Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, September 25, 1867, Image 3

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    ItsoApibug gintlinut
ednesatily t Sept. •11S, MU?.
r p %v s will moot out mown.' for all total row ,
Priararia Hock howediato hMar thor. if thry Wit
writes allt , lllonientlim for Ilya huhhe eyr,
at them bruit no a brief rwatetheoit of overyiliilig of
oNonto in their rofretire rottororitiro. A list wl
stioriagew deaths, arrillfots. Afar, motorail', hurl
irrastbanier. ike. We will put them to for.o.
ruff* Aida of Ms kind ha rho art the hewer it will
uwit If owl for fowlers. Whit mill dri it t
10 Ato - ontsoras.— Persono rile-Woe kittlitiorments
illiterted. mow Wool them in early ott Tireedny room•
ai to illoro 'Nit OW rliuw fm that week.
Orr The amounts of the firm of 3.troby
& fur na PClit fer volievtitel
nre In the hond4 or the forsowine peer nu
Atiftlln ntruxh N 11. 11 mom ;
SAMUEL en Kt Ay,
Pearer.—llts.t. 7.lmmEam,r 4. M
J. e ANNIE' .
Catatrhaa.— STEN' EN 13.11.0 Y.
Rooringemek, OWI
to tingarionrrowin.bip. biil for eoll4 , etion
have been pineeil in the hand, or m(
MY COLA to ,hour paymptit i iisittephsl
to be made lathe earlie:4 enoveni4.tnen.
In seutt Towte , ltip, all itemota Ittmaite?
themselves in arroars rot eniweriptiom
advettiaing, to the 'lost a RAT, will
1134k0 payment t .lo,:Epti 1, 1 1, 1 , h y.
Benton.--llasitt, %et Yi,4,
Ilryrrrr~ ,- 4f , t'llA K
14 4 :1.
Afernl4,..-1),; , ,I;
Itulahhoey---Mythiw. prielmm,
Greonlqwk tire dawn 1 , )
Ar is= nre retaile,l in our market nt
111.25 per ImArl,
WA. Petato, were FI , I+I tsu our ;.troeti this
reel at' ecow lAt 10,1.
M. If yLit unnt a brind , cnic to
stAtetid the Fair, he has
just received t1:0 lat—t vat. 1 1
telling or nt r i,Kr at Very Inve
lOW A or Dv,360,,ti , mftt ::;" ; l e,
beim:lll.M in tiii4 County. lite 1 i t .ls%o.
Committees two flint proper exvrtion lK
matte in getting the voile out t.) the.e.
Yctcrr.ou' S twine F.,r o, , mher is
on hand. The reading public, and -
ially the fcnxalw p ,rti.m r 4 it, are treated to
a most capital miner. 'the Et4hinn !date.
are handsome and the reading of the
choice. This M •Ingi a.. tLaumo,t
others—terms only V 2.60 per annum.
&kr ettAnum ft. PAxpix. ettAnt,rs B.
lircKALLw, JottN K. finterz,, and a few other men, h v a Na ion.,)
Bank, at Bloom ;burg; the n0t...4 of
are seeured by : the deposits of I "inted Foams
bonds, upon which those men ysy LA No',
and to pay the interest on the seine poor
Jaen are tared. 'Ems our dawn town eotem
,porary "vomproliend"?
THE PLArKS TO EA - v.—The pereons to
buy from are those ho advert fret)
netts in the new.purers. 140 l our Lime
anJ city cdrerti tool make your
purchmws from pertons of hm.ines enter
priso who are not efrai.l of Om trifling
expense incurred in rolkitiym your enqmo.
Y'ouwill always boy cheaper franc tho thor.
ough buckles.; man who advet ti , e= than
from the drone who dt.
ItSr The Denteerath: Ticket is printed at
This office and reaLt for di,t.ibutit e. Can
didates will please take notice, as they am
'expected, in a great measure, to see to their
distribution. Every roll should he furnish
td with a good supply of tickets; awl can'
should be taken that they get into the right
Lauda See to this in time, and all is well
the victory is ours, and the State is redeem
eel" On examination you will flnl the
betnocratie Ticket its the maht-hea.l or er•
cry Pentecrntie local cr County paper pub-
Halted in this State. When the ticket is nt.t
touud theie, the paper is lcokcd on w;th
anapieioe. as not being sound in the raith.
When it is shored about runeupt advertii
ing, in obscure plums in the paper, what are
the trader* to infer? Po they make tip
their winds that their paper is Democrats?
"Nut much 1"
Out PAPER.— We return our sincere
thanks to tho. Democrats who have actively
taken the matter in hand to extend the cir
culation of the PEWocrtAT. Since the Con
vention, they have added litany names to
.our HA. It is gratifying to B•td that our
v:Torts to furnish the party with a good pa
per are so highly appreciated by tutu who
sever heforo subscribed fir their County pa
per. Keep the good work going on. You
ore doing as nitwit fur the pally by giving a
wide circulation to its local organ as by any
othercoUllie you could pursue.
Mr Dr. Jahn has resumed the pill box
as per advertisement in lest week's local col
umn. Ile there talks of "digestion," "rice
water discharges," "Llack drops,"
litre a very Esenlaiitus. Hitt he shows his
spleen 10 hitching into others who were for
merly his patients, but who now. according
to his amount, have stolen into the profes
ioti, profiting, he probably thinks,
their experience while in his hands. The
Doctor's chaste and beautiful exposition of
nedicsi knowledge will probably help the
ltepublitsa party a good deal, sod the Ikm
trade party some.
Saturday last a great hunting
tch took place between parties from this
The choosers were, Ursa+ l)u.ticr.
thelts r ide, and WILILIM 1 Mtn Hui: ill
the They selected their hunting
u ;d, stall commenced curly ou Saturday
to feturn by 9 o'clock in the eve
. the party to pay for en Oys
ipper !lAA hands, at the Saloon of
k Mem Everything considered—
trill • strange grounds--there
qc s,, 1 114 good game brought
xg w .; 4 one "hear," two
' %lot of 7 • • and gray oquirrelm,
n th .1 ground squirrels,
mins ,larks, wood-cocks,
c o,
U. The suppers fell
stir Mosul who aro not t►lre - Wooed
should rotuetul►er that dept. 27th,
is the last day when it em ho done. Do not
l',altot it, as it 14 fl very important matter.
A few votes in each &teflon district, phquld
they 1w last, in the aggregate, would amount
to kevoria thousand, sullieitatt to bawl
oonwly turn the elcetion. It is seareoly nee.
exec►ty to remind the Democracy that this
is a very
AD- Cole uontionos to rise.
Rep adieu n.
Yes, and it will riontione to rise until the
thieving, Comoitotion•hoting, rag-brior
urn vto I% kb you iJeloor are lii&tvtl from
power. LI the row men make a note.
New Within the whole range of tonk
niterotive nieflioines known, none entitle:l
o more wil.,iflerition tli n t the PPIIIVI3II
Syrup, In nil Cases of enreehle , l nwl
eotheafttion it is OW nary remedy need.
fqh tnOA p,mitive prua of this can to
Ems' St 7ltihing at Wilkes'lottrre a thy not
long since we nano! in the establiAtuent or
'ntr Denowratie friend joitcpti MianY, and
rofillfl him. al ho alw.ty , 4 is, pleasant no I 50...J0!"
...Jo!" enjoy.; the reputation, and
justly, of one of the inNt minim: , in
the country. l'or gnall to eat and
everyl.o ly owe, to !dowry's.
IV.i v.% roN's OIN rA'r 19 an CM Dna
triad ron,.*.ty, nbieh keeps rothiantly
lug po i rthirity 94 it. , nwritsbecome
Loom). It li been tho puhrw kr
more than tixty awl is universally
:,-;.n0w!.4iir...1 to kt thy mo certain and
owe t ‘cr fiw Salt It bourn.
I 'lcor.% rhiii,lit'n., t ter,
vt: adi
i or it is,
Itch, an <1 bill cra , ll-we
the nv , uip.tin ea , q. , inlrty.vight hour-.
Prank Lady's )Iralaz . me as 1
GA). •tw or 1 , 11;oa i s rule, la rye, tionthi,y
rowl;Wina. all tlw 43r a
tirxt elom 78 . 1a-v r z: t w awl t:az,tte
Th o Ilion aro promw,
eI at a 1.11. ,, ex.}. ..n • IT the pa' 411.
rcrst Prat Park All iwri• wlo fie•lre to
t wt the krte start' .. , sw/ ftshions will sub,et•il=e
this iwsitnte not one
mma m i t Vit t .ler. Toms $3.50, and
it 14 %VIM/11 . 0M' tittle.; tilt. 1114 they.
Col. (Tx:leg Kloliter, a native o 1
Now liorlitt, and proqmt proprietor or
tho Charles rat Third Street.
Philadelphia, Las vet eived the I:ailival nom
ination rn. Assembly in the Sixth Diatriet
or that City.
Vt,r The Republ;roa sayi that a Demo
er.ll: paper in Ohio ha 4 come. oat in favor
nrnettro anffra c, aml want: , to know what
w. think of that. It would ho Crit
Mr , to know what the Prim:ll.'ln 11.4'4 or
it. Ii; oditor or that cowardly shoot. O 4
we an in favor of Math sn!Trago, Lut
h o d u o not avow it. Our z•entino tits on
the woll known, and it is weak
and Tinent to a k vs *that ste think'
of the alrolittation. But let the it'eptil,ll.-
rqu, if it d4re.., rite its !TO ler:, t h e views of
itt, editor as f.titly ant sturdy Ito we do
Jinn (' —Thu Cholera and Throat
Disease in lbw's i 4 prevailittf.`„lo a fearful
extant, in FnilinCeiltniS. It is tntlettd mud'
to be regretted that the farmers and meek
owners shonK in these pressias times, mitt
ter to math loss front these tend& divsse , .
it is stated, by same that have used the
reparations. that F4)111.'S141.:11RA•
IT I )11 1/11SE: AN I ) c.tri . LE vow outs
will tam. it; and it' eevasionally used, this
time of the rear, will entirely ' , molt the
Ilisea4es. 'this is a sinnhln TOtaiply and
eu-y to get—we believe all respeetalde stoves
Nett ahem for sale. We wcotki advise
owners of Hoes to t kti it a trial, as great
g , ed can he accomplished by its tute.
Tim ritlExo, fir 04olsv 1867.
A beautiful Steel Engraving called "Tug
LActc-31.tx re," leads off flee etubzlli-h
-tattoos of the Oet.',ir nutu!scr of this
"Queen of' ;he Monthlies. Then we have
the mad refined and elegant doable Fashion
Plate, etigravol on stc4l; not rt common
lithograph on iia :P. This is followed by
elite illustrative of Children's Fashions,
Walking Dress, Spanish Mantilla, Tuttle
Peplum, Velvet Jacket, New Basque Waist
band. Lady's Jackets and Paletot, Princ
ess Tunic, Paleiot with Sash, Little
Boy's Blouse. Little Girls' Paletots, &c. &e.
The Music is "The Wife's Dream," and is
of itself worth the cost of the number.
Among the Literary matter we note "Ralph
Kirkwoods's Sister-614c," by Amanda
Douglass; "Hew a IVoman Had Her
Way," by Elizabeth Prescott ; the conclu
sion of "Orville College," by Mrs. Henry
Irmo/ ; 'in Love." by Helen M. Pratt ;
"How to Make Wax Flowers," (with illus
trations) Editorial Articles, Receipts, the
Fashions, &c. We would suggest to our
lady readers who desire to get a Wiintatu
& WiLsoN Smixtt MAt ntNr. that the
"Lady's Friend" offers one of these ma
chines as a Premium for Clubs of' Thirty
names, ntni that it is not a moment toe soon
tocommenee making up their lists f o r next
year. A beautilid Steel Engraving will also
be sent gratis to every single (2.40) sub
seriber, and to every person sending the
usual club. Specimen numbers of the
magazine will be sent for twenty cents.
Price (with engraving) 52.40 a year;
Pour copies (with one engraving) fcB.oo.
One copy of Lady's Friend and one of Sat
'allay livening Post (and one engraving),
tloo. Address Deacon & Petersen, 319
IVelnut Street, Philadelphia.
Wheat per bubliel, $2, to
Rye, •S 1
Corn, ll 1 (10
BM:lWheat " so
Oats, ' 4 .: i • • 70
Cloven:mil 11 71K)
Fizzes. " 2 50
Dri'd apples " • • 2 MI
Potatoes, " 71
Flour per barrel, 14 00
Butter, 30
Eggs per dozen, • 211
Tallow per hound,. - r ..
Lard 14
Haute, if
Shouldere, ' 1 - 15
Ilay per ton, • ' ' 12 00
Irtitittn . ;
Ou tho 214 Inst., hit 0 Roy. William J.
Ever,Mr. Wm. It aolser, to M6O Anna
Elizabeth sotestoin, 1,11 or Catawba*, Col
umbia County,
D . .
In Illeoinmburg, on Friday, September
13th kit., William F. Cramer, after a lin
gering aged '2 years and I day.
It. IK1,41.1:1‘,
Onitv, 20 . floor, in :xduinyo . TPork, near
the "Lxvitsthire II t 431
plowed In him band's will ne. nrtrnAnd
and ram. L'ullerlina* inn.le With
the !Pawl 11001161 n dolay, I Sem . M 7,
lissol,llloN OF COPARTNER
Thn f rto of )4. A, Four! k Mitt any 4ts
sulveu /by mutual rr+usttrt $. A. rout* rotritta
U. 1 1, I'OCTZ ix busby toithotixed fasmolt. he bust
ttess in his own 1141110. S. A. POUT',
Amino, I 00,
evntintte Ds Orr DrIIOI,ESALE, DRUG
IN': Ft Pi t`i . Z . A it C. DICIN phf.., No.
I I Franklin greet, under th 3 1131111 , anti «r
URYtU G. rouTz,
minium°, Aneu.l 1, 14117.
Felt Writ ! Fett xrcii !! scunTro t
in from 10 to 14 boors.
Wo!bstort's ftirtme...l rums Itch.
Vibt.tton's Omtuttrit rams pat, R..rm
Wheattot'a Ointment runs
t IVA /R:trberes' Itch
Wheatotes Cirtment IIS (Mk 014 Forea.
Wheaton's inn , in.nt count Lvory kind
ar Humor like Mafia.
rrien, pa rent p n ;by total. bit rent,. A Ol l/r+ , ,.
WEKKI 4 At PO rrlia, NO 00 WitAlttrillil *10,4,
11,1,0141, .alit by 311 Wing iSta •
Viti7. -1 yr.
not? Ili A G Tr WA Ni TED
eoirit 00 , 1 . . for 3 N,•Vt'
Ci:oMri,r IN ()NE VOLUME.)
I , ll''fitO.APY v 1116,011. 11,0 rooel.l or ti, pool
ro-oot ,1 t4lll V. rt'loOtO tl. 11114 ittve,tlgetieti of ehoet
e s It* t*, hve of the 1101.4 tie Breit thlth
e,l Settolere 11..t° Inapt I'b repttee of rat tteneett
iluiaer r. ,eer+. et It toed rester , . it 10 , 1110 , !old work , 4 *
It. WOO to the Vitt. tett' Itateentte. nett tete Oliffh
em-kt 10 he In the 1113.1110 Or every Bible reejee le the
rwiilfiling ift4r Work. Avnto e9ti twi n pica , *
ant nod lor.oit ;,;etc employment. notnerona oh.
p-rtiott. unicti are , ouivially rornatitored in rwillog
eetdin.try works will not exist with /4c,,
lint. ohs thn col , rntY e o e.nit3V - ioent and friendly
aid will ati,tnd the %)rmit, mown( is labors tigrin,
01110. noefni, knit Inemive,
1.111!# ,• 0, re I red C let 01 Dien. Pehrml TeDelloro,
rrirniero, titteleete, onlf rill other+. Own ' , Dote.,
W9l: V, MT ttilfitl 4, l to ist In Can v =too ng every
nerd 1,11'11;1, to w ho a' thtl 11104
w ty, I~tG red.
For p»nteutare. tipptv to Of adatost
t..% It MAI 11110111131,A,
722 A;41 , 44 0 :1 1 04,41, t row)
1 ,4 14—E ay.,
( 1 EN EH E LECTI. t
A 51 A T I ON
Inftltrll. by the Imo' of thi.Coonunnwe.Attb it is
orlde ttpn duty et the , Sheriff of eve r y c o mity t o
give nowd of the G.oerul Eleeti,m4, by publie.t•
Itollll 4 , 1 Matt. 11 , -W spapPrit of oho toonty, ut
lea.t tw , toy , re tote elisetiou, trod to eou
moretr tib - r , qo Ib^ Whet'''. to he ri , e1 , 41 and it/ (1C.414.
olf“ tueltt:itew at winch lb • vblettub jo4 IA be held.
Tttetel. , ro. I SAMUEL SNYI4t. ILO sheriff of
to!..toOtto Count tr.rotly toAlot kootvo and
t Ltiot 1 ,, Ut, q 0,14.44 of Ctduroh Con nt y.
alit! Geo tut' lit,. toot Witt b,ht o , *
Lit:il ra 01V Of 1 /00111tAt. 1P , 117, timing
tio. , ctool Toe,doy Ut Pn , l mouth. / 41 144 1414,111
01`tr. I , wrttun the minty, to wtt
r toss ‘,..istp, at the 'pout Ootoso of Ch ti .totn
Stilosikao do Nau
iltOtt ht the pubfic !boom! of Julio J
ilwtov,“ of
T. za lb , 6'uu.l house, in Bloom"
fiery irk, tit thn Timn linnso, in the her.
twgh Uerwwk.
l'o,ronyth r 7, nitatitt, at lha public houlet or It. A
W. 1, 4, /1840.
the p4ifilic Pella° I PtriA 5v
%,1 , , 5,N at tip+ pat,liu roofs of Hoary
j 113! I+, in tioe t,,4
CHU, ithth, 4i the tte.nokil twits,. near hafay
trio t ...OA •
0,1 t) nOia towtaAtip, at tlvt halm of Gan lel
Al' Is 1,.
rtshinr , reek town.hip, nt the Nitrite hotsle for
k. yti.j Held:MOO Ilenry Ott 111,' , Stole fond.
F1 , 11.k tio tow 11:i)
60,,111.1 - 0.04 140110t11111 01 the 1001,te 01 .10.0141
Itut no.tup. lit the puh!h: house of John
Huffman to tiou luau of hoch iloro
j 4c ,..ds I,ll%N.ittp, at uo• of rdt • t.i• I Colo.
t,orupt tux nobs.. tit III.! 1111; lc 1.01.1. e .41 1.1
Yemert, 111 taht:rtottn.
filoilloos tuts &whop. ql the ptsioltr, 11,01,e 0 1 A wn' ,
lie, the tutt oil of altuthowsitu.
tiNii.liip• Al tU. lioldlo busip.• of Samuel
*ll titito•illtott it.
I. ri.littaltl futVeisitip, at tlif• public limise or 11,
t . Awihk.
Montour town thsp. at the hou‘a or Wm. 1191ti40 •
Mains km bebop. at the pue:te bowie . of &tout!!
Konfin:cree% tewwthm, al Ihtt boom" formerly oc.
/milted by
(ang, ton is.hip, at he p•ubile house of John
Sn)'der. is. (troupe% .
Pnu• ton o, bq.. at tiro eerily: school holm. Ibe n .'n•
place flied by 'Ale of tun cot rige.t. ••f , tosJ tottuthlp .
yytt4.l .1m r.. 11,11 Rollie Qr A.itirle
srul• ~NlN,hip, mt psrittac bowie of William
N.Mley, in
Al h 'eh I Ipso and p Ince Ihe poll:heft electu . s will
kr, by ballot the lona% hog mate, Juoietary au•l
otticera. elr
peg. n for Judpe of the Yopreme Cutrrt of
pennytvinta, one toter•all r.., mho, oi
1,114. 1,.• r•• a lux l.uuuty
OIW lo•r...11 for 1: Holy 1 , onoillip•10111:1. and ofto
perpoll lot Jury Cootairsomer. tool owe pecton fur
County I'4 ildstur.
It la (Holler diverted that the eleriion polla of tom
weerel diattirt• shall hr opeond b.ll%een the ..... ro
el eight end lan • 'dock in the WlOllOOll, and •hall
rotating° open Imbue' Inkfr7pllo4 or cold our
nbto •rw'4 u'lluel6 the cruau•y Nhvli Use pada
•h4ll b.. tlepiel. •
It I. foutlier *liveried that the interline Of the re•
tutu inag e e At the Enert Honer, in olowso4eire, to
wake old the R.norol gleri . b, h o w
na t tidal the Eleventh dty of 04.0b.r. next.
'nu, Newly Indere of the Etpre.rodaltve Marino
foll.l so , A of the fiillhll.o of 4 4114111abi4 so.!
. 31 0 144,4 a.
d bol meet lit the Cowl lloono itkosisomirit 055
7 dumbly. Om Fifteenth day or Una's , . nett, lo 411500
nut Vie tettli Ito Art itioWbet nr
That every person excepting iiirtleee of the _Peace
' A n n . h ail lil.l any attire or ippoill Motod of profit
or trust tinder the United rime.. nr of tete Store.
o ny ineraproasi d dititirt * bellies a routlllllo
•Itottro onieur Of uthprviri.e. a Itiliorilinale tinker o
Item nitre or !loll! be un g., t h e r. „, or
attire. f.11.•011111V0 Of judiciary clepartnimit of this
PIMP, or of any rill tor or ally incorporate:l illoicict.
and airy. that tarry an other o r ...ban,. an d of ri ru ,
elate 11.egiiibitiste, and of Ito. Pruett Of coioniOn cow,.
ea of any e nr ...Wrier { of any incorporated
Moffitt. oil by law int enable
at the none Slit, othre or armour uu tit ul Judge. lia•pec•
tufo of 111, rk faun) Oct I 101 l ol MID 1.011.1/111111 , PUll h.
and that 510 1 to•aa etot Joiolgoo tor other ()Meer of a Kb
rterbnn dealt be eligible to ho !ben toted for.
' 11 enall be trig Italy or Ibc oteleeroll A r..itrOr. te•
rprruvly to attend al ilia plate of !widow *very
aptetal ur Irwn.lull. firrltool If Sept oven
1 . 1 teelorPool Vann' Ittloofinollool to the
.r. ant i Julie• * lieu called on. in relation to li.. tight
1 ,1, 0 4 6 , 0 4 by tbein to vine at awe else
mod on aiii b ether onntl .irs in relation to IV
aosessitiont ol votere• to in..pectora or t tiller
of them i.ti;ill from I i Ille MI •
••Fn person aleall he permitted to vote at any elee
lino as aforesaid. than a whits citizen 01 the' aye n
twenty•on,• ur more. who •hall re•id , •,l iu this
st :raid moo year. and in the elcrtion oiatreet
*hale hr• offer* to cote IVll iltivo immediately preen
dins surh r triton and within two years pouf a
Slatt, (40 Cnuuly lux w hirli .11011 110.0 linen red
44 I I. kit I. is 11u) a brinr.• the clue I tint. Hot a 0101110.
nt OU who ham pr, viouply lowa
votor or I h,. Slide and rt.lltar.l. and w ho
shall have Tr 5i11...1 I. the rlrchnu ninirtet and paid
Intro as alnre.d ud, shot, be Chi tiled to vote alter ►e.
old In 4 in 11 t■Stait via month... Pt ovlded, Y•hat Or
w bon Irembnll, runtime of ihn Cm Aril States. bet wrest
er ic a y. at Iwmutv•nna end lWrilly two years who
the Mention district ion day. its afore.
.1.1 shall bn rniolvd to Cole althouab they shall
mil 110 Vi: 'laid 1140.
,t , ,.11 under my hand, at thy ogles, to tlloamaber~,
this /nth day of neptenobbr,
Sept. lei, tijoy.
tears or Jam. Ks RIM 'NOWNIP
bourn Ix hereby el yen 11141 letivr• in•tu mentarY en
OW cede ul Jacob Kerns, decocted. late or ri , lllllll
Cfrllk lownobtp, Columbia Omni), have been grllrit•
yd by 11w Next titer et %GM County to Ilfertbah Semi,
who recut*. In wild town•bib : bed ill pi repos hit
lag chime me/onel the relate are xtutlasted to Mufti
them to too executrix for lettiemeat, anti thole lienw•
Ina lbeiuselece to be indebted will tottlie payment,
ILLItPIII. Executrix.
Awfult 1867.
Jo 'wonby giount 141 oto, Wit ookrolinoi, Olson.
or 11000100
(.. Tooroo Coho*No. I.lnooly, from thlo
dnlo ^rIO. 144%110We! *Foy porker lir inmenno
WINO Ong on our hind.. 111 wMD ire Nowt In deft
will he floilt of , OP ortoudloo In kW.
Moibloo ppltrason, lir. J. 11. Hymns.
I.4The I 7 Nurnl, WUhiai %palnman,
lloli 11444100, Pyoroosor ruffed,
Clt. W. ( Richert, I .Ikeith
nil Ho tit b. I Woo. Wintorownn.
Ilvinlo.k, Moot, 10, 1407.-30%-pd.
Volt sun mow. BY
Monm.burg, July in,
N 1 11' (IOOI)S! NEW (loops I
The public boar in mind that
have constantly ms hnnJ
. 7 , 1
416111 S REIA.
All kinds of Rood Good. tit CAP for rush or mon•
try proauco.
11.10111 1 Irtel, 1 ily 111.
II EX CRS* Newly im pro ed
Acioliiwi.miu on to lig
Lonittm rrizoledul n9d boxintot rewards in Muir
Ira r , c+ivoll.
M,Pultios nird SCroll4 bond P 1 no,i , Moor,
April efi,
Now, as heavy fogs arise and searching
winds coirpituetwo to blow ; now, as the Itn
rnall.bodn oNiatnstel inanimate natuni
by the beat,i of summer, begins to wilt and
droop ; now, ere the indignant winter makes
its trying t : NOW is the time a
prepamtory course of the le4 ttedhulting
in eXi tatwe,
itiisTrmut's iwnrits
Fever and .lane is rampant in all parts of
the country. Quinine. the physicians nd
mit. will not quell the phase (lithe disease
vltivit at present pervades the entire IVest.
It is well that it is so, (hr the remedy (su
eall,d) i deadlier than the malady. lint if
quiltine intermittent fevers,
tit tvrartat's rrrrEus
is irre4istible. It.would be safe to make a
contract, under heavy penalties, that env
given "Peavcr.atl Ague District" should
Isar e ompted from the ilisorikr for any par
ticular time, provided every inhabitant
would 111,e the iirrrPttS according to ditee
tinns, during the term of the contract.
There bas never been au instance in which
this sterlittz itivigoratit and anti-febrile med.
icine has failed to ward off the complaint,
when taken fink' as a protection against
malaria. Ilundrock of physiehms have
abandoned all the otlieited specifics and now
prescribe this hat mle-s vegetable untie, and
nothing else, as a preventive and cure for
all the Lorne , of eliilis and fever. Vigor is
the thing most needful in these eases, as
well as in dyspepsia and nervous affections,
IllosTrrrries VITTITS
are the safest, sureq, the host wholesome
and strengtheeiltft weptrat ion that human
skill has yet concocted.
Sept. Is. tsii7. 4w.
Dr. WlNtor's Mason) Of Ditd
Where (his article is 'known it is a work
of sut , ererogation to sly one word in its fa
vor. so well is it established as an unfailing
dp ‘mwhs, Colds Bronchitis. Croup.
balfinz mh, A itlim diseases or the
a, disea, Coi
bffil Longs, as well as that
oto-t dreaded or all di Consumption,
which high aw4lieal authority has pr , 88.018-
0 d to la. a eatable d 8 8, , „ Those who hare
mt.) this remedy know its Value ; those
who have not. have hot to make a simile
trial to bb satisfied that of all others it is the
The twits" v. Jo.; oh gethiler,
well known and lunch re , peeted among the
t ;enroll) population of this country, writes
as follows :
Hanover, Pa., Feb. 14, 1859.
MeYsrs. S. W. Powle & Son, Roston.
tear Sirs Having realized in any
important benefits limo the uso of your
v:tittable pitiparation—Wistar's Balsam of
ild Cherry—it. affords me pleasure to re
commend it to the nubile Some eight years
aro, one of my daughters seemed to be in
a &Ohm, and little hopes of her recovery
were mite. mined. I then procured a bottle
of vont. excellent Balsam, and befitre she
had taken the whole of it there was a great
improvement in her health. 1 have, tu my
ett , e. made frequent use of ~ o ur
valuable medieine, and have been benedttell
by it. I would, however, caution the public
against imposition. became there is a good
deal of spurious Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry afloat throughout the country.
None genuineunlem signol "I. Batts" on
the wrapper. Prepared by Seth W. rowle
& Sun, Is Trcne Street, Boston, and fur
tale by Druggists generally.
It is well known that the benefits deriv
ed frion drinking of the rongress, SsrilloF,a
m i
id other celebrated Springs s principally
owing to the &Etre they contain.
Dr. D. Antlers' lodine Water
contains Wine io the SUMO pure state it is
found in these spring water, but over five
hundred per rent more in quanlily. contain
ing as it does I grains to each fluid ounce.
dissolved in pure water, without a polrent,
discovery long sought for, in this country
and Europe, and is the best remedy in the
world for &r o ndo, os a r e ra Salt Rheum,
fleets, and all Chronic dimedera. Circulars
free. d. P. Dinsmere t Proptietnr, 3f, Dey
Street, New York. Sold by All Druggists.
Sept. IS, ISll7 4 w.
LlBiztvlatblltlactilVm.cip mitt
Obi Tn it o 'AT u ET,
nw.ow m AR K
r. PDX, Ploppirtorof thle estebliehment, would
rePtiPrtrally lacono hia old and new real oilier., that
h•• has evetyllwia tilted op nt hia new !land to Ph
able Alin to furnish them with lIREAII, I .7AKEt3,
AND Ca tilt i4"l lON MOEN, a. heretofore,
Ile has made arrenapinente Ow the rale of
Bread, with V 6 m. Kraethas, who keeps a Conteetton•
„y store illtPetly *PIKIPi"
where pnrenns Jeri ring bread an be neruninmdated
St nll thine*.
r/^ iirrenher all person•. wbn have hens furnish
rd with Ale, 14V, Hem snit POW,, by the whole,
half, or quarter barrel, will all upon Wtt.,6lMl
GILSII JIM at his Saloon In
Phives' Block, Main Stria,
who has hero etithorise I by the iinderrlgnnd to .ill
the seine. Metallic/instantly hirer a rupply on hand,
which will he wild at the lownrt frigrolot rated.
Mr. F. har to tonnectom with Me iltikery and Con.
ertlonery , fitted up rooms for the rale of
, .
to all Who may favor him with their custom, Ile
I. ilea prepared to make lee Creneu In terve queeti
ties for parties, ptitale or militating& as thn
rare may he, Everything pertaining to his line et
humor** will treated entrful and dtlikelil.,ilitellti nß k
CT He id thenkfnl to his enrolment tor part la
von, and most cordially solicits s contlenanen of tea
souls. J. Y. Fox.
April a, 18117.
avirr (humor' no 101 milt, at Me oMco
arkOratie NOTICES.,*
FIPECIAI4 TREAT MINT In NIP come of 11001001,
flooool. V flow Anil IfervoulP *novomoo In WOO Or re•
A4rice Prop find sorroppumlinoo Illicitly can
longiol. [Jan.% 11107,—1y.
Pomples pool free. No eaplial reglred. tiolleo or
llentlomou can earn hum IPA* per Aar.—
Enclose otamp,ond othltooo
TMIPP k GU. , Xighth et, pew Tort.
Jon, 0, ING7.—Iy.
The, alh.ctiono of the awoke mill may an gained by
following eluipla 'oleo, and all may ma rry
if &aired, withwlt NUN to wealth, age ur bean ty
Mend directed envelope and stamp Ow particulars to
Madam 11.11011bLE OKIN ARM:.
Jan. V. IvOIL-Iy. nibin Honey, pins. Took.
If you aro mifforins from Ow Wires or Youthlai tn•
diaormion an 4 have Stillillfd Weaknomr. Emission*,
will read yon, frau or charge, illrOflllatiOn
which if followed will emit you without the aia o
medicine*. Addreas 11111 RY A WOWS,
JAlt. a, Station D. New York.
And Caterth, treated with the Minuet *tweet*. by
IR A ACrt, M. O. Mullet end /Intim (formerly oilier
den, liollOod,) Ni. 319 PINK OM Pt. Pll ILA D'A,—
Tentintoninle, from the most Potable nefiret'S in the
city nod CMlllify CMS he 'teen et hie flaky. The med.
kat (acuity are invited to necompsity their pidieloll.
Ug tin ice no secrets iti hi. penetiee ARTIFICIAL
EY Let. inserted without PAIL No chow for exam.
ittntion. April tl3, Nat —ly
11. W, CRI:ASY St Co.
A forge d pp. Circular, giving information of the
great"! isopotionto to the young of both sexes.
It tebehrs how the homely may become he willful.
the deninned tnapeeted. and the fornalten toyed.
No yeah* lady or peotlttnan tditatld fait to *OW
their, toldrest, and 'meatye a sop,' port paid, by to.
torn tuna. Adhere P Drawer, 21, 'N.D . , N. V.
Fab 17
The oxprionee or the pnnt tun yenta has ilnmnii
Int mini the rail that reliance may bo pinion in the et
thery or
Bell's Specific Pills,
for the meetly and permanent corn ofinrinhist weak•
nets. Emleriotlo, 111Sikie.11 And Mervin'. debility,tm•
potence, er want ot power, the result or neguel
tem,. o youthful Inthocretion.whieh negleeted mine
the kaphineen, nod Hornet pufPrer tar flusiortee.
iiintiety or Marriage, and often terminate,. in
HO untimely VOW. Make no delay in seeking th e
remedy. It to entirely wettable and harmless on
the 4y,t1!111, flirt be need without it, tertion or inter.
femme with business plinitilto,lllld no change of Cie,
in necermiry while using them. Price, One Dollar,
jli!l cannot 11 , 1, them or your &unto, semi the
money in 114. J. nryan, HO Broadway. New , York,
and they will be rent free from obtertiation by return•
of mail,
Private Owlet's to Contletnen rent net on appli
eahon. (Jon. 9, 1,417, 1y & co,
yots requi re a rehable remedy to ferrate yon And
re move frregidar Mos or r)brtractioa•. why not one
ihe heft t 'nutty yene foffieriehre has proved the
have no equal for }teaming Übnifuntiens and Irreg
ularities. ho matter from what cause they /AMC I
They are, safe and !UN in every case. Nit*, One
Donor. per hod.
is a remedy four degrees stronger than the aboso,
and intended for wrist , rases of long attending,
Pure. rive Dollars per hos.
A Woes' Nit ere remoter, with Engravings, sent
PTO' na applicninin,
if YUU cannot gei the rills of your ilrorgist, send
the money to Mr.!. Bryan. ela Proadway, New York,
Ind they wi ' li be Sent free from observation by return
or now. pen.
Madame IL F. Thornton, the great Englinh Antral.
rigiot, Coin roynnt and Poydiumetricnn, who tow
antoninhed the nrientille elannes of the Old World,
has now located her , elf at nude" N. Y. Nail une
Thornton p. 1444 9 ,404 molt wonderftli powers of 04C.
ond sight, en tuirnatile her to impart knowledge of
the no - alert importance to the mottle or married of
,idiot tea. While in 4 mate of trance, she deline
ate,. the CPO' fflilliffOl of the person you ore lo ono.
ry, and by the ail of an instrument of inteane pow•
,14114)4111 it. tie Foy chuniotrope, poorooloos to pro.
duce a lifelike picture of the Niece husband or wife
oh the applicent.torififf with date of tontine. Poi
sition its lire, leading If4lif of ChAttificf, &c Thin
in 140 bomber, an hounands ofteetimaoeiaisran cc.
moot rhe c 111 SCO4 whorl &Orid a restaffed rettifl•
Cole, Of Written yuarnotee. Vint the picture in what
it porpoitn to he, By enclioni; a small fork of hair,
and Outing place of birth, age, dinpunitioti And CO.
elltittojinf fifty cent,* And OWIIIOII Oficol.
ape addressed to
~t, ,, vlf yen will receive the pin--
tore and desired 'frothiest un by return mil. Alt
communications *mortify confidential. A ddress In
PI E. E.3IIOIiNI"AiN. I. if Poll
1404.444 N. V. l Eeb47 n.7—ly
The Preprieter hoeing' tennvate•d and ta fitted
Rti6TAURAN.T. in the hAsemeo,t of Ile
he would most toSporlfolly solicit a continuance of
wt. pull ttl.llo , 10 iuN of t irllSltilllerp, lllid carriinliy in
I, 111 , I lit , NitOnlie.n el 111:W lo pit terrew),efierna
s. i tk.
Stir LI OT SIP' ) S ' 441
',I i
zsileLD OVPTERS. ftlEttll VISII,
time times per week, HAM AND
FAM 4 . TRIM, BOLOGNA, limiter
Ai" t Iy. ter* can be served up to customers at 4
moments notice, in
STCW6D. AFTI). now), on HAW.
tomtit the tatitoo ot the viturimt.
JOHN F. ettl44olV.
tfloomptturg. Athrttot. ZA, !sea,
Conti morning. iSioire, which way with btu
bundim. wool
On my way 'mow, sir ; 1 have int rolls tor my
lid w. *ton to ON . );
Well *mire, it it is n kit queation, where 1114 yoli
0 , 1 cording door , on slum?
Volore's factory,
Where is Mid t ,
Near Orangeville. I tell ynti it Ws to art ratifies
done there. Vence enrols for 0 ea. per hi. if you
hike nod bring your wool. le has rebuilt hie rna•
ill 00 unit got frOWitirds on. Deoend on it no poor
rolls ye wage there, as he is tending his machine
himself this season, lie says, for en 40emilmodn.
tiOn for thove,who live at a dishowif if they leave
their wool at sillier or the 010,114 in ormotoeit in, the
paw will but atten.loil to. Abe*. their cloth for fel.
lints (•luring and dressing.
over •:s yea's, Owe Jane 1441 Vetere has been
steady at the Wl , lOOOll, with one rootlet price. No
ono sod downs in his priers. kith and poor all
Fartory OW Or tnitoville, in Mt. pleasant Town
t.hip,C, Imam County.
A orupt, 14, 1007.
110 W lit ESTOR ED.
.1_ . . ~
, • , Surr published, f h a " s nit ed mere+
~,ljid 3 lop. Price a tents. Matere on the
limn** lahrifor. 14,41 Mil sure of
k i
ateatanOrtantoona .0 moire emit,
itioriiiwt boor-low , inv.i nt id el „ 0 „ 1 i m ..
Otiltiftr i Tifillot I ttg4A l antViZi
Elto ; COI AI AO
~ Myeloid .Inommte, ty. - . „.
Robert , . Puliefwell. RC P.. author of the .
Rook,' Mc. , -".,..„-
The wort., rottniefint anthem. In Min lid MI rafillot4
tome. Money pt 0,0 31 3 . f0311 ill* own eipnrience, illmM
t h e a wful eeneedneneitio of Salto/them may be 'Mirk
artily neentred restbnet Medicine. and without' MM.
woornum matrical oplorattena, bnotwipm. inetroonteitti,
tiro, Or cordials, prolate, out a Med* of MI I
WOO OOPlOill 11011 elfetrotal,, *hien every , to .
.. mote ! what Me rtotte n nem he, Mal '
hlmsilf cheaply . priVatety nit + rielitaity, Twit
titre will prove a boon to thnetionotot and thoutomollo.
Sect midi, wok to any addrenikiiiip i ttet , 4
on tootollt of ail tont*, nor tiro
Alen Pr. Velverwelll Iderropl eel z i lk l , : itel w ai tt
.444,.., 0.441.0.1 44 , 4
in. .. , 5 z 44111111 !lowan}, neme w • .
..`i ?VI 131191re—IY Milli
Yin - NO MEN.
Dr. Harvey's Female Pill,
Dr. Harvey's Golden Pills,
A Ovalle/mut who euffUred Inv ream Dom Nrryoua
Nebillie, Propagate pats and 011 ibn ydnala of
ywill , nntlatul Indiscretion, W, fi OH read of Pulrorlnf
unworn,. mood frau In all wbo deed It. dud oreolun
and Medlin*, for walla* the shook wooody ky
% mos he "gig typal, 1111011.1111 W WWI% to malt by
Iha advetti•Pr's ompoOrneo, ono do do brh00...11,4
lu pee*, roalidesen, JOHN N. ONINNN id l'odar
Wrest, New Valli. May WI, 1017.
()verraiso AND rirrivn novo, reader
oddrodood oolooloPo mod s 1 rrolo,hud I will mood
?ad damn valaallle mho motion Nod will plods* rm.
Addroo• MANT MAINE, 031 alruadway, la. Y.
May IL Iliad—iy.
IP NTRNOTN. A /cello
Nam wbo ralfpruil furyear" haw "lortnue and
riential Debility, Nightly guilualullo, Sad ilerilual
Wpalisiear, tke resell of youlhfoil laillserailoa, aria
'alum 11041011(11114 hie day. is hypoderm Din.'/, Will,
far the oak, of oar, lux Dial, 'veil wary us« shot
ad, the Mull. mime toed by Ilia. which alliecled a
cure is a flow rirerkr after IM failure Of numerous
isoldecusfte. *qi a Mauled onvelorsallil Melo" sad
will ono you nothlua Mara's.
ifirOAS TIMM Alla. Itltlth fit. N.Y.
n AT; T t., ridir.N
Prodecorl ny use woe of Prof, ilmilinur moon
I,e 11111:VEI , X. Me applicatior animated in earl
the moot mislaid rid stubborn hair of calm wet
Intn vestry heavy essasive citric Ms.
heel% USPII by the faattionirbtan m P.ri. nad Landon
with the mast eratifyinr vaults, Igoe. no ittlary
the heir. Praise by mail, pealed sad partpalit
elfe.lllll/0 mailed Ore. AbildarreNClllUU,
/SHUT rti & (SM, I. hernirtc, trei 15,., It:. Tray.
,Nude Agent', far the united Plater.
Yob. TY, 107 —ly, . _
Pram 34r. C. Toseker, Winn 14413er at Ralialiury
hove been troubled Cur years witlo bad tumor
I.tatwarilly. and sometimes Inwardly,--
Pltririg the poet snowier it uterieeirted Wolf' more
then 1..m.1 outwardly. and I used Your Paive. Ali
noes of tt have since di itippOriff.l. wnbout ateetitiii
IltP inwardly,WOWS, 1811114,0 w Jradiaitioil au.
tote or the Nov,
$llll. W. FOWI.II, Ar, Itibutm rropriemrs
Rrdd by nil Ibrunivie, of iRi ate, s bon. Flout by nisi ,
Os :LS cis.
Thee niedirine, InVOnlivl by Dr .1,11.
of PhiOtaotthitt. is Intended to thatolire the *34 and
woke tt IMO ohs tun. the tint proem of dims**. at
showing the stone/wit 'th thhostetrt Mandrake
the T4ulit loon *gore* the auirtle, and *34
that could *it he eetoo tow* union It *W he eatdr
entrumptlea anent les cured by eaheriore Pei
monk Syrup uniera the ototeseh sod liver la Ins&
Lealthr sod the appetite motored, brim tho Tote*
and Pigs aro required in mart, ivory Dm of goo.
ihimptleo. A halt dozen bottioe of We dttA Witittt
TUNIC rid throe or tour btstoi of the U 4 N tuAlt a
PILL) *III ewe soy ordinary oars of dreptipoia.
Dr. Ova tens. makes yra'eationat visite is Now
York. 0 utou, and at lila o:incite Ditto in PhittodeD
we every crook. Soo dotty p.ottrt of soh p ace, of
paioylett on alicintrulniOn ter Ad days tut eitenot
rein* cheery* whan putehnelny, that the twenty*.
me et* er the fleeter, one nitro lu the but stun 44
end the ether so be now Is, to period
hearth, anion the nortrutnent ennnp.
br rin nruretete and (*Worn prim .1.110 par
both, or .T. nil the heit..esen. *SI letter.. for street
sh , ..ted he 64.1n0tee4 to Hr. lionet.un'e
Vika, Me. le north eth Street, PhilyhEnhie. 114..
neittritt WhoteenY A*ents s Penne Tierney is Ca,
pi, T. ; 0, nem", nntholore. *Et Jetta D.
Parke Claelenatt, Ohio; Welker is Torten, CU.
0.10. ILL; Ceiliai Woe, Itt Louie, Ste.
i r t.t w. en. Nay 1"
MADAME RRMINGTON. the world renowned
Astrologist and tioninambulistit Clairvoyant. while
in a clairvoyant Slate delineates the very features or
the person you are to marry, anti by the aid of an
initonnent of intense power, known an the Psycho
matron's, ginrantees to produce a perfect end life.
like philtre of the future husband or wife of the ap.
plicant, with date and manioc. oteimation. leadiet
traits and character, ore. This is no i mposition, as
testimonials without number can assert. Hy mating
mama of tiyth, ado. disposition, color of eyes and
hal; nd inideg arty cents aatt stamped trivet.
opt addressed to will receive picture
by return of mail, 'together with desired information
aP Address in co indent*, hIADAME GEUTREDE
REMISIOTON, Y. 0. Eta TA, West Troy. N. Y.
Feb, V. lebl—ly
To her country haw, after a sojourn of a few
months in the City. was hardly recognised by her
Mends, In place of a course, rustic gushed fare,
she bad a soil ruby complexion Of alment marble
smoothness, and Instead of twenty darer she really
appeared but eighteen. Upon inquiry as to the cause
of ro great a change, sire plainly told them that she
used the Circassian Rahn, and considered it an in.
valuable arloisition to any Lady's toilet, fly tin 1111*
any Ludy or Gentleman east improve their personal
uppeeranee an hundred fold. It in simple in its cam.
as Nature hntAltr is sample, yet onnupsu.
ed in its etlitney In drawing impurities ft , tm, also
bealtng.eleatining and beat flying the skin and eons.
plosion. fly 'tottered Palen on the entitle it draws
Isom it all tin impurities, kindly healing the name.
sod leaving the outface as Nature Wooled it should
be, clear, twit, smooth and bentitifol. Price SI, sent
by mail or express on reecipt of an order by W. L.
CLARK k CO., Chemists, No. 3 West Payette frt.,
Py tattoo. N. T. The only American ARtLits for tho
sale or the saute. Web li 1.67—1 y
;tr. ritirons f t Monmobort and
(armed that H. H. %Hamer has just opined n IHICI
to the t'uld Rebbrion 'tend," letety purehnued nett
II tted up by hlnt, It you neArt to purthase
tAwieriN, TNA.
twqmit, Moi,Asews
PI'IGGP, ate.,
MAIN and runty pt AN.
ilia Al t , eiNA us,
evii ry thwrint mn. ttnd a vent turiety uI other
artirlet, Notimo, •t., dwitatvr than it toy other re
kul rstahltrntutut In tine frectim4, call *iron
Dloontrburn, Angina 't*, WC,
ttaiini *Penrod the *Pt Picea or Mr. tt. Zoehe, one
of the MIA hinders to buntline in the Rate, WO ate
pttlostco to (tallith to
GOAL °MK itTrinet,
and ahem, with
al retry deaseltdion , en abort notice. bound IA an y
style desired. In the must substantial manner,= at
reasonable prices.
Magazines bound, and old books rebound, at Pew
York prices.
Order* left at the Mitre of the paper publishing
this 34vertiseetent, or sent by Exprepa, will he at
tended to and returned without unnecessary delay.
E. e. N. MLA.
Scranton, pa., June 18ti7.—tr.
The undersigned respectfully 'annex the eillaena
of Bloomyburg and Volumbia county, *het they korp
ell the different numbers ar stove coal and effected
lump coal for within' purposes, on iholr wharf, ail•
fuming deeKolvv, Noel On'• Furnace ; with a Said
pair Runnels' seal's on the whittle , weigh crk l.hay .and
straw. Likewise a horse and walnut, to dallier COSI
to thooe who desire it. As we nordista+ a largo
amount of tool, WE Intend to keep a superior article.
and *et* at the very lowest prime. Please cell. and
unmans for yourselves before ipurthaslngelee re
J. W.
Auuturrue DIMON.
Tiff 6 undersigned will take, lb exchange for Coal
and Oromtries. the fellowlng named articles
hear., gire,VorthAlists,Palletare, bard, Illem,ghtial•
der, old Ada meat, flutter, le4p, Hay, Ac. ' .et the
NOMA emit pate% it hie Ofeepry Poore, pdjmuial
e=rd. „ .3. W. lIENDEIteIIOT.
ris ifkiip,llls,—is.
W9l. fir.' eAsporni,
. . Mr:
liblisbed 1828.
?31 Mini? I?. one door below eih. traabetenten*
noun's. mrnirlivap. rtiEMICALS.
p AlleTe. UU i I. illAdlkVAßletettlitt. DWI"
And everytddleet write 1 NO the
beanie. ter,loW Jibe. St bee et the'
!Menet *OW tee.
*web 11,
SPECIAL PrOtleilla• •
ANS iiOUlllll IifUO Y.
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In %whit* varlets of goods be has several new
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PT Call and minis,.
JOHN K. filwrinv.
P. C. Co m., Main and Iron limos
Illoomaturg, April )0, Ido.
J. BROWER, (Or. Main it• Iron ors.)
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Freon ()merle' and Nikes. New niniertinent of
Glass and Qateasware.
Bs-vo. 1 liarterel In nne half and one fourth Rambo;
Now is the time to make your Telethon*, an I am
rattling goods at very low mires. and Our motto id
fair dealing to all, and not to be undersold iv; any.
J. J. tlItUrV
Ploomsburg, April
FRUIT, NUTS, &u., &U.
Wholesale anJ Retail Peden
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Exchange Plata, Elnnineburg, Pa
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J. 1.4. BATES .
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in lito OM Amman Building, [over MOW, gtore 4
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Atm Chairs and Windsor chairs, alt of wool he of.
feta in the public at reasonable brit ells
VP Cane Vented Chairs platted to order, Men ail
other hind of mutton,' dune upon reasonable terms.
Don't tail to give hint a tall and secure great bar.
Mooniaboni. Nov. 7, leOrn
rorrosire TUN erIIACOPAL elltinCllo
On Main Street, Bloomsburg.
The taharriber tahre Neonate in tanneanting
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an hand a large And 001, 000cOlUltlit 01
for TAMPS and gentlemen's wear. to suit all fancies.
Nis City work in of the hest quality, and fy in the
most reliable manufacturers; he twins a rattiest
workman and ft good judge of
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he la nal libel to he imposed upon bf receivin g
worthless material badly made up.
Those &airing anything in his line would do welt
to give him a call, before purchasing eleewbere. lie
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and et priers to milt purchaser*.
All pewee who desire light or heavy work trr,4o
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An oteinnt hooortinent of Ladles Eprinß e,b4 ties*.
'err Oboes on hand. A. SOLIiADAL
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A. A.
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Ir 7" Olniblag meal to soder at the ehattlet satin
Call sea is. before purchasing alsawheta. sod
October 10, 11160, J. N. C 1
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