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    IjKWISBURC chromcle and west branch fakmek
The MHor and ihe Publisher both star
d yeterda to atteod iho Corirention ai
Williamsport. iwj".. j
furnished copy enough to fill up the paper,
but tbecopt iaall aet up ; and there yet
,;nrth sdace foi a paragraph. So beie
roes for en editorial :
The Williamsport Conrentlon.
That this will be a large assemblage we
fully believe. That it will embrace a fair
ihoreofthetalenS and the energy ol this
Commonwealth we do not doubt. That it
may count among its member and attend
aoU some political scamps, we think bare
ly possible. If the Democray of this Con
vention should prove to be the Democracy
of Jefferson that democracy which pro
motes the welfare, and protects the indus
try of our own country, hite it asserts
and vindicates the natural rights of all the
human race, why then.success to it! But if
the Convpntion should attempt to "compro
m:se,'this Democracy ,if they try to trade it
ofT,to giin Presidential votes for some old
humbug of a "great man" We say if they
play this frame, they may cheat some rich
lolks, but they can't fool
The Pewter's Devi!..
A little girl, daughter of Isaiah Stryker,
residing near this Borough, died- one day
last week from eating a quantity of the gar
ceo vegetable called rhubarb or pie-plnnt,
We have read of several deaths from a sim
ilar cause vVirnpnrt Gaz.. 22d May-
A-The Democratic State Convention
meets to day at Williamsport. to nominate
a candidate for each of the offices of Canal
Commissioner, Auditor General, and Sur
veyor General.
The Whig State Convention will meet
at Philadelphia, on the 19th June, for the
mmr purpose.
Corrected tiis Day.
Dried Apples
Eu'L'3 .... .
Tallow . .
. 124
.. 8
Fer the Cara f
MA, WHOopiira-cough
The uniform success which' hit attended the
M of IBM preparation its Military effect iti
power to relieve and cure affection of the Lune,
hare gained for it a celebrity equaled by no oiher
aoerficiDe. We offer it to the afflicted with entire
onfideoce in it virtue, and the full belief that
It will sobdue and remove the severest attack of
d'sessas upon the throat and lung. A these
results become public, they naturally attract the
attention of medical men and philanthropist
everywhere. What is their opinion of Cherry
Pectoral, nrav be seen below.
VALENTINE MOTT. M D, Trof. Surgery
Medical College, New York, says :
It give me treat pleasure to entity the value anil effl
mry of Acer's Cberry Peetorml,whirh I consider peruliarly
adapted to eon alstiaK of the Throat and Lungs.
The Rt Re Lord Bishop FIELD writes in a
letter to his friend, who was fast ainking under
an affection of the Lung
Try the Cberry Pectoral. a&4 if any mMirin can give
yea relief, with the bleating of God that will.
Chief Justice EU8TICB, of Louisiana,writes:
Tbat a yoan; daughter of hi irar-mred of aeveral
aim attacks of CKOLT, by the Cberry l'ectoral.
ditn Juumat of Medical Science states.
That Arthaaa and Bronchitis, so prevalent in this
larieavnt eliaaale, have yielded with surprising rapidity
so Ayer Cherry Pertoral, and we can not too ntnmrlr
momme&d this skilful preparation to the Frofesaion and
pabiic generally.
Let the relieved sufferer speak for himself:
Habtfokd, Jan. 26, 1R47.
Dr. J. C. Iyer Dear Sir : liarinr hern reerued from a
painful and daneerou disease, arntitntle prompt me to
end yon this acsnowledfrinent, not only in justice to you
but tut the information of other, in like eviction.
A slight cold upon the Innc, neglected at first, beeame
D severe that spitting: of Wood, a violent eoogb, and pro
fnse sight sweat followed and fastened on me. . 1 became
taaciated, eould not sleep, waa dntreN-d by my rough,
and a pain thronarh my cheat, and in hort'had all the
alarming symptoms of quick consumption. Sio medicn
Memed at all to reach my ease, until I providentially
inea Tour vnerrj rectorial, iucb soon relieved and now
aa cured me.
lours with reaped, . A. STEWART.
From a letter dated
Ant!rr, X. T, April 17,
Dr. Aver, Lowell Dear Sir: I was afflicted hy Asthma
la the worst form, so that I have beu obliged to sleep in
By chair for a larger part of the time, being unable to
breathe on my bed. I bad tried a great many medicine
to no pnrpt ie, until my physician prescribed, as an expe
riment, your Chrry Pectoral. At firm it seemed to make
. worse, but in less than a week I began to experience
tb most g. atifying relief from it use ; and now, in four
week,, the disease is entirely removed. I can sleep on
my bed with comfort, and enjoy a state of health which I
bad never expected to enjoy. OKO. 8. r ARRANT.
Prepared by J. CAyer,CJiemut,LoveU,Ms.
For sale ij C W SCHAFFLE, Lewi.burg ;
J H Caalow, Milton ; Isaac Gerhart, 8elingrove,
and by Druggists generally
. Id M (Illnburg, 21st inst. by Rev. J. G.
Aospaclt, Paul Dieffenuerfer and Mrs.
Harrr Girsos, both of White Deer.
Io Milton, 20th inst., Mrs. Catharine
Gcdvecnst, aged about 75 years.
In Chilistiuaqiie, lQih mat., a duughter
r Mrs. M'Daniel. On the 21st, Jacob
Dketbb, aged 30 years. . Oo the 22d,
Hexbv Stkinxetz, aged 55.
Ttf Blackamltbi:
BITUMINOUS COAL, from the West
Branch and from Ifollidaysburg, Tor
ate at the Shop of the subscriber, near the
H j scales oo Third St.
Lewiaburg. May 7. 1850
AFRESH aapply of Old Doctor and 8. P.
TowMtod'e 8 A RS APAKILLA received
a4 bt WholaaU or Retail by
Dr. Thorn Ion a Baker, A rents.
rE next Monthly Meeting of the Soci
ety for Inquiry connected with the
Uuiversity at Lewisburg.occurs on Sunday
neat, June 2, commencing at 2 J o'clock, P.
M-, at the Academic Ituildin on the Hill.
A Report on the Moral and Religious
Condition of Mexico.will be read, and also
Correspondence. A Parting Address from
Rev. E. Kincaid, is expected. The public
sre respectfully invited lo attend.
Lewisburg, May 29, 1850.
Fashionable Tailor,
tn the new Brick building; on
Market street, one door above
C. E. Bowes' State.
done to order.
Lewisburg, May 39, 1S50.
Just Received,
A CHOICE lot of Black Watered Silk, and
Green Fringed Turc Satin, Parasols, also
an additional supply of Linen Lusttes, all at
unusually low prices, for aale hy
May 29 J HAtES&CO.
k BEAUTIFUL assortment of Seatlet Cloth
f embossed Table Covers. fr sale by
May 29 J. HAYES & CO.
Onnn1Ba of Country cared BACON
AJJJ for ,.e by
May 29 J. HAVES & CO.
.")r,riILfis- Superfine TOW YARN, by
eCUW May 29 J. HAYES tc CO.
extensive assortment Baltimore STONE
WARE for sale by
May 39 J. HAYES dt CO.
Wholesale arid Retail Dealers iri
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Paint,
Oils, Varnishes', Window Glass,
Sash tools.Gla'ssware.Putty,
Dye-stuffs, Brushes of
every variety,
Perfumery, Confectionery,
Fruits, Fancy Goods, &c. &c.
One Door above the great Mammoth Store of J. k J. Wall,
All Drugi and Medicines warranted Frcth and
THE subscribers return their sincere thanks to
those who have so liberally patronized them
during the past year ; and we would invite you.
one and all, to call and examine our slock and
prices before purchasing elsewhere, as we feel
confident that we sell as cheap, if not 25 per ct.
cheaper, than others of the trade. Try us, and
see for yourselves.
IV. B. Medical advice wiil be given free of
charge by Dr. Thornton, at the Store ol Thorn
ton & Baker.
Lamps! LAMPS!
LAMPS ! Just received and for Wholesale or
Retail, Pine Oil and Burning Fluid Lamps
ol the latest tyle. Any person or persons wish
ing it, can have these tamps on trial, and if they
do not give satisfaction, thev may be returned.
Churches and Stores or Shops supplied on the
most liberal terms with the above Lamps, and Oil
hy Dr. I homton & Baker,
Agents for the Manufacturer.
JUST received and for sale, Pine Oil and
llurniog Fluid, warranted pure and of the
first quality, by Dr. Thornton Si linker.
JUST received and for sale. Sperm and Lard
Oil, by Dr. Thornton & Baker.
riUTE lead, and Linseed Oil, for eale by
Vr. 1 nornton & Uaker.
PHE undersicned continues the LITE-
X KX JSLSIJMiSS at the Uld Stand,
on ionti inird ot., near AiarKet, and
respectfully solicits the patronage ol bis
friends and the public generally.
lewisburg, May 22, 1850
New Arrangement ! !
Reduction of Prices.
THOMPSONS' Susquehanna Express
and Freight Line
Is now running regularly twice a week
from Philadelphia, via Penn'a Central R.R.
to the Junction, thenre hy fast line of Ex
press Boats to Selinsgrnve, Northumb'Ind,
Sui bury,Danville.BliKnnsburg,Lewi5burg,
Miiion, Muncy, Williamsport, &c.
(Joods and Packages delivered by this
line in from one to two days. I lie prices
are such as must give satisfaction to all.
Produce carried through (and sold, il
desired) with despatch. Persons living off
the line, can have their goods left at such
place as they may direct.
jCNew Express Office No.38,Norlh
Third St.Philad. Freight Office at Messrs.
Ciaic ti Bellas'; Depot, corner of Broad
and Cherry Sts. , t
Orders ree'd in Lewisburg at the Stores
of Messrs. Shelter, and Foster, and nt the
Hotels of Messrs. Kline and Weidensaul
and in Sclinsgrove at the Store of John
llartman, .sq.
May 10, 1850.
Books Books !
THE subscriber offers' for sale at the
Lewisburg Post-Office, an assortment
of the most useful
Paper, School Books, Stationery
nf all kinds--also the best Cigars.Tobacco,
&e. &c.
The stock ts all new, and iho' small the
public patronage, if favored Id it, can soon
and easily make it larger.
1 he 1 rial of Prof. Webster onlv ball a
dozen copies left.
Il l ii lfliP
Lewisburg, May 7, 1850
"Small Profits and Quick. Sales."
'VlT'OULD resperlfully inform bis old friends
W and the trading community in general,
that he has received a LARGE ...J CE.NEKAL
STOCK of. ......
. wants and use embracing
dky goods.
queens ware,
Hats and caps,
&c iVc. These Goods we offer unosuully low
for Cash Country Produce of all kind and
to prompt .and punctual paymasters as usual.
Call ani Sec !
Lewisburg, May 7, 1850.
ITo! all you young men. , whose fine frunjen are nTpamllog,
Ami who Ti J tn xuppprt you, a gtl vtfUrttandinn
When yoii think how in tiiw Kt".ME dta!crf tar? bit jn,
sliui oome to ctkve liimuu. a lor ifouu tbat win m yoau
Do yon want anme nrw Bonk O, m chnn ani m pretty?
Pome rrave and nme my, and some quwr and Nome witty?
ror a dollar or two, brers will jpxr ynu a trt-aMirn
That will be all your life-time a fountain of pleaiure.
And if yon rhanrct to he in want
Of Coat or Vrt or Tmwuerloonfi,
Jurt go tn LTSDAiA'tS for yon can't
ituy half as chiap of other 'owtna.
And now Lyxtvall wonld My jnst a word to the Ladies,
For wttll docs he kntw bow important their aid if
Ue hat ibocs of all kinds V h lur-r-r-r-r-r-r-r
Constrn it. Bom ! ibis vere Poetry Machine's
tiroke ! UowsorocTer, the substance of all we haJ
in the hopper is this tbat
F. LYNDALL has the best and the
chpapest lot of BOOKS and
una me oest assoruneni oi uri
. i -' r mm a a
and SHOES, and
Ladies' Gaiters and Slippers,
that were ever seen in Lewisburg or any
other great seaport. May 7, 1850.
.Wlwksale J- Retail
THE subscriber, thankful for past liberal pat
ronage, would inform his friends and public
generally that he has just rec d ana is constantly
receiving fresh supplies ol pure
Medicines, Drugs, Chemicals,
Extracts, Herbs, Roots, Minerals, Tinc
tures. Oils. Essences, Spirits, Gums,
and other eoods in bis line of business, which he
offers with the full assurance of their being gen.
nine, and cheaper than can be bought elsewhere.
Phvsicians and others in the trade are particularly
invited to call and examine for themselves. Also
constantly on hand a large stock of
Window Glass, White Lead,
Chrome and other Paints,Drug
gists' and Physicians' Glassware,
Copaljapan and Spirit Varnishes.Flax
aeed, Sperm.Whale, Lard. Fish,.iherial,
Fosgine, Camphene, and Pine Oils, Dye
woods around and chipped, Castile, Bar, Kosin
and other Soap. Gold. Silver and Metal Leafs,
Kosin, Pilch. I ar, 1 obacco, feegara, lonitw.
Brushes, Walking and Fishing Canes,
Jewelry, Razors, Knives, Fruits,
Confectionery, Ac. &c Slc.
May, 1850, Druggist and Chemut,
Made plain to See
BY getting one of the Spectacles or Spy Glas
ses at the Drug, Fancy Goods, Notion and
Variety Emporium, where enn be had any quan
tity of silver, tierman, Blued and common Steel
Spectacles, Goggles, Spy Glasses, Mathematical
Instruments, Pocket Compass, Magnets, Tape
Measures, Spectacle Cases, Camera l.ucidas,
Magic Lanterns, 4c. Slc. at
Easy to Cut or Shave
ARE thorn Pocket, Dirk and Penknives, and
the Wostenheim and Roger Razors sell
ing so cheap at the Lewisburg Drug and Variety
Store of C. W. SCHAFFLE.
For the Ladies.
Cool Is the breess
That I make at ease
"TXT IT H one of those nice and cheap FANS
tbat can be had at the Lewisburg Drug,
Fancy Goods, Notion anff Variety Emporium
where the largest, finest, and best assortment of
Feather, Fancy and Paper Fans are kept. Also
latest patterns of Buffalo, Shell, Horn, Side.Back
and other COMBS besides a great variety of
other nice things. Call and see at
, :
Lamps, just received
MORE LIGHT, at reduced prices ! A large
assortment of LAMPS Solar, Supper,
I ea. Hanging, Side, and Hand for burning of
Pine, Fosgean, Lard. Etherial, and Sperm Oils,
for Parlors, Churches, Stores, Shop. Ac, at
Drag, Notion and Variety Emporium
CMr. H. W. Ckotzeb, of Lewisburg,
has undertaken the general agency of Dr.
Frost's popular "History of the Mexican
War," advertised in another column.
Mr.Crotzer is also authorized to receive
subscriptions for the Lewisburg Chronicle.
. To Justices or the Peace.
B INNS' JUSTICE, new edition, can be bad
at LyndaU'e Bookstore, in this place.
Lewtaborg, April 10, 180.
jgjfe Dr. John Locke,
MAY be found at his Office and residence
first door east of Kline's Hotel the two
weeks following the first Monday ol each month,
where be is prepared to execute all operations in
his line of business in a mauner creditable to
himself and satisfactory to those who may favor
him with their patronage. r
Dr. L'. spetij. the third week of each month
in Milton,
(Xj'Aromatic Tooth Paste, put op in beautiful
porcelain boxea. an excellent article for keeping
the teeth clean anJ brealu, sweet, for sale at ia
ct per box, by . . ..
.. JOHN LOCKE, D. D. 8.
LewSsbnrg, Pa., May, 1850
IT'OR sale, at our. Yard on Third street,
; near P. Ilursli's bousi;
Dry Pine Common and Pannel Boarda,
do Joint and Studdiug,
Hemlock Joist anJ Scantling,
White Pine Plauk I Shingles
Sijuare Timber Weatherboards
Yellow Pine Flooring Boards,
Roofing and Plastering Lath, &c.
All of which we offer cheap for cash or short
credit. HURSH & A.M.MON.
Lewishurp, April 29, 1850
THRESH TF. AS Ano'hcr lot of.
a suircnur umi.s uuu ur.tii -
just reed from the Canton 1 ea com
pany, and for sain nt New York retail
prices by J. HAYES & CO.
Lewisburg, April 16. Agent.
Latest Arrival !
II 4TES & CO. take pleasure in announ
cing to the public tbat we are now receding
hum the city one of the largest, cheapest and best
selected storj of Goods ever offered to the public.
No lalor has been spared to render their slock
complete, and to obtain articles of good quality, so
that it can be relied upon that whatever they shall
offer for sale will be just what it is represented.
Tbey have an excellent assortment of
Dry goods,
comprising nearly every article usually enumera
ted under this head, among which ate Broad
cloths. Plain and Fancy Cassimeres, Satinetts,
Tweeds, Cashmarettes, Drapcttes, Codringtona,
Plaid Linens, Tickings, Drillings, Bagging, Cot
ton and Hemp Carpet Chain.
Plain and Fancy Goods,
selected with psrtieolar reference lo the taste and
convenience of the Ladies such a Changeable,
Plaid, Grenadine, and Foulard Silks, Figd and
Plain Lamartine Deslaines, Crape finished, Figd
and Plain Linen Lustres, Boreze Deslaines, prin
ted French Lawns, Silk Illusions, Pink. Buff,
Blue, and Crimson Tarli-tons, Plain and Figd
Blue and Pink (dotted) Swiss, Linen, Cambric,
and Lawn Hdkfs, Gloves and Hosiery, VJJ
Bonnets, Fans, Parasols, Parasolettes, a'losVj
Fine Moleskin, Leghorn, China Pearl and Palm
Leaf HATS, at lower prices than ever offered to
this community.
a choice uhctian.
Glass, Queens, Stone, and
CrocKery ware.
To those who wish to procure anything in this
line either for utility or ornament.their assortment
particularly recommends itself.
Hardware cutlery,
Crass and Corn Scythes, Axe. Shovels, Spades,
Straw Knives, Manure and Hay Forks (of supe
rior quality,) Door trimming,01ass,Putty, Nails,
Iron-, Steel, Slc.
Floor and Stair Carpet. Oil Cloth, Window
badra, Ladie' Satchels, Traveling and Work
Baskets, also Market, Clothes and Corn Baskets,
Cedarware, Hakes, Se. fyc.
In conclusion, tbey would say that their goods
have been bought at very low prices, and will be
disposed of on the most reasonable terms for Cash
or country Produce and to satisfy the public (aa
to prices) just rail at the Cheap Store of
Lewisburg, May 2, 1 850
mark Walnut Wanted.
A QUANTITY of Black Walnut, either in
loga or sawed to order also. Walnut
Crotches the whole to be delivered on the Pa.
Canal, at or near Lewisburg. For further par
ticulars, enquire of
April 23 II. C. HICKOK, Lewisburg
OR SALE a superior Washing Mixture,
which removes all dirt and stains of various
kinds in a few minutes, without injuring the
tenure of the cloth. Persona wishing to avail
themselves of this valuable mixture, with full
direction for its use, bsd better call at the new
Drug and Chemiral Store kept by
Da THORNTON & BAKER, Lewisburg
Splendid Illustrated History
OF THE , .
Mexican War and Its Warriors !
rlOMPKISING a full account of the recent
J War with Mexico, with the Lives of the
principal Officers on the American side, and over
40 Engravings. By J. FaosT, LL.D.
The work to contain upward of JIIO page,
large size l2mo., handsomely and durably bound
in embossed cloth, lettered and ornamented in
gilt. Pmci, $1,85 per copy.
IS? 1 he subscriber having securcu tne agency
of the above work for Union county, will solicit
the patronage of the people for it
Lewisburg, April 24 3pd
Latest News from California !
A. '
the world and the rest of mankind"
J are respectfully informed that we have
opened an unusually choice assortment or
comprising a splendid vsriety LADIES DRESS
GOODS of the newest styles Calicoes,De1ains,
Ginghams, Bareges, Silks, Parasols, and Fancy
Goods, and for Gentlemen's wear a large stock of
Cloths. tTasslnaers,
SumrAer Stuffs, Vestinss.Surnmer liats,&c.
Salt, Fish, Nails,
Queensware, Hardware, Groceries,
etc. etc.
All of which w oiler for sale at oar proverbially
low prices, for CASH or PRODUCE.
Lwisbgrf, April , 18 I
Large Sales Low Prices
and filling up again brimfull . ,
with a stock of (roods LARGER.CETTEU
and CHEAPER than ever!
llTE have just received and are now opening
T f a large and splendid assortment ol
Spring and
embracing everything adapted to the varied wants
and tastes of the community, and at prices that
can not fail to give universal satisfaction. .
The LADIES are assured that we have a better
assortment of DrCM Good) thn haa ever
been presented in this market. We have every
quality and description of
Gentlemen1 and iioyt? Dre$ Goodt,
Cassimeres, Testings, Summer 8tnff, Fsncy
CravHts, Ac A splendid lot of HAT8, CAPS
and BONNETS, of the latest styles Ribbons,
Flowers, Silks, Calicoes, Lawns, Ginghams, &c.
Hardware Qucensware Glassware,
of all kinds also a large atock of
Plaster, Salt,and Fish,
at very low prices for CASH or COUNTRY
PRODUCE of all kind at Market prices.
Lewisburg, April 23, 1850
nt Lscwisburg.
CIRCULAR for the Academical Year com
mencing Oct. 11, 1819.
Friiaarv Department.
Exercised in Spelling, Reading, Definition,
English Grammar, Arithmetic, Geography, His
tory U.S.A., Penmanship and Composition.
English Department of the Academy.
The same studies aa in the Primary Dcpartm't
continued in the use of larger text book ; and lo
these are added General History .Algebra, Legen
dre, and Elements of Surveying.
Classical Deparnnent of the Academy.
Term Junior Academic class, i
I. Enclfsh (irammar, Latin Grammar, Arithmetic (two
iliririolu.) ttetrraphy.
IT. The same stiiilM a. in I. Term, and Penmanship.
ILL Enirliph Itrammar. Caesar, Arithmetic eompttai y
lit iliviaiun. lirvck ttranimar, History L.tf.A, Peu
maiijfhip, Book-keeping.
Senior Academic class.
I. rawar, Greek Header, Algebra (Clements.)
II. ih-uI, do do
III. do do do fmpt'-tw!. fjne-
ral History, Englbb Language and Composition.
Freshman class.
I. Enril.h Language and Composition, Algebra, Livj,
A nabesiA.
TT. Plane Uwmrtry. Llvv. Anabas!.
IIL Plane. Mo id and ephliiml Ueometry completed, Lir
vy, Anabasis.
ISophnn.ore class.
T. Horace, Orivsser. Plane and Spherical TricnnoiactTy.
II. do do MenturationurTjin)f.NaTifUK.u.
III. do completa-d. Mt urations of Demosthenes,
Rhetoric, Analytical Geometry.
Junior class.
I. Demosthenes on the Crown, Cicero da Officii, Me
rhanim. Hydrostatic, and Ilrdraulic.
II. Dcmootbenes on the Crown. Cicero dc Ofnrii com
pleted. Pneumatics, Acoustics, Klectniity, Magne
tism, and tlplics.
LTJ. Greek Tragedy, Tacitus, Astronomy.
Senior class.
Tor Academical Year commencinr Oct. 10,
I. Loiric, Natural Theolopy, Intellectual Philosophy.
II. Greek, Political Kconotuy, Moral Philosophy.
III. lSutlrr s Analogy, Constitution of IT. 8, Chemistry,
Lectures, General Kevicws.
No class in the Regular Course haa less than
three daily recitations. Every Saturday forenoon is
devoted exclusively to Vocal Music, Declamation,
and reading select and original Compositions.
The students are required to attend, regularly,
some religious meeting. Minors are expected to
attend such meetings as are recommended to them
by their parents or guardians. There are in the
borough no less than aix places nf public worship,
of as many different Christian denominations.
Text Ilooks.
Engluh Lnjmg' md FUrviov. The BIMe, TnrbYs
Ithetorical Keailrr. Worcester's nr Welur'a ni..tnn.
Bullion's Knpli.h Grammar. Parker's ProcrciwiTe Kaerci
see in r.ni:n?h t ont position, rarkvr s Aids, Ulair's Lectures
(University Edition.)
Lntiit Lamritage. BuIIlon'sRrammnr.'Bullion'sTUHMlcr.
Levrrett's Lexiron, Bullion's Oe.-ar, Schmitl ami Zumpt's
Vinril.Lineoln's Liey, Anthon s Horace, Thachcr's Cicero
aeumcus, lylers Isrltns' erraania et Airrila.
imk Latutwtqe. RullionWrauimar.Bullion' Reader.
Liddell k Scott s Lexicon: Owen s Aenophon's Analais,
Owen's Homer's Odyeney, Champlin's Demosthenes, VL-k s
SltUhrmatia. navies' Arithmetic thr Acadrmics. T3i m.
entary Alfn'hra, Bounloo. Leeendre, Siirreyinj. and Navi
gation. Anal jticalGeometr3-,olmst.l'satural Philosophy
IVumber or Students.
The number of students during the past year
in tne various Departments; was 161. The
number tbat have entered the classes in the Re
gular Course for the current year (exclusive of
tnose in tne bngltsn ana Primary departments,)
19 as I o 1 1 1 1 w s ;
CuLLEGL. Junior class ft
Pophnmore class - 14
. Freshman class 10
AciSEVT. Senior clasa . 25
Junior class - - 0..,9
PTEPITEX W. TAYLOK, A. SI, 1-rot of Mathematics
and Natural Philosophy.
GKolHIK It. UUtS, A. M, Prr.t cf Greek Language
an1, iiemiure.
1 Ki iKt i E V. A N'DERSOX, A.M, Prot of Latin Language
and Literature.
ISAAC N. UIOMIS, A. M, Principal of tho Academy.
ALCKKI) TAVLOIt, A. M .TuVTin the English Lan
guage and Elocution.
Building, Library and Apparatus.
The Academic edifice now occupied by the
members of the University, has been erected, at
an expense of fi.MO, and it is adapted to accommodate
l.V students. Another edifice has heen commcnced.which
is to be finished within the course or the present Academic
year, and to contain study rooms and dormitories lor the
accommodation of 70 students in the Colic;.rinte departm't.
The Library contains a numtier of select volumes, and
Is constantly increasing.
Chemical Apparatus has heen ordered sufficient to
snpply the immcdinte demand. The Apparatus tor the
Illustration or .Mechanical Philosophy, is now complete.
. , Tuition and Board.
Tuition in the Collegiate Department $ 3t),
Academic 2t. Primary $1 per year.
Board, including lodging, washing, fuel, and
light, can be had in the village and its vicinity at
various prices, from $1,50 to $2,50 per week.
Sessions and Tacatlons.
Two Sessions in the year the former com
mences on the 2nd Thursday in October, and
continues 27 weeks; the latter commences on
the 16th May, and cot ti lues 15 weeks.
Spring Vacation, 4 weeks ; Autumnal, 6.
By order and in behalf of the Board :
Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa. April 18, 1850
LATE of Philadelphia, ia now located on
Market street, Lewisburg, opposite Mr. J.
Schrejer's store, where ho attends to operations
on the teeth at ai redaction of bis former price.
Teeth and roots of teeth removed with the aid of
improved Instruments, and in an easy manner.
Filling teeth and setting on pivots or plates atten
ded to according to Ihe latest improvements in the
profession. Ulcerated, spongy, and inflamed gam
cored. Thankful for past favota. he solicits a
continuance of pobtic palronags. No" impure
Materials used for filling in th. It 388
tliRTflv, GfcDOnS Si, MAT SII
HAVING formed n Oparmonhip in ihe
MercaDtile businrss, and enlrMl thtt
Storeroom lately occupied by S.S.lJarisJti
opposite Kline's Hotel are cow opi iiin j a
well selected nnd extensive atfock of Mer
chandize, consisting of
Drn (Boob0, G,if-
Carpenters' Tools, Queensware,
Furniture Mounting, Glnssware,
Window GLASS a ytiitral nsstT'.rnenf,
Bar, Uod, and I loop Iron, Xails,
and Spikes,
Tinware, Sheet Iron and ?2etal
Puns, and a more genera! assortmt i.t thnn
is usually lotmd in couurry stores which
they pledge theiiistlvts to sell nt ery
low pricts.
Personi nt a distonr-e will find it to their
advantage to buy lor C-tsli or we will
take in Exchange Pr Goods, AV heat, Ry,
Corn, Otts, P.uokwheat, Timothy and (Jl.
ver Seeds, Hutter, Ejlsrs.Tall w,IlnrJSnap,
Utswax, Feathers, and a!l kinds ol" tra
or country prrduo?.
The patrunnjie ol the public i resperl
fully solicited, and every assuranre j-iven
that nothing hIuiII be wauling to render
t ulire satisfaction.
Lewisbtirp, April 1, 135H.
Sr. L UmSM
Respectfully announces to his frit 'ids and
the public generally, that he has removed
his residence to the house of his father,
(formerly occupi ii by Win. Porter,) a few
doors north of Kline's Hotel. Office, Cul.
MTaddin'tt new brick building, t.ext door
above C. Ii. lowet' Siore.
Lewisburg, April I, 1850
JOH. 11. Br.flMJ,
TAILOR, has removed bis Simp to the
building (oris 'door n!ove l.yndah's) lately
occupied by Juhn B. Miller, where he will
be hippy to fit his customers both old and
new. The
Fashions fur 1850,
Sprinp; and Summer just received.
Lewisburg, April 1, 1850
Has removed his Office to his Dwelling
the firgt door below Kline's Hut I, rooms
ovt r Fors'er's Store where he will wait
on all who may desire his services, accord
injl to previous arrangement'.
Lewisburg, April 2, !?."
JOHN 1$. MlLLKlt,
TAILOR, respectfully inform-, his patrons
find the public that his Shop is now nt his
house the new brick opposite Mr. James
1. Ross', on Third St., where he wi'l be
happy to wait on all who may hoimr him
with their patronage.
Lewisburg, April 2, 13o0
Justice of the Teace,
lias removed his Office to Market St., in
the room recently used hv Dr. Locke, ore
door below the Printing Office.
Lewisburg, April 3, 1?50
THE subscriber avails himsell'ol the col
umns of the. Chronicle in' publishing to
Ihe citizens of Lewishurs nnd vicinity that
he has opened a BOARDING HOUSE in that
large anil comfortably arranged house, formerly
kept as a Temperance Hotel by James Kelly, two
doors east of the Franklin House. Market street.
He is prepared to say that his Tablx s!i ill have
the best the Markets can afford, and the Lodging
of Hoarders shall be as comfortable as can be
ssired. I. 8. KTLU.NEU.
N. R. A team ami carriage
ill lie kept to convey passenR-rs t anJ from the
racket Boats. Lewisburjj, March 18, I5t).
5priit0 Slimmer
TUST received, and now opening nt
second door east of Kline's Hotel, a new
SplenJiJ Assortment of Goods,
suitable for this and the approaching sea
son, consisting of
Ladles' DrcitH CIimhN
of every style and variety new s'jle
It.irnges, Lawns, Armure I'elaiues, Ging
hams, Arc.
A great variety of styles Chints, Cali
coes, etc.
A beautiful assortment Itdie' Parasi!s,
Moro-co and Kid SHOES and G.llTEliS
lor Ladies nnd Children.
Also a choice selection f
&c.Si?.,nll of which are offered remarkable
low for Cash or Couuirv Produce, by the
Lwisburp, April 3. 185Q,
not refused at the Oflipf ol
the I.eatiaburg Khronicle.
DT t TT7"Q f'r Jis-i't.C.jfisitv,
131 ll IN 1VO li!M.ie. , on hand B:
the Olircuicle llice, or printed to order.
E '.AST mi. -
A - a .
itnirfv i uifm w t
LIFE vail UEILTH ire ia the BC003. y
Cleiw, Purify, nd Rerht CvndtUwn, mnm
the trhrft bnAtf wt'.l hire kmlfh. Th most womdtrfut
tf ait rrmetlie tn prod suck m rrwuli, tm j
Yh. thw dr d rru!t and eSmrj will be prod'secd by
ttK KMC f fmt'tr
t avant ty Of tbl j
rnuriaCK i
crTcritrd b? the oc ui m like quauuitr of mny vther wvne&j
tn thM world. (S s our ' i A t
tvr I
Thi Plain la ia wholly prrpmmi from YeretaZJtt, imA
erw trip worst? owt obstrmaie, twtti Umt-whmdittq A mmem
of tb OliMxi wtThout fkimr. yrrmtjM mrlumog. ur
ttig. It rlfji, rtrrriKen, tnvxgvrmtr, wontf
hrmitftn iiWL ttuid lo nm miwar mud mm hfa tu til WluUaft
tbu BT oher TrmAy in the wi.rU, brcmnmw
cf It wJJ rSect ft greaSpr tmoant uf cure ttt&a fomw tfoXmrw
wrtk ( tar$cnmnilm. or ny lAlirr rrmr'.j. bo 'matter kow
Iwgf their botU may Im. Tne important fttrfim Utr ron
wrnwj to determine. U, k.w wutrh merrt cman effect wi9
tinliar'g worth of tins Punfitr wrm4mtv. tum delun't worth of
ikmt terrrponllm or of er rrmtdr. We irnrht Bfre oj, thai
hrmW ifcaftmtef hmd cared, wali th last Jtmx, (
mM TenoDS of Impure Bload Di&eau.v
ami 2i,G33 Cases were fomiJerfd Inrarable!
: u torn other patent-metllelne mn mrr in he babivof bj
! In 7. If we fbnuH mt a who would beiieve Thi
however, we d'war, and utand ready to prove Iit vtjtrctook
ana-rur?, that Hr-Ivvt's MoiCT?raU katre effectrd rare of
more djeaae oa living human beioxsa, tb pant jcr, mm
any other rt-rju-y in exUtvnce did &nm tte mm tuna. '
How ainch will m lolliira worth CURE
Twmtw Irra, d-ep t'letrs were cared by asiDf r-'i faW
bcrTtle of B'amt'i Purifier. - - ...
Tb fallow iitr ii rhe moit wrrrJerf i? an-? atfoniejfcla now
that waa erer etfected o a htu&aB bein, by awy aaaritcaaa.
Horrid Scroftala Cored. .
Mjl J. B. IIakt?t. of Ryme, id Co., If. T.. erfle,
Deoemlvr Xfin, lei's that be had oeea atfieted witii Scao
Fula tour year, and the lut y-ar rontwied to hie bed. with
twejiTt iargt, dtt?, dioxkargwg iLcras thu hia neck
waa eaten aronnd from ear to ear -a hole waa eaten
through hie Wind jnye, o that he breathed through the
bole hit ear waa n irly dtroTPd t-e nae ot tua arm
waa wholly deetroyed-and aa Llcer nadur the arm, ae
lare aa a man'i h-nd. hd nearly eaten thronrh into hie
LaDza 4hat he bad naed all kind of Sam at a 11 la. a and
efAr wudicinet, ton bznrfit, and that he waa not erpucud
to Ore frmtv-fowr hour wlvn be eommr-oeed BtAKT'e
IffDiAw Prairrrvo Kjctract that mw BurrLn of the
Puairrnro Extbact hmUd an 4 rared araxne en of the
twenty L'icrra he had wlien he commenced asin it, and
that a fne bat:lf$ mar- ertected a nemwrnct ctrnar. fur talk-
rarticnkra ot thia, aud many other tnmdrw carca aee oar
mrHLm ...
Thie Yfniierfail anal Aatmiabiag CCBB
do not atand alone a a wuwumeiU of the prtat sjecw
of HaAXTa Priinn, for we eon Id dre almoaC abulia
Ited aidenee ef otner cur-a, wetl aUcated, it tuia wcra
duubtrd. Thia core w certified to hy
Fourteen Kespectablc Witnesses.
By Doer. Turn. Whimw one of the moat reapeetaVe
phyauhana of Ritov by iWeera. But an. Jt Lkimid,
whoieflaie Rvl rebul dru-jspt ny Mr. ti. R. HroW pro
;ritnr and keper oa the Wear Iloac iiorKi and ly
tUttn oeVr wilnttHS.
Brant's Indian Purifier .
rurom ait irnpnre diraiva of the !oo Tit : BzCl Tltvil
totitrKocxtm, HcmMtram, k'iinyi on t4e 'oca
Pii9. Biles. VlTt-9, Ctirrntss, McmtrmU Drscaem, Lstmw
C iaiz. Paiis the Bc Siic mud Lmu9t Uuh nf
HLoodtaiAt Utatt tic, etc
Thia ralm po9eae9 ai7 the tmsit and pmfsi
Yirturs tt the a'cvovta-nanied PvKrmo Exmnr. and aiao
pxjA..Ni at'TcrU oti.r rM.flreni ferttto'ail. and aco
tarty a!a,.:ed to rnr Cf Wl and t'HSrjMfTIO?M. It
I tit an. I rtzrta Vice's ta the Lg and ei-f wnt-re tmtermi
V aa rerttl;?r and aa eajaiiy as the Fwrtfgxng L'ttrmet hvmJt
and rurea extertnui.
Tn rAXiw of care of the wtof Kowlf Cermrrrrptr,
futty pve in a'mit mirncn!oni pVa.y lu mil (iua-acea f
the Ll'Nti. TUliOAT, and bJi.tf. r .
We girc the fi Howin? rrSfirate ae a fiart af cure. wbJcfc
f to uroTu tLe power to tare iitla, erux nhen the teraun
rcmi to he in the very ;t rtacea of exifreea, wbeB Br soft
ImJutm FIt!vmiy B-xirom in adtuiniartrred : . , , ,
We tir the fi!ow:nr crtii5cate U m favr of cttrrT whicTl
Coa ii pr ,tc th- avr rBtTe liFe.eTn wnee th ptmk
ae,a ti be in the Try last bXhc1 of exiteaoe. wbeo.
Hrcn'-'s Indian Puim-nory Balsam W adiuiuist'iv .1 r Thie
ciia dut-a nut stan 1 a lorn we couM name hat crane
a marztious aiid mtmmttiag an. hnmlrrds ot' 7
cari and thraitds of r ealled CXrfrMtTl01
TUid CLtiK w;ta etlV-cted n t.V wut of -Vr. Ji
DvVAr ot the totem of Baltemi. Stteatora C. . T
Mra. lyk-mn waa pronounced dyinjr, and Mr. ltyk-mnn
Wr'nt to the tnre of Mr. Jhic Wait topnrrMem eiath for
a aomrd, and other burial marrrtaU, rxtertn hia w::
would uroo d:e, 5ite waa in the last swt oi the deisaea
-was murk cfpmscd and itrfTTrtril -up 1 jrj relic c her
wrrat dtrfrrts. nnd mk ft dwinw fiUim mon m, Mr.
ITk-mui ws neranxda-tl t c.Ve tier at)me 01 -EUAN Ii
IMfMN rrisMO.NAKY BALaAM." He tok the Hnlm
homewitii tiw ahry ad, and rnre a portion to hia wile 1
reliored hvr she cttntmued to take it nntii h? rccorerei
)"OD HCAint, and she hiS twit maid mtU for nearly juur
rr ee PamphUt lor ptrtiru'ara.
Mr. Dtxkxax awiv t tiie af-ore facte before Tane. O.
Touvo, Eq, of talifton Sjm, Stoh April, .
. Tnoe. G. orx; ran., Juxtwe, .xrt.Sfa ta.it he hae
known Mr. Pykmn miiy Tear und fiat he ia one of
tit ir most worthy and rprcutbU eithens; and Air. JH-a
Wait, tire men luuit "pkt-n cf alx.re. mUo esrt'jifs U, tho
nod rhnu ter of Mr. Dttkeman. and trml waa .
quant-d wtfh all rheuv'a, &aviu heard lacm uiten apok
rn et by rm
Brant's Pulmonary Balsam
trarva CO.XSL'MPTJOX Cav?A, CcUs. Syittimv of Blnx.
KUfUnti m Hit .v. rain in the Pmst and Hu!t, AuA
S?rta:s. Xtrrois G'mpiaittts, Palpdation of cat heart,,
Cltoitrw renf-w. I h ay. Summer Cimplat ntn, and ALL
VLMALt: H AKMl.$LS, teuhout mny jnUtnjf mkmUtor -
DOrTBBS Ju ruYsiniss KEroxiuo. ,
1 ne fuilowinz nwl l-firtnn I Phusu-iatiM bare bkb
CT rrremitMi.W HKANTS MKIllL'lNEd -
I'r. N. IH KIIARii. t.mroni. t-Mna.
Or.J.N. SMITH. Vtntwq,M.r. ,
lr. Ktlss.MAN, 13 lifarr .-. cS, iirooklni. T.
Dr. T. N. IH;N T. Auhi.rn, S. Y.
lr. l,i.O. UtANt 's. M:,!.ilrtuw. Cuna. C
I'Mim A. htXiEKS. balh,!. V. f
I)r.f.WHITttrloLiX.V. X
lr. J. O Silll'.MAN, Fvrtt.-Tilb-. N T
Ir. J. i-KlNNKK. llnry ttm-t, Rrooklra. X T.
lc. O. bliU'JUX t'uri;:uij, N. V.
Beware of counterfeits !
Th re is n Itrai.l'i irnlicines crimtr.r. bnl
snrh bottles a are put up in a square parkago
or shape, am) on mis square of lve parkage ia a
!atxl on wbi-h is rprcntej a young J'iiusct.
an l un trr hrr she j'.ain). is a Jfote tf IlanJ.
nhirh reails as f.!Iows, aij.
We eefrt prvnie.f'.r ralte rereirid. to ran
to the bearer hrrecf O.ii on drmand. at
mtr M-diein' Factory in the Citu nf Brmhloa.'
X.Y. lUlcd at Brooklyn, "th April. IS !.' ,
(which note is signed ilh peti and red inZ)
.Vr. WALLACK to."
None genuine hut such as hare ths note or.
th- lubil signcJ a ab'ive. .
For ilc bv Thornfin V r!;rr, Iz-wis-hatg;
Ed J Vilrn. ,w Be:':in; S J (!iam,
SelinstToTe ; (i ATO Mirer, Freehnrf : H N
B.irkhausc, Mitldlburs; v Will & i'ilerl, H.inlr
ton ; An'es .V Mench. Miti'iinLurc;
All letters and ortlers tnusl he aj.rre?,! to
Wallace & ("o 1G3, Itrntttlnar, New Y.r'
JL'ST r. ct iv(
liicr Oil
for wh.'l -s.-tle or reta:l.
f)r Thornt- n 5i Knkor
KKW BUGGD7 for m!c,?
r furtherl pnrt!0'j! ir, enn'iife?
Lw!shtir, Nor. 7, IS 19
I "TAIL3 an J IUON .W sa.e by
Reber St Uulcgt.
sale at n
tH sr f
i r