The compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1857-1866, July 11, 1864, Image 3

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    i--- “' ' ’”“ ‘l‘. A ~- -~ -- - _‘__.-“_._-: ‘- -__.__...,. ““’ ’W i.
“nun" Aalfinnnms To me ‘ mm MARKETS.
.» ‘"'?“mnl' ‘.‘T‘ ‘ GETTYSBURG—Suumn “it.
On Saturday week. you: Houses or Con- n" 7 u m 7
yes: finally passed a hill to obolish the $3OO Bye. FlourW
commutation clnuse of the enrollment net. ’ “'“‘“.WM“A"“‘“"”‘ ""'
‘ . - . . .Red Wheat...................
The in“ u paused embraces several other ‘ Com ... , ,
important. change: in the pram”. law. and ' It;e..
is as [0110.“ ~ :Ouis h:.....
The President of the United States may. 3 3:371:82;
at his discretion,” any limo hereafter, calb Timotny Mg]:
for any number of men as volunteers‘foggpl“ be“,
the respective terms of one. two and three 33’1“" of Paris ...........
yearn, for military service. And any such [‘f‘lutfl groimd per “I!
volunteer. or in case ofdrnft, ”hereinafter; ’
provided, nny substitute, ahall be credited;
to the township, ward or city. precinct or;
..‘ection district, or of a cou‘nty towards the,
’quotn of which he may have volunteered or:
engaged as substitute. 'And every volun
teerwho is accepted and mu-iti-rediinto the
service for a term of one year. unles’g soonerl
discharged. shall receive and be paid by the
United States I bounty of one hundred]
dollzirs; and [or a term of two years, unless i
srnner discharged, in bounty of two hu dred‘
dollars; and, it' for-a term of three hang;
unless hooncr disclmrged, nboun‘ty of three ;
hundred dollars ; one-third of which boun
ty shall be paid to the soldier at. the time
of his being mustered into the service, one
third It the expirtition' of one-linlfol his,
term of service. And, in case of his death I
while in sari/ice, the residue of but bounty ‘
unpaid shall be paid to his widow, if he
shall have left a Widow; if not; to in; chil«
dien ; or. ifthorc be none, tohil mother, if}
she be a widow‘
In ca'se the quota or any put thereof of
any town. gdwnship,wanl, or git], precinct.
or election dittrict, g: of my county not 1.0
aub—difiidul, shall not be filled within the
«pace of fifty days after such call, then the
I’re.ident. man immediately order a. draft.
for one year, ‘to an such quota, or any part
thereof, which m.ny be unfilled; and in case
of any such dml‘t. no ply/maul ql' Ina/my xlmll
be accrptcrl or rtccivcd by (In: (14le "mm! a:
cammuluhou to reluue the curallcz‘i 6r (Ira/ml
7mm flan: pcrwual ably/aim: to [my rm. Mammy
:i. It hhfl“ he l::wfu1 for the l‘fxeculive of
any .\'wle to «end récfuiling ugvuls xnto any
nf'lhc ‘Slntos dvclnryd to be m rebellion,
except. 'l‘cnm-qs‘eo, .\lkilHNls nn'i Loui~iunzl,
to rrcruit volunteers under um provisions
of this act, v'vhu bl):1“.lu‘ cru‘diu-J to the
States ”In! to the rmpoctivc rqb-dwidons
whcrwfl'whivh may ”rmruru the enlistment.
>l. Druhml nn-n, MlbslilulPs npd vniun
lm-ri aha” be naugucd lonrguniuuvmp h'om
their own Sun,» and, us 'fur as pouxblc, of
their uwn sulcclmu.
5. livery pnnun un-h-r sixteen, uttered
(Ir mmtorml wnhnut the cunst-nt, uf [mu-Hts
or guztrthund. ’“‘”.L be hmmvhznteiy. du
(‘hurgml nlmn rupn3‘ln'mnot h-lunty by him ;
und “Him-rs knuwmgiy vuh~tmg_ur mthtcr
mg such Int-rum, ahnll lw-diunzsswl the wt.
Vtrc With lurh'iluré qt 1» Iy nml nlluwanccs,
uh-l he subject in court “Lutml.
ti. Dunn phuh he for one humlrnl [-t-r
cont. in addition to the numbt-r n-quu‘ed to
[ill the quplas.
7. Drafted persons shall be nH-m’ed trans
]umtutinn tn the [:hce of romh-zvnus.
8. AH pen-sum m the 11-KVJI servmo of the
Uniléd Shams. who have chimed in mid
Mervin-34 durme' the pn-svul rclmlllntl,.\vlu)
hun- nul. been (‘rwlxtwl t.) Ihé quuu [)1 any
«11-trim. by ream" of lwlllg in 5.1 M .wrvive
unvl «.zrotle-l prmr to l’ehru uy Shh, f 5") 1,
shall. ulnm Mllnlnutny pm vt ul‘ lt'~lll\'ll\”t’
m uh: 1:) U 1» \'--t'r«-t.u-y nl “Mr. he a-lu'qllml
marl t-n-nliled tu tln- quota of thcn' phx'c ol
truth-nun. ‘ '
9. 1)“:th men :nlpwm. rrgm homo «mu
he numfiml a» Imm :h lupuhlv, buL mull nut
'11» Llutrrumml :ln-wrh-rs‘ ull n :m-nahh:
lum- i‘gxn-u 11mm to x-vlurnr "
1”. The :-x::(infl!.uv|< not (-hnngwl uith
rv-gnr-l ll) lu-mnn c-ufiuxcnlxuusly uppuScd
£0 bcnrmg :H'IIH.
[lbw 77:11W3Vl [INN/[74‘ l‘uullvl‘.——A "10>!
ianinlQm dm-Nun Ullllrl‘ tho (funwripliun
In“ h In llu- xflqct’lhai, Inr (-VL-ly thaLlh-xl
mm whn‘ 1:Ill- In rnlmrl xgnuflwr nlw ~11 ull
l 9 drawn to 1m hm place—llm lint one
drnhwl. ll sulm-quullly ('.npturml, to he
(‘udilml In Hm Uirllit L nn any fulhn' NH.
I'ny .llu-se haunts tln- ('lllzz-n u lm‘rcm:un< at.
mev, «1« Lrnmnwl In pay h‘m (‘nmmutnlinm
.«r c-nlI-r llw m'l vu-v, H nude to aufl'vr fur
”IF clulimlmqu nl‘lly- mun \\ 1m xuxuuumy,
mul Is mmlywlh-Il m cmrr up [ho rwulisul'
(-xrvlnv-m-v :unnl Inculm‘n) un (Iu- purl oi
(iuvrxn’nn-nt «.Hici'nls. thllt‘v ii nut :11 all
10 br- u‘gJ‘rAl-‘rd. .\'u mauur u'luL man I'. i;
.bu Brut Hwyl.l:{filmnumburthundmlul. A
man Is but :\ Inm'lunc—u snunqhiqg nnfiy
inure-wry lu mmu-lvlc mum-rival r0~u114.-
So ark-var lu_l|u’nk [lu- I’I'JHIHJ liurvuu.
Sn du {mm hink the peoplc.—l‘ulri 1: (f‘ Union.
.» @Tlmmnn who i: mnxinm Hm: “the
last dullur ind thv lust mun " aha” Imam-«l
inordt-r KUJ'IU‘I) lhv u-llclliun and slnv’ory.
mas in ten]; _vwgenlny, Hc mxm- m lml
inruu-H [0 Nb rm}. “ho nan jl'ht about
Raving for Canada—fur lhc Lentil. of 11.5
A $11.13 “'urg‘szrr I‘mt’m’mm. Republi
can. guys: “'l'ha-xe i~ :ulm-p leulin; among
the pen] I": againxt, pcrpclualing thewulvr
of’thmgs that. 11.1.511de prevalence the Lnl.
three years.” ‘
_ ~ _- - -- ‘
384110 Charleston .llncury states llmt
hwntygevep Yankee plisoners there lately
took lh'v oath ol‘ullogiuuca lo the Confedera
by, and wcr‘e‘releusml‘.
firm I. 11. NUT! L'L's.
The Singer Sewing Machines._-Our
[nil gaining u'wor'ld-widc repumt'ion. lt'isLe
youd doubt the best and Lhenpest and most
heaulitul of all "Faunily Sewing Machines yet
allergy! to th-e public. No other Fuinily Suw
fing .\lnchine‘ has so many useful appliances for
llemmiug, B nding, Felling, Tuckizg, (lather
ing, Gauging, in‘-aiding, Embroidcring, Cord—
izig.nnd§o forlhfi‘Z‘No‘otlier fumily sewing mn
chinevlms so muc‘; capacity‘for a great variety
of work. It willigw all kinds of cloth, and
‘_willl 11l kinds of tli‘reqd. Grenund recent im
ppowempnu make our Family Sewing Machine
(no; mfifllcflnd most dumblemnd most cer
“in ii action at All rules of speed. It mnkcs
Hat interlocked stitch, wliich is the best stitch
known. Any one, even ofthe most ordinary
capacity; caui see, at a ghince, how to use the
Letter K anily Sewingllnchi'ne. Our Family
Sewing Machines a:c finished in chaste and ex
gnilite styk.
, The folding Case ofthe Family Machine i 5
fipiecepf’ cunning workmanship of tho m’ost'
new kind‘. It protects the machine when 3
pm in‘uu, Ind wpen about to be operated may \
be Opened as a ppacious Md substantial table 1
‘9 13min film work. ‘ While some of the Cases,
”do pm'of tha choicest woods, are finished
1 in Hlexlnqvleat;u‘d chum“ manner possible,
- odzen‘lre Idomed and embellished in the most
. costly and superb manner. _
‘ ' 1‘ il üb'aolutely neutun’ to Ice thé Family
llléhing in operation, IO M mindge ofit's great
”pug“; 39d bunny. I; is fast becoming as
Fpopnlu for {wily sewing M on: Manufacturing
lllchnel an: {or manufacturing purposes
tboJmnch Offices are well supplied with
‘m‘gguglthread, ngeales, oil, km, of the very
lit tau-lily: Semi for 8 Pumps!»
, ‘ 458 Broadway, Ne’w York.
fierLADELPHu, 3:19 Chestnut s}.
‘4}. JACOBS & 830., Local Agents It
a . . {5. [‘33. 17, 1863;-
$7251] Empléyment. [325; ‘
{GENTS WASTEDk-jwe will pay from
.25 t 4; $7; pa month, and nil “petunia, to .c.
“v; 4391333; or give a comqission. Patien
huvuglfice.‘ ‘Agldrm Eli'- 83mm “my;
99m”, 3; H 3133: Gem“ “out, “via.
Ohio. ‘ play 18, 1863. I:
n..»... 9 50 lo 9 75
.......4.. 215 '.o 2 so
...... 1 74:01 80
..‘..... l {:8 lO] 62
72 to 93
...... 7 25 Lo 7 50
3 10 (o a 25
.. .10 ('0 2019 50
.....13 50 Ml 4 50
......18 00 {O2O 00
l 8010 X 85
80 DO
Rye ....
Clover Seed
Timuhy Seed
Bret Cattle, per Zmnd
Hogs, per 11unu1........
Whifikoy ......... """': ‘
flunnn. Peruvian, per t0n.....‘L
fiOanry notices 3 pent! per line for all
over {our lines—Huh to ucc Jmpnny notice.
. _ i .
On HlO '_‘.‘lth Mayne, RHBECCA, danghtki' of
10‘”: and Snphia‘fihring, oflfumbcrlandtown
“hip, ago-I1 '_’3 your: and 2!! days.
Real Estate
A AUGUST 9,180“; the unrleriigned. Ad-
Inlni<trnlms of the E<l‘ue of Eli Chronistt-r.
Lite of Luimnre‘ iownahip, Adams county, de
-41--ltnd.l>y virtue oleu Order of (he Orplmn's
(‘ourt of Adams cuunh’, will sell M Public
Sch. m: tlu- premise-r. nhnut one-lourth mile
Imm Brngmwn. and five miles from Berlin, on
llic public road leading from Berlin to Dills
‘urg. the following Real Eslnte, \iz:
‘No, l: A TRACT 0!" LAND, containing
26 .\cnis, more or le-ss. hating thereon en-cled,
a Two-‘story Wenthcrbmlrded ‘ ‘_’",
Dwelling HOUSE, mec Burn, 3“? ~
nn l 'ilhor ouulmilllings ;udjoinin-,; I'}; “3;
lmulq of Cornelius 'liaker, Georgha‘cgM
limlL-rs and (Irnrgr- Dultcr._ There is :1 nevcr-
Luling’prmg of Water ncAr the door. .\l:o
In 011' null uf nlmice fruit trees.
_ __ _ _ A TRACT (Hf LAND, containing 4 .\l., with p:|:~engef§ from Harrisburg and the
AL res, nmr.‘ or law. adjoining .\'o. l. _ lXurlh, linsl and West.
llutli the "bore duselibed :rncu are ii: good - ~ R. MLCURDY, President.
furnnng order and nn-ler good fem-es. TiliS\l. JuneG, 1864. if
no urlv is eonveuieull 'situzued :15 to School , " ‘ , ' ‘ " ““‘
lamina-30m, kc. ’ - ‘“' The first Natlonal r
Any pennn “filling l 0 View the property. .\XK (ll’ GETTYSBI'RG has been (leéig
uill ('.lll on the willow of the dceellsed. maid-i B r'mtml 2| Depmitory and finnne‘mlAgL-nl uf
in: nu 50.1, or the undersigned, residing in ; lllPklulllPll Statel. Will buy GUM), SllA’llll,
\\'.u~lnn,:unn township, York count). . land (lUL'I’USS on Government. I‘lllhli. Will
lgfl‘fidu: to commence at l o'clock, P. .\l , lfun.i:h 5-20 zind IU-A-ll) I'. S. Bonds, nml ollur
nn s.u-l thy, when :luendnnce will be giwn‘tluvcrmncnt. accuiities. Culleclions made
and Laws made known by ”iruuiplly on all ncec='sil)le points.
. lo.\.\'ll'll. CIIRONI-STER, l GEO. AIINUIJ), Cashier
’ SAMUl'll. KING, ’ '
July H, 1364“ is ‘ Administrators
‘, ' Quarterly Report
0 (ixrrvwx‘uc, Isl Monday 01 July, ISM.
Ihlh discounted, $23,222 56
Furniture and fixtures, 700 00
('m rrnt ('.\p(‘u:c:‘, , 530 00
Tun-5 fluid, . . 8 75
llvmilLuu‘t-s and mhor cash “MM. 20 50
line frum tlu- follnl\\inrz .\'ulimm! HJnk:
.\'i'llh N ulmyml 1'- mk of NH“ York, 1,559 93
I‘ur from ul‘xrr ILmM:
lirnth': r» \lrlx'im. Baltimore, .
l'. .\'. 110 ml; deboniled 111 secure ('ir-
on hand,
(anll on hnnul: ‘
.\.Ull‘) of Illh Ihnk.
" uIIII-r Nahum” Hunky,
“ Shite Dunks,
Pupil-a] pnhl in,
(‘i-ruluin: Soles NH i\"ll from the
('.unplrgpller or {no Currruc)’.
In hviuhml lH‘pu‘its,
Dhidcnd‘t unpaid, ,
l'lxvl: mg ,
Inkrcfl, ‘ -
I. Gem-go Arnold, (‘mhicr of the First 5.;-
limmlflLmL uf Gettysburg. 151., do solemnly
sum-Ar Hm: the ul m'n smlemtnt is true to {he
lwa: n! m) kuuwlrulgo and belief.
(:I-lullkili .\RXOLD, (‘ushi‘L-r.
St-no hf I'cnu.=_\huni‘l. County of Adams—-
.\'nurn m‘ and :uhsmuel bcl'nn: Inc [his Mh
day thul}, IBM.
July M, 1:61. 3L
Auditor’s Notice.
IN the Court of ('ommonJ’lcas of Adums
coun'y: The .\uiliturnppuintud lo dirll'i
hutc the bulam-c relnuinin: in the hands of
i Szuhucl li. .\hlicr, Esq., As:ignco in trust fus
‘ tiediturs of Levi Smith and Wife, to mu
,unmng 11m creditors or prr=ons lognny entitled
to receive iho s.lmm “’1” tube: nll person: in-:
, [erode I, inr the purpnsc of his appointment,
Int the‘ uflice of .\i. k. W. .\lcCleMl, in Cc'tys
burg. on HH'RSDAY, the 281]: day 01.}‘l'lfl’,
lam,:n.lo o'clock, A. M. '
\\'.\L HrCLEAN, Auditor.
Ju'iy 11, 1504. St.
Western Inn,
(‘lnnnnnsnruu Srnsqr, Gnnsnuna, PA
1"”) undenigncd would most. regwctfdlly
inform [he public that he has openegl a
Hotel, the "\\‘c=lcrn lnn." in Chmubersburg
:‘lrcyt, near the \\'e<l. en-l, Gctly:buxg, l’u..
\xlu re he will be glad to receive a sh I“! of zh‘e
public 5 yummy, promising to spun: no ef
lorl. (0 give Fmire satisfaction. ills charges
wxll be moderate. ‘
July 11, 1861. Im
Estray Spfeep.
AME to the residence of the subicriher, in
C ('umberlzmd township, on the 27th of
June. TEN HEAD OF SHEEP, among which
are two black ones, The owner is rcllllesled
to come forward, prove property, pay charges
and take them away.
July 11, 1864. at .
ol adminislrulion on the estate at Henry
Bishop, Sn, lute of Gettysburg, Kdaufis co., dgc.,
having been granted to the undersigned, re
siding in the same place, he hereby gives
notice to all persons indebted to said estate
to make immediate payment, and those hav
ing claims against the same to present them
properly authenticated for settlement.
June 13, 1863!. St
The Adams County
A hold a Fair about. the nsuul time this fall,
In their Fair grounds, near Bendersville,
Adams county. A list. of Premiums 3nd 3
Programme of the Fair will be published in
‘due time. By order of the Board,
\ - W. B. WILSON, Sec'y.
Jnu¢27,1864. 4r. _
Corn Wanted. :
CORY IN THE EAR named at our Unn
house. for which the highut market. price
will be paid. McCURDY l DIEHL,
Gettysburg, April 18, 1864. .
John. W. Tipton,
ASKIONABLE BARBm‘th-uat cor.
F not of the Diamopa, (gonfioor to lic—
Clelhn’l 30:51,) Gettfllmrg, Pi, there he
can It All times be found ready ”Juana to I“
businau' in his line. He bus flso exedlent as
lilunce and will ensure satisfaction. Give
him a call. ‘ [Dec. 3, 1860.
Lofififia thb?fif§sr:iixe_n?fli:3
p goods just opened. Aiso Boots, Shoes
Ms, kc. Bc., all chelp at BRINKERHOFF’SA
\OTTON. (ROVES, for Men Ind 3033. cal
(j be liml «Mali 3t SGHICK’S.
ADIES’ Cloth féf Cloaking] Inev “if,
just "cured at FAHRWHRU .
HustCorner of the Diamond. The subscriber
is constantly in receipt of fresh goods from the
Eastern cities. His stock of
is one of the largest and most nttrlctive. a!
well an the cheapest establishment of the kind
in the country. You will there find COATS,
PANTS AND YESTS, made up in the most
fashionable styles, and of the best materials.
ofrisll sizes Ind prices, for men and boys.—
Gentlemen's tarnishing good: ot‘every descrip
tion, Wool Shirts, Muslin Shirts, llickury
Shirts and .\lerino Shirts, Merino, Wool and
Cotton Drawers, Hosiexyofevery description,
Buck-skin, Merino and Cutton Gloves, Hand
kerchiets, Neck Ties, Grants, Linen and Paper
Collars, llnts, Cups, Boots and Shoes. Cm
brellns, Trunks..anicu, Carpet Bags, Clothes
and Shoe Brushes, flair Ind Tooth Brushes,
Shoe Bincking. Pocket and Dre sing Combs,
ivory Combs, Watches, Clocks 559 d Jewelry,
Guns, Pistols, Violins and Violin Strings,
Soaps und l’erfgnicrics, Stationery-Mall kinds,
Pork-u. Knives, Smoking and Chewing Tomc
co, Pipes, mt extra quality ofSegm-s. In incl,
his stock embraces everything usually found
in rfirst clnss fprnishing store. I invite the
attention of all to come and see for themselves,
as lam dctL-uuiu-ed to sell goods lower than
any othurcstahlishmrnt in the country. Dun':
target the place. Corner of York streetnnd
July 4, 186%. '
M ••••M
......a o o to c
90 Lo 3
......fiwuo z
‘ y
~ . .
. n ,‘l v .
.. ,3 _flLr’z‘rrtr
r‘ 1*: :I}, ”33mm '17:“121‘: (-35.1171:
..’w' '”‘“h‘ ,o-un-au-s—uo'
Gettysburg Railroad. ,
I .[lßl-IE TRAINS A DAY.—Truir.s over the
I Gem’sburg Railroxd nuw run as follows:
Fin! (Min lmvns Gettysburg nt 8, A. .\l.,
with passengers for Harrisburg and the North,
that and West.
SU‘qul train leaves Gettysburg at 11.30, A.
.\l., Willi phacngers for Baltimore. I‘nascn
gen mu also reach Harrisburg by this train.
Third train leaves Gettysburg 31.3, P. .\l.,
with [mast-ugers for Hanover.
Fxrst train nrrivcs nt,Gclt3§sburg at 11.29, A.
.\l., with pns=ergers from Harrisburg.
Silt-um] trniu arrives m Gettysburg‘at 1.55,
P. .\l., with [nasaengcrs from Baltimore.
Third tmhi‘ arrives at Gettysburg at 6, I‘.
July 4,1804
TRH'HD‘nway from the subsvrilwr, in
S .\lolnflilonsnnl township, Adams counl}.
on Um 25m ult , n DURHAM COW, red, “ilk
whim buck and face, and short horns—about
3 ycx'xrs' old. A suitable reward Will be I'.
to any one who will‘give infornmlion of her
\\ hermbuuts, by the subscriber, M. film-net‘s
Foundry. in Gettysburg, at (he rcsiile-nu- of
the =ubscriber,or {it Grant» ”ill I’m! nm. 0.
JObEI’II J. 111-1311.5“.
July-5,1861. 3'."
4,334 59
11864. a Spring Mllhnery. .1864.
, Bllsquxccnmm has just. rcturnml from
‘ lllL‘ (in and is now (ulnnmgn nvu n.»-
;wum(‘ul of" .\HLLIXHRY k F.\.\’(‘Y (FUNDS——
{Spring Sules. Also, a handsome usanrlnu-nt
.of READY MADE BUNNETS and Dre» ('.npé,
which “ill be sold at the Inw'e~l L‘.l~h pxi ~x \.
‘ ‘ Prfl‘llillincri wishing to punlmw gawk 10
25c“ again \\ ill be supplied at rc-llucml ”ELL-4,
{and “ill waive all pnutrns gr‘nip.
1) Mn): 2. Z 364. 2m
50.000 01’)
23,000 no
25,0uu 0C
11,233 on
5.0-4.1 01)
20,11; 47
$1e:7.4~x RI
sLo,uuu UU
! Come on With Your Jobs!
I l'lVllbllUUYEß will do all lelx 0"
11’ ll II AllllN (l to (‘fll'l'l‘lg-‘fl, [hi-11'1”,
‘“'.xgnne, &c.. in n nut und sulnmntml nun
ncr, and M”W lowest living [uric-'5. llis slzu‘.
31.4 in West .Itrce’, between Chamber-dung :unl
Hlid-lle streak, _Guuyfihurg. lle promises to
fvlu gnml walk, and asks n slmrv of public Im
‘tron.nge. [April 4, IMH. ly
450)0 IV)
7:25: 6'.’
' 6| m
as‘ 63
100 53
31.5353 51
‘ Jacob B. Holtzworth,
‘ AX!) _ ‘-
. mmfinfissmz,
'hns nponod a saloon in Ch-unlmrsl-urg street,
north side, near the Diamond, (h-tlyshurg,
where he will he ghd to serve all “ho may
dodge tn Rarhnring or .Hnir-drt-ssing
dune. Will: good took. ax long ewexirm-u in
lhu business, ahd n dmire to phase] hv hni
’rmso‘n to expect. :1 share of the pu‘di-"s patron
ngp. He will certainly try to dumrve it. Re
member the pluce—belvwcu Buchhr's Drug
Slum mnl Smith's corner.
A. J.'
.\l.|_\' 10', ISO-L 1f
F Arc constantly receiving lhn'ire nnd do;
snrnhlc goods, from New York, l’hilmlclphiu
and Baltimore, and are prepared to vfl‘cr
in thme about: purchasing. Having Selected
with great cure,from the threeiendiugnmriiets,
the public will look to their own iimresrs by
examining our stock before buying chowhcre.
Mug; 9, 1864. 3 Red Front.
Bakery 1n York Street.
HE undersigned is continuing Snupee’s
lhkery, in York slreet, Gerushurg. and
i~ prepared to furnish every day, frcshimEAi),
employed a first-rutc'Buker, and will spare no
cfl‘ur: to render satisfaction to all who inny
patronize him. JOHN CURISMER.
Gettysburg, May 2, 1864.
administration on the estate Henry
Rummel, late of [lending] township, Adams
County, dec’d., having been granted to the un
dersigned, residing in the name township,
he hereby gives notice to all persons indebted
to said estate to make immediate payment,
and those having claim: against the some.
to present them properly authenticated for
settlement. JOHN A. RUMMEL,
May 2, 1864. 6' Administrator.
Gettysburg Marble Yard.
M GETTYSBURG, PA.—-“'her9 they are
prepared to furnish all kinds of work in than
line, nréh as MONUMENTS, TOMBS, HEAD
STONES, MANTLES, km, at the shortest no
tice, and 3.: cheap as the cheapest! Give us I
call. '
fi‘hoduco taken in exchange for work
Gettysburg, June 2, 1862. H . ,
of distinguished individuals, including snug:-
ber of our prominen'. Genenlg, and the o d
hero John L. B’nrns, for sale at the. countar oi
the Excelsior Gallery, Gettysburg.
For Sale or Exchange.
VERY desirable GRIST MILL, with 7 3.
38 AQRES OF LAND, in Germany.
township. I will exchange for 11 Farm, H
39d pay the difference, if any.
Gettysburg, Oct. 5, 1863. t!
ND OLD MEN, do not allow your mother:
A and your wives-m wear out their precious
lives over the old Wash-tab long", but Ilka
true men And benefuclors, present. them with
an EXCELSIOR WASHER, Ind Instead of
frowns Ind crou words on wash days, depend
upon it. cheerful fncea will gm: you.
TYSON BROTHERS, Getty-bung. Pa. .
Dec. 14, 1863. ‘
, R. TOBIAS' celebrated Derby (2'01;le
Q ‘Powders, for Horses 31nd Came, for
u r. übnxnms Drag Stem -‘ " . -
mum BALuonALSJus: néeh'ed n - ,
' ~ mnxss'rocx BR 32"
Great Attraction
Strayed Away.
New Goods.
Young Men
Come to York Street!
Y HI-lundv-rsignrd has bdughtuul Ihr Gmcery
r and l’ruVL-ion Steve 01' W. K. mule,"
York strut, 1 1" doors mast of .\‘l. James
Lutheran Church, nnd will cmmuuc the busi
nesa m. the sum place. He hII incrtnwd the
stock, and is now prop-red to offer :1 most ex
cellvnt nuortmeul of goods in his lune, such .3
SJ", Fish, Broomgaliuckeu, Brushes, Wuh
ing Mnéhinel, Blanking, deles, Ntedlu,
Pins, Combs, 32c" with a large lot of
Also, Coal 011 and (‘O3! 0?] Lamps.
Cnllnnd see for yourselves. lhs nssnrtvmnl
is not only full, but. he sen: as cheap as the
cheapest. 9
The [ugliest price' paid for old Levi.
Gel!) slurg, )anch 7, 186-1.
New Liquor Store.
cormr of Baltimore and High streets, Gettys
burg, I’m, hue nddrd to the Grocery business
11 lnrgr ns§ortmom of UHUICH LIQUUKS, oin
hmcing Almost. every kind..’:iz: Brandi”,
Wince,.Gius, [lx-ma and “hi-kin. n" Wur
rnnted to he wh-u, (boy are Sold for in flavor
nnd' quality. These liquor: Me of various
grades, running up to the highest, so Um: all
males may 1‘51»! suited.
Pure French Bzau-ly and 0M Rye Whime'
for mcnliml purposes can at all times be,lx.ud. l
The Above [iquoi'a have blpvnpllrclmsqd ut
llxe bust and 113051 reliable ’houscs And can‘
tllcrelure be recommended with safety. and'
will be sold nl‘lhe 10“"th prlcri. [mndlordsi
and Cuunlry Merchants will find it to llu-lr iu-'
ton-5110 call and emminv our stock lil'fufl' pur-f
chasing chewlwre. Wllh large sales we can
sell M small p‘rofiti. J \\ 1
35:5“1e Grocery. Fldlir and Feed and .\'o-‘
tion l)ll:lhl:<5 t'mninued—with lull .I.=<nrlm"-;u§
in each dep.|rt,mvnl. [\l.n_\‘ 3!), l 8“. 3m '
’w_ l
New Spring Goods. . .
would respectfully any to the citizens at GM
tyaburg and vicinity, that he is; now rccehing
In his stnrc n Splendid ' .
The Hmk conx‘isls in, pun of anv’y" nud
Staple ¥UIIY GUUDS, of avgry descriptioy.
SILKS; f _ '
‘ ' 'ALI'AH‘AR,
1 ' LAWSS,
of n‘! qualities and chain“ Myles, which will
be scld nt PRICES 1:0 “KEY ('IIMPE’I‘I‘HUS.
uf all kinder, ilwluding Silk. Lincyi nml Cotton
llmnlkcrchict‘i. (iluvcs. wakilrus, kc.
Also, 11 splml-lnl u=.~ortmeul of lllllllUNS,
Lures and Edging?» l'mhn-lln.‘ inn] Funny-ls.- ~
My storkuf \\ lll‘l'l‘l UUUDKS Will he found lull
and complclr, and customers mu) l'rly.llpol|
Always getting good good: at‘lhc luweal puni
lolc prices. , ' ,
(lt-ntlenu‘n will fiml it to than advantage to
cull aml (-Vnmine my albclx of , '
‘ CLUTHS, . . _
of all qnnhtim and chuirmt-sqlus. .
May '.H, 1564
Universal Clothes Wrinzer’.
Pull ~ALI. lu‘
SH i: .\ I) s x I: H: 111 mm,
(FLrT\'~sxl nu. l'\. ’
I‘m-n innuin‘mblc recumzm-unhuixms, we
{r.l‘tlu-r llu-fnllmr ll;_'2
Loluhr lrum .\ll ~. l.lcnr_\"\\':mlllcNlHrJHlS’H.
lznu mun 11 Imm (u “[313 In the \nr_\‘ higlw
rs! “mm of lllu- ”'['-||\cl‘~-I('lu!1|L‘~ Kringvr.”
Thu hank-4| lull v! "\\.:~ln’ix ; ILH "“qu is,
in my miniml. HR \\‘rlll__'i-I;:: .ml thn' imcnxur
nf thie- urn-hm" “my hue lin- sun-ll rliml (If
f- elm: M: It lxl- h L~‘( [34”qu n-u- nlv Hm must
hulxunlc Imm of “,0 x;:\n'- “urk ium L'n ry
:mmvlne .Izulw m rut. Tlu‘ Lnx'x-Iruk hmkh‘ ' I) upsfiwmml ‘“‘”ifl. cgmlmwd of the
“‘“”“ h “'5 -" 14"““' "l' ""L’ I '“"k ”l"'“ ”“5 ‘lmuhlnp u‘l'l‘rvL-ulum. m. the home ol'chhulns
lUuuu'; the- muzl lLu ml ”'1 i- M Kin: hu he. .\I ‘“”' in ‘~ |i-' ‘”“‘“:IHIL' _ .
Ihm>!~.l_\n.H-Id‘r‘tr, 1‘ ’l‘ I‘ In liu- S -n-n’h-.-mll dI-lrirl. (-n:npu~wluft'lo
l'rimu—S? ""- EL ' [“I I." '1- ’"”» ltug“ whip uf ('ni A", :u lhc'huuac 0! Hum 1| Lt;-
.' A~‘_._ ‘_'—_V A‘ _ . .. H
-' ‘fvu-r, in MM mwmhip. '
JQCQb llal‘leY, ‘l‘lln Hm I'lizhu-vnlh didrh-L mungmwll of'llu:
( l"‘l"~2:: r: 1“) nu kH’.“ .1 ll umm') r mn‘hi‘) of Butler, :lt lln- puulm Sthuul-lluudu
1 TH. 05:2 \l \‘lH-CE-ll‘ S I'.l l'”[‘l.\ljl:'lnl'lll \.— in .\I: X “Nuwu. I'l mixl lux\'n<hip. '
N Ikuh-r m I’mu li\-ll m-l .\lxi"r'r_\\"\T('jl-‘ '1” the Nun lcnullr Myrrh-L composed oftho
E‘i: l‘inc (:..1.l .H~2\\'l.Lli‘i: .\'ulwfilm‘lulh ‘ton‘uxhi-p of Ilcrmn-k, n: the. l'igwu Hill
\‘s'A’IH‘LMIJ lhl- I‘m-J. nun;- nfnllA'Hh LATE!) School-house, in will tm‘ndnp.
WARE. l'uudaxul} on huh] A Lugt‘ assurL-' In tln- Tu‘culiclh di~trict, cur‘xpMOd of the
Input oHlxc ”hora gawk :u Lnn'lunnl ltriwudula of Cumberhwl. at the hule of I).
W ltrhci‘ and ‘l‘mu l'lur'u [n..-gum», by lilm-hmgh. in Ihr lmrn'lgh of (Mn; shurz.
Ek'llml w rr‘..m -n; flu), Jv-erry rupnningg In the 'l‘n'vMy-flrsl dulril'twn'npnst-d oflhe
Ilngru in; an! \I! kinda of llmr-“urk lo qunr, towx‘flfip of Ihvghlunl, .11 the Sr-Lu u! Hnnsc ut
at short nut'u-o. , i Lower .\hrsh Creek I'rhbylcriau Church, in
fifilmu't -t‘ur,;.‘t the on) sr.\,\'n, No. 6133
Market Strut. mm “mm... '
April 13, 214-1. 31" an": 13311)
Good Things from the City!
I: nro rccvi\‘in;: lwxce n_“‘rck fmm the
‘V ('llyn mriul) u! .ercll-s suited (u the
“aims of this community, \3l: Fred], nnd Salt
FISH, ll.un=, Shoulder} and Rules, llmuin_\',!
111-nus. Sult', Aplllfls; l‘oumpa. Ornngez. Lemnns,
Confections, 'l'uhlL‘L'uS, Fez-re. ,uilll many
other articles in Ilbis line—pull rcruin-il in ihg
bestordur. 11ml Mild .u the lowest llrn’illfl.‘ Gite
us :1 mill, in [Lilmnure street, nearly opposite 1
l-‘ulmestncks' More. ‘
\\‘;\N’l‘l€l).——Bmu-r, Eggs. Lnr-l, and all
other countri‘ pro-lucc—loi- which the highest
cash price will he paid. ‘ ‘
SWEET POTATOES—hes! qualily, at low- ‘
e 5: living inmfizs—nlwuys on lmml. Also.
()YSTI‘IHS, line and fresh-_in (he Ilicll 01'
shocked. lit-slnurzlnls and families sllppili‘d.
Gettysburg, May 18, 1563.
..A ‘-mfiiLT-
New Goods. 5 ‘
EORGE ARNOLD has just rccnirell' from
G the city A large supply of (‘LUTHIVG,
)lcn'u and lluys’ wear. cunsialmgol‘ all kinds of
- n l s o -
A large stock of UL Tllh‘, (‘AFS‘ldll-IRES,
all of which will he sold 5 cheap ns‘cam he
had elsewhere. Gin: us a call, and ii we can
noz please you in a suit rcmly made We~will
take your measure and make you'll]: one in
she}: notice. [.\luy 30, 1,864.
udminislmliori on the estate of George
chgy, late of Lalimorc township, Adams col,
deceased, having been grunted~to the unden
signed, the first. named residing in Huntington
uvp., and the last named in Umlertwp., the?
hereby give notice to all persons indeb
ed to said esmte to make immedi'nto p -
ment, and those havipg claims against file
name to present them properly luthenucated
for Ictllement. WILLIAM LRAS,
June 6, 1364. 6” Adnliuislrutors.
For Sale.
A VERY desirable FARM, adjoining the
Borough ol Geityabdrgmontaining 1!
124 ACRES—Buildings Ind Land good. . 5%
Will be laid on \fily accommodating ‘
terms. 4 ‘ GEO. ARNOLD
Gettysburg, Oct. 5, 1863. 1f
Wanted. '
AY AND GIIALN', at the Warehouse of
H Samuel Herbat. in Gen) aburgrfor which
the highest market. price will be paid. .
liq 23, 1864. ‘ , ,
Albums !
Jult received a Inge and beautiful umrti
meat of Photographic .\lbums, which we ofl'cr
below city prices. TYSON BROTHERS.
Dec. 14, 1863. -
“(ST-RATE Eighhdny, Thirty-hour and
Liam Clock'l. aha]; nt PIUKING'S.
2 C and chap, for sale by ROW & WOODS.
: I HE American Excelsior Coflee and Bonn,
i _l‘ for “lent Dr. iL'HiNIN-Bfl'fl‘ Dug fibre.
I (151‘ ‘mema u chxma's Spring Ind
\Jb‘ummur Clothing. 60min: Ind 111-Z (
Proclamation. Am! in Mid by an Act of the General Mum.
PECIAL ELI-2“TIUN.—By urtue M n’ writ '”‘ ”f ”'i‘ Sh". put-mi Ihr 26 day of Juiy,
L of election, to mt.- directed m Andreme! Hi'. It is dvrun-ol that the in~prrlurl Ind
liurtin. Governor oflhis (‘ulumongn-nllh. given (-in-1105"?!" thrplucon 0! their dln‘fifli "n “it
under his mtnd and the grcnl "“01 the Stat". 1 df‘." 0f .the Ueucml Eli-cum) nfu'cxxaml, at?!
at ""‘-imam, u“, 2}“ day of June, A. I),, ~ o clock In tho funenoun, tn dn‘ and pt'rfuf‘m the
1364, according lo the [irorigimu of“, A“ of ill-\ernl limits rcquin‘dmni enjoined un tb’gzm in‘“
the Genet-ll Alumni; of Pennsylvania, enti- ! and ny Nu.- same not.
fled “An A“ pnscriblng the time and mm”; And he it further dint-m), in had by the it“
nor of submitting to the people, in! then up- } “,1,” General Assemhly "7 "’39 5““(‘1 "“"‘”-
provnl and ntifictticn, or xejectiun, the prodsfiudv ”Ht one of lEe Judm of curb of the
pond smcndmeu‘a tn the Comimtion." . dim-rent dialficls gforegixiui, who shall have
I. Adam Rebirt, High Sheri of the County? the {haze of the [ct-ins of the election'
of Adams, do hereby make Kgown “.3 give} In_thmr-»respccure distrirts, 31m" meet the
this Public notice to the Elect‘ors ofxthe Coun- i ”‘"'" "4.“ “f!" ‘5O ““50". '3lth 31'3”
‘J’ of Adamé, “N“ on the ““51. TI'RSDAY of} b» un Hula”, Ihr N 5. Joy 0’ Animal um, Mt
AUGUST newenmu-e 2d day ofthe mm.) . “"' “MN-MH-w- ind-e Roman or “‘"‘Sibmifu‘
a Special Elm-tum will be fish] at the new“! “”‘n vnn-l tlu-rc to make u luiir sash-mm“ and“
Election, Districts, establimed by law in said , “s"”“W'm‘ 0‘ ‘l'“ number U“ ‘o‘“ ‘ 1‘“ h “*1”.
county. ttl_WlliCil mm- the, \\ All \OlO hy’baiint i ‘"“" "““'l Ki‘l‘u M the 11“ ch Wirirlsin It”.
for or Against certain proroeu! amendments to! 009””. ”f '”“'“3 {‘"' ‘““‘ ugniult ‘kei’wl’Wh‘
the Constitulion or this Uommouwenllb, which! Am“"d""‘"”‘ , - i
Me an idiot", viz: ‘ . . - ‘ ADAM REBEIIT'. Shenfi'.
”There shall be an ndditionni sectiun to the vann 5 ‘in" P’ ,(utqsburg, ‘"”-V L"A
third article of,the Comiitutiun to be Jusi '- .
nntcd is section fun], as iullu‘ws': ‘ a A; Valuable Farm! '. '1
“ Suites 4. Whenen-r nny of the qualified ‘ AT “11‘3”“; 54L60—Tl'°3“blcr§m9§“fi
‘7 . . . .. . - 7 «.mi 9:
electora‘ of this Commonwealth shall be in any
actual Mflilary service, under 0 requisition
from the l’rcli-len' of the (lulu-l St.ues.’or by
authority of this Commonly-calm, lllltll elecl‘ors
may exercise the-right of sufi'mge in all cloc
imns by the cililens, uudrr such regulations as
me or<slmllbc 'presvrilmi by law, as fully as
if Hwy were [rcscul at. "Hi? u‘suul place of
elections. ~
“ There shall he hm additional Sections lo
the Eleventh Article of the Gunslitmiun, in he,
designated as Sex-lions eight and nine, as fol
lows: ‘ ‘ v
“SLCTION S. .\'o hill shall be pnsaod by the
‘Lt‘gialn‘nre containing "mic Hun one suhjru.
which 31.1'1 be clc:\r|_\';t-Lpi‘cs3cd in the title,
except npprmuialmn bins ‘
“ Sncnux 9. .\'o hi?) sh’au-be‘ misc-d 11y (ho
Lexi-blur“, granting any :mwelrs (-r privileges.
in an)“ Lune whrre 'the’nnllmrlly :u grunt and)
powers. or privilcgm, h u lwm, or nny lmro~
after he, (0 -t'trrl'd upon‘ the Cuurts or this
Cummoannllh." ‘ ‘
The s.iid-I-Ih~ctions will he held throughout .
the County. as l'nlhnrs:
' In the I'ir:t'tli~'.rit:t, eo'npncctlmf the Bor.
OlUettyshnrgmt the (‘uut't—honaefinttiutyflmrg.
In the Seenml «lictriet. eonipudtnl of the ‘
to“ ushiuoHlt-rmunv. at the llUllat‘ oanthunieli
I'Lunct." in the town of Littlestown, in the
tuwtfship ol‘Geintnny.‘ ’
In the Third distrlev, eompmett ot' the town
shipot ("forthut the houac of E. .\I. .\'oel,iu the,
town of New Uxford. ‘
In the Fourth diatrict, composed of the town
ships of Intimnre nnl ll'untington, at the
‘huuse of U. W. lIiI-khmnd, iu the township 1
of Huntington. . ‘
In the Fifth tIi:IrI('I, composed ofthc tnwn
ship: of llmniltonbun and Liberty, at the Pub
li'e .‘ILIIUUI-IHHISI' in .\lillet:to\vu. |
In the Sixth di:trit~t, Conn-med of the town-
Shin of llnvniltom at the house now orcupienl,
hy IMuiel lit-«her, in the town of I-‘u‘st. Ih-rhn. II
In the Seventh disttiet, t'utppnlqnihfl the
tonnuhip ot‘ .\lt‘lldllt'll, in the Public School
‘lmuxe in the town of liuznlx rxt illt‘. I
lIIXItL-‘l‘liuhth |II3II’ICI, eotnpmed of the town-i
ship of Slrnh In, at: the house of Jatoh L.
timss, In lllllt'lL'TlelMl'n.l. ' ‘ ‘
In the Ninth dutriel. crimp :Scd of the town- ‘
ship of Franklin, all the‘ilu-nw now occupied
D}: John I’. llntt. in shill tnn‘thhip.
In the Tenth district. e3mpo§enl of the town
ship of \‘onowugn, :It the house ot’John lins
bey, in .\IkSIIL'I'I'IeItIHII. .
In tho: I-ilmenth di~trirt, composed of the
tonnchip of '|'_\ rune, ut the house ot'.\llen .\I. llei-Ih-nhnx‘g. ‘
In the 'l'nelt‘th dhnint. compose-I of the
tunmhtp of Muuutjn}, at the “0113': of Mrs. V.
Name, in will tun‘i :Izip. - ‘
In the Thirteenth uli<triet, ('Umpniezl of the
towmhi‘p ot' .‘.'.ounllrh-.~.uit, :Lt 1h“ puhliu
Seho-11-I'uuze in will tonmliip, situnte “I. the
cro=,~' run 1~, the one le.t<l':'u-: from Htforrl' to
the Tm; 'l‘.u‘urus, the other tron; Iluntrpatonn
'in llitnmt r. ' ’i- I 3
111 the Fourteenth district, cu'nplneti of the
tnunshxp ut' Ih-ulin-g, at the hottae or 11. .\I.
lllt'lu, m “null-mu. A, .
In t‘_-e Fit‘t euth tlit‘rcr. e mpnzml of the
Ihmruh of lh-rniek, ut the lEuth: school
,lmn‘t: it; .\lnluilhiuwn.‘ ‘ t
J.” L. 5(erHK
Sui-J lpfixfihip. , .
‘l‘Arli‘ ul.u- attention is dir‘ecte‘lxto the Ad of
Assemhiy; parsed lllc 23] ILIy of April, L 504,
cdlhlcd ”An Act proscrihxug 1h: lame and
hunnncr of <:|hluit(iug to Hit. pt-nplo, tor ,llwir
,npprmal and mnficuxinn, nr rt~jr~ulxun.llu_-pro
paced mneuduwuls to thy Constitution," when
.lon it is presented:
er‘rmx 1. That said election shall in: open
ed, lield, nml ('lobfll. npun (he «lay aforemid,
at the‘ places. and Within the hours nt,
nnd'wilhin. whirl) thu gent-ml ele‘cjions of
th’s Commonwealth are directed to be open
ed. held, and timed; and it shall be (he
duti‘ of the judges, ,inspwturi, and clerks,
at each of 'sniil '.u\\‘n.=hip§, liuronghz, ward“
pruim-ts, and diflriets, to receive. M the
said election, tickets. not exceeding the
number 01' [teiilinseul nmentfinents, either writ
ten or printed, or partly written and [truly
printed, trmn melt at the qn-lilicd voters of
this ante; who m I)" ollL-r the 5 line, 5"” m ile
pmit them in a box, or b'an-s. to he tor that
purpose provided by the proper otlicars;
which tickets s!|.\ll he, reapecnvely,l.lliclled,
on the outside, " First .\meu intent,” " Second
Amend nent," a ll “Third Amt-minimum" nnd
tiliose who are guvomble to said amendments,
or any or them. tuly e‘prms their approval
thereof by rating, ench. us army supnrnte,
written or printed, or p :rtly written and put
ly printed, ballots. or tickets, As there are
amendments approved by them, cont-lining,
on the inside thereof, the wards, “For the
Amendment ;" and those who are oppo=ed to
such amendments, or nny of them, may express
their opposiCOu by 'vming, each, us many
separate, written or printed, or partly written
and printed, ballots, or tickets, as there nre
muendménts nut upprored‘by them, contain
ing, on litelinsi-Je thereonthswords, ".\gninu
the Amen lment ;" the electors, \‘oiin: hr, or
against, the first amendment, shnll he mini-l
cred as votingJor, oi- ngninstuthe [uupusch
tourtii section to articie'three of the constitu- i
tion, extending the right of suffrage to soi
diera,; electors, voting for, or against, the
second nmeudtncnt, shall be considered as
voting for, or against,- the proposed eighth sec-,
tion to a‘rticie eleven 0! the~constitution ; and
electors, voting for, or agniust, the third
amendment, shnil be considered as voting for,
or against, the proposed ninth section to urti
cle eleven of the constitution.
Secrtos 2. That the election, on the said
proposed amendments, shall, in nil respects,f
be conducted as the genernl elections of this‘
Commonwealth' ire now conducted; end it
shall be the duty of the .return Judges, of the ‘
respective counties, and districts, thereof, first
having cnrcfutly nscemined the number of
votes for, or ngninst, catch of mid amendments '
in the manner aforesaid, to unite out duplicate
returns thereof, expressed in wards, nt’ length,
and not in figures only; one of which returns,
so nude, shall be lodged in the Prothonotury‘s
ofiit-e‘of the Court of Common Pit-as, of the
proper county, and the other shied and di-i
rected 'o the. Secretary of the Commonwealth,
end by one at ssid Judges depo:ited, forthwith?
in the mostéonvenient Post-Ulfice,npon which
postage shall be 'prepnid, at the expense oftho
proper county. !
Section 4,. Tint the several duties required'
to he perturmed b) the Sheriffs, Commission- 2
ers, Constables, Jadges, _lnspecwrs, nnd‘tii‘
other officers whnteyer, in, and about, the!
general election: of this Commonwealth, shall
be performed, by such officers, in, and ,ohout,
the election provided for; and All persons,"
whether otheers, or others, shall he. li.thie to!
he snme punishment, tor the neglect of any}
in”, or the commigfion of any "Fence, at. in,
or about, the said e action, as they would, for:
the neglect at like duly. or the comnns‘sion of,
ykgolknee inflame mutrthe gut-rad elec
tions of aid Commwealth, _ ' l
__ n! Privnlb- Isle, Iris FARM, uilnntéafin
Carroll county, 3m, I', miles from Lime-town,
adjoining land. “Augustus Barom-decmsqd,
George Rinadollnr, Normn's liu property,
(formerly Arnold's) and others, 3pontnihing‘
70LACIU‘IS, nhout 8 [area of chick ure gum!
timber, and a due proportion of meadow. The
evil is red sand, and has been Tuned all 'nvcr
the second lime; undo.- gmxl fencing. There
are fibout 90 panel: of fiuard fem-r. Pigoy
crcrk runs through the hurt. The firMs are
laid off com’onicntly, so lhnt cnltlu cun'be 1m
to water withuut I dnvor. The _ a. Z
imprm‘cmon s nrc n one and a half _«w‘fw‘
~l ' LUG HOUSE, Bunk Barn,“-
mr_\' .. ..‘.w ..n,
“7J5“!!! Shed. Cyrn ('nb. lugs-’_‘
Him] for mule nn-I hay, Carriugo "cum, Hog
“01:50. Sumko and Wash House, Spfing House:
wilh a- nmvrfniling well at “zl-lcr mth 1]
pump 1:. it, “yd :l springof water clusc {O, the
buildmgs; n good Unhzlrnl win} fruit "('O5 of
"Ml kinda. It is in every x-uapcct a “mat dksirn
blc properly. "
firl'orsnnxL wishing to ‘it‘“' the pmpnty
arc n-quc-lcd to 1: 111 on film iuhsurihcr, Thu-I11“
in}: Ila-rm)". > E. G. llE.\(}Y.~I
Jun}: 23, um. 3n: '_ .
(s. w. WELMI
Hanover Tobacco Manufactory. l
Emu, DELLUNE k (M, hn‘e mum
‘V lished I 1 Chen in}; Tobacco Mnnn‘lnctnry,
in Baltimore atrhel. Hanover, Pm, where .\ler
chants, Slxopkeepers. and all other dealers nml
cumumors, can at, all times l-csupplied with
nll kin-l 1 ufclu wing Tobacco, web as ‘
l‘liAUll LEAF, (_I.X\'E_NDISII, ;
nml all other kind:, lisnully pm up in pmunl,
lumps. .\lso, half ponml: of every d'blicrllll'iun‘
put up in hon-s of All sizes, containing in}.
“tight from fiflcen to one lum‘dred‘ poundsc— ‘
.\l3O. Congress Tohucco, running; from eight {1:
41ch to the pound. Also, Flonml'er Tobin-n..
xunning eighteen {fl-fl]? pound. Also, Coma-en
lulli l-‘me Spun wabocco, and all other kinds
and qualifies ofJ'ob-Jcc: now in use. ~Tlu- nu.
dqrsigne-l lmve all the nlmvo named brand: on I
lmml .Iml mile: the sune for sale nt prices 1953 i
than run he bought in any nfthe EJSil‘l’n chick]
TJn-ir Tulmmo is nll In_.lnnf.wtured out of oi-l '
.\lisnmri unll Kcnuu-ky lent‘, nml warranted In
In- oi n superior quality. The} :ixc lliuuklully
soliciting uliheml slmn- Ol I:u.~(0m. ‘
June 27,1361. am ,‘~ x I
Summer Arrangements
(CMMER CHATS, of .111 kinds. \‘orv cheap
b 4t : ' i'lCKixu’s.
“.\ssm-inn COATS, nu Emu; mid air
~_j rump,rcmnrlmhly(”ln-algal 'l‘iCKlNG'r‘;
‘ .\ILSHILLICS, iri-Uck‘mm Sm'k (urns, ”9-
2L tunmrly chmp, at l‘ii‘lx'iNG'S:
. l.\'i~2\' 1:1 .\'TEHS. goo-l mnlvriui nunl well
J lumir, clunp .Ia xi‘ingat I’IUIKING'S.
“.\SSHHCRE PANTS. [thin and fmryfins
‘ 'lunkhingiy cheap, M. 'l’iCKlSii'S, .
I.\'li.\'Y Duck, and Cotton Pain. uncom-
J iuqnly (heap, xlt’ ‘ lIIICKINU‘S.
UYS‘ Coats, Vests and Izzlnls, "unusually
Cilk‘Jp’ nl, I'XUKING'S.
WATINI Sikkim-1 .\inrscilics Vesta, positively
1_ \‘i-ry clump, m. I’iUKINU‘S.
(‘IOLL.\KS, Skirh, Suspendlrra Sp). ks. un
/ puucdvnlcdiy l'ill':\||lllt ‘PilgfilNG'S.
TIMMNS, Fi{c:, I’lurr‘s and .iug-c-pivnus,
- shmHugly Lho‘u’p. n: I'ICKING‘S. .
LOCKS nn‘l Jc-“vlry of nil kiwi}. cun
‘ Joundodiy I‘ilonpmt I‘ICKING'S. ‘
:‘LY NETS, drivingiy chenpgnt '- , >
. Wumnos.
GREAT many other things, vhvnpi-r than
the clwnpwl. M. l‘l('Kl.\'(i'b':
1“ course. everybody who “‘nuh Jo lgny 'g’ood
Goods :lugl cncip, “I” pic-aw c.lil u;
Clrcular. , - -
HLIAS BAH". A: ('O. respectfully ‘nnnouncc
that lhry have in pmpnrnxiuu n lliatury of the
Penn-‘ylrunin Reserves Irmn their urunnimliun
lathe expiration or their trrm of scniuc. .' ‘
This History will conniu the name's all all
the Ullimrs unnl l‘rirnth of lilo Corps—thglr
plum-Ilium, 1:.ISlHIlllCS und disclurgcs—nlsfi.
graphic nlyscriplions of their camp life unvl
their “All“!!! nchigvcmcnls in'lhe many lnnllc§
in winch they huge taken part—nil derived
from oflivinl: and nulhcnlir sources. "
The llislory of the l’k-uus-Vlmniavllesc-rroi
will be in Us»: You in: of cou‘png'cs, ncmm
siz-l. neatly primed on good punt-r, am] sub
smutinlly hohnd in lll‘lt'k cloth, coulniuing n
net-l engulfing at the lnmenmd lirynol-ls, and
one of ('lm'crunr (.‘urtin, [who first. rewmmcud
ed the formntiou of the Pennsylvania [loservc‘
‘co‘rp'a,) and will be sold'only 3); subscription.
it. will be. ready in August. next. Price—Three
Dollars pm copy.
The l’ubli.~hcrs feel confident lhnl. the just
pride- which every Pennsylvanian must emer
lnin tor the bran.- meu whow gnllnnt nyhiev‘e
ments and pairioiic self-devotion it. retards,
will secure l’oF “Tin: Huron ” a generous u‘ud
npprexiutire ruccplion. , -
ELIAS BARR .2 00., Publishcn.
' No 6, Bay“ King Sun-t.
Lancaster. June 20, 1864.. (it’ >
A. C. Hem-Hing", Guam] Agent, York, PA
Hardware and Groceries.
HE unbsrrjbers have just returned from
T the chi-is with an immensowaupply of
IL\RD\\'ARI~:'& (iItUUI-ZRIES; which they are
(am-ring at tlxglr old slam! in Baltimore “reel,
:11 prim-s to suit the times. Our stock consists
in pan. of ' ~ _
OILS, PAINTS, &c., km. There is no unicle
included in the nevernl departments mentioned
above but what can be had at this Store.—
Evcry cl us of Mechanics can be-u’commodzsttd
here with tools and findings.:€nd Housékecprra
can find every article in their line.. Give l,” u
call, us we nre’prepnred to sell as iow for club
a: any house out. of the city. _.‘f .'
1011.1. [3. DANNER,
Gettysbuvg, Slay 16, 1864.
$lO a Day!
' . cams WANTEIL—To sell thel‘2s can
AGE." Each Package conminl 35 Songs, 2
page: of Music, 18 sheets of Paper. ll Enve
lopes, l Ruler, 14Pen, l Pen Holder, 1 Lead
Pencil, l Dgslgn for Underileevel, l for Child’s
Apron, l for Embroidered Collar, l for Chris
tening Babe, .2 for marking Lellers, 13 Secrets
never before published, wurtl} many Duflnrs;
and other iulorm-nion. Also, one beautiful
:rliclc of Julian". Liberal inducement: to
Agents. Send Stump for Circular.
, WEIR-h CO,.
. 41 South Third SL, Philadelphia, Pa. ’
June 13,1804. 1y
Ans, SBOULDERS and SIDES, of but
quglnyrgnd cheap. at ‘ 4 ‘ ‘ -
_ Aug. I‘4. . 630, P. KALBPL'HSCH'B, '
13’3“ l’a'h‘u-n.
(”.\'(LV'S .1 [C(JJLI TlO
I: the uuYy safe and sure cure. It cont
hing nut-plum or deleterinus drugs; no mil
evil or whet injqnuus compuunds 001111003.
lo rcmcxlim [u‘nv-mliy w-Ll I.”- this class 0!
discnsc. ‘ h is an 03!: -xciou! that l'hyxicinns
very grunt-m“, me il in their pruléce in
all rlm‘mic muL dungcrous «m.
{s'l7” [an no \‘lgolcrn mixtures or donbL
fun! composikions. (runny of which unddr
mim- and ruin flu: constitution,) when you
my" chum ‘1“; unhulmg remedy IH simple
and safe as fluckh-n rzcs thqmsclvcs. 1
‘ Ask for zlhxm .s “L‘JJCHHRKY (Luau! |-
Tu'a, and .509 Hut the pmpriwor's Immc in
wt nut-u o'l the which wrapper of each bola
llc. l’rcpnru'l m; by
[’C/flhf _ 3 H
. 89!: I'roprlrlar, CIA'X‘INA'J TI.
For sale by all respcthlo druggiuu. ~
Price, (o'id style. 35 cu.) 250..,500. and
3!, per Bottle. '
flghlk‘uyas, Hanoi & Cn. \\'!mlr= xk- .\glilrla
New York. . . -, [\l ‘_x In), {Pun}. 1y
flu! Sprcflir‘ rulurl: y/mt In furxgrr build: and
million! “you me I/u‘ «yum 1y dawn.
Br.~ LITDL [73l’s
Thlslu Ilm gnu! 6.; unrrnlgn Remedy\
(compo-ted "f luk’l‘kh‘t 'l'R} fnnu Inch-u
“out: unul flu in.) fur all dllcyicl «mu
Urinary Ilul sexual Orgnm, such
Incollunencl or line ‘1 this, lull-hung
“on ol'the 111-ddrr, Inflummnllon ul
thy Kldnbzl, stone hi the' Bladder,
Strlclure, 'rn\el. Gonorrhea. (Haul.
ind ls unrlv-lul by anything yet din
covered to: curing the “ h“:- In q o.
mull .
“than Inn! urn-Imin]: h» dilunnlu Hui! 111-fund}
has mnhr-r haw unr alum”, mul H! “at uuuu-I lm dr
h-ckenl by any mm. Thu n-Im fly ill 3 rm 1: MM rl~
qulr. u nu finjtcliuu'. u Mel: nru rnhnlah-«l lu almlruy
Ind dradl-n Ilu: al-ruu d «rgunl, but num‘H the nu
wufmm lhe ”lulu. ermug I-uunncynml‘ lwull .
ll Is BOqlmLk .\ln-dirhw. but 11 llm cluhmlml x
ponum unl llu' 110 w x m mum! nuuuuful‘in cu n 9
Ilhllumm 0! HM chum. . , ‘
M‘Lut lu-uu dulunr m (111-I nrnuly tfl‘vrll the
moat mtunislxluu mum. “In" all ullll‘rl full. '
l’rica only SIM) pl'r lmx. m u hunt-u lnr $3.00,
Fa m b) null lu any wldfi” on rm up! D] lhu prim.
Farm-lo by x.“ Urugguls. bed lhnl. my ,plguumxo
h “nun-1 uwh but.
/;’“: ‘ -
’ // " "4?
% //\( 9/) A, .
19;; “cm“, “Amt; 541‘”,\\’hulvsz1le.Agcnt§
Non Yurk. ‘.L'duy .m, lsnl. l_y
. 'Néw Clothing Stor-a.
V “U; unh-réi'nhl imitcs nut-plies: lullil
TUWS, .\ul mu L‘mnly, I’m, furml-a'lv occupi'd ‘
h) .\. Humm. Hr mii mmumc the Lu-inrwq
:nL ‘xhc u1d..~.n-l, in [humor street. Hp Ila!
:m-l i: now Inn ;- xrwl ') Ml2l- 3 muél cxcollcnl
:lnurnm‘n! m: ( LUTIHVG fur
‘ .\H‘IV." .\.‘xl! “UK'S \YBAR.
Irllmn my thanks In my filt'lhla‘ for the
111mm] pun~un.i-_'u- « w: ' ‘h :1 In nn- lhu: ll'nr, and
rpgpcumny ask .I cunluumnre tin-roof. , ,
lllLSllY lili-ISEIL
Mar. 21, ISM. 3211 V A
One and All,
um NOTICE—Tho undcr=iéncd worn-l
T sny to 11:1: yuhhc th:\l..l.c I; rccciviu'g a
large and splun-[id _sxmk or, (HUMIERIES,
“hick. he “'"“ ~c!l n: ].n\' :15 any ulhcr hufisc
in u)'_.(‘.nrm-g, Sn: rd, .\luhsgn. Syrups,
T 911559“, FI-JI, kn, u :!h Puumu; Bean’s, and
l’uce‘; \Vuode'u Warn, gun. up In the beat. mun
'ncr ; -'l‘uhauco;, S. LAM» km, ky‘. ‘
'FIUHH‘IRS'. 'l'.\ HH .\'I)TH:‘I‘Z!—H you want
_to My in .\'nur’h-lvwh fur lmrvonr', now‘ii the
time. :1 have unin‘v hjdilllrflf \Vlnslql-s, Brun
liltpl\vl|ll‘~l mm! M lnvhm'l-Iluora, wh‘ivh I am
[lispusylg nt'pt slum! pmhh. Hivr mo n call
I always m, [u phuwo-uud belime I I“, of
ten sumac-l. In mu'niu “he pl.v.ce—lsou.beusl
curuur olen'S I):.lm'nnl, (ENQJMgu ,
‘ MEL). 1“. h.\I.3I[.I~IISCII.
May 2.1, mm. ,
- New Warehouse. e .
‘ ' ‘ lii'HHZLS HF (IRA-[N
J 00.()( )() WA}: [XMLM llu- no“ (2min
and l’xu-th-e Hm)"-J iu C.}l|i~lt' sh-oi-t, adjoin
in; Shunt: in 1“”.le s bunhlizhnwnt. .Tlm
higlieu nmrLctpmc will aim“ he paid in
cash {or
. GRAIN, of all kinds. ‘ '
3 . . FLOUR. SEEDS, kc.
Always on lmul und .‘ur‘mlcmt the'nnullcst
profili,‘ \ 7
SALT, HRH. ' ‘
. Wholesale mnl r fail. I
TRY US! We s'nH do our best. io-givc
Entgslncliun in :11! chm. ' ‘
" wurnnv & mam.
Gettyburg, .\lny 11, 1101!. 1‘)-
Shéads~ 8: Fuehler,
s T-’0 I'+:s,.
-1- “.30 - ’
SHUTTERS, 131.1593, s.\sn, m‘c. _ -
Corner of Curli'fln and [hilrnml Streets. omm:
site Rzlllflud Duiml. GHI‘TYSUIJHU, PA. -
my 9, mm. “ . ‘ 1‘
7 HP.undersiznmlflwinglhextllharizddpcnuu
r to white removals into Ever Ilium Come.
Euphopesthat suchlls contemplate the removal
ol‘thorcm.liu3 of dccgnscd relative; or {riemp
will 21." in lheuuélves p‘l this season onheyeau-po'
have it done. ‘ Removals made n ilk prompting;
—lerms low, and no cll‘orl spam] to plum,~ -
. I’Hl‘l'ill TUURN, » - ‘
March 12, '6O. Keepci- of the anm.
. Cannon & Adair’s
New MARBLE Wu'l:l{s, Corner amalg
moge “111.15.5 t llidlllu slrccta,’ oppoain
the ‘Court House, Gettysbuig, Pn.-—-We.n;e
prepdrud to furnish Monuments. Tombs, Heml
srones, Mnrble llzmtlcs. .Slnlna“ for angina
Blake”, and all other \rgrk appertaining 19 gm
business. We will gusuzu‘xmu snfinfiu‘liun both
“Lg “amnion dud price. C.nll and we om.
designs Ind snuimcns'ol work. . ‘ l
Feb; 2, 1863: u
‘ Wanted. « ,
GOOD FARM in Adams rduql‘y, mam
A I uill‘exuhnuge onum‘ mule Farms 01
chance land In Jomxnufiava'me differénec. ‘
;' Rm. 9, 1863. \. GEO. mnxmm‘
'* : 'fifikér Dhisé mamas; .. 5a,;
L rim. w , ; swgnug;
\fi 417’; If”
1010 Proprjulur. Cimlnnnll.