Lewisburg chronicle, and the West Branch farmer. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1849-1849, September 12, 1849, Image 2

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Dcstractlve Fire.
The beautiful residence of Dr. J. J. Up
oVgrafT in Jackson township in this county,
wm entirely consumed on Monday night
Inst, between 12 and t o'clock. The fire
it ia supposed, originated in the back room
bulow, and extending up between-the stud
ding to the wall plate above broke out
throaghube plastering, and-when the Doc
tor awoke lie found the heat) Board-and ail
tew or bis bed on fire. He had' barely time
to escape with his children. Nothing was
saved but some little bedding and a few
books. Ms library or about 1500 volumes
and his surgical instruments, the best col
lection this side of Philadelphia, which he
valued at $2000, were all destroyed. He
estimate his whole loss at about 28,600
part of which, $3,750, is covered by insu
rance in the Lycoming Mutual Aisurance
Company. fjSunbury American, 8th insi
Terrible Falallty.
Sandusky City is not alone in sever
affliction from the visitation of tile Cholera,
In two townships, principally settled by
Hermans, ia Auglaize county, Ohio, the
fatality has been- unprecedented. A letter
from St. Mary', thn county seat, dated
August 13. says : "In Germany township,
within seven miles of u, there ba been
fully three hundred deaths. To-morrow
we have a called court-, when it is thought
that one hundred and fifty administrators
will be appointed. The disease has been
nearly as malignant in the tows hip of
bre.iien. Between twenty-five and thirty
have died in the village of Ilyatville, in
Miami county, out of a population of not
more than 150 jiersons.
TIkj Case of Rey. It appears that th
SecreJary of Sta'e, by order of IVsiiVul
T:iylor,imiiieuirftil iikhi Inuring the facts
of the alidui:tion of Key alius Cnrci from
NVw Orleans, instructed tJen. Campbell,
out Consul at llavannx, to f-ni niH his re-
turn to the United Slates, on the ground
tint he was hound to maintain the inviola
bility of the peace of ihe eraoii of every
man entitled to the protection of the Anicr
can Constitution ami laws. The demand
was accordingly made, and Ry delivered
up and sent bark to New Orients, lie
now testifies that he was forcihlv abducted.
Sale of tlie W'illiamsport and Elmira
Railroad. Robert Fairies, Esq., the oe
quest ra tor of this roajjudvcrtises it for sale.
ta pursuance ol an a:t of I lie legislature,
to lake place at I'hi'adt'ltiliia on the 1st
day of October next. I le estim.its the val-
n of itm T"cnl am h IKIV hi, at $700 000.
This road wi!l d-iuhtless go into the hands
of a company who will extend it to Kiiima,
and place k in good order. VVlien finished
t wtl! be a valuable road, and will bring a
largrVaniouul of tonnage on to our Public
A new posiofTure. named If imierKvill.haii
been appointed in W oil township, Lvroio--ounl,and
Joseph Webster made Post
Mrs. Maria Warn (a poor widow with a
large lamily) is appointed Post Mistress at
Taneysville., Shrewsbury Tp., Lycoming
to., vice Isaac l-ourson, it , removed.
So it seems the Administration has ap
pointed to olH.e Whigs, Natives, demo
crats, no-partymen, abolitionists, milliners,
and ladies.
Mr. Clay reached 1'iira on Smui J.i v. n
his homeward route, and remained over
Ihe Sabbath. He would attend the Agri
cultural Pair at Syracuse. He spent
Thursday and Friday la -I with Mr. Van
Buren at Lindtaswald, returning a visit
which Ex-President Van Buren made
some years ago In Ashland.
The Kentucky Convention to revise the
Convolution will meet in October. The of
ficial returns of the return of the recent
election, show that the Uewrficrats will have
a majority of m delegates in that body.
This result wss in consequence of the di
vision of the Whigs on the (Emancipation
The llarrisburg IUikhi learns that the
Btard of Directors H l!w Central Railroad,
have determined to place lit- grading of
thiit portion of the Penn-y Ivauia linilroad
U-lwren Jhnlowu and the vicinity of
ftiairsville, under contract early in Oclo
ber next.
Admitted. Messrs. C. I'". Bowman and
K. p.Ptatt were each admitted to practice
In w,as Attorney Aw in ihe several court"
o Lveoinin coiniiy, mi Tuesday morning
last, iIhi Juiiuc. ou mutton of James Arm
strong, Esq , and th.- latter ou motion of
Gen K. F1-minj.
Diseased Ptifafoe slcul I not ho rati-n
As may as twenty 0110 -rviis recently
died at a farm in Ohio, the pro)s-rty ol n
gentleman named Keimiek, and it is lie
lieved from no other cause luuu I'Sltn dis
eased tolaioe.
Tht Poje is reprrenled by nnH,t ot ile
.-tieis from Italy lo have surrenik red Iiko
ell eiitir-ly and irr-voeably U ihe rae
i.ivls and as being abtail lo n m.ve lr.
l.seta to Bologuu, Uamig Rome to Ihe
Wm. Dl ia ie.i.oir.u.ated lor Si.ci iff
by lh: U- iicm r.its of PinUJ' l(doa. lie
rame wi'hin I M ol griliu it wt. n lliLe!
VkHiu three ranidio.iies in tlx: field.
XiwlW ti l.nt u iho Wlti aoU.Uo'o
a MyJi A I l.iU'i-!jln. , I
Iewisburff, Fa.
Wednesday Afternoon, Sept 12
See notices of important County Meetings
at New Berlin, next week.
Several New Advertisements in this
week's paper. Autumn ia as safe a time
as Spring to set out Trees.
7Tic Auditor General baa reported
$150,000 for the North Branch, and the
Governor has directed the Canal Commis
sioners to proceed with that work. "Joy!
jpy on the North Branch now !"
Only one month to election and the
politicians beginning to try to atir up the
people. Aa yet, there is no excitement
that party will doubtless succeed which
makes the greatest e (Torts.
07" We understand the Public Schools
of Lewisburg are to commence on Monday
NOTICE. The Members ol the Cam
eron Cuards, are requested to meet in lull
uniform at the Town Hall, Saturday next
at 10 o'clock, A. M., to complete their
(Jj-Prof. Ltsra, of Lewislowa, will deliver a
free lecture on Mesmerism, Ac, at the TOWN
HALL, Thursday evening next. ' Mr. Lynch
was quite successful in his eiperiments at New
Ufilin. Mr. John A. tSiiyoW, we notice, slate
that be eflrckd iu his cue an entire relief from
Itlicumnutn, by Mouierie influence. Tbia is
"establishing ihe mu ikc" tu eotae uipic.
l'oor-llotisc Mttill.
There will be County Meeting h"V in
the Court House, on Monday !h 17.11 iV
S-pteuiuer mat , at I o'clock, P. M., tor
the purpose of giving every person w!:s
may wish to attend an opportunity of re
pressing their views For or Against a Po'ir
lloiise. MANY.
Septeinuer f, ISlO.
Hhli; Heeling.
A Meeliug of the W higs of Union eeun
ty will be held in ih Court House at New
Berlin on Twsday the lih day ol Sep.
tcmber, at I u'cloek, P. M. We hope there
will be a general turn-out as tbo time ic
last approaehin when w must rally in our
strength to meet the enemy, and we mist
be on the alert for li-ar be may steal tho
march upon u. We wish to see such a
rally as will remind tuof the days ol'llor-
ricn nnrl 'Parlor. S- veral rinineii! sku. i
kers have been invited to addre-4 tr.e meet-
i.,f ar ita.i .... W M a.Mla twil WW '
By order of the Whi Stamlio;; Cwiuiii:iis'.
WM. VNtiKW:il.rfrr,:.j.
New Berlin, August 30, iP'J.
Democratic County Meeting
The fh moerey of Union caanty aie
respectfully requested to assemble at the
Court I louse in the Borough ol New Ber
lin, on WediieMlay, September 19th (first
court week.) to ratify the nominations of
Gamble, Cummin)! and Dimm.ind to give
expression to ullie seiniineul with regard
to the present imbecile National and State
Turnout Democrats' rt us commcni
the eampaign like men who have mado up
their minds to triumph !
By order of the Standing Cmmitlee.
J. M. BAITM, Cltairmun.
New Berlin. Aug. 23, 1849.
Prenldrnr Tour.
(2u. Taylor icl'i Eriu by wutcf, and
was at Niagara Falls 011 '.he 1st imC.,butoa
arcoun! of infirm health and liuainess at
Washington lie passed thro' Albany, New
York, and Philadelphia, to the National
Capital, without stoping. He expressed
himself much pleased with his treatment
and with what he saw, and proposed to
complete his trip at some more favorable
season. His illness at Erie was very dan
gerous, and he requires rest. The use of
limestone water upon coming into litis
Stale he considered ihe cause of the first
derangement of his system the at'ack at
Erin whs similar in one be had after the
Florida campaign, bill more severe.
Washington, Sept. 10.
The Cabinet held a short session this
morning. I lie I'resnlent has not yet re
covered from lb fatigue attending upon
his recent lour. He is reported to be very
weak and feeble.
The Ctanmissionersof Ihe Pennsylvania
Sinking F.nid, have within llie past few
days, purchased f 113.500 ol the State
lns, at a cost of f I llO.OOtl: 1 1. Thin ia
the lirst ptirchas male under the loan of
last session.
1'he Vermont l.lclion resulted in favor
of ihe Whigs by an inrreased maj. Prof.
Meaeham, of the College at Middlebury, is
ihe new (Vmgre-man.
The corner slom-of the new Jreshyleri-
au Church was laid, with liecommg cere-
inoniea, on Thursday wetk, Williamsport.
Father Mathcw left B'sii on Saturday
morning. His mission ihore has been pre
C'ihim ntly suec-s-ful.
D.in'n l Lieiir'olai'.b couws out in the
last Union Oemuci at 111 ddeuve ol the n
Mi,1J'" ,',w;
Gild l'illrs taken a I (t ,
1Jl,i":n(itu)il lo the lA.-Mibug (.'
Fact '.
Tlie Whi S ale ComiiiittLV ;a
in I'hila'klph.u, I3ili 111st,
'waa j
ronn ie. ,
1 0 3,
toddedly Metal
The Union Timesjiat made convert !
The editor of tbeSunbury fJazette.if he is
not a deliberate falsifier himself believes
the Golliver stories ol the Time'' about
division of tbia county ! Hear how that
deluded print talks : -
"The Whigs of Union county ham put
in nomination a their candidajte for the
egisJa'.ure, a young man named Shfer, a
citizen of Lewisburg.'o tfftct it ia supposed,
a division of that county, and the erection
oi a new one out of parts of that county,
Northumberland, and Lycoming. It is
known that a few individuals in both Nor
thumberland and Union couiities.have been
for some time silently operating to accom
plish this measure, and that petitions are
now in circulation, in the upper end of
Union county, in favor or it. '
So it seems Col. Siifer was maniinoMsy
uowiinated to divide Union couuty, and pe
titions are circulating all about us and
yet the people who nominated him, and
who are circulating the petitions, nevrr
knrw of it until jr It arm d it in the
"Ttmet !" Now the truth is, there was no
such design in the nomination, and we can
not learn lhat any such petition is or has
' been circulated.
All the division matter known of in this
region is that noticed some lime since in
the Mdtonian. That paper of last week
gives ihe following additional information :
'To our certain knowledge Mr. Shfer is
bitlerly opposed to auy division of Union
county, which is mora than we can say in
relation to Mr. C'auunings.Hlio well knows
that an effort is to be made this winter, if
he should be elected to the Legi.sla'ure, to
have IViin and Chapman townships an
nexed to Northumberland Co. A project oi
this kind was on foot at llarrislmrg, last
winter, and if we are uot mistaken, Cum
in;ns wat to h sent to- lli Legislature to
carry it out. Wfelher he wili succeed or
not p niitu to be seen."'
A the Cti'tor of ihe Milton! 111 was Slai
?.. n.: -; n Inter, it ise.vid.-0l ho knows
:. h- mRnus. This division story
it w.i-)m wei j;ot nji to hroV the real at
f .epi io-iletach Peiinsard Chapman town
shij s from this county. VJ. Sliter, we
p peat, is ojijiosed to any division ; and af
ter his repaired diivowal.i of auy such in-
j tiiritoiis, any print or any person who re-
a!s the chaige against liim is guilty ol
wanton caftiiniiy and moral perjurv. It is
wliofiv, wferty. entirely fa!5 and unloun
ded, thai buy division of Union county is
ured or -Xtiected iu Li-wbtirg.
Pall of liuugary I
Lnle Foreign nrrivals stale eonfidently
that tla principal I'jtianan geueial.
J Ceorev, wiih his army or 40,tMM men.
t liitd surrendered to the Uusiaus under Pas-
i , . . , . , . '
j ".; K.suth, rk-.n, and
I iow 1
1of i:
low remaining patriots, desponding of sue-
1, had fled before llieir combined hosts
Phis news conies through Kus-
I sjH1, ai,j Ausirian minces IhiI there is us.
mta-h reaoii to believe it iiiainly true.
Some denounce Georey as a bribed Ira
tor : others think he foiesaw certain
defeat, and mado the best terms poasible
for hiniaidf and titllowers. Auolher arri
val is anxiously looked for.
Tl.e Democrats of Lycoming nominated
li-n. Parker for Senate, Gen. Bi indie for
Assembly, Charles U. Bi-eber for Treas
urer, John B. Jones for Commissioner,
Samuel M'Clintock for Auditor. The
Whigs nominated Edw'd !l. Russell for
Assembly, Henry kobb for Commissioner,
Robert Pott for Treasurer, and Wm. W.
Antes for AuJ.;or.
The Cholera aull rages around Pitts
burg. There was hot one death in the city
on she 30th ult., but in ihe towns about it
there were several : three in Birmingham,
one inTemperanceville,and three Tinkers
The Democrats of Lycoming, Clinton,
ami SuUivan have declared for Gen. Packer
for Senator, and those of Center for Mr.
Strohcckrr. Mr. Quay of Ceuler ia pro
posed by the Whigs.
The Old Hunkers of New York have
nominated a full State Ticket. Another
State Convention ia talked of for uniting
trie party.
The Rev. Mr Meek ia re nominated in
Center couuty for tho Legislature. The
Whigs nomiunted Tho Hutchinson.
In Milton, on Wednesday last, by Rfv.
r. Kuihrauli, Jesse S:aErea, of Lewis
burg, and Mi Saaaa Heinen, of that
In Milton, on Sunday week, John, son
of John M Pattnn. aged about 15 months.
fn Milton, un Thursday week, Isabella,
daunhier of John M. Patton sued 3 years.
In Milton, ihi tho 3d inst, Monika, wife
or Mr. John Bwer. aired 35 years.
In Chilisquaque, on the 4th insl., (Catha
rine Louisa, daitflhlr-r of Jacob and Esther
j)reas!er, aged 4 months and 4 days.
In Chih-tqiiaqtie, on Thursday week,
William, son of Mr, John Jeukens, nged i
year and 4 months.
At Nonhumls-rland, on Monday week.
Alba C. Barrett, Esq., aged about 58 years.
Mr. It. was formerly a resident of Sl'umo.
kin, witere be resided, when elected lo rep
resent 'hat county in Ihe Legislature. j
At wWll.iim'jeriaud, on the same da v.
1 Mrs. li'UKe. wMloiv ol a Ji- volutioiiaiy
I ! e. in ti,e Od vw.r ol her tt
A' Mtiietii. on .Mnndav, the -.'7th tj!t.t
! l-holira. Rots n Dunn, of Delaware
wtishqi. j.il 4-1 years. Mr.. It was on
wav home Imoi llallinxe, on his boat,
v Sjm Imi was atiHiAed with Cholera, and
dd at Mjnt-Ha, sfer 6 hour' il!ai. . '
From an Oeeasional Correspendent.
One of the many pleasant rides a person
who has time and money may take in n
mild day of August or September (provided
it ia not dusty) in from Owego, (N. Y.)
np Owego Creek through the villages of
Newark and Berkshire to Ricbford. The
valley ia not very wide, but is uniform and
prairie-like, and either from accident or
design ia beautified by more handsome
shade-trees and (j roves mostly of the
sugar-maple than any other highway of
ihe same distance I remember. It ia den
sely populated, as is evident from the signs
of life lhat animate the tasty houses, built
every lew rods ihe whole distance ; and
any one who will pass here must admit
lhat for chcerlul color and general beauty
of outline the maple is unsurpassed as an
ornamental tree. Most of the early settlers
along this Valley were from Berkshire,
Mass. Fnn a relic and relict of those
pioneers, I peu a waif of history that may
lend to give us a vivid insight into the
heart-feelings of the tiroes that tested the
spirits of ihe bravest men and most reso
lute and kindest of wumeu. She relates
clearly and distinctly :
" I was four vears old at the lime of
ihe battle of Bennington, yet I remember ii
better than the events of yesterday. The
character of Burgoyne's ludian and Hes
sian allies made his very name a terror tu
the suitoundiiitr country. The summons
came to our retired village for men to meet
the plundering detachment under Baum,
who was pushing into Vermont. Every
man in the village went, among them
Judge B., my father. That was a dark
and fearful night. Next day. we beard
the roar of Ihe cannon, u Is ait thirty miles
distant. Alternate hoc and tear rent our
hearts. At h-nih, towards nighi, the
gathered bands of weeping women and
children saw a horseman coining towards
them with all speed from the direction of
the battle field. vVas it a warning to flee
hefote the eniiqtK-ring ravage and his mer
cenary allies t It is Judge B's horse : he
must be dead ! The horse was spurred
until his hoofs were upon our door-sill.
We had almost fainted but the messen
ger, as soon aa he could command words,
exclaimed, wilb tears of joy that met a
rapturous response from every heart and
eve, 'Judge B. sends me to say thai vie
lory t orr and tell the women and chil
dren they can go lo bod iu iieace !' Ah !
nobody can tell the rt lad we felt from this
lilnd news." To this day, it makes bet
tremble ami yet exult to describe it.
Rot, after all, the Tioga, at the jnm lion
ol thK Ch-oiiing with the Susquehanna, is
the heM deliiH-d if not most beautiful Valley
I hava visited. It is a triangle, each of its
sides being say six or eight miles in ex
tetil, and hemmed in by mountains w hose
summits take in most delightful landscape
views. Alliens (or Tioga Point) is the
most ancient village within fifty miles, but
has not increased as its natural position
and early start should have made it to do
Its si raighi,tingle street of one mile, has few
superiors in its shade-trees ; and lying as
the village docs on a narrow neck of land
between the two rivers about a mile from
their junction, the lots all exteud back to
a river, affording delightful sites for pri
vate residences, many of which are filled
by refined, hospitable citizens. It has
bridge over each rivcr.four meeting-house,
a feundrey recently erected, and a general
prosperity is apparent, especially among
the mechanical interest. The head of
the North Branch Canal is now at Athens
three miles above, bordering ihe Slate line,
the I'.rie Rail-Koad passes: a water or
railway connection of this short distance
will be made 00 ihe opening of the canal.
The Northern line of the Valley ia in Ne
York, and is thickly settled, various parts
being denominated Factory ville, Waverly,
l4der Summit, and Villemont, cxteuding
from ihe Susquehanna nt Milltown (Pa.)
along Cayuta Creek, and over to Ihe Che
mung, a succession of neighborhood villas.
near four miles long. The New York
portion of ihe Valley evinces more enter
prise and prosperity thrn the lower or
Pennsylvania portion. On the bank of;
the Chemung is a large, regularly thaped
mound, called Spanish Hill, which will
hereafter be a point of attraction to trave
lers. Indeed, had there been a great bat
tle in this Valley, or a long contest lor land
lilies, with a little well directed effort from
some of her gifted pens aided by a well-
sustained Press, Tioga Valley would not
be a whil behind Wyoming, and Campbell
might have located his (Gertrude aa well
10 the former as in the latter. Tioga is
certainly a lovely, and will yet become a
noted, point of iuland interest and impor
tance. Phi!ips,lhe man who some three months
ago induced ibe Warden and City Marshall
of Charleston to take him out of prison,
in ord ;r to show them where buried trea
sure was, and who tumbled them both into
the pit they had dug aud thcu ecapuJ,haa
tRn retaken.
Capt. Wm. F. Small, of Phdad. Co.
failed of rcnomiualion to the Slate Seuaie.
sir. IV r non is nominated in his stead. The
Rough ds R.ady men have uoiuinalcd Mr
Vtrr lor the Stnato. - . ,
for the Lmisburg Chronicle.
Mr. Editor, Sir : As you have permitted
menageries and circus to be condemned in
your columns. I accept your kindness lo
make a word of reply. Sir, you know the
camps are just as necessarily needed aa
ihe circus, and that both come under the
head of "public amusements, for Sir the
great majority of people go for to gel
amusement at the camp aa much as at the
circus. Yes Sir politicians and blacklegs
and strumpets make their arrangement to
tend 'round the camp as much as the car
avan or circus, and " broad ia the road
lhat leads to campground," and if a circus
or animal show should cause half as much
breaking of the Sabbaths as camps do they
would be tucked up in jail and what's the
difference T O, church members get up the
camps, and the command to " Keep the
Sabbath-day holy" ia meant for the circus
rowdies ouly tell it not in Gath !! Why
all the shows we've had never bro't such
Sabbath breaking, drinking, carousing, in
our Borough, as the last camp did, three
miles off. Yes. sir, and to have this camp
kept up, many Sabbath schools and Sab
bath appointments were given up, leaving
very many of the poor and feeble with no
public means of grace for a week or two,
lhat the rich and ahlo might enjoy them
selves at camp. Now sir, I suppose lhat
Ihe caravan and Ihe camp leaders are both
honest, but people may be honestly in an
error, and though they all try to do good,
wo to them by whom offences come is
the Scripture you may do good, and you
certainly do barm. But what of it, it may
be said, this don't make shows right. Yes,
but it dues though, for what Christians do
ia right, and I see at the show and at the
camp all kinds of Christians Methodists,
Preshyterians, Baptists, Lulherians, Chris
tians. Eiiscoaliaiis even "Amicus'' who
is so strenuously oiihodox left Sodom an1
his own battlements even ol a Sahhath af
ternoon lo attend the enrnp. With Mieh
endorsement of camps as healthy puhlie
amusement", I can not we how Think
and "Unus" and other long-laced moral
ists make such ados about shows flesh 01
one and fish of another. All amusements
have their evils I am not sure which 011
the whole have the mnst.whether battalion
camp, circus, or other animal shows. Si
I close by subscribing Sir.
A Si BseRiHfH
Democratic nomination.
Canal Commissioner Jo?i A. Gamble
of Lycoming.
Whig nomination.
Canal Commissioner IIkmrv M. Fullek
ol Luzerne.
Union County AVhig ticket.
Assembly Col Eli SlifkR ol Lewishiirg
John M Laiuhlin, Juniata
.Sin-riff Am hi 11 alii Thomas, of Union
Co. Commissioner JollM WitT.of Hartley
Treasurer Damkl Hoklaciifb IS.Brilin
Coroner Jacob Martin, ol Perry
Auditor IW.nkv II. Blaib, of Lewisburg
Trustees of Mifllinhur" Academy Daid
Watson, Samuel Stitzer, John hlmc.
Democratic ticket.
Assembly John Cvmwinus, of Penns.
John Dim., Junialn
The subscriber is now receiving a small
assortment of
Call and see JAMES HAYES.
Sept. 13, 1710.
Superior Cooking Stoves.
The suWiiiiers have on hand the Etna
Alt-Tight Cooking Stove, arranged for
Wood or Coal. I hese Stoves are sutienor
to anything of the kind ever offered in the
country, and will be sold at reasonable
prices. S. 61 J. WOLFE.
Lewisburg, Sepl 10, 1849
The subscribers have just ree.'d n fresh
supply of COFFEE, SUGAR, MOL-
AlSJi!i, Ace, which they will sell at a
very small advance on cost.
Sept 10 SiiJ Wolfe
Fever and Ague.
1I7HAT is the mode of treatment best
If adapted to the cure of Fever and
Ague? It has usually been treated by
medical men as a disease of itself. Strict
ly speaking it is not a disease, but a ym
torn of disease. It is the result of a de
rangement of the liw. Here lies the
difficulty, and here is the disease. It ia
therefore the liver to which the remedy
should be directed. Here the cause exists.
and it is the cause which is lo be removed,
or a permanent cure will not be effected.
By addressing remedies to the symptoms,
we leave the cause untouched, ready lo
produce a return of llie chills and fever, on
ihe first over exertion of mind or body.
I he success of Dr. Osgood a India Chola-
cogue iueflvcting permanent cures of such
affections is explained by its well know de-
obstruent t fleet upon Ihe biliary oigsns.
Initiations are abroad! lie particular
loenijiiire for "Dr. Osgood's INDIAN
Fur sale bv the sole agent, J. Stkreuer,
The success of Dr. Trask's Magnetic
Ointment in curing Sore Eyes, is prnveib
ial. Those who are not acquainted with
ila use, will find on each bottle a pamphlet.
containing full directions.
Agents in Lewisburg,! hornton iv Baker
The Pro-
I ;&ag?g 1
.rietor of
he Mas- I
netic Ointment warrants a
cure of lhil
rooMesonie complaint, in every in.tlancc.
f the directions are strictlv followed.
For sale by Thornton & Baker, Lew isb'g
DR. J. N. KEELER & BRO. most res
pectfully solicit attention lo their fresh
stock ol English, French, German, and
American Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Che
roicals, Oils, Dyestuffs, Glassware, Perfu
mery. Patent Medicines, Varnishes. Ate
Having SfMOeJ a dsw sum No 394, Mark at at.
with a fall sapply of freak DiUf and Mcdicinea,
we respectfully solicit eoaatiy dealers ia Mess
is ov stock before puirha-intf eiaewbare, prof
iling one and all who mj fcrl dipoerd to M
tend ta ua their peUuoage, to eeU them genuine
Drugs and Medici nea, on aa liberal terms aa any
other boose in Ibe City, and to faithfully eiecu'a
all orders eaUvsted to ua promptly awl with de
patch. One of the preprietore being a rrtralar physi
cian, a&Vrda ample guar n Ire of the genuine
quality of all erodes sold at their esuMiahment.
We especially invite druggiats and roantry
aserchanla, who may wish 10 become agents lor
Dr. Kttler's Celebrated Family Medicines,
(staodarj and popular remeiliee.) to forward their
Soliciting the paUoeage of dealers, we reeprct
folly remain,
J. N. KEELER A BRO, Wholesale Druggists,
lySM No. 294, Maiket St., Philad.
The subscriber offers for sale Ornamen
tal Trees of every description, particularly
the European Linden, aud Paulonia Impe
rials, a splendid shade tree lately introdu
ced from Japan, remarkable lor its enor
mrais leaves (-oioetiines two feel in diam
eter,) and large clusters of rose colored
(lowers, spotted aud striped within, emitting
a fragrance simi'ar to the Lilac.
Also Fruit trees of every description.&uch
as grafted Apple trees from 7 to 9 ft high,
at 12 to 15 cts each, or 910 lo 12 5't per
hundred ; Inoculated Peach trees, 12 J cts
each, or $10 per hundred ; Pear, Cherry,
Plum, N-ctarine, and Anct trees at rea
sonaMe prices all the varieties warranted
genuine ; also llot-hnuse and tireeu house
plants, embracing bearing Or.-ine and Le
mon Irees.tni'elher with fl variety of Flower
seeds all of which hrfjwill sell us low as
they can be nun-h-ised in Piiilddehii.
Lewisburg, Sept 12, 1849
at l..cviburgr.
rilHE TKKSTEES ol tl. l uircrsity i 1w.
I Miurg wuul l re4iclt'ullv inform its Patron
and Frii-nds, that, in ihe Mc hooj under lhMr care,
(at Lewisburg) the fullooiug aie Ihe Clashes. E ub
jects of Siudy and Cuinx tor the current jrar.
Departments ami Muilies.
Hi i;i;i!n Etrr,'ku-d in S'llin!r. Kiting
IVfiuilioii, Ki.tflfh Itranmir, A.llliiM-tlc. I.eog
lapby, llulo y U t? A., I'ciiman hip, aoJ Cuni
sfilion. ESGLISH Ot:i'.UTMi:T,.ftHe Ara.k.ny.
The mow studies as in Hi,- I'oinsrj lrnr1im-ij
C'.ulinuid in Ibe une ul ljig,-t Iril books; and lo
Ihf-w are added tirneral Itkloiy. lavim' Algebra,
l.rgeiidre and Survrviinr.
t;l..JfilCAI. DEPAKTMENTufthe Academy
Jan. Aaidrmic ('.. English Language,
(jeograpl'y, IlixUiry I'. S. A , Lalm Urauiioar
and Hradrr, tiretk lirammar anj Krader com
menced, Arithmetic completed.
Ski. Atutlcmic Cla. Ensb-h Language,
General History, I'rur, Virijil, Greek K.ad.-r.
Danes' Algebra.
Frethman f.'liut. I.ivy.Aoahwus.Meiiioratiilia,
DaN"' Legt-ndre, Trigonometry eufnineneed.
Stjhoiwirt Clas. Iloraee, Odyoery. fiefa-t
Ora'.ioos of Uemosltacnea. lrfgendre comletrd.
Daties' S-ireying and Navigation, A11alytic.1l
Geometry, Blair's lectures.
Junior Class. Demoethenee on the Crown.
Greek TraguW. Cicero de OHiciis, TaciUu, Nat
ural Philosophy, Astronomy, Logic.
Studeuta in the English Department recite
with those pursuing Ihe eaote studies in the
Regular Conne.
No claea in ihe Regular eoume, haa Ires than
three daily recitations. All ibe weiubera of the
school, (ia three dWiston.) are exercised every
Saturday in Reading. Declamation, Luglub Lom
pueition, ami Vocal Music
All the t indents are reqaiied to attend, regu
larly, aome religious meeting. Minora an eipee
ted lo attend aurh meetings a are recommended
10 them by their parents or guardians. There are
n the Borough no kas than rig places of uublic
wofttup, occupied every Lord'e Day by as many
difterenl Christian denominations.
Number of Students.
The number of students during the past year
in ihe various deoarunenta, ante 164- The
number that have enlerej the clauses in the Reg
ular Comae for the current year (sxclusive of
those in the English ami Primary departments.)
ia aa follows :
Coluos. Junior class
Sophomore rlaas
Freshman class -
Ac Ansa r. Senior class -Junior
STEPHEN W. TAYLOR. A. M, Protraaor of
Mathematics and NaturJ Phikwophy ;
GEOKGE R. BLISS. A. M.. Proleasur of tireek
Language and Literature ;
of Latin Language and Literature ;
ISAAC N. LOOM IS, A. M., Principal of lbs
Academv ;
ALFRED TAYLOR. A. M., Teacher in the
In order to meet the d morula of the Institu
tion, the Board have takeu mraaarea to supply
the neceaearv Apparatus for Ihe department of
Mechanical Philsjophy, and lo increase the Li
brary, before the commencement of the winter
During the year, the building now in
progresa will I
I completed, affording stadv room i r Medicine Faeliiru in the City nf Hmukh
I far 10 college students. Another A' 1". Dated at Brtudclyn, 7a April. 18I.
and dormilorie I
Professor baa been auMrd to the Paruity. and
meaiM piuvidetl to enable aludeuu in Ihe claasea
apeciued above lo prasrcule tacit studio with the
g realm aoceeaa. i
Tnlttcm nad Board.
nrrnO.N in the frotlpchte Department 3f
Academic M0, Primary f 13 per year.
BOARD, including t.pdging. washinc. furl and
light, can be had in the village and its vicinity al ,
annus prici-s, from -l.37J to .i.00 per week.
Scaaloan, Varalfo.M, &r. j
Two Seiona in a year ilic former cniinnrn- i
cea on the second TumUv in f Iclnber. and con. I
tinues27 weeks; the Un-r rnminues 15 wrtki. I
Spring Vacation, 4 k ; Autuuiual, 6.
uMiiiii hririna lllh lvrfttt,v
.n.. i u ... .v.. r
i, ,. r.t, ila. u,.,. ....,,i-
hrlth. i
By order ami in t-hlf ! ilie Board : I
I HtviAS V. TTW)N, Prea't. !
GLui:uE 1. Mil.LEK.Src'y.
lewisburg, Uuiuu Co. I'a. Sej.t. I, ISO. 1
200 sacks ground Alum Salt,
50 do fine do
100 bbU. Salina do
For sale, wholesale or retail, bv
Sept 10 S At J Wolle
Cor si. rMi era, a 1.
LIFE and HEALTH irt ia lit ILOHD
Oritur. Pmiff. aud Rrgmtate '4 Cirnlam n4
the trkJr rill k-mt keait. Tkr l oa,. I 4
mf alt rrmfj.rt to prudun suck m mult, u
Tm, the? drair'M rrult asvi t
remtlt asvi tMrmrj wiB bet fnAutti h
r nttaw.ry off tiiM P cur lata tfaaa r$m
4 m Iim quasaiity (rf mny cber twnm
the w of
srrWlKd TK tits? fJs (
ftsa tfc vfM-td. (Se-e our PnmmmUttM pttxal
Thu ITairtra it) wktMy prepaid tmm Ygfofwlj, ssvl
cur tbr aest. anr mhstmmU and nmg ntsMjaaf
at the hluttti, wiUsuut fntttnr. pmtgtmg. mtkamtmsr. m
tntxMft tl tUamsoM, aiwmgtUmtt vengvrmte, Jb-s) .
kemiiky Mtxni, mad (.rea mm naar trmTMl avtv hf lutb) irbom
ttusm Miy ifhft rmnJj ia rhe wurid. brcmnnm
of It win Htrt a aTT mtmnt of rum thaa aw tUliavJ
wvrtk nf Mrapial, or any Jthvr rrmnky. wo mwtn t sW
Jaw' tlM-ir tioiri Biat be. Thv wtpttrtmmi tjmtttmm tor rA-uiu-rai
10 (JV-TTnirr. m, 4n mmck mmra cvraViw ejfo$ in 2 a
MImt'i worth of Urns ITwfstw nremmx. tktm m doUmfa wsjrfa f
thmt MrMMnJfa m mtkrr rtmaspf. We wiftA bre lay.tWl
H-tmi't UUtcm bawl cured, withia ibe sasst year,
100,000 Prrvtns of Import Blood Vwtvn
ad &000 Tales were coHaiderrd Intnr.bie!
aa Mrf otbrr pstpnrnra?dfHne mra ar- In tht kahu of aa.
iiiaT. If we mmmhld av auw who wunUi be iters ua ' Taj
however, wr do tar. aad tsvJ rvsvly to pfe by rptfcfm
aaffawjse's, thai ha NT's MroiriNU aare effected cure o
mm (linsswea tm Nviiur hnmwj iVinaTf-. the pat ywir. thaa
an other remedy ua uarnre did dunan the aaaw- ttm
How Mfjcfti will m Owllwr wtarlK CURE
Tutmttj lartre, dWp I Utw wen carfd by using mly twmmt
hatn'at "f KinmJ't fartjk.
1'ht- ttdlowinr i tlaft iwt wtirdr-rful and annih;nc nu
that was rter eftecfrd on a fa a man being, by any med-c:t.
Horrid ScroAxla Cured.
Ma. J B. irAStTi. of ? , Ofrida Ok. X Y , rv-rtj-aj
Pv-emtiT tfltil. til it Iv- btd hevti ntflictrd with cn
rr'i 4 lour j'ftr, iu.i the iat y ar rnftT-d ti hra h-d. wioi
TVE.NTV iar. drrp, dickW0tmjf L'lckbs Ihta urn am
wsw !Hrn ariMinl Imoi ear tu enr hAe wm ohn
throat:h hs Hmd pi;. m thftt be bn'thei fhrwiish Uw
bt.fcj. hi r waa lev irly d-troyel 4he use rt bin na
wna wiioily d atny. d nd an lct-jr kind, r the arm. aa
l.iri;.' ait a min i bn t had ntnrty e?u-n thnMjk'ii mU bit
Luu rlmt he- had ueed nil ktnda of $UvApAaiLt-1 unit
sVW mstisinrt, tu to hfjujit, and that he wm ajar r'prsj
to itre tirrn'f-fomr knur wif-a he crMUine4Kr-d Kavt
Xhi-iah tt iriva txrarr that nmz mrrmnt mm,
PchirTtN. Krcrajwrr aswiM anal rggrod mnvrrm t th
tw. nty I r he htl (' Iv- ruuiaf ttmi um a nad
ttiat a few hvttirm m' rrttfi pki rstr-rrTasT. f rTi t
pvtirutrara of II in. iud tuny 4o-r aumuut outs, a wi
Thin Mam tier fail mm Antratnliias CI KC
dna fx tand aloft a a msmnmmt rd ttie gnat "y
of ltB4vrs i'cniKixa, tor we autUi jne ant uniiT.
ud taVasre o ottfT fur, eH Utattd. il Urn wra
tkrablr-41. 1'tiia eurtr is cvrUl'-d lo by
Fourteen UespectoMe Wilnesfs.
Vy Iott Tnnn. Wr rxt -', a-'f ? n rr iit.s, i
(fttvait ttt ot laJitO' tT Mftr- Bf- rLi -V l.stjsaaa,
who'.-- ml fwtl drtitn- Mr ii fi. i;'r j-r -jiri
ii.r ati l krft.-r ol ibe Wtsr kjK IIjistl-usJ ly
tf o .k-T w stnrt.
Brants Iadian Purifier
-nr mit imptjr. diafia 4 W blwxi rii: frMi H-ai,
S.m '' . sVWejaaei'ea, it aMSM-'it, lmmptt am tr
I'liis. fair, I UCT, tjtirrrfs,r setri.ti I hm tara. irw
t 'fipiAint, I'ntm in tk: Iktck VanJ LamJt sVa
HiltulUf the kiuui, e.tM . w.
TiiH HMlan rn--r- rh 'asf ad f-rt if
' !( ol the t -uMUk-d rrairiJ l.-iTaarr. -ma
iCM'er pt-Te-ral isth.T iwla-ain, pnttim' t hi aw-l
.Wv.vUttdnrurt CJl".HS atn.1 t iM .M"lioY- I
K ,! t.i .rnros lUTi ia -hr .f. and , lee-vsn, r- ta."
-V n-aaj !y HJV4 at evwlly a list t'uJ mi g iuttmtl bv
ilrk -rlt miUy
Til'sIM rf riurea f the aan hafel rfimpa.-
rfl (l.-e it- flirnv-t mirwr-wle-irn fcra. y m mil Ul-av-- j
ire'l.i Nii.. 1HUOA T, atd BKrZA'T-
lVI; W031AX savko:
We tiv f!ie (JUivwirrc eertth-ate aa a fax t trf rurr. wSffc
4.a M j roTe Ii jutwrer to rn lit-, i r. it wlia-i !
Mfiwyu ,) -a ih ry r ivie t r Dtf. ah-a Uumtt
fnJt" I'. m-n T lt- mm w aaltnini-.f r-t :
We iel!w M'ntu - e:iie--teia a f. t ni r ire, wV H
jot m t ir.v - ! fKt.cr tf auvc lu.'.evt u wtnti Uiv ut
afH-iH f ha hi th" tvr Isk-t at .ta ot nWrnrv. wVi
Rrmmf tn.i-m i'mimntmry Halmtm w adinimVrv.l ; Th'
car-dtwo Uot tutu I altKX W- rrweM s-m-- rvM
- aMrVwi mm Mn'tminimw "HaJ htn'trf'U H Ajwium
. and t0HMMd ot rasa jt ea h d fKSI'im'!i
THIS I kK waa rfWir,i o the wtte i4 Mr Z.B4
Ov ": oi the- ttttrm nt H. '. .- ar 4 O . f
Mr. 1 h- nvaj t.n .ttvaf , , liyi-f. and Mr. Irxkrrnaa
Wa-tst to lis: BltMr- H Mr Jmm WatT ftrrkiM tii-U tur
a asftaai, tnd mtkrr birmt ntaUrmU. expt'etint; b ia
Would wMat die. fMrr tif m In jre ol the disyxas
a a, a mpfrtsutd and miatrramd nd as reiVrve h-r
rrtttt aWrM, aiid tttk a atyaa pitlat mart w. Mr
iWfcmas wa nrr-a-Ldr.. rtv bet ot -Bh INT
IMlUN rri.MON .K. R M.SAM. H- Uk Vm hml-m
bi7ssertli tin- ahrftaxt Md .- a bortean nta wite il
n -iteved he rahe rofabiiul lo bJs- it until hr vrnvrrd
eOsD atra.i.rta. aid f he htx emmttmntd mil fvr marly Jr
f"W -asej; fmmphlH tor p-.rti-ii'ar.
Mr. ltKRaa awrvrs- the aNre tWts hpf.-re Trim ti
Tovwu, K nf Hallatnm Spm, hh awjirtl. leaf.
Tho. Q. Vmjiw, Kau.v JmMict wtttn thfd iV ba
known Mr. ly ke-mn mny ?. r ajsd tual he it tan ot
Um ir sjiwt worthy aud rmpedabu eitaznMi and Mr. JohV
W arr. tn as-rt ivtsit pik-n ol ab -v. Um rmjrt to m
(Otad ihtraa ler of Mr lkrmmn, aad that h wa
quainr-d with Mi Xhc Jmeu, hivrag hvurd tbens ultra sja
ifeul bv J-Mifr anneal
Brant's PulmonaCV Balsam
runr. COXSUUPTIOX Couut, CoUU. Smiaiut f M
Htflimf m aw L'-r: Puiu tu tur nw uai uu, Aar
, im (MaMi PuloOMtut . lim hurl.
duttra lifu-ttm. Itanun. Unwr Comuturutu ! ALi
SKMJJ.2 HA.ViS a-iraua. uum $uiUuf wuaemr
diktiics j.d rimicrm rtLroiitE.u
The trfk iiw nro-,! pnaan mnI l'ku..iriuut haw Uh
. nimi,,,. mM HUASra MKIlll'INLd
l"r. N. Ill KKAKII. r-'tunt..rd, fona.
IlT. J. N SMI I II. W.lertwa, M. T.
I. KU-SMAK, I.K Ueurj Mrvrt, BraokltB. S. T
Ur. T. H. Uim t. Aubani, N. .
lr. :. KKANCIS. Middlrmwa. Coaa.
Ir. tiF.O A. HiMitHS. Bath, K. .
lr. 8. WHITK. Frtsluaia. N. Y.
Or. C. H. GAI.K TINK. P.inio. M Y.
lr. J O. .-IIIPHAN. FaTrnnille. N. T
Dr. 1. 8KINNKR. Heary um Hruualja. N X.
Dr. O. allli'MaN. Curtlaad. M. .
Beware of couoterfeits !
There ia no Brant's medicines genuine. W
each bottles aa are put up in a square p.wkK
or ahape, and on one cqnare of itw parkage a
label on wbi h ia reprearnletl a voung fqt).".
anil ander where ahe atantla is a Mote of Hind,
which reada aa follow, via.
We hrrtbu pntmisr, for ralue rterirfd. lo
o fa twttrer here,, 0.-i C'bst, on demand.'
lwuicn note is signed with pen and rea it"!
None genuiue but such as have Ihe n.-l o
the UM signed aa ab-ve.
For ilo bv Thornton At B:4lr. li-
l.urg; Edwd Wilson. Xcws ilrlin 8 I Crou.
Selinxgrove : U&Ft' M., Knwbu.g: U
Iwekhauaa. Middleburg ; Wilt A. Eilert. Ha'K-
,on Mrnctt. MilHinhurg
,JXU "'"ra arxl nnlt-ra must be a.Wrw' r
" TutT''
XT j
SUn.SCRIIIKi'iS to thu Tiiivf iMiy '
Letaiabur"' who hava not paid lb"-
I-''" li'-iulim n, M, at,t Jjnuarv.) f
rpspfr-tMillr reiiupsieil to nav th; am'
wtihuut tuitlicr notice, ti
r.M'L T. WAI.KDIt. ffc
Hy order of tla Ilonrd of Truslcw,
l.wtsbu'g, S,-pt. I, 1819.
1BI V ibfj."