Lewisburg chronicle, and the West Branch farmer. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1849-1849, September 19, 1849, Image 4

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a Mattel Uog Reeve.
Years ago, and, lor aught we know, ir
su esists i here was a statute in vogue in
.Vctr flm;isrilre, legalizing the annual
election or hog reeves throughout the towns
it) .the State.. The office was a lucrative one.
sotm places, though it was generally
made opprobrious, and the most ubnoiious
individuals in the community were usual
ly selected to fill this post. Some pood
jokes occurred in various ways, in connec
tion with the office, however.
Farmer Thorow resided in a small town,
above Nashua, and prided himst'lfiipno. the
neatness of his cattle, the cleanliness of
his fields, the symmetry ol his fences, and
the thriftiness of his orchards but farmer
T. was nervaus, penurious and cloae
fisted. Waking early one morning, he discov
ered on a sudden, from his chamber win
dow, that four large hops find brnken imo
a nice young orch'ird of his, just below the
house, and in his usual exci'eable manner,
he hurried on his clothes and made the
lest of his way J.iwn to 'Squire Looksharp,
(the hog reeve wascalled "'Sqijire,"jwhoni
he ver. quickly aroused, i;h his vocifer
ous complaint.
"Now, 'Squire," he shM, "hurry up.
There's four o' my neighbor's bos got in
to my liitle apple orchard, and f you'il
hurrv, it'll be- ;;nod job for you ; thej're
frtt niiHf, an (i.i tnit.ike."
"lie right straight ahm::," said the
'.Squire, v.hn remembered the eMails of the
law relating to this sort of seizure imc
half ti the hog reeve, anl the other half to
he poor of I he town and, within half an
hour, he had jieaceable possession o'
(our animals such as the neighliorhoorl
'.i ii!d n't otherwise boat o' '.
The seiz'-d Iiojjh w re cin--kly slaught
ered by the town i fii -inl, an I were horilv
Ii hi jx n ) to dry io the 'Squirt-. store room.
Fanner T. rigltled Uj his hroLen lei.re,iiui'
then ri -aired to his yard, to we that al.
as snui al the pi-pen ; hf had no idea
t'lHt his hoys should trouble his neighbors
not he whii,Io ! h- lound that a hoard
h oi been forced from the eile of the enclo
sure, ami tlei sty wns empty '.
In the meaniiinf:, 'Squir. L'cik-'hnrp hid
h id the seiz-d hogs drenst-d ; and now he
for bisijood wife, who appred at the
lore house- d'Mr.
Hei!y," said the 'S-jtiirc, "the statoot
pervi f-s, in case of setz-irv, that one halt
' pigs shall go 10 ibe tiHiciii1, mi t Other
hatrio the ooor. Now, licit), who's poor
er lh;m t.ii nrr ?''
"Sure enough," said the 'Squire's wife,
obediently, Sure enough ! IT anybody's
pmrer'n I am, I'd like to hear about ti.
Well so I cai'Uie, Hetty. An ihair
lore, one naff these pigs goes to the poor,
(that's yu) ;he other hafT, as I said afore,
goes to the ofTWr an' that's uu!n and
the lour brig very soon found their way
into '.Squire Looksharp's pork-burrel.
An hour afterwards. Farmer Thorow
arrived at the 'Squire's, sprang over the
tile, into the house.lhrnujrh the back kilch
en, nut again into the yard, where he en
cotMiien d the 'Squire, quietly at work.
"I ay 'S.piirn
ii. n
What'u thunder you doiu?"
"'Baoot what!"
'.V here's the iiis V
Distribooted 'cording to law."
Hart" to i he hog nwe.hrtfl to the poor.''
"They're mine I" shouted Fanner T.,
hall-crazed at his loss. 'Tltey're niiiic,
'ijqnire broke out o' my pen "
'Ym made the complaint yourself."
know hu "
" An ii's too late, Fanner ; the proper
ty's dewlv divided can't go behind the
The fanner squirmed, threatened to he
revengi-d on soiueboliy, at the first opKir
tumy, but nt-v-iti; his tnil..ki-, at length
r.-inrin d If -; mid I'roiri id it day lor
anl, bad no oi-c.imoii lor a similar lesson,
lb infer nfiei ird complauii'J of his
ii 'itfbboiV 'n.jji ! f Amerk'ii'i li.i.n.
II li Ft .n " ! is a;d th.it a young
n...i: b.j !. iimws di-tioii'iry by heart, made
ys.. ..!".. beauhful cxpreidi while "aclin::
ii. -a-'' in Hu!kin wiib some lii.Jic?, 11 'Jt a
-.'.-! wy from lu re. S,ys he, 'Theie
.i fxulieranee of libtnini; bugs this evtn
Tin; "Jilur "( the Snv.minh I!ori:m
a;:.vk Hi'! in rttiri.ii ol ihe ln.il l.v in.
Wc ep ct lie- iiis'iliili'Hi will letiiba'e h
Hliackun; him one ol ihee divs.
Iuri1 B.ronotice aid, il: it, 4,iii all
V 1 .it;- 1........., . ...Hi.. 1 . I
3 I ' I
.i apf bi-i ause lis rjilur hopp. ai d lim".
lilt-Use I. ill.
. 1
hIkii ncoinoM ...led to '
exi'rci" hir ln-r hesi'b, slid sh" wi.ul I
j.tmp al an otter, sinl run hei own risk.
sh" w.ii.l I
... to stun.-ei-i bi ehnru,, n.-r4uaiinaii. ;
li. :
c v.ir advH-e, and !" re'ulivr .,r u illnnu, ;
a,l von Will l.,vs hove suoply. I -
N.,.. lsi!V at.v-i'l M " Liu'V ol ibt.lv
f,,e, "Mil) pllitlllji; U W Di- L."')
SUn?CRir.KRS to the ' University at
Lewisburn" who have not paid their
First Instalment, (due last January,) are
respectfully requested to pay the same
without further notice, In
CAM I, T. WALKER. Trkas.
By order of ihe Hoard of Trustees.
Lewisbarg. Sept. I, IS 19.
tfrm Blue, ruruau elsjsH, trul)a, N. V.
LIFE Mil U EH Til arc io the BLOOD.
ClrtiMte. Purify, nnd Rr?ate the Cirrvlativn. and
tie rkolc tixly ill .rv Itrtitth. The matt ionjerful
all rrmcit r t" jmtduce I'nk a mull, it
Y.. tiie t-mrrd reftutt Mirf ffic-T will t pro4tiir1 hy
? a tmaUrr ouumlity ol tht Fi'Mimca thu run ttm
ertrld by rtw u; of a l-ke qiiHUtity ol any otber remedy
in tlw Wt.rM. our Pmphteti I.H- orool'.
I ni I'fairiKa u piviMrfd Irom ttrrinlUi. nd
eurtsi the iroirf. mot w'fuar. and Ions iliindinir diwa
ol tho bilNNi. witliout yuktng. jmrftng, vrkintne. or totnh-
laltng. n clrmm il, tticnteunu, ii-ifi-ura:es. nuil- ncir,
hfllkf (food, and give, nrm vtfor and aris itc to the whole
IbaB any o'her rt'mt'iU in ihe orld. IwrauM
of it will etfMct frifatT immuf uf cure than four JoVar'
worth nf Mmrraptruia. or uuy .fbr n-mtly, no iumUit how
im'gr thir rxitti miT In, 'i'he tmpottmt qttestxtm tor pun
iiiihtt to di-lf nniiM-. I-. K m muh mwrg curn'trt rfiect tri? a
dnllmi's worth of thtt tnH'r mttlmrr than m JnJfar't wtwth of
tSat targapmrttla or otrr tmdy. a nilht here ny, that
Brmnt'i M Imme LmJ rurttl. wirhin the J-r,
100. 0110 Pcrsnii if luijiiirr BlooJ l)israc,
and i5,030 Casrs vtrt roui:lrrfd Inrurablf!
R lome n'hnr ptiit iv- I: ?n nsT. r in thr hut it of ouy
ine If ws sh'itiM n.y . vrtm id L-!i-t u ' This
bwver, we .Id y, ui-d simtj rw.y t' pnVf hr mptrtutti
wtr$ri, Umt Hma-vt VEint iNFit hvf c!f ifii ti rurrn f
ii-t mi luttirf h ii'mii tht jiirft vht. thti
wiy other retitiy n -;: i. m - .Ik! itr.r'n u,- mnV
Mow innh a 1oII i nurfh CUREf
Twenty lnrg, () p Vni r,r ii't4 1 y u-u.a, t ', ttei
birtl rf Hront't I'm -nr.
Thf tolluwitii; i tin- ni'-t wnitli ifu! Atin 'inTiitic rnr
that wan -er trftfttit ;n t hum m N m. hy ry mnifictmr.
Horrid Scrofula CuiccL
Mil J It. lUMirtx. of Um', O .U C. .V. V. rott 3
IVrintnT 'Jtnh, M'k th tt iw hurt l-n ntHitt-ti w th Scro
n l tur Tt-urK, Htxl in.' lift v-tr'.iiii'il tiii it. -it w.tt,
TV.STV iar. tir,jt. .f'i LCKH iU.X a. tl'-rh
mm thta arMtiit.t in.jti -ar t r a liuli it n
through hi Wittd ;.i ;r. eti .(t tt lir- iitfut.ici !hr..n.h tl,
tmh' bif i-ht wa ii.-.ir!v tl-a.trov 1'it uw of til arm
was wlto.lv il.-truyJ tni an I t uu1it aitti. at
lurtft an a tn iu'i ! n.l. li td rivar)? f -'tt'-n tltroiui intu li
J.UUi! til:tt h llHll HM'il ! killl ut ."AKSat'Aiil'.Lt illij
other mstitfirttt. tn ittt in ,ijit, m, I t'int lttw;ts) not rip-cud
to lt iwtHtw fitur hour wiHii hf oifrifilTnt J lUtVT I
frvniAM i'ruii vivo KtThVT-thtt mk Bomis hi tht
I'rttirrlNG KVTl:rr Itrnift .itt-l rurt-i SKVfNrffX Ol liirt
twi-Dty I : ! h Imtl wti.fi h tniifii'-ii u-iiij it. ;tt'l
that a fnc hrittfrt nmf vtUi: u-tl a prm-rrr crntt. for mil
Parbcuura tLia, an J unity uiii- r . imuui cure, mh our
ThU Wonrfrrrnf m4 A-loiiinx l ItK
dnr not ttnm! aloii n- n Mn"""r uf tli rat rjumrm
af Bkant! flft-iUKH, fir wt cmi uiv,- nli. cmt unhiu
bVl evturti'- u ut(-- r i uf", rJ ntt U U, il t. Were
itjtiblisi. 'iuia lutt or tin- u t iy
Fourloen lirsjci;ili Witmvs.
By Doer. THita. W'lfxnn. nni he tnnstt r'Mftlil
piiyairiaiu uf Unn - 'y M.- n Mt -ki.l A l-K'i:tD,
whoWait ul rt'tnl '.y Mr ti. It. Han v. pru-
pfVfAtr n4 lr.t-r t th- Wear Uomk H-itzl Mtd Uy
ictwa OtMrT wttnec.
Brant's Indian Pnriner
care ! imptm 1 .-!' f t'n lii l, Tix.: iCWI Ht,
SUt itktUM Hhrmiatt-i'm. Hr ,'tm.nlr n; the to
PUm H'irM, Item, CWip w. Mrrrorn:! I ii .. IJrw
CompittimU faint in thf Back, S4c, aui LouUt Uuk vj
Bimdtv Ike iW vt t
fc Thi KiI-an po - th i1mnt t.4 fmrtfvtHM;
r 'n't ot iim MiMtt t-'jti..J !'r.im'. lxtkact. ami mi -u
uoi- iwi tiitr Hw 'Ii- :Tijrt. pir'u-' t'lw and fn
tor'atuUwnk lorur. J liHr inil i NH Mf l :iS.-. it
tWj aiwi -' t'hrrg im U.os. rtwl rl'WliTr m'traj
'y. rWrf ly anil an tsij aa Uic Kf.yjy iwact i-ul
THmtaNM ot rurv if h awur hpUit Citnums
fullx ir'r it- st'itt -t titirat bUxi tli'-iay Oi !! autast'i w(
ibe'i.CNtirf, TlimiAT. Mid KitKAHT.
Wr aivr th iUrifi rriiK ae aa Haft 4 run-, w hi h
riaa to anwre tta pmrrr tu Mivt !iff. er-n .-n the j -r-
ft:tiu tu be a the very U-t taKt' tH' riH-m e, whvfl lirmttf $
lA,mm Pn'momi! y Kai m h adtiuui-lrrvd :
We jrp thp fo1iw e't tiriTe at fa -t orcuit which
$fo-m tm nft tbr wtr tMVt titr.rn wiicru til- prraXiB
ei-tw ki bt- i th vrry Imtt afoa.- of 'X.awm-r, wh-a
Brmf' ffdietm trntmnnary tmlimm t adiiiuiu-tt rt-it Tni
caav tlu. mt ataail io. ; Co'u uutsj many ct'Ka
mm mmrrtUHM and mroti? kunrfrr.U of hrm4fw
rr. ami thtmrntntU rf ra l tl 4;u.Sl'MJ'TI(N.
linn ilKfc. vi -n--rtr. n th wilt- r Mr. Z1H4
Mr. Uykt-m wa iin iiMHrl doimm. anl Mr. Ovkcntau
wtut h ihv .ion- of Mr. Jimk Wait to ptrrham doth lor
a thromd. mdI otMtr htrii meVrriwU, xMt-tin hi wile
would WHto da-. Wmb tti li! 4m a&ure ol the tliavNaa
-waa atara mrrrtA and (uU-ratr tu rv.uivn lirr
r dijtr, mini mkc a y.,r 'i'f mtrrr etwy Mr.
UVktnMH w-i ih r-n to nre lirr aim it - Hit A M'J
(Mil AN IM I.MnNAKV HAiAM." H. t-n.k 'tte Katm
btasr with th hnuH. uJ j..- a N.rtHn to wii. it
n-bt-rKd b,t ah ctMttii)ii"l to tak it until eh.- r. o nd
oHn hr ,4V Tt i, and at- h i mmfimmeJ txll for ata-iy cr
wra an rVf lor p trrvniar-t.
Nr IHkkmam swr-1 . tia aN.re (acta tfo.e 7h. G.
Tot kg, r.. ui Hm lon Sj, itt April, IMtj.
TrfO. ft. ulSO, f.ajaf., Jtnttrr, it itiTli-a t!.J h h iS
iiii.r Mr. Iik-a..ii m any y. i ;uni tiiHt h.- i one ot
ttM-lr wns Wnrhy mik) rrirlnhlt rtUjtni J-J Mr. JoHN
W ait. tit ton rw-liMitt n.k n ot ah t. diVo certijir lt ttio
piMd rhiirm t'T .l .W. n.rmnn, m that he waa ac
ouantttti with 7 tin-u nuij hcail UiciiJ otlt'O puk
Ul ol ly y.Ma
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam
rur. V.V7 U'7 (.V. '. W, Sjiiuiiiw of lUttOiU
Pbtdi m the i.mttgo, pat the Jinart nnti .We, .YW 4c
iimtnr, .Vrrruttc t'-mf.lmmt, pmlftilfttioM ttf tkn Henrt,
CmW l,.jmmt tM. immterw Simmer t'ntnp'.ai nt,utt ALL
i&MALt. it J;.A.... truhtwt uuj,idtnf rkjUmtr
nmTfiKs am) rii.snMxs UKi:Hf.i).
Hm tiill.iwlni; ii .iml krti n.l Mu.irmtta oave faich
.J r.r,nm. n.l.t III: AN rs MKIill'INM :
In. N. Ill I. BAKU. .-t,uil..r.l, mill,
tlr. J X SMI I II. W -u-.t.,,.!,. N. V.
Ir. huA-MAN. i:u lli-un- tr.tt, Urooklia. N. V.
lir. T. M. Ill NT. Aul urn. N V.
I'r. (.I ll KKAM I.-i Mi.1.11, limn. ('una.
Hr.l.K.i A liO'iKH.i, rl..th, N. .
Or. s tt 111 I K. r..l..l N. V.
Or. C.H iAI KM INK, llvrun. N Y
llr.J O MUI-N4V Fnvh.'Vilie, N V.
lir. J. r-MNMJt. Il.mv rtr.-L llruuklvn. N. V.
Dr. o. M1H MAN C'uitliiuJ. N. V.
Beware of CMtinterfeits !
There ia no K'anl' medtuue enuiiin, hut
KUih hot lie. an are pot up in square package
e.r ahape. and on one Mio-ire the parh7e i a
ihel on lu.Il ii repre,,it;J ii young Kpniw,
and lindi r viheie rhe liimU in a ..te of llnud,
hlrt le.N an ftillo 'i. i.
I Iht l,ri;r lea l D. r. ro, ,V ,,., . ul
m,r .1, ,', fu. t.,r i Hit fi,, f llr.kl,.,,, !
........ -y ......... . , '"".!,.. w ... . , .. . . . ' .
1 A '. .,,. ' II.,,.-,., ',!, A;t,l. isis."
(h.. h note ;.,.,! Mii, ,,' ml ink)
. V U" t IfV ,V o ' I '
iX.me cennine biJ a hive the nolo
lie IvtHl .iL'fllll al. e
j r , Th irn'o'i A- f'ti've, favVri
'bnr; tdJ Wilin e lleilin; i J C'roiar
Mill ii-ui ove : fi VI' Moy", Freeliu g ; H X
it leklisiisH. M .Mirtnou' : 'IIt .V E.lcrt, lltiiie.
: lire- vi ncli. viittlin'rin
li I,.,, , ,,!,. ,,( l a.l.lies'ivl to
W all.cr A Co. HXi. Hr ndway, Xew Yo.k
. vas
tASTUU ml Sw.ei f) t.l,u I .n.iiii.l'i
1 AS
J -1'
J i-orir. lo.ifrej ( t..rdi il.lvisoin Sol's,
uter.to.. fie.". Tartjr M,r. h. lord. -Ipoe, II ,1- I
IV M.p a, M....,rl l. in,,,. M,,,,.,
j IJ.lliili.e, ".I la I'. 1. ten Ae for into al I 1
! t..V SehaiUi'a ll.uii u. i loioii ul iin.poriuni I
XjBnk Agent and Colporteur will pltate
to obmvt.JH
IVEKV cniwu of i be United Slates rhoulJ
J iosrs s copy of thesa wurks. 'I'bej arr
ihe Bouk of Our (loon'rf .
1 TTfi ,., A fsi'bfut Chronicle of the
WAR of American fmleprn
Hence. In one large volume, 8vo. Illuslraied
nilb Seventy Engraving, in handsome Gilt
Binding. Price ii.
The Presidents of the United States,
J heir Mrmnir ami Administrations :
To which is acl.lrj an account of the Inaugura -
lion of each Treiiitleut, uj a history of llie
briitriiial ihiliiical events of hia .lininitmlion.
and of the transactions of Congress at each ses-
H. in during (he period.
Illustrated with fkant portraits of ihe Preni
denu. ngraved on ieel. This is a hmUme
royrt fivo.in beautiful pictorial binding. $350.
compri-inn the I.ivps, A Jilrese anil Mfmxigea
of the 1'iesiclehU t.f the I'nileil States,
From Washinutun to Taylnr'n Inauguration ad
dress. March, 18 IP.
With a history of llieir Ailminixtrationa, and
of each Session of Congress also Tiiinus hist
oricul, laliticl, and other important nuhlic
duruinenlR, ami a complete Index, or analytical
(aide of rontenta to the whole work. Edited y
Enwi Villi ana. Eq. Illustrated with por
trjita of our 1 Presidents, engraved on i-t 'el,
fro.n the most approved authorities, and in the
Lest style of ihe art ; printed on fine p.ip. r. and
haniisomely hound in emlilemati,- style. It will
alio lie enilu llishrd wilh Views nf the Capitol.
I're-iii, nl 's Hniise. and the Menls of the st veral
xtntes mid the I'nileil Slates. In four large Svo
volume. 1'ijee This is the citiii-u and
I. ttoary edition.
a"rTrM K'-forenrv Kiiiion of 'hi- Rime
work, in 3 volumes lame Hvo. without portiails.
I'riee $1 50. This edition is for n fi-renee. ami
is iiitemled for Statesmen, l.eir-lators, Meinliers
of city Corporations. I.awyeis, and Imlividuuls
holding puhtie Ollues.
Hie HcMil!irnl'llip I iiM-I Stnti-s.
Mid ils t'nliticil Instnuiions,
Iterirwed and Eamined. tv Alius Pi:
Tim ai'KVILI.E. MiiiiImt of the Institute pt
I'rurce, and the Chsmtier of Deputies. A c.
In one Isrce octavo volume ol marly One
Tliou-aml pan.-". 1'iice f :.
The 12 Stirs of our ?iepuMic,
I '-ir N .li iii' t ft in hi-r V'ih.iil' iiizt'tn :
I I 'ontaii'i'nr the lives .if our P'il.iits ilio '
j Ninr.e.s uf ih ll.'rl.imli.n, Annie- of Coiifed-
e':iiioii. Iin- Cj i'u'i.m, wiih in lll-l .riial
-kri. h id .he n.i-rirati 5"ni n. Illutraied w hh
j i o n t pi rlfaus. i ntrrave l on -iei-1. and illumi
, ii i'i-.I pirlnris of the Simirix. lli, Cnnitol and
i'.i -i.l..il' ll .iiHe V a-liiiieton. iiiinlier-'lill.
M Ac. E!i' Hillv hound, lull e.les. l'riri
7 ' No expense hss 1 en pirrd in the pr.-pi-i
l !. oi of 1'ie-ie v..umi'S of Ilor Jinents. H:stoiy.
' -ind .t.,t.tirs. to render the same worthy of pa
tn-irili'. not only .if S vesnoii and Keeislalors.
; !oi ot the American puhlic ceneialfv ; who will
lint io them the T.;si nr of I'iili'mcal
K - o .vli:'ui:, ni:d a masa nf iitforuialiii.
i 1 HT OF I'dUKS
j ru'.lthed .y K. Wiiikre, ! 14 Koltoii street.
j Ir IlouliimV Hisifrv of If 'inaiiisni to I'm
prr-iit time ol) Eofi jvjujrs, piice f-'l.t1'
i he liiinle 1,1 K inv liiliie. ri nn
Tlie w.-nitern of ihe Vo:!iT, 2.0O
Mti K.m.ilv Monitor. .;-H
Mrs. Kills'-(Ji i,! to Soiid happiness, 2.511
'trmlirr and Sji, r. S(l
lower' l.eniiies nn I'ilprim's Prosr eaa, 2 Ml
'hitwtiii M.irtvrolocv, 1.25
'hiii4 M.-enj;ers, 1.25
Kute of Infi leliiv , or. Truth Tiiiimphvnt, :)H
".Id Kel'imV OfTiriiii; for I St ft. elegantly
iiluMta'ed. 2 00
M.I K.IWii (illoring for IN4, do 2 50
Md fellow' till', line for Hftll, do 2,00
The i'd Keiluw Il.'uMrated and neally
lioiind, ino
faith Hope, and ('Inritv 'MiHtrVeJ. 1
v.. I. 12 mo. toll Mti-lin. I.Oti
Friendship, Love, and Truth Illustrated.
I vol. 12 mo, ot, l,i(!
Tle hoin the Arai.ian Night's Entertain
ment . 75
IT..ImiiIioikI and hi Mrrrv Porrvlera, 75
Wreath nf Wild Flower. 75
Young I'eople'a Mirror for IHi. in.
Mualin. 1 .00
Puxi.Miit,t,rf,nok Jltntx and Colportrtir
Who may ilesne lo cnva ditrirls for the
above important National Work, will be pleaded
to addrea a line lo the pilMn-h r, atatinc the
portion ul country he wishes to occupy, and by
return of Mail he will receive a Lit'of Price,
with Term to Agents, which allow them a
very lilieral commission.
EIAVaRU WALKER, Publisher, 111 Ful
ton rtreet. ?t, w York
I'wisuMplion disarmed of its Terrors !
HASTINGS' Compound Syrijp of iVii
tha a positive cure for Cotisumpiion,
I'uclme, Astliinu, and ail dise.-iiies of the
clit:i and luuos a sitiole bottle will niove
Its t HilMCJ'.
'1 he proprietor not on!) recommends his
.Vu'iiia Sviu i', but warr.'tiiis it In cure!
iic wiirriiiiis ii 10 act upon the chyle, and
purii) 1: ; tie Marrams 11 to remove ail 1111
pcdiiiieiiiN w in h retard the free circulation
nl the blond ; he wrirrauis it to open the
internal and extt-ritnl pores, of ibe body and
1 jei t all ibo obnoxious, poi iii li-s v, bitb have
.ici'uiiiululed ill the sjstfin ; he warrants il
hs a m vi-r-liiilino remedy in liw:lic lever,
niobt 6'Hlj, dyspepsia, liver eornphiiut,
piitn in tin- clie.si, and asthma ; and be war
rants it lo arrest the lorinatiuti ol' tubercles
in the Im jis, and 10 heal those already
lori.ied, sr. tlut persons in consumption
iiiay t.t!e il wiih the mnsl positive conli
di iice of a cufe, for its great sent of action
ia the linn;, which it prmiritti's in ail di
rections, (iiirifyinj; iIhiu of everythiuji
ul.iiiivt.ius in its progress, and which, if
applied acrurHig lo ilirei ltons, it can not
Im. to leave in a perfectly healthy condi
tion. Aoi ni at lcwisburo
210) ; w t;n Fr i.E.
Cct the Best !
4 I.I. .niiu person should have Htmuhird
S person should I
in al their elbo
1 Ihrtmni.ry al Ihe.r ellioiva. And whil
011 are ai.out il. .-t ibe be I : thai tlictionary is
,1 " l"'TI:" " '"" ". unatindiied.
f v.'u ,,M r' s:,ve ,Ur "'""'" from orfyoor
".v1" ""' t'-l.-fV,rriio-,ir.Jour
, ' ,' U'U'' ' w"rk ," '" l''' ''""rv
' ' Liia'wh t .t euaire. ImuU.h Mtirii.t'linm'.
, iFii.miiiMi: mire iiinen me amount 1,1 matter 01
any o'her Enebali Dielionaiy rooipil,,! u. tins
eoiimiy, or any alontumei.t ol litis wo.k.
ruMt-hi-.Hi) (J A C M. u tain SpriilulJ, Mass.
and lor s.ile at the heap U s kslore nf
May F LY. U I.L, Uwishorg
MEST Spnnish .nl llnll i;u.i.ih, also
) .m-riean CKSAfW aiid all kinds
of Jhcirit( Tl)ltCfT(, for snln by
I ew i-diiirii. M.-v 4. 1818
"K hy
Li wtshiifo, June,
St HJl.t,f-.
SEALS' New Pictorial Works::::1849.
Great Chance for Book Agents
To cLiia raon $500 to $1000 a Ysab !
Books of Uitioertat Utility.
SEARS' New and Popular Pictorial
Works the most splendidly illustra
ted volumes for Families ever issued on the
American Continent, containing more than
' Four Thousand Engravings, designed and
secuted by the most eminent Artists of
litio'inil and America.
Tim extraordinary popularity of these
vniim'8 in every sectimi uf the Union,
renders an agency desirable in each one
ol our principal towns and villages.
Just Published,
Sears' new and popular Pictorial
Description of the United States,
containing an aecniint of I Ik; Topography,
SeltlcuiLiit, History, Revolutionary and
other interesting Events,Slatistics,Progres
in Agriculture, Miiuiifactures, and Copula
tinn, in: of each S'ate in th L'uion, Illus-
tiated with Two Hundred Engravings of
the principal cite s, places, buildings, see
nery, curiosities, Seals of the Stales, &c. ;
complete in one octavo volume of fUU pa
oes, eleunntly bound in gilt, pictorial mus
tin retail price, ?2-50.
'I'lio I'ictorial Family Annual,
tllll paof-s oclavo, and lllti.-str.iti'il with 212
ltioiiiviuoi desioned as n valuable and
cht'iip present fur p;i rents aud teachers to
place hi tin: Ii:iinls of young people. In
auraciive u.namos.
I rum the I'iiiiiarchal Aoe to the present
nine, liy J din Kino, lidiior ol the Lon-
Ion I'icliiriol i'.ililr, &c. Also.
.f Si'pri' I'ictorial llistor of Hie B ble
I'ictori il Siinduv Book lb st-ription oi
Gieat Cumin uiid Ireland Bibl.i Itiuura -
I ! V :eires iiud kclches ill ('ontiiieiiliil '
i;nri)H liil'i.rin.itiiin I'ur the I'mple I'ic-j
lilrinl t-'oiiiitv I .ilirnri fif.fnrii,l llil.trv I
if the A merieau Retoliilion uu euiirelv
new volume 011 the ixiikrs ol tin; orlil
llirtorial JfsimilQ Kiblt.
K 11 b oliiini- is liliistrotfil wiib scvern!
biiiiilrnl Miioroviuos, and tin- lill.Llv will)
linr 'riiuus.iliij.
1 AiK.i'!S W . X I'EII in every To 11 ami
County throughout ibe I'luoti, to sell Statu'
Xrir and t tpuVir I'irtoriiil UWA n," unjiersalb
ai-know leilge,! to l the lieiil and c-ieie!lt evei
piipiisnt'ii as inev ee'iail.iv are inn ui.isi iaiat'le. . ,. , - e 1 1 - .L .
' ' Thin evrellent compound i for sale by the
Any active Aee.it miiy rl, r ..ii(l nr MIIHII p,,,, rietor'. AgmU-J Seiirr.tir. Unib,r .
yetr. A cash capital of j: 01 f 5U mill lie nee- t VJJV floe. Sclinsgrove ; M Wilhiiigton, Nor
ss4ry. Full pnrti'-ulnrK of the pi'nciples and thiiintn rliiud ; J ti lUser, Milton ; ti I 4 F Piper,
pr . -tit- of ibe ag. nc) will Im' given on application ! Watsoiitowu
either per..ially or by letter. j
Addn-M (invariilily po,t p.l) I "tiff rfttl li Ite HoOllt,
11wuf.n1 .-Li.'Mfc., 1 1 ni.isiiFR,
las, Nassau Mt. New Yoik.
Ni letter will he taken from the Hice
unless ist patV. Gts!-r0
English and German l'hysician.
TIIO S A. II. TIIOH.TO, 91. !.,
'IITHO lias been regularly educated in
the University ol Maryland, and an
Honorary lirsduate of OasMeton College ol I
Vermont, and a Member ol the Medical i
and I'hilosophica! So:krty of the Siute ol j
Maryland, offers his professional services!
in all Ihe branches ol the lie., low Art to'
the citizens ol Lewisburg and its vicinity
He has been engaged in the practice of
medicine, in Luzerne county in this (Mate,
for nearly thirteen years from whence
he brings letters of recommendation from
tha first men in that and Columbia county.
as regards his standing in the profession of
medicine, and his genera! character, viz
Hon John N ('onyngham Rev Marmaduke Pearce
" Ziba Bennett
" Andrew Iteaumont
" 8 f Headley
' HB Wright
H W jNicbolaou, Esq
Jesse Bowman, E-q
Chan U Bowman, Esq
L'harle Kalbtus
" J H Young
Drs A U Wilson
" Tho W Miner
S H Wamer
- A Yohe
- M Steck
Kev I bouaa liuwuiiii
N B. Hr.T. may be found at his office
at the Drug store on the east side of Mar
ket St. next to Walls' store, or at his resi
Jence 1st door below Kline's hotel.
Lewisburg, Jan. 5, 1849
SCHAFFLK has received n choice as
sortinri.t from E. Honssel and J.
lluurl. Perfumers, w hose preparations are
Bears' Oil
Ox M.irrow
Bay Water
Cologne Water
Pearl Powder
Fancy Soaps
Hair Dye
Shaving Soaps
etc. &c.
Curling I' luid
Also a general variety of Jewelrv and
Fancy A rticles.Spcctaclcs.Pencils, Wallets,
Toothbrushes, Hairbrushes, Ate. Ace.
Lewisburg, May 18. 1349
VFKESH supply received at the Lewis
burg Cheap Bookstore :
Fiske's M i 11 11:1 1 of Classical Literature
I). vies Analytical Oeometry
Btnir's Rhetoric, (Uuivcrsily edition)
Comstock'a M neralogy
The (Complete Farmer, I vol, 02 i cts
The New American (vardener, I vol, $1
The Book that will Suit You, or a Word
lur Everybody
I can furnish the above works, with a
great variety of others, at rery Imp prices.
May 30 F I.Y.MIAI.I.
Harrison's Columbian Ink,
IN Quart, Pint, and smaller sized bottles,
Black, Blue, Red and Indelible. This
'elebrated l.k lor sale bv
Q" CORDS of BARK wanted, for
jJ which the highest market price
will be paid.
Dollars and Cents, also lorms of -Notes,
ItilK Receipts, l'etitions, Interest Tables, tallies
nl' Wages, Uoard, 4.C. I'riee 18 j cu for rale
at tliiv otliee.
Kk O TT never refused al the oUice
1 YrJXl. oflheLcwisburgKhrouiclc.
A Word to the Afflicted.
5,000 persons in Philadelphia alone
have witnessed with astonishment the won
derlul efficacy ol
Thomson's Compound Syrup of
Tar and Wood Naptha
in curing Consumption, Asthma, Bronch
itis, obstinate Coughs, Pains in the Side
or Breast, Liver Cumplaiut, Sic &c.
This preparation is entirely & vegetable
remedy, and may be administered with
perfect safety to ihe feeble aduli or child.
Its power as an Kxpectorant is admirably
adapted to relieve the oppression in pul
monary disease, and while it assists nature
in throwing otT the viliated matter which
collects tu the injury of the system, it acts
as a general tonic or strengthened
The testimony of Physicians and others
to the value of this great remedy, has been
of the most satisfactory kinj, and has
given it a character and standard as a
that has placed it beyond competition (or
the vaiious diseases for which it is em
ployed. Prepared only at the N. E. corner Fifth
and Spruce streets, Philadelphia.
Sold by C. If. Schtiffle, Sole Agr-nt for
Lewishurp; and vicinity. 273
fPIIE subscriber would inform the G.n-
I tk-im u ol Lewisbursi and vicinity thai
be tins now re-opened a new and elegant
shop, next door to the Post Olfiee, where
j be will carry on the business of CUTTING
! AXU MAKING giirmenta as usual. Work
! "'' nV "" warranted to fit. Produ.:
, received in pnyuu nt at market prices.
Lewtsliuro, April -i, 14
'PHKsubsi-riber would inform the citizens
1 oi Lw isliuro and vicinity, thai he has
Taken and fitted up a room in the new brick
building on the south side of Market street,
between Third and Fourth, where he is
prepared intake Daguerreotype Likenesses
I sin-de or in grotls, in good sly le, duratilu,
and on reasonable terms. Call and see.
March. 14 J JOHN SIT I O.N.
f fnt f will ill f1tt'f1
) LI 55 L4 V Ml C.
IS a positive and never-failing Remedy
for P 1 1 E Si whether Internal, Ex
ternal, Blind or Bleeding Scrofula, White
Swellings, Ulcers, ulcerated Sore 1 hroat
Canker Sore Mouth, Rheumatism, Cutan
eous Diseases, Mervururf Affection Jir.
also for Si-alds, Burns, Cuts, bprauis, Brut
ses. Ate. Ace.
We feel justified in proclaiming the Fact to
Ihe World, that of all medicine ever bro'l before
the public, none have ever been more beneficial
to a filleted homanity than Myert' Liquid Cure.
We know this is saying a great deal, but if we
were to write volume we could not say too much
in praise of thi
HfcALTa-tTuui5c,LtrE-riioi.o6i(i iivr.ni.
Hundreds, nay thousand bless the happy bout
when first ibey were made acquainted with ils
tranacendant virtue ; and our present purisjee i
to inform other thousand, how and where iheyj
may obtain inai leiiei waicn iney pernap oave
long sought for in vain.
The superior excellence of thi preparation
over all other medicines, for the speedy and per
manent cure of PILES, i well known to all who
have tested it. It ha been proved in thousands
uf iusianoa, and has tvt riiLun to cure the
;o.i ulistinale ennet, and we are confident it u-ill
never fail if used a proper length of time accord
ing to directions. As a proof of our entire confi
dence in its efficacy, we assure all purchasers that
if. after a proper trial, il prove ineffectual, the
Money paid for it will be returned.
The Liquid Cure is an effectual remedy for
Ringworms, Biles, Pimples, Barber' Itch, Frosted
Limbs, Chilblain. Hall Kh. um. Musquilo Bite,
stings of pniaoneu Insect and Cutaneous diseaee
of every description.
Il i both safe and effectual for Khf.uhatmv,
giving immediate and eimanent relief.
It effect a a real Pain Killer, are magical.
krtit riviiir is ins lasd
should provide themselves with thi Invaluable
Preparation, the cheapness of which place it
within Ihe reach of all.
Full Direction accompany each Bottle
Pamphlets, containing copies uf certificates
from those who have tested the Liquid Cure, may
be had grati of or authorized amenta
JHiern L'luid Cure i prepared only by
JEROME & CO. 21 r-pruce St. New York
Agents : C W Sc baffle, Lewisburg ; J H Rases,
Milton lveow.VTJ'
rpilK subscriber has on hand and is
X now receiving from Pulsion and Sha-
imikin. Best Foundry,
Lump, I Sroken,
Nut, and Pea
CO A la which will be disposed of on
reasonable terms.
June, '49. I LAWSHU.
Townsend's extract of Sarsap'a.
A LARGE and fresh vupplv of this celebrated
Medicine, just teceived from ihe principal
Depot in New Yoik, and for sale at the uew
Drug and Cheioiiral store of
Or 'H,orntm A Baker
QCH( rOL-TlCK KTS pnuitd and for
O l this otfice.
Tha Cheapest aud moot aplendid Aaaurintcnt ol
J ia Philadelphia.
413 J M ARKET 8TKEE1-, t 413
a few dour utmr ELrtnlh, n-trtk tide,
HAS jual received by lale arrivals, frm tha
mart celebrated manufacture!" of Eurepe, a
uianuificenl aud judiciously selected aanmiuculul
which be will tell elteaper than any other estab
lishment in Ibe Timed State. Among ihe
aaeortmeul may be found
(Juki Levers, 1H fine, lull jeweled $:0
Kilver Levers, full jeweled 5
(ikl repines, 18 rase, jeweled 25
Milver I'Epinee. jeweled 'u
do yuartter Watches 4 to 10
do Tea Spoona equal to coin per sett 4,50
d Dewert do do do l"""
do Table do do do 15,00
Together wiib a aplendid aaMHtroent of chaste sod
rich Jewelry, Ac. Gold Chain uf various at) lea
from the beat manufacturer.
Ple-iae preacrve this advertisement, and call
No. 4 1 X Market atreet above Eleventh, north aide.
fXji have iold and Silver Lever dill cheaper
than the above price. A liberal diacount lo the
trade. om'-iGl
Carefully lit paired, al the thorfetl .Xolice-
suhseriber desires lo inform the
citizens of Lewishur" and the puLlie
in general that he carries on the Wulcb-
M ikino 1'usii.ess in the shop formerly oc
cupied by CJ. Unused, where he is prepared
to execute all kinds ol work in his line ol
business with promptness and on the most
reasonable terms, and by s'ricl attention
to his business Xiceta a liberal share ol
patronage, lie has constantly on hand an
assortment of
WATCHES Patent L ver, English,
and French.
JKWKLUY fioIJ Walch cba ns and
fiiiaiils. Pencils Pens. Breasipin.s.Iv.nins:,
Fingerrinos, Silver Speclueles, Lockels,
Sj.ooiis, Tbiinbies, &c.
W lin h he is determined to sell low.
Lewisbiiro, ov. 13. I ""11
3'vt'r and ifjuv
11 M'.v TOU' illlXl l tlE
'1 il A I' great nali. .rial obi lavorite and .trrlinu
remedy of Klii.rrt.tl YkASa ftTAsmso l
-tilt unapproarhed it. ita won leiiul nuctess atii.
salety in the cure of tlil. wretibed complaint!
if you would eseupc the arseniui (poisoi.ousV
counterfeii, lake .101 a Im'lle Iro.n anv one Umt
not guarded l.y the trr'lttn tiimture of ihe o- in
itial inventor a.iJ pr priet.ir. Johs l.Knwiutoii
a p iper label eroa-ina the 111..111I1 and cork.
'I hi .euie.ly ha ... vei i'eei. bolstertd up b
lalse and dm illul pulf-, l.ui Ii ,s vr,m il- way lotlu
onli lenre Slid Ull.vera.il ai.4l..u ol I lie Inhabit
lit ol Fever and Ague d.rtnria, si its uoo.
Works sii rtn rs ilo . ,10 which all the ageutr
md every person who have usv l il will t. siily. 1
Proprietor's Oilier, 14 J, Arch St. Philad'a
Akksts: C U Sekdtlle. Thornton & Bakei.
K M Bowes, Ltwitburg t A K.niollrr, William
Crowse, Selinegrove; Itassler tc , pp. Sweet Hope.
(J S Uackhou. I'hil.p iiilbish, M Kee's j Fail
I PHE subscribers, thankful for past patro-
X nage.would tnlorm the public I hut they
continue to inanulaclure all kinds ol
Cast Water Y heels of ,b mo,,, Pr"-
Threshing Machines.
One and Two Horse
We invile particular attention to a new
article Wianl'i Palrnt GAM PLflfcns, lor
SrtUing in hraiD. rarmers by this plouoh
can seed in as much grain, in one day, as
in tnree days with common ploughs.
eiBtuiQ0 ant EutniuQ,
nd Filling ihe same. HOLLOW WARE
Kettles and Pols of various sizes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles to
suit cooking stoves.
the most approved patterns now io use, for
wood or coal.
Fancy.Parlor.Wood.Coal Stovesj
Race' Seir-reffulatiiis; Air-tight
J'arlor Wood Moves, (a new article.)
Threshinj; Machines and other articles
ol machinery repaired in the best manner
and on the shortest notice. Castings war
ranted io be ol the best material, and at
prices that can not Tail to please.
Lewisburg, March 25, 1848 ly209
aiiKfiilit-iinN d.u;i erkeotyh:
i Establish mknt p . . ,
story, Philadelphia.
- - , - - . d , au.ru
The Hon. II tsar Clt vision? this Estah-
tishnienl for the porpoee of having a Dacuerreot v pr
taliiu,iipresd Haltering opinion on thi favor it,
plnee of the beauty and Wnuu of Philadelphia.
Jtidvasl nuiuliera of straneera resort toil to procure
a really good Dauerreoi) ie. The proprietor will
make every exertion lo eatend the long e.lablished
fanie of thi well known slal.lishoirnt. Kami I y
groupea. groupes of i-bildreu and single portra.U
ol all sizes aie executed equally well 3l41y
X K G I' T K D
ONE BuKf.e an I Sett of Harness,
One Two H-.r-w W..on.
One Truck, W ill.' till.
Foraale l.v HP Sh. I'.-r
GlXtDdUKU VIM KG All forleb?
Jui.c 1 KLULK A tULlL.a
"All ounce of Prevention worth
a pound of Cure," in
that air ful diicate.
DR. FITl'11'3 Lectures on the Prev.
lion and Cure of Contumption.
This popular work for sale in lcv,;,i,.Jr,
by 8. K. Lyndall J. I louohton and ,"t
this office. Price, 75 cents.
l.irT Cvaavaouv R rem .'omifLM.-Tl ,
!sariMiarilla " l M SiHsrant u,mm r.vif s .
Tniom't ' Sar"eNnlla. k a,lvrriiS . ,,kI( .
NAl-KMI'li,""d" lM. Thw T..ri ,.i, ,',
ami ocver wu ; but wravrl, a wnHrini ri.n... rd
nuK aud the live yi Sr ananw.pi tbr title in I M Ih
purlMM sauiUMI croUl bv whM be
bXi aiieiHtnl uieliral arbwrf. anl
vrarat !" r.,w UV.ntib la. bv arver
U.K. II.
A .. ,n Kia lile ! Sneh wufnt. ri u,,.,rb.., ,. .
luuks bail u, tliechararieraiMl vrr-. nl t- m,,u
nHMS nlMCerely, He bad arver irMib. i.. wvir.it. m
rlt uf ol ma. W hen vr.ll m lew u. r u i-.. : (
lul lu all UKir ilralmva mni a..'fwtv i nlf 'm
men ! lie applreil one 8'iel l.'laei i.. ..i li,m K
UM.UI.IMI b uan. aaitua 'hv ii.ii. hi
Bia4e. an Ml irtLUermnil Io rmbark in ih- ..ii.. -j-
mrb lull uvea trivuluue aud Uir.lioe u iu i:l
,im, in unlrr u Miiir.s lua putine albkM -hu
Ihe lld IbUH-'v Srm,oanlta m not lii --,miii. .rf ylHai
V'rofil. ni.le llom lb i-l'.r 'fiis), ,
pit. TliinS. P. T.iwuiid ay I K' l-l ibr n.
baine t i a wee I "ill .a bim . H be vl
iluce one .uele iliuirv pro.,1 u iin. lli. , ,tf
Tbomrwer. Slullniiui .. are ne hine bm u,
(alach.K uiilv iia t ileeewe lb (.n'alic. aiw k, v
Uie tlillh Jowii lu ri-iranl In Ion "UtiH. ftrm'V...
wmiwi. Tinn In an eautruli .lie piiWtc u (.un-tisr t;... ... ,t
OM IH. JAI'.IIIT'lisi-ii.r. Sjra.v,rii:. It vlu? -in ... -s,
Olil KncWa likelier br fhmtly tJ-Mlt of Aim;n.i sj
liriiaiiireacri" tins '"" Ann.
Priniiwl OSn, PJti .Viunra J.'ree. .V V '
Old Dr. Jacob 'i'ownson:!,
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
IHd Itr. T.. iieit l li"" ''H! 70 r..rs .i' . nt r
1ms bee. kauvro m the I f l lK'R n.l Ms, ' I ;.. V
hh- H t:. rv k i.uiiit vt. y -n -e
MAUs.iHAiil.l. I ' B-nx l-r. !.e ,...ni. ..
liMUlt 11 nwii'il ii.v. h sIii.Ii in- .w il li- - 's .
ili..jrki... an! '" sle eir. .nic I1"- I ib""e , . ,
bail pr0 il w.'b. a..J k.n..n it r .t... 1 !. r . .
lli c. "I niiiio. it', -"'tt.' i" iti.--- i- J
i-r.i. heate.1 "I ' ill v wa, an.1 auI eu ' .-b. -.-..4i,i.cJ
11 wrt.l.-'.il
in:.r.i; hvkk
nMiiiiU'iuirtl ..11 il.-- I.ifb,' MMlv.rtifl i- .. ...
n ul Ihr i-U.'l!l aii'l Iir...fll a) it r. t - ,t ih
Ittninl iii4.iiah!r tt .! 'trmri'Mt r 'V'-fitir i."-,.
lid rt tr rtlili'--f" bH ItH-liir tn-llrr: T.i:t- H (..r. 11
tn meicMtifar pvtnrtii- ly AWtftttfic mun. Id. U,n-
klH'Wle-.lr ol I rT-MU tl v . .11,'j ttit- isi" " '1. -" T - . .
mfi. havf t h .u ;1M rrtju: I l n ,;;-i:.it!.r
lure ul tnr lr'- . . , -irt t. 'i'.u .,;.. p--.
It l wt H Itivt'Wu li .." "v a. "'' -i m ur I:.
r--TiH--, Ma! '.. i i - !i. ii :v .... i: , i -.
av.xi .iliv-p.. witch if ri'-i ! -i hi n i :ir i r r i ; .
tlttrc tertn"tt't '. i.c!i i- nr ir a f.i '- .-
Win. N . 'Ii- n: ft l if- ii ir n . j j.'- -
ifMl lh i uu r- 1 t ..((-li-.ttf ,tit,l ;trr ,-' : . ; '.( :
!! itiey iri- ihM im .-. rv. t u . - . - k.
Iv t lSif , ."li-.r in l eni-ipi ir 'tie. V
tbrc r.-t.V j r. n ..ii c, . it-... l
hl.itl-tt. ut.-tvr (m-i. .ir.- i.i- v r.- ''. ,-t-. n
trti'M nl 'Ik- r. wet. i t . ii .ill i . v -i '.
m rm ran U i' .r .- th-.- P- ' ' 1
rflit,J ll;iia-t. !nfii I- lir'tf ti 'ii In' r-..i . ,
lir- rtkM lli.i.t Hutu .in. r.; . - : r.i ih-n -'i f
In-i'i4 r ".ipi ! '-i'r n ' - n i
ih.ii rail n " SRS M II II. I, A lA.u'l' i't-i . I.i ?
tint -stirh I- M't tlir atiir; fc.M-irtft a- :ti-
Gfc.NL'i.Kiiai nnvN8i:M-
&AliSAi'A ULU.
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