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JL Calculating Bridegroom.
uTve known some very mean men in
toy time. There was Deacon Overreach;
now, he was so mean, he always carried a
hen in his gig-bos when he traveled, to
pick up the oats his horse wasted in tlie
manger, and lay an rgg for his breakfast
in the mifjrlrg. And then there was Hu
go Ilimmclmun, who made his wife dig
potatoes to pay tor the m trriage license. I
must tell you that story of Hugo, lor ii'n
not a bad one ; and good stoiic?, like poia
toei.aiu'l as plenty as they used to be w hen
1 was a boy. Hugo is a neighbor of mine,
although considerably older than 1 be,
and a mean neighbor lie is, too. Will,
fthfec he was going to get married to Oret
chen Kolp, he goes down to Parson Rog
ers, at Digby, to get a license. Parson,
Say he, what's the price of a license ?'
'Sit dollars,' says he. 'Six dollars !' says
Hugo ; 'that's a dreadful sight of money !
Couldn't you take no less Y -That's what
!hey cost me to the Stcretarv's office at
Halifax.' 'Well, how much do you ax for
publishing in church, then V 'Nothing,'
6ays parson. 'Well,' says Hugo, 'that's
to cheap I can't expect you to give no
change back. I think I'll be puMished.
How long dues it taKe V 'Three Sundays.'
Three Sundays!' says Hugo, 'Well, thai'
a hong time, too. But three Sundays only
are a fortnight after all ; two for the covers
and one for the inside like ; and six dollars
is a great sum of money for a poor man to
throw away. I must wait.' Sn otT he
went a jogging towards home, and a-Iook-ing
about as mean as a new-sheared sheep,
when all at once a bright thought came
fato his head, and back he went, ns hard
as his horse could carry him. 'Parson,'
says hcIVe changed my mind. Here's the
six dollars. I'll tie the knot to ni-jht with
my tongue that I can't undo with my teeth
ffhy, what in natut' is the meaning of all
... ,, ,, ,
this ! says parson. 'Why,' says Hugo.
I ve been figuring it out in my head, and
it's cheaper than publishing bans, after all
You see, it'jpotato dijrging lirnr; if I
Wait to be called in church, her father will
nave ber work for nothing ; arid a-; bunds
are scarce and wages high, if I marry her
to-night, she can begin to dig our own to
morrow, and that will psy for the lie. n
and just seven shillings over; for there
ain't a man in all Clements that can dig
a fid carry as many bushels in a day as
Gretchen can. And beside?, fresh wivrs
like fresh servants work like smoke at first,
but they get saucy and laey after a whi'e.' "
Life in a Colony.
"Mysterious knot-kings" are all the rage
now, front the land of "wooden nutmeg"
(o the "corn cracking" state. Most ol ihe
Tappings are without sense or meaning, hut
Ae Piughkeepsie Eigle chronicles an in
teresting exception. The editor was dis
turbed in his sanctum, while overhauling
his accounts, by the knockings of a delin
quent subscriber whoso name he was about
to place on the blacS list, but who wus now
thundering at the door, w ith the cash in
As a respectably dressed man was walk
ing down Broadway recently, wh-re the
Hew stores are being erected, through the
carelessness of one of the hod carriers who
was mounting a ladder, a quantity of mor
tar fell upon- his coat and hat, some hat
marring their beauty. Horn the inveterate,
who sa w the accident, assures us he never
saw a man so completely mortar -fkti in
his life. K. Y. Pathfinder.
Children and fools, -(says an old adag,)
always tell the truth. Mother rt
me,w said a little girl to her neighbor, " to
ask you to come and take tea with h-r
this evening." "Did she say at '?
time, my dear V Mo, ma'am, she only
said she would ask you, and then the
thing would be off her mind: and that
was all she said '."
An old Jew, being in an out of the way
alehoase, treated himself to some ham and
Cggs ; but just as he was about to raise the
forbidden morsel to his mouth, a clap of
thunder startld) him. He dropped the
fork, saying,
" Meio Golt ! all dish fuss chust pecause
old Moshes is eating a little pit of paeon V
An orator in en Indiana debating society
exclaimed, "Mr.Presidcnt ! I'd rutl.tr hear
the clatter of hammers and stones on
twenty tin pans and nine brass kettlcs.than
the din din din of the eculdiug wife.
Yes, sir-rec, Mr. President, a smoking
'cliimney is no more to be compared to
a scolding wife, thin a little nigger to a
dark night."
The Missouri Expositor says ihnt Mr.
Benton liies Rfi encounter of hand to
bsnuV We think, that in his late atTYir
with tbe Mississippi Senator, he manifested
a decided inclination for an encounter of
foole to Foott. Louisville J"urnal.
The engine that blew p and killed so
many passenger, llie other day, has just
been indicted the Coroner's Jury having
decided that no blame wa attached to the
There is a rwin in I jvcrMreet,whohas
got such a cold iri Ms bead, that all -the
milk lie drinks turns into iee-crfaifis.
Why is a man who uses false weights,
like a soldier in ambush Ans. Ct cause
he Ha in wight Ctftril'J
The Summer Session of the
WILL commence on Mosdav the 29th of
April. Instruction will be given, as for
merly, in all branches necessary to ihorungh
Academic course. Our endeavor shall not be
um!y to communicate knowledge, but to excite
the youthful mind to act for itself. When this
is fully attained, the progreas of the strident
becomes at once certain and rapid. The kind of
learning; which most of our youths in this country
ueed, is that solid literature, which, while it
matures their minds, prepares them also for tl.e
practical duties of lite.
Composition and Declamation will receive their
full share of attention particularly tbe former.
The Primary Department shall have our special
care. From llie disposition manifested to sustain
the Institution, the subscriber fee's stimulated to
renewed exertions.
The Session will consist of two Ttrtnt of 11
weeks each a abort vacation intervening. Tui
tion $U for the common branches, $ 8 for the
higher nglih, aud $10 for Language, per
Se.inn per Term, oue half.
March 27, 1850. Principal.
Tamiingand Currying
17011 past favors, the subscriber returns
; his grateful thinks, and hereby makes
known tliut he carries on the business of
Tannin? and Curryinp,
nt the O'd Stand. Determined not to be
nut lone in the manufacture or finish of his
woik, he is hound to have the best work
men and ma:criii's, and to treat those who
have So liberally patronized as wrll as
those nlo u ho shall be pleased to patronize
him) with (hit attention which he hopi-s to
insure him a full shnrc of public patronage.
ll kinds nf Produce taken in exchange.
Hides and fi irk not rcfusrd, for which the
highest market price will be paid in cash
or in exchange for leather.
March 25, A.D. 1850
Scar IlarMcton, I'nion Co., I'M.
Ii ! rpHE subscriber, thankful for the liberal
! J. patronage bestowed on his old cslnb-
', br-ga U -ave to inform his friends
and the public in general, that he has no
hjs Mjcmne.y int0 his Nt.w Millf
(,. milr above ll,irtleion,near the Turn-
pike.) which has been built and titled up on
the most improved plan, and will have oh
by the middle of April an entire new sett of
in addition to his already good sett, which
will make it the largest and best fitted-iip
establishment within 100 miles of it; ami
with the advantage of one of the best w.rer
powers, he feels safe in saying that his
enli!ii-hn.ent is not and shall not be sur
passed by any in this part of the country,
lie has engaged a pod sett of workmen,
and is now prepared for manufacturing
Broad and Narrow CLOTHS,
Cassimeres, Tweeds, Satinets,
JeaGS, Flannels, Blankets, &c.
in i he best manner, on li e shortest notice,
at reduced prices. iC7F.t the uccommo
dntion of customers, Wool may be Is-ft at
the ful lowing
Depositories :
New IJe.Iin: E Wilson's flore
Selinsgrove : Davis & Schnure do
do Jwlui Hartman Jr do
Free!urj: O 4 F C Mover do
Mulilleburg : Swengli'&Massinger dt
Adatn!urg: Henry A Smith do
I'ennsYaUej : Narrows : MrsMoatzdo
Mifiliut'iire : Henry Gast do
East Buffalo : Samuel Relier'a Tavern
UuffatoX Roads: J M'CVighl's Store
Lenistiure : J Haves & Co do
do Itrlier & Iddinga do
Vest Milton : John Dalesman do
Milton: Mte!ler A Swenk do
do Sweeney & Haig do
Liberty P O: Vm Dale's House
Limestone : Weiilenbamer's Store
Pottsgrove : James Reed do
A good assortment of Cloths, Satinrtts,
Casinicres.Tvrcds, Jeans, Flannels.Iiliin
keis. Stockini! Yarn, fcc. always For Sale
or Exchange fur Woul or corny ry Produce
at the New Factory.
CA R D1XG and FULLING as usual.
Winfield Mills. March 1, 1850
X J only in California, but alto in LetvUlurg!
A good assortment of
Wat flics, S1I verwnre and Jewelry
of fine quality and at City pi ices.
Hatfield Sr. Thompson
Respectfully inform the citizens of I.ewisburg an.!
vicinity, 'hl thev have entered into I'artneiship
at Ihe OLD STAND on Market St., opposite J
Hayes & Co's Store, prepared to execute every ,
kind of work in their line, in the best manner.
They carefully selected of the best English arid
French materials, Hainsprings,l.ylinilers,ticape
wheels, and a variety of Watch Jewels, and flitter
themselves that their knowledge and skill in ttie
business will enable them lo give satisfaction to
all who mav favor them with patronage.
FINE WATCHES, such as Duplex, Es
capement. Lepines, Anchars, Detached,
Patent levers. Repeaters, and Musical Watches,
&c neatly it paired and warranted
Also fur sale, a variety of Gold and Silver
Watches, Patent Levers, Anchars, Detached. Le.
pine, tjuartiers, an! Euglih Watches, Oold
Chains, Breat-p'ns, Finger and Ear ringi. Gold
and Silver Bull Midi's, Bracelets, Gold and Silver
Pencil and Pens, do Spectacles,
iSil' - - Simon, Sugar longs.Combs,
&c cVc in fhor., a little of everything, and
anything else, not mentioning kniek-knack.
alwavs on himl or g it to order
A variety of Brass Clocks for $3 and upwards
at wtinleeal and retail
Persona desiring to get things right, would do
well by giving the suhaciibere call
Experience trl'a u that Ihe Credit System can
not affrrd a living. Therefore, in order lo "puh
along and keep moving," the Cash 8ystem must
necessarily be enforced. Feb 29. 1SS9
R V.C V i PT ,N h
JiljJill 1 W.tSIHNtt MlXTCRR.
40Z Spts Ammonia. It ox 8pts Torpenlir-e, 4
ox rtpta Camphor; mix in bottle. Take 6
to 8 tiblesjtoofifula above mixture: Ij pints soft
soap to aa ordinary tub of hot water ; mix thor
oughly together, then put the clothes in Ihe tub,
and let them remain fifteen minute before wash
ing Ihem out ; then rinse them thrVitrgb two or
ihree waters, hang op and dry. This Washing
Mixture for sale by X W. 6CHAFFLE.
WORMS worms ! Various theorie
have been started rlative to the origin
of intestinal worms, and yet the question i
a vexed one among medical authorities. Oi
one fact, however, all are informed, and in
which all agree the fatal nature of the
influence they exert on children. As this
season of llie year is one at which attacks
of worms are most frequent as well as most
dangerous,we take great pleasure in direct
ing the attention of parents to Dr.M'Lane'e
Vermifuge. It is one of the most extraor
dinary medicines ever introduced, and ha
never failed of success when tried.
AoKLPur, Eof Co, Ohio, Feb IS, 1818
Messrs J Kidd & Co : We wish to inform you
that we have sold all your Worm Specific left
with us. We wish you to send us some ni ne a'
soon as possilile, as it has given general satisfac
tion here. Wo have many calls for it since we
are out of the a tide. It has succeeded all other
preparations in this county, and for this reason
we wish to keep a supply on hand.
The above is one ol hundreds of similar
communications which the proprietors of
this medicine are daily receiving. Where it
has been introduced, it has become the most
popular remedy in use.
AGENTS t; W Sritrrtr, LewUlmrg; H
J Sbafer and J II Kaser, Milton ; I (In hart, 8e
linf grove; J W Frilius. Sunburv ; Mrs M 'Cay,
Northumberland , M C Crier, J Moore, Danville
The subscriber olRis fur sale a large
Assortment of choice Fruit Tri es such us
Apple trees, 7 to 10 feet hih, 40 varieties,
'til warranted genuine Peach trees, 20
varieties; Tartarian Cherry Nectarine,
Prui;e and Pear trees, together with some
6 or 8 varieties of Urape Vines of the best
native and exotic varieties, urnamen'ai
Trees, such as the Paulonia, Linden, etc.
I he above tres can be seen by the 1st of
April, on the premises of the subscriber,
one square aaovc vnrisi at rauuim
N. 15. Persons wishing lo procure a
quantity ol the Fruit trees.are requested to
make immediate application lo the subscri
ber, iu order to procure the varieties and
size wanted. II- R NOLL.
Lewibtirg, March 4, 1850.
QUKSCRIBERS to the "University at
O Lewisburg" are respectfully requested
to pay their Second Instalment, now due,
to the Treasurer. And those who have not
paid the 1st Inst 11 are respectfully notified
that all such delin.picn's will be charged
Interest cn their Instalments from the time
they become due.
(tAM'l, T. WALKER, TasAS.
Lewisburg, Feb. 25. 1650.
Lewislurs, Union County, Penna.
Practices in l.'nion and adjoining counties also
attends the courts of Terry county.
FFICE on Second Sr., lately occupied I
by L. It. Christ, L-q.
BranJreih's Tills are sold at 25
ets per bo (nith full direction)
BY J. MAYES & CO., Lewtsburp, and
by omi one Agent in every town in
the Union. E.ieh Agent has a Certificate
ol Agency, r.xamine the box o pills always
and compare it with the fac-simi'e labels on the
Ceriiti-. te of Aaencv. As there is a counter fi-it
of the uw label out, this j. of much importance,
mvr i is a uwmtru uimiiina i
nee of the true laliels and those of tbe
Muni; fell. 1 he counterlell is uone on stone ;
he if lutne are done on tetl. Tbe appearance
ofttr printing on the counterfeit is rairgej and
. i , i .t I
blurt; ; tno genuine ii is ie y pm ui
neatness, both in printing, paper, and general
Be very enrcful and goto the Agent,wben you
want Biamlreth's Pills : then you arc sure of tbe
genuine article. When y.u purchase otherwise,
inuuira of ihe seller whether he knows tho pills
he offers you are ihe genuine Brandrelh'st Ev
ery man knows whether the article he offers is
true or false. Beware of cheats !
rpilE subscribers offer the public, at (heir
1 new Brick Foundry, the following new
and valuable Stoves :
Ir m Witch Air-Tight Cooking Stoves, with
a Briik Oven.
Lidy Washinc'on Parlor Stove.
Cast Iron Air- S ight Parlor Stove, for Wood
2 sizes.
Coal Burner for Parlors t size, IS inch cyl
inder. Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor Stove 2
Shield Air-Tight Parlor Stove for Wood 3
Egg Stove the very best in use for Stores,
Offices, Barrooms, and Shops.
The celebrated (icnesee Air-Tight Cook Stove.
The Complete Cook 3 sizes.
Also, all kinds of Wood and Coal Stoves
Ploughs Castings. cVc. AVe.
Lewisburg, Dec. 12, 1849.
I FRESH supply received at the Lewis
1. burg Cheap Bookstore :
Fisku's Manual of Classical Literature
D.tvies' Analytical Geometry
H'air'a Rhetoric, (University edition)
Comstock's Mineralogy
The Complete Farmer, I vol.621 cts
The New American Gardener, 1 ol,$l
The Book that will Suit You, bra Word
for Everybody
i can furnish the above works, with a
great variety of other, at very low prices.
M.y 30 8 F LYNDA LI.'
Window- SASH
A lot of 8x10 Window Sash, from the
cheap Manufactory of Sprout & Burrows,
on hand, and all sizes got to order on
short notice.
May, 1849 - I G Lawshe
NOTES Promissory, Judgment, and
Joint Notes (blanks) at this office.
SALT and FISH on hand by
Ap2l- Reber & Mdings.
Dr. Sway ne"s Celebrated Family Medicines.
More Proofs of the Efficacy of
coarocsD Starr or
Wild Cherry,
The Original and Genuine Preparation !
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Liver Com
plaint, spitting U!ood,diliicully of Breathing,
pain in the Side and Breast, palpitation
of the Heart, Inrluenza,Croup,bro
ken Conktitulion,aore Throat,
Nervous Dcbility.and all
diseases of Throat,
Breast, and
the most effec
tual and speedy care
known for any of the
above disease is
Dr. Swayne's compound Syrup
of wua uticrry.
Reliable Testimony,
John Milton Earle, editor of the Worcester
Spy, Mass., waa attacked with a severe inflama
tion cf the lungs, accompanied with a distressing
cough : after using various other remedies with
little or no benefit, by tbe use of one bottle ot Dr
Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, he
was restored lo perfect health.
Wm. Montelias, a respectable merchant of St
Clair, Schuylkill county, wntea, Jan e, 184:
"Enclosed I send you a certificate of Wm. Beau
mont, citizen of our town. His case of Cons
umption is well known here.and of long standing;
he attributes his cure entirely to your Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry."
Be not deceived by the many spurious and
worthless preparations of Wild Cherry, ushered
into notice by ignorant pretenders, but see that
the signature of Dr. Swayoe is upon each bottle,
which ia the only guarantee against imposition.
Remember ! the genuine preparation of Wild
Cherry is prepared only by Dr Swinit, N W
corner of Eighth and Race streets, Philad'a
Swayne's celebrated Vermifuge,
'A Safe and Effectual Remedy for Worm. Dys
pepsia, Cholera Morbus, sickly or dyspeptic
Children or Adults.and the most useful Family
Medicine evet offered to the public."
This remedv is one that baa proved successlui
for a long time, and is universally acknowledged
bv all who have tried it to be fur superior (being
so very pleasant to the taste, at the same time
efiectual) to any other medicine ever employed in
diseases for which it i recommended. It not
onlv deotrovs worms, but it invigorates the hole
system. It is Harmless in lis euecis.anu w umm
of the patient ia always improved by its use, even
arlmn tin sa'AtUlB ST6 discovered.
(Jj" Beware of Miifakts. Remember Dr S's
Vermifuge is now put up in Kuare bottles (hav
ing recently been changed) covered oy a oeaumui
wrapper, steel engraving, with ihe portrait of Dr
Swayne thereon engraved. Bear Ibis in mind,
and be not deceived.
The virtues of these pills can be appreciated
only by those who have used them. They are
adapted to assist nstnre in carrying off morbid
matter, obstructions, impurity of Ihe blood, etc.
They are a gentle and effective purgative, correel
all the functions of ihe liver, and as an alterative
in dropsical affections ihey are very valuable and
should be in every family. They have en outside
coaling of pure White Sugar.whereby everything
disagreeable to taste or smell is entirely removed
without in tbe least afifucling the excellent quali
ties of tho medicine. Remember ! Ihey are now
P up m r.oies turnro. out .
swavne: none other is genuine.
The above valuable Medicines are pre
pared only by Dr. SWAYNE, N W corner ot
Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia.
Agents for Union County, Pa.
C W Schaffle, and Thornton & Bak'er.Lewisburg
J Seebold and v ,i.,rt;JU Mench, Mil.ersi.urg
Ed Wilson. j
MosSpccht, Bcavertown
D J Uoyer, Centerville
D.4 Schnure,Selirissr've
L.i Tavlor.MiIllinburg
Wilt & Eilert, Hartleton
Saint Haunt da
Tounginan cc
u'smiMosser's Valley
Dry Valley
ReubKel'er.Navy Island
B.dr. Summers.Freeburg
and by Storekeepers generally Iy290
P U Jl E F 11 E S II COD
JLivei (0it.
TJtHIS new and valuable Medicine, now
J used by the medical profession with
such astonishing efficacy in the cure of
Vulmunmy Consumption. Scrofula. Ctmnie
Rheumatism, Gout, general Dtbi'.'i'j,
Complaints if the Kidneys,
&e. Sec, is prepared from the liver of the
COD-FISH for medicinal use, expressly
for our sales.
Extract from tbe London Medical Journal.
C.J. B.WiiiiAtss, M. D.. F.RS Professor of
Medicine in University College, London, consul
ting physii ian to the Hospital for Consumption,
&c , ajs ; ' I have prescribed the Oil in above
four hundred cases of tebriculou disease of the
Lungs, in different atages,which have been under
my care the last two year and a half. In the
Urge number of cases, 306 out of 334, its use was
followed by marked, unequivocal improvement,
varying in degree in different cases, from a tem
porary retardation of tbe progress of the disease
snd a mitigation of distressing symptoms, op lo
a more or less coinpleto restoration to apparent
" The effect of the Cod Liver Oil in most of
these cases was very remarkable. Even in a few
days the cough was mitigated, tbe expec oration
diminished in quantity and opacity, the night
sweats ceased, the pulse became alower, and of
better volume, and the appetite, flesh and atiength
were gradually improved.
In conclusion I repeat that ttie pure fresh Oil
from Ihe Liver of the Cod is more beneficial in
the treatment of Pulmonary Consumption than
any sgent, medicinel, dietetic or regimcnul, that
has yet been employed." '
As we have made arrangements to pro1
cure the Cod Liver Oil fresh from head
qrjarlers, it can" now be had chemically
pure, by ihe single bottle or in boxes of
one dzen each.
Its wonderful ctrlcacy has induced num
erous spurious imitations. As its success
depends entirely on its purity, too much
care can not be used in procuring it or.xr
ikb. Every bottle having on it our written
signature, may be depended on as genuine.
Pamphlets containing an analysis of the
Oil, with notices of it from the Medical
Journals, will be sent to those who address
us free of postage.
Wholesale Druggists and Chemists,
tySSR 100 North Third St. Philadelphia
DR. J. N. KEELER & BKO. most res
peclfully solicit attention to their fresh
stock of English, French, German, and
American Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Che
micals. Oils, Dyestuffs, Glassware, Perfu
mery, Patent Medicines, Varnishes, Ate
Hiving opened a new alore. No 894, Market si,
with a full supply of fresh Drugs and Medicines,
we respectfully solicit eonntry dealers to exam
ine our stock before purchasing elsewhere, prom
ising one and all who may feel disposed to ex
tend to os their patronage, to sell Ihem genuine
Drugs and Medicines, on as liberal terms aa any
other house in Ihe City , and to faithfully ezecue
all orders entrusted to us promptly and with de-
Pa,ch- ... , t
One of the proprietors being a regular physi
cian, affords ample guarantee of the genuine
quality of all articles sold at their establishment.
We especially invite druggist and country
merchants, who may wish to become agents for
Dr. Keeler's Celebrated Family Medicine;
(atandard and popular remedies.) to forward their
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we respect
fully remain,
j.N. KEELER &BRO., Wholesale Druggists,
Iy284 No. 29. Market St., Philad.
k, imn. n
rpHANKFUL for liberal patronage heretofore
J received, respectfully inibrma his old friends
and the public generally that he has removed his
Tailor shop
to the Basement of his Brick dwelling on Market
ireel, next door above C. Penny'a saddlery (late
the office of 11 C HicsoK, Esq) where be hopes to.
suit all who may give him their custom, as
he does all work in his line in the best and
newest style and on short notice. He ha?
ihe Fashions regularly, employs none but
good hands, and is determined to keep ut
with the times and-merit a good share c
patronage. CUTTING done to order.
Charges reasonable, and Produce taken in
exchange for work
Lewisburg, June, 1849 ly270,7
Myers' Liquid Cure I
IS a positive and never-failing Remedy
for P L E St whether Internal, Ex
ternal, Blind or Bleeding Scrofula.White
Swellings, Ulcers, ulcerated Sore Throat,
Canker Sore Mouth, Rheumatism, Cutun
eous Diseases, Mercurial Affections, Jc.
ulso for Scalds, Burns, Cuts, Sprains, Brui
ses, &x. &:c.
We feel justified in proclaiming the Fact to
the World, that of all medicines ever bro't before
ihe public, none have ever been more beneficial
to afflicted humanity than Myers' l.iouid Cure.
We know this is stiying a great deal, but if we
were to write volume we could not say too much
in praise of this
HiLTU-aiToBisr.,i.irE-poLoxriio Burin v.
Hundreds, nay thousand bleeS the happy houi
when first they were made acquainted with its
Iranscendant virtues ; and our present purpose is
to inform oiher thousands, how and here thoy
may obtain that relief which ihey perhap have
lung sought for in vain.
The supeiior excellence of ibis priparatiou
over all other medicines, for the speedy and per
manent cure of PILES, is well known to all who
have tested it. It has been provid in thousands
of instancts, and has seteh rui-EU to cure the
most obstinate c(tses, and we ere confident it will
never fail if ud a proper length of lime accord
ing to directions. Asa proof of our entire confi
dence in iU ciliracy, we assure all purchaser that
if, af.er a proper "trial, it prove ineffectual, the
Money paid for it will be returned.
The Liquid Cure is an effectual remedy for
Uingworms. Biles, Pimples, Barbers' Itch, Frosted
Limbs, Chilblains Salt Rheum. Mosquito Biles,
stings of poisonous Insects and Cutaneousdisease
of every description.
It is both sif arid effectual for Kstt-hitish.
giving immediate and permanent relief.
Its effects as a real Pain Kilter, are magical.
should provide themselves with this Invaluable
Preparation, the cheapness of which places it
within the reach of ail.
Full Directions accompany each Boitle
Pamphlets, containing copies of certificates
from ihose who have tested Ihe Liquid Cure, may
lie bad gratis of our authorized agenta
Myers' Liiuid Cure is prepared only by
JEROME & CO. 91 Spruce St. New York
Agent : C W Schaffle, LewUhurg J II Raser,
Milton lveow322
WOULD inform the public, that they
have opened a shop on Fourth street
lower story of S. W. WykofPs old stand,
opposite Hunter 1 ardoe s shop, where they
keep on hand or mane to oraer a
Fancy and Common Chairs,
Boston Rocking Chairs also I
Bureaus, Tables, Beds'eads,
f of various kinds, p
4 " Q Settees, tkc. &c
All work in our line warranted to be well
made, and on the most reasonable terms.
House and Sign PAINTING
attended to by the subscribers on the shor
test notice and in the best style.
Country Produce and Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, but rather
The subscribers intend to be strict in the
fulfilment of all their promises ns regards
work arid so doing, hope to receive a
liberal share ol public patronage.
Lewisburg. Nov. 1840
compound syrilp of Sarsaparilla.
TUST ree'd from the old Dr. a large and
,J fresh supply of his celebrated medicine
from the principal Depot in Hew York.
Persons wishing to procure Sarsaparilla
can have either tbe old or young ITr s, gen
uine and fresh, by calling on the A pent,
J,ewil.urg, June 26 C W SCHAFFLE
Dr. Rose's HerHcinfliV
The subscriber .having been appointed
sole agent fur ttr. Rose's Medicines, for
Union county, oners them to the public
with great confidence as to their rflkacy
and certa'infy of effecting cures in all cases
for which they are designed, A single test
ofil is required to establish the fact.
Sept 27 S S BARTON
Old Dr. Jacob Townsend's
send's Sarsaparilla for sale by
Dr. Thornton Sf Baker.'
Annuity and Trust Company.
Office, 74, IPalnut Street, Philadelphia.
CariTAi, $250,000 Charter Perpetual.
THE Company are now prepared to transact
business upon the most liberal and advanta
geous terms. They are authorized by ihcir charter
(see. 3) " to make all and every insurance apper
taining to life riska of whatever kind or nature, and
to receive and execute trusts, make endowments,
and to grant and purchase annuities." The Com
pany sell annuities and endowments, and act as
trustees for minor and heirs.
Table of Premiums required for the Assurance
of 100 tor me tenure term oj .rc,
J - J . . Ll
Age. Prem.
Age. Prem.
Age. Prem.
46 $3 36
16 $150
31 $2 09
17 1 53 aa io
1 53
2 15
3 49
18 IM 33 8 20 45 o us
19 1 59 34 8 27 49 3 77
20 1 60 35 33 50 3 94
21 1 63 38 2 40 51 4 13
52 1 66 37 2 47 52 4 32
23 1 69 38 2 54 53 4 51
24 1 72 39 2 6.3 64 4 71
25 1 76 40 2 70 55 4 91
26 1 85 41 2 81 85 5 12
27 1 89 42 2 92 57 5 33
28 1 94 43 3 01 58 5 51
29 1 99 44 3 12 59 5 73
30 2 04 45 3 23 60 6 03
The premium are les than any other company
and the policiea afford greater advantages. Mar
ried women and female children can insure the
lives of either a husband or parent free from the
claim ot creditors. Tables of half yearly and
quarterly premium, half credit ratea of premium,
hort term, joint lives, survivorhip, endow
menu and forms of application are to be had at
the Office or of the Agent.
Rates for insuring $100 on a single Life.
Age. Fori year. For 7 years. For Life.
50 jj,0 81 91 160
30 0 99 3 2
40 1 29 1 6i 2 70
50 1 86 3 07 3 94
59 3 48 3 "
F.v.mnle : A oersoo aged 30 years next birth
day by paying the Company 99 cts would secuis
to hi family or helra J 100 ahould he die in one
year, or for 9 90 he secures to ihem $1000, or for
13 00 annually lor seven years ut actum i iurm
1 1000 should he die inseven year, or for 20 40
Paid vearlv during life he secures $1000 to be paid
when be diesthe insurer securing his own bonus
by the difference in amount of piemium from those
charges by other office. For 49 50 the heirs would
receive $5000 should ne uie in one year.
PETER CULLEN, President.
F. W. RAWLE, Sec'y and T eas.
For further particular apply to
Agent for Union and adjoining counties.
Consulting Phyician W. Hans, M. D.
Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa. July 21, 1949
fPHE subscribers, thankful for past patro-
L nage.would inform the public lhat they
continue to manufacture all kinds of
Cast Water Wheels of "Ppr"
Threshing Machines.
One and Two Horse
We invite particular attention to a ne
article Ward's TattDt C1XC PLOrcflf, lor
seeding in Grain. Farmers by this plough
can seed in as much grain, in one day, as
in three days with common ploughs.
and Fining the same. HOLLOW WAKK
Kettles and Pots of various sizes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles to
suit cooking stoves.
the most approved patterns now in use, for
wood or coal
Fancy,Parlor,Vood,Qoal Stoves
Race' Sclf-rcgulalins Air-tight
Parlor ood Stoves, (a new article.)
Threshing Machines and other article:
of machinery repaired in the best manne
and on the shortest notice. Castings war
ranted to be of the best material, and at
prices that can not fail to please.
Lewisburg, March 23, 1848 1)209
1'innos! Pianos.
rTlHE undersigned contiftoes to furnish to order
I en Ihe most reasonable terms. Pianos, from
the manufactory of Conrad Meyer, Philad.,whose
instruments are' loo well known to need any pan
egyric, having uniformly received the commend
ations of the most eminent professors and compo
ser nt Music, and the award of the premium in
New York, Philadelphia and Boston. For qualities
of tone, touch, and keeping in tone up to concert
pnen, tney can not be surpassed by either Amer
ican or European Pianos.
Instruction given on Ihe Piano, as heretofore,
Reference may be made to any of those parents
or guardian who have pupil committed to his
charge. He may be wen at his residence at Mr
Maize s. Market street, Lewisburg, where terms
and particulars will be made know.
The most popular and favorite Airs snd Music
of different kinds received it i issued from the
ditlerent musical establishment in Ihe Cities.
The New Foundry
IS now carped or as usual, at the upper
end of Market street, where everv des
cription of CASTINGS is kept on
nana or mace to order such as
The Complete, of
Complete Improved
Cooking Stores,
for either Coal or
Wood and all'
oiher kinds of
nlso PlJUTflllW of differ.
ent kinds Corn Ploughs, Bull Ploughs,
W"U tlHf
Self-SharoeniaK Plonnh.
a new article, and which can not be beat
m rennsyivania. uail and see and judire
for yourselves. 6
Lewisburg. Sept. 22, 1849
L'ua sale by
1 -'u-vJfe3:j"
"An ounce of Prerention worth
a pound of Cure," in
that awful disease, ,
DR. FITCH'S Lectures on the Preven
tion and Cure of Consumption.
This popular work, for sale in Lewisburg
by S. F. Ljndal! J. Houghton and t.
this office. Price, 75 cents.
.IT EvaiTSour Read this I.'assjtli.v. TW n ,
hnapanlls r sale W W different town caHc1 S P.
Tnwa-rml'a Snariila. It r vlrenirrd aa ll oliK.I.
NAU GEMIINK.anrl all trial. This Tnwustnd miwdncio,
aTHi ncTw vras : but was formerly a worker on railmnl'.e.
nsls, sad the like vm h ansurom lh lnt f for lor il
purpow "I eamirw credit for ttkal h w. Il - U
has attended Iwo inolieaj sehnois, and practiced lor Sfi-m,
vearsH" Now UM truih is, b uerrr pnu-iieri bwmIki. 4
dav in hi" life I S"ch wilfttt, tnettd mnireiHtswiiMio,
kwks bad lo Ihe cbarac'er arid reracuv nt the man. I :-!
moor sincerely, h had never made Urn- laeinriiu tt ,
seU or of m". V hen will men team 10 be Ikwhw and trim
till in all their "IraJinra and inieremirw wh their fcj....
mea ! He applied u one Biwl Clapn a" aim In 1: .
afactnrins am Diixrore, f'iii the tars mnm n w-..
make, as an na.uceiDNl to eruoark in ibe bueior. Th.:.
mea nave been liwoUins; and liuelliut; me 111 all po,:..
forme, in order to nnpreM the puMic with ins belief tn x
Ihe Old Donor's Samparilla war nx the e, rrigii m.
&artapvlUi, rrtuie IfJio the ljt-1 lMtr:ar' On final J.V !
pi. Tins S. P. Townell save I nave soM ihe uee ! ,.
name for $7 a week. I will cits him t l( he will p. -due
one einrte enlitarv proof of itu. Ilia suuemenb f
Ttiompena, Mclllman fc Co, are ao.hiiij but a use oi
falsehood, simply made lo deceive the public, and k,p
the truth down in reearj tn his tattrinr, fermMnXilig e
pound. TUm is ro minion the public to purchase cor. but
Old Dr. J AJOB TuwneeiKl'e SarMparitla. bavin 'r-i
Old Doctor's likeness, a La family Uaat of Armf, ti
urTialurracroi tbe Cwal of Arms.
Old Dr. Jacob Townseml,
Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla.
Old Dr. Townsend is now ahout 70 rrw ol mar. nd f
shut keen known as the A VTIlnR and Ulsri, VKItF.H
f th nt: wis b nitiaisAL riiw.ssF.sD
SAKSAPAHILL.I-" Bf ins poor, he was cuuiMrJ is
limit itainmuulacmre, by whifh means ha bren kp- m
of market, and the rates etreunwenbed lo tho onlv mb
had proved its worth, and known iu valtn. It ha.1 rncil
the aara of manv, nevenhettsn, a tho prun wl.o haj
bren healed of ion illaeasen, and saved Irum dea.h. r
elanjicd iu wondcrtul
ThwGRAMAMl NtUl AI I EIHi:PAlt iri i
liunuiactureilon ih? laririx: v-aiv?,anl if CitiifJ t-r ihr
out the leaf th ami hrvaiitti ot ihe .ami. ernaii as it
found iitrapabto oi dr'enenuua or dcieriraTif.
t'niike y,un S. P. Twre-pnrJ', ll improvM ri'r are.
and never chaieeabut fur the bncr: becau-w ii if prrrH
on ritntihc jtrinrtJa by a wntifie man. Tbe hifit
knowleile ot Chemn'tnr. and ihe iiiert dteorrrk ..t ;r
an. hare all been bmnsbt men iruiiiHn 10 the mait'i'ic
urol the Hd Ur' SarMparilia. The Atr-ar'anii m"t,
it n well known 10 rueHica. men, cmuum navty merbrinai
pntinei. and mme rorni wbicb are mert w iwIcm,
and tnhen. winch if retained 111 pnnii u lor ur. prv
duce frrmentutum ani neiti, wliich 1 injurwuM iu uie V
lem. Sme of tlie piMj -ertiea of Sarxapanlla are m
ttti the entirely erapjrate ami are Uh :a the pfeji-niwu,
iJ tittj are not prerved br a aetttstijir proces, Istowh ot
It 10 lhw wiMneieed in lb manneiora. M-feu.vr,
ihem vtMati'ff prtimpir. which My olf in air, or a ri ft
haUuon, nntlt-r heat, are the very tsAtiii wiedtrai prep
ernes ol ihe pmm. wlnrh cive 10 all n value
Any nersvn ran lil or wt-w lite ront till ihey sret 1 Jtrfc
colored litjuiil, which t m re from tba ekn- mr.T ia
the root thin lnn anytliin elwe; ihev can ihen rtrain tJ:
Uioipid or rapid titju'i'l. dwpefen witli vir nwla''-. -4
then call it SAKSA PARK. LA EXTRACT or SVRl P '
But mtch m not the anKte known a the
This If m prepared thu.t at the inert pmpeniaa of i!
S.irmarilla r km arv first rt-morl, everihiitfr eawb!e l
becunnn? acid or Icnoenta'loa 10 extracted and rrjecie! ;
then every par trie ol lueaiical virtue M irrored m a ptK
and conceninwi'd turn. ; anil thue it i-" renslered mt-a;itMs
of rOvtnfc any oi it valuaiIc and Uea ni pnpenirs. Pre
pared. iu ihia wa;, it w matte ttie nist p-iweriol n?en m in
Care of Iniiamrrahle Dl
I ferine the reason why we bear coomidariiv oa erery
nde ia iu lavor by men, women, and clulilren. We find it
doinz W(ntrT in ihe cure f
L'L4, PILES. fttSTH'EVESS. all fm.Vfl.
and ail a;rrtt'itit arising iVm
It poweiwf .' a ntarretlous efficace in an romplatnts ar
(inti trom Indtemtivn. from Acidity of the Stomach, fruri
uneiUal cirrulatHHi, dt,temilita:tHi of blood to the If-.. I,
palpitati.n of the beart. cold leet and hand, oild chtltaiij
hot flashes over ine boUy. It has 11. K it rqual in Cuid arid
Vottgha ; an-l rromor.V eay exfiectoraiiuo and croile per
ration, telaxutg stiictunM ul the Uuigs, throat aud ever
other part.
But in iHvhinc ia iti exctlenee more martifiut!j aeen and
Kktaowled:rd ilnn in all kind and staxe uf
. - 1 1 - aO M .'i...
Fulling of the Womh, fjkstmctii, aSVnfrejd. or Pt
U woraa WOlHifiw iu c-"w ui r niuw i " -!..
Mm. frrrfuUzTity of tbe nMnrurttaJ penkU,anl thr u-r;
and m effectual in curmf alt tbe forms of Kii'y Ui?tw
By rtnoin ohrtructhw. and reftHatin? the ztvxni
tn stem, m eives tone and atreogth 10 liat wbola buJv, J
Ihua curea'all tbrma of
Nerrou Diaratvc aikxi Dcblllf w.
and thus prevews or n?lers a great variety of oihtr ma..
ad.es, aa Spinot irritutmn, Xmrmlri SL Vtim' iw-J
Suwning, Epileptic Fit. Vonruittvn, tft.
It cleaiaiie the blood, exniva the Iwer to heahVy nriin,
tones the stomach, and pives rood di;vi. teiieve
howels of torpor and cooMirp.iiKn, ai taya lurtanim tTioa. w
rifies thekio, ep.ilize tbe circnlktion ol the blomi. pro.
'tcutf gentle warmih eiually all over tbm bodv, and tbs
iiirm;le perspiration : relaxes rtnttntr mnt tiehtne-.
moves all obetrarti-rne, aiid laviorates the entire iKrvutis
syjttem. Is nt thin then
Tht Ivfrdlelne yrm pre-emltaeatly aieedl
But can any of iltee ihins be sat J 01 S. I Towneu
inlciior article t TSw votir.? man' liitnid v nH to be
beratue nf one .RA! FACT, that the one w INCAPA
while the other DOES aauriur. ferment in, and hfoieinf
the bottles rontainnif it into frarment : the oor, ai
bqairl expiodJtHr,anl damaxins; other (roods! Man this
itornble cotnitouihl he iH-wti.Mt to the irvrttn What
put acid into a nrfem tfra4y rYiaeaaeaf trith mrid 1 W hat
causes Dys(ia but acid I I h we nut ail know that w-a
food sours in our stomachs, whu mtrhivf n prortnceeT
flatulence, hearfbum, riaitpuatUaft of tbe heart, liver cm-
iiantf, ttiarrhvva. lysfnU'pv. coJic, an-l riHTUpthvn of ihe
lood 1 What is rrofrrtn bot an acul humor in the bdv '
What prodneei ail tbe hmuur. which briiMt n Krupinaiot
the Skin, Scald IVa.1, Silt Rhenm. Krviretaa. Whj.j
Swelling , Fever ora. and all nlceratians nuernai anal ex
ternal I It u notktn urwiVr heaven but an acid subxtaor.
winch so;trw, ami tn!poihi all the fliinlsof ihe sod v. m.r
orlHn. What cntitt Rbeutnatiotrt htt a.ia.1 cii
fluid which iusinuatee iiel, heiwtn ihe j..iu and c!m
where, irritatin? ami inPamfn? the delirar tisanes npo
which it acta 1 Surf nerroae dex. ot impnnt a the
bJoei, oi ileraiiceil ClirulatlOfk. jumJ rwar.. 11 -A, :nr.S
which afflict lurman nature.
Now ra it not horrible To make and aeR. anri nstniiriv
tWWJie t OJRF thw
and yet be woold fain have it rmtenMmial that ONI Or J'
9oh T'-wtwrHl' Ormuimt Original Sarsaparilt, u an IM
ITATION of hi minor preparation
Heaven forbid that we should deal m aa entc'e whirS
wiutd bear the bumi dtnam membUnrf, iu )i P Tjn
send's article!
We wwh it noderttoo.1. becarm H is the oWafe trut't.
that R. p. Towt-wwI arttcle and aid Dr. Jacob Tow.twfr.:'
Samiarilla are aettrew tritlr tnmrt. ati infinite?
r; ihat they are unlike m everv runir.lar. kai;i nt
one single thine in cmoion.
As S. P Towiteea! w no defor. and never wa.
Jwaniafty no rharanacewi4kiowi no mre of ms'iirii
tfiseaatT tiian any other common, aiitviemiuc. uIro,,w,'
Wan. what jrunronre ca the ntibiic heve 1h.1i rtiev .irr re-
ceirinc a famine eenttflc niedtctne.eoniaiiuf.e atithe'ir
tues ot the artiefee eee-l nt preimrui? it. an 1 which .trr
rafxibie m chansi-whirh mi ;lw reitder ihem the AIi-T
ef Disease inmead f h.afth T
Bot wh-u else Khouhi be ex pern nl from or mho tn"
tmhitif comparatively 01 tneilicue or di--a-r T H r";ntrrf
person of some exivnenre to cok Hntl serve epf,o
eommoBi deer nt meat llw much m.re im;-nji''
that the perwin who mxnuiacinre me.!irn.e'"reifl
WEAK STOMACHS An Fvvri nu it saTKM
ebottld know well the tnedical prmienies of plains, in t
manner of aeconnt and camcenlra: ins their he!iti ,r"f
also an extensive knowlnlfa of the varion diseaw "3
aifer. the human mrstcm. mwA Km tn a.tini rrmtJtes
Iheie diMaaesI "
fc M to arrett frautls upon the unfortunate, to pr
tfl Ui.IA.UI l...nalV I sh. lr..v.M. kA aa. aha J-TjatrT"
cruehed and bmken, and to iMiiHh.iijfirntiiv that in A
port unity and means to brine hia J .
Graatcl Va-lTerol Co iae& rate. Rew-e-f'
Within the reach, and to the kt v WlM-e ol all who oesu
thai they may learn and krm. he iovfu expfsnce K
Tr aatec a. t Penwer fe HeavU
Age.nts for the abote Medicine C w
SchftfTte, Lewisburg ; John U Rassr. M -ton
; Forsyth Priestly, Norihun.b'iao1
ANE Bujrgev and Sett of Ua roots,
U One
One Two Horse Wagon,
une J ruck Wagon.
Lwisburg, June, 1919
sale by