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From the Xsine Farmer.
tonus Soil for Potatoes.
ll has been remarked by moralist! that
blessingRbrichten as they take their flight."
Tbc good old-fashioned potato used to be
raised so easily, and were so abundant that
we never realized their worth until the po
tato tot crctw, and then the blessings be.
gan to brghti-n, after they had taken their
flight beyond our reach. S.ime remarks
in regard to the culture of them we think
would not be amiss, eve w if not quite in
season to apply tSem in the act of planting.
V?p' have always noticed that the best
crops of potatoes are raised in what may
be catbd porous soil. For instance, new
grounds that have been burnt over.and are
lull of half burnt Waves and sticks, and
ashes and coal andju-reenswards that have
been turned over by the plow and are not
From these facts we have supposed that
alihaagh the vine of the pota'.nto requires
ome source to obtain potash which enters
rnto its substance largely, yet it requires a
chtnja where the atmosphere can have ac
cess to i'.s tubers, an J that while it is nec
essary that they should r.ot be exposed tn
the scorching sun or drowning waier, yet
air is a very important clement iu its f uc
cessful cu'tivaticn, and this it ob'ains in
such situations as we have d. scribed above
In looking over eeme of the w riters who
hve ventured to suggest anything on this
eubiect. we find one quoted in the New
York Farmer and Mechanic, who seems
to think that the atmosphere rfTcirds the
principal part of the nourishment to this
crop. It is tnat we do not yet, after
ail iFie rr searches in the chemical action of
the element, hi how they are always
assimilated, nor what jit-culiar changes and
affinities are tfilcu d during the growth of
plants. It is not impossible that decompo
sitions and re-compositions which are si
lently going on in the ti e plant, may be
-uch as to form substances from the ingre
dier.ts of the atmosphere1 and the aeriform
substances ao J vapors wi h which it is filled,
that we supposed must have come Irom the
soil alone. That the potato, for instance,
can derive in some mys'eriou or hitherto
unknown pnces, potash, and lime, and
soda, and the other mineral matters it con
tiflr from the atmosphere, and hence the
reason why it thrives best in such porous
soil as we have mentioned.
Anion;; the many plans devised to culti
vate tbe potato, if you have not piece of
burnt ground or turf, the breaking up of
sward-lend and manuring wi'h coarse
trawy manure, if you ore sure of suffici
ent moisture, is- the best.
The writer to whom we alluded above,
says that the following is the most success
ful plan that he has found iu the cultivation
o! this vegetable, en1 that he speaks from
Select a piece of hard trama'ed ground,
the harder the better. A lot on which
atock of any Wind but particularly hogs
f.ava bien kfpt aod fed, will be found to be
the best. Break it up wctf, thoroughly and
deeply, one way, no matter how cloddy ;
nud do cot harrow it any, but let the clods
remain unbroktn. The ground being thus
btoktn one way. lay it off into rows the
other wav. or across the plowing, two and
a hall or thrre feet apart. Open these with
a plow, rurniirg it back in the same furrow,
to as to open the ttench as widely and as
deeply as possible ; cut ail the large seed
potatoes so as to have a sufficiency of eyes
on each piece. Then drop them in about
six inches apart. Now fVil the trench with
straw or chaT, or if neitl.tr of these can
be obtained, with leaves from the woods
or trash of some sort. This is very impor
tant to a successful coititatiri of the pta
to. not as is Generally supposed, becanse it
gives thrpo-ato room to grow and expand
in, (though tins is of some impor!an; e,(but
because, as we have shown, it furnishes it
i:h a kind ol bed or nuasery to grow in.
Wc do cot d'.iiy thai rt rmy rt-ctivc some
t lUriincnt from the decom;osing s'raw.but
th n it must be tmirely d'UHrriit from that
ir.irdi;d by soil, as the sirs murt be en
i.iely Jecoinposed before it ran vtiier into
composition of soil. Trcncl.e.thu GlleJmay
be covered with the plow.nn?! the miu.lle"
en'.irely broke by the plow to the rideso
as to leave o furrow only betwnen each.
Two wrki:S;, a weeding, and then afu r-
wards, ol the prop-T time a hilling up.each
aided by the plow about twice between
each row, will generally complete the cuU
titration. .-
Corn and Potatoes together.
The idea advanced by some, that pota
toes pl.inted in rows alternating with corn,
would invent the potato rot, induced many
last year to try the experiment. As thr
potato disease did not prevail ao extensive
ly dur'tiJ the I j si season as usual, the re
sults of the experiment in this respect are
not vi Vfiiiit-Iy ascertained as we could
wish. It h. a!so been believed, by som,
that this is a better mode of raising these
two crops than bv planting them scp-
r':'e'y. We have been reminded ol this
i'n by re.fi. n,j the alres d'-liverrJ by
Mr. ICcwhail before the Esx County
Aur-ciiiitiritl l-oncy, at their last Cattle
Snow. W o An J that be advances the
nrs id-a, asd sting forward some facts
corroborating it. Premium had soma
year ago been offered by that Society Tor
mixed crop of corn, beans, potatoes, &e.
Mr. Newhall says But one premium
had been claimed, which wes for a crop of
corn and potatoes' planted in alternate
rows ; the experiment made at the time,
by measurement of land and produce,
thowed that the mixed crop yielded tome
nineteen per cent, more than that which
was planted separately
The corn and
potatoes planted in this way were mutual
helps to each other ; the potatoes shading
the roots of the corn and protecting it from
the effects of drought, and the corn in the
months of July and August screening the
potatoes from the rays of the sun. The
crops planted in this way, adding the
value of potatoes in corn, yielding from
eighty to one hundred bushels per acre.-
The Farmers' Creed.
We believe in small (arms and thorough
cultivation. ,
We believe in large crops, which leave
the land better than they found it.
We believe in going to the bottom of
things, and therefore in deep ploughing.
We believe that the best fertilizer of the
soil is (he spirit of industry, enterprise.and
intelligence ; without this, lime, marl, plas
ter, bones, and creen manures will be of
little use. N. Independent.
R, how to Wash Clothes without Ma
chines. Wash-board?, or rouni;u
Send me One Do'IirVpe of postage.and
I will smvJ .a 'tf mail printed circular, giving
,.'in1 ulrection for Washing Clothes, that will
enable one prr-on to do the washing of a large
family before breakfast, thus avoiding the confu
sion of a washing day. This method rrquires no
machines, washboards, or pounding barrel no
tur?i:tine, csmpbene or other offensive article
no rubbing the skin off your 6ng ra no tearing
oir buttons and wearing out clothes. 'J'hii plan
saves the ctothe. makes thim whiter, and never
injures the 6nest fabric. The article used cost
but a few rents, for a large washing, and can be
obtained anywhere.
The circular also contain direction fiw Clear
Starching. Ironing Lace. Washing atd Cleaning
S'lk and Kid Gloves. Removing Slain Grease
Spots, Mildew from Linen, Knising the Nap of
Velvet, Ac. Ac. These are the greatest chemi
cal discoveries of the age. All the Hotels, Stea
mers, and large Laundry establishment use my
method of washing.
To avoid imitations and counterfeits, be ure
to direct your letter le
Madame BEAVELT, Paten Laundress,
43 Ann t. New Voik postage paid
W 5' 2. W
r G3 mm
S" H a " 3 .
3 S.
s - r V2
J ;
3 s
cr o SL i
c y c
, 1 , n
C f. 57
r. T 3 i PS"
o OS
. 3
Lewisburg, Union County, Penn'a.
Practices in Union snd adjoinirsj counties '
attemls the courts of Ferry county.
FFICE on Second St., lately occupied
by L. B. Christ, Esrj.
Brandreth's Pills are sold at 25
cts per box (with full directions)
TIT J. HAYES & CO., Lewisburg, and
J3 by only one Agent in every town in
the Union. Each Auent has a Certificate
of Ancy. Examine the box o' pills always
and compare it with the fae-simile labels on the
Certifiu le of Agency. As there is a cotmeifeit
of the n.-w label out. this is of much importance.
a thori is a decided difference between the
appesrrnre of the true labels and those of the
count j feit. The counterfeit is done on stone ;
the fc raine are dune on steel. Tbe sppearance
of ll ( printing on tbe counterfeit is ragged and
blurry ; the genuine label is the very pink of
neatness, both in printing, paper, and general
Be very careful and goto the Agent.when yon
want Brandreth's Pill-: then you are sure of the
genuine artirle. Worn you purchase otherwise,
inquire of the seller whether he know the pills
be offers you are i!ie genuine lirandielh'? Ev
ery man knows wl-ether the aiticle he offers is
Jru or false. Beware of cheat !
THE subscribers ofTor the public, at their
new Brick Foundry, the following new
and valuable Stoves :
Iron Witch Air-Tight Cooking Stoves, with
a Brick Oven.
Lsdy Washington Parlor 8tove. '
Cast Iron Air-Tight Parlor Stove, for Wood
2 sixes.
Coal Burner for Parlors I cixe, 12 inch cyl
inder. Louis Air-Tight Cast Iron Parlor Stove 2
Shield Air-Tight Parlor Stove for Wood 3
- Egg Stove tbe very best in use for Stores,
Offices, Barroom, and Shop.
' The celebrated tSenesee Air Tight Cook Stove.
The Complete Cook 3 aisea.
Also, all kinds of Wood and Coal Stoves
Ploughs Castings, ckc. &c.
cirersT & M'FADDI.V.
Lewisbnrg, Dec. 12, J 849.
IjEWISBURG chronicle and west
' Dentistry,
wis. 0. STEWART,
LATE of Philadelphia, is now located on
Market street. Lewisburg, opposite Mr. J.
Scbreyer store, where be attend to operation
on the teeth at a redu:iion of hi former price.
Teeth and root of teeth removed with the aid of
improved Instrument, and in an easy manner.
Filling teeth and setting on pivot or plates atten
ded to according to the latest improvement in the
profession. Ulcerated, spongy, and inflamed gams
cured. Thankful for past favors, he solicit a
continuance of public patronage No impure
materials used for filling in leetb. Iy388
Dr. Sway tie's Cekhrated Family Medi
More Proofs of the Efficacy of
coMrocso stacr ov
Wild Cherry.
The Original aad Genuine Preparation !
Cough, Cold, Asthma. Ilronchiti. Liver Corn,
plaint, (pitting Blood.dilficuUy of Breathing,
pain in the Side and Ureasi, palpitation
f the Heart, Influenza.Croup.bro
ken Conlitotion.sore Throat,
Nervous Uebilitynd all
diseases of Throat,
Breast, and
most effec
tual and speedy core
known for any of the
above diseases is
Dr. Swayne's compound Syrup
of Wild Clterry.
Reliable Testimony.
John Milton Earle, editor of tbe Worcester
Spy, Mas-:., r:;; attacked with a severe inflama
tion of tbe lungs, accompanied with a distressing
cough : after using various other remedies with
little or no benefit, by the use of one bottle ot Ur
Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, he
was restored to perfect health.
Wm. M.. melius, a respectable merchant of St
Clair. Schuy lkill county, writes, Jan 30, 1849:
"Enclosed I send you a certificate of Wm. Ueau
mont, a citizen of our town. Hi case of Cons
umption is well known here.and of long standing;
he attribute his cure entirely to your Compouud
Myrup of Wild Cherry."
Be not deceived by tbe many spurious and
worthless preparations of Wild Cherry, ushi-red
into notice by ignorant pretendrrs, bot see that
tbe signature of Dr. Sway oe is upon each bottle,
which is the only guarantee against imposition.
liemtmber ! tbe genuine preparation of Wild
Cherry is prepared only by Dr Swiisi, N W
corner of Eighth and Race atreets, Philad'a
Swayne's celebrated Vermifuge,
'A Safe and Effectual Remedy for Worms, lys
Hpsia, Cholera Morbus, sickly or dyspeptic
Children or Aduhs.and the most useful Family
Medicine ever offered to the public"
This remedy is one that has proved successful
for a long time, and is universally acknowledged
bv all who have tried it to be far mperiur (being
to very pleasant to the taste, at the same time
effectual) to any other medicine ever employed in
diseases lor which it is recommended. It not
only destroys worms, but it invigorates the whole
. - i : . rt--. IimIiIi
system, it i narrows iu u cuis,,u iu.
of the patient is always improved by its use, even
mhen nn worms are discovered.
irRiH i)f MUtakes. Remember Dr S'a
Vcrmiluge is now put up in square britles (hav
ing recently been changed) covered by a beautiful
etoel encravint. with the portrait of Dr
Swayne thereon engraved. Bear this in miud,
and be oo. deceived.
The virtues of these pills csn be appreciated
only by those who have used them. They are
adaoled to assist nslure in carrying off morbid
matter, obstructions, impurity of the blood. &c
They are a gentle and effective purgative, correct
all the functions ot tne liver, anu as an ne..u.c
in dropsical affections they are very valuable and
should be in every fsmily. Thry huve an outside
coating of pure White Sugar.whereby everything
dmgrmMe to taste or smell Is entirety removed
without in tbe least aliening tne eaceneui huv.ii-
lies of the medicine. Remember : tney are now
n..t nn in boxes turned out ot tne solid wooa.
covered who a reu laitri ""in
r r . . . - .....
Dr Swayne: none other is genuine.
The above valuable Medicines nre pre
pared only by Dr. SWAYNE, N W corner of
Eighth and Race streets, Philadelphia,
Ji gents for Union G unty. Pa.
C W Chsffle, and Thornton & llaker.Lewisburg
I Scebold and .,:: Mencb, Millersburg
Ed Wilson, " " L.&Tavlor,Miffl.nburg
Mos Specht, Beavertown Wilt at tilert, Martieton
D J Boyer, Centerville
nami naupi uu
D.&Schnure,Seliiis(;r ve
Yuungman ol natter.
Dry Valley
B.& Summera-Freeburg
I) Smilh.Mosser s Valley
ReubKeller,Navy Island
aad by Storekeepers generally ly290
Myers' Liquid Cure
TS a positive and never-failing Remedy
X 'or P I LcSi wneiner internal, ex
ternal, Blind or Bleeding Scrofula.White
Swellings, Ulcers, ulcerated Sore Throat,
Canker Sore Mouth, Rheumatism, Cutan
eous Diseases, Mercurial Affections. Jc
also for Scalds, Burns, Cuts, Sprains, Brui-
ses. Ate. &c. t
We feel justified in proclaiming tue Fact to
the World, that of all medicine ever bro't before
tbe public, none have ever been more bene6cial
to afflicted humanity than Myers' Liquid Cure.
We know this is saying a great Heal, out ll we
were to write volumes we could not say too much
in praise of this
asALTU-ntjTonisc.Lirs-rBOLoseiso beksdt.
Hundreds, nay thousands bless the hsppy houi
when first they were made acquainted with ita
transcendent virtues ; and our present purpose is
to inform other thousands, how and where thoy
may obtain thst relief which they perhaps have
long sought for in vain.
The superior excellence of this preparation
over all other medicines, for tbe speedy and per
manent cure of PILES, is well known to all who
have tested it. It haa been proved in tboussods
r ;..,..,...,. .n,l hsa ikvib failed to cure the
most obstinate eases, and we are confident it will
never fail it used a proper tengta ol uroe aceoro
ing to directions. Asa proof of our entire eonfi
in it. effiracv. we assure all purchasers that
if. after a proper trial, it prove ineffectual, the
Money paid for it will be returned.
The Linuid Cure is an effectual remedy for
Ringworms'. Biles. Pimples, Berbers' Itch, Frosted
Limbs, Chilblains. Salt Bheom, Mosquito Bites,
sting of poisonous Insects and Cutaoeousdiseases
of every description.
It is both safe snd effectual for Rbeomatis,
giving immediate and permanent relief.
It effects as a real Pain Killer, are magical,
avaav nan! ia -
honld provide themselves with this Invaluable
Pretnniinn. the ehesDnes of which places it
within the reach of all.
Full Directions accompany each Bottle . .
Pamphlets, containing copies of certificates
from those who have tested the Liquid Cure, may
he had gruf of oor euthnnxed agents -Muers'
Limid Cure is prepared oaly brt
JEROME 4 CO. 31 Spruce 8t.New York
I A gent : C W Schaffle, Lewisburg ; J H Raser,
i Miluie lveowMS
DR. J. N. KEELER & BUO. most res
pectfully solicit attention to their fresh
stock of English, French, German, and
American Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Che
micals, Oils, Dyestuffs, Glassware, Perfu
ntery, Patent Medicines, Varnishes, &c
Having opened a new store, No 294, Market st,
with a full supply ol fresh Diugs and Medicines,
we respectfully solicit country dealers to exam
ine our stock before purchasing elsewhere, prom
ising one and all who may feel disposed to ex
tend to us their patronage, to sell tbem genuine
Drugs and Medicines, on as liberal terms as any
other house in tbe City, and to faithfully execute
all orders entrusted to us promptly and with de
spatch. One of the proprietors being a regular physi
cian, affords ample guarantee of the genuine
quality ot all articles sold at their establishment.
We especially invite druggists and eountiy
merchants, who msy wish to become agents for
Dr. Heeler's Celebrated Family Medicines,
(standard and popular remedies,) to forward their
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we respect
fully remain,
J.N. KEELER dr. BRO., Wholesale Druggists,
JyS84 No. 294, Market St, Philad.
MM. Vi2 I9U. W U
THANKFUL for liberal patronage heretofore
received, respectfully informs his old friends
and tbe public generally that be has removed his
Tailor shop
to the Basement of bis Brick dwelling on Market
street, next door above U. Penny' saddlery (late
the office of H C Hickok, Esq) where he hopes to
suit all who may give him their custom, as
he does all work in his line in the best and
newest style and on short notice. He har
the Fashions regularly, employs none but
good hands, and is determined to keep u
with tlie times and merit a good share c
i,atronaae. CUTTING done to order.
Charges reasonable, and Produce taken in
exchange for work
lew isbtirs. June, 1949 1270,T
at l.cwisbursr.
THE TRUSTEES of the University at Lew.
ishurg would respectfully inform its Patrons
snd Friends, that, in ihe School under their care,
(at Lewisburg) the following ate the Classes, Sub
jects of Study and Exercises for ike current year.
Department's and Studies.
Six Classes Exercised iu Spelling, Reading,
Definition, English tirammar, Arithmetic. Geog
raphy, History U. S. A., Penoisn-hip, and Com
position. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT of the Academy.
Tbe same studies as in the Primary Department
continued in the use of larger text books ; and to
these are added General History, Davies' Algebra,
Legendre and Surveying.
Jun. Academic Class. English Language,
Geography, History U. 8. A., Latin Grammar
and Reader, Greek Grammar and Reader com
menced, Arithmetic completed.
.Sen. Academic Class. English Language,
General History, Cesar, Virgil, Greek Reader,
Davies' Algebra.
Freshman Class. Livy,Anabasis,MemorabiIia,
n.vin' 1 f cendre. Trigonometry commenced.
&,phonwre Class. Horace, Odyssey, Select
Oialtons of Demosihenes, Legendre completed,
Davies' Surveying and Navigation, Analytical
Geometry, Blair's Lectures.
Junior Class. Demosthenes on Ihe Crown,
Greek Trsgedy, Cicero de Olficiis, Tacitus, Nat
ural Philosophy, Astronomy, Logic.
Students in the English Department recite
with those pursuing the. seme studies in the
Regular Course.
No class in the Regular course, has less than
three daily recitations. All the members of the
school. 0 the divUiow.)
Saturday in Reading, Declamation, English Com
position, snd Vocal Music.
All the students are required to attend, regu
larly ump mliviona meeting. Minors are expec
ted o attend such meetings as are recommended
to them by their parenla or guardians. There are
in the Borough no less than fix places of public
worship, occupied every Lord's Dsy by as many
different Christian denominations.
Number of Students.
The nomber of students during the past year
in the various departments, was 16 1. The
n..mhr that have entered the classes in the Reg.
ular Course for the current year (exclusive of
those in the English and Primary departments.;
is as follows :
CoLLtei. Junior clsss 6
Sophomore class - 1 3
Freshman class 13
Ac in car. Senior clasa - 13
Junior class - - 38.-T1
STEPHEN W. TAYLOR. A- M.. Professor of
Mathematics and Natural Philosophy
GEORGE R. BLISS. A. M, Professor of Greek
I.ansuaee and Literature ;
nRORIiF. W. ANDERSON. A.M., Professor
nf Latin Lanauace and Literature:
I8AAC N. LOOMIS, A. M, Principal of the
Academy ;
ALFRED TAYLOR, A. M., Teacher in the
In order to meet the demands of the Institu
tion, the Board have taken measures to supply
the necessary Apparatus for the department of
Mechanical Pbilosopby, anil to increase me li
brary, befoie Ihe commencement of the winter
session. During the year, the building now in
nrosresa will be completed, affording study room
and dormitories for 70 college students. Another
Professor has been added to tbe F acuity, and
meats provided to enable student in the classes
oeciiied above to prosecute their studies with the
greatest success.
Tuition and Board.
TUITION in the Collmiiate Department 30,
Academic 30. Primary (13 per year.
BOARD, including lodging, washing, fuel and
light, can he bad in the village and its vicinity at
various prices, from $1.37 to s.au per weex
Sessions, Tacations, &c
Two Sessions in a year the former commen
ces on the second Tuesday in October, and con
tinues 37 weeks; tbe lsUer continues la weeks.
Serine Vacation, 4 week ; Autumnal, 6. Next
session Begins 1 1th October.
The Board are 1appy to add that Lewisburg
is at present, as It aver haa been, exceedingly
By order and in behalf nf the Board :
i GEORGE F. MILLER. 8ee'y.
Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa. fcrpl. 1, 1849.
Dr. Rose's Redicines.
The subscriber having been appointed
sole agent for Dr. Rose's Medicines, for
Union county, offers them tn the public
with treat confidence as to their i fB.-acy
and certainty of effecting cures in all cases
for which they are designed. A single test
only ia required to establish the fact.
Sept 97 S S BARTON
branch farmer
The New. Foundry
IS now carried on as usual, at the upper
end of Market street, where every des
cription of CASTINGS keP 00
hand or made to order such as
The Complete, or
Complete Improved
Cooking Stoves,
for either Coal or
Wood and all
other kinds of
also PLOUGHS of differ-
ent kinds Corn Ploughs, Bull Ploughs,
and tbe
Self-Sharpening Plough,
a new article, and which can not be beat
in Pennsylvania. Call and see and judge
for yourselves.
Lwisburg, Sept. 22, 1849
THIS new and valuable Medicine, now
used by the medical profession with
such astonishing efficacy in the cure of
Pulmonary Consumption. Scrofula. Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout, general Debility,
Complaints of the Kidneys,
tie. iic, is prepared from the liver of the
COD-FISH for medicinal use, expressly
for our sales.
Extract from the London Medical Journal.
C. J. B.Wi llis. M. D- F.R.S, Professor of
Medicine in University College, London, consul
ting physician to the Hospital for Consumpiion,
Ac, says ; I have prescribed the Oil in above
four hundred eases of tuberculous disease of the
Lungs, in different klages,wbich have been under
my care the last two years and a halt. In the
large number of cases. 206 out ot 334. its use was
followed by marked, unequivocal improvement,
varying in degree in different cases, from a tem
porary retardation of the progress of the disease
snd a mitigation of distressing symptoms, up to
a more or less complete restoration to apparent
The effect of tbe Cod Liver Oil in most of
these cases was very remarkable. Even in a few
davs the couch wss mitigated, the ex pee oration
diminished in uuantiiy and opacity, tbe night
sweats ceased, the pulse became dower, and of
better volume, and the appetite. Bean and slienglQ
were gradually improved.
" In conclusion 1 repeat that the pure fresh Oil
from tbe Liver of the Cod is more beneficial in
the treatment of Pulmonary Consumpiion than
any agent, medicinel, dietetic or regimenal, that
has yet been employed.
As we have made arrangemriits to pro
cure the Cod Liver Oil lresh from head
qunriers, it can now be had chemically
pure, by the single bottle or in boxes of
one dozen each.
Its wonderful efficacy has induced num
erous spurious imitatiovs. As its success
depends entirely on its purity, too much
care can not be used in procuring it of.ni;
isb. Every bottle having on it our written
sisnature, niay be dept-nded on as genuine
Pamphlets containing an anulysis of the
Oil, with notices ot it Irom the Medical
Journals, will be sent to those who address
us free of pos'npe.
Wholesale Driifffjists and Chemists,
ly!8S 100 North Thiid St. Philadelphia
'PHE subscrilier would inform the Gen
X tlemen ol Licwisourg nnu vicinity mat
he has now re-opened a new and elegant
shop, next door to the Post Office, where
he will carrv on the business ot CU I J INU
AND MAKING garments as usual. Work
miide bv him warranted to fit. Pioduce
received in payjiieiit at market prices.
LewUburg, April V7, 1843
Get the Best !
ALL young peron should have a Standard
Dictionary at their elbows. And while
you are about it, get ihe be t: that Dictionary ia
.Nosh Wibste s. the great work, unabridged.
If you are loo poor, ssve the amount from off your
back, to put it into your head. PhrenolngJour.
Dr. Webster's great work is the he! Dictionary
of the English language. Londun Morn.Chron.
Containing three limes the amount of metier of
any other English Dictionary compiled in this
country, or any abridemrnt of this work. -
Published by G & C Merriam.Springfield.Mass.
and for sale at the Cheap Bookstore of
Msy 30 ST 1. Y. DA LL, Lewisburg
nOR sale by
Lewisburg, June. 1849
Worm Specific M'Lane's Vermifuge!
rpHIS invaluable remedy for Worms is
X rapidly supplanting all others.in public
estimation. Where it is used it has produced
the best eflVcts, and driven out all other
remedies. " It is the best they have ever
seen," is the remark of all who have ever
used it in their families.
TyreSprinis.Sumner Co. Ten. Feb 1948
J. Krdd & Co. I received a lot of M'Lane's
Vermifuge from your agent last spring, which I
sold out in one werk, snd I think I could have
sold 1000 bottles by this lime if I could have got
it, bot not knowing where to get it I had la wail
until your agent came around. Every one who
has tried M'l.ane'a Vermifuge, tell me it ia lha
best they have ever seen. Iu fart it is impossible
for any one to say too much in favor of this Ver
mifuge. W. D. KOBB.
Dr.M'Lane dear Sir : I have sold out all your
Liver Pills, and want another lot immediately. I
could have sold a much larger quantity if I had
them. The inhabitants are sending to Rochester
for them. Please send me another supply imme
diately. F. SHORT, Druggist.
Hemlock Lake, Lis. Co N. Y. March 8, '47.
Varyaburg. Wyo. Co. NT. Dee. 10. '47.
J. Kidd & Co. Your traveling agent left with
ma last summer a quantity of Dr. M'Lane'a Pill
and Worm SpeciBc, to sell on commission. The
Worm Specific is all sold, and I ibould be glad to
procure mom. aa it sell very resdily, aad hsa a
very salutary affect in expelling worms. . If you
can forward me smite, or send me- an order to
call on yoor agent in Buffalo (L.8. Reynolds.) I
think it will meet with a rapid sale. j
AGENTS C W Scbati.(, Levrafarg; H
J Sbafer and J H Raser, Mill on ; I Oerhart. Se
ll nsgrove; J W Friling, 8onbury ; Mrs M'Cay,
Karfhararsnland ; M C Grief. J Moore, Danville
AMBli jr and Trtut Compaaj .
Office, l4, tFulmut Street, Philadelphia.
CariTAL, $250,009 Charter Perpetual.
IUE Company are now prepared to transact
business upon the most liberal and advauta
geou terau. They are authorized by ttvair charter
(sec 3 " to make all aud every ius'j'auc apper
taining to life risks of whatever kind or nature, and
to receive and eiecute trusts, make endowments,
and to grant and purchase annuities. The Com
pany sell annuities and endowments, and act a
trustees for minors and heirs.
of $100 for the whole term of Life.
Age. Prem. Age. Prm. Age. Prera.
16 $1 60 31 $3 09 40 $3 36
17 1 S3 33 3 13 47 3 49
18 1 56 33 3 30 48 3 62
19 1 59 34 3 37 49 3 77
30 1 60 35 3 33 50 3 04
21 1 63 36 3 40 61 4 13
33 1 66 37 3 47 53 4 32
23 1 69 38 2 54 53 4 51
34 1 73 39 3 63 64 4 71
35 1 76 40 3 70 55 4 91
26 1 85 41 3 81 56 5 12
37 1 89 42 2 92 67 5 33
38 1 94 43 3 01 58 5 54
33 1 98 44 3 13 59 5 78
30 3 04 45 3 33 60 6 03
The premiums are less than any other company
and the policies afford greater advantages. Mar
ried women and female children can insure tb
lives of either a husband or parent free from the
claima ot creditor. Tables of half yearly ano
quarterly premiums, half credit rates of premium,
short terms, joint lives, survivorships, endow
ments and forms of application are to be bad at
the Office or of the Agent.
Rates for insuring $100 on a sine Life.
Age. For 1 year. For 7 yeara. For Life.
20 $0 81 91 1 60
30 0 99 1 30 S 04
40 1 29 1 64 2 70
60 1 86 3 07 3 94
69 3 48 3 97 6 03
Example : A person aged 30 vears next birth-
daj by paying the Company 99 els would secuir
to bis family or beira f 100 ahould he die in one
year, or for 9 90 be secures to them HI 0U0, or for
13 00 annually for seven Tear he secures to them
$1000 should be die in seven year, or for 211 40
paid yearl; during life be secures $1000 to be paid
when be dies the insurer securing bra own bonus
by tbe difference in smount of premium from those
charged by other office. For 49 50 the heirs would
receive $5000 should be die in one year.
rt I tin CLLLE.N, President.
F. W. RAWLE Sec'y and Tress.
For further particulars apply to
Agent far Union and adjoining counties.
Consulting Physician Ws. Harts, M. I).
Lewisburg, Union Co. Pa. July 31, 1849
THE subscribers, thankful for past pntro
nage,wou!d inform the public that tbev
continue to manufacture ail tinJsf
Cast Water V heels of m0i
Thresfting Machines.
One and Two Horse
e invite particular attention to a new
article Wiartl'i Patent G.l.G PLOrcHS, for
Settling In Grain. Farmers by this ploul
ran seed in as niuch rain, in ne day, at
in three days wilb common ploughs.
easting;? autr gurmug;.
and Fitting the same. HOLLOW WAKE.
Kettles and Pots nf various sizes Smooth
ing Irons and Stands cast Tea Kettles :o
suit cooking stoves.
the most approved patterns now in use, far
wood or coal.
Fancj.Parlor, Wood, Coal Stoves,
Race's Self-regulating Air-tight
Parlor W ood Stoves, (a new article.)
Threshing Machines and other articles
of machinery repaired in the best rr.nnner
and on the shortest notice. Castings war
lamcu m ue oi me nest material, and at
prices that can not fail (o please.
Lewisburg, March 25. 1848 120
Pianos: Pianos, i
fpHE undersigned continues to furnish to order
1 on tne most reasonable terms. Pianos, from
the manufactory of Conrad Meyer, PhiIad.,whose
instruments are loo well known to need any pan
egyric, having uniformlv received the rommei.d
ationa of the most eminent professor and compo
ris ui ..insic, ana tne award or the premiums in
NewYork,Philadelnhia and Boston. For nnalitist.
of tone, touch, and keeping in lone up to conceit
pitcn, iney can not be surpassed by cither Amer
ican or European Pino.
Instruction aivon nn llto P; fltrl mm I &rmt nf, irm
Reference may be made lo any of those parents
or guardians who have pupils committed to his
charge. He may h seen at his residence at Mrs
Maixe's, Market street, Lewi-burg, where terms
and particulars will be made known.
Tbe mot popular and favorite Airs and Music
of different kinds received as it is issued lrom tbe
different musical esiabli.hrnents in the Cities.
Important Information
FOR the difficult respiration and tlebilitv
amending diseases of the Lungs, or
Throat and Breast, Thomson's Compound
Syrup of Tar and Hood Naptha has
been found an invaluable remedy.' Besides
ita power as an Expectorant to relieve the
lungs from Ihe accumulated matter which
results from the relaxed state of the system
in hot weather, it also acts as a healing
balm to the ulcerated part and a atreagth
ener to the system. .
So salutary ia the action of the Syrup
in this respect, that many of our most
respectable Physicians employ it io their
practice, and we have daily evidence of
cures enectM - in pulmonary- disease
where skill haa utterly failed.
Prepared only by Angney & Dickson, N
K corner Fifth and Spruce fits. Philad.
Sold by C.H. SeAefJfc, Lawisburtf.
" An ounce of Prevention worth
' a pound of Cure," in
' " v that awful dUeate, t- ,
consur.iPTion :
DR. FITCH'S Lectures on the Preven
tion and Cure of Consumption.
This popular work for sale ia Lewisburg
by S. F. Lvndall J. Houghton and at
this office. Price. 75 ceots.
tst ErarMM Bo vsis t-Auru.v.-Tkera m a
WwananlU Is sals id ih differs. towns cid AR
EWiKt's Sarsapantta. h is -IsrrtlssS as th DtH.t
Inri mv-r was ; bit formerly a wortsr railroad., e.
- tteuis-JW he -ume. ll- ulla ol Uocior tor ib.
Miofe urnns Wit tm wha. ha isaot
K XsM wo sJieal .chow. al practiced for 6hm
Now to. train w. h. ne pratiicod mrJicin. a
ibom .iner rHy. he bad never mte iboss stlmMts f km
se uYn. V he will men team u, be b.Hirl and ttk
ful in a!l iheir ilralines and miertoim
ur-i urine hn ure. swine ihs larrs sum h !
Baas as an uavsesmenl to unbar aih baswesa. Ir.j :
mta bar. Ik-so insulin and Utelliur oi a pnj-i j
ihcOM Isieiort Sarsaoanlla was n.H Ilia vnaiat. self -r M
Srr.u Ur,.M. mto trim the Hid OocU. Onfmml IU
mt this S. r. TowusmsJ says I have sold UK ass of r J
rnina .r 7 a wsek. I will " S3l if b will r
rhiea one nunte solitary pronf of ihis. Ilia atatsmenu of
Thuminon. Skilliuan Co., are aoihias; bot a Usra of
falsehoods, simply nuvle to decalse lha pnblie, and Lap
the truih d.iwn in regard to hi imring, fermtnUnf t Jr
. .. f iai.t in assist him in OmU
powrwf. Tiirs h. to caution trie puouc w purenspw nwr
Old Dr. JAI.OBTownsend'sSsrsspsrilla. hrirur on r n
Old Ikv'or's likeness, bis amiif Coal qf Jrata, srrf .C
an;ureaeros the Cost a( Arms.
Old Dr. Jacob Townscnd,
Genuine Townseud Sarsapanlla.
V llr T wnneiu n n"W sbtnir 711 .ears of aff. ar.il has
oi niar. aisl ths salss cimnseri:r4 iu ihoM only who
ha" u"J its worh.ar known . !.- h '"J
tkVw.s ..f ro.0T. aeTenheiess. as than parsons wko bad
aULiKil s wont"fnl
manulaciurrrlonthe larees, seals, aisiu ca.lsJ lor inrouiu.
out ti kiaj-.h anu bmaJth ol ins land. KU'.J as u m
foiin l liicbl of dVreneratloo or de:erlriio.
Unlike to nor & P Tawisssud's, it irofroses with a? a.
anil never rtuui?ea bin for iht iK-ver : her t km V't arrf
on tti'tuif.'. vrintMn bv a trtmnf.t mrm. Tht higliesl
krKwle.le of t hemisiry. ami U Isimc discotrenes oi in
an havesil bwn bromltt cm reqi:r-t lon in the manu.at
tur-of the OH Ws Ssrsa-Jinlla. The Srsaill.a rrs.
a la well ki;owti lo niertifl men. cocaine many mcucinal
Drot)er ic an l some pmpetii.-a wk:tb ars aiert M useieM,
SrA othe:. which if relate in frepanni ll lor w. pr
dure Urr,-iia im anil aril, which is injunous lo ilie ir
lem.' im' the prper.lrt ol S.trsprll:a are so .--..
Uial -hrr e,itirely earrsu ami are o :a the preparatioo.
if ihpy .'re no! preserved by a r "" -
Iv to ih.i eineoesd f it mauucmra. M.reoser.
th moidtlt priaetnies, whj. h Hy off in sapor, or ss an es
kaiitKm. uiAr heat, are very nstntiat medxid prof
srtitt ol tlw r whieb iv to it all it value
any pv!i can b. ll .w stew the root till tr.ey get a dara
eolored tiitiid. which is more (tot id aolorwj matter ia
tl,s nM ui. li m ai.yihiim e.sr ; they can tl suam insj
mir;1 r r: t lil'ii't. -weeten with snr inola. antf
tkrncl it MRSAPARil.l. EXTRACT or SVRIP."
B :t snoh n r. -t le aiiir e knon " Ihe
T!ii 1. pr-pareJ thai :i the ir-rt properuea of lb.
Sarsaariiia rt are 6 removed, everything rabl t
becoinn.i iClJ or srrmeiitat..ii u f xtrattrd an.1 r.jec:ed ;
then evrnr rMTiel of mettirj.1 virlue Is sreured Ml a par
and cotire'mfafe-l form ; ami thus It is ren-lered mcapabje
of losina any ol iu valuable and healing proertis. Pr
pared ni thi- was. it rs aiade the most p..werlut aeu m la
C ure af laiBSrasl Wmbhs,
Iferi-e Ui inssi wlty s bear commewiauuusoo sresw
i.le tn its lav. ir by men. women, aud children. W s to
doin wrnsirn ia vac cure of .
Li.. WW MSrtfBM!& all CVTASK.
and ail auctions arising fnm
tl mnsH a marvallous efrli-aey in all eomnlainta an.
sin-Vmm hvttrntun, worn AcUUf uf iht sumach, from
um luai cm uUtion, delermma wu of Wood to Ihe neaa.
calpllttion ol the heart, eo' i anj hands, cold chills aad
hol 8asbesaTertbsbo.hr. Is has noi its 0i m Colds as4
Ct-ar ; and proawssa easv axuectoranoa aod cants, pa
sfnrati.ii. relaaui amctures of tne lungs, throat and evarf
'"iTut'in'n.vhins is it evrsllene more manifestly ac SSSl
ckiiowlevUfd ihaa in all kinJs si susr of
It vroiks wonder in cue of f tuor Abut ar ff',
K' -infoflht Wt'irtb, rMefr-srf. Suppnmtd. at Pmnfi
en.frr.'oi'oMbe nieixuilal rvd.. ano ne Ilka;
aisl is atiectuai u curias all the mrms of aTiJisry I hi cairn.
Bv remuvins obstructions, and resulaiir ihe eroerei
system, nri.es tons and attenivfl lo iba wtole body, ae4
titus cures all lorms of
Kerwatsi Dtaeaaes I DeWlMy.
ami thus li'sveniaor relieves a rreal sarirly nf oiher mat.
alles. ae aat irritation, Xrurat-iu, St. VUtuf Vtuur,
HiiKMimf. Ewlrptic Fill, Cmruhujms. )r
H rtCUise in Dloou. ejicnes in " i. .
tones tlie eu.mach.and eives .! .tiseiojon. relieves tn
bnwela ol hirpor and consurpi:in. allaya inrtanwnattom pu
rines the skin, soiutlires the Cliculatwtl ol the Mood, pro
icins grr.ile warmth squally ail over the body, aud lb
insenstMe persntranon : rebus srnertnvsi and nvMrnsa. re
moves all ot iruclions, and invigorates ihe enure aervoee
yerem. I nel this then
The Me.ltrisM wraewalsiemrlr aaecsiv .
Bui can any ot these Ihlnci be said ot S. P. T'twnsend
m.'eiior rtcf t This voun man's liquid mi not to ba
beiMuae r on- r.R.NI FACT, that the one ia CiCAPA
Ul.E ol 1'fcTtKrORATION, and
white iti. other IHFSt stMrix. fermenting, and t-'awinr
XAs hotttts rmiiaibine it inu trscmania ; the so nr. acid
bnutit expUvln.and daniairiiif other roods f Hlua nor thss
nirri!'e compound be pisnnmis to the svstem t lrW .'
put arid tntoa svsrens atrrndy dira4 teuKacid 7 W;U
causes lypewia but arid ? Ho we not all know that whre
food sours in our stomachs, what miarhtef it pmJucesT
flatulence, heartburn, palpitation of the bean, liver com
plaint, riiarrbur. dysentery, colic, and corruption of the
blood i What is Seforaia bat an acid hitm.r in the body 9
What produces all ihe lium.,rs which brut? oa Eruptinnsot
Ihe Skin, Scald Head, Sj'i Rheum. Ervnprlss. White
Swetliris. Fever Sores, and nil ulceraiHSis internal ant ea
tenial t It ia notbinc umlrr heaven but an acid substance,
winch sonr. and thus spoils all the fluids ot the body, okhw
or le.. hat causes fthrnrrmtinn bl a soar and sod
Hind which anstuualea itsell hsiwin ilie joints and else
where, irrpatine arrt mltarrjav the delicste tissue upon
which 11 acs J So of nervous diseases, of impurity f the
bl'MHi. of ifcrsnce.1 cfrrn'srion. and nearly all the aliases!
whtch alfltct human nature.
Now i. u not horrible lo make aad sell, and rsfcritrr
Ironve lo use this
boir.l.Mi, FERMENTTXf;. .Cr "COMPOl'MV OP
and vet be would fain haee it snlcrond that Old Or. Ja-
oh Tnem1's Ornutne rtrtfrtnai SmrsmpmriUa, ia aa IM
ITATION of hi. interior preparation ! !
Heaven rorbnl thai we should deal is an articl whica
would hear the ipost distant rsaamblaaca le S. P. Town
aeisfs artitief
We wi.'t it Tm.iermot. beesiwv. if i the oAeVMs trmk .
thai S. P T.iwnsesd's article as. I old Pr. Jacob Towasead'e
Saraaparilia are ktmrrn nHdt apart, and mhnilely dimmt
ilar; that tbev are mil ike in every particular, katnur ae
one sinsle ttn: m cominssi.
As S. P Townseisl ts an doelnr. and never was. ia no
sheniM. no ihsrraacetilW-kiniw no more of medicine or
Disease uouisnyiMhercartimoa. anscleiinaraBpmhowsonal
ssaa. what jraaraaM can lb rubiK have that thrv ara re-
ceivios a rrnms scientific metliciiie. ctx.taininr all the vir
tues ol Hie arnrlrs trwe in preoarlne n. ana which are m-
rapsb'e oi chunees which mishl render tliern ins AUK.NTS
of Ihsease in.ied ol health 1
Bui whst el should ba eTieted from ana who know
nothinf comnarativalv of metticiu or disease 1 It reouires
a perswit ol sutn sxerienre lo caok anal serve up even s
common decent meat How mnrh more tmpnnant as a
the the persons who manu'artnre ntaitrriri tlesianed for
ahould know well tba medical properties of plant, lbs bnS
manner oi serunnc ami coticontratinr. their beslin in acs,
also an eatenriv know Is. Ire of the various diseaseswhicb
a Sec. tba awmaa system, and bow to adapt remedies
thes diseases !
ft is to arrest fraada upoa tb anfortlmata. to noarbaTn
Into wounded humanliv. la km lie bona in the deoDainnf
bosom, to restore health, ami bloom, ami VMor into the
crushed and broken, and to banish rr-nrmiiv that OI.I PR.
portunity and means to brine, nta
OransI rialworami Cnseovsrll Rslasdy1'
within the reach, aad to the bnowlnhra of all who need s)
Uiai insy may I. am and know, bv joyful erpeneoeo, ssv. J
Tnniirassai "wvaor a aos.
" Agents for the above Medicine C W
Schafflp, Lewisburg ; John H Baser, Mil-'
ton Forsyth & Priestly, Norlbun.bland
GENTLEMEN'S Fancy Goods, Vest
ings. Cloths, Caaaimeres, and Sutif
mar Goods in )enerair at
V CJrV if d'ii
Ok O. Howes' CKesp Wert