Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, April 24, 1867, Image 1

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    V(/•1 XXXI
orrice:o OF COLIN/31A Co.
Proident Judge -lion. Willton
Irtit Pert,
retor K. Borboin
Prot h . y a nd Cl*k nfeottit.,--itAite Coleman
Register and Itet:order—Jelm G.Freeze
,lm am
Coonnii,,,Mncra John I. Fonder,
Montgomery Cole
Slteriff—Santuel Snyder
Treasurer—John 3. Stile,.
1 Daniel Snyder,
AuAo —<L B Rtmett
John I'. 11.1ttott
Comtnioetioner'.. Clerk—Wm. kriekltatitn.
t 'ton m Wolter' a Attorney—E. 11. little.
Mercantile—Capt, w t' L t
4 'minty Surveyor— km A. 1 itt
Dit.triet Attorney - Milton Yromit
"oro nt•r- W lia m J. !L !m
County Superintendent - lm U. Untl. l .,ty
Atntmteor Internal Ittiventte-11. Milt.
S. H. Diemor,
3. H. 11; , 11r,
J, S,
Collector • Ilcojatoin F. Hartman.'
A - '
04411'6 A!... v: .4)r- ;
AfiLLL;it'Si STult 13.00A1AM.. WI% PA.
im!cri4l,edr,i4ll,. j srt glued ,1
JIS Mt* "
sTew E .4k.'.Nl)....wsvoirior,
in ttiGi Minim where its to prepared t Platte np bete
TtR WARR' of oil kinds to Uis Itue and dc, tepsit - -
it.* with neatness and distetteht tlpae the 11,0.1- teat.
001111bItt tense, He align keeps on hand tiTifr 7 i , o < 4
verities pitons" and styles, ninth hs will sett twos
terms ts suit tturchasars.
Give his.o t:4 it. He is a grand mechanic, and de.
Wyn: of .lie toilets patrunsge.
moot berg. !Sept. ir, t866.—1y.
............................ .. ...... .... .. .
The undaraignad ia about bluing up a
at Ito IWO: ITINACK MILL 11. awl a atir
Nat public lONS 1
liiovia Scotia While ilaster
prepart.t reofy for use In qunntllir• to toll I=ort i
t:lc:A 411,y time from the ittot of Mar , it 0. - rt
J. If. MLNI,o.:II.
ClitaWimslll, 1,!67
Warms the pulutc 1114! !.d. r,,,`," re
rovd 10umuuracture 4tH kturho
16 at the h 111: I" 1 ink Ltc i
at shaft notice and in Ufa vary beat ar i l i,<;i oty,47t
MMr.4hrfnn.fas is ,; An
had want , year* of pecee,e4 experi , K oh
1 1 1 41 Inn rot Rood work. hitegrity and holtor4s•te dnni
zr More rh. . &ea), Ere: CWll,l' u:
Mom and Iron Ptrerti. over J. K.(iir tun's Ftor.•
blooluaboig. 00. IQ.
i7rliv. W. ',LUGER, Proprietor.
The above well•known hotel has recently under•
mil radical c.l9togmi in ite immoral arrangement..
announces to his former en.totil
tha trireinlilia public that ht. secononodotion,
for the eninfint of bin OltitPld bee .ccond to none to
the country. Hid table will 1111{W:411 be found cup
plied. not only with substantial food, but with nt
the delierietes of the iitaion, Hi. wine sod tr,:nori
immune 4ifill popular novenae known as ..11 ,, ifelre
purchased direct from the imprirling boom's, 'lre
tirely pure, And free ert in all r?:011061 arose, lie
is thankful Inc a liberal panotnige in the post, avid
will continuo to deserve •t ot the future.
uLUIW& W. 31.1L'UER
Jung 13, 1e60.-.4/1
ac it AM) REPAIR ,S 1101)
TDB undersigns.' would nest rompri !folly 1.,;1.
yaottnce to the public yertrtally. that tt , is pr,p,, •
to taccotti all kind* tit VATIIINLIIV. at J'; ITig
htIARPLIDigo FOUNDRY. in Ito•nttsbutg, where
tau etwayx he fiturtti ready to 114 ;IP 1e.:1d4 cf
mg, Including Threshing OW in short, bit
kinds 01 Fanning Usees.l,. ntio.TURNINit AND
rrriNG UP 4.4‘ CASTING' AND 11 V.
done 0* shun notice. to * 4004 *ntittnantike matt
ma . , upon the wow 140100nahlu terms.
Meting experience hsthe business as foreman in
the shelf of Lewis D. Maus et this Ogee. for over
eit.t year*. Waft Mild 111111 in sayttelt that he esti rise
~s tare estioraztoin to all who two New 4840 with
that. work.
Itieteasborg, Ner.3l, I%t
Aril rriairreers and Patent Solicitors,
**CT rn.i.souLeius,
-orauons oil
DeVIVrrS ". dud Madhitiery
Drattih.,: and Sketelut,%•••' tA special
of att Wide saidahem. , oltention ;Won t tierrn CAS ila '
FERIDICKS. Antherit::. co.:to of all DOCUITIft.."
from Patent Unice procured:
N. h.—Savo yourotiveo Orelao. t; Gallo and trav•
Omit' fltrevocc•to there ~ Arittlti need doe woo ,
al interview with sae, All ltudliltl.B trti•
ono can be transacted in writing. For Clatter fa for•
ruatinn direct to above, with stamp oneturad for err •
chief with reterencao.
April Id,
I'AL LUN* "I,o ( ' l rsE
1 _ ••• t. •
THE euberrther having puretteet4 the ' ntlion
NOM," in
--WIWK. !MAVEN, PB , ,
property of E,'W. Oiseny. Ern., would no to the
friends of the House, his 14C1';uttlittaocet, and Minot,.
tie generatly, *het be tutted* to 'beep s flout,
with the tteounnottetturts snit mutants of a House.
and humbly solicit* tint pittrneeirei
J. orrsNkfate,
Late of the Madionn House, Ph iladeltition.
tech Haven, Dee. nfi, Nen.
Would morose to the ladies of thoomebute and
the public generally, that she has just received Stout
the eeatern Owe her
Spring and Summer
Sloth or
ettheisileti of all sailor s novelly found in firm claire
Mill eery allnette. liar anode are of the beet quality
lied among the moat hendsomu end cheaper' tit the
'market. Call and reanainn Oren for yourselves.
Nobody eltould purchase sleewhere belloyettlentin •
jai alma reenuaiep stock of /node Bonnets wade
to ofdei , nn the Idiom's notice, or repaired,
WWI ON Win Watt. hdd , ,er below the more of
klandet.hall }Upset.
aliroaibura, May V. traWL—tf.
Ittd Stret, below Mc "Am m
erican ji,,e,"
4ffissomssitilti i iPAil
*NM Itiopo on hand, and (ormolu.* to the how*
4 oestry undo, Mt rollarlvphat Ormolu) prit,tr,
arc . AND imPonTED CIGAR all halite of
1531101 KING TO1114C11:41,
os „„„ w iticrn and ilrlar WM rapes, ndel
mi., trade.
mat Maim In aura and clew.
d 'do will' to lime hymn Whitt
`t the *le. for every ankle they
AGA at 'we country pedlars.
- ant •
. •• • •
• • 4.0
(ti e Tytt
" •r i ng
1115 r
. „
" 1111
oomolym Mtmutat.
1$ I , I - Num frIVI:1“ vl O 4/11113 , 1 1 ,11* IN
ia •
It IL 141M50% JACOVN.
00 in addiore. If not paid within
St.(ltalkt, ."at e+,ll, 4,116,101141 Will be charged.
0,7" Sa pawl ditaiutioual until atl istreatave
are pat*, trxra2t at vie Nylon of tho
Ont ;1:111,1 e•nr nt tht , U WO , f bmN
Gr¢ry 6nb4equcut itisprti , nt IC 4 41$1111 13... —• • •511
re* , e. . Gm. Iv.
Ono flout. ; 10) 317 Q I..'e 6.001 loin)
Too g ;oozes, 3.en 6,00 c,io I 11,011 I 11,00
400 I 7,90 I e,:ei I 1'.,e0 t.. 91,
Emir oluares, Y=l U e,O; te,tlo 11,0* , 2141 , ;)
OM( eelionn, f DIA) ; N.Oll 11 te) I/4.0111 36 (111
One eni nein. et/ Un I :10,+,11
gtertoor'.. on 4 Atholrogrotoro 301
itAtertl.emtntx incur., , 44,,rouling to
cola, A.
Pim *4otitt4, W. 4104.2
CV Pte lor.
1110 , b-Itt. mtverttyenttents Icty.thle in atit fiti,:c all
Wing. dip* niter the tit,' In.ertitlll,
['II 1911440'S Bio4k. On, Of limn
Iron 01 recto.
111: Ural:TV OS' OLI tcr.
I 01101 thick each totterinl Corm
`,Rat anipq along in lit;t':4
(hi! 4 !rim a }wart as PA'rtg. tV Warn,
' run or idle thoughts a, wine !
lot% had its cirvain or Joy,
antionaled, pow rollmp!
Con ~, :ng 1,1,4 , Y , v, boy
•I at luvdy want 2131.1 X
t,kl tell hi 4 tan of youth.
W.. 1, 1 ,1 think its t.cencs of love evitie e
:tl4 pa, , ',on, More unearthly tint+.
Th ru any talc. botl.we or .41 0
they onil.l tell of tender lye
At prctl in e 1.., iv
Of lay , . .ht t:,an toodo , rn 41,1:
.In-1 no Tern 1414 it
if • :
i:ata• v 4 , i• T or far ow ilolr
•, Aighta. , l .or
' ; hat iiit.64tawsci to fad:
eve, a
fueto Ho lk , ",
tLat ilavo all pa , .-etl away,
thy:tt what Wt; :41! them 13.4)W
.“I+l i 4 it tlta- 4, haulau LAY!
r right awl frail a thine?
f y 1.1400
l'orcver exu tilac*c, whiz?
Mir tall tlo , 4 , , Coat t,ill !
tvl all rho I:1., that taR: of litqf,
and al; th, f rtn , !,,
11 , ..reaft , r 4uly volut,
Tltru what t all c,artire trersttre wnreh
If wt; at length must ), , e theta dm:, -
It' all sr value to• t ,4rth
Ere long ntt..~~ lint. away from us?
It is a common practice with those who
have oath', c l the -as,- pt et
:tag. LOH h rnttgltt up in the u-,ty
hearth • ;;rate d life, to laugh at
. • stori.• . a n d to treat t tales of roman
mere lietitions of novviets and
poets iqy observations , :n human rant cc
have tAuttlit :cc to think otherwise. They
have row:Mood me tint however the sur
face of character may he chilled or frozen
b;,, 0 cores of •1* cultivated in
to mere nilts the arts of stilt
tin rc, ate a lurking in the depths
of the eoldlieui o oln, wide!' when cure en
-1,,,,5,t,,•, impetuous, and are some
times des,datin;. in the effects. Indeed. I
am a believer in the blind deity, and ; tho
full extent of his duets ines. Sh;-11 I ro...ass
it ? I b, , lieve in broken hearts, and the
pus i 1 ility of dying of ' , ointment. I
do not, however. consider it a malady often
11,- 1 to nay can sex. Slut I firmly Eclieve
that n. Lathers down many a lovely
woman into art early' . e•
Man is the creature intarcal awl awil)l
du.. lbs nature leads hint foitb into the
struggle ittd bustle of the world. .love is
hut the enbedlisiHlent of hi , early life, of
song piped in the inttrvals of the nets. He
seeks far fame, fbr fortune, foi space in the
wet.'d's thought, and dominatitm over his
fellow= utrd. .But a woman's, wholt, He is
a history Tht heart is .t,cr
world ; it i s th e m ;,,r to`ariee seeks for hid
den treasures. She sends .fo.l ll ber
tin ,s on adventure ; she embark.:
soul in tlte traffic of affection ; and it . ' slat"-
wrecked her ete§c is hopeless--for it is a
bankruptcy of the heart.
To a man the disappointment : of love may
occasion some bitter pangs ; blast some
prospects of felicity; but he is an native
being ; be may'dissipate his thoughts in the
whirl of varied tecupation, or Outgo into
the tide of pleasure ; or, if the scene of dis
appointment, be too full of painful atsoeia
lions, he can shift his abode at will, and
taking as it were the wings of morning, can
"tly to the uttermost purts of the earth and
be at ro.t."
GZOkUE IlAsstxr
But a woman's is comparatively a Cued,
a seekded and a meditative hfia. She is
more the companion of her !rn thoughts
and feelings ; and if they nisi turned to
'idolaters of sorrow, where shall we look for
eonsolatton ? .1-Ter lot is to ho :Wooed
won ; and if unhappy in her love, her heart
is like some thrtress, that has becm captured
and sacked and abandoned and left desolate.
How many by:ight eyes grow din►, how
many KA cheeks grow pale; how many
lovely fond" fade away into the to►pb and
none can tell the cause that blighted their
loveliness the dove will clasp its wings
to its sides, and cover the arrow that is prey
ing on its vitals, so it is the nature of
131,()()INISBUR(1, (()1,U31131A CO., PA., WEDNESDAY. APRI L 94, 18(7
T li E
It AT Ettt ttP ADV trn s NO.
I WAKI fliti4Tlll , lt , A & , It!A Rig
IV, it JAO ry,
1.3'44,44411441144 C+a}unnui3 C44urltg, Pa
11110hEti Iscitur.
WANllltifiThti tRVP U.
newts beand
or ant• true affection, but 'ma., niet
With tare that, like the eattrentllts, eat,
The It On eK ”r U.a titting's toweeto4 }woke,
the 'yew."'
women to hide from the woad the pangs of
womultal affection. The love of a delicate
maiden is shy and silent. Even when for
tunate she scarcely breathes it to herself;
but when otherwise she buries it in the
deep reeetote.t of her bosom, and there lets
it cower awl brood among the ruins of her
peace. With her the desire of her heart
has failed. Tit: great charm of existence, is
at an end., She negleets all the cheerful
exerti,e., which gladden the spirits, quicken
the p01..;e, and „seal the tide of bib in
healthful eatrenta throtudi the veins. I ter
r e q. is broken ; the sw. et refre.hmem of
sleep is itoisencil by tuclaneholy urea ms
sorrow, drinks her blood," until her mire de
led frame sinks et:43.r the slightest injury.
Look for her after a while and you will
! ft etsl , hin weeping over an uutite&y
k,ruee, and wondering that one who but lady
glowed with all the r 3i s, t health itt3:
le may, early be brought down to
- dm awl the worm.`' You
tt of !te.e.a letery Chill, ;ntie ea -tell in
tn.• i m that laid her low; but n,o one
knows of th • mental malady that pr3 , ,d,0-ly
ly sapped her tremsth, and mad 3 her tau
easy a prey to the spoiler.
Hie is like some tender tree, the grid ,
tool beauty of the grove ; gr ac eful i n it,
term, bright in its foliage, but with the
worm preying at its Wirt. We tied it ni l.
thinly withering when it should be most fresh
and luxuriant. We see its lint:miles droop.
ing to the earth. and shedding leaf by leaf,
until wasted awl perished awly, it sails even
in the stillness of the bar e st, ; and as we
tothe over the beautiful ruin. we strive in
train to collect the blast or thunderbolt that
could have smitten it with decay.
I have. seen many in-tout.. of we'
to 0a.4.,e and disappear
in,, ;„ - rada,dly from the (tail!). aluto , t mi if
tlo.y had Leon exalted to leaven; have
fuleit that I could trace their
Icath throurlt the various th a tik l t.i cu ., of
,:„„u m pin,,, told. debility, lan:our. Dolan
mull I reached the first apoptom of
disapltointed love, But an instance of the
was lately told to me; the eirourn-tan
eeti are well known in the country where
they hap peach, and I shall ;,;ye them tkikie.
manner in v. hick they
Every tr,e must the I r w iv ai
story of young Emmett, tho ]risk - patrit,
it watt' too toneltiny to IA soo t , fo, - go+!ttn.
Purina tho trouble , in Iceland, ho na .. trro 1.
COnfletnno4l, and executo, un t> t hitr-o ot•
treaolt. y,,ung, go jilt, lii, i lit,
se Lrave, everything' we are apt to like in
a young man. Ilia conduct motor trial, too,
was so lofty nod intrepid The eol'he inLjg
natiqn with which, he rk !died tt. the Aar,.
of trevon against ,WAXY th..inhttmei.t.
vindication of hia name, and hiss pattiAl •
aprwal to posterity in the hopeless hour ri
tt, , mlotrmt;on—all the:- I, etere4 very deeply
into every gt tierces bosom, and even his
enemies latneute.l the stern 1.01it7 that diet
tated his atevu.' n.
10.1 t. Li*.! v.;:i • ono heart who,ie ariulah
it wni . el he im; : ,osstlils. to tleerit,e, hap.
pky days and fisiror fir:tines he I.i i won
the ad'yctieaua of a boantifid and ion3restim.,
girl th e shsto dizer of a We dist:mmisil
!rich hanker S h e lured :ow ssltu the
ts.ll or of a %simian s first and early love.
When every worldly maxim arrayed
against hint ; v hen blasted in fortune, and
disgrace and danc, , r, darkt.,:ed around b,s
name, she !grog him the murk ardently for
tt staTerin,.. Al', the., his ;at old
~,„o t tliy of his foes, what must
have 'net n n•mny of her whose; was
otylipird 1; hi, ? Ltt Cho, %stn.
have the p , Imhs of the tomb suddenly el,'-,•,l
between th• tta sod the being they most lov
ed on earth, who hate sat at its threAold,
on one shut out in a cold and lonely world,
from whence all that was lovely and loving
had nt:,
But the ha; 7as nf sutli a grave I sofaight
ful, so dishonored, there w,ss nothing for
memory to dwell on that could soothe the
pang of L o aratitm, none of those tender
though melancholy eiremnstanees that en
dear the parting scene ; nothing to melt
soerow into those blessed tears, sent, like the
dews of heaven, to revive the heart in the
parting hour of auviA '
To render her widowed hittlalit.o amore
~;eslicrate she 11-Al , s:li:rod her father's Ok
i pleasure by.tiic unt,,,rtaaiute atnichment and
wa. , an exile from the parential roof. But
could the sympathy and kind ofd cs of
friends have reached a spirit so Shottked and
41ri'7•11 in by horror, she would have cx•
p e sfe m .,ld yo want of consolation for the
Irish sire pek,; , ltt of quick and generous sea
eihilicie.4. The pod, delicate attentions
were paid her by ConLles of wealth und
distinction. She was led int , .; society, and
tried all kinds of occupation and athwe
went to dissipate her grief and wean her
from the tragisi *tory of her lover.
' it was all in vain. There aro some strokes
of calamity that scathe and st,crch the soul ;
that penetrate the vital scat or happiness,
and blast it never again to put forth buil or
blossom.. She never objected to frequent
haunts of pleasure, but she was 43 notch
alone there as in the depths of solitude. She
carried within her an inward, woe that
mocked all the blandishments of frendship,
and "heialed not the voice of the charmer,
elnirtu be never so wisely."
The person who told use her story had
seen her at a masquerade. There can he
no exhibition of fbr gone wretchedness
more striking and painful than to meet in
such a ,scene. To find wandering like
spectre, lonely and joyless, where all around
is gay—to see it dressed out in trappings of
mirth, and looking so wan and ,woe begooe,
as if it bad tried in vain to cheat the poor
heart in a momentary forgetfulness of sor
row. After strolling through the splendid
rooms and giddy eri.wd with an air 6f utter
abstraction, she •it herself dtsrn en the
steps of the or.•:, Oa, and looking about
for sometime hit a vacant air, that showeal
her itawisibility to the gari.:h iieime, she
b e r m , with th e i,%llririounc."4 of a sickly
hew, to warble a little plaintive air. She
i. ol an exquisite vole:, lon on oembion
it was so simple, so touching, it breathed
forth such a soul of rrcteltedness, that she
fk!W a n owd ratite ad:idea ...motel her, and
melted every one int )
The story of one true and tender could
no- but exercise, great r,•-to in a country
utru rkaide ibtr ins maim:duinn It emu
pl. tely the heart of a brave officer, who
pa:ki his own 41111113 . $ ^0 :4 her, rend thi ' MPhi,
C. WV' ... .I true t , nut but
(,rive the
fir her limo :Lt., v... TO IV
revoaaf,lr by 'he of he:
former Ile , I,:a
suit. Ile , olieited not i• ial, !is J, but
lier e:teetn. He seas 41 her old•
vi Ftiou of his worth, and her ;en.. • of her
own d ;:it:tte soil C. v...ivlent, for
!: !II • of Liewrl4,
1A av. I •a; in nininti
her ', thi. orange that
her heart war unalt, ;Oily madher's.
lie took her with him to
that (+wige of no might wear out the
rcumnikance of early woes. : 4 11.e was an
amiable and exemplary wife, and mad,: an
effort to be a happy b•it %tithing could
cure the silent melts MA.4
0:11,l.;,d entered into her very soul. ,! - Lhe
wasted in a and ,s +byline. and
at lvripth sunk into the tl., iti,o
it I..tokeo heart.
rr,t 011 her that : , !•, ,, re. the tri , :in:Jtitt,
eft frihh, roatiA th:;
sh,! is fir from thv 14 0J w gat hrr yfl r j hero
A . pito,
A 10 lovrq, , ;....
1 %. , ) Ini..s)" A) . Int. , frori, ¢a: .a ;Iv.
ern. beau in 33d graert i 4 lying
:l e 431 liir lorit•-rir ilia cowry he
They wins! ail !hit to lifs hn,l rttit hint
Nor soon ni his Colinley bu iit:••
1:13 slay toinion kts.a"
111,44,4 t 104 n Urttyr wh , r4x 1114 , rt1ntr.34444 rvot,
‘Vb•ii Y 4r4 - 4,4 4 mwp , v
44'4:r hut' 4•141 , 11 t!
r t•!: hiVr.11•41•41.4•• - *WON.
. , t.: !'" C. Fr:•laintiontg
r lc 1•1•• t ho jail wilt:Tv.
•hir, ft^W dayti
!:":IVt! t. di.' r• r tiqtt not
it w0r.1,1
i ~r 13i nt:v•iwive
TI/i• is trx!:, th,:,:taizion of
Ir, n. opk •_! C.:. jail.
who r
t returunnt I „ ngo . A this;
my attt ?uteri was rail. .1 to the tt,z
ton ce,Tol.on , hor..: tet he L(../-
ii.1e;Ilter'111111.- 3 V; i t II jai; .:3 , 111 (1).1 .
1!. 11;1.111. 111101
give ai , o +ll (tlfyt•Ppnt'l"
.14t,,. nett :1 j..ri :ar. 111 tit- 11.•-t Itht t
iitl 001,1 • r AA
fciilliti" ; vox, h
t Lad 1. WY
ille Ithy• :thin to acttotot•any hint in 11l- 1:1.1
of (Lay. Ile of the pei-otre '
in the Jail yard and no ftstenitazi to
the gate,. except a bar, which in. t trt
4 . 00hl 1' rettioved, and tit.. or:.ty
„ .
tor prtsoners not vary tart. In
thi, 1 u oohl say all the pri-encrs arc
t tiav .0 f' h
t.ike. .0 --tt with ti`
re:st of the ; • ail
Ebel! 3. • ;' 4, 31!•.111i; .1 it s '. ...A
spoken of :.: z 1,1,1 t. lan 1 10 , •1t'..1.
Inreg,ti.l to havine every
.1 , • !.: Li
...we than the
otters are entitled to and do
receive from their whoy E ev e r they
eh0 , ,.-a. t o ratan'! anything. 'I . ( . 4 uratt
a eorrnier to Itituself, 'tee:disc we
ate tod t have hint away' fan , all oilier
I.ri-_oner-. the inirressiot. ptisn
per i 4 t+Ct'a art;that the Orli
et.l*, Of tin' jail without mind
ation. Sot a sinzle prisetnv ham c -.taped
&nun the jail for the hte. ttneteen
4lthough a !now inseeuro and dilapidated
building for ti prison can he l'ont..l,
and the char toter of the
Iterate burglars, t &tt., as had as can
he i;mil anywitem in the country. The
said corretTondent if' he should ever he un
fortunate vtiongh to be ventincd 4
sraUw„ would h ' aVe vhance to judge etuTeet
ly whether it. !it) easy to it:al:o hr ryano
on Ile itnagin , .. , . lam ro..pon,ihlo for the
„,, q% a wl ir,t,nd t o k••• p bon otaftly
to ry , •I
N.kroi.i,t..t is Ow:mt..,..r of
go `-:p in Lehtim L ra!l (\ Aims
the foitowttt.t., ''At the katibouri i they are
just now fond of Greek anti anagrams.
Here is a fair sample :
'They tcfl you that every one of these
words is a Greek word, that their whole
forma a Greek word, that their whole forms
a Greek senteneo vaikleo in this order
Napoleon on ohm Icon eon apoleon poleon,
and that the Fentvnec mom' in EngliA :
'Napoleon, being the lion of the people,
was marci,ing on deAtroying the chic.,'
W* . Rural Couple was spliced a week
sir two ago in a dry goods Pture in Spring
field, 111., permission to use the Fremises for
the nurpo* having been amoriltai them by
the pn.prietor on thr , principal that. "wed
dings are certain, sooner or later, to produce
a briekneee in the dry goods businuse."
Ur. Sally, mill a follow to a girl who had
red hair, keep away from me or you will Eet
me ou fire. No danger of that replied
Bally, you are too Feet to burn.
The Brave Abephaed.
Seine years age two men, Charles Story
and Edward Ladhury, Lad charge or an out
lying sheep-strilion, belonging to Mr. John
flassall, a wealthy Australian squatter. The
first named was the shephard, the second the
hut-keepe.. 7h:dr hut stood in the mid .9t of
a scene of primitive nalatre. Except the
folds for the flocks, there were no enclosures
of any description. The country was an
open expanse of grass, with a few undula
tic dotted spartely with evergreen trees,
mostly or the stringy-hark species. The
walls of the hut were built of rough stakes,
with mud and reeds between them ; other
lon g poles forma the roof, which was coy
matt' with rushes. The fire-place teas ce , .-
strneted or stones collected from tit.
srhend, end this the tact. ,I.i4kSal their
daily damper, coniposed ...f,ilour and water
s;dt, and boiled th , ir kettle oftea. Theit
~„I.sialgtf of salt be,f and pork, Bear
and rite in casks, a chest of tee, sonic sugar
and rais;ns, awl a few other articles, Tin
est.; and plate s, and two or three knives and
f fortued their dinner and tea service;
a kettle and saucepan and gridiron were
it ehisf cooking utensils; some rotsth
isi• • of the st: incy-batk trees on tressels,
thlia: tiled with ~snot, a couple of blankets,
sn4arros-- t a-; deers formed their
Such a life as they ICI, in SOO Of its
531110105'4, and danger?, Las it-.
~harm, fqr many 111.. n. hey were eutit..n.
tel. May he, their early days kid be :n
sp.-11 in I , , v , rty awl starvation it, we
crowded city. amid scenes caf prof ;aq,
an 1 -,l l lering. litre they ee.joyed
pure air, a 1 i..itt sky. and ttbniplanee of
tte. , l rn is r• toovol from the tempta
tions which beset them. Those who o. .en. 0 .10.1 r:arly every position in
liXh will ie mid ete s'•epherds and
21. t to tetv
erty either thron.,..h their own faiths or the
titults Few lik e t, e t •.! t*: eir
ettre.y live. ..i'lmumer !tad been the por.i•
td at hadltry, they were eor
t 1. • r duty.
...rly breakfast. the tt, t
ntel examined their sheep
they came oat of the fold, au I pieke'l
r,, , !!tirite4 any I,.,rtieniar treatment -
.• tort:, ritlt the
Lidlin.- L.l no 1,-vk u 1 duo
wa4 the Vol I- to rup:Or here and th....•
5he...9 to dyetor, the roof of k: hit to
patch, and a j:“ • thrgaid,at tid
i: had w,,cly • t at: , ad
t ,, , ilia di nner w a s qaitddy tii•Tat4 hed.—
lAN u4nul enni:ianien. a favorite deg had
dk a ppe n r e d,, h e einild nut teal how but
notelif , , , ared it had been bitten by a make
and died in the lit his pipe. and
•,...nioked root thought anhilo.: Again lie
busied blue, nt of doers. and otv'e 1110 f,
return t t h e hut to prepare the eeclibip .
1 , 1 , A fur hit..-.lf and !Ili companion. lit
; t h t. , tir i ers
ent e>f 1.11'.` Ai. . I, A. A lON
11`4 , .!!!. repeat
ed. II• 1,1:1:cd • •-• !•••. , I • 1 . !• 1,- I , t h;llt
se about to roiirn lint. wh..n the
,otid again readied I .. 4I11";' , ..
i".wn a cluster of Inedies at a 'tittle dis
tance. off. With an • raY +.3
place tb , !re :Is t;,;•,.41.,14i401#
11,1111 CAI tA, , heeding from runner
-043 wounds, and wiJi a Ntar-herd still
rtiA.iog in the Ludy. Lifting Storey in We ,
art.. , d , to the hut and laid
him on his bed.
Ow work of those black fellows, ,,
ury, looking out round the hut.
None were in sight. Ile came back, and
warming sonic water, bathed poor Storey' ,
wound, , then he carefully cut out tit.; barbel
head of the spear, and continued bathing
the wound, except for a short Clue when he
potal some wart,- tea deo n fire .s.aert.r's
throat. Every moment while thus ‘ropl
ed he expeeteilvthe natives to—ek the
hut, lie had no longer Rover to gi-,c Lin:
warning of the approach of a f o e. There
was little doubt that his poor &vise had
been speared. The pain being soothed.
torcy at le%th, to Ladbury's great joy,
icturtted to conselousness, and explained
that Le i.,,tibeLit attacked .arty in the day
by natives. lie awl roi. iota iLear after
receiving several wounds, but had been
speared again Italia mile or so from the hut,
and had crawled the rest of the distanee,
till he fainted from the lost of blood and the
pain he was suffering
Sad inced vti+li the condition of these two
poor fellows, with no white man nearer
than twenty mile., and no surgeon within
probably, two hundred. Night at length
came on, when, as the natives never move
about in the dark, they knew they were
safe. But they both felt certain the attack
would be renewed by daylight, and the event
proved they were right.
Soon after dawn Ladbury, who, overe
with fatigue, had dozed off, was SlZlrtleil by
the sound of a spear being ford throogh
the rod-made door of the hut. Another
and another followed through the slightly
formed walls. We shall be murdered,
mate. if I don't put them to Eight, ' he ex
claimed, taking his poet-A-knifc, and bill
hook, the only weaper.s he possc,s4l, the
first in the left hatid, and the other partly
covered by hiseout, so that it looked like a
pi tol. ready."A We may never meet
again in thisworld, so good bye Charley; but
I'll i3hitilie it bud4enly-Lt orang throuet
the downy, **Om to the hinging, nearly
fifty of whodho eaw before him, that he
mould s. if they didn't rue. They ftearee•
ly daring to bolt at wlu t.:te s , believed to
be his riiAtol, after enninthit.g E. few wor..b
with each other, to his great relief began to
retir , a 1 as ';e shouted louder took to their
V e arc eivw,l, Charlie," he exclaitne.l,
breathleto with excitement. "Hut
the niggers will be back again. 1.1 0
think you could 'neve :dung it' I were to help
- No, Ned, that I couldn't." atr.wercil
Storey. "Wit do you get away. You'd
Jetittyinungup bofore nightfall,
and if you can bring help I know you will : if
not---why my sand iM protty well run out im
it be done."
Lea,e YOU, Charley!—that's not what I
ti.iu, of ti4irtt, - :add Ladbury. tirtnb. --
- Whitt you tay by you, and
te..l you a tat:ll u,t I cut :o that tuattor
The enure -I. stow L., , Rury L th,k
ed ir fowl and unr , ,e a lr mate tnt gently
Doi a v,,ennut ceit:d lace ,funs. Night game,
and at length they both 4'14. levit'ul
nu:, awoke by a call fien, to ev,
"Ned, sleep has done trie 2.‘0 tlllk
could travel if I were onte an my
imdbury : , ilently made up their Led Lim
and the few hou3eliold art ides they pri.i,e , rred
into a bundle, which ha hol.t, on to hh,
Matt!, ow , ziltutg — he :rz
5t..): , : y up, 1 him refit on hi Irui.
twi I}, , Eirs I t midnight, and
111,1 4g, tart of thehla,!ks.,
had n n proixed-A wary hundred
he had oN , „ , rr.tted
hi.; •t; r rth, at..l -ail to the ground.
"Yov , Ned. you wHverea
yoursrlf; 1 eat' but die 'nice, and
y ou 'll uu ly you r if y o u stop to Ir.dp
(10, i hrx r to Stia
zuLlyclv 1 Lata.nry, Storey u1g,, , t3
trim to confirm , Nl' ,lawny alone, N,pj
tr,ole ro repin but sullenly t.t.tcrol
quiek !men. :7',cl inleel snot hlcu been
rear "it , 4,.ny ., feelings when Ii SZT hint trl.-
1..1., i,t tr.e. 4:4 or ni,to ft utti:
t Arre e . ;.•
tiff`: pacing ! :ien] to fly.
to fly* Wit,.
work in reccv.ze fur the
,• his (Inurtnion, Suddenly a loot
, It : war' I•:pecr,ql
~ ,.•hip 1. . !
''Ala r 3 0,1 thWk I zLflly wa.4
kolsod, in a low "
• 4 ;••••• IU( Oi leave you again. mato, o,llno,
I.:1 we'll so.o. what I out
laelbary walked on with the %%taut led man
WI ltis hack fur half e mile or inure. -Now
kit II LPN II here, and I'll Laak for the bun.
die," he ...a; 1. pla.Mg him under a bush.
No ono lad a man long accustomed to the
1, lids of Amaralta could have fFund Lis n„y
tt Ladhaty Ile soon nea;tt
Nv:th their bundle on shout lers,
aucl ( mete returned for hirr. Tha,
they journeyed 11" till ts when
they re:lei:x.l » ate. am w"..tialt t(qk
haring; !fa ",101 ; mile.!.Li 1-
am; L.Vrove,', w;..; . 1§ lb eAltati , i le I
by his exertions that ha felt unable to crawl
auotht r nine , much lets to carry t
tiorey h::1 mato, Lea i fiv
and hid -. - (qtuds were so painful, that it
c d dnudiful that be v,ouhl surtio‘ ii nano
Vinawit the. thweer iota yEtcat.
LatibUrY d ) camp where they were
for sortie day , . till Store!' had partly ro'"*" o.,
e 1 his bttenr,th. At hug he bethought him,
that though Storey voila out walk. and he
multi no loner carry him on his shoulders,
he might (hag hitn atom:, bbould the
not have tried them out. lio accorli
with the alt of sticks cut Boat .
huh, and their b formed a sh
....iffienlty, o
drag along II 11.14 10 1 ti.. v, , ,and
ea ntrtt, with such plovish m , is re.o.,tne , l,
and resmramet.ced his toilsc over
the grat..4. 11. ccald move but :.!..A1 (Ay, and
eft- n had t`,..0 a side client ton aid a ny
or reeky whit h lay in his
conr , - Evan n-x, tree, it..). t
for tiro L....tzslt4 finding the hut t mpt : , might
and oval take them. 174:::11 the `ave
Ladi.m.y toiled (Ai: Lis own :... 4 .l,agth
rapidly giving away. tin-e inure he we
obliged to halt near a stream.
• "We tu,ist —p hero to-n:ght, mate."
he said to Storey. - Perhaps to-morrow my
legs, will be able to move ; to-day they can
do no more." The night passed away in si
lcnee ; the morning was ushered in with the
strange sounds of the Australian bush, and
the sun rose, casting a fiery heat over the
plain. Storey had not moved. Ladtury
looked at him, anxiously expe..l:aj to find
him no longer alive. Ile rcuscd up. lmwev
er, and after some brcaktlist, again Ladbury
harnessed himself to the sleigh and moved
on. Often he was Wiled to halt; some
times he could only move a few humho 1
yards at a time ; a few minutes rest enabled
h'in again to go on. Still the btl*,g..s became
t.herter and the est 3 longer .;:e evening
approached, Ile tel that he could not ex
i t another night in the bush. The station
ciulkLot now be far oft A faintness was
emeping over him, On, on, he went, as if
in a dream. Several times he stumbled
and could scarcely recover himself A sound
teaehed his ear +; itwasadog's bark, .I
the conviction that help could not be tar oft,
his strength scented to return. The roofs
of the wood sheds and huts appeared. Nn
one could totaten, 4 7irett then he and
friend might perish if be did not go on. It
weathe sup.ger hot the station. On be
I mast go. Re . : ... miger er, Maud-
and pintin i g. The fluor of the elder but
WILS reached, and he sunk Wilting avrt.l tlia
thre4hold. Every attuutiou was paid to the
Iwo men, Ladbury po>>u revored. Poor
Storey was conveyed to the Lovital at Albany
but 4o grant had been the ;.;h4 - ,ek to his vystem,
that in a short time seek under its ef~
tee t 4.
Ni"c mad of the gallant aetzt (irony soller4
and sailors in the face of en enenty, but l 4
tlpre not also her,isnt in the diameter ul
this Australian shepherd--hernistu which
might never have been suspected bad net
ei,vusat Lancet occurred tU draw it oet '
A Cap s er.
The Dallying (N. V.) tills
vtory connected with 3 pron.itAA
t.„l . tl,, who hat tlitti ntll , l l::4 him
4,i11` tit the &fella! , ef" erimillals, asiiell as in
vitt, tultr tri...14. h!wing:Trey ear
l..., through his sit Al l; r.itaed tho tllou harden
e 1 criminals to cLi gm ju.4tieg. Some
whilo he w: t.tLoidit,g cons tit all
crAtnly, . rnki applied to by a
5 ; w4 ,4 :11 . irpeeitat , .. 01 illtmatoty 4har4.4d with
t y tu d lar,:eny. air e.gfeuti him The lawnu
'cry il , . in what rthw , he was
, `ll., 'ill:, in 0110 , 1 iephied that
ody ha ,l been mean enough to churn , :
hint N . , ith riq in bank notes, an I
had got him inuicted,
asked the la v yer.
none or your lor.iiles, — replica
tin, IL:cosil. - They say it snake ino differ
.s . nt with you, whetty:r a 111311 is guilty or
not, you will contrive to him Out SC !lA.,
wa r. d=u t talk any more about th
cu;ity till you hear what the jury says,"
alatut ?" said the
Is %yr , r.
tl.e trial is over,
give I ; the eomilth , :mt) h- -I on the
eto.ts other f e lk, w h a
ivy-, t K Lim up, ), ait !we no
x •
tr, "..t
The (11.1 1 info,, 3 to be
NotilOWO:tt I.!‘i .o.ta 1 otrq;,ell one.-
, The district attorney proved that th,:. money
in rine, :WI W- 4 f , ,14114.4 two JAN
' on a e ,, rtain Lsok, and 0 • ,eurtnnier all in
sl , ` I ; wrall,, 4
a pie.t. silk, T: . jun : . after listening,
e. an ~.I tl.t. tam., and !TUX ing the
t 1.,! .1 Ige, retired, and re
ttane ,l %Nit!. '.'41„,,A or not Y. The
) s 4ith thu
or the effort or.h: euno
the latter int..' one of the vacant.
htry At 1 c-n as they I alone h a
1 hi e9toel c 7 the ' Auvlacr, and
['it • av Wa:cr, 3idt. I ? I af.t
of try*“.... , a ma n for Aealin
Mee! you are
aronn , l? Ycw, - I Sil ppOSI.:* v..u.t your
it 1.
"N tv:7: you got any thin% to pay
frith:'" 4aid thY I.myer.
-! Ytt..; is^ ;'.:ur knife and wt. 11 -co.: about
The -tartled at such a
:0; . radv. , r ro1uohn:t1:: et.lopiit.l.--
Th.• eounnoice , l rip
pinz an 1 •ed ring away at waisthatid of
;, and pry, lured the mil
id Lill, t 1.7 the strafing of whi::.h he lal
jtvt ho en wrapped p it, the idcntiej
0 1:eta. of (lest:tilted 'hy the wit 'woes far
t , 1)1.0.r:4,40'00t. an.l throwing it down o
the tale • I. •.'ort!.
1 . 42:111t 1: '11;11 - , take your pay out of that,
;, ,T.ont7l: to !..y you tokrat,ly
—V, yra Moil' that tamicy
aficr z,il, taid the lawyer, -Do you es
••• can tame arty of that, cauncy? . '
St,dc tliat tn. 114%. ! Didn't them twelve
i'p star., the just say I didn't steal
it? 1% hat': the t, a of t t yitg to raise
0 0-6911 of ofusoi • .ut , Afier twelve respeet
able tn.!' tin n ow'; oph,;nn nn th , t
subject? Take your key cut of that alai
ak n • q n. ti• :•••• ifon't be modest in tali
ing I pot ;t easy enough, art you've
work,l : c•.• - •r :eh for it.''
Our miorman.: 2 does not kit!, how mui t
the Lwyer took, but we presume the chap
trin't have Inm-h (imago left after our
sa ti,AL t d hi? "01114C:eili!t;' 'at the
fdttsrclatt+tiv tiam:ne
The new style of , bort,b-tisen are "mighty
deceis in." bene tolo ~t old gentlemen,
little near righted, canoe near getting into
trouble over in Congros street yesterdan
for remarking familiarly: sis, are
your ears cold this morning?'' 'the l arty
addressed turned niton the old gentlemen,
fit reely, with "insolent puppy,'' t brute,'
"old &e., and he found thatimteml
of mtettst:ng a school miss he bad . addressud
a lady in the full bloom of Womanhood.- -
Pethai $ was ri ht ;Ala.
ka. A Parmer's boy rr Lid to 4re the
MIS solve et‘tha , zes, I:ed "to` give the c o w
that yielded tl.e nio , t milk the largest I,hare.
tie iiteraly ytil the larder, anti (top , ited
he largest share eri4h,i pump.
36- "\Vilen , are you gsnag so CM. Mr.
Smith?' denundied Mr. done . 11 owe,
iir, Immo, don't detain me ; I have just
bought my wife a now bonnet. and I must
deliver it before the 1a51,:.,n clonjes.“
A woman fainteki :;ow York
theater a tow pii i ,btato water being
thrown into . rt vivt,tl, exclaim ,
inc 711 . "Y new boning, 1
ter Never poreltabo love or 6(114114) by
elite, for when thus obtainsd thF;• are loot
C 1 9.
Por Lola _1;