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WS. 111. JACOBY, Editor.
Wednesday, 'Oct. VISO?.
Plrellllllltl. es.• n Part Row Nr w York
• duly soclortard tn edicts and 1'1,1,1 Vlt PO rlp •
MOW 111111114Vorti.inil for Ow lharcret fear, yob.
HOW at IN•oiusburg, Columbia county, pa,
^44 01
/We t District & County Ticket.
Pr Judge of the Suprente Court,
ov I.llll,Amiri4
of Montour County.
JACOB YORE, of Alain Tap,
COUNTY COM)1 . 11,
DAVID TEAGEII, of Locuot, Tap.
THOB. J. WELLIVER, of Igt. PlossanL
JACOB HARMS, of Hemlock Twp.
By order of the Standing Committee of
the County, meetings will k held at the
following points, to which the public am re
spectfully invited.
CENTRALIA, Wednesday evening, Oct.
BEAVER VALLEY, Tliurddny evening,
Oct. 3rd.
BUCKHORN, Friday evening, Oct. 4th.
BENTON, Saturday afternoon, Oct. tfilt,
ROHRSBUIIO, Monday afternoon, Oct. 7.
The afternoon Meetings will be called to
order at 2 o'clock. The evening meetings
at haft' past seven. They will be addressed
by two or more or the following named gen
Hon. C. R. Bacltalew, Gen. M'Candless,
Om W. H. Eat, Joseph 11. Bucher, Hen.
Thomas Chalfant, Joseph H. Campbell Esq.
Capt. C. B. Brockway, Capt. Ueo. W. lift,
Milton M. Traugh Esq., Charles H. Miller
Hr. P. H. Freeze, Lieut. Mahlon B.
Ricks, Ww. 11. Shoemaker Esq., Col. John
0, Freeze.
Vigilance Coin tui ttecs are specially reques
ted to attend to lighting the Bowe, erect
ing the Stands, and arranging fur the
meetings, by circulatinglln. notices.
By order Pt' the Committee.
JOHN O. FREEZE, Chairman.
'ft is penerally conceded that dell nbotn•
inable legislative bodies which ever awni-
Ecd in any eiviFted country, the eresent
so-called Congrees of the United states is
the most abominable. Snell utter disregard
of the fundamental principles which impart
whatever of vitality belongs to the represen
tative theory, wee never before witnessed on
the face of the earth. Just to think of it.
A written Constitution, framed after years
of struggle wi t h a despotic power, and fram
ed by a set of mi n whose ability and patri
otism are our pride and our boast—framed
that a perfect Union might ceist and that
no man might gainsay hurt it came into ex
istence and for what purposes—this Consti
tution, we are deliberately told by the con
trolers of this "Congress," is a weak and
imperfect instrument, and of no special,
binding importance I The very sheet-anchor
which our &titers coot to windward to fur
ever prevent the ship of'State from drifting
onto a lee shore, is to be cast loose, and the
mighty vessel is to helplessly take her chance
Amid the dark breakers of anarchy I
But the subject is so serious that meta
phor seems out of place. We call upon
men ot' all parties to awake to the impot
ence of preventing the very frame-work of
our government from going to pieces. This
is not a question of party. The few leading
Radicals in Congress by no nicarie represent'
the views of the honest maws. Let these
honest masses go to the polls after deliber
ate, unprejudiced reflection, and rebuke the
demagogues who have misrepresented them
in the councils of the nation, thus restoring
us to the position of a peo p le baring a well
deflue , l and well ordered government.
Support the Ticket.
The Denneemts of Columbia County have
this year an unusually good ticket, so far a%
the men arc concerned who have been placed
upon it, offered for their support. There is
not a man upon the the ticket who bar not
at times, rendered important. service to the
Party, and who did not fail to help to elect
other tickets in trying tinies t in the past.—
Thl have for many years given the Party,
its measures audits men, their untiring and
strong support. The ticket then is entitled
to the support of every man who claims to
be a Democrat, and Democrats should give
the ticket their hearty support. The elec
tion this fall is most important. It is the
forerunner of the great Presidential Cam
paign in 1868, and a success now will go far
towards securing success next year. Indeed
a Democratic success in Peeusylvanis, .t the
coming election, will virtually settle the
matter for next year. And to secure
success this year, awl to wake it full and
complete, it is the duty of every Democrat,
and every man claiming to act with the
Democratic Party, to give both the State
and County Tickets, and every wan upon
them, a united and hearty support. A LONO
Gram, is what secures success, and such
a pall, will give an old fashioned Deu►ocrat
ic majority in "Old Columbia."
THE MARYLAND arrrrox.—The election
in Maryland resulted in anot her com pieta and
glorious triumph. The Radicals were beaten
to the tune of twenty thousand. The
adoption of the new Con ititution a9ures to
the people of the State a Republican form
of Government, and does away with the in
novation of the small clique of corrupt po
litical despenidoos who obtained control of
the government by force of bayonets during
the war. Maryland is now free in name and
fact. The glorious tido of victory sweeps on
uncheeked i and everywhere a people wearied
with abuse and outrage are aNierting their
sEr The ltepubliean Convention of Wy
oming County nominated for Assembly,
Zib4Lott, ofthat County, in place of "Juke"
Kennedy, the present Member. The tom
penesee question made a yearling of the
R. Mr. Kennedy.
How the ticket tN to be Voted.
Voter+ should bear in mind that under
recent legislation the manner of voting hne
been charmed. At tho cy cling oleetinn.
. Lilo
ticket win colloid, of two slips, one rabeled
Vailiciary,' (which 'woril must be folded
out) containing the ballot fur Aptige of the
Seldom. Court; another labeled 'Clarity,'
(which word molt also be folded out) con
taining the ballots of all the other offices to
be filled. The two 'lentil then be tied to
gether, and thus voted.
lISL. Vote the Democratic Ticket if you
desire an early restoration of the Union,—
The Republican part] have given ample
proofs that they area Disunion party. They
will not allow the Southern States represen
tation in Congress, and still declare them
out of the Union. If that is the fact, what
was accomplished by the war? The soldier
fought for the Union—to prevent a dissolu
tion. The Routh did not accomplish a dis
solution,—they laid down their arms, and
gave up the contest.
Were the Southern States, then, not
whore they started—still in the Union?—
We contend they were, and from that time
their members entitled to admission in Con
gress. If they were not in the Union when
hostilities ceased, the war was 811eCessful on
their part, a failure so far no concerned the
North, and all the loss or life and expendi
ture of money unnecessary. This the north
ern soldier will not admit. He will not
agree that be failed, or his MSC, yet the
Republican party ray he did by th.dr con
duct ever since hostilities ended. In order
that you may have the satisfaction of know
ing your services to be appreciated and ack
nowledged, all you have to do is vote the
Dentwratic Ticket.
VOL With this number Or Ow IltatocaAT ,
ends on: owirtunity of addressing the pub- I
lie am the issues involved in the approach-1
ing election. Our labors have been earnest, (
because, as being among those upon whew
the consequeuces of the mismanagement of
the party in power press heavily, we have a
lively appreciation of the necessity of being
restored to the old fashioned rule of econo
my and equal rights. Taxes press heavily'
enough upon all, but, as things stand, the
poor OM rinds it more difficult to pay his i
proportion, insignitiennt though it may be i
in amount, than the rich man ; and to the
former class we beloug, and their intercede
we have had especially in view. Not that
the interests of the rich should be neglected ,
but the army of millionaras can protect
thempelves ptctty effeetunlly behind their
breast work of greenbacks.
As a closing word to the Republican real
er, we :Why, weigh candidly anal with ant prej
udice the arguinentswhich have been add uc ad,
in favor of restoration to the policy under 1
ihh nhieh we once flourished—the policy of
einvtitutional rule--and then act as eon
:slence may dictate. To Democrats we can
only say, do your duty.
At.t. friends of the Constitution and Union
will vote the Democratic Ticket ; the Tick
et seen at the mast-head of this paper—the
proper Owe to look for a Ticket, and where
it will be found in all County. local, political
organ.. In other journals it is inserted, if
at all, as paid advertising, and in no other
tray. That is not the ease in County papers.
The old custom is a good one, and has not
yet been changed in ally of the County,
weekly, Democratic papers throughout the
State. What would a party think of their
journal, if, after the formation of a Ticket,
it did no pad it up at aft. The paper
would be denounced as spurious, fishy, not
sound in the faith, and !tided upon as pre
farring some other Ticket, but not having
sufficient courage to hoist it. On the other
hand, when aTicket is shoved about through
a paper, among advertising, and at the saute
time not marked as such, what conclosion
doesthe common reader come to? Why,
that the paper, for some reason, does not
give that Ticket a hearty support. New
styles these times may answer certain parties
but they will not Eimer the old fashioned
Demote cy.
liar 1)r. John in attempting to show that
the Republica!' party in Columbia County
has not lost ground since 1860 up to 1866
dues not give the figures correctly; for in
stance in 1860, the Peumeratie vote is put
down by him at 2,367, when by reference to
the 'Acid vote of the County it will be seen
that the Detuneracy polled 2,580 on Gover
nor; and on Number of the Legislature
2,040. Curtin polled 1,818, instead of 1,e73.
The State Ticket is, as a matter of course,
the test vote. All the candidates on the
Democratic ticket in this County ran ahead
210 of the number set out by the Doctor.
He having misrepresented the fact so grossly
for the year 1860, it is reasonable to suppose
that be has dune the satnething through the
other years. On examination we find ho
has not quoted the Tote correctly, fur 1861,
for either of' the two political parties. The
Republican vote has been increased in this
County, in six years, according to his show•
ing, just ninety-tu•o votes! While on the
other hand the Democratic party, taking
his figures, has increased its vote in the same
length of time, twelve hundred anti sixteen !
This goes to show that his newspaper has
had Lut little influence in the County--the
Republican party having had accessions to
its ranks at the rate of fifteen votes per an.
num, while the Democratic party increased
over two hundred, each year, for the past
Six yea re.
As to majorities the Democracy hare
"played smash." In 18eo the majority for
the Democratic Ticket, says Dr. John, was
four hundred and ninetyleur ! (This, how
ever, is not correct. The majority was
larger.) In 1966 the majority was sixteen
hundred and eighteen ! An increase in the
six years of thirteen hundred and twenty-four !
This shows clearly, that the Republican
party have not "bravely held their own" in
the last six years in Columbia County, for
out of the increased vote of thirteen hundred
and et:oh,t, the Republican party have added
but ninety-two to its Tasks I Yon ought to
start another paper. Your party might
Rain more rapidly.
SFr Let nothing but bkkuepi keep ynu
from the polls on Tuesday next.
One Vote f .
One rote sometimes decides an election.
W hope Deinocratio voters will bear this in
i' mini, Let every one come lip to the polls.
L'very vote that is cut will help to swell our
majority in County and State, and we want
to make it am large KS possible this fhli—
' INni't imagine that there will be plenty of
votes without yours. Stich a supposition
might, throw all our calculations, as the
printers say, into "pi," and make a bad job
'of the whole matter. Be out yourself', and
got all your Dentooratio friends to come out.
Don't rest easy until you are sure that not
a single Democratic voter in your district
has been left behind. Dear in mind that
as Pennsylvania goer this !kit, she will go in
the Presidential election ;tea fall. Recol
lect there is a big stake at issue. Detnoera
ey must win it, or down will go the hopes of
' the liberty-loving people of this country.
' There is no Company in the United States
insuring lives that enjoys a wider reputation
for htmesty and rainless in all its transac
tions than does the Charter Oak of Hart
ford, Connecticut. This Company was or
ganised in ISSO. and works on the mutual
plan, paying dividends every year, averag
ing 40 per W.W.II'S. Over seventeen thou
sand policies have been issued by the Char
ter Oak, with an insurnnra of more than
forty millions rf dollart It has been dn•
ing bukiness for overfictects years, has paid
louses on something like four hundred pol
cies, and has never litigated a claim. Pre
miums can paid in each, ur irbon the
pry !Mom is Ss(e more, One half orris and
one half note. Almost every man eau of
ford to take out a poliey ; the cost is trifling
and the security is amply sufficient. to war
rant all in doing so. The Company have
esialiklied an Agent at this place, in the
person of S. 11. CoLt)iAN, son of Jesse
Coleman, Prothonotary of this County, who
will receive applications of all those who de
tire to insure.
/iii The Radical leaden in Congress w:l'
not agree that the war has restored the Utt
ion. If this is so, what did our soldiers
fight for? What has been accomplished by
this enormous expenditure of blood and
t►easure 7 Have we no union after all? Such
wen as Stevens and Stunner say no. But
moderate Republicans think differently ;
they agree th.►t it is about time the Statos
should be considered as united, so that al
sections, north and south, cast awl west,
may prosper and be able to bear their share
of the public burden.
"my* Maryland," "loyal Maryland," has,
with Connectieut, California and Montana,
declared once more for the Union. Not
withstanding the fact that the "late lamen
ted" Lincoln ltad 8,000 majority in 1864, the
Democrats carried the State last week by
over: 0, 000 majority. This is even a great
er revolution than that of California, be
came the State is still filled with the meanest
creatures on earth—whits negroe.t. Twenty
thousand for "my Maryland" is truly glori
-111114. If the machine keeps moving tic in
this manner, the peinocrats will have fifty
thousand majority iu Pennsylvania on the
iith of October next.
flir We frequently have been a.ked,
"what is the salary orJury Commissioner"?
We here state, as we did shortly afhir the
passage of the Act creating the office, that
the Jury Crnnmissioner receives Tin,
hers and fifty cents per day for the time ac
tually employed performing the duties of
the office In this County the number of
days employed each year will hardly exceed
ten. It would seen► like an office of honor
and responsibility instead of an office of
86P Let the bondholders of Columbia
County remember that the dedsion of Judge
Sharswood is calculated to render their in•
vestments secure. If one contract to pay a
debt in coin can be legally discharged by a
tender of paper currency so may all others.
Every attack upon the decision of Judg!
Sharswood is an argument in favor of ma•
king both the interest and the principal of
the government bonds payable in green•
backs. If the bondholders wish to make
sore of having the contract to pay in coin
declared valid, they should vote for GEORG/IC
ster The Pottsville S'emidaral says a great
number of persons, mostly miners and their
families, are leaving the coal region to seek
employment elsewhere, the depressed con
dition of loudness rendering it impossible for
them to remain. In thineounty the distress
is SO great that many who desire to leave
have not the means. We understand that
at Trevortim sown of the miners' families
are at the point of starvation.
Mr On Saturday night hint a portion of
the citizens of Illoomsburg and of the sur
rounding country asncrabled in the Court
House to listen to an address by the Hon.
C. R. Thiekalew. The audience was made
up mainly of cool, deliberate, thinking men,
and the address was of a kind corresponding
with the characterof those who sat so quietly
by and beard it. Pew speakers in Pennsyl
vania can bold en audience as well as Mr.
Buckalew. He announced in the course of
his address that it was the duty of every
good citizen to aid in the election of Judge
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Address 8. R. Warm, Editor, 389 Broad•
way, New York.
114." Five Mrstrrasrolt Tilsransusunwr."
—Everybody who has travelled by railroad
has heard the above announeeinent, and
has probablF suffered from eating too hastily
thereby sowing the seeds of Dyspepsia. It
is a comfort to know that the Peruvian
Syrup will cure the worst eases of Dlzpop
rbt, as thousands are ready to testify,
Destructive Hurricane.
On Wednesday last about noon, one of'
the most destructive storms that has ever
visited this section of country, anise sud
denly in the west and burst over our town
with terrible fury. It. !listed some thirty
ininutem, during which time it overthrew
spires, blew down buildings, toppled ever
chimneys, twisted up trees by the roots, and
otherwise did immense damage; The beau
tiful spire of the Mahunieg Presbyterian
Church, which had braved the tornado a
ycat since, had to yield to this blast,and
was broken off above the clock face, lifted
up bodily and the base thrown upward by
the storm, midi); the npez to strike tho
roof of the church us it came down, shoot
ing through it like an arrow, the point end
lodging on the sofa in the pulpit. The loss
to the congregation will amount to over one
thousand dollars. Mr. J. G. Thompson,
On Mill street, bad both gables of his store
house thrown down and the roof carried
clean off, one portion landing on Bloom
street, while soother section landed in a gar
den in the rear of the block . , while still an
other portion fell on the adjoining house,
crushing in the roof.
The eastern cud of the new school house
on Walnut street, was blown down to the
second story door. A house at the corner
of Church and %honing streets, was part
ly demolished.
On Mill street, the tin roof on Henry
Sloyer'a building was rolled up like a scroll
and carried completely over the large store
houses on the opposite side of the street
aml landed in the rear. Various other
buildings on this street wore wore or less in-
jured. eeveral buildings on Yorks' 11111 I
were much damaged.
The new casting House at Hancock &
Crevt ling's furnace Was blown down. %%'hi u
chimneys without number were toppled,
fences, sheds and outhouses blown down,
trees uprooted, &c.
There were woo hair-breadth eettapee.—
Part of the roof on Stephen Cuthbert's
house was wrenched tiff and the chimney
throwe down, the bricks from which fell
through the roof on to a crib containing it
small child, covering it up completely with
bricks and debris . , yet strange to say it MS
pea with a few slight bruises. The escape
from death was woederfut.
Since writing the above we have heard
from the country. In Liberty, Valley, Ma
honing and adjoining townships the destruc
tion was fearful. Any number of barns
were unroofed and whole orchards nearly de
stroyed. One near Manstbde having prune
twenty.tight apple trees torn up. The corn
and buckwheat sulfured badly. In some
fi e ld s the bu c kwheat is laid down as flat as a
floor. making it impossible to harvest it.—
Besidesthis miles of fenceshave ken thrown
down and ocattered. The destruction of
timber has been immense. A gentleman
from the er u 'try informed us that he untie
e 1 where Mat ry tret it from eighteen inch°
to two feet in diameter were wrenched of at
the roots as though they had ken reeds.
Altogether it was a storm long to be re
lumbered. It wu-saccompauied by heavy
hail and a deluge of water.
Save our town from another such elemen
tal war.—Dantilk Atefligencer of the 27tA
Obltsary new!Wiens.
At a regular meeting of Bloomsburg
Lodge, No. 139. I. 0. of G. T., the follow
ing preamble and resolutions were adopted:
IP/crews, it has pleased God in his All
Wise and gracious Providence to suddenly
remove from 'be busy I,:enes of time, to the
solemn realities of eternity, our beloved
Brother, WILLIAM B. DRAKE. Therefore
be it resolved :
That in his death we recognize the
lost of en indite rhea, and useful citizen, an
affe'•tiotate husband and parent, and an
ardent tidand of Temperance.
•.d. That while we lament his sudden and
unexpected end, we bow submissively to the
Lord of all, and feel aware the importance
of "working while it is day."
34. That we Meted to the bereaved and
afflic!t d our *mutest sympathies, and
prayerfuliy commend them to the God of
"Os widow and the fatherless."
4th. That a copy of these resolution. be
given to the with of the &masc.!, awl the
several papers of Columbia County for pub
.1. A. Piney.,
Bloomsburg, Sept. :A. 1867.
Obituary Resolutions.
Died on Thursday morning, the 19th ult.,
M r s. D. M. F. W AMISH, wife of Prof. C.
W. Walker, of Ilillvil4, Pa.
The deceased was a zealous member of
lmotw Lodge No. 257, I. 0. of G. T.
The Committee appointed to draft resolu
tions expressive of the sense of said !Age,
on the death of enter \Volker, submitted
the fiAlowiag, which acre unanimously
Wherrus in the workings of Divine Jinni
deuce our beloved sister, P. M. P. Walker,
has been removed from our midst by the
resistless agency of Death, therefore;
Pruilvol, That on the demise of our sister
we have sustained an irreparable loss, the
cause of Temperance an able advocate, Soci
ety a worthy citizen, sad her home circle a
devoted and intelligent Christian, wife and
latolved, That in our ad bereavement
we reco gnize the fact that there is no safety
except in the tlild of Christ, putting our
whole trust in those things that are unseen,
eternal and that fittleth not away, truly be
lieving that "righteousness keepeth hint
that is upright in the way; but wickedness
overtliroweth the sinner. '
Resoired, That we most tenderly sympa
thize with the bereaved family of our de
parted sister, in the severe ordeal through
which they are passing, praying that they
may find consolation in Him who tea "strong
tower, - "in whose presence there is fullness
of joy, and at whose right hand there arc
pleasures forever more. '
Resolced, That these resolutions be pub
lished in the Columbia County papers,
Temper:woe Banner, and Monthly Circular.
LEAH Hinan,
Sept. 25, Iti67.
noontime Munotm—One night last
week we were aroused from our slumbers by
the report of fire arms in raphl sutioession
in front of our office. Throwing open our
window, we had a view of the whole scene at
a glance. Directly in front of the "Owen
Rouse," we observed several men making a
desperate attempt upon the life of a colored
individual, an obnoxious and obtrusive guest
at the hotel. He was set upon with htones
and pistols, and bruised and beaten until
life was entirely extinct, and horrible to
relate. loft hay weltering in his blood until
morning, when the authorities had his
body properly cared for. We have not
beard the individuals name, but are inhum
ed that he belongs to a numerous tribe of
Mcphiticel Americans, natives of this coun
try, and of more than Africa' "scent." His
extreme offensiveness, was the solo cause of
the horrible outrage. No arrests have been
made np to the time of going to press.—
Berwick Gazette.
Wender if the "individual" wasn't from
"Skunk's" hollow ?
Vir The Radical Congress has establish
ed Nero Suffrage in eh the excluded States,
and given every one of them into the power
of the blacks, Do you endorse such infamy
as that ?
Of the T.celfth Annual flehibition of the
('olutti4ia, a - , nor Agrival.‘nral,,lleeieul
till Ana ::' 4 ' ano'cal Ailitacktioli. fa be
' * d , !IIL i '4l/. n (WU, On Iredile4-
.• . •
p . ' pate t may, October tech,
10th affi LI '' 180 t,
Ike lea rn of the Aaileultdral Sootily or Colon,
him Ouramerill andeuvoe to put everything, in Ulf
beet order to wake the areorouradellunitilimprelo lbw
year, and re oldrrealtural Smaolloe hare now locum
and inalitutione. and ovary body orli wow lodise that
there to a inn mount of inharnietloa, 'vermilion
sad allliellble 1141.04 inti on la ottandoi la w e lt !mi .
dueled, and a well Shod up ran% she Cominlitue, to
whom the monition! of she Poet 3feare rm r an.
snowed the amougeworil, would earnestly and re.
imietrallyearlicito *oti•oporotion of every prepud
fli the oftelllty. Moulin' ray will 1111 bfiftg sOnselhliog
lo the great Pair of tAdituilita this over memorable
year tif our Lard 1407.
As evetrillhill vg this Mud runt have a spaniel to
carry it its with allielairtioa.ealtibitoro •. a 4 eon Ink.
titer • will pirgmt grad Hie ifletrisvlioute. and come to
the Pair aapueilng tu libido by Wow without &eking
for any alieratioo.
By order ef law fhweailvo tromuirt f o.
L. N. itursirr, Secretory.
Abner Welsh, Superintendent.
ct,sai l—nonica,
Sect pelt iltsealit biome. SS
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Bala pair carriage rumor, II
ad de dye do 3
MN Stallion over 3 rare old, la
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less brood oars, with call at her aide, both
awned by the rooms,. 2
2a h am watt ware with yell at her ehle.
bosh Inwood by the oilsitoll.d. 3
2.1 do e
b in gin's'', c d arylage horse. 4
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Bala 00112111 carriage ware. 4
Rd do do do Il
Boot gobbled between 3 lad 4 years old 4
do Mare de do 4
do Urklieg it. 0 end 3 your old 4
do Mall do MI 4
du horse colt bows,* 1 sad a gear* all, 3
in wale do du 3
do horn nr mars COM undo; 10 aootbr, 3
2 , 1 Met liella/ or more cull do do 2
Bins pair mobelool cults oilier 4 yeara old
brokrit to boomer ' e
Exhibitore unites this elan will !twee their
horsem Qs the ground by 10 u'eleek, Thar , ..
day inornA., when they will be exani:ti d.
Judges—Abner Welsh, Orange; William
!Aldine, M lad born ; Clin. Mindenliall, Frank.
lin; William Shaffer, Centre; Daniel Vetter,
Nehemiah Reese, Superintendent.
nufitian oirwat.
800 boll 3 yeara old awl apwarda. 11111
Ild de do du a
11...4 bull between Rand 3 rears old, •
Id do An 4,1 4
rtol bull between 1 and 2 years old, 3
3d d• do du 9
lle.t bull calf under 10 womb. old. 3
3..1 du do do .4 rt.v/tueist 1 year
Bret Cow 3 year. old awl upward.. a
Id du do do 4
Dept /wafer between 2 and 3 year. old, 4
24 do du do 3
Wilt heifer calf undrt 10 mmillis 01d. 2
DO' , IN W11111:K
Deal boll 3 yews old slid upoPordd. 9 2
id do do do 4
do bull bemoan 2 sod 3 years aid, 4
24 do do 40 4
do bull between I and 2 years old. 3
Id do d., do I
do 'aulf elm under 10 month' old, a
id do do Au it rierteldriot 1 year
do Cow 3 years old or opword. a
:I do do do 4
d.. licadr ImIlWC(111 9 and 3 yenta old, 4
Id do do do 3
do belfur under 10 months old, 9
A 1.1199 NEN el) WI C .
Fled Hull 3 years oil ■nJ npwarJ ill
24 do do do 9
Heel Hall below Sand 3 years oil, a
3J do du do 4
Berl bull between I and 2 years old, 3
24 do do do 2
reel Bull calf under 10 months old.
Id .0, du do Aretratestial I row
Bert Cow 3 years old and upward 6
9:4 do 44 do 4
Heat Ilelke between It and 3 years old, 4
34 do do do 3
Wit Heifer call under 111 months old, 9
WM HUI Sl'o 'H,
Ild.o boll 3 mo , old and upward Si 2
24 do do do p
do bull botArdo 2 644 3 year. old. 4
24 do do do 4
do bull betwreu 1 stud 1 years old. 3
dd do do do 4
do buil colt udder 10 woolbe 014. ft
t'd do do do oppriolturtat I yea ,
do Cow 3 yaara old and ova att J 4
2.1 do do do 4
40 11.0fIr between 1 bud 3 peat* old, 4
24 do do do a
do Heifer volt ander Id months nl4 8
first ball d years old and upward*.
ad do do do 4
do bull berwa. n land d years old. 3
id do do do
d,k bull rAlf under In 0111fithe old. g
lii do do do 47r tufligrin I odr
do row 3 yeses old and upeelltde. 0
Vd do do do 4
do heifer Innween 2 and 3 years old, 4
Id do do di 3
do heifer calf under I 1 'wrathy nid, 2
Rest grate (melt (,*;(4,41 and workr3 by esblbitor, $3
11 3
Peal yoke itleeta ';flWCtlllttfl 3 years old, 4
do Jo to 2
Exhibitorn will have their stock ready for
the Juolgen to examine by 10 o'clock, a. in.,
on Thornily, and to reutain until Friday, 3
o'clock, p. 14.
Judgem—Nehem'h Reese, Hemlock; Gott
lieb Gunther, Catawissa; Jesse Roffman,
Centre; Jacob Yohe, Mifflin; R. Wilson,
ridirs iii—pwimn.
A. P. Young, t 4 uperintendent,
11..ri hoer, .3
MI do do 3
do Wood low, 4
Id do do do 3
do how nod NO (0 or more./ il
On LA 3or more pigs under d work* old. :1
Id do do do 1
do Lot lick lango (3 of more,)
do do do
Judges—A. P. Young, Greenwood; Rohr
Mefloury, Benton; Lowy, Roat, Montour.
CLAES Il'-81112Er.
Frances Evans, Superinteudent,
2d do do
do Ewe,
34 do do
1141,1 Burk,
9,1 An do
do E,w,r,
14 do do
arid Buck.
tid do do
do liwo.
2d do d
Judrx—Fratieem Evnns, Briar Creek;
Georgo Fetterman, Locust; Juhn Smith,
John Cadman, Superintendent.
Der* and largest Airplay of poultry. 11 1
2.1 An An In I
do Pair chickens. .firriesitarist 1 peer
IA do do SO
du Pair 7urklyei 1 PO
Id do do it
do Pair 00C110. I 00
24 do Au SO
do Pair Duras, 1 On
Best and wrest Airplay of game playing. al)
Judges—John Cadokno, Bloom Henry
Hemlock; Joseph Lilley, Sot.
Joseph Mourner, Superintendent.
Iwo i bushel Flown sewd. In
tal do Au do 1 30
du half bushel Thesolly, 3
2 , 1 do do do I Sio
du bushel Lod When, 3
du du Whits I Violet, 3
du du Rye. 110
do do Puckish,/ t, 130
do do (3uued dud cum Oslo, 130
do to Yellow On do 130
do 414 Illiondod do do Ido
00 Ilo1( Omani PlOdeeed. 1 so
do bushel lists. 130
Judges-4mph Mount', Montour, John
Gruber, Hemlock; Wesley Bowmen, Orange;
Jackwn McHenry, Fiehingereck ; Frances
P. Eves, Greenwood.
Hiram Applunap, Superintendatit.
ego i %OKI of sop of 0. cores% ord.
rano of putoinol L 01 30
on / bo.ooldorovl 1•04.1001. I
do butte' Mold Tomos, 1 Id
d. f boiplitti gita agog. 1 30
do I 4111111 0 11N1100 WM , . .fgrunstlorlit 1 par
deo booby' 31andold IVortool, 1
do hoohnl, 1
do 1 Molina norown, .4rldollurlot Ism?.
dol berlpil PefordPll l
/ Intrbol notlnno, 1
on i AMOR Voltodablo Willits (1111169 1
do rok Tnnunto.o, 1
0103 Hoods Cabbage.
do 3 OksiohoolDolory, 1
4 0 4 en Plaits, 1
io II quarts Lire 1N441. I
410 0 'parts Cvoliai 11001, I
6 1 folirld loop 80. BO MI
44. Ida Opera's/10 Bior #0010) trkodiodlit I pow
Judge -11. Apploman, Itamlock •Solo
, -
num Shuman, Catawiasai Conrad Bitten-
Imutim., mourn.
cz,,folt Vitt—stotifirmoldr if,
Iteuban linmbily, Supurimendent.
th..l, m ya,di iloonol, 11 31
lid do do do ,yrnystivrto 1 year
do 3 yard* Wooloo Cloth, I NI
do in yard." 1: 11 tool. I
Yd do do do Agrlcoltorkt I y
do 10 yards Ploio Limn, I do
do 10 yordo limpdr. 1 00
do Klall Wool StOON Ingo, 30
do do do Union., 10
duration Sioekingo, MS
do !lowa midi" ybirt. 150
id do do do do I
60 yolv Wyol Mookold, $
do pole 140e11 Phoois. ..devoilorist I yds?
do Ilona um& Toblo Chills. Ayricoltartst I year
Judges—Reuben Busboy, Hemlock; Mrs.
Philp Cool, Roaring Creek ; Mr& ilinklu
11. Kline, Orange ; 31rs. threw J. Roeder,
CLAidd IX— nostatic sr 40ferdtrir1711118.
John O. Quick, Superiutondent.
flop loaf 44 'wad, be
do Poond OA., in
giro oii•vor Calle, JO
do Oponto Coto, 30
do MHO. ropiprini. 311
do do vireo lolly. SU
do Curauoaor Pickloo, le
do Medlar uf any Aber kiwi, be
do Apollo Ronan. Jo
do hire tuner, JO
do Plaid Nome, II
MP Gray, bunko*. JO
do liol l on dburent
eo. 3
do Carol Him .eyfnouffadUpt I y e s.
Roll of
d 10 0
ntio d
r—not leos thin 3 imp, , yu
Id d - o
do 44.01 , 4 Iliiiiiio. JO
do Appal. pin, be
do masonic V loot. so
do du bard Mk/. lY
do do soft raw. 30
Judges—John ()molt, Montour; Mm.
Jacob liostenbailor, Yrunkliii; Mrs. Houton
Wilson, Madison; Mrs. Sarah E. Purse',
°mop" grorge *. Dreisioich, Hemlock.
ci.mts Arm:Luis AND rl.luW CUL
Caw. I'. Jac. e
cstm, : 3upnrinwn lent.
Bert knit
Ju do Qom,
do Tidy.
do Total,* work,
de op. , ritireo Bred ork,
di. do NWII work,
do An Yorr work.
de An I,,retOor work,
40 de Noir work,
An An Woe work,
do do remind.
de do Pi k ginbrololrrT,
do do Wo,rellec
do de r Atun Mohr*lderl. 30
on Warned Me , YI
An 4 . 0:01. Not. 341
do Worked slipper,
du limey Pre Cookinn,
d.. Woo Dreg.,
d o Doyley Slogs Poiolial,
do Voil.mlion Doh hoc wi
du ito Aronvel Flower., 13
do 4.1 Ilou.e Mille In 410•10,
do do Pried Grow. 30
An do Dried Fkowire, 34i
de V.m..17 rewrre, Su
du Oyeesiore of Yeautenehlp,
Judge.-Captain C. U. Jaoltpon,
wick ; Mnry Mendenhall, Franklin ;
Mra. Uunicl Hem, )Irs. Harvey
Crerling, Scutt; Mrs. Charles IL Fowler,
t—rtotts, privc4. Turr.wikut,
AMU DeNlidTitY.
Crites, Superintendent.
Ilea) Su yitirode Wired A Air. *1
do do buckwheat fluur, 3
do do rye door. S
do de emu 111 , 0. 3
do roirkibe Sidra wbb Orituree. 2
do do
du der a, I r,al teeth,
do variety of l'ie•Ware, 9
Judges,—Noah Critci4, Catawiesa : Wm.
M. Ent, Scott; IVm. Itichart,
Jacob Harris, Superintendent.
Peet Plnagh for donor:11 wc,
l'orn planter. 9
do Threching alorhirre and Ninny.. 4
do Keeper and 'doper combined,
do Younloo Mill, 9
On Ilorre Hey /orb,
do Corsi Shelter,
de Uraia 11,111, 3
do Faro Wagon,
do straw or !odds( cutter,
du Horse Itekt,
do portable Wier milland peon,
do (*holm' wringer,
do Wochiog Machine,
In cuing" grinder.
do clover bulls'',
do noire,
do Wider barrow, SO
du Holler, Afr MaliVi4e one pole.
Judges—Jacob Hemlock; Win. T.
Shuman, Main; John Hama, Jackson; JIM
.%IP.ters, Madison.
CLAI.M X 111
R01)1!11. Purse', Suptrinteurient
do NW) lo.aggy,
An afiriph.
Judges—ltob. Pur4ol, Mnoiiinn ; Ceo. It.
Greenwood; N. P. Moore, Hem
Osinir Anehenbach, Superintendent.
ow filiatel eS bete. r
24 do do do fgrioulteriti t yap
do non or Ave pothodo of honey, J
do boob's'', 1
Judges—O• Auchenbach, Orange; A
Smith, Hemlock ; John Scutt, Catawiasa.
A. K. Smith, Superintendent.
P.% lllVOlfllffirt Wine. St
do do blneknorry wino,
do do grope wine,
do do cherry wino.
do do rye wbi•key,
Co do cider Vinednc, so
Judges— A. K. Smith, Madison ; Eli Men
denhall, Benton; Peter Laubauch; Benton.
cLaaa xvt —caauerr WANE. TANNIANB.IIIIOI.
Joseph Scattergood, Superintendent.
Beet News. II
do dressing Mad, I
do lisp ay cabinet ware, I
do set who Noe chairs. I
do spring 0.51 chairs. I
du main' choir. I
do settee. I
di, made PO{ of tinthoir , I
do ball' ilnzen br mull, Aerie,'levri.i 1 gssr
la set obiale II
do eel double barn,o, I
do two sides sum bather,
do du do hip,
do il n do pelf aloe,
du pair calf boots,
do pair hip boat.,
do tut earth •a wars,
de sample bricks, so
Judges—Joseph Scattergood, Pine ; Noah
Mouser, Montour; Philip Hereunto, Scott.
Thomas J. Welliver, Superintendent.
Pest half bushel of any vaned or addles $1 011
du display or applcs. II 00
2..1 do do do arrilealt prise oar pear.
do Airplay of pulp., 2 00
&I du du do Jerissit oriel ado
Y ar d
do display of wedelns.
2.1 do do ib Adrismitoriel Nat year.
do dosed .711111Cel 1 1V
2d do do JO
du dye ellistrrs of grapes, I IN
do display sirstioa.., it so
igdi du do Is /Irrriiirallteelal oaf ,Mr.
da Owe clusters Creireling dross, 30
du do Concord grape* So
do du Maus drapes AO
do do Origami: rapes $
do In Isabella grapes, SO
do loot or Poo var.. se
do display 14 liniPb l. lll ol . I 00
1111 /MO: lit dried apples. $0
40 ather. as
that sa m ple dried do
cherries, r stoned most kaalonitill, 3I
Judges—Thomas J, Welliver Mt. fleas
Reuben Rich (ironwood. Ilias Krum,
Scott; Hiram Dealer, Vlshingereek.
Cl 4 / 4811 • X VIII SPUN TI NO LIM'
Pen irmlni lentre,mari,or gelding (euirenee
fee In nu) 0100 no
ir 'hen Mur hones lIFII mitered, Per garb berme
lees man Ow, lig/ @bell be deducted from the pre
mium offered.
rAgnorner mow—FIRST VIM'.
Heel trotting boner. mare ur gelding, k•IIIIISRell
feeig) $5O 00
U lose l to on leer hereof are entered. for each horse
lime then Nur, 010 shell be deducted fruit 1145 pre.
ninon aline.
Wet trotiin/ bone, were or loldlng, (eutnice
ro 110 00
If lege Min faun harea ire entered, fir colt Ores
Woo itwo four. 13 shell be deducted how the prowl"
am eared,
No preotlamo will Ito owartleil hinny of Ow oboe*
three trot, II tee. Iltaa two twreoe appear to compete
for Ow prowiwoo,
Mlle, bests. le baroers—bat oot of tbrei.
la the Pamirs' het all bowies inset be entered by
wwideals of Columbia County and owned by the coat•
pottier at hoot Owes wont Ma bailor* 'lha role.
Judge9—Stephita H. BadWO"
Thome/ J. Vaudereliee, firnakelki, • la
Shaffer, Centre; Freas Pow*, Br
maw ati,—pror 1114,11,
Rs* run 001 e. aronn.rnuton (eittrano. taq , allir $1
nakr.o4 4D du 4,, 4
Wes thin three perturb. tette tin the run me
premien' Wtlll bietwererd.
thulgitt--Aildrow Madison, MAiotnn ; A
.1. AlbertiKmOit . wok* A. Muflick, Mt
(Article third of Its bbnintlyibbi reeutree peewee
no pay no the A enoetatiote MIN &Mar l cupeligoi.
op.mhpr .hip, The venm! Ilmtet.tere ha. belga 14
My ticket, an nor days, and half. their name' te
carded at the time )
neat. Kvery person jerky attletee
of comphililloil, owlet Imeome a iambs, of the Ante
flatlet, before esierloof Mem
1111inuro eau becalm toombuee or eablbttare
letreate are honsfero,
Twit 11•14 of vonivolitioo ig oPro
Mae Ittelleather Mutt lee and Ptnten etin itehemli es.
islhiherii upon the SWIM late. b. ettia , aq mf Lilly
Fluttllt. All 'Melee neared rnt r. ■ mittian ertst
be owned by no remp , tontr. tot. vrietablits,
twit.. t.. taut W Ike.rnYrlh cf tfie , tatopetltor.
itAd all maatothantai 'Metro moot be made by rile
strutpetita , .
Mb. All Mealleatored all/1M W h at hi 1.•91./.01.1114
111 POI Willa. a ill be Ittoktfrel.
Muth. andclae Pw enuillittatt or camp ljtiee
ani.s ewied by I woo/rig. N
00/rig. r. N. IAa
Oil and exempt to tospneolltle mom, Man lb , . /naiad
at Mat lime, mad teasel% Ire-re onto! r ridey aa'oltum
P. M.. Whet they a ill be at Me dleymoll of M. eat*
Ilerenth. Mande for Ills sal* of r,freelimenta pf
lio obtained by application to *cif:tarp or
Eighth. Ne Hessen will be grants/ etheee thee yell
'pillager or malt hinnire
•haollre appointee to ermine the Eifureht 111111111 P
will aster a favor on Me Anodethrn by 'tallier al
I►e eh trrtaryli flip early oie Tlivowisy reanthinag te
10c11.10 in in. rkir eon be obtained at Al 411rereal
Wow , before the rail or It the Vienne Vince iloAnd Jaye.
Juagrtl IP. CON NKR, Peet.
I . 0 arrest. Hwy,
blorowil.wri Sept. 01, 1667,
Trclt.—T he Slorourborg Mutest tioville roll
• Ottarlettne l• Now rosily to receive ellitorliP •
fronip for .twer, A polo to). J aretwor, Protolortl,
bit et. re, P. rIA oto yr allot store. ttoorr,
..rrctery, at I. Oro. Of to soy or Ilia Otrgettrif• a;
order or the issettiMlM, asitiacsettesarr.
110•Ai Ms home is Nonaleek Townbhlis, I:dissida
roomy nn the enening of ISO 1711, •r Joy WI.
Tomnoocir, Ngy , ,Al aln aced IS plass. lis4
00 *bon be left A *tuts 'viol lot, cheek okorS, dark
panic asl I roil emit ronsidareklY .11.0 S 0
lioAr. and b.reronlArd To. Isd loss dark Isis Sod
dark or,s, ditto 'stir r fkln, and is 0 051
n 411 4. Any Infarossillon of his shereaboos wolf Ala
ihnnkfsily ressoirsiS by Ms ins ioue 551.111.11 el Ileek•
orish.r 11, 1007.
rove to the. premise* of the tindetsisora t it reale«
township. some time about the arit of
• , r rte; September, a LIDO r RED ittll,d,, ear..
106, posed to be ale-itt In month, opt. Tait
owner a sesissetsw to rf/tpe ifttWOITIC proem
oropest e, pay dvits. Ins talcs hint *way. othostilso
he will Ito soli assenting to law.
Caotrapetohor 11161.
Hy vide* of revere! wrlis of AftWilirl /lees an 4
Vhostiti mit tordee. ion ooti int f the Ottid of t'onn•
loon Vireo of Codnait,io County. to sop turrttod, w ill
ht *ape 114 14 public rats tt doe Ctort I.
Wird on PA ruguillY. Mei% feta Islll,
ei IO sittionk. A . the fattooins real owe, via ;
Al, that rodent inossuaa* ant trod of lan wit?*
in Medi/Inn Township in the. Costoty an•l Piste arum•
.80 bounded and acortll,o I so I.lotws
at 4 white oak corner of IMO of Fier ,, ,..*H•rr
114 , 1 1' 4 11 , 00 Crlf Orr, these, north Oftyfise a , •ref s
*sod. per iPt to a pad ; throe* ►y 1101 at
res•riek Derr WlOlll VW , I.ty two anal o wrote**.
wool• 711:ierell4ti to 4 pod ; it Once room fft Oty.lit coo
and 44. (mirth t1 , 11r0411 40:111 In of:refire to of 1 1 001;
th , stst a - olth Wit) , Orrrtt and no* Imit lit fftwolof Wort.
i)0 pvrride At r WM; loons* by I.tod of (Parse
otttfp a+•nth to: it to vro ant 00* rico , dew.*
ion. 4 r., 41 + , t: 111 , ffel nod sir JN*
001411,0 tom • o only d• ORM* 'Art, l r.r.lik•
1111 " itn t of 0 33t4'1 Cr* mr socl
en d. ryr ot. Ifoti 040 prtearr to 11 W ; Iho**►
floret fitly thew end ono fotorto degrees oats, 3 0 .1
peddles .n 3 01100110 110 ; Piths* tooth twenty four
and .4411 1 411th 40111,0 eitAl 149 poretto* tn, the p ISM
4 , 1 beginning. endt4iiiing oho ban Wed and tee - sty -
at ". " vs. and ore It fadied 4113 ^terra parches *lt
Woo the Moww Itrrtnd.oa of *horn A.otew
to titer thod ***set nod whim after pro,re..l#l4 JA
potrtitiol Was 8414 by or lot el * Orpiitho' CO tot
J.trksno 'I hoodo ids od3llllllolllllor, Orion 11141311
nieflooor Wl4 data to *edam the one•t*ird poi of
the pufrlotr money.)
P. tai** 10 44mo'i'ls* ARO to Ito so ts as l o is
property if *lathed Coon and duo tenant* ,
Alf that err'stia,lttii joentol on o et or JO*.
of train,. in Montana City. i;ohjoshans $ 0 , 4 001“.
Colonohit County an I. Own on patio of tas M.
and 4. biota 3 in the 4101.1.44 MOMILini Ca, nni is
of +to ito4 a half innintod betnt shoot oittroon lost in
f r o. thp moot, five in In nep• h, ( obey* stomas
t fot ftitsiolt , O for soul bnictitg.)
tolsoo, taken is evrosioo and to be stold as en
pr , p-tty of Peßs nowt%
A 1.410
A tennis tot e ;mina *Minato in f o r Rorongh at
ri hik l'hihathia COUlal Wag Mho*, Pv• foot
(tont t nol two hundre• a , titurp nn alma ii.iii•cloo a
Iwo goofy frama bons* la lb ibit appnii•natit•s.
o•4l•dat nnth. +onto hp lot or Mu , ht.eaCert. on Rh*
tireot uy Chfalat Airentio nn tha north orr Io of Amain
Barry one as the own by ib.• lands of the 1.41111111 a
tiountvin rot! tad Ifni Carnally/.
bailed, Wool into • le- litiolb rod II be lola an this
property of aarnoy Msitintety.
imaivat, SNyprp. Merit
0 totter 9. 001.
Old LombIRA./ Flit IllooToforiory.
10.7111/ACtlsritrxr.ll%lll , lool.l . 9ll.WaGelt
Free now In ltrr• of 11. moo looporlotiom sad
MaItUrACIUM OOP of the WOO amil moot beralifai
selections of
for I,a 'Nes' end Cbildree's Wear on lie Clay.. Alma.
a bile • rertme at or 0•1111 ► er in wiles led ....9•••.
Imm • nabbed to dirpose My 1." 11 . " nt , , ri 4 . 411.
able 'leer, aid I ir.ula gbaralbre oralien ROO hem
rT fil‘ Die of Calumets Comm, wed eireislay.
Remember the s.a, Wombs' era Street
.11:11% FAREIPS.
NO, ne ARCH PI.. above 7lh. MOO PK* rilrlitle 4.
rr I pave pie !Parris'. Nog 1.011111111.17011 MITI* INT
arm a Siwts IM rilidlablarlila.
Octubrr 1. 1147
Prom the ,tibia of t tor other:rarer 04 lit 4 pieta of
the 4th inet.. a fawn . NAY tiraheilt, throe
yrstrouid 144 opring; Platt moo. soo4 ;
and about 14 Wald, 1001, .
Aye r A eettionable reword will thirrilfl for the
',tufo of the hem. and oleo for the tide. Tao
horn was tomer!). welted by riveben Kim*.
Ia AN karthilitAlt.
Tows 1101. Lateetoteek, Sept. le, tict.-3w.p4.
Two vailerrlgerir will pay irpo Wisher{ wankel prim
ha 'whoop (or •14111 @Him or his own roiriourris arr.
Whirr War Ilillr. Willisiorport, or Illy. firing oil
your Wool WIN. hlooui Normal 11111,„ at Mellilo4o.
V Me, Pa, J , 11, COWL
1, 1567.
Tbtt Rev. EDWARD A, W11.00A4 will evatll thee
of Mims') Is aq who desire it. tit* reetrilttlett wilt
the directions rev meting arid eider the elmrl*
tersettir hp %Inch it* was tenni at r Intl effeettee
and that defied dieveee Cuesentption. His en ir ph'
Jeri to to benefit the reteted slid hi bows* every
enterer win try *hie prtteripteen, as it will sort
Own within, 111114 mey prove * Messier. Phalle
sittheee Nee. - COW A Ith A. WILSON.
. t6s South desoad saces, WililligniburS, New
preshits a laptiael
groerlll of hair ripen • liel4 head iont ►eyslir fat
slow a reeeii.e t.r lam renenevef eof PieNalise, glaieftee
, oatlla atm leaving the ram* elni
Oast, nee beautiful. ten lee Waimea witlioni chair
17 alaireesiss TIIOO I .Y. CHAPMAN annual.
183 lhoodwoly, Nsw yolk
Ettcrs or Noen.act !NAN trait creltiewtoe
Catania* (Norm tilitiamia.
Trot tiattereigarel. Audtior appointed by the : 4
phone Mart of the thilettoMehlateta, tow** 4 ?
*libation tit' she belenee tit the.ilitell d e eerel
I keter whohlistrittor or itasweliflptild late at 44
wood townehto iIWII II IIO II 44 1 101 044
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