The compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1857-1866, July 11, 1864, Image 4

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' ’mam ‘33..
{Bunsen ; ro’izxmx infill". l
’l‘he- Raeuhlican party ‘mnintnim. u
pound legal docttine. tint Tenneaséo in not .
pow o It”; of the :Unity} Stltec, hut is (12‘
film mutate of the Confederate States} lt‘
lnii-ls that ’principles of yuhlic lnw an
fiommctl hy they Supreme Court. in certain ‘
Fun?- of prize—that ol' the _schocner Cyru
lIImW, Among other: -lecd irresistibly to the
'concluit‘ipn that any citizen of Tennessee in
to-dny an enemy of the united Statue—4r.
alien emmy—a foreign enemy—a belliger
ent'enemy. lt uppthvu and. adopts the
Fwdiculion ofthosc. principles‘hy Air. Jus
tice Beta in tha‘ case of Leary M. Wiley,
and hy iii: Justic‘o .\'elmn in the federal
codrt for Minnesota. The Lincoln party
'mnde'thcse view: ot‘pghlic 13"le respect
10 citizens at" Tennessee, a. part of its creed
in the ctrculnr letter of its excgutiye con:-
‘ynitteq cgnvenigg the Beyohlicnn conven
tion at Btltintp'ge, ‘for it exprt‘ss‘ly an
potmced that delegates would he received
in that convention only from states rel-re;
sentod in the ‘.Z‘ungroxnl of the United States.
)‘l'r..)Yliiti‘ng, law adviser of the War Ile
parttnent, has been um elaborate and Dim-t.
~conspicuous Vindicator ofthege theories of
fihe enemy status of 'eaclx'und every citizen
.ol'n ”coded state. And lye-t. the Lincoln
Aconvcntion El lialtimoreniomimtcs, as its
candidate thr Vice Problu‘énl. Johnson, who,
find" the cr\ll,ot thxcnnvomion, could not
have been a mvmh oil it, even it' his up.
pointmcnt thereto was attended by the
signature of cvgfiy man in the State, and
.who, nccordingiu ltup‘ublicnn inw, is'n for-
Fig" enemy of‘ the Union! This is odd
enough )5 he}: consith-rctl in it. morn political
relations, but it is passing strange when
viewed in its strictly '.lt‘gul lulu-ct. ’ I
In the an? 9! l 4 may M. Wiley. it was de
}itnmmil. by Mr. Justice l'netts, on Imuitcu
tiun oi Diall‘th Attorney Smith, and after
solemn ui-gtgment, that the ttutcmcnt ol
M’iley'a counsel, in the claim filt‘d in mutt
to certain shares of ruilrot’ttl atop); ltbclctl
for .cunhscatiun, that the claimant was a
Inesnlent ot l-Zul'unln; in the State of 'Alabn-
Inn. precluded Wilcy lrom making claim to
his prqperty, and defending it in ll court of
justice. He could not. even hitve standing
'in cont". to make prool'ol'his lnynlty‘ lJPClluat-
I - ttdt’llbf‘lofl that he was a citizen of u -¢-~
.cedetl talc \vu» conclusive agnimt'it. 'l hv
‘comt siid it would not. permit at citizen 8f
Au skccul’ed stnte, ltk’t‘ Alabama or 'l‘enncasce,
o como into ajudiciul tribunal of the Phi-
F 1" for nnyjuurpose. -
' {tin-{ethic Andrew Johnson. in case ofn
giroceotling in a court of the United Suite:
to forfeit his horse (tound iu tl loyal state),
ppoh the allegation than. it mm encmy’s
properly, cquid not. get into’ oult tqkirove
that the horse was his plow-£35 nnd that. he
‘vujttt lflyfll‘clllzétt. The Republican pai’ty.
Ilu order to preview on); acceded state from
being nguin nepreycntcd in our Congress un
til, us a condition praccdent, slave-labor is
{firefly ntiolished in such state, is compelled
to assert that such exclusion of Johnson is
fight in luw. And yet, these Republican
‘”‘;vyxlefixen propose to make It Vlce I’resi
'ulenl of 11 man who is sermuch an alien ene
~ my that he cnnnolfjge permitted to pass the
‘ 'lhreshuld of}: loyal courl. oljuslice! .\'nch
:m the slnlesnnnahip of Lincoln and hia
J-arlisnns’! Such is the inevituhlo political
and legal confusion of n wan- prosecuted
‘chiefiy in the interest, pf Ali-ream! Who
‘cnn yonder that. government gree'hback»
me not worth filly cents on the dollar '3-
‘Cronlinue Lincoln in pow‘er long enough,
ypon such theories, and a Imlful of federal
potetiwill *no: buy a breakfast. z..wu,
- ‘ ——~~ - «a» - - -- -A Ar
A ’c‘ Lrg/al Hm " Trippel Lam—A good ‘
angry is jtohl of Dr. Wilbur, a member ofi
Jlm B mid of finm‘ilment in the Thild L‘ls
trict» A drafted man presented himself}
{of egalninnlion \\ ho was so deaf that it re I
«wired Hie utmmt power of the Doctor-Nl,
- . ' l
)ungs toninke him hear. the doctor stoop- i
ed \dcwn and commenced a critical pxmui-i
1 nation of one of the drafted innn'a knees, i
\ rcmtukinu in a low tone, "that is sufficicntl
‘h‘n u ‘ I
to exempt any man. Glad to Leor you I
my so," said the deaf man, who had and?
denly recovered his hearing! "Who: did
. jammy was the trouhic with my knee, I)r. ,
”)Vxlhur 1’” ‘ '
f‘}! is peril-ugly sound and good.”‘rqplied;
‘lhe doctor; ‘3l was, only examining your;
'euqu.” ‘ I
'l‘hgman paid his three hundred dollars, I
and was exempt. It was atterwar’ds dis-i
Favored that he fins the lending Republican '
’in his township, the chief actor in alrtho ‘
party movements, and clamorous for the,
smm to go on‘mitil shivery should be entirely
{acted out, if it too}? every/man and every
'dollnr. . ‘
- . ___,.._,*<o-u _._.4___..
TIM Gn'mml Freer—lt is stated that there
._ _are onlysix Germ’an Republican paper: in the
RVest which advocate the cause of_Lincoln.
‘while twenty-six have hoisted Gen. Fre
, 'rnont’s name, and the rest seem to favor-l
‘ Jiim above allythercnndidates.‘ In Illinois,
. (- -
Mr. Lincoln’fh‘ome. there is only one Ger.
/ inan paper—the Chicago Struts gammy—
. fisupporfinvav his claims. .r
' ‘ , ‘”“‘" ‘"‘? ‘3 ’"’W " .
via-A pm‘mment member of the Union
League in New York, who)“: poor when
‘he war commenced and who wants it cou
.§inued fur 20 years, came out the other day
to Broadway in a coach and four. with as.
. , many servants in liVery as'coulr‘t be nccom- ~
modified. Close by was his Wife in a wpm
rate carriage drum by two IIONBM-vwflll ser -
ynnt’s ss.l“?er as above. Next cameanoth
«Earl-loge with like appointments, contain
~ in; 1.118 children of the very distinguished.
‘ couple! . ,
lie is of opinion that tho “_Smutty Joker"
- page; a. most excellent Presrdcut. i
~ ___—aw”
91““ edimr of the Lewisburg Argus
£3émoéralic) huvmg been drufwd, the
“lies of the town rniied A collection to
1121 p him pay His cbmmulntiou, and Ere-
Bulod’ him will) the handsome sum 0f5..12.
“The officeholders resolve fii'st m sus-
Pin the flogluma‘lion of the Presidvnt,
which tho ishes .lavery. and than they want.
:the, poqumugiou amended so as to nboliah
’”’ As a matter of tam». we suggest, that
'ohe abolition is suifloienl. and their (lull-e
for another only Show: 2pm. [,hey have no
pbngdegce in {he first. '
a p o v—L—Wpfi
"fhe proligacy‘in ihe departments at
uhington i 9 ‘mnsxdered the result of the
ofeoofexomplo. The Secremry of State
I'VE; Muted of his little bell, the follow
,no'f‘l'he Adminiafiatiop Provided yum
pplfs-mh k"!!! 3WB W?- .' ' "
" '”‘HER’m ‘
awn Ire deei-nmeqp contractors
{p‘ohtical'abufi'jo the contrary notwith
_ ugding‘fi') g' ~ _s-néere Chi-iguana} ge—
pséimkrfi 93%}.- _
. . The 6:)! mm; 91¢ tax on: matgb.
wmmfiztfiywwrw .u.» Wu aw
_ z
An Interesting History
“'HILS {Am-aha no” coascxr'rlos, .
And Imu- h : l’uhnmm Sump, Stauwvl Tuna-"and
Jlaudrule ”Z act on (he Sgt/m {a
.Cunny t Dame, and I].: ‘ ‘
The nhovc is u rorrculhkcnhs ufDr.Srhenck
lukon xn:m_v.‘~3.~4,-:xr: “50.1 mm he h :«I rccovercd
Irmu ('mmxxnynuu: by n murw of ”is
‘ SCIIFSLK'K Pawn“: :xuu'." 'll.elikenes=,
nlxhough 11120:»; no! Icprrsrul bun .Anfud‘h'.’
like us hurl \s ht: “.u n! 1h? Wurst, )(‘t it. is in
strung comm“ “1!": (hr halo and rigorous
.luuks ofthu Puztruz heir-w. which is the true
hkcnpaa of bin. M ”I" plrsenz Ixmr. The con-
Irnsl hvlwmu muse lwo purlruh‘ is so gun!
that many would not. behave them to be the
same person. Yu there are hundreds of per
fans, In and around l'hilndelphin, who will
rpuogmzt- bmh portraits m Le’Lrue representa
fiuns. “'hen the tint was tle; he weighed
IL? pounds; at. the present than his weight is
2.") pounds.
.\'mr YLHK,_\\'¢:4‘.'|v -\l.:},
TI) 'Tm: H'HM.
’l'l irly _umr: 4:11 I “as m the ll=t stuns of
Plllmnnnry (Imhumplum, .\ml unon up to Me.
lrositll-«l 1n Plfilndulplra, nn-l Dr- Jun‘ph l'nr
-114:, tln-n 0f 11l ~ «in. uhlvrcnl nu- Io Mme:-
Luun. .\'..1.. n (llx‘Llh-t' of nine miles, \v‘hiLh
look me urn 11.1% L) got lllcrt'. Un xnyurr‘na‘l
l was put to My]. un-l lhuro 1.u.l tar many
weds. 'l‘ln: \ms my nulin- pl 1c", when- all
my fumilv Inml final luv. 1 Jim] of ('umumplion.
hr. 'l‘lmrmun, wlm .Itzvunlml In; rather in his
Inst illnos~, “31- «.ullcul. nml gm" Inc one wwk
ll) fix up my uni-H's. llvi hm sa-en all my lum-
Il'}~ go that xrnyhnnvl llmuzhl l was to go, (m).
Thcn I lat-Mil Hf tho ham-dies I now ulln‘r to
the pghlx. whirl: run-d me. lt seemed to me
UHF ; ppuld 1111 “mm punelxunng my whole
8) Mel-u. . l
They norm ripened the matter on my lung;
and l \vnuld Spit utr more than a pint of ofi'en—
bite yuiimv Illlif'T every morning. As soon
as that ht‘gzm to s;.h=idc, my Cough, four, pain,
night. sweiits—nll lwgm to leave me. nnd my
appetite homun- so git-At that: it was with dif
ficull;~ I could kt‘t‘u trmn eating too much. I
won :ninvd my :trcngth mil I hm e hem grow
nu: in flash cu-r Sim-0. For nun; year; I have
enjoyed uniuu-rrupted guod health, keeping
the insr uiutc‘muuuch hmithy Elli.) the Scu
weed Tonic :md Mandrake Pills, n: I am of a
biliuus tcmpérttmcut. My Weight is two hum
tired and twenty pounds: mu my recovery
pcuph would send tm- me, fur and near. to see
it their case: u't-re hkn mine. For this pur
pose I Imy~proli~s=imnl \‘isnts in~thc large ci
ties. The consumptiu-s wfsb to see 111: 'one
thnt. makes tnnwe medicines, and “110 was
cured oft-on—umptinn h_v them. To make new
lungs. is impqsginle; but, cavities ”I the lungs
and chromi- uiccratmns of the bronvhiul tubes
can he L'ruh‘li. Such l' l-L‘a are dying hourly
under the ozdiimry treatment of physicians,
and just ~nrh are curt-d 1.; the proper nae of
Schcuck‘s l'uimnnic Syrup, Senwucd Tonic,
and .\hndr‘kc Pills.
I run now a healthy man, with a large cavity
in the. middle lobe of the right lung, the lower
luhé vary much Lehmized and complete ad.
hesion ut' the pleura}, The left lung is sound,
and the upper lobe of the right lung is in it;
tolerahly healthy condition. The great rea
son Why physiczuns do not cure consumption ‘
is they try in do too much; they give medi.
cities to :top the rough. to stop (hill, to stool
night :wt-nts. hectic lever,-nnd, by so doing,!
they tlurange the whole digestive power, lock-i
ing up the. secretions and eventually the {’3l
tient sinks and dies. After I nuke a citreiull
examination of the patient with the Itespitom
cter, and tin-l lungs enough left to core, I di
rect the patient how to use the three romsdies.
Remove the cause and they will all stop of
their own accord. No one can be cured of
consumption. liver complaint, dyspepsia, cn-l
tnrrh, canker, ulcerated throat, uhlesa the
liver and stomach are made healthy. In New
England thi. canker, chronic entarrh, ulcerat
ed throat. elongation of uvula, is more preva
lent than in any other section of the country.
This is frequently caused by a foul stomach.—
You n-my bum it out with caustic time and
‘ngain, and all they will get is temporary reliet.
.Correct the stomach and liver, and they will ‘
heul up themseh'es. . ’ ‘
y-Good nutrition is the remedy. If you have
anytlisease in any part or the body. it will
remain there and decay more and more until
you can get the stomach in the condition to
digest food and make new tlood to take the
{ulnce of diseased mutter. l'fhis is the only
way to heal cavities in the lu gs (ind ulcerated
bronchial tubes. Correct the stomach and
liver, and nature will do the healing. )lany
persons have In idea that certain medicines
are great purifiers of the blood. When blood is i
; once diseased it cannot be purified; it is dis
l eased the same as the diseased matter in the ‘
system: but, get the apparatus in order, the 3
~ liver and stomach, and give it plenty of nour
ishing‘too-l it will make new blood, which will
take the. place at that which is diseased.
Salient-It's Pttltnunie Syrup is one of the best
preparations ot iron in use, it is a powerful
tonic of itself, and when the Seaweed Tonic
dissolves the mucus in the stomach, and it is
' carried at? by the aid of the Mandrake Pills,
the Pulmonic Syrup is made into hlood. This
‘in the only stray to cute consumption. if I
cannot get a good appetite, and food does not
digest, 1 cannot cure the patient. Never mind
. the cough ; remove the‘ cause and it-will stop
ot'itselt'. This is the mosttrouble l have with
my patients at my rooms. They lay, “Doc
tor, l teel ltrongei'; lean eat; my nightsweatl
are better, end lfeel hetter‘ every way; but
my cough is so had yet ;" and they Mouton.
iishad to hear me say that does not matter;
remove the cause end the cough will stop at
‘ itself. Schenck’s Seaweed creates a good up
,petitc in about'uiuo days, when there is no
Hung disuse, unless the liver is so congested
that the Mandrake Pills cannot unlock the
duets‘of the gall bladder in that short splco
of this, in order to allow the stale bile to pass
of. Keep the liver and stomach healthy and
there is less danger of consilmptiou or any
other dishase, It is hard to take cold when
those organs are heglthy. Those that are bili
ous, low spirited,"drenry,feeling stupid, tented
tongue, p'onr appetite, nervous, stomach full
of wind, everything that is eaten lies heavy,
End 0! memory, try one bottle of SCHESCK'S
manhunt: PILLS. t: is only aat tof One
la‘unt; tint! twenty-live cents, with tull direc
"tio'unu Thisiris suflicidnt, in mnny cases,'to
“dis" what 'the medicine: on. Frequo'nfly‘
one 59%“) makes a great clung. it' the six
tea. ‘. my person 1': ll enjoys ordinlryficglth,
h,- usiiig the Seaweed Tonic Ind Nunkr-ko
Pulliounslunnlly. musty-51th:.- digestive organ! 1
in each A he-llhy condition that they become l
tie-by. I can produce a number of my old i
consumptive patterns now enjoying good health,,
weighing ueorly 200 pounds. I will conclude
by rolnting three our” l have mode in New ,
York-mi which no oil diflerant, And with 1
any one who teell any intore-t in the nutter .
to visit them. Pint ls Mu. Furlnw, residing? .
then at .‘io. lui’ Honlton 'rtreot. Her husband 1
culled upon me ot my rooms. 3‘l Bond “rent, i
Ind wilhed me to call Ind see her. He said '
I could do no good; that he had had I“ the '
beit medic-l attendance, nnd all Enid lho In!
too forgone lith Conlnmptignto be cured;
1 but she had heard at some g'regt cures l had
made, and he desired to gratify her wishes.—
I called, Ind found her lying confined to her .
bed in the lust stage of bronchial conrump
-1 tion. and without doubt must have died lootL'r
‘ I examined ‘her ~lungs, found both bronchial
tuber Very much nu'ectcd, but no cavitiel haul g
formed, her cough we: very severe, the spit-1
box was tht‘ full of, thick pus. Pulse ”0,:
legs swollen very much; and worae than 11“,!
rhe‘hnd chronic dinrrhum. ”or bound: had
tic-en moved eleven times that day. l told her
Iliut‘she hnd lungs enough to be cured, hntl
‘ th'll tnis dinrrhom had been of long stnnding, 1
and her stomach was in such an ulcernted con-'
idition that l I}; nfrnid nothing could be done.|
She insisted I should try and do what I could;
‘ for her, observing that she could not last long ,
‘tn the conditiou'ohe wn's in, until could not‘
lmnke her any wurse‘. I gave her first a dose‘
of my Alludrnke Filing and the Tonic and;
Syrup freely. That wni 0; Tuesday, and by;
the next Sunday the diar hm t \vns curried ofl‘”
‘ her uppt’tilc hnd returned nullshe could sit up I
in bed and at her dinner. She i‘s now well,‘
11nd Kate me u long certificgte, certified to by'
l the Rev. Dr. Dowling.
Mrs B irtholomcn‘,B3 West Forty-filth street,
lcumo to my rooms with a tumor on her liver.
{She was low-spirited, skin snllow, tongue cont-l
led, bowels costive, no appetite, and lflStJiuk-‘I
‘ ing into the grave. The snid tumor h.ld been}
,running over fourteen yours. -1 guve her
Syrup, Tonic and hills. nnd told her to tukel
ltliemyust‘ as the directions “'crc printed. She
came hntk to my rooms, 35 Boot street, in twol
lwecki, somewhat better; ht-r tongue had he-I
gun to t-lenn n little mound the edges, her
ikln whiter null hz-r eyes brighter, nud the 1
tumor disallowing very oil'ensive mutter, much:
faster thn'n It lmd et'cr donexbufore. {film kept‘
gradunlly improving. and in about two months
she came to my 150 an very much irightencd,‘
tidying til-it the tumor h‘ml nearly stopped run
ning, and was healing up, out tlmt every dor-l
tor hnd told her thnt it‘it ever healed it would;
cuu<e her dmuh. l tohl her that the disease;
éll-l‘d nll left her <ysteu., and nature woull heal
[the ulcer up. They nre now healed, null have ‘
been for nbont a your, and ghe is us heulty“
‘unil robust it wom ll] us you “ill find in n day's:
\tnlk She l: gltl tor Any one to cull on her,“
nnl 'nkes grent pains to Visit any one that shei
henrs h IS anything like her case, And tries, to
get them townie nnd see Inc.
The next ensc is .\liss Seotield, from Slum.
‘fgrtl, Conn. Mrs. Bartholomew got her down
, to see me. and ahe has been ever since nt her ’
|house. When she lir>t rnme to my room's, slit-l
tms nun-h enmeinted _with :- distressing caught
rpitliug Luge qu Intities ofhlood. lexnlnitleth
l.t‘l‘ lungs uith the resinir’nneter, and in all my
phlt‘llt‘t‘ nut-r found one With one lung so (or,
pone and the other lun-z so sound. lcovild not‘
give much onennrnut out. i thought Shel
Would die: but to my Islunishment the Pu!-
.umnie. Syrhp. SCJWCC‘I Tonic, apli Mundrnhe.
ll’ills nll seemed to go right to work. thV lung
l is all heulal over, leaving u cavity n 5 Luge us
'it goose egg: good appetite, line siiirits. nnd
has unlined Mtlllt‘ thirty~tive pounds 11l weight .
She has some cough yetpfit‘hich I do not think ‘
nill lt‘ll\fl llt'l‘ before Jh¥. I should think It
trunlll’h: of great inn-feel to some unprn-jgdicrd‘
pl!) sixth. tu \‘lrlt tin-st: c mu. purliculurl) .\lisa
Sroiield, or any of lheut \\ ho hnu- been cured
Iby my medic-Ines. They are numerous in New 1
Yogk; but the above three nil |lll‘l‘r lrutu ouch
, other; nnrl it' my me-ln‘lnrs nru «luing whnt l 1
1 r'r-prt-to-nt [ht-y no. they thuultt ll.t\e the credit
an] the :lfllict’xl know where and how they
mily betured. J, 11. StillilM‘H, .\l. l-.
20 ; '6.1
Dr. J. ”(Srlu-nck (‘.m be found :n hie prin
cip ll office. .\'o. in North Ulh Siren-t, l’lu‘lmlcl
pun, cwr} S.ntunl.l_v, lrom it .\. ~.\l. until .7 l'.
BL, 10 gl\l‘_'fl(l\‘lf\‘. Ircc ol‘r‘.) urge; hut lur a
thorough examination he llmrgrs lll’H‘ Ilul
l-Irs. Price of lllP l’nlmml'u- .\‘vrup mid Sen
\\ cud Tonic oar‘h $1.25 per bu tle, 1r 56¢ II: lull
dozen. .‘lfllllll‘llu: l’xlla :5 (‘1'!) ~ nerlmx, and
are lnr sale by all Druggistsland Doul'rs.
June 6, 1864. im
Good News and True,
A 1N marn‘smrnn .
RUW a: WOODS nr‘e opening out another Lugek
nssurtmcnt 0! New Hoods at!
their cheap corner, which
they will :0“ at lLe lowest
cmh wires. We buy all for
cash at the lowest prlaus,nnd
' run; thL-refure. sail the 3mm: 1
quality of goods n 3 low as
a » [hi-y can he bought at nnyl
. '1 other Store in the Stnte. A
‘ large portion of the: Shoes we‘
sell are made to order, of tha; ‘
best umterihl, by good and
-cxperienccdwovkmen. Giv
' u.‘ u cull. ROW bWOODS.
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Hm; {qr Ba) 3, Dunknrd Hats,
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and Shakers, hy ROW 5' WOODS:
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Spool Cotton of all kinrh and colors, '
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Hasiery’ u ¥ u _ u
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and many other things in the notion line, sold
at lllelowesl prices. at. the corner of York urea:
and the Diamond, by 110“" 5t “0003.
USIC. .\ll’SlL‘. -
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Tyfions, E 1 an”,
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Umbrellas, Carriage Whips, kc.
We are continually inctonsinz the variet
and assortment of our stock. Pricel are NJ.
but we bough: many of our goods helore the
late rise, and will sell them as neatlold low
priceszu possible. It is ourgtudy to sellgoodi
that. will went well, and give satilfsclion to
our customen. To enable us to do this, we
have eiecled mangements by which we em
gel. the but Books And Shoes thin. are menu.
llcturcd. It you mun to buy :he
shoe line, “Q to" Dry Goods Store. If gun
want good Shoes buy them of
Cor. of Yuk at. and Diamona, Gettysburg:
May 9, 1864. .
AVIXG ukcn the In“? Ind commodioul
“'nr‘hhouao rgpgntl; occupied ’4l ka
.usb, 1&1qu ' ‘
‘ 1N NEW oxronn,
we no pmpured m p», the highest price. for
all kinds of PRODUCE. Mm. lell It the low.
of everxducription. . '
. A. P. MYERS & “153.3%".
New Qxford,Aug. 10,1863. (f "
J L. MINOR Inn in“ moiuq gI” o:
g cm; £29.39; QSM- ’- ‘. ’
Grain and Produce.
obuined by n peculiar proceu in the dam].-
‘ion of the nr, by whiclhiu highest medicinal
properties. axe retained. ‘ '
"A“! me A Cocoa? Bu: you .SOBi
Tau-n? ”no you any of the promonitory.
lymptomn of mu. uosll'ruul dines", Co:-
Thou who should be warned by these symp
toms generally gblnk llxhtlyol their; until it.
ll too late. From this heLperprl more thin
nny other, arises thé ud prunlence and faul
ily of disease 'wbidb Iwuopa to the grave a!
least, “one sixth" of half; victims.
Consumfition has destroyed more of the hu
mln family lhnn'nny olher discue, and the
best. physician (or many yenrs hue ddspnired
of I. cure, or a remedy that would benl rho
lungs. but. fur more than two hundred yenrs
the whole medical world has be'en imprusgd
ihni there was a mysterious power Ind cflicieu
(-y in the-Tine True TM 'in hell the lungs;
then-tare tln-y lure recommended ihe use of
Tut Wan-r. which in many cases bad a good
eflecl; but how to combine medical properties
m «s to heal the lungs. has ever been’u mys
-lerv until it was d‘ncurercd by Dr. L Q. C.
WlSliAliT, of Piliifldt‘lfihin. PL, the proprie
tor of “ “'ialim‘s Pine Tree Tar Cordial.” ‘
Many, not only nf'tlle people, butphysicinnn
of everv school nnl practice, are daily nsking
me?“ \thl. is Ihe principle or gnuse of your
success in the Irmument 0! Pulmonary Cun
suuxplion 2' ’ .\ly uuswcr is this:
I The invigorntion of the digestive organs—-
the strengthening of the tiehtlitntqd system—
ltho purification and enrirhment'of the blood,
must expel Iran: the system the corruption
:which scrolulm breeds. While this is efi'rcted
1 by the powerful nltenttivo (changing Imm
‘ disease‘ lohenlth) properties of the Tarflordinl,
its healing and renovnling principle is also
‘nctinz upon the irritated surfaces of the lungs
and thrmtt. penetrztliug to each d'isctued part,
[relieving pnin. subduim: inflummntaon, and
; restoring a healthful trident): Let this two
i lultl power, the hauling and the strengthening,
continue to the! in conjunction with Nature's
Et'onntnnt recupt-t-utiru?tuntloncy, null the pn
{tiint is sued, if he lmj not tuu long delnyed‘ l
fresort to the menus ol‘chre. '
I Mk a“ to real! hm {bllowing ‘cntificntes‘
They ure from men um! women ofuuquesliuvn
able “'oth and reputation : - -
Dr, Wiehnrt—Dezlr Sir—[llnd ll very dread
ful cough and sure :hrwqfur one your. and my
whoio $83612] was 1m! giving way, and l was’
pruatntuvl on my bed with but little hope of
revin‘erinq. .\ly Iliwnse mun-«I the powrr 61'
all umdicmcs. and in n shun. time] must. have
gone to nu' guru, Luz lhnuk‘flml, my daugh
u:r-in~l:uv \wul-i um. rrsl'uuxil she “em to
your smrv, .\'n. N .\'. Se'dcnd slrn-et, and re
lated my' mm.- 10’0“, pun-[used one boltle of
your fine True T.” (‘oldiul mid I commeuch'
to ml.- il,. and in one “‘t‘l'k l. “’u- much miter,
um! urn-r wing llll‘rl‘ butz‘us 1 mn pérlcclly
“‘Oll. n woudrr to all myrrh-Ink, furztlmy all
pruuuunc‘ed me past cure. l'uhhsh my was it
3ou Lhin‘. proper
NO. 1321 “'_vllv: Stud, l'hilddclphln.
Dr. “'Lhnrt': P-ne Tnoe Trr ('nrdinl is an
ill'ulllllh‘ (‘hH' tor “Hilullilis. [Hm-ding of lhe
Lungs. Sore 'lhnut and Brunt, Lhfluumnlion
o! 1.1:: Lungs. ‘
.\lr. “'.er 533 a
Dr. \Vishnrt—S‘ir '—l liml Bronchitis, In
l‘lmnmuliun at the Lungs. Slmrlnew‘ of llrevuh,
and l’alplmtion u! Lue Menu in their worn
forms: f llllvl l-ohu (rented hyaevrml of the
most eminent pl|y<i~i Inc in l’llil'ulelplllzl, but,
Ill(‘_\‘ could nut um]. llu‘vmpnl euur~e of m)"
dis-me. uln‘l l hm.‘ desp.iire-l ul Her being n:-
store 1 m lirullh. l was lr-ily nn (lie verge of
the grave. Your l’inci'l‘lce T." "(.rdiul was
highly recommended in nu- by n friend; I tried
it, and l :lm ‘.llmnkinl to say Hi I! after using
(our l lrgc. nnl um- sumll bunk-fl was restor
ed to perfect lle.llllx. Yqu enu giw reference
to my house, .\'n. 9136 .\.;S/ccun-l sires-g, or n!
my ulliuc ut llceeiur nf'flaxos, frcm 9 A. 3; lb
2 l‘. .\l., comer of Cbnunut and Sink streets.
Road tho following ffbm ['LiCA
Dr. Wisbnrt~nvnr Sin—4 lake pleasure In
informing yuu through this uurce that, your
Pine Tree Tut-Cordial, which wus "commend
ecPfor my daughter by Dr. J. Arllull, of this
city, has cured her or u cough (if more than
five months' standing. I hml‘thouur} her he
yond cure, and had employml th but. of
medical aid without any'benefit. lcnn cheer
fully recommend it to the public M n safe and
sure remedy fut all those similarly nlllicte-l, us
[know pf “Lutx other cases heal-lea that of
my daughter Hm! it has quirely cured of long
standing caughs. ' ,
Your: respgclfully.
.lullN \'. PARKER,
. ‘ lluguerrcun Arti-t,
ltd Genesee street, Uticn.
* 4' * :—I have used Dr. Wimnrt'sAPine
Tree Tar Cardifnl in my (ulnily, and can cor
dially recummend il. n: a valuable: and safe
medicine for colds, coughs, and to those pre
disposed lo consumption, \
« 160 Gcncsee street.
The above an a few among the thousand:
which this great remedy hns_ gnu-ed from an
untimcli grave. .
We, hnva thousands of ietters {rom physlv
cinns n‘nd druggisu who have prescribed Ind
sold the Tar Cor-linlf‘guying tlmt they have
never used or sold In medicine which gave
such universal satisfaction. _
The Ping Tree Tn Cordial when Llan in
cqnncction wilh‘Dr. Wbiahnrl'a Dygpepsis
mm, is an inmum. cm for Dyspepsia.
The Pine Tm Tu chain! will we Coughs,
Sore Throat and Breast, Bronchitis. Autumn.
Whooping Cough, Diplherih, and iqnlso In ex
cellent remedy for diseases of an kidnepmnd
female complaints;
BEWARE OF couxnmrr's. ii
The genuine h‘u/tbe mu}. 0! the proprietor
and g pine tree‘bhninlba‘boule. Allothen
are sputious Imiptions. 2'
[’llch Pm: Gnu Ind On Down pen
bqtuc, Preparedjnnly by the Proprietor,
' pm 1,. Que. wxsxunr.
So. 10 Rank Seéond Street,
Sold by nnuifl eventing,
9389”. 1“}: {l‘
rerpectfully beg leave toyatify their triads,
customer: and xhe public generally, tint they
hm‘e removed from No. [bl Franklin Ilml, to
the commodmas mar-nary Wan-home,
between Howard nnrl Liberty, where they will
for the future conduct the Wholeule Buli
ncsl. hiclggn
Furnishing Good].
—— ‘ l‘erfumery, .\'olionl,
Salient-r], Cutlery.
' - Toys, kc., ac.
to wixich they invite the “taxation of city and
counlry purchasers. feeling conll lent (of their
pbllny to offer ihduccmenu in priéel and
quality of Goods. ‘ - ‘
Orders by quil will rec'elre prompt unen
:ion. Addreu
308 Baltimore ureel, Baltimore.
March I“, 1864. Y
‘ Removal.-fl‘ln Ware. - '
HE undersigned has removed MIT-inning
eatubliabment nearer, the pinmond, in
ambersbur“ street, adjoining A. D. Buch
ler’a Drug Store—n very central location. "6
tgominues to munufnclure, and keeps constant
ly on hand. every variety of
and will always_ be ready to do REPAIRING
also done in the bed. manner. Prices moder
ate. and no efi‘ort ppm-ed to render full ulil
fut-lion. The_ public'a continued patronage in
solicited. 1 A. P. BAUGHER.
Gcnysburg, April 7, ’1862
r‘xow 11'.- .
IX anum-msnsm‘. STREET AHEAD!
“Ming ju:t r‘n-lurned from the city with I
xpicndid assortment of
without any dis urngemcnl lo my neighbor: or
any other portion of the town of Gettysburg,
I have the plenslure of announcing xhat Chum
bersburg street is nhend and tlmtllw place in
buy Hats, Caps, [39015 and Shoes. cheap, is at
my new smnd, uenrly upped“: the Lutheran
The attention of Hm Lidio< isrymrficnlnrly
invited m the splendid nssurtmenl of Unilers.
Slippers. Morocco L.\Cc Boots, 656., intended
{or Lndiuh‘wveur.
Alio, Trunks, Carpet Sacks. I'mhrz-Hzli. To
bacco, Cigars and .\'olinns, in endings wriny.
Here is the pLace to buy guodq cheap. ns _[ mu
dele‘rmiued not to be undersuhl by nn_- otln-r
estnblishment in town. Thankful fur past {JI
\‘ors, I am )uurs entirely,
March 28,1861. - ‘
Dlssolutlon ,
F I’.\RT.\'ERSHH’.—The ('o-pnrtnnship
0 existing ‘bleeen the subscribers, has
been dissolved this du‘y by muluu'. CHIhEUL—
Wq n-mrn thanks to our irieug and the puhlic
for Um liberal support extended in us. Our
hooks will he lcifi a! the store; nu_J we'rnruesi.
1y .requcsl. those indebted (0 'us to cull and
make Immcdme payment: us we Are desirous
m ‘Hle our business w‘nhoul ilolayi »
JanJO, XSIN. JUUN ('l'iil’. ~ -
7 [IE tuhsrribcr Inning Hiapoced nfhi: in-
P. tqresl in the Store nf (.‘uhom .k (‘ulp to
John S. Crawford, E-q.. rcspvcliully asks lhe
wntiun'un-c ul‘ his friend; and ruamm'rrsuo
[mxrunize his sutgc::or—u bere‘ Bargains Imu
Feb‘ 3, um. ’ ‘ .
I (.‘olmnn hiring assnciated “1:11 him in
luxuincsa Juhn S. Urunfurd, who purchased
the inn-ms: of Joth‘ulp, l'L‘Spl’LUUll"’ an
nnunccs'lo Vlu- cih/mns of (:‘vnysburg and the
pnblu' gulmdlyvtlnu the hu-‘lnms “ill In: con
tinued M the UM Maud (m Uhnmlvrnburg
sum-L‘lw .\. FUN-lAN &I‘U.. wh MN (on.
stanfl)‘ kebp on hand a huge storm? Gouda,
in the line of ' ‘ .
SHOES, H.\T>‘.§(‘.\l'.~'. TIH'NKS,
("\[U‘l-I'l' Imus, I'\IIH:IILLAF, $O.,
and Ihoy will also continue llxe,.\l.umhlclurc ox
b'hncs. , . ,
Frum their )ong experiem-Uin all the above
hunches, they llzulur llurqcrlres lhql [ln-y uni
plmsc the public, and \HH 3ch clump [or cash.
.\. (‘OHII \N.
J. S (‘l'..\\\'FURD.
Doing buainess under the numu .md firm of
.\. Cum-nu & (70, [l-lb. F. NIH.
HE lxnilersiguwl would most reCpcctquy
inform the public. (In: he bnskcummeucu]
the L
mucxsymnxn BL'SNES“.
at. Dunner & Zlcgler‘i shop, in East .\li-ldlv
ulrecl, Gettysburg. wlu-re he will at. all times
be prepared to I!" Blm'ksnxithing work to L‘nr.
ringes, Buzgius, Wagons, &c. That he knows
how |o do all julw o! the Lind “'in qm lu- qm-a.
tinned by those who have .1 knowlcdgg- of his
long upci—{uucc at the lvlhiucss. (‘mue on
will: your wurkmm} you will be sulisfivd \\ lu-n
you lake It away—find fur 'Which he will re
ceive Cash or Country Produce.
Jun. 4, 1961. If '
To Disabled Soldlers,
VICE.—CIL\S. C. chx‘zn, Attorney for ('luim
ants,‘Bounty Land and Pension Agent, Wash
ingtan City, D. ~C.—-Pensions procured tor Sol
diers, Senmen and .\lzirinesof the present war,
who are disnblcd by reason of wound: received
or disease contracted while in serviceland Pen
sions. Bodut}: Money and Arrears of Pay ob
tained for widows or other heirs» of those who
have died or 140911 killed while in service.
Bounty Laud prowred for sovach in my 0!
u..- olhcr \vnré. CHAS. C. TUCKER,
\Vnsbingtun, D. C.
J. C. Sun, Agent, Getty-..burg.
Nov. ~ 186.
Isaac ,K, stauffer,
' nucr‘Acfnun or
No. 148 Noni: Second St, Corner Quarry,
Pniuozunu, PA. ,
Be In! constantly on hand an nssortmenkof
Gold and Silyer Fluent Levy, Leplne und Pllin
Watches; Fine Gold Chains, Senls and K 235,
Breast Pins, Ear Rings, Finger Rings, lirn e—
lcu, Miniature Cases, Mcdulliona, Lockets,
Pencils, Thimbles, Spectacles. Silver Table,
Desert, Ten, Salt and Mustard Spoons; Sugar
Spoons, Cups, Napk‘in Rings. Fruit. and Bone}
Knives, Shields,Comhs, Dinmori’d Pointed P 1)“,
etc.,—nll of which will be gold low i_or cub?
M. I. TOBfAS & €015,5er quality In” jew.
eled Eaten: Lever Movemenls constantly on
hand ; hlso other Makers of superior qnslily.
N. B.—Old Gold and silver bought, for cub,
Sept” 7, 1963. 1y
RINKERHOFF keeps up with the timel by
saving new goods «11-nos! every week.—
0 spares no efi'urt wnccommodate his mimet
oul chsCoa-en. “Quick nlea and small
profits." is his mono. '
Dec. 7, mm: _
ARI) I’HOTOGEAPBS made It the Ex
celsior Gaucry are ulway- wuumel to
in ntiafnclion. TYSON BROTHERS.
otLOCK's LEVAJN—tbe pure" and
‘ be.” baking powder in use—at. Dr. R
BNER’S Drug Store. ‘
B have jdlt receivbdl new unorCmont
onqegnlwno, to which we invite the
mention m’ huycn- A- SCOTT a SON.
.children, at’ Dr. R. HORXBIL'S Drug
re. ,
Bamako“ Tonic, at Dr. R. HOBNHR’S
as Storm:
LOT of fresh GUM DROPS, the finest even
cl'ercd in xbig market, to be had at D:
U B’s Drug: Stow.
, “man: 93' {HI Ind Winter Goad u
. en» 9 pm gig-mag 4. 4 sum 1; 303 w.
phils4elphia, Pi,
Establish“ 1850.
Let Everybody
A Card
Another Change
Anoher Car Load.
, 4
OF, /W
”szness ’Hley
N 3. Corner Teluh and Cb‘tsuut Strum!
- [mun ml Hummus! or
L. F A l 8~8 A‘N K S. A, “..‘
for fine hm luur year: Principll nud'chief bug-1'
lineal manager of Bun!" & Stun-oi“: Cup:-
men-ill College. 3 r
Condugled on 5 new system ofAcluul Business.
Trsiuiug. through the establishment nl lcgili-x
mule Olflrel and Couming-Uonser,,{vpresem-i
iug difl‘erent departments of Trade lud Uom-.
men-e, and a regular Bank of Deposit and ls-l
me, giving the student. all the udvauugu on
gum] pumice, and Tqunlifyiug Him If: the:
{honest possible ti‘une‘und moat emu-five mun-l
ner for the unions duties and emplo3mcms of‘
bunineu life. : ~ . l
The Course ofimlruclion in the Thenreticnl;
Department embraces Pook-kcéping, Commer- .’
cinl Culéulatioua, Lectures on Business .\ ll‘nira,
Penmnnihip, Cammenial Luw, Forms, Cones
poudrdcc,-&c. " v' ' 1
In the I“ -
,gmsmnss DEPARTMENT ,
thr studcni enters upon Ihe Graduzuing Com-50,:
which includes gt continuance in the abuVe.
studies. with their prniciiczll ttppiictflion in all
their drtflls.’ II; will in turn fill the positipn
of Accountant amt Ptopriclox in the mrimu
Departments of Wholesale and Retail Trnllr,|
Forwarding, Jobbing and Commission Busi
nos», Banking, Manufacturing, Mining, Summ
bnnting, &c., and finally will mt us Cashier,
Book-keeper and Teller in the Bank, in each
of Ihich positions his previous knowledge‘
will be put to the fullest practical test.
Thin/Institution oll‘crs to young men numer-f
ous advantage: not possessed by any other,
commercial college in the Shite. ll is com-_
pletc in I" its appointments It is the only
Institution in the Slate conducted on :u-tunl
business principled. The‘course of instruc-'
tion is unsurpassed, and may he completed in‘
aboot one half the time usually spent in other
institutions, in uonsequé‘lire ol nu rntirelv newl
nrmngnm-nt, and the adoption of the new
pructicnl syztem. ‘ l
Diplomas nwxirded upon the complelfla ofl
the Comlurrriul Course. which cmhrncca all
except the higher sets of Banking, Monul‘fl‘utnr»
lug, linilmudiny, .fir. - I
Send fur a Circular. " I
Feb. 1,13 m
@ d W gig/ma ygn
I ‘ ' _'
Established in “:9 following mm:
S. E. Corner of bran-nth and (,‘hhnut’h‘u
.\'cw Yul-k, Brooklyn. .\llnunx. Trm'. l’rmi
dcnvv. Portland. Hnrnurd, ltnrlinuwnf
Sewnrk, llorhester, Bulfnld, 'l‘uronlq, “
ClevelJuul,J),(Tuicugo, .\lil-' ‘ '
‘ \vnukce nm! 5!. Louid. ‘
Thorough tlwurolicnl and practical infirm-’-
liou in all branches lucltuiuiug tu n finiahql
Bu~inc>s liducntmn. '
The l'liil.idelplii.t (‘olirgo stand: first in the
Shite, both'in point of rrputttum mnl 10ml
advantages. The paint. 'niinpd M. in. in ylafe
("onnnt-niul fiducntii-u- where it l)flllll;(-—l]|
the frunl ruuk of uieful instruction. To this
end, a most thorough courso of hu~ino.=_~ train
ing,' is adopted and care/ally entorud, umlpr
the personal superviswn at" conipvtvnt l’rn
feasors in the \nrious‘dup \rtnn;ul~. The Int-st
pctlvct system or przu-licnl twining n-._-r ll“-
t‘ipcll lms bun put in operation. and t.» nu".
rcsslnlly carried out. "Harding to s'udvuta :u).
mntngeg‘snch ns‘htn'c hitherto been consul-tr
cd peaaihlo only in councctiu with the count.-
iug-housc. Alter hecmnihg nl'wiout in the
Suit-me of Accounts. l‘cumn hip. Commu
('lJl L‘nlrulatiuni nn-l Cummvr 1 Law, «the
student is advanced t 0 the l’rgctirnl lh-purt
meut. “here In: hem-mes nn nvtual llut.h-k¢~l-p:
U‘ and )lrrchuut; [Hui-a thmngh tlm Illllbl‘l‘nl
llunzusi nets In turn In ’l‘elh r. llulnicr. .\'c.
imrm the dutica and;respnuszhilxlics «it ('.uh
china and becomes tlinrumzhly inl'nrnu-nl, not.
only in the l‘urms WlllLll no in unit. rml' Ibo,
hut in managing the ufl'uir: of bUaiuras \nth
app in 11nd despatch. . .
:(‘llulzlrullljia izsltrtl at one point. are 91:03,
tor an unlimited parity], in the eiglureu Col
leges cumprismg the "chain." ‘
Diplomas are auxin-dad t 6 those only who
fulfill the prearrihml vuuxsc at study, and puss
the requisite examination.
Fur further information send for a'cirrulnr.
Atldn-lis: . V ~ ' \
Fab. 8,18“. ly ‘ Phllmh-lphh
.rrs n r s ‘
Lamp Heating Apparatus.
“(z—m m THE rum: THAT LIGHT-S
mg: mum. . . ‘ ~
[fia‘liy the final! of n co‘mmon'lnfnp, at the
cost of n crnt's \wrlh M mi, A very comforta
ble hrmkl‘ust mm b:- make l.—_\'. Y. Tn’wur.
WSimple in constructinn: msily krpt in
order, ready for my in ammonium, conrcnicm
to have on h |n_l.—-I)ru_qym'a L'rrular. . ‘
WFish‘is Lump is one of the mo-t popular
novelties of'lhc day. The_ ulxlily of it is'un
quealionnble, a great saving is made in heating
and cuokings‘mnil nnirles, mnH-nn he made In
cook meals tom: gn‘ut many persons, which is
actually don-3 on xhe amhulnncc cunt which
carrywhe sick soldiers.—Srimhjic .luuncrm.
”For family use, hospmfi lent. barracks,
picnics, fishing, nursery, hr sick romp. It is an
artist; Ol'zcoml'nrt beyond all propuitiuu to ‘its
cosh—lla”: Juurnul of llalll‘.
3%“! lnwe tried the n3-pam'ns,nnd my wife
and .1 proclaim lhe mum at mosm'nluublu and
indispensable article, and we now wonder how
we could have so long done “imou! it‘s—l‘M.
Coal Unl arculur. . - ’ 'h
WAn economical coulrivnnce for getting
up heat at. 'slmn notice for nursery Mud grnelnl
hougohold purposes. One important Tum! is
the uving in (‘O5! uvqr cuui fires—N. '. Erw—
ing Pun. ‘ -
~“urn-Y run-u ox»: I’o rnpu alum.
runs: “new: cooxsn n on rummm on
j “13M“. .
Armngod fa; Keroseuo or Coal Oil. or Gms.
A Descriptife Pamphlet of thirty pages furn:
ishell gratis. A 159, .
0‘ Price. 50 Cents.
TO'be attached to a commm'x eroséne Lamp
or Gas Burner, by which Water may pa
' Builrd, and Food Cooked; also nr
hanged to support A shade,
fiAgcnts Warned.
No. 206 Purl St.,‘.\'ew York.
April 11, 1364.,510
. - Still at Work.
181-3 undersigned continuel‘ the
in I" in hunches, n his old "and, in Eut
Middle atreet.Gettbeurg.
‘ NEW WORK I|:ch to order, Ind _
don’e promptly and at Rowen pricea. ’
Two first—rate, SPRING WAGONS and .
Punting Offices.
’ ”A For: the use, of
gusts. and null business
,N‘Mm ‘in: - and professional pvn
' < i ‘ > who wish toido their
.9 1' t J»... own priming, neatly
\ 1 M and cheupfy. .Adnp
\; ‘ / ted to the printing of
" bandbills, biilhnda,
circulnrg, lnbeis, curds 3nd mull! newspapfu.
Full instructions accompanying each ofice en
nbling n bay ten years old 1c work them que
cessfuily. Cli‘zuinma sex: (rtee. ‘Speflmgu
s eta ofT 'uln 9.. ccn #- ‘
“Address ‘””’ ’ADAus' PRESS 00.,
3! Park Row, N. Y., and 35 Lincoln, tug“,
. 335 m, Mash. » .
Jinn", 25, {BB4. ‘ll ,
‘ xcxzxa w h Mans 01 m, uh;
P Ind Bum}; alpylgigg M 3“; "V : ‘
Wall Papers;
I ' .
, .\‘.‘E. Cor. Fourth uud Mnket Stuck
lianufactnrero of
Window Cumin Pnpen, \
uLinen Shades ”\d Hollandl, ‘
Solid Green and Bum
Chocnlnke Gmundl.
Pigh‘nd nnd Plnln Shade:
To which we invite the negation of BTW!
Mir. 28, 18C4., 6m*
Cabinet Furniture.
Id snanuonxm t SON,
‘ ‘l'!
xo. nos. Strand Stulb'clzzw Dock, Wen na-
"are constnnfly on inn-i i very II aan
acumen! ol’ Rosrwood. Walnut, Oak nl3 Lh
hogany Furniturguflnteudesigna,nnd superiol
workmanship, which they offer for an“. M rm
;unnhle prices. Utah and Mattresses made to
rule]. [.\iar. 23,1864. 6111*
MALS, Sun—l’m. up 1n 2512!.ch um] 51 00
Buns, [junk-a null! Flugks. $3 and $5 I 11"
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Ingram)", Feb. ‘22, 131 W.
New Talloring ‘
STJBLISII \l F..\'l‘.--GE(). F. I’f‘KEXRODE,
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Cutting and Repairing done an the lhortefl
notific. [Gettysburg April 'l, “462.
. Sprmg Goods
AT A. SCOTT a SOS’S.—-—We invite the It
‘ {union of bnyri'ito our stock 9! Spring
Goods, whirh will be sold dump, con’sisling 0‘
Shawls, Cloaking Cluths, em, etc. For Men'-
nud Buya‘ wear we have Clulhs, Cnssimcre'l.
Cuminga, Vestinxis, with a variety of Gouch
gdus, km, kc. Cull 13ml see. ‘
J lluy 18,1563. 3 A. SCOTT 8 SON.
.= . - New Bakery!
EWPOKT & ZH-IGILEB, Mechztniqn} Bah.-
‘ ers, South Washington street. he.“ Iqunro
from the Eng]: Hotel, GETTYSBUBKLPL—
Constnnlly on hnnd, the best. at BREAD,_
~norm withing fresh Bread will be served new
‘ morning, by leumng theirngmea 'andreaidgncel
it. the Bakery. Every efion guide 10 plea“
Give us a will - [Aprii 20, (63. t!
Battle-field was;
A FRI-LL set. of our Photognphic View: 0!
fine» Battle-field of Getlynburg, form I
nplend'uf gift for the Hoiiflayld The fine". yet:
published cnu be scan tube Bunnie: Galleryt
_ TYSUN BROTHERS, (haywire. '
‘- ' ~.4 Queensware.
I" you in? nnflhing imam QUEENSW'ARK
I line on“ at A. SCOTT & SOX’S, when,“
mil and the best aucnment in towh. -
)Inrch 2‘, IBBZ.
ILLINEBY GOODS,‘ Bonheu, kghbonh
Floweu, Sinker. and Bonnet run I.
5m received from an' York, chip 13 av
estoch’, the sign of ‘ RED mO. T. .
LL the but Pnicnt Medicineqlfgn be If“
It the new Fapily D’mx Ind" resédpflcl
un-o of _ Dr. Lion-NEB
AGO. Arrow Root, Corn Stu-ch, Rica-Rolf
Ind Gelatih, for sale at. Dr, 5935”“
Drug Store. ' ’
‘ OE LADIES.—AII sin: of Baguio On:
Show for 1110 as tho corner on ork‘lEQ‘
“d the Dilute-d by ROW k WQOQS”
UCUIBER PICKLES, A huge [at 390;. If
uiwd from the city. in Erma mug
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