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Here shall the PRESS the •People's rucarrs prod
trpato'd by influence, and unbrib'il by GAIN
'Tuesday Mor g, September 20, Is
lUtanocriitie ImMusoille Nozulitatioiti
John' McLean, of Ohio.
Richard Rush, of Penn.
From the Patriot of Saturday last
FLOUR,Uow'd-si.,ln the early part of the week
the sales from stores were generally made at
623. per brl. but since WeduOsday parcels of 100
and 200 brls. have been taken at 5 75 per brl.
The store price to-day is 5 75. The wagon price
was generally 5 50 until Thursday morning;
since then the dealers appear to be all paying 5 6?!.
WHEA4 l ....•jfirt(supplies have been plentiful
since our last, and we have a !inner decline in
prices to note this week of about four cts. per bush.
Since Tuesday last the sales of parcels very prime,
• or best, reds have been made at 1 05 per bushel—'
the sales of good parcels ut 1 00-and fair to or
dinary and inferior from 95 to Ftry cts. and down
wards. To-day the weather unfavorable (Ur
delivery, and us purchasers show but little inn
nation to operate, the market is heavy and flat,
particularly for thecommon &script:it:mit. T a urge
parcels of the best red would command 1 'os,'"tinti
for a parcel of that description 1 06 was offered
this morning. Prime parcels of White wheat con.
tinuo in good demand, and have not declined pro.
portionally with the reds. A sale of prime white
was made ibis week at 1 20 per bushel, and yes
terday a parcel of go6d quality l‘* told at 1 18.
We quote fair to prime white, as in quality, at
1 15 tol2o.
CORN.—A material decline has taken place in
Coru since our last; From Tuesday to Thursday
them wos fro‘deniand whatever, and on Thursday
..--tailes—oLw bite wt. re _mad t s f
very prime parcels.. A parcel of white was sold 1 1
to-day - at 55 cents, and others would bo sold at that,
but there aro no buyers. A parcel of yellow was
sold to-day at 56 cents.
.RYE.—We quote, as in quality, at 67 to 70 cts.
OATS.—We quote at 33 to 34 cents per bush.
CD' The readers of the Star, arc referred to the
letter of JOHN QUINCY A VAMH on the first page—
also, to the article heeded "Faxes" on the second
page:. Both are worthy of attention. -
rr To-clay the Delegates from Adams and
York counties, meet at Hanover, to select a candi
date for Senalor, to be supported by the Anti-Ma
(* -- The German Anti-Masonic Almanac
published at Lancaster, can be had_ at the
Stores of Messrs. Smith, Fahncstock, Coin
fort, and Cooper, and at the Star Office.
Oz rThe Lady's Book for• September was
received yesterday.
KT-The proceedings of the National Re
publican meeting kill be inserted next week.
'l'l++, 1[1:S. Convention wiilmeet next Mon
day, at 12 o'clock precisely, in the Saloon
of the 133dtimore Athenzenm, situated on
Lexington and St. Paul's streets.
able and cadent editor of the Lancaster
le estaii
67- fitirri felts-AR(-41:4170%r
a...q purc lase(
-014 N C • EIA, become-soldrator
and-ProprietOr of the Huntingdon "Courier i l"and
Lae given n Life to that usefu-Falieeri.
Large - Antl•Madonlo Minting at Dayton, 0.
From the Republican we learn that a large and
respectable meeting of the Anti-Masons, from
FOUR to FIVE HUNDRED, was hold at Day.
ton, Ohiwon the 3d inst. After the meeting was
organized, the . "Threne of Grace was addressed
_by the Rev. THOMAS BEACHAMP; after which ho
delivered a very appropriate and impressive ad
dress; and was tbllowed by JAMES A. Snsim, Esry.
and the Rev. Mr., of Cincinnati." Spir
ited resohitions were also passed.
• So we find, that at home in our own State, and
in those of our sister States, the "blessed spirit,"
as Guy. Throop, of New York, terms Anti-Mason.
ry, is dcking_weik Let it go on. - And it will spread
throughout the whole Union, until the black flag
of Masonry Shall be struck, arnLits followers
robed Of their aristocratic crowns and mitres.
The Baltimore Patriot says:—The general 0.,
° le'etion for Stale Officers tool( place in Vermont
on Tuesday last. Tho contest is three sided—
N stional Republican, Anti-Masonic, & "Jackson."
As in Massachusetts, a majority of the wholelmin
bor of votes polled, is nocisssary to a choice. For
Governor, there has probably been no Choice by
the people. Tho return from fourteen towns ex.
hibit the following result: -
-ALLEN, (National Re
publican) 1359; PAL►MER, (Anti. Masonic) 1483;
MEECH, (Jackson) 484. The following in refer
ence to the Vermont Election is from the Boston
"A gentleman frpnci Vermont, who left
,since the election s took place, ,is of opinion
that the cause of the.: ati-Mesons - has pre
willed in that State, against the , National
Republicans and the frtends of the tratian.: 4 mfijoriV the. members of the
. .
. it 'e
.% \ - -1.
.....-_.) L .. , ......ti 1 , .) -i: ll I
___, , ~ 2_, J li I
12 V 1 11 11
-10 A C 4 b) :' ( . k ' ' . ? V =big ( -‘N--M‘' Nj N'
~..: ci, .
.. , ..
Legislature, it is believed, are - aVOwed Anti-
Masians: ,There was no choice of-a dover•
nor by the ptiople."
Arner,Conviet tutned loose on Society!
11-JACOB LEFEVER, convicted of the most
. tro - cious - Li bol - everr published - in - - Pemnityl vani
has been pardoned by George Wolf, before ho
served out onp-f9urth part of his - se - .ltence. --- Verily,
the law is u 66114 y-with regard to-Alasonic
dere ! George Wolf has sworn to "extricate his
brother from all difficulties, , whether alcirr of
witoNc,".and he has kept his Oath to the letter.
Let fools doubt—Honest men will awake, and act.!
ITT The following
_just and appropriate remarks,
are from the Uniontown, Pa.
- Jacob Lefever, editor of the Republican
Compiler, published at Gettysburg, in this
state, has been convicted of publishing a libel
on T. Stephens, and sentenced to three
months imprisonment in the jail of Adams,
county, jo pay, a tine of fifty dollars and costs
of prosecution. The editor of the Geittys
burg Star complains that the PrOsecuting
Attorney, visited the convict in jail, arid on
two different occasions during the night after
his conviction; was found there inclose con
sultation. When Bruce, the Sheriffof Nia
gara county, N. Y. was convicted and im
prisoned fur assisting in the abduction of
Morgan, the masons converted his prison
into a palace, and supplied him with every
convenience and luxury which his heart
could desire. In every instance where a
masonic juror was impannelled to try aeon- .
spirator he has refused to convict. Here
are practical effects of Royal Arch obli
gation "to assist a brother when engaged in
any difficulty so far as to extricate him, if
possible, whether right or Wrong." 'l'o pre-
Vent conviction is a first object. If this tails
be-next--resort is e to areprieve,-and-in -case
of failure,inNh, the sentence of the law is
evaded by alle#*tiiig the sullining,s of the
culprit. These are circumstances which,as
Mr. Rush observes "have marked the pro
gress of that mastery over the law which
masonry has gained in the whole case of
.Morgan, whose blood shed by masons, and
concealed by masons, still cries for ven
Tw MAsoNic Trcirt:T.—This is, perhaps, the
weakest ticket, so far as popularity arid public
usefulness are concerned, which was ever settled
in us county7ltis le - ita - tryirar —any-thing
of the individuals composing it, for very few think
of votin4r for them.
St/M6 lILLS.—TiIe Misenic ConvontiOn of this
county had proceeded. to. vote fir a candidate for
Commissioner, and had selected David White, a
Federal Jack. After he was fixed on, !Martin
Clunk, ono of the Delegates, thought. the appoint
ment not a good ono, and that it would be better
to select, one from the Same neighborhood with
the Republican candidate, Jahn Guerin:um:Yß,
Esq. After considerable concussing, it was a.
;reed to let illr. W hite down to the Auditor's post
and make a Commissioner out of MARTIN'
CLUNIi !! Hew judicious! Martin Clunk is
such a genius!!!
day was the day fixed for tho National Republi
cans t o assem ble in Counts• meeting. Brother
Boaz of the Sentinahad sounded his horn for the
meeting, of the clans, and exhorted them to turn
out strong, and look down Anti-masonry. The
day rolled on and e very thee of Clay in town, to
wit:-Fit, was mo4Q with anxious eTpectation.
At high noon, whilo they ‘vere looking East, West,
North and South, for the thronging multitude,
their eyes, wore glioldeaed ii. hoed, for to! in rode
Iwo gallant National.;. Yes, gentle reador, it is
no fiction, but sober history, but two men from
the coiintry attended this meeting; the one a Ma:
Fnn and thEr - other=thn — Lord - itnowswhat:
Bah clever- mon, hut queer politicians. These
two - , Witrctle — Tifild six ifistown, tells ietr
whole strength. But thfi friends of Clay d.05e:,,,.
iiirritrtre - ditt . -= 4 l'h impossibilities ey attempt possibilities viitTi
iiii-M"tieli-'zeid as if-they'hati:hopet
RENtiNdIATION OF CLAYISM.--Wit - recommend:
the fallowing "Card," from the York Republican,
to the notice of those of our friends who think the
prospects of lylr. Clay bright in Poiisylvania.—.—
Numerous other instances ofthe kind occur daily,
but as this is near home, we think it in place to
mention it. Howevcr battering the friends of
.11r. Clay may think his cause in this State, they„
Will find that, in the end, he will do but a poor
business at the approaching presidential canvass
Pennsylvania and New York will be Aiitiinasonic
at the contest in 1832, and no man canl!receive
votes 7 sufficient to put down the present ruling
Masonic dyniisty, without the Antimasonic votes
—therefore, JOUN 111‘LF.AINI, or whoever else will
be uominated next week, will have two chances
of Success, whore Mr. Clay will have one: So, in
our humble opinion, the opponents of the present
administration could do their countyy. o nutter
service than by uniting with . the Antimasonin
sup Port of their Candidate, and . thereby . put an
end to the present misrule of our government.
The undersigned, whose name has ,been
used. by-an
.assemblage of persons calling
themselves "the Clay party," without
. con r
sultation with him, takes. this method of in
forming the public, that, he disapproves of
this unauthorized , act, and declines . the.
nomination made .by them.
Mpnaghan Township, August 15th-1931.
Mr. Rush, (says the Newark N. J. Monitor,)in
his LIM, letter says:--"The public evils, real or
alleged, of this administration, are as nathsag, in
my eight, the sum ... of them, to those which may
spring from masonry." And he !night have add. .
ed--4o those which de spring from masonry.—
This is the prevailing sentiment of 'political anti:
maione: they, tildreio're, will never consent to sup.
port Clay--his masonry and i mmorality stied in
the way—no more than Jackson.. Mr. Rush,
nutugre the assertions of Clay men, goes with the
anti masons. Ho alludes to Cloy very handsome.
ly, and expresses his &tem - flint:Mb to go against
him. He says "I go with you (anti.mnsons,) in
- our—cause- from—my—gennida-4ienvicti,m ofri
deeper and broader- foundations." * * "Other
evils have their day and are gone, but this (ma
senry).is permanent, !his wi:l Joe f.. , toned upon
us finever, unless we resolutely determine to re:
move it by OUR VOTES." * a "I place your cause
foremast then of all at the coming (presidential)
election in its principles, its objects and its char.
atter; foremost in its elevation and range;_foremost
beyond compare, in its direct aim, even foremast
in the incidental good that it may have the oppor
tunity ofaccomplishing. lii this decision, 1 per
form what 1. , believe to be my highest duty to my
CUMBERLAND—The Anfifflasenic Republi
cans of this county havo settled the fulluwing
Assembly—WlLLlAM LINE,
Commissioner--JACOB II l 'l'P.
Director-4 A COB HEN DE L.
Auditor—JOSEPll CLARK.
Coroncrs----:A BR A 11A M BOWMAN,
CHESTER—At a latwmeeting of the Antima
sonic Republicans of this county, the followkng
ticket was settled- 1 —
Assembly—nios. ASHT3RIDGE,
.Dr. BENJ. (;111FFITII •
Commissioner—EVAN EVANS, Esq.
Sher b il—W LLI A 111 FLEM NG.
Commissioner—THOS. R. MILLER.
Commissioner—WlLLlAN LEARD.
DELAWARE COUNTY—The _following is
-the-ti't- . ltect-etttletl-by—the—Antimasonic - Royonb11:
cans of this county—
/13.8entbly—GEORGE SMITH,
Commissioner—JOHN EVANS.
Auditor LUKE CASSIN. ti
STICK TO THE TICKET..--The Aristocrats are
using all their arts to divide the Antimasons.—
They wish to split the ticket, and thus elect some
of the bantlings of the Lodge. But they under
value the discernment of the Antimasons. What.
over may be their feelings towards individuals on
the ticket, they will be made to give way to the in.
terost of the party. Our party is founded on the
love of PRINCIPLES, acid not Men. We have no
doubt, that every genuine friend of his country
would vote for his worst enemy, if necessary to
secure the success of the Republican ticket. The
Masonic party will act in solid mass. Let tho
Antimasons do likett ise.
Freemen! Go to the Poles. The coming elec
tion is an important one. A Senator is to be elec
ted. The Masonic party have fixed on a high
MASON as their candidate. The people will
have a plain REPUBLICAN. Lot no honest man
stay from the election. The country looks for
salvation to the Farmers, Mechanics, St. LaboreTs.
The Aristocrats and DeMagogues are in league
against us. To the Poles, then, ona and alit
"JVOT I."—The Bedford Enquirer, a devotee
. thi-Grand 31a.1c, of Kentneity,tifterpitidishink
oapr - QuiNev AnAjts'iotter, says it would be very
u for-the public to infer that ho has enlisted
in the reeksofAnti-itlasonryl4-1 , „„ „
/ - burn - you mit-a-citindc-P."
President JaCkson'ii Cabinet now consists
of the follow ing-gentleinen; -
EDWARD LIVINGSTON, Secretary ofState
LOUIS MCLANE, Secretary of the Trea
Louis CAss, Searetary, of-War,
LEVI Woonautti, Secretary of the Navy
R. B. TANEY, .Attorney General.
C'''Four, at least, °Wiese gentlemen are
Masons—and three of them "old school
JUDGE 11PLEAN.--Speaking of the nomina.
tion of this gentleman, the Niagara Courier, Lock.
port, N. York, says?---"The propriety of nomina
ting this gentleman as the Anti-Masonic candi
date, is still Strerrously urged 11,y_ many Anti-Ma
sonic prints. The only o;)jections that we ever
entertained to this measure; have grown out of the
.... y
uncertainty in which we were ,as to•the sen
,tirrients of the Judge upon the übjeCt of Free.
masonry. Within a short time, however, .we
have become convinced that he is not only no ma
son, but that he has ever entertained unfavorable
sentiments towards the . order.' ''• .
Again the Editor of the Courier says- 4 We
should have no hesitancy in entering heart and
hand into his support, should he be nominated by
the Baltimore Conv.ention to head our, ticket"—
and in the avant of his being , nominated, Judge
MiLEAtst ',will receive the hearty and united sup
port ofthe entire Antitnasonic Republican party."
'This is as it. should bo. Judge Mchi c o:, knowp
as the firm-friend of Republicanigni„.and a decided
enemy of Masonry, stands high and deserves the
attention of-the" American people. ''With lift a
man,• we would rather 'be - detbatii,than gain
tholniiind Nieto:lee with a crowned . Atistocrat.
.OH DEAR !-The Masonieirinn this
quarter which co ..dered,Morgan'S amrder
of'. no co sequence at all, are quite shocked
tit the idea of nominating a Adge for the
Presidency. • Disinterested and consistent
patriots—they fear such a nomination will
-tinsettle—theAsanda- of—the—Uninu. Never
mind—the pepple are deter Mined to put
down Masonry, and they will not consult the
whims of the craft in the course which they
adopt,, for the purpose.—Boston Feee,Piess.
From the BahlMore GamlfitelLor Friday last
lYe stop the press to insert the following
letter received by Mr. Barnum, City Motel,
convev ing - the tuipleasant information of the
insurrection of the blacks.
RALEIGH, N. C. 13th Sept. 1831.
Dear Brother—l came to Raleigh last
night on business; at the same time expect
ing to find a letter in the otlice from you. I
staved in town .all night, but was aroused
fioi.i i sleep by the alarm that the Ne
groes were advancing towards this place.—
Expresses arrived during the night stating
The town of Raleigh was under arms all
night, and this morning presents a dreary
)ect—women running in every direction
anu distracted.
Theleadmg men of the town are at this
moment assembled at the Court-house ex
amining a number of Negroes. All busi
ness is stopped, and arnil4 collecting from all
parts of the country. I have just been with
a party of gentlemen to examine all the amu
nition in the Stores.
P. S. While writing the above, a nian
has arrived in express from Jonson county,
and killed his horse on the road, anti begs
assistance for arms and amunition.
; For the Star.
To JACOB CASSATT, Esq. Foreman of
the Grand Jury of Adams county, at
August Term, 1831.
SIR—As you are before the public for the
highest office in the gift of the people of this
county, I wish you to answer a plain ques ,
tion, viz:
Were you, or were you nol, tamperer}
with, when out Of the Jury Room/13y an txr-
a Federalist, and now a PethocratJaek
ed in the wool, on . a certain bill of indict
men t lieb -- befor - e - yoeirtiOlWrit - ble body•Terrtcy
be preeented to the Jury—and by such-tam
pering, whether you did not exercise autho
rity ineonAstent with the honorable station
'ou held at that time.
This is a plain question, and the public
might to know the truth, before they elevate
h'ou to the station you are nominated for.
Us. Enrron—On looking over your pa
per of last week; I find that Henry 111‘Dit
itt has again been taken up; by the Aristo
cratic party, tor. the Assembly. I really
wish the good citizens of Adams would give
the gentleman some office or other, to satis
fy himself and friends—No matter whether
he is capable or not, so that a thirst for office
may in some measure, appeased. I,
among others of my neighbors, think Mr.
M‘Divitt would do very well to attend to the
inzportant duties within his calling—lf there
were the "least shade of a shadow," (as
Gov. Wolf's prote g e would say,) cf the pos
sibility that the, nelligent people ( f Adams_
would send such a man to the-Legislature, I
should be constrained to ask them to "look
before they leaped"—but there's no danger
—no need of warning those of our township
against voting for any of the Aristocratic
faction—we go for measures,not men—con
sequently, shall vote the ticket, IN FULL
that is headed with such men as' ANDREW
AB A I M 11.11)1. ETU IN - ••7trtA
wish the people to - tlft alt - t - hnliTtia-
LC,lhrtra - Viitt - masonie Convention Will not
be supported throughout, and that the Aris
tocrats will succeed in electing one at least.
We wish then?-to-lay not such flattering unc
tions to their souls—we are antimasons from
principle—we will show them at the poles,
thane think not of opposing a. ticket °four
party, because one inenther of it may not
be the favorite of afete of hie fellow-citizens:
But intend voting, the ticket-4m, WHOLE
ticket. So, away with their falsehoo4. we
-Want.ukticonowers of.the "handmaid" to 'dic
tate' to tii".:t 4 We have Measure:?, not Men,
inscribed on our banner, and round it we
will rally on the spcond uesday of October
nest; Co the sore; discomfiture of the devotees
.0e the Lodge. =, ANDREW MARSHALL and
JACOB GetssArri heads the ticket which will
receive .the undivided support of all true
Anti-masons in LATIMORE.
MePaimmen.---LI would merelylet you
know that the ticket settled last Saturday
week, by the 'Aristocracy .opposed to the
genuine prin s ciples of Anti-Masonry, "does
not take" in our to r ylv iship. Even the few
who 'were ,heretofo oppoped to us show a
rettiliness of "turning from the evil tenor of
their ways," arid of joining in with those who
follow the advice of him who warned us
with his dying breath to "Beware of Secret
Sodeties. EvenihriChtiirman. of the meet
ing that formed the . Ilfarioriic ticket, very
prudently forgot to vote for the Assembly
nominations. And others among us, intimate
that they prefer the ticket or theii,eole to
ihrii of the-worshippers of the Lode. Die
second Tuesday in October will count the
of every genuine rt - piAblic r an. that. iftettles
in• .••• .- • /' • NENALLEN.,
For the Star
For the Stai.
W .. - . 1 y opponen
'For the Star
-- -- ,On -Wednesday - itort4 - br • ••• • . •e• • • f
Mr. JOlrr . f KANE, of this Ronne', to NW ELMS,
Near Westminster, Md. tilt Tuesdar hist,by the .
Rev. Mr. Geiger, Mr. Astritaw MILLMMI of
einiq of Bhippensburg, Cumberland county Ps.;
to 31 iss - --Assto-Nts- Zacrikerse, - olTeterick Co.lQid.
On tho 2Sfh Aug..hy the Rev. John B. Ebaughs
of Carlisle, Mr. ADAM &HOLM to Miss . Mans/
FAvsr, both of this county.'
On Wednesday week last, by the Rent
Ilinc4i Mr. 11 eriev A. AMELONe. of Cincinnati, ,
Ohio, to Miss MARY Levisn, daughter of Chas.-F.
Keener, E,q. of Menallen township, in this county.
.On Thursday the littonste by the Rev,J. Ruth
ruff, Mr. Allitos LEFEVER to Misti - ANA WORTM,
daughter of Mr. Jacob Wpo,
On Saturday the 10th inst.. at an advanced
Mr.'JANt! s ROWAN, son. of Cunitterhind
On the same day, an infant daughter of Mr,
David Garvin, of this Borough.
On Tuebday last, Mr. DAVID G,tonts, of this
Boronglr, ageil about 34 years.
' A D V 14: RTI II NTS.
Gettysburg Gymnasium.
THE Semi-Annual Examination of the
students of this Institution, will be held on
Wednesday the 29th instant. The several
classes will be examined on the claiisic au.
thors and different branches of:the scienPes'
In - additiou b to the usual exercises, - 011ginaal
pieces will be delivered during the intervals
between the examination of the several
cusses, by persons appointed for the purpose
The exercises will commence at 9 creleek
A. M. and 2 o'clock P. M. The ladies arid
gentlemen of Gettystliiig, and the public
genefally,' are respectfully 'invited to attend:
The winter session will commence on the
27th of October next.
September 20, 1831.
hO'jl`ici .
ASEMI-ANNUAL Meeting _ of the
"Temperance Society of - Gettysburg
and its Vicinity," will be held at
. the Court
House in the Borough of Gettysburg, on
Saturday (be Bth day of October next, at 2
o'clock p. M. S. B. RUSSEL, Seep
Sept. 20,1831.
Ink AVID_ IlL'.lll ILL A N—realeettui.
ly announces to the citizens of Get;
that he has remo- •
ved his SCHOOL to West York street, &-
few doors from. Mr. Newman's tavern,:
Orthography, Reading, Writing, English
Grammar, Geography, and all MS: -
principal branches orthb :-
Terms of tuition made known on appli
cation at his school-room during the hours
of - school. -
-()f-Refill'effeet f - WM. W. BELL. ,
September 20, 1831.
bite 3. GILEERT,
At the old stand a few doors South of llfr.•
James Gourley 's Tavern, Baltimore
Street, Gettysburg,
MariPab CiadiP2)
QUI4MIIV+2O I 2Bgti) •
Paints a• Dye-Stuffs. /
Acid Sulphuric - Mustald Sees
." Nitric Nutmeg
" kluriatic Oil_Wormseed
" Tartaric " Cinnamon.
" Lemon " Cloves
/Ether " Castor
Assafmtida ' " Sweet
Antimony " Cubebir
Borax crude and refined Juniper
Blue Pill Op .
Carb Ferri Rhubarb
M a
Cream Tartar
Ctimphor. •
Calcined Magnesia
Flor. Sulphur
Gum Guiac
" •Arabic
" Draggon
Manna '
White Lead Terra Do Stennis.
Red Lead Chrome Yellow
Spanish Brown 0 " Green
Venetian Red Rose Pink
Litharge Prussian lbw
Burnt Umber Lampblack
Logwood chipped .
Redwood Allum
Madder r Coppehis
• •
Fustic . 'Red Saunders
Cainwood _ _ --Red Tartar
Turmeric &c.. &e. &c.
Batemans Drops Medicamentum
Balsam De Malta • Whites Tooth ache drops
" of Life - Golden Tincture
Pills Lee's •
1 ° Dyot'w •
" Lyon's..
". Fisher's
" Hooper's
" Anderson'lr
" Quinine
Opodeldoc - •
4e.• 4-s. *c.
British oil
Cephalic Snuff
Eliker Paregoric
" Vitriol- -
Eye water.'
Essence Cinnamon
" Peppermint
1, Lemon
Grodfreys Co rditb
°tr . The above articles. he will. sell no
low for cash, as can be had at any other
shop in the place.
§epteniber..29, 1831.
Potter's IN,retable Cutlet!
FRESH silpply• of . the above article •'% l
• 411 k-i has just been received and for,eale, at
the Drug St9reoC ° _ "
Lift. J. PILBEt4T.
Gettysburg, Segt:P, 1831. *44 •
to - -24
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