Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, September 11, 1867, Image 4

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Farmers begin to fatten swine too late--
Some do not commence till the tirst of an
tuum, and others even biter; the conse
quenca is the animal warmly gets under
way, when the time comes finr slaughtering
him. Our best managers make it a rule to
keep the animal growing without intermis
slot from t h e first period of its existitimit
until ready for the pork tub. If kept over
winter, they are fed and kept eouillirtalibi
throughout, and the regular fattening pro
et..s is conime(MMl early in the spring. A
bushel of corn given thus early in the season
to a vigorous growing animal, is worth much
MOM than the same amount fed in autumn,
and far more than if' fed in cold weather or
in winter. One reason that sumo firma
find it unprofitable to fatten pork, is that a
large part of the process has to be perform--
4A %then the weather has become so cold
that much of the feed is re q uired merely Mr
sustaining animal warmth.
The hest we know of has in
one instance grown a pig eight months old
as to weigh about four hundred pounds ;
anil, in another four hundred and lift ) .
pounds in ten months, Ile has the corn
ground to meal, and prepares it by pouring
into a covered tub four pails of le iliimg water
to each heaping pail of dry meal. ACter
:standing a day or more it will 11 , et'
ly a solid maw, a n ti eoh , is ese.'l!-nt 1" ,,, h •
The anined4 are kept perftetiy eiean, .lry
and comfort:dile, {not in a close Mq)111' iu
a small yard,) are Rid with great regularity
and never .mito so Mitch as they will eat.
surfeit Beim: carolull; avoided, lie final ,
that pork thus menet:a-tared elist him nnty ,
five cents a peunl when Corn is a dollar a
Farmers. who have not beran to fatten
their swine regularly, aq they Atould hay
done months ago, should cor n now
diately. By attending to the rrtivulars
ju,,t mentioned they will hint the
fa Inure profitable than the t , o I . .,• l tten!
practice of feeding in tin car,
,t„„iviat: the
food irregularly both as to time and quantity,
and payite. , no attention to eleaulinv., and
eomfhrt. The kiiltul farmer whose prac
tice we have already finds that
the mixture of meal and hot water made"
twice as much pork as corn fed on the cob,
according to careful weighing and lima usin .
Ilorses al fairs-Dot les of Judgcs
In a late nunlber of the Citnti4l4l 1':ino4):
there waQ a ihno l .,y vita jalici)ai article
NVill'ann Hardy', on th . .! dnty d= tiulria~t s.»
t..4M -; 4 evemin,,tim, at
tially with r 4 roronoo oottipotitr , t-tit , l 1, o
tiro L1.4-44:4: • t ,:lit ilim,y •
n.a.h ia, 7 oa. 4140t0 i,i t'
i 4 1 ,0444•4-4 •toot. 10: 'l ,, I
by the ineory.; r 1! -4
elict , ett pit , 44 upon the L:4 , 4-1144 4,1 4 ~ 41:! 4 t4 :::•
anitirti Etir•. t 44 t.hi• 4.4 mt. .4,, 4
vr . : hare wiqlr.twn c. - v::
woull tothwrwi,vlhavo
T o o hvi a t, all k 110. :t,
as possible. it is pr,p - I to
have the etot
petting horses bromht upon the grom. , l
completely covered, wilt o 'him,: to tnt teattt ;
breed or ownership. tie• en
known and competent hors men, front
to live in number. Supply each with a
note-book, and let them i‘roc-e.--1 tt,
examine the limbs of the, animals. V -'n
with the nigh fore-leg and exatnine th ho
carefully ; if perfect note it so, if mho,
state the defect, and proe-el thus entirely
around the horse with an examinati,tt of
each hoof and limb. When eaelt mend.- r
has thus made a separate examination let
them come together and 0:.4e; are n
when, it they are e V.4/1. 1 , 214 t, jnl ;i . s ., there
will most likely be a el appioximath...-
if not entire unanimity, in their e‘titnatt..
of the condition and character “i• the
examined. If the report is utiftvorabk I t
the animal , . be removed without dein:. un
covered. But if the reverse take off the ,
h oo d an d proceed as before with au exam
ination of the head, eyes and neck-,
done, compare notes again. If these agrae
and are favorable, the presumption is fair
that the animal is a good one and deserv
ing a premium or certificate of' character as
the ease may be. The animal may then be
entirely undressed, and thus viewed and ex
amined as before. It would be rather sur
prising should not this closing inquest equal
in unanimity of opinionat
arrived with
reference to the several parts.
This is rather an elaborate process, but it
seems eminently judicious, and more likely
to render justice to competing stock than the
careless and superficial examinations which
too often mark the proceedings of judges at
Surface /Minn('lng
Ido believe in it. I cherish tho belief
that surface manuring is the way to ma
nure. Evero farmer aims to enrich his soil.
Let me tell him in a few plain words how to
do it, and then, Idler reading this plan, let
him think over his past experience in farm
ing and see if it does not corroborate what is
said here.
Apply manure chiefly to your tillage lands
while in grass. By so doing you produce
a strong, stiff sward, filled with grass roots:
—if these roots are of clover so much the
bettor. If you succeed in growing a crop of
grass on poor soil you have the wealth 0
grass roots decaying for the food of' growing
crops. Ileceed before the land gets exhaus
ted, and do it bountifully. If you skimp
and starve elsewhere, don't do it when seed
ing to grass.
Aim to have a sward as nearly as pa s iblc.
To accomplish this you should seed liber
When the Sward is formed you have
another crop of' manure to plow under. In
seeding lands it is butter nut to be confined
to one kind ages& In this manner lands
may be managed fur centuries without any
material deterioration whatever.
As further argument in !aver of' surface
manuring I mention that it is nature's way.
The soil is on top of the earth, and irriga
tion deposits its fertilizing elements on the
surface. :Manure applied to the surface is
acted upon by the light, beat and rain—its
elements are much more slowly developed
in the earth than on the man. Every
should invostigata the subject for himself
and fur his own conclusions.— Western Rural
$1 wet eniialog. sit Laislik Btret t.
109.010 141 - 1 0 ,0 0 8 arOluotoighurg and vicinity Ova
he lithi 01sall011 a Nuw
It IN TAlt ANT. ?
in this Ow, whore he invifr* oin Wends and
rngtonorA Metal owl yudake of hia 1 0 0U 011100011 •' ' '
It in hi, inieehen to.aup the beet
runetnmly on hand ; Al. m Puttee, *weeper
"al Nlu.
WWl'. EnticY betenteelase, Hew*lerre mei Lew
Oy rep. , eon ti *nye Ito **Jut it.. neetaut ant.
le the vainly. line he peewits *
Of ziAnz
tot tiorpno.ol is tilts Duct, VIZ. Pickled ()retort
u of
ttus, 1.10111,•14 turbtrued rhirken . Plylt lei
'Ergo. and Ike( Tongue, ete., Ate. Hu 1114 , 0114 i 4 gm)*
article ni
Di!pirgrrtul Tadtent
rot r o otiot , r+, • :% him C4l/.
Illowsotturo, Juno 13, 1,4 i.
6 "'Al' 11.1. AI NS
I:cdnelims Its Privem,
The II otth r,irnrd e iil Ore( 1" Ow I.llite
C 4 it TIfA If AIAS
in all Ytnil~ , h
r 4,0
Per 1:04)0: 4 .
tu, crs,qv ‘nr,
II %now um
float% and snoc:i, II a is, far ,
3f1 , 1 N++11 ,, !1% i'Vvry
thit t( Gl,O. 01 Ire ,on
0n.0.1 au n
C SUS% 1,44x1.
:11 - 1 per,«•ns ll'i#1014! far ptirt !yr ,, thot.lus ole
low t.ui do eat to w tt, y trt - t . tart . oar
Current IkViaoic:Aate
All I.trolth. , snvt sr3in lAkva ip ~ ‘ ,14111„
••• • 1 % , cm ,11 . 4 1 1 Y ItlY ile th, pithli , Ike
6 VE lib' A CALL
awl a ohary of their I , atroa
'cr 1. 4 t , 1!
January 1,
f r u,:
,„,„.. the pablie that I:wy
ha.rt t,ir
OW 19 OP , Tiltirw 4A6 , 4111:PIII tft
111.1 4r , Dow pt , p 11,4 to sn.N , ly o,.rt
11,40, ittl,l 1.4 r.t .
s•WHl,tit r of
White Pine rflush. 0ar(1.4.
Flooring, Surdltee lioard*,
Nidis4sHemlock . r.';:tilL,
hr 1 0.. , 4 1 or 0tq0.0,0, to t not porrlet.4 , ttt
Jott, ,0015,;,.51§ , ,,,, of all ri.tors.r. Hilt
ot+l 11.m. , ! , ef Yard 14 sitpate.fot the 11.11-rol n Peoot,
Voty convr niehtly for tittippih:looher Ity I ht. 4,:tr.t0.,
1;1 , y or , rot,t , mtly lottooftwtottog lolidwr of ztV.
kt ,14 . , att o r - t , . ow who d4 , sire tolober ev,ry
rtott•tt sit I s tt,:i to eXallittit! -to,
port tt:ot tt here. They are 04 lerip t ;o'd
I , ..‘ritlt 1,1 to .0 tilo
li,, y ot! J. , ' tir, toiillotlu HO , p;10; I; Itll.l v.iwriatiy
t. 5 ;rl - j;:qo; i 1 1 1-1 • ; lit
one toritarkol 1;1 flit ll;;;;; , r of a4m,fri
'IOI7O ;w 1,111 . .4 T'O'•;; t,,toiy, to
hutij or CoOlfortolti 1141 b0i10104.141.1 o o,:rtey. by
co: 5545 i ail.
o a,tr, t,.. 115,5 I Ifry
to ;to Or. Oil; 11,111 . I;
-;;; I**-1 ht , ;4;101 .;;;, ;. o
OlOot o;;;;; , y;
43 1,:%11t?t) ➢ :
, . 1..
I #. I I ; •—ts :
%., •
Pi i• • .P 314 , :'!V r. 1..
r•n,J ff . to •• , y
.011' ironer 1 , •r- "••••••
lilt Of :01 r ,.. , 113i,t lf•r, •• •• • of
14 , 111 . tic ^ r.1 , 11E.•411,'" t V.',14,04 It , ' a •••ifTl
- 4tE I,•dirlyrr th , ~P 10 : '`. 0" "•1
Cot , 41 0,, .1,11•
Jjl,, stud 111 , 11114 ~r
too. 11( 10 it 11111; tun}'
,•, , Ofrals,y. provably, ford r.vir,rtly.
Tr$1••• '•V•trY
• ••14 lit ttts = 1:1114.
1 1, 01. 11104 r 0,,111 tn0..10
do te , 111.11 Alrir 4111,.. to or
:WAS tit" 1 1 0 , 11.01'r . ..*
I'll NS 1,
1 not , ry. {' , 4o.4.o:liCit S,
GotqlS! NE , ,V c,t)(WS r
E. W. noW.M.V.V;-1
tl a r t)
TUT. motor, ianrd hair jnet rrt, .vo I a t -ry
111111 r:kia 4,,,{(111.4.111 ,( 1' ALL AND tV I 111,11
CODIIrt, tt bid* 1, proilvero v to silt At vvty low tier,
Ile 11 , 1 t, thu 11 , 4 1.1.11111 , $
F. ti
CII rcKs, dcu, il/4
Grocery s)a melt t
~441iiy of ;inn
nrcivini oils, sorb nn euuar , nod:hws, Muir, snit, !lA,
ham, linunn, entre e , &e.
ti 7 raautry token in ex , inintin r.r
far vv-1 , 1 , 1‘ dte tvntinnt Wire WM be given,
( ) Mil Puti totag iVe him a call and Pi:Ville ;trout
. .
Orangev 1-1.6,-306
No. 14 Lond St, New York.
CY - Fuill aconaa;lau, !1./11..3000r,
alga. a !Soak ma ihstfiCe , 1a a e.vl yd tarot. p t
'mitt few.,
Kr- no sure mad !Atm. and yea will Net regret
it : We, 11.1 eJressieli.2 phyriciaua 1111: pencruly
. althorn ttft mares na arranger about.' be
hutted. Varl.ase a 'damp for reader ; and is
I, o llbitial:f, MI 14 BONO trrildblo, NCIV
V (AK. Mar. 14. lelia—ly.ll. al. P.
April Rth, 1867
and North Woo for l'hilailetrhia. Now Vrk. Rand.
tot. rot toy We. l'ohia.tha holvtoott.
town. Known, Ephrata. I.lllz. Laucaator, Colombia,
fir.. &C.
T/:1i11A leave Ilarrlahurg for New York. no follutoo;
AI /104/, a $o and to 3.) A NI and 4 10 and II rid PM CAMten
th( with 01ifilAir on the Penimylvaisu
road dud :irrivina at N ew York at 500 and 10 10 1111
and 4 40. 5%V 11114 111 P Pilerillll4 CUPS aer 00000
'ine thu 3110 •at mid UW r M. Trains Ruling%
riml l l ll .
Limed 1 / a utoharp for Rending. pottorille. Tama•
atm. Mintroollla, rh'llllll. Pion 1 1 / 1 101/P,
Mid Philadelphia. ut V 10 A m and V 10 and 4 10 p la,
mopping ut 1.01:1 and princtpul %Nay otatioa d ;
Gm 4 10 p m et/Duet:Oohs for Philadelphia and
Colombia holy. Yot Pottoville. Nuhuylkill 113 Van
and AIIII,IIII. via Schuylkill and Saoquelianna hall
11.hvlro liairriShliiN al 3 1 r 11.
Rewriting : Leave New York at 9 041 A NI. M rind
31111•1411 a 00 r m; Philadelphia as l 15 a N idol 3 311 r m
Way Puovivionel rata leaver 30 A
N. to 9 ritl94 front !grating" 811130 rAt rtrpplrog al nil
Plutlono ; Pothielile at 43 A it, and 11 15 PM ; Aah
land b us) and II 30 • rt. and 1 oa P. A.; Tao/aqua iit,11nd100andIt35r.N.
Leave Pottsville for Ilarri•hurit Via Schuylkill and
Railroad 111 7 110 A At.
Ilvndidß AeConimodullon Train : Logien, Rending
NS AM A NI tPiurlllllllfrom Millarlid_phia at 5 UV r M.
Columbia Railroad TIAIIMI HASItI1111( Al 7 (NI A Al
and II 15 P M tut EISAVASA.I.IIIZ,
1.Al•loW11 Aret.44lMlAll..ll Train : Leaven haw
lOWA at U 3a A. fl., returning ',Davao Philadelphia at
11 r. it.
o,len•hla Rnll KOllli Trains leave Reading at 7 00
A. M., 1111.1 ( I 13 P. AL far Ephrata. 1.1111, Lam:aver.
Chlambic /kc.
IHt elutelays : Leave New Yorke' P 011 P M,
delidnit P tkl A M, and 3 15 P N. the P CM A al, trail)
lutlOsog only to 14mdn,p ; PollsMille MINA M. ; liar.
urban' ii :i. A Pt, end +(earwig ni IMI and 7 4 4d A 114,
rev Harrisburg and II d 4 A M, lur New York and d 4S
r NI. for Mil radelphia.
Von.nuilation, 1411.., dr , Peignit Ochnol and Earn,.
Clan 'rickets, to and If Um all potato at reduced Wee,
Manage checked thr sigh; PO puunde allowed each
Plummier. 0. A. 241C01.1.g,
Ueneral duperlnuendM4l.
Pianos for ti69l 0 tzr
420 Broome 81., N. Y.
weinow iiipthrintontion ar khn publie and lh ,
troth , tO o/olllot how SCOIO Pflibush fn ftw 1.011,,w•
inr4lflat • •
sTvi,k;A, import, rum* taros irtomli owit to,
pialn t 4 0 ,4 oishor tirtitiliin Or ruirrad Ng*,
poroight "Nom, band innol,lnni on, ~100
s'riet H. 7 ottove, .aloo tokas vlo A Wflb (ler.
nrottne wwiltlfronnot ninn.rntva4 logs Mod awl
wry IA 17. 7 c‘ruivo, ['root 44111q11 IntOr 10011.1
pOlllOOllllO 11011.0111; 111441441111/4 *4,*HO 144 41 1 11 4ttta
it , Num , lyre an. th.v.k. Muer 0111 , 011
wry bc It, 71wtavo, Ml:ut 14rv+ tomtit our 1044,
tiled 13111. 414111 1411111 4 441 itll 01114 0014,
Opr /00111 00 11441.4141. CI4IIOII Iran 4414 4411111 . 4 . 1 4
41a4 V4l V I '4 trail 614,
abort' to viro ow nil 4ntAnn.l lo plotion own.
ninon vinin4 and 714 , 1'4 , 1110 1011 trance, 1 4 14..”
10111.0. burp 1[0110I; 601'011.4 flll l , it'Ot
601114 and.*reed in 114 11 4 1 10* PO4", to 011 t 011 140
; vivo Vow., now wonnl4 , tn 04.4 'Ol4'V ul.,
14111.11' 01 tilt' bl l 4l MAO 14 14 . 0114 1.4 1141 it, 44 44.1.1 Ili v.
intro), and how. 4 1 4144.4 411 01111 , 4«.4
It, 110. 011001100 01 the ptibliP. ut 414,41 - 1 11011
0 r 1 II 14 - 41 1 1 % 41.1 OH 41' Inv
rit 4 Id not PlOllO4
Ilt , tvottliog it, #0,41 cAlolito, ullt 01:40
0.14 iatpxrMa IC.II , el omit , 14 the
We ale *11,04,1 I“ .11 , 1 0..40
Si. bit It I 0101. 1111,1, tilttl ,II Ito t
el»ntnto 130.1 , 4 Its leo. puttii , s , i 441! rt - eW bete.
m. 11.11140 tlettf tt ItSr. t,ttt Iti ftitou lllttSttyf
Itielt let I { l llo 4 lo 4 Mcantit 1,0
xtv It, me t .tt tly dt=sl It Slit by Ii
It .% 11,
1 , 14'1014 ail •11 tbrott aim% r, ethho,h , Mt the
davit,-`4, tit if lit , ll , lt ill • 4.r.e.
u 11• I=y nuttt 111441141 M il//1 - 14 'till till to 1.4 41114
V,'.• o°l,l 01110' 011 , 1111011 14 hoijr
t,1 , 1,, 00 , 1 PIIIINIOI' 1 1 , 00 11`,11 . 10'1',, 10 001
1110 Idl hiltda.4 1 0'11111th G' , no 3
1/1 .11$ ka ,14.011$ 4 WI 111, 1 /01 0, 01 , 1 f
11 (014
it, 1.-11, 44' wir li r, rt 14, 11'01 ”11 le:11
th 1 141,,111010, t 11 , 11 - e. 1 11 , 1%1111.011 it" WI io.ty
Cll.thle.l 1110110 }:ItN 110% 01 1 .1114 001
1 1 0 .11 10010 of put 1s 11 111 the eel. 1111
1,1 1 1 1' ,1 ,1 , 1 1111th y 3 01 . Irl*ll. .011011 01.111a111 o 1 001,0
t. rid 11111,1,11 :0,1 11,11. •;1
11111 1,1 10 .4001,00 tr,j01.1,. "A I
Wir 9c. I,lrniAlwri u@ tho 11,00 WI
(~tatty ttr4.',1.1 ft
.41 , t; to. jo o 10000 ti{.l.l o 101 1.0,01 .01101,t , ° l O ,ql.•
\.+.E :toy the new elmlay 5411.4 Ao
V. GOLD IE,Ii 14: (rid NE.'
nv E +II,N A, A»t1.. , 0f Eznetod t,uh, ."10 , 1as
'6 , 01.4 Ormatal lien Hook. PsAtto
ti',. i t 1 ; a wpm II H v,py, 1 ,, any
•. 11 f••••• 10 4,r ;,,..Atiy C tat, Thy pilt:o oh
rtiv. 11,, f-•,i4.
L 0 1 ,4
hurtle In 41 11
i 41.1 tkiw4 11.,1.1,d lq 1111 6.W111151
11.114 , , 10th. 11...111 , 4:q41,111. of V 14110., Org;111,
;I.i Tel rO ale. ct ylll t Hsri.n hu.
4 Viiil4l 01 , 04 tiL Vt . it 1P.411.. of t l / 4 1, P. Kish. :!tf.fl.l
frt Aff AVI. 11111 Itll4, Itlll p3Mrlll3v, , ,41,1
;Mg .104, A pp4tmtune fur f 1100. foot A.. 1.40,
11') 11101 INN k rEttl.:l l / 4 4, t3an.-rtt xi tla 1119
for tin rffit.A Srn.on r‘tr,t4, N. V.
•"Aa m tty rttf 40,4 tho, v. , ' 0 a A 9
Iltatte, the It; fief, ft, ott;tl.
(1.1114 :1 . -. tomtit , up, ittla o.up ttt wow 46.13
ff ,
111 Notittif) trt• a tit 1.141 t tint by vx
lrrvda ,101" *11,4•r
Itli(,it:~'d, '133,3,t7
E N AGENl's' THC 1'N.111:1) , 4 r.vrcs,
No, 4 Zit : , !r . et„ N. Y
A VI ati:TEW,
Sill : TB, )1 . ();!::!!
1V:1 , 11 !'y Iftc 1.1.40 or PH ..1 4 )1SVILLWS .i X II:
, Ar . q p,r main 10 1 Y•lo.4 ir
Jrinr:;rq - ibl~ Hindi F 7 rn• - Illy 40,41 ult.!
G , i/.ra! :10 , 00:4 litoi
of 114 roL,r lisqs ,, tdory. or utly of t:t,
n, ur , a ,f r, ±; tn,
e.., VAL; 2il tr,11,11 - 14,
01 r , lo' , * , 4110 , ri• ,
,nt outs
4, ,, kr. 111 , 11t01 . 4 of a , 4,1 , 011'1
I. It 4 k I'o
; 4 : . e ty.o.
Wu, "Olark
P• t Mid 1e11 1 4111 1 ,1 ti ,l ll , l l s, 1 ,- 1s wil n .ll,lll
ift. 1,1 1 6.1 f, A.:, ;1,,
•.,• 11 1 , pUtti , .:l. t 4 1,1, 111
pr .1. thr!
Z of n ,, 11t,1111 ,-- 11, Gweit. rtl'l.l,l
. 1 1 , 1 , I i 4 11 1. .1110 101.4 .111 4111i - 110 11 A W
t ' 1%;:.• ; •
• • ! :••• • .., phi=al. , tritttl t
,„ •,
, , ,•,••1:Or
•1.1 !a.m./it r L:1 v. 03
f I.ox, IN I. • , z'itt
ility tufAe 4 st li, 4 krvuly arttaled , 41i1,1
r,/ ••
;.. , 1111*I'S r1;0311,1,:
/1 1 V 1 11 • :.'1., Tr. ) . N. V. -
C .1 SP E A
1.,..1 4 1ffi1, 11,1
I { i it"ith tOttrty t ratl.t:ot iwirt
litt,t , OR. IMO,
OW 4 11 , I , `ry 1 , 11 . 1.i11 , 1 111111.1.
CT: :114 ) 1 4 ,31 COMA,
rtirltnt, , t eittwr :4 , 71 to,) Wary ,r,041
IA or itvlivy
Eu this atilt+ , Ltlairs and CrOtWtttell c3ll
t h, th , 014,01,1 told, It 10 1!•,c. 4 , ldy
Aitici, io VI! v 1 ,41,11,11,11 ertlt to ri 0•1011g13 !wit", :Ma
Vit.,. it a 4..atita , ,,1
t r t.,t. rant ,
:mt itsti tgfit if, and ; i= 1,11.1Wy
“/' , l ;the I. the i00,.t c o m ple , te
1.1 , oi 1,1,1 ever A.te-Ittati
't'i,, c,14 2 , r 1%4ml 1., alit raider.:.
F,11 , 4 . 41,1 j• .01,40 f or SI. 0,,1 ,, ,1+, W.
tic tty, tt,,116t,1 %0. :3 %V.,* raver'', St.,
Syractib . v. Y. -ly
Lac ka masa I,lluoiusidirg It a ill uad
rvii AND Arrut JAMIAav rt.. INC. PAX
l_d tit:NW:it TIC Al NS %V ILI. NEN Ad 1431.1.01 Var
I. I: AV k: ISO
A 311 AM P M.
Leave tkinktoit, a :of 7.11) 4.10
o Kona-ion, 11.53 k `AI 11.00
• Slowed - 9,gtl n. 17
Isairmlir, nirl H:µl
Alf at Northumberland /0•311 10.33
Limed Northumberland, I'm Aan
• / 0 :11.volle, .1•11/ Gm
" gums t. g. 15 r M 13 33
.. k10g.0.11, 11131 i :'.lO is n 3
Arrive at tirrlintost. lir* 4 WO 10 13
Trains leaving li 'pardon at b.31.1.t: Al for flerasihm
coattail wills Train lonian, at New York sit 3,lar,—
Pmsatigera taking Train Mouth from der:talon at 3.3 d
A m via 3, Ilarri,lutra Id ati I' m.
Ilsittintore 3 311 P Al.. Wurhington IU tia P Al via Ru
pert mien I•silaJelphin at 1 OUP At.
11. A. ronu. Pupt.
IC 1 issatAn. Jan. 30 !AC.
revalrhei the use of an external application.
me new erimprostid, prepared i. n practical
Ch. weal. bales a full kno,s ledge of nil the medical
virtues of verb Ingredient that enter/ do Ito I ONII,O.
emelt, le wartutstrld to eteerol anj thing of tho knee
ever yet soldered to the politic as an external 'pint
ration fur the di,outres for whirl, it In recommended.
We ate satisfied that it will work Its own road tato
the CelitWeeee of all who use it, and Moo., yvtin t r y
It otter will never be o iiheiat it, and therefore we
rely oil O.NlOdielift. tie the ilVd test of Its usefulness.
It se oreaouerea by
Al• 13:2
end all who have tried it, to he the best oPPlltotbot
ever used. This Elailireentiots has been pin up tor
OVPI. #.lOll year e, rod It homily through the rorreasii , g
demand and urgent request of my friends and the
public that I send it forth as the grand remedial
agent for the various disen•ce to which that made
and useful mound, the borne is subject,
Many remedies have been offerod to the public
under different forms. coma of these tire imurnitis,
others al best of Mlle OOP, and many o holly
proper to 011ifiVtr the plifillOOOS for Widtdi.ditY are
ref Oillibrltlied.
A judicious and really °solol composition, tree
tram those „modiool., has heretofore long been de•
ailed by many gentlemen whir have
and'are unwilling to trust them to the care of ditAiltil•
log and meteoric.' Furriers. Their wishes are at
length folly gratided. try (lir. lieale) being prevailed
upon to anon ibis valuable k:iithromition (which hoe
proved su edit: .cloris to the various dhataserli to Lu
prepared sea brought (mato the public
Tint. Embrocation was ettenrlvely used by the
Government during the war.
Address all order to OR. EDMOND IIEA I.E.
(lull Onuth Second lit. itiluacipina, Yu.
March JO, 417.—thno,
I WILL 00 10
TO BUY NT 1000118.
Low AT A RD,
o) . 4*.itiopoOti lily infortna Ida ritiv*
rp UU141144 girl) y, that they Kelp
all ttta ilitlfullillMothut• or own cunt no I uelortud
lump noel rut plUlllblulpionmago. lIIMr ml
imulm4 likKostv, Nov 40 , 4 VittioquP; w# l ll a # 410 4
Pd# l INNOIII 10000 Oh I Whuitio wriph roul,liuy awl
stroW Ouvrillll 4 hotteft• owl rnY ,u4 1„ dottvnr coot
tit Ilmun who elnrtre lt, As urst putchn.m a lung e
ntaoant or (0 , 41, Vio tu Intim PlVen Of ti WO,
s o4l anllat fw vary 1.1*P41 ptitr o, Plea Mid
e%4 1 411 1 . tut ydut,naran Ur Imo pit 0104 , 11+1. , t
), W. II FiN 1/Clortili r.
AlltiVol'l'Llei MASON.
Jr ftll ofiffevoloonft ivilllitho, iu osohntttio for root
owl litooot too, the following ottottol
Vk hoot. it vo,l'otti.#4ll4, Polut , wo. hail'.t m. Shoo,
ofrr, nod of.lo off , of, Outlet. Er ' I 111 ,,
higfrort v. 0.11 ',ch...., at trill 1300 Moro. mlimololf
;help foosi J. W, 1114 N fill,mtijry.
Ifloomol.if to , April 10660- ly.
twoomsoutui co,
„um fil.% PA.
' t l 4 ll* ;ll ' . ' ' '4 llVo i t Ilk 0,1
t ill. lit , I FM*
io I I o ckt ill I, rill 0 /Wirt a
Ail Kinds of 31301104
1 . 1014 110%, ilitiat V., Ow 0, 1011.0 , 11 . I.# , Mit ,*o
pltl.l,w,'l'fiitl;till 13 ‘1%4 14 t
It ,- le dr,
an rurm, 11 . 112% it 0F41,4, irvt ft HI:04.11IV 0144, 111
iii +t I Ifl !, 0.0101411,,
111.. vl.l 11A11 14 , 0141 , 0 WO 11141i1Ve4t WrAlf AO, If
" 4v0.140 , 1
A - A 04401,tu A-. Ali,
to!toottot 00l otli kinds t‘lll Ittloo It tot t stsoltottowo loot
totoootto 000
Ht is 14 0 tnr aP no . 134 Inr"
na i 4.4f
PC I'l% ni LI, vl.ll
itt 0. It'. Pq''
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4. Li) li V 1
illod , .llC (7slll# h
(,'wiitlm; 1;11q11);v4,
A y i co, , loloosi of tin dot toitil, too , ' tom
011 and I , 'I piirad ~, 1 3,,0,1 to nil roottO
00'0 , ntt6 ,1:101 , , thv i/3. Uta tntatt pipif, P.( th,
foo,f , sort we,.l etf
overcools and Crulicinen's Shaw.S,
from 1,1%v y lwAt
lit tavods e • Ptt.lig•r , e , bit OW/ well Il,de.
rya IV • II C 1 ,11.4 1 ,11,
,4,4 , 14,1% lot
410f1a.4, esu.sinservi , , &e.
NnJ imving foie a Ili" !told girtraft
te , aat to ral c,v,w,t awl govo , 1 / 4 1!) , ,lartp,u. Atro a
t atioy at
trOOLEN V.A) LINEN shmrs,
stn, Stork.4.ll4ll , lltolt
,r) 11, 11 ,g nv giiilllo-10.11 . ,
Ik% s• nt the itark , t prie , 4 gr.”
InV a tali •I to t.. wfrs-r«.
\ El`.lti?,
IN, i kur g , \ov
%.:Tov.Es NirIiNWANE
A. M. nuPERT,
11 . 11, titniN , to itt,. t,:rty “, 1m110r.,14
dittl th" at
nIJ p; .or b.o,llws, E.:;; P. 1:1,t P.111:74.
alifi 01.4,1110 w. 4.lllrrS he 1. 4. 0 , 1:11110A lif'd
1% Ili{
:•;rill are, 4114 , vVery "
rul ro,nrl ur 4'.1 WO! tvr,tllll,l
%V.11:1: 14.1 ,11W•Sit 171.!STrl , rrt tht • ,t;
.11111.1 tur n,;.
$1 11N11. in lo 141
1, 1 1 , ' ,l ni. 111,11. ,, At. • 40! „„
v.,11 , 01 11,1 moor/ itiwt,ll ig
••• •••h it.,o; 4 LI 'll — 11 , 14 , , o? 411111
1 1 44, .4 xI tIYr t .41 rt • n
r'n:tlitit; VT.”; Ch..
hill. I -
1)5; \ I it V.
T W 1: R,
1/6 sr:It;". ..:!, MINTIST
fti ;•ttr.t el - • • T+i, .•r++troe
• ••••tv+re, totb+:.
ooqi r,l ;I+l 4 / 1 114111;r01 4 1 Ir.'l,l;iy,
pr, 1 E1 1 14.11 Ilk: 0 ,
, , 00 , 1 ~;;41110, , ,, 1 1V, J ;old n.thor or e
totr,Avollog tto te,
'4l 0 pint. WO al • :01
11. oely 4,, I pr++v ••ly ttl+ ••iedt +.
,p+,++,... •42te n fey.' d++ols oboe++ 1.11, 4.7.140
111.0,11.4 burg, Sores li
0/1 F.P.N 41:1:Vi n T,
¶r ,- 9
Di RECT 111.04. &r,
r. t , I B , (11111 11, hi 4.,
4'han:Xe of Car*.
Tit t OR TiliV It D.
riNti vrrottql ,
iThArlt i t Ur) iun , ll, V.,0400.1via 7 13 r. M..
irt 1 -1 , r. , 0011,10 ".1 1. P. I 0 1110
900 P. .
4 45 r. M, legerr Nflrth.:llowriallii, gtalpfritM An
nrriVia;! at itl . 4l4i'avnitt, .11
01114 It ila r M.
1' I: It INA SOU TI:11'
n 113 A, At„ A.,ppia
r,;, ip;d =tainnr+ . emit ia! Ilar..r,fia,„!.. Ad A. xl,
.Itia, , a , , 12 .141 r. M NH11 , 6 , 114111 i Ili) r, M.
ill le* A. M ,11,111.1 A 1.11111 , 14 at all
t+,; at Ilacrtvllrr. at I e,
t, Ittr r,t.
Ph0.,,t ,0 .4 ,. ..m ,r4O r, Y.
, Ataaplag at pll
sl,, 4•lrrrt 1.4 Al Ilarrroaa.g i : 14 I". : 4 ,1110 , 0 ,3
pitta 1 MO A, M. 7 Iji) t 1,
11 44 P. Al ktIA, tiorc!tuatt, rlaad, t.!...,,piag at
raineqoal ftai .u . rtvia4 ut 111111 0 VIr3 39 A M.
Al.,deltlitAt; ttl A. At,
3. 13A ttit
Cent Sap't, Ilartiolmq, ea. Gval rno4, Arnt,
1. 4 .1A(: lituAlLlitiou
(1 , 01 W.: tent er,fght 31,4a10, N. Y
all PI IiESU (71711ESEWING
S X Z. t 2 T. : i: 4 /
Ara itopotior to sit ethers Cgr
rAmit.y AND AIANIJEArI'II Ng; vuitroAEß.
rebttlin all ths latest Improvements • we 111..2.3 , 1y
noiseless . • durably ; sod easy rig Work.
illuarrsted I:AKIOits free. Areuts v6 . 441'111. Lilo.
era' dlocotiut runup:meets wade.
Address EMPIRE td. H. CO. liul Urrurdwsy. Neut
A..pfrolloo. 3. 103111.—ty.A. &Co.
Thu anderaigo, 4 l ott..r.• for male two the
0t0..t ro.o.tooottle ft./111i, al lltir Mace or I/II to
COLITM Itl NIT V. 1.:, Ittotd„d to„o.
1.111111 olli10,111•01 and n la , rce 101 of I„, at ,i,, or
the very brat quality, both ythe tutu
J. J. bleili:NltY.
• BetltOO. May 0, jaca.
(Ltav liiructor U. e. Army.)
rii,'Pitian Mad Surgeon.
rhlia• at t h e E,,rkr Wahl. N
Calle prompily att,n,led to boll might awl day,
01 ..... urlourg, Nov./H*l°4
• Han opened a Now Tailor Shop 011 Main
elirt.m. itioconsharv, her,` lif. Vir ili bi• pf• 11,1 to are
ell who may haat him with their t , iiiiiito 11, keTpli
on hand awe II n levied iiii or ..logio., c1,..,im.g. yew
nip.. which tie will woke up to ord - r with orktoono
11114 lieqpilltil.
AilMit 1011 paid to totting gentlowli and bor.
Tingling. Alan ruling none in die lading' lice.
Itqiairang done nom abort notice. All work
Ulve him ■ call. [, May i4,ler
The undareigeed having purchase,/ and tately re.
lilted this well•kuowm House, situated oil MAIN irrf.,
noniedlately opposite thn Court House, n.spertlitily
informs his friends and the public geneislly, that his
House Is now 111 order for the atcomuludattun and
entertainment of Ira Yeller&
lla has spared uu pains in preparing the Exchange
for the enterlailillielit and comfort of hi gileil. 11111
lioLlit is oplielOtli, mud enjoys a good business Inca.
uMNIMAISEtt run at all times between this How
and the dint:rant railroad Onyinte, by which traveler■
will be conveyed to end front the ronpnetave Mations
le due time to meet the ears.
April p, 18t17.
GIII:ATI‘11'1:(111:)11.;:NT IN
s1:111Nr: MACIPSES
EMIIIi re' Nllntik* Mae!line I .
N A 1.1:tillo M rt. A:tti litondit V. N. V..
t .•rr.
WI don nut Nlr.•it. Plasly.b.tploPt.
P FATP.It P11:1O. 11. I.ot.
•f'llit! NAtuitive rmo.leur PA on entirely new
priampirr ..r 1.0.,4 ring Homey nerd
anal v 14141010 Witt. venfools, ong b. y....timin t o
by the newt prisboolood experi.o. mod ist..wouhrt..lo.
S;aPpaiig frld MT. Pronthinitd.
It h..* A stfoli#l,l IsPlpendfrlll‘if #lllOll.
the 11.1.4'K or $lll Tri.elllll3l, which wilt
ne.iilwr HIP nor NAVEL nisfi is afar on Antli eidre
nrinirisin • livervrt rrMinµ an tv,iy oloorrlplttoli
iveni 1.. ills MIN.{ tion.tink Inis.liN.
.. 1111 11 . ..111. , /, 'OWN ..r .ilk ihredh. frivol I lir mite...,
10 Ins 11444 111'1'91ml'. Moving itelllef.r . CAM or con}
and 111..14**41 fritt Wu, gt rune 5*
11, a* plumy. and lo
Eurpherls .,, rl/1 rf frAr Molt/tint.
it reorooroo II I TV PER CETI'. Ivss ion+. 6 , so drlvo
IS Ilwo bky 004.1. Him hit., in 11,19 isonrkei A eirl
1n..1t0 )enrs 4.4 np. iron work ir .rokirey. wnuobi
riti:ll , . tor 11.111tIO m booth
h. !downy'sr and w ..... b i ro eimpti • Orromorii,
it / Iwpn.nhte 110 yet out of order
I. I: ll .‘it ANTI:6II by the tl/11Ipally IO glve
U'.• rrq.rciiully intiitip all Moto who may deaire IN
oorpty iliemartv. rr With n reirri•or r voile
uml aa.,in.• 111111
0110 half lions'.istrwo I 0. 'NOB. OHO to rnnbte
any prr.oes to walk this machine to th••ir 011111P1 fat.
Aents woktrgl for nit 10w... I t lip' Itojr..l filmy&
areurirr ore 4 , 41. otrridy, .41.0.
for Volta. Mr tr.. f%:otrot and trooth Amrrica. to
Whom a librrnl elirroont writ h-
L 311.11:1.: 1; KW I :4; if, Al Aril INK
5:14i Orthestway. N. V.
1:0 V ESTE & CO.,
Plano-Forte Mantes, cturerfe
Broadway, New York.
•Al`rflNTlt, l 7 l l;or the Nilotic thr trmae f.
I torilo.llo /off N 1: W 11. C. 01.:VIN irI'AVIL
ni4. 4 t:i1. 1 ..1 , PI ANIL/ IthaTro. w (41 1 1/0100.0
soul rit•iir or sow , arr. morivalled by Noy !Whew or.
Po, 11 ft. tlus opoLet. They primal,. ott the lora
emetit•, reetleti grand arloot, but U peolol.trolo
fr. 111 • •, over,leltog twee. etc.. 111111 PUCII
bcin~ wide 1i15,../ per •"1.1111 otpl.f r i•iou Mf.
J Lmo% h./ h POW 0 /I ..4lP ne!' 0
live( illirly 1111111111111aVe. la War.
a lewd is. everV I.3ltlCl.laf.
.711/: • itittWESTA:EX•ir
NG. 'Mg iliulticsir AN *AD ur AY.NI r t•rt.[•
KINATKII W 4.11.194
w.•rc 4.441441411...1 1.3•11 , 1111.41 to ir••11, Oh. Iwo!
mil:Arts .4 I 1.11.1011, Park.. 41 , 111161 y. I 144144414414.14511.
F;, ~, r , ft 4,044 NNA r...w York ; end N 1 . ,, Nl II,.•
Rlr rirmil hißtittllV (Of live R.stßeß•iwo y.•arr. lUe
1:1 1 14D nod thi.% iR %Le I 4otll t 4 Nba.,llc,lu JIP
..t o•of W4ret•r..0. , 1 1.
11..1 bu r rovtuwisi, e stank"
;AM ;0;41 pr • fro reatitr4.4lo. owl by sitmsiatarl..m.4
nil rd' (,)+loti, 1417/14,;((;;
; - 1; tatOli 41(11 Ail( pirdilde
,r 1 6.01ti0•-1;(1,1.
' r: gtc9 to evo 4tettei than any
• I . I'. N.
()C (li f i
, I)/ h
• f •
pring' stead Simassicr 44110( ►.
if IV V ITng litexthar In him of eltrap at:4111.•4.
inimide cl..thingt at his
1 leo oieurd above the ..Instrirasi !louse.
w h,. re Lx 1,., pl.' rocejr,9l fr.lo Saw limit and
:mu Loop:um, 11 lull .. 01 ,,,,t 41 ur
;9fe•ee :seed
in c hoo s t lil., nowt re,lijoliabigt. durable and hand
*nun•, EdA 60 , nod, con•i•ling of
Bar., sack. Frock, Gum and Oil Vat
Cotes, 'lnd /'tuna.
of all .n►tr. rite•. aii4 roh.t*. th. nHn ha• r plea-
Mae.' hi* a1i.4.1) ,1044, o f p 4 ll and \\'iutrt
shawl ; . AV. (I'd and plain Vv*l*.
rtavai•, .tu.•k•. rohata. liatollittchter*. slave*. owl•
va.h.r• and Ciou arl trt+•+.
1 ha•ronrtauUy on 1111114 11 Inca• and u , ll
ovirt led on•.. u ar•+tt of a+•l V.•.11 , it 4. Obi 41
hr 61 pi vpairil SO WOW op 10 onn•r. lino oby Mitt , :
tholiitig on vat, tlt•ot now.. nut to 1114 twit 0( eu.,a•
MI his clothing is made to wear and 'swat of it I*
of home tortign rar tar,'.
(El ./W' en a zo
A N I)
crj : - .. 11:1 I UU' s Lib Lta
of , tcry llrOrriPtlnn. Fine and Ili•C•son of
J-tv.try &mot lid* plitce. rim and
ilium* gearriil futtamilt of cioshing. Walchts,
hiu city, &c. 4.c.
Cloom•burg. A prtl Itua.
4,.q111.01.4 I% W 01111) S . -
Wonderful prlrlarions Madu by the Great Adroit'
girt. AI %It ME 11. A. PE:11.1116(6. She reveals
crcts no rituriel Seer itorsur, eke restorer. in huppi
newt 111. we Who freest rte!..oll events. eataelrophro.
enema in love. {era of relatia.t. Qll.l 41.' 1 14 6 , 1..60
14 Newry. ate., have become rierpondent. sl.t bring.
trogethr r those lone aeparated. tires hlfurluathes ruts.
eeraiap absent friends or levers. sestnres loft iie
stolen, lett. gun the hominess you aro beet
geattMed to perdue end ill what you W U bid turret ine•
realillf, toners speedy marriars and tells yen tho
very day yO.l Will Snowy. gives yea Wm nethe r laic•
nose and ritararteri.the. of llle poroli, s4IIU rend.
your very Mem:lose. att.l by her alums, eteaerauteral
pou'er 4 1111 v I. the dirk and us 'uphill., of the
future. From the rturs elf in the fitui.shiput—
the ...nlefic w• Hull ore rcatoo or predominate In thrt
ton figtsrm foal the 11$1.0, 1. 11,1.1 pos.ltiolop of hip'
planet:. and the axed stars in the hearen• at thrtime
of birth. Oil. deduces Ibe future deutrny of man. reit
nut le eeeeelt the eicalv.l. Artrulegiot Pl. earth. It
Curls you bud n trifle. oral you may Nolrof again hove
fin favorable :In oppol SUN ty. 1:01.11 nation rt.. with
1ihet...60 and ell information, $l. rattle,.
111114 ale distance can terosett the Madman by mull
With r gaol earl" mut 6at a•faetsou to I lie se, sif
ha Pk, 'OB. A anti exploit duo( writlcti talk
With *lt haintrlnsi antwereil I.n l likaiiii-o
wd by trail ea receipt of pr.. shove mentioned.—
The 'Weiner oreel.6l NM be tunintained rind .01 cur.
respondence returned or de.truyei. ,d •
the ingl.o.l ender furnished Mom/ &seri 'ill
Wl' Ito ' , tainty the day of the month lied year in
which yet were burn. enclosing a @mull turn of hair
Add reva. MADAME. It. A. 1'Ett111141).
P, O. lingerer 11:03. huffily, h. Y.
Throw away Woe Iritcxr.t ymtr owitcheo. your wig;
o.,t r yt t yv ciuul..n. 4011 nut north u lig ;
Come aged, rome am awl fair,
And I , joke is your uuu lu 'cumin hair.
it 17 PA tt:it TO it CA HULL
Nui retdroring Init 1111.0111 bald !weds (from a hatever
cense it may nine :alien out) and roving a grunt! of
hair upon the hot, It hail Ili/equal. It will force tbn
bevel to grow ug the ginfonne,,tr,,me Ui Gum Ileu
to eight weeks. or hair upon bold !lends In ftom two
to twee nlnulh.. A row ignorant praeltilfiliers lintc
agsta,4 that Inpre is O hing that will roue or liiitt•
en the aro% lit of 1,114 hair or Infurd. Their aosert ions
are false, us theusends of lining WlllllO.OOl (40111
their experience) can blur art news Hut many will
any. how are We to illatiligUi9ll the genuine hoin the
spurning I It certainly is difficult. as tiiiie•tunths of
the different I f ieparotion advertised for the halt and
heard Are ',ninety northing., god you may 11.11 u
ntatiV thrown nwny loin amounts 110 their 'drawn..
To such we sit:old toy, try the nopursior
will riot you nothing 11 fill 1)? comes lip to oar
11.1000.entalitiiiii. II your 01111111110 does not ifi•ep it.
111:11i1 us one dollar and we will Inrwuril it, pottpall,
lordlier with a receipt fur the money, which will be
returned von on application, providing entire scion
faction is 1101 given. Address. W. L. CLARK is CU.
Cheatham, No.l West Fayette St., dyracuse. O. V.
Feb 37 'd7—ly
&dab'Mod 1828.
WiIoLESALk IlltUt;alSl'.F.
737 MAREKT Sr. one door below eth. IPIL•nCLrUtA,
PAINTS 011.11, GLASS, V AIN idil DV Ed,
And every other art ids appertaining to the
business, of the beat qualify, Ilia
to Market Ames.
Mardi ve,
„ Pr 0 . .
D Z, ' 8
Horse and Cattle Powders.
twa t unAvy.n,
novo 111 1)11 Er.
V Rite, roViClit:',
Loss Or A
T/TK .YD V/7.4.
EN Y. age. 11
two. Improve,' thi
w Indlll4llll*Pl
• etuu oth an,
trati,hrtiti t t
mt.' ne6lu eitaktol
To teem/roofCows Mk preparation Inrattial.l4
•tomvcs the quality
OM milk. It has
.en prner II 14 so•
twat usprrlment to
harresse the qtrim
thy fit milk and
,'ream Unlit"'
' 141‘11 make Ilia
'alter Ilan and
ItrmA. In futu.nlng
Mlle, It rlwrit
to 101. lie
br ir I. Id c , and
take,' them thrive.
bill 'dilater
the Lamp,
thi4 "An
now e 4 swell!.
Ily mttlnx fray
nue half a inp
to a pew? In
barrel of owill tl
ntebre 111101faht.
rill let miff Irzte4
or entirely pn,re
immentive and • •
Prise 26 Cents per Paper, or 6 Papers far $l.
S. A. you'rz Sr; 1311.0.,
WDOLD %LE 111111 i siNn lITTOT,
No. 116 Franklin St., Baltimore, Md.
For e.a. by Draw s ; •ts and titureletpers through
out the L'ultol States.
117.7" Fur wti. at 111.. DWI orr rir
I: YI:R 4 Arorgg,
Waau.burg P 4
Infinnipbirg. Jan 6. INC.—Rolm.
, 1 .111 , . undo rugn...l *wild totetorttnelly anstnneco in
Inn • otIno•no .4 Inoontyburg, anj um public p.n.
Mat be to counting
011 031 N; 1111': 1 1 I.llVg.
forum tits. hen non Clio di( -eT
tomtit hail ito.llll/,111• .
It. Soto tot, eac.-piont) 1.. •
minter - 4 With Ilv l'cainto ping titnicb a V@..,1
nit 1i101:41.101../11 and %Vinton...loon Veil UMW, n3l
with this piing %nub nte4, it 011
111. It Id 111111'.0.10 1 111 V in good londitjan, (010100.
niotot• mid orutooforloddo. reonoto.ll.lo.
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111:• J. R. EvANs i
Physician and Surgeon,
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Counselor and .11Virney at Law,
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Bloomsburg, May 1,1+1.7.
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Mr Koons has lately token chary. , or this popular
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'lhe undersigned retitertfUlly animation, that he
has relfitte•d a shop, tins dim, below hluyst's Drug
Store, in the Excliatigd Bloch, where ha is prspited
to conduct the Withering !insole, sa In all Its bras or s .
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N. L', I.I)LLINd.
Bloomsburg, A ugot gO, leet—if.
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April 3. 437 if.
_ _
UNCY 1101'EL,
Scrofiga, or 'Urges E
i. a constitutional discoce, a corriipcim of
blood, by whirls this fluid Is•conky viol
weak, and poor. Being in the eireulati•
pervwl.s the whole body, and rosy hunt
In diocese on any part uf it. No organ Is
from Its attacks, nor Is there one which it
not destroy. The scrofulous tnint Ia ramie
canoed by murcuriel disease, low bring,
ordered nr unhealthy food, impure air, ;
and filthy habits, the depressing vice.,
Rimy° all, by the venereal lacing's'. IV
ever be. its origin, it is hereditary in the
Witution, descending tt ftom parents to tldi.
unto the third and fourth Re.teretien;" ; to
it seems to he the roil of liim who says,
will visit the iniquities of the (when u
their children."
Its effects commence by deposition from
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, *bleb
tha lungs, liver, and internal organs, is it
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; sod
the Purace, eruptions or sores. This foul .
rtiption, which genders in the blood, deprs
the energies o f life, so that scrofulous curuti
Sons not only stillbr from scrofulous c.
',loads, hut they have far le-s power to tri
stand the attacks of other diseases; ti
quently, vast numbers perish by diso
which, although not scrofulous lu theii list ,
are still rendered fatal by this taint in
system. Most of the consumption which
cimates the human family has its origin din s
in this scrofulous contamination ; and ni
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, la
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from
are aggravated by the same cause.
One quarter of all ourpcDple are icrofu
their persons are invniltil by this lurking
fiction, and their health is undermined by
To cleanse it front the system we Dittlifello
the blood by an alterative medicine, and
vigorate it by healthy food sad
Such a medicine we supply is
Compound Extract of Sarroaril
the iuodt effectual remedy which C.... wed'
.kill of our times can devise for floe iv
where , prevailing and Etta! malady. It art
Lined from the most active renictlkils that It
been discovered for the expurgation of this ft
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of
irystem front its destructive consequent
Hence it should be employed for the cure
not only scrofula, but else those other aft
tions which arise from it, such as Sorry.
BLo Worm, Ikm:is and MITA, 'remora, Tett
and Sur Itueesi, SCALD 'IUD, ID:sow:in
nit r.emsrism, Serum erre and Nirnceatsf D
indeed, ALL Court.ausrs ARMING roost VITA
TV.D Oa 'acute Diem). The popular Lel
in impurity of the itlood" is founded in tru.
for scrofula is a degeneration of tl.e
particular purpose and virtue of this Sorsa
silks is to purify and regenerate this vital flu
without which sound health is Impoicitle
contaminated constitutions.
Ayels Cathartic Pills
etc no composed that disease within the range
their action tot rarely withstand or (lade th
'their penetrating properties search, and clean
and Invigorate entry portion of the bunion oral
isni, correcting its diseased action, and testurn
its healthy utilities. An a constiptenee of th
peptides. the invalid who is bowed down wi
pin or physical debility is astonished to find I
health or energy restored by a remedy at once
ample and inuring.
Not du they owe, the every-day tornplait:
of troy loily, Lot also ninny tin:Ad/o,lc Sr .
dangerous 'Leroy,. ibo agent below named
pleased to furnish gratis ray Ainpnican Alninna
containing certificates of their curia r.nd directly
- ftirtheir usr-inibelollowing
swat, Wareham, Headache rrisi»y frow dirordir
nonuicA. Swam bah' yt !to on. I 'a+ ot a and „Ilore
lowan of the Bowels, I'land, im y, Lots 4 apt
rowairr. and other ti u nird complaint
rabing front a low state uf the Ludy or ointment.
of its tnictbins.
Props tel.,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
7011 TilS IAFIL. CI:11£ Cr
Coughs, Colds, Influenza, lionrsene4s
Croup, Bronchitis, Incipient Contain)
lion, find for the relief of Causamptir
Patients in advanced stages of tI
ide is the field of ita usefulnent and an nu
mama arc the cases of its eines, that alums•
even section of country abounds in persotis
tieliknown, ho have f , cen restored front 2:31111j11 . .
Mid even desperate diseases of the lungs by it
n•c. When once tried, its sttpetiority UM roe
other medicine of its kind is too apparent to eseal
oliscreation, and where its virtues are known, tha
public tin longer hesitate what antidote to employ
for the distressing and dangerous affections of the'
pulmonary organs that are Incident to nur etiolate.
While many inferior remedies thrust upon the.
community kale failed and been discarded, this
has rained friends by every trial, conferred benefits
on the emitted they can newer forget, and pro
duced cures too numerous and too remarkable to
ho forirottcm
DIIt. J. C. AVER & CO.
by nil Drugg.lstA in the Cnin'Ty.
I'llnl'lt I ET6tt ,
reirt:CEP*P)lt P'NI'EI. EVER FrIT.I
C. E. AVA fl
Tracheal Walchalker and Jeweler.
MAIN STEKET, (near the Court tioti,e,)
ronotantly nu ham! n nor n p pot Wield ~r A ,nerteAs
and Au 1.. Wrothes, Cloth!, Jewelry, el Iveru ore
Particularaltan►lon polll to the eopniriug ••r Clock.
%Valais,* 11114 Jeu ry. hiamouic alarko wide or
orde►. All Work ICnrrncb•J,
lltuoropillasrs. April
C. Cs 1111 R'S
1/1W 1 :STORE
lIIN emlorofsmod Whit monived from the edi
I (WI had ethesplate supply
Notions, Ta.vrare. Haware,
der and Willow Ware, Dragrd., l'oerecon•
pry. l'irearto. flats and
elliciea, Flour, Salt, Fi.h pad Llpat ; all of
whirl; I prripuie .011101 Al a veil low Illeorelico
ca.ll or produce.
tr tall nod lee. O. C.IIAIO.
Illeomeburg, April 3, 3017.
11, Kral e, '67 BLWM11101:AU
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