Lewisburg chronicle, and the West Branch farmer. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1849-1849, September 12, 1849, Image 4

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HUM 0 R 0 II Si
Selected for the Chronicle
Plain Talk.
Mm. Svvisahi-lin. of the Pittsburg Sat
Jtilay Visiter, goes lor horsewhipping
aYuukarda lo reform them, and in auswer
o tliose who charge her with wanl ol
womanly sympathy, quotes the passage
whom the Lord lnveih, he ehastiseth.'
Of the tippling shop and their victims,
he speaks a ier ihia fashion f
If e were a man if we were a voter
we would vote down the doggeries. A
we are women, il e had a husband, fath
er, or brother, who was likely to become
a victim to the serpent of the mil. we
would lake their disease in tin.e in the
first stages and warn ilie dram-eller
within reach, not to encroach on our harth,
and if they persisted, we would burn down
their establiahinouts, wiiti as clear a con
science as e could Luild a fire to burn
the June busanJ bave our p'ums.
'I his will be called ineeiidiary doctrine;
but despf rate diseases want desperate rem
edies, and where on happiness, and the
lite and soul and honor ot one dear to us
are at stake, il would be well for the
inaa who stood leueea us and l is salva
tion, if v.e bad cunrludi-d ihat salvaiion
jicssitte. We should newr ariviseaii) oth
er to curb a remidy, lor the penalty wou'd
be impiisoi rneni for hfe, b ;t we would
censider this a positive blessing, compared
to loathing the besotted fate ol one we had
Jrved. To us no chject on earth is so loath
some. so huleful.so aUniiuiaMe.as a druuk-
rd. e would not live near one, for we
should die of a sick sti.niach. It may be
very angelic for a pure minded virtuous
woman lo iuve mid caress a great drunken
bast, but (or out hbare we have not the
al'jihti st pretensions to being an angel, and
the ceil of an anaconda would be quite as
pleasant a core as the entwining of a
dn i.Wda arm. From the smell they have
on the street, one would imagine the anel
that staid iiear them lon, wou d require to
be pretty strongly scented with brimstone.
Ei! communication-) corrupt good nian
ners.'' and people are forbidden to be "un
tqually yoked !'' We can think of no yoke
ntt unequal as that which would bind a de
cent uomau lo a drunkard ; and we mo-i
firmly be! ee h it'io con i.mewiiha dn.Or
en h.is'.trid,i a violation ol the laws of God,
and the Oictuies of common wnse and com
mon dtcrrii-y. A woman who will persist
in so li.it p, t!.uu'.) bf shut up in a lunatic
arylum. iraiit 'hit she ha a r:!)l to dis
pose o! lir-rsel! s she p!eae : has she any
riyht to 'uinh the state with paupers and
crimirasT lia- the dri na d any right to
hand d..vvii hi vices and ilietrconseqeiices
lo postei j I'
Fom lloldcn't Dollar Magazine
Ode ou SoliliKle."
Hipy th mm h w! wi-hes here
Are briiiiioVJ by this narrow doom,
Gcultnt tc bfi alt.e the atinopii re
Ot In o ii room.
WHne ii wi ll sun whow night i'h moon,
VY'hoe rhirkr-fis answer him lor clocks,
V hose shetp yield sum ier pniiaioons
Aad winti.rsuc.is.
Blest why when day comes in or out
U iUas s.niln (, n;v.as piud.
Who Las no loolh ai-he, c. rn-, or out.
To make him mud.
Siund s'eep by ni".ht, a fea'her bed,
'I o waul to s't-ep at'd ihn be nl.le.
And have the iiesi of vi.-tu-.W spread
Upoll ilie u!te.
Thtii msy mv nij;ht time hv me roll.
Thus mat I e:it iiv meai ti day.
Hide from the wml.i and not a soul
Know w lit it I May !
Trie following is the copy ol a will lefi
b) a mull wh"" choe lo be his own law
yer :J
I his is the List will -'!t te.-'amt nt ot
me J .tin I hoii
I uiv k!1 ni ittnijj! to o re'nlions, to
be divided ao.i.n tin in lie- bel ) they
N. li'any b-idy kirks- no any row
fir inakt am ub -ui It, he is 'l io have
a.i) 'loii-.
jjtjfjej by niH,
Jutiv Thomas.
Ti mi'rif a nun "think a good dc-al ol
jou"a'l tht is uecesar U to owe him
moie t! an he imaeii s i'u ran pay. To
n ake hi.n f.rrt J"'. ali ii is nee-arj
is to rtvrr.-e i!h ni!,er end let him owe
Well, P.it.JimrMo'l qyilekill you with
that lnk-Hiv. M
-Xo ; lJiii I ttisf l.u ha J.
Whi.t fo V
So 1 ooulu have ei n him liun.'he vil
F jiures d nt 'ie," J,t ? Well, wt've
fo' a note on an Ohio han't, that proioi-c
fo pay .n dem aid "v:: dollar, ' and 'he
woiil .ivt) us but f riy cents for it. Ji fig
urea ii u'l lie, who d. !
A- la '' answer the rjutstiou as to how
the trtes gel iheir clothes ul ol their
ti iuk w ithonl openiiiK ihein ! ' by avini.
thit tree leui l out their sunuirf-r dresi. !
Wboevur kites a driver to blunder.lhnl
be d.du't woliop his horse for it t
"W.iter Melons are si) ted Cholera B'mb.
gLe.U iu Baitimore paper.
J H .n.Aa m.Wimos. Pieileit Juilg
f the 2tHh Judicial Dis'rirl.sud Jcka Mmtehut
tn& Jacob Wiltenmyer. EmjY AMocinie JuIk ii.
Union county, htxr tnr& ibeir pieceH brring
late the 56 day of May IM9 sml t me dirertfd
t.ir hauling sn Orphan (;uit,'''U't of Cumnion
Pleaa, Oyer anJ Ti iminer and Ocneial Quait i
-tM-i..ii at New Ueilin fir the rounly f L'ni-n
on the 3J M.mly of Sj.t nit (being the
17th day) and lo cnutiiiue iwi week
Xnlii-e is ibcrcf.ire hm by pTen lo the Coro
nor. Justire of the Peace slid Uon-iaMe in ar.il
fm the coumy of Union, to appear in their (ii. j
uruiier pcr.m with their rolls, revr-h, inqui6i-
lion, examination and olhir remnibinr lo
do those Ihiucs which ef their nfii. ea and in their
!b . If appertain to he done ; and all wilne.
and other perann prosecntm m t-ehull ol Itie
Commonwealib aca nsi anv peraon s e r q ,ir. d
to e then sml there ttteiiding and ln.ld. p.tt
wilbont lee. Jurtire aie nqueateil to he pui.r
lul in attendance al the app ii ieil time.
Rien und--r my hand ami seal al the SherifTi'
office in New Beilin, ihi 2d day ol Aucut. A U
1819 and in the 7ih year of the Independence ol
the United Stales ol A mem a
H E Mi V S Br YKK. Slii-tifr
fl, id tare the t'ommomrtalth f
Grand Jurors, Sept. 17, 1S49.
New Berlin: ifuimiel Hunt
L'uion : M En'e. V Seebold. I M tchell
I'ei.ns : Mitihias Dunbitch, t'. E K.iile
Perrv : Jac Stiver, J Fisher, P Arbogast
Vihtli;lon : Jac S mob
Chapman: rranci -rz
Muldiecreek : Frulenck H.ius
Reaver : Solomon Kllel
Wt Heaver: llenrv Aurnnd
West HulTilo : John M Ier, Wm. Tajloi
Hartley : Samuel llnupt
M ill nl.utg : Thou ns Lehmnn. John Cast
Lewislmr: Peter Ilursh, m Wilson
Ivast Buflab: U in llrown, Leonard Weill
BufTuloe : Gideoii l!ta!e
Tiutrne Jurors.
Union: J"s(rwij;.Johii Row, Ji hi.Good,
John !' Miize, Con elms Pei'm Mar-
l.u Uunkle, Henry Ftor-k, Artem Ma;7-
Penns: Leonard A p Cidw'i ! ui -i il.
John Kriter, J-.l n s W it-r. I-aae ihhI.
tinjl, Muhafl Kiei z, J.icoh I'. i hi el
Perrj: Fred S.-l rnw 'er. And K h i r, J '
liasSnjder, Win ileiot-s. Johu Kitbs,
A. Swinelord
VVushineton : laeob l!enIrii k
Cc litre :Hlohn I' S.niit., (ieo Yarir.g, Pe
ter Frain, Jaeob Walter, of ('
Heaver: Iviat V . idel, J hn Drumier.
Henry Sinptor. .luo Tr x l, Jno Sii;j ton
West B 'aver : Joseph S'un fl
West ButTiloe: Aii'l For-'er, Wm F. ' rt
Hartle : Ah FieJt rick, J -hn D-ile, Peter
VilTloibiirg : CliHr'es Montelius
Buffaloe : John Hnurk
East Bunaloe : Snmut I Rt l er
Lewisbnrj; : F Lieiall, Thomas Rber,
Thomas Xebil
Whi'e Deer: J -hn Fiher, ?nmuc Ilend-
eroo, John rt ' Inir
Kelly : Phiii, tJeiuUiliii". J l.n SLuck
P,li! Jurots. -Z.t JfV.A )
New Berlin : J T Leim ti, W IVters
Union : J l!o Jr (ien Klitii r,.! M W. l i r
Penns : Gcorpe i'. w, Jir ph Sthur., W in
J M.iv, iNinitiel C Ki.-ln r.
Perry : Samuel hatJie
Wahinlou : ltiti;el I'crman. J-re. lie.
pass. Win :!rhoi h, t'eoijfr C J.'over
Chapman: Ca-per Arrio'rj, Geo'ge ller-
ro!d, Jr , K'tns J-'h'.ll
West Beaver: Sam SStutrpff, D-ntel Wae-
nfr, sen'r, ISolonmn Ilomi, Ji.
West BuffalM : Marcus Tea, Sani'l Pi il-
man. S S liarlu r
Hartley : John Stchler, J.is Glover, Win
M 111 nburg : John G Nchll
Uiitfiiloe : J"hn Simentoii.VVm Vanvalz' h,
Michael Fichthrn
Lewishiiro : Is vi B Chri, James Kelly
White Deer: Paul Goodlander, Jas Mar-
shbll, Andrew Youni
Kelly : S ni.m I Spott. Jr.
Thi eiri lltii' ciinixmiil i lor -ale ly the
o'opriit.ir'a Ag-nN J KenT.TEr, Lewitbnr
May Si Clo e. rj. Im-cone ; M V i'hinsloii. Nor
thumberland ; J il RrfM-r, Mill.'n ; ti I .Vi F Piper,
ClASTORnnd Swi-ei Od.Lniidnnum.Par.
' eorir.liolftevj, Coidi il.Csom Salts,
Sjleratu. Cre'im Tartar. lSlar-h( Oiiedelpor, BjI
4m of I.i e. ial Soila, Ul-atn de M dllia. Votn
Tea.l amphorXoger. I iunami'ii.! l-Te, Pepper.
utmeg4. Mtgieii. Muidrd. Oj ium, Miirphe.
Quiiiine, ota Iivvler4. Ac- liir unle at
t'.V .Schaffie 1iuc iV i hemim! KT.;orinm
A Word lo the ASlctel
5, CCO pei s-.ns in Piiilti'lelphi ntone
have Witnessed w ith ailoiiishment the Won
derlul tln-aey i.
Thomson's Cotnjioutid Syrup of
lar and Wocd Ixaptlia
" curitid Coiixtiiiiplion, As'.hma, Urntiel.-
iti-i. obstinate t'oiths. Pains in the Side
or Bres-i, L ver l-oinpl.iiiit, fee. .c.
'I his prepari'inn im en'iiely u rrgrJabh
rtnitilij. and mav he Hiliiinusleri d with
:erlecl sat-i lo this ii-ebte udult or child
lis power as an IIxfec:orant is admirably
td-tpted lo n lieve the op;resiun in pul
nonarv disea. mid while il a-ists nature
ii throw inj; i if the viliaied matter whiel.
.ollects to ihe in;ury of the svsiem, ii ac's
is a woneral Ionic or strrnthener.
'The teiiitmt:v f Phvsi"i-ins iind olhers
n lh valiK-of id's yr' Ut remedy, has Iktii
f the moM s.itiMfaetory k'til, and has
iveu tl a rharaeier and sian htrd as a
hat has placed il bevoml eoinoeiition for
be various diM- for which it is em
ployed. Prepared only at the N 11. corner Fifth
and Sprin'r n're.!, Pinl nil I; tiii.
Sold bv C. H'. 'Srhiifflr, Jiole Agent frir
''ewifeburg and vicinity. 273
jrriMis j J -j y ts$4
jj Cook Agtnlt and Colportturt will pleaM
to ohnrrt.JSi
If VERY cilixen of tbe I'uitrd Ststfa hould
j peea ropy of Iheae worka. Tbey are
inn Book or Our Country.
Faithful thronirl of the
VYAK ot Ameiiran lnd"pen
denre. In one large volume, 8. Illu,ried
ilh Seventy Eiicraiug, in hnUoiue tiilt
Minding. Pi ice $3.
Th Presidents of Ik United Slates,
Their Memnir and Adminislralion
To which is added an account of ihe lii.ugora-1
Inm of each President, and a hi-tory of ihe
principal political event of his admiiutrati .n.
ami of the tianartioii of Congress at each se.
ion during the period
llluxtiatrd with rl. cant portrait of the Presi
dent, engraved in fii,.,.. 'Phi is a handsome
royal S'n. in beautiful pictorial hmdiee. 5U
compriitnff the Live, Addree and MV-Mngt-a
of ihe P eideni of the I'uiied S:le.
From YabiiiLtn loTa.ir In lui-'irnti.in a l
d.e. M trrh. '8 '9.
Wih a hior f their Ailuii'ii-traiinn. and
neach Ses.-jon of Corifre o iiiu- hit
nr'ral. Mati-tirit, and other iin"it ml putdir
durutnenta, and a cornpb-te Itiilef. or amKtictl
tulih- of content lo V e whole wink. EJited hv
E:iwi VitLtt. Esq. IMuxttated with rr
Irait of our IS I'rc-idmi, riiiruved on tel.
from the mM approved authoritie , and in the
het Ftyle of the srl ; printed on fine p.iper arid
t anrt-omely bound in einMrtnatie. ile. It will
li l m.hi liii-hed with View of ihe I'apilnl
Pre-ident1 Mouse, and the Se:il of the veral
"'tare and the Ceiled 8 ale, fn four laree 8vo
vnlutne-. P. ice $'0. Tbia i ihe citizen sml
Linrary edi'ion.
ff 7Tbe Reference Edition of the same
wnikt in 3 volume larce Svo, without portiaif.
Price '7 fift. This ednion i lor r-f reuce. and
t- jntcmleil for Statesmen, I,ei:i'ls1or, Memher
of ctv Corporation. I.awytia, and !u'ividu i1s
loildinir putilic rflice.
The Reiuthllrof ITio I'nltrrl Sfales,
and its Political Itrslitutinn.
Hi-viewed and Etamiovl. By At-rXia Ilr.
Tocai KVir.LE. Vlimlier of the Ina'itute ot
France, and tie Chnnder of LVpolie. A c.
In one large octavo volume of nearly One
Thousand page. Price
The 12 t?rs of otir KcpuMic,
O.ir N..tiotis G ft t hor Vonn.' I'i 7en :
( i i twit ii ; tbe live of our President, the
S:i to a of lit DccNriiiion, Anii Ih of ITimfed
a'ion. the Coiis'ituM-m. wih n hi-t .rical
-sereh ot ihe American Tnin. I!!utrated with
rl(i;:it f rrtrsits enirived on Mfel and illu'ni
a'ed pir'nrr of the eiin'r. ibe I'apilol anl
l'n i.li nl'i- Hon t Ws'binetnn, ISunkcr-Hill,
A c. Ac. Elegamly bound, toll edge. Price
No cvprrse ha heen tia'd n tb prepa
ration of t'tc-c vi.lumr of I)nUiiienI. Hixtory.
and Stati-tic. to render the nme worthv of pa
ifunane. not ori!v of Statesnirn nnd Leuioltors.
toil of the American t'ttMIc ecnerally ; who will
find in them ihe Trxischt op Political
Knowledge, and a rnat-a nf iiiformalion.
pu'.H-hed hv E VHr, 1 14 Fu'ton etrcet.
Ur, Do Hog' Iispry nf Romanism 'othe
prefers! tiie 50 Engravings, price ? H 00
Tl:e fJuide ro Knowhilce. S.On
Tbe ..m'er nf the Wo'ld, 2 50
Vr F'li." Family Monitor. 2.S0
Vm. Ellis' Ouii'e to Soci il happine. 2 Sn
l!rotlu at-d Si.st.r. 0
l'he,.ver I ecture on Pi!jrini' Prog eaa, 2 5ll
f 'hii-iiaii Murtvrology, I 25
Chriii Mef-ner. , I 25
te nf Inftdelity , or. Trttth Trinmi hint. 33
U Id Fil'oiv". Otrrrinc for 13:8 elegamly
illiM-n'cd. 2 no
(V.I F. Il,.w tlT-rinc for Is41. di 2 50
n.t.! IVtlon.. (1tn-iin for 150, do V.On
The I'-'d Fellow lliui-ira:ed and nea'ly
lonrd. ,nn
Faith I!or.. and ''hiritv 'llntrated. I
vol 12 mo. Gilt Vn.lin. 1,00
Friendship, t.ove. and Tmth Illustrated.
I vol. Ii mo, fMi. 1,00
Tali- f nm the Arabian Night's Entertain-
meni. 75
R hinhond and hi Merry Foresters, 7?
Wreath of Wild Flower. 75
Youni Penple'c Mirror for 1818. io.
Mn.hn. 1. 00
Poit.M i,.t,r.'.I?, lf.lrnttand Cotportmr
Who niay desire to csnvi dii-lrict for the
iluve iiuporiatit Natnmal Work will he j lrased
to ddre a line to Ihe puMtuh -r, "tulinc the
rr ion ol country he wihe to occupy and by
return of Mail he will receive a l.ii o' Pore
with Terms to Aaents, which a'low them a
ve.y liLeri1 commt:i.n.
EDWiRU WALKER. FublMier, lU-Ful
tUli ll-'t. IVf Vutk
i'onhumf'ioa disirmcd of i!s Terrors !
HAVl LtiSS'.C'iHore Sifivp ol Ai''
.iu a positive curt; Im Coiisuinptiin.,
ile. I. ne. A.-llilll i, iiii'l ii'l ii.-i-es ol Silt
cliei rti,j luno a single btil'.le will prove
its Ifl MCI.
'1 lie proprietor nrit only recommt'iids bi
Xapiiia t'vut'P, but warr ilits it to cure !
lie warrims it lo act uoti tnecliv e, and
puni) ii ; be warrants it to remove all ni
pediiiieuts w hi. h retard the free rircuMtion
of the blood ; he worjnvs it lo open the
internal and external p..n of ibe biniv ami
eje. i i ibe ohiiiixuuKs panicles which nan
-jccumiil'ited in ihe svMein j bf warrants ii
as a nevi r- aeino remedy in hectic lever,
niobt sw. mis, d spepsi:i, liver complaint,
pa ii in th che.-t, and asthma ; ami be war
tains il to arrest ibe lorrwiii n of tubercles
in the Imis and lo heal those alrtaih
lormed, so th.it peisoiio in consumption
m,iv loke :l with :he most po.-mve eot;li
deuce ol n cure, for its great seat of aelioi
is the tun:?, whieh it peiiei rales iu al! di
rectum, purify ii thum of everythuio
obnoxious in its progress, and which, il
applied aei-or'l no to directiona, it can not
fail to leave in a perfectly healthy condi
lion. Aent at Ijewisbnro
2in) O W mi:h .FFI.E.
Get the Best!
VI.L vour.g person should hive a Standard
D'ctinnori al Iheir elliona. And while
you are about it, pet ibe lie t : lh.it Dictionary is
voah Wesstlu' the gteai woik, unahiidifej.
If you are too poor, ve It aniounl from otrvoui
bark, to put il into your hea l. I'lireiuilwr J,mr
lr. WVbi.tei' i;re.it work i ihe lie-l Dictionarv
of ihe Engli-h l iegiiage London Morn.Chron.
t oioaiiuiia lli et time the amount of ninHer of
any oiher Kimb ih Dictiouaiy coiol ib d in thi
coun'ry, or any aluidrnent of this work.
I'ubli-hed by f! C Mririam .virinfii ld,Mas
and lor mIc al tbe 4 heap Bookstore of
l t r l.t .ND I.. wi-bu.g
HEST Spanish ami Hal! t.; iish, also
Aineiican CKS and all kinds
Uhewin;: TOR ret), for s.le hv
Iwifbiiru. Ilec 4. 8H
FOR sale bv
KKtll'.R V lLrIXC-i.
Lewisburg, Juno, 1849
SEARS' New Pictorial Works:.::1849.
Great Chance for Book Agents
To ritm rao 5u0 to 1UU0 a Ysam !
Boolt of Uaivertal Utility.
O EARS' New and Popular Pictorial
O Works ihe most splendidly illustra
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American Continent, containing more than
'"our Thousand Engravings, (ieinei and
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Sears' new and popular Pictorial
I 'esci lption of the United States,
1 oiitoitiing an Hccoiinl of the Topography,
SeiileineLit, llilry, Revolutionary and
,ilber uileresttiijj; Evetits.Slalistics.Progress
in Aiirictiltiiie, Matiu aclures, and I'opula
loll, it' of each 8 ate in ih- Uoioii, lllus
tiHierl with Two Hundred Engravings ol
the principal cili'-f, places, buildings, see
oerv, curiosities, Seals of (he States, fifcf. ;
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The Pictorial 1' ainily Annual,
100 paees oduv , and Illustrated with 21'.!
tluoiaviiiy!.- designed as a valuable and
cheap pient for pin ti'.-. an I teachers lo
phce iu the hands of young people. In
iitraciive bindiios.
from IIih I'atiiari hal Ae to tbe present
: imc. I!v Job i Kiito, lidllt-r ol the Loli
il.iii Picturiul Bilio , iV u'. Alo,
f Sears Pictorial Histnrj of Ibe B hie
I'ictorul Sunday Ilisik Dtsctipiion oi
tJieal lirilaiii ami Ireland Bibl B'ni:ra
i hv Scenes .tut' fitketrhes in Contiiieului
CuroM Informtilion for ihe People Pic
torial Family Library Pictorial History
it ibe American Revolution an entirely
new volume on tbe Woudcrs ol the World
Eich Volume is lllus'rated with several
lim.drt'il iiioravinos, and the DiCLE willi
I hie Thoos.iiid.
. AI.UN I S WAX I EH in every Town and
County through. out thf Tnion, vi cell " Heart'
Arte und fop-ilr I'irtoriiil MorAj," unietsll
ickoow (edged to be the Iwst ami cl ei Ct rvet
publtshc't, as Ihey le Ul. ly are tbe in l al; lt
hy active Agmt may char ?5n0 or f 11100
yeir. A cash cspit d of 35 or $0 will b nei
sssry. full parti uUrs of the pr'nciples and
pr. fits f ibe a uc. will bi- given on application
either priaona'dy or by letet.; : -;
Adjns jiioarial ly post paid)
RlibtKI' M:KS, Pir.nnr.,
121, Nassau rit. New York.
" lett-r will be taken from the i fhee
imbss Misi pat. 6I2S0
English and German Physician.
1X7110 has been regularly educated in
the 'mversity ol Mary land, and an
11-u -rary tir'idiiate ol I 'usiieton College o!
Vrro.oiii, and a Member of the Medical
and Plulosuphicnl Society of the Stale ol
Mjrj land, oiR-rs his prob-ssional services
in all the btauches ol ihe lleiilinjj Art to
'he ci'izcus ol L-wisburg and its vicinity.
fie has b'in eiiuaged in the pracsit ol
medicine, in Luzerne county in this State,
for nearly Ihirtt-eu years Irom whence
lie brings lt-iters of reeommondiition from
he first men iu that and Columbia county.
as legntds his standing in the profession of
inedi"-ine, and his genera! character, viz
Hon John N t'onyngham Rev Maims Juke Pearce
Ziha Bi nnetl
" Andrew Ileaumont
S F lleidley
II B Wright
II Xicbuin. Esq'
Jese How man, Eq
I lis U Uotninsii, E-q
Charles Kalbius
" J H Young
Dr A B Wilson
Tho. W Miner'
8H Warner
- A Yohe
" M Stack
Kev Thomas Uwiua i
N B. Ilr.T. may be found at his oflice
if the Drug store on the east side ef Mar
et St. nt XI lo Walls' store, or at his resi
dence 1st dmir rs-low Kline's hotel.
I.ewihuig. Jin. 5. 1-49
QCH FFLK has received a choice as
lij s'ir!toei!t from E. Haiissel and J.
linnet Perliiiners, whose preparations are
)x M irrow
lliy Water
Cologne Water
P. arl Powder
Fa uc v Soaps
Hair Dye
Shtving Soaps
6i". &!.
Cur'ii'i! tluiti
Also a generril vari'-tv of Jewelry and
Fancy Articles. S.iectacies.Peticils, Wallets,
I'oothbrurdics, Hairbiiishes, &r. Ac.
rwibiiro, Miv IS 1 -4J
Unlutt)lr Koolxs.
VFKESH supply received al the Lewis
burg Cheap Bookstore :
Fake's Minual of Clnssit'al Literature
I) ivies' Analytical Geometry
Blair's lint tnric. (University edition)
Comsinck'a Mineralogy
The Complete Farmer, I vol. 62 ct
The New American Gardener, I vol. $
The Btsik ihat w ill Suit You, or a Word
for Everybody
I can furnish ihe above works, with a
great variety of olhers, at very U w prices.
My 30 R F I.Y.Mr A 1.1.
Harrison's Columbian Ink,
IN Qjiart, Pint, and smaller sized bottles,
Black, Blue, Red and Indelible. This
celebrated Ink lor sale by
tj .W. siCHAFFI.E
QACORDS of BARK wanted, for
which the highest market price
will be paid.
June I strEK.l.K & MA.vDEKSUIv.
IJollsra and Cents, a bio forms of Moles,
Hill. Receipt. Petition, Interest Tables, tables
ol Wage, Board, &c Price ISJ eta for sale
at Ibis office.
K4 OIT never refused at the office
A Oxl ofihcLewkburgKiironicle. .
EqoltaMe EJfe ImaraMtw, Aataulty
and irutrt Coaspaajr.
Office. 14, Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
OariTAL, !25t),000 Charter Perpetual-
1vHE Company ars now prepared to transact
basirieas npoa ike noat lilxral and advanla
geous lerma. They sre authored by Ibeir charier
(ee. 3) " lo uwfce all and svery insurance apper
taining to life risk of whatever kind or nature, and
to receive and esecote trv-ts, make endowment,
and lo grant and purchase annuities." Tbe Com
pany sell annuities and endowments, sod act aa
traatesa for minora and heirs.
Talk of Premium rtimirtd foe the Auurance
ot 9iuu or IM u-uoie itrm oj
Age. r'rein.
Aie. Prem
Age. Prem.
16 fl 50
31 $3 09
46 3 36
1 53
3 15
3 49
I 56
1 59
I 60
1 63
1 66
1 69
1 73
I 76
1 F5
1 89
1 94
1 98
3 30
3 37
3 33
3 40
3 47
3 54
3 63
3 70
3 81
3 93
3 01
3 13
3 83
3 62
3 77
3 94
4 13
4 33
4 51
4 71
4 91
6 13
5 33
6 54
6 78
6 03
3 1)4
The Diennum are leaa than anv oiber company
and the policies afford greater advantage. Table
of half yearly and quarterly premium, half credit
rale of premium, abort terms, joint lives, surviv-
otvhip, endowments and forma of application sre
to be had st tbe Office or of the Agent.
Raltt for inturing $100 on tingle Life.
Age. For 1 year. For 7 veara. For Life.
30 $0 81 91 160
30 ' 0 99 1 30 t 04
4 1 39 1 64 3 70
50 1 86 3 07 3 94
59 3 48 3 97 6 03
Eiample: A peton sged 30 years nut birth
day by paying the Company 99 eta would aecuie
hi family or heir 100 ahould he die in one
year, or for 9 90 he secures to them JltiOil, or for
13 110 annually for seven year he secure to them
1 1 00 should he die in seven yara. or for 20 40
paid yearly during life he secures ij! 1000 to be paid
when he dies the insurer securing hi o n bona
by the difference in amount of piemium from those
charged hv other orfi.e. For 49 50 ihe beiis mould
receive $.S000 should he die in ore year.
J W. b'KOHnis, President
Francis W.Riwle.T eaa. H C. TuckeU. Si c'y.
For further partirula-s apply to
H E k v i:.-hm;kiii
Asrnt fnr Union and adjoining eonntict.
Consulting Physician V . IIatks, l. U.
Lewiaburg, Union Co. Pa. July tl. IMS
'CHE subscriber would inform the d-n-1
tl.-mi n ofLewisburg and vicinity thut
he bus now re-0eiied a new and elegant
shop, next door to the Post Oifie, where
he will carrv on the bdsine' of CUTTI NG
A.NDM AKIXd garments as usual. Work
made by him warranted tn fit. Produce
received in payment at market prices.
.KM IN . MlLLi:it.
JvwUhnr?, April 27, 184S
Daguerreotype I! com,
r"PHEuhscriber would inform the ciiizr-ns
ni X wistur2 ana vicmuy, uini nc hm
taken and fitted up ti room in the new brick
building on the south ide of Market street,
between Third and Fourth, where he is
prepared Intake Daguerreotype Likenesses
single br in groups, in good style, durable,
and on reasonable terms. Cull and see.
Match. 1949 JOHN SUTTON
Myers' Liquid Cure!
IS a positive and never-failing Remedy
for PILES- whether Internul, Ex
ternal, Blum or Bleeding Scrofula.Whtie
Swelling, Ulcers, ulcerated Sore Throat.
Canker Sore M-iulh, Rheumatism, Cutan
ei us Di-eases, Mercurial Affections Jj-c.
also for Scalds, Burns, Cu'.s, Sprams, Brui
se, Alf .
We feel justified in procl timing the Fact to
tbe World, Ihat of all medicine ever bro't before
the public, none have ever l-een mors beneficial
to afflicted hum only than Afyrrs' Liquid Cure
'Ve know Ibi is ssying a great deal, but if we
wete to write volume we could not say too much
in praise of thi
iiKAiTH-asioiss,itTt-eBotosain ntvim.
Hundreds, say thousand bleas the happy houi
when fi't they were made acquainted with iia
transcendent virtue ; snd our present purpose is
lo inform other thousand, how and where tbey
nay obtein that relief which ihey perhaps bave
long sought for in vain.
The superior eicellenee of thi preparation
over all other medicine, for the speedy and per
maiient cure of PILES, i well known to all who
have tested it. It ha been prov.d in thousand
nf instance a. and ha ssvsa rait-sn lo cure the
mott obntinate eatet, and we sre confident it ivill
never fail if used s proper length of time accord
ing lo directions, Asa proof of our entire confi
dence in Us efficacy, we asure all purchaser ihat
if. after s proper trial, it p ove incff.ctual, the
Money paid foe il will be returned.
Tbe Liquid Cure is sn effectual remedy for
tingworm Uile, Pimple, a irbar itch, f ro-teil
Limb, (ybilblains. Halt Kheum Mosquito Bites,
Ming nf Hionaua Intecu and Cutaneous diseaaci
of every description.
It is both sale and effectual for RnrcvMTls
uiving iinruediale Slid ternianent relief.
It effect as a real Pain Killer, sre magical.
avsav rxttt is las m
should provide themselves with this Invaluable
Preparation, tbe cheapness ol wnicD place II
within the reach ol all.
Full Directions accompany each Battle
Pamphlets, containing copies of ceriificale
from those who have lesl.d the liquid uure, may
be had grain of our authorized agents
Myen' Liruid Cure is prepared only bv
JiCROME CD. 31 Spruce St. Sew York
A genU : C W Schaffle. Iewisborg ; J H Baser,
Milton veowS3a
fPHE subscriber has on hand and is
I now receiving from Pittslon and isha.
j mokin, Best Foundry,
Lump, I Broken, .
Nut, and Pea
COAI which will be disposed of on
reasonable terms.
June, '49. I. G- LAWSHE.
Townsend's extract of Sarsap'a-
A LARGE and fresh aopplf of this celehraied
Medicine, just icceived from ihe principal
lie pot in New Yoik, and for sale al lbs new
Ih-ug and Chemical store of
Dr Tkcrnkm BvJctr
Tha Cbeapast and most splendid Aoartnaent of
J in Philadelphia.
No J LETI It lsAIlfirS, 5 sN
413 J M ARKET 81 REE I. t 413
cie oWa abort Elctenth, nvth tide,
HAS jut received by lts arrival, from tbe
ami celebrated manufcturera of Europe,
inagoificmt and jud noulv svlecied afcortmeulol
which he will seU cheaper than any other ealab
lifbmenl in the 1'uiied Suum. Aooo lb
asoortmetit msy b9 found
Uold Uveis. 18 a fine, lull jewdeJ o0
Wlver Levers, full jeweled '5
Gld I'Epine, 18 a esse, jeweled 25
eiHver I'Epinea. jeweled 1 u
do (Juartier Watches 4 lo 10
do Tea Spoon equal to cnio per sett 4,50
do Di-SMtit do do do 10 410
do TahlS do do do 15.00
Together with a splendid aewtment of chaste and
rich Jewelry, 4c. Gold I baius of saiiou style
from the best manufacturers.
Pieise preserve this adveniaemenl. and call ai
No. 413. Market street above Eleventh, north ide.
fj I have U.dd and Silver Lever etill cheaper
than tie above puces. A liberal discount lo ibe
Curtfully ItrpuireJ.ut the thortett Aotice-
HE suliscriber desires to inform the
citizens of lewisburg and the publi-
iii eeneial thai be carries on the ateb-
Makiug Business in Ilie shop forn erly oc
cupied by C.J.IIouel,whete he is prepared
lu execute all kinds ol work in bis line ol
business with promptness and on the mosl
reasonable terms, and by strict attention
lo his business expects a liberal share ol
putromioe. lie has constantly on hand an
" watches-pa:M l, ver, En"ii,h.!
and French. j
JEELRY Gold Wnich rha n and
Guard, PenciU Pens Breasipins.Iv.rrins.
Finoerriiio-, S.lvi r Sja'clitclt s, L ekew.
S(.0"ns, Tiiimble. djr.
Whieh be is determined to sell low.
A-L. H.TFli:i.D.
lwisburg, Nov. 13. 1 17
Fever und mlfjiie
Uy lcO i0S TO AlC MX 1I RE
IlilA V great i.ii-nai ot : iavtnu hihI fttfinn.
iili ui'iroarheil i: ii- iin.it.iul sue ea biu
n'c y in ilie cu'e of II i wrcti he., c- inji un.t !
If jmi Ai'uitl t-H-j r ll:r rfiicil (poi- ntiu)
C'tuitlt .fti . Iki ni a 1-uitlV iitn ( y nte thai in
not gu ild (J ty fh urtt 't" ttg'aturt of the t ic
tn.l Invpinoi an I r iel r Jn. U.K-v au,ou
a iter lutrl ci. i 4 it.e uk.ulu bo i crk.
I hi rcriuMi) Una uipi l-t ti t ulbterej up b
a'x and dec itlu j ud , 1ui b -a A. n t,.j to lb.
cHiitl elite mid UvVtertfil ad )4li U of lUe int.l-l
.11U ol tetei and .Ague .ttlnci, ar If voui
W..HI AltlFHllTS A Ltf 4 K,IO M tllch all i b' RM'1'
ud evv-rj .erwii wL. t.t ud il will t atify.
Proprit-tur's OlI., li Arch Si. Pttilad a
AwkSTa: C V iSik -tile, J l.oru od 6l l.akei.
R M Uovre-i, LtwUbutg; A Kteii-tlr, Willi.ui
('rows?, Sv.itifg.ovr; bsswlci V . yy Srrl Hot.
G 8 Hackh.m., Philip liilbib, .M'Krr J YmU
rPHE surweribers, tli.iiikfnl fur past patro
J lia;r,wii!(l iiilnriii the public tliat lliex
oiiluiue lo nianuliifure !l kinds of
Cast Water W heels ol ,h n,t aIl""";
Thi esh big Ma ch ines.
One and Two Ilor.se
e invite particular eltention lo n new
ariiele fliaril'i rutrut CAM. ILPl'tllS, lor
if filing in lira iD. Farmer l.y this i loowli
t an seed in ns murh train, in tne day, a
m tnree nays with common pluuhs.
exatluBB nnXi Zuvnins,
snd Fining the same. H(LLOW W'AKK.
Keltles mid I'ols of various sizes Smooth
irij; Irons ami Viands cast Tea Kettles it
suit cooking stoves.
he must approved patterns now in use, foi
wood ur dial.
Fancy,Parlor, ood.Coal Stoves.
Racr'N Seir-rrculalinz Alr-llEht
litrlur V anil tnes, (a near article.
Threshing Machines and other articles
of machinery repaired in ihe Iw-st mannei
and on ihe shortest notice. Catstins war
ranted lo be of ihe best material, aad a'
prices ihat can not fail to pl-a?e.
Lesusliurg. March 25, ISI8 1209
IaiKriihriiiri D cl Ki;i;EirrYiF:
fcei J. Ul.l9ii.ll LMT, Lit, Third
tury. Philadelphia.
The H o. IKxar Ctat viailing this E.tab-
nt-i.uieMi ,iir )miuiK ui uaviiiga uaguerreii pe
taken,eiiresKeit (lsiierii.g .iiiiii m, tliia ruule
Clare of the deputy nnJ tubhion of rhtl.nlelpliia.
inU vust nunitier, nf i ranger lesorl lo il to t rotuie
redly g.iod Dagueir,ulpe. Tlie proprietor wiil
make everv ejerii,.n In e mem! the lone raUlilisLed
fame of Ihi well known eaiaMiuhni.-i.t. Fauiilv
rnuHa. gruiipe nf i lu. ten and atngie rtrait
f all sue-ate eietuted eua:!v oell (3lllj
tun TI D
ANE Bosgev nn I Sell of II
J One Two II
.e W.ijiin.
One Trnct: Vnr;f,n.
For sale l.v
FT P Shet'er
&00I flliKR VlXliGAR for sain b)
ivats I VEUER & llDI.U
"An ounce of Prevention worth
a pound of Cure," in
that auul Jiteate.
DR. FlTCIl'a Lectures on the Prtven.
lion and Cure of Conumptinn.
This popular work for sale in Lesyishur.
by S. F. Lyndal! J. I loughtoo and at
this office. Price. 75 cen's.
rmcKS or hiack.
Lav Evaaraour Kko taia l.aaevi.r.v.-Ttm .
aunapao" ,or ' m ,h lioVrem tnwua rt'.ttt , r
TnwMWKf Strpanl!. k K xW'ruml a, in. ,KK.i
NAl tiENllNK. "d sll rnl. Tins T.iwiinsnil isim,4xlJt
an4 uvr woe; bin w Ibraier. a worker un railfiwb.c
rsl d Ihe like yt he ai-suiiis in till ot l.or iwYi
purjxis of eamtn er-lil for wha' Im ian4. U- w.. -
hawrxld lw meilicai school. aiiO pist'Kel lor'.bs.
! M Uh truth i
is. he never practiced meji..- .
Il in kis hie ! SlKb M-t'rMi. ssird ntlsbrewn .r....
looks bud u. the character ami vt-racifjr ol iHr ewui.
lost sincerely, Se lian never ms le those sttiinenf if
elf or ol m.' W'lw-n will nn l ira lo isi bonew ami irui
nil in all their ileaiine !)! intsrcours wi-i, :br ,,
meu! He apliel lo one Rtwl C p to i him In man.
uf.etarlne his oimtiire, tsiiiie th wire sinu I :,.j4
nake. as aa incuceinent to embark in Ihe umi,es.. Tt,.
men bave been H-sultine aisl ubriliu: uie in ail ..n ,
forms, in oroer to linire" the public l'h ti he ,e :h
Ihe (M l !.'' Sarmpanlla v n s thscssaias. e.,,
Hartaparilln. ln te inn the 'Mil tjtifmal h.n.
t Tills S. P. Townsersl say I have ..bt Uis as nt rij
name S7 week I will rl htm Si- U he will (,,.
rluce one nn'le solitary pnxH of Ibis. Ills ien .
Thomsm. Ssillinm i 'o.. are a" sin hni a us. y
laiseh-s. is. smi.ty inatle to (Weive ihe pio'ic. sn.1 u.p
he uu'h rftiwti in n-n .ol to hs monrimr. ""' j m
pnnnd. This is m miuioo the (mh.ic lo piirrli.i-e timw nt
Ol-I Or JAI 'OH T'W"'si:- 'irsatnil. hailii; ti nu,
(Mil ISictor' hksis. his fnmi'y VmI of Armi,tuAbt
aisnattirsacrs ihrl'isit ot Ann.
)r. Jaeoh Townsfiii!,
the origin i. wsrnvE- tn of tt?e
Genuine To-wnsend Sarsparilla.
O'i lr T .wiwiel Li n-w atw-ir tycr vt r. ini hi
kxu brn Viww.i th- A UTf!'K r- ! lit S' V ft HKK
t ihe QESUISE "!JQI-dL TGiiXiL.D
SIAUSAPARILLA: B in jr", w-" P-:Wii ;a
iitnit ! niacubir u.-p, 1 w?ii"h ;n au. it hv Iveu k-p oat
ui miiact. au-i it. -a t Ci.cu.11-c rti ia ih. on.r who
hid pr...eJ it- w r;H u.t kiv-wa im r.-Iue. 1 fii r-fi-d
ihe i f maT. nevffifH's. a th'- prsiD r.o ui
. rm hezl-".! ul -rv U ce4, ud rcd Uuta U- pr
e uri cti ia w jo -'!
Tile-GRAM .-L tSkMl ALLK1-P.lt-.'lU Ti j
BMOUlsiFtUr it Ul2f 1 "TaTiiv. I . I" I i.T.r.- -le
out ihe ifii4;h td ir- '!fi m tit lr..i. -. r( . u ta
louti'l HiCaj aV.e vl U -;cii';riil'n of V'fiof i-.n.
I'nilks 3 Miiis S t Taw-ronf-i, it in.;jr-.-c-. W!Th
andoevvr cheii;r'vhi i-t ! nnu r ; .lli-t, r rp.- 'fi
ou riiivr prmciyet &v a ffTnthC n:.m. Th r.
kaowWe ! Car? ..r try.Hl. i the I:?-- rli.-if-r.-, r.
art.havrall kf:. h.on-i-' i.ilr rui riT. Hi h idil : -tiirt
i'i .-1 L)r - t j, ni..a. T.- Sini.n n-:,
it w we!! k:i"-vn m mr i.cai ? cnn'an.s r. nj rrr'Iir:.-!
pri't-T!?. r. I im m .- e-i . h -rr nrt or u .-.
an-1 then. t.:cl it r- r:- -1 m (":- U i-r o . : -
direr fimf"' a iff mri'. :::r'ri ! tr.'-jf.t'ir to -
Nu.c .im: j ;:. -ai vtrv.r:i: arr .f .jsv.
lh thttT niirty f;- ..-jtc I". 1 a ; .. 'Kf im- n.
U lft-v are ihjI p-PH-'rv'.- i i t; . ,. ti-''i '.-
I lh Xt ' iC-'i il I.s mn.j M- r.r
thajsy tfs'a's. prt "';, 1iil " u -tr,nr ; - t-h.i-jTit.11.
wm !-r hf'. :..v "i.i- :.. r-,. Jf .ntJ 'j. ; '
r.; a il:t- . :i fr -o al: it u
Anv iv rvi! can o i w n-f
ei:-it-f ti-jui !. ":r . 1- - : i:r";i r '' ' S it '"cr i
the r tiwri ir'jra a.' y-:.,i v ; :-r f Ji :-",m..
iis'ipii or .'i J r-i. v'-ii it ao a-. . !
thrJr:t k - S its P.. Hi i l K KXTtl cT or ak'RtP "
B-il -Mien i ri'-t ! ; .... a- "Ji
t"::iit pr.jarfi iiti a I the m-r pctffTtta of w
JUrwiar..;a rt are ti t rxto-L a. r:hini raib- 4
t-rCui.JiS arui -t iTfii-r.!-!. i. i ri'. "Bc:ttd aW t&' ;
ihn rTf.T ptrirle ui i. Va! '-irtur m 1 p3'
ao ! cnrruirae-i itfiD : ai-i U.u." it h rt-rei inc-.
wl io-.ut rt'.v ul If a!rl hfatin pt-,yit. f
pared m im mxw. ft v tiw1- Uc hi nn Twrri-1 aen m Vj
Cure of lnunmrraUle fi
IT-Te 'he rr i-on wt.y w Ix-ar mnTr-ivt!ivi om trrry
mtic ui w- ijtW'H by bh-ii. womrn. and chu Jrr u Wtr 6lH a
di"p r vVr in i! rur- -i
t r,ttLM r.anl n. Kf t TTst. .'H'.F
OI.'S Ettt PI'tfi. li IPi.KS, BLO fCHU
ar.ilaH a"".!. a-i l'i irwii
iMFuKirv of tiih: blooh.
It isitse-e a mjriv'is: eir,.-s.-tr i:i sll cnTpU:-t ,r.
Si'12 lr nl Hi-'ttfM, irnti Ar.-t.-fi Ikr .St:uv1. Ir-il
u-i.'tnt cirrtiis" ion, .'It-riiiittil 'ti t b 'S..I tn ti-il,
pal:.iunjn l itv liein. c I 'el .ml Mm!, e 1. 1 - Ji'miii
h.l lt.i.hes I'Vfr ttir rs. tv . l:tpt" no! t:cui tti Cj. ! ..t.4
Vi"1 : "sl pnit!i.'fci-s s t- .ct-i-tH-a I'm ai-1 set.- Isi
(! jii.tii. reusing siiidurvs ol ilif larrs, Cros ai-U errT
o-.herpart. ., , ,
Hut in iMithlne ns eict'letice r iti'it st en stsl
acknow ei-.! :h .ft lr all kn.l- sn I a.-os or
It woiks w-e.-ter lu r in- ..I - .; or ". .
fMIWiCa W-unh, tlt'ur.'l, eV "J- tP
Mi es. Vi ' vs.. itt y. tlit iiira :i as i-sri an 1 ;
a.i.1 H erlroiu i! u cam ail the " w " Jaejf '
By rriLotrnu; otiairurimus. snil rejutiii.? .ie s?itfji
n em. n eives t.si ai.d Aiciitib !? tlie h..e btl, sjJ
Urn cutss ll liirma hi .....
Vtn uai DiuH (M DebllM jr,
aril ITiU rt'e-eu's tr re;iee er-l .rlei "I :hsr n-.tl-atlifs.Ms
Spinot tiri:u':tn. .Vfi.-ar"i, -Vr ITlns iAwiti,
Vmntimg. Kpil-ptf fit : C. ''
I cleit.ses the b.oi.l. elfiu ihe Uver to healths ictisn.
Iiioes tlie t..niach. sn-1 eiv- ir 1 ili-e-u- r.. - smt '
bowel of f sti l'-'ti siit'ii a. aiti: suisiunwtwn, r
ntiv ile-.kiu. e.iiiii.-s e.e a.tu.aou ol ihe t..M
tinj f n le ;ir..li e.uU. all oer th IsUJ.aisl a
injni.'ie pntfimTt.'kn : r'z vtri"' (! 'i -"". if
, nrw ou! 'hrH:i,-rn. aitti iu isufaUa. ii e..u.e isttriu
aT.fm 1 nf-t ihi thii
The MHlrlnr yon ir--"nnntlr ffl?
Bui fan any or in., e .(tiitjrf b tuu . S P T-'-iv'tiJf
tn'eiior iti'I 1 Tii-: m. !i-;'i t! i? r-M f t
lMrair nf OR nRjn V tCT, iha'. lha ftnc ilCr
BLE ot DUTEkl R ION. a :
whiTe the other POrS- m-r. 'r ant! 'fr'
fA httttlr r-mf-iiniii ti mr. tr-i. : ih- ""iir.
Ipjiiitl exptoih! ff.sr Mjni;ii.ff wWy Mm It-" kf
0'riiSt ri-mi(itn. h" ini- xt th -" ir:
put mrid intom yn't'n mtrnattm d-irnsnj vi.k atid t A
caissfi !)' piji bur !!? "Iwtki ' fcr.-'W 'ht wi.n
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