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THE; 0082 mm h mam o'vory Monday
homing, by] HENRY J. STABLE, It 82 on per In—
“an 1! MG; met-b "haunt—B2 in per my
hum u not paid In Advance. No mmdon d!»
commuod. unleu It. the option of the pubunher,
until In memos are mid.
ADVERTISEMEXTS inserted at the mug] mm.
JOB PRINTING of all kind! done with nonme
und dispatch.
OFFICI In Bmm: Baltimore street. between
Middle and High, near the Past omm“ Cox-nigh
ler {tinting Office? on the “an. k
cProfessional Cards.
J. C. Neely, , '
TTORNEY AT LAW.—Puticuluntun
:A firm paid to collection of Pension",
anmy. and Back-pay. ombe'm the B. E.‘
corner 0! the Diamond. .
Goltynbu'rg, April 6, [863. if
1"). McConaughy,
'I'TflRNEY AT LAW. (office one door Imt
A of Buehler'l drug and book ptore, Chum
benhurg meet.) Anon" no Soucnon vol
'Pnun un Plllloll. Bounty-Luna Wan
rmu, Buck-my suspended Cluirql, And all
other claims ugainn the Government M, Wash
ington, D: 0.; aha American claims in Eng
qu4. land Wumnu located'flnd sold, or
bought. and hlzhest price: given, ége’nn en
gnged in locutin: wan-Ana in 310 3. Illinois
Ind other western States. mApply to'him
permnallr or bv latter. ‘
Gettylburg, Nov. 21, '53. '~
‘ Law Partnership. ,
__. _ A'r'rpnsmjfa} A'lj pAyv,
“fill-promptly “handy": nlllegnybtuinesl
entiuste! to them}, iuulu ling the pracuring of
Pensioun, Bounty, Buck Pay, mud pl] other
claim! uznimt the United States sud Slate
Gowrnvnunts. _ _
‘ Olficn n 510'th Wen. Cornet of Dilmond;
Gul'ysbnrg, Peun’n.
Ayri13,1865. 1L _ ”__v '
‘ Edward B. Enabler, 3
' TTORNEY AT LAW, will fuithfullyfind
promptly attend m In Business entrust
ed n him. He tweaks the German language.
U!!! '0 In the same place, in South Baltimore
urea, lieu Furney'l drug films, In?! nsnrly
opposite Dunner 8: Ziegler'l More. ‘ ‘
Geuyshurg, March 20. ‘
. Dr. J. A. Armstrong; .
, .\VL‘IG removed ’rom New Sulem, York
county; and 'llnvinz located 'at .\li-ldle
h;wu,lAdyns cbunly, olfcra his professlunnl
lervicjeu m the public. a [July 317’65. 1y
a ,Doctor 0. W. Benson.
FFICE M. tho-Rnilrom‘ Hou:c,(froncroom,
formerly occupird by Dr. Kiqzer,)
June 19. 1863. If . 1
Dr. D. 8. Pefi‘er,
BEOTTSTO‘é/N. Adm-n: conn'y; continues
A the paella-"o! hug pmfession in all ixs
bum-hes, and would respectfully imite'all
perm-n :xflllbtod wul: any old standing dis
emzcx to mll and consult. hlm“ .‘
Oct. 3, mm. ,nr r -
‘ ' Dr. F. C. Wolf. , _
HAVING located a! EAST BHRHN, Adamé
cmnlly,‘honM H) n by strict Attention to
hll profusaiqn-u du ' he mrw merit a Ihare of
the publicman-0.7;~ [Apr. 2, '66 If
' . . O. O’Neal’s
FFK‘E and Dwelling, N. E. (omm of Bill
-0 ”more and High streets, near Presbyte
rinn Church, thty‘Aburg, Pu. .
NOV. 30. 186 l. f ‘
QJ. Llernc‘é,Hill. M.ID.,
HAS his (Juice uh M
‘dobr wen of he “ I“
' anemn churchlliu .‘.-‘2'}
Ci‘nuherahu‘g sweet. and opposxte Dr. C.
Homer's oficyflvhew ‘11: ac wishing to-lmve
any Henml Urn-mum: perlormnd are 'respect
fully iry'iled tr} pm. Rsnnauczs: Dre. Hor.
ncr, Rev. CJP. Krnnlh, I). 0. Rev. H. L.
Bungln-r, I). D., Rev. Prof. )1. JJcobs, D. D.,
rmr. M. L. Sum-cl; ,
Gelly~butg, Apgil 18'53.
Hfll‘Sß flflfl‘ [l3lllB PflWflfll’S.
‘ ‘ . ‘rr'rlilgfiti'kl
‘ .>' =~, \."'_ ' ‘
7‘" ~~.a: 559.33% v
.V ‘.‘.Y ‘ '
. ‘ §
. - ,
*wm\:‘" ‘
- -~M ' ’.‘—
Ihll nnlmnl. sur‘
In“. H EA V E
‘ l-Zflfi;F()l'.\'D!
use impmru .
wind, increase:
the Impala—lslw
n Imoozh m
ghny Akin—m
transform" H 1
mlr mble lkele!
In All alum: or Swine, luck u Cough], Ulcer- in
(he hunts, Liver, - "
Ln this Irdcle $ . ‘.
Icuun Ipcctflc. 5’ ' ‘ _ ‘
By pumng from . J._,-~.‘- ~ ~.‘r '1 ,
oath" I paper ' -‘ > ‘
to I piper In I ; é ,—:—.
bunch)! III“ the I; '- sa==¢ _:_=
abovoduamu ‘.'—~-: 4 g g
rm beendlcaned ‘ ‘~ _‘ , r
r max-6y prevented. If given in tlmef‘ «‘.an
finvauuu Ind cure {or me Hog Cholem
Moo 25 0011:: per Paper, or 5 Papenfo: tl.
\' ‘ 233 nm BY
p. A. FOUTZ &. 1330.,
AT mm
10. 116 Pnnklin Stu Baltimore, Md.
‘ ,Pdr 81% by Drugth and Swnkupul through
gug the United sum. v
for sale by A. D. Bnehler, Getlylburg;
Laughlin k Bushfirld, Wheeling,_Vs.; Ca 0.
Bender & Co., Piushurg; Johnson, gallows,
& Oowden, Fhilndelphin.
Dec. 1.1. 1885. 1y ‘
._.——._.A_~' ' -~<.———-.—_-——..——-———-
‘ Fresh Supply.
IA. SCOTT tfiONS hxu'e inn received
a uthet fine nssortmen‘ of NEW GOODS, con
giuing. in pan, of Cloths, Cusimeres, Causi
nets,. Kentucky Jeans, snd I‘m-eds, for Gun.
tlemen'n went. Also, a fine assortment of
Our stock has been selected wnh great one,
tnd we are prepmd to sell as cheap as any
other establiahment in the country. We ask
“(‘9 public to gun: us a calljnd judge for
themelvu. We defy comoezition, both uto
qsulity flnllnrice. A.SCOTI‘ 4: sons.
April 2, 1866.
ANfI‘EDI Agents, Hale and Female at
$l6 to $l5O per month to sell the Cal
ehrnkd' ‘
_ ‘ CHINE,. ‘ ,
Pucl $lB 00. ,
This Inching will do all kmds of work oqul
to the high pric‘ed Machines, and inha only
pmtlctl and relifibln Cheap Sewing Mmhino
In the worm. Band for‘ descriptive Circnlm.
Addmr— SECOXB & OQ., Chicago, 11]., or
Gbnlnd, Ohio; ‘
Agril 23, 1866. In: -
L HELLER: msmuxoz (murmur
‘ HABTEOBDW It has paid and; me “4
“M W dons» a: holde'n of‘iu poli:
'ekglln‘cinding sum: to _tw‘onty-oight polio!-
Qfldm furs?" *1! WWW- ‘ ,
B! 8. 1.813181.
48th Year.
0 {er Monday, November 201h,‘1885, Pu
sengee Twins will lea,” nud arrive aneuya~
burg. and make oonne’rtions. u follows: -
FIRST TRAIN will leave Gettysburg at
7.45 A: M., with passengers for York, Harris~
burg,‘Phila.delpllin, Bultirnyhrel and the North
and West, ‘nrriviug 11. Hanover Junction with
out change of cars, M‘l 10.25 A. 31., connecting'
with the Font Line South on the Northern Ceu~
tral R-iilwey, Ind arriving at Baltimore M.
12:30 noon. Also connecting with Mail Train.
from Baltimore north, arriving in Hurrisbnrg
at 1-.ZO P. Mt Arrive It. Gettysburg 1.10- P.
M; will] pmrngere rom Hum-burg, York,
Baltimore an Wathi tun. _
SECOND TRAIN ill lenvo Gettysburg at
LZOVP. M. eriviug t Hanover Junction at
3.15. and connecting ilh mail t‘ruiri’ So'nth.
Arrive at Bxgltimore = 5.30 P. M. Arrive at
Gctiy'burg nt 6.15 l’. v., with passengm froni
Philadelphia, Hurriab rg and thg‘Nurth and
West. and “so with pnnenzers from Baltimore
and Washington by t e his! line north, which
loin-es Baitimore It 1210 noon.
Pusaengeus canJeav Baltimore in vthe Mail
Tmiu m 9 A. SL, and rrive in‘Genyuburg H.
1.10 P: )1. Or leave B ltimuo in file fut line
in 12.10' noon. nnd-nrri ‘e in Gettysburg n‘. 6.15
[’.'M. Buuone clmn e of cars by the first
u'nin, eilherg way, viz at. Hanover Junction.
The fnst line on the N rtlnern Central will not
stop a: an} [owl Itnli as; except quk, Hano
ver Juncliéu and s’s: tun. Connectinn: cer
tain. ‘ L. MCGURDY, Pres't.
Nov. 27, 1865. . -
llnnovér . Railroad:
IMF. TABLE—On and after Friday, Nov.
,241 h, 1865, passe gar trains on tinglin
ovEgjlmn’cJLlVlC-i‘lyondm in I&er as follows;
FIRST TRAIN, (which makes connection
with three trains on‘ she Nurlhern Central
Rnilway «Ellie Junch n.) will leave Hanovc;
at 9 00 A. LL. fur York Baltimore, Harrisbug,
and interu'xediute stnti ns. '
fi'l‘hia train retu I s :0 Hanover at 12 M.
and arrives at. G‘etlyslxrg at 1 P. 31.
SECOND TllAlN'leyes Hnuover M 2.20 P.
31., and arrives at. the Junction m 3.10 P. LL,
connecting wuh the Mail Train South, which
arrives at Baltimore at?) P. .\l. ,Pnssengars by
this Train for York‘ 13* .over at vlhe Junctiun
unnl 6.12 P. M. .
quseugers leaving Baltimore lur Hanover,
Gunysburg, and Littléstoyn, will luke rllhfl'
the Mall Trulq: at. 9 AV M. Or the Fast Line at;
12.10 B. .\l. JOSEPH LEIB, Agent.
owls, 1865. -
ET'l‘ YS B U BG, 3? A.—'l‘he undersigned
G would most respectfully inform his nu
merous friends sad the public generally. that
he his purchased than long estab‘lished ‘mul
well known Howl, ths i“Globs Inn,” ’in York
street, Gettysburg, and will spursno ell'ort to
conduct/it in n manner'ihnt will not dctrsci
from its former high reputation. His table
Will have the best the market can nfiord—his
chambers are spacious and comfortable-and
he has laid in tor his bus full “belt of wine:
and liquors. There is large stnbling attached
to the Hotel, which will be atte'ndcd by atten
tive hosllers. It will be his constant rudesyoi
to render the fullest satisfaction to his guests,
making his house as nm'u‘ a home to [ht-m as
posstlé. He ssks a. share of the public’s ps
tronuc, determined, as he is i 0 deserve a lnrgs
purl. of it. Remember, the ”Globe lnn"ia in
York street, but near the Diamond, or Publici
April _4, 1864. {f A"
Tm: preparnion,
long nnd fnvombln
kmmn, will thor
oughly mnvigante
brokw-down Ind
low-spirited horses,
by strengthening
and changing the
stomach and {New
Railroad House,
.’l'he undersigned would reup‘Gctfully inform
his numerous friends and the public generally,
that he has leued the Hotel lerMlOVel’, near
the ‘erot, formerly kept: by Mr. Jeremiah
Kuhler', and will lpM’e ho efi'ort to conduct it
in a manner that. will giro general saliefactlon.
His table will hltreothe best the markets :can
«Alford—his chambers are Ipacions and com
fortable—null he has laid in for hislhar a full
stock of choice wines and liquors. There is
stahlihg for horses attuéhed to the Hotel. It
will be his consmnt e deut‘or to render the
lulleat satisfaction to h s guents, making his
house as near it home them as possible.—
He asks a share at the ipublie pa'ronuge, de
lerm‘ined as he is to deshrve nlnrge part of it.
Remember the Ruilrom‘ House, near the De
pot, Hanover, Pit. A. P. BAUGHER.
Oct. 2,1355. tf I
I: 1- I lure pre
vemh‘e of I“ dil
on" _enlncmt lo
mum in lnnlunble.
unproven the quality
of me milk. I‘ bu
been woven by A:-
wal experiment to
lncreue the quan
m, or milk and
cream twenty per
cent. and make the
but l e r (Inn and
“col. In {allenlng
cattle. it given them
no Appetite, locum
their hi dh. uid
mnkes them akin
. The unde'nigned 1110:]
their old customers an
to cull And see their Go
We line
which .we hue conclud
lowest p )mble prices, 1
we say; therefore all per:
money in the mien; way
purch-uea; will not fail
we premise then they
We are thankful for:
‘patmnugo we have recei I
shn‘ll’merit s continunli,
non-ha we shall use '~
please All who may favor
fiDon't forget the p‘
" Fairfield,
N. 8.-—We n‘c Agent;
anily Flour, tnd John--
has Powder. ' ‘ 3
_ Indies’ Oystpr Saloon.
BE underlined but the pleuure of an
nonnéing to hit fri nds that, in connec
CHM! SALOON, he by! opened an
,LADIES. Lndleo 9nd G ntlemen Visitin'g Lhil
Saloon will find the nice mmoduionl I“ the:
icould demo. Oysters ill be urved up in
any uylg Ind la n mpuibr manner, Gall And
Nov. 3.18%., If v . ,
‘ count or :uvmm A: "an" null-I's,
. « BALTIMUM, no.
This House in on a dn‘kect line between tho
Northern o'6de and hammers and Ohio
Railroad Depots. J! bu Been ufilted and com
furubly unused for thei convcnience nd the
onuruinmgn‘ of guests. ¢ «
Jim. :0, 1865. u §
” AGO,An-ov§§&t,o
sud Gelatin, for
Drug Stord.
1866. Brush”, 00
gr}, Notions. to" in m»
YSOS’S Summer St
mph“ $0330 If you :
995, hummer: (u I
's Guide.
daggfi haul-3;;
G I o b e I n n,
'Y M A. D E
? no, .
’pmczs REDUCED!
it respectfully invite
i the public generally
d: 1r the new prigeu.
vd to run of! it. the
IWe inl'eud doing what
on: desirous of making
,(by swing“ in their
to give us n can, as
shall not be diap-
the put very liberal
"ed, and trust :hnt we
In of the same; and
'~r best. endeavor. to
us with a call.
1': R b SHIELDS.
Adams county, PA.
for Hiller’n Superior
-n‘a celebmked Blist
;[Feb. 26, 1866. u
Stuck, Rice-flour
B’S you can Q
. bg,.Soapl, Part-Elea
a. light Gill”: is the
ishfiuum at low
3 me. A
S Have remoied their _enabllahmenl in fig!
west side of Hulfimore street, I {cw dams
nbuve the Omsk-house; and nearl‘r oppoma
this Post ofiice, hexe they willgoutinue busi-\
new on a lnx'zcr scale thnu ever.
ové'rmts AND FISH ‘
niwayl m be hm! in their yuan] with‘ Swoét
and lrish "clamps, Apples. Bnnns, llomoflv‘.hc.
Mackerel nnd’: Herring, Butter and - Lard,
Choose, with nlL‘o'her articles in this line.
Also.Builins.f.&lmunds,hnd a general hum!-
men! of QlmrfecL'ions. Smoking and Chewing
Twang, Segars, Pipes, and a. grant variety
of thi I. _ A .
They ask calls, convinced that they can ni
wnyy sell as cheap as the cheapest. As they
run qurs-ffi'lhe‘ city regularly, their opporm
nities for keeping up their stock are unus‘ually
good, and the public cmn rely upon getting
everything fresh and nice. ‘
April 9, 1566. tf . ' ,
Flour: feed! and Groceries!
A "you fish to buy any of the abou- arti
cles cheaper and better than you can get them
anvwhere 21", go to the Grocery Smre of the
undersfgned 9n the Km, in'Bahimore street,
where custom'ers cnn always be accommoda
ted, and where pll are invited to cull and see
for lhemaelvos.‘ The public will always find
a full and chqice assortment of -
‘ —A L a o
WANTED. —quur, Cnrn. um, Butter. Eggs,
Bacon, and Potntpea, for whiqh the highest
market price willgbe paid, either in trade or
cash. ' ~ ~
‘BQ-Being du-tpgmined to conduct my busi
ness in a fair and honorable way. and _lo lell
cheap, I'invite all to give gm: :1 call. ‘
April 9, 1866. ti _' ¥
New Go'ods at Grimes’s.
AXIES A. GENES, in York-street, Get-
L..]. tyshurz. has just rereived emerge lot of
new GItUCERiES. km, which, having bought
rim- cnsh, at the intent reduced prices. he is
prepared to offer vhenper than they have been
sold here for seven] years. His assortment
is very tull,embmcing the moat choice articles
in his line. to prove which he asks his old cus
, tamer: and the pui-iic generally to call and
' unmme for themsulves. His
Si'nui’s. MOLASSES,
. he is certain will please All who may try them.
3 and he {herelore mks purchasers, from town
and country, to give them it trial before buy
ing elsewhere. He is détermiued not to he
undersold by any other establishment“ '
2 His large stock of
is kept full by constant additions, and every
thing in that line can at all‘tirues be had good
and cheap. Indeed. he flutters himself the:
his Store, contninhlg as it. does so Luge a. va
riety ofGoods, all new and in the best condi
tion, cannot but bellooked upon as among the
most attroctive in town. By attending 7 closely
to business, and selling at mull profits, he is
doing a handsome business. .nnd will were no
efi‘ost to incrense it by giving entisfnction in
aliases. [March 19,1866.
Agents Wanted
F .we marital. BOOK or
Heroic, Patriolxb, Political, Romantic, llam-
OM and Trayical, .
Splendidly Illustruled with qver 300'fine Por
tnms a; beautiful Engravinga.
This work for genial humor. tender pathor,
startling interest, and attractive beautyritanda
peerléss and alone among all it: competitors.
The Vhlinnt and Brsve Heartenf, fly; Pictur
esq-m and Dramatic,£he Wit'y and Mar-vellum,
the Tender and Pathetic. 'The Roll of Fame
and Story, Camp, Picket, Spy, Scout, Bivouac,
and Siege; Slnrlling Suiprises‘; Wonderful
Escapes. qunona Words and Deeds of Wo
man, and the whole Pnnornms of th‘e War is
here lhrillingly And surllmuly pournyed in a
masterly manner. at. arm‘s historical and ro
mautxc, rendering it the man ample, brilliant
and reudable book that the war -l.uu called
' Disabled officers and soldllen, teachers. en
ergetic young men, And all in want of profita
ble employment, will find this the hen chance
‘to make money ever yerolferad. Send [or
circulnrs and In our terms. Address
, No. 50 inorszreez, Philadelphidt, Pa.
May 7. V
... _____,_______....
' ‘ 1" Notice.
HE fifth account of Dr. John Ahf, Commit
mmee of the person and estate of George
minger. (Lunatic;) now of Littlestown, hue
been filed‘in the Court. of Common Plea: of
Adams county. and will be confirmed by the
aid Court on the ”did” of MAX next, un
less cause be shown ‘Io the country. »
April 13, 1868. wt
Agricultural Fur.
HE next Annual Exhibition of the Adam I
T County Agricultuhl Society will be held
11. the usual time, at Beuderaville , when Pre
mium: will he ownrded for the best tore of
Pontoon, the out five um 01 When, Byb,
Onu nnd Corn, he.
- By order of the Bum,
¢ WM. B. WILSON, Sec’y.
April 30, 1888. St
msa: and Sentinel copy.
A Lecture ”Joan; Men.
051' published, in a. sealed envelope.—
P'rlee 6 cents. A Eecture on the nature,
tmtment Ind radical euro of Spermntorhozn,
or Sentinel Wenkneu, Inmlnntnry Emir-ions,
Sexunl Dehility and Impedlmeuu to Hurting
genernlly. Nervouenesa, Consumption, Epi
l»psy, and Fits; Mentnl Ind Physical inn”.
city, resulting from 8el!~Abnlo, to. By Rob~
ert J. Culverwell, I. D., author of the “Green
Book," to. ‘
The world renowned tnthor,in this ndminh
ble Lecture, clearly proves, from hin own ex
perirnce, tfist the awful conlequencer ot Self
Abuua an: be efl‘crtunlly removed without
lediclne, [in] without dougeron’e surgical ope.
retinal, honglee, lmtrumenle, rings, or cordl
lll, pointing out a. mode of core at once cer
tain ond etfectunl, by which everygnflerer, no
mxter what his condition may be, may cure
hi ulfchenply, privately‘nnd rodicolly. This
Lecture will prove a. boon to thousands. Sent
under real to any nddreu,in a plain, sealed
envelope, on receipt 0! nix cents, or two pont
nze IlflmpsL Alto Dr. Culrerwell’: Morriage
Guide, price 25 cents. Addreu
. CHAS: S. C. KLXNE k 00.,
‘.2'! Bowery, New York, P. 0. box 45". .
,lyry 13., la”. ly _
“M a many, qua ma may!
lure opportunity {or mnmhu Inm'ment.
Silver Mining Co. of Nevaqla.
CAPITAL aTucK. ”60.000.
Divided 11m) 50.000 Rham, at. 510 Each.
~ , UFI-‘ICEIH. ,
Prmldent—Hon. GEORGE I‘. FIsHER. Judge of
the Superior Court, wahlngmn. D. C.
Vine Prmldanb—Jl‘. H. E“ ERY, Phxlmlel )hla.
Trmmurer—E. B. HAREPILM Harper. I'Jurncy a:
Chuntmkum. PhHmh-lnhln. ,
Sun'rll-IatxJ—‘LOUIS n. mmxouan; Philadel
, p: n. .
supermnément n: the Mines—D. s. camps. Im
ninx Enilneer. Austin. Nevada.
That the huslnm- of Mining and rPdur-inzsilvu
quartz in immenselr pronutble. ls nmnlv utmud
hyiho results whlu-h hnvn Mi‘l'llt‘d from thr- mlum
0! Mexico. Peru, Gormnnv, and otbvr silver-Dwar
inz countries, and that silver loam urn r: mnrkn
bly rich, ml wall as numerous, in Nevmln, we have.
the tuitimony of such eminnnt uud dinlutnr-Ntl-d
men ns mshrm flimmnn. Prnf. Hillimun, Prof.
Jumps, Hon. Hon-me Greelpy. Sneaker ('nlrnx and
Senntor an, who permnully visitml and impact
ed the- film-s. hvsldva hundreds of OHH‘I’ individu
al: who arr- now engaged in the business of mi
ninz in that sum. ,
Prof. Hillirnnn, whilst in Novndmdoliverml a lec
ture in the city of Austin, during whloh he laid:
“We mnnnt count upon the time whon mining
will «was to be profitable in than hillsl" ‘
Binlmp Simpson. oithc .\h-thodiqt churvh. in a
lea-tuna delivered in the ‘city or New York. nm-r
his return from Novadu. mid: “Were the debt of
our nntlon emmoxmxm. “sure in wualth enough
them, when our debt in paid out» give every sol
dil-r whorvturnx from our buttln-fivlds muskem of
nllw-r inntmd Miran. ° ' ' Ido nnt Bpmk now
from idle sneonlutlon. but I flpt'nk of that wealth
from ohwwntinn and, nrtungl_qnl<-uln_t_iyn.:'__k
A: in the «mount of divi’l‘k-nds that mav he
renmnuhivaxpnowd from a Silver Mining (“om
panv. rum-rating in Nevada. it may he Ant down an
musing from 100 to 1000 pm‘ cent. not unnum. ne
mrdin: in the progrpss made in the mlnexmnd
thl- qmmtltv of mm-hlnl-ry at I'm‘k. _
Harper's Monthiv Magazine for Annual contain-
M 1m nrtlclP nu “ Nevmin." which wilh rofe-l'Pnce
to NW pmmanfuiivor minimz. said: “ ”(he mine
be u! even“ average Viillli" it can amn-elv fail to
roiurn from ten tn 20 per cent. pnr month in the
invmtrr. nmi siivnr minm are unlike gold mines.
in that thi‘V nrejnoximnstihlv. uud may beworked
{or gum-rations wan oncn owned."
A mmnthimue of the Philmiviphia Evnxmo
TF‘LI‘GRAI' . sneaking or the subject. mvn: “The
minhw st mules of .\V‘wyln ehgwun that whonpv
vr worked with nmp -r uppildnvw. and uninju
dioinm m-uiuzome-nt. thus» m'nvfi hm‘n- paid from
1:00 to???) _per cent. per annum upon the capital
nvm fl .'
There In not a slnglnumnpuny nowln opqmtlon
with their own mm-hlnory In Novmlu, natfar as
we have lonmgwl. thnt ls not n comrleux sndoms.
Allnrn returning nnt onlvlnm mt mm .\mt's
Dllelt-nxlu. nnd the wives of tholrslmrvfl h. 'A‘COF'
rmpnndlnzly mlvnnrpd. For lmtnm‘o. an {arch
$4l, the nun-kn of the older (‘ompnnlmxvere {moted
n the 'cltv pnnnm ns follows: “Gnulal &f‘urrv
8'17); anum-Afilfi: (‘hnlhr POMALSfl'r X pPrlnl
Slll’; Crown Point, 51.0 w; Alpha, .280: 'ollmv
Jul-km. 54:10." The orlglnal pr 09 o! the“ tanks
was lesa'tlmn San—some of ”mm only $lO. And
the Compnnlm more recontlv orgnnlzod "I" not a.
whit loan prmnemnu. hnt as far as progress , give
m'c-ry Drnmlso ohm ultlmntv «um-ow: cvon g ennu
thanthnt Mlxluvml bv the Gnu“ at Curry. For
example, the ntnck of the Hula & hurcrossl Com
pnnv of Nm’mlnnzhlvh a few months ago was
war"! only IN). is now qfiawd at $4 150. Sq. also,
the Boston and Remw lwr .\f‘nlmz Company,
which vommonopd work only Inn! fnll: it: ihnren,
though nrlulnally sold nt 310.500 n went up r 0 8105,
and on tho lat or Mnrrh hml mlv-uuwl m 82b0,
It mqv there-Mm be “rely mum-had mm no nth»!
enhwpflso rvqulrlng mp nwmlnnon or mplml.
om-rq no m'mv mauvenwntc for lm'mtmnnt. wflh
no little risk, n: Silver Mlnlng.- Ew‘rv Cmnnunv
lhnt owns x\ mine. and will lmnostlv an to ‘wark,
.xm‘r as A Sl'ccmil Itaxnnnl‘posfilhlv fall Th 9.
onlv difference lx‘tm-nn mmpnnlm m, wo will
ht- in the nmnuntn oftlmlr dlvldvndn.
Own NiNf-YI‘EEN parallel Silver-(Mum: gas
slm'm-d on Lnndor Hill, nmr the MW of Amun.
Nevada. Tllelr mreqnte h-nuth emhrm 41,000
feet—lwarly ohzht miles! Thvfio Lvdgos htWe all
been thoroughlv (and by slums. nnd thé or?!
taken from them hnvn ln mme Instances pmdun-ml
the enr‘rmous ylpld or 510,000 In the (on. Om-ut
these, t 1e Rm'enur- Extnhilon 139er In noujlwlng
vlzomuslv worked by an Incllnm nhnn. whlch at
lab-st reports WM .luwu urwnrdn of 30 font. and.
had produced highly gratify ng manna. On March
sth the Sumrlntenden! mgiegmchs: “Receipts In
Bullion, 91000." And nz'L on A hrch filth. ‘ I’ms
;tet-tfivofficwnue Extension better_ than ever be
} The Grant Hnnklns Tnnnnl. mmmenrln‘z nt
3 the foot or the hlll. nnd (loslgnml to pw-notrntr‘ It
clear through, cuttlnz on Its way not only all of
I the 19 Ledges referred to, but, beyond questlon
I also more than n hundred others, and at a glvpth
too. where the orvs nre nlwnys rlohPflt. ls nlso the
yropertv of thls company, nnd ls being pushml
orwanl with all posulhle eurrgy. being already
complewd over 400 feet.
\Vhon It is remembered (hut-every company at.
Emmi: Pngmzod tn rwluclmz orlrn from Lander
11l In a complptp Rum-ens; that on? nloneiin tho
month of January last. wok out £140,001) in Iver.
and that offlzrlnl rr‘ports show thnt tho avvrage
yield of bullion in the Roman luvs-r Dlstrlct, In the
your 186:: was upwards 0H2!» ppr ton. the substan
tlul basis upon whlr’h thls company has been or
ganized In at onop mud? m'mlrost. .
1:. therefore. not only cortuln. hut A('I'UALLY AT
THE DOOR. Rotor» the (‘lnso otthe comlng sum
mer—perhaps hv thr- mlxlullh—lt will be mnkod
amongst 019 ‘DIVIDEN’D—PAYISG eompuulm,
and Its ‘lth wnll. In M] prohuhlllty,pdvnncom
825. M). or perhaps wen $lOO per share. Therefore,
now ls the tlme to lnvcst in Its stot‘k. The work
mg mipltnl remnlnlnu unsold In still offered at
the or nlnal Dru-e. $4O par share and the Directors
are uanous that It should he dlqpcwd o! lmmde
'ltely, In order that thnre may be no dnlay in the
prmecutlon ot the work on hand. Hence thls‘
Persons wlnhlnz to Invodt, whethf‘r In large or
small amounts. mnv erlt to or nrldrpss
' E. B. HARPER. Tremor".
No. s') South Thlnl so, PHILADELPHIA.
Aprll 30. was. no A r ‘ I
mama's RAW 30m: summrnosmnn
BAUGH'S BAWBONR supanmaosraun
mantel: in its \mion, AND or norm
This in pruen byl twelve yem of manual.
' BIAUGH a: sows,
Bola Mmuhctnrerl and Proprietors,
one. No. 20 Delaware Avenue,
General Whales-lo 430m1.
No. 181 Pearl SL, corner of God", ‘
Wholeull Agent for .\fnrylad Ind Yirginin,
No 105 smm Whu-l,
April 30', use. At /
Disabled Men, Attention!
ANTED, one or we men, in Gettynbnrg
‘ ‘ um! vicinity,who hue lost eitheum
nm or leg. to sell WADSWORTH'S WATER
begt nnd cheapest Court Planter in the market.
From $5 in sloper day can be made. Addreu
with 25 cent: for nmple Ind iullinformuion
A. P‘. BELCHER, Box 45., Hilldelphll, PI.
N. 8.-—All Agent: ud po-‘leu would an: n to
their in‘zeyest to answer Hm $O,". ‘
April”, 1853. 3a: - ~ -
4Di trU a 4;rstri).
A PRETTY 'rnot'onr.
The night In mother ofthe day,
The Mme: of the nprlng: ...
And ever upon old decay. "'~‘
The greenest mosses cling.
Behind thn floud thr- smrllgm luT’kn,
Through showers the snnhennn {all ;
For God who love": n" his Works.
Ha- lefl his hope with an.
3331-33111 an 3. @fixzésfirf
inn-xxx“: or sun).
There Is no branch of practical education 01
greater Importance than muchmg rumiscx or
any». Dunner»: Whlf‘h occur are grvatly lncrew
ed by the fright and perturbation wh|ch urp gene
rally marinated on such m-mslons. Self-pnmlnb
Mon and practical knawgodge gombinad;pfl;on
give, 51‘: humans? superlorlty to the pemon' who
can mmmnnd them. '
Frig'ht and confusion often result directly from
conscious lghomm-P, and a. feeling or inability to '
help one‘s self. Hence ii. is or the utmost import.~
once to iix clearly and indelibly in the mind at
hll times whut course should he pugsued when M- ‘
clm‘nts Doom. The remedy maybe then lmtnntiy I
opplled. A volume should be swritten in tom-h ‘
this knowledge which should be taught in schools
and collegcs‘u equnilylmportnnt with nrithmetlr, |
chemistry, and book-keeping. As an illusthttion |
of our meaning, and also as a small contribution {
to this object. we furnish n fcwrulcxtobe observed ‘
in certain cases 0! émrrgr-ncy or of accident. I
If nhnusr takes lirn. instantly endeavor TO KEEP
ALL Tm: nooks snvrm Cnrrpnts of air and of
flame cannot pass throughwud it will burn mm-h
more slowly, and {urnlthromny be saved. and .
perhaps the conflagmtionso {Minded that i! may
be extinguished. We have known houses in n '
mass of flames in a few mlnum,mkroly in t-on'se. ‘
quence of dnnrn loft wide open in tho fright and '
terror ofthé mcuion. k x
I! the lower story in in llamas. and Inmates are ‘
above. the nutthlng is tn direct the attPntinn to ,
lemming a had cord or tying bed clothes togethkr, '
which. luntened to the bedstead, will admit A safe i
damn. A, prompt nttflntlnn to this partluulur\
would often nave broken “mm. from leaping. l
I! horsns heroine frightnned and run. in all mum
KEEP Ynl'n SEATS, unless they Atop no that you
may jun“! out safely. A passenger striking the J
ground orpny obstacle. alone and nnprolm-tod, l!
in: more likely to be injured; than wheupnrnml ‘
in the protecting walls of a flfrrlnge. Alwnys .
avoid the extreme lolly oi seizing the reins mm:
the driver. «
! u harm-Rs hmks while ascending nhmin a
wnimu. instantiy turn the hom‘ hmdl from the
bank or fireclpice if there be any. This will cause
ithe wheels, In banking. to mm mthe sumo nidp,
l and prevent falling or running 01?: The Kama
~pret~lmuqn Is to be ohgqrved, If a bulky' horse
Ihould commoum- bucking. '
Horses which «my and cannot b:- stopwvl.
may’ be cheézkedmd sometimes cured.) M'n long
ascent. is at hand. by mmlgnmthem up the hm.
They soon get tired of this kind of hard work,
and lrthen urged still upward, will be reluctant.
to run away agntn. .
To saw horses n-om n. ru'pldLv burning ham.
they must be instantly blindroldoa. They cannot
otherwisa‘be led out. ' '
In misting pol-«ma who have hroknn thrnnzh
ice.—pmcure, if pmsihlo, n [lan or stick—hid hnr
iznnullly on the ice, it. will sustain a mnsidernhle
wright. even it the icn'is thin. and nlio nsfiismn
laying hold Yor extrrtcatlnn. .\i‘anv pf-rsonfi lose
their lives in water, by slipping Mr the ire edge
while attempting to raise themselves on their
arms. It 15 better to approach the edge sidewiso,
null nitompt to roll out. ;
In case of n severe wound, and dnmzer of bleed
ing to death, before medical assistants- arrives,
immediately tie a knot in the middle of n pocket
hnndkerchief—(or if one is not to be invi.use n.
suspenderylthen tie the handkerchief loosely
around thoépart out. between thecutand the body.
placing the knot shouin,(-nnpie 0! inches from
the wound; putin a short stick through the bond
age and twist until theJmnl stops running.—
Bleedlng to death may «lineal. always be prevent
ed'm this way. -
In resusciming persons who have been drowned
-plaoe them upon» table or bed with the head it
little elevated ;_ procure a pnlr or bellows ”possi
‘ble'—piace the nose in the mouth or the patient:
close the rest of the_rnmlth with a bloth. und for;
cibly till the lungs. Then remove the bellows,
press upon the lungs. and drive out the air. Re
peat the operation as rapidly and thoroughly as
pouibie {or several hours—meanwhile keep the'
body and extremities mby hot flann is and
rubbing. If no bellows can be hind, kl} theatmng
est person inflate his lungs to the! i' ll capacity,
immediately place his mouth on §mt of the pa
tient, force the air into his lungs—imitate natural
breathing hs for as possible. The Mn why I
person dies from drowning is that! the supply of
_air is cut oil’ from entering the luné-no votes- by
any pmsihiiity ever enters them, sq by giving the
lungs n copious supply of fresh nirfiud inducing
circulation by friction and warmthi we are doing
all thgt can be done to raters the fitient.
In cases or poisoning. ifdisooveretfiimmediamly,
take a thorough emetic -at once. :Mnuy things
will answer" no better can be louud-a dessert ‘
spoonful oi’ mustard in n gill or la: of warm wow i
tor, or 8 or 4 grains of tobacco, (a small quid) will ‘
operate as a readycxnetic. .
'03!!! K! OWIXG.
Last sprinli 1 took a. email qunntity oiseed corn
and melted it in a solution oi mltpetre, and to lost
it planted live rows through the middle 0! a nut
nrally moist piece with seed thus prepared. Now
{or the result. The five rows planted with corn
looked in the snltpc-tre yielded more than twenty
rows planted in the usual wny. The live rows
were untouched by the wire worm, while the re
mainder or the field suffered badly from their dep
redntione, anti I should judge that not a single
kernel saturated with the sultpecre was touched
by the worn, while ulmoet every hill in the met
or the piece summed more or less. The worms are
3 little kind of squeamieh in regard to eatingnny
thing that comes in their way; hence I wish to
lay the but before the agricultural reader and
hope it‘will be curemlly tested thecomlng season.
u the cost is comparatively nothing when put
alongside of two or three acres 0! mm nearly
named by these beats. All moist lands are more
or it“ filled with them, and many farmers dare
not plant corn on them, for they say the wire
worm will spoil their crop; hence they will let it
he unimproved year after ywr. when it mightbe
made to produce a bountiful crop.
Tnflonborough, N. H. I. It linen.
a-‘l'he agave inrornmtion comes a. little late,
but may Still he of service to n few who have not
put-had planting.
/Fitt Otsuilanp.
The Writ of H 16”: Caryn—A correspond
ent of the New York Tuna guys; I have
Authority for saying that the President re
gards the writ. of habau mrpul'u‘fully re
stored I“ aver the United State: have in
Tex-s. KThlt in :11 cases where the writ, n
legally issued it‘ should be responded to u
then nuggealod. But. the maturation of
the writ. who: prev-n: the trial by mili
mu commiuionS. unde: the but of Congrats.
91 any chairmen to: Inud‘ .
mmxll’f 0|? INCOME TAXES. \
. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue
has issued full instructions to be observed in
assessing the taxes this year under the rev-
enue law. A 1 a geneml thing the instruc
tions are the some as those of last year. as "Ink bjwk. filmed his PVt‘n-I‘l"il’d a little
the old law is still in operation ; and the. "d "'d' “Perhaps it i‘" fell. '39 ”‘B‘”
present. assessment will be made under its as ml" know It“ my OM' ’ ' - '
. . . _. And he proceeded \to make his dyinnv
\provmons. Th 9 Commissioner, referring statement. which was in thy-so words. as w:
to income returns. says: took themdoyrn in our memorandum hook.
“ Asaos'nra should instruct their assist- as the NWF'FV'" requosted:
nnts to call )ersonnlly upon thome who have My mm" m ”m" (”IMMM' ‘I am “my
‘ not returneti,their income on the first Mom. one years old. [am it Methodist minister
! day-in May. If any person i:- not at home, '.'-"t In“ I "“3 ono. I "u once linvmv
‘ the notice on the buck nf'lorm 24 should ha and contented, and loved .Ch.m~"' "w 31"“
filled out and the blank ion. This being "" "”h ‘l' 9‘“ “"l " C".”!‘""" ”W "J”-
done. it becomes the duty of the taxpayer M 15“" 1"" col-l ‘" "M'nn' “'s‘" "" i
to seek the assistant‘usossor and deliver envlous of the good fortum- ofntlwrs. I
his return." > wanted to make money and to have suvno
' fun. I hnd no pnrtiunlwr mlncatlon. so I,
It I! probable that runny persons have nl- thoucht. lwoulrl he n it 'tllll-ilt‘avl poliih-iun.
ready made .their return, or will do so h begnn‘hy preaching politics from the uni
the lat Monday in May. Those who fail to Pug" Pfcyinin' for tlg: negro. It p nill m.
n . ' . In ey. nt oath. nenoe aithe‘t‘hrnnn
comply up "° that day "‘.'lll be aeryed '."h ol'Graoe. But i did not, ours tor that. it‘ I
notices, designating the time within which could only have influence with tho ltqmlh
returns must. he made to the assistant as- ’licnn party. I forgot Christ an l lwcun»
sossor. In case of neglect. or refusal. after Interested in the negro. l hnl lull 19mm
Ireceiving notice. the assessors are Pmpow- [it‘h'ltli'odlpgiiiiofzten'i‘iizfn' or! :‘7 “33'?" 53",!
. . ~ . . in w n n :e
eretl to make-Aha return, and to it“ ,a pen- lhookers toinfltienceCliri-tnnns.p Snyiiiltimvs
alty of twenty-five per cent... or in case of PI have made as hish nu fifteen dollars at an
fraud. to add one hundred per cent. to the election for my influence with Chrisliuns.
amount ascertained “the due. , , ._At.lust.l foun l [inllilci pniul better than
' . . ‘ religion. and I worked for the chapluim‘y
.The duties on meow: are unable. within of: reui'moist. and got it. Than "I let reli
sntty days after the return of the schedule 'gion go. and. want to w r. There I wrote
to the assessor. The income must b 8 revk- letters home denminnir'ig D nmocrats sn'l
nned for the year ending December 31. icopperheads? And [stole cotton and s7].
1865,1106 the tax is 5 D" canton allsums ver were, and pictures nnd Ahohli’h and
between $6OO and 35.0”“. and 10 per cent. dresses for my wife mid ‘sistem‘nnd horses
on the excess over $5,000. The deductions and males for my brothers. and a )iuno ini
permitted are: 1. the mm of $6OO from all the Governor, whoa-we me my coaimission‘
meow; 2:8" nntxpnnl,3t_ate. county sad land a gohl watahfior my oaptuilt, an}! a lot:
municipal taxes l'”“d "1""? "‘8 year, ("I- ' oi hourehold furniture to senllhon e for my
cludmn the Income M van! last rem) 3. loolonel. Ana [robbed the soldier“: of stu
the amount actually paid for rent. hut thefand such sniff sent down to them to use
rental value of any homestead occupied bliwhile in hospital. and I had my share of
the tax payerpr his family, in his own riuht goods stolen. from Sanitary fairs and made
or in the right of his wife: cannot be de- ilots of money. Please give mea'little Vitae
tincted; 4. the amlt‘mnt psid for usual or (Ir-10f that pOunnlml ioel” l .
‘rinnry repairs. ta_ lug tie avera eof the The h' ’ ' A
p ceding five years. These areg all the Icontinaltidyzsgcmu Save I‘ which, "he“ he
aggrm that‘cnn. be made. "But I was not happv. ldrnnk whisk»?
' I‘h \inr'ome tax iss lienvnpon property with the hays when away from Home and
li‘flOt pan! wrthlu the time fixed by law. indulu’ed in some excesses not worth ’men
and the collectors are invested with full tionin‘g. andlaid up quitea pile bf money
powers to take legal proceedings for dis: Andl was taken sic‘ while out stealing.
tramt and cbklection. The proper obser- ; cotton from-'a plantation where a widow la
vsnce of the payment will therefore save dylivesi. i had c'naxed her niggurs to run
the tax payer much trouble. - ,away,’ and they are all dead now. When
In regard to, returns of incomes of far- itl’: :3; "“13““? f “a?" horn; “1’ Wiscon
. . . . —1! can no sayt em. 0 onmeto
EMT. ‘l‘.“ Commissionergives the following Chicago. ’And [grew sick. And l have
ins :uc lona. ‘ got to die. 1 have called on Christ—l have
1. Farmers will not be required to make
return of produce consumed in .thqir own
immediate families. , ‘
2. The farmer's profile from sales oflive
stock are to be found by deducting trom
the grnsa receipts for animnls sold the pur
chase money paid‘ for the same. lfanimale
have teen lost during the year by death or
robbery. the purchase money paid for such
animels may be deducted from the gross
income of the farm.
3.’ No deduction can be made by the f-ir
mer for the value of services-rendered by
his minor children. whether he actually
pave for such services or riot. If his adult
children Wp‘k for him iln'l\ receive com:
pensation for their Inhor, they. are to he re
garded as other hired laborers in deter
mining his income. ty
4. Money paid for labor, excépt auche!
is used or. employed in domestic service.
or in the production ofarticlea consumed
in the family of the producer, may be de
ducted. ,
5. No deduction can be clloyrcd in any
case for the cost of_unproducti\m labor. lf
house servants are employed a portion of
the time in productive labor, eudh as the
making of butter and cheese for Isle, a pro
portion-ta amount of the wages paid the m
may be deducted. ,
6. Expenses for ditching and clehring
new land are plainly expenses for per-ma:
pent improvement. and ‘not deductible.
7. The whole amount expended for for
tilizers applied during the year to the tar
mer’a landq may be deducted. but no de
duction is .allowed for fertilizers produced
on the farm. The cost of seed purchased
for sowing or planting may be deducted. ‘
8. Ifnperaon celll timber standing. the
profits ere _tohe ascertained by estimating
the value of the land after the removal of
the timber, and Adding thereto the amount
received for the timber, and from the sum
thus obtlined deducting the estimate value
of the land on (he first day of January,
1862, or on the day of purchue, if pur
chased time that data. .
9. Where no repair: have been made by
Que tax payer upon anv_bui:lm; owned by
him during the prficeding five years. noth
ing can be deducted for rennin mnfli dur
ing the year for which income is Pelimnlod.
10. A furmer should make return of all
his ptodueo cold within the you. but a mere
executory .contmct for a sale is not a Mile;
delivery. either actugll or con-cruclive, in
essential. The or-iteritm by which to judge
whether I sale is complete or not. in to do.
termine whether the tendon- still retains in
that character 3 right over the property;
if the property were lost or dentroyedmpon
which of the parties. in the absence of my
other relation between them than that of
vendor and vendee’. would the loss full. '
11. Tax payers frequently claim deduc
tions for losses from depreciation in the
value of stocks or oyher property of u like
allowed for depreciation of value of lunch
property until it in actually disputed ofand
a loss renlizpd.
12. Costs of suit: Ind other legal proceed
ings arising from ordinary business. are to
be netted at other expenm ol such bad-
um. and may be deducted from the groan
pfiyfiu thereof.
fiMr. John M. Bstu‘ol Virginit-‘tho'
fut friend of'Mr. Lincoln‘s Mmininntion.
and who wu endowed as [good " Union "
m‘an by all loul thieves—this mun reconf
ly gave nvidmce before the Reconstruc
tion.Commmee, in which ‘be stated um
Hr.‘Lincolu mu willing and anxious on
the 7th of April‘ 1801, to gin: up For: Sum
ter to Gen. Beauregard. This was six
weeks after Mr. Buchanan’s administratinu
hid ceased to exist, nnd yet it wit! the
fashion tovilify tbs latter on the'lnl-Jecl of
Lhasa vary for“. an, we 83'! hll dander
era to point. wnny word tbuever fell from his
tongue or pen, showing that (or A single
instant he lmd In idea of lurrendering. to
an "mod Ind beleaguerinz force. one inch
of use public preppeny. We an up} 31.4.1
Hut 0 30m " bu thought. it due to binary
u: make it. known that. It. Lincoln us
ready to wander we fun. ‘ " ‘.
No. 33.
No deduction can in any case be
com Ax. ”MT" 0’ u L..!
CIAMII. ‘ r .
11. It anomy. th. editor a! the L 1
Cuneth.) Democrat. gives the following
‘denth-had‘mno, which M wu'onltod to
vii-it. in il- goaent. vinit to Chic-go :
Thu Bavfflanry Cinnnard. an ex-«r‘my
chnpllln who Inn of oxpoundirg the Bin!»
and recruiting for the Saviour. «ml by on
dgningehq niuer and nholiiinnim Noam.)
an army chlpluin in mm M elm Wimns'n
regime-tn. pwed from life in a homo ho
yond I blesflvd im'vmrtnlitv. the» “the: duly,
and thus ihutfled otl'his ninrul e-nl. ,
‘A pbuioinn hml callml on him hm m
ttm-e times a day tor a month. doétoring
him {can "no brmmht on whit-n “Filing
cotton in Arkansas while with Um. Cumin.
On learning that. thn «x-miniater and aa
chuplain wnuld hardly live the night out,
no called with l.thn phvlicinn. "
In a little woodenolookinn room nntovor
twelve feet tqunre, in van oh-ourn hour-dung
innuse in. Chip-go. we fnuun'l,the invalid»—
Thn rnnm Ins imm at minimum oxoept. a
poor bed. a littledmv wzwhatnml. two wooll
hottnm chain. an aid trunk. a pine tabla,
on which was spread u newspaper. an which
lav an old bihia. n pnirnt‘ olul snuflim. some
pill boxes arid such ntufl‘ The viviwz man
in: propped up in bed. while a faithful no
zro womnn at on the font. nt‘the bed. AI
we entered, he ralliml n Hills. and naked the
doctor who he had brnmzht with him. On
being told that it was “Brck” Pomerov. ‘o
prayed to Godwbut somehow I cannot get
relief for my loul. The doorol'mercy seems
Ihut against me. I forsook religion for
politics. and now God has forsaken me. I
pray to my Saviour. but he don’t hem- me.
I talk to diis'faithful negro‘ woman—aha
uys, "Yen, mum l” uml that is all loan get
out of her. I know [_can’t live long. I
feel that I am dying. \ I feel certein that I
am going to hell. Please-give me little
pit-9e mnre of ice. before Igo, I Will): these
things written down as n warnimz to others
who for’get Christ. fur pblitiu. I feel, that
the negm can’t. enve—thnt Christiwon't
save me. J was unfaithful to my religiun'.
and am forgotten. Imu faithful to the ne
gro, butnlas. the negro can't ln-lp me wlleru
I want helpqhe cnn't ease my gullty will.
I am going to helll onrl I know‘it. lex
pect to meet many persons them who fnr,
got religion for politics. Ido not expect. to
see yocr again in thin world or the next, but
I want this confession printed. Plano—
give me—n—small—small—smaH—plece—
of-nof—of—of-ioe l” .
And thus died the Rev. Henry Clonnar‘d!
_._-. “3...“... -
Q‘The chief of the Negro Bureau—-
Howard, has ordered that nll the little nigr,
when; parents are too poor or lazy to up
port them, be takjm to the model't‘um which
in about three miles north of Washington
C.ty. it is presumed that thin order will
increue the number at üble wecltlingl in
that locality nbout e‘hundred ‘t’otd within
the month. The'renpnnatbititiou of M‘tlt‘l'
.manyr-tlie colored article—will heuftu be
immensely lessened. ‘
fi3nnator Lpiry sun “ mesm- Clymnr
is Hie fittest man for G wernnr of Pennsyl
vonin." Hu only nfiiwc'inn to him is on an
sobre o" politics.--Eri¢ 0 «mm. \
What Mr. Long ohjaou to, {I the very
ghing that will secure .\li'. Clymov (hiymmh
-f votes‘ from the comervativo mines of
Penniylvnnih, who prefer the “ fine-Mum "
to an unfit radical. who is the loknovfiedgod
tool of D. D. Fol-nay & C); j
QWOM goml turn deserves number.”
The Rump conferred the upecial privilege;
at ‘fcinl rights” upon the n-gmea. and.
to be even With them, the ularkieo ralurnalV
them any of their peculiar institution:—
Ihn small-pox. Senator Faundon Ind sev
eral other: no down mun it. Who discus
in prevailing to an _llnrming extent in the
negro quarters of Washington. ’
fib'l‘he rule: of matrimony in Hiehipn
are not exactly.“ they ought to be. A
broken down pley actor recently was per
mitted Io marry I child of eleven yulHJI'
patron. In Another town, um men recently
exchenged wives. end at mother plane. as
(allow sold hie wife for the pound: of unple
Inger. No wonder they let nugroeg vote in
that State. ~
a-If that Van "drunk‘n spam-11"Inlde
by the Preliden: on the 22d nf Fabian},
I: stated by Lhn Dliuniouiqu. it it queer
(In! the whole Nvgm Pany, In two mantha'
triul, have been unnble to comment-un
-516 one of no point»
fifl‘hquundi a! negro children are ba
ing «ducal'id by the hrmgg‘slauholdeu of
Finrida. Dasuninn organs mu plum nuke
a note of the (mot: .
OA, mtioml oematen hu boon oom
menued at Wannbum. Vsrginim which
ii intawled!» onnuin the remand the
United Sam soldier-9 b {rial in Hut par:
Lion of the Shaun-bah Valley. ‘
Bauer Tina szuy.‘-h i! m’n'id'dlefiw
| ture of things thanhe ppm ofmclu piety
| u the Radical pm, “mm M long; Th 6
‘ flereonou o'f tbcfism mm w-moiu’ful.
seven boasts. a! m nun-w may“
‘doluaed. ‘ ~ N