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II. C. HICKOK, Editor.
O. N. WOBDEN, Fnblisher.
at 1 JO rash in advance. ft.75 in three -months, $2 PW
within the year, ami U at 3ear
IgmU in l-hilJr)'l" V " lll'r E T; .
Lewisburff, Ia.
Wednesday Morning, Nov. 13
-K.xrrtit..rK, AIminiitnitoiv. PuMif
Mttwre.Citvantir'HiUirv M-r-lit. Manufartunrn.
diMw f anvthinwouM Jo -a 11 to pive ini of thr
um ihroufrh the Isncittsttrsj WroHiHr.'' Tl.i? iier line
cntd bihI iDcrpinc eimilatmn in a rotnmuitiiy nntiu
ninj5 a Urjre a proportion of art-ivc. w.T.-iit pn."lureri,
w-iiiurav-T-. and ilralcr-. a any tlur in the i-Mat-tV
l)anksgiinn3 in iJcnnonltmnia.
hxtMlTitu. rs. Tn II" n-tsif ' . tlli"rilf -S
tswonor of mti't OHMmi.rttrnilth-
Anotlicr rs-vaiuu-Mi sf Ibe et-aj-ons has l.-ti alrnsst -fleird.
Peace with nil Tinr-tni- him i"- TihBH to w
country by the M I'KKM K IsrKNSEKof national Mess-lttj.-.
A lcn li'trt I'l'oX ll'KM'K has cniitinln-d MIS
friinrdisn care over the people of this t'ouiinotiwcalth.
lit-! lis presi rved ui. under the inrtitntions of freeliov
eruniciit. in lit tjuiet ami undisturbed cnjovnicrtt of civil
si4 rvlurioMsi Itl.-rty. II K lis favored lid with healthful
fM-sfonn snd abundant uarveets. Individual hNi.iiM-s
reward liit- enterorb of ibe ciiiren : "Th earth U full
of tl poodnees of the lAHIli. While the inestimable
bounties of I'liOVIIlKM'K toi-nit-h a suitable subject for
mutual jo-atulalion and Krau-ful a-k cowled, twiit. an en-
iiciitenrd wiiaeof riutyand pt.tu.irto tiiat iiKisu from
whout Uiy tl.w. mi mom lie u to uihu a owe I -oopie. iu
..ti.rmSo. ihrtrii-n. .,i t-nrent thankviTine aud .raie I
... .mil i ii ,i...,;nii .f ..Kti.d.." I
to HIM wlio wl-ln-th pw lle di ?tiniei of iintun
" wlioe'artlleth the iM-arte tT the rbitdreti of n n"
"who hath .ri'an. HIS Thr.rtie in the lltsav.ns, aud
wbowe Kmloi ruleth otit all.
fK.-p'y iiitirei.!Mil Willi the in'irietyof thin itutr.ln ae
COriMliec Willi tta'' venrrt-d cu.ni and in umiplialu'e
with the iflKH of the ereat imly of the bti.h.. I. U iu.lw
V J.jH!'To.t;oTeruor of the caid tVrtimionw.-Mlih. lien-by
appoint i.d di-isnaU- Till KMAV. tlie 1JTII IIAVl'
liKl'EMIthK NKT.aad.vrfeiicralTHANKSi;il.Nti
thKai'liout the State: and I hereby n-xmnnend im! ear
aly inrite ail the pe.ipleof thU t oniinouwcaltli, to a
aiuevre ami prayerful olservnnee of the itanie.
tiiven under iny hand and tlu'tireat Seal of the St&teat
llarrieborj?. thin lwentyirbtb day of h-toher. in thu
year of our lrd one thituand eiphi hundred aud fifty,
atidof the Cemuwwi wealth the neveuty-tiOli.
By tlie tioveruor: A. I.. ItrsSEI.I
Seeretary of the Ciminwuweaitb.
Jffi-The Telegraph meeting referred to in
our last, has been postponed for a week or
ten days, in order to obtain further detailed
inftinnatinn from the officers of the Sus
quehanna Company. Wc understand it
will cost about 200 a mile to put up the
wire r
fci"The letter of Lieut. Maury, ou our
first page, detailing some of the operations
of the National Observatory, at Washing
ton, will be found, we think, to possess
deep interest for our readers generally, as
well as the class of persons to whom it is
more particularly addressed; and wc be
speak for it aa attentive perusal.
Saturday afternoon last, as a son of Mr.
JWI Rangier of Buffalo Tp was returning
Lome with Mr. It 's six-horse team, after
delivering a load of wlicat in town, the
Iioibco (boing Wt alone at Christ & Mc
Faddin's Foundry) took fright, and whee
ling short about, left part of the wagon on
the street, and took their way at full speed
down the whole length of Market street,
but, (not being prepared, probably, to pay
toll on the Bridge,) they wheeled around
Mr.Weidensiul's corner, into Water street,
where one of the horses fell, and after be
ing dragged some distance and badly inju
red, brought the team to a halt. No other
injury was done, altho' the race extended
to a distance of nearly eight squares, and
Market St. was more than usually crowded.
8Thc Editor of the Bloouisburg
Slur, is so enchanted with Jenny Lind,
that he gaaes steadfastly at her portrait
hung up over his dusty table ; and his of
fice has become a shrine for the worship of
this popular musical divinity. lie per
mits the outsiders to share in his trans
ports, though at enormously oppressive pri
ces. Jenny Liud and 12 J tents! Hear
hiui :
"The public can have an opportunity of
seeing the portrait at 12 cents a look.
Children half price.
P. S. Any "nice young man" who
wishes to kiss the glass that covers it, can
have a chance to do so for a dollar. W hat's
bid for the firt liL'tf
S. 2d. The " nice young man must
lc one who says " wataw " and " waitaw,"
wears a rtanlnig collar, and has a great
(tb of hair on his face.
The West Branch Boroughs.
Wc slightly "acknowledge the corn"
this tiuic to our enterprising neighbors.
But we'll bet our hat, that ere ten more
years have rolled around, Willianisport
will be fine plump thousand ahead of any
town in the list, not even excepting the
rrtrnxtre borough of Lcwisburg. We are
a (trowing State. Ijiiumtnj (Jttzrtte.
Just send us that hat by return mail, if
you please. We claim it, in advance, as
ourjiroperty. You have fairly ' put your
Lvt iu it' by your rashness. Your " grow
ing State" we admit may be one thousand
tthcad of its prcscut self in teu years; but you
will please lear iu mind that iu the mean
time wo shall lengthen our cords aud
strengthen our stakes to the tune of a still
jnore rapid march than the one to which
you promise to keep time. Then what is
to become of your hopes and hat ? Kvi
dently, you will have to march in the rear,
(erThe listributing Post-Offices at
Northumberland and Ilarrisburg arc now
discontinued leaving only Philadelphia,
Pittsburg, and Erie, listrilutitig offices.
J The Philadelphia AWs defines a
mustache wearer to be "a monkey with a
tkoo brush on its upper lip !"
Q&The Canals are now in good order
In every direction, and a brisk Fall busi
ness doing.
ferThc Cro on the mountains between
Buffaloe and White lccr, has rawd Seve
rn! o.iys.
Fugitlve Slave Law.
As the jury failed to agree upon the
facts in tlie case of Oliver against KaufF
man, iu the U. S. Circuit Court at Phila
delphia, (the trial of which was published
in the Chronicle two weeks since,) no
decision was made by the Court upou the
points raised with regard to the freedom
of the alleged fugitives ; but they will
probably be disposed of iu the next trial
of the exsc.
Iu bin charge to the jury, Judge Crier
stated that it was " too plain for argument,
that the act of 1793 did not iutend to
make common charity a crime, or treat
that man as guilty of an offence against
his neighbor, who merely furnishes food, j fatal in a quarter of an hour. In one
lodging, or raiment to the hungry, weary, ' place, out of a'population of 200, twenty
or nuked wanderer, though he be an ap- ! fire dicdin 24 hours. In the burial ground
preutice or a slave. On the contrary, it ,
contemplates not only the escape of the '
slave, but the intention of the master to i the ground, one Sunday, because no one
reclaim liiiu. It points out the mode in J could be found to bury them. Some pen
whieh this reclamation is to be made ; and itntiary convicts accepted the Governor's
it is for an unlawful interference or hind-' offer of freedom, if they would bury the
rauec of this right of reclamation, secured ;
to the master by the Constitution and
laws, that this jicnalty is imposed. The ,
Larbtirui" made criminal by this act, then, i
. . '
requires sonic other liigreuieiit besnies a ,
1 w I
mere kindness, or charity rendered to the t
fugitive. There must be a kuowletlgc !
that the person harbored or concealed is a
fugitive from labor; and formal notice of
the latter fact, from the owner, is not nec
essary. The intention or purpose which
accompanies the act of kindness or chari
ty, must be to encourage the fugitive iu
his desertion of his master, to further his
escape, and frustrate his reclamation. The
act uiust evince an intention to elude the
vigilance of the master, and be calculated
to attaiu the object."
Judge Grier has also published a
semi-judicial opinion, in reply to a letter
on the subject from Charles Gibbons, Kstp,
that the new fugitive slave law does wl
require that a judge should, without trint,
surrender a citizen of Pennsylvania to a
kidnapper. The provision " that in no
trial or hearing, under this act, shall the
testimony of such fugitive be admitted in
evidence" is no more than the enactment
of an established principle of the common
law, that no man shall bear witness in his
own cause. "The act contemplates a
trial aud a decision of the Court or Judge,
involving questions both of law and fact,
aud unless the rules of the common law,
as to evidence, be followed, when not
changed by statute, the tribunal would be
without rule, governed only by caprice, or
undefined discretion, which would be the
exercise of a tyrannical, not a judicial,
power. It is tlie duty of the Judge who
presides, to render equal justice both to
the claimant and the person claimed. If
evidence were heard on one side only, and
that, too, without regard to any rule or
principle known to the law, gross oppres
sion aud wrong would flow from it. Free
men and citizens of Pennsylvania .might
be kidnapped into bondage, under forms
of law ; aud by the action of a legal tri
bunal, sworn to do equal aud exact jus
tice to all men. This much maligned law
not only gives a ' trial,' before a legal tri
buual, before the claimant can be author
ized to carry the fugitive out of the State,
but it takes away from th prisoner no
right which he would have enjoyed before
the act of Congress was passed."
As considerable feeling exists in this
community on the subject of the new fu
gitive slave law, we have given place tj
the above extracts that our readers may
know what aspect the law bears, under
the practice as laid down by the Courts.
It will be seen that much of its supposed
harshness is thus considerably softened.
But there are still other odious and im
practicable features about the law that will
require material modification at the hands
of Congress, before the great body of the
people at the North will rest satisfied with
its practical operation.
Changes and X-changes.
The Phil.nl. iMi'Fg Acir we sec it sta
ted has passed into the hands of a M r.
Fi.AXAtiix, and has forgotten to carry our
name to its new Exchange List, where it
rightfully belongs. We wish him many
more subscribers plenty of change and
another ex-change.
According to its proposition, The dly
lit vi is iu debt to us for about 10 months'
riitriors paid by advtj; about a year aj;o
which Mr. FiTZdERALD will please forward
to us to take its place among its 50 or CO
illustrious contemporaries in the
1 Lewis-
burg Beading-Boom."
The Jersey Shore. IiijiuUiran, has not
arisen front its ashes, and wc understand
the remains of the establishment is for
sale. Jersey Shore is emphatically in a
good business community, aud affords a
fine field for a man willing to work.
The Proriilenen Journal mistook that
"document," or we sent the wrong one
always willing to pay difference in an X.,
particularly to that whose Editor receives
but $400 per a nn. tor performing the extra
duty of Governor of llhodc Island.
P. S. The "Daily News" has come !
SrTherc is a fair prospect now that
the Bail Road from Eliuira to Williams
port, will be completed at an early day,
and in permanent, substantial style. By
the time this is done, if not sooner, wc
have no doubt a continuation of the line
will be under way from Willianisport to
Ham-burg. Tho West Branch country
will then be opened out to the world ; a
consummation devoutly to be wished.
&W c are indebted to our friend and
oimianondfBt, Mr. Wat. II. Oumna, fcr eon? of the
"California Courter" of Sep. 4 Ik, la which we sbserre
among other Urine the "Romantic Marriaxy recorded ia
Uiii KTironlde" some montlia aro, and which still traTrU
the round, although the hero has ainee paaaed to thoaa
realuu where they are neither married nor givea ia nuu
riaje. Mr. C. has dm kindly furnUhed ni with a printed
ProKramnie of President Taylor's Funeral rroceaaioB at
San F ranrim ; and a Cnntie Snag eaUtled Til K UFKD
lf VINKK:" whiih Utter we auaU lay before our read
er! next week.
Cholera at Jamaica.
Wc learn, from the N. Y. Evening W,
that the Cholera is raging with frightful
violence on the island of Jamaica, West
Indies ; aud dreadful as it has bcea, the
physicians think its dcstructivcncss has on
ly commenced. The later eases proved
of Spanishtown, the scat of Government
of the Island, 25 bodies were left above
dead, but most of them died shortly after
0f the epidemic. There is a great scarci-
ty of medical men. One physician made
over eighty calls in a sinine day ; and scv-
end had died from the diMrx'c. or over-
exertion and exposure. The hope was
entertained that New York would send
out some physicians by the next steamer.
The epidemic had brokeu out with great
violence in the 07th regiment, stationed
at New Castle, in the mountains, at the
healthful elevation of 4000 feet above the
level of the sea. The disease is spreading
all over the island, and carries with it ter
ror and distress.
Latk from Lt:visi:i,ni. The editor
of the Chroutrfe has got a bad cold thnt
hinders the discharge of his editorial duty,
His nose weighs one pouud and seven
ounces. In the meantime, he uses "Pep
sin" to digest his ideas. Ljromiwi 6'-
Slightly mistaken, neighbor. Our nose
counts by feet, not pounds. Therefore wc
should like to take a ieep at the scales by
which youarrived at Vueb a ponderous re
sult. Our only medical prescription in a
pinch, isonc of" Wright's Vegetable Pills,'
to wit: a copy of the Lycoming Gazette;
though wc will admit to you (iu the stric
test confidence) that after such a dose, a
little ".Pepsin" would not come amiss, to
help restore the digestive functions.
Another Fire la Northumberland!
On last Saturday evening, about I
o'clock another fire broke out in Northum
berland, and burnt down Mark . Pricstly's
dwelling house; the stabling formerly con
nected with Mrs. Withington's Hotel; and
a blacksmith shop. Mr. Priestly saved
his furniturc,but four valuable horses be
longing to Thompson's Express, were con
sumed with the stables. The fire is be
lieved to be the work of an incendiary.
The citizens of that place have been terri
bly scourged iu this way, this fall; and if
the fiend, whoever he may Ik;, should be
discovered, he would be apt to be dealt
with in the most summary manner.
ateIf any of our readers should hap
pen to visit Montoursvillc, Lycoming Co.,
they will find it to their advantage, as we
did last week, to stop at the hotel of Mr.
Frederick Shale, where they will find good
accommodations, and an obliging host.
Be ides it is the only public house in the
For the Lewiabarf Chronicle.
Gleanings No. I
Mr. Editor : With your leave, I pro
pose occasionally to review in a familiar,
gossiping style, the contents of'your ex
cellent journal. To begin with your last
Nov. Cth
" Eueourage ymr otrn Xeighlmrs Jtrrt,"
is a capital motto. It is a duty it is a
pleasure it is public policy it is private
policy. Encourage your neighbor shoe
maker, your neighbor Tailor, your neigh
bor Printer ; and they will encourage jou
in their turn. If yu send abroad for
your work, tiny may do the same; and
your means, instead of making your own
home thriving, will go to build up towns
abroad, aud to enrich people in whose
welfare you have no particular interest.
No true friend of his neighbors will with
hold from them his patronage, simply be
cause they can not work as cheap; in the
long run, and by the means of home pay
ment, they are the cheapest. Many who
j buy abroad, get the worst ot the bargains.
i Yuu. will remember the case of the proud
man, who thought his neighboring me
chanics could not make furniture, Sic,
good enough for him, and sent to " the
City " for the same : and when it was re
ceived, he found it was second-hand furni
ture, "made in his own town ! There arc
very many such " speculations " made by
going from home for what should be got
at home. Farmers, merchants, and pro
fessional men lose money by sending it to
be buried in the mammoth city establish
ments, instead of keeping it circulating
in their neighborhood.
" Sirintfling in, Xi-w York " shows Low
much of the "cheap" work is obtained!
it is wrung from the very life and soul of
the poor and despairing widows and or
phan girls are by heartless capitalists kept
in a state of abject misery, preparing gar
ments, tie., to be sold u cheap " through
out city and country. There arc thousands
of such knavish establishments, and suf
fering fellow-beings, who aro kept one
in wealth, the others in misery by the
thoughtless demand for " cheap" articles.
Let every honest man let all who hare
human hearts not only denounce such
villainy, but, by knowing who make their
clothing and shoes, be sure they are paid
for honestly. Such imposition must not
only be denounced, but put down by ab
staining from any encouragement of it by
sharing its supposed profits. Whose heart
does not weep when he thinks of the thou
sands in our cities, thus dragging out a
woful existence, when there are millions
of acres of good laud, unoccupied, where
they might with far less labor obtain a
good livelihood! How foolish the poor
and feeble are, to rash into cities for em
ployment ! One of the best benevolent ef
forts of the day would be, to publish such
facts and put in operation such means, as
would induce the suffering poor in our
cities to obtain employment in the country.
" Suttnuc Literature " is a very appro
priate name for the streams of moral death
and putrefaction that poison the public
health. This enginery of Satan is less
powerful than formerly, but the people
still need to be warned of its many-sided
arts. There are still unprincipled prin
ters, publishers and booksellers, ia almost
every couuty, who for money will (secret
ly if not openly) pander- to the most brut
ish passions of man who would not hesi
tate to undermine that love and practice
of purity which is the first ingredient in
the cup of domestic bliss health of per
son aud strength of mind. Parent ean
mil U loo earenl in knowing what books,
pamphlets, and newspapers their children
and domestics read. There arc enough
good and entertaining works such as
Harper's Family Library, Chambers' 3Iis-
cellany, Sears' Tietorial Works, Ameri
can Tract Society's publications, aud many
others, to interest and instruct children,
the youth, and the most mature minds.
Voting Men, a word with you. Licen
tiousness develops itself in many forms of
disease, both in body and mind. Resist,
with all your powers, its passionate allure
ments. It is a vice which causes more
shame, more suffering, more death, than
any other curse with which sin has en
slaved Mankind. By all that is dear and
sacred to you in life and beyond the grave,
be entreated to preserve perfect purity in
thought, irortl and deal. Regard him as
an enemy who would, by any means or
persuasion, undermine the love of honor.
Bead no book, hear no conversation,
which you would blush to have your mo
ther or your sister know. " Evil commu
nications will corrupt good manners."
" You can not touch pitch without being
" Jlittory of the Amish Chureh," by one
of its most respected and intelligent mem
bers, was to me instructive. There arc
many of that sect in the Buffalo Valley,
aud wc have no more harmless, indus
trious, or substantial citizens.
That Telegrajth must have a station in
Lcwisburg. The largest town on the West
Branch, and the most flourishing the
seat of an extensively-laid out and highly
prosperous University you must have a
Telegraph ; and even if it should not be
as good as Bridge stock, it will in other
ways more than return its cost.
"Economy in Wintering Stuck" is as sea
sonable as it is reasonable, both to " man
and beast." Many shrewd farmers have
long practised upon Mr.T.s' principle, not
knowing the philoMph of it. If it be true that
animala kept wirm.require lees fooJ.netr owner
bould provide for Ibem warm stable and shelter
it home, and good blanket! to protect, if abroad.
Poor people ahould take hinle from Mich facta.
It i sometimes said, the poor hare enormous
appetite." Money cm be belter laid out in
procuring food shelter, fuel, and warm clothing,
than for eilrs quantities of food. ' Wsbhtu is
Lire snd the share of that warmth gained by
clothing, Ac, is much cheaper, more pleasant,
and moie conducive lo health and longevity,
than where roou alone isirquired to produce it.
Out the poor ye have with you always," and
thoae whom the bountiful Giser has more fa
wn!, should not only aid those by good advice
and good examples, but also by giving such
things as aie needful and can be spared. Re
membering that tied lovelb Ibe eheerful giv
er," let your assistance be sincerely, kindly of
fered, timely, and in just the manner you would
wish it done to yourselves, were yon (as soon
you may be) in the vsk of poverty, bowed down
by a miction, or prostrate on the bed of death.
- Cold Winter is coming," and that is em
phatically " the time to Remember the Poor."
Newt from the Plains.
! Starvation Uhoh'w India Ljrsilit-
tioHZ),W) reruns yet beyond the
We are indebted lo Haw ley & Cu's Ex
press for the Sacramento Transcript of yes
terday, containing two letters from Capt.
Waldo, one written at Great Meado
Humboldt River, the other dated Truckee
River, Sept., IS. He states thai the Relief
Committee have not a single pound of flour
cast of the Mountains, that he entered the
Desert on ihe 7th inst., and met two men
ho had given to die from starvation ; same
day two sacn died from starvation on Car
son Deseit ; that those with wagons have
no fond but their poor exhausted animals ;
that foot men subsisted on Ibe puirified
flesh of the dead animals along the road,
and disease and death - are consequently
sweeping them down. The Cholera made
its appearance on the 8th, and eight per
sons out of a small train died of it in three
hours. The Indians take every advantage
to steal their animals, and thus they are
left more than six hunlred miles beyond
the settle ment. Fighting between them
and the riMgranU occurs almost dai;
1 i . Tu a
ly. Twenty thousand persons are yet
beyond the Desert, ol which number nl-)
teen thousand "are now destitute of all
kinds of provis'ons, yet the period of their,
greatest suffering has not arrived." It will
be impossible (or ten thousand of this num-
ber to reach the mountains before the com
Minneempnl rtf nviflitpr '
FromtheTrockeeto the head of the'
Humboldt the Cholera is killing them off;;
the sick surrouna tne 1 rucKee otniion, un-
able lo proceed. Capt. W. was about
starting to try to persuade such as are from
four to six hundred miles back lo return 10
Salt Lake. He calls for ten thousand
pounds of flour for the Station at Truckee,
and the same amount for the Summit. He
says thai those back several hundred miles
will die unless relieved. Me regret our
inability to give as much of his communi
cations as we could wish. He asks for
contributions, and offers to the City Coun
cil hi claim to ten thousand dollars worth
of his pnperly, if ihey will forward thai
amount of flour and articles for the sick, to
bat place, (lis report is fearful. A black
man from Boston rdr express four hund
red mile with I he information. Cxn not
something be dune here to save the lives
of these our country meu and friends? Ma
ny of them are women and children, wid
ows and orphans, their husbands and fath
ers having died with the Cholera. Alia
Calilornian, Sept. 24.
War in HaytL
Advices from Jcremie, liay ti, to the 15th
of October, state thnt hostilities have actu
ally commenced between the Hayticns and
Dominion.- On the 9 h instant, as the
vanguird of SoLot'Qi'E's army was desend
ing 1 h Pass nl Bonica, they were attacked
by about SOO Dominican troops, who
drove bck the Hnviens with terrible
l.my.hit-r. The announcement ol this de
file skirmish caused much uneasiness to
the Emperer, who marched on the 11th
from Petit Urate, nt the head of his staff
and 400 of his guard, to lake the field in
person against the Dominicans. In addi
tion to the above defeat, a I lay lien brig-of-war,
with 250 men onboard, was captured
off Scott's Bay by two Dominican schoo
ners of war, or gun boats, and carried as
a trophy into Macao Roadsteal- These
hostilities have had a very disaslarous ef
fect on the trade of the island. There was
' no coffee to be had, and the cutting of log
wood and mahogany, was under restriction.
Rumors ol War between Brazil and Bu
enos Ayrcs. Letters from Buenos A) res,
of Sept. 3J, state that the city is full of ru
mors that a declaration of war between
Buenos Ay res and Brazil is soon to take
place. These rumors, the letters state, are
in everybody's mouth, but are not tracea
ble to any authen'ic source. The relations
between the two countries are of such a
nature, however, that such an event is by
no means improbable.
" Seeing the Elephant"
After the exhibition of the Menngrric
on Wednesday Afternoon last, (he ele
phants were chained to different logs to
remain over night. About two o'clock
next morning the smaller one, Tippoo Sul
tan, attracted by some eatables in Ihe cel
lar of a neighboring house, moved in that
direction, bearing with him the log to
which he was chnined. After breaking
in the cellar doors, he discovered that the
vegetables and other things so much to be
desired by him, could not ho retched in
thai minncr, and he very gently com
menced to move the house a little out of
his way. This operation awakened the
family, who arose to sec the came of their
unnatural disturbance. Upon ascertaining
they decamped to inform ihe keeper that
they had "seen the elephant,'' and desired
that ihey might also see him taken lo his
old stand. The keeper arrived but not in
time to save the house from being utterly
demolished, as it had been moved entirely
off its foundation. Tippoo Sultan was
then better secured for the remainder of
the night. Schuylkill Haven Mip.
Thanksgiving Day.
It is a matter of regret that the States
can not all unite i. selecting one day for
public Thanksgiving. There is, thus lar,
less unanmity than ususal. South Caroli
na had her Thanksgiving on the 24th ult.
The other States, as far as heard from,
have appointed Ihe following days :
New Hampshire, Nov. 23
Florida, Nov. 28
Vermont, Dee. 4
Maine. 12
New Yotfc 12
Pennsylvania M 12
Massachusetts " 28
Connecticut " Sft
Maryland " 38
Indiana 28
New York. Washington Hunt (Whig)
is probably elected Governor by a very
small majority. The Whigs have also a
majority of ihe Congressional delegation ;
and a majority on joint ballot, in the Leg
islature, which will secute a Whig V S.
Senator, in ihe place of Hon. Dauie I S.
D:ckinson, whose term expires on the 4th
of March next.
New Jerset. Fort, (Democrat) has
been elected bovernor by a majority of
about nve thousand. 1 he Democrats have
also carried four out of five Congressmen ;
and have a majority in the Legislature, on
joint ballot, whirh will give a Democratic
V. 8. senator, in place of W. L. Dayton.
Illinois, Wisconsin and MirniasN.
The election returns arc not yet sufficiently
complete lo indicate, definitely ho result.
Ntttos 'fc Notions.
- " 77T, T
Dkadfci. DiiASTe On Wednesday
s,-.-,.P ne TWo-ranl,
whie nc-ag M wty l0 Baltimoie, burst
: bxiler wheo opposite New Castle, Del..
killing 15 persons and wounding 8 others,
man in Philadelphia has been Coed
$25 for violating the bnaali Note Law,
"Some Pumpkins." Stephen Leniz, of
Allentown, has raised a pumpkin which
m8ures '. 'n--rouno, ana wc.gns
lUt' ..TeI . ww)
, G Cameron d, lho tes.
chnce ior the Democratic nomination for
(J. S. Senator.
The Easton Argus highly commend (he
Lectures on Mnemonics, delivered by Miss
E. E. Pike, at Mauch Chunk.
Why is a short negro like a white man?
Because he is not a tall (at 7JsbIack.
Deer Hunting Now is the lime to go
10 the backwoods in search of deer. Many
a poor buck will be made to hear the sharp
crack of the hunter's rifle.
The N.Y.GIobe says, that ruffianism is
increased in that city to a most alarming
Mississippi Steamboats vs. Human L'fc.
The annual amount of travel upon the
Mississippi river, is equivalent to 500,000
persons. I ne annual loss (i numan me
for several years past by burning, blowing
up, and drowning, has been over 200, to
say nothing of those sea I Jed, wounded, or
maimed Tor l:le, or deaths and disease by
The Indiana Convention rejected, by a
vote of 124 to 1, a proposition to allow to
negroes the elective franchise.
Berks county has a population, by the
present census, of nearly 80,000.
The present number of Post-Mi stresses
in the United States, is 81.
Dr. E N. Horsford is appointed Prnl. of
Chemistry in the Mass. Medical College,
in the place ol the late Dr. Webster.
Dr. Santl Jackson, late of North umbrl'J,
has been Appointed one of the physicians
of the Si. Josephs Hospital, vice Truf.
Jackson, resigned.
The Rev. B. Wistar Morris of Sunbury
has accepted the call ot the Episcu)al
Church at Manayunk.
During one week, 50,201 tons of Coal
were taken down the Rending Railroad
200,000 tons during the month October
truly a ''big business."
The Widow and Children of any one
deceased, w hose estate is insufficient for
the payment ol his debt, sre permitted,
by the late act of Assembly, to retain 9300
worth of real or personal propeity, to be
appraised for them.
"The Daguerrian Journal" is a new 83
magazine, published semi-monthly in New
York, and devoted to the Daguvrrianjtnd
kindred arts.
The Statue of John C. Calhoun has
been recovered from the wreck.
The Montour county "Democrat" names
10 counties in the State, snnillcr tb.m that.
Found Dead. Mr. Edward Roberts, an
old and respected citizen of Montour Tp,
Col. Co., was found dead on Sunday mor
ning, 26th ult., between Caltawissa and
Monroe's saw-mill, close to the road lead
ing fiom the former place to llloomsburg.
He had been to Cattawissa, nndnas red r
ning late in ihe evening, when, it- is sup
posed, he was overcome with fatigue, and
perished in the storm on Friday night. He
was 9 years of age.
Potnp, was you ebcr drunk 1" No,
I was 'stosticated with ardent spirits once,
and dat's 'nuff (or diss darky. Ileaben bress
you ! my head felt as if it was a wood
shed, and nil dc niggers in dc world
appeared to be splitting wood in it."
The Bostonians jo in for the Union about
these days. Rev.Mr. Slrceter married 27
couples within 28 days, in October.
The Whigs of Michigan recommend
Gen. Scott for President in 1852.
If you have a poor neighbor, send him a
barrel or flour or load of wood. 1 heie's a
satisfaction in giving ol our abundance to
the needy, I hat rich men have but lo taste
of, lo put in constant practice.
There were over 91,000 more voters in
Pennsylvania, who voted in 1819, than of
those who voted in 1850.
A poetic young man, writing of his lady
love.says "her lace is a lamp of alabaster,
lit up with pleasant thoughts." What an
interesting light to write by, especially if
she would allow you lo punctuate with
kisses ! Take away the sugar, Jim.
A man named Sullivan recently killed
James Hough, near Mechanicsburg, by a
blow with a pick, causing his death in two
days. Both were working on Ihe Cum
berland Valley Railroad. Sullivan has
Ossian Dodge has had a Concert, which
cleared him 91,000, in Boston.
The Richmond 'Republican styles the
Fugitive Slave Bill ihe "black vomit,"
because it causes the North to disgorce its
ebonies. Pretty good for a Viminian.
Banvard, the American artist, with bis
huge Panorama of the Mississippi, ia now
in Paris, drawing crowds of people, aud
making his fortune.
Only one watchman killed in Philad'o,
last week. Quite moderate.
None ol the articles on exhibition at ihe
Fair of the American Institute, New York,
attract more notice than a large Gothic
chair, backed and cushioned with beautiful
wrought needle-woik, in worsted, the ban
diwork of the daughter of Mil!ard Fillmore,
President of ihe United States.
Several Whales have been caught in
tlie St. Lawrence, below Quebec, lately.
A Charleston pajwr carries iis doctrine
of non-intercourse so far. that it hopes Jennv
f : j rli .. . 1 . -
.ra win not visit mat ciiy.heeause she
comes from the North !
Two pigeons, liberated by Sir John
Ross on his Exploring Tour.have returned
to their cotes in Great Britain, but unfortu-
"".' whuwui ma iniormation (it any)
which was attached to tbem.
Ilarrisburg is infested with thieves and
Bounty Land Law. The Beneficiaries.
It appears from a statement of the Ad
jutant Gen-rat, that there were enrolled.
militia and volunteers.
Iu Black Haw k and Seminole
wars. 28.984 men.
Creek disturbances, (militia,) 20,000 M
War 1812. (militia,) 471.000 "
Regular army. 50,000 "
Hollidaysburg, Oct. 30. Win. Gorsurh
was killed last n;ght at a house of infamy,
by Hugh Deary, who stabbed him in the
neck, when be bled lo death. This is the
second murder in the place within.a month.
Deary was arrested and lodged in Jail.
The present is the most favorable season,
not only for reading, but for procuring
subscriptions for Newspapers and to all
who think the "Chronicle" deserving of
support, we offer this inducement untifthe
1st of January : A eery present suosrnoer
irho trill sernre amAhrr, thill have the Chro
nicle for himself anil tlie neie sultscriler fur
Tito Dollars, (II each,) for one year only;
the Cash to be paid in Advanee. Fifty cts
premium for obtaining a new subscriber, is
worthy of the effort.
Corrected this Day.
- 8
Flaxseed ....
Dried Apples.
Tallow . .
12 Bacon
Psrsi s.Mcruc Digettitt Fluid or GattrUJuiut
A great Dyspepsia cuter, prepared froru Reunct
or the fourth stomach of the Us, after iliwctions
of Baron Lic!ig,lbe g:eat Physiological chemist,
by J S Houghton. M 1), No 1 1 North Eighth m.
Philadelphia. This is a truly woulerful remedy
for indigestion, dyspepsia, jaundice, eonstipariob.
liver complain! snd debility, curing after IN stunt's
own method, by Nature's owa sgenl, the UoaUio
Juice. Hee Advertisement in another column.
11POHTAXT totboee having impurities
TRACT, the most wonderful Purifier in the
woild. is now put op in (jfaiT Bo-rms. (rSee
sdvrrtixements beaded -64 DOSES." U is so
srtang and purifying, thai one bottle lasts from
ten to tUtern days longer than earaa-atilla. Dr
Thornton, agent, Lewiabutg. 2nt3S3
Far lb Cstrw anf
IN ottering to the community this justly cele
brated rrmrdy for diseases of the throst and
lungs, it is not our wish lo trifle with the lives or
health of the afflicted, but frankly to lay beiore
them the opinions of distinguished men, snd
same of the eviJer.ces of its success, from which
they can judge for themselves. We pledge our
selves to make no wild assertions or false state
ments of it. elhrsry, nor will we bold oat sny
hope to suffering humanity wbkh facts will nol
Many raoors are here given, snd we solicit an
inquiry from the public into all we publish, feel
ing assurid they will find them perfectly rrlisble
and the medicine worthy their best confidence
and patronage.
Pro. Ckarthmd, nf Botedtin Cslligt. Mains.
Writes. "I hare witnessed the streets of ToarTHKKKf
I' Kt TOR A I ia mr own family and tnat ef my friends,
and it eires me satlsfaetMin to state that no nisdieins f
have ever known has prosed so eminently sneeeasfai as
curing diseases of the thrust and lungs.
Rev. Dr. Osgood
Writes. That he ennsslers 'CHCRRT PECTORAL' IBs
hest meitkine sr Pulmonary ASVetMas ever f jts to ths
public, and states Uiat his dau if titer, aftsr behwroMiaed
to keep the room tor four months with n severe, sttlied
eoutzh. aeeompaiiied by raisinc of blood, niicht swvats,
and the attendant symptomsof Conjttropttna,cuniiuonjil
the use of the i'berry Perioral,' and had conioleUlj re
covered.' Ex.Chaneellor King,
of New York. saes. 1 have been a ereat tnfTsrer wtth
HaoM-Hms. and but r the ass of the -1 HrJRKY l'kt
TOKAL, tnis-nt have continued to he an lor many years ts
ennM, but that has enre-l w and 1 am bap py to bear tes
timony to it efficacy."
Fiom such testimony we ask the public isjuJgs
for themselves.
Hear ihe rati ft.
Dr. Aver Pear Sir: For two yesrs I was sffllcted with
a v-ry severe enuch, accompanied by pttin ef blow!
and profuse nielit sweats. Uy the advice of my attendlrts
physician I was induced to nseyonr I'll KKKV I'EtTtsKaL
and continued to do so till I considered mysslf enn-d,
and ascribe the effect to your preparatioa.
llAurmr, u. ."nivmu, Nov. 37. 1'US
Tbis day sppeared the above naaed John Randall, and
pronounced tlie above statement true in every respect.
LoaxMO Noasos, Justus.
The Remedy that Cures.
roaTuwn, Me, Jan. 10, 1S4T.
Ir. Ayer : I have been lone afflicted with Asthma whha
rrew yearly worse until Inst autsatn. tt tsrotasht a a
cnujrh which confined as in my chamber, and beican ts
assume the alarming symptoms of ennsvmptloa. 1 hsi
tried the best advice and the best medicine to no pnrpost
anUI I tried your Til KKKY PrXTORAU which has cured
bk, snd you may well believe me, (iralefully yours.
J. l I'll ELKS
If there Is anv value la the Indswnt T the wise, wbs
speak from experience, bet Is a asnlictue worthy of ihs
public confidence.
Preparedly J C.Avcr Cftemist,LoveIlJfs.
Fotsalebv C W 8CHAF7I.E. Lewislurf :
J H Caslow. Milton ; Isaac Gethart, Sclinegro".
and by Druggists generally.
villi i Mll-aw--
In Ixwisburf, Tuesday morninj. ViA
inst., at the residence of Col. L. B. Chrisf,
Hon. George Puiunton. of Freeport, Inl
and Miss Sadilla M. Bocar, formerly ef
Lewisburj;, Union Co., Pa.
"-Westward the star of Empire takes Its way," a as
thought to oursrlf when the above aanwuncemeat. an-
bountiful portion of rake, made iu appearance In "
sanctum. Well, so we fro; the East loss a prise, but '
West gains a gem; and as a parting salutation ws raa M
express the wish that, ia the Empire of toe llrsrt.
star ot the fair bride's happiness may ever be, as "
the asrendant.
Two Journeymen Tailors
WANTED by the subscriber, immr"j
atelu. None but cood workmen new
apply. JOHN B. MILLLK-
Lewisburg, Nov. IX, 1830
DB. STEWART Surgeon Dentil
has removed his office to Fourth '
near Blair's "Franklin Hotel.'
a a