Bloomsburg democrat. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1867-1869, March 13, 1867, Image 3

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iffethirminy, Alartli 13, IN's,.
{r' We %vitt thank tott for all Went erettr.
tettiet , to tht tt owned tom lotaWien, If they 00 not
Andre to it ttle a utnnmunu oboe for the pubis; eye
let them rend UP n brttsf platen/eta of evelyttnion
Inter, It In their tuld'etette root monitien. A hot et
Itottrintlettt denthp, occident'', Atm rOMOV4IO.
f,td. We will pot them in totin, The
tanro ructo of titcs trod we can eel the better it w
rut, no nod /ut reinter., Who will do h T
Atoddt I tet re tedhe whdttott ntivertieentente
ittteUetl moat hand them oh tatty tot Tuesday moo
Ina to tootre 114.1 t intettitto for flint week
are in making
out 'Nlis4t huhseript ion and advertising di l e
th e thin o.3 m phy & which will
be placed in the hands of mute pr, pi wr person
in each TowN4 ip in the County fhr
d en . Th e w t n,e- ~r the persons with whom
the hills will he left will be annomiend at an
early date in this paper, The aMOUllti are
pot large, and will be.paid on sight, in near
ly every ease, we have not the least, doubt.
The intention is to have the husitte , 4 the
firm settled up, and that, if po-Ald,.. with
out giving offense to any of our patr(m4, It
would be much better for both patron and
publisher that the sulm , rilohms and
tising for the pact yo 4r be settled.
ph,..„.1ii0 ;in^ being
0014 in our market nuo4.
FOR .14.11"!..1 -hip in ram cf our
fiat-clanv, t • .11 fly at thi,
Tiot '' iiett.io2'o,tott,
NOV Was :I for
thistrke , VN Papkr. AV U appear in our
Ate`" lion G... P. t
l'halfatlt Ims 4! our thuuku for lt%il
Ltivo and other ntv.
Thar Couitoi,,iorwr= of C,otre Coati
ty ate abotti to ~a<-, t a tiox mail, tvilioh id go
lag b 4 oast of the tioe4 in tht , t:tate,
Cj- The rttlieg approaehit,t
Lltt w !rave eittl ,, ir
..t 11., 4
;1 , ii. oftijkl trit e, read
la(. nn tf.r. IA tt 1,411 4.40411 ,, 1
to r, I.:y uUt n Stato rt1:0
in a:01 Cohnni I 4' ,untn.‘,"
•!. .. ico.• iir th;4
Las -Al the irt • the
( "
*l - .1 of E. I I. .
t,y-thr- tb.P.
Jtz hold .!•;• C,grt isr Sum
bu-Q: •k. We tii; r&I tho .0 1 *.•
ca , e "N titi t Of
thew M. .4lva •
. *.. i a '
i- al) vcia**na
the ovr do , I..potni. and
inoothrt upm its " nary
tr )•;• ••.`n in 1 •, ! r .• ;. 0 .. t,
11“. 4 3,rt,. V •,:f: in t!.. , !••L 10,1,"
k •. .• . 1 • I,:txi 1.1
t...,. ,••
tougilt. :(no , ••!. ,• . ••a Li:
tribtp:ou :tt ; 31, I 1,1%. h.:* I
I iki. la
of our vu' -
ilwribers vi lehan_;.l . • .1., "I" ry • :It. l i ve
itetwera thus atd i!. • w NV:11
th.llik tt.t, of did than.te.
tttatitrt the it stay t d :t-ratt re .
" r t:, r.t.r..eeti9a
tbro , . , _•!l
tho tl. o is a
of di,: I I .:•• 1.... Iv • m..invi.:l3
t*,,,NA Ergo
ti:•NA : i". 4-,
the public 0.0.o.:11 . ,.!
I. II i, 1:1,1 ft , r th
1 , 1,1 , int • PV , I •
di•4l9gl6.‘ai Wt.
itt th , 1,1"1k0 tl: . .. •• 11 .. .• • fill • 41 • 1r 4 It Oa'
A Noornly ;
bled bun 141 , ;; 0 ‘.111 ., 11. Inanulaotn:p bor ,
(itt, 7.11 , 1 vit.!
ale! - 0.0: , ,n—it.11 AI : ..,o — to
htlttolA ti) the a, itlt Itt Ititti 101 : 21 tuAy
wit -ti
s.nw k. , ! . the shade tr n tine Hin
ny , itle of ortr.s•re..t , „ N'Ve llnVe. al
ready ranateen,:e 1 Iti i. , rather
e ar ly f' o r th e , 1 ,1..; to eoletnen, to shoot, but
the weather is thus farfavoralle. awl 0,01. 1 ,1
it continue, an early sprltr! with alnuslanee
of friths; anti tolou% The eropP
are said to he in an Osi.rni):'illrrarily flourish
condition. and everythi..),4 pats
ent, promises an abu n dant season.
skir- We were shown. on :!:it) , ltifiy la-v. a
thnigerous comiterteit on the Ft.cea Cm .
Rof Providence Eltwde
land. The denomination
77:48. 1:1.9n the whole, the Lill was twler
ably well exceutul, and calculated to de
ceive all who toe not tteen4toms.l to panel
lh nteuey. Our latsines4 tosti will Itcep
sharp look, von for them.
LA ° r Fat LE or BONN EA - S.—An
exelettize tlf 1 1 . LC StYlO .r htinnet trhit'la
haSjiNt tnrili its Arpearanen i eallefl the
• Rer,.nuu. 0111 , 1," eot.sisis of a two
cent tot 'mai !loveliee stamp. ttorn on the
op of the Ifewl, fort ted wo‘lor each ear
shoe strife , . it ofv...nts it very prof
araftee at- ;awe, arta mu:t I , e
Iffortahls at this 5ef,....11 of the year,
1c5...--P..titiAtts and Bonds for Taw
nye; Summons, ;.4iihmenits and Ex
; Blank School lirders ; Bonds for
Troasivers,, Overmters of the Poor
lectors; Milks for ConstabloW ?Ides;
to for Naturalixotien: Blank* for
k in Attaeinnent ee es i Notices fo,.
!Jews; Blank Notes for Vendues,
Blanks; toll of which can lie bad
Able timed end in quantitiito to
A Bequest to Subscribers.
Su'eam to the DEMOCRAT are 'partic
ularly . rtclueuteal not to allow their indebted.
nc , s to overrun ono year. All subscriptions
siwa!u be paid in advance; but under no
consideration klhould the your puss around
with the subscription unpaid. A torict at
tention to this will save us an intmenso
amount of tr.mblo atei a very heavy loss.
Th, Dedieation of the building of the
Bloottidetrg Literary Institute will take
plaeo on the afternoon and coning of April
IL Eminent speakers are expected, and
the students will give an exhibition consist
ing deelatnations. essays, colloquies, and
itet4e. The stockholders :tad public arc in
vited to attend.
gam- Mr. W. A. it. Grier. late Cadder of
the First National Think of Danville, bus re•
signed his po,,ition, and is about engaging
in a now banking enterprise at Dazelton.
44.)" . In another column or this iv‘vk's will be found the proceedings of
the meriting of the Democratic; Standing
Committee of Columlda, County held at this
pl,tee on Saturday
We unilgrstand that Rev, J. H.
Kum hi , resianoil the pastorship of the
Lutheran (Ismaili. or thi, pta e, to walla
the po.itiou as Print.;pal of Seliustrrove Fe
male t 'entire. Ile lots boon a thitlinil and
work,ir in tho ean4e of Chrhaiauity
is this community for the pcst eight years.
PW GI it ',lt is. - fyau woall p04 , 3 , ..4s you r
of a faithful and porttaititre of
a friend—atai who has not a friend you
%%wild secure tile shadow ere the satho l o w ,,
fole,t ! go at 41),;11 to ittit•PiOtittt4i ' S
tiallery. in Exchange Main ;:arc et.
ititcanialoir;", and procure one Letitre it t too
AN , arittrzt LEvi 1,. TATi;
.o'l the lot of growth, can which the small
re I barn is en ete4L situate on the corner of
Centsl, ,', 4 tre-i the Ailey between Third
Fourth ;5t( r ,,,,i..t, i n Bloomsburg. .1, L.
thrton. the eim.rprizimr, Propriet.n. of thf!
Omnibus Line. - was the purebas
er, and intends establishing thereon the
lwadoptarters of his Omnibus Department.
This is an eligible and central location, and
—with a moletate evpenditure of capital—
a,,ke, a pleasant and aosiralle pre t,tsrt},
A Co )1, l'Ho ,, Pqrlo.s..—.‘
.V a tiredly front a purty itt New
who ..0.y4, if 'woe' i puhri-lt a Ittdr
eru: u 1;;; of ~,tite dilat•idived.
th:,t "yol w:',l perform
a +illy t: o .v UU, tli. 1,411,rp.% 33'1 !Olt 11'; at the
'.115 f.!relt ohFentiuti , :
we arc ,oliv,wltat vcriant, nes.-
0.1 t ot.:.y , fouu borne mueb, het
that "erelt ~;.!igatiett in tlw shape of „„
10111 131 C;3lV3Witi: . 7 to 114. Vt'lictt
w, 1.1:,:w for tho rim of the thing
v:ve 'itch ;nun hr, due tugiee to
' • COOpv.ll , oll
owty. ;Co qo <I ti
1.. !.!1. , r .t! ur A oiciaL!.-
o! • 1 an 1 Oto .1.. t
11. 1 I- to, Ca. oliv
to, , ti.ihrt • o ‘.•.ta:a Thwt,
ikiipQ iu No) tliato: t, 1 St la” Lill
Cautitiv, Ott rar to tlO. Tot.. h.
tli 4' 111.4 . 11 ; ;Ilg lof til.! I , I 1,. :•.11 +we
••t 111,
h olt r I ' m I %%VII OW T a^kit!?
Ca at "1" tit,' law Per a" air.ll.• ,
that tr hip.
that Ex „• , bieri John Sir , lor.
wilt tai :olaftib-:ttil of the upper Ili,tel, in
Oranamil!e, kno‘..ii by tb,i noun.
ANN." en Thnr-day. the Itnlt 'ant.
Mr. Sity.lT bad I , (ol:4,b•rabh , experienee
iu het 1-keapih:z - z.O •'
at th . l7- Plat'V- underatauds well hew to
eatt rto the ‘can'.• of the ptthrw. Ile 1:4 kV).
nel ever n :l
,r to
J.a di in Id, 114m -r to make his gueut. 1;11
az;l cont':.wLhe On the ether
halt,l his I. has fhw i': any e‘inah, in ti:o
,e.ndt in eel tine. up a rood ninal'.4l - ietttalw.
W e peal: et nee. WV Wt-11 then)
uecw Ativ, (rti.einent appear in our
Ootnty have
t i ! • til: , at tt; the Lugislatime. rtrk
a i• • cha-t•lti I,rt;veto fishing
uithn.;in in ; td . 11116.-
4.111 k mill its triht,tat;;;s Certain nth; r
eiti t t•t., ;4, the /ow, porthot or the
main t.treatn, base rennaparated attaing the
uch haw. it run do
no harm to lish %%4h tot 1 toward
the month of the ereek. while n law of (I t o
kind would he benefieial as affoe:ing the pas
sage of trout, &e., farther up the ttrelm.
We are in fiver of anything to fi:' ire
tca nll flat ponvlo the Comity to fair
slimily of hdr. that to this end the ffrla
t.itall he properly foroteett`'). T 11.3 peo'
pie in the different lovaiitivA in the County,
c:•veeially on the borders of these waters,
will hake slich action as they may deem !K
11l Ty TowNstm , Arlo rims.— it may
not be colt-rally known that a I.!Otlenti law or
the In.! ,015. , ,i.t of the applored
iptil i 1, Isoe. r.'quires the be • try areottius
of every distriet to be earmolltwatulited by
the Towitship A 1144.4.4, tet.l ''iwottarst a
eowletteedstatmitelit t eotsibiouorthoso
!Mauves, alai publish the sante, at the eost
of the district liar three sueressive wooks, in
two papers," it not only requires this t>uty
bo lonformPti by the Township Auditors,
but imposes a penalty of fifty dollars upon
each auditor who refuses to com ply, on e.
half of which tine goes to the prosecutor,
and the other half to the school fund of the
district. It provides, ah,o, that the Audit
ors shall notify the SehoolDirnetors or other
parties having the dishursmeutot this bounty
rata to appear btlbro them at such time
as the ,itutittork shall fix, for tho purpose
of etutbDucthe Auditors to dose up the
bouuty to lai rof the Townehip for the
beat year,
vincal lon.
•• • • Is
fa* and Arlo. who Wept tedlittlie burn Wenn.
royymight have boon ssompte&l'yOnt thOti proem'
trials had they avallsd theinssleinein time of tte*
*Owned union ell inelerlousibide . so,. ttosTtir
Tim; wrommat mum oils it is too lets
for provrotion It is not ton tutu /iii Aura. A sloes
bottle of this Irrosiatible lietteidlpie will .lop Ow
parossysnis. and it brlrf averse Wd is will re•tore the
limiest to vigorous hold th. The prudent sod thought•
tut, however. Who would WithOl (0111.101 i iliseass
thin welt tub its essilutts. Will rood to this cure
Malice against intrrioetteni sod tionewnt (score et
the entirclenColllNlit of the iivosoo when they ',lova°.
New WOO to fore•efin the system o
sl oist
tot eat afug, billions complaints slot dyspepsia
(lionises wbinb Mt orlon engendered. end always
Itratlited by the chills and damps of Winter and
tttlAK+pt;Aßt 0 1 , INTIM mirrnvrA,
The Wit or Avon roil no that Ilia —ono in Maori'
41n1h 'mutton Agar c"and the romaik in , t o lila: 5* it
ato throe hanarigd vonr♦ non. Mit in/1111100V in
tfitost, 1111.4.411 11144 Mitrch Aitt,rem rim be 111 eVekltl l, i
110.tetier's Miters. rri n weight weei, will gdt the ,
ry.tem inn tidnlition In revii.l every 91001011 of 11-
(1.1111111 , ' V 1.4. 1 If, a ;twee I* a p4e010p0.114011
wth40,01 ,, 0,, o f 11011, thil4
and mvi.vorani u#11,04 114 certaioly pfev, , nt
All Uhl Otointer. 001001011 W the Ole tOtt tof (ego out
I+o.l* 111111 , he held iu 41619,111100 by thi, piolotll 11111 i•
.10oe. They 0100 41011 be ejtft tea 0 000 111^ oyxbflll uf•,
1 , 1 they have Mmle lodgment therm by Ito per.g.v,r•
11 1 g 1100. It 114 0111411 N nwral ilooroity
hi. 0 MOO it. Nash 1.1,.07 • form.
This tellinay 1144 knit brv , n eheri , thed by the corn.
moody fur its reetorkettle etbevy in relieving, bunt•
tog nod Lortog the tt 041 obotinutr. paitifel end long ,
,tannfng vac. of Cottett, ettl4 lufuuons, holm
%‘ !moping Cough, Croop, Asth
Initt4u mat inn of the Lungs, tciul.7 cvro Con
eotoptioit it,o , lf bee yielded to its ninon ifidnOnny
when I flier Meal,* 1110:0 fette c i its whale lii tt;ry
rrovoa that the 114,4 1144 produee4 tot rotoolty of
eqoal value, 41. 4 OW for the notnerotte and
nise pulutowny stroibin* which prt.v3ll all over thu
N: 4 01,11 TrED Tr.sTio:%toNY.
FM, 4auaxw ARUM'. or r,thaAd, Mo.
t ytiotit sinrr. try tiwi, Ileory A. Arrh.
rr, now Piitilmil*toir at FaiNtuld. rLinies,.et
it • was 1.11.e100l pill, rpm! tie ut blood. tiiiitAh.
'Amt.:bbiiyS.) mo
th,ol. our (4011 1 Y 1 , 111,010111 dtC. i11..,1 4111 to hay.i U
. 1"4 . 4,0 4 .10 , 0 " It.. Vs 41, Mllll,l 01,6,W 1,1,m
maul 1 . .11s ...Its I M . oinntilr 1.111 fil'ollil,i 10, beitu nt
oni it. At I-mtth fr , oti Ulu solo rtalwo o 1 toot, -!1
ott.ll - 0 i Si 4. tudac. , d to 011'111," .11.• 1.1.111 , '
11'1.11/et , Elll.Ollll 01 t 111,5 1 10•• ry hot.
lit, p i hi r ii
lit a r.tiiitt nmo tr , itiittot tom is slaty sT
in Sill 1111 . 44 i rim 11.16 111A0,010 , 101 this 1,00,1 y
111- viitotittiiit tor it Is i thotik. iitt
flatiron. to Grs:111 Lsntg tStIOSIsIy (lII' 111,
4. , qva riutrmcrit. rimitemue it I y volid:try
to 54.1,4 1,1% ,r uG yt.4 lititam, and is at
)4,011` 41.+"..11
Pry=i,nr•d hg sv;rtt w. 1 , 01 3 :141 k tioV,
mon* ikscut
SI 'le.( *l' 1,.%
The riioitp4, I,r fltu t ui t ly,i, N,
in we 1, 01. 4 I.Aliwiner. by Will ato , uwy fur reottit.ts•
1111111131 feritbrrde itt 4ti :41:11:4411".., la` Ihuear.,
ttr ht. • tlt t , t , tututu, 11 , 01•
ailir Pilb4/01
- 1" t but up ?LAI! , 4u to Curt tit,. I}.1• Iltop
,t.:01c , " .1,.•11.(4 t 1111,..t1r,
if. ft , I • I trow mit
'AIM 41 111 , 144. r 4 oP 11114 11 .:11141114 11x111
'ttrault 40. 1 . . , 0utt tyr tatuou; 1 , 1 Out; 11 , 4.01,
lla 4 ,, • ,
Dr. 14. At, 1 , 1,4 NVot-r is for , 111.• by J.
14 ‘stil4l.E., hool art, 31+ , 1 :of
It )044 IC 01 rc ct 0.,14loh• ,e104,:y in rt-oturu y0u.n4,1
rc 1, , % , itt.l:"%a 11/. 4 .+l . ItGl,U,lf IWO*, it by ttut tt , u
tiro brut 'Chatty ,ott , «Tootecoo hart ploV,(1111.3
H th1 , 1:1'.4 1 r.A-111.1:
tot; to olio% tst ilutatttin2 t)b and trtrir
uhrojer. lll.{tt,r frion what too, they
art,iftt ohl tore iu'o,lYtare,l'r+,,.l"o"
Itullar, per hot
Dr. HARVIA'A 3:01,1)1:Nt91,141,
temqy loot degrees stronger titan ton :dove,
41.0 tht , rnard ter rot r IS:. ut ieug .141"1"Ige
rttot, Five tletkrtt per ttrtv„
A f•tt-tr• I•tr , u'ktr, Ndl i;:ta.11'1",; •r
r 4/41 444
I. ' (. 4.14,.e4 2'4 OW / 4 .01 4 of sq, .
.i.• . I.'•y 14 , 1 , r.. z' No,‘
tio.y w tr,vtiOliliztbil , ty4,lob by 011174,
9, • 1.%
[ 4 l o v;: ItYI:ODY
A {aro , V>Vt' 4 2 06.1 , 1.11t , 41,4 rn
grf.:40.0 0 , .0 . 10:10t, both
it tes . rims how tiot I.4.cothe l•
11! trArweir I 4 , 0.1 the 1.1 , 0.0,11 10%
yoot„ lady ar ttr • nilrreatt .I , od 144! (a .0.110
t.•• .:•. Tentik
WA* P.O. .1'144. V. V
h ty
TU {'`Ul:;'lTOl,:=
Al,l t.,`,41,04 tr3 o Vji. , Z. 5,0 ,•11 # 1 , 04 4 0."
{ , o. we 04' 4,tetn tft thp mol I."
*.ft I ' .s4 v •it I(t4 ~.
frrd .11,1 1,):“:141 d,f111. , d1 a, 1, y. 1 cm•
ma itcw rp,ol Hirat. GOA:bk. VANCE.
11, , ant, 11.11 , 13, 1'1;7.
• •
IVtllt IT h.: 44
4,011 t Ittg MOM Piet
do owd IMO to pr t
41 U S
ri• tar/ a yit kly 3.4 tbono4
sosin, pi , in 4 . .1.4411140 qint
nlnlv ii nfs t.hy
104114? , ' litr 1410 , *1 .IZ,
1..3 rri3O+ iii,lf+l4 4 llr.n. sent
F Ur go al .Volk 0 an.
11,11 i* Of
0 . 140100, A t kr4:1,./ - i+.1 , 141n.
priNTET lir Pt , &Tr ,•n
1, a .41 • 44 atti thtbs co..
Arm St: tot.
11001 1 3, 11.14-Iy
The *oh- v•iii {NW, Vemitin ut
rv.pkilve. Third SU* et, ItL 41m4.4,tr,:..44
W MIN ES! IA V. MI, it(li
ovrAnull ppiiTrt)`, via'
Two Good Young Horses,
lOU T , ,p Solna Wogon. Pay Wagon. MIA'
• , trz •
Whht , ol4l'7 ,, e Mr", 1-1,0 ewriv,ttnro,
ot rat" ougto
40,1 41,4,1 n lltut ,s, ?addles turd k.,
Spiot,y k.l , l , llrltli 1110 11-••
Patelot 1Y.14,104 31,te nu', %101 l 1111 , 0. 11 , 1 t r, a.
itith tuh t f:to“lo ,, ta., Shwk (Inter gte of Kutfo,
WH4101111 , 11V1 , 4, nu 00 , 0 , 4 , 4 leaky. k. &t M6O.
w 41.1rtPhl, !totem*, nook Card.
Cr !IDS. M ELAME4 ) N1
thaw & Oinrk SoWlitsbsortlitlit, Kobe,
111114 E E toi'r4l)4' E'l6,
Verwltun %AMA., iio , l'lo, o 1 t"Vefy howri4
tio ~ rtitPr V", owls togeflur with t ut lety
o iter i4t4e.4 W 01,10,44 1,4 fit& the r,,to,
Sole lu t titiontntee n I Welton I. H., vow,* Ctlitdi
1.14.54. volt* ttn matt. known tti•
Ittoottotturit 3140.11 13, Wt. ItEVI L. TATE.
. _ .
sTAr ES !
Fnterd to VTAV npfnt .inlipttnn4 CU* In from
Ihrvr. tor , 1,.0 1.1 U,kl4t Ott. 3" ,, t,,t4tiVti, 111..
Cint,otOnt I'll , OlllW. 1!,, , t t' nmtcriUl 1ht. , 4 , 1 , ry
Ni nee, 0,11,4 neon tin, tkatii tiati Hort
ut nn 3 , 111000 liratnl.4l4 nini.n , '?. It I, 'Wulf use a
by 011 , ` of parr 4orl b ooh oo wins Usn t 00.4 fiat,
iPttog Nao.Px at by ti144110.11*
ato.l if enttrr ration=. t too to o‘.l gloPo
poory tomlnrc , .tttn m. 01,1 vita tit (.104.1111.iy 1 - 44 , 044.
Cl * Price by *out,vt a n d 1.04041+1. si. pro*
rripttve or, .161 to mot tr,timatoldls omticd love. A.
dr ,, 10 U'VTS Clotow,to, No.
Sltept, Trot. N. Y., Sow nirio4 for the
Uotiird StOttPd. I reN, WO-Iy.
DVELV OM LA AND Viorive ttoys, oend an
104114111111 1 , 1140101111 artd s cvnUmattil 1 will *MO
YOU *OM" V U hOdil tiOr WO !WI ilia& MOH pieg y ou.
A4l ro Y AWOL KU Woad way, N. Y.
E . I +4 T !
Podnont h, the no Or Not, DICORMIX. Nttistut,
Cu ..X.V ion itio4ooon Wtteritole4 lu c.l
th. , 0404 44.1.04, and .0.114..µ44„ DIM
644 %ay). rlingio4,,tt I , o3wiy tufts. Wu.
hccn aseu"by tuo C0..1......0binc al romp and lotodoti,
4% Int the utpot offitity int Or Otis. IWO* 00 t 114117 y to
huh'. IP try by mall. loomisd st
o sad porip4oi &I,—
loro e
ptiO to nolllol Do &ditto* nettru Eft
WHIT thfi1140044,1 No, ft giro 111.. Tivy,
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hewn, tial..ty,
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For Broarhitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Consump
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N. V. Fah s 7 *l/7 ly.
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40; .t • • • thr. t , rem, 144
good, h• ! 11:nh a•iit tepl al
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*Mut 4e. wed. Lgiud. w. co. two. 1 rt.
1M BRYAN, Offisulting PhyAielan,
v 1.9 Broadway. !law York.
TAI i:4IAL TO ATM foil' in no 04,ei. nt
Sexual, inn ti nutl fiPrvuue DiONISAIS in mule ur re
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thl, vial.(Jun. 9. Iy.
Pomp - leg mow fre. No capitol r”.itreol... Lailo.4 or
tbgoleswo eon earn from $3.00 to SUM* Per tio.i.—
Lotione staion.rtml ndolr. , s*
TRIPP & Co„ ttglwil St., New York.
Jon, 4 , t.1,1,—1y.
The noo ton+ of We onitinnto nog airy be pined by
following itioilito mho,, and till may intt rry nape y,
if dewed, williwn 'ogled to wealth, ay o or bean ty
tiend directed estwoltipt owl Maim) tor put iettlnrn to
Madam Lt't't LlMtit M,
,tan. it. it Donne, PiieW York,
If you are *uttering from tho effort* of Youthful Ity
denotation and havo tarmilmi Weaktreac Emilieloon,
am,. I will Pend you, tree of thwart, information
*Nth tC followed will note you without the siu of
emotion - ow. /*hirer* ItEVRY
Jan. It. tpt•",, Citation D.Now York.
1)}1A ESS, N D.N MSS,
4 1111 d raliftil, teemed with the ettewel *nevelt, by J.
NA/WIC M. tkirllal 411111 A isit ObtlitlFly ul Ley.
11 t birldo No. Ste PI M; Omit, 14111.A0`.1--
Teatiewielele, (rent the MOP, 10111111116 hbUreell 111 the
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gry lawried without rata. Nit stop lot OISM.
Apttl OS, 11166.—1 y,
Worth o ver $2,090,009! All to be Sold for
162 till OA /) WA Y, NE If YORK.
Alt 410 , 1 re that in ronnerynnfien rorrolocking
o( the etniiiiik Stokot.. an Winnow +midi!? of
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I! u 1811 t k sotto otresntettlerni front 11110 to 113
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P , 4111 A lioterrl find 111.001111 40. 1 / 1 111e4 4 to 10
3:rilrib Vreneo V. 1it10• , ./1 4114 TWIII.O in 11$ 10
10110 I*.o4llrie,Vltthet cad Mohair 4 to 10
800 1 .yr 00.3 1 to 10
414111 Pl,llted efillene4 3 to 7
AIM 0 ,41m0r0 , Aut. 2 to 6
38.81 Fine 3:llintie skirt* 2 to 3
o3)8 811 k nn,) I.4re vvilit 2 to 0
4000 Set 3 One snits and collars V to 3
1010 Pool's lalites' e0t , 034 230 to It
;loon ttile 88,811tereho.81 I to 3
20 00 184801 4 y' rillotitetUdh'dkorehls 7 t 14
IMO n . Oneembrot,lo • lll . 4lteeelff+ 9 to 14
3041 Damn 18,11W3 town Irt3odkurchlota 3 In 0
soon h „3,38 germ , hemmed 3 to I I
1014 41 Dozen r•Oton how 3 to 10
1.11141 Ilow,ol WOfi'vtl te n se It to I:
31400 Dozen 1818norol4 /V to Is
coo 11,, 5 , o forws 44011 0 1 li'llf 184, 4 to 4
:0100 It, twit 0100'3 woolen 113.1 10403 n to ti
44144 1 1,111 , 1 1 ,111,1 cotton shorts 230 to 0
10'01 Me. lee onewesritrts 1,10 to 3
luneu Vim... ueo Oto wet++ !101 to 0
.1 4140 1 1 :tot* p,,u,f e E ,01111”rft, Aneikins 3 ut 7
04444* rem, e , 11r001,3 t iwth.,, , 40.00.1,,,, 3 lu 13
Poona Vest vsuetos In tifik yfilV4l,lllll6l/.
Om, ra..1.11414 , 11.. 4te, etio to In
&fon Ilro,, 8 %tt table 0004 75 to 1 3.)
loon. Yards fitott 11 4i11411l 44 , 1/44k 4 00 4
`Z. , '.. , 1' ,, 4 .ii w bite !moo napkins 0 to 13
%sow Yards unbleached 111.141 a 13 to 3n
eooroo Yap! , b1e110,411111141111 20 to 344
loon.) Var.!. Irish 1111411 73 to 130
30ott 1,04 0 tofifil 80 to 44
30n4 1.004 IV. of 300414 080 to 13
30 00 1 4 184 re 101' 00l .114.0114 6 to to
1 , 00 , ” 1..t , '8.3' I , entth.o rthawl.l 1 to 7so
*OO. N111,,04 of 00.14411 1 54 to 3
loft., Wo• , 1 fi 1 'AAA 160 l 4 3
110,,0 Itlantat+ 330 to 8
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tO 3,,
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et,l,":lA hi Irk tbunt thread
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Part iiiiiiiii,i h hil to 5
Sara 6».11.°+° .twoltio3 tow. 250 to lo
p # ,o # 'pole, y morocco port/410410a with
Airwra 2 to 4
Sono Turk) , iiihrarch wallet. tto#l port.
ne.i# . 2 to 4
1 oricm tio!r.chitoli pipit 3 to If
Iwo" l'lttrt 4 :sail ti tiiitila troika', hiiirriA
r s .;,ii tofjot.! ail 4 wiry haniiiiia 3 to 8
low , iircioll tiol {to+, it find ifilOar,Jo
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1,,0.44. 11,4,V11 haw i collar/I ato to In
;aioil Piiiiiiir Machia niiiirivratiii and
Willa lii 4V0100. , 194 250 to to
3o#4# Tort,l4o atKil and *Over rat 4
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3,.,,, , , Vfotilli, Ow( °vv., ito3 VOI.II.
4,,,,,, i d, Erma -4 , i hi ha., 111041 A il 30 at II
nOort Viol , I. 44 by ffihie4 1 to LS
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14. 0 .44 I:##v# , l“l... 3 to 7
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nit and .40 , 1 ai
25 ets Each; 5 for $1; 11 for $2.
Wical ,, v,r 100 la ut,ll bye uariscd ter the Certifir 44e
reu bu .btene ut
0 N I) 0 I. I. A P. !
The etthle t.III he rile.. o to tire heloet rtt the Gee
t e tr, send it tr tit 1r at Joe 0,00 p 1,1
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t,r,rrvl rtittrirt,r etities the holder to Sll:tair .114,
$1 . 11:14 Nti; Vti
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by tot Itio , tlll 1111 11h 14 , ..t *WitthitO
h o o.e t e..,tere4 ith Who'll 1111 e it . ..A11 - OW/4d %it
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can 11,r,,11,1,1h v 'tell for the Met and tettlitel
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thte w.ty. 11,1 "Ivy in filling bar mots little
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Lido;: ..„tw o o„. I:eel:emelt oleo can be wee euvged,
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r,./ , alio tingle I, ofte that tittlinOil hill to WI to' or
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than) t althibln *trine* of fine guid JULtVolty ind coot.
by oflitef Aix! 1, hub IJ, lets.
IlAno .tlf. John U. tionitunt, itt 001 ll•011io•
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it. %Onto ii Ittooul etoopoom,muit adtt by puld, which
can be it.o(llt , d Irn smoiemi,
./ .'r Tithe our to t+ filo your mode sod address in
m cline, duAttet itmtithmud •
Htdl *3 llPl iiioudwry, New York.
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Four Hundred and Eighty-five
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A Valuable Farm
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Jun. 30.140.
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TrINDAI . THE nsTti PAY or MARCH, Hit; l ,
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Brims, ttraaa Kul( AIW4, Warin and
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