Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, August 21, 1867, Image 4

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Returns for July bre.lietrat be
Department of Aitirleuthlro.
WASIUNOTON, August 2.—'The following
id a condensation of the crop returns for
July received at the Department of agri
culture : Never has the Ilepartment beets
able to report so favorable a loosPert for
uniformly good crops since the establidi.
!tient of the Statismal Itivibion. While ex
aggerated statements have been made in
influential papers, especially of the so-called
failure of the wheat crop oflast year and the
importation of wheat in the face of the fact
that twelve millions of dollars worth of
bread-stuffs were exported in the first four
months of 1167, immense numbers of emit
grants were fed, a much lhrgcr amount or
wheat used for seed than usual, with a sur
plus still remaining over sufficient to break
numerous speculators and banks, It is grat
ifying to know that we shall have a surplusi
to more than wake good the delreicnry, not
the failure, fur there never was a !Aare of
the wheat crop in this country. Of the last
three crops of wheat three or flair States—
West Virginia, Kentneky, Ohio, and Indi
ana—made but blare crop. No other States
were in the category : and lowa, Mi,.snuri
and Kansas made a crop. Instead of a de
duction of 30 per cent. on 90 millions of
bushels of wheat, which would at least have
threatened a famine, scarcely more than a
third of that deduction should be made.—
Fur three years past the product has been
but about five bushels to each inhabitant.—
The crop of 1859, if the census. returns are
correct, was about five and a half bushels to
each person; the promise for the present
year is about six bushels.
The statistical returns fur July show an
improvement in the condition of Winter
Wheat over last year, in every State but
Texas, Nebraska and 31innesota, the di.
Initiation in the latter case being but 4 per
cent. The highest improvement is in Ohio,
ltio per cent ; West Virginia, 7S; tieorgia.
tl6, Tennessee, 72 ; Indiana, 51; Kentucky,
23 ; Michigan, 35 : Vermont. 25 ; New
Jersey, 23 ; New York, 17. Spring Wheat
was a the less variable product than laq
year, consequently less variation in the
figures used in the pram etimpaiison.—
All the States however, except Vermont,
New York, and Pennsylvania, show an in•
crease on last year.
Corm—The average, in corn is onw , nally
large, every state showing a material in
erme except Mailia, New Ilamt,sbirea. New
York, and South Carolina. In the South•
ern States the increa4o ranges upward- to
102 per cent. as in .10,awas. The
tier as reported is a little de2, , iefit iu Coe
Northern and Western Stat. • on account rf
the letenozoi of the Alitig. With the con
tinuancc of the tort-slit weather thole is
..mple opportunity to make up the entire
eficieney. in which raze the yield will Ic
gp., —A glanee at the tal le4 will •bov,
he line condition or this crane Wl4l
the rr:-
wvrkable unit4rmity of the improvement.
hurley.—The coniii6in at' this train
rasoni , e- an inerea 0 or 11,,, 0 , y.
cent. in Ma —i•ilti-011-
neerr.ut, New Jers•
tueky, and Indiana, and 14 per at. pi
OhM• Most of the ...idler Btatr shoe
aite.--11,e oration or Nit, point 4
a full avtragc in the West partiodtrly in
IViscon:in and 'Minnesota ; also, in Ma —a
ehusetts, Rhode Island, Connoctient, New
Jersey, and the South ; slightly less than
last year in Maine, Vermont, New York am!
&dart, and Mtg. --The , c emit , are al
most universally large from in average tip
to 15, 24) and even 1u per e it•
flitotoot.—The report of acreage „r po
tatoes indicates a larger area planted in ev
ery State except Maine and New Vorl..—
The condition is also above an average with
a few exceptions, among which ar o New
York, Ohio, and Indiana.
Fruits.—Peaches arc so exceptional in
their successful seasons and localities that
estimates for States can scarcely be made
with accuracy. New Jersey, as indicated
by very general returns, shows ;3 per cent.
improvement over last year ; Maryland, 25;
Delaware, 150 ; Virginia, 25 Miehigan,
127. In other States estimates arc given
upon whatever data was received, generally
showing a considerable increase over het
Apples are promising in portions of New
England, the Allegheny region, and the
Grapes are more unifmn in the average
of States and generally appearing unusually
well. It has been a snore successful year
for strawberries than usual, as a study of
the table will show.
Sorgliam.—Tho Sorghum crop is gener
ally retutued as in a comparatively poor
condition with lower figures than any 'other
crop. Ohio and Indiana indicato a dd.
ciency in averaged' 14 per cent. All the
principal Sorghum growing States show a
similar state of facts.
Tobacco is much like Sorghum, mani
festing a decline in average and quality gen
Cot/mt.—There is an increaseofaecrage in
North Carolina, Georgia, Alahams, and
Arkansas. Texas, 10 1•l0; ;Mississippi
9 4-10. The average is about the same as
last year. There is a slight difference as re
ported in favor of the present crop.
The Department estimates, made last
October, of 1,84000 bales, proved to be
singularly accurate for approximate calcu
lations of FO early a date, though they were
severely c.iticised by Northern and South
ern speculators, some of whom publicly ac
knowledged their error after the crop Ira,
sold. It is too early to predict the success
ful avoidance of all the numerous enemies
of' cotton. Had the !asst crop been a good
one it would have yielded 2 ,ti 0 n,9 0 0 bales.
A wry good one would have realized 3,000,.
000. Such results are possible thin year,
Wool. —An axanduatten of this heir of
tables will show that losses of sheep,: au.
thrifty condition, and a wet spring, 'havat '
had an Influence both upon numbers tiiN
weight of fleece, and will . lend to the mu
cluaron,that Aar wool eh* of the prelim!.
year hrbot diktirially larger than that of
lest year.
NW itusTArktuvr,
tntUrtins if 1?“1111 rtr UlUitlijyhtlfg AMd witthity th4t
tan tam 0P4144 1 a tun,
wr A V rt ANT I
is tbis ohms, whore WI ittvitos has fld tilt:ails sod
asstmitors wenn .110 purtnkta tar ins tuftsstntastsa—
It is hir i1ii0141.1.111 eit 4.lPit I itti bs'l4
L.1(11,1 1 11,13:11, 44V D ALI 4
votoiniitly urr harm ; Alin, Porter, 'Wee/patina. Men
Ul4i W4OO r, ralnty LethittlNdeti, lteepberry and hem
blyrupe, von al Wept be tied et nor ilestautaell.
Ili th e Ming line be preeerd*
not surpassed lu this Visor vio, Picklo4 Oyster ,
sof,lioHO rimh, Uatherue4 Chicken, Maim
Tulle and Dorf Tongue. ise.. aloe ha I soot
oriole of
NM „,
I'S WO VbeiriSig Macro
tbr hts customer. ive hm* 0011.
Illoom,wouro, Julio 1 3 . lecn.
Reduction hi Price'''.
The umlerviowd tttil t•tier to the
in 01 Irimlo of
I , ..'‘LitSo , LrcroilatsaLlactlitlocs • 4
Burl n b
141.: UNISIVA R C.
Booth and Slloeiti, Halo, Cap*,
and Nation. in every va
Our bniineas front the did of lautlaty. will be can
ducted an a *trio ly
and pett,na wishing' In pattlnoto anytkont fn ant
line can do go at a t,ty antall partannatta on
Current Wholesale Prices.
All kin.b. or product+ nod groin tokoo iu exthooge
EV' We rotundity invite the public to
and a share of their patrona eit
ali NINO( & $111..111,4N.
Cathy:troth Jasusary 2 , 1A417
Inform the public Ma they
have their
HOW in °Pertains* with nn extenoive sorinftment HI
Lt j Art 17.4... e uti 1,13.
and nrr now prrpurod to I.ovaly all ord”ta nt short
notice and at the artoa for ca , h, Their ns
sort inelll Of I Wlllwr Coll t
fine Mesh, Bonn
flooring, 11411111 w iloardps
Hemlock Plank,
1:110 , 11 nr 11111111011 , 1, t , r) rm.., spar
joire nip{ tioithtltiitt of all stX,A. Thi•ir halloo, Mill
and Loother Yard ik rit tent e,i tit the
vory r oriveriolitly for iihipping loather hy th, rug",
hey aft. cil,tkolly thilog lumbar of all
, 1110 Hegira I iher of every
Wlit dr walk 5,. intro,, Ohm atnt kbe fore
pow .3.411;! eimAt 11,ry, They sire em•
iheotly prelim et! to sell thelp $1.4 1.11,
The•oili—iit. Int.*el th.. WWI , ;eh,'
i•111*. it big It , 13 . 4.11:11 they have
too. Mill ipeciiiity oropare,l lee rut liftilwr.:
Tioiso wirhih; to
l•oilit or tot:troi,tiii. hie I ildnig, eau Naas I“otie, by
VIM" it n tail
The uit. 11,0 11,4
nra rirolfat,l t‘s do :Mt knot of rettiwtmi'i io• "Ow
Ant b ~•11111,01w4 Miithineii. Moo
rIII kind* at
Gle lot 111,
Soot. 19, fis'A
C tiqi) Ni
61 ,111 3 ,
.17# ###. 0. If, ## • # ;
Jot l'aliloah. 41, a ovw f ,f
1+4,19 'IA I ft WE1.1.'14 c'tl , brale,l FIB -14 y r,a rho rod
+, I ov,dahlat.l 11,,110;
k;urv• Ntepral tn. apaeuy, itiptii+
‘1,1,11,0i, IS • +I VpiiepAy, aed
ir;" ;:,,141f 4 , llW.utscia, err vt,,trovu.
• •
' , etre. iu a• , .•ailed 4,
.!•• r 3=•L•••r•.1 'Mi., WOO,
+l,llll++++,llNlW+++ $OOlll It lbirty year. , '
1,,1 rf tici•! the 414:Wing ..”,q111'10:1.t.i 1 , 1 Melt ,
• may ha rudi,olly curt,d With,rht tiro cidouvt
o,r. 114 e iI joh , to:tt otodiroto, er the tt-pplwaloon of
he acaNlin7 IM , " of tote 11l Onrr , 0101.
pie. r , rllsin, .1114 twit, by a.. ona which even
OliiitS.r what hi, v.rodttion tufty bc, may
• litni.elf cheaply. prir,,toy, and rndtcaily.
De ill tilt: hautlu of over,
yooto otot wary moo to the hand.
under a crd, to u plum vovehrpo, to airy
drt p1t,11,164, on receipt tootr ,- , rte tn.) pest
slit was
rasa !Iry 1.411110,914.
C. &
12 Hortrry, t'utk,PortOtficrt r,a,iv6
.Ul,ti)aw 4 p`a.C , WCV'CD49
Tin's iltittOttiglitOt hat, itl.l tervive , l a very largo
and excellent OtOtOrttliollt of WALL AND WINTER
l;OflI B, ~, hie b be propoSO'nl to Men at v erg low Mtvii
Ha bap the beet iivalities or
AIO 1:1CoES,
C111:110, &c, /ice.
l'he Grocery Departmetat
is M1..11110 Ihr bast polity 01 tre4t trroeeroNs and
ouch no €agar, otolusbee, dour, Tait, fish,
ham, ho,ou, •Spil
try pr,, t nee taken for goody,
forlto ti ail hi at 'Haricot prie , %ill given.
11 1. t roll to giv e him a cull and motto gnat
R. W. hoWM AN
Orangeville, Nov, .IR,
No. 14 Bond St, New York.
information, With tbt highest ti s Litanies
Woo. a Book on kpecial !distaste to a sealed envelope
malt trim.
fin sn r ennit send for !Acr . and pm oral not regret
it r tart as IV/VT/4101W phyttei#oB are 1:1.r...ti t - Ay im.
poster* * without references ntr strangte bh4114
imwd,stun+pcol pastAgr; and tlir re% to
YORK. Nov. 14, IFl;ti—ly.S, M. P.
April Bth, 1867
and North Weet liar Philadelphia, New York, Real.
ink,. Pottsville, Tiworepin Aebinml, Lehnooli, A lien•
town. Euston, Fphrata Lilia. lowieketer, Columbia,
s t r„ Ate.
Tratnu !neve 11ncrintoirg for New York, on thilthvol
At a 110, N in m 01135 A AI end 110 and tt Dorn connert
ing halt eiwrinr Train', on the l'entn , ylvanta Rait
raag owl
nrrivtngnt New York al 501$ 004 Pi to A 0
nod 4 40, 510 nod 10 d 4 ea, Weeping Cnrs tterem let •
tit tett the 300 • m and 0 pm. Trains %%anent
henvn tinrriAtirg for Pending, l'othiville, 'puma.
cool, Mincroville. A »Wand, (tine Grove, Allentown
keg Pkilitol , 4lphin, nt ri 10 A M and s< in ant) 4 10 p
etnpp;og at Lebanon andel a tt aaa ;
the 4 10 r 0 untlang connethons (or Pnlig,leipoin and
Coin mina only. PeGvcill,.. 110ven
nun Anbure, pin klcbuylkill Awl inpaquAlialina Rail
coed, leave Marriekilrg. at 3 20 pm,
Itetaraina ; Leave Now York at 9 03 A M. le M and
5 /Wand Ita I. 11; PhiladelphiaAi 13 A M had 330 p m
Pang Way PaaailetT Nita leaven Philadelphia at 7 30 A
m. retwniui Irani Meath hit at/411p ..tapping at all
prations; Port:withe at n 43 uN. and 295 pm; Ash
land ii cal and i i :10 A M. Ullll I 03 p. M.; Tarn/MU tt
943 A. 14, and I and 83 P. N.
P01444 , /114 for Harrinan vin Schuylkill and
elvitiehaiina Railroad at 7 00 A A t .
Rending Arcommodation Train : LemtVall Reading
at WM/ A at militant/ from Philadniplint at 3 00 p M.
Columbia Railroad Train, Inayo hooding at 7 00 A m
and 0 13 p M rut Ephrata. MHz, Lannotor, Vow ethic
pout:town Arrountiodation Trani: Loaves Puna.
lowa at 0.0 A, M., raturniha Ivavin Philadelphia at
030 r. m.
flail Road Truing, IHAVC ni.40100 et/ 00
400 1113 r. M, fur £phrala, Liras, Laniakstor.
01, Ouuduri : LeIIVO Nrw Perkin 0 00 P M, Phlle•
ilelphde 800 A M, cod 3 13 I' N. Um a 00 A M, wain
rennkag only la Readmit ; rotervltie Of OU A M, • Hot.
notturs 9 34 A M. and Itene,ne at IWI and 7 tili A MI,
ferPrtriceuei and i 1 al A M. for New York and 403
PM. nor Phi ntilalpttin. , ,
Caatanalatias, iatkala,llllasn Selinol and Sarno.
Tianota. to and from al d
alma icta reduced MISS.
:litigate tat taint th e Nib ; prr
panda alioad each
1P414M1011/. G. A, NICULIGS.
Gentiral Super naterultta.
BROWN 46 mums.
Pianos for the People !
420 Broome St., N. Y.
We would con the ouootfoo or tha Indnin IPA Oa
mil, is our arifiCat how Scale riunes, in the }uw•
ISTYMI A, 70Cillan, riralit IWK4 r OOlO e4lrntri.
ptriu VW. either Oregon or carved laic
straleht bottom, bead reoeldtter an p10n1h....5430
wry ho 0. 7 octave, same as idyls A Atte set..
montifing on With, carved WO find IY re,. 3110
ts'fr 1.6 7 octave. "'rem coreirre lams rutted
set perdu( bottom, thealdleas sums its on style
D. carved lyre and dean, taany carved Was.— 341,1
BMA: 0, ?octavo, Pour large weed comers,
Ontahed back, weelilottaa Oil rim and
Ortpentina Wow. carved lyre and dealt, nie•
VW carved Unit legs- curt
The shovt, styles tire all 'Wished in elegant 111411•
wood oases and have the Nil iron flows, French
Briton, harp portal, beveled top, ivory keys and key
Outdo and exceed in ovefetruns Noss, toady MI ths
7 I Ortsvo Poole* now tunnufarto red. 11111 , are
111411.10 t the Mort tuaterials , and for dninly durability,
purity sod NW ,• ettins of tone, cannot be surpassed.
We invite the attention ut the. pantie, of dealers sod
the profession, to a critical esstothstion of the
writs of our Primo..
thy avoiding ay great PA ottoddant upon
sOstly InetwlPP 41111 1±%(1 , 1141f14 W 41 1 ,10040 ill the
city. the ttrc enabled to otfer these l at image
Moth dory ceinpetition, incite all to tall 111111
to .minion Meng t, tor. purchn,dog elsewner , , Parties
ordering front a 111.1414 , 1 can rely upon receiv ing
their rhinos prooll 4l ).a nd ll" , ' !' ; 0 : """' , 4" "" r
111. the styles are to. Oistitohy +44,14,04t ,, , t,lO
letters A It t' • • •
'ho IOOT dopwritool abovo, Otolool V Oil OW
vilsontoli rhaaLcr iu extu nor tiol4l or raw, v. Iwb
lira by many ataau tact itrolt 11tH lip to i 5 an,l
;WIC 14:1",18TMENT,
We wout4 re.peetivil) rats tile affruttou aY chair
Len.frr4 and Sinviog.S.llol4 re4ofri re t.) nAtr , 4111)-
1,4141 ,. a tvlu ft: ail hlilds a Church I , 4:4 e unfl
Ant.helto "tvo}ku tau iro olthtined vu the truu , tfavtuzille
Th , long exporiottro Or °Or Mr, ll,,OrfiN f , iu I{ll,lval
ConventOlg, Choiro, the rolooot Itomil and ready.
14,11001, root/lox loot to glt,o: arlywo find iliforocaloo
On all polot./ of otolOrlot totere4.4 err to the 411141e11,111
oI proper 110 f k p 01 Waif 111-11011 101111allo114 follgittat
—pf otusi , lI .tooter. aold It , 1114 Or
pallfral 1111111:st to E01111,./brilf, leatier, tt.urlo,t
forivirlind on the swim! Willis' with
iwomisinsiosi s . .stigtry orders so AIL:Wt.{
aad srletil , Msl 1110 for pisllllo. teatstiefs: concert.,.
.Now ready the now &hoof
111 011; ()IL IDIE Ct 0111 S
tty T PIPUIS44: siihssr o r osissred
t.lrhe+,l eatitt-e, Ortettutt (Ike &Ss,
Ate" Ate,
We will sewl To ripe. unto oily, noot paid, to any
ud,lrea.k. on Ist nit' 0 *Ail, Tlte WM) of
'THY Uot,osn rit+Ssliste,s ,
stspies, to popsf Coteest 30
BY M./ IINi t.`,11,1
Nioale onieet, to board covetto Y i
the 100 ~ too
,Stole's 1 *nrirtilled rt'unt) PiNsh.
fit Pt intrthfiwoi, an b •ihit vt.theh.if by Mt leading
hous,, in the HlMllifartHre of 19itiu , r, Ormh,, }ht-
II ird
Tabte# row; if tre, Every ,too , who itit4
haw, shouht thi4 land
NO \ it give 11;11 putttrulnrs mil
4,lfurtpm.„Appl“ K+r Togs )100 11)11 AAeuriel ,
f , reivwl hi( KW 11% N h II Ii l ta. th.hetal A gelds
fur lii C uli l Sritf“ , , 410 ISiuoauStrol, Ml. Y.
ot.lly pnn,at. in 11'.• rw:htry ttaht 1 *in
t",h , Hutch, nn4 nx the :Miele manic iw v.-h., t, thot,
ahem Chit. are t , !• op, 8-1
I‘Vith the 1,,m,P y e niti I nUnrd by rz
pleis pill . ppr
I 'A" a , / 7,7i7K1
AGLNTS rt.R Tit FN I 11:14 sTATiIs,
No. -NU ttr.fflo , , Strut:4, N. V
0(.1.21. J.,A,
1:1 , 1,1("1'1:1)!_
SI '111:.11 ) )11 ! !
%rh a,„ ~,„ or PR lillNVl6l.ti's vt,ix
yott oa o. 1,11 pant at a teirni ,, U.C.o.
h I,t,hitiv 100. ,'^+ wliti har,intli. , foj
in% no .114 It,*
NO , )ration .
,d %to., qt.., t.',nor,! . : rooot.o,r any of iho 101 l
•-• q , I , bn p ec +OllO,l +++.lp, n,.+, re 1141 , r^ , It 1.111!
t‘a...4 I 4104,1 , ill •,
II !I ll' 1 1 on , nd , ol , olr, dt'pr , ololl.
ot . • •.; a , itt 4.04.4 l o .„.
!) . II is ,P r, ,14.,•yit...
~tip ~ ,, , , ,+.1.•, -t r++).++l It by
I+y ..t.plack
pt , +.+++3.! , • ••. , +o,ll.l,+++t
••• . +r PP‘tr, and to , 410040 1 , 4 lo
o,t, .irtet.tio rt, A pr•rp.o,t cure I. 014rOlitt•coi in
lailtln,„ to on, :1.1..
,a 4, Ono I,,ltie ,i,;li.'11•114 10011 fit
Als++ , Pr I+++++,:tii!,'s tho f , riowAY
and p. m,511,0 • oto f. 4 1114'3, I , 'ilif
Ihrdi treat , Plllll4l , and
the iii,tn - r~ nu.l RR 144.1.. r, Cur., •it., I++ (root
r,•14.i,01 , •11....... , rthl• toi to. Ito* Mil 11
hnllo,l , I 411. - I,th
1. ,•••at, xi I: , 0., nor
e. , +•+++.lllcir 1,41001 in tip 101 11••: with
Pr.; t • j ~
Leth,r Ilwatt+++ ,-+ thentio,re,l :+rircle - r win 1,,
to Hoy u•10t.,..1, • 104,1 y phl,l, by
. h . ++
• +r+., or 4,,i1 , 1*..01 oil trcrt;.t ~r,
I +kr,. 1:1.1t01133, 1'.4
Il.ivet r.
1 1 , 1{ I .1.7, ) 31 .1.
Vh r , lie wo.twantif,,l and
%vidi ,tarry and ti“ Or.
‘llli , t; Itqvitrik ,014, ts:
Lodlitmed the vary #t,,Art
Fof the f1“1, ti tV y aua
11,14:10, a flerivy
M 10,41,,
RV 111. i 112 i6i , . nnide I.lli, , an , t C,rdlenlra ran
a ta,,l., a ri 1,1 t It to ihn not}
woihl Otal lA4II
at lb , vivo it :1 twit:01011 tr o 64 ,
lit , CI it.p , c itot th , batr.
but tut , rht tt• •Nod th. :• •. -t•
,And 41,•:tet fur y ro.rti a„ • .:41111 .4 iill . 111 , /,1 ,/1
arlictr 01 11, hind f.Vv olirrrd to tltc .111 - it,iti 0.•
rtutta wrtt to` ,*ent to, 0 - litrv..4,
to t aled tuhl ih,tphttl t .91. .Vt.trs / 5 ,, 55
L. CI. Alt &CU . CucmlatT No, 3 Wl,l ri . .vetto
Syracuse. N,
LadiiMantia & Uiouiusburg Ruh oad.
kit *MHOS
$12N421412 MAINS WILL, KIN As roLLows:
LEA V 12 Sotil'll W A 0 IL
tarave Serroiton, 53.2 7.10 4,40
•' X rou.trith, OAS 030 mitt
Mullett 9,20 0.17
Manville, 4.51 0.k7
Arr at Northowborland 10,30 9.33
Leave 40,4ihuniberIand, ;AM ,520
Manville, 7.10 OM
It :Tett, e. 15 P M 035
{4 Klfiglann, 10 50 2.50 405
Art lye at Permian, 1200 to 121
Trtios kavinit Kingston at 0.39 A: 71 for Scranton
cnnaert with Tfidll arriving at New York at 5 :NI
Pap...tiger. tatting Tram Sown from Scranton at 8 . 50
A 51 via xot iloonbarland,rea. It linrrishorg 1.4 30 I' M.
Bali 'awry 730 I' M.. W ashiogton 19 OUP M via Ru
pert reach Philadelphia at ; our M.
U. A. FONDA, Soo.
Kingston, 2an, 04 0%7,
requiring the use of an eiternal application.
This now Compt.tind, prepared by it practical
hang a full knowledge of all the iitediral
irtlies of cara Marta:lent that enters Wo its coition.
is a :Irritated to exceed anything of the kind
ev e r yet aileted to tile tatalte AS an eXtettial appli
rattan tor inn disint4e4 far which tt is retatialleglited,
We ate satisfied that it Will wink its own road into
the contitivote of all who use it, nod 111000 whit try
it (Mee toad novvr he without it. and thereinto, we
rely on experience a• the best test of its usefulness.
It in pronounced by
and all who hove tried it, tribe the beet application
ever °ppd. 'Due Cillbtoolll.loll IMO been pot up for
over eight years, rod it is only through the increasing
demand and urgent request of tug Mends and the
public flint i erad it forth en the grand remedial
admit for the various to watch that noble
and useful animal, the horse 14 subject,
Many remedies have been odered to the public
niftier diderent forma, some of these are injurious,
others at best of little use, and many it betty im
proper to answer the purposes far whickthey are
A judicious and really useful tomposition, free
trout threw oblettions, has heretofore Wog been de.
sited by many gentlemen who have
VAL VA 111141; 1110111816%
and ate unwilling to trust theta to the cam of do ,tiatt.
lug and pretended I , others. Their wishes are at
length gratified, by Mr, neuter being prevailed
upon to allow this valuable Elmbrocation (which him
preyed so edit .rious to 11/0 1/0110/10 tliV04000) to be
pr red and brought out to the µoldie
TM* „blutbrocation was egteuvienly used by the
liege/now during the war.
Allo4oollll order to Mt, EDMUND Oki 114.
tlttg booth Second st. Philadelphia. Pa,
March dU, 'd7—don,
TO BUT BIT 400118.
N sw coAL yAno.
The anderlignedropeetrally itiOgiNgAgftieette
of litoontstetre ithd (70100014 OceuhlTitnntni kef P
all the dideroot. Itemisers ot Motif CUM Mn., Neleeted
itimp ,e a rl for eatithing purple's, ma their wharf, ud
petting Mekelee, Neto qe..*lPOrktheol With o 'wog
pair Ihltroltl Ortilfti OD the wittertrto weigh co rtt,hay aaet
straw. Li he ise it hum ttetwurien, to datives. treat
to those who dewier It. At' we parthare a tame
rooolOst of cosi, we Weed to keep a superior all
and yeti at the very h r w,..t p riee e, piapre ram and
smooths far youreelvva bolero llfth4lielligPloo% iI4 , HL
J. W lIKNIJPASitijr.
'DM?, H 111 4 ,1 1 , 91111101, wi22taka, in O%OIIOIIW far Cost
and ativerhiii. the following named ortieliot :--
Wholtt. Nye.t7 ra. tYate, Pol,trOPN, Lan), Pam. Ail+l,l/
SOO', and aide swat, flutter, Egg, Usti, tkc,, at the
highest ft him tiiiitert. toilinsing
their east yard. J. W. flt:NlO3l.7.liOT,
Montioibitrg, April
111,00mst3nto, co.
.iih.riber, proprietor
I of Om slows named rt.
, nsive establishment, is now,
Wpftred to receivo inJors
All Kinds of Machinery,
entieries, wrist Etirneees, Ptalinnary Engines,
'MP esitiso kC.,
Sere nivel prepared to make Atoyes, aw l
t ie tarns, to'niv , irons, /did everything usually made in
ifl A.C1414i , 4 ° OlllOON ,
tiia ext .nsier rtrilities and ninetiritt workmen, wet.
.not him In r,.e. lying the largest contracts nu the
re 'Amiable terms . .
• Urnin 01'411 kinds will be taken in exchange fat
Stag Ibis ostoblieffitteut is hirced near the linekitietti
u 4 d Moosio..borg Railroad D#
Inituntshitrg, Etrpt. ill.
Ar(rty opposite the Ppi , ,eoptt C/ u ,rrh
A y composed Or title el 0001;5, nteti bnn
mat prir , fl -4,l,totett to all rorldltiolW
ft, tit, Ile lets the latest Styles for th”
~.3000 not, assort moot of
ilvtrenais and Gcntletutn's Shaw s,
frost low to the VetY best
Goods we idBhvoi dile and Well itide.
1..44,0 0 to Ipy ' , tot* of rut1y.414,15 clotili.rkt,
have piers goods fir custom orders,
Cloths, Ca%simeres, &e., &c.
am; ttaviu g e rne nt in,- first eh,. etlttOrS. I suntan
tee a tit in all eases and glee satietactton. Also a
eartety tef
(`.limo, , 41rtekt.t,
....ev,ql. thing In tiw 010 letao , a'r. {111” of rlotinl.
Alt% flag, 11 , ,5, lluti itiPtv,i, 11,1111%7 4n4
I will artl at I he Varkut
t.• n raft li.-ratv purvha lag
Itbaratd.arr, Nov. 15, fr'ls.
Anon tore, to hi,: many fri , ttitA mt.! uom,rioto not.
ttoto , q , u6t1}1,1”,, ,1
.141 i.tre tit 11,1“..41.-i1 MAiN
Uaa 4,7.4.111 , f:4 PIA aria C4ll lro. ;ice 0.
• Fth‘t :014 ow•
ar;10,1”,04 I . • • 4. I .
T 1 11141, •,•; •;
aft , : ort • • •
:Y 01 . • • . r rt
tip t 1 t 1 N ts"rt Pt :••• ". ‘ e. ,-
1.1 , ..611t1y aAi, +.• •
Pao., of •
.Olio ,, fit Itt rol-c- , 4a
,I'r% A C. ail
3nli% 1" . 1,66.- 11.
c sl t,) W R,
r r l'firl4A
to 2vltt6. ,
In. 1:10,,I1,1.4. , „, Ito to
11" •111,i tit ‘.
LAn.t N. A h,o ,
w 11 t,,,, t ,A A 1A,1 2ONl.phturt, 4 ll, ,, trued riitsbrr bp 0
1, 0 ,5 , 6 311,,th
Ni erx d pLdr filtd irk Ivo nritinfmlnr.,l
WI , . t , ,f th,rBroliqv stul tttotc•r`p.ditql,ted
ite and tatio, a ir.AV 44W:4 itiAtVe the Court
- .WM! Side •
It! le.wal. g, F 63
Jr. 7 - t•
77:1roll.'11 r',e , trecn 11 , 1-'legre oldlaic%hstcr
Vi'illsont Change of 41.'ne.ok.
i N 100 April TrOi. , W il l 14“,
4.1 .a 4 "41.44 .
N:t A. x 1,444 Ni4f.t41411 , 11111144, s4111:1;44 nt prin
-110,l 111,1, nrrtva , a pt krilPhtwip.:(t, t .10
11% , ett 3 i:ll , lnl3t 3 13 0. n., tiarlf.a•
I I p. huB'st , l Ul3 a. , tii4t.ra ratio
9 04
4 4.4 P. N4411t4114 M 444, ,04,01H4. at all
. 4 ..t. aa a, amtla; att Wslttalaslo.t, ti 43 n. at., 1.1
nota It 05 P. It
0 03 A. 3.. 'alive Nonllatialaqtan,l, stopping at
ikeitaApal ,441i01,14, 1411%144 at llarrt...atir;t 4 34 A. 4.,
g,ktlnnese 11, 30 p 110414 , 1pata 1 00 p.
10 II A, 1P1P0N144441014,44114, 0 , 1411: at all
arriving at Ilatmaare. at 1 13 P. 41., 841.
ti 4 440 4 nu p. at.. ratladelplit4 3 40 p. M.
5 111 P.. frave. !17401100aaar'aall. alnpaiag at all
ti4l4/144, arm log at Ilarmbotra: 3 , 1 r. in., 11.04det.
ow, OP A. u., MiiMllllom 7OM 3 / 4 at.
11 34 1% tit6tlationtwrhad,
1tiP14(11 4131011.4, 311ri VlOl4 at Iltrro4hirg 3 V A 3.
ttalumore 04 , p4tt delpata 7 11l a U.
3, N. ItiTAVIVV, 1^..44. YOVNUL
$01?"1, Ilatrerbute, Pa, t:en't Puss, Agent,
Ilitllimnro, and
A,A,c NI . kICI Lllst ItottN,
GP4 . I %V. Attu Freight Agent, 111111 . 410,
May, ri„
. .
EM 1)111. F, S. I I 17171,11;ENVIN
Are *eperior to MI others tl , r
Comm° sit the latest improsiw , ots ' are MmuliF
m 400 14 . 4 ; dorable ; and posy to work.
Illmorated eireoldts free, Ageots wanted. Lih
oral Jtacwn tei POrWPIL Nu o , llrigmnent , iva de.
Adores* EMPIRE S. NI, CU, WS Broadway, NtW
September 5. IStIrL—Iy,A, &
100,000 SIIIivULES & A LARUE
vale. Thu uudersigeed otters for pule upon the
must reasonable terms, at his place of outguess, to
lINNTON, itIiMUIA COUNTY, one bemired thou.
at om 0 5 i 0 a1,,,, a nd a large 10f of teems boards, of
the very best quality, both pine and lirthlinrit.
J. J. MettENRY.
Denton, May 11, 18641.
(Imo Amsistaht Medmal thrertnr U. P. Army.)
Phyoician and Nurgeon.
re- (Mica at tha &aka Wief , Rhymiqburg,, Pa
Calla promptly attended t 4 bulb night aml day,
Illoaturburit. Nov.MIA
ror restoring hill, upon bald (froth whenever
floss it only have iallon out= add a er.v%th of
hairlipoit the MCP, It hits no totllEtt. It will torte the
beard to throw fijorli thr fit o iliest Aldo i t from Ave
to aiplm O.•.•itd, or host spoil Issl.l molds in from two
to threo hiunthr, A few laittirant prsetitioners hare
asserted that there Is nothing that wth hire or had 4
rh tits atowth of the Wit nr IW:lnt. .111.1! u,taisti WHs
are iota , . as thousands of living witnessed (I . l'olll
I W I' ran Mier W t RIO Mod) , OM
day. how ore we to dirituguisti the dell di He (row the
.I.orrints G 14 rortatitly is tliiil , telttthi et
tlsu diderent Virparialettadti,rtised for this hair nod
!ward itte llth ith I you too have at.
thrown unity Jaik;i4,li. , l4.lli.d ih ihttif
Tosselt wa hould say, try ito . 11 , Turtior , tt
will cost you notiwith unlres 04 folly counts tip 4h out
repreanotaitot r. It your stroggoo d0d. , 4 not 10441 W.
south ur site &Iliac art its WI 11 WWWAnt it.1" 0 1 ,44 *
together tdcelpt for the money, whiell will lie
tetanus! you on a ppliratem. pro% WHIN entire sal.ho
faction is not plash. A4ilirros. IV. 4. eI.A ILK & CO.
BLOOKSItuItO t COLIUMIIIA COUNTY, PA. I Chemists, No 3 West Payette ON,, ttyracitan, Pr, Y.
into 01—by
N EW TAILOR S 1101).
nn„opm i e d n Now 'radar Shop im Main
where Una tti be pleasett to 10f Rt
all who may fever him with their coktoin. Ile keep:,
on hand a wo II et heft:diet or rlnthe.ranst - Ilera. vext
ingS. which he will woke up to order with tientitt,tl
and doepateit.
Attention pall to rutting gr itt owl cm*l boy`.
clothing Alen ratting none in the ladleit" line.
Repairing dune upon abort notice. All work
Cr" Give him a call. t Blamaaaarg May el. 190
EXe JIANG I'l 110 TE 14, ''''
The untierelytted having pureheatal and lately re.
tined this well.aaaltin newt*, pt leafed as Natal SE.,
tututediately etiquette the hurt Itenre, Tvsit,ttlutly
114011114 hie Meade nod the public genekoliy, that ht.
Wawa ht. now la order fat the atneatutottatlea and
ettlertatatheat of travelers.
no has spored au pains In prepotlng the 'Whinge
fht the Vidtittnititueld and Cot*lfort oftritrlwiti. Hit
noose it .pilaus, end oujnyo a good beiduese 1004.
tVVINIOIIIMEOI run at all time Imamate Oho Howse
and the dllawnt rallrenO lierem, by which trave'oro
will he conveyed to end (rem the reopeettre Stations
to duo Woe to meat the care,
April 10, 10P.
Empire filigisttle Machine
LESPOO 11 4 , hrhadwny, hr. V.,
Lill li'n•lhagtort rl ent, ttortml.
1.111 alumina $l,lll. Ph it ul li'hin,
PATIINTI:11 PEP. 11. I+lll.
1 1 1 114 VI /WI I 1 NP, I. ean.truch..l nn esitlyyla hew
a priach.l.. 1111.117 !life
and a iiidable imAp virseponis. Mir she examined
by the ul,rl p•ol,uuiJ export., 0111/ la..llollllltHil to
Simplicity ',Nil jer•/•eelimt
n straight x.•vJI,•, prrprxaira4r 10.11nn.
vo Lor or $lll 1 . 111. R 09'11131. which will
n,•dh,r RIP aor It AVP.L. and Is !Vika on Owls rl,lna ;
to•rinnxa porf•rl PIM in/ 011 w,•rt dorrrept of
ns:4o•rinl. frogs' I. Alto's , Or 'he oor.l Nnorook foorlor.
lopo.n, or Pint 'broad. from H, . rolrp..l
to Uu+ nno.i ononlo.r. Oaring wither VA , " n► 0110
N it ra:s.. no.ll tho Part porriair friction. It rood as
• ttttttttt a* lit no*. nod is
fl A .- 01m .11T * ,11;rehino.
I'II`I•Y I'IR 17 V'l•. leer power to drive
it Min wit, other Nwrhrne in the mart A aid
lwrlre p.arr of cm* w.,rk Klteadity. ioritoout
rialto.. or loptcy In lo•nblr
It. ibbrnititels nnA Irani flimpliesty nrennotroia
liMI evn.tres It tilmoo lo tel okiti
unA Is IMARANITED by the I unipany to r t e e en .
tfteanlislin n.
Wt. rnoprrifillly Its Vito nll thorn Witn gun? Or , in
supply itreiH..•lYr♦ us Ills n roper' r us I irlr, to ening
and Palmitin this UN HI V A 1.1.1:11 NAt NE.
ow, halt none* In.llntijon is villici , llll. , enable
any porton to work tins machine to 'brit riot lie sat.
Agouti. wanted for all lnwx■ i I OM Milted stet..,
heir ayr new. ate not nirPally v.1:114101104 . Aloe.
for MAL Mildew. Croirtil and $OOl America. to
'skim 0 liM•ra. ittsrotiot will
Piano-Forto Manufacturer!,
499 Broadway, Nrw York.
; 4•I7tAPTION public mid Or trade. is
Noss %Pa Se SEVGY
R(w GM). ill PI .‘S li 'tly Ez.t. hit h V..hllne
purityHari /0.10 u(f) un rt•ialled by spy Illlhrrte tpf
sit this market. all pi l e toot
iMPrOVI: music rryispli grand sett•nt, harp iti•ilail.eroit.
Oahe.. iit 1.1101. VIC, Mill Pilch MVO rthllelit
61414 MA& 11111.4.1' Ihr prnnnrl sitlp.. r yp,dmi m r .
J. 11. iiii.pvcervssi. Who limos ittitritcla tqfprioltire 15
~ V 4., kitty yi•Pirs r 111Witti4CA1M, id fatly Witt.
UMW!' it every ytif grllhlr
T111:-(IMPEISIEKX PLeNt).Fofinc.
n r ,.Ems, im A N A AID OP !Mill' •'f /'/IS CXLIC
isizA - nEsi Wortui• Eao
WerA ft, lrnmrurl f r om th e brit
~r ut01,,0. C , •r,,tnuY.
Htt.ll n,•w fork; and al4OO Mt the
Aar , ' wan tot :.1r btjeCo•swita yeae•. Site
~11 1110 Su.% t o train bolit 14 which eau be
e.7.e .11 1.11, %UMW r^.rn..
111•• loimoo.tmo of isupeovemeoto we make a
111 l “f.! ortferl ..... .1 orlo, and l.y
lArat ly, tt Ills a A, ortly rn•11 .y+l,lll. Use 1.110161.31 to
c at a price *Vim* will PreClUde
slt nalliiWitilllll.
• ,1:01.
Likr nre how 810 to 11.WO clonal:et than any
fif Al rtn.e Ptnn...K•rie.
Tgl/ N,•I cu.,' in cot rant Ilona*.
JO) & P.
_ _ . . _ _ .•
(W N Uth (1l• Clothits
` 44 I It ' E\74.....1.1.1 aszr
id .41 kr.;...2..
§ivring :sad Si:l:lsis/yr GO./ 4114.
li ii Viezz
cheap gm; no.h.
87WER'I'. 0(1.11.S1l1.7/1(1,
Iwo doors abort* the .9aurirrrn noun,
where 11 , . has MO ree.len.l from New York and
Phi ladelphia, a 1,11 mumill meta ul
lief§ anu . 4' isilhiliv“
and hood
,war, Er•S wit „r
nox,;iark, Fforfr, Cium Oil (1 0 1,1
('van's, and Paws,
pr an ui41 . 14.. -. unN roie+F•i. irrt
01,41 111,4xt t.aily 11{ Wiht 'r
1 .4 1,M I,; ..lid
,', ,text-ix ox. r”11,14.4. bi{iltlkt(Clittl4, ik.Yea,ptts
111. x 1,;Xl41+1 XI carer' aril
a* 'Oil Oli xxxix,xl an la of CI dilx{ .10 Vx
ixto, rx X • . to xx x xxi s O Xxx orxiX`rx i"lx) 411,,l if
X I , X11111; ou '.ory 11OXIX:tx alld 111 WO b•.+4 xXX.'
Alt his if“!titoa is made to wear Rog to of of it is
or hour, twroWiciare.
tz , 11: ai rxioa Ge 3
AA 17
“tot lb« rwo, or
not fn 1111, , illneet. Call 111 -
ewiun 141.4 graelcr.d 411bOttil101i (It (lutlliu~t, IYutcll s,
Ory, bs. aix.
DAVI!) Y UCft(
Bhom.shurg. April 10. ietia.
AsTito IA )43 y. I 1 Iv( )1; LI) As.
woi,derpsi 31.01, by the tCreat A,t rei.l
pint, MA WON'', 11. A. te r reak stt
crriv oo mortal ever knew, 'the te4Ores to lianni
n,,ss there tArlin cunt 411
floyi,a, to of lAIIIOIOII, 311,4 te.s
or 019,1,y, $ll ll brings
blob. r 'bu t te 1.41, , sop , trit , trives irtiorotait to tool•
curbing obveut iiitrotsnr bowls, restores 14 , 0, n.
0 ( 0,n nrni,rly, 1,11, you Ito' 1,10 W,, y 1 144 urn boat
toal t ried ro ithr t tote ;Ht in 0 'bit yea will be ut ,, ,t ote
t intU , riii spi rdy Mar noc. , s and Ittrtm yin the
very day }tilt Wilt lirirry. a!res
nes* and tha rartoristtev of rho o , r:out. - , the r' ad
your very M.3.1'11110, ail by tier a hunt vuhoritattirat
ittovere ott v otl Ott Jack and hitlttrit ittyvtt•rtt, of tho
rolortt. Fratu rho oar. we Ave in the britionent—
no, wul E ,I.Nr *that oVereOnie the
Ilifinitiltiori 311.1 no s ill..tini of the
Ida twist and the rhea star* to It - wheaten., at th rittto
tit built, oh* deduces the NUure destiny or man. Fall
nano conmill tint greaten Antroloykt on earth. It
yon not 3 trifle, and you may never nattio have
xn I4Voridile 311 opportnnitY. Cunnnllfatt for twitb
lik , teas and all it sired infortoutioW, SI. Parties
living at a aima t ute can consult the Madame by mail
with r goal safety and .atioitetton tothennielves as it
in ininott. A roll anti explicit chart, written
o Phut! Inquiries aumwered and I/belie/4 , elnit/Snd,
wit by Until on revitit of prim above mentioned.—
Tho strictest vectt.y will be otaintithied and rot
rerpthblithre volumed or destroyed. IteferellneS of
the highest order fnrnisltad thane 410141i1111t them.—
Write plainly the day or the month and year ill
which yin War© tAltlOSitlit It taint inek of unit
Addresa, MADANICI 11. A. mitatotr,
rob/7 p, 0, Drawer hairdo, N. Y.
Threw tlWay !like trims your swit,heo, your wig;
ihootruettve of ri.r.t.111141 arrt 11,0111):t fig.
I 'moo aged, onno youthlui. rout,. 0%4 and fair,
Mid filMet to your (mu tu‘urtout ttNttr.
W.% m mom%
Established 1828.
G. W. curENTEft, iiENszE v & CO.
717 MMUIDIT 111. UIIO JOIN bUlloW etb, tormAumriu..
PAIINTO. 1.14, ULAndi, VAIIN/1411144• 131 , 1 8 .
And am) , Whitt innAn IPPinladilibin lOM.
!Innings*, nr110•11 , . net Ifirt.rnat 0 11 0
I.ornot amid nitro.
- 44 J. liWdl
Hugo Powders.
fr k into TIT ---- nd — eri kited
vuo , ro I C oiltie• no rig
horse. _
ion lo Invainahlo
rover the tomtit,'
the milk. It leas
ed proven by so.
ii experbueot to
;main the quan•
ty of milk and
outs twenty we
It and mnkr Ihn
.t tt r Arm and
reel In fattening
ttle, it Ores them
t appetite.
wir hld e, nod
ikes them thrive
the Lung.. Live
Am, tide artiel
Nets u a special(
By putting trw
eachnlt a Inv
43 • raper In
barrel of .1/111 Ow
above disease•
will be eradicated
Or entirely pro—
preventive and
Price 26 Cents par Paper, orb Papers for $l.
No. 116 Franklin 6t., Baltimore, Md.
For Salo by Itragyi.tts and S ter , ke , icra tliro4h.
ant the ChityS States.
S/. rat saw at the Ursa Flom lor
- -
Monmahnnt, Jnn
THFI iinilecoogiseil would onopeertilly tttttt nee ti
I the ell iseno of lifuninanUrti, rnd Zhu rublue tee
evilly. that Ise jo running
au tIM%I A LIN E. 4Thirk
'when thin fine. bud Medd- "'
KW (fowl inint•
3y. (tiaii , eys3 0r0j.j..,1) In - •
~,,,,, , o i wish Ili.. v •rel Tnliar o••iii: is %V.-0
uu the Catuiviram Hail Ans.!. WM
with Ihn.r ginno Ninth hint duntli nu t h e L.utk. &
• 111.10i1SII11I . :5 - 1:$ are jri
and r..nanft•fiele t arr,l rhilf. •i I ••4...,81..1,1...
it'd , raj Melly ni.bbse t.. We, t or F. o l* th - ir fri , •ll.l*
dr pan, ran l• • ar. nb, 1111101,
I,lrif.ll. ill leaving lititely notice at any l lie llts•
Bloomsburg. Api il 1911
E xcl.:L:3loH!
11 , 1.10.00$ HAW!
To 11.► 10ch... ~cif:Illy. MIR Mwallacchle dpicilamfy
wen...mewl+ et c..c. In 1152 251. /11111.•.1 unli?p• 04114,
mrsjel4. 1,41114.1.50.: 11,1111•, 10 ea►ily 1..1111.41.141/1.4 5 ant
Nom or opjunt Ih. shin. arta gri , . fly on lii root,.
It lA Narmollol t•. recoov.c ►up.•tll.locso Icecf tO"ol
low !NM I* o 1., of from any l.ltt ••t 0,00.
l't•dy. tnlull. und t1111'1 , 311112 the Pal.••,
Spays:44 the ..k ~,,, scacl Thif 1
the only f. al nrlirl-• 0.5 .1 by M., rfrcot. awl co lb.•
„o v r.• Occictl ,00f f' 111 4 . 11.1ehe. 4 . Pita'
r 4.111 per package. ....ISA./ may
0 , 114 1$1,111:1 It. Still - 14 Pe, 1 •
1' 1,17. I.ll*.italstOc.:N. Ltivrr St. 'croy.
.61 *Pi
['VT ,` 14 of :t Cti ito . 11 • to,
• A i* i 1 • ADAM:A
31313 t 3, I.
Ar /IA It'at SItCI
nnokr,igmed re,:pprit'n!ly atinnunreA !lira lie
hat , . I'll
, il, , 11.,11, , 11 ,, ',1. Ilr ix vr , p , i , -3 in ctn.
I:041 the ntr+ , = , ti3J ,N its iHnn , 3 el.
Tint art I , l ' 011114 - Hlg It ft/94,, ~ e ff uevn erne IV, 1*
pr , ,,,tic•A by ',tut 1 , W..4 I.ltf 0.., .I,3ns
nintlimg. 'linking them look 114,10 V .11{1v
upol. the onrst it , a , ontable f,,31 3 trial
UM, Totltt , of 01! vary beat gv , rilty, surd
cleaning 1131 r, c mobntl:; on 'and, awl 6.r Nate
CA. 91.1.1\
P.1,401,113t.1. April
Attorney at Law,
Ci}lll rlord,nb , f
1,40.:111, So, I tl rSIIII , , eruud door abet. tAn CA
11100111 April 17, 1,117.
M. M. ItA UGH,
vuto E T-14
iIL 0 0,1/N it ilea. rd.
Will pm in the oev. rni Cwirtn pf Coluintini
a11;; ,, 1411
1:i ile1;11011,1 promptly ittleo,Wil to,
Duna tilt !POO.
Physician and SurgeoN,
a /VYING Incased potinanemly on Main
• SUPYI, BLOWISBURG Pa., would in
lona oe public spwrittly. tkat he is pt , prared to
attend to ail tottetuem; faithrotty and panda:oly that
may lw ilOrtist,l to hts Wire. On I.llltll Cotilittett.ol
fate uitk the tiuo;a,
C o t . Hu pays strict attention to Scisgery as well
at mislirine.
1 1 11 A CY,
LyEOlllllll4 County, Pa.
N. HUDSON, Proprietor.
m..etriber hi, teot,
Counselor and Attorney of Law.
WoHI4 tronnititr. , to hi4 tYP•114.4 MP' the public ID
general, that he hue remained the Prhein e Law
ronvt.yatteing and all legal b tant., prettlittlY
Fa U 1.111641 to.
i'VFICE, to the Meh l/ lte IhtiWing, &wood titutY,
over Pyre & Moyer % Wog Store.
fitototteburtt. May &
STEELE ' S fiffr
WI ' , NBA E,
Mr, Koons hos istelv taken shams or this rmivitist
and will be pleased to
NMe bte laid friends glee him a call He is 4 capita
Saatliatd, awl keep. a tin,t ciao tame*.
S{ , COWAN rim
The undoreigniol gives notice to the poWie /*nor.
ally that he is a practical Wll,l, tituindt and I,
proportot to illot wilts on shoji woke u pun the wows
tßtlitOnaht" ti. 10144 Ha has had fa hio long toast
olio is the buointioa rtitiattliahla *aqua* 7410a0
teishidg anything done to hti Hoe aeottli do welt to
give him a trial,
Bloomsburg luau, 13, leri.
Y LT. 4. 170yER,
gull 11..• ;
101 4 1 Ilse laritiailag lavaletaaal
f .0' h ow it.l•t•i • , 1..'111
4111 1.1.1 i.titr 1440! that I e :114,
lairtt'y ma I •ll;•y , 1 r
't• Plaa. tali' I 1` •1. 1114 MAI
1,..k la y• 1t•I rasa
nrvnhrt• the burst atfl•.
IIh• AI tat
WWI cratli eltiee, I 1e.1,f alag 1„
pl. VlllOll. -f 10 go k w11:1.
1•Ir .4 pretlolld katewla.dge if
OW n j.1311111.X. A • iff.lll , 4f 4 61 1 111111
11.31 11111 d.fscript.4l.l,
NAV Lt tt K
(Sumessor of Mr. Ho&rd.)
OPI?RATIi by their powrrfsl innuenre on the
inb'rnai viscera to purify the blond and stimu
late it into healthy action. 'I her remove the
obstructions of the iitomneb, bowels, firer, and other
owns of the body, and, by restoring their irregular
Action to health, correct, whereier they exist, such
derangements as are the first emotes of disease.
An extensive trial of their virtues, by Professore,
Physiriana, and Patients, has shown cure,' of dan
gerous diseases almost beyond belief, were they not
sulistatitiated by persons of such exulted position
sod charaeter se to forbid the suspicion of untruth.
Their certificate* are published in toy Ameriese
Almanac, which the Agents below named are
pleased to fitenish free to all
Annexed we give Directions for their use in the
complaints which they have been found to core.
Fon CONTIVENIAN.—Takes one or two Pills, or
such quitutity is to gently move the bowels. CO'
thew's* is frequently the aggravating cause of
Ptbes, and the cure of one complaint Is the cure
of both. No person can feel well while under
costive habit of Moly. Hence it should be, as it
can be, promptly relieved.
Fos Dyer Keel s, which Is 4 enmetimee the cause
of Coalmine, mid elwaye miconifortuble, take mild
doses from one to four to stimulate the stontauk
and liver into healthy action. They will do it, and
the heartburn. bodylmtit, and son/barn of dyspepsia
will rapidly disappear. When it has gone, don't
forget what cured you.
For a Font. ferowitett, or IMAM function of the
Reierb, which produce.' general depression of the
Write and had lieolth, take from four to eight Pills
at first, and smaller doses ofterwerdr, until activity
and strength is restored to the system.
FUK NERVI/VIINVA, SICK. llKAnsene, Merolla.
Pan in the Siomewk, Muck, or Side, take from lane
to eight pills on going to bed. If they do not oper-
ate sufficiently, take more the neat duty until they
do. There eionplaintr will be swept out front the
syrtein. Motet wear these and their kindred die
olden because your stomach in feel.
roe ficnortma, EIIirNINKLAO, and all Diemen
of the Milli, Like the fie. ly mid frequently, to
iteli the bowels opeii. The coalitions will getter
ally 4.41 ti 1/11,till to diiiiiiiirit and dim:ewer. Many
dreadful ulcers end soma hove been healed up by
the punting and piirifyieg vim of these Pills, and
14.1110 dis.4 4 lll4tillit diseurer which seemed to 'intimate
it ir wh o le system bore completely yielded to their
lUoving the sufferer in perfect health.
Patients! your duty to roeiety turbid.. that you
should parade yourself around the world cote:id
with pinipler, bietelier, ulcers, 'Wes, and nil or any
of the Imams' di-eares of the akin, becalm* your
system wants cleatioing.
To Pettier me Bimini, they are the best metti•
: ehie ever diseetered. limey shield I* taken freely
and frequently, and the impurities which sow the
se •di of incurable diseaima will be swept out of the
ardent like chaif before the wind. By this property
they do as di good in preventing sickness as by
the remarkable cures which they are making every
laVyat COMPLAINT, J.% tsnieß, and all Bilious
Aihrt . Drier ft ammo derangement—either
torpidity, congestion, or obstnictions of the Liver.
Yerpidity and congestion vitiate the bile aid render
it millt fur ehrestion. This is disantrous to the
health, and the constitution Is frequently under
mined by no other cause. ledigestion Is the eymp
tom. Obstruction of the duct which empties the
but into the stomach causes the bile to overflow
into the blood. This produces Jaundice, with a
long and dangcrinta train of cilia. Costiveness. 01
alternately costlt mesa and diarrlima, prevails.
Veverialv symptoms, languor, low spirits, weariness,
resit e ,,nass, and melancholy, with sometimes. in
ability to sleep, and sometime.' great drowsiness;
sometimes there is severe pain in the side ; the skin
and the white of the eves became a greenish ellow ;
the Mont:telt acid; the Laurin cure to the touch;
the whole system initulilm with a tendency to fever,
%Odell may tone to bilious fever, bilious colic, bilious
ilioniossi:dysentery, tc. A medium dose of three
or foor Mkt :I at r i:;lit, followed by two or three
nti mot 1, •u • ,voiff•lll'ilitql a few days, remove
, tom t!:.• t. It is wit . ke'd to sulfa
101 l CO, cure them for 25 meta.
o A i i •'I, f i ma all la fin amatory It*
I • tel I.v the pur:f, hog elleets cf
.• ;;;.: , 1 1 0:a the td ~,:d and the stimulus which
:. , !..1 A to the vital prin. iple of Life. lot theme
a;i kiwi.evt coutp!sitits they Amnia b¢ liken is
mita 40,0 i. to more the tonsils gently, lint freely.
As a I FINN MI PILL, this is both agreeable and
Pill ran he made more pleasant to take.
and oee tainty none has been made more effectual to
the purpeso for which a dinner pill is employed.
DU. J. 4'. ATEIi it CO.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists
ANit r.(11.0 Ow
Ay I's _lvo Cure.
114, t'l4 CM" Aft t,lll AIN CUM Or ISTVIIVISIVI
k~Pt4:Ftt tt, tttAtt tot t rrt it V.
'MI I. FLVY.R, }l4 rt.outimcm, tr. t t em; utt
Itt , 'IL tottllt. tNI) P 1114.134 FIVIR• ; (NIHAU I tott
'ASV t,t 0.4 w. A•ts *lngots ATINti IN *ILI AO
Not ~ , ,, 1 IYhT. t.Arst.L. DV THE FS f1.A4110, or .4“14141
1:114 remedy boa rarely fatted In cure the 140VOteftt
t • of rover, owl it has this :rest -
%it oare over other Ague s t o,lisios.,
Vo',llrl wit hunt it) try It, iris path I,t, It cop.
taint\ 11t , wonow or I,lll'T deb o , f AM% giihttt.lll,,,, not
dairy it pn„iue+ iii , lslll of hey 'epithet,. virect what.
poet. , rth:.toutt i,r oiti. r$ of the Mt MY Alf the west, try
it set you will \ 11401 tr. these allooLooo,
Yr. , varea by na..l La St CO., Lowell, Masi.,
and ,"1.1 by aft ()ravioli add itesters is hiediethe
!tt a t't-r”.
Sbi by ail Druggests in the Count'''.
Nay 22a---Jy.
._ .
turn lately taken charge et this well known and ens.
veroentlw toratorl eland, torgettrutly informs his
nit hiedits, a 4 new, and the public in genet.
ihat Im bone' is in complete order fur the tic •
commode tint of boirdera.aud for the reception and
viiterlditiiiitoit of tot... Alters who may feel disposed
to riiiiror boo ht:ti their castrate. No expense hisi
horn opnred in preiu rieg this Hotel for the curer•
trooment of cools, and nations shell be wanting, nu
to gii.attr to their Personal comfort. The
do welt PO the building, is a rood one, anal
all menthe is amply arranged to please the publics
rayHr= Par will always be furnished with the
Mist of f igetors, sod his table with the best OW Un4r .
bet affords, ISRAL4 IU AMU
c . E. S.A V A G E,
Practical Watchmaker and Jeweler.
MAIN STREET, (war the Court liouse,)
ly , m.tanlly on hand a lino nsourinirnt cif Antenna,
and awl , taWien, Clockn, Jewelry, Silver ware and
Partictitor Attention paid to thr rrpairitot t Chtrits
W,driir4 and drwrl ry. 1WItootott; Mork* wade t o
wiry, Alio
April 17
C. C. MI &RR'S
FIRST DOOR ABOVE vemomir mum
-141% natlersioed Attyia teceive4 horn the IVY
a full atid compittto supply uf
G HO CgatiEst
Nosissor, Tin•ware, HiStsiurAres Osio
(tar and Willow Wan., MOON Ceifittoth
pry, Gluon Wart. Toblustst,...fletss mot
Moro, Flour, Snit, rink ad iikokt olt of
*tick prapoure sss vinf ; low tot
eabh podttp,
tromolourg, Aptil 3, IMw.
WESLEY Wi _ ~— .
010.0 0, .G 7. BLOOSEBEIRE