Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, November 20, 1850, Image 3

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A Sad Disaster.
Fire Citizens ( Snnbunj, drowned .'
Cap!. HcrroJ, of (he .ream low boat
Juii ata, informs u that he left Havre
Grace about 7 o'clock, on Monday night,
with 21 boat in low, all bound for Balti
more. About daylight, when off North
I'oint.ihe heavy (.'a.e.which had been blow
ing nearly nil night, increased in violence,
and in spite of tvrry effort, 9 of ihe boats
which haJ bt eu in low, broke loose and
diifted towards the White Rocks.
The names of G of the boats and their
curtains, are a follows : the JohnThom
Capt. Doyle, londed with lumber; "J.
T. Miller," Cant, llowser, loaded with
lumber; "Sarah," Capt. Thompson ; "O
oenn," Cdpt. Deal ; "UeubenK. Feely,"
Capt. Clark ; thc"!'!! Capt. Kocke
fcllow the lai-l 3 loaded with coal. (The
last four bout were from Sunbury.) The
latter boat, (lie Farmer, was brought up to
the cily yesterday uffcrnoon by the same
tow boat, which returned to tho place ol
(he disaer for that purpose. We did not
ascertain what was the fate of the other
Cupt. Grant, of the schooner Curncli.i
A. Cook, who humanely, mid at such a
fearful cost, 6ent his boat lo the rescue of
the unhappy ciews of the canal boats whom
he saw was drifting towards the shore, in
forms u that hit boat succeeded" in reach
ing ouly one of the canal boat;., from which
was taken 7 persons, composing the crews
of two other boat, and the portion of a
third, who had all got on this boat and
abandoned their own, under the impression
that it was the safest, L'uforluuately,
owing lo the hih sea running, his boat
swamped alongside his vessel before they
could gut out.
There were eleven persons in nil in the
bunt, the mate of the vessel and three
hands, (among w hich was the brother of
the captain) and the 7 persons taken from
the canal boat. The names of the drown
ed are as follows : George Smith, mate ;
l-'iiman Grant, brother to Capt. Grant ;
(Jeorge Clark, captain of the ltcubcn K.
Fcgely, a married man. belonging to Sun
bury, Pu. ; Edward Wingert, boy, aged
18 years, belonging to the same boa', and
a lad named Jacob Batcher, the driver of
the boat, both belonging lo Sunbury, Pa. ;
James Heed, boy, driver of the Ocean, and
tho captain of the same, John Deal.
J'ultimore Clipper.
Valuable Real Estate
on the premises, on W'kdnlsuav,
the 25'tt dav of Dkckmiikb nest, at 10
o'clock, A. M-, the following valuuble real
estate, late the estate of Samuel Wolfk,
dee'd, situate in ihe Borough of LewUburg,
county of Union, to wit :
1st. The MANSION HOUSE now in
the possession of tho Widow ol said dtx'ii,
situate on Water street, which is a large
and commodious dwelling.
2d. A larte Brick DWELLING Houm
and STOKE Room, and other necessary
building, on the corner of Market nnd Wa. j
tcr streets, well calculated lor tlie Mercan
tile business, and has been used for that
purpose for a number of years.
31. A large Brick WARE-HOUSE on
the bank of the River, with a verv Urue
and convenient WHARF also a STONE
WARE-HOUSE at the lower end of said
Wharf. Said Wharf is ihe only one in
Lewisburg that can be used in, low water.
The Terms will bo made known on day
of renting.
Guardians of the Children of Sjrji'l Wulfe.d. c'J.
Lewisburg, Nov. 5, 1350.
A JOURNEYM AN lo the Cabinet busi
nes a good workman can have
employment by applying to the subscriber.
A youth from 1C to 18 years old would be
received as an Aitkkxth e. Apply to
Lewisburg, Oct. 23, 1 85 J
The undersigned will
oiler al Public Sale on
Ih premises of Saw.',
Wolfs, dee'd, in ihe
borough of LewUburg,
on THUKVflMV the.
2Ut of Notimiieb next, (be following personal
property, lo nit :
1 good large canal boat and i f
3 horse. 3 unites.
Horse gears,
A double sett of carriage harness,
I two horse wagon, I sled.
Plough, harrow, wheelbarrows, &c.
Hay by the ton, Sliiiigk',
3 pair uf large scales,
2 shares of stock iu Ihe Wi!liam-nt Bridge,
20 do Bank of Djiivillc,
A large assortment of
Plaster by the Ton,
Stone Coal bv tlie TonX.
Bituminous Coal ly the Bush
el, together with a variety of other articled too
numerous to mention.
liiSale to commence at 10 o'clock, A M., of
said day, when terms of sile will be made known
GEO. F. Mil. LEU.
Adinrs of Suiu'l Wulfe, decM.
Lowishurpr, (tel. 22. 185U
It. T. A. II. THORNTON offers his
professional services to the citizens
of Lewisburg and vicinity, in the various
branches of his profession.
Residence Temperance Hotel.
Office Drug Store, one door above the
Mammoth Store of J. & J. Walls.
Lewisburg, Oct. I, 1850
"VTOTICE is hereby given. Ilia
XI appointed by. the Orphans' I
Auditor's Notice.
iat I h.ive been
Court f Union
county, to dirtrioute t!ie balance in the hands of
l'elrr A"ll, execu or ol I'trtrt (Jtrcu late of
Kelly towu"hip, I'nion couuty, dee'd , to and
among the legatees under Ihe list will and testa
mrnl of said deceased ; and that I will sit for
that purpose at my olfice in Ihe ltorouglt of
I.ewUburg, Union rounty, I'a., oil Friday, the
3d day ol November next, at one o'clock, 1. M.
of which all interested will take notice.
Oct. 6, 1850. 11 C. HICKOK. Auditor.
JVew Goodsl
.NEW GO.)lSH'!
JUST received at "Forstcr's store," rne
door Mist of Kline's Ho'el :
A full assortment ol Full & Wjn'rr
Goods, such as Cloths, dwiniures, iVc,
&c. Also, a variety ol T.adie' Dress
Goods, such as Merinos, Slk, Cashmere,
And also, a well selected assortment of
fresh i
Lewisburg, Oct. 9,1330.
Two Journeymen Tailors
WANTED by the subscriber, immedi
ately. None bul pood workmen need
apply. JOHN 1). MILLIE It.
Lewisburg, Nov. 12, 1850"
To niacksmllhs.
BITUMINOUS COAL, from the Wesl
Branch and from llollidaysburg, for
sale at the Shop of the subscriber, near the
ll.iyscales on Third St.
Lewisburg, May 7, 1850
-1 Congressional Agricultural, and Litera
ry mu-rpajer.
rriHE undersigned submits lo the public pro
J posals for the Uiobe sod its reports for oeil
session of Congress. Congress ba now so lib
erally patronized the undertaking that it will be
established as standard work worthy of its offi
cial imprimatur, unless the undersigned fails in
his duty. This will not be the case if earnest
effort can avail. The Globe is the only paper
that will furnish full reports of lha proceedings
sad debates of the two Houses of Congress; and
baring received their sanctioo as such, the best
importers still be engaged to write out the de
tain of each day, which will undergo the revi
sion of the Members. The work, after passing
laroughlh Dim Close and receiviug correc
tion, will be presented, as finished, in the Cox
.aksstosAL Close and ArrEXDiT.
The debates will probably increase in intcreat
iluring the next session. The one subject which
engrossed the last, will doubtless give way to
others of great variety, which, in tbia progressive
country, the conflicts of party and the ambition
f r place and distinction, necessarily produce.
Vast interests will be at stake apon the decision
of the next Congress ; and there is great Ulent
in both branches, which will be evoke J in their
diKUseion. All the bouors of the Republic, de
pendent on the succession in the Presidency, as
well as all the great and permanent interests
which will give impulse to the action ol the next
teion of Congress.
The Daily Globe will be published daily da
ting the session of Congress, and weekly the re
oainJer of the year. It will contain full and
Uiihful reports of the proceeding of both Hone
st of Congress : and miscellaneous articles on
those general subjects to which it ia devoted.
The Weekly Globe will contain Agricultural
and miscellaneous articles ; and will occasional
ly give debate of such importance as command
universal interest.
The price the Weekly Globe ia reduced lo
ne dollar, with a view to obtain a more general
Tha Congressional Globs will embody as it
has done for the last seventeen years, Congress
ional proceedings and debatea exclusively.
Tbe Appendix will embrace the revised spee
ches separately, and the message of the President
of the United States and the reports of the Heada
of the Executive Departments.
The Congressional Globe and Appendix will
W publiahrd as fast ss the prneeedines of Concress sill
ast-anatnber. Huttacriler may t'X.-t on of ho. h a we. k
aariiir. tbe Srst riier weeks of session, and tw or three
umVrs of each week afterwards, until Um etui of Um
Cnnplete TwlTrs t the rVtarrrssionst flint &nl Ap
will be seat to surjseribeffs ssuat ailcr Conravss aU-
KOjiacef apnlflieal fartr asfeet will aftfiesr in the
lint nave thsiwhirli will to SwdS tor the ConrrrMtinrml
rT"rt. A rwr SMwoainc Is to is uaiwrtisl Tehirle
I ill siaas, no vmc wuintaia its character U tlie cditori-
oolttiADs rerluct a prly hit..
we rapf of the sil Oluhs HMy dnrln tbe tw-loai
" J .MFiu, ,we rwermi a Tear Jsj w
Uslljliluto fat kss Uua a jear,al the rats
"Small fronts and Quick Sales."
"ITOULD inform his old ftiends and the
W public in geiicrul that hu hus llow
on hand his
nl Goods, such as
Ac &c These Goods we ofler unnsually low
for ('ash Country Produce of all kinds and
to prompt and punctual paymasters aa usual.
Call inU Shtt.
Lewisburg, Oct. 30, 1650
Latest Arrival !
L E W I S li LJ it a
it'I i f m rt . -t
Kj. it ll'MSMC y J.CIUU
1 rfT 7?r,
bolt Soap.
Family Soap Powder.
ill make 12 quaiu of the best Familv
L I . I J
a ui eaio uy
I V Ibis preporaiion a single paper costing 12
l 9 cts. w
J. & J. Walls,
HAVING replenished the old Mammoth
Afore, and crammed it from garret to
cellar with every variety of Goods required
Sail anD iDintcr
nnn a 1 1 m rt tn n rocnoivl Tull tr Mniiaal lliuis A
..-...r..... ..o, ...... nvcTrDefortaeinUw,.bll,,,
inenas, tne traatn community, to can and iuiui Lilt Oct. 7. a. l. dknormandie.
examine their stock.
r7('KAI. and Produce of all kinds
bought as usurI.
Lewisburg, Oct. 27, 1850
TTIIIE subscriber, thankful for past liberal pit
1 ronase, would inform his friends and public
generally that be bas just rec u and is constantly
receiving iresU supplies ol pure
Medicines, Drugs, Chemicals,
Extracts, Herbs, Jtouis, Mineral's, Tinc
tures, Oils, Essences, Spirits, Gums,
and other goods in bis line of business, which he
oilers with the full assurance of their being gen
uine, and cheaper than can be bought elsewhere.
1'hysicians and others in the trade are particularly
invited to call and examine for themselves
. W. SCH ll'FI.E,
Oct 1850. DruggUt ami Chemist.
Bread without Yeast !
j lured by Babbitt Ac Co., is a most auiierior
preparation for making Bread, Tea cakes. Buck
wheat cakes, quickly and cheaply, for sale by
Fire -Proof Paint
IS an article worthy the attention of owners of
buildings of every description. For a!e by
N. Y. Fall and Winter Fashions for
18e5ll, '5U.
vgj JUST received by the subscriber,
(ft not only I'liites.but warranted to umke
"exactly like them. No fit no pay.
Country I'roduce tHken in pavinent.
Shop in my new Itrick House, opposite
luincs P. Rosa' house.
LcnisLui2, 0.:t. 7, 1850.
fjMIE Copiirinership kerctufure existing
X between the subscribers in the Drug
l.i.-incs, &c., under the firm o( Df Thorn
ton If Hal.fr, has been dissolved by mutual
consent. The Hooks nnd Aceoen's are in
the hands of Josinh linker f"r settlerncnt.
lewisburg, Oct. I, 1950
J'rum the Citict of Kern York and I'iilud.
BY Adams Express Line a new and
splendid assortment of
As wc have DreSS Goods of nil desirable
styles and qualities, we would particularly
invile the Ladies to call and examine ihem;
and as for GENTLEMEN'S WEAR,
we have quite an extensive assortment of
Cloths, Cassimere, and Vestings, which
will be sold at very lov prices by
Lewisburg, Sept. S3, 1850
VOU that keep Clocks,
Watches, and Jewelry to
sell, became
Hatfield i Thompson
sell Irom lft to SO pi r cent,
cheaner than auy other iu
this section of country.
Just received from the
Factory in Connecticut, a lnrr;ft stock of lino
lower than uuul. Also, a new and f.i.-hiouat!e
assortment of J EWELKV from New York, ex
ceedingly low.
Brass Clocks, 30 bour. at J2 SO to $a 2.1
finest finifhrJ, 6 tt 4.'l
" 8 !:), O0 Ul ! I'5
" Ciuxl 6uvM. T HI tu a 00 3
u 30 honri. with altirui. & x
Ititt Timr I'ivoeti fi.rrhurrhes aii'l muHTi's r nolo 8 (s
rjol'l ltt. Li'VerW'iilcli'H.llPaTy case. jl:. 46 m
" lii-uirii,. i.vrrK.iK.en,tf.IulJ j,vd, w w m vj
Li'i'incs. f'k. r.ifte. full jwclle'l, JiO C
Silr. r latent l-T-rs, J Jrvi-15, ! OH to -
l. taebdUvcri",lullj. eleJ, 14 no to IS Iis
" l- l.iii.-s, - 1;: rtltuM 3
Kar llinn. Jfimy IjnH ami othiTi', fine g.W.-.ri lo 5
s'inirrr Kiun, lnic irolii, ; K',:t
lln iuit I'lus, 1 00 lo a 00 .
etiatnit.triianl ari.l foh.warr'l IGkl p-nhvt.
It... U..L.I ....I ?r. tn !t .".
Pencil t'aaes, line colli, ' JCHitu SMI,
" - with pen, S so
OoM P.'II". silver eases, a 00 to 2 50-,
Silver Tiil-lc Spocus, li '' " I" !"z
. x- " 5 W ' ' -
I'.nM Si.-et.-eles, W !
Silir IWIo 2W
and a variety of articles splendid goodo too
numerous lo mention, fj"lover than elsewhere,
.. K. All warranted be wh.il sold fur.
l.eiburg, Oct. 2, 1SS0.
nIIE subscriber avails himst l' ol ihe n!
1 umnsof the Chronicle in publi.hin lo
the citizens of Jewisl.iirjr nnd vicinity thnt
he has opened a UOAitUlNC IIOIt: in that
large, and comfortably arranged house, formerly
kept as a Temperance Hotel liy J nine Krlly, two
doors east of Ihe Franklin Hnne. Market rireei.
Hu is prepared to aay that his Table shall hae
the bert the M.irtel can alford, anal the Lodging
of I'onrdcre shall be aa comfortable as can be
defired. . I. S. STER.N EK.
N. B. A team and carriage
will le kept ta convey ptasenzers 1 1 ami from the
I'ackt t Uoats. I.ewilir;, Maich IS, IS.Io
jfrutt nnU
The subscriber oirtis for solu a large
Assortment of choice fruit Trees such us
Apple trees, 7 to 10 feet high, 40 varieties,
nil warranted genuine Ptaeh lre's, 20
varieties ;
l'rune and Pear trti-s, topether wnh sume 2!il.Jt?..7isi
0 or 8 varFeltes of Giape Vines of the best ! ianien!!i only suMsm
ii'itive and exotic vnrteties. Ornamental
Trees, such as the I'aulonia, Linden, kc.
il. I!. Persons wishing to- jncure a
quantity of the Fruit tree.-', are reqocsttd to
make immediate application to the subscri
ber, in order to procure the varieties and
siz'i wanted. II. It. NOLL.
Lewisburg, March 4, 1850.
tN EACH BOTTI.K Owe .i iu
raaxa Dotm a Ssy vfm tu tup-ihj- oi or,
TwwajiOaa) la.
Mas fLaS f r O-ltUt ., ;-.
J asw pmt ay ss UVAUT BOTTLK., u-l is f is
asms smsW HVsaDSt snl riwvu ssst as the UttUt.
The fnot mtmrxt irjrofrttts PeatrifcS snse l,S9Arssn f s
and sllurbera.Uartur.licia.-s,iHsjr uv ris sivnsurr in. vwW.
siood from ihe tvsiuvrins; fk,-m : siaT iWa:o- 4
pnaaiws, ss jweuWa of js mmticMMu, tit Ptaa fuswvca w
SarBapaxiUa; Yellow Dock,
Cherry aussl' Kaisarrma Barks,
asars afraisVlr. mftnt pmwtffMg wnwlfS al Isfyae fMst
Cm of ok vi these rvErsiu am feats uf a rhn Cms u loaatt
ia Louis uf ttieiiclns, cail't fcllrmet of SsnmurirAs;
Bur. Srro.'.Di.v IweaM; Thl PsirlSler J f (Ls
ItsMts, Basks, s-d Vrawtablca,
Sie Pcarrriss yufwirw or wiiica at nf rmaa as
hmrmfarittM, wsi vrhra Smss arv ifrS4lnTHll with i n,
nltti. VtUam Iktk. Cktrrp, aaa rinaaer,.,. itvy asnke SW SMav.
oaslhaawslsarSaasanilsUiM PaHsVr airibs lllaifafl at asa
tcoHd, So true la liliSf-UMSt D ka.Ma caary 4sjraS aanHAal caar,
Uw Uoar is
Vmlt Osa TaklespMsafsl, SVaa lianas ttat.
0afhisnMSfwub Cztfaet of SmrmmmnUa. tut ii
1'nnariilll Cherrv W. i .rioo o us mntmm, fm oMilt.) tiu a sues Mkkasrs
t iiiniiou Slurry, in.i arttie, ,rl(j rrSaeed Usa lx of Sarianuilia kss io oa Twt.
IW-Tinc, fovs, or Jlose
smshmI eSec: : awl aa a soma ui
pe Vines Ol the best ' apn!:n onty buki MrrrVar vmm.i. 0:rrerr, a. May
l aDu.mdil.at M ma ami m Ii mi, . it r i ' I Uu
Faarl Pt.a or Six Bsjts.
which .bow that a Brasjl's Prtlirr,win last tVasa
icy (ii
fpilK sub-icrilier has just reeiied nrnl i
now opening a laroe ussnrtnieut of
Policy Noli., us, $ic.m which will be sold
below the former prices for ihi "ready
John Davis.
Oet. 6
1 m
1 VI
s tut
or K4 rralM a saooth.
one ropy eftbs Weekly OInlie Sar a yrar.
f- oaa ei.y of Onee. Gkibtt durine UV afkm
naa eraiy of UV Appeadis durlus; tbe session
4 en,es off eiUier or part of UoUl Jurior serwioa
" 1 do do do da do la on
TtM priees f" Utese papers are so low. that advane- pay
avnta ar indlapamsslde ta earry thorn on. and bo nnler is
vo-W to aakaas UV atnsjee amsniainies it, Suliserip.
aiy be remitted by saail. at oar rink, in money at
IMa Oi. aaetioa of UV aonutrs aim satWrihers reside.
-TlieOnxrMuooiial Ult and Apperulia. or the Daily
'loba, i thry ay ektet,) will ha sent tn all adrlOTS srbo
t nWl-h this rcsaMotiH aa oftra as Urns tisass hsfars
- " Ssooday la bwmb-r, and send aa one ouny of
a-Dsr aoatsinlnc rt diatlnrtly Burked around with a
p v dirw our attention tn rt. JOHN C. K I V ES
a.sajiit ai lTrr,pibvr is, lsju.
New Goods!
rTMIE subscribers have received and are
1 now receiving their new stock of
Fall & Winter Goods,
which they offer to the public on as accom
modating terms as they can be had else
where. Persons desiring to purchase, will
please call and examine for themselves. AH
kinds of
Potatoes, and Wood, will be received in
tl per bushel will be paid for Whc.it,
50 cts. for Itye and Corn, and correspond
ing prices for all other produce.in exchange
lor Goods.
Lewisburg, Oct. 28, 1850
Town Property
For Sale Cheap.
I FULL Lot on North Fourth Street
XL on which is a two storey
Frame House, 16 by 33 leet,
with a pood Cellar under it a iii
Frame Stable, 16 by 20 an out
Kitchen, and other out-buildings now oc
cupied by David Sham p. Enquire of
Lewisburg, Oct. 30, 1850.
Court Proclamation.
. V HFRHAS the Hem. AM BAH AM ?. WILSON. Iid.-nt
Jutljn- of the Court of ttniniMU liean lor the Tweutj--th
Judicial IMrtrirt.fn.nflftintof tli.-wiiniTitof Uuii.uunJ
MtIi1)ii.u.1 Jai-ou H'ittkmtkk anl ) am s llARRii.?i.f.lr(i.
ArAM-intf Juilrt'8 in 1,'uion uunty. h i?u-l tln-ir pre
rs'pt, Urinir ilt h liTth tl&y of S-.t. li. un.l to tut
liirvrtt-d, for the holding of an ori-liaiirt' Court. C-ourt of
Cominou lJs yr k T.-nniawr, ami ;nfral Ouajir
wioiw, ia .-N-W urniu, irtne county of i u,on. on w fii. uihri rrwims in tho lliir-f V krn.-f...n
House & Lot for sale,
SITUATED on lira corner of Fourth and
St. Mary's streets, opposite D.Philin's,
being a full lot, No. 220, nnd having on it
J ! a frame UOUcSL., a SihuIh, and
SJJjt oilier necessary ouwbuildius.
imm During the ubaence of tho subs
crilx?r, Wjf. C. Paistlu will
show the premises, &c.
Lewisburg, Sept. 23, 1850
fox Sale or ttcnt.
flHAT large and desirable property on
J the coruer of .Market and VVa:er Sis.,
well situated for a residence, for business,
or lor;a residence and plnce of business.
There is a lurc URIC1C House contain
ing 4 lure rooms on the first floor, 6 bed
rooms on the second floor, and two l.ir;e
fs j3
is.j mj
if. T. S. H. TKMT8S3,
31 vtscT t. LEvnsBvaG,
Stuinr, Oils, (las'', Perlurmry,
Confectioner" dc Fancy A nicies.
Dr.Tbornion returus his thanks fur Ihe liberal
(nlronaRe which he has reccivej, anil ba aiaure
I be community that exeti attrnliun hII b pal J
tu lbs cuniiiounjing of Me.liciues, and lhat all
Uru's snail tie fully irted U.fore iliey a-r ultt-reJ
for a:ile. autl warranted lo lie ure auj inuim-.
MrI'rescriplion'i given free of charge at Dr.
Thornton's Drug $ o e.
Kcni. inlu r in call at the oi l atainl, fir-t door
above the Mani'aoili Store of J. & J. Wails.
ON Market St., south side, between Third
and Fourth Sis- over Stove Wareroom.
Open until 9 in the evening. Charge until
the 1st of April next, $1.50; for one month, 50
cts ; one week, S5 cts; single visits (permilteJ if
ihry do not incommode miliar patrons,) 5 cts.
Each metaber entitled lo invite in strangers, aa
visiters, for a limited time.
This enterprise is undertaken with the belief
that tbe first town on the Weal Branch will gen
erously sustain it All are invited to visit, and
(if they approve) patronise, the Reading-Koom.
O. N. WORDEN, Proprietor.
Lewisburg, Nov 1, 1850
5? iFiRn ie
a IbrvlblK
NNOUNCES lo the citizens of Lew
isbur and vicinity, that he will be at
Kline's Washington House," on Friday
and Saturday of each week, where he of
fers his services in giving private lessons
in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Thor
ough Bass, Counterpoint, and Composition.
Lowisburj, Oct. 5, 1830.
to continue two w
MOTK'K i thm'fi'rv hon-hy given to the Coroner. Jh-
tfres of tbe IVaon, aul Contale in ami ftr tiie routitv of
LnKin, l appear in tht-irown pr.'per pTMrns with tiiWr
rolls, xvuirils, Iiiquiaitiori!'. examination, and other rem-
erutintuves, ui io t none inins wiik-u of tht-ir ifnwg and in
their lieLalf appertain to lw done; and all witneaat-s and
other persons prosecuting iu liehnlf of Ihe t'-oiuinonwealtb
vaint any persons, are n-quin-d to Iw then iiikI thrre
atundinir. snd not depart without leave, nt their peril.
Jurtlicvs are requireU to be punctual in tlivir altendaues
at the apMiiutcd lime agreeable to notice.
liiven under niv hand and aeal at tlie MierirTs oflire in
New Merlin, tbia 171b day or Oct'r in the year of our lnl
one Uiousaud eiirbt bunlred and fifty, and in IJie'seventv
flHh year of tbe Independence of "the United states of
Auierica. OOD save tlie rouuunnwealtli!
A Itflll li A l.l Tl li AS. r'lirT'tr.
Grand Jurors, Dec. T. lw50.
Kelly : Jn Dennage. A. Il. rlin : Chrn Micsrr
Hartley : Geo Bmucher, M irM Schnure
beaver : dco A Suillh, Pliiiiii Mcrkel
UuQalu : Jas Sinioulon Jr.Ju jSuu.nilon, 8ainl I.
E. buffalo: Jac Frederick.Tlis IVnny. (;Co Kccd
Lewisburg: Gideon Angrladt. Joint Miller
Center: Jn I iSmiih, Djvid Wilson
Middltcrcck : Uanl Kesaler, 1'redk I' ftaus
W. BuIThIo: (ieo Lepley, Uanl (iros-uj
Union: Ellis llenf.r. Henna: JUL Siiindle
Washington : Isaac Oickcl
Mifflinburg : Sarol Ulair
Traverse Jurors.
lewisburg : Sot Hitter, Jn A Mcrtz, L U Christ
Penns: Jn Parks, Jos Eyster, Win doner, Jacub
Perry: Geo Martin Fisher, Henry J Ap
W.Uuflslo: Jn Kline. And Iddin3,v Young, tir
Kelly: Dav llinely.Wni Dou?al,Ths Howard. Unl
UufiaJo: A S heckler, Jas M'l'reight Kaufman
Chapman: Simon Wholly. Jn Lenig, Dnl Urulia-
ker, Fbil Hilbisb, Jn teechrist
While Deer: Aaron Smith, Sainl Sfarshal, Jaa
Marahal, John Kanck
Washington: Danl Sterner, Danl Hilbih
Union: Knos Benfer, Jas Croasgrove, Christian
Dauberman, Benj Long
Hartley : Hy Bsrtley. Jac Katberman, Dnl Long,
Hy Hoffman, K V Glover, Jn Fillman Sr. J a
F Wilson. K. Buffalo : Ju Uiuu
W. Beaver: Peter Oo-s. And L'lsli
Center: Edw Strayer, Jn Mitcbel
Mifflinburg : Ju Detwiler, Won W VanValzah,
Saml Stiizer
Petit Jurors, (2d week.)
Centre : Jn Swengle, Jac Fryer. K Eisenhower,
iej Vsrling, Geo Becker, Conrad Woelfley,
Jn A Schoch. Kelly : Emanuel Needy
W. Buffalo : Wm Watson, Danl Slout, David
Kleckner, Jn Engelhart, 8r
Uniou : Christ Seebold, Joa Wetzel
Lewisburg: Hy W Fries, Jaa Criswcll
Mifflinburg : Benj Haus, Jn Gast
Perry : Peter Ackerman, Abrm HalJeman
Chapman : Jn Craig. Abrm Look
Beaver: Jacob Gross, IS'er Middles Aarth
Penna : Jacob Riblet, Hy Laudensrhlager, Hy D
('urns. Jac Shafler, tJ A pp. II B Hetterich
E. Buffalo: Abrm Auraod. Robt H Laird
Hartley: Wm Smith, Wm Fisher, Sarnl Hartruan
W. Beaver : Jn D Romig
lar;e cemt lit Cistern, a Pump and Well of
gcKid water, and all the necessary oul
buildins. For lenns &c. apply to (ko.P.Mii.i.kr,
Es. S. K. DAVIS.
Lewiiburg, Sept. 23, 185J
HOUSE and Smalt FA KM
o :
s-ra r. i M - Si
da" 2 r-r
t 2. o - - - -c
a .r a 3 i 3 1 -
2 ?
.5 W.
2- . r e O
. . 3
3 "
OS Si2
2 -
CO ta
2 s ! - 3 n i' c
C rO aae - 3 n
frj o a 3 o .-o -? i o -3
Kresli and Genuine MeJicinrs.
i'jHC u'jsr:riber hns just received an
J additional siiply of Medicines, war
ranted of the best quality, also a general
assortment ol nil sucli articles as usually
are found in Dru Stores, all of which lie
olTers at the La Cat cash prices.
Da. THO!t.TOX.
pOD LI VKU Ol Ia .supply o?this veTv
J ct-lebratt'd arucle for eoubs.colJ-.Jce.
oa h.md aud for sale by
TAirNDfUE, Dysesia, Chronic or rvon
DebiLlv, disrate ol tlie Kidneys, and all dis
eases arising from a disordered Liver or Stomach,
such as Constipation, Inward Piles, Kuluefa
or liiood to lha Head. Acidity of tiie
Stomach, Native i, Heariburu. dis
gust for Food. Fulness or Wpeight in lha
Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Flut
tering at I lie pit of tlie Stooiach, Swimming of the
Head, hurried and difficult Bieathin?, r'lut
leiing at the Heart, choking or auti'ica
linz Sensations when in a lying
posture, diuiue.is uf Vision. Dots or Webs
before the Sight, Ft ver and du'l l'siu iu the
Hed, Deficiency of leisiiration, Velloamess of
Ihe Sxio and Eyes, pain iu the Side, BacK,
Chest, Limbs, &c. suddeu Flushes of
Heal, Burning in ihe Fleab, cousl.iut Ima
ginings of Evil, and great Depression of Spirits,
cas Bt rrrtcTi sLLr ciaan ar
prepared by
Mtr. ('. a?. J.ifksou.
at the German M--dicin Store,"
lO Arch SI. l'lillad.
Their power oxer the abort ditctuea is nut ex
eclltd, if equalled, by any vtlur prtparatiutt in
the United States, u the curt' attr.-t. in many
cine after skilful phyicitin had fuilriL
These biiters are Woetby the attention of inva
lids. Possessing great tiilues in the lectitication
of diseases of tbe l.iver and lesser glands, exerci
sing the most searching powers in weakness and
affections of tbe digestive organ-, 'hey ate withal
sjle, certain anJ j Uai.ifit
Read a.vn be co.it i.vith. Tbe Hon. Cbs
D Hineliue, editor ol ihe Camden Utnwerat, Ihe
best paper in West Jersey, says, July Slat
II'SIFLAXD.S fiEliM.l.N til rf .:k.S. We hie -n
many flatterina aotica of this UKHtinne. srwl the 90 tiro;
w lienor tbf caiue induced iuuauu.ettMia-rirsrespvrtroe
its inerits. From inquiry t werv prrsuaded to use itjuKl
muit say we found it fioe in its action upon dineaM-a of
th liver and uirstive organs, and tlie powerful innurne
it exerts upon nervous prosu-atitm is reatly surprising. It
enlms and stn-nthens the asrves. bringing tbem into a
state of repose, uutkin; sleep rcrn-liitnE.
If this m.iietne were more pi oy rally usnl. we are aet-
it" 't mere wouia ne leas alranetat. as rrom tne fWmaiu.
liver, ami m-rvous an in lie- (freat ma..rity of real an4
irnuciu-try Uisesses emanate. Have them in a healthy rou-
tltion. aiul vou can bii -lt'fiIU-e to roalemira eetu-rallv
This e-ttraonlinarr medieine we woull attvise our friends
I welve u, lir-w l.r. lomorr Uian a Sonht of 1
panlla ; and If iu daUy awMa-al -Ihcxr (ia aawul Saal
ryatrvitw and IIuliss as tlx dally ftirw Oomi of S-traa.
S '"" Psovr.a ,u owa k.-ak of SWa Pva.naa la
Tl stem eomparisna does antal show rt aesat atufaa-.
sac m watac betwtava tbe ataSiiwl rrjlntii uf Katae. mTT.om
mnd awas.r.aiLi.a. Th,. will JjSS t."!!."'".;
ou-m Ul Brum lnmpMctm, ahowmi lilat ";"uaa oa
baa aura effieaey, and raras aw laipaia Mats' - 1.
TEN Jtoulca af rSsuwaewrilla.
If, then. Otv Imu tsj nrarrtea sHU I oaa Doixaa.
Uas ifcoia o) SurmiruroU, abowkt sail aar Tea UewsiT
Wt. J B. n .. r;a of Kaaae. OweMa Co, X. T. who .aa earad
sfberortiU in Isai, aworo lit rh cS ss reused below ia aw
aei:oa in tlw Keraswa Ct tt In rate Cite. .Vest IWw'ga tha
jBt of Xiaaawaar, 1M9, aarfar law feUowu. cirnraslaaesaT-
A .person m tha Citmof Sow W bad mamfactwmd and
vended a ajxraaaa artiela of aatalieuw. eallinr ir Baaar'a
iioa.a Meiuciac, sr. awisariaa of aw yea-.-. WnS.'w Ha
a. 4Ao. and Haaaina was ow-rm as S K,ri n
to. yacrs as iltusasa.aada. -wawisigaaTira!aclai.
at. C-aara raaayiaf Ka,
. oto
c.tia rata at. la ia,a,..
WftWa I mmm. Mrmm.-. S dZT a j.
aawtaiiiiit Wai-al.aMM " f - j - 1 .
mm, mm abar u ft. um oor at oarj omTmor mm. m LZMTT
W, , ; a onto wa. mum. da. ixmjm mioM .? mtrnVmmmZTZ
SMlaar waa aasar wt ana a. 1., .b.k 1 tmmmJTmi
aJa. aa taal ajr Wl, aoaU ba kmt :aaakar!a am, -,TT7T . "
Sow mj "'.'ti to i r.. mharh .ml .rtom JVimm. aaS a.
Ha. HA5K1W aaat, I w'wl araaalalaj .'a
rart-hava mami X turn m-fmtm. aw..
baily aatalad t a. 1 mmamtfrnmimA a aaraal
. cuhw mi. M'. UMa
auaeauwiMMl wa auS aial.a maa m. it. 1
aoimo bt tha SfWiaa ml Hammi Inaar4, at It'.ii. C.'r. m.
atatasautort Uua Watia Hlbt.ro ALL VT i:U'KK-t
aa wrweaa.iaaaatawthaiaa. aSS Itlravt -tw
CURX. Itl ni-ta aw ta emmt omaum. W'JS t'ILL rJL'TR-lX
T.i I Bui -Bin psMdw-a mil fUmmsfnf anl pmriffmf
Y T'strt of thr 'ifMuira-'. Pvrifinruts WJkrmct, Mia mlam
aM4 M'Vtm. Ultr IaS-l1 .CatMttaJS. 9TtK.trfm-If Mti-t fCtv
H.tjt-.I to rurr COHi.i: amd Cil.NSl'MPTUi-NA. H
aaWj aUa'l liVtl I U ' ! laVf Md flrbcr WtiT-&
f. m fa-ii, a-Nf em.'.j u tfu iWtjri Kttnut ba-aV
ssfi C 4-. rxt 1 1 s-..'y.
T rt M (. i-lTm of the wtowt tu,prl9 TonMUBplioa
Itloij prwve Ut mirarutt rtfirm ia U iiinKtmm wf
X LL"sN..S. UlitOAT, tuid HKEA.iT.
1 nvixc; wo3Iax saved:
W ij-wa tSs aWlowTln? wvTttieaXK m m 1WS of rmtm. vhkll
Sos to pruvc the powrr to tv USe. wtam tiie peMmm
art in. ti tm in the xtj Imat wK f tzu-tmZ. tt BrttM w
Jm hum Pli-nnt Batsmm M wMhnuusU:rvl :
We zlm tTM f J owm: ecitrs3araw a fvt of eur, wbieli
8 i pr r th.- pfrr to wre ku?. een wtt-em tor p.Yo
rx-fus) b b- in the vr lt aUttr of eiu-Ksii:m- irht
ftrant'sf India rlfumvf Bmlmm is aaiaiauk-red Tui
time dm nut Miaul alone we couM awa majct crt
ax marcclstiM m1 twtoHJtmjrnd km4rr4t o" koptUrm
ra . uh. iMtrMtidm ui can 5 rail.. CUaNSL Airrto.1,.
Tliiai 41 Hk waiat ctftsrtrti on the witm of Mr. Zim
rnt L tbtf trp of Mr. Jt.ux Watt au mmffnm Uik
a thxtttd. aoJ rtJur iuriml wuucthzIm, mxyno- fa wxim
"-w xn a.. ab4 waa ta Um Im mm of lh duirtwt
n tick oppressed and mittrtimd auui ta hava imawt
iritU distrestm and m:ik a dwium u.
)l-:ilFU.Mi:;iV. Just rPt:.-iveJ a fivsh
bit ul uli kni'H tl lifkimcry l.ir (fit;
lui'oi &. r. an II r s iL- b v .
Lrt. TirortXTOX.
LAM), sSj cnii, uml Li
salt: by Dii.l
nsit.) OILS, lur
Xcarly opposite H. V. Sicllcr's St,rrt.
'PIIK host and most iipprovrrl C(X)KIXO,
L S?IIOI, OFFICK or PAliLOIt Stov.-i.
I'louolis, Cuslin;s. iVc. nt low rites, by .
Jf -Tm- a a s f
Lewisburg. Sept. 18, 1 8 Ml.
jjjg Dr. John Locke,
MA Y le found at his Office and resilience
first door east of Kline's Hotel the two
weeks followiug I lie first Monday of each month,
where he is prepared to execute all operations in
his line of business in a mauner creditable to
himself and satisfactory to those who may favor
him with their palrouaite.
Dr. L. speuds the third week of each month
in Milton.
(jAromalic Tooth Paste, put up in beautiful
porcelain boxes, an excellent article for keeping
the teeth clean and breath sweet, for sale at 35
cts per box, by
Lewisburg, Pa., May, 1850
Lewisburg, Union County, Penn'a.
Practices in Union and adjoining couuliea also
attends the courta of Perry county.
FFICE on Second St., lalcly occupied
by L li- Christ, Ivjq.
not refused at the Office of
the Lewisburg Khroniclc.
LAUD, CH i:i:Si:CoiisUutlym IiaiiJauJ
fur sitlo by
Market Street Wharf,
dkuin Drills.
MIC undersigned wish to inform the
farminj' community ccnerally, that
they nre now manufacturing
J. P. ROSS" Xrn-h, Tmprorcl CHAIN
Without stopping to discuss the compara
tive merils of numerous Drills now ollered
for sale, they merely wish lo invite Farm
ers to call and see I tm above named article
before purchasing elsewhere, feclin-r confi
dent that they can furnish an article that
will give entire saiisfnetion.
Lewisburg Foundry, Aug. 13, 1S50.
Fashionable Tailor,
In Ihe Brick building, lower
Market street, one dmir above
J. Nesbit'd new Brick Houso.
done to order.
Lewisbara, May 39, IS50.
' JUSTICE, new edition, can be bad
l.yndall'a Bnwkstore. in this place.
Lewisburg, April IP, 1850.
at Lym
who are at .11 .tW U. irive a tnal-it .,11 .ln i la. riZ.:. . " TT1 W -.
aaaaead Useir. It sk.M. maart.be iu every tkn.il.. N. ''Tr "T""a
uluer uejdiciae ran produce ucb evateuees oi let riL
Kioid Ihe Boston lite editorial, Dec 2 J J
IT. Iliayflaiul's Celebrated Uerman Hitters. .r the eure
Of Lifer ComBlaint. Jun.luv. Ilvnr..ia tul I'hN.nu-
.ennna tVKlit.r. is dearrv.!. one vr the mt popular "J. T,,STl'?.'r'. .her "seal -EitA.SV
mediciurw of the dv. These Hitters hv. btn iw,t le 1 'l,IAN ft L.MoNAUV lie katk thw Aaissaa
U uan.l. an.l a rrirwl at our elbow utahrluu hiinspif t B'"r auroud. and rate a portioa tu i,is wife
received from the sa of this rernrtl j an'ee.Ttual. prrni.v I ""rTw "er she ctasunwra) to take it anril aha recoreeed
nent eure of Liter t'omplainf. Vte are convineeU Ui.it, J tti.ai.TH. ar.j aae has aartud vl fur atari oar
in the ne of th.! liillera. the patient cnatantlv rams ; "f,"'9 I DariKUiara,
Hreuth and viin-r a faet worthv .f (Treat couaid.' ration. v ''U1" awure to the alwve farts before Tina, Ci.
TlH-y are pleawmt in LtFlc snd amell. and can he ua, .1 hT ! x"' fc".t- ' """""S !. 29th April. IMS.
per.ns with tlie mat delicate tu.mTu h. with saletv . J1. tft JmMitt, cerbliea thai be Las
under any eirrumatanees. We are .pcakiu from peri I nowl1 Mr' t eiu-n many years and that he is oaa of
. ace. ana to the afflicts wc tdrise their use. r: " a-rot sou Tr.pccuuH. raiuiut cad Mr. JoH.w
Sftttt'a Wtfhfit nut nf rh. Iteuf lite.rw n.lwr. ' i
published, said. A ucj 2."th ' ;
In. iluttntiD's (livMtk BiTTF.Rs. msnnfactured .y Dr
Jarkeon. are now reeouiuian'led by some of the moat pro- '
inineut uernVrs of the Fiu-ultv.'as nu artirle of mtih !
ettk-aiTy in rs-erof emule wettkneaa. As surh is the enae, !
we would ativiae all mothers lo obtain a bottle, and thus
rave lhfmielvea much aicknetu. Peraons of tk-bilitttted .
eitnatitutions will find thr.ac Hitters advautrurenua to rlteir
health, .as we kuow from etuenencs tho salutary t-Oeet
they have ujteu weak avauuu.
Judge M.M.Noau, a g ntlcman of great si itn
tific and literary attanur.eit j,aiJ in his ".N't York
Weekly Messenitrr, Jan It,
lr. IL1tiin-Tt Crrru'in It:tr. II, re fa a pr'rsrrtti.ta '
whit h tlie lentiinr presaea of the I'nion afltenr iinaniriotui
in reeoruiueielin. ao t the rvaroil it oovivar. Xi r m'vle
after a pri-scripti'tn fiirnlietl l.v one , i... mt-t tt-lel.r.tlt d
pbyiciaus of m-td rn Hues Hit; late Dr. Christopher
Wiihelin HoerlaQd, Prof-taor to ihe t niverfity of Jena,
rrivate l'ttvaii-iau u, the hiu itf prutuia. and one of tlie
srreatest mttlic-.il writ-r! tierniaoy hns ever produced, lie
was emphatically the eneniy of humbu;f, and tlierefctrtt a
medicine of liieh he w ae t tic inventor and endorser may
Iat oonritlently rclsd on. He rpecially recotnnieial.-d it iii
Liver Complaint. ! .-ietaia. Iael.il ilv. ertirs Achiily of
tlie $u.ciach. 1'onatip.itiint, and all enmplaiura arLtiie
fmTH a tlitatnli rotl coutiilhtn of the atomat li, th. Liver and
the intctine, .Vine Pliila.l. !.hia istpers expr.t their ( U.ickhause, MidJIeburg Wilt A, Etlert. HjfUaw
reiivictl' a of Its excellence, and arvrral of their editors ! . . . . . ., t .n- . s aaoauwa
afteak or Its cff.H-ts from their otffn mdividtuil exiterieure.
I uler these eirciuastitQccs. we el warraut"!, u. only
tn ratlin; tlie attention if our reatlers to the present
pntprielor (lir. V. M. Jakou ai pn-paration, bul ia rio
ommcndinj; the arlicic to ail aftiitrU.
ir. tne aan nttl rpokea of arx-ve aw ovcraVs u Ohs
1 tlt-r l, i t,l M,. lUmxn. aa.1 that aw was aer
lieu vr Vxjacu, oavu heard liiem uUtttl Suaar
il by itwoa
E rant's Pulmonary Ratn-.ee.
eur. s CO.V.-V IPTIGX CcntU. VJ.U. Spiaiif ! Waavt
hUmJi.j mi bit I, rut m ,'arax aad Virfr. Aar
Siroau, JStrri,i.t CiimptaatM, iWpiuOea of (as HmawL
d'.l'T:""- "" C aaaasisfs. Mid alaV
I MAi.i. n iK.LjiJLS. xxtout aay JtUuuf raaleaar
I.ar foisiMin? n-uncd Ihtaonoml f7-tetas hava aa
I r. t....mi. i.,led I1KANTS MEUlCUits ; '
Or. V lil'llhAltii. Mnml.Td. roan.
Ir. J. N. SMITH. W-terb.wi S. V.
ir. KU-Uf MAN, UU Heury street, brouklis, X I.
Dr. T M. IIL-N P, Auburn, N. i". 1
lr. if r, JKAKI !, Mi.Wlet.wa. Cum.
Hr.ilKK A. LtXitit.-t, Bath,M. V.
lr. S. WHITE, Krxdonia. S. V.
Ir. t;. 11. tiAI.I.STIXK, Ryraa. K. T.
Ir. J l. .-a.li-.MAN. ray.-tterUle, N. T,
lir. J. .-KI.SNKH. Henry street. Brook:. 1
It. O. SU11 HAS. CorUtukt N. y.
For sale by l)r T A II Thornton, Ltwia
burif ; Edwd Wilson, New Berlin ; S J Crooae.
rclitisi;rove i li .V r 1 Moyer, Fieeburg : II f(
t- s k n. r.
MoHEEvincsca. The Philadelphia Saturday
(Jazeite, the best family new.jiaer pubiished in
the United States, the i jiloi sas of Dr lloofland's
(Jcrmail liilters
It ia seldom that we recommend whet are termed Pat
ent M.licinea to our readers patronage and f.tt)Mcnrr;
aiel, thereHare. when we recommend IT. Ilootiand's tr
man bitters, we wish it tu bo dietiaxtly undcrrtoial that
we are not speaking of the noslruia of the dsy. that arc
noised ahoat f a brief period ami :t re forgotten" after th. y
have done their --uilty rare of aitarhtef, but of a medicine
Ion-; eatablisle-d. universally pnsid. and wliiiU has met
the hearty approval of the r'uculty itself.
Evidence on evidence has been teceirrj (like
the fircoln;i from sll sections of the Vnfon, the lat .t
years, ami ter otrtmM trAimxmm in itf uewr, it, thai
tilers is more of it use.1 in the practice of tbe r.irular'
rhyaicians of Philadelphia, than of at! other nratrums
combined a fact that can easily be established, and tally
provinr: that a srientitic itrri-aration will matet with their
quiet approval when presented even in tbia form. That
lliismedicinew.lleure Lavcrt'oni;inliit anil n-raDepaia.no
one can doubt, after usinff it ss directed. It acu spec, he
al It apon Ue r-Utmas-h and l.iver. It is preeral.le to
Culomel in ali hiliimt iHm-aart. Tbe rfTert is iuinediave
they can to administered tu mt.vLa or iraM with siul-t
aud reliable bench;, at any time.
Beware of counterfeits!
Tbia medicine has attained that character which
it is necessary for all lo attain to induce counter
feiters to put forth a spuiioos article at the risk of
ihe lives of those who are innocently deceived.
Look well to the marks of the Genuine.
They base the written signature of C.M.Jicooi
upon the wrapper, and lha name blow a in the
bolllr, without which they are spurious.
For sale wholesale and mail, at the ftERM N
door below Kiith, (Isle of 174 Rate St.) I'hila.l
elphia, and by respectable dealers gekeiitlty, the
country throughout. Iy3.it
Abo for sale by S. F.L YXD4 L Uheuxsburg Ta
toll- ntea.tr M-nek W i Ifl Int.....
All letters and orders must be addreaasj
U sllacc dc Co 10G, Broadway, New Yorh
STEWART Surgeon Uentit
aa re tn.ivrd his office l Fuurib 5J
near Clair' "Kranklin ll.del.''
W li I Vantft oa aerount, tmaeMistel., st tha
W UUU .., iiiij.,t7.- t'inri;.
rpil E subscribers oflVr ibs paiVtie, at their
J. new Brick Foundry, the lulluwiug uew
aud valuable Stoves :
Iron Witch Air-TifiSat CocJatag Stoves, with
a lirick Oven.
Lady AVashinplon Parlor Sljve. '
Vst Iron Air-Tight Ts'Iji rjlove,for Wood
2 aizes.
Coal liurner for Patlors I aiae, 13 incJi e
Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor 8uvea
Shield Air-Tiihl Parlot Stove for Wood J
Egg Stove Ihe very beat in oae for Stores.
Offices, Barrooms, and Shops.
1 he celebrated Genesee Air-Tight Cook Htove.
The Complete Cook sizes.
AIo, all kinds of Wood and Coal Siflves
Plouglw Castino. 6ic. iVSt
Lewisburg, Dec. 12, 1819.
FOR SmilE;t
ON 12 of lit hnrss! power, with one flur
boiler ran be seen in opern'irtn. Ono
nf 5 horse jiowf r.wilb two cylinder rw.ilt-ra.
Btrih made of Ihe best irtairralst, aud ai
r anted perfect. Enquire of
Machinist, Columbia, Pa.
NOTES Promissory, Judt-menf. andj
J"tnt Nces (b.'aa'ks) hi '.iit office.