Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, June 05, 1867, Image 3

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    It WS VIII thank our (11,1*MRT'1011 lucid ocrut•
gams in Unit' immediehrirtfie. they no nut
to write a comniti lion for the public eye,
AAA*" rand ua a brief itatentent of everything of
ikkitiker in their respective communities. A het e
marldarie, deaths, occident*. Arm removole. hut
16114frbinger. Ito, We will put them in far,n, The
montikate of this kind we can get the better it trill
skit us end our rendero. Wim will do it t
TO wildiing ad cart Moment
indrored, meet Mind 044 early cm Tuesday ow.n•
i ug tra their ineertion for that week.
amounts of the firm of 3M (la
nit far as sent Oa tor reli ee tion
are ands of tiio follo—ine per .on.
..„Totevaidp.--JOHN H. .11 tzt :
k Citv.Asy.
geatter.--Bm. ZMININB3I.Iti, P. M.
Nam—lL 3. CANWIted.I., P. M.
,(,atateitett.---STEHir 13,1 L0Y.
Rnaringereek, utot Ashland. -
ht '
Sk litadlaf Toosnehip, Lilts for colleoti,
Maya been plated in the !masa !11,1NTI;( 11-
aitir COLE, to whom payment is reqm ,ted
to be mule at the earliest eonvenienee.
In 84.'04 TuP1. 1 10) Cp. all persons knowing
themselves in ormara tr,r atibseript kw, and
advertising, to ttat PEnneaa - r e will jAease
make payment to Joan% ',mix'''.
Benton. -1).% NIEL I !Ain
Or auto. —M ulf
,-11 Am
r newt new ailVOrtimnthint 4 in to day's
paper. They Ore hitereAting to :tit.
or lion. ('Marl:::; Deloli;on, )1. !'ion
totzentie Distriet, is lying ilangerowly ill at ,
his home in Willie:•lporio.
*V' Wheat has fallen a few eonnin
market. The iirotni%ing earning erop
had the tendency to frighten the hely:, grrain
speculators to a blight redaction in the prii
Wheat was bringing in certain market. ...-
JO. At present it can be bought fa•, la
than. $4,'.00.
, CA? DirmiTEA.—From I , rommt r«tp orta it i
not likely that we will have any to
complain of a lack of candidates frow w harm
to select nominees ihr the vernal.; ,
this fall. The probabilities seem to be that
the race for political honors will exceed at*
previous year.
ForNti. —The body of Willie 'rill r , ieho
was drowned in the river at this
the evening of the 9th tilt., was i; and Li
the river near Marietta, Lanea4ter •uniy.
His remaina were brought home
day, and interred in the cemetery at this
y et trif
Woub 1 dire et the attenti of
I+lerebants and Dealer:. in BOA: , t 1 1 .. a lot t
that they eau narchs,; 13a: I tif i A.
Itecklo,y. at tot; •,
dents of Sunday Seho o: 0 .1 ;t ir
advantage to call upon Lila Itt; , ;tr,
ing elsewhere. sititlital at
,city prises. and save the f r o4 ; t l t clvap,e.
,Olve him a a.til
ForND DEA!. 4.61,,,Ly
kQdy of a man yagfccnd dead o: , tier ri.•
road opposite did; place. Whi
head was reclining on his exii.
his boots standing near him. r 1 , n , :11
b et
tic, marked strychnine, rani,' in hi
pocket. lie had been at ktel, at
,the ferry, the day Igifttn: !,,o, I it, a
gold watch. which was Wh. :1 the
body was found.— Sante , rq means.
Tin WEATiti.n.—French scientific men
~ , ,rediet that the summer or Irt=7 win
Fold aml AA like that of h t Th. y
base the prediction upon ill. tart tint im
;nense masses of ice bate i , ro„, 11 .1.
about to break away fcem the
North, producing coil and vapor. . Ilse
weather thus tar would teem to inclicato
.verification cf 4:is singular prciliction.
1 CONFEREE Marrmo.—Tlie Sena
twist and Representative Conferees of this
.County will Aituilar Conferees of this
43enatorial awl Representative,triet, on
attirday the tlrlr inst., at Savage's llutd
Danville; for the purpose of eltoetieg ,one
Senatorial and one Bepresertative 'relegate
to the State et;Rveption whigh will .ntect,
"larrisburg on tke lAtit inst.
BlomnstAvg is not alone in the
march of improvement. The town of Cata
witn is net in the rear ranks by any means
There have been erected, in Catawissa of
late, several fine new storcu, which ar raly
an ornament to the place:, and at praat,
building and repairing is hying done at no
plow pace. This town is, Iron, appearance
and what we k,uow of its inhabitants, a
healthy, pleitsaut• and desirable place to
Mk. Saw Yong .ttroftn.--At e,tab.
listunent you can buy inuslitis anti enlivotsi,
and, in abort, everything in ,the dr;.-gotids
line, cheaper than at any otherptoic
We do net. desire any person ,to ,entertain
,doubta upon this sulyect ; and in order that
doubte, it' any, may be removed, we would
' , pigged to those persons in the leusi sus.
Onions of this beirg the fitet, that they place
&dew green.baeks in their peekets anti give
'l4lr. J. J. Robbins' Now York Store acall. •I`
'OLAROZNENT. — We are pleased to notice
AA Col. Levi L Tate, has alreatlyealargo
paper, the byconteng Sidndantl. to
! 4 t column sheet. It is now among
. largest weeklies palished in the
S /afoot thews are very few that equal
it . The whole get pp of the payer
i+ tlly gratiged, awl in the editorial
and d tleparttnents of the paper, it dis
p re than the usual amount of ability
and rgy that is seep in 1 . 690. Aoutary
new ra. Suenuaw to the Colonel.
Y Boom), —On kat Monday mom.
le Charles Lewis, miffing un Welsh
this borough, was attempting to fill
1, with oil front a can, a few drops es
from the retool and fell on the ,stow,
li,itely igniting the contents of the
rid 00111 the boy was enveloped in
from the effect of the explosion ;
d it not beepfgr the thoughtful tooth.
inuothered the blaze with a blanket,
rig mail. no doubt, would have been
to (I.:atli. Non ( 010 . I‘f !,
te- usid is quoted at $1.371 in N. York
city. In tlskOarket thus is very little to
quote! •
tql.. Capt. Cider. W. Utt will publish
the list of Dealers in this County in the not
niotukl4ll'. Our paper was put to press a
little LuO early for the list this week.
0 0 ► 1%67.
BEAI IN 81'1,1,14'0,—J, Babcock shot a
hear near Chestnut eend, in Bethel,
Wednesday. lid Was out k the 14 , 00(i$ eii
destroying to find bruin, whoso presence in
the vicinity he was well aware of. (lotting
a shot at him he tired, but the bear made
at Mr. ll's riffle contained two balls, one
of which he found in a tree in range of the
boar. fiOn Friday he found the bears, short
di tattet. flow where ho had shot. Oil
Thanelay anothm bear was caught in a trap
near the steam mill west or Bethel, by Sam
rzi , r,toe. This bear was larger titan the
eth After I:l4ing clitiatelleil, the critter
H.!' weighed and Panel to pull dun ttlinut
pords —Son an lie publicua,
Aar 4j Eortfic dui 'lave,
haft found the whereabuots of the two horses
und , horny tlat sttiltai ftaaii him some
two months ago. They were takeo it,
Montieeßo. Sullivan County, New York;
there dispeauai by the thief to one 319 j.
11:NSIY 1t,1% 11.I.MER, a liveryman at. that
pia.,'; who, a short time after, sold the
1 :iy to lye. I,rtrtcr, of Middletown,
County. New York, some twenty
od , l mile , front Montieello ; and sol 1 the
gray to l l stay S residing, in the Pattie
tm, n with Mr. Tutv,lLl.lttEn. The buggy
wa4 found at a shop tat lergoing re
pair 4. M•. wie: has taken legal steps
toward, the recovery= of 16.4 property or the
value of the
4 P. umrit.—ln the June
tmti.l •, o:'111 . • at , !ieultural mouth
do,,,t re alved. a 1110 , 4 intereating
and .:tzmir, I: • on Cooking Pool fur
Htthl. 1t..111 r%.! Iby ormy
cr in ti, ' !.1,0 other valuable matter
, uit,ble to the setl , oll. 11'e notice that
tlptiotr= are received f o r rix month s at the
remarkably low .7, , Ceuta for single,
:ulwctiption-, flow tho:e who want to give
Tut; rAvorrn a trial, and all names received
this mouth, got the June number extra.—
.eription price for the year only X5l OCI,
at 111.10110,4 An. ti, V.
A tAt.ftlt Lonisv,ite Jourind,
in a late opto:.,r, ber t'll,P following te;•ti
tv too advantages a adseAki.t.;:-
- ‘Ve have b e . et'awing co .I.lle Louisville
/,,apl tv . .tett thirty :ix anti thirty ~even
E"? !'_;:,..- t 4,11 Oki.; tittle we have knowa
114 1111111 trf 1 iness is. the city to fail who
.01 ith .Itl we hart known
kis PIZ( 0 0 ' 0! i u any et VII 4dorable, it'
:.. a r (rah.. de,L ,, who tildn't ad
I:, n tt , Pr3WI.V.
to the net o• the lavt houre
to.:. n I.lf vc:ty rt his will , or children,
r 1 ,dll rwtt bc arre..ted or imprimined until
I.,ipport, - WA exce , ding one hundred d o ll ars
per month. i t trcirranteed by .cenrity.
= S ri{} } !ire ecro,wt-ct
P-".".1.7' illnek Itepublitasn eotemperary
says: "Ile editor of THE 01.11 01 Aftto atil
openly boar•ta of his dixfoyeity." Thank
(ittl, we do. thvirge Wa.shington made
the manes "rebel . ' and "disloyalty" as hon
orable as Ileneiliet Arnold did that of
ioya/IY tllow , . pr, ekely
the :tone thing in prineil , le that it was in
1777. •WP anti prondly desOto
in till Ittaturie time, it a:IS litiVCr
y. t 1.131)11iy.A usettot in the nrvice of ties
-1,0 :z stal crime. —Old Guard.
Ile City Coin` ofj,!iohnotkl,:tave
invited President Johnson to • 6it their
s rEMENTIW 430('N -
• 1' IFi I f 11: OA )()1 TWI ) .
1 Dicraois Township
.To ~f'l'ax on Pup. H1'41,-412479.38
• • ' • " of 0f0i5,36
• • • " of '66 ) . ... 390.1,t':$
ity vxmiontiun on ist, I)up.. $705,!%1
•6 • 24 209,69
• "
" C1,11 1 01•1111P el 'tn. I I
sup. 219,:w•
6 6 ni 6 6 hi:P69l
44 6. 46 ;1 0 1 4 4 72,k0
C u n t . of .1. 41. Moyer Ire:purer-- 65,11
t • K Mendettbell " N i si
Asnt, paid 56 uict to till nu0ta,.....16t4t won
" " -16 veteran voluntetos.....l.Boo,oQ
Kspettv , of J. .1. .I.4awor and
M. Wltitutoyer to Nuellvil:e :69,36
Dii.ectot, Esrlitygt., atempa.attol
•"*. .telegraplttng 4.12,25
1111.9....5t on lion& , 1036,74
Attorneys Fees, - 40,00
.1..1. Brower fur making Dup.. ..... .. 5,50
.1. K. Klnr as Sc:ey. ttc., 2,1,30
T. .1. Monet for mail% Dup 5,60
Hat. in hanile urfreasurer, ' 168,47
The underApetltare emoting:4 the above
ittroutit owl Owl it to be correct.
Bluoutoburg, Jim 3; 11337.-3 t.
oicurroits KrATEIONT.
110ROUG11, Dr.
To principal on twp Boutin'
:Winne et divizion $1054.2.1
Interest ,on Howls to Apr.
,181.17 5,21,1062.48
BY rub paid on Bowls by
baviti Carnp,lrreas. .... 3n04
Cush isETtinwurcen - bnolds 75.00
Anit duo. Irroto SCsothan
Tbotonp, Collector Boon
30..). 76 .475.
Bulanee4lue from Borough or
Tosynship Bonds 286.72
We, the undersigned auditors, do hereby
certify that,we hate enrefully exantifed dad
foregoing accounts and find them correct.,,.
W.lll. SHUMAN.
J. .1. HOAGLAND. ilmittore.
'l'. MURPHY,
Ccutraha, June 5, 1867. a
C 4 '25910.•1'2
/1611/oek, 18117,
We, the undercigned Auditors, hereby
pettily - that we Iwo audited the thllowing
extunt or Hemlock Touship's Fund and
k corm&
Witt. 11. Shoemaker, Treasurer of Bounty
Pond of Hemlock Township, for BM! to
voluntary subvriptioni ss,o:r.t
16 men $250 each $4,000 00
Subscriptions rattmleit 2.4.4 440
PaitUacob Harris on Bounty
Mull in 13(5 550 CM
Paid sundry expeme:t liuttim;
in voluntem 1 rl7 ,
$5,1J02 00 7002 01
Jacob Ilarrif Trcuorer or Bounty Flow
of lleallock townAtp, from Ist Sept.lmit.
To stmout,t, money borrowod on TOWII "hit
$l,O l O 0(
1101lt ior I$ 4. 5,012 711
Roveived from mAktripticnA to previons
fund 49 5r
Ammutl, Pap 4,231 5'
4 from ('aunt} uu ,Ited 1:11 , 1 tax
Exotwmtiv..,,; tou IL I 5.C.4
i9;:4, I'l 6'2
Conintissiouff f;n. 41',,1 11;4; f:1
Printing. ,i,%.llAlps ahri PreinittiPS
Note to Dan, Hank paid f4,5tr.?
Expetriesi of N. itcf•fl; .19
live per cent. allowed tax
payers is:: 37
Loans and ilitervA - -
3,N14 27 $13.479 9::
I Lthiliwkp, OIL
To ain't. or Holy tt ihmiel Noibart *1229 1:1
Iluith D. Mcßride ;II.; 70
572 8:1
Cr, by balano in baud of Trefourer 313 32
I it!re
J tail :,h7,
11 4 1 11.1 K TWI) WWNTY FUND
••• Art)lll)H'S STATEMENT.
No,teele.o ,, r ttd TbJula4
Collectors of the Bounty Tax of Franklin
TArubjcift.(Altmlf,ia eutoty
To amount Duplie3te Collect:A by
Jacob Kt:stet:levier P 2610,72
To amt. Duplicate Collectett by
Thonets !lower ::17.74
Ity lut. paid II V , +lunwors, ......
• Fe r+ Laid It, F. Clark rob)
"114 , ours and Ircasurers' I I 1,1.7)
N:4l li(Unty 114 , wt y. 15i.76
'ruin StlpHil iravetors pd. 9,0 i)
• Exoneratinm , 3.10,77
Alumna paid An(liton4 3,444 a
• Cash in hand,
Tour- , Gf Frank
lin in+Wti hilt Cititiffilri3 Cut do
bet - o , LS eettiry that wt' 11:tVt'
hx , foro;i9ing ukivoulds and found them
tO OtorEetl.
,I A )1
DA N I EL 'AAIIIL, ..t.tb"bas,
I. kOi.ZIENIIAI/I.ll{,
Frahkiin, ?lay 22, 1.67.
. _
At or. w renAni, t rig a It oad tram
td toward. , the raoifie w 4 t; tog tacit
ttS' OVlSlvelitotl,l ;01 tillilflokoti ttn
T9rto , apa":: fr'w nf:era 1 . .a44. 4 fri thy,r
- having thiNy yearn in rim an,l Aftimal in
.fm,way 01,1 Jly,
1 ;‘, (~.) .14 s,sv'ti tin; vo x of
Note Fowl woo completed from Own hi 303 Miles
wept on the lot of 1.111111 , 1 Ti. lent and to foaly equip
p. .n. not trajllp are, regularly conning "e'er K. Thu
l'otelmtlY hee now on bond ritfitrient iron. tiro inc.,
to tlniph the tv•IIINIVOIle the emoting' Cue
of the (corky Slonotain*, tit mitre. which in wider
ermine. to he gene hloptotnber let of thin your, nail
it to etpecte4 that the entire road wtll ho in rtnai VIC
Mall from 01110110 to ite wc‘terti connection with
the Centrel Pncitie, iu., loin! ropielly hunt rumor('
front thicioutento„ Col , du r ing 1;,:u.
calintatin the dt.tah.. to be Walt I. tha Vaion
Pacific talc 1,30.5 wiles. the Incited ?these Cover n•
mem issues to elia pee rem. Thiely•ihroe Bon Is
the own/Daily as the raita is illatahatt it the averagn
rale of ;timid $30.011 per sesta, ainlating to *II:
Vai taw
•I'itr•l•,.elpeliy In Ore permitted to Woo ifs on•n
First mnr.g. o e th,thh. mI xu resee aulnuel, aloe at the
eater little, Which ht• vocier Act Of are
ar.l reorleule elt Utn iM Ire line • ttso bond.' of
Ih,• t nrt , •d ttln;u, •elxir.hnelr to Ihrin.
The 00V0100.001 soaked a thumb ~,, of 11 of 6 dc,o4
1 , .11.0 0010, .1010411 1 102 18 1 , ..131143i sired.
•rtititated to be %%wilt €110,0141 non, making Cie total
leaoutter•achl•i:eof itie twital, 8114.116A* ; but
tbo full value 'of lite lands cannot now be realized,
Aloe authorized Capital stock 'tit the 4.:utupaity Is
ono hundred ms Lida dollara, of wh tat Eve toil lurks
btu., been 100.110. and of which it id
suppthied that mon. than Irventy•nve atilt:o4la hi
10141 o'l.l be I
Tao Emilio( the rnrd is estimated by competent
0118itliterli 10 1113:.tifrd ntilhNju donay.
et I.l)icve equipment.
The rsittoad eooneetion between Onribe and the
Ew't se now c0111: 40, •. Ned the' eliiiinks th.: Union
PYrllic oil the yeisionsa almost!• foNle , ll for the lir :
two weeks in May Were $113.V110 'Noose sectional
ontoliesos N. the pre[ sosocs will 10101 morn
thou pay the haoreal on tbi: Company's bonds. and
the throve. bus 51 , A1 tn . er shn only lino of railroad
blotto the Atlantis nod Paittle meet be immense.
Theironor.nny fCaperifaily ruhoolt, that We above
btatemenl n 1 lani• (ally dolitnilO'ro!l, the rocnrity . of
Melt liOncig, an 1 an adohttonftlproul they arnul.l suf.
gnat that to.. hoods nrw oilemi of 'te•n Than Inn
ailllloll .1441410 .547 Milo, at Fold. On Which °vat
WC lily million dollar* base already been es pe toted ;
3411 Mil , . Of this Mad the eaen are now 1.1001.11,
nod theminaiosog Iri Mlles life naafi) , C.Wipltila I
At the ' , tenet "'torn . Premiton on i1t.1.1 thr.n bonds
pop no aallue I linen:lt ott the Protent l'of
amid d h hel.nvrel that on the 001111,4t0n of the
tom.l,lolie tho blovimunont Pones. illeYw ill IV above
bur. "Ilw C ,, tupriloy loteittl to sell but I but bid
unituita et the peewit low Into mind retain the radii.
to ade loner tl.e prim lot their ordierg,
lintoPeLiptiona will be reef WIN in New York by the
iforAnciiAL. N. 41 1011.0.14 , 1n. No. 7 Nieman di.
"MR. bonito ik 51 Will K.
J U R , . J. 4'o "ae doe, NoICI Well St.
soil by 11.1Nliel AND lIANKKIt porrally throu g h
net the Called Nude*, of whom mope awl eeitertio ve
pea yhtet■ may be obtained 'they will Ilan be out
iq Wail (rum the Voinioiny a (Malec No. IN Newish
tit met. New nett. On llPPlteaton. lbw. Will
eche 111..11 0111 Ageillit iti whom its y have eunfi •
deuce, who alone tw ill be reepurnalble tu them foe the
sate thOttnry mil the bends.
JOHN J. CISCO . Treaenrer,
14PW Yogis.
N EW TAILOR 1.41101 e.
Jour 5, IBOS.
Ilse 'paned n New Tailor Rhop on !Ilion
Hired, Ithmlikohlirg, %hero ha %ill be pleased to se,
all who way favor him with their comma. lin keens
on hand a Wr II n If•etrti lot or rlulho, cas.i.siore, ve r i.
limo. able, he will Mho up to order with ;wattles,.
and despatch.
Attention paid to cutting gentlemen and boy's
clothing. A 11.41 rutting dons in the 'oldie."' line.
Remitting done iiputi *holt notice. All work
War 0.11104.
pJ b I, him a all. I BluutuAnts r.,10;
DB. S. DRY AN 00totping Phymiciati,
1101111roa4way. New York.
SPECIAL. TREAT9.OIIIII,I9. aft cafes of $OllOlll4l.
Stmual, tJ d airy 999 19499911‘19199i5ms la suds as re.
I,sttls. ice ?rad sad citlositioitdencs strictly con
deot 116 I. Jou .9, 18411.-17.
AUENTS W 71.3)
Sump! re sent flee. hn coital relired. Ladies or
Crillironen Can corn 11111 t 4.04 tu 410.Ue per day.
Erielose stomp.root erldrems
4o tT., gighth beta York.
Jan, U, y 467.— ly.
The 40 . N:flung efthe a:To:lite sex may be seined by
following simple tablet, and all may ina try happily,
if desired, withoot regard to wantih, ap a ar ima t; ,fy
Mend directed envelope and *tamp for particulars to
Jen, 0, 10136,ty. Bible 1100se, titw Yotk,
tf you are suffering from the effects of Youthful In•
disereiloh itthf have Seminal Weuknoss, Emissions,
Ike.. I will rw.toi you, free of charge, information
which if followed will eute you without the sin o
uw4,cioes. Addreks HENRY A WIDEN,
Jon. 9. K7.-ly, kiiritniso H. New York.
And Catarrh, treated with the utmost susses, by
lAA ACti, M. IL Oculist and Anrim (formerly aflityr
dee, tienand,) Nu, art FINN Buret. FR I LAMA.—
Tidirinials, From the MOO reliable sources in the
City end Country can he seen at his race, The med.
ice! faintly are invited to accompany their patients,
as he has no secrets in his practice ARTIFICIAL
EV Ltd, inserted ta ;them ram No rhsrp, ler eitiel.
isetlos. 11366.—iy.
It E () It 01) I'.
$13,593 25
/g +g" t PIL (* irrithir, giving 4. f , q , lootwo of tho
gte3test importance to the young of hoth 'exec
It tk - q*EllOll iIOW the lonocly thrty:heepool heuetaut ,
the deePhwd resttneted• lied the for.akeu 101. A.
No petits lady or gentleman uhould Nit to send
Their addrese, lied receive e ropy pnetpuht, by rc.
turn wait Ad hr.,' 0. Drawer, 2i, Troy, N. V.
Nob 1e:67 ly
The experience of the pant ten years hail denten
strattel tits tact that reliance may be placed at the of
time), of
Dell's Specific Pills,
thf, opoody and permanent tore of Seminal weak.
oe„,o, Emormos, Mirolent and Nervous
pomace. Cr Willa of power. the !moat of Serval Bx•
riot ar Voiphful litecichou.nhich Jsegiorted onto
toe happinosa, and unnto the attrforer , for
t 3• ial ktecioty or Marriage, and orlon terminates in
an untimely grave. Mane no (May in *Peking the
wordy% it to entirely vreinloo and harmless on
the $)1442111, C4O ho flood detection or liner.
poronitmanol no chmge of diet
is accessary wink: tint ing *Min. Pore, one Donor,
5'J 51,
If you rwm,,t, Itut them Of your &twist, memd the
money to Ur. J. ery4n, r:l9 Broadway. New Volk,
and they wit lataetti free frier Clisuy entice by return
~1* mail.
Private Glrettlant to Gentlentett ocnlt Iwo on nitti
Millen. (Jan.% Iy &
_ .
158• I
If you te , luire a rnlnittlo remedy to restore. yotottpt
remove trregulni ;lino or Mott unt iono, why not no,
the best t 'flinty yen expel tonne boo proved t h at
Dr. Hars.ey'ts Female Pilr,,
have no elan' for netnaving Oiaorneti 0114 and Ii ra a •
owe. No maflcr front v. but can , o they artba.
Thy am al re and no in 071`. rta, , ,, Ono
put boa .
Dr. Harvey's Void= rills,
Ia a le toady four degree. stronger than the above
bud !ateol*al for .1 , 11.14/ tatto* of brag I ,fa;alle 7 ,
tire. v . v., Dollars per Box.
11 •t t',
A (',;vela Cw•ild". ;vial i;;:•, ; „,on
tte on application,
)on tammt ktt ‘l'm rtlln of your drnP . ttiit , .1' h$
Ibe H ippvy t o 14,3. Urylo, rl,l4omlway, New York,
and they will be vent (roe from observation by mom ,
of omit. i;l4. - .
READ .1.14 H T. V, WC! Fit f t er It EV.
. Etat'
To Du. iliorrixtrit:
Aar toectriry that I was taken with
the dyspepAa a year ago last Mori h, and ror a rriod
cr tight mouths, was one or the nio,A utii rabic
rroanues you ever howirl. not Icing ab!ei to eat
drink or steep, and was 14 , 1Apetirsi t. 4 walk the door
was voneiV deprived of to reason,
and lojia 11.14 entirely Veit am, ;4.: *41(44 roe
my recovery' !riving proved truitleii,=.
Hy the firm or N•werido'r , #441, I had became so
weak and Weide that I could searrety stand mons,
and, to all appearnmx, Word( soon die. At this time
` . inyvinp, VIZ!: advertisement 1 my Wife prevailed
upon 104 to try your flint ra. A WM4 wan Norufgd,
444, Arantra to 'say i s ;41 c4d1114.4) 444 04,404ef f
I have taker. }Cur uoti.: 0 , , ;Ma ;V. Cliwytfij, as gaud
health now as reold he ex poctod rot sne or icy ago
,41o111: t4Nty pa 10). I hive no doubt that it was your
hijterstriolle, 911400 I)iVifl4 rtavt,ten.x, Out
this nunderini care.
llu4+nr. Auipist 30. 1e66.
MADAME REMINGTON. the world renowned
Asir..lnput and doinitatnbulistit Clairvoyant, while
in a clairvoyant stale delineates the %cry rooma ur
the person you are In marry, cost by the aid of an
Instrument of ttitecue power. known as the
melrei:e. ku•tranteea SO produce a perfect and life•
like Wine of the More husband or wife of she np•
with data and marriage, occupation, leading
traits and character. etc. nos ie nn imposition, an
teettnionialu without number can assert. by riming
plate of birth, age. disquisition, color of eta and
hair, a ail essc locitscatty ev ..t a a.ul slam ised envel
op add/nailed to yonrsielf, you will reel is picture
by return of mad• together with devoted information
Rib Addinst* 11 til ifltence, MADAM': rj . nu oe,
stEm r. o. 11.. ha:. ;Pouy. M., y.
EON 27. Icl7-11,,,
A y0uNi.;,1,.11..))!
TO p o e.tmory ;none. after e rtijeurit of a fen
menthe in the City. was hardly rereguistot by her
friends. In platet, of a emirs,. Witty Ilu,hrd hire.
nile had a sntY inby venni& mon or almost marble
smoothness, mill instead of twenty •theree she really
appeared hot eighteen. I'pon inquiry as to the canes
of so great a chaos, site plainly Uild them that the
Used the elltAl4lllll 1101104 and cheek lernd it an In•
rralnable urintisil I all lo any toilvt Hy its urn
any 1.414 y or Gentleman can internee their personal
appearance an hundred feta. it Is simple fn lir sown
Merest. a. Nutore aarselt yet onnopars•
ed itt Its calm, to iirusceug Impurnic, rrain,also
keeling, t. leanelog and brat if) ley the 'kilt rind OW I
pleston. ry its Streit action no the cuticle ir. draws
frost It sli its rre2crifier, kindly hesl,ng the same. 1
and leaving the outface tia Pature intended it ' , WHIM
be, tient, soft, sintsith and beautiful. Price SI. Nit
by mallet express en rereipt of an order by W.
CeARK di CO., Chemists, No. 3 Wert Fayette IN..
Syracuse. N. V. Thus only Alucrican Agents for the
bele of tbe woe. !Fab st 7 11167—1 y
Ma,lonto V. Thoruln n. the great Enetlrh Astro].
ualet, Clairvoyant and Paychoinetrirde, oho Ilia
astonished the 'Minutia classes, of the Old Wood,
has now leented . :oereelf et Hudson, N. V. madvme,
Thornton poascsess enua, toads 'NI powers of "ec•
nod sight; as to snub!, her to Impart krloneloden +f
the politest importance to pc /oriels matzted of
eithei res. ir Atltio ht a Otlkie of twice, 'lin deline
ates the very features of Ihn ',moo ;:no are to Miit•
ry, and by the aid of no instrument of 'suttee ic,w•
er, liftmen se the resilini.etrope, soiusviardoi to pro.
duec. a hfc•like pirtura nl the ftfore 11:1v.rind or wile
or the vplirent, together with date of ', sn ow, Pe.
.altlon in Ilfo, lending trditaof ohedail , r. d~a. This
iv no hsrehne, sistbousaods of teet.otoninls can aa•
sert. Phe wit; send *hes desired • certified cent&
alto. or written guareatee, thnt. the picture Is whet
I t pprp,, i iii to itti, Ily cliedoring a mull look rf Ntr,
and fatting place of uge, dimpOoltiiiii and own•
ylexien, end enclosing fafir cent" and el/roped ont 01.
eye addressed to yourself, you will fecci%e the plc-
Itire and dealrnd Information by return mall. All
communications 'notedly remade:Mal. Millman In
rondlicOCoi MADAM!: E. r..ritolarroN. r. Boa
11d1, Iludiorn , IC Y. I rob 117 .67-1 y
44 , 444L1LAA3,a
14 ad4wwww4 onvolope awl% ne.wito,wid I will *mid
yon 0011101 vnlnshh inforittlittiM that wilt ohms fou.
Addis*** MARV MOW,p 1 11 roadway, M. Y.
May O. -iy.
eirlolllo MAY ON MAN ffr SANUTII. A gentle
men tvl,o euffered for years from Nervous Ind
fienitid NehilitY, Nightly Eintessons, and dentinal
Weakness, the rem* of youthful iudiserotion, mot
clime near ending his dive in hopeless misery,
for the sake of sufferiegAtan, fend to any one afflict•
111, the simple Incline OW by him, which effected a
cure in n few weeks Our the Whim of numerous
nindicines. Send a directed envelope and stamp and
will cost you nothing, Andrus,
EDGAR Titsm A IN. limb St. N, Y. City,
AUBURN. OQI.PNN, FLA x Fa; pc 11. in( Mint;
Prortocnd by the use of Prof, DHORNIFX• FNMA
I,6t7IIEVEU,it, ono noptiration verrantedtonari
the 110,4'0,404n sad itttibborti hair or other arx
into *Any ringlets.or heavy teaseive curls. Use
been used by the Ihrbrottabier at ratio awl London
with the loon arekifyin4 . terulte, Wee no injury to
the bair, Nine by wail, nanind and poripail $l.-
0,4. Ito ve cirt olars Waited tree. Artihnon Hiattitta.
SIWTTS 4t CU.. thrunrut, Via, 41.3 Woes' St, TiflY ,
N. Y..rtalo 4gtotts Lope Unkind tickles.
! sunATH scirtru
Will Cure The Itch itt 114 Hours.
Attu rates SALT HA 1W M. 4l,Cirlitt.l,
'ILA INS, and all ERUPTION'S UV Tilt, &WV, "tier
tra repta. For rata by all poggista, fly seethe' Ca
re nts Vt . & POWER ,gtolo Ageing, 17010644 r
moon street, floaton, It writ ha forwarded by wad
free of portage, to any part of the United States.
June 11, MAL-Iy,
A Substitute for Calomel.
Thew Palo ere componl of venom mote. twine
On , rotas tho ettrodlotut of the hoer as
rvmsolY end off.ctually ea blue 01 or morturr,
and without proiloniug euy of Moto diminucighie or
&swerve tattle winch Men tellOW the use of the
in all bilious dleordore theme Pills outy ise toed with
cotithimew, so they promote the diorite/se of vitiatmt
Mtn, mot remove those obotractlooo from the liver
mud Unary dude, wit:eh ore the totem of bilious
offrdllone iu geoend.
irimdtew. arid all disorders of the Liver, indicated hr
tallow fkla, coaled tongue, coativenors, dronninoila
and a general Paling of trudinUellll and huorlinde,
showing that thl liver la in a torpid or otanructed
In hart, Moon Pills may tin mood with &Coon.
tie In an shooso whoa a puraatioo or alterative
anottlelue in otiqulrodo
ream ask tor "Pr. Schenck's Mandrake
end ateervo that the two lahenesses of the node,
era on the ttovernnand stamp--one when in the hed
owe of Coetuatiatoa, and the other In Ids presook
bald hy nll 1)r tio , rts and c 4 k & peoo 45 mnla
tox, Prl3,epal North oth 84004
General Who!male Avn'n famnan Darner. . C 4,
.11 Ilan Kew. ?tow York; N. H. llama, 1O
Ulna* lianinnne, Md. : Park, N. J.
nor. of Forma and Walnut. st., C:todanati, Olds;
.Walks: ft Taylor, Ind mai IN watsd k Avenge,
Ch!nam, CoWn4 Brothnte, oontliwoot, cornet
at &Loud an.l.l;nso NO.. tlt. linuio.
:4th k&th w, es. too. 1 y?
mmgc that many reAtarativc v,litch nature lino Stir.
plied to relieve the affliction, of humanity there in
no in .ry favorite for a certain clams of %thiourea than
the onied;. nal goon" of the Wild Cherry Tree:
Let toneevei :4111:Joie it 34, ito power to heal, to
soothe.. to relf , •%e and to rare., is enhanced wit Ma
by se ie raid , idtr, cotalliattoll with other
ingredieitt., in thenno lVel9 of equal north. Thie
happy olitortina exuds to a ret.:arkoLle degioc ist
I). V7,4ara` Et ill on of 11 . 97114
W 1.10. 4 ,1 value in curing ClowriVr, firomMitix,
P 4: ritnn 414(ica,
tnst inCTOnt COns aMpti,f, to intstiniaide.
Strong Testimony.
11; Wqrkilit, EN., Duo; ,17 strr as
&We 1610,104...U4,...,
' . in fta t. Was most sr,:rwsly atitirt
rd with a hard, thy Cough, with its usual :wow
paniownts of nit sweats. tmamtetely t'ostrattog
my nervOtta syston, and prodatally aural a tidtittllt
ted ste,O , of health that, aft - r tows !
to no puryOut, I had given up all hope a' of ever ro
t "vet itly. as hat! Oro ttiv fronds At this stage at .
manors 1 was nrh,mtlsd upon it emigh the nolo:lira
at a noittlthor to trY ,star's fla , saut of %Vint Cherry,
and, before using tu. , . holt! s, the (Ansi was alumni
vontticol. My rough entirely leis inn, the night somas
de.etted me. hope one leer., elated to
stir 11, and room I had area toed toy wonted strength
nail twat'. Thus has this t44l , am, as Inn, oltto too,*
re m• , seat tey peptotta c , t4Vt , rtia al With the ;itiovo, facts
Warmly soisteeml me from ho yrta ;dot grata. Von
tiro et lOntt,y to use HMI tof the ttorotAtt or the
Prvirr.,ll,y SIP.TII W. SOV. Tr..
~,,,, it tit,, 1:o.don, god furs oil by Mug:o4l4 gi:tie•
The h¢,.t known remedy Ca
in all go manifold f0r.... til , ll.lm; Clare, I.
87..tittS .`Cit in UR. APIPIRM . 10t. ;
I% Alva, a lam ,olu,lon ai %Wino estkoot R
Aineavered after nsatir year* of scinniiiie 'monarch
and experiment. eradicallag busuorn (mu the
syntam ii ban no claw:
Circular. cent free. J. P. lit r!SMORC.
oh! by Oruxitlatsionerally. 36 Day tittolOkov Vail;
MO 41,1 W.
4'' cm ,,a' A Cough, A Cotd, or
fiRGNGtOk A SOL'b Throat,
HC • C., 41114131(411 1)114.1 DI A , k Al T 1 011$ , N. ~p
4)00C mom" to VIIIn kr , . I. ALI .7% , k 0
. To C! . ../i!11 , -"I. •
- fOR It) tattoo of the Loma. A forma.
COUG H S skint Throat . Diewast, Mr goa•
Pd D
0 A C 2. 19 nrrat Ille IRDAN.T.
1 °LO sllolWillitil
tuvirt a aired iattoeuee; to the parte. give lamina t
rte tetist.
Fur Bronchitis. Asthina, Catarrh, Coasulap
tire anfl
Tim 'IEO Ake rgoill US SO ALWATis 01100 ATcria.
will fled Taocitre useful in clearing the mote when
taken before triii2in: nr Speaking. end relieving the
throat after an unusual exertion cat the vocal organs.
Tim Troches are recommended and prescrit44 by
l'ty.iniaue. mid hive had testimonial* from eminent
meta torunghout the country. tiring au article of
trde merit. una haeloy proven their efficacy My • test
of many years. each year.iiisile their in new localities
in various Yana of Cie world, lai the Proctiou mu
'unilersallY pronounced batter than other articles
Obtain nut) —Now iii Ilsoarbial Troy hes." and do
,Sl4t take curs of the Worthless Imitations that may
Olt agreed. hold everyieftvie
Noe. 28. 1089.-1110„
1867. 1.867.
pull.Ampa4 AND 'ME Rill,
Ito. 11).
!Ibt• Irmo hue %revenue the Northam end Null%
-eastern con Imre or reeneylvania to,tna ((Erin
an Lake I:tto been Wood sad to operated by
the Pen net I% anis %Wined ColopliNy.
Tuno of ra , •env.r Tflllllll et Northumberland.
Leave Eastward.
en.: Mall Truth 1 t •• so r
h. le Expreof Tcain ti :t A
IV mire Mel at 111 A M
Vock (live% Aec0tn0.14....1 5 I
team Westward.
ie Mail Train 3 31 A M
Erin I.ourers Vain U 11 P
Malian Moil '4l 13 p
'Lock Marro Areaammoalai,op 803 A M
raorroger Can Thin thririvikh dry Ilin . Erna Mall sod
Elrroo l'roinia without, ahaprza built Whys betwutits
rti 'Wolohan land Ertel '
14eeve Now York at 00 gm: ityrirt. at ktlo .10 00 111
I,atavo *v. Yorkitt 5 flap tal ittoktit Ede 113
,p eatita al 63 p irtivd Neitt York
,a,411i1 ; 1.C11%.0 Et),o 1,1, 1 0.1,3 Ir :Ile Ve
Vatic 10 10 • ma '
IMAM ANT ILLBEN'aIa CABS en all Night titillne,
roopartitit ratiortatarbaritneri. rip•
ply of vitro/ 310 and Matltet etregto.
And for Freight banana:ls or tho Company'. Agnate.
PA. Kilipattanor.. cur.. 13th and Mullet Streets,
J. W. R 6 .' 1110 14. nrie, IVm. Itrown, Agrol N. U. B.
11. N. 10,1;6'10N. General .liarighl Ithlll6
11, %V. 11W INNER, rionearrl 'racket Ay I, Phil*,
A. L. TYLER, Grorrnl Supt
May 21. WV.
LIJ B Elt I Lt.! BEII !
:1 Hit" Lumforr Yard in. iiitn.mtsbnvi
Tir. iimipritortn , ol would ;asp, tinily Inform Ono*
In went of lumtn r that he rnnUanee to
tor* and krone on hand e 'nod trioriply of buillialt
Awl foncini rhil, at hi" rarylenc“, a "hart ilia
tans" north of the Arline. which he offer" for sate al
rce nnabla rate. J AcOi KRUYIAIL.
filoonibburg, Jun, 'X, thee.
It hrly poi ceded that "the bed Jr riways
the ch • ' Ord that bitlup the cave gtoct plompute
is liken di hdroduclup tothe public
Dol l r IHER
_wittlft ulPittlY beer king popular, and with OW
machine the hard work of wasititrip is Mitigated 101
contfortable and phloem I. l p.
planed io hot suds. and shut in. While thire,aapers.
ed rod the demo confined, the Machine Is operated
se seen above. Thus the work iv; :Apvtility. clearly
and easily done, and that too ultimo, tearing and
shill hot the clethes,.ichich to is great catnnt is
the tairnie under the old taehicaert 1140111 g peones.
With a
tits whole labor "ravishing is but a pleasstit pas
time Compared with the former hinds of ItIIBI2ING
ANA at►AKINU, and twisting and wringing. The
gut is so dissolveit by thn HOC MIMI that but little
ergaiireteiinn is necessary to expel tr. No foooky in
the County shonlit to withinn
Doll:'8 C1.41111E:4 WASIIER
The prima of throw a011...145h0s ta.ige PA
Yu wily aiau fmr, . • . . { lino
1101e1 SOX. • • • •• • - • • • Pr 110
F IIO6I Y .ite, NO.I Wringer. 0 :01
1:11:,11 Na. IY, • . • • I#o
11,414 t l y
E. Agent.
Mar , ll Pfrwrrk, Pa
The stiL •cithvi hu r wk. a sttOot !tato, to repitot
his stock by ttittll rUlTllltittSt dittl l tti nuw Itfeltared
Sall as tow as Any Maier
I thi, witcUon country.
A fitliupoa by any %vim viand.
the trio o ,:• t 1;,! , 111;40 y of lli. katl. , `,
1111410! th. Ira* elate. of riotrae no ow' need
hay unless they are rotrrely atittotted. lle will be
glad to eve his laitinita anti the public gorse/ally
whether thoy how ar not.
amok tonal:its or tiro beat varietiey of
iF ka Alol,Arial3,
1".!,41I tine yliality
VIII to their !Wit r
IittATON. ANlll)Tltrill.l.lkAt:lo , 3l34,
;MAP &I'A‘Dtiltri. Ace— eta., CHEEWE.
also a WI:. nyzawtartilt of Dry Goads 44,1 Hosiery.
and a NH variety of goods , of the above claret, and
of other kinds. in ailiiitton to 11101 lie 11E3 tt'l3;fitty
added to :AO 140 , k a One 4.• , :irtioeht of
CEDAR\\*Litt: AN I)
in kit variety of viola lie hart ' , ye ral new
.trli4 Ir. of tond,ro lovvritino, eXten,ivclly wed
where hilowit, teal whit IWI CA,II 11110 114t1 here
Ile ale,' has a rifle of
French "nrsoccoes;
and atnn nr Moforcl higingo, Cur gshnetottket',4
wurk , and n oed ntoortment of
41/ 1161 Et;
er:7 * CAU and
JOUN K til fir9V.
a sruer and lion *«s `:reetd
HlneltOs.curg. Aps II IQ. lon.
J. BROW ER, ( Cor. Hain & Iron de.)
Li it." Oikiln; to t itt! row. 41;igrook
ron,,lating to part of a foll Imo of
Vino cloths and eaninwro for Ladies' coats.
Hand•oute Dreier U1N..1 of all trUerna and pralltior.
I)..lisior and Prints or %Arlon, .platitiro and prieu.
itiv.elseil nod IkoWo Mupiittr. room It turatts
.... d a,torainclit Ladics ace! Gmkesa
nud 11;....t s.
rio.h Csove.wat in 4 tipircs. Now astayttueut or
jilass awl 40tenswar.e.
Es No I Miarlief.i 10 nOll half And ow. ("tut
's vi is the time Iu malt.' your ~,, 3. I 3,
~t l , iii 'Nada al vary low parr■ nod oor motto to
I.ltr :is ill, and n.l to Intl mil , lollsol , l by aov.
J. J 1.4.1 AV ER .
I.lmm,,tirg, Apia 34 147.
. _
- ANC -
Tff.3 .9Q.= :MI-12'Zr.
M gitil
11.4 in and Fancy Confectionery,
pLOOII N131:41,4
.er.gme & cAND3 OV ALL hINOtt.
Itii" AU nrdrre promptly allen3cd ro.
entered flito en.r.irtticrohip %%zll coati/ma
'flaking mud INiutcctimory liumtwoi at
ht•all Ito braachca.
ji it paprf,ance to Baking. and manufacturing
al , alibi. of t.' andte•,'wattaptu tbeapjn paying Oct
Inc public titian im '
with everything in their line, upon the most lea.
minable and accepteble terms
lintels and pti% u families ran be turn ishel "'Pit
pond rresh Bread each day by culling at their .stab.
Condiem be mito and Perninhod lit Wet or
rwdl fnantitto*, to soli p otthasosrq. at
IV I I ( /LES XL, I!>;.
Retail Det hat thronahoet the cooper y wNI dowel,
to_gsvo them a call before porch.tong eleowhore.
They have, in tonntettou waistless. Conf.:M.lmm
Mt 1 B aIA a v
where they intead to *stet oat Ate ellelllll daring
Ph. Sommer month* to all who may favor thaw with
their commit. They will ho prepared to *make tip
Ire Cream for partite. IntAIINSR it WIRSSYCL,
Bioentennta, Ap,il J, INS.
goof` AND fiIDOE BTO SE,
On Map *Knot, Illoornaburg.
Thn AllhArrlher tars pleaAore In nimpunclnit to
Uo . 1 kill( vicinity. that he Iwo
MI hind a lupe And !Inc nsPortinent of
for lidipe And iontletnen'pliPar, to Ault ill Node..
Ills City work IA of On Pert quality, and 11..iu iba
moat Wien% inanufatioters ; be being a peacikel
workman and p snot! judito 'of
tale traL)O9LXS.
he is not Ilke;ly to be Imported * akin by ractltrlng
worthless tuateslal badly nude up.
Those ddeirleg anything in his line would do wall
to glee bins a earl, before purchasing elsewhere. Ile
lid at prices to lot 41 purchasera.
All parsons tvlio desire light or hoary work made
to otter can be acetimmoitatud at his rtatabllshment.
ajp Also, repairing will be done with neatncaa and
des pitch.
Au cicoant orlioent ri Laths,. Orilla and nutn•
in., 'Ohm, nu hand. A UOLLEDER.
Arid i. I:17
14tv 4- moimowit asnottatee to
sofa hto ,Re naeirpersat * Amt.:Sethi,/
Gent athisse upotshiftialmit+ hi m iniver room
the harttnati lififigovollnhioitet or oar of Main a
hfarhet Milo i, DlsitsilltS b.
thing jolt rotund . Yrt‘h 4 14 10
sock of
Wall and Winter- Clothing
and tinntlennta'a Furninhina Goodoi.‘cr , Ile Olt
tots tinubillf lus suu plaage au ' Uls mock cow
ouch 44
bAtii COATtli
I .it
V 83116.
11.40XERClii rr,l
U.V1M1C14444 414.
and in fast every . thing in the Cruthiri; or En cntakiag
Into at
Very Low Ago*.
in addition to the above he ar an ewiaat iteeant
melt t or
(lathes, CaVnners, and Vothigo,
clighing made et "M to fireitosf pot.te
Cali and sae before purchaatacejseWhoire.und
J. W. cutmaraux.
(moto r to. INA.
N 40010 S AT
LAS !! , itV Monk:
eilen•cirril ma? ak.
Ti UM. uuOu lait;4al}32
TWA' ritad. 3IANT":, 64,01).i
Tiny I.erp o.oryilong you may want. and Ite%
them and you will Infinite to buy.
• ' 1 ',
S' i4O
La: a
iitzpq raj,
Pan cl&
I rzsr
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Shun s
O; CGiul
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1 i
Stock 5
Honig static Balmoral Phut,. tYln , lln ilhaitec
QtMetnemeitie, Giamvsnee, LskAin' Flames. Voles'
ince. deed , i, kr. Id eloirt we keep evarythinz Onr
cli.imentra mind hut auk. add ) , it 'hell he liven
them. %Ve datattaiste lint to he ,undefenl4. All
WHIN isf produra taken M the t.igllesit Market pr! , .
r - 7" Al.:en. ;pm -a cedilect,d with the Amu a
TA4l.oltibrt; "TART :WENT, wheill 'minting
buying elnihr of in elaewhere can have theist
inane up well' flimsies.% and t!ospittrib cheap kw ce , d.
The beet Woralaell are Coneltaitykaianyed.
March r. —31610. t:llEhd? ar. JOAN.
• -
The proprietor havens 'enflamed and refilled hia
RESTAURANT, in tar brzetunut, the
shrshl tropecquity rgkit h rohtshilhilte "I
the :scsondhe hsh old fllosterherh, and eqrsitally to •
S,tc tlm ftttetelon of now mica to boa turivekincuta.
Shill, OVSnRS,
stioso ovirreas. ratan rim.
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