Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, January 28, 1859, Image 3

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Friday Mohxing. -Tax. I-jO
A TtVK'lTlr' Ma-iu'vt ir-
L j..,. .1,,-, r m t' t tui I'
il .1... i-ti t" t.n- r -.u: i i
a.tnni.,. , f th. Z.-l 3"7 ' """
. tilt !1'I.T
t iu; l-.y Ih.
h ha m iar--
IUJ io r-s- v." n:ruH a iti o H li.uni: r
Itr.vi- i--r:i n -f lit-. -:w.t r-l-T-.
.a.2 J-.t.r.. a- a.iv iu il.r :..te-.
-j" Sec Xcv ttliri'titi'iticntK.
WiLUAMSPf-BTjJan. ST. The bsgcape
nora of the W. At E., and C, V.'. A. E.
railroads, at this 'ace. was lurried down
last ti.Lt. Loss front m"J 5lAH.l.
Origin of the fire unknown.
eTu.sday, C':L Jan. 150, was very
generally crlehratel as tl.o bundr. d.h an-
Iiiverary rf tie tirtti cf tie gifted- iut
niii-erab!e K il Liir lius.ss, whose ebeck
ered career was at once a glory avi a sLa&v!
GAS! Tbis (Triiay) evening Mr.
Mears ii f rn.s us l e fjy .'' to l.ave tbe
Oas irks in operati. n, wbvu a'.l tbe
ha Lave perfected tbat means i.f lijhiitig
will partitvpate in tbe ga? iiiuaaiLa'iou
JsjrWc ru ver saw as fat beef so n:ueb
ta'iow to si lit':..- meat a- tba: tsbibi'ed
ty Mr. II. Neur at the I.twirburj msr
let, Wednesday ni'-rniog ; and we bave
een f"rue r-.-tty fat Idf in Ilarii-l urj.
1'bilal. aJ New Vrrk. Tt.e atiin.a! wa
raised bv Alram Wolfe of I'. i-t K i'T-il jc.
litnmnr I Tbat tie Kri-i;ii I'jilijti.r-Tjt
tire ab-ut to t-lare ?.' (Cu ?) in il..-.
Lands cf the tjiecn, to -facilitate" the
o?)U!s;ti n rf the S'ate of Maine. From
Portland to li !ee is i-d r.e ly in a lice"
witb their trade and trate', ai d Kn:!acd
"ii.ttJ." i; the true rulbtr't plea, al j;.s,
everywhere .'
SBfOue if ti.e ivj'-i J;:" j Tprrs i:.t:
isatcs that the- W..-T Urat e!. 1 ears iff al.
tbe priz.s of the State. N t si she ba
only the u v. rt. r. a I'. S rvtuv.r. Ii.pt.
Sec. cf Contm -nwtalth, Si;t. if S.-hoo!
i'ffrxmctiT,it,.i ftatelr-.a-utcr.
re", o
till :ge, l. ana. . . n.tn
beads e.f II l ir": . i l!
tie . Mar .-.r.ator.
State I'riLt-.r. I
rarian, A.., the d ztn
t'f Clerks and Oifa-cis of the Lci.-lature
many se ires iu all are fr ui the ,..
parts of the S'a'e. Vt- i- surely c.t
too many f r our m desty an-J our merit.
t6k.Tbe atteti.p t erect ttt-w county
buildings at Sar.lary, we j-ige by the
reports, is creating considerable dtstur
lanceaLd cj p -iti.n. The three ( unty
Conitnissi oti-rs b .ve ruLli-hid a CirJ, sta
ting their r:u ( Iliju ti.af, w itb ' whii
is necessary for ceea.-i. nal r. pairs,";he pres
ent buildings will ar.swtr,f. r these tiroes at
least There is an t ff .rt making ia
Sunbury, we ob.-orte, 1 1 a'tri'ute the rai
ting of this iseitirxt Lt to ' l"ai a coua-y-"
e are n :t aware cf any tfl.rt.bere.
to bastes the ' re-annexati n" o! the up
per end to to tl..:rolj time associate and
latural neighbors, on this tide. Their
wishes and ultimate designs, we doubt Lot,
will be accomplished in prop, r t;nie. The
first we knew ab ut the raising cf thi
question now, was from a distinguished
citizen of Sunbury, iu bis cbargj to the
Grand jury. If our ltunj ,ry serves u,
Judge JotU'AS t'i Vi'j.'. the c .ntroversy,
but the pe pie of the c unty wiii l"i k
it in accordance with their own eenvicti.ns
cf self-interest and eit edte t ey. Tbe at-
temrt to fii-hten thi'm lv the crv of
UoioD c:ulj" aL J ' L'.-irlur;l'
re-ict upon tL-e aba ra;?e it.
J he sub-
etaLtial farmtTa. c f ll
n;.-rsJ are tut
to be frightened by tl ,t childish bugaboo,
n. . ,
A e to J tuc f Jtiowirc a;rocti(.TS to keep
ice from "show goine the
rounds: Take an ora:u-,ry raint brub, or
epoLge, anl rub ov.r tie gUss, once cr
twice a dav, a little alcho!, ar.d it will
v ,t - , , . .
ieep tie g.riHS free frtn i,-e as io tbe mid-
die of suoitter, andit will also give as g)od
a polish as can be got in any other way.
, V, . ... . . cidi ntaiiy shot l.y a friend, while buntir g
The oldest man in irjrmia, Mr. I hiuji . -.',
' ' sitae time since, 1- fast recovennz
Jessee, aged l'.U years, elied in New G-r- jie r3I,,rs of lb.liefonte, speak of nutuer
den. llussel county, on the 1st December, ous revivals of religion in that region, ti
lt is stated that, a short lime before bis p.cialiy among the Methodists and Lu
death be was able to attend to bis own therans.
household affairs, and that while in bis Tli0 I'resbytrry of Northumberland
hundredth year be cut and split one bun- mct wi,h the Chiilis-qoarjne church, on the
d d a;l dail inst., when Chanes II. I'ark was or-
a..s, a y. daiued. and installed pastor of Chillis ua-
Judson Hutchinson, one tf the famed cjuc and Monresburg conpreeatinn. Kev.
family of singers, has c.mu.i:ttd suicide Mr. Iovd. frnm the Hudson Uivc-r 1'res-
doubtless in.-ane, as bis eccentricities bitery, was received, to be installed past.r
demonstrated. When iu good htakh, be 'I !,he Wainetn church, White Ke.-r
,, , ailev, Lvcominf; couny, on the lith
was a noble ana L-entrous man. ' J J
e inst. ;
The pews in Ward J5-. ether's church, The Schwartz Pemoerits of Berk? coun-
Brookiyu, were rented at auction for the ty have organized as a distinct and sepi-
jear, cn Tuesday week, and biough 24,- rate tarty.
C12 o, about 5?,i..t..O more than Ibey were J- Hacawalt, assisted by severil other
old for last ytar. other preachers, dedicited a new Ilunkard
T . , , bouse Lr rublii worship, in Oliver Twp,
Ia New Jtr.-ey they bung , man last Ml&a eoulh Ncw day.
tk oa Wednesday. Ibt-re is Leiiher j;er JuLn s. Crumbausb. Surcrinten-
w nor prtettlen for such a heathenish
OUtfa-a ll
oa tHiiUei:; i!iv iu tbe week
The Kansas L ,.-5iri tLlt the E.,
oX Messrs. 1:, v . ,,-,) ,,,
Utab Army c.li
lion and a ba.f 0f
.-, iuui lar, is a mn-
their stock on bami
""j txc-u&ive 01
.1 1 .
Theodore IWber has been c mjelle j to
tl ,S V'-'rvgauoum
WU0,.LJ u.k of n,u ..Lwesi
u-n presents a nnitcd, indifrnant front
tti-..- il ' "4 w '''' -i'titr to buy
iihi. ti .... 1
-d re- i''ii0a ,bis
C- t"L. ir L.t'" of J uLn IJ- i
It :, , v-t.t:. .
asiitev,,. CUilt ""d. Stevcrs is in
Presid.aV. ' iui "ut;"" dining at the
. c. t aei O'ittKrs dlfiirnT at Ik.
art. .
ut-.e, imtti l,gs under
-men .1 .
tralot " ''-an.-y Jones and
Eeutltoatu. i
Ness Stems from Oiljcr Ccnnlies.
,, , , .
An chle-ny man was arrested in Milton,
last wci-K, i.jT a.-iDZ coun-.erieii. money,
Le was held to bail but coutrived to wake.
Lis escape.
The houe of James Clarke, in Kir-inin-batn,
was entered, one Light last
week, and robbed of a gold watch, same
ck-.s, and mince pies. A watrast was
issued, acd a couple cf p erSe-Us searched,
but without binding any of ibe stolen good?.
A fire recurred at Newport, Perry
c uuty, Motility, wbicli destryel tie
large steam distillery uf 15. F. & S. M.l-
Ur, and the wire Lou-e cf Peuiaree &
."; -iks. A dwelling h-use w-s on fire
wv.u tan train for H urn-bur pa--e,i
Nvwp?rt. A lar.?? antity of .-rain ar.d
1 jijr was C3usun.i itu (lie d.iti.I-ry.
'l ie 7' -ih'i-'i .'. La l.arl w.-rk to
live btnitUtjuding i'.s JoTriijjiUt tat.
t l::o. Ii bas rocn:!y "tbaucd iutJ
the lault vt 1'r. .M a wi I, ublisbtr cf a
Ucrnian u-iiy ; atd Ni:uroJ Strickuud
I 'r. Lvaian, of J.-r-T Shore, lm ouit
!r. -:c, a'l bei'n aaii.iited a ou-mber ' f
ti.e iega'i frattriii'y of I.cvliilug e-junty.
An 4ii'7it.iE. A yciTii .-; -.rtsntan of
tiii r. r.'Jg'.ij was cu buirin 0:1 tbe
Kibgston biiis i-. nietlit.g over a week ag .
wiieu bis d 'gs c iii.nietiCed w ..trying a
iunucr's Le-:. Two joatij tuen at rork
in the lara beard the v.-i.-e, and finding
what was tbe Rtatter, tt
-, k fins at,d -hot
-t.i el t Le ii.'
At the moment the
j.-iii; n. an. a son, we bviieve cf Mr.
Midis.u Jler., shot at tbe dog, tbe
i tr?it'nt sh. t at bitn, at.d it was j r ivi
: n'la! that lotU bot w-.re tot dj-jal-lv
lata!. A shot cruz'-d the neck of
y ur.g Mvi rs, -bowing that tbe aim was
u l intended to hit. Tiio offender
wai arri-tt-1. an-l tie afTiirwiil undt-rg)
j'idiciaiiust:igati.n. li'i.'iL:trre Tim
Ti.e (.nitiit i .Lers bavc arp.'iti'ed
I 'at.it! I'rtieki miller, of Sunbory, Mer
catrtle Ap trit-T of NortLun.berlaLj
C- ut.ty f,r the y.ar 1 f " C.
The Grand I. Jge of IVr.csyhar.it, of
the Mas .tile ora.r, bave olt-eted l.ieo. C.
Wtlk. r, of Saub'iry, I'-.puty Grand Ma'-
ttr for N rtbnnji.eiljr.J, iMaaibia, fc'ajr-
ete.ra-.id i tnou c.unti'.s.
We ut lerstat.d that sriled prnp;a's
have been received by the Ki-t Mahauoy
rai'roaJ c mjpany f r the excavation of tbe
Hr.ad M -untain Tunnel. This loe-ks
i ke a spvt-jy riilroad cinneetion with
i'hiiaiel hia, via Heading railroad.
It is stated that government orders
bave been issued at the 1'hiiadciphii Na
vy Yard, to discharge five hundred work
men on Saturday lust.
The sexton of the Sunbury Grave Yard
reports the number of interments at that
f Ise f r 1-." a ft'owi :
Interments from deaths in Sunbury, 01 ,
" " " in the country, VI
Two biys while Gshing in I'erry county,
mvtc rreciphatetl Into the water and
drowned, the mother of one of them,
named Kiinepeter, while endeavoring to .
aid, perishing with tbctn. j
CENTRE Cot'Nir Items. Clarke Ilris-1
bin, a resident of Totter Tp , met with an ;
accident cn Thursday las!, which resulted !
in bis death on the following day. lie
started to the woods for a load cf wood ; ;
af;er be bad been absent fir a short tim--,
bis b .rse returned home without bim ; bis
friends, after s me search, found bitn ly-
ing in the woods greatly injured both in-j
temaliv and ixterna'iv : be was conveyed
hrinii. btat was unable to freak. It is
m.rrcj tLit be was loalin? the sled
L,ntl e horse became frightened and
ran over bim Haniel Musscr, cf H als-
burg, while out in the ,-t
on a hunting (-xcuron, came aens three
doers, aol U-iDii an expert and experiecc-
cd Lunter, Lc sacccedrd in killintr two of
. . . . , i w
tLcui at one bot On W tdneiny, dur-
1D? ecrv,cw at tbe friend s b-ue in
lit-i itf -tntc, J"hn Irwto, r, of llowar i,
ge:z,.j with an apoplectic fit, wbi
resulitd in Lis immediate deatb Join
Eye, of I'otter Tp., the man who was ac-
d--nt of schools f.r Lancaster count v, died
,- -i - i-eT-
at bis residence ia the city of Lancaster,
. ..n TbiiTsr of lict WffL TfTV much la-
on jLur iay oi last weefc, mutu ia
mi Dtild, 3'cd 7 Tears. 1
c if"'
Dr. TwmiD. tbe Dew Protestant Lris-
I ll' l - - C I 1 : -ar.-,?-.
j,,. ariEUal tonr tbrotieh the interior 01 tne
. ,. , . , ...
Mate, ana coLLrmed .y meaioersai xooois-
1 li Tl. ..-:!! Ii'. Moti-r anll
l-U.i.-, 1'J .' ".1-, v--.'uU, ; TaUll,thl,u;u..rithrp0tIl w. MT. M,t to
at lJlCy r'arOiS. ' n-l a rm'-dT with whi'-h tn r-.trt the liTM an-1
. , , . , Laf a rur uf B(-a-lT all th dmca" w art nuJ-j-ft to
JuLa lJ.uckiey, who died recently in ... ..m,,..f uj-.d? a prTr.tuie. That tL inTnmtor
If .e...n .1 Oil -.- )t.ft 1 rntifl u' -1 rrinlv. i t-von-l J uLt to al! h- tr it. f-r
Id rks county, atd JO vearIett 1UD grana - iUt w t r mil rt,miDt, ariwnir
children livinir. i h.rr .leransrineiitv it i an un'ajiicc rmietlT. hil. u
fc . . - . i . lamiir mjirine. fi-r all ai.ra of liie ati.ina.-hor brw-
ItCT. A. J. Hay baptized tVe persons ID elf, .hH-b r ratla"l in a rr-.ler or lew dept br liT
1 . V ... 1 ,, ,. l. . ' r, .1 I.t rr 1-rai z rn-r t. it H tl. aalril, .urrst aDi cirH r Sca
the Uusriuebanna, at orthntntierlanei, last aar rrlurjj .DO.
weck...Tbo Northumberland Literary As
sociation comprises 24 members.
The Cnnrt of Clearfield county, in es-
sion last week, was bronght to a sudden j
termination by the death of Geo. Walters,
Esq, the ProthonoUry.
I'ituion Frrf. I'rea is an independent :
new rsper just
t..ct .i.rtn.l in I.tifarn. irrnnlr
by Arnold C I.
wis a man of soce ei-
perience, if we nii.taku not, anil who is-
tucs a very biindsonie blent. ' '
j L'x-G-jt. fc'Ude, of Vtrmout, is dcJ.
tTue fallowing is the assessed valua-
'. ft .
, j-sta!e.
' Beaver Township .t!.iG,fi;.i
12 7,1 il
3.ivl.l 13
3. 'J,2
4 5l6.('i I
4. :w..15fi
5. iti.K:!:i
1 10.--U
Mid ttecrerk
Moor, e
Sel.nsrrrove Ee-rough
We-! lii aver
We-t Perry
IV.icii c.nniy
5,7 57 .ICS
P -h cr.cnt:e
X, r:Lu:u' r'.an l ri.unty
'i ; u in ! ia an! .Mjiiteur
I.vc r.:!
Mirri ii
(' ir.l. !1
x'. li.r S:a:e
Iim iki. In the isute Trea-iir-:r' Kep rt
fir there is a pavment to A. Kieckner.
Tra-urr of t!ie Suir Valley A. 'hi:e Deer
Turnpike, i f S-C.ooo. I Jinct of sutscr-puin
. f per act 12:li April, 1-51.
We had 1-fen under the impresien that
lh:- !a-t pavment of the State Funds was to
Lave I eii ir!!i't-'.i u !til the read was th r
i a:.!v uii.ei tiiiruL'h. Ve are a!si m
f.rir.e! that ti.a: pan of the rial in the opper
end of L'n: 'ii ci -.iiity :n Hartley. Lewis, and
p?rnnp part r f West naluioe has not b? en
w. rkf.'.. A!! the m nev. it is feared has been
ttdt i etther ab. ve i r bel.iw that central
seeit-'U. and th se t..wrih.ps are thus wrora-t-d.
Any one w h cati thre w any Itcht on
this transaction, shad have ihe u-e of our
c;!uniris in ihe e:I..ri. Let jj?tice be done to
the tstate in its ar;re; riation,and let ail the
t vrr.h ps have fair p'ay.
I leed in Oreenwich, Cumberland Co
N. J., Oh
AM!, dauirhter of
Ii a. Ki-r - r O-ten. in li?r22year. Miss O-d'-n
rj-adaa-ed a: the I.eiri-tur,' I'liiversny
1 rta'e Ir.M.ttre. in 1 -.'7, with hto.or, an i left
th;v t vrn inu"h !-e' ved. at tl wfh hieh hopes
f r the f-tttire. Her ilinevs was m.'st severe,
but the trutin Ood she had camed in health,
-up-p rted h. r in sickness, untii reason fe-r-o
k its throtie. Sh- has left a deeplv arliic
ted fainiiy and frier.dii circle, l. r the home
on hi.'h eternal and or.chang.riir. Thus lias
do-'1, the earthly career of the fint deceased
sratuate fn m c ur Institute. Cherished be
her lneirtorv '.
t .f tri"1.
I . Answer !o .a-t Enipma i
.ui.- .Vjj.ean i,,njiU.- A. tl by Ii A ; W L A ; A 1
A. iiil M i.
Ansvcr n Arithmetical Pmblpm
ll- f.-f-r $ vhr-ai l. oorbt t- bT4tnj).t ,
f r ttf ciuj.- , rt JT.;.1', wiif-J' p:- htm a ! '
( f . r tit. In !.,n ..is- fifth t f . whi li bn-orht i
n.u-t 1. .- I- a-l.t it or $ in cri-r to ;
i j-r t-ut.. i.!-h -u:n rTe fa.m t rt JJT.V'.
io tit- i Il-Micv In fciiii;; rj'I buyitic l,i- cldh i t.th
i";L i th di".fr-3- l t wii-n th lyss ur cent, in
Lu.il;$ atiJ fli.u;, ut- tnJ lc W 5 l-r rnt.
J. R l LlBl'-'t T Tp.
Tlje i:3 rrr.fe Utrn tl.p is S z-r cut it i'.Jt t. '
M ii. L- i.-turs. j
-V;.vr;.,.4 eoU$ EMGMA.
I urn o.mi-. J -it IcTTt-rd. j
My U - -it 4 i. nr. r in i.rth Arat-r.!-. '
I- t.'n in IVt-R.-i 1td',,
7T l"s h'ni faWi'.-ii-Jj. Aunri-.
1" ' ' r.. i f-.-. id ftt-ry f .rfj-L
K 1J !1 IC 13. i4 Uf--J lx Knit .t.f-j .
1- Ii' !. an urti;
yiv Lo!; cjiush-sI marh fxrltfcu-nt uttpit
J. k'. Laftlo.
y.r f -e firjnl ojv n IL- iir.J,
An i iii tl, f-'-nti T':
Ti- I it.'l it: n ti.p .)- -rt Mod,
At.i i o tli- nv ucU;a i--i p.
My r.!'- .J ;n ry tt n.
'T.- ii.-.; -r-i itiT,-r
Ar. 1 if v-i .-.I' it tlu will cwn
Iif ii-t ;s ft-ry crt-nt.
St'Ti ti i tny h' dr':. or.-- r rrUB'i,
.ir. ,r ktmt fr m id ni -i.-ht,
A ' 1 l. It.- tiL'-Wt-r U hliff i LiLii
-,a'ii Kc-w if j( u rf ri.-r.r.
: : .i. p.. rtiJTftio.
An election wilt he held at the office of J.
A. Menz in the Ui-ronsh rf Lewisturz, on
Tuesday the 14-h dav of February neit, be-
. ,hf h ars of 1 and 4 o clock, r. M.,
, Asric., gty.for the
A.m. ihV re trill be a meeting of the Execa-
1 1 ve Comm r.;ce on th I4ih February iieit,
between honrs f i 9 and 11 o clock A. M,
'"f trie rurpoe c f m a k i n r a general settle-
meRt ft lh'c past year. - h
Any irsi-n in this conntr crer 1G v?ar of '
as-, dtsinne a-!mision tn the Farmers' High
tlx-xA make arP irauon on Out dav.
a the S .c.ety have in? p,.wer of selecnn?
one who sha.l have a I.rt chance f.-r adrais-.
sinn. J. A. MKRTZ, Kececy. '
ms-vrsT .sr. I'-ets Ti-t Tr.-r. Trr.itarirn
Heel a tii- lr. I ut- a ln-h l;nor-.re ir .1
1 an 1 ;-i. ei-. 1 ut a irh a "Ir.-.T"" Ui
iii ia. 1.1 n.t'j.t. If,, in. -t lt-rril.tr ma.
fs. I-, n .!
s v.... t
IT 1 1 II
. ..i-i I., It firs. lf.- r ar.- tn.. .ic-l lo exsmmt- the
sin. i. ri ri.iv r.F.-Rs. .j,. i' ', r, j itintni-nt tii. .or.
r'.a . I Ol..-.-1 !i-iulf.-s- "ll-ili..y. New V'.rfe aDi
1 r, 1 -D." i w-il-r ma.-K--1 'B.t.it Iraf. tl.earti e Is
"1. --;i- " t'litr 1 fort u h itr lh p-tiaire tr-jiara-t;
n. a- 1 ti-- f rin e.f .i.iflit. r.r n-rr u. a no
; l.a . I ;i.-..--.l, -n. li.r ts.mt laiLU or if.lt-.tii.ai uur-d-
r. Iie- J a. arm ;. u.
V.---rr- nr.finn.'y y I'ROP ff PV Y.XLL,
It'rur-r'y '. ifi-1. --.Ii-jf ot ?urz-OD. fan.
I- Jl" f'rf'1'H. T' TM unite
J.'-'.. iriftan' Ptt-n orjr.rcn iti arTart of the
pvt.m. l:h-unimtm. j-mi) in tn- bri. hr-at
"r Ml-, tilr-i br-"t. Vura.c a. Ituritp. pra-.o,
l.-atlurl,. rramT- tn tb nr-ri, f.r irr othrr
Uia- t.ist 19 iKK an l 1' 1 M-1 L. and it"i onlT
--v.-t ',! r'.'ts i .j.a m rlaim a I'KKr K' T IC
T"KV. Vt -,y i---iniy f. our jiHtr"jB". w can
re.irte th- ritll. r r l-v times nat of 1 .. W w ul-J
;u-t bt t tti- -tit Vr t Va VaM was jar in
tri'm tr i-t t!;i m.ljfvnfr uri'- r:tT over all th?r.
lrii-p . v ri r h-itt1!" pr ft o;t t tbe tradt.
't-ti- r nj;it r jwi lr -J tn
J D. STONOAU, n.! Aj-ntf rT F .
t-Tt U I most ur lr.li,-efl fa-t that Pr 3 t-ir-EI. Ot T-r-
-, .-r Lit luni-it. i- ow r.f ti- mi
flVrri in ni.-d.- iuf tbf pant wntury. It La
it, .tu jT f r . donI1 t-Mf -ar- jra ti.
ti- n l r.ai i.trti-ti;ar f r:m. wb-D -Ji-a-tl.raii--i th-
ft,"t DUiMa-r i-t iii or pain : u i bi "ti-Iut;'n in.
that the imr i th irrfat-t n-caiatr of ti.r -T-um.
And ttit m'.-t liat ir t'. tli
w&.-h if kejt frfrom
i a-i.i,nr. r, .hii-. i but i.rfrr.in i-a-t, . mm-
una rwn-ui
oitr uun1.u-DoxiTtTx.mdivviiiiwKT than from
li r.tT rU tut tOfft '.h-T.
Corrected Weekly
TUeat 51,15 to 1,20
Rye 02
Tallow ..
.$ 1G
. 12
. 12
. 9
12 '
CO Lard.
Bacon ..
Pried Apples. 1 ,r0 Shoulder..
110 Ciovcriced 5,iU :
ft I
Dc ViLi's iiiTAiic On rennue all i
pain from Uums ar.d sca'.ils in fn.m len to ,
twenty minuies, by makinea free application 1
to the parts a.'locted. 1'air.tul snrcs arid
swflhr.gs will le relieved m a shurt lime by
the nse of this Oil.
What they say in Suuih Carolina.
rr.r.rL, t!i:!;i.if ."- uv. ..rt . ..
Hk nt.-a;i-o Ii.- ii-- n.f i.i.. l v ii.. :. . L.r n zf! r
haTt-r,tiirr-J tJLr tt t.rr. L:ltjc:tv j,r-ii;i.'.tvJ us 1
It m n:'.n ti,u S tit tli- Sa-. ;
.! iic -.'--i V. t.rr .'.:h JuJr. Vt whl-h ui"-ri ,
a lrji ( ur f'"rr. .tli nu'a' r - I l..tr .-t.i. .
ii ti-uu-'-'i. Ii. fav, uf V'.tir uinm-i-' i ure. h
wrt.a J iu l!.- si r.-. r- a;.. ft-1 t a ir. h.m.- t
Is ll tl. f'.-i l.y III- rt'.- t- II It- oT' Iij ir (i
l.i h. .':' :n it f ? it.- 1 in i i-.y ; rii- . - t- r.
tl i.tj-h il i el I- i .U-i f.-r a i -iiT i. :.- -n : :i.' r
1 I.f -..f-. .:!.!:-;- -I IB .trtl 1. k t It 1 1 - -.
iu u . ti mi..!.i int. i ti.i r. , ia: . u : t. i J t y
t uri.ii,.- rtiat- rt- -, r.t.-l ti.rt; r -ul-r-l t.. r.
; li.t- i . If t-ti i-tn ' -1 I- 1- r- li.r i rr r li '
l J i.v ii. ll. IS- - I .if All -!. 1 - 't.-rai :-
'i I d.tii' u:ty in t utt ii. it u i' 'i ll.- t- ft to !
tf l f-u'. i 1 rm-uml. i , :iuu i !.- i I u. ( - r r
M-t tti- tt-n: i- I iur. '.-. aii I &i ;.! l.
; ut. I ;fi- s. : '-r. Ui ti.-- af:-l..-i.L.'-ijl f t j,:irt-
7 ... - ., T 1. iy.'.T r F X Zl- 1 ! - f tl."
si i
t. .'.ll f -. It - t "U 1 ll ''. I tli ! Iir Wr
Ii .f .11 u-'- f u IaT.'- mjui. t. - '1- ' . -i tur J riv-
i.trjiv ul tin. - au iiji r. l.c i- i r..
Oii.:o- ii h "::.i.oU;.'V.
FArj.EL7i:ii"mrjo k co.,
ViO Walnut sttrt l. l'litliil I..
O; '.. M:.l.rr it il..- .-:a of
Ilcrnna'i' I'utt-nt l'Ii:ir.i':.n SAFK,
ilii- ii. -: Itr
1 1
uri:T irf m 1 .
oui:i:x i i: i ios.
We k.n.'a' t f n.' mwe-'.ti' ri f.t it. ' r r. t.m"N
tliai t rves or is eest.i.e.t i.t, rva ht-jh-er
li u h- in the ?rnp!e of la-n-. f tti lh d
Ci v-ry or ir.vei.tii ti i f the 'e. Y. t'ep
tie Pi Is f r rtiri-.j Ilriii-p-v. t r L i;:.: Fit,
; avn. Cra-itrs, an i all ti.e vtir m d:li
c;.t.. ni i.t .N.rvaas Ii.eae. l':t. Si.th S
11 is. t, i I o I; i. Inn. re -tree'. I.'a rr.i re.Md..
11 r : 1 1 T- lit. r ! r r lair, i rit.e. i I ie 1 . - t i 1. ' 1
K.. I'.. ki.-i. i-r! n . I Di.'.V.:. !. .
Vt :
t:-t ; r- ! .r 1 II.
r ( it., i r .ill
tti-1 rt. t.i. :r i
- l l .-. I . I
i 1 Hi. II. -t i
-1 I
. a-- ll. .1. rf. i! s ;
t. n- rt -ti rn. II- a -
.t .,..r4.j.-. T -- ! ...
I.I. . t li. i.-t II.
lar ! i i tr. an 1 a !, .
Tl I tr. I ..if 1
I.. Ii ,n lu -I t tis
u. N-rf II ---M
I'.r. .... IO
a lii. a ' t i.rrri-ti. riirr.-v. in atl -
h a .1,
t: ti a. n- rr .au 1 a. tti ti- I:, rl --.i.i..:.- .t.-.
lVr- i.t :i t -ti.i-. . 1 i iTii I,.' ml. .1 ja i'-:i.l
lai.-t'l'r ll.-li-. ran Liv- i;.,. rr,j , . j -.ar!..My
c.1.1 1. ll.. ir i-..rl mil f a.l O b-i i ii '& ji. :.;'-.
1 if irir. - f I l I i , !. i, j t. 1... '. . - i. rf J -1 Jul
tar- -r .1 - i-a. Ui-Lm-i iim Lt a 1 tr. ar :.' -.
Dr. Wisiar's Balsam of V. ild I'herrv.
fc. r t:.-'..T. ;r. ;-.-i.,.
t 1 I-L..1 a. en ir.' ; . . l. tl,
n. it
I tor I! -
'--id-, .sr. i',.-.i-. ..,....,. i,
li ..I. r.1,71 ... f. l.r. 1.
t IV t r -Tl t ! Lv Mil I. e i-i-.l.T. ll
.. Ol Jll J-T
r a lelk of
siii-r.-r..r-.v. r, I.. -;--.t!i ..I i-. iii r:t-
1 .,.,.,. r- I lr. :ln a n i ii i - r. m- r thsri
lv t
1 1.
t-i t---r! .-i.tr.t.y a; ;.r-- ' :r ; ; ti I , c r. t t, . . , t -utiJ
i:- r-j. nnr-' ' m ; - r-.-.l ; :.t, 1 i :- t.- m
kti'-wo kt; J -!) ri-t.--) hy r.n I : ,-.r om- i- U-iri..i" i
1 . r r -t re J I - t;r.:t t y c- a- tin laitjT
Klv :-r f -r j.!'. .ji-.-j.-. v Lii L i! ; t- to r i.
..rJ:a-' '.rk. i. .i.-tii 1j at a .tt r.a-La e:Tt-n
it a Li.- ; :;a.m thit " 1
C'tHfUWfdt-in rnn 1? fur. ' j
Tl ww. t.T. r ft tlii" M-Ji :.f fu! y n'ri t?. '
rsj it. it t: - f ;ht -Ti:i.-t.: mn. T:.t; m --nr. i-t:f; ,n 1 i
J:iT.- t ti!i- I. t!ut mU Ii fc.i '!t.-T r'Pi"!i J ;' "J.
tlii Lit- r m;-.'t.-.j rurt-l ; thxi wl.-0 ti.,. -.-.ir..-rtr hm-i 1
t-:i n.ri d-r-, ;r-i. thi- t! r i- J ivit: :- r In t ;
tLat i n X:- l.y m -;.iu ha. 1 J nw nn"t-i t. r s!n-rf-.-ia-
cu-hI-h. th;- L r-n ? i it nt.r-!y.
T!. Tirta- A ll.:- m un m,:k- to f-are
ft tiiht C- 'I- r ft ' nr.rnv.i n. : i it T
(-"-, ti. -'i.y, y. rasa til L.il 'j'-.tii rim Jjf
(nnot if mui.r-J i
t.'"l'Tl-. I T'-,?,: t4-nif HT.Tsft if hltf' T.11TT!T
n u-it r ,l. Hi tt.-" n tin- wrtoj it-r, wcii s tL
ITiiit"i name f tli r..r.. rir!'T.
IltV(irs Ji-Jvm f 1177 Chrry recom
Wi'-.t7'7 Piitii i'ti
A-M'h. f it v-5.
P W Tiin.t C. cti -I m"t ri---:si ..y u my
t-Tit:i.iny m fa "r tlit l: -am Vt- l.-.t- u--: i: m
our fin it y. io 1'ulia' rury .!! --:i' ". i' n.-l anl C 'i".
ID-I ;! it a m t a.ua? it- r- ir. !y. rri 1 ! sic ri-- m-ni'-T
it tn Tri- u r tu; .a:n:? ( r a:u f'i iu-ww:..'Uiyr-u,,(i.
W. i.I i. II. M I.
M i-nr.-?'. l e?. t' - I' . A i.j. i
rn-t. ; fl'Titii in tuy ; ra-- : !i- ii-l f ar
Tiar VV iar !lai--ij ! W . i 1 L L- rry wi.L :-: -u-r-1
Ei' -t rLcrfuliy rrrf-tunt-nd u to tLt,f ftt-ict-i with
clirtiaktc-Couii.-, (.(.iii-, ArLiu. 4-
T. r-r.:r : l;r- 1 rt'TTr" on t: wrarr- r.
a VftrAVVvaUft'C v.m a V-a wa
i: To N.
For vy th'ir '-utr -Tp-rvwh"t. nn-1 in L-:-!fu-2
r-y J- 4 J W .lif jit. ! F. ? Ca. ...:., ftbi in N-w
JlTiiU ly Mr. Mar.-m-t M.:-. f '.y ,
(In t! . ; 'til ir t.lr It I: A l.rin. FtAXKUNC.
IMI.IsiK anl Visr MiKoil.l.I ANN J.I.- UtL, u Ul of
CI.'l.i- ,eia jii- 7p
"n tli- llth iti-t . t-T Tt. T. II T ' ;s-. tl J.'i rtftl:
FtiLll. ' t ,-riv.l-r to.'lo LLI.A1 L. li. ANE W IN
IKK. rf It i . r-Suri:
Al l.t:l.t'li. N J.. tl-r. t'l. at tt r . Or- r'T'- M.
W. W er.ja-ri.tr l.rT l'r t nr-i-r. ll UA -.it. I1N
K'l.aTil V.-.. MA-.'.IK .-1KAW Hl.li' .... j..;t,:,I e!
tti- l-r It S. Vr-Mc d-rv. i f 1 ...ii ,. I .
In FOiii- : n. N .1 . 1 Cll: in.t . ! r i.-i It etrn. Tt-T.
ILWAIll' le VLi'M INS. Itm ritil. i-l Ir-' . f-rian
l heir. h. Tr. ni n. airl lt;-r A. oeiilA eli j.t.'n r e.f o- ii.s
S ttr..n. I.-e; . r-1 Tr-rt n.
Id I rae.t..n- Tj. . V ill iit r- ulif r. C. '.V. ir.t . T !..
Wn l':.r.l n. l-l-Ti II III '. Ill s. .1 l-Kl..e, ui Mis
I At.' . 1 1., isii.-t i- r ( J 1 ti. ssii.u. i Hie....
on Jim itth. It K-v. A K. st mi- f- -. T'ttsrtsJ.
ri l l- I.-. . er..! M. lI.tZAllMU l!Lt. I Lt.sii .1.1.1
ff w 1.!'- 11.11. M -iil. ur i. ut.'T.
on 11:1. ni.-t. I v 111. II ll.attJ. rr.ANKI.'N IttR
r.T. rf I ni n rwinly, iri Mi-.- JANt 51. ei.AVS, .f
llatd Limit.. Cli'.l'.ri i nur.tr .
In Witlen.: el.lt.t.H It-T. f rrr-. I l.'llit STI.I5
RAN". ' f l.'t. ru Tf .! j M :-- Vll.l T-.Mt-.-f Tur'.-il.
it Th-rit, ir-t.tv l.-r 0. 1" -..H A! I' MArt-
IE1MI .f M l .-il-ntle n-l ali.-t ANN H.Lur cf
l.arlr. Ki 1 i.li.l url.ut.
Tn Pufa'T.tTili uM.. CATIT AT.T NF. i.an.Vtr-r of
Famu-i an I liart'an (t i k .sz-1 lM'r-.!! r.'. a t 1 -!T
In .u!..i:. T..ucia.'.-i ir-t.. (!.- Hi I M ! 1.1..!:.
f-rm-Tlt l Tinr ftiii lcl m1-t at .V !-t;iii, "J
fttX'Ut tf Tr-M.
At -..-.i.f Tp, llth inrt-, Mi LOl'IA PAI L, i.ej
: ftl'-tlT
' At N .rtl.ii-ribrHT.J, Tth i"t.. '-.!), TAM'YKf.
nc-l a! ut " - f-srf. Mr. Va.;;k ? ti.t- JaiLer (f
li,-j T--oT SV'-r-ff.
tt-.t x- norn.nc rf th '-t n.t.. in Ilrbers'-arr.
Gr-l:"K VMll. I'-j . 'J.r-
ln -lir,:r.Tf. JN .-fiHi.f. in hi lt yar. Mr.
ihrf wi a rat:" ff wi.nT.ar J.
n th- ith iiift . (f Tutn'-r.an--.-r. MAIMATltT MT
dsn t.t-r of J h an 1 t.-:h-r Kc hit .c. t-f l.:U r: . -SI
-nf 'ir iV . in b- r 41 -t t-ar.
lu Tr-orn-tf-. i'l.-.i-r i'o.. 'r-t . ajil '27 y-a--.
Mr. CAU'ii-lM". witf f-f II -a--- iVai. n i 'iaujh. r i-t
l'r. JaiTf l :. I' -u.ral of M ,: n. If r r- nit: lis r; in
i tt-itt-l n tli' !i.t n iVm trr. n -.tur-iav.
J In MiM.-n. iMl. inrt . A I V Al.I.TI A. .lancl tT of ?am
t u"i ar.ri .un Ant in. art-i 7 T'-r- a"'i - n- n't."
In Wah'ns,t'n wn,,ip, 16th iti-t.. ttiluKot Iif-'K.
j ftarl 7" i-ar, it ror.nth. anl 1 tin
n l .ih iut.. in H-t K'ltf -tl'.nf, HANNAH, danzttrr
of I-uft'- Mftjr.ar4 l'y-ar.
i d Frriay melit. in - B-rin. IIEUECCA w.fr of
I J'- n K--iT. e--1 'nt 4- Tfcr
I.I'.t TI It Wm.H. At..riiis, L.q,
'of ilnam-pe'rt, wiii ilrlivr-ra Public Lev
: ture in Indepenelent Hall. Le wi-hi.r-, r.n Tues
day evening. Feb. H.coinn.er.r-u.ff at 7 o'ciock.
: A small charge wiii le ir.aele. to defray ex
penses. His subject is l'yi t. and its we-n-!
dera a region hich he has .ately visaed, and
respectiri-r wmch he has delivered a most 111
' teiesting Lect-tre in Williamsport.
riAHE La. lies of Ihe Lutheran conpresanon
X of Lewisbnrrr; intend c'.vinz two Public
Lntenainraent-, in In-lepeii ?ert Halt, on ihe
eveninjrs oi WedDesday aitl Thursday. Feb- t
rtiary 16 and 17. prcx. '-voters ar.J other re- ;
frc-hraent will be served up. and Held's Cor- ;
tltt band will be in at'.en iauce.
VWelosin:: out AT f GST!
IN "sTHirtnesi prices pa.d l"r Fci.Mini.-.
M-iskrat and all other kinds cf 1'tirsj at
UIUSO.VS Hat .Manufactory, Lewi-huig
SALT!! We are clearintj ont the last of
IOOO Sacks at 1.25 lor Ground Alum.
A deduriion made tn the trade.
Lewisburg, Jan. t5, 1S59
PUBLIC Notice is hereby given lo all i
il may concern that my son Isri Rentier
ased abont seventeen years has left my re.i-1
dence wuhout just cause. All persons are i
therefore warned not to trust him on my ac
connt or harbor him under the penalty of beinf J
prosecuted according to law.
BuJaloe Tp, Jan. .7, lfi9 wtlpj
Assignee's IJstice.
"V"OTICE is hereby jiven. that VOsT YO
i)EK, of Limestone loao-rfiip, L'nin
cutiiiiy, has this dav made an assignment o
his per-onal pr -prriy. rights and creJMs unt
zie for the Lenetii of h.s crediiurs. Ail no
are indeLteJ tu him wiii maKe immediate pay
ment tti me; and ihuse having claims a-ainl
him, present them lfr liftueia!;'Q.
i)cc. I I, l5S JOEL KIKHL, Ass snee.
'i iios. (.KICK
nA jut received a spIenLd assrtmetit
of the very lest, cheapest ami must
lasiiu.natle J'l t!l J in itic n.a;.'.:. His
: 'C'a Cule.pr.sts
Ilrftittt IM:.s,
I Uaiiis,
Lai (tlnpi,
l umer llins,
Hi ii U t.
Mci ie i;ulloni,
M i:ti-.. Vf.,
which wiii be 'i extreme. y low i t C"an.
!; re-f-ci u .y a-ks me pain r.aje oi a i
his old cu-luuier-; and alu invile-- l.eit' t :.(.
io p.ve hn.i a ra'i ti-1 re irianiiu i.'ieir p.ur-ciirt-es.
I.'.... at ihe s:u i I Ihe li a' W a't ri.
.Markf t street, e-t e-I i-CiO-d. " L-. e. 2 1. li
rt'lin nnder-igne-l bave opened a fi sj FIT
I '1'I.Mi ."liop on Market St.. below t nil!
Cur I.- Oro-rV Jewctrv -to.re.l.e a i-t. it: ; an 1
are pr- pare 1 t.i do ail Oa -. rk in t...- t---t
mam er. Pantruiar Cure woti Le tak-n t.
avu.d unnecr-ary dirt, ar. i ii.j.jry it. waits.
We will also t title ail Chiracs Lr
Iospection on our work.
We have put p:p"s m the fo: le
ins: rwn-re co-t...nrr- can eiata.i.e an i
n -lire c i.c-rr. ir; ? i -:r w i.ri, . ('. : .ere 1 i i t - n rs.
Fenia'e .-eiiniinrv, t'.r I'r.-I. Jam'';. Pre t. Citr
ic. Lew . uLuri; Lana. ilr. ItarrtLus ar.d tth
ei.. Fi'X A. W IliLE.
IN. P.. The aiovevr.-ti'l r--ect: ... y ar.
r. .unre t!,a! they have aF. rce i'jnip. m s j
e:dt r, uiiieh they ri- r r ?a e. liec. i
VSri.E."IiIUa.-..r;m;i.!.i I! ! n w f, r
iaie. at Pi. i'LK 11 L II A Li; s Uar:.e.
Mi p. . rtti 1 n.rj .trret, mice u'.-. rs ... iu
.Maiket, Lewi, jtrrtj. Pa. Ir-.c. IT.
chfjsth&s pexsehts:
VI.AI.liL a-s-rtmetit if l.i!f' FI"i!"i;
al-o. a sreat var.ety ut IIA'ls A I'Al's
j i't rec-iveJ. abei w.n i e si., i cr.eap. at lilll-MO.X'.-S
Lut Maiiutar-i ry. .N. t.,i.-: can te
more su latee u r a t rtr.strras I'rr.ei.t than
lhtaheivearttc.es. Ca.i at.et see ihein' Fine
Hats c.aJe to rrter, aril repa.rel w:ti, ut
charge. Icc.l7 J. li!U-U..
1 AIM: II .fi:. An eiceier.t s-il-
ver LL V Lii WATCH lor sa.e at a
Onrain niij.i co. Inno r i f
A L. liCOI.MA.iilL. Lew:.-uri
nAVE j u i received thir W;n;er S- cif.
ui:ed lo the easJtl and umes. T.'.e.r
HoiLs, (asimeres anJ SatSneits
in creat var.e!y. laa iies' ire-s Good1, Mer.ri
oe, Cuturr'' and iararT.et:oes a I j-haVs and
quahi.e, ail-Wot 1 l';a:d, liayaiert. Va V:.
cine, Circaian P aid. irear:ei a: d It.acf
P.ai is fur rhii'lren. fancy and p am ie UiiiS,
Pncii i-fail iVcr:p:;. r.s a:.d p. cti,
Sltau l I.or.? lircrhfe. is. ar.d W c
S-j'jare, Fl-ut Face Scarlet cen'rs, "' i a.
Man'.itietts, llays:a:e Lon;. juare. Lady's'
.Mrtf.t.e haawls gray and t arrr i.
Cheneile Scarf-. (iii'V-;. Hi"'ry, t-ilar.
Sleeve-. H dkt. I-uce. KiLo.n. Fri'iE ad
Tnmmir.;, Veivet Kitunns al. id;h., A.c.
Hats rind Caps. Overcoats. Gent's
I n T'nrTf s Mu'c'sTen Yatle L.apr.
Aapkins, (.'rah, Iir.-ys. ail-Wi-i-l Fi2iine
f !am and fird, ani everything ia th? ..ne of
Family W a.:,
.. I- I!( :tl, A LT, F!n. PI A7I R. V1LS. lc.
rnritant1)- on hand a. 1 id" wb.cri we c ;r i n
reasonable terms.
X. ll. We lay a!! kinds of UIlAlX.ar.d
store al reaoLatde ra;e-
V-LW fr. p i Xr ttrVai. VnsALs,
' a superi- r an rl. yi-r rec' i : v
M ni. &. J. II. Ill own.
Market St.. aliove Fourth. Lev. is! r ir.
I.AKGE aN-oriment of rew ric;
i 1. and Saiiiii.fr (ie'CCs just received, ci-li.s
tir.-r rf
Cloth?. Cfls?:i:r?res.Co,".;!r..Vf s'.ir.r?
and Sinntiir-r Vi'otir of ail kii.-is.
Aa assortment of 1KC.-S GUOI S. viz i
Calicoc?, C'i.alllc?. I.awi;?. ILaii.CJ.
llarefi?. Ores? Silks, Ginnhaiiis.
Ac. Shawls, a full a?-ortir.i
I.IXF.X AND WlilTE ('n!'S. Ili-h
I.iticn. LloachcJ ar.d Brown Ih'ill-itijr-.
Slicetir.2?. Ac.
Groce-ric?, Hardware. Cotarware,
t:oeii- and Glas-ware, Fish. Salt
an'l Planter.
fa 1 and eiamtre for Tcnr-e're-. Trttee
of alt ktnds tiaen id exchange fe.r ft.t.d?.
.May 7, l-.iv
w nbmsz Mm
Ja-t opciicd. opprt-'te thelliviere
House, in the Boom lately
occupied by A. Sing-er.
FULL anil roniploie asxirtnifnt of
I N G,sncri a Overeats. Dress Ci.ats. Put-r.e-s
Coat. and .Y-a:s- of every styie n.4 pat
lern ; and Pantaloons and Vets to suit. Also,
a laree variety of 1'rtrt-T t'h hms. surh as
Drawers, nlrI.. Ac. A. so. a fr.e asse-rtTnent
of llovs Clothins of the latest stvie. Also,
Hi 7" and C.4P--- equal to any r tiered in this
r-.autre. In tact. I have every th;r. recessarv
in the shape of Cicthir?. which 1 titer at a
very small advance f. r cah.
rTAll kinds of Country Produce taken in
eichanre for Giods. Lewisburrt. Oct. SC.
VXEW lotcf 8day andSil hoarrLOCKS,
which will te sold cheap fe.r cash at
the tn of the Big Watch.
Dec. 1, I sit THO'S G. GRIER.
a barg&itj: 1
1-WO handsome Iiandrllrra for bur
ning Oil. with etass drops, suitable for
Cnurches cr Parlors, for .a verv rheap at
t.as Fating Shop.
Lewisbm-z. Pec. 21. 1S i
J?"Ca!I soon or yoo will lose a good harjatn
TAKE NOTICE ! The undersigned are '
appointed Acents for the sale cf j
Uoors, Illindw & Window Saah !
of all sues, made of the best material. All
work warranted. C-Jitade by L.lil'KOl'T, 1
Hushesvilie, Pa. aiid for sale bv j
bT3 r L'ALDVLLL.I.ewiburt7 j
BLANK Contracts wilS Ttcher t-d Or ,
ders on Trtaivre r at Chr jn-cl Other.
VOTIIE. TLe 'ifrMin who eehan-
1 eed his Otrru:tt for ww on the
Tuesday even in? i f U- c.riiirt.at Weoderitau-'s
H ..tt I, is requested to KKTLKN it f .nhwith
to the li .let, where hi O.erct-at is awat'.tnz
bis orders. 1 prefer in have mi own.
JOS. KO l'i:lHl)CR.
Jan. 8. of Wh.i- I)e-r Tp
LAKGL' suf ji! ol' U')ks,Sia!ioneryf
- I'erfutnerv. Jewe'ry. T. vs, Cnfecti -n-en's,
Teas, ?s; ice. Tru.i. ut. ljiiV.e!s,
liriurei, and a variety of .MCK NACKS fur
sate ( heap at the
I "LL.il A.D Pi.NL Oil. can !e ha i at the
I'I.M: O dd IT5S fe.r La !i-an ' O-n-s ran
' ltl.au at ti.e PO-i T OFFICE
j-LVKlHI. ftt. : CAM E Hi and oth'r
Ur-a-: Pins ar.d Lar K '..-s can i.c hdd
veil cheap a! the l'i-T OFFICE
I) L'TTEl!. E Lard ait i P u try taken in
) Lact.ane r t.oei a the
FEW L xe of Pa. .in., Fiirs. Datej and
1'riti.e Prunes fur sa e at the
PiisT orncE
: U
l:ULI;S i..r E ks i r O ! of at v k.nd
prompt j attended lo al ti.
piisT "FFICE
1 Al'IES can fitid the iarje.i and a.s n
J j meni of I.et.er ar.d.. e I'APEK.Knvel
-pes 4c. at the POST OFFICE
'j'OVS. tSiHiKS&c. for H t J.i, I'rtvn!, can
1 be bought cheap at the I.ewi-rura
Chainbeiiin Bro's CARD.
MARSHALL -i.t l.r sale by
CaruNrrTin Brc'i
f 1 ROUND Alum Sal: f-r stie ly
V J Cl.au.-r..a L.t'i
-M: KSEE Salt f.r sale l v
vl CLaa.Ur.;n Ero'a
DAIRY Salt for sale ly
ChattUr.ifl Ero".
j ) LACK Plaster for sale by
I ) CLamLcr.in Prc'i
,I1!TE Iia-ter f.r tale by
CLau.Uriia Brc'i
f'UAL f ,r sale by
O.aalr.io Bro'j
ACKAREL Li sa!i by
Cl.ai-.t.raa Bro't
kHAU for sale by
JERKING U sale by
OUFISH f,r sale by
I 'LOUR f .r sale by
Chamiairtlo Er-..'i
ChamUirtin Bret's
CTiajaber-lia Brt'i
CLa&bertin Brer's
1 lUCKWHEAT Meal Lr sale by
1 ) Lajn'r.ia Ero'
'HOP and Iiran for sale by
V, (. haia'-crlin Bro'f
"HEAT and Ifye f.r sale by
1 t bAH.ir..
ia Brc'a
'OUN and Oats for sale by
jlOTATOES U sale Vy
Chaal-crUo Dix'i
SUGARS assorted fer sale by
J Chcb.r:
le by
Chn:ST.!n Erc'i
a - fars. .
t LaciLer.io Br.
SL" GAR notice Syrup fjr si-? ty
( 'OLDEN Syrup f.r sale bv
V I Cbfct.-riin Brni
I. ATKA :ar Syrup f.r sale r v
J Cl .'' .D Err'i
MOEASsKjs NewOrlear.-.l' r'oKtcs,
le.-ea.at .. as J -uar It u -t . f r fat.
I. lfcej.:.-r .u
1OFPEE Java, Laguira ar. i I: . (', (T-e
V frsatelj CLu.-Tr:in Ere.-.
'TEA Iiiif.-ria!,Yoeir.gIlis. n ar.i liljck
1 Tra f.r .ai. It I I.Metri.n Lro'i
I1AKEK S Chocolate for sal- l v
I ) CLarTiVrl;! Er..
I lAKL'R S Cocoa f.-r sale by
1 ' Ctim'.rt.a Ert'i
1)1 Tl and Hie; I l .ur f .r sale by
1 I CT.ini'r..ri trr.-f
kjI'ICES assorted f jr sale l y
J Ci'.mt-rtin Ert'i
SUGAR Cured Hams, and Iirie-1 Ileef,
I t .ai. tr ll.ia.'-rt n Err.'.
'IlLEsil-;, and V.V.er Crir'.ers. f r -ale
V 7 CLamr:.a tr'. 'i
1) UTTER and Lard for tale by
J CLaalr:io Eri"t
( 'ANDLES for sale by
V' CLanalr'.n Err'
SVP llsin, Castile. O.ive and T -iiet
S .ap f ra.c- y CLaail-r'.-a Lrr'a
DCiKD Aj p!c. and Dried IVae-ie f
Ly C:.aair:in Lr-."
1)IaL"Nl5 and CraLiberrit i fr tile Vy
CLftuil-rrl.n En.-'
) AIS1NS anJ Currants t r ly
J.1 i'LamlrhD Pro"
PRESERVED Citron for sale by
I 'ORX Starch f.r sale by
V CLamirUn Bro'
l.'SsENCE Csffee Lr sale by
ts.asbtr.ln Bros
1AKING Soda f.r sale bv
Itaiub-r.; Brc't
CLaiEbrIin Bro'
CLftmtrlio Brr'a
Cbaoitrlm E'r-'i
DA Ash jt sale by
VAL Soda Lr sale ly
yiNEGAR for sale ly
'I'Or.ACCO Chewing and --a., k
1 bais-o t .-7 aa I j ChMiWr.l
iin Lro'f
VEGARS f r sale ly
ChaM'-ertin Bre'
)ATENT Vi'agtm Grease f r sale by
rr.aaVr..ii Brc'i
HOSENDaLE Cement I r -a e by
X. t'hamt-rlin Erc'i
'A EC IN ED Piaster fe.r sale by
ChamtriiD Brv'i
W'HITE Sand for sale by
MANILLA Kopg nd Twines assorted
lor M l-j CbasibcTlin F.ro.
tAll of which will be sold at very low
prices fi r Cash, cr eichanced for Country
Wheat. Rve. C rn.Oa-.s. Eariev.Pf-r'ir. Bacon.
Butter. Lard, Ec-.-s, f l.iver Seed, Potatoes,
Apr-lr. Dried Fruits, Ac,
For which we will pav Ch at the h rhest
market rates. W H.CH AVBF.RLIX,
,J , Hare reeeivetl
their new Tall and Winter Mo-k,
which ttiey are determined to sell cheaper
than ever. All they ask jjsJ.ook.kSt-pu 1C
ew BooVs, Paper. Ink', Prrf'jrrierv,
Jewrlrv, Spices.Confecuoneries. 4c. can atl
t purchased very cheap, at the Pus-T nr.
!'!CE. A fresh supp'y jist received. '''
from Phihieiplia !
ini't'f 1" r hits ;-ist reee . at k.a
. p il "ar.el S , lare si)5C wortt
o! B . ts and s'tir'i. v Lh it will be ioM at u
l ii- an.izpr.cesorrasri:
:-r - : R ,t.i. arrnttJ, 1 CO to C
O i ts- K ; a- ! 't. b o:, S 00 ki 4 l
ti-T'-s- I :. t IIjitcM, z ;
V,-..' -i. -j. l 15 to r
U -' Ii -s. 1 -7 Iu 3 is)
La 'if-' i-i-re T.tr''tBS kictls, 1 00 to I 7
1. id.-.' ll-r! itii. rs. 1 25 lo I 25
I. id o' f!el and Merccco ti.ots. 1 to t OO
La lies' B I'kir 1 25 to I 60
La l " S pprs, ;i to (
W.ni.ea's I -a n.r brers, kia. 1 ID i I -l
L id.es'O ur, san 'a - v i)itr-hoe ST
V .' -;-r.l,! A V..roce.i boots 75 to I 55
M.-s- ; ,in i ii er .r es tl
t'a.i lien's 1." . i-, M;. s, & (Jailer 27 to 74
The above- r .odj wiii ail be warranted a
A : It n. of Men's. rNys' rJies,- Mi
and t.'h. i lr-r ". ii. .tit. Snres. and Gairer iriria
to or.er. t :" the very t.est material and work
(T.an-htn. a-d warranted to cive sar .'rti.
RirtiBian pti icpttv attend-d Otve at a
cali. ' JAMES SCOTT.
"'O'ri'. E is herety civen that letters of
.il a liitni.'ra-ion up-. n the estate of MICH
AEL VV AO.NLK. ia'e ol trie borouih of Le
isl n-2. d-ca- '. have leen this day rrantej
I . the -u- srr ' r by the Kenster of Wiilj for
Ihe cati'v if I'm n : a!! persons having
c!am.i:i"..! a J etate will present ihem
at or.ee t . jj mi -cr.ter f. r artil'meat and
th se o.r,r sa; 1 e.-a'e are rcusted to
meet the .ti'scr tr-r at tr.e la'e rf.-idente ef
a d dere..d, r n the 29 h January insu and
make pvnienl. as ro further noure will t
given. ' ISAAC h. wagnek.
Jan. 11. l-Zl Admicistratcr
rpilOMls and It !-rt I. .eablt
i have in their YAKloS, t,n S .nth Water
s'r-et. Lewishorz. a lare assortment of
J.I MBLH AMt COAL ft.r sa e. ecmpruiDf
the f ii wtnz:
li-o.ooo i-: f dry r:ne BoarJ. and P:ar.k.
the haif t f -hem neariy ta r. years drvmp, ci n
s;.t: r ; r-f t;-;.-.rh r m -n-.n P.ai. i.',ii.eh com onus
B an -. --t-.cn, 1 J inch and inch Pjcnet;
Heatt-tt irJ., Pc.f.ar, Liotboarda, and
ri-a-tt: t;
Ji t r.rt l.a-h airl fhirti'es ;
loo.oi-u :et f dry Xnst ar.d Seaatlitc;
3i.no 1 s-iv-e ! H -ml. ck Lails.
SHAVOXIS COAL of all ! jt, of th
rrv te-: art.e e. weighed cr measured lo sa t
ihe rurrhaser.
t iA:l the iVr anic!es will I sold ery
1 w fe.r Cash, or Eichartged for country Pro-d-ir
T ar.'.f i! fur past literal ps-mcare.wre hop
I - sture a cent. nuance and extension of th
tf. T. & P.:LE.BIT.
l.ew.stnrj. Jan. 1, 1 5S
Adr.iaistrator's notice.
XTHFREAS. Letters of .Ad-r. tnistrarlon to
y tn estate of JAC OB KEIt-H. lit of
West B-jrJa!-i Tp, Lnion foanty, deceased.
, have been rrantej so ihe subscriber, ty
Rest s-er A Recorder cf said county, ail per.
s- ds in let ted to said estate are requested to
make itarxed ate payment, art! those harixg
claims i:ai-i-t Ihe same wii! present Lb.ra
duly authett-catei f. r settlement to
ON K All HfCKLEK, AJra'r
West EarTa! e. -r. :
runs .
Hats and Cup
A fresh snp-i y -ust received at GIBSON.
Ha: Man-afactwry, LW:st.urg cheaper tbaa
- ' I Not 5
, pOl tli KilTl.Trrj;,ior.rer.
Oi'LU'iTS -he patr. nav. -i .s. T- '
O K-s.-i-rtce cn ?nth F.t h street, l.ewis
: tnr. Pa. 'Iieceti hr 5.
EV,' GiV.IS!
rec'J tv
J. J.'I 4I I.S,
ete.rac rts ih. n.ea! Urce an ! we'i se'ected
a. r-ire-t . ! h At.L AM I17A TE1L Osods
a: fa:r ra,j.. P ease ra.l arid exam, i.e.
Lewist.iirc fiJt. I-..-
( Iianfc r.ir a f.ixxl Trade.
THAVE b-u' l."r.r.,,f WOOD Thick
I w .l Ira - t. r MAXCi"". I wn! deh.er
t.aif a c. ri rf V.'t-.-j 1 ,r a c i two ht-re h a 1
et Manure. Prr-, fa. virta man-are tu di.po.o
cf f r w -e..i w.l. .io weii t- a;.-, v sot 11 lis
T B. LATESMAX has cp.-cJ a
J siiperii-rass.-rtmer.tt-f
Dry (.oocN. ( luttiins. Ilats.C'api,
fijrJlHjarf, Clr.ccncsjrc, Crctxhts,
slt. r:?n. Ac. ic,
which he has la-e'y received frcm New Ycrk
and Phi.a ieirh.a.n hich he s-;i cheaD f.-r
Pre doc
. and vet cheaper for Cash.
'.t.ite ll. i..v. o. I
I LMOVAI.. Dr. A. I. Mej lert h
removed to the n-'Ue 'ate.y cccnpifd lj
Mrs. K.nrard. c rr.er ti Third and Jm. Mary
Jtreels. t'-n m. ..are Xorth vi Vari-'! S:. txt
iide. OFFU'K m ".rr e by ' iir.c. Srnh door
cn Third S:. L-u.L-urff. Xcv li. Jf.-S
w Goods ,"OId Stand"!
VGENERALa-strtment rf Ilrjlooil.,
m-i-ir-up '.thn,j.Il irs.l- Copt, boutt
end X:.otm su.tah e for the season.
Ilarj Ware, Qr.rtr.s Ware, Groceries,
all of wh.eh w,,i tie s. at price, to .-lit th
times. Liheral de.' in . i s mrde l. r I'a.'.!
M l i:f:;h r i hai tk.
Beiflaloe X R. ad-, O. t I-.'-
LOOK TIIl! tin:
xo t:ce: so ticl : : xo tive: : :
HAVIXG jut reiurci'il frcm tie fity
wi-.h an uiiu-aity iar-te Mtck ai d wetl
selected, and am now prtpured t. sell -.oc.'a
lower than can he b'-uiht e.sewheie ou ih.s
side of Phiiadeiphia.
Hardware! Hardware!! Hardwsre!!!
NalUXnlll Locks, La-rhrs. Iln.cn;
Screws, (iiass. Puny. 1'a nis. Oil tn fact
-erj ttliU5 yoa may want totntid voor
self a nrs.i-rate house tr barn rweniv per
rem. lower ibaa ever be.-e re. 7a. tr
7Viu trntf f
CAKPEXTEHS. here yo ran cet the ee!e-bra-ed
Greel.frtd Plane, St rm Oi jeekson's
hin.1, len- n and rtp Sj.i. llutchrr's, Beaity's
ar.d Brady's Closets and Piane Ircts. patent
and common Braces. Fiace E.(-.is, Aujrers,
fqnares. Juajea. Iron re s, ( t uir a-s aw,
Hmon-l's Hanimers, Ate.
Htacksmiths'Iron .'.'"A IR'X ALL
KlXUs Bar. scollop. Tyre. Oral, li, ond ird
tsqtiare- Cast Steel. Sprir? and Frphsh Steel.
Vises, AnviN. BelU ws, Jrrew P. ate, etc.
HOI s-EKEEPElIS! Tabic Knivr. arrt
Forks, Carvers. Spoons. Krt.les, Lamp-.. Cma.
ditH-t.. c-rt-e Sut... .iirt. tfc.. y .1.. r.n.. a. wi. -
WAl I. TAl-Hi Yoo wil f a.' It-.rer.rt-. 1
fffssat man. ni- r- .'. Ihr iUr.t- is: 1 1 r. --. aa ef
J-.M1 i. rAI'I't.N.
In f'i- I'lriuil tla.j, I Hi i-i-l !.' f.
rrrjr w.i. -n '
'FOOL OKI'FK.- ia .'r pri.-u J ar.i t. r
'e ai Ihr I .--e
r i
yt ) ,1 a. JO