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    Vionolung fraotat
WK. u. JACOWr i Editor.
WedreMß7, sepi. ii, t9/i7.
114114Pernmetti, Oen 37 Yea low New York
ere Wilt=iced to eolleit esti receive wiliocrip•
lona ewe vrietielei for Ike Desperes # pub.
reedit istere, Columbia meaty. Pik
State, District & County Ticket.
Fur fudge of the Sr‘prent , court,
411210. IMILIMISWO Ong
9Y Itllt4AJ~7J'tilA.
of IVoutour County.
JACOB YOUR, of Malin Twp.
ocouterr cornea.
DAVID YEAUER, of Locust Twp.
"RY comm'a,
TUGS. J. WELLIVER, of Mt. Pleasaut.
JACOB HARRIS, of Hemlock Twp.
We have in this county a certain elan of
men, styling themselves Democrats, whose
entire political vocabulary is made up of
simply one word,and thatword is POLICY !
These policy Demerits are the men who
congregate iu little,dirty, smoky, filthy, out
ot-the•way back rooms, and talk in whispral
tones of the acts of the government
They are the men who gather in little
knots of two or three, on the street, who
before condemning any act, first look in every
direction to see that no one approaches, and
then in /we whispers say, 'this i.: all wrong,
but we must resort to poliey to overcome it,
it won't do to openly condemn this course.'
They are the meu whose coward hearts
shake with fear at the sight or hearing of a
'nitary prison ; or a rude, contemptable
•shouldcr•atrapped hireling of Abolition low
They are the men who never see the occa
sion on which bold words should be used.—
No emergency can arise thut to them would
justify the use of strong, forcible measures;
they never believe in asserting and main
taming their principles with that indoinit
.able pluck which in almost every instance
guarantees victory. They never advocate
the glorious doctrine of Right of Revolution,
:but they are men who would purchase peace
at the mew of honor, and personal sathy
at the coat of a Nation's independence—lbr
when the rights and liberty of American
citizens were attacked and sweped away,
•by the lamented dead joker, in his sawn
siou of the writ of hottas corpus—that writ
that guarantees to every citizen the sacred
privileges of proving his innocence or any
crime with which he is charged—th , y cried
policy !
Whet► our citizens were arrested without
'the least possible color of law, but in open
defiance of law, and incarcerated in the dark,
damp, and filthy dungeons of American
bastiles, they proposed to resort to policy,
weak, low, grovelling, cowardly policy, to
effect a change in the government and
maintain their honor and liberty.
When a miserable, contemptible Aboli
tion newspaper would applaud and indorse
these acts of tyranny on the part of the Ad
ministration, and hint that there were men
iu that community who were marked, be
cause of their opposition to the Administra
lion, they slunk away into their dark corners,
feeling sure they were the men; and there
before their cowardly imaginations, would
rise up files of soldiers for their arrest, and
military prisons larger than Forts Warren
or Lafayette.
When the proclamation of martial law
swept away the entire rights and privileges
of the people, together with every legisla
tive enactment, and substituted the will of
one man in place of the expressed will of
the whole, they did not denounce the act in
unmeasured terms, and advise the people
to organise an army to fight against it, as
brave men should have done, but satisfied
themselves fur the outrage upon their
dearest personal rights by that unmoving,
inactive and fearing cry of policy—policy.
A Glorious Step In Advance
The recent oews from California basgiven
heart to all true lovers of the Union. It
had really come to be feared that the de
rstmetives, Stephens, Sumner &e,, where
going to have their own way forever. But
the people of this young Lion of the west,
California, have made it manifest that to
age does not belong all know:edge ; and
while we of the Atlantic coast have been
dosing, this fresh and new people, between
the distant western slopes of the Rocky
Mountains and the shores of the Pacific,
have arisen as a giant refreshed with new
wine, and pronounced in tonet4 MI must dim
turb the slumbers of the Rip Van Winkles
of the old States.
The Democracy of' California have swept
the State in a most effectual manner. A
Democratic Lieverner, a majority of Demo
cratic members of Congress, and a hand
some gain in the State Legislature, are the
results of this awakened feeling in the new,
thriving, lire state of the "golden Gate."
The Republican papers of the state have
received instructions from the Standing
Committee of that party to keep at the head
of their columns certain 'garbled extracts
from the opinion or Judge Bharswood,
wherein he decided that when a man bor
rows gold or its equivalent, and agrees to
pay in gold or its equivalent, the borrower
should not be allowed to repudiate his con
tract, :and pay io depreciated currency.
Judge Sharswood is of the opinion that
when ono mairmaken a bargain with anoth
er this bargain MUST BE Livr.o UP To ; while
Williams, the yankee candidate, is in favor
of repudiating the/med, upon which money
was borrowed to improve the vow ground
on which he lives.
I The Union Pacific Railroad, (Oma
ha branch) is completed a distance of five
hondrod and forty wit*
801118 years ago Columbia Nasty earned
and received the appellation of the Star of
the North. Since the time this honorable
name was applied to her she has such
more than doubled herDeumerstio ingjerity ;
and all this iu the teeth of the foot that
a moat formidably backed up opposition
paper was atai tid to promulgate the abomi
nable doctrines of the negro loviug party,
with the hope of blinding he "ignorant
dutch." The publisher of the Columbia
County Avuldicyna, however, game to grief.
The old friends of that "honored" institu
tion have seen proper to devote their @cler
gies in a different direction ; and the upshot
of the whole business is, that the 'Democracy
will pile up much a majority as Hill not only
astonish the wooden nutmeg party, but
which will astonish themselves. We have
labored long and faithfully for results such
us aro now about to be produced ; and in
common with our true, old fashioned Demo
cratic friends, we congratulate ourselves
on the auspicious state of affairs.
In Istio the people were told by Abraham
Lincoln, and the men who acted with him
composing the Republican party of the
present day, that the South would not se
cede; that she could not be "kicked out"
of the Union; that even it there should be
secession and war, thirty days, and "a few
old cows" would settle the matter; that
every body, male and female, Wand young,
could, thereupon, quietly go to their homes
and enjoy the rights, liberties, and pried-Nes
g uaranteed to them by the laws of the land,
without further dist urbanee ; that thisslight
proceeding could be the cause of no great
additional national indebtedness ; that the
onward progress of the Nation to prosperity
would in no way be impeded and, finally,
that tl o pilla r s of Comtitutional liberty
would, upon the whole be strengthened.
Now, was ever such a batch of lies of an
important character told before, by a po
litical party making pretensions to respect
ability ? As the world knows, the people
of the United States have now imposed
on them such a national debt as few COUIP
tries were ever called to bear ; that wo are
paying such taxes in proportion to the value
of our property as no civilised people were
ever before required to pay; that thousands
upon thousands of the best men of the
nation, from north and south, are "sleeping
the sleep that knows no waking" on the
grandest battle field the world ever saw, a
field stretching from Pennsylvania to the
Gulf of Mexico; in short that moraly,
physicaly, socialy, pecuniarily, and Hit'.
eddy we no longer occupy the high position
which was our boast only six short years
ago, Now, shall we not deserve the scorn
or the earth if we do nut rub our eyes and
begin to inquire what party has reduced us
to a position so utterly degraded?
Why should this state of things be on
thin 41? The debt perhaps is innevituble ;
but why does not the party in power give
us at least one thing which is of more im
portance than any other, that is, a restored
Union. If this were done, ()this greivanees
might be tolerated. In due time they
would be removed; but with a dismembered
Union, a disfranchised white population,
and with negro equality, in fact in some
smtions with negro supremacy, we cannot
expect to achieve the great triumph of re
storing to this continent that grand Repub
lic which was the work of our Fathers, the
glory of us of later years, and the occasion
of fear and dread to the despots of the old
Let the people arouse, and place in power
men of the old Union, constitution loving
stripe, and let the teachers of the higher
law doctrine be consigned to the infamy
which is the proper portion of all who ig
nore and resist the will of the people as ex
pressed in the fundamental law of the land.
California Las spoken, and let the people of
the old Commonwealth of Pennsylvania re
Surrender of Gen. Grant.
The drowning men of the Radical press,
clutched with great eagerness at the straw
which floated by them in the shape of Gen.
Grant's letter to the President in the Sheri
dan matter. But they avoid the shark
which opens its ugly jaws right in their face,
in the shape of Grunt's withdrawal of his
protest against Me transfer of Sfacridan an if
- Sickles: It seems that at an interview be
tween the President and Grant, the former
convinced the latter that he (Grant) was
mistaken in bisviews of thetransfer question,
and that Grant not onf,y wrote the President
a private letter triihdrawing his protest fait,
at once issued the orders erspladng the Sat
raps of Louisiana and South Caro/in-a,—
Grant took sides with the Radicals one day
and surrendered to the President tho, next.
It didn't take all Rummer for Andy to whip
Ulysses in on "emit line."—Bedford Oa
10' The editor of the Republican is a
gay deceiver. He told us that he had floods
of letters of a most interestiug character,
from his patrons, but he don't print them—
any more. Ile told us that the Sharswood
opinion was going to damn that gentleman,
politically, hut his readers do not have the
benefit of it. He said that the negro
fought shoulder to shoulder with the white
man under Jackson, at New Orleans but he
fails to furnish tho proof. Asa mutant read
er of his valuable journal we object to these
tricks and respectfully auk that the profound
knowledge of the Doctor be not hid under a
BARN BVRNIED. —The barn of' Samuel
Ressler, of Shamokin township, Northum
berland County, was struck by lightning on
the 28 tb ult., and consumed with all its con
tents. The barn and contents were insur
ed in the Farmer's Mutual Fire Itisuranoo
Company, of this place, in the PIM of elev
en hundred dollars. Just so much plucked
out of the fire, for the Farmer's Mutual
Fire Insurance Company always pays its
losses promptly.—Montour American.
1 Peaches from the Philadelphia
market have been for 111110 in abundance on
our streets for the last few days, common
price about $2.26
Fs' lacas mamas an COMM
Om Tsui, 1867.
Tim several Judges wars preseS at the
opening of court, Judge Elwell having
partially recovered from his lithos&
Charles H. Um was made foremast of
the Uraod July. The business was coda.
ed almost exclusively to Councouwoalth
Edward Taby—plead anilty to a charge of
Fornication and bastardy.—lice 11/U., and
$l. per week until the child is raven years
Sylvesterliofftuan—whe had been found
guilty at last court for refusing the vote of a
citizen, produced the pardon of Cov. Cleary.
Commonwealth vs. Allen Man—charge
Fornication and bastardy.—Hold to bail.
Commonwealth vs. Allen D uckalow. —Bail
for appearance at next term.
Commonwealth vs. Clinton Dewitt—
charge forgery.—Held over. Messrs. Raw
mei B. l'ealer and C. W. Miller admitted to
practice in the several courts of the County.
Commonwealth vs. Samuel lt. Kline—
Assault and battery.—Defendant to pay
costa and give bail to keep the peace.
Commonwealth vs. Richard Thornton—
charge with intent to ravish.—Fine of tifty
dollarwand costs.
Commotowtalth vs. John Ludwig—As.
milt and Battery.—John Hinterliter, the
prosecutor to pay costs.
Allen liuckalew and C. R. Buekalew his
bail—held each in two hundred dollars fur
appearance of defendant at next Court.
Commonwealth vs. Fred. Ihmk—Two
Indictments lin trespass.—continued.
l'oruutonwealth vs• James 'lnwood—
charge, sating lire to a hay shed—A true
Commonwealth vs Jonathan Wilhelm--
charge disturbing a religious tumting—True
Commonwealth vs. Lawrence Casey—
neglecting to open a ma—Continued.
Commonwealth vs. \Vin. Geiger—Forni
cation and Lastardy.—Continued.
Commonwealth vs. WWI Snyder—Lar
ceny—not a True Hill.
At Detiotober Term there will be two
weeks court.
To the Honorable the Judges of the Court
of Common Pleas ;mu romprising d Court
fuQuarter Sessions of the Aare in und
r the County of eolunihia :
The Grand Inquest of the Common.
wealth of Pennsylvania inquiring in and for
the body of the County of Columbia. Re
rpectfully report :
That we have examined the Public Build
ings of said County and recommend—First.
That the Venetian Blinds to the windows
of the Court room be repaired—Second.
That the trees in the Court House yard be
trimmed and a part of them be removed,
and we repeat the recommendation of f o r m .
er Grand Jurjes as to an addition to the
Court House, and to the new tables, Desks
Ke., in the Prothonotary's office. All of
which we respectfully submit. •
C. 11. Foreman.
Proclamation by the President.
lereos, By the Constitution of the United
States the Lueutive power is vested in a
President of the United States of America,
who is bound by a solemn oath, luitlrlully to
execute the office of President, and to the
best of his ability, to preserve, protect and
defend the Constitution of the United Suttee,
and is, by the KWIC instrument, made Com
mander-in-Chief of the Anny and Navy of
he United States, and is required to take
care that the laws be executed;
Wherew, By the same Constitution, it is
provided that the said Constitution and the
laws of the United States which shall be
made in 'mistim:4i thereof, shall be the su
preme law of the laud, and the Judges in
ever.l. State shall be hound thereby ; and,
/twos, b and by the slime Constitution,
the judicial power of the United States is
vested in one Supreme Court, and in such
inferior courts us Congress way, from time
to time, ordain and establish, and the afore
said judicial power is declared to extend to
all ew•os iu law and equity arising under the
Constitution, the laws of the United States,
and the treaties which shall be made under
their authority : . and,
Irtir re Ile, Ali officers civil and military,
are bound by oath that they will support and
defend toe eonstitutien against all encodes,
foreign and domestic, and will bear true
faith and allegiance to the same ; and,
11701eus, All officers of the Army and
Navy of the United Status, in accepting
their commission under the laws of Con
gress awl the rules and articles of war, incur
an obligation to observe, obey and lbllow
such direction us they shall, from time to
time, receive from the President, or the
general, or other superior officers set over
them, acmilling to the rules and discipline
of war; and,
Wirem, It is provider] by law that when
ever by reason iif unlawful obstruct ions,com
bbiatems or assemblages of persons, or re
bellion against the government of the United
States, it shall become impracticable, in the
judgment of the President of the United
States, to enlbree by the ordinary course of
judicial proceedings,_ the laws of the rusted
States, within any State or territore,the Ex
ecutive in that ease is authorized and re
quired to secure their faithful execution by
the employment of the land and naval for
ces ; and,
Whereas, Neediments and obstructions,
serious in their character, have recently
been interposed in theStutes of North Caro
line and South Carolina, hindering and pre
venting, for a time, a proper enforcement
there of the laws of the United States, and
of the judgments and decrees of u lawful
court &reef, in disregard of the command
of the President of the United States; and,
Weereuf, Reasonable and well-founded
apprehensions exist that such ill advised
proceedings may be again attempted there
or elsewhere.
Note, therefore, I, Andrew Johnson, Pres
ident of the riiited ;items, do hereby warn
all persons against obstructing or interfering
in any manner whatsoever, with the faithful
execution of the Constitution and the laws,
and command all officers of' th egovernment.
civil and military, to render due submission
and obedience to the said laws and to the
iiidgments and decrees of the courts of the
Tinted states, and to giveall the aid in their
power necessary to the prompt enforcement
and execution of such laws, decrees, judg
ments and processes.
And I do hereby enjoined upon the officers
of the army and navy to assistand suntain
the courts and other civil authorities of the
United Stato.i, in a faithful ad►uinistrution
of the laws thereof, and in the judgments,
decrees, mandates, and prcloosaea of the
courts of the United States; and I call upon
all good and well-disposed citizens of the
United States to remember that upon the
Constitution and laws, and upon the jmlig
manta, deems, end preemies of the courts
made in accordance with the same, depend
dm pt lon et the Mee, li , , emi e laz
Phmiss , • i , 1r: ..1- 71; •' ' '
etliri to - , ,). Y, - 41,,,,, ,4 • 4 .
soualry,their . p, !!' 1 • 1 '. . , . t* t
ow mod their :. 'iittahtatiou to 0 ha
s i r
bee inedttatisime, .k . a hearty omoperstion in
the efforts of the government to in the
authority of the law, to !maintain the su•
pommy of the Federal Constitution, and to
preserve, unimpaired, the integrity of the
Notional Union.
In testimony whereof, I have caused the
seal to be at to these presents, and sigu
the same with my hand.
Done at the City of Washington, the
third of September, in the year one thousand
eight hundred and sisty-seven,
Ily the President :
Wet. 11. Sawann,Sooretsey or State.
AMdavlte Ready to prove Facts
■alter Chanted with a Coaspir.
cy to obtain the Reward thr
the Body of Booth.
The following extraordinary statement of
the actual existence of John Wilkes Booth,
is taken from the New Orleans Sundoy
N ' effa. A correspondent says
I have no doubt the smile of incredulity
will play upon the countenance of many a
one who, otherwise in his own conceit, is
constrained to reject the voice of truth when
proclaimed in language which a shallow in
tellect renders it impossible for him to com
prehend, who, aping the wisdom of a Solo
mon, denounces everything that to him
seems to 'awake of mystery, ass "humbug,"
simply because his mind is incapable of
grasping it, therefore proving himself au
owl, and others of that numerous class of
automatons whose minds, thoughts, ideas,
sympathies, and actions aro swayed only by
prejudice ; who were never known to have
an original idea in their lives, or give an
expression to an opinion that was not bor
rowed ; who have the most implicit faith in
all the sayings and doings of the party in
power, its agents and representatives.
I have no doubt the faces of some per
persons will wear an incredulous smile when
I boldly and fearlessly proclaim through
your columns • Brother Americans, you
have been deceived ! John Wilkes Booth
is alive!
The delusion has continued quite long
enough. It is time our people were awa
kening to a due sense of their simplicity
and susceptibility of being duped by the
shrewd and cunning parasites of rascality,
who have been and arc still prowling about
Washington, growing fat on the spoils of
war, and drinking to the dregs the blood of
the innocent victims, whore lives they have
recklessly bartered for "filthy lucre," and
that it might redound to their credit and
It is time that we were made fully aware
of the lind and most damning schemes that
have been concocted by these "wolves in
sheep's clothing" to defraud an over gener
ous public. It would be folly to recall in de
tail the tragic events of the night of April
14, !MIS. They are too indelibly stamped
on the memory of every American citizen.
Suffice it to say, the President was assassin
ated, and J. Wilkes Booth denounced by
vowinon consent as the assassin.
That he made his escape fret Washing
ton, noise will deny : that it was his lifeless
body that was brought hack to Washington,
and so mysteriously disposed of—many
doubted, and but few individuals believed
who saw the strange conduct of the officers
in charge ; that it was not Booth's body,
but the mangled corpse of a person resem
bling Booth, who has been brutally murder
ed and substituted in Booth's stead, can now
be proven beyound dispute ; that General
L. ('. B a k er k n ow that it was not Booth's
body, call be shown—that he claimed the
reward offered for Booth's capture, ' and the
one hundred thousand dollars were paid out
of the United states Treasury, arc well
known facts.
But it may be asked, "How do you know
these things ? From what source has your
information been derived ?" To all such
questions I would reply in this wise, and
before doing so have weighed my words
well, and I know full well the purport of
what I say : "I know them trout diligent
inquiry, and having kept my eyes open ;
and my information has been derived from
a thorough unprejudiced and perfectly reli
able source."
There are three men in the United States
who have secnJ. Wilkes Booth since what
purported to be his mortal remains was
dragged by those infuriated blood hounds
into Washington.
lle was recognized through his disguise
on the 27th day of April, 1865, on board of
a vessel whirl; carried him beyond the reach
of his supposed avengers ; again he was
seen by a gentleman in the month of Sep
tember, 1965; and there is a young man iu
this city to-day who saw him no longer ago
than August, 1566, and then conversed with
him. The names of these individuals, duly
signed to the respective affidavits, might
possibly be obtained upon application to
Judge Advocate huh, or the notorious L.
C. Baker, chief of the national detective
police, as it is probable they may have for
gotten to mention to their friends or in pub
lic a matter of such "trivial import." If
not, I would venture to say the men refer
ed to would not object to a repetition of
their names to documents of a similar na•
Bo it known that I do hereby charge
General Lafayette C. Baker, and his aBBO
- with having willfully and maliciously
«inspired to swindle the United States treas
ury out of one hundred thousand dollars.—
"Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord." May
the hills and mountains throughout the
length and breadth of the land re-echo the
cry of
ifer Three doge supposed to be mad have
been killed in this region within the last
twelve days—two in the "Sohwerts settle
ment," and one near the foot of the north
mountain. The latter hud bitten two cows
and a bon before he was overtaken. At
lust accounts the cows wore all right, but as
tithe hen wo have had no information.
M. Wooden pavements are being laid in
the principle streets lA Now Orleage•
I; n=
- .
WOOLI W 1 141 I WOOL i I
Too andorolisrod Wlll fA blobootenorliot prior
IN onahoogo roe slab olshor of Ali owe Nap WWl's,
WOW. Door MOW VVOlloloopork or 4, 1 1 7. Hong 00
FOOf Wool toils* Mount Plroosot Mils, or Alotonos.
01110. h. S.
loot. 4, 1147,
Tim Rev. i.DWARD A. WILSON will send [(Ono
of charso)to ill who deals, It, the praseribilois with
tbn illysetions ror mahlag and !isles/ the simple
rowdy by o Mal he was cured of II loos affastion
sad this druid d ham re Constoopillon . II is oti ist Oh•
/Oat /010 booed& the alllichs4l sad b. hopes ovary
•ogiirer will try this pvisetiption. As It will cos;
Mom notltins, mud may prove m blassins. Please
add's.' Raw. CDWAND A. W11.114N.
No 105 South Ilsosund Ihisest, Williouillbori, Now
Information graranised to produce a luauriarni
growth of bale alma a bald bead ior twordloor toad,
also a reeelpn tw the removal or Pimples, lillosehec
kraplions. eta., on tba shoo leaving the same soft
clear, nod beaulinil. can be obtained without charge
by addressing mtinru
Ora Broadway, New Turn
Thu omelet, tamers of Columbia A Montour roan.
ties will meat at the mouth or iloaeleeereek so the
s.t Sept tan. i at 10 Welts% A. M. to TOCII9IIII
proposals for seeetlag a cowered arch bridge aver
llonringett et. 'lite Itritlyst will be snowily Ave
feet between the top of its abutment' and twenty
lust wide. The 'bumping' will be, onus *built live
fens high and the ether about We feet hire, with en it
aWe wlngwalls.
A, MANN, }Colotelselonere
Melt V. YOWLER, of Womble
MOST, COLS. Curate.
DIMAS AbIe:IMAM Commlesloiters
JOSS MOORS..of Montour
JAM siluurz.county.
Sept. 11, 1847.
The ondersisned. Auditor appointed by the Or.
phone Court of the theme of Colombia, towline dia.
',impel of the 'silence in the heeds of Johnson li.
Meter administrator of Kosweildesith Otte of Oreen•
woad ieese s hip demised, to end amity the PO Peet.
ive creditor* id the decedent, in the Orator estetoished
by LAW will attend at hie Alen in Kiosoisbuss n u
'l heretics toe twenty.Kret day of Koveinber
Mit at lb o'clock A, SI, for the purpose of attending
Piths , duties of his eppointeseitt. when and where
all parties interested are required to 'lrwin their
Oaten*. Of be debarred from tongue to her 4 shire of
the loud. E. It. IKKLEK
Bletitiothori. Sept. 11. Net —et.
ARE Iddourectured from more materials and may
be wineiderid the rtandord of excellency. Rot eat.
by all Grocer.. Can be boll at Cotawiera. Monroe
bond. l o isbt POW,. Espy, rind 411 molar stores
tneringhont the Canary.
They %rep retnetntitly nit bind Chewiest En us%
themicid. Olive, Pate sod Miner Swipe.
e. tirders ootioitedi *opt, It. 1A67.--rim,
To Bono and IMtt•, I Wooed tett—
Believe we for I can do st well—
Come levet• dear And nen , ' teat
A Bute *lnatome truth to hear.
During • residents. M Spain. t obtained at a
Spanish sorer... Or 1111ifOitlef a mystic nistrameat,
Waal a Horoscope. by whit*. rombine I ith • pro.
cells known only to myself, t ant tumbled to produce
a correct portrait of
'loathe date of marrialte, name, ehararter, resident,
and every permitter. This is no insiwsitioo, as
teetimootait without nattiber an wen, igy stating
place of birth. ape, color or eye., and heir, and en•
eosins ally cents and stamped envelope addressed
to yourerit you will receive the pletare by return
mint, with desired information. Address in coo 8•
April fith, 1M67
and North West for Philadelphia. New York, Read.
Putievil le, Tamaqua Ashland, Lvtianun, Allen•
too is. Easton, Ephrata, Litia. Lai:master, Cutaustsia,
'Frain/ learn Harrisburg for New York. as frillow•;
Al :1 ton. M in and 935 • a and Y 1U and II 011 rill connect
ing w ith similar Trains nu ilia ernsisylvani3 Rail
road and :wit ma at New York at SUU and to 10 • a
and 4 40, 3 ...II r rsierping Cars acrompa•
living the 3UU • a alit UW r a. Tfaill. wllkoat
Leave luirri•burg for Reading. rellardle. Tami•
Qua, Asli'and, Prue Wore, Allentown
amid Phildsidtphsa. at 8 10 • is and Y l 0 and 4 10 r ar,
snipping at latirtnim and principal Way station. ;
tho 4 Itt r making connections fur Philadelphia and
Columbia folly. For roti.Eillr. Schuylkill H wen
and Aul,urti, via Schuylkill and daequettanna Rail
rued. freed ilarrt.burg at 3 ...11 P m.
Saturnine : have Ncw York et 0 00 a M. M and
3 Wand in YU r a; Prilladelplii• al e 13 • a oust 3 aur•
Way paareneer 1 rain lerivro PhiLideinhia at 7 30 •
a. retusuitte from Ilritul i at r M stooping at all
•Irlwu; polies/tile 31 d and 445 ►• ; Ash
land 6 ird and II 3U •a. and lUS r. : Tamaqua at
9 43 , and 1 Wand63sr. a.
Leave Putt" Ole fou Harrisburg •i• Schuylkill and
Susquehanna Railroad al 7 00 A a.
Reading ACcommodation 'train : Leaves Reading
at li3ii a a rein/ulna from Phil,idelphia at 5 IMP a.
Culumhia Railroad 'rrai as Ira Pr grading at 700 a le
and U 15 r a for Ephrata, Lille, Lancast•Leoliiiiibia.
puitatius a Accuaiiiindutiou Train : Leavers Poita•
town 11 ii*Al a. 1., retUrising 1 Philadelphia at
6 3u r, a.
Columbia Roil road Trains leave Reading at 7 00
♦. rod b 13 p. r. for Ephrata. Liva, Lancaster.
the Suudaye : Leave New York al 900 P M, Phlta•
delphia 8
tel A M. and 3 13 P N. the 9 00 A /11, train
rubbing ady to heading ; Putteville 8 Ou A NC ; Ilar•
ne,,gire 9 3. A N, and heaa.iig al 1.4 and 7 id A IS,
for Ilarruhlwg slid 112 i A N. lur New York and 413
P M. for Phi iadelphia.
1700.01Utatiu0, Mtle. p , Psalm; school and E scu r•
Wen 'Pickets. wand lion, .11 points at reduced rate,.
llaggage checked lbs wilt; to pounds alwered each
Paoaeu,;er. U. A. NH:MA.6
General esupertatonden
0611aLsoenao acerz.cio s
TIM tinder/ivied has Just rerelved ■ very 'argil
and eteelicnt asourintentof FALL AI)N 111%7131
COOl/14. which h• proposes to sell at very low raise
Ile has the best qualities of
1111.19L1N3, CALICOES,
ell ECM', i.e.
The Grocery Department
I. withtho best virility of fresh groceries and
provisions. such an sugar, ntolusees, flour, salt, fish,
ham, boron, spites. inc.
(1.7- Country pro,luce taken in eschange for ;node.
fur which Ike highest market prim. will be given.
Er Don't fell to give Mut a call aid secure great
Orangeville, Nov. VI,
MAN 111001):
llow Lod, How stored.
Just Published, a new edition of
Da, iIIii.VF:RWELL'd Celebrated Essay on the rad •
Ica! cure (without nsedicitio)rfelpermsturi hoes. fem.
Ina IVealineas. [nontumefy rimilinet Losses, fmPo•
tent,. Mental and Phyr;eal Incapacity, Impediments
In Mareleer, etc. ; alert Coo outirption, Epalop.y, and
?Its Indueud by eclf•lndulgenoe ur lingual extrava.
(r). Prier., In • sealed envelop, only 1 rents,
The celebrated author in this admirable assay
clearly cfenionetratee, from a (hilly years' succour.
ful ;manioc, that the alarming eaneequerioso of self.
abuse may be radically cored withont the detract.
our ass or Internal medktite Sr the application of
the koile—puintincOil a mode of cafe at sac. Maw
pie, annals, and effectual, by moans of whleb meaty
enterer, no sumer what his etestlistos may be, wavy
cure himself cheaply, privately. and radically.
rir This lecture should be in the hands of every
youth and retry men in the land.
gent, under s tai, In a plain 'overri, to any pd.
dies' pool laid. on receipt of oie settl e , or tufo laps)
Address the polillikati.
CH AA. ), O. KUNO & vet,
197 enemy, $a York, P 641011.6 bt6, 4601.
Dee, 19,
Jt, trrzcL
Drawer 50, rocausstrac N. Y
RAW suer
Super Phosphate of Lime,
Rupert. August 7. Mit —hrtn.
boa spend a Ora it...
8001',811016, HAT AND CAP MAR.
at that old a tend on Nails Stmt. hionesburg. His
stein is entnposett nt the vary latest and best *Wes
eves offered to the eititten• Of Constable coping.
lie can accommodano lb. public with. site fallowing
kinds and at cheap prices:
Nan. tali bons, line, kip, double sots ,
rhild's boots. Men's glove kid. Canaries, dm
Mena glove kid Ihiltriend shoes. Men's. orontett's
boys', and misses' glove kid Instill gaits's, wng.,,gt i
glove aids, very Mts. Wanton's due goat morocco
box imerals. 111,11 . $ lititrticto mod pair
intuition shoes. NW's' and ihild's shoes. Men's,
w om en.., mine,', boys'. and child's slipper.. He
also seep. a grant variety ut
of livery kind. at the lowest paw, both for cash
and cooly." , grottoes,
itstocatber the sitrartiort is in our goods. Don't
be alarmed at ths cry of high prints, but call and
inn fur yowled's,. ReapicttuitY,
• N. C. lumen.
Saps. 4. 1d47.
A Complete 1.1410171 of Me New Stews tivett
Deritories,.from the (fecal River
ttl the Great Ocean.
(writ 20,000 COPIES SOLD IN 1
WO al 111 Adventures ON Primes, Mountains aid tile
rac Ole Consi. Witt, forgr 2CO iitieriptiPs mid Mines
rraptic Vigra (V the Scenery. (Mks, Limits Mhos.
People and Cl , llllPilits sf Or Now Vats* awl Verni:erese.
To pooeffeeive evoirranta and votere in the
It ite Itisd,ry .•t that ram and Penile region
will prove, en invaiiiabla aseivtenev. supplying Re it
eeea a Meet long Wh of a full. autbenite sad reit
able guide to eliatate, soil, products, mess. t 4 trivet.
kr., ke..
AUDITS W 4NTED.-.Mcwl for Cirollark and es •
oar woos, and full tlereriptiksn of the work.
MillOf SI nilladelphlis, P.
A arm, 7. 1e417-41.
NO. 124 W.114.11ET STREET,
ANN No 19 HiIANIITR sromer.
HARRY ogwrusa,
GEU. A. 1.11.1 UN,
WILL trust all kW* of di hat horse
nosh to heir to. snit Where there is augur*, no e harp.
Sperm turd., to 48 hours or so pay.
August 7, 1167.
10111litthif of •req Wileif fossil IN a AroLillian
?hurl prate Mom swung which are Ibe /ullowrn j:
PAINTS, 011.8 and GLASS,
GRAIN and Glia9B
Bloomsburg, June 19, Isl 7.
It is genitally enneedea that 'the bell Is always
the thempeet ;" and Ihnt twins th. ease great pleasure
is taken In Istroducing to the puf.ll4
which Iv rapidly beeoming popular sal with, this
Machine the hard work of washing le niiiiaatert to*
eonifortshle and pleaiuint task. "1 elothei are
placed in hot audit, and shut in, While thus Immers•
ad and the steam couttood. the Machine i. operated
as seen above. This thin work i. speedily. clearly
and easily done, and that leis without tearing aid
wearieg out the clothes, which to a seed eltetit In
the canon under the old fiebtoneil rubbing pewee.'
With a
the w h o le labor of wattling Is but • pirarent reg•
time compared with the former wade of MINDING
AND WAKING, and twiethig mud wringing. The
dirt I. ao ihraolred I y the HOT ADDS that but little
eciattpregalon is nervosa,' to expel it. Nu fatuity is
the Comity okoialti be without
geld ii.
TMsrs h
rlemi of *ego Maoll,ll.em f • pi• is follows
Yam ly Diu Wa.?. - • • • • • • 014 *0
Illlic • • • - • • • • • • • le re
rattail 11/01 No.l Wo•gpf, ti St
Stu No. le. , •
• • • • . . . • • . ID co
Sold by , 114 lit. MIMI.. Apost,
Sera WI 1807-31. Illerrists. Pa
01 •very d.scriyi• 'it for sale, at this of
SAIL ROAD comirAny
As an Investment.
TUS rapid progress of the Union Poiße
Railroad, now buildins weal from Omaha,
Nebraska, and limning, with its western
connections, an unbroken line across the
continent, attracts attention to the value of
the First Mortgage Bonds which the Com
pany now offer to the public. The first
question asked by prudent inventor' is,
"Are these bonds secure 7" Nest, "MP
they a profitable investn►ent ?" To reply in
lat. The early completion of the whole
great line to the Pacific is as certain as ear
future business event can be. Thu Govern
ment grant of over twenty million acres of
land and fifty million dollars in its awn
bonds practically guarantees it. (Inc fourth
of the work is alrvady dont., and the track
tamtinues to be laid at the rate of two miler
a day.
2d. The Union Pacific Railroad bonds ast
issued upon what promises to be one of the
most profitable lines of railroad in the coun
try. loor many years it must he the only
line connecting the Atlantic and Pacific; and
being without competition, it can maintain
remunerative rates.
31.1. 425 miles of this road are finished,
and fully equipped with depots, locomotives,
cars, he., and two trains are daily running
each way. The materials for the remains
U 2 miles to the eastern base of the Rocky
Mountains arc on hand, and it is under con
tract to be done in September.
4th. The net earnings of the sections al
ready finished are several times greater than
the gold interest upon the Frst Murtgap
Bonds upon such sections, and if not anoth
er mile of the road were built, the part al
ready completed would not only pay inter
est and expenses, but be profitable to th.
sth. • Pl'he Union Pacific Railroad bonds
can be Issued only as the road progresses,
and therefore can never in the makes
unless they represent a beiliafide property.
6th. Their amount is strictly limited by
law to a sum equal to what is ranted by the
U. S. Government, and for which it takes a
second lien as its security. This mom
upon the first 517 miles west from Omaha
is only $16,0u0 per wile,
7th. The fact that the C. S. Govern
ment considers a second lien upon the road
a good investment, and that some of the
shrewdest railroad builders cf the country
have already paid iu five million defiers
upon the stock (which is to them a third
lien), may well inspire confidence in a fiat
sth. Although it is not claimed that
there can be any better securities than Gov
ernments, there are parties who consider a
first mortgage upon such a property as this
the very best security in the world, and who
sell their Governments to re-invest in then
bonds— thus encoring a greater interest.
9th. As the Union Pacific Railroad bends
are offered for the present at 90 cents is
the dollar and accrued interest, they are As
cheapest security in the market, being more
than 15 per cent. leas than U. P. Stitch.
10th. At the current rate of premium
on gold, they pay
The daily subscriptione are already large
and they will continue to be received is Kew
York by the
Continental National Bank, No. 7 limes
Clark, Dodge Co., Bankers, No, 11
e treet.
John J. Cisto Jt Soo, Bankers, No. U
Wall Street
And by &Inks and Bankers generailf
throughout the United States, of whims
maps and ilNviptive painphleta may be ob
tained. `They will Mho be sent by mail from
the Company e Office, No, 20 %JIM Street,
New York. on application. Pubseribaivi
will ealect their own Agents in whom they
have confidence, who alone will be responsi
ble to them for the safe delivery of the
JOHN J. CliCO, Trrarurer,
Now York
Cam. to Iha prernistia er IN ma.
wawa)ga orriber, in flottitork 'revenant'''. Ctai•
emboli nn Air about the Seth of
7 "1 1 Juiy, lea. a Windt* so w, with white
mark in rerrtirad ktraideatiets• while
two. ekmtt her body, nova about eine 'were, tad
net etaing win k Still at prevent The tow tier •r
earners are ran u••trel te roam letward axd ergo*
prom., plo: r 1 airs, a,1.1 take he away, eitierwia•
dm will he dieeeead oC II the law direct..
WHO nrk. huratit 14 1 4 .7 —3w•
L 23. AV...% . LES '- 41) X 2 LIZ
As the sc•ann is at bend. we •Rrr to lb* Calibers
nit Wooer Pho•phata, 'which. a• • rambler fee
KNab Crlll.oata. Prdalnes. •e.. cannot be ata•b
led, add warrant It la a PIUMSO . ftt "nr r ar all
trans •f gni', (not czeepi ind mew ) It dn.• Oat sal a•
a Omni, all mulant. tar oda crop tinly. but Oa lasting
in rt. 'Rest*, which eats ba proved by the *rowed
of Cheater and adjniningtiNSAilt.. of thir titre ; .tee
of the adjacent counties of Delaware end Maryisod.
who have used our manufacture, fur the all • year,.
/or Wheat, 300 lb• par airs, evir.ed •r saw■
rot Corn, 130 10 NOllOl. per den, dropped :Id OM
•t litre• of pleating:
►or lOite. ISO lb.. per acre, @sere ►r«dgtl.
►ar Potatoes. 400 lb.. per act., scattered II Um
1011 P.
rnt Otago 'DO lb• pot airs, sa • top droamit.
Tni• quantity on Grass Lando will produes in lir
..... •OR Stet stop of Ito t tuna Nit arra.
GI re /I a Mai! IT, allow that tbo ?viols will
Sold is Has. of 900 pounds sub at VT par sere
rand putted. at our Now lianulattury, Cast cid
&mast tt ; also promptly shipped to all points
ae r. a L & B. C and t b. S. 'nada.
Bloomsburg, July 31,
gapJVsl' published, In a sealed saver.
lope. Price 6 tents. A !mare as the
astute. treatment and radieat curs of
Pommel Wesknere or Ppermatorlaroa.
Inducre by pelt-Abate ; Invulantary Emission", lw.
parney. Nervous Debility and. Imp .eilitents to
Marriage generolly ; Cmisuniption. rylloppy, cad
Fits ; Mental and Physical Incapacity, ec. By
Robert J. Culverwoll, M, 0.. author of tks areas
Book,' Am
1 " world reon wpeg uoinor, la Ski. adinlrahla base
titre, clearly proves from hie emit expertenee. that
Pb" awArl consequence" or' Soll•Abuse may be erect.
'Jelly removed without Mt dims, and withr , it dm
!Wood surpeat operations, bouglea. inetrumeate.
range, or cordials, lodating out a mode of aurora
once amain and effectual, by which every aulTerer,
no mallet utast his romiltion may te, may cum
hlmrelf cheaply, privately slid radirally. This Lea
tore will prove • boon to thousands mud tuouvrinds.
cklit under weal to any address. I. a pia o. suralope,
on receipt of oz cense, or awe postaa• atinpa.
Alan Dr. Culvorwell'a Miirrllla Out e. PM* C. 5 filliko.
Address, CUM'. J. C. MANZ & Du.
157 Bovrary, New York, P. 0. boa we
ro. 11, 181117, sa y Porta &Oa
Famed a grow opoo tba marroiliept 144 la /ram
Oran 4.1,0 wont. by ..lug Dr. ilher•igoo's
tagr.teur Cayiltaire. Ole loyal woadarAil discovery
la moduli 441•4444. ottill aPvw Halo
la an •14104tualrasuieuo 4.440a0r. II bile Immo 110114
by the 01110 of 1' aril, m 1414100 willlll4 m• 44111014,
goring Ruin's. Nimes or ill girreliaarsa will 114
ragialored. 444 1( to 111 Oval 1111
11 , 111IY 101141144.11• atoliay will 14 ala•rfully estral•
ad. Price by mail, smiled and goalooid,
aliptlye eirevilus 1144 lopilialmirla gulled lila. Ad•
dross lIVRORR, It CO., C 004011116, N..
111 River Mutt, Tiro:, N. Y., 11 4 10 a uta for tN
Uilled 1141411 a. Crab, W 7, 14147-17,
UK 1101Aliiit4S.