!, IT tc.onext. repeuff d Iliftexer•
-Ise it, ?kind/in.*. Ho then (Itch n few
mintite4 ninon the manner of teaching
Prof. Carver. 'limn Geography. illustrated
how the ebrece of Feurons. and tlas
or the .firth red t.en might le exploined
to pupils. idinplyfing . the Pttidy of(lopgrapliv
Anil making practical illustrations with
Anmimor svmminikr.
I'mr. C. w. 11 olker in a very irotruetive
motltyr motioned hie ierture nn !limn* , of
the United Slstoo. The next hour olio neon
pied by Prof. 11. .1). Walker in brinainit out
and (144 thoinv Como laws of lunpueße.
The Inotilute woo then et)terta;red in
hearios the rhetorical exereisem of the
of the tionteaturft Literary Institute,
slid% lyre very interesting and reflected
mueh credit upon the Ottidll2ll and their
uniAre witA
nticuemsfUlly , illustratnd by the moo nf' tho
Maxie Loutt+rn. Lie espisined thu motions
of ao bodies of the Saler Bye ear, and Their
'situation with gotta the'AUti 'unit earth.
Prof. 11. P. Welker v,he,odelivered n well
timed stol instructive 'edam", on the sub
jest of Eduratioe•
Mr..l. Onrrison, Mr. J. J. Brown and
Miss C. Freese were appointed irides Ibr
the day,
Prop C. "V. Walker conducted an (mor
aine on iha sidkieet 4 .r Gennietrii. billowed by
Prof. Carver on Philosophy illustrating with
some interesting experiments.
This being Thanksgiving day at 10.:A A.
M, the Institute adjourned until 1.30 I'. M.
to afford the teacher(' an opportunity to at
tend religions worship.
The Ileum was called to order by the
President, olker which lie announced tho
amendment of the schml law enacted in I sirl,
relative to teachers certificate% The
ing teachers were nominated and elected n
Nlttintitteo . on teachers certificates, viz;F'.
M. Bates, S. C. Jayne, B. F. Johnson, Isaac
A. Dewitt, and C. G. Murphy.
Prot'. li. D. Walker then conducted a
clips exereiv. on Grammar, followed by
Prof. C. W. Walker on the subject of
United Moires Moor* ' Prof, Cnerer then
took up the subject of Mc. fial Prwirtion
intl explained. it to the clew., a ft er w hi c h
11. D. Walker made a few remark , . on
Pentium.. explaiuitig his method of
teaching it.
After the calling of the Roll the critics
in 3 le report, which was followed by sense
genet at distussion and eritieisim.
The members of the Institute with a large
number of citizens as.sembled in the Hutt
at an early hour to hear the lecture of Hun.
.J.l'. IV ickr.itsil.ksi. State Superintendent.
llis address was listened to with great at
tention. lie puke with truth earnestness,
s h o win g am though great progress is being
mole in common school education there is
still ground for more marked advance& The
audience seemed to elects the inspiration of
his sentiment and each one felt that he had
a duty to lea-films in assisting to make the
educational standard of Pennsylvania higher
and snore beneficial. He asks for a longer
school tern ; for more att.•ntrivu labor le i
school tiffveer 4 , directors and t ea c h e r s; f or
fisr larger slate apprigstlittrons 31)11 an equal
igltion of taxes. lie asks for a system
through which we Inar secure a pre6K-sional
body of teachers. Ile says the great State
of Peamsylvania cannot afford to lose its
brain—its power.
On motion of Prof. 11. Carver. the
thanks of the audience were ten:ls-re I to
nom .1. I'. Wielicrshaus for his able and el
ofitwist lecture.
C. Cc iMnrphy, Miics Sallie John and Mks
Maria Ft•vgt r oneher were erires.
Prot: C. it . % Volker flehin resumed his
:vet tires on the History el die r
a fted spa,"
and Witted twiny incidents settletnent.i.
The teacher', then proposed to diseum the
methisis or knelling spelling. 31r. F. NI.
HMO was tailed upon and tienion , trated his
method or vinduoi,4o it elan:.. Mr. Monroe
fitllutrarl wheo 3rf s Se
hith WW, l nrii:ll.2t..i.l in by ....A•erui Gi the
Ou metinn Mr. F. M. Itutea sits elected
weather of the eonunitte.: ua resu;utiuu3.
AtorEftNtmeli sus 9N
Prof. Carver comhtared a chow leetore on
kitheletic mai was IlAlewwl by Prof. H. D.
Welker on Ottlo.grophy and the wanner of
Prof. Carver then annourred that at the
next meeting of the County Institute
ammo Nur , itt to the Lauber who Amyl
cerreetly spell and define the num
ber of winds in common u,e, a ehoi ee o f
Webster's or Womester', wiablidged
denary. 3he whole number of words to be
one hundred, and to be 'trammed to the
class at 'Our lessons. The Medlin:try to be
awarded to the best speller and definer by it
muswittee appointed for that put p o se.
Prof Caner addressed the Institute as
ea t hers. Ile produced many valuable prin•
cipl iu the science of teaching which
may be used with good efftet in all your dis-
Ma school" it twooerly applied •
Prof 11. It Walkeruccupied the last hour
in showing how Oect Les„sons may te Mon.
ducted. and press ed upon teachers the con
sideration of the weighty responsibility rest
ing upon them. Ile said they must learn to
!elate their situation with respect to the
children, their Country, and to (,A.
prof. If, 0. Best was hoodoos] and de.
livered en educational lecture which was lit
t owl to with much satisfaction by an ap
preciative audience.
Prof..ll. D. Walker then extended an in.
vitatiun to all teachers mei frieeds of edu
cation to visit tho Orphans' School at Or
Prof Carver addressed the leachers upon
the importune of cleanliness aLout the school
The Committee on resohitions med.: the
following report whit•h was unanimously
whilitoll :
Romdroll, That we, the members of Cot
moLia County institute, 1 eiieve it to be the
duty ofevery teacher to attend the anunal
sessions of the Institute; and that no teach
er duly impressed with the impel tame of his
work will limit this duty. "
Rotoirrei. That we recommend to the
teachers of Coln whin County. the firmation
of a County Teachers Association and to this
end that a committee be appointed by the
teachers now convened to consist of five
monikers whose duty it shall be to call at an
early day. a convention for the purpose of
forming. such association.
/61,44 That the thanks of the Insti•
tufs are hereby tendered to Prds. Henry
Culver. 11. U. Walker. C. W. Walker,
1.0. Best and U. M. Kt aiding for their
service. and efforts in behalf& the Institute.
Rcio/red, 'flint Ilre thanks of the ln,.titute
am duo to l'or. Cur'•er end the board or
trut.tee , of I lie lEllo ins! urg Literviy Institute
(fir the we of the building during itb
On motion the Secretaries we ordered to
regnest !lir. Best's Lecture f o r p u bli cat i on .
lit accordance kith the second rosolution
the following committee. was appointed
F. M. Pates, EL D. C. W.
Walker. S. C. Jayne and B. F. Johnson.
On motion, F. M. Bates. &milt
Breere and Miss C. Freeze were appointed
a local ts.itleittce to ahem teachers 1140
send educatiiinul items and vontinunk t itiow
For publication in the county pullers.
On 'notion the thanks of the teacher
were tendered the County Suretintendent
for his active tabor in behalf of the Insti
F. M. Rena
C. O. Mr 111'11Y
Tuz JhrztuENer. —ln the North the
white roan Inte r s to support himself, and
indirectly, the Go, ecalueut, if he duo not or
cannot, ho goes -to the Alm.honse or starves.
In the South, the negro is supported in
idleness by our Radical rulers, and are sent
to Congress and to State Convi.ntions, in
Proforeneo to the white wee.
• ,:MR, Borroit would suppose from
a paragraph of Dr. Jolm'si paper of a week
or two since, that he, and the /adios which
he Normaw propose at some future time
to work tint the problem of prohibition in
this County without aid fVom the people.
The Temperance ram') is one In which
all parties can, and should Mor t arbt l
am glad to add ore laboring. Many of the
most earnest temperance men of the state
'arc staunch Democrats.
At least one of' the two Counties of the
State sustaining a prohibitory law given a
Dcilioerntio Majority.
' and unwise to embers'ss us
with this question until the great national
' issue is securely settled?" 117 co does he
mean by es, and what does he wen by
great national issue?" If by the firmer
ho means the people of Columbia County
and not some political faction that proposes
en make the temperance cruise u hobby nn
which to rule into power. IVe answer, that
we are ready in work at; only men laboring
for principle cnn work. As to "great Nu
' tionnl issue." they never have and never
will be sufficiently settled to make it (lest.
rnble for one-bnrse•politicians, and often
t4(.okorx to turn their attention. either to to.
tal Notillenr,, or total prohibition. Hence,
we propose here, and now to enunnenee ou r
I crusade against the manufacture and side
of an article tier which the hardworking and
sober yeomanry of film County must he
horthened with taxes. We are heartily
tired of' supporting nlmshonse. asylums,
and jails to provide for a 'raffle that works
evil, only evil, and that continually. We
are oprin.r4 to attempting longer, the sale
of dint which is poisoning the hodies, de
gentling the 111;1111g, and (sorrowing the mor
ale of our young men. and if we mistake
not, the itinjority of the voters of this
("minty are reatly and willing to enter their
solemn protest by menus of Petition to nor
next legidoure for a "prohibitory kw. Let
the Committee report frivornlily.
A .I)Estocaarte TrArt..Att.
..ure on
n large
CHAIR SPX% F t nett is
Advises front Alabama say that
Chate's friends here control of the political
nmehinery in die Stem. which will umlnid.t.
wily ea<t its rote for him in the presidential
Witivviv(l.—A :Nolen in Ale
!theory rnonty hag that the mode-ern
whinnitig of a otehniar in School thr itmtlinr
dinatinn, perfemly loyal. Nativists- hnpi
will thereror.? tUkt wr inh, an 4 behave
Viiir The Iteptihhering ofGrant's awn
11'ani in Washioirton city rcfuee to imiorse
him for the Presidency. They ara afraid to
to trust hint. Do not helm him to be
oss the cytosine sir rho:rah ult., nt the
residence isf thn brble'4 mother, in Mailinon
Towle , hip. ly Rev. L. C. Sheiss, Mr. ()Tut
Wilma nn :) L.ntiots. flcllar, bale of
Columbia County.
In Berwick. on the 25th info.. at the rep.
blowy of .14:1 Doak. Rev. G. J.
Breii,iiijor, 31r. .11.1ili ti. (ilroy, or Irvine
ton, and 3lio Fannie M. Snyhert, of Ber-
Fraok lin lown‘bip, Saturday
nine. November 14011, 1 4 67, Mr. Pink;
h Mule, aged $0 years, 9 mouths and 17
tiewfing : Wier p!E;o4 tYTY.
11 ARK ET lit EPO QT.
Wheat per bit.hal. 62 00
Rye, I !n
Corn 1
Itael:whtat " 1 1 , •
Oat., ii 711
Cloveneetl " 7 00
Flaxseed, .` 210
Pri'Ll apples " 2 :;0
Prtatoes, " '75
Tallt.. per ',mad
IS6S How TO GM" A sKtyi..)Ti
Eon!, Pleasoot, ond eoliths Il'nJ/.
The publishers of "ARTHUR'S HOME
lAGAZINE," awl that tlekant and atrae
tire periodical, THE LIIILDREN'S
HOUR," edited by S. Awritra, make
the following exceedingly liberal offers
For fine subscribers to Tho Home Mag
azine (Terms ed a yvar) they will send a
t 'IONE, worth $53, manufacturers eash
For seventy-tii a subscribers to "The Chit
dreu's Hour,' (Terms $1.23 a year; they
will semi one of the 116•VC machines.
For forts. "Children's and twenty
.• I I owe Maguziou," they will watil a
chine. us ultove.
For thirty subscribers to - Children's
flour," and twenty-live to -Home
zinc, - they will syna a sewing uniehine.
FM. *do they will send ten Dome Maga
zine's, twenty Children's Hour, and a 6(m
-i/op, umehinc, Rl4 :Above,
The subscribers need nut all be sent at
one time nor Ilion the same office.
Specimen numbers of Home Maga
zine, ' cents. Specimen numbers
"Children's Hour," 143 cents. Cireulars
accompanying them. giving full particulars,
s od rnntniriintt besA/rs uthei and 1::,417/ (a
tfilethe pe mho), qtree.4.
it hu Home Magazine is too well known
c require spode' mention, and "The Chil
dren's flour" is pronounead the purest,
most beautiful and attractive juvenile maga
zine published in this or any . other country.
In almost any populous neighborhood, or
town of moderate size, enough subscribers
to get a machine can readily be obtained.
A little concerted attention among the
friends du poor, judo : 4 1 .0 11 41room, ma i m' ,
to help herself, would easily get her a sew.
ing machine.
The t'hildron's Hour" is so beautiful at
tractive and cheap. that it can be introduced
without trouble into almost any family
where there are children.
tlf~ Ito not be deterred from making an
effort for fear it will be labor lost. (let all
the subscrihrs you can, and. it' the windier
tails short, then write to us, and we will let
you know what additional atom of money to
N.trtl in nriler to secure n 1111011110. We will
always make this sum as smell as possible.
It will range between $14.4 and $2O.
menaber that the each price , of the tonelline
tN $415.
MUM or iMME MMIAZINE.•.-$2. It year.
3 copies.. $5. 4 copies, *5, $ envies, and
one to Setter up of club, AM , 16 color.
apd one to otter -up adult, Splodid
11011. '0144 enpipp, 15 ern*.
TICB3IB 010 (*waives 110rn.—51.23 a
Er. 5 toriiv for /5. 10 collie& and one
etterup of club, .40. Both Magenthei
M5O sador 1 1
Address T. R. ARTHUR & SUN,
$011&814 Chestnut Mt., PLiladeli his, Pe.
U A R U I I. 0.
Posirivili lie Pa C.uiy•
Illuvunibarg, Friday Dec.9o, POI.
Two Le:VRES AT 3 ANT) 7 o'oLocx•
Return from Europe, (after en absene': of
three yearA) vtliere they have appears d be
fore nearly all the King+, Queens, Empe
ror+, and Nobility of the d World.
Four beautiful and symmetrically formed
C0311411)0101 MUTT'
Their unique end exquiKitively en c hanting
Perfortirtnees and Exhibitions never to to
charm and delight every beholder. They
appear in
anti the brilliant collation of Di ANION DS
worn before the various Potentates : or Eu
rope, all or which are introduced in these
popular Levees cast ever rifleafy
DoilarA it 4
Ludies.and children arc *lnsider:duly ad
vised to attend thy Day Exhibition. mei
thus avoid :he crowd and coorusioo of the
Evening Performance*.
To the Day Lovees---admitdoo contra;
Chihlren untivr ten. 15 (tents. Reserved
Nents .V?ntM! Children nn.ier ten . 2:1 Ceti.
EVvning rerfOrthenee .. ..idininlinn to all
parts of the Howe, 2 curate. Children
under ten. 1 5 cents.
1 1). f? , •
kiirgeon Illentiot,
Fatratt. teeth willinut pain ay a n-w alw+lhn I. It
11 , 111grr% 1 . P o ' 6 '.l l ) . haf1111.:111 and la nnw ti p 4
%gib gbod otVe , ',.. ..I il hemn r Iwo ni
D.• tit Ipl • v tilt ....1.4 In in the Wm.&
and en.t is pprev.ii pion
P•ii tilt... *nil 011eu. On, .lit..l' mai ..1" Faints.*
eliithing (*Wm. lilimasiabuip, !any. 11 Inn?.
Ire"" nest !vireo. Rt.toorbeso alfy terrors
aim th. utolobot by J, • %Arta. U. 11. Uegtfat
suii Au , hl;G.rl.n Fly al Lrydrto. 11011sb f). biok era
Arch sti Ilulsoorlphis, Trrohbootobols rem ob.
•10.4 r..111,h1e snare. • HI rPy sori enabtrV Pall in. . q
et hir. (Aro. lb* bor.lorsi cseoboy he
rototi.ony Ih,Yr rille.llt+. a. ho b.,s qa serrets in WO
poseur*. AK IriVICIAL EY ..14 in. nod withof pig
Ns. elnirite for .4114MINNAIMI Nlty . 13.
Du. E. W. %I ELI. ,
SUCCY-fioll. TO Da. F. C. ❑:IRIuLoN.
1134 lr Inw Nmwa. as 'll.l Anserieno ON, Al! or
dpio it'll Mere wPI be i'v.mptly :ItLeudoil W. •
him isphert. Oct. XI. 1567.
fn the bssesnest a tb.
ii l r iork 11 IiCsKU::::11-;)
F ro ,b iv.e t :rF ..4v..41 on In en qv AcIP Rntl nl .1‘
!wow : with nil the Abut ••thlilis" rutied in giVit
XX Ala •anmaotly on hand, aasetbor with chore
u. e ,,o r . o 1 . Itrry htivelt.
Ev.tthintt ro lip lip nr.frr about til• t+•tn.•n.
itnpd)nur nit t Sttp so sad
lL Wail Ir. •.t •.• .1.. t .
SNY. 13. 11:1167—.3m.
A NEW ~ lultvm, or MILT,INERI
mns. Z, =alms,
F• 11 • 0 . ..111,i r. tputfolly Inform thp iv no Af 1.0,1
nn I r0.....10. that shy bit. Jn•t truant.' Irma
Ihe MP. II SO I a.ll 1.11,1
1011.1.8114:KV AAII rriscv Guuus. writ :41ch 4104
to shit_ Ibis talslc
cps N vni ms d. is. fessiPT, snd Wl* in I. Wi.h
.1...1.161.11. All tt..rM ex.% Wed
4c ii siaJ holy V.lllllllLr. yissu gt.6•insidolt ;craw.
' 41
p, ft JO, !..; 41,d tott k ire. 154 ,
<ir , trilol ,4 “ e (to
tb,.. Nutt, OW hang Lgq,
tiler, eee. p:ey apr.rial alteneseeee er,h,jee,
leo twig *pr , 4l titer Mlld 141(00.1 IF/I04(11 the art iv
Ito !Wit ut.,14, Air Id • 600.1.'01. tog i•lrtibhaction
WIC itt
Nl,veilittot n. lhh:.
' I I
of yll kin.s tn►uit
i'Ve3113,14 us 4111; CAN 4 t'.41,1 ts.% PLATE.
Manufarturerz of
rigeLuor 6141 .
Ruarto.,. LIVIIII t,itKoNTNI
ciTitim mkt. uot.t.o, &C..
Ploomrburp, ?Inv. t3l.
gbh hutioreitthr rhturnt , l fituti Chi tar‘tertt
chive with h lErpt and firht.clatio
41aceries and Dry-Goodv,
oilier' he *fibs to the titiaen• of Ha ono:bunt and
winds as 11W 114 ran tie hod to any denier Of this
section of the roomy.
tit* thorn tor ohm, of Oa hoot oarim ire ,x
r‘ Trim, Ltsvci,
sea 114
1 , 1444 for nonffiy.l SPWES.
Mit ilit 1:1 M . A. on their pen4mt ,
litherlPV. A to trr , ll3l. ea &es egg.
.1 IA e • Aili &c vow:me,
•OAI, i 1,1 t I,ti
alon n Hite novefileiltt Of Dry goods and Hooter) ,
non n 141 i Vtlfl.4;t of void* i 4 the 1,1,40,, , Otis., out
of whet' kinds. In totti.tion to a hoot ite has teevatly
added to toe stark 4 flue n*aortmant of
in Which variety of geode he bee sewer& sew
4tliefee of mteiete 14‘441040, ettetltiVtily Vied
%hero known, find whirk tan.t wino into use sere
In also has n tine sonoly of
French Moroccoes;
and most nt Motovito lbotnlla tot
nook; nod n good aanortioetitof
The eelletiora, havint vet/0 duplicates. gr. h %rt.
by notinoil to tootle the blitlike. or 'hid thiplistrrs
with the Treasurer ot*Ceithisbie rummy by law sin
or Peueieher st. whhotit, 4.quy. Thr dog toll,
tuvored. ItSical well as 414
.04, Colic ter* irfoat , wolf by complyleg with
Olt tiOSSSee 10 brio , or
JOHN P. rOWLalt,
SONT. g Malec
Atte PPAGga.
W. truotteauW, Clerk.
gritilDClDClai4i4ot. bl twiba L wij,Oat.
ta- col ;KAMM*.
• JOIIN K .411frrolv,
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ONt lowlffr. isto'ut roe r.' I@sittop. (fore**.
betre PM r thilltiht M tb. Lll4 , r .4 rul4.lllilll*
l'froity in Ther*Na C. lormirr *no Moo t , I'fel/F1,14.•
ipk o ,,,t Toval.hip ps)4 t•nonly. A I porrree t V. •
meslll.l lb.. 4.01.11 , . Mt . req utrd to 10 , 0114
11011111110 WK 1 ,, tht ifiluthirt&M.Ate .111.1 these in,lrbt
old to Nws Collate %111 INAV Insowelitif pnymilt t..
11103t.i 4 V Pt/ti ter
Wtnitt; etti.Vel INN. 1 Atig. ".
0/sabot 1.1. 1417. hw
. ./kir Leer, Three Rfworod.
hat Puaheited: a anw edition of
Du eiil VtAWEI.I.I4 brnioll tie•ay on the rad•
icyl eura(arithout tue•treta.
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I.•volohiur)• Seiiiin3l /.•rou, !woo.
'rimy /Prato) null l'hys.eal Inrapnrfly, I inpatlinwisle
t o thieviAge. :1161/, 117..111.411ipti0n, *ad
Flip truldrod by aalf.lnataiitil:o ur itexual..ztroia•
Crr Prier. inn waled .nvolop.. naly 4 Crag.,
rue r /allot.'/ Monitor 111 this ndwUabln e'en) ,
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:Ala.. too hr rtdlrolly rifrili without Jim /ape I•
OLIO ti J111..141'1 mei/Ivor (4 IN, appOrminn of
la.• oat u mod.. of cut , NI nee. NOM.
Nr. a,rt,slss. dust s Str. WA' by wren. ~r Kith
living , / what play
Cart 111111relf tlrllply. NV/ Orly. and radically.
cif '1 hi.. I.• flute bot nt Ina bowl,. of every
yunl6 and rlrry 11111/I 111 IN . 1 / 1 11,1.
N••ut, ender • I MI, in a pin rovrorpr In any ad•
attar puss .) rid. on recriot costa. or two pull
A iu refe Ike Nabliftwr•.
1111 4 .1. 1' K LIMP. k co,
It: Raw.. ry. No , V 0 ,4. eu+I , ADCO b 1 S. odd.
Nov .2% INA; :ito
Gills I.r Ilw babas At w !
A PUPIRO PIT(►cK OP VINE 001.0 ANo guise*
W t AI.I. WAklt tIITEU to RCN. •.1 1►
T/lONOOOIII.N ittlom.4 rm.). AT TOE LOW
,Nl► SATI 4 r all PIN
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Pie Nand Gala iluetiug W:11,460 Sn to 'MO
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*go 17..1.1 I . t stitl)..h I. ...on In . 130
al3 n.. 13 illittl toff Dupl. A Mitt. b.••. 1341 to 211.1
31111 0.4.1 11.11.‘14.11 Att...ti.t.,tt INltultes, II NI to :S1
31,1 1 *Over flu eatng I. too a, MI to 131
.31K1 /ttr•r 10tte1..% 1int.k.1.94, 7i In ISO
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41.1151 (I.4.lllst.iling pm P.I. .111 b• 75
lOM ltl.eellom•••11a 2 4 01/ r Wat...ltus, 3.. to 1.00
1131 1 41 Iln•.li•'It $i V., %Valche t t. 23 lo 311
S (lull An•.rtaJ W.katot. 4.1 it.ll. l t. 111 lo 75
The iihnvo %Inch welt be iliapet.r 1 nn the popllnr price got .n, Orin/ every roo a lin , Go tt or
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A .041.• cnitatent. Wilt b. sent ;out 0 nt,
nprru pre ipt rrt 111 yenta. AVo for $l. fooron for
slu gy thyr:y and clitge•it preolinoi fnr $3 Dilly *it
and tralunLb• ptellaiWto (Or SW. taw hat.dr ,, ,
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for I .rn Yrrry. yo .bat sin dissatryfaLtida
Yan .e .504 Arne Try rte. t.• Jr.....
W Lk: ..T Isaurllyat A. Ili, WV'S."' A
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1.•,.' j- %Opel I• 1 VI,) eNIII3IIIIO. ly. taw
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Wont:l4mm no 1,100.1ay. ibs lo day of 'wombs',
to'‘t. nt t o'clock in the foittra IN( de..
Ail thorn two rottaut until or pi,M. oP inn'' lying
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