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Native Eloquence.
A few evenings before ihe election, a
well-known military politicwn, editor, and
orator, rroro ihe country, went to Uwiod
od madeaapcech at a meeting in tan
euil Hall. Immediately therealter, the fol
lowing phonographic rrporl of the speech
appeared in the Chronotypc This is not
Iheidenfical Faneuil Hall Sjwech,!mt tlWe
who are acquainted with the miiitnry pen
lleman's style of oratory will be ready to
believe the representation, that this rprecU
was written under the inspiration produced
k.. tk- L-,;mi ,.f thni m Kiiiiuil Hall :1
V "re --"O "
Thunder an guns', where are we 7
sr.. . f .1.- r fWnl.v
j. ms area uoy iur un; hhh- v. - - - .
and ef 1 wnnt too modest, it's a day and a
half for all creation includin' the rest of
mankind, and the people j-inerally ! The
world, feller citizens, is a lookin at us, an
on the belrogenous exertions of this here
aociety hewman liberty depend, and bangs
like a burdock to a boy'a tro-sm. Ar we
up to the crop? Dus every indervidooal feel
the responsibility of the grate crie-5;s bear-
in on him like a flat rock on a tod.'s baek!
Dua all feel like a young Herkeilanium
ready to take holt an choke the orry gone
atables as is wormin' in tc 8'p.oez.e the
daylights out of our infant liberties? I
answer ire i ! Let the pot-intates of
the hule airth hear an tremble !
Feller citerzens, we have come up here
every man prepared to take his life in
his trowsis pocket to prcsarve the Union
that blessed union fit for, bled for, nnd
died for by aour reverend posterity on the
bloody fields of Burma Vi.ty, York-own.
Madawasky, an Waterlieu. I his here
glorious Uuion.feller citizens, is threatened
within an inch of its life by whom why,
by a set of onsarcumsized, mean, msty
critters, who can't depreciate this Ll. sieJ
perlaydium that pervides every man a vine
and a Gg tree unacr which we ve sot an i
aour fathers has sot, an no one darest mo- j
tester skeeru.. ... , I
Feller citerzens : lift for the mum.:
Yes sir An though the hule world was
agin me. though the divi. jined in with the
aberlishunists, yet, as Webster said m his
Newburyport letter " Put it-ilium, tan. j
ta Panama Httor'ia tacre Itxttiglionit,
eeco iignutnet broadaxy" tho' pelican
towerd on ossy. I'd fite till all wai blew !
Hear 1 hear! and stompin.
Feller-citerzens : The pint we've met
here to consider is : Shall the Union be
presarved shall the star spankled banner
alill flount and flounce in the salewbrity of
the onmittigated space of ei:her shall the
Ameriken eagle God bless him ! f stomp
in by the men, an sobbin an suiflia by the
wimmin shall the Ameriken eagle con
tinue to sore aloft an an an do as he
darned pleases ? Or shall he just be stove
up an broke in like a worn aou: syrfer
barrMr and our fl ig torn nnd slit liko litile
Ephe Libbv's trowsis over there by lite
winder an (lie glorious faowl of liberty
plucked and p'eked like a thank.giviii tur
key t Saints, ninlsten., elders, deacon--,
forbid the latlr ' W hir I say whnr
will Hornby be foid when this great bat
tle of armygideon wliilb is cominl on is fit ?
Will she be skulkin abut liljfe a wood
chuck in atater field. or idiV!te mark like
a rat in the corner? W har ar yer Libbys,
yer Peabody, yer Wigjin and yer
Kyers,namc illustrious in the Mady wasky
war ? True, the fust run away af.ie he
got lhar, and t'other didn't go, but then,
ef wust had happei I to come to the wust,
thar no knowin what they might have
did for their country. Spcrits of T6 ! ten
from that all the way up to this from the
hyperbolical confluence of ojacent sareism
umbincy ye behold this crie sis ! smile
on your predecessors who are about to join
issoo with ungodly abetliihunUts anJ cus
aed niggers for the preservation of Union,
perladyums, an what not !
Feller citerzen, I'm in a:rnet. A crie
si is ris ! An it is wakin up the free,
onterrificd suvrins of these ere still nnire
uvriner States to the reskew !
Tliere's a mo'.etin" of ntion,
A kin' up of cnuke
The uil's breskin' out again,
And all c realign fbake.
Yes, e'eryt'ning is wakin" up,Jn takin cfl
its coat. Even the sleepy lion, Dan el
Webster, is a rousin.' and si. akin' his mil
and mane, prepared to fte for hen man
rites an dimocritick ua;a 'Tlio great
confounder of Ihe Constimtion,'' as he is
justly termed, in his Inst letter to me very
truly and gassically says : "Eshin," ays
he, ' 1 don't speak as a Massachus. ;is
man nor nothin' else no, pen up your ter
keys, conteract my powers the hull con
tinent, however bounded, is mine! But."
he continers, things haint rite ; in the
language of Julyus iScizer to the Pope
of Rome, ' Abinito jum jum tjiirt
ipere!" which means, somethin is nnut of
jint." Finally he concludes in :!iis touch
in' way "My dear Spike' says he, "I've
uodertuk the jobof fixin and pntchin' the
Union. I luke to Hornby to lay hull ond
sustain me! Hear, hear hooray !J
And then he adds this postscript N. li.
P. S. Noliody, so fur as I've heern,
ays a word agin the fewgi'yve slave law,
leastways, nobody whose opinion is wurth
a cuss !
Now, Feller Citerzens, thsr's a
deal to be did ! In the name of all that'
There the elerkeinlspeaker was interrupt, d
bysomehodvcullm'aout to know hat
, ,
a. to be did-and what te'J.kn abaouJ
Naow, Feller Citeriens, in the talkiu'
name of all that's sacret un dimercratic,
Khali e be found wantin' ? No, Feller
Citerzens, uo ! no ! ! From all aour bor
ders, from the remorseless precipitations of
Bethel hill un the dark and inskrewtable
caravans of Lilly Pond to the ramified os
sillotions of lnn Wiggin's caow paster,
comes up a thiindcrin, pa! ryot ic, double
breasted No! On, then, onerds! Let the
watchword he Webster, hewmnn rites,
and darn a nigger !
Feller Citerzens, I've done. My speech
is afore you. I hope it's done you good,
for it's laid as heavy on my stomack lor
!lal ,, J.,,., . A
; . '
Etiuw Spike.
Hornby, away da'oun East.
Y're a blessin' yet, Peg," said our
Uncle Derby, as his better helf smoothed
and adiusted his Iiillnw. Imiii.ihl his nioht.
, . . . heHM..tlTp. .nn.rn,.
( by nIj(mt h-m Y,n a
saiJ he when his wjfc hd
j away . nnd M h(J repeata. fce benedjclioni
( we,though youiw.thought there was great,
very great beauty in the kindness that out
lived the
wrinkles of age. Lycoming
WOrt Wanted on amount, imnxiataly,
" HRoa,iri.K" on
at Ika
IS now carried on as usual, at the upper
end of. Market street, whore everv des
cription ol CASTINGS is kept on
naiiu or maac to order such as
The Complete, or
Complete Improved
for either Coal or
J "
also PfOfKwIlfe of differ-
ent kinds Corn Ploughs, Bull Piouclis.
i and the.
Self-Sharpening Plough,
a new article, and which can not be beat
in Pennsylvania. Call and see and judge
for yourselves.
Lewiburg. Sej.t. 22, 1849
rPIIE nndi-rsii:ned contiiiues the LIVE
L HV JlfSLYESS at the Oid Siand,
n North Third N., near Market, Slid
respectfully o!icit the patronage of bis
friends and :lie public ucricrally.
Lewisburg, May Hi, I85l
Dooks Oooko!
rpIIB sulcriler -fH r for sale at the
J Lewialiiire l'osl Ollice, an assortment
ol the most uselul
laper, School Books, Stationer
of all kinds also thu best Cigars,Tobaccn,
Lewisburg, May ?, 1850
IRESH TKAS. Anmhrr lot of
1J sutierinr Black and llrern Teaslf ;
j'isl rerd from the ('anion Tea Cora
nanv. and Iur sale at New lork retail
. ricts by J. HAY ES & CO.
Lewisburg, April 16. Agents.
Important Notice!
fPHE public are hereby inforiTied that I
X am the excltiMvc proprietor of the
Cooking Stove known as 'White's Patent
or 'The Whi'e Stove, by virtue of valid
It-tiers patent granted to me by the proper
authorises ut Washington ; and I hereby
rnutinn all persons not to manufacture or
sell the same without authority from me. as
I shall promptly ser-k Ical redress for
every infringement of niy niihts under said
letters patent. The public are also cau
tioned that all stoves manufactured by me
or my trrantees nr auents, are marked
"Juntrs White. Patenlrd June 10, 1844,'
vtith the arlditinnal mark ''Ke-issue, Aug
G, 1850," on the slide plate.
Milton, Sept. II, 1850 3m
riHE umlrnijnrj ronlinne to furniah to order
l on the mocl reasonable trrma, Pianna, dam
Ihe Manufactory of G'okbas Mtna. Philad'a.
arhnre inatrumenls r loo rll known to need
any panrpytir, hasing unif.irmly received the
nmmrnilations of the mmt eminent profesorf
anil rompoaera of Miwir, and the award of the
premiums in rwioik.l rulailrlphia and Unaton.
Kor qualiliea of tone, touch, and keeping in tone
un to conceit pitrh. they can not be aurpaaaed ly
riihei Aincriran or European pianos.
Instructinns Eiven on the 1'iano aa heretofore.
Ri lrrenre may be made to any of those parents
or auanlians who have pupils commuted to his
rharee lie may be arm at his residence at Mrs
M rlzcer'r. Kiral street. f.e isLurg, when terms
and particulars will lie made known.
The most popular end favorite Airs and Music
or uuifrrrii aini rei-mru s n is issoea from ine
A IT.fiil niiikifsl fttatililimnls in th fSliM
"RT A R -T T' u""!'
I J I i " L JV O iIs,Stc, on hand at
x oLloT primed to order, i
- k-.cCaei .
rriHE following oraeraahow at once demand
I for ana excellent of this great medisiiM :
"Yoa. July 18,1847
"J 5idd & Co: The Vamnfuaa lH us ou sale
some time ago by yoor agent, is sold. It goes
very rapidly, and givas great satisfaction. Aa ws
ar entirely out of the article, and have frequent
calls for it, please sand as soma immediately
C A M0RK13 & CO.
Soxaaviiaa, Trnn. March 18. 1847
Dr M'Line Dear Sir : The Vermifuge you
left with me last fall has long since heen sold.aod
I could have sold a great deal more if I had had
it. Since my retaro from the Eji, I base been
called upon nearly every day to write to you,
requesting an immediate sapply. 1 bavs already
tried your Vermifuge in my own family and find
it to be the best I have ever used J
c La frtDir&rkV
-Mid Casas, Steuben Co. Sept 7,1847
This msyceitify that we have sold DrM'I.ane'a
Amstiran Wrn. S....,;!:.. P.i.n V.r..:r.,..
" r -B"
the past year, and it has given unbounded aalis
faction. It is no imposition on the community,
but ia what its authors recommend it to be a
univeisal specific for those afflicted wilh worms.
- -H. HUGHES & CO."
AGEJiTS.f" W ScHirtLs, Lewisburg ; J
II Carlow and J II Itaser, Milton ; I Geihart. S
linsgrove; J W Friling, Sunburv ; Mrs M 'Cay,
Northumberland , M I Gner. J Moore, Danville
at Lsewisburg.
IRt'l'LAR for tha Academical Ysar com-
msneing Oct. 17, 1850.
Primary Department.
Eisrrisad in Spelling, trailing. Definition
buglish lersmmsr, Arilhmsuc, tscogrspny. His
lory L'.tj.A IVntnsnship anJ Composiiion.
Eagtish Dopartmont of tha Academy.
1 ba tsine studies ss in tbe Primary Drpartm'l
continued in the use of larger text books ; and lo
these are added (seneral History, A Igcbrs, Legsu-
dra, and fck-mmts of surveying.
Classical Department ef the Academy.
Term Junt jr AcHdetnie class.
English Ommmrtr. Latiu lirammar, Aritlunstic(two
Misrsioue,! t.voKrui'liy.
It. Tlse eatue stuiliee as in 1. Term, and PenmrinsliiD.
111. Bnylisli Grainoiar. Csrear. Arithsitie eimtletrj hy
let uivuiun.torsek Grammar, IliaUtrj ls.i, rea-
eaaasoip. uooa-aeeptue;.
Senior Academic clati.
I- fecsar. grock ll.ador, al.bra (Ueioeats.)
II. Afueid, do dn
III. tlo do So eompletcd. Gene
rai History, stugliaa LAU-usre asid Compoeiuoei.
h'rethmnn elutt.
I. sTnitirb Iuua(e aDirCompoeitiuB, Alfekra, Iivy.
a uacmere.
II. Plane Ofmetry. Urr. Anabaaie.
111. flaiie. SfrlMl anst tipfaeriral OeuineUy osmpleted, Ii-
tj, sroauaeie.
SnphatKore class.
I. If erase, OdyaaoT. IMane nnd liheTlce.l TrironometTT.
II. So So kiensursttnn.STrr vtn.Navicstion.
111. do eomplwl.1. aelorl UralKtu uf ileUKwUjeaps,
stnetortc, Analyucai ijcouietry.
Junior clns.
I. Demnethencs oa tbe Croern. Ciearo Se OBei!s,'Mo-
ehamcs, lit Jnwtaues. aud HySraaliea.
IL Ireruosthoues oa tke Crowa. CSevro de Ovsetis Soul-
pleted. t'onutnatirs, Aeousliee. BInlrieily, llsgiiu-
i:n, ami .rpurs.
HI. orreek Tragedy. Taeitus, A.trr.aooiy.
Senior class.
I. tWin. Nstuol Tlnolaery. Intellectual rhilooophy.
II. (.reek. PoMt.cal Keonomy. Moral l'hileoiliy.
III. Itntler's Anal.y. t'on.Lilutivu or I. S Citcmistry,
lcturvs. tieueral Kovieers.
No class in the Regular Coursa bss less thsn
three daily rrcitalions. Evrrv Saturday forenoon is
ilevuled exclusively In Vocal Music, Declamation
and reading select and original Compositions.
The students sre required lo attend, regularly
some religious meeting. Minors sre ax peeled to
attend such meetings, ss ars recommended lo tbem
hy their parents or guardians. Thars art in ihe
borough no less thsn six plsees of public worship.
of as many different Christian denominations.
Text Book.
iTriseVsA .auftwff and KtoruUM The Rible. Porter's
Rfasti.rieal Kessl.r. WtTeestvr'e nr WelttTe lrininnarv.
Itullruus Eu.;lib l.raniuisr. 1'srkor's lre;rreive Kaerci
see ia Kn!i!.ii t'omi).rItH'a, Parker ' Aids, lllair's lectures
Lniversity tlditiin.l
iMttn Amytfa.r.uiHon sftrammar. r.ullions Renler,
IVfrvtt's iM'xicnn, ItuliHin'st'assar. Srhmiusrtd Zumpt's
Virgil. I.ineilns Livy. Antlioa s llirrare, Thachar's Cirenr
de rlHciii. Tv ler's Tacitus' iifrmailia et Atrrirola.
tVrwi- Zr rrjr. Itullron'sttrauiruar. Ilullrun's Header,
!.:ltMI t rV-titt's l&iri.u. Owen's XflKiphi.n's Anslmsis.
Owen's llcmer's Odyssey, Cllauiplin's lruHUienes, Visk's
Cln..sirl sialiual.
Mathematics. Davlee' Aritliuielle ' Aend.xnieN. Rlem-
enL.re Alirehra. I'unU.n. Uirrn.lre. Surveyinr- anil Navt-
lt-1'on.liiftlytieallirr.niclry.oim.u-d's Natural Puilfieoi.hy
t.eterevtyed'.i Olmstrd's Astronomy.
Kuril Iter of Stttdenta.
The n'inilier of students during Ihe psst yesr
in ths various Departments, vtas If 2. The
l.'ollrgiala elasss already organized tor lbs Sllsu
ing year, are the fulUvting :
Senior elass - . . S
Junior slsss - 14
rVjph'kniere class - - 11
freshman close - - 19.... 5
i!TKPllK( W. TA Vl.Olt, A. M, I'mf. or MatliemaUra
and Natural I'lillwpliy. j
.Ki1.iiE II. 111.11-. A. S l-rul. or Ureek Iuguaire
and Liuralure.
lEDKOK W. ANPKHSOV, A.M,rrof risilinUng
an-l Utratar.
ISAAC N. I.1SIMIS, A. M., Prlnrlpal r,f the Amdrrar.
ALFIlKIl TAVIIR. A. Tutor in the Snplish Lan
Kuaire and rbloeulimi.
ttnildiiigN, Library and Apparatus.
The Academic edifice now occupied by the
members ot Ihe I university, has heen erected, at
sn espsnso nr $H.KV. end it Is adapted to nemniniitate
io etudnts. An.llier rdiliee is nearly eumph'lssl. and is
ex per ted to he ready tor oeeupanry at the eomtucaccuient
or the next Term ort. 17, ldu.
Tlio Library nuntains a oumisir or select volumes, and
is enstantty niereasin.
Cliernirai Apparatus has heen proeareil sufflrient to
rupjtly the iminnliate demand. Tbe Apparatue tor ubo
illustration or eteeluinioal Philosophy, is now complete.
Tuition and Board.
Tuition in the Colleeiale Department $30,
Academic fid, I'ttmary per year.
Uoard, including lodging, washing, fuel, and
light, can be had in lbs village and iu vicinity at
various prices, from i 1.50 to $2.50 per week.
Arrangements ere in prorreee to fnrnieh Board, exclu
sive or lodirtos;. vrashine;. rucl sua light, M oueb as may
desire it. at 1 2& per week.
SctiNlonH and Vacation.
Tsro Heasions in the yesr the former com
mences on lbs 3rd Thursday in October, and
continues 36 weeks; ths Istter commences on
Thuredsy, 15th May, and continues 14 weeks.
Spring Vacation, 4 weeks ; Autumnal, 8.
liy order and in behalf of the Board :
Letvi.burg, Union Co. Pa. Sept. I, IgSO
ONE self-pvirlont, and worthy of every
consideration, that no Miller can make
good clean flour without he has good clean
wheat. 1 suppose you wish to know the
remedy. I tell you it Is to get one of
HcTfrstretter 1 If heat Scourer, or Smut
Machine. H; being an old, practical and
experienced Millwright has invented, got
up and put in succcsslul operation the best
Wheat Scourer now in use. Any person
nrdfrini! a machine and afterwards finding
thnt it does not prove to operate aa repre
sented, there shall be no sale.a these ma.
chines are to be warranted good. Further
recommendations are thought unnecessary,
lie is now having a supply made at Lewis
burg. by Messrs. Geddes it Marsh. Orders
for michine. or letters of inquiry, will be
promptly attended to. Machines will be
sent and put to all order. Addresw
Lewisburg. Union Co. Pa. 830
Price Reduced!
IsArf CoMlaM Only Ob aPolIr
TW Prapmtor of Urn Ctrl Aatmcan JmmAf M Tavcmh'i
rrcmt wliauUiMM hm AfcuU. UuoaclMttt 1km UuiW
StailM ad CsUiaula, baa low
Bedneed Uw Price
mf him popalar wM known article ; and from this date.
hK forth, b will pat ap bat oaa UN QlT,km quart
attlai:-UM ntail pric will ba
The poblie mar rtst amnd that tha chametar af the Medi
Ina. iu trenffth, and corativa praiiertMri will Ebmaim
vatMAMiaD. and tlia amine caie will ba baatowad ia pre
' A tbii otsdicine. under its ndaesd prise, will be psrebsasit
r lhom sv. not hiUwrto ml UmimIvm amsamtsd
wiia it, virtBM. las proprietor wosld bvc to inunats that hM
artK-W m not to be claaaed with the vast amoaatof lUaiadi
ef tbe dar ; it claime for itaelf a greater hmliug pomtr, to
mil disfatr, tkmu my Mkrr prrpmrmtitm mnp befwr tht
uorld ; and baa aaataincd Hsrif for eicht year br iu npefiot
anedical vtrtoee. and. antil thia ivdacuoa. eonoaOslad doable
the price of any other article in thia line.
Notice PamnrcLaitLT, thia article acta wfkfc giwatiaal
Inc power and oertaintj. apon tha
Blood, Lifer, ICdneji, Longf,
and alt eher org atu. apon the proper action of which bit and
bniih UpsmI.
This awdflcina baa a joatlr bifli repots as a reaiedy far
Dropsy and Oravsl,
aail all Jisnm of that natv.ro. It aaar bo relied apoa whea
tbo inteUisent phreictaa has abandoned hie patieat. and for
these dietreoaos dtaeeaee, aeoro especially Daopov. the propri
etor would earnestly and iMMasur recommend H. At rb
preeiut price it i easily obuiried by all. and the trial will pros
the ankle to be tbo
Cheapest Xedicin ia the World!
tr Pipe ask Tor pamphlets the agents sivo theta away
they contain over eiatcen pases of receipte, (in addiuon to fut
ledical metier) valnablo tor boaeebold parpoaea, and which
will eave rnssy dollar, per year to practical hooeelieepera.
These receipts are introduced to ssaao tbo book of grea
value, aside irons its character ae an ed.eniMna ssodium fo
the medicine, tho testimony ia favor of which, ia tbo forsi ol
totters from all parts of the country, may bo veiled open.
ty "Vaughn's Vegetable LitnontnpUe Mutere" th
Gnat American Remedy, sow for sa)p in quart bottles at i
seen, email bottles at M cts each. Ne small b ttlos will tie
imaed after the present etock is disposed of.
Pnacipal UIBce, Unffalo. It. V., 107 Main Street
Void Wholesale and Retail by OI.COTT McKESSON fe
CO., MR Maiden lno. New York City.
ft. B. All letters (eieepting from agents aad deals si with
whom ho transects buMaem) mast bo poet paid, or as attention
will bo gives to thorn.
KtI)r. THORNTON, Lewisburjr, is
General Agent for 1,'nion county J.H.Casmw,
Agent, Milton ; I. Ciuuaht, Stlinsgiove
or TUB
WILL commence on MONDAY the 38th of
OcTnsia. In this Institution, all Ihe
Branches of a thorough Academic course will be
The communication of knowledge simply, is
not the sole dvsi ;n of Education and should not
be made so ; its hijhe.t tim is lo strsngthsn and
bring out into action, til" intellectual and moral
powers of ihe atudent. Throw around him all
the fsciliiivs nccetesry to his progress, and ef-
f.nd him all proper aid, but do not flatter him
with the tliouglil that he must rely upon another
and not uhmi his own efforis for success. Inde
pendent self-reliance is one of tho first lessons
ihst should be learned in a school room. This
kind of early mental training prepares on for
vigorous and manly exertion in after life, and
thus gives bun a marked advantage over the ig
norsnt and uneducated. The main efforts of 1
Teacl" s'jould therefore, be directed to the for-
matiou of sound ha'.iiu of ttuJy, for when this
end is rescued, the progress of ths pupil Incomes
at once censin and mind.
Composition and Declamation, as formerly.
will receive due attention particularly the for
mer, and the Primary Department shall have our
apecial cars. 'The subscriber feels Hollered with
tha growing prosperity of the Institution, and
shall labor to merit its continuance, by increased
TciTioa Per Session of 30 weeks, for the
Common English $G ; Higher English, $8 ;
and for the Languages, $ 10.
Oct. 0, IS 50. Principal.
T?OR past favors, the subscriber returns
L his grateful thanks, and herebymakes
known that he carries on the business of
Tannics and Cu rr) lis;,
at the Old Stand. Determined nnl to be
outdone in the manufacture or finish of his
work, lie is bound to have the best work
men and materials, and to treat those who
have so liberally patronized (as well as
those also who shall be pleased to patronize
him) with that attention which he hopes to
insure him a full share of public patronage.
All kinds of Produce taken in exchange.
Hides and Bark not refused, for which the
highest market price will be paid in cash
or in exchange for leather.
March 25, A.D. 1850
Tit Greatest Discovery of tht Age!
IS constantly eflt-eling cures of the utmost
importance. The most credulous are row.
viacsa ; the most faithless, eomtielled to believe
in the power and virtue of this great remedy.
It is universally ailmitterl to be the most vyfmtitrfid
snmLinatinn knnwn to the world Sir the immediate relief
f elisrsje and pain. It never tails while there remains
sufflrient lite ts restore a natural snd henllliy arUnn to
the eapillary vrisels ut the rssly, and equnlire the circula
te, of trie Nona. Ily this means, a enutroiime; power Is
sained neer the rnnst malignant trirms nr discruie, which
sen not be obtain.! from any other remedy, iturh is the
prrwer of the eomljinatios. that it pent'tratee to every
portion of the human frame ; every hone and muscle,
vein, nerve and ligament is eearrhrd out and made sen
sible nr purification and healing influence, lleaee it nopes
ae readily with internal as estemal diseases.
vtumerous instanees are on record, where this remedy
has rtnsrd health to patient so near the grave thai the
most powerful internal remedies Sailed to produce) suy
Heat. Such has frciuenUy been Use case iu
Inflammation of the Bowela.
o patient nerd die with this disease where the Mrumette
Ointment ean be obtainert. That dancrrou epidemic,
known as u,e I'l Tltllt KRTIPELAS, ran always be
used by this remcly. Vor
itiis Ointment Is the most complete remedy ever pro pared.
In W eases out of liHJ, it will afford entire relief to the
worst eases of Nervosa Headache in SOminntes. For
Nervous Iieear.e. this remedy is or immense value.
Affections of the Spine. Khrumatisns. Ijarnenesa.Tnee
rsted Pore Throat. Ilronrhitis, Plearisy, Croup, Chills,
olerm Morbus, Ague in the Face or Breast, Burns,
&-ald Head, tVrofala, Salt Rheum. Kryeipelas. Inflamed
Ryes. Fever Pores. Ae., will be iaunrediately relieved by
the nee of this remedy. j
Bold by Thornton - Iialetr. Lewisbarg. j
ai3I8 E r BcTTttM, Tnfvf Agl
axqtukr saxsrtric TIVXOXB t
JL'ICE a great Dyspepsia Cursrf
prepared from Rennet, r the fourth stomach of
the Ox, after directions by Baron I.iaaio, the
great physiological chemist, by J.S.Hoiutot,
M.D., fit. 11 N. 8th St. Philadelphia. I's.
A TRULY wonderful remedy for Indigestion,
Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liter Complaint,
Voititipalitm and Debility, curing after Nature's
own process, by Nature's own sent, Ihe Gastric
Juice, gj-iislf a leaspoonful of this fluid.infused
in sviter, can digest or dissolve Five Pounds of
rosst beef in about two hours, out of ihe stomach.
Digestion is chiefly performed in tbe etom
ach by Ihe aid uf a fluid which freely exudea from
the inner cojI of that organ, when in a slats of
health, called the eastric juice. Thia fluid is the
grat solvent of iie food ihe purifying, preser
iins: snd .tnnulalinii aeent of the stomach and
intestines. Without it there can be no digestion,
no conversion of food into blood, no nutrition
out raihcr a foul, torpid, painful and destructive
condition of tbe whole digestive apparatus.
Pepsin is the chief element or great digest
ing principle of the gastric juice. It is found ia
greet abundance in the solid parts ol the human
stomach after death, and sometimes causes the
stomach to digest or eat itself up. It is also found
in the atomach of animals, as the ox, calf, &c It
ia the material used by farmers in making cheese
slylcd KenilCt, the effect of which bss long
been the special wonder of the dairy. Curdling
of milk is the first process of digestion. A call's
stomach can curdle nearly nne thousand times its
own weight of milk. Huron Lieuig states, "one
part of Papain dissolved in sixty thousand paits
of water, digests meat and other food." Diseased
stomacha produce no good Gastric Juice, Rennet
or Pepsin. To show that this want may bo per
fectly aupplicd, we quote the subjoined
stn:TiKic: r.vinciX'E!
Heron LIIBHi, iu hie orlolirateil work oa Animal Che
taistry. says: "An artificial rtiestive rluij. analajyua to
tliellastriejuire.may be readily preiaril from tlie mueoua
membrane ir the stf.mnrh or thu eair, in wbiea various
articles of fotl, aa meat and ents. wiil be eoftened ami
digewted iu site saule maaner as in tbe human rftmnach.
Ur. UKKKll: A. iu Ilia farm.un treatise u food and Diet,
published by Foolers k Hells. Xrw Vierk. ae Si, stales
the eame cruat fart, and describes the uicthl 'f prepara
tion. There are fuw bih. r uutli..riu.s than Ir. IVreria-
lr. CoMIIK, in lire valuable wrilinir" on the rhyssotoKy
of iriveetion. observes that 'a diminution uf lire due
quantity or the iiatrie Juieo is a prominent and all-pre-vailiti
rouse or Dyspepsia," and he stales that "a Uistin
truislH il prrtfeseMror medicine in lxn4ou,w bo was severely
ftttlifled with this empla'Ut. finding rvervthrnr. else to
fail, had recourse to the liastrie Juice, obtained from the
etoiuueh of Heine animals, which completely succeeded.''
Irr.tsKAMA M. author of the famous works ou Voidable
Diet, aovs : It is a remarkable fact in physiology, that
the stomachs of animals, macerated in water. Impart to
thr fluid tkc prrsperty of dissoUins: various articles of food,
and of cflectiuz a kind of artilicial digeslinu of Ihcin ia no
wrse different from the natural digestive process."
1:.M HUN'S (Treat work, the Chemistry rf Man. I Lea a
ulaiichard. 1'hila.l., lvfl, pp 31. '3.1 says: "The discovery
of IVpeia forms a new era in the chemical histcry of ui
gestinu. i'roni recent experiments, we know that food is
dissolved as rapidly in an art.ticial dipest-et !luid. prvpanet
from Pepsin, as it ia ia She natural Gaslrir Juice itself."
Prof. 1)1 NGMlOS, of the Jeir. rron ('ollver. l'hilorl ia
his great work on Human Physiology. devotes more than
fifty ps-ee to an exaanuation of this subject. Ui experi
ment wih llr. ltautnont, on the llsAtrie Juiee, obtained
froBB the living humau stomach aud from animals, are
known. -In all eases.' he says, "digestion occurred as
perfectly ia tha artificial aa in tho natural disUous
Asa DYSPEPSIA Cl'RER, Dr Houghton's
preparation of Pepsin has produced the most mar
velous effects. It is impossible to give delsils of
cases in the limits of this advertisement but au
thenticated certificates have heen given of more
than TWO HUNDRED rapid, wonderful, snd
permanent cures. It is a great .N:mi-i Asti
dots, and particularly useful for tendency lo
bilious disorder, liver complaint, fever and ague,
Ihe avil effects of quinine, mercury, etc., also for
excess in eating or drinking.
There ia no form of OLD STOMACH COM
PLAINTS which it does not reach and also give
instant relief! and repeated for short time, pu
rile of Blood and viona or bout follow at once.
It is particularly excellent in rases of naucea, vo
miting, cramps, soreness ot ihe pit of the stomech,
dilree after rating, low, cold state of the blood.
heaviness, lowness of spirits, despondency, omaei
slion. weakness, tendency to insanity, tVe.
Price, ON E DOLLA R per bottle. One bottle
often effects a lasting cure.
PEPSIN IN POWDERS sent by Mail, frss of Postage.
er convenience of senditu? to all part of the country
the I'iircxlive Matter of the "upsin.ie put ap iu the form of
Powders, with direr tons to ne ili;soivl ny sne paucnt in
water or syrup. These powders contain juxi ine same
matter as the bottles, bat twice the quantity for the same
price, and are sent by mail, free of Pnetaere. for $1, scut
i post-paid t tsr Ur. J- A. Itouxliu.n, .-so. ll -ori ajf uin as.
Philadelphia. Ha packages ror fa.
Every bottle.snd package bears ths written sig
nature of J.S.HOUOHTON,M.D.,Sole Proprie
tor. Sold by agents in every town in ihe Union
and by most respectable dealera in medicine.
To be bad of Dr. THORN TON, Lewisburg ;
J H Caslovs, Milton ; Thompson, Mifflinburg;
Wilt It Eilert, Hartleton; Wm Roshong, New
llerlin; U I Crouse, Selinsgrove ; Mrs M'Cay,
Northumberland lv335
MiJJlinburg, Union county, renn'u.
RESPECTEL'LLY in.orms the citizens of
Union county, and the public in general,
that he has leased the above stand, for many
years occupied by his Father, and is now pre
pared to accommodate friends and the traveling
cnmmuiiily in a manner acceptable to all.
Tbe HOLSE is large and roomy, well arran
ged in all its departments, an J every care will be
taken to render his guests comfortable and happy.
His TABLE will always be furnished with the
choicest delicacies of the season, end the best the
market can aluml. The UAR will at all limrs
be atlendsd by careful persous, and none but the
very best of liquors will be kept. His ST A DI.ES
sre smnle snd convenient, and the 0STLER3
punctusl and attentive.
In short, he pledges himself to endeavor to
give general satisfaction to all, and hopes hv
strict attention lo business tj merit and receive
a liberal share of patronage.
Mifflinburg, June 20, 1850
WOULD inform the public, that they
have opened a shop on Fourth street
lower story of S. W. VVykofPs old stand,
opposite Hunter Par doe's shop, where they
keep on hand or make to order
Fancy nnd Common Chairs,
Boston Rocking Chairs also
Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads,
of various kinds,
Settees, &c. &c.
All work in our line warranted to be well
made, and on the most reasonable terms.
House and Sign PAINTING
attended to by the subscribers on the shor
test notice and in tho best style.
Country Produce nnd Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, but rather
The subscribers intend to be strict in the
fulfilment of all their promises as regards
work nnd so doing, hope lo receive a
liberal share of puMic patronaee.
JOH.l n. w Mur.
Lewisburg. Nov. 1849
Farmers' Produce Wanted.
OUR Agricultural Friende will greatly oblige
by supplying the Printer-, immediately, wilb
Wheat,Corn, Buckwheat, PotatcsM.Cider.Wood,
Apples, ie. A this has been a plentiful seaaon,
n FrMHM avid Bdi fanfe R Ar of j.
THE subscriber avails himself ol the col
umns of the Chronicle in publishing to
the citizens of Lewisburt; and vicinity that
he has opened a HOARDING HOUSE in that
lane and comfortably arranged house, formerly
kept as a Temperance Hotel by Jamea Kelly, two
doors east of Ihe Franklin House, Market street.
He is prepared to say that his Table shall have
the best the Martlets can anorti, anu tne Lodging
of Hoarders shall be as comfortable ss can be
desired. I. S. STERNER.
N. B. A team and carriage
will be kept ta convey passengers to and from the
Packet Boats. Lewisburg, March 18, 14'ifr
iFrutt nnU
I IlLek
The subscriber offers for sale a large
assortment of choice Fruit Trees such as
Apple trees, 7 to 10 feet hijh, 40 varieties,
all warranted genuine Peach trees, 20
varieties; Tartarian Cherry, Nectarine,
Prune and Pear trees, together with some
6 or 8 varieties ol" Grape Vines of the best
native and exotic varieties. Ornamental
Trees, such as the Paulunia, Linden, &c
N. u. Persons wishing to procure a
quantity of the Fruit trtes.are requested to
make immediate application to tnesubscris
ber, in order to procure the varieties and
size wanted. II- It. NOLL.
Lewisburg, March 4, 1850.
JAUNDICE, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Nervous
Debility, disrate of I lie Kidneys, and all dis
eases arising from a disordered Liver or Sloniach.
such as Constipation. Inward Piles, Fulness
or lllood to Ihe Head. Acidity of the
Stomach, Nausea, Heartburn, dis
gust for Food. Fulness or Weight in ihe
Stomach, Sour Eructations, Kinking or Flut
tering at the pit of the Stomach, Swimming of lbs
Head, hurried aud difficult Breathina, Flut
tering at the Heart, choking or aulfoca-
ling Sensations when in a lying
poet u re, d i miiese ofVision.DotsorWehs
before the Siuhl, Fever and dull I'ain in the
Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of
the I- in snd Eyes, pain in the Side, Uses,
Chrst, Limbs, &c, sudden Flushes of
Heat. Burning in ihe Flesh, constant Ima
ginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits
CAS BE irri TI'l!.LT CI Mill II
prepared by
.Ur. r. V., .fackson,
at the ' German Medicine Nrore,"
riO Arch St. IMiIIad.
Thrir power tirer the above diseases ia not ex
relied if eouutled, hy ant other preparation in
the United State, a$ the cure attest, in many
eaatM after skilful physicians, had filled.
These lii ters are worthy ihe attention of in-a-lijft.
Tow-sing great virtues in the rectification
of diieasea of the l.ir and lesser gland, exerci
sing the mot searching powers in weakness and
a .lections of the digestive organs, they are withal
s-f certain and pleasant.
Read ax cov.wrEi. The Hon. Chs
D Hineline. editor ol the Camdtn Democrat, the
best paper in West Jersey, says, July 2Ut
HiHiMsAND'a? :KRMX ItlTTKR.. W hirr fMn
mtrir t.sitrint; iK.ti.-f "f lhi mo-hrine, nt tli? j-.ttrrr
whcisc.- tlicy nunc in-ius-ctJ ui ft ma in-u.rtrs n4-t-tinc
iU inrrit-i. Fnui in(tiirr w win p-rru.ir.J t une ituKl
m..l w.y wr fount I it tiMTitir in it net ion u-tn ttiMM-ii of
tit liTr ntlttiiCt'tie organs. nl th ps-wt rftil iittlucnr
it si-rts uijn m-rvr.uj rn?itmiin ii n llr (nTi)riinic. It
rmluiri fcmt trrntht-n-i tlit inTTift. t-rimoug thrm intu a
siatrt r'iM-. makine lfp rt frf -lnr-e.
If thin uirvlirinr wen tuiirir .-rnerttily ns?-l, w? are
iIV-4 Uisr would be lit tnrkrtr!m, m mm iIh -.toDiarh.
I.Ttr. and nTTouf m ztcw tlie tTt-at mtur;tv of rml um1
iinaffiuarTdirieas---is,nianat. HaTw tlwm in a healthy con
dition, aad you can hid h-flan-t to -pelrmim pt-ntTaJly.
This ptr.Tlinary nittirinc wr wuuid ativitu our friends
who an at all indipo'd U (tirt a trial it will then rr-v
omtiicnd tt-lf. It nhouhl. in IVt. tx- in fTt-rr family. 2s o
U-r mtJiitno ran pn-diic? sa-li c idei.ra-t of tut-rit.
Fiona the li(n Are-w-editorial. Oec2d
lr. Hoottand' CVl'hrat-tI firmian IliiU'rn. f.r the curs
of LiTerCr.mpl.-unt, Jaundice. l)yprfia. aud hronic or
ortrotia IMuiity. ia d--sTT-dIy one uf the moat popular
m-tiis-ineft of tht- day. Thce Bitti rt hate hecu tiMti hy
thoujiantl. and a friend at oar el how mv he lias him-teff
tMitetl from the out of thi- l-etnetly an t-AVetlial. pernta-
nent cure of Jtircr Comlaint. We arc ntunncctl that,
in the nie of thctie ltitt-Ti, the patient cnnMautly fraiiM
iruntcih and "iror a fat worthr of cn-at coniilrrat'on
Th4-y mre plear-aut in tn.ite and mt-ll. an1 ran he used hy
perWUtM Wlin Hie ravsttb tiriHUW iwivruiMt li, . ILIl Mir a
under aiiv circumManrcii. We are iHakinc from expert
cure, and to the aiHirted we advine their Ure.
Srt.tt's Weekly, one of the beat literary paoers
published, said. Aug 25th
itw HooruiXD's (SBMA-f BiTTtRS. manufaeture4 by Th-
Jarknon'. are now recimmendel hy Mme of the mot pro
ruineut mcuibtrri of the Faculty, aa an article of much
eflicner in caws of female weakness. Aa u-h ia the caac,
we would adriae all mot hern to obtain a N-Ule. nd tliiu
iLTe thcmaelTes much "irlineSR. t'en-onts of debilitated
contitutionswill find theae Hitter advantaxcu to their
health, ax we know from exjienence tlie salutary sttect
they have upou weak pysteius.
Judge M.M.Noah, a gentleman of great scien
tific and literary atuinmentn.said in his iew York
Weekly Messenger, Jan 6. 1j0
Itr. Il'snttontfi VTmetn Miter. Here ia a preparation
which lite leading preiwea of the I'nion appear nmuiimom
in nscommcndiu. and the reason it d.ioM. It ia made
after a prescription fumihel hy one of the moat celebrated
phy-nciaim of moileru times the late Dr. Christopher
W llneun UOOnana, rni'wr .o uw niirrMty oi Jfiia.
Private IMiynician to the Kins of I'rw-.a. and one of the
nreatcit mwlieal writerairuuiny haiecrpruiiucel. lie
wan emphatically the enemy of humhutj. and th. n fore a
medinne or wnicn ne wm me inTcnnr ami rnunrwr may
be confi'tently relied on. He specially r-vinmcudel it in
Liver Vim plaint. ITipr.ia, lchilitT. Vertiim. Aci.Ht of
the Ptomach. Conntijiation, and ail romplaiiitn ariinti
frr.m a. thsonlcred condition ot tne Htmiivh. tlie l.iTer anil
tlie Intestines. Nine l'hi!a)elphia papers express their
conviction of iM eitei'llcnce. and several of thfir Eilitors
Kpeak of its effect, fn-ra their own indivuluai experience.
1'nder these circuin.tncej. we fvl arraute-l. not only
in callinic the attention of our rea-terj t the prusent
proprietor ilr. O. M. Jackson's, preparatioa. hut in rec-
More Ev i dic k. Tbe Philadelphia Saturday
Gazette, the best family newspaper published in
the United States, the editor says of Dr lloofland's
German Biltera
It i seldom that we recommeTNl what are termed Pat
int Mmlieines to our rcailen patroit-svire and confidence:
and. therefore when we n-commeiHl Ir. Ilootland'a fier-
man Ititter. we wish it f ne utmuiciiy untiersiooi that
we are not speak in r of the nostrums of the day, that are
noised ahont for a brief period and are fo red ten after they
hvr done their culltv race of mifchi'f. bnt of a medicine
lonjs eataMisliei. universally prixetl. ami which has met
the hearty approTai oi u.e r acuity iwch.
Evidence on evidence has been received Hike
the forefrninft) from all seettans oi ine i nion. the last 3
years, nnd Ihe stnntgrtt te$timmjf in it fnrr, if, thai
there la more of it used in the practice .f the retrular
riivslrians of Philadelphia, than or all other nostrums
eomhincd a tact that can easily tie established, and fuM.v
nmviue that a scientific preparatioa will meet with their
quiet approval whn presente.1 even in this form. Tl
ihUmnlirvinii villcure Isiwer 4'omilaint and ly:pepia.
one can donht, after uin it as direct-l. It arts seciflc
alty upon the Stomach awl Liver. It is preferable to
Calomel iu mlt Winu .W.ia- The eff.sct is imnn-di a te
ther enn be a.lminisicrel to r em a La or i.tfixr with safety
and reliable benefit, at any uuie.
Beware of counterfeits!
This medicine has attained that character which
il ia necessary for all to attain to induce counter
feiters to put forth a spurious article at the risk of
the lives of ihose who are innocently deceived.
Isttik well to the marks of the. (lenuinc.
I They have the written signature of C.M.Jacksov
upon tbe wrapper, and the name blown in tne
bottle, without which they are spurious.
For sate.whotesale and retail, at the GERMAN
MEDICINE STOKE, No. 130 ARCH iSt., one
door below Sixth, (Ute of 178 Race St.) Philad
elphia, and by respectable dealera generally, the
country throughout. Iy330
Also frrsatc by S.F.L YXDA LLtLcwisburg,Pa
DR. STEWART Surneon Dentist
has removed his office ta Fourth ill,
near Blairt "Franklin Uote!'. .
"An ounce of Prevention worth
a pou i.d of Cure," in
thai ewful distate,
DR. FITCH'S Lecture od the Preveo.
lion and Cure of Consumption.
This popular work for sale in Lewislurg
by S. F. Lyndal! J. Houghton acd a
this oflice. iVice. 75 cents.
fats e(toMi a dy Omm bvttU cuurminiai; 64 4om i-.a
Tweiljr-OM Dnyiu
Priet $1.00 pw botUe, or Si Jfeita for
h aew pmt p in (TAUT BOTTLES, and Is eu.
ame medtctti ttremgth ami ttfumt as that m Ute mtt Witt.
The grtat nptriontf f This I'L'Kirira a-er Ssaisfk.n La
aad all otiatr imilar medicines, may .n aoe nMasftie oe MUfk
VUxxl from lh l"llrv, ,Uaf fnr' : r mT l-?raue it mm
pukMrasea, as fprtmtuA ita OMnJeral.ou, um Pcss Eftsaaca tt
Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock,
Cherry sm4 tiivumfn Barkt
mttr itrmrtyif. more wwerfttr' conemtrtM. and larger faaalS
Ute oftaeh "f ttiese puryitn in fichhotti .f ,i than cai N fotitvi
la ay tMsftleof medtrine. Ciilieri klrtrrctof Sartvtmmrillm ;
Bat. Sr COWOLT Wsutje Thia Purifier n, S-m L'fS
BUHlicai itcC4f rnl kntiiiuj virtue ef tewmwal otbsr
KeotM, Itnrkty and Vegetables,
Ihe Pi'Rirvras pruprrtie f wilted are armtly irnimi tm
timrtaprirtliA, afi'i wlien taear are cri.pouiileti wiUi Sarmpm
nlia. tWiow IktHt. Cherry, ttv.A Kiwfr.ti. rhev mvn 9mmwit
f-ilie oxMit ctrrUttn and KiiM lrilier wf ia III! e
eortd. 8u liU ta Uui, lital U ba Mry dtmtwmi t trf rif efmln,
ihe Ituse is
Omiff OM Tnblea ! fa I, tkret timm a II.
B'lt it inKBo with Kitmcf ii S-irmparitla, W in rrtuerrptmn, m
ot ue myritii"n (ut tiry bvtUnt iwich wewksasA
and reslaretl tne !sc of Fnrnnpnnl', hat U bm Twi.
Three, r .Iure T-tUtpn ' T h e r. w'utn. or Mo
hmm a Uy, ( -ur medirtU effoct ; ami aa a DUl
SaraapariUa un.y hoUi aixtoitr tjtovMftUt, ibererorv, au mump
ptXHifufa at a tLtCy aud w matty djac a (lay, will aas up a
UKUa of it in
Four, Five, orfkx Day,
which show tin? a mU f Hraat' Pwritser, wtn last frm
Twelve ti Mxicra Days iryr ttian a iMtttia ml 8vs
panila; mnA if daiiy wedicat eiUcacy imemaii Jmw.j fae m
PvairriNe and Hkaiinc aa Umi dulv ftarje dot mf itm.
panlla. Uien it PaovKt tUat Of a bflia of Mm ruainai
wurtb Three, your, ur Funs time aura Utan a butU of Saraa
The mhetrrn compaiirwn doe not yet ahow tbe erasi mftw.
awe ta muime betWseeu ihe wmimU rffictwey ut' Brant' afvainaa
and SAasAPAtLLA. Tina w.tl appear by tbe cero&cataa oi
suras ia Hrti PampfiUl, ahowic tiutt
has mora effieacy, aud care aat impmre blood ditemm, tkaa
TKN Uatilea mt San pari I la.
If, then, O-tc ftnTTLK f Pt'Rirtr.a m-iis ue Xtoutai
(at Mettie irmipmriii should eU for Tea i eat
Mr J. B. Haki-i of litae. OneUla Co., X. Y.. who vni earaft
sf Serufiila in iwore to the fueU a rviaisii itelow. im m
sctioa ta th St rat me Cocar in the t try ' Aiw York, oa titm
auk Vmtetmber, WW, under the fwluwin? nupm
A pereon hi tha Cify of AVw York bail mannfactDre4 mnd
vended a wpmrvntm article of mei1r:ne. ca.;.in Haairre
INDIAN Mkmicinr, tn wmiuuiam of the temim mtdtfte He
ra promeuttd Ut ottain (limism, ia the Supreme i'emm of
ihe City ot New York, and the cams was rrfrrrtd be U CaarS
to J S. Bowoth, F.m) 51 Lilseny reet. an eminent Lawyw
aa H'crt to take the lesttnumv. The defetidaiit pletileil m
mitigation of siiyv, that th fropr.ei.n itf Brant' Mfdicia
had IB mH7 MM published r l.SC ftTATEWKTS of turtm, trvit
liiua had cimm,unl a fraud oa tha public, ami, therefore, va
tytH entitled to (lama!a. Tlteca-M f Mr. IbuJcin wu wn'-mcmm
mm beittyfatet, and Haakiiu wait ntnea aa a mine in regard a
the Facts a (ubiiAixl, auU hu 'ctiumomy mosk tha. ,3Ta.iia
a pttblieatttm.
Mr. H A li IM I, I wsvU rrtuAintsrsJ witJi Braat' Puraf. a la
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and curee exttmatlw.
Thsjcsa.-ds of cures mt the meet hopetet Conaimptioa
full irue it almu-4 miraculona efficacy ia mil tiiscaea -f
We fire the following eerulieare as a fast of cure, wbicfe
roea to prove the power to mmvm lit, even when ths per
teems to he in the very laet mtrntym of exieteaas whea Br mmt
tndttin Vulmnnery Vmlsmm is admutiatered :
We ire tiie foi'owin? eortlfic-re as a fact of rare, which
foes to prore the power t save lile. even when the pcraua
seema t he in the very last at res of exutenr-e. whea
fintfii's Indimn Puimanarm Haieom is a.lrainuierd : Tn j
ease lcs mt eland atone we could name ka.nt criu
as swtrrriVus and aettmndinjf and hundred oi hflptitet
cbjn u. aad thtrmeandt of cases called CONht-MP I ION
Tlltd CL'Rt was effected oa the w.te of Mr. :sa
Dtkkwa ot the totra of Batleton, Saratoga Co, X T.
Mrs. ykcmaa wu pronounces! dminjr, and Mr. Dykemaa
srent to the store of sir. Joim Warr to purrknee cunk tor
a saroisd, and otkrr burM mcueriait, expecting h.s w;.
would soon di. She was in the fast eui' ot the tii-em
-was muck oppressed and diMrremrd nnd to relieve Co
rrtmt distrtM, and make a 4$ piliuw more east. Mr.
Dykem-ia was persuaded to sjive her some of -BIM.MTJ
INDIAN Pl'I.MolSARY BALSAM." He took the fitleem
home with the rhroud, and rave a portion t hi wife it
relieved her site continued to take it until -vhe recovered
Rood hkaxth. and abe has continued wti I or neerlf Jcur
fra- see Pampilet for pm-tica'are.
Nr. vrkvai wire to the ah.Te facts before Taos 0.
Yorme, K of Ballstom th April.
Twos. . Yorxo, sq.. Justice, ct ruri.-s tht he htm
known Mr. Drkemsa many yeare and tfiat he ' one ut
their mt itnrthw and reepecinhU citizemet and Mr. Jown
ait, tiie merchant nok-a oi arx.Trt. muo eerttym u
good character of Mr. Jkemmn, and that he wnt af
quainted with mil the jueif, having heard them often $pmr
ia of hy Vykemmn
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam
rurrs COySf MPTIOy. Co-tgk. Cu!de. Spittinej ef R'j4
riteding mt tht Lun, Pain in the Krrmst and iUde, A
Arcoe, ywrrtme C'rmpimintB, Ptlpitatin of Ike Heart
Cholera Infantum, 1y-mtmr. SHmmer Complaint, and ALi
FEMALE WEAK ESSES, vumout mne JatUag raaavtr
The ftdlowine nsmrd etcrnrssnrt i'-ivsiciaas have ai.a
J ree.rnini. nH.-,l HKANT'S MKKK INKS :
Dr. N. III HBAKlr. Stmnford, t nn.
I)r. J. K. SMITH. WMertnvm. N. V.
Dr. RUSfMAN. l:r-.' Henry etreet, Brooklra, N. f.
Dr. T. M. HI NT. Auburn. N. V.
Dr. (iKo. HIAN( IS. Hi.l.ll. town. Coos.
Ir i;i:i s fifu;rR4 n.,h si v
Dr. S. WIIITK, Kreflonia. N. Y.
Dr. C. B. GALKNTINK. livrun. H. T.
Dr. J. O. SHII'MAN. Fayerteville. N. T.
Dr. 1. SKIXNKR. Henry street Brooklyn, H. T.
Dr. U. SUI1'M..N. Cortlsnd, N. Y.
For sale by Dr T A II Thornton, Levie
burg ; EJsrd Wilson. New Berlin ; S J Croos.
elinsgrov ; O A F C Mover, Freebartr; H '
Uackhause, MidJIeburit ; Wilt & Eilert, H'
on ; Ames it Meneb, Mifflinburg
All letters and orders must h aJJresseJ
Wallace tfc Co 106, Broadway, 1 ewVork
nHE subscribers otter ihe pulilic, at their
J. new Brick Foundry, the following ne
and valuable Stoves : .
Iron Witch Air-Tight Cooking Stoves,-wi:l
St DrKR isecii.
Lady Wsshtngton 1'arlor stove.
Cast Iron Air-Tight Tarlor Stove, for WooJ-
2 sizes.
Coal Burner for Parian 1 size, I a inch cyl
I.ouis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor Stove 1
Shield Air-Tight Parlor Stove for Wood'
Egg Store the very best ig ge for Stow-
Offices, Bsrrooms. and Shops.
1 be celebrated t.enesee Air-Tight Cook Siore
The Complete Cook 3 sizes.
Also, all kinds or Wood and Coat Sw
Ploughs Castings. &e. fcc.
Lewisburg, Dec. 12, 1849.