Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, October 09, 1850, Image 4

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A Dictionary Word, -
( John,' said n master lanncr in South
Durham, the other tiny, 10 one of his men,
bring in some fufl." ' '
John walked ofT. revolving the word in
his mind, and returned with ihe pitchfork.
' " I doi.'t want this.' said the wonder
ing tanner: l ani fuel. John.1 .'.
!$. your pardon," replied the man :
I ih night iou wanted something to turn
over "he skins." '
Ami oil he went agnin.not a wlt'It wiser,
but ashamed to confess his iimrnnre.
Much meditating, as Lord ttrottgham
wnul't s-iy.) lie m-xt pitched upon the be
som, Khoulderin which he return d to the
counlin-hnuse. I! is master was in pas
sion. ' U'biil a stupi.l fls you lire, John," he
xi-! ii i ti ; " I want 'ine slicks ni:d t-ha
Inl- t.. lijjit the ti.e."
" )l: h-h I'' reji-ii;r.l llie rustic ; " that
uiiul yi ii want, is ii ? Why couldn't you
Miy t-n nt first, iiinsii r, instind of usinjj a
Ltme i d'rtiornry vordV'
Ai d wish'ul to i-hcw il:i.t he not ...
aW,e in his i,rnonu.-e,'. ca!l,-i a comrade '' Hlt.'ULA R for the Academical Year eom
" . . y menemg Oct. 17, 1R50.
t.m flu. I..nn.r nr-...inr. -t.i4 -1-. .1 t-.i.n '
he ktH'w whnt luel wis. . . " !
.!... t 1 J I . 1 1 . I
. unsereu joe, nu. hs uuu giise
and Sh'h like!
D.it Jebrale PioaunR tii'"r, " Sum!
Jonsii g." has heen in these l irniii's but
uii . :t. iU r.., r... .. j., ,.. i
' j
Sotif. Sam was ploughing one mornina
in So lin Z b's corn lot, when block)
Daa" t .ime aloiiii and hiii'ed him. Sum I
pn i 1111. n il lull .1,1 iicruiiii.i.
Nuinpt j us oxen, ana omceu tip against j
. L l .. I. 1. II.. . . r-. j '
me pinujn iiHnuies, in, ax me his,
ou s'f me drive dis team rutin' rie lot,
now u) am dose oxum like i!ie steamboat
Great liiiitum"'
" 1 ft, cm u,,," Said Dan. j 111
" U'i I, I tell you, nie, kasc cYj'sgot '.
a prni" 1-er behind 'em." I
Y h ! yah ! go way wid ur 'pollers. 1
Now S :m Jonsin;; I ax you ni.nu filer wy m
am d it plough like de eU oin;; st;ir V' j
" D.r p!oiih like de ebei.itio star." said "
. . ,11
Sam, ' e!I, M;a L KnuttM dt afore,, in
kasQ.be bnund to shine.' ' , , '
" (in ay wid your shine, dnt ain't um i I
nt all ; tint plough like ile eljenin star, j tr
k ase i berry dark hi hind him."' Yan-
k n , . j,,r
A h .:ch farmer down cm hv Al'ihawk ! ,1
hid ju-; built a new barn, ami win'e ihe !
opprn 'umaf thrashing uas going f n, he
rnedfiv nountt'd to the roof to
ovi rlook 1
ooeraMm., and soon discovered w hut he
very safely conidcred a gre.il piece of ex
lrava::ice in the workman, and that was,
that hilc they drove but ore nail in the
Kinall -hingies, they invarinhly put two in
wide nre. Mviihr-er mid nothing, but
while tl.i' boss and his hards were in at
dinner h i went out to the bnrn, balchet in
hand, and split all ihe wide tliinglcs.
Tm ami thi; U.Mtis The Louis
ville J.iurnal says very apdv. tlmt at the
very mo nciit, hen Texas had an ajjrnt
in U'ns' inton asking the I'niird Statis
io send 'rnops to protect tn-r nii'iist the
Indian, had Senators and lli-preenla-lives
in VVashinoton prnrlnitnina, that, if
tier drii nds in rcard to N w Mexico are
not c rn -lied wi:h, 'ie will whip the Uni
ted Si.d, t.
The -ditor of the Broikl n Ki'jP makrs
an np -loy to undry o! Ins 1mn4 irietids 1
vlsa cl cled under hi window n ffw eve-1
nings siii!e to give him a creinde. Ile!
ku; poiuj a cat fij;bl w:is p inn 011, enipt-j
ied a pit -iu r of aer t. ihtir heads in
stead uf nckoowli-dino the lit.n' r. An
olher wiirninji against tiKi 1. isty d-cisions.
The m makers of I ho N- Viik Stale
Fiiir, lio' Icn at Albany Snst wick pprmif
i"J anim Js nnd Editors M 2 for half
price hi h, on ihe rnilnmd. We are ar-
nuain'r d ih several peiSOi: ln ni'gllt j
. . l . '. 1
Il.ive ;;oite; ire", iii.tsn.u. tl o u: y m.iic
the eh
r .elers.
An M.tirvilSe S. C.) piper s.iys :
SmriH one criticising Wi bs'ei'i style, j
ivs, eierv sentence eith a pound.'
. ,1
V C II .l.-ll Know what Oil--'-! Is IOUCn:n j
v ill luivi- mi the Texas I)
'I'he i ifect will be to iiukr
mi till.
.... , ,, ,, ...
LOtiiiw.-iw p.a.n i...e., .
puliles! n Idress of geiitlcimin to a lady i,
" I om n'.w, dear inndain, the fun.l.lo-t of
your M'nants !.c so grw.d I j a'lotv me
to lie o ir bird .n I mas'er.' : I
J.'in.v l.ind fl.iur" is a.!ierirrd at Al
bany, an 1 "J.-ni.y Ltiid h and "Jenny j
I.in-.l fc-ii.e' in Xe'.v Vn-lt Thn HaiV rif :
. . . . "... .':
n nwirii. ..in . i , . m -mam
is . i - . .. ...i.ii . iisn
(.inluviit tire beini ecjip
""t a or.nny tPiiiii..
We C-r.-nans erl ..or rit.. t., Ue surrt,
4 s f .r as e iiei'J Via .
Wsr hate ihe freedom of curie lure.
And a caricature of freedom
rL ',.; m, 1 4. 1 , p:' p ' i
, ' lf - ' . " - ' 1
t-inrs Mivfnevbe Itke oM tnaids ever
1 . . .. ....
rrudy lui t.rver wantrd,4'
t.J j
N-w Jersey as pcocheii
And 5ntni nf iKahi I
ana sotnc o( them
rim he Uiticht a cheap
Jnny L'ti-iV r,j-etit is s iid, nut on!
rni opp'to D in alt hut a!o verv frequenf-:
i to x t r. ' i
HE following orders show at once demand
for and eicellence of this great medicine :
" York, Jul; 28, 1847
'J Kidd &. Co: The Vermifuge Mt us on sale
some time ego by your agent, is sold. It goes
very rapidly, and give great satisfaction. As we
are entirely out of the article, and have frequent
calls for it, please send as sfl-ne immediately
: J . C A MORRIS & CO.
Vsbvih.e, Tenn. March IS, 1847 '
"Dr MX me Dear Sir : The Vermifu-e jrou
lift wild nie Ism fall has lung since heen sol-l.and
I could have sold a great deal more if I had had
it. Since my return from the East, I have heen
called upon nearly eery d.iy to write to you,
rrqurtling an immediate supply. I have already
tried ynur Vermifuge in my own family and find
it to lie the lest I have ever ued '
Mid CueEK, Steuben Co. Sept 7. 1S17
' This may ceitify that we have sold DrM'I.ane's
A mei ican Worm Specific, or Patent Vtrmifiige,
he past year, and it has given unbounded satis
faction. It is no imposition on the community,
but i what iu auihors recommend it to he a
unuel specific for those afflicted with nouns.
II CarJow and J H Baser. Milton ; I (J. ihart. Se
lii.hBrnve; J W Friling, Sunburv ; Mrs M'Cay,
Nouhumberlmd , M C Grier. J Moote, Danville
at L.ewisbur?.
i VJ.v..
... ., . ' n
Spelling, Kea.lillg. Defirtitmn
ar, Arithmeiir, tie..sraphy. HU
t Eni-lii (ir.iminar.
' toiy L" 8.A., Penmanship and Composition.
rnl,Msh DcDartment of the Academy. '
The same studies as in the Piimary D.partm't
continued in the use of larger text books ; and to
these are added denpral history, Algebra, l.
drCi .,) Eiemenu of Surveying
Classical Department of the Academe.
T. Junior AcaJtmie clot.
..... ....
foglinh UramQUaT, lUu Gnuuiuiir, Arithnnliri two
Tin miiii' stttdi-ii a in T. Trrm. imi PTnnaniliip.
tnhntt tjruauuar. r'a-sar. Arithmetic nrtiij.ji t! l y
ist ilivU;m. iinfk linuninar, History L'Jf.A., ln-
Stkntvr Afuftmic cla. .
Cw. Grerk KfI. r, Alibra (Lk-tu. nK.)
.Vii'M'1, tlo do
il tin do romplvta-d. tii-m-
r;tl Htory, iilih Language antl Cuiu;uiti u.
Kn Ji-U I.ajiuaie and Cuuipui-ition, Altra, 1-ity,
l'hiuc ti omt-trr. Lit v. AnaboKis.
I'laiif, Nhd and Sj.h.'riiai a.tiutry cnil !!. Li
yt AuuhaM.
Sophon.nrt rhtsft.
ll--raOdy4ky. I'tatir and St-h-Tirnl Trf-.-"ti"iin-try
do do Ii-iiurtinjinryiiij:.N.iViatkn.
,rto compart- d. S lert Orations cf lit ni"sih m
liliftoric, An;il iiral iinn. lry.
Jun ior clax.
iN'moMhrnt-ff on tbr Cnma. Cicero d OfCciif. Me
rii iniif. Hydro.-'tutn'.t. and llvilraulio.
Itmoih-p-s on tin Crown. Cio'm dr f'ffifi( mm-
i m
plftrds IWimnitu, Atvutict. tlcctrivity, M;i?n-
l-m. aud 0(.t-.
(JlpwU Trag'-dif Tacitus Atroti' my.
Senior cfa.
T.iV'V. :itural Tli'-olrvrr, Infoll i timl l'hiTr'j !:y.
Jtuil- r An:ilv 'oiiritituii"a vf L. tf., ."! -uiioirv.
Lvtur-, 4c-tii:iai isi-rit-..
y9 ci,iSli j,, ihe Hrgular Course his less i
three daily recitiiiions. Kvery Saturday fiirenomi i.-
devntej riclu-ivtly ( ocal .MuU', IlicT-iir.at.oii
arid readme seb et and original LonpnMUiMiH
'i'he siudebts ate reuuired lo MueiKUreciilaily.
owe rol'uiijus meeting. Minors hre efpect-.! to
attend furli meelins ttn arc rec'iTnmeuJeJ lo ihem t
dy their parent.- or guirliaus. Theie are in tin-
tmiut;!i no less tl. an six places of public woislnp.
of as many dilTerent I'hristian deuoimnations.
Xext Books. '
r.. V. '. . nif.fffr and A'orut4b Tl..- Bill.-. I'-ri. r'-1
Kl..i..ri.ai l;.ii.l.r, Wcmnvrr't or W.lur Uirti' iiarj .
i.ui;a. ..urni .maunar. isrhTi. in'.'nw,r ..um-
in Kiurli'H I i.i..!Mtiuu. farter's Aids. J:Uir s U-.-t.ir. -
-1 iii-.-rsify 1-drtH.t...
l.'itin Linttut;. DilHionVOraaaraar. ItullionV IteaJn
1-. .-rctl's Lc-xkoil, iiulliou sOeftar. achlnrtr ajul uuujIs
ii--.l. I.iii-ijlti i.iy. Auli.un's llurar.-, 'i'h.-ich.-r's 1 .clto
tl.- i ii.;i i s. Tv I t s Tarili.K" ermmnia rt ArrietiU. j
;.-. y.ry-;,-'- l-allaia's linunmr. i;.ij!;r Ileait-T,
l.i-!;li-H ft Nntl.- l.-xicon; U.wi'l X'Mnq.lio.rs Atuitm.is. f
i.tt.-r.' ll"in.-rs o-t.ss-y.r-!i.'.nii;!ili's D- mo.-Ih.T.i--. rind's
I !:i.s. :.t i:ili.l:J. . !
M Mti linviiV Aritl-.ni.-t;i- f-r A-r. m'.-. Ft. iii- J
.-nt.-.r- Aiir-tira. llourd.si. liri-niln-. Mlr -yiua hi-. ..ni- i
f;xtn A. ...I . tii-.il . i. i -Hi. 1.-'. I ilin-l .1 i. t ul: I i'l.il jl.v
rclj.el.l.li!!lli AMronvmy. . j
HlJitrrol"Slinll'lli. - i
The iiumlier ot rtudents during the past yeir '
in the various Deparliueiils, waa ll'j. 1 lie
Collegiate elates slieady orgtuiie l Iur tUe eii-u
in year, are the toil.iAiug
nr rlaFS
. s
- 10
luni'ir rlasn - -
S..(it...lnor.. cl;is -F.-.-sLm:.u
tia.-s -
51 ;
J iSi,iI!lir A'll, tata!o !
i::..;i;i: l:. iit.iij, a. M, Prof, of Onvk Lania- j
sd-1 Lit- r.btunK. -
"Di's'i'.'e'l"rr;.w . m p.- , k . , '
l.-A t N. UIIUUS, A. rriBeipsl of the Arnrtrmv.
Ai.nii n i avi. hi, A. m. Tutor iu the Eniih jju-'
ami (MM-utiou.
CtiillUin;i,IJ2rary and Apparatus..
The Academic eJifice now occupied liy thf '
mrtnlters of ihe I'niversitv. had Uen errc nt .
;-n frp'-n1 of t'-'.onfl. aril it in 1;tptfl tn ftrrnnt:iif-.intc
i -l- rl nt!5. Ai:"tii. rilitic id m artf wimpli'tnl. :nti U
j r' - !-iJ tt Ik ivariy t tr oi-pttcy at the r'Uiiu ui-.-un t
' a." tli.. is..t T..i-ti irl IT. 1
' The 1 l'.nrt- iniiT:iitii si ri imilscr uf r-lrs-t f-nltiTn.-c vrid
1'l.i.niii.si Ii.mfiIiu lc twMtn nrnnired a n t?1-;i-nt .
n,. !y ih,. im.n .lm d. manil. " he Ai-i-nratos l.-r II...
illuslnilii.r. .-I" M'-!a.nic:il t'hiUopl.y, is now c.-m.-l-1.-.
Tuition ami lluard.
Tuition in the I'ollegiate Itepartinent f :J0. '
Academic fi,). Primary 12 per year. I
lioar.1, iucludiiie lodcine, washin;?, fuel, and
lishl, can be had iu the illage and its vicinity at
"" P' ,'5 8-50 P6' k- i
Arrn:.-nt.-iils nr In prT.M Ut rnmish Riflr.1.esrlu-1
fire of lol.-ln-. w.-l.ini. rul and lipht. U. u.ll as n;
.l.-4re it, at $1 2i per .-ek.
j. 10W jls I Kf.'Mti(tns and Vacation.
Tsro Sessions in the year the former com
1 mfi.ra nn Ihn 3rd Thuisdav in Orti.bcr. and
continues s;C .-rks; the latter couimenres on;
Thursdav. loth Mav. and continues 1 1 weeks.
Spring Vacation, 4 weeks; Autumnal, S.
Uy order and iu behalf of the Board :
. tiEKRtiE F. -MILLER. fec'y.
Lcwialmrg. L'nion Co. Pa. Sept. 1, LS.'iO
F enlfwvident and svnrlhv lit' fvrv- .
r, seil-eviot nr, ana wormy oi every i
emisirieiion. thit no Miller en iniike
. ' - , .. .
; v . a ' . . ... ,
: jrioa Clean II 1 ir wiinout lie ai !i""u vwitu !
ibeat. 1 sntipo-e you wish bi know the J
wwwu. j , - v I
I remedy. I ti ll V oil It i to tel one ol j
! Urtfktrtturt tt ktat bciurrrs, or Mnuj , ,
! M HlilltKM. ! b"injl an old, praciic-tl Hlirl j
...wr,,l M !lu,rlnKl I. US iiivfnte,l. O.ll .
1 ,.r . ' e- . i
tit 1 nnrl r.itt in iruAuful nnftriltinn llifl Ih'mI
WrVH Scoim;r now in use. Any person
ordorinj a mrhine Rnd afterward.- nndinjj
iht it d- not prove to operate as roprt1
iK,.,,, .k.n . .7 .1 . 1 I
no sale. s fhfse mn-
;-.-, iiij nisi 1m
chinet urn in Im warranted ga'id. Further
1 1 . ; rft
1 r-fnT(iinii-"ii'..-ii-ii- nc iiiiniani uniHTfrWum 1
i " 7. j,M. r " ' I
oUf(f nv X'sr-t. Gedrkft Marsn. Orders
(or michine-t, or letters of inquiry, w ill h f
frnmpt!v aliened In. Maehines will he(6
s nt and put la allrHrc. Addre
' 1. bV-iu-sstiu-sskr,
Lewitfhurg, ("nk'n Co. Ta.
The Summer Session of the
" Y7"ILL commence on Mo5tii.ii the 2'Jih of
f f April. Instruction will he given, as for
merly, in all branches necessity to a tborungh
Academic course. Our endeavor shall lint le
simply to communicate knowledge, but to excite
the youthful mind to act lor itself. When tins
is fatly attained, the progress of Ihe student
becomes at once certain and rapij. The kind of
learni-ig which most of our youths in this country
ilex, is that solid literatuie. which, while it
mature their minds, prepares them also, for the
practical duties of h.e. ;
' Composition and Declamation will receive their
full share of attention particularly the fornier.
I he Primary Department thall have our special
care. From the disposition manifested to sustain
j the Institution, the -subscriber leels stimulated to
m-.cu raetiiillis.
The Session will consist of two Terms of 1 1
weeks each a short vacation intervening. Tui
tion ijiu for the common branches, for the
higher English, and $10 for Languages, per
Session per Term, otie half.
March 27, 1850. Principal.
TaniiingaiuK 'iirrying
IOR past favors, Ihe sutWriher re'tirns
his gratul'ul I hanks, ami lierehy m ilic
known thut he carries on the business ol"
Tannins and Currjlnar,
at the 0'id Stand. Di;ter(nined not lo he
outdone in the manufacture or finish of his
work, he is hound to have the best work
men and materials, and to treat those who
have so liberally patronized (as well as
those also who shiill lie uleiised to painmixe
i . r . '
j ,,lm) "n lh;, ntlenlion hich he hopes lo
insure him a lull share ol public pHtrnnt;''.
M" kinds nf Produce taken in exchine.
Hides and B:irk not refused, for wliteh the
hihest market price ill be paid in cash
or ia exchunj;e Tor leather.
M.irch 25. A D.
yit vitty in Cai'f'u-nia, but tiLo i.i Ltwhlurg.1
A co.iij aso Lrnrrit of
ol line (ju:i!i ahJ at City juice.-.
Hatfield & Thonpsoa
; Ivi's-pfClfully inlriii the t iliztii f Li'wisbiirg an!
1 vicinity , ih'ii ihcv have eiittreil into ritn(Mship
! I ihe OLU fePAMJ on Murkrt St., opposite J
i llayeii & 'o' Store, jufpjreti l rxTu:e 'it
j kiitj of work iu ibt-ir line in llie In-si ihjiiiht.
; I'hry carpi. lily mrlt-cU-J of llie best Kng!ili nud
; Fre-i.i'U maleruU, M-iiusprings ('vliiiJer! K-r-ipe
LerU. ami a tariety oi W .U h Jc.M-I.-.anJ llulttr
lheiiite,ve that llieir kuovvU,le ami skill iu Hit
!UMue3 will enal'le i.".n to five !atistiictiuQ tu
ull whtt mav f.ivor ilifin with patrfi::ae.:.
kim; watches, such s ns-2
enpetnent!, Lfpinen, Arichars, lU tiiiht il, Xj
I'ateiil Ieert Keptdti rs, fu!ial U'aUhts,
ic inaily repan J uJ tva:ranlil
Also for ilr, a vnrjelv of GuIJ ant) Silver
Wairhp-, PiHrnt Lever, An- hnr. PftarheJ, Lp
;;ine. iuariiirat an I LiIj-h VVaicht!, G.tM
('haiiid, Urea-f-p i.g, Kimj-t and K.ir riiii. (iotii
un.t Silver U It MiJis, limn K-ts. (ioM ni:t! J-vhvr
IVricils an J I'eiis, t!t ISperlucles,
Silvrr Siiit.tns. Suar tonc.( 'onihi;.
Ac Ac. in .-h'rl. a Iit;le of r thinf?. and
anything clt.e, inn meulinuiuz ktrcl: knacks.
always on hun.l .r !j..t to order
A vaiiety of Hrjss t li.clis for f 3 and upwards
at holeil and retail
IVrs.ms desirii.i; to get tlrnr riit, would do
ue!l ty giving ihe sulisciil.ers a rail
Evpcrience lella us that the Credit System can
nt ull'.rd a living. Therefore, in older lo "push
a!,,.., and keen mmins." llie fasti -teni must
,...'i. i . ... c . i
l it. CS. 1
A !. HA run I. D.
Lt'wislnr?, Union Couniv, I'onn'a.
. . . , ,. . . . ,
rractHes in l,m..n and dj..iiiing counties alo
attends the couils of Perry county.
"FFICE on f econ.l St., lately occupiid
Vj by L. B. Christ, Esq.
C 1L'l!
1L'l!CTJi:i:;iS to the University n!
IJ Lewisbur"" are respectfully requested
i tu i.av their Second Instalineri'. now due.
' 'w Tf' 'hose he have not
paid the Is: iiM-tl'l are respectfully notified
, , . , , - -,, , j
'h:it all i,uch delinquent will he charff'd
lu'erest on their In-t.'ilinerils fiom the time
they become due.
SAM 1. T. WAI.KLK, Tress.
.ewisburj;, Feb. 25, 1850.
7Vir: On nt- li. ui . i j ff thf. Ay
I r, .i.. A J Ejs.
S- .JSk
JJr.TraSK'3 llAUKJiTIJ OliTrriErjT
IS constantly elTecting cures of ihe utmost
importance. 'I'he most credulous are nix-
, vivcKn ; the most faithless, compelled to believe
rin the power and virtue of this great remedv.
I It is uiiivrf.-ily n.lmitt.r! If tv tl:? l.l..-;t V"-nil.rfil
roini.ipatii.n known to Ihp wori'l l'-r llie irinJuttr rt '.it f
' if ills. stn-1 jmin. It u. v.-r f.iis while Iti.-r.' r.-m:iiiis
! suifi.-i.-n' lif.' torsstof a n-.tural and li-altUy aeli.,n to
tt-.- r.-ipi)l&ry vessels ..f II14 uihIv. :uid -..' Utr. arcula
Hi;. uf f'.e I'hnml. tips m--;i... A miitrollin n.u-.-r is
j ei. ii:-;l orrr It.- rrinv-T ri ili--tiro.t f.-ri r-f .lisf-nst-. whvh
,a" ""t nfcl""' " rarhwth..
,r n( h(l ,lun,tjol, u,.lt H Ka ,,nl.,, u,
).ort.i.n of lb" liauian fr;tin -: .-v.-ry ism- .mil riuisrle.
i'"r - i.ii .r ibe iiauian fr.iii-:
VHin. rif-r-.pTia nnmi.T is wan-n-Ni 0.11 mm mn.lt- sn-
.t.l of pur.ikatkai.ouHiraiiio-iniiu. no.-. Iluiu-euo.
f'"'1'1'' wil.1' "rLit external
Nmn-Tons mstanc-:.r;-011 r.-ctnt. v. hsro this r,-ni.-.y
lias.Ktnri! beaiik loa.aiiriu so wt U' ntve that the
,,.,.,. frm.-ntiy b the raw in
1 ' In?imrr.ation of the Bcwe'a.
"o rali'Dt eerl rlh- with this .lisnso 1T.- tt.c Mai.-lwlle
.Hntuii - nt e.i hrt ol.lain.-d. 1 hat .ituiernaA epiieinh
kn..n n llu. t'LrlttV hKlJII'J.l,A5, ean always In
cur J l.y thin reme.lr. r'nr
this Ainlm.-nt h.pKiSteoniiltfl .r.'m-.ly ert-r j.npar
in i casrs out of it win sfr..rd . r- to the
wnntra'f ofKtrvona Headache iu-wimutn. Fur
Nt-rvoiir- lFi-t-!. tbi" niBety i of imim n' rnlua.
A TTKiwrJt fT tlifr ?pm iLn--nin:inm. LurfTmt. t
!M rW inrM, ?nw iiuis, 1 t'-uiirt, ' i"i.
Mnrhn.. Attn 1:1 inc J-at'c or lir.-au Kitrn.
Kt Ferer t?oreiv en will be umuediat-ly reln by
th - uvf th! nm-dv.
U by Thornton r B fiber, I.ewUburg
nn2vS ' K F RrrTKnFiELu. Trvg An
tlX - VN JtVTICE,new eliiion,can b had
J 9 i I.yndaii s Bookstore, in thi place.
I.cwiaSurc, lil 10, m50
More Xcivn for the Sltk!
St'iRcient tn Jill rvtry nAumn f tht can br productd
latuit J'oi Ut the wvmiirjui lirluct iJ
l)r.SwajTne'8 celebrated Family Medicines.
celebrated Comjiouitd fc?yrup of
Wild Cherry,
I hat I woul-l cot give
n- Uatleof " Ur. Shjdc
rnnKtuU yriiHt ilUt. bi-rry"
fitr hnit 'i'ut-n i nii ulIut pr utr
Mii""i!. t hVc tm-tf aU tilt- 'ulr oii' S.
l.ul ihn strui'Js unlinl IitOn; Mm oi the
f.'!iiiiir ti.twai. vie. itttlivtttti. 0u(ft. lfds,
.''ninMj.iivit, JyuUiM! " ifi-d, I'u.lptii.a,"H Lfie
Ilxjrt. WhmynHiJ 1'-uylt. J'ict. littff &r i.,ytr-f tt t
snli',n in tut i hr-mt, Itfrncittlii. AVhnu, or
I'ain-tl cuiistmiliUii from any cux-,
u ii I tu i tk t ut j k th h i Iroia
f:illiiiiiittia AW'W.tlii- mi1
Uirilit; bn.t not lis -niA
1h-u too min b t'alem.-i oriuin;iiL- l?a l-n ut .1.
UiiB uii-itiriitt; will pn-tcnt il- evil effi-ts) t-u the
saUui aud r iiiiir tiie 1 diary fuiicti"ii".
MXAMCABLE r-ntE of a,.v.v; . n-.v.
Alirahain liunsicker, 2 miles Irom Shiiiack-
villi1, l'a.. contracted a bevere cold, whicli tt-
lliJ upon his Luni;ii, attciidid w nil iuknt
couching. gival ililliiuHv ul bitalhiiiij, unalcca
lormi d in his lung, and mail its aj through
tin; s-iJe, and ilischarged large quantities of ius
xteinally. This mournful slate of ih iij con
tinued for a long lime, until making use of Dr.
Mnayne's Compound iyrup of Wild Cherry,
wliitli peifonncd a pcrfrct cure.
Have yiiu Ihe Aslhma, l.iver Compluii.t, or
Uroncliiti. ! If so (ii this medicine a trial. It
si-IU. 'in tails to cure.
lie very caielul lo ritijuiie tor I'H.
W ll.U ('HKKltY, as some unprincipled indi
viduals have stolen the name of Wild Chi-r. v,
thinking to liorruw a reputation from llitt A
dy eslatilished. Kememder, Ihe cenuinn ih put
in F.pinie bottles, covered ilh a beautiful wrap-
per. tstrvl engraving,) wnn lue p.iriiau oi u.
ivi' . VVI-' ,!,,. .! his ni.l.ire: lt oil.,
er are posiiively ficticious and cnuiilerft it."
SMayiie's C'rlcbralrd Vormifiisf.
"A sale and ell'ertual leinedy for Worui. IliS'
prji:i:i. Chotora Mnrl'ii-, i kly or Pi-perei.'
Ctiildii'u, or .diilt., ai.d llie ioo-t ui
lul Kamiljs". Medicine ever olH red
to the public.''
Extract uf a l,el!:r ..-. .r-yir.
1) .lid. Aiii!ersoulovvii. tndinna.
A mun purchased a bottle ol your Vermiluje
... l 1 1 11. 1;
the other day tot Ins child, and by its use dis-
cliarui'd sixty t!i if of the driest serins he ti;.d I
eer seen. Ii is somolut Jilli.ult lo the
people try it, as thev havj been so oilen qulle.1
!y nauseous ami w.iritiless worm nieuicines.
Yours 1-eing so very piinsnnl l I'e tate, at ihe j
same time elf dual, I shall be at.l.. t dispose of
a hrge ipjantiiy. i;esrctfilly. jours.
Townsemi T. fniKf, P.M. I
liEWAKK Or' MIsTXK"! K mem'ier. !
Ilr wayne's Vermituae i now put up in sipnie. '
I'.itllcs. (having reeei liy b. i n change.!.) cover. , I
...1.1. t.n. I C...I c-.iir-.v.mr o-. i,T.!.,-r . u .ll.
.i,..,. ..r .. ,i,n,I,n il..:.r this
r' ' :,:z::.,
III mild. 1TKI I'T tu uncpru.
H.e Ihat the t.au-.e U tpelt correctly
ti.LA.5i. .v.vir iiiuri.
A mild and eir,'Ctie purgative, great purifier
of Ihe l.l.wid, thev correct all Ihe functions ol the
l.l v.T.iiii.i as an alterative in Dropsical adecii ms,
liev arc verv valuable, tiiddinesa of the head.
ui iiiir?s of sicht depresriu:i of spirit, headache,
&c, are cured 1-y these puiilyiug 1 nls. o
medicine can Irive a hellor riTect I .1 mrnt! .ly ir-
rt gularities, which occa-ioi.a!!y happen lo o-
men, they are perfectly safe, and wiiliu c.u.junc-
ii"n with Dr. Swajne's Compound Syrup of
Wild C'I.ery, tukc all pain from every part
the system.
The al.ove valuable medicines are pre parr i! on
ly Ly On. SWAY.NK. N. W. comer of EisUdi
ai.d I! ice streets. Phil.oh-Ip'ii-i.
Agents f ir l iii'iii tntmti. I'll.:
I lV.N;n.riE :.15. T t.lT. N A ltKfR. l. v-lvrp:
M . -i-.t." it!-..T, n..n ' ii.'.j. I'nv.T. r. n.r,Ti!i
1 .v. :s.v Si-lnur Si-l'.ii -T-vo j!,. I -j. T. r. .llifflint.er-V.-'i.i.-tii'ti.
.V V;.:tfr,Prv V;.!!evl.'iiii!!h.M(-s.rYiin-y
lit -ii'- ii K.-ll. r. Navv Islroi-I " U'iit A nlert. Itarl!. t -o
l;...rr i Sunmi.-rs. Fr-l.ui- is;.iul ILini.t. Jr.
ai d by Storekeepers generally 1)590
'piIE subscriber nvai's himself ol the ro
urritis of the Chronicle in publishiti lo
the eitizens of l.euisi.uri; ami vieinily 'A-n'
he has opened LOMIDI.Nt; HOI'SU in Ihat
l ire and comforlal.ly airmseJ house, HHni. il
kept as a Temperance Hotel by James Kelly, two
d .ms east of the Franklin House. Market street.
Ile is prepared to say that his Tahle shall have
the be-l the Markets can allord, and the Lodging
of I'.oaidcrs shall be as comfortable as can he
Je-ired. I 8. HTKK.SER.
i. 15. A team ami carnage
wiil he k- pt to convey pisseners t-i and from the
Park. I IJ iats. Lcwisbur?, March IS, lSfiO
T'ilC subscribers offer the j
1 new Urick Foundry, the fo'.biA'inj: new
an I va'u ible Stoves :
Ir-n Witch Air-Tight (booking Stoves, with
a Uri k Oven.
Li.lv Washiimton Parlor Stove.
Cast Iron ir-l ight Parlor Stove, for Wood
Coal Burner for l'arlors 1 size, 12 inch Cj I
it.d.r. Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron I'arlor Stove
sizes. .Shield Air-Tishl Tarlot Stove for S ood 2
K;;g Stove the very best in use for Stores,
Otlices, D-irroonis, and Shops.
The celebrated (Jeneser Air-Ttaht Cook Slave.
e. - ....!... r.,.t, O Jttit
,, . - , c iv i ir t tJ,. . i
Also, nil kinds of or.d ami t-o.U Move ,
Ploughs Castillo. if. '
V 1 1 HIS I vY. AI V .-Vl'l'l.T
l wiiburs, IW. 12, 19 lu.
Braniireth's Pills are soli! at -25
cts per hox (with full direction-) !
1") Y J- ll.XYIvS 6c CO., Lewishurir. nnn
1 l.v nvi.r one A'cent in every town in ,
A - . r,
the Pninn. F-.ieh A-'CiU ha-t a ( -erfnioif' . ,1,..
itiblic. at their
ufArrency, KxaminethehoXoPir.ntWnv,(.,r0 rAn ttlU besed ia procuring it gem-"!
ant, compare it with the fuc-airrtle ini.eis on ino ;
Crtifiiale of A,nc. .As .here is a coui.teHei, j
,.f iiw. n-.- 1-rl mil thU i f much imiioitaiiri'.
of the ne-label out, this 1 . ! mucu im ut ,
Hi mere l tiecmea uuu-rence lfV
.. .1,- I ih.
..f tia : v
cmtiterf. it. . The counterfeit is done on stonr ;
the Genuine are done on sterl. The appearance
of the rrintinE on the counterfi-il is raijeit anil
l.lurry ; the grnuino label is ihe ery fiii.k of
neatness, both in printing, paper, and general
exefiition. .
He very careful anil goto the Anent.wheti vou
want Brandreth's Pills : then yon are anre of the
genuine article. When you purchase otherwise,
inquire of the seller whether he knows the pills
he offers von are the cenuine Brandieth'st Ev.
ery man knows nhether the anicle be offers is
true, or false. Ileware of cheats!
NOTES Promissory, Judtmcnt. oncl
Joint No'fs (blanks) at this office
'Small . Proais and lulck Sale."
ilBBililljS .
'llTtJULD respectfully inform his old friends
W and the trading Community in general;
that he has received a LAKUE and IjK.NEKAL
; llerchandize9
Spring and Summer
wat.ts and usea embracing
I hCt(U,'l. i;jUCe of all fcindsiantt
I 0 B rii 4 .,..1 , .. II,,.. ih,lL.iinl u l.na
, , r itt and pumtual pajoiasten as umiuI.
(Call anb Sec !
' H. r. SHELLER.
I,cwihorg, May 7, 1850.
Oil. J. N. KKKLKIi & HKO. most res
nectfullv solicit attention to thi-ir fresh
stuck ol English, French, German, and j
.Imtricnn lrns. Medicines, 1 units, Che-
n iits. Oils, Dye-tulls, Cliissware, 1'erlU-
li!i:nt -Mfdioines,
Varnishes, &c
ll nui ooeiifd a new sioie, -3, maraei si,
a U1 supply ot fresh Uiugs ana .vicoitioes,
I wc reSpectiully olicit country draUrs to exam-
I jm. our stock betore purrna-iuri cisewi.c.e, pioiu-
' :.: ....1 .11 ,h.. ml feel disuoseJ to ex-
. iing one auu an who iiiuj ici i-puu
; t01.J t,, u, tlx i r patrouase, to sell Ihem genuine
j 1: ilss and Medicines, on as liberal terms as any
; otber house in the City .and to fuiihfuily execu'c
j a!! oideis entrusted to us promptly and with r.e -
jsp 'tcii. , , . , ,...i.. . .i. ,A.ji
1 . .t... ..,..t.r'ii ltr ht'hirr il fPffllliir lltiVSI
1 . a -1 .
ci-in. all.irds ample guarantee oi tne genuine
,,u ,hty i ail armies ...i.i at their e-taM.ment.
V. e especially iu,l urosmMs
.. - u 1..'. .... - i-l. hiN-nmoaeenls for
" , . ',, I'aiirlu Medicine,
, Uf. hn-ier i. iu watt n I a mug .tuaietnea.
,..,.. n.. frrd the. r
Solicitin? the patronage of Je.ders, wc rcspect
fu.lv rem;iin.
I S. Ki:i;i.i:K& BUO., Wholesale Dnigoists,
jv2SI -No. 2Ut, Market St., Vhilad.
Tfi V TH5T ffir&
W7X0FF & kousel
. : t -rTf n r. it... r..A. ,n thnt tftnv
i llTMl'LI) irif.iriii ihr r.uli ic, that they
vv r. ..i.,
! V have opened a shop on Fourth street
i; iitrin .in- ' .
!,,,.- ,,., f S. V. WvkotPs old slnnd.
. , , , , . . ,.
' nmmsitc I lur.t.'r 1 ardne s shop, where they
. l a i, t i
ki'fii on hand or niake to ordrr a"T
IR, ' v . Com(on Chairs. L!
Itnstoii Rocking Choirs also
Itnre:iii Tables, Ih-ds'iads,
. of various kinds.
! b'eees. ckc &c.
:c' , , .
nted to be well
All work in our line warra
made, and on the most reasonaWeterrris.
House an.) Si rn PAINTING
j attended to hv tin: subscribers on the shor -
j t?i n,,,j,.,, nr)fj jn ,ne best style.
Cmiiitry rroduee and l.uin!er tiiken in
payment and Cash no! refused, but rather
The subscribers intend to be strict in the
fulfilment of ull their promises as regards
work and so doing, hope to receive a
! liberal share ol pu!'ic patronace,
Jlll. N. WYKOrr.
Tov. It 49
rVlUS new and valuable Medicine, now
i used by th- medicil profession with
such astonishing efficacy in the cure of
I'ulniiinoi'i Cmimiiiption. Scnjulii. Chronic
l;littni!:lii.i, (luiit. ainirat Debility,
Vunijduiiilx if the K'.iiniijH,
! Arc. itc-, is prepared from the liver of the
I .in i-r.o. .- I .....l..
I Hir-1'1311 lor tlie'JICIII.ll lisi, cajircaaij
pir our s:i!cs.
Litraci from the London Medical Journal.
C. J.B.Willi ams, M. D F.R.S., Professor ol
Medicine in l.'nivcrsity College, London, consul
ting physician to the Hospital lor Conaump'ion,
iVc , says ; " I have prescribed Ihe Oil in above
four hundred cases of tuberculous disease of the
Lungs, in different s!ages,which hove been under
my care the last two years aud a hall. In the
l.ir-e nun. In i of cases. ll out ol its use was
lollo.ved by marked, uneipnvocal improvcmrut,
varying in degree in dilleient cases, from a tem
porary retardation of the progress of the disease
aud a utilization of distressing symptoms, up to
a more or less complete restoration to apparent
J'he effect of ihe Cod Livei Oil in most of
these ca?es was very remarkable. Even in a few
days the cough was mitigated, the expecoration
diminished in quantity and opacity, the flight
sweats ceased, the pulse became slower, and of
better volume, and llie appetite, flesh and stiengih
were gradually improved.
" In conelusion I repeat that the pure fresh Oil
from the Liver of the t.'od is more beneficial in
the treatment of Tulmonary Consumption than
mcdicin:-!. dietetic or regimenal, that
has vet been emploved."
As wc have made arrangements to pro
cure the Cod Liver Oil fresh from head
i-M brers, it can now he had cheinirally
rrir the single bottle or in boxes ol"
11 - 1 n c;trh.
I' i ,v ri-'fr-rful efficacy has induced num
j.-.t.ious imitations, As'ils success
('; enitrclv on its purity too much
Kverv bottle havinfT on it our written f
. ftaf ,ftv .p 4-4 Bev:ne. !
"r" t -- . . - .
p Jle!9 containin-j nn amity! f the
, ; r .u at..j:i
F' 1 . u-iin nonces in it iruin tin: ivitruitrui
Journals, will bs sent In those who aJJress 1.
f.-PO nf nostaoe. :.
,n vi r.i..rp rrt
JO A C. UAkEKQ LU., .. ,
W holcsnle I IniSirists ana t.-lmisis,
lySSS 100 onh Third !M- fhtladttplua
H . . .1 . .. i
IOR sale by " ' ' - ; r
y,.. " SEBEU it IDDINGS.
Lewisbarg, June, 1849
TS now carried on as usual, at the upper
X end oi Market street, where ever des
cription of CASTINGS is kept on
hand or made t order such as
The Complete', or
Complete Improved
Cooking Stoves
for either Coul or
Wood and all
other kinds of
S I U fc S,
also PIOUUEIK of differ
en!. kirHfe--Con Plough, Hull Plough,
en! kim
and the
j Self-Sharpening Plough,
j a new urii'.'le, and which can not be beat
in Pennnj Ivanid. Call and see and judge
for yourselves.
Lewi-sburg, Sept. 22, 1S49
IHE undersigned rrmtinucs ihe LIVE
AT IIUSLYESS at the Old Stand,
on North Third St., near Market, and
i rrs pecuuiiy solicits llie pntrona'e 01 Ills
) rlCxids and the public Cenfraily.
CllARLKS F. IltlSd.
. .
' -.uur, may ii, loau
Books Do5ks!
,rnM 8ub.sCriber olTera tor sal at the
; L t'ewisbiira lst Office, an assortment
I ..I flfk nmcl (Itil
nn:i:fX VI. l.lsrovrnrEa f)F TMH
p,,. Soliotl Books, Stationery
- . . , '
' "I ml hi lids ilso tilt; best C?ars.l obacco.
, S,- " i -
x... Cd .
. Inttv v I'PvvciiV
L-.-wisburg, M iy 7, 1850
-Ano'her lot of..
X superior Black and Green Teas--'' m
just re-d from the ('anion Tea Com X'i
' P'nv, and lor sale at iew lork retail
1 v j. haves & co.
sburg, April 16.
j imnorta!lt nfin!
. l
j T"E are, "' ihat I
( . , . .
I ; . nm J,,e ?."t,ut!ve P'r efor of the
uookina tnve Known ns 'Whites ratent
; .,.,'"., ., ,. . "V ...
"r nie unieaiove, ry virtue l valid
i, , J . .
,. r""""u !Ile uy pniei
aunM i mt a ui uii.-n' 'in , nn-j i irrt"iv
caution all persons not to mmufaeture or
sell the same without authority from me. as
I shall promptly seek leal redress for
I every infringement of mv rt"hfs under snid
j ...,. Tl r...i.ii. r .....
j , ,.,) that all stoves manufactured by rre
i or my grantees or agents, are marked
1 "dames White. Fatenled June 10, 184 1,'
I with the additional mark "Ke-issue, Au".
' 6, 1850," on the slide plate
Md tun, Sept. 11,1850 3m
'Cmsbnx$ fomtivn
r'PIIE subscribers, thankful for pnst pai
X ronagp, would inform the public that
they conlinue to manufacture all kinds of
i Mill Gearing, cast Water Wheels
j ol the most approved pattern,
j Threshing Machines.
: One and Two Horse
A .J Kj .i o. We? HHIle
particular attention lo a new
nrticle Uiard's 1'ntent Uans j'lvtizha,
for M-edmo in Grain. Fanners by thin
Tiouh can s( d a mucli grain in one day
as in three days with common ploughs.
and Fitting the same. HOLLOW Ware,
Kettles and I'ots of various s.izes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles to
suit cookin stoves,
eoofcmtf stout,
the most approvrd patterns now in use, for
wood or con! '"'nevrifp'x-Tj-p-.
Parlor, Wood and Coal Q (J ' jQ
Air-Tipht Stoves K.tce's Scll'-rcguluting
Air-Ti-;ht Pailof Woml Stove, (a new
article,) &c.
Threshing Jlacfiifirs and o'hrr arliclef
ol Machinery repaired in the best manner
aimricM nuuee. vitstinii war-
rlniea lo lie ol the liest marerial, and at
prices that can nol f.-il to please.
(u:dui:s & marsh.
I.ewisburg. March 25, 18J8
515 :1,'jfsS3V-W'T''2,trw'iy
L' 9
rilHE undersigned continues to furnish to order
I on the most reasonable terms, Pianos, fiom
the Manufactory of Coxrai Mitib, Plnlad'a.
whose liistnimeula are top well known la need
any panegyric, having uniformly received the
a.nl composers of Muic, nnil the award of the
P'mnimi infwVork.rhilatlelphiaahd Bo?on.
S0 9
. ' . ' . " u v
''t' !fi:0JLf WA'V
....-i.,iwm i'uii m-; hhv h ireiewiore
tUtemtee may be made to anv of th, ...m-i
i: lu. . ... ' . . ... .r I . t
"uiuifi! u uaTw punns comrniifiHi rt nm
ar8e t e n al his resilience at Mrs
Mi.lHif. wner. u.m.
nu paniculara will be made kiun.
The most popular and forile Airs an JMasic
of different kind received as ii is issued fr. m the
different musical eslablisbmm.is in Ihe Cities.
For Sale,
HAWO full M.0t io the Borough of
X iewisoDr, annatea aa i Dira street,
opposite widow, BrowD'f, together or
singly. For purlieu! jr, enqaire of .
An ounce of.. Prevention worth
- , a pound of Cure," in
in mtrful diieate,'
DR. FITCIPS Lectures on the Prever-,
lion and Cure of ComUmption. L
Thin popular work for sale in LewuLtirg
by S. F.Ljadall J. Itgugbton rtud-at
this ofllce. Price, 75 cent. . t
t.iT EvuRritoDr Rbo this 'jkKrrLi.T. Hkiw i
S-irMPVlIt tAr f i ditferr'tt town f ailed S. t.
Tiwen1' Siriiiar;:'. It - .tvrrtid xm lrii;.
NAl .KMUiNK..wl jU imi. Tm "l'"Wi -L.l .f.lxun
and ncfer : bM i-m r w-Min mi rahnu-!-.. .
iwl.ap4th V i- ftUr liUtr ii I-rur Mr
fturris riiiilit: " - ' 1 ' ' wnlUe vl. Ilr !y- he
hs aTtrnOnl I" tfi. t . p.irirM
Trart' !" Now Unini tt V ti-.ver .t.arj:cr.i n(-i!:rt, 4
Jay in hi life' ! Ji tri wi.-kt rniw-v,
louk tioiltft tlteekif ir ft- mv er-rrv v.:m I a i
rri'Wl sinrrr!j. ti U i ufvmr m t-v Uio-e -t'-.eit-- -f t . ,,
aril or m ntt- Wfirn will mni icirtt tt we biw an.; tiv
ful in ali larir lirusi uinl ii.'.-ratar-e r.ti it:- a i
mro ! II appli'-' ( t i R-tt?H' it tn ai' hitfrirm,
nlacmriii? hia ifusiure. aiaiins U' mtu ' v.-.. .
make, an an nn.ujrt ui in niwrk t.i l:v i : j J : t . 1
nta havr be-n it- a Iihrlhi tiw m al j -.. :
rm. rn oaUe to u.;nt- ir pubtic rh tt i.i-: .t
theOM Ih-rtiMV Sr-(-irill;! w- r-( lite r"n'-. r-if w
ttttrafarti'K t ' liTtitttic i tWr1 On.nai 2: .
piT. T!iiS. P. T.wuni'! MVfl I have itiMih u-e r.v
Bjrncf'f a wtrk I will ttve bitn.'--'U l.'S A i: j
dncn tiue u:?r .ti'ary !:: f xUt. IIh fa-em ;..
1 htmc!"w. tilfin:n A. ". ar rt liinrr rirl a tis-:i
falawritod.', fliiit iti.i.i u ictoite i'i n'-i.ir. a.i-i a.
Ui truth 'I' M ii H r-i-! ! !.i ifi'4i', f m'-titing r ,
port tut. Tin H 10 fe-.ar-i n ih p'lblic t ftu.'ii.-i" riuh :
Ol-J lr. JAOH T Mi.-n.f Snwfiti.',!. h iv.-iu -n i i
Old IKictor'a lik".-. hw j-t.iti j f Ann.; ai j
aijji)at"ucrw ih- '"t -it .rrn-.
Principal 'tier, Swttm-tr, N V fi'v
JJt "( Nr:
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend,
I Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
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it is t:ll kii"n t" mtdical Rhai. Contains man. n- .f.rai
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Citrc of iuaiiuicrablr Dtnemr,
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i imiil Inil fCtttwn, lr.ifi A'-til-iy the Stunuwh. trlii
tnift,al CirrttuMoTi. d'crmirra-nm of blM t h head,
faltraitoii Ol llir hart. eo:J iet a id liauiis. c J ruu
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Srrwnn Iiac and OrMIUy.
and thus inrvt-ms r rfl;r- a ;rtt v.inl ! Vr
.!u-ii. a Sftfi-d trrirtirion, .X-ut-a'eiu. ST I'i.'iw' it i .c
&fovmg. Ktlpfir '. I'auM VtiM. ftc.
It clraitvics t-if l'i'Ki, tviiri :br it-er to beal'hv u'-i -i.
tone the stomach, and fic col disti.. retinri ;a
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M-JVE.t Si'OUaS. -
wht! the other Hons ftrte. f"tn'ng: n . ' T-n
the hut't rrin:n:r!w i: ii.ro ffLHnr-f : "if t-. - f
liquid exptoliti?.htt t '1.in';'T or'nr r-K'-N ' Yti -.
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caui- lHicpia hut a -. f v.e int a I kniw il'.t k-i
ao. mr in our :"iii i: o.'.T.-f r i-T i" - '
rtatiiN-nce, h ir:hum. (a';'!ta':-n ' h hear, rivt - '
u'ami. liiiTifra. -r-i -; rv. c :iu um .-i r.
D 'tl I What I Sv-pt'u'a iHit n .. (i'trj r i-v V hNt
What (irmiu-" an 'nc Iaii-in.,-.-' wiiKh un tiup;i.i,i-.i-l
the Skin, S.atrt f! i !, S' Rhetirr. F:y-tm''a. U's
Swelling. tcer -rf-. trvl u rei.i-i.ni n::erj.ii and ex
ternal I t w inwi,;.ta u ui:- t. 'a. ii t : ;t, i.-i f --;io-iarfe
Whn'h fiottr. tml trm" ;r. ftit- i?n ot il- hH . rri'r"
OT te-w. ttkl ntr"' Kt-tMntirti hm .i -rjr r4 nei-J
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where, irri'attinr tv. itffTmn-' 'In .) ''.-r- tts-u.-f of -ti
which It arta I S l ir"-vm iliav". : 'tuioiri n" ti e
bltNhl. of tleranued cirr i Joru and near ai! :h- .i:tnri,;i
Which afflict hit i tin) n:tinrr.
Now is K not hotnbie to ia! in-! fI, an i inf,itt',
twii io n-e (St
SorRI.(i, FERVF.VnV:. Ann TOtIPt:Nn" Of
ant et he wnh! fin i.ive h tHiVf'id rh:i O'i Or. J.v
Sob TowiiMn''i O-ttmitte Or-prnW aVittJU''tt.'fi, la an IM
IT ATM N of bio irwHjor riar:ii.i ! '
HeuTeu torbhl tluu rii.u.ltl 0ea4 Rt 911 aiirt M. ch
would brr the uioi di-uani -ru$.-iii!i.)ina S. P Tawa
end's article
Wv wh)i 11 und"rTno 1. 1-ecatm.if h Uo ab-ufH
that S. P T )wnMur anicjr ant) olil Tr. JiirohT
Sanmnaritla are krarm u-e marr. iW !;- u -r
iiir; ih-M ih"T arc uti!ik in eerv uarticiiar. tirretir not
one niniathnv? m r-rt- tin. - -
A S. P. TwaimI I- ho doctor. td rvrrcr li". is i:j
micinwi. Qojhtiii. 1 t-4 iivWf. u.'n- .a tivli'-i4
" thaawthM-Hlnniatr aao'iji- vi-i
man. what fiu-r'- il,t- pn!jt u Uiv .in- r-
ceivins a ei-M'.-frir-irc r- lica wL -vl thevir.
tar ..i iba vtd taw wr.r n. 1 1. iMime H.vtaMK - m
raiwble iewfwf:wfiich iMiff.. ftvtr-rWnl W ItMKN I S
t liara iniiud of l.tiili ?
But what mitm rWcxed tr.on reie wa km fc.
laOthtn? romratativr'v w,,i,r!i-rr t!i-rac T Ii r--rnraa
tin thf it
thf Pfrw nrat:a' ..-we im--trree init Mr
honiri hrow well tit'" mil.c?l pro, en in of plant , f!ie br
maarwr f awtHint aad cyratnaina? their benlin? nnne.
thaii riit-iiv knowlcit- o' ihe r:vn Jie-e wlnrb
ilW. he human -Ttm.!u now ta adafji trine.! ir. u
.L ... . . . .
th- .llMIMe '
It is ro arivKt frail ts'ilinn 11 tnr.-minr.'. ro iwiir !.-.!m
into woun.tt h'j'liai.K.arIriiiJ1e faof in ih dewtrinc
bOHom. Iu rr-f..ra bcMti, ai.J Iti.KMi.. simI ir rr .i i1.
eruhr.l nml ln.rn. an-l 10 I.M.itli ..-nri-r t'.si Ol 11 IR
JACOB TOWNSI.K4 a SOlUli au f Ol M .h os
fpfiuii.tr ami inr.nsiiarin hm ..
Irawil ( nWrml nr f nrrl Rfiufdr1
within ih. rrrh. aa-l t. th knowlr,!..e i .11 h. oria
Uwa Ihsrr nu Isana and knnw. br jovliil srrmr, aa
, . , ' TrasuM-asulaut Pawsr to Ileal.
Agehts .(ot the above Medicine C
Sc ha file, Lewisburg ; John (I Baser, Mil
too ; Forsyth &. Priestly, Rorlhtinb'!aii?
-j- --- - - 1 r -
VNE Uuggey nd Sett f Harness,
One Twq Horr Vago,
One truck Vj'Rgon,
For sale by
II P Sheller