The compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1857-1866, July 11, 1864, Image 2

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Eh! (finmgxiler.
0 v 1: FLA a:
CAM.- POI} uphvurlznms
!n response to span from the President.
Gov. flux-Lin on 'l'upsdny issued 1: procla
nation Ear twelve thousand mililin volun
am inking-y, to serve at Washington and
in yiciaiwgfor one hundred days, unlees
9091‘“ discharged. On Wednesday he is-
‘ouad 3 call for twelve thousand more, to
nerve in Pennsylvania, Muryland,§Vusl:ing~
\lon and its vicinity, 118 most jegrnenlly
Again: Ihe good and loyal men offhe Com
monwealth, and especially the veteran sql
,diers, in all her bnrnlers, to show themselves
worthy of her in this emergency.
GEn¢Ccuch i; an Harrisburg to o‘rgnnizn
‘ihe "90”)” {at as they coma'fonyard, nnd~
”Enid that ‘the fleservca urQ responding
' pnndsomely. ‘ '
New York is calied qpon for twelve thou
nnd militia for one hundreddnys, nml
Maunphnaeus for {jvp thousand. "I‘hcfluv
' pal-non of firm Suntan urge a'-proxupt re
sponse. j ‘. l
The C'lreupcS‘l in (be JIIII'K‘CIr—It was said,
.1110 other day, at acme public meeting at
ghe Sorth. that ”newépnpcrs were now the
phwput nrtide _sold.” According‘to lhc 9x
penufl 9f ppblicationfithcy undoubtedly"
m. “any ,o_f thorn. bovrcver, are about. to
nine their ricea. Those in Chicago have
jawed thir price from twerrfy cents per
ui‘eégk lo‘awciily-five, it rise of twcnsty five
Per cent.. their expenges. rim); say, being
increased 60 Per cent. The £|ltsburgjuur
mull are talking of again advancin" ghezr
prices; Nlll the rhiludelphia Ag: fin“. ad
vanced is 414 in subscription to $lO per
your tamnii subscribers, apd to city n-udL-n
_‘24 centsrpeq- week, and 4 cent: per copy:
fi'flhe Hgisburg Patriot (b l’uion hug
pulsed mto ,L‘b ugnds 91' ajomt stock com
- puny possessing the menu: and abihty to
make it one othho first Démocratic pa
per: bf the‘cou try. The publishers are
flew”. Campbell &: Him—the fo'rmor. we
presume; being the same gentleman recent;
' 1y connectedeith the Johnstown Dam/2cm].
j‘he Patriot has Always been uminteresling
,und we" conducted paper, and undvr he
new management. decided improvements
\ure promised.
A Mi:lul.-c.—'l‘ho Nuw York dailies, hut
\week, stated that. there 'were two bodies
gaining I‘o be the Democratic National
Liommifltee—ono with iion. Auk-hm Bei
mont as chairman, and the othcr with ”on.
’J‘hpu'nu )3. Florence as chairman. 'l‘tie
holly (if which Mr.‘ Florence is chmrmnn is
the Nationni.l)cmocratic Association, which
was iormdd at \thington, Lust winter, by
Democratic members of Congress and other
Democratic citizens. for a very laudable pur
ging», and does riot intend“ to dispute mics
évith. or is not in any way hostile to the Na:
tionai Democratic Committee of the .\'.ttion~
in} Democratic party; ofwhich Mr. Belmont.
ésfih’e undisputed chairman. r
W” is‘ evident ihnt the Democratic Na- 1
jional Convgnlion, which will assemblq at 1
’ ,Chicngo on the 2911: of Au‘gust,mill have
\enongh good names presented to it to cnsure’ ‘
the selection of ncandidntqupon who the
' pntire Demo'cracy oi the country caniliy.
Among those mt‘miuned in cbnncctibn: with
{he Presidential honors, are the following:
\ :{ien}. George B. McClellan, of New Yon-If.
: fiéofrgo W. Woodward. of Pennsylymiu.
: Boutio Seymogr, of New York.
, Thomas H. Sc-ymour, 01‘ Connecticut. ’
S'rnnklin Pierce, ofNew Hampshire.
udgo Nelson, of New York;
' Jeremiah SQBlack, of Pennsylvania.
‘ . \lamos Gythrie, of Kentucky. ‘ ‘
‘ d. L. ys'allandighnm. othio. .
\ ' (‘qm..S'Lockton, of New Jersey.
James A. Bnygu‘d, 0‘! Delaware. ' i
, ————-» ~0-.---- ' "n
, Mtfiounmcni rgf Commits—Jinx Tums I—
g Quagm- ailjyurped cine die on Monday lust,
' but. previous to it passed atbill imposing an
'glddilionnl income tax of five pet can. on
,ejfl lipcomezi'm'cr $OOO. payable in October,
[or the purpose ofpaying the beauties and
pxPense: of the draft provided for by the
fnrollment bill. This is in addition to the
five per cent. imposed by the amended
{avenue tax hill;.which passed a few days
‘ baton, whit. we have now taxes go the
‘v’pmount of ten per canton all incomes oéer
pix hundred dollars. If things keep on in
this way. it. will be an ulvantage to the
people to keep the taxes themselves, if
4' .possible. and pay the ificpme over to “ the
‘Qovei-xpment." . 2, 3
G‘Senafibr' Fessenden, of Maine. has
been np‘pointeJ and confiimed}: fiecremry
pf Lbe- ‘msury, in pince 0&1 Mn. Chase:
, —q————-<c'.~——-—-——-~ ' ‘
. J2a££Mbm~Judge Lgmoh, of Ohid, So
licip; f the thg Auditor’s Bureau, nud 3d
mam. Atkinson, othio, Mr. Chase’s np
~ points», hue resigned. So has '3l:. Chit
?endemigh‘e Register; und :9 has Mr. Hat
rington. Assistant Secretary Q! @llO Transcry,
“35;“, Who next! '
B‘4 loud-nputhed “ loyalist,’{ the
other“). remix-kw that “ the framers of
[we Constitution of the Uuijed Sum were
'5 utof infidels,” and that “ Washington
was n't just the right thing eitherl’ Such
p iguana: and contempfiblo traitor de
gena'm be kicked out. of every white
mania. ’
'” fiannßl-ookn has been assigned Io um
gamma of the 10m a‘rmy corps, in plane
pffiendfilaorev It us though by some
of the Legguerl about. Pinaburg that. he
was 1:60. mu enough to maintain command
pf the Monongahela. The rub-13mg l'au
mph; up : Coppeghead.
-4 number of Republican journals
”beginning agape” fire cauliouédy upon
gm Gram, yho. it )i‘iutilnuééd, by
fill-mum“: yrpllisd‘oljgfa, . " W
\fi-‘The “nevi" Emperor of M 93130 was
34 pair; 914 on the 711.1 of June, ,
‘4‘“ 1 " “~“ Mfi‘ffififi. H " 9:69;?» w. ‘flc‘h 4"?“ M #3512“ “big" .- Mimi?“ m ‘41:! a I 371» . vi“ ‘o :r
Ill: nxnocn rr PtRTYn-TBUTIIL , «4
1' "to" ul “Eff'l‘lclJCJN mucus. l Ilw allill‘ liléllls.
We invite the intention of all thinking “1 __,. -._., _Z‘h , V,_ -
men in the Republican party; to ‘p axtnlc ll IG H L Y .1 M PORT A N Tl
.‘x'ilfied lwluw. It is lrom the Neyburyporti ___.
llcraltl. an able. indepeudem, conservative - ' V '
Rppublicln paper. It states éoncisely ”3d {ma BEBE” MlO3 Emmi“.
plpnrly the li-ulh of history in I'93““waIDBKNSYLVAMA-fHREILTmD.
grout Dmnucrntic party of flip country-Lilia '
‘party which has always been the party of
the whnh‘ cnuntry. the grimt champion of
the righh and libvrlivs 01' thr- peoylrg the
supporter and dentin-let of tha Constitution
and the Union. Ibis no wonder that men'
feel proud 1:) hnvt‘ been ashobintnd ulth thiq
party nnd to have given it a. life-long cup
non. 'Jtfi'emll, Madison, Samuel Adams.
and the' other great. Democratic light; ol'
the éurly days of tha Rnpuhlic. were its
l'n'undq rs. my] our country’s greatnessjs a
monumvut to the corructnc-s of in princi
ple: and the slatosm mahip which has con
trolled its policy. While its principles,
which mare those a! the_(,'unstitlilinn,\pre
vailczl, the natfnri I“respond; when th'ry
wen; overthrown by éectionul fanaticism
win came. It is only by a return to the
practice_uf those principles that the coun
try can now he saved, and iléropuhlitmn in
stitutions preserva}. Let us trust that the
pche,.now taught wisdom in (he dear
school of a bitter ‘expcrienco. are ready fpr
such return, :lan that in Novemlwr next
they will b 0 decline in a voice um shall
i make extremists and lunatic: in‘ both sec.
lions '(lf thc‘Uui-‘m {our and lrémble. The
following-is the Herald‘s urticlé
nnzhuinocunw ‘mn-n'. ‘ ‘
“.\'ow wo have to my of the Democratic :
party. that, separated irom all connection
wrth slavery. it, is the party of the rountry,
and in. piahticully opt-axing, essential truth.
All other organizations have been tempo
rury.h.t.~ledulmn lfllic principlm. and often
uiniutg t 0 uuitztiit wrong meantirw. So not
one of their. in; continued. There has
nevor been a pony opposed to the Demo
cratic party that has outlive-110. single no
tiunul Administration alter coming to pow-t
or. From the days of John Adm)" to the
lust year of the term of Abraham Ll'N-‘Olm
this fact. ttnnnls out.“ truth. They ”.013“
live well enough when. out of power, for
then their whole duty wus’to criticise {ntl
grumble; but brought to tho test of profiti
cal action, they all so far failed us to he re
jected by the [it-oplt-upon the tint election ‘
after-Wards; and If Mr. Lincoln prove an
exception. he Will he the “rat in seventy
years. 0n the other hancl, the Democratic
party is more pnpulm in powur‘tham out, i
because its plattot In has CllllJUtllC‘l the win-1
oil-lea upon which- the nation win: founded,
antl without which it couh'l not continue. .
We refer to its ru-ognilion ofthe written“
Conatilution; it: strict conrtruction of that
t‘lonstitution, and as acting quence. its limi
tatimtiof Executive and Congressional pow
ers; its utlirtuation of the rights of the States
J—rights reservr" in the formation ot‘ the
Union f and its dot‘ett‘n 0f the libt‘rllf‘s 0f
‘ American citizens every“ here. Its moa
sutesTelntin: to finance, intetndl improve
ments, Lll‘lil'i. taxation, the m-my and the
lmvy, anti intercourse with foreign POW-fl":
wete all based upnn its tnndttmentalprinci
plus. Now wedo not care what may be the
mune of the pnrty‘ttlmt mlopts this plat
form; it Will he the le'lY to control the
icountty in tho lung run, unle' this revo
lution i~lmll province :1 rmliml gluing- in our
finrmnnn-nt, The country can he govt-m
-led no othmwiw and maintain the distinc
'tivt: character it has lmxl, and by which
have come our nnmlmus ,urun'th, immense
power, nn-l grout promority.”
The litbltlll i‘usl :uys thechrultl will find
the organization ol the Democratic party as
durable as its principle“, and that, the mu
tation: it may expcrirnce will only odd to
its power, nntl :ttlortl it the di=ciphne neces
sary to inert-:wwl wiqd'nm nnnl ability to
control the nzttioml pullpy, and we concur
I in this opinion. ‘
‘ WOOl. Wm. B. Thoma“, ofthcll‘hilmlcl
‘ phia. Union Lengthy is out, in a card dosnriug
1 250 men to fill u L his regiment before he
i can proceed to [eri‘burg for the defence
[pf the State. ”u Lka: '
”\VIH the Union LMgue and other pa.-
triotic :Ltsociutmns throughout the Slate
and counlr‘y. inmaul ol .suymg lo the people
go and juin the army, say to them come
and join with u: thq hosl. ol' hhcnly? Will
~they do something by example rather than
precept '.‘"
The puhhahml “catalogue of his fellow
members of the League in- that city num
bers 1031~four {mics the number he re
quires. W;ll llwy ‘rvspond to the. appeal?
- wl’rcsidcnt Lincoln has issue’d u proc
lamation putting the State oflientucky un
der martial huff. 'l‘he‘ ll'orld says of it:
The proclamation of martial law in Ken
tucky is an insult to the devoted stud pulri-i
otic Union meuol'thnt state. Almo>t alone;
she drove out. the Morgan raiders, and she
has sent. in propgrtion 'to her population,
and in ndditionrto hcr organized militia, as
many men to the war as any other state.—
’l‘he purpose ofthis proclamation is to facili
tateJhe stealing; of nqgroes which is now
going on there under Mr. Lincoln’s orders, ‘
and to overawe the anti~Lincolu voters at
the next election. The first part of the
plan may succeed: The’ lastk will fail I
wretchedly. Crossed bayonets at every
poll will not prevent the vote of Kentucky
trom being cast against the very worst sul
ministmtiun that ever cursed an dfliicted
' .»———'——_ , ‘
Fremont Rt [afication H»cling.—A mreting
was held at,Cooper Institute. New -York. on
Monday evening week. to ratily the nomi
nation; of Fremont and Cochrane. The
hull WM crowded. and spet’ches were made
by the Rev. Dr.orostes A. Brownson, N. C.
Clayton. of Missouri, the Hon. John Coch
rnne, J. W. Boyce. E:q.. B. G. Walker,
Esq, of Vermont, Judge (3. E. Birdsall, and
Another great meeting was held in St.
Loni: on Monday, as noted in the World:—
The Fremont. ratification meeting exceeds
everything of the kind held here for ma
ny years. Over twenty thousand people
'are on the streets on horseback and in
carriagoe,'with a vast number of torches.
Rbmnn‘ candles and trsmbaroncie‘s. to cele<
? brute the ratification. Fjve bands of music
are at the head ofthe columns. and the
People are singing thé Fremont Marseil
£2s: at 1856‘. The ntnrost enthusiasm pre
‘ v .
[Law (a rccruil 11).: Army. er and UK Wu}.—
Jt is pmpbscd that Oh! Abe issue a procla
mation ordering an election in reference to
"the further continuance of the-'“'". and
the voter in to PM his name on his ballot.
and if for war no is to go Ind help fight in
out. Those voting peace are to reconsider
ed useless in the ranks,—not being edapted
for the soldiering business, and hang would
remain 8!: heme taking cure of'Home “hits.
while their braver, more! patriotic, and
“loyal” neighbors are rushing mnhe mn
non’s mouth. These refusing to you; are
to be fined one ' hundred‘ dollnrs. It is
‘ thought that. such a proclmrialion f. om Abe,
‘ and such an election, wou‘d speedily end
‘ LllB Warn—Lebanon. AJ-
mfl'he Presigem has appointed the firét
Thursday in Augugt. as a (1.1) oflxu’mitiatiou
and yraygr. ,_ ‘ ‘
‘ . fi-A vacation 11" Sell iuseifidiwrs
I)» passed a resolution urinal-Bug mm.
new! wgekly pipers in sth Sulefrom sl—
to .32 per ammo;-
[From the Age of WeduL-SAJJ)’ J
Th 9 “drift-denim otpmhttnn nt-ruumthe'
Potomac i-4 led by General Enrly, who suc
ver-lt Ewell in command orsmn -wnll Jack
.wn's celebmted division. The I-xpcdltion '
i's‘vuriously estimntnd at from twelve to
twenty tllouund. There ii a large l'nrce'
«angry and artillery with ,it. It fumel
from \Vinchtfrtor. in tlm' Slmttanlloah Y‘alw
lt-y. .lt. I|‘lt:uu(‘“'l trnm llll'l‘t‘ in two :cql;
unins. (mo marchrdalmthan-t tn Harpor’s
l’t-try. tun-my milr‘s di‘tant: tho nthor
rw nlv mnthoightvcn mile“ to l‘vfurtiuilvurg.
Thu )lartimh'un; Column tnund Sigol's nil
vancc n. few mika south ot‘Mnrtinsburg.—,
The Fedoral aohligxs however rvtreutcd,
and .Sigcl evacuated the town.’J.t Mur
tinsburg, in ord'or tn out-manaauvne Rigel“
the Confederates diVided their columnf‘
one paint followed Sigel eastward six miles!
to Shepherdstmvn, on the Putmmm, eight l
miles above Harper’s Furry. The other
marched nnrtheuct to Falling Watersnten'
miles above Shepherdatown. This cuthpell-I
in] Sign] to omit; the river. “‘6 abandonmll
Slippardatown' and want to Sharpsburg. two '
miles from the north bank at the river. and;
(m the Anti-Ham battlefield. Unehody of
the (Inntmlorntt-s followed him.‘ Hearing
that the othur burly had rro<sed the river'
at Falling “'ators and \Villtittit:[;ott Heart
by.- and were "(Ewing down towards
Sharpslyurg. Sigol hamly retreated nnuth
ward towmtl~ ”At'le‘r'i Ferry. 'l‘hh-hrlt tlw
road into Pennsylvania open, without 'a‘
Federal sultlier'to (Ippose the enemy's pro- ,
gross. ‘
The column nl'thn cnmnv which mnrch- 4
ml from Wmt‘hmtur tn llarpnr's Furry, i
{mind the l-‘u-tlvral advang'v nt lit-mlmvnn—l
A skirmish tnuk'placo and the l“mleral;.
‘ troops rctirod to H urpr-r’~' Furry and “'lhll“
(lrL-w acrnsi the l’utmnnc to Maryland
Heights. The-y lmk thu supplies in the
with the-m and broke dawn the bridgcsl
which cross the riVer. 'l'he ()otitl-dcrau-s:
atlvaqud tn thetowu and occupied it. The:
river Wm allthat SPPfllJtl‘ll thetwo fan-96,!
lant-h combatant lming pasted on the hills‘
‘ on M 4 title at tho <trotm. A“. soon a: llar-.
york Ferry wan rvarhc-d. llw Confederates.
snnt\fl furce nl cavalry unil— artillery tcni
"1;!05 down the southern hank nl the RM
141111.13, ti) :1 I)l:l|'t' nmumtv l’nmtal’ lidclti.’
111-m ‘1 womb of Stat'a Mumtam juu out
to the fiver, af‘d for same tlhtancu the lial- .
timuro and tlhm llulmad rhns' along the,
\mtor's edge. The Contcdcratt-s on the:
southern hank hufll on a passing twin, and
mmmnmx the “tum-lonmunt at that pnllmu
of the road. 'l‘hr)’ rt‘OSbt‘ll nvoraud to“:-
up the (tank. but .lllt‘r“ ‘l'le X'C’C"o‘-‘°‘,l“md
rt-nzainvd 9n the snutho." 'lmnkh “19'"
ohjvrt i.~tol»rm‘t-nt troops in'"? 5“” “'0!"
“’ashingtnn alnng the l':llll‘0.."] .‘0 “5“!"
pet's Furry. Tin-y have‘9d_ltv
‘ \Vhon our nmmnts cloud, the fallow"!
was tho [msitinn nl attain: Thnrc WES 3
small l’wleial gnu-Mm or .\imylnnd Height“-
Sigol mth thi- Lumps fmm .\I in imburg had 1
jun reached that place, so that. all the Fc-l-_
Hal troops in that qtmrtcr were tm the
north L‘mk of the Potomac oppmite ll nr-'
tvt‘r's l’t‘uy. The Confmlerntw “14'9- in the:
‘”“‘". on the ‘outh bank and on the hills
Htrnund it, A form) “'ils cpl-mite l‘uint of
lint-la, tun mild bt-I'm‘. and prove-Med tc-'
‘ lnt‘nrvcniontn lu-ing <cnt Imm \\':l~hin;_'tm\.
.\ furcc'was at .\‘hat paunrg trom Failing. Wa
tvrs. llflgt'l‘rlfiwn, tea mi'ns north of
.\'harpihnrtz. lifld lwt‘n ‘zthantlunetl. fln'l \i'aa‘
llt'livt'wl tc he hold by the (Junl‘cdm.:tv<.—l
. Frederick, tittt‘en tmlct nmthoast 02 Far--
Ept-r’s Ft-riy, had had all the Fuderal sup-1
[plies and uuundwl taken awav from it. and ,
'its eat-tum wa: hatred. (Governor ‘.‘urtml
lhas called out twelve thuumnl men for:
tone humlrml tl.t)'<. and h'u :v~ked thr- l’onn
n~_\‘l\:una ltv‘snrve» to ru—onlist for the much;
agourv. Tut-re are no twain nnw tlelOtt<l-‘
mg Penmylvania ;‘ very {““‘ at \t'adnngton -
that can be sent. Wt‘flthl'll: and IL Will.
take lluntur nuarly lwo \Vt‘t'k% to (‘ruucl
from “'t-xtern Virginia. A: PIX n’clnrk‘
laxt~evvning the Culli'ctliu'ttlc“ nttut-kml the,
Federal garrison on .\[aryiamL “rightml‘
The result is not known. ’ 9
From‘the numerous account; rsroivml we
are at length able to give a hialm-y of tire
cavalry expedition ol" (ic’ncrak \Vllslfll :mll
Knutz. 1t cnnsmtml ol‘ mght thuus'uuly
tut-n. 'l‘iiPy hid with them .sixlccn can-y . 7—37. . '.- _
non and thirlnon hundred wagons. ’l‘hoy l, [l r-"f’ H“ B": rl" ‘l' ”‘3'” l _
lclt (ism-rill (iiaiit’a camp on June 2i1.1‘ At 1"“ “ “10‘"; )“‘flt‘r‘~l“:" “- l'r'm “'l‘“ ”‘
’l'hoir olrjc-ct was the destruction of hull-‘1‘“: ““ WNW“ I“'=‘l“‘_"’k “”'l ho‘uth
railroads: one running: lrntn llxl'huiund. Mn‘untmn llt‘lllt‘t‘l] :tl.|!':_:1‘lt'l'ul”0l llioromt-ls
forty “,in 50“”,th in llurltsville: one :i'ml the “army; ullll-‘i‘ commithl of Major
lrom llelt‘l‘sbtll'g thirty-live llllll‘s wc=t to , “in?“ \l'l‘fldco-I M' 16“ ‘”‘-‘“”;Pll‘f the
Brk rum .3 fO. 150,.ke;.']]e “a“, to I'9 nauswore mm" ( inch ny nun. .. moo.
Lgn-ch‘lluru ;mluinlx (the lrtildllliurlchaville‘ 5‘30"“ “”lH'db‘” l“l\"W“‘k ."P-‘W'J’ly “f’
so'uthwert [to lhnville. The cavalry cross-; “‘”“’?" and {’"”’“9‘l 3‘.1t11'1200l the enemy
ed the Weldon Hull-owl (Lt llcnms' Station, i”"“”"1 ”“‘ 10"" “"‘” 5h“l‘h"r"l>t”"”l- .Il'
ten miles south of Pt-tt-t-shuug. They did I “’"" "0‘ known “hath” 51“” ‘""’” “““' to
éomc little dunage to that. load, but push- ‘ ““9”!“ “Wm“ ”"“‘-"'"“ s's“ “L ‘Ma‘rylnnd
ed on lourteon ulilcs to Dlnwiddie Court: “Hi-'““» ‘"' \Vuro‘uanrched “’“"‘“‘S 1' ““1”“
House. llere tlwy divuied into two pan; “'k- in _“6‘s “l? ’(‘;“‘:\'E ““‘" ““3 {Reilly
ties. One went over to Nottown' Court: “'”"‘? ‘“'“ ""':—' -°“ 1 ‘ "“"- ‘“l“ . N:
House, on the {imprahmg and liurlkesvnllc l governun-nt and I 3 lrozul buildings at Hat'-
railrond, eiuht mile; from 'Burkesvilla; 'pcr’s EMT." 1N“? “‘“"' (10513.03'014-
the other nit-u. to insul'svsmuon. bn meg A}! 01m"? fro") ('O9,- mgvls command}
same road. Both parties tore up the mils . nrrlv‘ml :il (It‘ll. \‘v .lllllcc s. hon-lqmrtcrs (in,
somewhat, but were soon interrupted by ‘3‘” hold) yesterday morning, on l.""l‘“rl'ed|
the Confederates, nnd both hastily march- , ('“"'- ‘533'4 5' is”? allungllllh’ ‘bl‘lrzllzbiflg
ed westward to Burkesvillo. Here the ftw'“ gomgnn ‘c ‘.O ”1. ."'-=' '.‘S' u 9}
burned we depots and lore up the mnigcnemy “’ch not In sufllcielildprce to at
ngain, and started southwest nlonz the line 'templ, to storm tl‘g,“~"’,l}§' _ \l ”i: the ““1
or the Burkesville and Danvillo Rdlll'oxld.lof n all“: and ”I? Llama ”mat e _euemy
11“.), marched filmy miles to the bridwe‘. can he ohserred in the direction ofblmrps.
across ttaunton River. The mick “(,ufi’yigurgll driving of} cattle! horses, &c.,lnud
all the why was. destroyed. 0f the four lun ell-mg. thohrmer‘i “1 We "“110.“ N 0
milroada, the one from Richmond to llurks- 1 huge force ‘5 ”Mme; Lwn.'Stalil had P 99“
; Ville. and theonel'rom Burksvrlle to Lynch-l 59!“ 01“ by (fem 5'391 “Willie Wider-‘3.
burg, were not injured. I‘ho road from ""31““ force at ‘”“’"er andarLJilqu-y. _
Petexshurg to But‘ksville was very slightly] libelljlllfn troopzzhold ”If lglllt'dlioc‘f:
damalved. the bu nmw of station houses be- i 3" a ‘9 .coun 7" “P .0M“ “Y 09 .3
l ing th°e principnltdes‘tructicn. It. has beenl though rebel. cnvnlry and “‘“"‘er “'0 "51'
‘ repaired. Cu the‘Burksville mid Dlnvme' ”111° 0“ llhe V Iflrrauslgorev “$1 09°88|°nully
Railroad, however, the rails and ties have” {9'7 “9‘ “"‘ .5 e. neroas enver.
been destroyed for about twenty miles. l g 13° 'i‘ylrfil‘d ‘3 my :nobstrllctodTaslih‘l- 3:
“'hen the hrld’ue over Stuunton River ' ‘“‘ Y 0° ,excep ynn occasion; _lo
I was reached, thecexmdition found itself‘ 9:511?” from thepnemy on the other side.
‘ confronted by a large Confederate towel—l ggéh'qg dtgfilyful; gogndushto ”'e.dulqmg°
Wilson and Knutz then turned enytward, 9 °._ ‘ ‘3' n. _ ‘“'l‘f‘l‘t‘ '““'!-
on theirhomewmwljnurney. .'l‘hcy matched l {"“' Mnrlin?hurg'. though "- 15 bk'lvaedflmt
across the country (gmvnrds Rcllms’ Station. l 3;? 31e=“"ffi“°n ““5 one of the "””‘ “We"
Three thousand n groes joined the corn: ‘ enu '. . . , ‘
mandaud ‘“‘,"ch with them. The soil-i (n-oatexcilem’entcxmtsrnWQstcrn Mary
dicrs were much 'uded and m n ' hail beeh “‘“"'“nd ”Stall” ‘”'-““”‘” a large num
d y ~‘l 'rfl 1 l}, b lber of horses and cattle were driven into
noun er in various con to s. to am u~l , - ‘ ,
lance train was loaded lvith sick and wound-i Unfinitytgaourfthut sfialoné’f mealsuvllell
ed. When ‘tho Weldon Railroad wnsl ”P“ es rpm "J 0" “"“' a 30°
reached, about uthousand men were riding ato 0010"“ Lawrence, ‘"' “ 1““ hour 13-“
on the wagons and 'ambulances. 'l‘heyl night. announced the fact that the engage
were unable to walk. The railroad wasiment b_etwoen bl} forccs and tho enemy,
reached just below Reams' Station. Thom"e mzle from lradenck, 1”!“ ”‘“““! m
enemy were found posted in front. They ‘ :3: $315: a: uh‘lclgglils'ndl he dfi‘fil“ EO‘P'
were attacked, but could not be driven oti‘., n a , ‘“'. ' a ,9" c "“x
A contest was fought't‘or seveml hours, and 1 oiclock. “‘6 enemy three hm“ attacked l
at last, under coverot'the night. Wilson and! ’”’ throes, nnd were repulsed “Ch "m“;—
Knutz retreated westward, n ghort distance, 3 09". 39°90“ of Alexander 5 hattery, (’Ol
- then moved towards lieams’ Station, §Gllpln 3 3‘l fidtom-rc Home Brigade, ““d n.
hoping to be able to cross there. The Ell&| portion of tho“ hundred d‘Ws "9"P3~,s°m°i
my, however. were there in force. All ab; o‘. ”’9'“ frog'leltuuore, were 1“ “‘9‘; en»
‘ tempt; to cross were repulsed. Largo bod- gagentent. be 0553‘ {"“’ “0" 5'4" -' l
l ins 0t Confederate: came down from Peters-l A.” 3 0":ka last oycmng “’9 enemy hfld
'burg. The command was surroundeil.—i:s“fi“d ”‘"“': Soutllfmhountam, and 90!!-
There were bumtwo ways to at out. Una a “09 “’“‘ “‘”‘9'o ‘ esxtuauon. _
was acrossaswamp in front, alum-d: Grant'slnnffig‘llgghaeyr'gxi": dnewa °f “\pul’h"
camp; the other by a retreat westward' . '. ' ,
and a long circuit towards Norfolk. The “"‘ ‘““' 39"" “ "'“"‘.V':
men were worn out. Of theeightthousuid CHAIBIRSBQBG. July 7--A man from
which comma the expedition on its 3pm, , Hagerstown. ~”mt arrived at Greenmtln,
not. more t hull'werd in fighting oomli- says Shag Mcbwslrmd’s command. formerly
tion. '.ljhey had but little 1.0 out. "I"he'denkms. fifteejh hundred strong, cayalry
stock at negroes consumed the soldier am- ; and “IO“nl-ed. llllmlry. and one buttery,
Lions. A council olwu “l” called. It was.entured llztgerstuwu yestex-dagv.,antl lettat
determined that the force should be dwi— “lawn 2;le _ll‘l t 3: Fffidfiglckllfizlnplke.
ldad. One party underluuu wa-tocutita W are P 11.13") (Y 9 la re 5 had
”my through the enemy by crossing uie'all gone. Small vat-tie? retuyped um
lswump; the other under Wilson was .10 morning. when 4 requisition was mode (or
{take tho circniwusxoute towards NurlolkyLWU outfits M 34 520.900- —:Uud§‘{ llrrguts
,r-fg MWI’M dune “flaw“ ugygn:;£mburnw‘ the to)“: the :duninnd y“
forth regimen.“ WES." 0. 29.5% 35‘ . ' .' . s‘; - -
lune-y could, and each regiment chase its: Rcvollo or the Refill ‘il“!ulon,
tendon- Tll9!\Wl’:}l‘llflfil-l‘°'l WWW» Tim: llnmsucnc, July 7.—-G£-ucral Gogol: has
‘ I
hamhuhnno train‘wn ahn‘ndnntd with in'
load of wounded. All the troops whocoukd
nnl “:qu nr ride- on lmru-hark wan- left by'
(11" hudxnh’. The shit-on c.mnml were}
spiked. Tue- [ruin of thirteen hundred}
wagons, loaded mm the booty cnptuped on
the raid. nus set fire to and nearly “mm-114
ed. Th neen cux~§onl um btown .up.——'
Kama. with hnvy Ina. cuthin wly through‘
the sump. w:!~on unrated toward Nor
lolk and encmdwl. with 'th‘rrm min-nut. in'
'geuim: OW. HA.- cnme in!“ the l’udernl linN'
Iron) the BLlcszxh-r I'vaiun three day“ ugo.‘
The luvw‘ of the oxpedninn were immonse.‘
.Thc- (fonfodmuina captured sixlevn »enns,’
one lhousglnd homes and an ‘ambulance‘
train nfm'er one hundred vchtelm. Thirryw
eight. wagons Were n’Xso saved by them cut,
of the burning Imin. ‘l”qu humlgeq ne~¥
grnc: succeeded in planing ofl': the‘rest‘
wpro mpmrml. Tim mnnb‘er of prisoners?
i 4 not knnwri. hut out or eight. thoumndf
c‘arnlrvnwn. Inn-01y {our thou-mud returned ‘
1n the Forlvrnl Nuns; 'l'lu- rather-q :u‘i‘ either;
kill-~d.’wulindml .m- n)‘i~‘<ihg. 01' the mag-l
nifico‘xlt :xxlillt-ry and [wins of the cxpt-dici
turn. but [lll’"‘\\'urt‘ NflVt'l]. On the:
reluru of the cavalry. .Wright’s -Corp§,}
which hwl cum: to aid hnm, returned tn‘
it; pmt. 0n hut Friday Light theCG'mled
erutrs made an attack ' Burnside. but
wele n-yuhed. Nothing‘has occurred in‘?
from of l‘vh‘rdnn: since. Grant has sout‘
several sic-41p gum {’o the hunt. On) Sunday‘
last. he summoned PVlCl‘thll’b’ to surrender.;
The nuswcrja' not reported. 1
Tin: ALABAMA sync.
The Caulwlvmle steamer Alabama has
hnen aunt-lied and sunk by the Federal
iron-glad Kcnrsarue. Captain Sn-mmea ““'l
nuptial n_challr~n-:9 t!) fight frbfu Carpinin
\Vmslmmf ”IO limrsarge. The Alabamal
0 mm nut IH‘Ulwilmurg in the British Uhnn.l
nul, :unl‘lh'fi‘ light. tank place on the morn
ing of" June l‘th. Summon had previnufilyl
lnnnleil ull llla valuables. The Alabama.i
lwinga wunh-n rowel, was soon sunk:———
Nine of “I"? New \vvn- killml .ind twl‘nly
“(ninth-11. Siva-mghb wr-re picked up by‘.
tlu- Kunrmirue uml m min primm-rs. Scmmosl
with .mnul truly mun. nu.» pickwl up by 3‘
llrilish yacht and landed at, Uowos. They|
ol"cou:.w «amped. r ‘ _ '
A small uxlnuhlinnhhns sailed up the
.\lis~i~.~ippi Imm Nr-w Urinal“. umh-r Unne
ral [luau-r. 1t hm landml at l-‘nrt Andrews,
on the vast n-i-Jc cl'lhe river. 31ch Port. Hud
son. uml‘ haq gone ~mne distance into the
interior, with tlwanl-ject. m is supposed. of
trying to tll ive “if the batteries which block
:ulethc river. » One (linusuml priaoners have
nlrt-ntly lwo" exchanged under the cartel
inaugurnmd hy Punks With the Co'ul'ederabe
:Luthnritim in 'l‘vx N.
‘Un lew lufnlh‘nvl‘lnl ”mum’s advance
nrrm-«l m I‘lmrlmtun, in \th-m Yuginm.
xm'vnty miles unu'ln o! l‘arlwr‘hurg on the
Uhiu. “H 10», m the I‘m-treat 2mm Lynch
burg Wu». hm thnumml. It “ill require
:Lhuut lwo wwki l 0 [rampart Hunter's ur
my to IL point :11 whirh 1L “iii he avail-Allie
nguitht Hm ( unfc lcmlc advance acres: the
L'ulumlc. ‘
[From the .\gu m T!|llr:d-\_\.]
'l‘lmre i< some iuh-rexting now; from .\r
k:m.~n!. As mun as (in‘nbl'M .\'.coie heard of,
llu- mptmc o! the gunluoul Qucnn City, by
the Conlmlvr-ltm. [l.ut mink, he WM. 3' Force
(0 Un- mn-Ilhnf Wlnto Run-I*. This force
del‘mh-ul (In: (,‘a'xilluh-rnns um! captured
{our cumuu :unlflgvn hun’lrwl primJers,
~ “=4th thv [hm-c gum Lukn'n from tthucou
(my. Rflinlnrcvm’vnti came in the enemy,
hm‘nn ‘y and Slum-195% lwo!» l'vlrefltml‘l—
'nm cfnfidvmlu dill rmuniu nnT—‘While
“U“‘l‘. thou-5,". wwzh; uuxlgr the protectinn
of .L'Hn'unt‘. 0:13. “I“. [ln-111;; The blockade
of [hp .\[hx‘hsippl 'lm uul y'ct, Mum nursed.
'l'hvrx-h nut 31) mrlél. 3: ,“1“".""“""' fur-{he
mfx-Lv of the l’cfhrul 5:11:150n of 12mm
Rm k. . '
'l‘horv is br-ml‘ trnulde hro. 'illls"JPQ“'°°n
111121 mil :nI-l .\monm uhnut [hfx "15c ”‘“‘”
.\lnlzunn .\'unhmm nnvl munv hf M‘ 139"
\n-IO lurked up luv 2m l-l-mln~h pier-UN
yacht .unl‘i‘.n‘riml mm .m llngh~h pg“.
\\ here “they m-ro 5051109. Mr, .\.] um“. it 1.,
rnpwrlml. “all «h-mnml (hum: mv-‘n, it the
n:un.- of tlm .\zm-rmt‘m (ivmxmni-ni‘, an
In 1-ouwl'< nf‘ w 11'. \Vh. llwr llugl‘m-l‘ '\\'ill
give léxn'n upi :mr-lhq-r !;l:t‘~llnn'. (Mm.
mum’cr \Vimluig, u: Lil“ lit-Ah AY:'\‘, is to be
In FL) 1. “omm , i-n'c‘. '
' 'l‘hcre E 4 unhiu; I'run Gun-3rd Grant‘s
army. 'l'h“ twp-mt 'Ahuut tho ~nmznnns of
xunl-mh-rwut lu l‘vlerdmugi~um~ mflnnvnl.
Thu "mlhuh-MLI‘ 'llL!\'-\llt'o m‘rms the rum--
xuuc uhzorbs :dl auumiuu. - ,
mnvml his headquarters from Cinmlmrs
but; to this mty (with :n vitw of faculiufing'
the nrguniulim’ of tlm militia recently
'cuned out hy the" Um'ernnr. ,
Rebel priaonerq capturN in tho skirmi‘h
3&4,W>Ln\vn day bofqae—ycm-rdny state
”at "pic-sent rai-l is rim-only In prorure
bong; but crew nml previsiona. That. it in
hudtd by 1.0%, and mmposedofE‘mlFtand
Myth-« L’s comm. and Um it. fit an rfl'ort to
invade Pennsylvania and other Northern
.\‘tnlox. The mppure of Bax-llimnre and the
(lmtructfnn of the national capital are use
aimed at. :‘ ..
Whilst. Lee is thuz operniing agnimt
\V'uhingion city. BFQHFOy-ll‘d hm beE-n Xv".
in mmmand at Peter-share. where he has
sufliiiem force, so our informant suite-i. the
reb,e I believe. (0 hold Gmnt in check and
provmthis advanceon Richmnnd.
LATFJL—A diapatch just. received frnm
Grq'enci-iln slut»: "ml._ the rebel form has
evacuated llnur‘r~town, retiring on the road
towards Frederick. ‘ .
Through the infnrmnlinn dorivml from
scouts in Adan“, York. l-‘rmkiin and Ful
ton counties, it is nnw lu-lii-vml ‘hero that
not a sulifary armed rcbul is at. present.
within the borders of Panngviunin.
.I‘IIIC‘K. . - i
Hal‘pcr‘a Ferry and Bn’u'ar ”tights Re-occu
, pm! by the final ’l'l'oopa.
T‘lu- S'IIII' of Sntnrttxy ays that the-relmls
have let! Harper's l'crry 3 Id Huliur Heights,
fund :\ bligndv of Ueuem Sigel s [loops (n [m
WP“: uuilm .\lM’Hund Hcighls) lmvr rc-ou'd
pit-II than: phl‘h, Md nt Luv. uccoums luH
them, there being no signs of the mum) m
that \icinily. V - ‘
The railroad is In working order bet-ecu
this city and Sandy Hook, oppoflte the Ferry,
and. mrs run to lhnl point.
, 2‘14”" Am; another extensisve fire at "ur
inc ’5 l’cu‘y on Thursday mghl. The bridge
murlhy ShemuLlouh “A“; in ILmes, and n
nmnhwnf buildings in Various pull.» of llm
luwn. \The rnl-m) h=.ul prd-Imrhny lurn‘cd ll“:
o.\lou=i\c rulxuml pl‘alfurm. and ull the bull
nip; ulun: t‘w line of [lye l’ommnv. 'l‘htl unl
lluzrzllxuu on Thurflllv {light lhxew' u gluw
owr ull xhc country for mule: around.
Tln- nmiu lguuh of the who-ls i: suppnsml to
he in the nugh’honhuml of )leclmmrshurg
wntchin'g for the uppmrnune of Gun. llunlgr,
apd the upunun libe‘vmn‘fng gem-ml that they
do nut number the h (ll' 0! twen‘y llxuus and.
.\mung the CdNnLlllK'S in the fight nc'xr Fred
erick, on Thursday ulwrmmll, “ore Lt. Gilbert,
of the Bth Illinois. killml p; n shut lhmugh
xhc‘brmsx; .\l.\jur 11, 0. llizmr, ol‘xhe :hl \ldr) -»
I.lnnl, wounded, Corporal Jame: llz‘xlsinl, .hl
.\lurfllud, l’rnmes .\'. Ynlcs Ucurgu Spring-r.
and June: Rwy, '34 .\l.u‘_\vl-.unl, all :hghlly
\\ ulllhlrnl. '
Three i-l-lwl Sulilfi‘rs were mphm .1 in this
fi‘Lflll, Klwv are all Unhimun-am—J. ll l‘rmu
bung, ulxbtlkll l"..l':\rsnn:t :Uul Jurrwh .\lml_\-
aml lJ"l0llgCil 1Q Iho Sv-t‘urd )lnrgllmhl (‘
ry.) ’l'lu-y slated lluu the fnrce of Ile gin-my IS
coynuzui'llud lly Bradley T. J\:|itn<:-x|, “liq,
about. [on du): ago, was woman-'ll to be u
.\lujur Uung‘ml. {a ,
‘.During ThuhdJ)’ nighlnll was quit-l nmr
l'l'vdt-rixk. lilolléll (he n-hcl ‘liucv wrrc uillmx
a mile of the uc~lcrnlimll< ol'lllc cilv. “CHl
pying (ho country‘lmck as far In Kuobhy
.\luunluiu. 'l‘lny consisted entirely ul' cavalry
11ml Irlillcry,:lml :uc believe-l not in ll.\\o
nulnlu-n-«l mum: man lil‘tccn lmu‘dlcll x 0 lwo
lllullsilllll ofull Imus. v
Ut‘lll'l‘fll \\'ull:|rc, having been reinforced dn
ring Thursday niif'hl, cox menu-d an advance‘
U! the enemy .\'wu-r-luy morning. wncn it uus'
.Hl'crmiut'tl Ilku th; “urn: rclrcqtlngWoiVAhlsi
.\li-i-ilvxmvu. Huimlnmlmtrly :larh-d his v ”3‘
Mr; nud niuuxm-il infantry, wnh Alv\nnlur's‘.
li-Ilmry, in pursuit oi lecul,dri\iug Hum near-l
I" to Swim: .\luunmiu. , |
About 1; (Unlock; e:lerul.\_\- afternoon t‘u- rc-l»-‘
tis ngmn ndi‘Jund (111 Frederick. snid [u bc'
oilfiiJumhly rri darned. .\l Ll3l. :ucu'lnt's u:
fight’muis lu [Hugh-:5 about three nine: weal“
u! Firilci‘il‘k.
l Infurmuxiun “9': rem-Hm] from llJrfiflqu
I :‘p‘lt‘l‘ll 1y :ttlorlmuu ll“! (Emacml huhmh-n,‘
\ui'l '.lhmn‘LSm) xxu‘uhi': hm! i’clurnml lu H.“
‘_'"l'SfiJ‘ll :mvl (lutrun-d'nll lln- t-Ilhnu'l uu-l
tom'wnzuflnl )luvpcny in lh n plate. 111. \rlnsc'f
[he Th Ir;..n\r)\~;lhnihimrl. 3
_\ ‘fisp. 'L‘l; .‘crcn'ml Hun} Hen. (‘mfvh,rollw
wildlrf n:.'horv’tiu in (hm city, Ll>£ night,
“an”: 1h u hm. udu! bad :I;.|in I. ll Hap-raunn,‘
and Was Proclcdl w; towards Funk-Auk. Urn.
Cozuh hm} a fume 1. ‘nr Hugcnluu u «that. .uc
'qmmli. '
The Men inform-Jinn i-=t xy‘aM. was rouge
cfl'vcl that the u-Mls \Vcn‘ reluuuug buou:
*en. WulLu’c's tun us. - '1
“Allah!“ m 2, July H.—GL-n(~m.' (‘nuch Ima
issded .m onlcr‘diru ziug Umf all v'dlu‘i- 1 and
llnl'ax‘r in charge of mar-u fleeing Imm s.x_>pu‘«cd
dtmgrr almll b»: sluppvd L-uhvr bofuu‘ Hug"
‘rmch or :u the bynlgu :u-russ the Suuim-h an. H'
mm} furxhvr ordéf's, nuplynq; xhzu tm- d xugcr
it not “£ our. is u-ully ulglu ”mu-(cum;
or 'scrious L'lmmclvr. g. ~ .
[mm disl-mchcj my Hut, ‘hr- 11min L 011): of
“he H-b I-ls haw rclirc I. it m'suppuscd mum ut‘
‘the Poluymc, ham); .x fuv smmglrh in the
town. . - .
Telégraph on the MRI—1;?“ 'Can‘Rnih-uud (‘uL
On Saturday evening the telegraphic
operator at lhtilimort} informed llw operator
here that. th ‘Rebels had driven (lcn. \\'ul~
lacc’a force 3&1: of Fn-dcrkk, and as far as
Monocncy J nct'ion. at. which point. the
bridge was burnt. Cannonmlmg wits heard
in the direction of the Junction yesterday,
find it was thought that. 0: heavy engage
ment. was in progress there.
Rebels meleported to have been at. Wadi
minster on Saturday night, and yesterday
about I'l o'clOCk the telugmplrwire was cut
between Pal-him] and Biltimore. on the
Northern Central liaierm‘l. »
IL is said that the Rebels naked (or $200,-
000 from the city 01 «Frederick and got the
money. Several Rebel desertem were
brought. here on Saturday, who stated their
forge at about. 30,000 infantry. four brigades
of'cavalry and over one hundred cannon.—
'l‘he movement appears to be directed again".
Baltimbre or Washington, or both, but. it. is
1391 yet sufficiently developed to form an
accurate judgménb about. What disposi
tions have been made to check it we me
not gt. a point :0. know, and it. would be
imyroper to publish the inlormuuou if we
: but it. ,
1 There is no news ofmqment This rnorning.
Sigel Superseded—lt, is 'announced in the
Wasgningwn papers of Friday evening that,
Brig£oen. A. I‘. Howe, chiel'ofarullery, of
WuSingLon, has been ordered to the com
mand of the Federal troop:- in frontrof the
Rebel force thnt has‘ entered Maryland,
vice Gen. Sigel, ordered to report. to Gen.
Hunter. ~
Hob Lam—We regret. to lengn that the
ofiioe of the Anthracite Jam'nal, in Tamaque.
was} entered one nigh; last. week by some
ma icious rsons, I 9 type caseg u 9.,
end the unfit-id ggnerallly diearnngodpssd
oonsidenbly damaged.—— Exchange. ,
The Juurgadl was an Abomipn paper, and
the Abolitionieta who have been hissmg on
mobs 3nd defending m and "glowing in
the destruction of De ratictflioes. have
discovered lhet it I: wrong. The Journal
itself was one of the kind that flied in
mobs. This edminiatra‘tiou Inn I: now
ing to the wind. Alf they mp the whirl~
wind it is the crop of their own sowing. ,
. fi'l‘he Mun-clause“: paper: bout that
the cotton mills me can"? enotmous
Emma, instancing the James ills. at. New
unyport, which on I capital of $250,000
bu actual] y divided $377,500! These profits,
coined from the blood and was q! the
om'lntry, gq inm the pockets of the “ loyal ”
shoddyites, who urge on the In no lustily
Ind-n"; so randy _to shell tho “hit drop.”
ofotheg‘men’s blood in its yroseoution. -
‘ u' ’ ':;_.—._.._. <oou A- - _ ,
§ ~B~Tfie hijiymkeajgva sayflhlt’Gen.
Fmeom. qil recexye q 1423 a Q'pinfl'mq
me iii Wiswniin- . . ,
’L :3 nun mt'v‘r “yawn”
loin») 8: 6mm”.
P.\ssim~'flkomn GETTYSBL‘RG.—-On
Sumhy gn-ning, ”nerds: wetk. rumor}
ran-hm! us of the pdyuuce of the Rebels up
“an Shmd'oshiVflh-y nud their nppcnranoe
nn the Upper Potomnc. On Monday morning
mud; Hum-meat was caused by the coming
in of (-onsidcrnhio n'nmbers of horse: from
“'.Lshington county, 313.; those in charge of
them bringing all manner'of_ rumors in'regud
to the force of the_ Rebel! and their doings
uhoul Mnrtinsburg. .\lnny had them nlrcmly
t- aross the rivet: at various poinls‘, all making
their we} for Cumberland Valley. Presently
droves of horses cnmc- pouring in from Frank
lin’ county, and soon the southwestern section
(if our own éounly began to Iwellithe number.
Thuucnmh passed through, destined for ".it
righurg, York:and' other points answer-l.—
The Iceno continnod'bc several days. a. por
tion ot‘ the flock stopping east of ttm‘nv—
0n \l'edncsdug creninz n despntch wns‘ receiv- L
ed announcing that our'lroops were engngedf
with the enemy ‘ut llzlgerstuwn.‘ T‘owanls ‘
evening another deapzlrtch came, to the {Ellen
th‘.|t.the Rebels n'cr. at Greencuslle nud’thutl
‘the nlnrm hells wereghen ringing in ChamberQ- ‘
burg. This hrnuglt the excitement lo the]
boiling point, nud Hun lovers letv’minulc‘s‘
ul'ler hy the 'nperatur ut Chuhhcrshutg telc-'
graphing tu the opemto: here that the Rebels E
were within a mile of that place, and tlnit he}
was nhout lenvingviin eon=equcnre. CV‘I
the \ulllcst scenes iumginnhle eueued. he l
‘ church hells were rung, and the alarm sprint}:
to the country.- llorsea, team; and nvll sorts of:
l vehicles, were hurried oll’ enstn‘nr‘th which .
{continued throughout the night. Thursdnyl
l w.t< couipnntiu~l_\' quiet, and :9 “‘.ns l-‘ritlwé-l
:hut still wusidcmlllq l‘o-lics 0! horses “ere
lp:t=~iuq through. 1 ’3 ' ' ,
(m 'l‘hnrsJuy t)i,;ht scouts (am-3 in hringiug
] the informntion that Gen. Bradley 'l‘. thumnr
‘. with 13,0u0 men, hml \‘lellt‘tl Unqcrduu‘n, and
lxll'ttr demanding and receiving 5204100 ‘in
money and 1,300 suits of clothing, ha}! left in
the direction uf Frederick. ‘
On Friday night. it. WM reported that the
tßcbcls occupied Frederick, and that a squad
ot'zht-m appeared seven miles this aide. About.
i it: o'clut'k n &espatch mu rcrL-ittld from Cham
“ brrshulg ilatiug that hnhudcu was at Hazels—
l lawn ('mplu) ed in burning (im‘cruxpcntstoreé.
1 'l'htwc reports created some little untusin‘uss,
‘ but on Saturday mo’ning it “as, L-uhm-l) by
Ith" annnnncmncnt that. the Ila-buts were Lull
ing bath from Frederick. ‘ ‘ , '
gay-A “ lug sum- " ‘wa; pruuipcrd fin 'an‘r
day cunning I!) :1 rtpurl '.lmt Alfmrly uf Reads
had \‘iulflll ".\luulurey,” on .lw lop u: lln-
South Mannluin, mul cum-d «SIT übum Ital)
homes. Inquiry Jeslonhy 'uwwd -iI to be
unlrun. ,
The l‘tpUHi thruuzh [in-country that [he
Item-19 had po:s«-s:iun of (in-u} aburg yc‘ierduy
wrrc nil million: the Flighn-sl foundation—:Jnd
were we no iudimtioxm of their (‘ul'ling mun.
ifal all. Crc‘ngrrsmwn uu'l‘Bic-:innicatmyu,
in Maryland, arc pruh.ibiy the puiqls [mm-M.
us (lint the Rein-h h.|'\'e yet been all. .
The (liir-l‘drvision of [he mu. gnrns, m. k 1
ells's, arrived at. “ultimate on ll'ndn). The
87th :lud'liwlh Regiments. I’. V., nil: in Lh’w
divi-zinu. and h. is icpurtud min ling “fire in
[he vngagcxucxns lIL‘JP Freilrriik on .j'.llu:d.v.y
and vt-Slrrllnr._ f
Th'c Lucy. new; will be fuqnd in the preced:
ingculnum.’ . '
THE FOURTH I_\' 7 (:IZTTS'Slzli'R(;.—T}xe
rdubrviun nnnuunct-Il -f.:r the Hu‘nrth of .11in
in Gel!) _~|-urg:m:ncxcd n lnrgu- uuxuhcr nt'pcr
sum, nut“ ilh-Inndmg the cu‘iMmontout-min!"-
(«I by rumur“ (1M Rnhcl rmd. The morning
sas nshrred in in} tho- ;inging bf hells :HII'J flu;
firing"! cannon and all manner of mm'l am”.
"Thu och-Manon “3‘ hold on Culp'; Ihllfiuny
DI lhl‘ 'nmu nu-nmm-Mc paints in the :rrrihh
battle or hank-s lnughl *hL-n‘ :l )1“; :ggn. A ['ll
- firriring an the ground, “and Willa, EM} .
ammunl-m) 11m: Hut. Curl“) had ler. H.rrri>-
burg for {his plu‘c, but on reaching l‘vtcts
burg “us mcrukrn h; n dcspnlch Inmrv rth'd
ing 'h‘im information of the mlrnuce of the
fit-ln-Ia to lthl'otomnc,necessilaling hjs rcmru
to h.“ State cEpitnl. ‘
A {)rhg'el‘ delivered hf Rev. Dr.
l‘nnucrhcy, $01143.“ cdh); {hr reading ohhcl)m-Lu~a
tion of Indcpfipdeucc by il'r. Charles Horn”.
Rev. .\lr. Warner oeii‘vcred ilxck)rzltiun;delqtell
mainly to a descripti of the bloody conifirt
which ragedhcte duélng the lbrct firs; ‘dnzui
of July hst. You] and instrumental hmsic
(nlivuml the .cxcniscs. A {lO9 lunch was
gn‘cn. hflcr \\ hichlho purple returned to town,
from “heme, cmmch “in. Ile sag-{a uf wild
rumors of the approach ajllhe llcbcls, lhp)‘ 12ft.
fur thrir tcspecxire homes?" '- .
THE DRA FT.-——'l_‘be additional drxming for
{he defiéiom—y of the ‘iecent dun under \he
calls for 7015000 men, “'4B nude-at'Clmmhyra
burg on Tuesday last. The following is the
lxst of pen-0:35 drafted in the amend sub-dis
tricts of thisfiggtmty: . '
Bmuvux Tw . —.\br3lhnm Scficrsflulm Kin
natnm. ; ~
I!}:erng Bum-Lllcnry Mpllisnn, John T
Pf: injer, John HulTheuu, Joseph IS. Huh-r. ,
Burnifin—Anron \\':slor, Eli Stnnom-r. K’
B .
Cuxm-mo—Jncob Swonveland, David l-I‘liuo‘
Samuel Smith, Wan-Mean". . '
Cl‘xnnnuxur-Wm. J. 51,) def, Chas. Yams.
Fmsxux.—-Georgo Gory, A-inos Noel. 3
J‘Esllmua—Andu-w J. Weikert, Daniel, J.
Hewson, Isnnc R. Golden, Samuel S. Moritz,
Isuiuh Stunt. -
GznnAsY—Jncob Wu", Ephraim Monehey,,
Elias [Kilt-s, E'phi-Ttim mm rude. -
HAmlJoanx—Gco. Sanders, Geo. [reg-ring,
Lewis Bumbnugb.
llcxnxcrol—Dawid. Clever, John Deal-dorm
Lfixn-rr.—-Gco. W. H: nu Wm. C. Su
brooka, (‘nuper Myers, Jaml'aylor, Lc‘wis
Whitman. o
MllALL::.—George Wmen. Solomon flun
mnn, Abraham Hoffman, Cornelius Rich, Oliver
C. Smith. :
.Mocxtnus‘nfn,—Adnm Hurthnb. George
Yoke, Dn‘id lii-venom, Jereminh Cirbuugh,
Jacob J. Smith, Wang". Houzk, Wm.’Fink,
Peter A. Snub-ugh; John ngumnn, William»
Nne (coloved,) flannel Wolf, Agideons .\'oel,
Jacob .Hornborget, Joleph Smith, Hell’)’
Olingcr, William Billy. ‘ ‘
Homuoy—J-wbhcoby, Robert G. Young,
Jacob 8. Baker, John Tawney, SL, Joni-J:
Bowers, John Kin“, Joseph Stockihzer, Jon.
W.'l'rosue, Jame: VcShel-ryflzohn B. Shgafl'cr.
Oxvonn.—)lichuel XcCaddin, John Em‘mert.’
Bumm,—Jncob Fiuel, John b. Breuizer
STMnL—Johu Wenz, Joseph A. Wolf.'
Tnon.—John Yohefla‘hn Eckemode, John.
Delsp, Peter Filler; Franklin H. Ebert, Eph
nim Brcap, Jacob H. Spangler.
ITI{OI.—Adm Nlflor, thn Meaning", John
Spangler,jr., John' Allen. '
fi'Wo learn that Mr. chis Clank, of
Oxford myphip, , 1m: county, roceived 4|
{rightful wound, on Saturday week, in onqof
his legs, I); comipg in contact with the knives
on reaper, wich‘which he ml.- Liking 01! his
grain. Dr. Study drum! tbs wound Ind )lrl
C. is thin»' “well u could he expecte¢ .
.fi-My, Jouph‘i‘bomuq, g! swlbn :05"...
shin. nhnd was“ Mum figs-{lt} hilt.
t my“: 01 Flu mound!!! {Jm . “93:5,:
Tug; is .2 mics} :yel regqned,
50671: or Pnnauuu,
. ’ June 24, IS“. }
I’m Conlfit7¢r:—Oul months! of cmmltiu
foi'th}. two any! ending hue 23!! h prechdy
om: hundred. (in: heath” loss In in om- tbno
right rompnr'ms, whmmstnlned Ih!A benign
pan. of the engagement on the 33d. The loan
m Con. F Ind l 'u as follow
Sail-an: Jolm Shoals, Co. P, lI'II'L .
Corporal Wm. (I. llollzworl ‘o. F, Mung.
Corporal Samuel S. Georgzgto. I"; hand. _
Henry Kean. 00. l-‘, mining. ,
William T. Ziegler, Co. F. wining.
John V. Mam, (Jo-Ll. body, align." ‘
The luatnumcd is a mother 0! Sam'uol “Mtg, ~
nfhu wu wounded anu‘diea near Spottgylm
vania Court House, and ierom peannshlown,
Adams county. The .bulanoe of our loan is
prin‘cipnlly from York. com‘uy, Ind at “no .
Yuands are gcncnfllysflcvere man, :I?th men.
will die. ‘ "‘7 ,
, Smnuel IBaumsmnluer. printe Co. A, who
has some cunnutuuus In Gelllyuburg, vm
wounded in the neck,bm is not. nouidend
gangerons. ‘Uur wounded aum-re-l considera
bl)?! u‘s‘ they n-muiued all uiglllt on the field,
will“ purl‘uf the line mm in posse-lion Qf
ihc rebels anti" daylight, when m.- retook our
pqsxliun nndxqcured bl! our dead and wound
ed. . 3 llnglv,
. , ‘ (,
THE ml; mcxm. IH-lUNEN'P.—The York
G:|l.cill‘ll:.£é3 tlm on the neuingfif tho 2:}?! '
1111., this r‘fgimenl \vns‘plncA-dmn .lhe skirmi‘sb
lineju Inn?! of the nth Conn, nofirl‘ctersh‘urx. L
\Vhiie Mmm-ing they were vlmrged upon by,
the rebel line ofjmuh-l and being flanked were
o‘rderwl to get back the but way they vault—-
In this nihir Captains FJIIS Mid .\laiah, Linn.
Clmgles Fox, Scrgl. Henry Shulu, William
Schfivcf,’Willi:un Shunmn, Sunim-l- An'drovu,
Uhixrlos .\lctzgdr, Pen-r Hun, Chm-lei “MW-uh,
and .\l. )lutm, wcg‘emn‘ung we cuplur Id.
. Thé lullo“ mg were u‘nmng lhfe wounded:
Charles ib-lc, thumb unuuflutod : thqh:
l-‘rn'ncifi, unu: .\lcunulvt‘ Kipp, hip; llvnrg'
.\'cimnn, lrg ; nLd 51:"an lhungnldurr. '
, The fos‘luu'ing, nor. before pulolishn'l by In,
.\(orc, we hear", “oumlrd {urn/ions}; to this M
fnirz‘ Corp. Luunurd Wuhan, nrm ; I'm L-r (
“‘ciu‘crl Cu} D, lmwl; Henry Dcllingm‘, Cu: B,
side- : Thuum) Munro, Cu. 11, foot.“
Corp. Jul”; .\. I‘L‘tlx’m dim! M Wishingtun,
June 15, ut'mqus received «I Ooh! Harbur.
SAD Dll.\'l‘ll.f—-A mcpndmly Lecithin. 0(‘~
currc] on lhc evening of the 30111 uh..'. rl-uu'p g
34);: in the nlhmst imnu-dinli‘ death ol'fiturgd
Gardner. of lulimmu lmulshiln, lliis ruunt) .—~
llc “'.u‘nlmul gclllrniug a corn ahn‘llcrfhuléwgo
m: to n nuighhmj, and “In-n q'iil': n..-Minx
Iflwlilmlion. one or morale um Cami; .\l>rl|k‘hw ,
Sm}: rum”, and in eudcnnriug N "Ith ruumr
the hum“: made :- llltlull‘ll jmk. lhruwm-z lhu
slwller mu! ,\lr. (hrJncr \‘iulyutly to tw
grquud, tho m-uhine siyiking ,huu onpjm
l.rmu’l,nntl [nrudmiuq in} ma: un ullwr [mm
Igf'his 3.:11-13'. H:- hh-ul Inn A lvw monnnls ul—
lg-i‘. 'Hr “.143: “is mull )mr; w.» dv-f mull
dunJv. and of uruk nun-l, hul. “.11 ;-| In [‘o'
eu‘anulr) “an; nu lln«:‘{erl_L.nui \\ u Lin-refine
“IV“! In lLufi- u Ili|_\\h-bln l‘u‘ l‘rfl iOll.
15.15" TllU‘PilllalltHahnl pun-r 4 :nnnuxynd: Hm
(In-mi] of; 11~-\. anjuum ’luZh-r, Hrmrnll
.\gvnl of Ehc Luann“ I'uhliu’uli-m Smut-l) 7-
He dlt‘d hr I'hihxh'hnhh an the ‘.‘d ‘0! July, In:
\hn HALye‘r ul hh‘ “51:. -.\lr~. Kr”! r (urmrrl)
result-fr" {KIM l-lM'f‘. mu] ‘l' Is fur hunk) rm 3
ptsmr oI'SE J.lll||'~' Lulln-rlu I'uugrvgnllml -
Hc “.IS 2| fiery nivful Inn in tin! \‘lHJ‘dl ..mlzx
his denth “31.1 he aim-14‘ lunqrnml. ‘
nifi".\ burr from n frirnd in .\liimmi gin 5
us (he infmnmvinn lhnt an old (tun-n 111 our
rbunuy‘. .\ir. l‘).nyivl~ .\'rrn-11, ‘FS dxéfinml 1111
the Imm of gym! hm, in making n rr- rk, nun
Ihr l'. 5. 5‘ il. Thrh: is “11“) th .I]-Lul i',.
31.:‘flfllrii}f.)rnl:l“‘,.l5[_b€a rt :un n' u luuhxlulu
allgdn‘x, and he \\':L< ucfi Tuczxmndm'l nu!- flu:
fun). .\'nlhin: hm! lrnnlpgruv‘l, honrnr, (I) cl-~
pinn 1h;- mnzlZ-r.—.\'muu 1’: ‘
wb‘l‘Ell-‘Eirsl N-l'n-ml l; u'u 6f iivll} Jun-b
h Hing déilfi'nnl4ul In nu must ".5 “"14""
Slock m .\luis nwl. '.ln-rL- i 5 .\el nu uppn‘rlumly'
nfl'uultv'l lu Kéun- nim_ n 'r<'u ‘n m 1k: .| gum! .nnL
33f!) 'mwzlm‘g-ul h) .~lne a:;.\ “nu H-curl:
mine or ”31- ,4?" 'l\. Th" buok: .xrn' no» "pun.
lor :ulnsrripbiimnt the H An}:
WWII") $0111.! uic .\ |_\ HT I'm In sn; n mu:-
ous (umpuugl‘la mIH-{liirnl fur 13w uuv uf
h}:§-l§t¢[\ , léi “flux-Him Summer U'rnpl nut,
Vh‘u-h may u;- maf llntfluft‘ ian-Irinuq In their
EXT-tr“, wlwnEn‘pnclmmfiun 05' BLlckhn'rry - w 11‘
as " hho‘u‘s'il'pl ukbcrry ('mn'm sl'ue " can bu
üblniht n}, “fix-h is as lrce {rum anythingulrlc
\erious 4'5 lllzickbcrrirs ‘lgcxusulvcs '.’ \
Wflré. linrnnc, wift' (if Wm. DJTUHI‘, rc
siding m'nr §vl.rkr\'s church, Yurk cum”),
«ms so uriou‘fly "_ll'u-Ic-l by the hunt wlulé :u
work inithe big-field that she die»! from \hc
cll'ccts (”‘it on Tuesday mon‘ing u-g‘cmka.
- A ‘ x.- f
\ W‘fhe (:ompihruill he furniAlml from Img
lime until Mar lb: Presidential Medium M
SEVENTY-HYH CENTSrcuh‘in ndvnnco.
-:e3°'l‘he¢_‘ungresswhich lunjust mlj mm
m] was prolmhly the wcuk'est, :Ind‘m»: wr
vilc ofnny thateyer sat in Washington: It.
has been :1 limit! rrgincring burmu fur the
t‘xoéulivo hen-ls of d9lmrhnenlg. Yet ’it.
:{hould receive media for one "qt—that
which provides that the rebel Slates fillflll
pol. be represented in the electoral cullega..
This blocer Mr. Lincoln's little gmm of
packing the eleclom‘l college with bogus
eieclors from the mu‘federam States: So.
fins? good.—— World. ‘ ‘
, §‘ .....‘~ " ..'-0. ' . ..’
QThe abolition Journals are pmnfu ly
exercised in regard up the postwneniernfpf'
the Democratic Karlioml Cnnvaniign.——
They devote columns to prove ,thnt tlfe
poslpt‘mement must result dumlr’ously to
the! Dcuwcrnlio par-3y, and. tlurkfore, they
are very indignant! to. I .
’gev-The' Abolition énndidnfie for Lieut.
Governor oflndiana regnldly umda I Speech“.
in which he aid “the ‘right of asylum
u‘eant tho‘riglnt of foreigh sooundrolg to.
protec ." This bu so exuponted (ha
Gel-ma of Indiana that they I” repugiiatq
the wb 10 Republican ticket. ‘ ‘
...- >~~§ . '_.“ —— ~—
fl'ltnere is evidently something wrong
among he ’fldynfistp‘" of Tonnugoo. The
Nashville Prat, one of those üboliugn pg-T
pen named by shoddy contagion-3 3nd
speculators, in captured town. from atolen '
material. says it mnuonupport Lincoln a h ‘
would like to do unle‘u hunion in Men
off the ticket. This in bail, coming-u it,
does from th the home organ, nml indium
agmthing rotten In Déuufirk ! .
flinch. Andrew 11. Reed". ex-Goveh
nor of Emma. died .1: his 'feddence in
Baum. on‘ the morning of the 5:): Juli. “.3
her a fluid illness. ‘ ‘
‘-——~- A— -- ”‘“‘-«~
B’There it much excitemem in “in
fawn of Acquakconck, New Jersey. in a
uquenoo ollthe reported ‘defulcation I. _
of: "loyal" pvunmeut oontncwr “PM
man affine hundred and My ‘M
~d§hfi£s9 99’ demmwl ('0 paw“
Known with his ilk'gfiuen booty. . '