Lewisburg chronicle, and the West Branch farmer. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1849-1849, October 17, 1849, Image 3

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Ahead f
Tke pleasure iii iufurmtnq; tLe
Lcst: Best selected, ihc,
Assortment of O O O D S olTere I to community. The sat.s'iietion here
tofore rendered ty It"" stand. " prcs'.mtd is h sulliciciit guarantee Icr their future
operation. '
The Firm, thottgh somewhat changed, i 'he " Hayes' e.UUihment
tail stable' through all viei.iiudeH. -
To aNm( M enumerate their stork, would I superfluous, mid indeed impossible ;
but those wishing to purchase,r e ii.vitt. -
fiur- liamt.if elsewhere.
laewuJjtirg. Ool. 17, 1849
( F;r? fctW Kline's H't!,J
fPHE puUlc are rwpcctl'ully informed thai JOHN FORSTER has received, and
now tifjcr tor sale very
flnrge stock of Fall and Winter goods,
a.mpii-iing nil arliclcs fcep? generally in thti other store, wi'll the ad iition of many
finer kiiid of jinods i.ol usually brought to the cajntrv. An examination of the stock
rj'r,.r;ct(ully iuvited. Aiming my stock is u lare variety ol
Uifj Goods,
embracing C.isimere, Snlinelts, Vesting, Tweed Cloths fur S.t?k and Overcoats,
Kentucky Jeans, Tickings Canton and other Flannels, Titlile Diaper. Muslins, 500
pieces Calicoes, Ginghams. Mow dn Laine. Cashmeres. M -rinocs Alpnccns, Silks,
Linen, Cambric, .S.ifc and Cotton H mdkerchirfs, S!ia-.vls, Trimmings, &c.
Ladies' hois. Men's and Boys' boots, etc.
UilSTJiftS the best and nnt varied assortment and also
Groceries, Hordwaper
S.TTO WHOLESALE buyers, great inducements are offered,
as a hueral ulmt.'inem ill be made.
New cheap cash Store.
Lew isburg, October 8. 1819
HAVING rendered entire salisOn-tion to
hi lormer pi'rons Ly ttilly f.uM;iiin'n;i
ht ple.l(H in sell floods U'iow the custi'ir,
ary prices of the, ptacc.the f-jt-s-rifcer npsiio
inviira the cr mm.niiiy if thei- Ait in
lave Cheap (joods to call t his S or',
ppnsite Kline's hotel, where they can find
' fre.b stock now opening ol
Dry Goods, I Groceries,
and y55g
Shoes arid most
handizr ndapted to
season, at the vcr
and rjr7
eV-srT'pti.His of M -r:
their w m's, lor tlie
lowest prices. fcvery eiteetion madi to
ill-use 4o- who may favor us with a call
All two's of Produce taken in exchange "a
well as CaL" in payment for C.-skis.
Lr-wUti'irR. Sent 27, 1849
Dr. Rose's medicines.
The subscril r havitiu Is-n appointed
le atp-nt for I,r- R0" Mi-diines, for
I'nion county, ofler llit ni to the public
With (treat contiJc'tirB as ttieir tffi.-acy
and certainty of eliectiiig cures in nil eases
for which they are des"oned. A sin'e test
nr.ty is required to esta'jlih the fact.
Sept 27 S S CARTON
Tew York Fall and Winter FA-
IUST received at the Fashionable Tailo
I ii inn establishment, next d..or to the
l'oi Office. JtXIN B MILLER.
Lrwisbure, Sept 0. ISl'J
200 scls ground Alum Salt,
50 do fine do
lOObbls. Salina do
For sale, wholesale or retail, bv
Srp, 10 tl
Ttr s'ibicriVrs hne just ree'd a freh
ASSES, &c, which ihey will sell at a
er wria'l advance on cost
-pt n
S iV J Wnlle
KK1S Nails and Spike,
Just tte'd and lor sale bv
is S & J Wolfe
Just ree'd aud li
s i and 3,
for 'e.
S.-pt 18
iiJ Wolfe
The Albunu Arrm considersthe Bran
drcth I'iiU we'll worthy the confidence of
the public That the principle on wntcn
lley cure disease is the same as that ol
larroy o( PaVis nftd Swedenaut of Germa
ay. That all the variety of disease pro
'ed from, or are nearly allied to disorders
f the stomach' and bowels, and that by
u-iiy ihose remedies whii-h restore to
neiil.h these ininortant organs the disease
will vanish. The Brandreth medicines
prt.f1.s3 t-1 carry out this important prin
c.p!e. We have heard them strongly re
e .mmenJed.
The gnuint pill for sale by J. HAYES,
o.c agent for Le!sb'jrg. mn
Competition !
puUic, that they have recently;!
d lo tall tint! jude lor tlnin Ives, Ulore
Fall and winter
siiliscriher has just received
k of
l.oous rmbriiciii j Ihe usuul variety
iirli as
HATS, CAPS, &c &5.
I . k li r l t , . . i i f tt
i .in oi m-nicn are niiL-rea cnenp tirr asn or ;
Country Produce.
J. U. JLaW&Hii !
I " Lwi,1.iir ""Sep t 18, J 840
"lOUFI.1-!! Fresh Mackerel Ch ese '
I . . ... I
ir sale bv
'IMIE stibciib ts have associated under
I the Firm of
for the purpose of carrying on a
Wholesale Grocery and General
Coiiiinission and Forwarding
business; l.ibeinl advam-es will be made
on all kinds of Country Produce. Place
of business new Warehouse on the Wharf
ilium uuiitay beiuw the B i-'ge,
F.ewisburrr, Pa. Aiijt. 7, 1849.
Superior Coi.kiii; Stoves.
The subs ni rs have on hand theJEtni
Air-Tight Cookiii Stove, arranged lr
Wood or Coal. These Stoves are superior
to anything of the kind ever ofiVitd in the
co'iu'ry, and will bo sold at reasonable
prices. S & I. WOLFE.
Lewi-hurg, Sept 10, 1B1D
1ALT Fine Sack, Ground Alum, and
Salina, on hand and for bv
Ap2S ' I t; Liwshe.
the public that they have this day en
tered in'o a Copartnership for the purpose
of Men-haiidiz , ur.oer the firm ol J.
HAYES cV CO." As we calculate ujmn
keepioii au extensive assortment of Goods
of ail descriptions, and to sell their, at the
very lowest rates lor cah or country pro
duce, we hope to merit a rontitiuutice ol
public favor. JAMES IH YEs,
Lewiaburg, Sept 17, 1849
1'he undersigned, thank
lot for the past patroiiuie
of his friends, would res
pectfully rt quest all those having unsettled
accounts to cull aud make settlement with
out further delav. 1 J. HAYES.
Home Industry.
-g aTlfaL,,t- ""lrior lOW YARN
1 v7 v
S.-t 80
for sale by
J. HAYES &. Ca
BEST Lird Lamps' and Lump Wicks
for sale by I C Law she
SOMETHING NEW Soapstooe Grid
dles for sale by 1 u Lawshe
. . j
TAR- J N. KEELER & UliO. most res-
I I peclfuliy solicit attention to ilirir fresh
took ol English, French. Gr.rmun, and
.'liner ican Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Che-
Oils, DvesiufTs, Glassware, Periu-
atent Medicines, Varin-.nc3, cVo.
Having aliened a uear note, N SH I, Market M,
wilil a full supply ol fiesh liug nJ Mttliciim.
e iei(Cllully rulicit count iy ttralim id exam
ine our uliick tM-fore iuf-hj-iu; .'Ini-wltf-re. iroin-
lme one and all who may Ir I !i-(Kr-d lu n
trnd to u their itromi(i", to m-II ilifui genuine
l)'Ui and Medicine, on a lilieral ler-nn aa any
oitier bouae lu the Cily, and to lai.Ulully execu'e
all oideia enUUated lo ua promptly and with ji-
Oue of the puiprirtor-i beinit a rrcular phyi
cian. atTuid ample guirantre ol' the genuine
qu idly ol all article uM at Ihrir eta!litimt iit.
M e especially inite .IruuKi"' and eo'jiiuy
merchinta. who may wish lo become agt-nta for
Or. Ktftr's Ciltbraitd Fumtly Xtdieinti,
(alaiidaxJ aud popular reoiediea.) to forward their
foliciiint the patronage of dealers, we respect
fully remain,
J. N KLLI.ER4 BRO . Vh .leaW lngci-u,
IjSlSlJ No. ,."4, Market SI., Vhilud.
Thesub.-rilier.irt't lor sale Omirnen
lal Trees of every deat-rip-i.n, particularly '
the Kiirnowin l.in,1..n. and I'm.!.,..; I,.,.,.".
rinlis, a splendid shaile tree Ial I v i.itrndii
red from Jpmi, retnur!uMe for its ninr-
nious leaves (-oinfiiMii's two leet in d:im.
eter.) ;i!:d lare clusters of r eolon-n
(hovers, spotti d and stiijird within, t nutting
a frauriiire similar to the Lil ic.
AUo print (rtes.il every dei-ri.'ion.uc'i
as crafted Apple tries from 7 to W 't h'h,
it 12 In 15 ON each, or fit) to 12.5 I per
hundred ; Inoi-ul.ited I'eueh trees, 12 e's
e.-irh, or $;o per hundred ; I'e.-ir. Cherry,
1'luin. NVcliiririe, and Apric t treis ul rea
sonalile prices nil ihe vnrieiies warrnuted
genuine; also Hut house mid Ureen h:use
. ilnls, ernhraeinj be;iriny Onitiie nl Li?
. l i t .... r .i
nioii irees.ioyeinrr nil ii vtirieiy ti r lower
seed-., alt of wbieh h- will sell as low as
they can be purcb.ised in Phi!nd-Ih;a.
Lewisburg, Sept 12, 1849
at aLcwisburgr.
rilHE TftirSTEES of thr ruivemly a! Lew.
iaiiug would resueciiully inf. riu its I'aliona
and Fii-i:d, thai, in the Sihool under their eare.
(jl Lr'AT-lirrs) the MU.vnini: aie ihe L'la'ses. Sub
jecta uf rituily and Eiercirea for the rurieuty.ar.
Departmeuts and Studies.
fix I law Exeiciiud ii. Selling. Reading,
llrfiiiitio:.. Eiirlt.ti Ur:.'nniar. Atithinetti:. C.eoir
1 1 . l.y, Wirto.y C 6. A., i'eun.iiu hip, aud fJoui-
1 jj-iii.iii.
1 EXHUftll 1) K I' A li 7".Wi.V7" n f tie Amdcmy
The nine stmliea as in the Primary Ili pirtiuent
' r riiiiiucd in the ue of Urge, text buoks; and lo
thi-M.- are oilile I lieneral llimry, Uavirs Algfuia,
I-gendre and Surveying.
Jan. Academic Clan. English Language.
j Geoerapl y, Ill.Ury V. S. A., Latin Uraiumar
( and Reader, t.reck ltraninar and Ki-ader com
uienred. Arithmetic complcled.
Sen. Atadtmie C'li.st. Engli-h Langiiage,
(!eiicial ILaiory, ti.K, Virgil, Greek Kiadir,
. .... J
Davie. Algebra.
Frrshmim Cum. I
Davica' Leg. ndie, I'rigon nt.y eninineiii-ed.
tKifihonwre I lass. Horsee. tJdyaey, Select
Oiations of lleinoathenes, l.-t-ii.lra coui kted
it.. ;i w l ft: A....I...: '
ba-iea' Murveving and Navigation, Analytical
Geoinitry, Illair's Letriures.
Junior Cliis. Ueinoalhenes on the Crnsru.
Greek Tragedy, Cicero i!e Olliciis, Tacitus, Nat
ural Philosophy, Ai-tranmny. Logic.
Students in the English Department recite
with thof pursuing the anie aludiea in tlie
Ri gutar ('uur-e.
No chas in tint Regular course, haa less than
three d.iily rrcitstinns. All the meinbera of the
school, (in three diii"n.) are eiercised every
Saturday in Reading. Decltmatiou, Engliab Com
position, aud Vocal Music.
All the student are leouired to attenn, regu
larly, some religiiu meeting. Miners are eiiiee
led to attend such meetings as are rernminerideil
to them hy ibeir pao-nts or guardian. There are
in die Ujiough no less than .ix place, of p'iMit'
wori-hip, orcuftied every Lord's Day hy ai many
different Cbriatian denominations.
Numier of Students.
The number of atmlents during the pt vear
in the vaiious di-partinruts. an Ifil. The
number that have entered the elases in Ihe Ri g
ulir Couise for the current year (exclusive of
ilnise in the Enluh and Priuiary drpartiueuta.)
is as follows :
L'oLLtui. Junior cls C
fs.i b im ire cls 13
Fret-hinan class - 13
Acbiv. Senior rlss 12
Jutaur cU.s 28 -11
STEPHEN W. TA VLOR.. A. M, Professor of
Maihrmaties a. d Njtur.l rhiiRiniliy ;
GEOKGE It. 131 ISS, A M., Proleaaor of Ore. k
Langunire and l.lti-r.iturp ;
GEOKliE XV. ALElS0X. A.M. Professor
ol I. alia Langu ige and Lileraime :
ISAAC N. LOOMIS, A. M , Priin ipal of the
Academy ;
ALFKtD TAYLOR, A. M., T.acher in die
In order to meet the demands of the Inat'tu
tinn, the Board have taken measures to Uply
the necessary Apj araiui for Ihe department ol
Mechanical 1'hihsM.phy, and to incieaie the Li
brary, befoie the conimeiicenient of the winter
aeian. During the year, the building law in
progress will be comiiletcil. affording studv- r,min
and dormitories for 70 college students. Another
Processor has been added to the Facuity. ana
means provided to enable stu. tents in lhecl.-e
specified above to prosrcule their studies with the
greatest success.
Tuition and Board.
TUITION in the f;..lleciate Department $ 30,
Academic J20, Primary f 12 per year.
BO.VliU, including lodging, washing, fuel and
light, eau be had in the village and its vicinity at
various prices, from $1,37 lo $2,50 fair week.
StMlona, Vacations, Ste.
Two Sessions in a year the former com men
ces en the second Tuenday in October, and con
tinue 27 n-eeks ; ihe Ullei continues. 15 weeks.
Spring Vacation, 4 wrrks ; Autumnal, 8. Next
session begins 11th October.
Tbe Board are happy to add that Lewisborg
is at present, as it ever bas been, exceedingly
By older aud in behalf of the Board r
Lewiaburg, Uniou Co. Pa. Sept. 1, 1849.
Auuiiity uud i rust Cuiupauy.
Office. 74. Il'ulnut Street, I'MlaMphia.
-'jiciTiL, $S5O,UO0 Ciiarler Pi-rpetuul
flMlK Cuiiiii see now pn-parrd lo iraiiset
1 huainrM K)p ibe mosi liberal and ausanla'
(;etua tenna. They are auihorisrtl by their charier
(c. 3) ' to make all and every innurauce apper
uining to lite rirka ol wbau-ve. kind or nature, and
to m-eive and rireuie Im-la. make einlowmriila,
and to gram and purchase annuilie." The Cou
pany sell annuities and endowaieuls, awl aci as
trustees for aiinors aud heirs.
Table of I'remium rtiuind for tie Auunuue
vj .-SIOO Jurtit tvhuit term cf LJe.
Age. t'icio.
Age. I''fm.
16 $159
$2 09
2 15
S i.7
3 33
S 40
2 47
2 54
2 G3
2 70
2 92
3 01
3 12
3 S3
46 $3 36
I 53
3 49
I 56
I 59
1 fin
I G3
1 69
1 72
I 7
1 85
1 39
1 94
1 99
2 04
3 62
3 77
3 94
4 13
4 32
4 51
4 71
4 SI
6 12
5 33
5 51
5 78
6 03
J hi- piemidrna are r- dun any oth.-r eomjiany
anil the politiea .ilio.d greater .idvainaiji-4. Mar-
r d Will.en a.lti let.lale rhi'itri-n -nn -.jnr. ll
lives uf .-itlirr a hutJ -r pa cm fie fi.nu it
Iclaiios ..f i-r.Jimrs. T.lih-s uf half yearly anJ
j quarterly p rniiuil, hi!f i-r,-(J!t f.iloa of pu-miuin,
, fb'.rl icrru, ' j'liiil li'M. ur-iv..rhiii. enih.-
llu forma f aiIicjiiou ai u h had at
,!)' 0rt -t he A;;ent.
7i'r;rr fir insuring .!C0 on a single l.ife.
Aee. For I year. For 7 eaia. Fn. Life.
SO $0 81 91 1 (JO
30 0 9'J I 30 2 04
40 1 20 1 04 2 70
50 I Sd S 07 3 Hi
S'J 3 !S 3 'J7 6 03
Example: A pe.-pn aged 30 yeara ri.-M hirth
day by 'ing ihe Cimia.iy 110 ela would aeruie
lo iia family or heiia f 1(10 almuld he die in one
year, or for 9 "III he -fines to them 1000. or fur
13 110 annually lor seicii ear he aecurra to ihem
i IIHIO shuulil h( ilte in seven yi ara. or for 20 40
I'aul earlv dining life he aeeore $1000 to he iuid
when he i'ie the in-un r aei uring hisnmn honua
hy theiiiirerenre in amount of piemiuin from ihoe
charged hv oilier iilii.-e. For 40 50 ihe heirs would
receive $50110 li.ml.l he die in one vear.
I'ETElt CIXLE.V 'President.
F. XV. K. VVI.n S. c'y anj T eas.
For further paitirulara apply to
Agent fir Vnion and tidjiriiiing enmities.
Conauliiug r'.jymi ijn XV st. Hut-, M. 1).
Lewi burg, I'liimi Co. Pa. July 21, 1849
New Copartnership !
WING enlered into a iiarttier.-.hii..
the subscribur; would iniorin iheirold
j.ntrons and the put lie in geni-rul, thai we
may he found at D. Ginter's uIJ stand on Fir-t
street near the Academy, whore we carry on the
above business in all its vane ties.
Fancy and Common Chairs, Rosioi,
Rocking Chairs Setters, various kinds
Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads, cLc. on hand
or made to order.
hirftiffilTEH rea-iy made or
fcefejateataftMsW furiitshe I on
short notice.
'A'e have also a suitable HEARSE iu rea
diness for Funerals,
We have a Turning Lathe propelled by
horse Miwer,w hieh enables us to turn wood
of uny size, and up to 24 feet in length.
sill slsn he attended to hy the subscribers en the
shoiti-st notice and in Ihe beat sty le.
07 A 11 work in our line wairaulcd to bs well
made, and on tbe most reasonable terms.
Removing Buildinpa.
We would ulw announce that e have proper
Machinery for removing Building', of any s:za,
from Dan to lli ersheba if necessary.
Country produce and Lumber
taken in payment and Cash and Gold Dul not
Thmkful for past favors, we respectfully aik
a coioinui.ice of tbe aaine.
Lewi-linrg, May I. 1810 6miC5
The New Foundry
S now carrier! on as usual, at the uprier
end of Mark.'l stres-i. w here everv d s-
cription of CASTINGS ia kepi on
hand or nude to order such aa
Thn Complete, or
Jotiipicit- Improved
Cookim; Stores,
ior either Coal or
Wood nni all
uiher kinds of
f lso f ,0 fjii K of differ-
ent kuads Corn Ploughs, Bull Piuughs,
aud tlie
Self-Sharpening Flongh,
3 new rtiee, and which can not he lat
iu P iiiii)Uania. Cull and see and judge
lor vourselves.
Lwisburg. Sept. 22, 1S49
Alagiietic Ointment!!
. Hoi ywui.it . ,iiua ui wiar a wig?
We nil know the value of a good head of
hair. A young man w ith a bald head, is a
sort of walking caiiculurn of his species.
Hence the many various attempts to reme
dy or conceal ihe deficiency. Hundreds
of the young men of this country, after try'
ing the thousand and one chemical prepa
rations and nostrums for restoring the hair,
are driven the necessity of wearing a wig !
a practice as little conducive to cleanliness,
as it is dangerous to health ! Now, we hap
pen to know from practical esperience.lhal
Trask's Magnetic Ointment will restore the
hair on a bald head, when ill other reme
dies have failed.
Sold ia Lewishtirg.wholesale and retail,
by Thornton k Baker. Trice 25 and SO
cents per bottle.
. A journeyman Watchmaker
WAITED in Lewhbant, b
Fever and Ague.
adapted to the cure of frevcr uurj
AjjueT It has usually been tieu'rii hi
int-dicdl men ua a diaeuse of iireli. tf:rii-t-ly
pprakiuo; it is Dot a d. but a yi
lorn of disease. It is the reull t.f a
fangenient of ihe tivrr. Herr lie tin-
.i. tl . .. . I . . I , (ha . I .. i I. j
therefore the liver to which the ren.,dv
should be .hreetej. I Irre the . bum; eUi".
.. :. i.,-k I-
or a pern.at.ent t-ure will not tie elf-.r-d
By a.ldrcssii.E remedies to the ay...p...w.
we lenve the cause untouched, ready l
produce a return of the chill- and fecer, on
,' the lirst over exenion of n.iml or body.
The auccrsa of Dr. Osgood's India CIij'h
jOiju intif. cini jiertiiatttnt cures if ani-h
I allectioiis is explained by It e!l know di -j
obstruent ellect upon the biliary Plai ns.
i Imitniir.ns are abroad! 1! imi in-uinr
to i mi ll ire for l)r,
Osgood's IM'I A,
Tor sile by the wleagen', J. Srh,eer,
Office ltemoced.
f.eicisburgi Pa.
OFFICE, on Second St., laielv occupied
bv L. 1?. Christ, Est).
Apni 2, 1-43
Fil Xervnus Diseases, Dr. Ttak'
M.net'C Ointment is of immense value,
and tn U'J cases out of 1 00 :t will nttor'l
entire relief to ihe worst cases of Xcrvou-Ui-iul
u-lii: iu 30 minute".
For sale, whulesa'e and retail, by lr
Thornton Ac Baker, Leuishuru sold lo
by J. II Raaer, Milton, and bv one Hoen'
in ev.-ry village iu the State. Pilcc 2i and
H8 cts per bottle.
Lumber! Lumber!!
flHE subscriber roniini-a 'o keep a (.iM.d
X stock of lumber, coiiMst'.ng ol 2oO 00!
b-el of sawed lumber as follows: Wiuti
pine boards 1 inch, plank 1J inch aud 2
inch, weather boards, j it &. sraulhna.pnp
lar b. lards, plank, aud seanthni;, t-herrv
plank, and boards, sawed reiling lah,int
and hemlock rail-, shinalin laid, m il pa.
ling. Also Itip aud joint stunt:''', sijn ire
timber, nails, salt, and coal. All ol which
he will sell at lair prices.
laewisburg, July 11, 149.
Important Information?
OR the difficult r-stiirution and i!ebtl',tv I
a:tendiiiir dieH--s of the Lu, oi !
T1.....1 ...i ti- , 'i i. r i
.ni hiiu i,ii:nai, j jiiraivni a lifli'iufl'l
Syrup of Tur ami Hood Xnjithn has j
been found an invaluable remedy. Besi Ifs :
its power as an Expectorant to relieve the j
lunas from the aceunuil t't d mailer which i
results from the relaxed state ot the yu in I
in hot weather, it also acts as a heal n.1
balm to the ulcerated parts and a strcnlli-!
t-lier to the ssiein,
Si.salular'v is the action of the Svr..,. I
in this respect, that many ol our uios1
1. 1.. du. ..: ".i... :. :.. .1.
ltaie-ciauic . iiV9iunil r llipu.v It 11. lli-.r
practice, and we have (Inly evul.-ncr- .1!
cures effected in pulmonary dl-eusi s !
where skill has utterly lai'e'l.
Prepared only by Angne) St Dickson, X
E corner Fifth and Spruce Ms. Philad. .
Sold by C. . ftchnffle, L?wisbur,i.
To Inventors, Xtehanirt, and Artisans.
'"I'IIU Publishers of the Scientific Aiuerieati. in
reluming their thank, to the community lur
Ihe lilral "uppart and encouragement which has
lieen enteudrd to them during the past four year,
would respicttuliy giie in'tue that Ihe It num
ber of Volume 5. will he is-ued on the SSJ o
September, alfarding a favorable opp imoctv fio
all to .ubM-iitie,who may wiah toaaii lie m-eli r
of ihe aluil'le uifiirinaiion always f.uial in it
columns. Ti.e rie volume will be conunen. rd
w. h ii'w type, printed on eitra fine pup. r, n an
ulai-tuird eipn- ly for this publirat'-ai and nil
hetli.lia d with s rha.!e Hid rlrgniii bolder, ll
will be pnMi-hrd as h-tetafoie ia quarto form,
thus affanii.,g at the end of ihe yeai bcaunlul
b.-ak ol ovrr 400 piges, coulaiiang between 5
aad 6t.O oiginal engravinga of new tuvi-rittoiis.
described hy h Iters of of err nee, besides a gieat
amount t,f leading uiatlei valuable to ev,ry man
III Ihe country.
An increased ainiiunt f rare and eipene will
be beaiuwed Up-,n this volume, to tei.d. l il more
fully what il has ben ierme.1. ' The beat Me.
chanicsl Paper in the World." lu columns a.
usual will be Sited wilh the most reliable anil
correct information in regard to the progress ol
Scientific and Mechaniral improvements. Client
istrv, Architecture, Botany. Msnufactuiea, Km
UuaJ intelligence, and the weekly List of Pat
enta, prepared expressly for thia Journal at the
I'atrnt Oiiii-e in v a-hiniiton.
A- an evidence of the esiimation in whi' h thi.
publication is held by the Scientilie and Median
ical partion of the community, il is only u.c- s
ary to alate, that its circulation bas iie-reaaed
wilbin the last three years lo upwsrda ol" 10 til I)
C'ipie, slrefldy eiceediug the united circulation
of all the Mechanical and Scientific publication,
in thia countiy, and the- largest of any emgle
one in the woild.
Ttaui: Two dollars s year in advance, or
if desHed one dollar in advance, and the remain
der in ail months.
To Cm as i 5 copies, $8:10 conies, S;15 :
20 copies, $23.
Ait letters must be post paid and directed to
Publishers of the Scientific American, N. York.
N. B. Patents secured and mechanical draw
ings eieculed on lbs most reasonable terms at
the Scientific Ameilcan ulUce.
compound syrup of Sarsaparilla
JUST ree'd from the old Dr. a large and
fresh supply of his celebrated medicine
from the principal Depot in New 1 ork.
Persons wishing to procure barsapartlla
can have either the old or young Dr's, gen
uine and fresh, by calling on the A tent.
Lewiaburg. June 58 (J W SCHAFFLE
Paints, Oils, Glass.
JUST tee M White Lead. Van: Red. Span:
Brown, Chrome, Green and Yellow, Pros:
Blue, Carmine, Vermillion Flaiseaj. Fish and
Sirra Oil. Spts Turpentine Glass ftom 7x9 to
to 30x24 Tar, Rosin and Pitch, which can U
had cheaper than ever st C W Scasrris'a Drag !
anJ Chemical Emporium, Lewiaburg. j
N, . . . 1 .
luiiy iinr ir ."" -' -
ol Uwiaburi; and vicing' ; B-ay.aaiu Asdr, aV .JV Ur...hrl
Ihtit-h-v Uv. cvH n,Wjnaoa.. lii.U.llll .U;')
- . , v I lit. Vh i- g Ki'a.uu:;, turh lb i.
.I.eabove bus.IH-.-l W..J , ,u, ,alt tu.,l li.U.-x.l.i JI:-. S '. iNfl
I lute's "Id .ilioo oil Secoi.d , ,, s ... A.-L.uKr J-l? 'i.sP K;a i.
Si. oim s.p.i.r.Ji.o'JH ol Vuktl.wl.ere lbe
,r prep..rca to mm uu-jj. . a or ...
H,ul " ...ee, tin .r 1,,1-m. s ...
' :h'i rnt workni ili'ikr re.tn. er, hi pnrt.
I ' ho,..-.tt.l. m1.r .'" i-h"'f,
"' !n h"'f rd ' :" d
::e il-in?iea before.
mini lseujlji-"re.
. i.eiHinu; qoyi; im anjirji-'-i
s;iJ on r'-sanabl' ifttui :iUo Sh'oeing.
...:..i. : . ., x A
wim iii.d , ry ii.if". nil z, ...
l.-r to those i h i! hvt- va'unb
hor-p-t, and .kh Id btntr.itert t 'f
... .....- ..I 1; ........ Lill ?--&-ir.
We fl.,t'er.r-ir-tlnis th.il we ar? Uo lo
. . . . i.
' eonnv le l'h any person m trj C"'rv in
shot-in;; llof-es we nH only a trial, and
let the work show lor i:-4.-!C .
Ail work wnrrfliited. ' Iron nnilaD linds
'.f roonirv IVdiire ink.-n in exchnn.-. '
We hope by sine? n leminn tn bm ne-is,
Hid ii d-ierioinii'ion to tiit hI!, both in.
work and price, to leceivr rt Ittier .l share
of public airotinc.
l-w -burg. Mi. v. 22. 18 41)
i'J(W Dust is fdmty, and Drue V Mtdi
tints urr rjf.-rrJ at Wmlrsiile and
AV'iM-', iheu.rr than irrr, at
ir f rvn
7 lis DL-
J u Zi JJ i v2 tn, hi 4
AVING boiialit ibo l)ru, S'.nre ol
Mr C. A. v vkih, tin; subs'-itbers'l
ivm.i.i reaper' I ul; v intoini tn- c v ns o' i
L,i w ihiir j anil H Hi in. n iiiul lliev wi.li
keep ,-...aily on hand a large and well
selected assortiiicui l'freh
Drugs, Mt-dicines, Paints, Oils.
Dyestnirs, Clteiiric:tls,Gl iss,
B'.tanicitl Medicines,
co FixTio.v r.iiY, ii:k r i m i:n
and a t'eneral a-s .rtuiei.t f CATEX'A'l
ilAJC'AVA'.S uUoa vain ! i.l ar.icli-s i
usually kept in Dr-ij. stores nil of which , I AVING tak -l the rest D ug Eital.Iimeol
'hev are nVn-rimu. d to .-ell ioiii.iurlv low. i l 1. of Fchntfie Vhttmlitrlin, 1 would re
PtisKiis Wi4u.,o. in (,i,M-ur- .Mvlicines, ar" j necilullv aiiuouure uiy Inei i! lind the publui
lHrticuln.lv n.viteil to o'.e them a r j thai I hjve reraenished my stock snj will keep
b.-l"re piin-haiiia rloslr-p-. l ai lieu ar I
ilei..ion will 1 e ps.id in pullm; bp Pbvsii
n s pre.rript:(ins. I
X.B- Mi'dical adviiV oiven at ilieSture)
r-e of eh ir,;e, b Di Tiiorn:uti. -
'nrch 2fi. I8t5. '
Phorn'on A: Baler, would
iriform thira.
';:n,trr:w !
then, .irre bev
ihey have kEi
ol pue un idulieiaird Uiuga ami IvTiiJ.Ttnes. en-;
mFilia.i lv fmm Importer st reiloeeil piiees in .he I
'. i lit. . '
I ,.ra i his, l Ullailt-lpilia alio lljiinni.re miaeis,
which Ihry are enahbd tu xll si urn lower '
tlun fr on. nl in tlii-. pla e. at WhaUvale ami !
- 1
purcha-d at their esi..blihawr. puts and genoi
f Ihey da nol prove to be . the ptirrW!
er aie at liberty lo return the articles i
srtlrl.-s and .heir j
mmiev slmll l-e refunded to ihetu
May 15
V "sil'Ssnflaft.ifftaXJ
!j ff If
uiidemgneil e,MiliniH-s lo fun i.h to order
ou the most reason1 le tern. 1'iam.s, from
the niiiiul'iu-liry ul Coarad Meyer, Plul,w!.,,iio?e
isalru'rieuis are Uut Meil known to need suv pile-
egyrie. ha-lug uniforn.ly rerei'id the coair.irrd
ationa of 'he roo-l einiu, nl pn,fe.ora nd rmupo
sers of ;u-te. and ihe award of tbe premiums in
New York Pinladelphi. ar.il Ja-..n Fa' qlall'ie
of lane, luurb, and keeping in time U. ioia.it
pitch, they esu Hot be suriia..sed hy either Amer
ican or Eirnpeai, Pjan.w.
luairuriious given on ihe Piano, as hceto ore
Ri-lcrence may lie mada to any of tho-e parrnt.
or guardians who have papi. cmuntl!eu lo I '
cnarge. He may l seen hi residence si M.s
Maixes, MaiUii street. Lewi burg, where terms
Hid p1rticul.it, be maje kuuwn.
'l'be most popular and favorite A r and Masic
of different kind, rei-eived aa it ia isu. d Irnrn the
ditf -reiil musical e.ia!ili-hnieuts iu Itie Cities.
My ' en i;l.i:-. K.l.l-s H
IINK freth Green anil Black Teas. front
42 cents a pound mi l iipwards.iinpoi
ed hy the Canton V,kl Tea Cmpaav
f Xi-w York, packed ... pounds halves anc
quarters, pt rreclly an liahl. just receivetl
am! lor sale by J WiK HAVE.
May 5 Sole Agent far Lewi-burg
Ilurrisou's Coluinbhrrr Inks,
BI.At'K.J iptn. Coining. Marking. Blue. In
d. Iible. Scarlet. Ked. armtue. l'he-e Ink.
iioar inoie treely tram the pen. and give a .Ir.aim i
and more durable color tiiau any other. For sale
iu any quantity by
Lewi-burg. Uniou Co. Pa.
ROUGH & Ready Shirtings at 3 cts pr
yard Ginghams at 10 ct- and
Prints at 4 to 12 cts pr yard. Call and
e at C. E. Bowes'.
WANTED two ions of RAGS, in
exchange lor Merchandize.
An 25
I G Law she.
111'! IllaC fo' 'U"''CM nd Constables, on
printed according to outer
AILS and IRON fr sale by
Reher it Idilings.
rt ALT and FISH on hand bv
Reber & fddniifs.
riPRING STEEL on hand at
An 21 Reber & Mdinus'.
TOTES Promissory. Judgmenl. and ;
Ju.nt Xoies (blanks) at this office. 1
, .
i ul.m.ii.m..w . yi v
Ill I'..-, n.i;.-. Sent. 30. 1649.
Kel.i.d Uwatl, IVnu U.i j 4. FIit tJ-V. U.
I.iiuum.. .VsUl4irr, xt-itmu J
Ufo'lfe OjImJI su,ui:L Haucjl lii!rrw, Hj(1-.I
l.udw s Xa4 W, Ma aVjinuel,
1 AUb-! I -awdi. V-e"X Tr-fc.
j. .w'Alpiu tiro, Mack J SI lr. NipV"
.llrra l
I l, ltvnliw Kk kens Ju. . .Mill :
ll.u.u .h R ynoid. J.C )t li iji Caniel, Fui-
J ones, kunysn teifcael ,;uiih J.:i,---e- '
Wa-hinuiixi, biak Wjm Sunu.etl J. T..ii.i.
J..l.n. V uiiiiisii J C n. VCiiaa l, i u.1'2."
I'ersons inquiring for ihc aiaua itst'eis
will pl.-a-e ay ihey are ndt-itiatd, o lsv.-"
wi: lliev iiuv uot e! iu in.
SI (JX of the l M) I AX!
CLeaper than Ever. .
i - i T
rpHE snbsi-iibera have (be plewure lo atiaouuc
I to ibrir old ru-touiera and ihf .pubie ia.nrn
riu ib.t they ta te ouemtl a lsr;e and apwuJ'l
a-soriiuenl TOBACCO
stand on Marki-I airrei Ijiiiieily occupied bj Vmi.l
Aniiiioiis sa s rallor siip. ...
Ttieir entire ito:s haa been selected wilh gisat
csra. fti.d roiii-ists L-f .. - -(
'ljtail Kiagrfinri. i.a Norma, frimave'ia,
Proici) pe, YYerurr's Ri g;ilia. Vsatello, Geueial
Ta;. lor. Halt ?panih, ana Commoii. ' .
1'aVeiKlisll Tobutt O Slahter's Blfck
Fat, t.'ongiea-, Oiouoko, Ursncb Slag, Plug, and
Fine Cut.
MnuUiuz Tobacco Cut snd Dry.
Si all-rlaile. 4e.
Slllltl"-U .pl'e and Scotch.
uo!l' I' ax G, rioau l ipes. and a fancy aru-ch-
ot larat caes all rt which are ottered al
he luei ulea AU krud ul ProiluTs lasen IU
exruuige. Call, see. and judge fur y, ui!:s
betire i uiidcnicieg '.he ar'irlea - t
nt;.v fl4ik-yy .
LewUlorg, Ap.il SI, '1310 " '
! : 1
The succtss of Dr. Trnk's Maghetje
, .
; ' ' r'" r" ,Sur'T
1,1. i ii ar vim. nm uot n uj.utlti ra ami
its us-, h i I find on i-acl. Lottie a punii hli',
eotitiiiiiitia mil di recti" s..
A nls in L'?v.sLura,'i'hcir:i!jii AiX"'r1'r
i r r Ti tv n ,: a . -IT
'L? li 1j L-
c.oi-t m.ily an html a rargv. fe-h sua eltselu
j otrrr s h.,le-,le s..d Ke s.l. My ai"ei te.ng
rntirelv new and ptrch.i-'.-d for ra.-K at .-v.v rsfet)
in the Phila l'a tnaiket. 1 oa enable.1 ta sell at
j I-r prtc tb-.n ever oT .l.w ibis regKin
Driirrs. lt?ilir!tifis. f lirttniraF-:
i )ye StulTs. Paleilt Med.. Giu-.
Vfuinery.Oils, V,x LiT.of s,
r ancv N ot i.us, . uritt v Gu-is,
f u;(s antl On leCtlOner V
' " J t,
A ll ll . 1 i id. ,a,ul. a( n, k. h.l i.-l. ii.natt L.
. - -.--" i
in establishments. Tti inktul for '.pg3t l.e-
""' pa'rw.age. I nope lo metre us unUiUMMsasf
I?" P-d
M-"1 f'Urcha-mg elfewta-. a ail lHogs
""'"") ."-pb .-.w.e vurru ro any
' Ma.ticuu-a in nulacojisJ Wits. 'e.ri.
i.ited gooil. . H.ving a practiral knowledge of
the bnine- fimn Bpwsrdf (Tf tea. -crave" 1 1 Sere
en re. R titer myself I llit I am a foinpslrnj jtnlgW
if the snnte. ,. -'
- .All oijer enltasiej; Ul me wjjl ,be (riwnptly
atiei.ded lo. and uiV friends .may relv npou vet
! ting eerjthiiig af the 4?fv fest quali . I' ,
Levi -s' uig. Mav ., isi9
, ; - -.. m
bj vbt iiL"-?
- !!. r - y-
rPHANKH T, far liberal patronage bereWUvi
I teceived. reessjctUiHy in'orma bis old friniCs
aud iliepuji.c seuer.illy lliat be has removed bis
T;iiloi Khup 1 ,4'
lathe rtasement of his UiicC dwelling rtn Mart4
street, tiext .Inor alov V. Penny's saddhfy
the ol'iice of li C Hick j, E.u) whrre he bopas iw
suit aii who iiiay give Inn. their1 custom, as
ue docs all woik In Jits !.i:e in the Iiesf a'nj
j i,ee-i stle and ou short iiotice Hu b.-.
the fa-iitoiia renii'arlv , mplojs none but
g'Kid hnnda, nnd is deterniint d to keep nt'
w th ths times Jind) mem a j.Mid share of
patronage. CUTTISCl done tu tWBer.
Chiracs reasonable, and Prud'ice lakeu ia
exchange for woik ,
I.?vi!iur2. Jane, IP 19 ; v2T7
I'anty Gosd.s, XolioaM. JWc.
T US T rrce'd a large and epb'Boid assoiltoeoi
7 f
Fancy Ghh1 such as
jsieel treats ti. Id Pencils
t.'laaps - Pens
f"huiiis Silver Pencils
Dead Necklaces Kinges kings
Visiting. Car Js
Dominoes ", .
'I hernioiustsr -'
KuvU au J, . ,
Walking Cans.'
e'iora - ,
fun Glasssa
Pi cket Stirrers -"
Ssliu Ueat!s
Hair Puis
Spanih "
l)rea-ing -Pocket
Hair Brush's
Gusrd Chains
" Keys
('luster Piim
Needle Cases,
fbirl Bullous
a'er vJol ra
I ir Cases
Snuff boxes
I erfumr-y
Cases Satchels
Night lights Smelln? Bottli
Dolla and Steel Tweuais
Doll heads Toys fur
Canl l.'aaes - Cliildsed
Port monies - Fancy Pifsi ' "
Pocket Bonks Pen Knives'
Arci rdl. i.a PiKket' -
Fnldi-i ;m aasj;rhejd '
Parlor Limns Purse. . ..
Together wi h a great variety of articles not
tneiitioued in Ihe attave litl. lor sale al I'.S bsw
Drug. Fsncy slid Variety store of . .
A lot of MxlO VVairloW Saab.
j cheap Alanulnctnyy ef Sprout Utirrews,'
on nana, ana a-l sues o lu one.r.oir
short n-tire.
May, ltr-19
DR. THORN I ON" bus, removed d.'i
Mcdi.cal OiliB to the- I)ro. s'ure
Tl.orn'on & Bakei next to Vvil e ,.
TLOLR for sale by
I . II. T . ..
. .1
"" YE Brn ...ri Jsb; .?..".' . . "
Ap x3 1 j
n ...