Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, December 03, 1858, Image 2

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LWiobarti Cljrnnirlp.
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97:titrr .Mr.
i I .1 III. is-h ;
'. Th. I ,,v.T-,r: CiiRaii u,
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. i i . C..t ;i i .nut v.
FiwJoai, nuiunih Shivery. sectional !
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U.j. ( AVW ,c. !: U .', l.r comvy
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J Jtrrc tl.e r.- nil rs
f thr ,mner.au.i
us 111 the C"''t
in:-ty'r.! to h.i
j ji ;,..-, ' " '
all our mil t,r u.im,:. nf. Ii ''.; r this ire
.... .? ... '. . ...... . i
i-K-s; iuu,i f,c ,,, ., ,,,. t;,e (,.(
f ,.t .ue, thy we.-, not ami,!,,,,!, f,r thy
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tautter in Jirj,.;r si',.ij..;.
Ths last Election ot" th3 Ycr 1B53.
O'd HcrUs c.?n u-Jjukes MiJei-n li.-iaorratj !
Tim .special (.'.n";fc.iciiial Kleetion
in lerks county, flo-iM tlio or.nva?3
lor this year, and wi:!; it a (itfeat of
t!io Aihiiiiiistraiioii for tho svond
time in that Uibraitc-r of I'euioera
cy. Ai.r I' wiK.s! T!ie Ui.i'hatiic.i par
ty niaJo liio contest tarn on fidt lity to
tho nar'v and sihumm I nf '. i- own
r " , . , ,
UlOl'llC SOU, and went il.lo l!ts COIl- :
tCt with I.I-.-I, oW ('.., W, If
I:- ! ., V . ' , '" ,K
Ivcilll, the Itiijiosmoii candidate, was
Mi";:iiali.ctl as a Wliijj, a Xix Wci.-er,
a IjI.il-I; U.-iiublikaner, ami everything
else except a Lecoiitptonitc. Ki:t is
ELECTED BV -itltl U.t.i'.KlTY ! XillC
cheers for Old I5erk.s '. Again does
tdic repudiate a'l'f. iend-of t!;o rCittiou-
al Administration and stand with t he
rrer j i: ,t. r.i.,;,,
against Slavery Extension and tie-
feiidiii Prelection to Free Labor.
(!en. Keim is an old-line Whig an
able and popular man.
Thus does 0!d Derks close tho se-
l ies of popular condemnations, by the
mass ol tho Xatioa, of the Sectional
canal in power i.y a mtiiortty vole al ,
:, writ r..
.. "."iisiuii. 1. 111. 111. i.uiiiuiiuii
Of Will he alter his policy .'
The future must show.
t-5-Those downriver nei-hbo. s
, 7,1
t....a s..l
Thaukiviug dinner, that He fear it ,
will tret cold -,-) .. in , - of l.,!.
Will get told. . Jill a IIUm Ol bile
1 thm- ei.-rt 4 (".....-t ).,,,. il"
" " . . - ;(
lii order to prepare to j .::i in tliat
wi our iiiinz, However, vou lii-iu uc
tIiai.kfulM in advcinnc : nivl that is,
lhat none of thcoljocts of ov wan
tun assaults arc revengeful or litigious
fr if they v. eic, no Jury would tx-;
t-usc some of votir libel.-".
The 1Ik7 Issue.
The Richmond E.innirrr t resents the
. ,
tn if issue which the siaveholdcrs arc going
to make with the 2C ri.li. It s.ivs :
"Virginia sees, that, though the Consti
tution recognizes, and the Supreme Court
t-ustains, Lcr right to carry slaves into a
territory, yet sue uis'i remembers what
Judge Poug'as so j.oiutedly I rotigUt to
light iu Illinois, that this right may be
rendered mill and void ly tl.e ncn-action
cf the Tciriti rial l.rL'iilature.
.....ti .1.. nnnt.t. ., T.,r;.n,r n linn on
uu,ii .u o. . s. ...... j, ,
.!...- r r . u....
cue eve o. lo.m.ug a .-,a,c fc. .s ........ . ,
may ciee.uu me ..es...i.. ...int. ,
lu'ure late. t ins ciuesuou is cooce iu-. ;
rh,tform bfptrtia, and must tc met, and j
decided, constitutionally in favor of fro-;
...clion oe iiiipo.itilntionallv nffail.st it.
" " t e ; --.
It can n uuif must tint (V c-intiirmiMl.
If the Cincinnati platform does not pro
villa fr this (ju. stion, it niuii! Ic mailc to
Vleit this issw.''
Senator Uuwn, of Mi., says Pres. Uu
cbanan is prepared to take . M.w step in
advance on tiie Slavery issue.
Tn Folr Si-Tuns : A tale of social
...1 A. i;r.. ;.. l... t...
anu uviiuwiii. ..is ii. ..niuiu! , ,..-,
., ex- -I
llremer. 1 he wntinos of this most ami-
hl lad. can not !.a too l.ihlv recommend.
ed. lUr rimances are true picture, of I
V.f., oWmtlv .-ioih. -.1 in l.r,..,.:.,.e as sweet I
.ndr.ure a, the fame cf the -eutlc authoress i
I - " C
All Mi liremor'a works hare '
.... ...... ........ . u .. . .
hreo read with the greatest interest tn ;
this couutrv aud iu Great L'ritaiu. I'be !
most rioid critics of both countries have I
,-i, ,
t woiks rf this lady tbe '
This look baa been trans-1
always t,'ton Iuc n
biohest praise. Tli
utcd hv Marv llowitt. It is rubhshed
ty T. li. lutersti & liruthcr., o0t Cliost- j
- -., . J 1 :
imy oue.rc: vf voiUije, on the receipt cf
ct 1
. , , . -
Seo .i me aiieuat election ot directors
nf tl.a Xorthumbtriand Hank, the follow-1
iu6 IM.nl was chosen : John . Packer,
Daniel II. ISrauligan, Win. I. Grcenough, '
t.eorjre F. Miller, Wm. 11. Waplcs, Simon :
o , , ... .. , ,. , . -, I
i-liii.l..r U m 1-....villi, .lo...r.l V ileon t
J ..v .....
(jeorgc Sehuure, John lloush, James Tag
.art, li. i'rank I'arton, A.lIAVarford. The
Hoard re-clcuted Jubn li. Packer, K-t., as
i 'resident.
Mrs. L. II. Siirourucy, of Hartford, j
' itia , f'jrnisbeJ fifty pnor families in Kos- j
i n, J!a ., with turkeys or fowls and!
I rtir!:i:i ye, of the bet ria.ii'y .o-. fr
lii.n.l:ri it'll diofaii.
neonni7is no n -ner t'.at can ciinriel a Ter-1 ii . . .... r .1 . . , "..0.,ivm ' i . i'i'i"'".o.i.. rn,vreter ole. Jacob li Urown , --i- s ... .. .,...,r.. .-l .s,
ticogtiizes nop Btri.,aicauc,iiiip-i4 itr ii0e At the ODeninc of the Courf.when . . . . ' v... r. u I 23 bv l'J feet an tlut Kitchen a Well of .1- ' TliltOlT IIIM'Isr. , 11
ri.onal Legislature ...enact . " ' tbe list of Grand Jurors was called, Mr. i fncf. VhiT s a"ork of i" adventures ' t"i' Archlbahl Youn" fe..en, w.ter. with . I'ttmp in, nder roof-. ; ,''1' l'
ticc.ssary ... Protect tue const Hut.nn. ' briVdi e.?e" . ! " ' 1 ' Ji-l Kleckner.S W Snodgrass '" I'IU
rituis of blavehu.ders, yet ., '",s hold " as .. .c ,11. .... iw, wm. inau .u t -, , s;,a(.n;T 1 Stable an lee House and other necessary i,a.i ii.n.t A.t..ir;,i,...i. 10 ,..1 u,. t..u...uc ca- .1
,!..,! (Wjmt A. thr. rijht, .t U tn h,y ! iry about bim, and as they could get a(ine oiialtended liy any while man) trav- I TV. I Ml! ICHOR rhoVrFrnTTre'entTl "Ik""' ' "" V.."".!, s, j-w
bound, to i.rvtcct ', . in the Territories, no inf .rmnion, they ordered a Constable e.s with Alncaii a.tendanis.amon" diiferent 1 1 . ... . . . . 1 A . I'"'.Lch?,r.e. h .TJ"sa"d rubberyf Pr. ,..rr Nr:
iK,Siiu-c the bill I1113 been
killed, ami P.nrhanan & Co. have trie.l
.... I !.. I." c-tin
ll' IiU M IP 111'; C'J LUMUU-IWUStlam,
lias been hupiy and iiro.pcrott?, tts t'.ic
. , 1 . 7 1 1
Ciiaia'Ur of her people VoUii
The times arc so hard, that
r Ai ,1 . ..
SUTIIC Of tlie pontile advocate a COtltin-
nance tinder Tctiiorial Adtnillistra-' ba"- bul we area.ssured by those skKcd iu the
;c ...,... i,.,i 1, ,!,, healing art, thai not the SarsapariMa itself is
'-" all vaj Cnd.irabl0-nnaict.ibe for lhjl eonclusi,;n lml lh(.mif.
I- I'clc fan. )ay the C05t3. I3e it as ' rraWe pr,pPrali,.ns of ii, that have
tlirv w i5!i.
The Xcw Orleans (Li ) Hullotin, fays :
A gentlemen was yesterday required tn ,
W IS S.. and ces.e in the U. S. j
LisHit 'i.n II.. I.., I l .,,ll,r'
, J.
the IVt-ollk-ij authorities for encliisilig a
A jj. ntlemcn was yesterday required tn
a lcS 'aier and poliIl' the
.. . 1... . tk .1
i ' ' ;
;1..,.,.,r..t ,-n ..,, ..,! .i,..l .1...
t).;'...r 1. . 1 , , i, ,- . , ,! Poani "f ,h,s llr..t al,-rativr, which can at.endance at the appointed lime agreea
thtrg Lad been d .no by his son, but h. .!,,i ,,.,. lir rmmni,v ,n , ;.,. ...,., ..
, hi. unui any intention to Ueirauu Hie rev-
..mm Tim ;...),, ,tur...l t. o ne
ab.ve sUled.
tzjr$e uatrr Hammon,', of South Car-
1: , . . !
ouiia, 111 a rectnt sptein, sas mat Slavery ;
, - - j
is (lie great fillar of civilization to the;
whole world that it u "the Ut sncuiliml !
iiunstri'ul tuttem that hit tier yet b,'fn
n. .. ... 1 , 1 , ., c '
Oiyini ..1 ; and that Ullder It, the South
, . , . ' .
Las become Me m,,t.,r0,:n 01,1
the mc (.,l,.jh..,,l a,l mnu
I'fiplc uli'j nuicjbtuuli on t'le Chile."
'ri- (' ..-. , . o 1
.Mcdary, wbuni liuchatian has just appoint- ;
cd Governor of Kansas. !.... .1,,...
, ...
1 uoes not promise welt lor o j
hono.ab'e administration, lie lias long
. , ,
t-f" l..wauJ.sucocsSf!pol,l,cl trickster,
but above tbts be has never risen, lie
, r.l 1 -i .
the time tbe I'residenl was nominated.
i j . ,i r . i '
It is noticed f. a rout arkablo fact that ;
the Governors of the Southern States this ,
.,r ... . ,, OT4Mn . . . I
jear, generally omit their gasconade about j
slavery, and their bluster about dissolving
the Uui ,n. Let ibe North maintain their
ruanljr aHitutiL', and blavory will fchow it- ;
IroDO a turk.'V Cne"f and he mil nursun rnu :
wtili a fi-Tj face unl a fierce gobble; pur- .
sue biiiK and he will ruo hkc a irlurn ;
' "
FAT. Pow iiaq hfn -betnl n ATnmli.T
of tho fl, MainPj to gupi,!y a
vacancy from Portland. Tbe Democrats
oaiv polled about MO voles iu onpositioa ,
'. . . "
, tlv,H irrrc tur a rulurnl man. i
it appears, where rr.tial suffrage prevails,
the It-ir eiats e .nrt the votes of r ,lre 1 '
tue i.u.ociata totir. tue votes ct dlnrcd
titizc"s Vulil,S for tlu',u ' but' wl,prc
they can nnt vo!'. thev would proscribe
,.,;,. ,-,lr... :
tJU" ",U 'UuLc'- :
15",u brai.cl.ea of the Legislature of In-
, , , -, , h , . . . i
iiiaiia ii ;i vf. ii v a frptiinn viim n. nm rail rrm'ntramur. j 11
, - j , .s.. v. w
lWy.Ja! olitieMtT tlkiv4JW)iJStl 1
aJ V((i)3 auJ win priy eccl, and
s - nd to Washington other.. Huusth
liufuatcd Congressman, and Gor. WillirJ, ;
at a crncral lA-moeratic URelio- dcooun-
ced DuJjlas in unmeasured terms.
tu. r..ti .......
Illinois Flection
ol the i l:inoi9 "Mate election Miow a total
vote of
52.722, hcins au increase of
PJ.T'il over the 1'iesidenttal poll of lS.'it,.
(Jn t lie State ticket the vote stood : lie-
. ,.,e. c.o . r. ...1.. , . .,., .
publican, 1-2"j,SUS ; Douglas, 11,03 ;
l.ii,.linnnn fifl'.ll I In th,. I 'onoressional
. ,,' ., i .
vote the 1. puhiiean niig.inty is large.
Fremont had Oil, IS I; Uuchanaa Lad
Arthur Hodgson, a Orand Jtir. r who
"as 1" attendance upon the Luzerne Court, !
was foui d dead in his bed, oil Wednesday ,
. . 1. . i. i . . :
la ga ou; Bn num. mm up : anu on coini;
fc h 6
. 1 - 1 1
found in Lis bed with ;
(j) )jis r)0mj wa,
On the night cf (lie 20th instant, Mr. !
Uetij iuiin Uruce, cf Iluutsvillc, Mo., was
I .J c.: l. . 1 I '
muruiTcu m uis ueu uy iwo slaves, wuo :
had been willed to bim during bis life, i
after which they were to la freed. They j
were arresicu. i tt,.
William 15oas and James Nolan ere
drowned in the Canal, near Mechanics-
. 1. ,1T- 1 t' ,1 . . r i
burs. 1U 15ald h lle alleV. Wfck before
oi iniosicauon, on ioq uaj previous 10 :
,- . ,
tbeir dead bodies being found
Senator Douglas and lady have started
on ,riP ,0 Ncw 0rlcans a,,d ll'3 sllTe
pionlatiou on tho Mississippi. He made
looting "'Ch al St. Louis, abusin
tD0 ii"Cis i.epuoncaus, ut uoiumjr more
-S" i
It is slated that Senator Sumner has ;
experienced so much relief from buropean
i .t.l. , t
physicians, that he contemplates resuming
.,. . . . . .
his seat at ashington bctore the wtuler s '
session ctoses.
Tho licllefouto V. atchmnn is y.ubii?hed 1
.1 f iww .. ' - - .' i
per vear, . few subscribers will soon mate
.1.. i.-j . .,.n,.c, 1 ;
me i.-.. . 's ii s .. juu . ;
rr f. . . n . . . ,L .. r TT rh'
iuei iu....ijuu v.. o,, uur.u ... ..am-, j,,
iltun, N. Y., bis been fnzen over for sev-i
eral days past so as to prevent entirely
the moving of boats in that vicinity.
Charles Huston Hale, graudson of
. , i i i ...
11,,ctnn ,I..o .1 nnrl Inn nf Th.ta
,Uo.. .. , , w. --0
Hale, has been admitted to the practice ;
of the Law, in Centre ceuuty. I
rctnia Morning cf last week, at the Kscl.anirc .... ..,.n. .... ' '''" ".r-John Si Clair .sr, ........ c a. ..u.r. ks thomi s,.x.
Dr. Wm. Elder lectured to .crowded: .J''V..'
B-xka, inrludinjT tlw J'ntJtr and T'nraU Lijeot Tsmtt Ai
Lnim.i in ntdlffmitff. TilPfsilav Prntitnit t rn '" with ltiorrrhieal .Notleea of hi moat lrinitt-
' . i
last week, on human progr st anAcivilizi-
i be liepuutican vote in Ilhni is ;
vil greaur than it Ka in 19 oh. liucba-
,.n ' fin lu,. t . !
! cu's vote m 5S,tKtJ lc.s.
LEWlSUUiiG CllinhXlCL&WESTJfflAJfClI l;A(iMER---DECiy 858.
' Uri-g and Olingman have been reelect-
ed to tbe U. S. Senate from Nor'li Oaro -
t lin.
The tri.I of Allibone and Nuwhaall ban
: 1 1 1 ! 1
couimeueed, n I hiladclidiia.
! Hn-we have io opposed .his crir -
. ., .. . 1 1 ,1
: brateddrug hat come to he an ejrlodedliinn.
; bn palmed off upon IV com nun.iy-pr. P-
arations nhirh contain about as much f its
virtues as ihey do of gold dust. It is a con.
mtnM fac, ,ha, a!in0t al)f ,e Safsap,ri:.
,a in lh, worlll, 15 consumed it. the
. ... u .u ,
countries ol l.urope, where the c,r,,rc ,
'f medicine has reached its hi-hjst pertVc-
'". ana wnere tiiey Know incueti wnat 10
employ for the mastury of disease, ll-ace
.. i...i ... r....i . 1 ..
''i"i"'""uCc com-
l,e assured, th-.t am-ihn." Dur r Am makes. .
is worlhv of tii-ir rnnn.lt-nrr. He has for
inn e...:... m ohminatino this reinedc
; ,. .,,, 7 ...t,. k.1
-f' d' l"c snould add the crown-!
ill!! "lore lohis alreade envi:.h!e renntation
, v ,
.iiiKfiuiii ..to, .,rii7
Princess and the Physician.
ew 'offisners who were sojourning in
"'inie durin? the Autumn of IS can fail tn :
. , , .
remember Ilic violent illness of the beautiful :
Pnilccks (; wh j
from the brillian, social circles of that ci.y '
their fairest ornament. The means hv which :
'"at illustrious lady was restoied to health :
: .w , ., . r. ..,. r. :
, n urn liivcii uici ii v ii inf. liicuiiv in liiiinr.
I IS nnr hlitPPimr , 1 1 .. I...
. ;
UWVs mi inc. anu is evernrompi to acKnowl
edjre the obligation, to the most distinguished :
! physician of the a-.-e, Dr. Thomas Hollowav. :
ITi.it rtin(,.j;nv n, i. , . '
! 1 ,at "'"ordinary man happened to mve
"'e bi;'--''-t""' J City." just at the cr.sis :
' of her disorder, and was immediately sum- I
. niou. d to her ratace. He fouiid itie Prim-,.ss '
. .. saj eoudmon. linrm. an ei.e..i...trivi. I
it... ,k. -,. i i ii .
hroug.uhe tampagna she had been smitten, !
J' l"c lt'arr"1 malafia which sometimes arises
' P""usclondslroin theadj.centmarsi.es. ,
I he consequence was a violent bilious attack, ,
terminating in jaundice. The lovely face
" ' ' "i , c"-' a"" "psed an ,
MdVon, ami ihe eyes which hid kindled love
in a ih.iu,iiul hearts were duller than laed
...u ... i i. ' - t
-uiti t'c none o-r tier, at tue same time
p'testm that if the hue that now tinged her
skln.were to rema.n a(i.-r her n-rovery She
Wiiuld rather Hip ili.in
live. Smiling at the
pardunahie vanity of one w hose queenly beau
ty was the them,, of everv traveller who vis.
ited Home, he told her cheerfully that her life
and her loveliness were bolh sale. His pre
diction proved true. I'nder .he the inlluence
1 " , . ', "'"'S
?' "' F"
t Ins irresistible IMls, the veilow suffusion
and dav bv dav. like a star '
. , .. , .... -
, i-uiaiiii .uroilgn a C oUrt. Ilrr tieaiile was rp
1 j , ... ,
T!"1' ,, "hl" Slx w"k " was a"noi.n-
. ... V i 1""lc, w"um M,on pild" "ie j
eyes of her admirers at an evemiig festival to
,,,". ,7; . , . ,
, -V, , r'''! ' " 1""' 1 r,nrr" ;
1, IT 7 y. """'"P'".'-''1 ' :
"".""'"T,''' s!al-' bu Dr- "l'l
""t permit. He refused t receive anythine.
. u t .jiivrinr ; anu ne nresenie.i mm ,
With ? n,o:l appropriate one. It was a doub'
W sirl-M; rTApnftpfl Vr
charms, and ihe other con'tainin-z her likeness ;
as sh nnneitred .11 ;be l.'le in ihe full bloom
of restored health an I beamy. The memen. ;
10 was accompanied by a no-e in w hich were
v ... c, ...ti at tux.
pictures, imagine if you can, my boundless .
graitnide '
Ii may well be supposed that Ir. ;
ouav treasures this dt-Iicale tribute to his !
skill, amone his choicest souiemrs. "Courier
' hl 1 "'"'". h"e-
tfav.Anv one will lirin? or scud us
,. , , r , - , -, .
? I lor ft lul. of 1 ) Stll.5Cnl.01? tO
at:V address fur the C'llRfiMf'I.n. we !
I will prcpent Iiim a coiiynf the follow-
1 !'
, hiS most interesting book :
lOOO infills Tanlftl to sell
critics mot -..,..: nil ... hi,,, ,,.t '.
ni.inv ol ih.m hs,iiei,P,i,.r r.,rmin ih. i
manv of them hostile altogether forminj; the !
most astonish.ni; Doolt of Travels the world '
has ever seen. All our Atrems acknowledge
. ,hl. . .,,:.,. ...h m,..,
lh,ra, como,issi,; made to asents in smaller
large qnantines. For panicula.s.address
J . W. Ilk A t.l.KV. IS.Ut.hfr,
4 vr'l. K..nt. sl. i hu.difhi.. !.
P" -t "r mail, ir,-.. .n riPt of the i.r.c, tt.-..
N'n,-i:s or thk pkess.
. ino-t r.'.p,rl.,til,. jnurital. rti dirt romtlrv. nt our
rh,.i ,,,,. ..f-i.i. .TV...1...... r., i,.,.i....
- ti.i..ii -
mon, . .Pi,'..i iu . rni.m, ., -co
t''"i"lil world: n,l nltnc.tlirr . r.rj ll . onr ,
cf :l, met incrlinc l-v. l...,l .ill,,, tli. Dt ;
,..r ..,. ,.mri, ,v.r,m, j ,
b fny arpreni i.y itH.m.-t'iruifi.n wt-!., Mi.
T h hot ifc i having great run. and will he nati hy
-erj r-tinliiig man. inmin an-J rltiM. in tuil U well as
I other lan.R Anittafntl.t (Ot.ioi TfUrjntf.h.
j The work ionnel illu-strated. well printM, and firmly
oouni. in us au.twermg in ei-ry retrrrt th d-liiatid tur
a )f,uUr aiol rlicap edition or th ".lounieya ant K
searcht a in gniitli Africa.-' Thone of our rt:ul4 rn who
wtniM ha?e a teiichtful book ft r reatling at any hour,
win nnr. nftiiAppoiuted in tnili worn. i . .S. Journal.
W.th truth wo r.n t n... .lilnm u nm, ni tn
a.w, wot iwmn(NHiia
ui iiinirui-oon in. ..... in u.....nn. . ... tu.udii
: ih,i,1mrlTiIlutratl..,lrrpntslh ui.ue.p-
wenm.j !.., it,,?,,.
en., it. oviwiine pwn.oi J.vntu,w ur. full of tn-!
trnrth.n and an, u.niei.t. Ten thouHnd mpi it ia j
tt.tAul 1. u t. .. i.i : . I a.. i - . ...- M I
.crivci,.,, .n.i .nu.n-t. Tm ciinu.H.id ei,w it
.t.,t?a. i,r.. i.. , ,
It. I.ivinit,n.",
riea M;rtar to cren
"I""'"- .".'urn s-nr,,vt. .
nit'nfn Trart N aud KfM an htn in t'-'Ulta Af
,r to creat ..if.utH3e in tin-edition, whieh i-
liy th editinn m. t atveptahi, to the reader j
f.r practical iiu tract ion nd amusement.- j
ho reads
' K.fur.I.u W
Ti,ee.itt..fc rf n- i.iintiTrTmveTj., pnMhhni by '
.11 nrwu.y .
fl(me s l raves , Afnra. 0urs is lhe on,y
cheap American edition of this great work
publtshed.and contains allthe impnrtantmatter
' . . I .
t the Lnsriish edition, which sells at H.
nCL.;al Votico tn Ao-fntst nn.l Can.
va?er. !
gawlied .VtwiirT, tirnrali and rarontW, and the ndta
t-i.x .,.w. iii,rr nr i...ii. ...a m. i
llnr ioterc-C hr T. S Arclo.r: l.il'e "f ' lir. H K. Kau.
Th.-. .j,honrfnrm-r Kvt..n.i.i'.tifi.,,re,.1ii.r
nrAkN,-!. n. th. hwl and taunt ..l.abl. li.l of I'uMlrs-
ik.i . .rr c.ir.n.t ... Am.u
w..ll.r tlw s.,J. .A.r.il f.-in.
feM.1 Cw.iriw.r.. to .Don.
I f., .... i;.t. .titrh
is .ul 1'i.s.u. . irlof tbv L'ail.sl :r. '..d;.',l
..... .. ..v....u.v s I ot lirnrit enrtrk. Int. ol lhe hnrnnnh or V.f. : PW-....S -. . . .
ri -: --- , - i ' I '. . .t.tis occupied at pre-:
IV .ti rivsniimrnil Tli r,liIion nf fir. l.i.ln'.Cnni.', , fllllblirtr. (ICC d. I .... V.--.I l ' . 0a 0n
.tjuUisi h, lt.il.rf..illrto..r, j 4 The account of Jacob Heinly. Adminis- saloon They are su table for w i i , , '"L i . .
.-.nt,. rccucuvna tl over ..I otaern. trunk luting : .... . r, , a . r.ms arp.v to 1.
yri.r. 5 I he acennnt of John Dalesman, t.uard. j Jan. 27, 1N3H JOHN B I.IW IT
f.l f'Trr.v Tl.. ...,: r.c. r...v.:. . ian of Sarnh June Dntnmnn.nf U'hil. IWrTn ' balanC
. s .... . .. .iisuKsiiiioiioi i..c. uu.is.ir. - - ..... . -. . -
I nioti County Court Proclamation
; W EKA-S, the lion, au m n.m
'resident Judite for the 2Mb. Judicial
Di.tr. et vt 1'enn.svlvania, composed of the
: counties of Lino... M.iliin and Snyder, an.l
ii 1 I - si . ..natv.. I- s: 4xru
rump iu luaniu" ' "i
; ciaif JuJffiiil-'ui-mcoiinty.haveissupiliheir
1 .bfar,,,!r1,'l!.! , r;S'"
,1 -.-., aim 10 111 u... ... .... .... -
Orphans' fourl.Coiirt of Common I'leas, Oyer
.-, aiHl CO llir UPirtini. I'll mi .,.,......, ... ....
and ferininer. and General gtiarter Sessions,
at l.KWISUt for the county of i;.IO..
: ('" 'he :h Jj) ,858' anJ ' CO"'""e
..ma ... ..!.
.,.uee'is therrfure hereby given to the Cor-
er. Justices ..fiber l'eace and Constables in
and lor the comity ol I nion.to appear in miir
own proper persons .th their records. i.,,-
.li..N"u".nl'- ? J ;;'o;;,:i'"
to do those thiiias which c.f their oihi es anil ii.
lhe,r behalf appertain to be done ; and ail V,i-
nesses and other persons proseculins in behalf
01 mr iuimiinpwi. w, j r
P"rs.ms. are re.,,.,re,t to oe '
alien Jinz. and not depart wiihoul leave al their
,.,, n,ste! lo be punctual ill
lime agree.
at the Shrr- !
l.ivi-n under my Hand ann seat
ill's Ollice in I.ewisbnrsr, the lllh
ne thousand j
vemher. in the rear of our Lord one
,lelit hundred and fifiv-eiahl. and ihe eiehty
, . .
orsi year of the Independence of the Lniied
Elites of America. (iod save the t.ommon-
weelth! DAN I EI. U. Gl I.DIN.Shentt.
hsm List for Dec. Term, ISjS.
.Samuel Or ig vs I. Johnson cV t o
Michael Wasner vs Frederick Bolender
,lam Sehrerk et al vs John Roland
A''" -" r.cketa 1 s jonu coianu
avi, ;K", '
i wile vs S Rengler
T Church & Co vs Solomon Mayer
"a.nei ji ukius u n-nu s.i.appci n ai
( h hi ries jiarizcl vs male aiui rire occ tomp
It. ....I V.Ut.r c lonuil.an 1 triotTorwi.. rf.. r
. ....
llunsecker for Church vs Jos l rorrey
J hos Church vs same
am'l S Uanon vs Joseph Metxell
J"n" MoJrr vs 1 red k Worman
'has Cawlcy vs John Voungman et al
, Alfr,d
j rMUm'& Uo Ts Jacob M,ckley
J,,hn Roland vs Stair Mutual Ins Co
T ttraham. Ilutehison el al vs Jac Uridee et al
John Locke vs Iloben Hilands
Jos K Cummings vs Chas K Cronrath
(mrs 1;nColl M-CuHev vs Svpher's Adins
nr(Mihead & Uoberls vs Ranck'ek K .land
WeilT & K,s vs John Leiser and Wife
J(,hn i.jian(1 vs Martin U Keed
(;erj.e Hertz vs I'eler Fetzer
Truinp f(,r Uerkenstock vs Wm Price et al
hilip Seebold et al vs David Spitler et al
same Kenben Oidt tt al
P O Campbell et al vs Teed A Marr
.. ..... . i ..
l.udwig cV KancK vs Isaac Kanck s Lx s gar . ani an tlie necessaty outliuilUins. s.urroun
David fS:eninper vs Wm II Marr ' ding ihe house ihere is a large yard.ailjoinino
Charles II Shriner vs Wm Hole i which is an excellent Carden, and near the
I. I' Aihricht vs Adam Schreek surv II High house a never-failins Spring of lone, tune
M Richards Meickle &c vs Kenben 5 tlrwig ; waier. There is also a good two-storey
same same t TEN ANT-HOIE on ihe prenn.ses. i
hraneis hrick vs Alexander Amnions
Daniel Kangler vs John Lapp
-Margaret Korsier vs Alex Cummings
.A 1. cl.un.3..t iv so,;ri, u r-. ...... .
. - - .... ...u- . ..-1.- :
id. iin' 11 vs 401111 i.iu kc
1 l- ti i. j-.i 1 t
..evi cnocii, uet-u 5 aumrs vs j 1 earner
Samuel M-n? vs J P Seebold and J Meehold ;
Trustees Uer Refch Milllinbg vs A Uutelius I
i p,i.,;,i .(ivi;........;c.
sa vs 7 others ' j
Martin Ii Keed, minor, Ac vs C Ureisbach
James Kussell vs Jacob Dui.kle
Christian Bartch vs Daniel Itei.ner
sa,e same
i(lhl, Kessler vs tieddes. Marsh .1 Co
-- - s.
hilio Sfebtild vs Ppier Hi-aver pt l
Isaac. Waller Ar. v Irm S. l,r.l--r
Martin S Keed A c vs Jthn Kdaud
fo,ui 1 1 h.k
JuhnMnirr & wife same
jlllin Klins vs Peter Over
iaac iv uuiiKie vs iienry utiiiie
Daniel Kent;pr Jr vs Chambertin A Stout
irv siamuel Outelius vs Saml H Orwie
n i....oc i...t In T.-L- v l.-ur Vl -ihpr
same vs Jit Locke, ind
Ahram Wolfe vs Beaver fieri M & Co
l'eber V Mnsser vs corporation L'uiversity
II M hilmer vs Jacob Kloss
Samuel H tlrwig vs Henrv W Crotzer
S L Heck vs Dettriek V SheckUr
Charles Hunter vs Saml shirk
Keish cv Iteisti vs feter ueisn s Adm rs
(;HAXI .111! 0I1S Ihe. T. 18:.S
llnrtln, Jac II Smith, Wm Eilert.WmTate,
i ,t.n it... 1
MiMinburiZ U VV 1 hompson. J W Sands !
Half.,!, Dav Beaver.DavHennine.WT Linn
1,.,.1.,-U'n. Foster, fl.n t'h.mh.r.
lilttl'llilf .
- . K ,,. s, v. ,.,..
er.Ja Kaulinan,ta!simoninn, vi m oteans
Vninn Isaac Eyer Jr, Wm Hummel
tewi Sam I Knauer, -ieo Kuhl, Saml Swen-
gel, John Hower
West BuffultteYAw Smith, Levi Miller. Aarn
Hauck, David Kleckner, Daniel Pontius
AWty Laird Howard, John Hummel, John
tiennase, Jos Kelly, Isaac Rodermal. Thos
'omly,Jt Datesman.Jn Stahl Jr.Pav Meekly
Hartley Ths Jti'Curd v.Mark Halfprnnv, A LI
Cummings. Wm Fisher, O P Kaiherman j
A. ftrritn t.hristn Itrevman. Chas t.awlev. .
...... ;
uiv.if.'. n.'r-TL:...:....
,V,W.4i.rcJohn BilEer. James II Yountr I
I ,,;.,,,r,7o Wnrden Wm f'amernn Wm
''"""""f, y " "I""1." m''am"0n- "m I
n, reM..t, ptt: ..ct:..enn:.. !
- " " ' -
W B,.jl,-Sami Zellersrilenj Schrack I
NOTICE is hereby given to all con
cerncd,thal Ihe following named persons
have settled their accounts in the Register's
dice al l.ewisburc. Union county, and lhat
Ihe said accounts will be presented forconf.r-
matlon and allowanre at the Ornlian. IToi.rt
to be held at LCWlSBURt
liUlit;, for Ihe countv of
Friday of DECEMBER!
... .. ... .
lln' u,c ,n,rl T
, The account of J. F. Richart, Executor :
i ,ne '' W'M an" lestameni ot Jutin tisher, ;
late of Ne wColuinbia.L'n ion county, deceased. :
. . . . J . i
late ot ftewColuinbia.L n ion county, deceased.
'l"h- 9rninnt if r"Iir 1 Ira i v- Ki K .nrl
. ' , ' ' ,
-?orge Dreisbach. Executors of the last will j
and testament of Catherine Jfrthbach, lale of t
lhe borough of Millhnbur-, decM.
3 The acrouut of (Jeorpe Uretsbach and
Register's Olfice, Lewisburg, Nov. 17, 1P5S
Prothonotary's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all persons inter
ested, that the account of John Hauclc Trus
tee for Susan McClure (late Susan Strackey
now riee'd.) appointed by lhe last will aud
testament of Frederick Heiser late of Ruflaloe
township. Union county clec'd-, has tiled his
trustee account on Ihe 10th dav of November
"'. rr....,ono.ary a o,.,ce a. wis-
sentea 10 ine c ourt ol uommon rieas ol said
countv, on Friday the 17th day of December
next, for confirmation and allowance.
SAVtl EL KOI H. I'roth'y.
Lewisbnrg, aovcmtrr Iiih IHiiu.
Real Estate.
Va!aabl3 Farm for Sale.
rillli: subscriber oilers fur sale his farm,
I situate in While Deer township, L'nn.n
county, about ihree miles est of .Milton, ami
i,,ur miles norm ol i.ewisonrK. comaiiiuie i.
, ., ,., rle,rrA and in a t o d stale of cul
four mile north of Lewisbtire. containing ISO
' lvili(iI q he improvements ate a?o.d yr, i.
f e 0115r, a larae frame liarn, with! .1
Wr , waler , .,,e cellar a Rood S.r..,e
! pr,..Sho..se near the dweilm. and all
. . ..... hin . .... Inn . ni.d
(,,-,.1,3,,. a oood li.nrjtc.ne .inarrv.
((n lne siMll) part j. a er.od vein of Iron Ore,
. aNo a 1Hil) lelian ,sf. Said Nonih part,
sa ; crcs , ha,, s.p,.ral..
fSjANo Acres of timber land abont three
fm,rs w.sl f sa arm : the timber land
D rt ha;e , ,,,, ,)f
2m7;:p. JAMES FINNEY, Milton.
rimE residence of the subscriber, on jf:-5
I .Market street in Ihe Uomtieh otjLjl
I Market street in Ihe Uon.ueh otijl
hewisbursr. The house is of BKICK. well
finished in every respect. j
Terms One half to be raid between th.s
and the first day .f April nnt; the balance
. 1 - 1 . .1 . ,
to lie paid in two. three or five years, as ma
suit the huver. Possession civen anv time.
run rsii.i:.
A fiOOD FAliM, ftirmcrly ocr ujiied liy
il M'J'her.snn, nnw by Trim, iiitprtctfj by
ihe tine of Liimn ami nyler counties, con
taininr 170 anes uf whicli about 100 are
cleared. The public road irorn Northumber
land to New- Iter 1 in passes thiough it ahkut
f.-ur miles from .n ihumberl and, two t'rmn
Wmfielil Iron Works, four or live from Lewis
burs. Title indisputable. One thud of ihe
purcuainc money cd.ni, aim mr ir?iuc m
. - . .
equal yearly payments with interest, secured
; bv Mortgage and Bonds. The whole tract
j is til for cultivation, and includes a fair pur-
lion of meadow ground and timber land.
I Inquire ot John Vour.ginan. at Wiitfitld Ir
j on orks, or of HI UH BELLA., Art.
Sunbury, Sept. IS58. :tm".53
' 'or Sale. The One Hall part of
j JL. Tract of line TI.MBEK LAND, in
' White Deer Township, I'nion coun
1 ty, for sale cheap. Apply lo
Nov. 5, ls.'.Su 1
J A Desirable Home for Sale,
S' I I'UATED near Mifflinburg, and about
nine miles from Lewisburg, containing
, Vine teres, on which there is
1 - . lw.ili,io ll,,u..e. a eood Darn.L J .
The late proprietor havmjj given special
attention to Iruit crowing, has now a most
excellent assortment of youn? Fruit Tree-,
v mes Ac. about becoming profitable. Ii is a
pleasant home, pood Focal ion and rich suit
satisfactory reasons w ill be piven for seiijn.
Terms easy. For furiher particulars applv t
.sAM I, If. OR Wlii, l.euisboi, I'a.
or to A. . Kl.l.Mi, MilUmbur. Pa. tu
rtnsiDEM'Eon North Third street. r.
being a Half Lot of (.round. ub,
-oinfort:il.lr Tu'o-Stnrpv RrirL- rl..n.r tntr.n
i Stable, riii.d Wfll of VtPr. ai..l :.r,.',- ..r
I , T r; ' --..wj
j cnoice rrili.
inuuireoi j. ii. m i.a Mill Ll.. A sent. .
Timlin subrriber olfers f r Jale thai Iar;ev
new, moiiern built, ilouble brick. lnue,
iir-arly opposite the new Presby lenan churrh.
adjoinuiz the residence of r. Hayes. The
house is bu: It in the best Myle, rat-proof, and
well guarded against fire. A goi-d Well ol
Water, and ('istern of rever latlms uati r.
Terms made easy, and will he known on ap
plication lo JONATHAN NEUJT.
Lewisburg, Auc. 6, IS."8.
lo ii salt:.
f jpIIE subscriber otTers for sale his Residence
I on ihe west side of South tecoud street
in the Borough of l.ewisbur?, between Market
and "St.I.ouis streets,consistincof near a hit and
Second street, an t .t; length l7 feet, 6 inches.
1 "e imi'roveuir ,,s a.e .. commouions , rer
1 "e improveuir ,.s a ,e ;.. moo u '"
" ""'. " 1 ' l.l.l.l.Ml
GSMOCSI'.. m presseu Dru-K.4 4 teet
i3 I I OTTS I'. f pressed brick, 47 leet
"rout by M leel deep u-ell tinished-
maroie case, marine miis and nnieis ir. ironi
private residence or public business. It is on
the most elevated part of ihe Borouch, near
ihe Court House, and but a short distance from
.Market street. Terms will be made easy.
June 9, 1k;i7 O. F. MILLER.
MY Residence, on North Third street,
iLLil.ewisbur;?, 31 fl. front, and includine;
. . . . :.
62 ft. deep. Basement, and
" u"
Aitick finished. Every convenience in the '
3 ....
wav ol out-bnildines.
Also, a Half Lot o Market st.. opposite ;
s' K'"f r 5 res',.n. w,ln P"od v ell ct V. a-
an" nrV 5laDlf i TerV desirable lor a Dusi-
,s sland. or resiHrnee. for hnth rnlond
ness sland, or residence, (or
-,"'?',,0!''." Lo,S' STnuv fn-JT
.lum oilier I.ols xnm with H .on..
Lewisburg, Oct. 8, 1857.
rjr-rrs The suhscriberoffersto sell the
fii!fe!?'J,ar,?e lUick Foumlry ' 'hf t
J.f. Market '". 'ncludinj
eror-?iB...e ..areroom, cinice, ana I lie
""" icu aiso a large amcuni ol
"al"rns fr I'atent Rights for Asncnliural
Mach.nery.Stoves.&c. It is regarded as one
II. '"'best locations for a (rood, sale business, j
imiI' , ..i. .u u t
noincr employment, wmcn is me reason he
.lac tn rti-rrsi.A . I tls... . . . .1 .. 1 .
""m',,, "-'"i .mi. ,a .nc ndsu ne
...s. .'v.-i: v.. iiii . UUI1UI V. JTOranV '
further rtartlf lilars aibfrpcc
lu"ncr pa :7? ?rtIf"(
, ILIjIA M r KI'
Feb' ,S58
FRICK, Lewisburp
i on sAiai:.
A DESIRABLE I.uil4ling Loi.33 feel
feel front by liii.J deep. Enquire of
Beaver, Kremer cfc M'Clure.
. r c. s-c-n . .
I GEN ERAL assoninent f Dry tood.
nm.e-i,y. Uoth in,, ., .L- Co,,, Hoot, ;
and SAot suitable for the season. j
Hard Ware, Queens Ware, Groceries
4? AT T 1PI5W g, ' ,'
nr. iT V ' -
all of which w.ll be sol,, at prices to suit the !
Liberal deductions made for fash!
BtirTaloe X Roads Ocl t.8
i T
"TOTICE is herei.v siven to al! concerned
tlial the Hoi ksot the latclirm t Ueortre
a :ii.. l (i.n. l i.s ill.: M 1 til 1 nb 11 r Koiiiidrv
are ih- euure aiitt lecal property ot fain del
t;uiel,us. iEO. til I hl.ll .".
HAMIiEl. lil.Ttl.it.'S.
MiClitibur; Oct. 1st, l.sa'r'.
lv NOTICE. All who have unsettled e.
count, with ihelate tirmot t..A' S l.uO'lius.are
hereby nolil'11 d, that Ihe T,. i.-ks ut said linn
are iell 111 ihe hands el O. . Voutinian, Ej'J.,
lor settlement and collection.
All concerned ate ri.rnes!'y reqii--.tn! to
make settlement before tl.e lirst ol J.mtiary,
1H..U. Alluhu i.ei;l,.ct this Innd'y Notice,
will be dealt with aeeordil, to i.ntv.
(AMI I I. tiUI i:L!l"H.
Midi nhiirs, Oit. lt, Ih'.i.
;)OTS AM) mioks:.'
v fall Irrital al .11 AKMi'S
f '
111 1-: Kk' laitir as i) simi: mtoim:. next
V uoor .0 ,.. .her ... s .:-sr.-.
". y t " e::...al
Hen's. I.n.iips'. itTIsr.r.s' P. nil Yn;:l. s'
store. I.ew-
, ! ,s. .;.,,,,. i:a,.,s s;,ners. &e.
- - - ' ii--
i.t llir l.itrst slvlr's Hint bf-i ij-inli:it, m iif!(-.i
wiih nrfat r;ire ft lid at Cali I'urrs wlrch
uili re M'I'l as low as at any j. ,. linti .aie
MAXt'Kt vi i iusa .( ;:'.! n:ixc
(!!ie much Inwer than the tilt prices, rh.ti.li
lul r past favors, e wiil trinieav-r to merit
your luntirr cusit'Ttu lfjM. liH
A V. ES V AS I AO i t N ,
v est basement rf liiviere Iluiise l.ewiabuiy.
(I.ale l-aiif I Waiilrum'v) .;"
Hoots & Shoes for Winter!
At tin olil i"o.-r ('lire iw'r?T
i'j yoaiVe Walls' Utt.re. lJ
JAMES tsL'OTT respectfully iniortus liie
people of Lewisburg and its Viein.ty.
mat he has just received troin 1'hilad. au en
tirely new htocU ot
Ladies GaiTT1, Kid llois f. r I.;id-s and
MiNsr, and Hi oN and Mioe.s ii all
desenpUi-ns, all and
a:l prices,
wiiii h lie ii enabled 10 sell cheaper than a.
any t titer eMaliihiLfnt u it inn imy nults.
( oiunry Produce n.ll be takeu in j-aymenl.
Manuiaeitirin and Krpainr.j; dLe iu miter
at the hirp.-t notirr.
T he uinU-r.-ineti ha; in? been in tl.e Ihim-nrs-
lt-r l.ri years, an 1 i.hiVr-ran.lin:, b. th
buyin:; and making, tinnl,s he can suit the
public t. a T.
'J li.titklul ttir tiie Literal patronage already
n rnini, nt iru"t nfun -i.iire a eiii..iiiii;ii,PM
and e.xtei.ston ol ihe
iiiiif .
tfi-pl. i". lN-rS-
iar. i iv iiriTitmu:, or
1 Kii;u-ioUu.i:!.inie,ui;i,
I- urtf n cci. i.tt.l f- r U.e rurer f .-n fum aod ii . lu t.i.i.
tl !-. fcfe t.l tl.e Liter, h.'iiir. ll.fft t ;
.iniiixiie,-, It. l-v. i:r..iM-hiii.i i r. in.- mi-h. I k.rt at all
I'lllll! t LI, ll:.(.tul i.B.-ulut'Ui.li. .etir.ii,-i;i,
I hr'Tii an 1 liiiiaiiciT-TV Kl. t.tti .n.-ni. l o-tiir lil.n
. k 1 1. in- ,e. 1 i !;,ili .ertt U .(.. , - i. -
t t.K.i.i r..iiit, ii. s..,e 1 .: , - uii'i t M-'i-J-. l.i..ir.-.;a;i'
tluiar l.tili.rt. m . i,,t. ..n.,;-. nun,,;..! -te
II-' r-. Meriuii.i n-r - . ni :.riii .N.-i.--. -
otlbf Loiien. l.u, u-. L..lii I j,., ..t t,,.. ,.. . ,i i
l.il-. l .1. n:n.t i..a:j. l... rs.-i tl. M, ,,:t T..- .....
!' -1 1-i't-r. i:-.rlt..r.- itrb aa-l all Li-
lit r. .-klN. 11.-1 uli .ii aw ansirn; Ir.-fl n i- 1
r-mrt i.Tr fruit ulwI; whetbtr hm iijr;rj. in.1uu,d.
,"u,"l,,u- . .
imtrutt J.
Tli- -.'rent f 1 n ri t -
Itir-n IlllH inT:ilNt efr rn. -lT hr-fl '
Hi i fin rviwi
-ci mtufUi ii ;i- i
rbiui.lL' tiL-r.i
lilt not l.--,jt-
til U.LI, A !' ML' WH i. 1 !!. 1st.
Ofl.n, 41'.' li.ice Mnt'i, t Lire ltr. Vui 1- mav U.- Ci.u?ui-t-
ii i-U t-e::?c ri.
( Mil at Hi' 1' I't.t ttvA i rivutf r.rru'ar c iita.mn? a
Kl;e U.U t,I tljf 11, t,-l H -fie. tah K i lHleUw.
KIMI'l l.tS.
Tlw i-djjor f f ilif iit-j .'iM -e.Tk iu tl.e i-!lwifi:
liiii.p. in tltt lat-r r Jamii.tt ..t-i. i num ri.tiii;
It. I'ut Lf' i'j-ui iiirf, uhi, ti i una lum ol LrtMpelu.-:
Ir. VA Vl I'i.l I It ATI i k. We c I nt ib-htt it
tt ItlUietlUlOt: O1 ' lir It-Hlrr! llie lt.M 4, f (...tlinri M .1- j-u-
iHtitett. ;,i,J Lt'.-truiu-. wi.it ti m .j I.aj p n to I .- ;.. t. m
4i in fur (iuniii-. Il:.in-. I.onriir, umi lr. Iti .
birdtuur till Ii Uljil It 1" l IliUlV (.-r.l 1I eat-rll-lit '
ritt ittlee 'auul.li. t'.r Ki -It t i:i-. Mr I;. is cie;.i -:.-:imiiv .
in ;i in,; f. ubti CuaiUieli'Jiiirj; It.e liurlttv tu ulbets
lb us auin tt- J.
Hit i.i .11 ATIS.1I.
I'lll.ut.-ij l.lii, AlUUt. .V..
In Sanu.irr, 1.1. nit ilnii.l.o-r. (lien m Jr mete nth
y..r, ar alLHcki tl .th liii.ainm-r K-t uihIimu. Ail
. , i..hiiu.
L r jtitnts eie mm It wtlieu. anil lit- .-utf, rel ihe um-l
l.HU Iff iLlee U.uutiii t r Dl te. I i iu '
Lo t i, t.t. u.J ti;tttt i.,l I., r v.tl.tut ant '
,,;,-r;" ',-' "; "
r,-a d.i-t,lra -,l:aii:. I. r ll,,- tsllrr. M.. r, titiiiu,,! il.
nudii if i..r a. Ui-
ij,ri.i.,...ii..u. "ii-tM,
b:ii r-maiuetl irev t t it nuiari-ui ki-tl Lr bt-uith
mr t-iiiti:. UiDi: ui ia.- t-t t" t-:,i.
tli- throat, win. h 4:inie i n :r.Jii.J j y. lui ;tt i.nit" h- u
I woUiJ tnkeroM li.e (.tin aittJ Mitlrriu wuuiti W Terv
di-trt .iii-. nt.-i UipaTiit-il with lm, nf Ti.n e tt -u h au
t&tut that 1 ft-iiid Ud pt tk al f a hi-lt r. Tl.e .ii
M-atw r'litinue.l pettinij w r-'. not;ltil;tu i.rn; 1 ;.h
under the ui liial trt-tmi tit ot li.ur ililiernit j lij f-icimu"
I.iti tiimfr aiiiratrtl at my routliiti 11. 1 ronnuttt J to :o t
rtiilaileiiiut ar.tl c. tiuit you, nlncli ou rtcilect I Jul
iu the wiuter oi Is.. I. w hen you revcn.mt o.Jt il Die to lake
our IVDurstlite : art! ,y l1L u.. ot I.-ur lsttien ul it. in
(vnneaiou with )tmr throat nih-aticn. I x entirely
ruretl, and lt;ie rt-oi imt .! tteli. It ir. u..w tnorr tliaii a
tear muco the tur o a.o i t.ett cl. K -r-t tutllv vnur
f'' - n'"' m io;akkit. .HL-ik".
n- pavis ati m lion uu ointmnt and
thuu.t aim-i ii mu .1...0.1 ... .1...
Tttf Call on the Ajents. J. BAKEK sc CO.of
cwi.l.urs. J pr-u. c irruirrs rontamiug m lpj
" '.Klene. in f..rf lh. uil,.
luoiualic I'rinllnir.
AVI.V i purchased the ritrht to it.. K...
p,,H-ess for I'rintin!; with Krv
lo.ur- t I'limn Co. I'a., we are nrerared to
execute or le.s lor
CARDS, Show-Bills, Ike.
. M, R, Ma-.d cm
,ir. , ...i, , Vf a, .r.. . , ...
' r- - - w m, 'iuvc V" IUC ,
Lewisbura Chronicle."
list, 1S8 WOi;i-K, A O'RNKI.ir.
I'arlor Mote for Kale.
A """u second hand I'arlor Move, used
2 but a shrt time, t.-r &a!e cheap r.
1 .'II
mure l t ha 1 l r.-t n iU ' fT.- I
Jltll KI'.I.I.V. t .w
t.iil.lLlls ih, natmiij.. .,r .1..
. nwc ku oouLii rum siteel, Lewis-
burj, I'a. December 5. Iis.-ifi.
Payers and Tax-Collectois.
is not "enerally known that Tax-
IVlt.tr.PC k.. ... nn.. .1.- !
e due by them alter ine second Tuesdav i
... January, tor ine iniormauon ot all concern
ed I will cite the law on the subject. (!ee
I'urdon's Digest pat;e 791 .c. I...) "It ihe
quota of any county be not paid over before
the second Tuesday in January In each year
to the State Treasurer, then and in such case
the amount remaining unpaid shall be charg
ed asalnsi said county on the books of Ihe
emir, i reasurer an.l snai near an interest of
five per cent, till Pa,d, and no payment shal
be made to or in bWialf of said county undrr
lhe various acts relatinp to common schools
Zr V'y olhe i"'?'"""5 "n,tl "'' 5ail1 balan
filly P'd nd satisl.e.1." This is Ihe law.
and it is hoped you w.ll govern yourselves
accordintrlv. 11. P. SHELI FI! T.e,.V
' .
ASr.S. Ii!anW Leases for Landlord -
and Trnant,for sale : th-"A . nie U vtVwr ,
- - ' Kelly i" n-hip.l i,ioD countv. ha. ,.
- 01 iveny town-hip t mon county. ha, in.
,he thirteenth dr. v .f OttoLer, A.D. ns
in'le a volnniary a.-Mrinnenl to me .,f U4.
property for the iei,tfii ,,( hn crednorg. ALh
person, ...-le'.ie.l t.. said Koyer are not, fir d 10
....ne pajini 1,7. ora .nose tiavinp claims are
to piese.11 tio in t. r sr tti- meni. to rr.r. wiihoot
.Viae. JttllN HATESMAX, Assignee
Keli,- Tr, Nv. 10, I.-5H wSpd
Eonnds, &c.
31 , Ti'" ""'.''nrfcrully inform,
V.r-. l'e rumens of M,ill.i.bu,R m4 r,r,B.
that she lias ojei.ed a new Millmery E,tb.
Ii.hmeni pcarlv opposite ilasenplue's btere
and has j 1 retiTi.e ! tr, m Philadelphia wiih
a new ar, I 'plendid assortment of
I 'tiH tin. I Wint.r Ii until IiiLLt,ni,Flr.n:rrt
I'ea'iiei s. and a I ku .ls .,f Faeev articles
mi pi "!:s, CATHARINE KEED
The ti.eat A mfia sat!or of Jlealii
j flrv
I 4 Ip, &fj fit
V - jVI
i w NJfSV ;. pI fiif
n r- - ' . r ' v r. ' k-. Te,
a wii in
Til. . .il.t r.r a , .'i
To 1IIK Ml K .
r I n:..!
t" cie. 'he trl
Tin- !l'i,tl!.rnl: r: ' ftli tr ; fl .TintlKV, HM ..t
eijl il' l v Ir--t I .iu n Irt. ri-.'l .i.T t !.-!; . i.j. arl;r
:t --. fi v f. It Dll I' ' f.T:til If.--.,. oIj.
4 n -1 iuu llr- Il i ', - iM'iiin. r.i s but
Ik .-.hi.- ll,r IJ.,L-1 i-' D K. V, I V f I i ri-lD-Li '1 (. a mt-
tr.t-uTc I. fi ii i viM an 1 1 (, . i v i. : Hl v i: ai-fc th
i- ! i i-r k.- T f ili-ri.tntiimnr, iiDt tbu l j rernm
tli- h.'!'J-n ratiff i.t !.. rfii.!SmiJ ar-u rti.rvtt
i. .j ii -z -1 r.-i-f th -y-tm. afitii tiatr iu Lr
titk tjl fin:. ua n u ti Ki.f ia:!'.s.
Tlif Fr".t f-f ur rf I iIm- c ni inmt jh-Uk fjnf'V ' tr
r- iir"' tf tli-M ..niiM i lrc P:1I. ami Dm- ii--0- rvr
r- r -! r-i u, tt.rir f-- r l- rr; so wtlT iu
h.-l.f.ti- Ij j-.- l).;n t.ynm-t tiWuu rstiihtU it-.f. U ;
-!!: Ii :ii. uii'-i riuj; rt luetl; aiv(.lM9tt tutu U.e
tleUl r iiIi IT.
r.v if.i, I r: liny jxn WE.iKyrss
Fr tu i.o.rr (. I' w .. ot nj.int-, kikJ ml rTh
t rtii" "t 'li-'n-! . iv-r. Mini r.i tier ii-o.-Jti.n:i' u ..f
ll - -i. m. nf:?-h ui..! r rttti'.rMn.j: n.i neLcc if
li. is :i!l J- H'l.'.li urrll-i J lie L(i deter. et. t reuje-.j .
I. II i-'l'S f It:i'KS.
7 lie i re; cr 'i u.-. t . , :m a ri;l t vtu-nxvn rl. K
! It.' Ll. ItlcU- II. ... I.SIt.e t" ll.e hen : til t th- hi n.?l
f. ..Hie, tiii- al ti 1 i.r u. u.. ,De ell1- ll.f I. J.l- n
I ttie dir. . a tt ati-l reiiierMll li.e tlui-: an-1 M-erc-t
ifii.- I are i.i I tin. r. rlean-iii ikinl reru.-ilat.U :jt;
Ij1 IUL.t l.i i..- Lt t.'ie b-
Ptn iu! I r.n t-utt ii. Ir n a t-w Jf-eH fif thi fro-
H'it:J nt.il l,. itili: relis.-ly. IttihleTer mny Ite tn.'r
f ii. Inn.', ir -nti I- Tlten viTh -nhTi m mil rndiri
ajjj iln.r '::.tr;ni.K.: ; vu? ii.- e(T 1 1 i &il tut miracuutM.
i A ..7 'if.lt . o'A.
The i. . Siikm . ! , ii;.." i- unftbiuioun'j tj-rn n 't,
In all h-! . vit Tir tin.- ti Ur ieinrl. o-l rrt;ft-
e.-il.- iiirim lUiii- li.ntin-e b. r ttliif.-tO lb. ItO
ilt i.i-l tit ,! tL. ii itrtiit M' worth.
(.' to -y i'tslt air f..f l't rTrdy lf tcn intht tnriafor
Ait!. ti, a r. i -y Inward wrakntM
I'm Weill Dif-iailtt I'el tl'IT l.lT fltt f. ail. r
I ' lit ale rj.nij laii.t !.iUctobl inU
I....1 leu r nr-i Ajuv 1'0
i.. -1 ii-;s 10 es Mt-Q arn liraTel
'.-t itf i'.- 1 1 us; -ii- n e-).iiilar mjt m
1T - J.. I Lt U I . a .'llUVtl aiiertU'D
liirrJi'i a 1 i.i u.i:n)a W . rius .if u Uini
fj ,i '. t'TION ' (!! are ffnu'nr unle the ort
. ,).. ,,ji x..nwtit ir .ii-remiMf
M.l.r M-..K iu iy I sit vt the tt .iirn-t ir.ee
nri.l lt'l ri, h J-- t t-t tf. : th fDie ft. 1-e I-tk.Olt D
.V .. j -i.r ..." (.' . in, I. A llitl.U-'llle rWrJ (till
t e :en it, ntiy . in- ft lt.lt 1 11. IT u b UiTulB ktt B - DiJ
le.-'l ! ; tf If . . 11 i ,!: rtj t.r ai tie e. ttitertilt-
iiitr li t- ni.-.i il ur ti e.iiijj; the J-B.e, kut .i.; lb In to
UI'' '""
"' Al .. '-p 1.
--i t--
c;.,t. - - it
viu,' rt. ri, of Pr, f-or n-li. .T.
. . . rk . ;mj I.y all r, t.bt, I .n..
:n V,.l.,iii- tl.n.uthout tt.. inii.i
' i .. 1 :lt t-..,s at ZJ rrntf. Ii
...-.,i.nit s,irg tnkic. tL. Iir:-
t t ..it.;
5. J- I'ne. i i - r (! mi-tance o petit nt in eti".
urr-'-rni, sin.d !"enioi.
m - .-...r -1. - - -
1 lu ecu C. s Marh 't.'o.. is ls it
ii..--oked. Ali i.i its and 1 1 ok accounts f t
ate rlaced in ibe hands .f J. iiaihan V..e
and 11. P. si.e:irr l. r coiiectioi.. to whom ii
payieenls ale to te maiie. All persons kiu
ins uieniselv. s i ... i i.ie .1 to sait! firm, are re
quested to nia'.e immediate p&n.ent.
ai. ;,eisi Ls iiavir.g claims, will present iht
for seuitmn.t. SAMI'KL tiKliDK.t,
JAVl'.s s. MAKfH
J K1 II V. bllKlNEK.
I.i-m .s'oiir, Sept. Ib.h, Is- S.
'J Tiie Ft urdry Uusir.ess w,;i be cre:,c.
tu'd a: ihr iil p!are as usual bv ihe ubaf
bers, wh'-re thi-y will be p!eaed ro arrend
ihe wi-i.e- t those who mar lavcr ihern
thir patronaie. J. s. .VAKH & t'.
I.ewistuic. rrt. Iih(
tin: ma ei
I XV I (I O It A T o n
j unwell i;v ik. y.t.tvi;i:
(Vnifoiinilftl enlin-Iy frrm GDIS.
'MM! TilK KKST I't'l'fi ATI VE AND L1V1T. V.i- I
1M !- lfl..re tl.e 1 ut-tie. that iftjusiioVJ. !
e:t-i r. 1.11 -tt r r..l more eJI. lual than khv other m"i:r 4'
kt'it-i. It i.h mt t-i It a tnhv ri c, hut a Ztrr rt-m.
arln-L- tlr-t on the I ir.r to t-jret its ntorhid nirr :-3 -.
i ti t lie t 'lii .it li :ii.J be. weld to rurrT Oil tt at tt;s!" . . ;,
""t't'ini i:-1iin; two )'iirieti (lteetiia;lt iih ul at1
th" :.it.It.l li .V:i ex-, rit O'-l iu tht-oj .rrarit-nj.'-'B,
Catlitrti''. It .fti'-rltiriis whilf it puiiri . the
an.l l eu l . k. ti i1ai! in inc cjetat rt -e? w;.l .-trriL;"- -anii
i tti it u wiih unusual raj.jtlitT.
The I.itit. i- one of th' 'j.iintiiiil r"rnsf -th"
limoan ht,.y; mlJ ! w heu it jei f rrr.-1
t.t M r.l. tins Jo-Wer cf " the SVT. :n :il- fli
!.:'tl. 'Hie iUniiuh i flT almi r"rt.i.rr t ii.t-1 t:
-u tlif he.,.thT f t inn vi ;th l.rr t-t it :.
vrf rmnnf cf it. f.ior- Q tmns afcen tt.e -r
i. j.t finilt. ihf Nwetjt are lt fault, an I lb- '
-ttrii .urTers in M.n-4 -innre cf . ne en : "
Lilb hani,r ct-a-.a It. r":.i,. n,da:r I r
of that t.rnti. i-ne of -,'tiif i r n. r- I- r
it bin !tia-. iu a imrtrre ol n.. re tt an -ecu -f
tn Cn-i M.m reui-lv. 'w:.iri:h . -r: '
th- many tirranvr. Bfii'ts PT t.' wl.ici: i- .r
To rte Ihnl lt.i-r. m .l i-Bt l: '
Jersoo trt-uhlt J wih 1 it- trs tli (' vn s
HU-f.rmi., ha tut to trv t t:i-. a;.J -..---
certa n.
Thrw Gumf rrmoTe a1! D
thettm, iip.iTine in tfci ir laee a !: a.tf-1
rf hile. iiiti't ratint the -It a-.-h. 'Iumuc
uit:et well. rlkiriist; i tii: m.-p. f.iriog tone
health to the whole ma-
l.im rr. remount;
faii-e ot th diiwase tt
laii.lt l attack an
trr. riiiTiMin. t.y the
ER l.T.f;.Ti a.
tue thv alter tatrti i
utomarh atij Ttv. nt lite
tm! one Jt e talo nle-Nih-wkk.
, it-t tiit a radical run
i t.rtti, ."!. wiit
C a.-kilial UK oT ttr w
pnfSritfit to rem'
ttini friD r:c -
tnl ie tjoi takt n at
eent.v, ai.J rurts
One tji-e taken alter
rat h m
: rurr '
W rn noiwr.t iwoUa- !'foi.:u..- at:
lire fut IltAI t Hr. "
ne Kail-t.ils.u fr f. i m-le.'-trurt-'n-
the rail of the
Miid m.it. ! 3 tr'-r
tel reht "e-t '
on'j otie.lc-M'iinmt.li
i .i ; if a mire cur- ' :-
ll,.. , flit, !.
44. tiii one rt. it: ntt ltil ti tl
t!ie f m U.e ertritd ol."-' mettKlUe "'-
4t t0e1 tittle tal;, nf-T1 .'im;.r MT""-1
U,wne t r ut'nuural etd Q or lr m rt - - r
(ue ti.-- Ink. t. a flu r! fun I . r te rV
rf ..-: : '
lit it rritwat.il: mr st t' .it v" '
in it w, r-t f": ni. while V- mwib i 1 b-
pla.nl-. Tit td nloxt t V the trr-t-r -'
One or two d..-t pt i ure t. attat k.-t-KH -
In Children; then fc.no Mirer. t. r. vr S"
reoirdy tn tie wo rid, a.-'- it n.rrr i-.'s.
ti.A few bolthcut C Pttclsl, ir
4b - .rtN 111.
..".r''T i ?"m:
TFB, and all FrTrt tf a (g him. i-
tea with til etriaiiit-.. -ml l.t i"J-
ing to t'stifv to iti wvii-i deiiul :rti-
.All who u-e it are giTiuj tht ir lh- "'"'
oii in it fator.
- .Vt ll,(er in tht nouth tt .. . V.e ir -'
lorn LoO t-rjrt.rr.
The Litrr In-.icora-r (
IS A SClKNTlHi" MlMf AL IHm o r.l:V r;J,
working furm atuioat too irrent to :eltee. 1'
y majt-Vtr, if 'A. t.rttii-' .r..:; !'- '.ir i' j ,
than i.ne lottle ireiu.rtd t" mre o i
Ic irf. Intnl. tn-oi tl:e a. nr Jiurr' f ''' ''.,
I'omui' n A''uu'.;i.'ii, ali 1 1 a Lt u r iLi- r.-u--"-ta.-d
!:. r (Wr D-imri vtrt V t-
SIN Fill: 1 jk f. Vr-ir eh r-.;ii.. Po
and r. t.nltU hy ail I'rii'.-irttc .-'old f- t..H
lvT- I , r. j, rAlI'UI I.L t-"1-"
Lutheran Almanac, a No J 1 '
I'ncle "S.itti's Aiminnr. ftrS
Itie s;
o: N,
I ,1
sarisl distin
on .1,
will a,
S?ih o
oroe i
.d oil
l toli
. All,
C 5 - v