Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1859, June 19, 1850, Image 4

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    iPit Qrtft )mm
A bamper.
Wa hate aeen, and read of, ome "cool"
things ill DUr Hay, ttit t following,
which we rjterive from an esteemed and al
trays entertaining correspondent, is posi
tively "iced." A young lawyer got his
first note for collection. It was against a
country Customer ; bo he sat down and
wrote him a letter, in due form, advising
him that his note was led for collection,
that it " bad run for a long time, and re
quired immediate attention to " save costs."
In ihoot ten days he received tliis answer :
'Vailev Forks. Nov. 15, 1849.
F. J. H., Esq., Dear Sir : I received
your polite note of the Aih instant, this
day. It was directed to the post-office at
Freetown. The mail comes from your
Tillage loTorhpkiusville every day by the
lag, which runs from your place to Owe.
go, leaving your village at sis o'clock in
ihe forenoon. From Tornpkinsville there
i a mail every other day to Freetown, and
alio to Valley Forks. From thence there
is a cross-mail around the liilU through the
lower towns in this county to our place
once a week, but the postmasters on that
route can't read very well, and sometimes
keep a letter over one mail to spoil nut the
direction. Hy directing your Inters to
this office, where I pel my rmjH-r. i should
get them generally in about three days al
ter you mail them, and about a week soon
er than if directed to Fnvtown ; which
delay might, in some cases, be of conside
rable consequence. I hope, my dear sir,
you will not sutler any inconvenience from
it this time ; but I thought it best, as you
seemed a little ignorant of the geography
of this part cf the country, to gie you this
information, that yoii might in lulu re know
how to direct to, dear sir. Yours respect
lully, John Calkiss.
" P. S. As to that Note, you say, it
has run a longtime. I can only say, as
the boy said of the molusses, ' Let her
run ! j . c
It strikes us that it would be rather sharp
practice to serve a summons and complaint
on that customer '. Ktulrrborker.
An Irish Letter,
(Cart fully Revised and Corrected )
Tim Flulierli's
in I (eland.
If gone to b& forw arded.
MA the two 1SI".
Mm Dear Judy.
- - . , . J l : t Willi IIIG lalll.i i uuv a iiiv sv- .
I commenced this letter yeMerdin. ' he ,!s mh in 1Bying ,,. hi
doesn't come to hand you may a!low that i ,,s(lli)!j!iiirr,,., ;s ,t HI,J shall not be sur
1 am not here but gone to Quebec TVII ,,ass(.j by ny in th' part of the contitry.
Barney that his brother's family is all dead ; lie has engmed n d sett of workmen,
entirely barrin the cow God bless her-l'J ; and is no rqmr.-J lor manufacturing
write you more but as there's no means of j Braid Narrow CLOTHS,
ending this, I will j-ist let it go as it is
Kemember me in your prayer, and to the
Flaherty'. No more at present from your
loving husband if alive Theddy O'Riley,
ind if dead, God rest his snul. I . h II
this letter doesn't reach, y ou must li t n e
know by return of Post and don't wait fr
another until ye hear from me again, Lu' i
write immediately and let me know how j
you're coming vn. j
N.B. I hare altered toy mind a-d won! :
end this letter after all, so you can an- j
sjweror notatalliust as it pleases you j
Give my love to the children when you i
come tolh enrl of this letter don't reid j
any more of if, hot Just answer by the first ;
pofcloffiee your own Theddy O'Rilry, j
A in duty boond I ouht to be. i
From the Aiuerican AgrilnUuritt.
Profitable Dogs.
1 see- you ask for the profit of d s
Here il'i. I work 37 field hands, mid
nine women oat do rs, and ! keep ab ut
half a many dogs. 1 don't knnw whi.-h
earn the most, niggers or dogs, (as 1 come
nut about squar at the end if the year,) but
i do know that I ain't troubled rith my
neighbors' sheep as 1 ouce was; fr yoa
must know. I would go as far cut of my
way to kick a sheep, as John RanJj'ph,
and the digs, I'recken, wil! go fifty limes
as far to kill ono. The ou'y real trouble
I have had. was, when my big mas'ifl,
Grizzly B trr, I paid $75 for, run mad.
and bit nine of my blood and fox hound ,
that cost me nigh mi 500. three bjll
d.g, and four of my best field hands, I
had refused $130 apiece for. But 1 con
eider every body must make a .me sacrifice
for his country and humanity, as our Ar
kansas boys did when they left their dig-
gin to lick ihe Mexican. So I conclude
I wont care. Bo" Btrrr.
Tremendous Blast A noted hunter liv
ing near Fayeltevilie, in this Slate, who
ports under the queer sobriquet of the
The Man with tho Bed Wrench," whilst
hunting a few weeks sirups in White River
bottoms, with a single barreled g'in, killed,
at one shot, three d-r. a colt, crippled his
dog, and was kicked off his mare. We
give the story as it was given to us, and
can only touch for the crr-dible source
from which we received it. Arkansas In
tolltgeacer. A fellow who was brought before one uf
the London Police Courts for assaulting
and airnW killing a womin. rxcuw d hun
aelf by saying thai he thought it was bis
wife. t
Law me! exclaimed Mr. Partington. I
didn't know aforcfhat foev fought rrt mini,
but I aeo by the newspapers .hit ihe Ju.lg
"charged the jury!"
Why ia a vain young laoy' ,ik a'ran
ft rmed drunkard t Because neither of them
re a'tefifd wiHt a mod-rate-'je of the
The Summer Session of the
WILL commence on Mohdai ths 29th of
April. Instruction will be given, as for
merly, in all branches ntcearary to a thorough
Academic courxe. Our endeavor shall not be
aioiply to communicate knowledge, but to eicite
the youthful mind to act for itself. When this
is fully attained, Ihe progress of the student
becomes at once certain and rapid. The kind of
learning which moat of our youths in this country
neeu, ia that aolid literature, which, while it
Distort their minds, prepares them also for the
practical duties of lite.
Compoxition and Declamation will receive their
mil ahare of attention particularly the former.
The Primary Department shall have our special
care. Fiorn the disposition manifested to sustain
the Institution, the subscriber feels stimulated to
renewed exertions.
The Session will connta of two Terms of 1 1
weeks each a abort vacation intervening. Tui
tion 6 for the common branches, $8 fur the
higher Engli-h, an J $10 for Languages, per
Session per Term, one half.
March 27, 1850. Principal.
I 7011 pas', ftvorsi the subscriber rc'urns
. his grateful thanks, and hereby makis
known thiit he carries on the business of
Tainting and Curry inp,
at the OM S:uiid. Dotermincd not to lx
outdne in the manufacture or finish of his
work, he is bound to have the best work
men and materia', and to treat those who
h.ive so li'f rally patronized (as well as
those also w ho shall be pleased to patronize
him) with that attention which he hopes to
in-sure hm a lull share orpublic pstrouaj."'.
All kinls of Produce taken in exchange.
Hides and I'trk not refused, for which the
highest market price will be paid in ensh
or in exchange for leather.
March 25. A.D. 1S5J
rar Ilartlctoii, 1'nlon Co., ln.
ritHS subscriber, thankful for the liberal
J patronage twslnwcd on his old estab
bshment, begs have to inform his friends
and the public in general, that he has now
removed his Machinery iuto his New Mill,
(too milit above llnrtbton,nm the Turn
pike.) which has been built and fitted up on
I the mot improved plan, and will have en
by ttic middle ot April an enure nw h-ii ei
in addfSn t his already good sett, which
mSTie it the largest ana nest ni.oa-up
i . i t . .i - . nn : t f .
.. ...,.,.. -., ,.r,k i, a.,-r
j Cassimeres, Tweeds, Satinetts,
Jeans, Flannels. Blankets, &c.
in ihe best manner, on the shortest notice.
at reduced prices, fctyror the acconimo-
j HtiTion of custoiiifr, Wool may be left n
' tfie f0I!ovtin
Depositories :
New Br '.tt : K VViUon'a
Kclini;'ove : I Ki vis .V Sdinure
do J lot ll:irtman Jr
Frd-hii'i! : (I & F V Mover
S1idi!!-burg : Sn-rnatr Haningrr do
Adarnlurj : Henry Smrh (t'
l'eiinV nl'.i y N nrow : Mra Mostx do
Miffliii'-Hirs : lli-nry Gast di
lat UufTtlu: Samuel Relwr'a Tarem
It.nU'oX K.tN: J M'Crrighfa Store
Lev. i''U'K : J !lve A Co
do K.-lwf ft Mdings
Vet Mil on : J.,!in Dalosmun
MiIi ki : Maittcllrr Sc Senk
do Pweciicr & Haig
l.ility P O : Win Dale's
I.iou-1-tone : WriJ-nhainere
Pittfgroe : James Urrd
A sood assorttr.i'nl of Cloths, Satiurtls.
Cassin.eres.T rds, Jenns, Flanncls,B!nn
kets. Stocking Yarn, &.C.. always For Sale
or Kxclitnpe for Wi.l or country Produce
mi tb; New Factory.
CM II liiyG and FULLING as usuul.
mi:k halfpenny.
Winfi.lJ Mills. March 1,1850
.V, ouy in Culifirnia, but alto in Leu-itliurg'
A good assortment of
l?atcStcft, silverware &. Jewelry,
of fine quality and at Cily prices.
Hatfield & Thompson
Rtnpf etfully Infrif m the citizens of I.ewisburg anl
viritiily. that tln-T have entered into I'artnerehip
at Ihe UL.U M A.U on Marcel Dl, oppouie j
Havea & Co'a Store, nieuared to execula every
kind of work in their line, in the best manner.
They carefully select.! of the best English and
French materials. Maincnriues (ylinder,E.eape-
wheel. and a variety of Wjtch Jewels, and flitter
ihemwlves that ihrir knowledge and skill in Hie
iusinea will enable them to give satisfaction to
all who may favor them with patronage.? --
FISE WATCHES, snrh aa Duplex, Es-AJ
capemrnK, I-epi-res, Aochara, l)ettehed.jj
Patent Levers, Krpeeters, and Musical Watcbes,
Ac nt-nlv repaired and warranted
AIm for silt', a variety of Gold and Silver
Watches, Patent Levers, Anrhars. Detached. Le-
pines. Quartiers. an t English Wa'ches, Uuld
Chains, Ureart-p-na. Finger asd Ear rings, Gold
and Silver Bell Mules, Uraee!eta,Gold and .Silver
ta-r-t Pencils and Pens, do spectacles,
Sj Milvrr Scions, Sugar lor;it,C'omli,
&c 4c. in short, a little of everything, and
anything e!e, not mentioning knick-knacts.
always nn band or got to order
A variety of lirasa Clocka for 3 and upwards
at wholesale and retail
Persona desiring to get things right, would do
well by giving the euhsenbers a call
Experience telle aa that the Credit System can
not afffd a living. Therefore, in order to puh
along and keep moving, the Cash System meat
iiy He eniorred. Feb S3. 1 950
T (he ert- bmte-1
i OZ 8pt Ammonia. 1 6 ox 8 pis Torpentine, 4
oz ripis Camphor; mil in bottle. Take 6
to 8 tsblesponnfula above mixture : 1 j pints soft
snap to an ordinary tub of hot mater ; mix ihor.
ouchly tngelhtT, then put the clothes in the tub,
and let them remain fifteen minulee before ward
ing them out; then rinsa them thrnagh lo or
ihrv waer, hang np and drv Thia Wathirg
M'ltvjra forsile bv f W. tCH FFI.E.
130 Greenwich St. JVeio York.
fpHE Proprietors beg to call the attention
X or connoisseurs luTea.and the heads of
families to the choice and rare selection of
Teas imported by them, hitherto unknown
in this country, which, by their fragrance
and delicacy, combined with virgin purity
and atrength, produce an infusion of sur
passing richness and flavor. The Teas
offered, are the following :
The Jeddo Bloom, a Black Tea, at $1.00 per lb.
Kiphon do T5
Diari do SO
Osacea a Green Tea 1,00
Too-taiaa do 75
Ticki-liiaa do 60
Ud-fi Mixture, s compound of the
most rare and choice Teaa
grown on the fertile and genial
soilofAssaai 1,00
With a view to encourage the introduc
tion of these matchless Teas, it is the
intention of the proprietors to distribute by
lot, among the purchasers, a quantity of
I eas equal to the I trst 1 tars Profits on
the sales effected. Each purchaser will
receive enclosed in the package, numbered
certificate, entitling him to
Oue Chance in the Distribution
for every Fifty Cents laid out, and on the
receipts amounting to SSU.OOO, the under
mentioned (a reels of Tea. to the value of
10 per cent., orlwo thousand Uollars,
will bo
according to the following scale:
& Prizea 50 lbs Tea each at $1, 350 Iba. $250
425 Prizes in all. Ibs.2,000 $2,000
Those persons who prefer lower-priced
Tens.ren receive their Prises in proportion,
nr they wilt be lie-purchased for Cash at a
reduction of 10 per cent.
Cuuntru .Izents required. Applica
tions to be addressed (post pnid) to the
Compan's Depot, as above. L-In 323
WORMS worms ! Various theories
have been started rlative to the origin
of intestinal worms, and tt the question is
a vjted one among medical authorities. Of
ne fact, however, all are informed, and in
which all agree the fatal nature of the
influence they exert on children. As this
season of the year is ohe at which attacks
of worms are most frequent as well as most
dangerous.wc take great pleasure in direct
ing the attention of parents to Dr.M Lane'a
Vermiflige. It is ont of the most extraor
Unary medicines ever introduced, and has
never fi'cd of success w heft tried.
Ancireui. Kosa Cc, Ohio, Feb 13, 1848
Messrs J K'dJ eV Co : We wi-ti to inform you
t!.at we have sold all your Worm Scific left
with u?. We wish you to aend us some mxi as
Aon as possible, as it has given general aatisfac
lion l.ere. We have many calls for it since we
are out of Ihe article. It baa succeeded all other
i:Ciaratinna in this county, and for this reason
e nioh to keep a supply on hand.
The above is one of hundreds of similar
.ommunicalions which the proprietors of
his medicine are duily receiving. Where it
lius been introduced, it has become the most
popular remedy in use.
ACE?fTS--C W ScHarFts, Iwi!'urg; H
J Mufcr and J H Raer, Milion ; I Gerhart, Se
lingrove; J W Friling, Sunburv ; Mrs M'Cay,
.N'o.thuni'ierland, M C Grier. J Moore, Danville
iFruit au?
A an. a A ft M f& I A I
$--?ZV K IN A rvi l i t l.
The subscriber offers for sale a large
issnriinenl of choice Fruit Trees auch as
Apple trees, 7 to 10 feet high, 40 varieties,
-ill warruntrd genuint Peach trees, 20
varieties; Tartarian Cherry, Nuclarine,
Prune and Pear trees, together with some
0 or 8 varieties ol"Graie Vines of the best
unlive and exotic varieties. Ornamental
Trees, such as the Paulonia, Linden, &c.
The above trees can be seen by the 1st of
pril, on the premises ol the subscriber,
one sonars above Christ 6i M'Faddin's
N. B. Persons mishihs to procure
quantity ol the Fruit toees.are requested to
mike immediate application to mesuoscri
Ix r, in order to procure the varieties and
sizT wanted. u. INULiU.
Lewisburg, March 4, 1850.
Brantlrcth's Pills arc sold at 25
cts per box ( vith full direction-)
V J. 11 AY US & CO., Lewisburg, and
by onlv one Agent in every town in
the Union. Kich A 'cnt has a Certificate
of Agency. Kxamtne the box o' pil!s always
and compare il with the fse simile labela on ihe
CertiG-. le of Agency. As there is a counteifeit
of the cjw label out, thia is of much importance,
as lhr i ia decided difference between tbe
appes-rnce of the true labela and those of the
count J feit. The counterfeit ia done on stone :
the ft mine are done on steel. Tbe appearance
of tl printing on Ihe counterfeit ia ragged and
blurry ; the genuine label ia tbe very pink of
neatness, both in punting, paper, and general
Be very careful and goto the Agent.nben you
want Biandreth'a Pills : then you are sure of Ihe
genuine article. When you purchase otherwise,
inquire of the seller whether he knows Ihe pills
he offer you are Ihe genuine Brandietb'e Ev
ery man knowa whether the aiticle he offers ia
true or false. Beware of cheats !
fTII!G subscribers offer the public, at their
X new Brick Fotfndry, the lollowing new
ind valuable stoves : . .
Iron Witch Air-Tight Cooking Stovee, witb
a Brick liven.
Lidy Washington Parlor Stove.
Cast Iron Air-Tight Parlor Stove, for Wood
2 sizes.
Coal Burner for Parlors I size, 13 inch cyl
Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor 8tove 3
Shield Air-Tight Parlor Stove for Wood 3
Egg Stove the very best in ose for Stores,
Offices, Barrooms, and 8hops.
1 he eelelwsted Genoese Air-Tigbt Cook Store.
Tbe Complete Cook 3 sizes.
Also, all kinds of Wood and Coal Stoves
Ploughs Castings, &c. &c.
Lewisburg. Dec. I?, 1810. I
Dr. Swayne's Celebrated Faihily Medicines.
More Proofs of the Efficacy of
conrocBB siavr or
Wild Clicrry,
Vie Original and Genuine Preparation !
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, BroncbiUs, Liver Com
plsinl, spitting Ulood,difficulty of Breathing,
pain in tha Side and Breast, palpiution
of the Heart, lnfluenxa,Croup,brO
ken Constilution,sore Throal,
Kervous Debility nd all
diseases of Throat,
Bresst, sod
the most effec
tual and speedy core
known for any of the
above diseases ia
Dr. Sway tie's compound Syrup
6f Wild Uierry.
Keliable Testimony.
Juhn Milton Earln, editor of the Worcester
Spy, Mass., waa attacked with a aevere inflama
lion of the lungs, accompanied with a distressing
cough : after using various other remedies with
little or no benefit, by the use of one bottle ol Dr
Swayne'a Compound Syrop of Wild Cherry, he
was restored to peneei neaun.
Wm. Monteliua, a respectable merchant of St
Clair, Schuylkill county, writes, Jan av, iu;
Rn.-l.ued I aend vou a certificate of Wm. Beau
mont, a citizen of our town. His ease of Cons
umption is well known here.and of long standing;
he attributes his cure entirely to your Compound
Hyrup of Wild Cheiry."
Be not deceived by the many spurious and
worthleas preparations of Wild Cherry, ushered
into notice by ignorant pretenders, bat eeo that
the signature or Dr. Swayoe ia upon ceco ooiue,
-kik i. i h ants a-asrantee against imposition.
Remember ! the genuine preparation of Wild
Cherry ia prepared only by ur " "
corner of Eightn ana usee sircew,
Swavne'8 celebrated Vennifiige,
Safe and Etrectual Remedy foi Worms, Dya
" pepsia. Cholera Morbua, aickly or dyspeptic
Children or Aduln,anJ the most ueeful Family
Mediciuc ever offered to the public."
This reuledy is one tual nas proveu succcuiu,
t... . i.,. time, and ia universally acknowledged
bv all who have tried it lo be far tuperiar (being
.,i.,.-.i,i to the taste, at tho same time
effectual) to any other medicine ever employed in
inr mhich it ia recommended. It not
only destroya worma, but it invigoratea the whole
system, li is nariuira
of the patient is always improved by its use, even
-i. u nn .n.ma are discovered.
Beware of Mittake. Remember Dr 8a
Verndfuge ia now put up in square bottles (hav
ing recently been changed) coverca oy a ream..u.
wrapper, ateel engraving, with the portrait of Dr
Svne thereon encraveu. ; u..
and be not deceived.
Th. lirtnea of these pille can be appreciated
onlv Iv those who have used them. They are
adapted to ass nil nature in u
m.nr. obstrheUdn. Impurity of lha blood. &c.
Tbey are a gentle and effective purgative, correct
alt the functions of the liver, and aa an alterative
in dropsical affections they an very valuable and
should be in every family. They have an outaide
coating of pure While 8u8ar,whereby everything
disagreeable to taste of smell ia entirely removed
without in tbe least affecting the excellent quali
ties of the medicine. Remember ! they are now
put up in boiea turned out of the solid wood,
covered with a red label bearing the signature ol
DrSavayne: none other ia genuine.
The above valuable Medicines nre pre
pared only by Dr. 8WAYNB, N W tdroer oi
Eighth and Race streets, rnnaaeipnis.
Jl stents for Union Cvunfv, Pa.
C W SrhaflU, and Thornton & Baker.Lewiaburg
JSeeb.ddandN B.rin
Ed Wilson,
Mos Specht, Beavertown
D J Bover, Centerville
B Mench, Milleraborg
L. dr, Taylor,Mifflinburg
Will 4 Eilert, Hawleton
Saml Haupt do
Youae-man & waiter.
O Smith. Mosset'a Valley
Ury Valley
ReubKcller.Navy Island
B.A Sumroere-Freeburg
and by Storekeepera generally
JLiver dPiL
riMlIS new and valuable Medicine, now
used by the meflical prolession with
such astonishing efficacy in ihe cure of
Vssitnrmtt ft Ctlmumotion. Scrofula, Chronic
liicumatism, Gout, general Debility,
Complaints of the Kidneys,
&.c. &c. is prepared from the liver of the
t:OU-HSU for medicinal use, eipressiy
lor our sales.
rGitract from the LonJon Medical Journal.
V. J. B-WiiLiana, M. D Profeaaor ol
Medicine in Unteeraily College, London, conaul
ting physician to lbs Hospital tor Consumption,
4c , saye ; " I have prescribed ths Oil in above
four humired rases of tuberculous disease of the
Longs, in different slages,which have beeh under
my care the last two years and a nan. in me
large number of cases, 406 out of 334. it use was
followed by marked, unequivocal improvement,
varying in degree in different cases, from a tem
porary retardation of the progress of tbe disease
and a mitigation of distressing symptoma, up to
a more or lea complete restoration to apparent
health. -
"The effect of ihe Cod Liver Oil in most of
these cases was aery remarkable. Even in a few
Javs the couch waa mitigated, the expectoration
diminished in auantitv and opacity, the night
sweats ceased, the pulse became slower, and of
better volume, and tbe appetite, Bean and atiengin
were graduklly improved.
In conclusion I repeat that the pure fresh Oil
from the Liver of the Cod ia more beneficial in
the treatment of Pulmonary Consumption than
any agent, medicinal, dietetic or regimenal, that
has yet been employed.'
. As we have made arrangements to pro
cure the Cod Liver Oil fresh from head
quarters, it can now be had chemically
pure, by the single bottle or in boxes of
one dozen each.
lis wonderful efficacy has induced num
erous spurious imitations. As ils success
depends entirely on it's purity, loo much
rare can nol be used in procuring itortst;-
ink. bvery bottle having on it our written
signature, may be depended on as genuine.
Pamphlets containing an analysis nf the
Oil, with notices of it from the Medical
Journals, will be sent to those who address
us free of postage.
Wholesale Druggists and Chemists,
ly38A 100 Worth Third 8t Philadelphia
New Arrangement!!
RcdHtlion of Price.
amd Fit eight Like
1 now running regularly twice a wee
from Philadelphia, via Penn'a Central K.K.
to the Junction, thence by last line ol hx
pres Boats to Selinsgrove, Northumb'lnd,
Sui bury.Danville.Bloomsburg.Lewisburg,
Milton, Muncy, w iiiiamspon, ok.
tioods and Packages delivered by this
line in frdm one to two days. The prices
are such as must give satisfaction to all.
Produce earned lhrouh (ana sow, "
desired) with despatch. Persons living oil
the line, can have their goods left at such
place as they may direct.
sr7isew xpress uince o.jo.ui'"
Tl.irrl St. Philad. Freiaht Office at Messrs.
Ciaie Si Bellas'; Depot, corner of Broad
and Cherrv Sts. .
Orders rec'J in Ijewishurg at tne stores
ol Messrs.Sheller.Lyndall,and Foster, and
Hotels of Messrs. Kline and Weidensaul
. i a as
and in Selinsgrove at the Store of John
llartman, Esq.
May 10, 1850.
TATE of Philadelphia, ia now located on
i Market elreet. Lewisburg, opposite Mr. J.
Schrever's store, where he attends to operation
on the teeth at a reda:tion of bia former piicea.
Teeth and roots of teeth removed with the aid of
improved Instruments, and in an easy manner.
Filling teeth and aelting on pivots Or plates atten
ded to according to the latest improvements in the
profeaaion. Ulcerated, apungy, and inflamed gums
enred. Thankful for past lavoia, he solicits a
continuance of public patronage No impure
materials used for filling in lb. Iy288
TVR. J. N. KEELEIi ii BRO. most res-
I I nectfullv solicit attention to their fresh
slock ol English, French, German, and
American Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Che
micals, Oils, Dyestuffs, Glassware, Perfu
P,.tnt Mpdicincs. Varnishes. &C.
IIKlJ, - 1 ' " -
Having opened a new store; No 891, Market at.
iib a full supply ol Ire.n lliugs ana mourcum,
resr.ectrullv solicit country dealers to exam
ine our etock before purcha-ing elsewhere, prom
ising one and all who may feel disposed lo ex
tend to us their patronage, to aell them genuine
Drugs and Medicines, on as liberal terma aa any
other house in the Cily .and to faiihfully execu'e
all oideis entrusted lo us promptly anu wita ce-
hfislrrl .
Oue of the nroprietora being a regular physi
cian, afforde ample guarantee of the genuine
quality of all articlea sold at tbeir etauuumeni.
v. .wriallv invite druggists and country
merchants, who may wish to become agents for
Dr. Ketler's Celebrated Family Medicines,
(standar l and popular remedies,) lo forward their
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we respect-
fit liar romain
J.N. HEELER & BRO., Wholesale Drogcuta,
1 y28-l No. 294. Market St., rnuaa.
rilHANKFL'L for liberal patronage herelofoie
I received, respectfully informs hie old friends
and the public generally llial he hsa removed his
Tailor Miop
to the Basement of bia Brick dwelling on Market
atreel. next door al.fve C. Penny'a saddlery (.ists
Ihe office of H C Hicao., Csq) where be hopes lo
suit all w ho may give him Un ir custom, as
he does all work in his line in ihe best and
newest style and on short notice. He hn
the Fashions regularly, employs none but
good hands, and is determined to keep u
with the times and merit a good share c.
patronage. CUTTIJiG done to order.
Charges reasonable, and Produce taken in
exchange for work
Lewisburg, June; 184J ly2?0,7
TLD inform the pub.ic, that they
have opened a shop on Fourth street
lower storv of S. VV. WykofPs old stand,
opposite Hunter Pardoe's shop, where they
keep on hand or make to order assises
Fancy and Common Chairs, UsA
Boston Rocking Chairs also Lw
Bureaus. Tablea, Bedsteads, tjwa
rssmii ii 0f various kinds.fafirjiJL
sishwfl4 flaiiAAc A.. A?rsWsaBBsaaBssiaf
Settees, &c. &c.a
All work in our line warranted to be well
made, and on the most reasonable terms.
House and Sign PAINTING
attended to by the subscribers on the shor
test notice and in the best style.
Country Produce and Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, but rather
The subscribers intend to be strict in the
fulfilment of all tbeir promises as regards
work and so doing, hope to receive a
liberal share of public patronage.
Lewisbug. Nov. 1849
compound syrup of Sarsaparilla.
JUST ree'd from the old Dr. a large and
fresh supply of his celebrated medicine
from the principal Depot in New York.
Persons wishing to procure Sarsaparilla
can have either the old or young Dr's, gen
uine and fresh, by calling on the Agent,
Lewisburg. June 26 U W SCIIAFFLB
Dr. Rose's medicines
The subscriber having been appointed
sole agent for Dr. Rose's Medicines, for
Union county, often them to the public
with great confidence as to their flbacy
and certainty of effecting cures in nil esses
for which they are designed. A single test
nnly is required to establish the fact.
Sept 27 S S BAKTUN
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend'tj
end's Sarsaparilla for sale by
Dr. Thornton Ac Baker.
OClfOOL-TICKETS printed ird for
O sale at this office.
EoviTABMB Life .-isgraAivcc
Aunalty and Trust Company.
Office, 74, Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Cifiwi, $250,000 Charter Perpetual.
muP 1'omr.iiif are now prepared to transact
X business upon the raoal liberal eoi sdvanta
. . ... k t rkarlAv
e-eoua terms, i ney ara i J
fsec. 3) -to maks all nJ ovary insurance apper
Uining tolife rt.ka of whatever k:nd cr paturo, and
. - - .ml stecnis iiuais. 141-
and to grant and purchase annuitiea." The Com
pany aell annuities ana enuownwu-, w. -v.
trustees lor minors uu u.. ......
Tabte of Premiums required for tie Atturanct
of 9109 Jor me wnoic icrn, vj fj.
Ace. Prem. Age. P
Age. I'rem.
I 53
1 56
I 59
I 60
1 63
I 66
1 69
i 72
1 76
1 85
I 89
I 94
I 93
- - a. if. A
31 if
46 $3 36
3 15
3 49
3 20
3 27
3 33
2 40
2 47
3 54
2 63
2 70
2 81
3 92
3 01
3 12
3 23
3 62
3 77
3 94
4 13
4 32
4 51
4 71
4 91
5 12
5 33
5 54
5 78
6 03
3 04
The nremium are less than any other company
and tbe policiee afford greater advantages. Mar
i ..! f.msla children can insure tbe
I1CU w vsssssaa -
Uvea of either a hueband or parent free from the
Claims ol creditors. Tablea ol nan yean, ana
........i. .-;nms half credit rates of premium,
abort terma, joint Uvea, aurvivorships, endow
ments and forma of application are to be had at
tbe Office or of the Agent.
Kates for insuring 100 on a single i,ije.
Age. Fori year. For 7 years. For Life.
20 0 81 'Jl 6o
30 0 99 1 30 2
40 - 1 29 1 64 2 70
SO 186 3 07 3 94
ft 9 48 3 97 6 03
K..mnte A nerson aged 30 veara next birth
day by paying the Company 99 cla would aecuie
lo hie family or beira 100 ahould he die in one
year, or for 9 90 bo eecutee to them J 1000, or for
13 00 annually lor seven years u. w
1 1003 ahould he die inseven years, or for 20 40
n,i,l vearii daringlife he secures $1000 to be paid
when be diea Ihe insurer securing m. uu uuu
h. ihe diiTWence in amount of piemium from those
charged by other offices. For 49 50 the heira would
receive $5000 aboukl ne aie in one year.
PETER CL'LLEN. President.
F. W. RAWLE. Sec'y and T.eas.
For further paiticulara apply to
Agent fur Union and adjoining counties,
Consulting Physician Wm. Havxs, M. D.
Lewiaburg, Union Co. Pa. July 31, 1849
THE subscribers, thankful for past patro
nage.would inform the public that they
continue to manufacture all kinds of
Threshing Machines.
One and Two Horse
We invite particular attention to a new
article Viard'i Patrol GANG PLOCCHS, lor
.Hiling ill Grain. Farmers by this plough
can seed in as much grain, in one day, a.
in three days with common ploughs.
eatftfnfts anO Cunt ins,
and Fitting the same. HOLLOW W ARK.
Kettles and Pots of various sizes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles to
suit cooking stoves.
the most approved patterns now in use, for
wood or coal.
Fancy,Parlor,Vood,Coal Stoves
Race's Scir-r-egulaiine; Air-tight
Parlor Wood Stoves, (a new article.)
Threshing Machines and other articlea
of machinery repaired in the best mannei
and on the shortest notice. Castings war
ranted to be of the best material, aud at
prices that can not fail to please.
Lewisburg, March 25, 1848 1)209
Pianos! Pianos.
r I IHE undersigned continue, to furnish lo order
I on the most reasonable terms. Pianos, from
the manufactory of Conrad Meyer, PhilaJ.,whoee
instruments are loo well known to need an; pan
eevric. bavins: anifurmlv received th. rommr.d-
atione of the most eminent professors and compo.
sera of Music, and the award of Ihe premiuma in
New York, Philadelphia and Boston. For qualities
of lone, touch, and keeping in lone up to concert
pitco, iney can nol be surpassed by either Amer
ican or European Pianoa.
Instructions given on the Piano, as heretofore.
Reference may be made to auy of those parents
or guardians who bave pupils committed to his
charge. Ha may be aeen at his residence at Mrs
Maise's, Market street, Lewi.burg. where terma
anu particulars will be made known.
The most popular and favorite Aire and Muaie
of different kinda received as il ia isaued trom the
different musical establishments in the Cities.
The New Foundry
TS now carried on as usual, at the upper
L end of Market street, where every des
cription of CASTINGS ' KeP( 00
hand or made to order such as
The Complete, or
Complete Improved
Cooking Stoves,
for either Coal or
Wood and all
oiher kinds of
also PrOITrftllS of differ
ent kinds Cora Ploughs, Bull Ploughs,
anu me
Self-Sharpening Plough,
a new article, and which can not be bem
in Penns) Ivania. Call and see and iud -e
r .
mr yourselves,
Lewitburg. Sept. 22. 1849
fin a i
7OR sale by
FjCfr-jbupg, June, leiSr"
"An ounce of Prevention worih
a pound of Cure," in
that awful disease,
DR. FITCH'S Lectures on the Preven
tion and Cure of Consumption.
This popular work foraale in Lev. Ulurg
by S. F. Ljndal! J. Uougnton aca at
this office. Price. 75 cents. -
Tttic-K Or SH ACK.
Lev EvaaxsusT Base ims i;abu.v.
Snaps' i Ma lor sals m ihs 4iSrraM "
i.r was ; but sr kwwsrty a wuvtor i ra.lnt.. rv
BtaTsnd th l.ks-jel hr ths nils 1 Doctor for ih.
jrpo--fw..ln,erllllilialb. ls-u. I' ") " L.
vnars! ' rwv wir. .- r-
LT in hiv life! S..cb riliJ. cid m-ryr.n-.im,
looks ba.1 u the eharaeierand veracitySJf Uts man. I ri
mist uncnely, he had r nwlr those atalenw-nw ! Im
Klforolme- When taim be aicwllnj U
ful in all their oVslinss and imereoorna with Uwir Ivl.vrt
mra I Ms applied to one Huel Cis 10 assist h.-in m m
ouciurine. hw Diiiiues, siaiirer ihs burs sums hs t
make, as an mMtrnml to embark u ilw bnsm. T" .
men h bn i.:-ilu..s ard libetio-t '
forms, in order lo imprest the pabue srnh ths btlwf u. d
the Old Voant'r Anaarilta wc fu ths eeosiaf. a
tiarviparilln. male (rum ths IjU Hoclf, Ortgmal i.. -
f J . i. I .ill .. kim S:rU if ka Will C
dM.oiissin9lessUtarvpr.wlol tb. Il.sstawm.in.-rf
ISMelMMMW, PimpiJ l' - "r r .
Ihe trulh fown Mi resardtn his fmriog, srmssj.nf -.
smuhI. Thi. n 10 cauikn thtpuulie lo purchase t jns
OW Ih-. JAI OBTowu-r.P.Srspsnlla.ba.lil-o r s.
Old Doctor's likefifs. his o' CuoJ Arm, si
Old Dr. Jacob Townsen;!,
Genuine Townsend Saraaparuia.
ftl.l Ikr Tuwnsrwi is D"r atKMit TO years ol ser. siul
SJAKSAPAlllLLA." tHisr pw. he was compel Hi V
Iit nsmsuuliure. hy .hid. ha. Uee ksKui
of market. wl the nk c.rrum-cnbe.1 lo tbr m ; wl
hadprorell it. worth, and know, us value- hl real
ll ears of nn, aevrnbeless. as ih.-. persons wbo h)
Ueen healed l " diseases, and saved Iran ds-, pt
sl.uu.cd u wooItiuI
msnutecturetl oo the larRe srale.ii is tailed a il.r
ul ths leojih awl brtwlth of the lawl. especially a. i;
found incapable ol defeneration or cVierwirailo..
Unlike youns 8. P. Townsnsl's, St unpeoves with
snd never chanies hot fcir the belter : becauM rp t J
on tdenliie primiflrt by s TientiHt sums. The nw.cs
knowledge ol CheinlMrv. an.1 lav latest diacorr nea o. ,m
an. have all been broue'hl iwo requw.ion ia Iks rruuun
tur-ol ihe Old lir's Sarrilla- Ths S.-irapanl,.i rr
It is well knuwn lo Diedml men. eoniains aiaoy merucmai
nruuenun. and me ,ieniea which are men or iu:m.
and Olberi, wliich if retained in preparing H hw urn. pr
due fiTmaaaliun and arid, wliich w injurious io Oie r
tem. Sime ol the imipcrues ol Saraani:a si. so ... .
Uial they eimrelv eiapuf-le ami are lol a tne prepara-le.
Il thev are not pwrveil by a tcifMTjie front, kjMn m
ly lo' llwvi si.erieuil 1.1 its uauuSteiura. Streuvat,
thm roWiVe priariplet. which n off in vapor, or aa an e
halalkw, uikIbi heat, sre tlie very rtttnliai swuW Jf.
trtirm ol llie ro.H. wlitcb stve to it all Its value
Anv person can b..ll or siew the rmt Ull U.y et a Jar
colored hunid, which m. more funn llie colorif.- nianer ia
the r-H Uiau irotn aiiviiiina el; ibev can the. stram this
minid or vapid H.U.1. sweelen wnh sour.melaw. n t
then call it - SAHSAIARII.I.A EXTRACTS Si KLi'.
nut .i.th w n the artH-le knrwn as the
Thi. h m prepaml that .11 ths i:irt prnpsnis. of tU
larvaarll!a root are rt removeJ. eei7ihnf capab'e ai
brcuinuut acid or leriueiilalitai is cxtracled and rej-ct-1 .
then evrv panels ol aieilical virtue is secarej i. s purs
and CJiureutraled ionn : and thuv it is rendered uieapnlk
of logins anv ol Its .a'cahle and heal ins properties- ---Dared
Ul Una wa. It l uia.le ihe moat pnwertul airen- u Ul.
Cm re mt inatwaaermMe Olssasn.
lUr.te tla reaK. wUy we Ileal cuinrnelatlui on jtwj
si.le in us lavor by men. wunieu, aud ctnkken- i and a
dotns wiwlers in "the cure of , .t.-
VUXxI'MPri'tX, DYSPEPSIA, .n-t i5"-
l MPl.AIVr,,d in RHKLATlS.V.SCi!Of
and all aihrlinro' arits; fn.m
It umsHl uuirrellouv eifirac in atl comHair: ara
sin: imin hxlitrrtlion. Irom .4cWly- ia StmmKk. Irom
tuieuuul circulaii.Hi. detenu I nauob ot blood to tits lisajy
paluiutnHi ol the hritrt. cold leet au-l oanuW. cold chills ami
hot Holies over tlie lioJy. h hav not lie equal in CoMa aa4
CbjarA ; and prmn.ui csv expectoration and semis pea.
1.1 ration, relauioj sutaurea. ol the lMO(a, UuuM ami srstj
other narL ... .
But in noiliiny ia its excellence more manifestly sssa am
ackJWWlsuVi-il titan lu atl klials and stajej of
li work wnlfri in twt ot Fiw Aibutj or Ui7
FbiitntT f' tke omr (MmtrmcteiL SuLfjrML o raitd
jW'stse. 'h-rrf hilarity of ih mrratnul prn-xi. ntt th it.;
UK w ctWtiui in cunii ftll 'Ue tvrm of Kulmjf Dima.
Bv ivmoviii uUiriKihMtfs. and ir-julauuf ihe ttieru
nstcin. u cirex lone wmI sTrUcutsa u list wbjl UJ, m-
Ihua curt all lurna of
ml thin ureTcois or re(Me erett anely of hw nwl
aiJie, ai Sjiinni irritation, Seurmlfim, St. Viluf iXi4.
SuwrninsT Epdtptic Fif. CunvulBtxm, ate
Ii creauae tlie blorsi. eaciies the h-ec ia ItMlin etniua,
tooesi ihe stimiach, ami rlivee duuo. wlw U
bftwela of inruor and cnusirpatKa. allava mlUinmaiim. pts
nfies Ihe wkin, eiittsalirea tW rtixiiUiioa 4 itM bsuwda j-.v.
Jvcitif geaii waxiuih equitlly all ovec the Uw, sTloJ
itiMmilite perTlraiitta; ivkuea wtntnuraa and tktiiet.. ta,
movenail obeiruriinm. ami iai3uraioi the enure jmrrw-
trra. nM thi then -The
McdlclM jrem HPe-aMl await It w1
But can anv ol tivre ihinte be aar1 of S. P. Townswul't
mlei Hr ertirU t Thi vntmur nun lintihl t aot to be
teraw of ont .fUM FACT. ihVihe on M LNCaPA,
BLE ol lTERHIt.TlU. aii.1
while th othrr POKS- mmrime. frnment inf. . and tV.Wiiaf
the hot Ilea rnniainm it who iiwawiia : the eour. aci
liquivl 4xprnriiiT. isrMl ma;ritf sMkrr okm ! Mu'tKTr. t
anrnhlr rmwatiivi hts fwHMt-tM tm ihss niatant I ITfoif '
pmt aeiti into a mystrm mlrrrwiy Jimmr4 mirk mrid T Whu
uuflra IH wpna bm ti ? 'IN wvaot ail know that ba
foti arHirs in our wimmrbw, wrtai mirhif it prn.tutM
ifatulencr. hetrtbiint. pal nation of the bart. liTf cnv
plaitit. dtarrfiiiea. yisiiirnr. fi m. ami iruia of the
nlnsMl I What m Srnsiula bn an arid huntor ip the bol I
WhaJ proiliiret all tl) htiitMn whMh brirr on fa'ptionsjol
Ihe Skin. SralJ llrd. Still Rliim, KrTPi prism. Wtuiat
Swelltiism Fcvrr Stims. and all miemrmtianm iMrroal ami i
ternal I It is mwh.ua nndrr heaven but an arnt nibaival
whirh oun. and thtm I all the flut-l h ih hmhr. mora
or hn. What rauf nivt,mant but a ftafar ami aril
fluid which ii'utuui tn!f lafisrrrn Ibe ittitit and -whrrr.
irnutiiisT and nf.arr.iii; thr dv Urate timtra upoo.
whteh it arts I So of nervous dispell, of impnm si the
bisxKL, of ttrraneil riiYMiKMa, aud avarly all toe aittusata
which artlict human iiat ure.
Nw is it nt horrtbw to make aitd aell, and mfwtfstf
and vet be wW fain hav it NiVarrrUaud that Old Dr. Ja
job T'wiiftfnr Hentinn Ctifiiftt Stty-sMparttUUx, t ao 13a
IT ATM N of ht iiiN-riur f n raratia f
llrarm tiirhut that w shouhl al in an artirlo wliirtl
would brar ihr nuwt dMUssa iwambsatic lo & P. Towa-
terxr tsrtirte!
w wi-h it itofrrrfol. bcaofa it ts tha mfujofutt truth.
that S. P. Tt.wiiHrusr. tnvlf and oM In. JarsbTowownal'e
Sarsapanlla tre heurm trietr mftart, mnd tntnitrlff ii
iiar; iltat thry are unlike in every psarirrrular, havia not
one rniif'lre thine: in oirmn.
As S. p. Towiuwml in no dnrtor. sm Mm was. bt oa
alwmist, no rturrreariti tt knows no mora of nwdicine or
dieeaae than ajiy mbr enmnvnv airtar ini inc. mTtitrrrtoeirrtxttMs
aian. wnat rwtrnnie can tne pumic nre utat titry ara
ceiviuR a fntnrtrrtntitir mali-Har. rataiiiirie ail thevir
lues of the artirles wrr in preftartftT it. and wairh are "v
rat.la of rh.nsr which ntt-lu mider tlicin the AiaKT4
of iHaease nwea.l of h-tlf It ?
But what else thouhl b expected frm mint who
nothing comrsarativcly of mrlsriti? or disra I It mieirei
peraun m mmim exitniTrre 10 cnuk and arrve wee
common dsKmc ntcii. Ilw snurh mis Hnnonapt is ft
thai the afp'onw who manMtartnaTrsajwaMV'ivae thaigwrn" "
ehonld know wall tba nranWal pnirpanira of- ntents. te hrsa t
msnner of err urine; and eonsWltntinc lheir IsMlwtii .
Iso an estcrsrMve ktowieitte uf the varMdiea-"-ICB
rr the bitmaa flymrm, mi horn a4at Mnwdiea V
k ia to anvst franila uuoa tht imiWtutuia. to DonrbsJu
into wouodod hnmaiiitv. to kindle hof-e in lha drv"n
rkfarsim IA Mam ttMlik rawaVl KWk.aa.ai aia I WlaVlaT tatS the
cruhs?l and broken, and to baniih iftflrrmtie that OI D IeV
JAfOBTOWNSKND has SfMtillTat lXH'Xlatf
fKHi unity and means to bnif his
Or dl UNlreraa.1 Ciacwtrtdl ataaelr
within the reach, and u tho kiMw.dr of all wiw nm
that thev mav team and know, bv joiMl axpstneaca, iw)
Tra. nxsace aaalnsi Fwwr ws HsAs
Acr.iT9 for ihe above Medicine C v
Schaine-, Lwisburjf; John II EaMrv Mil
ton ; Fofhth &. Priesl.y,, Northun.li'lar.
NE Uugey anJ Sett of I la roc
One Two Hor. Wagon,
One Truck tVaarm, .
Per sate t-f ' II P Sio.!ef