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Here shall the PRESS the People's RIGIIITS maintain,
Unaw'd by--ityluenc.e, and unbrib'd by GAIN.
Tuesday Morning, Deceanber U, 1831.
Domestic Mantalltetnres, Interim' Improve..
anent, and Boum Industry.
Democratic Anti-Masonic Nonduation:
4/2. 11111, of $37-d.
.13:20s Ellnuther, of Pe.
13ALTInIORE MAR K ET—The wagon price
for Flour continued throughout !apt week in
Baltimore, at t?.5 per . brl. Wheat ran
ged from $1 to $1 10 per bushel. Corn,
new, 45 to 46 cents peibush. Rye 78 to:80.
EIIAs Theas, the fellow that robbed Geo..
Arnold, Esq..on the Philadelphia road seve- .
tal years ago, was lately tried for the of
fenee in Maryland, convicted, and, sentenced
to seven years imprisonment in the Peniten,
tiary of that State.
IV111,1"8 LIFE OF. HENRY.--
On our timir r th stage will be found a partial
review of this interesting work, by the
'able and talented Editor of 'Badger's Week
iy Messenger,' N. York City. Me hope
soon to find the book in the dilrerent Stores
of our. Borough.
this Periodical will be received at this Of
fice. See prospectus in another column.
ectr"'Should the Message of the President
be "within the length of our eable-tew,"_
will present it,to our patrons in our next.
another e*inm will be found the
prospectus of ' an II`hI:MASON IC paper
to be published at the very ,place where
Henry Clay wanted to establish a MASON
IC GOVERNMENT! This thring sen
tinel is to be' tailed " The Republican Het',
.ald." We hope the friends of true Republi
canism will appreciate the importance of
having an Anti-Masonic press at the Seat of
the General Government, and aid the Edi
tor in his patriotic undertaking. We Will
with pleasure accept the names of those who
wish to subscribe for the "Ibill'ALD."
SMALL Pox.—We learn front the/Uniontown
"Democrat," that the Small Pox has boon intro.
ducod into Bridgeport, in Fayette county.
117 Tln!so ofour brethren who are ashamed to
"credit" articles, ought not to "copy" them.—
That's all! No•
(F 'As the Election is PAST, we hear no
thing more from the Masonic "Detector" a
bout the $5OO banter!
Tim Law: EurcrioN.—Tlio *Coy and Wolf.
men crow considerably at their success in the
lute dongrousioDul election in this district. But,
as our little-friend of the Sentinel would say, "a
flea in your ear," had there been bitt the one op.
ponent the. Wollites and - Wt.:oy des
would have been like Paddy's dog, a "tulle be
hind!" The vote in the district stands for M'Coy,
...could_hace_been_bouUm.62s_ votes_ atthis-...einall
election. Next fall we Crow, tloy - will be tkeat.
ed treble that number.
go, Anti.niasonry was scarcely known in Massa
chusotts. This yiar, at an election lbr Governor,
thoro wore polled, in 252 towns, 12,08 Anti-ma
sonic votes! Anti-masonry is 'dying away,' is it?
The Masoftic Jackson then are quarreling a.
bout the time when thOy shall hold thoir Con
vention. Some .-want the Bth January--othors,
the .Ith March. Both days happen on Sunday!
Now, the Antics don't wish to break the Sabbath;
thoy are for the 2,..1d February, the birth-day, of
America's proudest son! •
"A 1.41 8 1. Pooa YdRIOIL !"—The Most Worship
fob; of the "National letelligencer," and, amongst
others of the Nobility, our little neighbor of the
"Sentinel," apppar to' be wonderfully distressed
.about the honest Anti-Masons. They moan piti.
fully, and tell us we have been "deceived"! Kind
souls They appear anxious to take us under their
'protection. If either are to be pitied, we think,
it is the "Nationals." Because the mempers of
the late Convention wont to Balti.
niore.entraohmeited with' obligations to nominate
any particular Individual. They were told to go
and sight Fake Masi-iiion who would fearlessly
and independently eased the "Supremacy of Ilie•
Laws,", with an eye, singly to the benefit of their
countey, and not the , benefit of an oath hound Se
crot Aristocracy. Not so the "Nationals"
-41tely more- pledged; unconditionally
pledged to no - A:rate the Grand Maker 'of Ken.
forTiho i 'Presidepioy,.' They •Kaito yeti; 'At
hrkstoydes, ilasurtbed'ori, their banners.
M Al ai g na aflca Ifeaer thire were a peo.
Pit ,40110,1414, the 1P region of 411. S*jo, toe
- '
-niembera- of tho--Goo4 Samartturs Lodge ‘ in this
Borough are the ones. `,-It is said that impudence
will carry a man through almost any emergency.
Verity, those Peed Samaritami are possessed of a
sufficiency that will aid them in • out-braving
lic opinion, unless the people rise in their might
and lay the Royal brood low. We have noted,
and we now state as a fact and dare them to con.
tradictit, that this year as well as last year, just
before the •Election, to deceive the people, they
kept from their Lodge for a.month or so, but im
mediately after the election_they return, like a
dog to his vomit, to their secret, unhallowed con
claves. Will the peoplethe RepubliCan people
—the friends of the Laws of God and their Conn.
try, look on with folded arms, and quietly suffer
such outrageous acts? No! Wo would "rather
be a Dog and bay the Moon," than be led by such
Masonic miscreants.
"We declare," says; the dying. declaration of the
Hagerstown Lodge and Chapter, "that the Insti
tution ofllasonry has for its object, A deep reve
rence for the Bible." alir•
Paeor.—When the Masons in New York kid
napped and dragged from the embraces of a help
less family, a Father and Protector, a peaceful
and free citizen, who had committed no crime, or
violated no law other , than thatofMasonry, it was
considered thus far, by all honorable and true
Republicans, an act without a parallel in the his
tory of any country. But where is the man—
where is the Christian ; who does not recoil from
an liaatitution - that has stained itself with the
blood of a Brother, Husband and Father? That
denied him, while his Masonic brethren \voile
preparing to plunge him into a watery grave, a
BIBLE that he might make his_ peace with his
God and obtain from Him that mercy refused by
hie oath-bonnd associates? lie begged,
and begged again; YET au, 1118 ENTREATIES ‘VERE
IN VAIN! The Institution had taught them to "re
verence the Bible" too much to trust it into the
hands of one who had violated the Obligations of
Masonry: Hooch be the "reverence" taught for
the Bible, we pity those who may depend on the
mercies of 'Masonry for that Light which guided'
the weary Pilgrim unto the haven attest.
But it is. absurd in the extreme, for any man,
however infatuated, to assert that Masonry is a
moral or religious Institution. Because, Mason
ry is "at war with the fundamental principles of
the social compact"—is "lICUBOII against socie
ty"—"is a political monster as fearfuNis the
risible Tribunal of Germany, or the Inquisition
of Spain," and is "a wicked conspiracy against
the laws of God and man." Religion is the re
verse of all- this. Because, it teaches us to act
honorably, and deal justly with all men—to reve
rence and uphold the moral and just laws of our
country---4o teach and extend the Word of God
to Am.—to reject NONE, however poor and degra
ded—all, all are invited by Religion to partake of
its benefits. Not so with Masonry: She rejects
the old, the young, the . poor, the needy, and-the
.fairer part of the human race—and teaches those
who take the high degrees to abhor and detest:Roll;
Om! Behold, says the teacher of Masonry, "this
LrMonster which you must conquer—a Serpent
which we detest as an Idol that is adored by the
ideot and vulgar, UNDER THE NAME OF RELI.
MASOMM—In whatever view we may take
of the Institution of Masonry, we cannot, for an
instant, deem it worthy of that consideration
which others of more penetration than we. In
its pristine days, when it received the sanction of
such men as the Father of our country, - and other
great and good men, it certainly was deemed a
charitable and benevolent Institution; or, at least
it was so esteemed by them, until they had drank
deep in its gall. At the instant they had done
PO, we find them absent on all occasions, and re
fusing to be considered one of its highest officers.
For iostance, Washington was elected and solici
ted to nerve as (rand Master, but, as a good Pa.
triot, absolutely refused either to be cocitiriittr
as such, or serve as such. Others have followed
his track. In our day, we find that a luau and
a IrVIRT, have, when once satisfied of the useless
ness ofthe Institution (being too purely possessed
of Patriotisin to profit - by its allurements,) halted
upon its threshhold: and when convinced, by "11N
CONTR A mem) EVIDENCE," of the blasphemous and
Order i they-unhesitatinf,Fly raised their:voices and
gave their proud names against it, in defiance of
the whole mass of abuse heaped upon them by the
hirelings of the Lodge.
In a cause sanctioned by such men, shall we
dream, ultimately, of defeat? No! Who would
not like Poland be defeated in a struggle for
Fatacnom than live to be the slaves of a despot?—
Like Patricic lledry, we say, "Give us Liberty,
or give us Death!"
ny, but that Gen. Duff Green, of the United States
Telegraph, contributed more to the elevation of
Jackson to the. Presidency than anf aier man of
the Jackson party. Ho stood in ;the front of.the
battle; like a faithful sentinel, did he guard well
the portrals ofdackannism, and
"As meets a rock a thousand waves,
So did he [Green] meet his [Jackson's] enemies.
So ardently was ho, us he undoubtedly tho't, enga
ged in the service of his country, that his own
prosperity was a minor consideration: And one
would have thought, that no motive whatever
could induce Jackson, after being elented,to spurn
Inin from his service. But we mistak'e,
after the ulkst object accomplished. He whom
Groan so faithfully and zealously served, has lis
tened to the wiles of serpents, add forgets his for
mer friend and benefactor, and lavishes his favors
upon "fulsome flatterers."
• However, like an honest man—a freeman—he
has taken a bold stand_ against DIORATITUDE, and
reclean/0, partially, his misspent labor by expos
ing the corruptions ofthe reigning Mileonic Arts
'tocracy at Washington" 'Asa tearleint champion
of tys people's rights, we bid bhp boon. Reniein
+elk-% that hip exertions,for - Mte year, in a good
Cause,..will repay hisscounth for the list few years
service in a bad one. And remankberiitg tha
motto is "Wuti, AND 'Tan LA W6,7iiillhlll„4ll) SE
ciu ACIF.S! •
I __Pioorecri7OF ::MAsOsiev.—,,The N. York
I Whig, after replying at length to an article in the
Courier and Enquirer, ckises with the following
r tanguage kespectitit the -- prnffiecta of Anti-Ma-
I sonry:--
When, theretore, we tools abroad over the
whole state and sec our cruise occupying
new stations and Standing more distinctly
than ever upon its own ground: when, as the
fog of National Republicanisin melts away,
we SCC the eyes. of ..our _ranks_ glowing with
deeper 'resolution for coining conflicts, as
they behold their adversaries ()revery name
! and garb, compelled by the strength of our
array to merge their Aillitrences, staunch
their feuds, and hand together for the one
purpose of upholding a pernicious and con
victed institution; when we look beyond the,
borders of the State, and see the mountain
passes of-Vermont- carried -by-our friends,
! and our banner mingling itsdidds with the
stripes and stars of the Union, as they float
out from the capitol upon the healthy breezes
of the north; when we listen eastward, and
hear the sound of our mustering in Connec
ticut and Massachusetts, and our glance
catches, still further in the distance, the
beacon fires of Anti-masonry, as they flash
up front the granite hills of New Ilanipshire;
above the pine tops of Maine, and along the
rocky ramparts of Rhode Island; when we
look in the other direction and see our
strength increasing in - PennsylVania and
New Jersey. from year to year, and on the
very verge of that victory of which we are
sure, the moment the popularity orGeneral
Jackson is out of the way, and nothing is
lett between Anti-masonry and,her great ad
versary; wlieh we see the high auspices Wi
der which we have made our entrance into
Maryland, and listen to the murmur that
comes from the far. West, when we see and
hear and reel all these tokens of strength and
omens of success, we think we have no oc
casion to despond. If we are a pipe, we are
oile, on which, as far as anti-Masonry is
concerned, Fortune can sound no stop that
will not breatlrcra note of hope and confidence.
JI'IIIGE MCLKA N.—Tho following letter to a
member of the late Anti-Masonic National Con
vention, iv taken from the Hagerstown "Mail."
It is not known front what source the "Util" ob.
tained tt. Presuming it authentic, however, it is
inserted, as the Lancastei Examiner says, "to
preclude all further inisteprcsantation ul it 6 con
N N.SIIVILLI;!, Sept. tli, 1831.
DEAR Sin:—As the time for the meeting
of the Convention at Baltimore is near,in
.punatanee of rev promise, I have the honor
to address you, on the subject of our con.
versathin at Columbus. There are now
three candidates tier the Presidency betiwe
the people. General Jackson; Mr. Clay,
and Mr. Calhoun,.have all been nominated
by their friends, in public meetings and oth
erwi -, and they must consequently, be con..
sidei as competitors tbr that distinguish
ed statton.• The addition of a fourth name
to the
_list of candidates, and especially one
as humble as mine, mitfhtlead, in so tar as
any . influence could be attached to it, to
distract, still more the public mind. This I
do not wish to see, as I do filar it would be
injurious to the best interests of the country.
It; by a multiplication of candidates, an
election by the people should be prevented,
1 should consider it a national misthrtune.—
In the present agitated state of the public
mind, an individual who should , he elected
to the Chief Magistracy, by less than a
jority of the votes ofthe people, could scarce
ly hope to conduct, successfiilly, the busi
neSs of the nation. tie, should possess in
advance, the public confidence; and a ma
jority of the suffrages of the people, is the
only satistiictory evidence of that - confidence.
My situation on the bench, imposeli eon-
We-ration-of pi I id,. , •
do net arise, perhaps from any other official
__Whast-nwone-can--deny the •rightef,the
people to select their Chief Magistrate from
any of the branches of the Government, it
would seem that a member of the Judiciary
timptd7erlillrtturetilresr, tirtfiewttremsre
his name would tie likely to tranquilize the,
public mind, and advance the prosperitrof
the country. - •
Without presuming that my name would
be favorably considered by the Convention,
I have to request that if it should come un
der consideration, you will make known the
reasonszky,t most respectfidly decline the
honor, of being presented to that lompvable •
body for nomination to the - Presiderick* •
I would du injustice .to my feelings, if I
were not to tender to my friends in the Con
vention, my warmestgratitude, for their fa
vorable consideration and to assure them,
that I shall never cease t 6 cherish a recol
lection of their good opinion.
With sentiments of the highest regard, I
am, dear sir, truly yours.
Constitutionality of the Tar:—The
Harrisburg,Pa. Chronicle, aleadirigJacksou
paperofthat State, in publishing the Address
of the New York Convention, omits that
part of it which arguas that the power to lay
duties is,constitutional; and the part is-omit
ted, "because there is not one mean in a thous
and.,•iii Pennsylvania, who has any doubt
upon the subject."--Baltimore Patriot.
Daniel Shreffer • had — Vila — trial-in the Lan=
caster county court, week 'before 4 1u,st, for
the murder of Eliaboth Bowers, un aged
and infirni female of IViattlette; Pa. in March
last. It will he' recolleeted that Shtell;lr
was arrested at", - Frederiek, in this Stateion
his iiivn mitts - gee of haiing'prpetrated this
crime. • He was removed to' - Lancaster -jti.
• duel ..counici, but on being brcin ht lip for
rial, ho` pleaded not guilty4::-... hearing
he . toilinviiiy, hourovei; ivkii6h, c 9;0E4, of
k i n
'CO bin . own 'ooneOmianorktide to diflormit
thries,the Jur_y,rettinied a verdict.of guilty
of murder in the first degree. Sentence of
dzath was passed upon liiiii,,
Cyrus S. Jacobs, Editor and Proprietor
of the "Republican awl Anti-Alason.e
ponrnt"—printed at Lancaster, • Pa., oars
the paper, which he represents as a."gruw•
Jug," one, fur
OZ if brother C.'s office is like
Joivatkan's Description.. . of a Steamboat?
—lt's got a sawmill on one side ) : and tt
gristmill on l'other t and a blacksmith's shop
in the middle,' and down cellar there's a
Carnation pot boiling - all the time.
Disagreement betwen the ' Chines , anti
13ritish.—The Salem olwerver, in _relation
to the difficulties reported to have taken
pince between the Factories -and the
Hong Merchants, expreSseS"the opinion that
the late accounts are exaggerations, and
says:= 44 We understand that letters dated
subsequent to the 10th of August, have been
received, which states' that business had
been resumed, and was going on is usual:"
On Thursday the 24th ult. by the R e.. Mr.
Dougherty, Mr F. W. LEAS. of Petersburg, (Lit.
tlestowno to Miss EI.ILABETU TaNir, of Freder
ick county, Md. •
On the' saino day, by the Rev. L. L. Hinsch,
Mr DAvin LITTLF:, to Miss MARGARZT M'e.tyrz,
daughter of Mr. Jacob MCantz—both ot"Pyrone
On the Bth ult. by the Rev. Mr. Laciett, Mr.
JOHN O' N}:ll., to Miss LEAH FRIDAY—I/oth Of•illiS
On the `..2'.1.d ult. by the Finnic, Mr. WK. TOLAND,
to MISS SI , SAY O'NElL—both of this county.
111 E 0,
. On Monday evening the 28th ult. of pulmonary
alli!ction, Miss NANCY SMITH, daughter of Walter
Smith, Esq. of this Borough, in the 23d year of
her age. The deceased was kind, obliging and
inoffensive in her manners, and possessed the
esteem of all who were acquainted with her.
"Re§t, maiden, rest—around thy tomb
;Sincere atfeetion'S tears were shed;
And all who know thee, mourn thy doom;
That thou so soon art with the dead.
But earth's a wilderness of wo,
And Ws a pilgritnitge..of pain;
Then happy those who early go,
.The sure repose of I leaven to gain,"
„„.... That two-st o ry BRICK ,
likrift l *•• • '. Ilk welling house, l :::f
in Chainhersbnrg Street,._ a few lig •
doors West oT Ai': Ferry'S Inn, • . _
recently occnpied by Dr. Smyser. .The
payments, if desired,' will be made very
(Application must be made during the
present week, or the property will e rented
for another year. For further par'culars,
inrpilre of the occupant.
December 6, 1831. '-415
eliarylatul Si , lottery,
No. 10, ion 11431.
To be drawn in Baltiniore on THURS
DAY, the 29th instant.
1 prize of 86,000 I 2
1 1 ; 200 I 2
1 800 4
1 500 8
1 300 2,000
2 150 I 10,000
2 ' 100
. 12,025 Prizes ama
llitr TICKET, $.11.--QtARTER,
offices, IV".. IV . . corner of Trattiniore an • ver
W. corner of Baltimore and Gay, N. E. cur.
tier of Baltimore and Charles.ets.
a rWlteru'tho Ingha,,t prize in the recent State
T~otA roe been,ofte ner.sofiril an
offices ! ! ! •
rrOrders, either by mail (postpaid) or private
conveyance, enclosing the cash tbr prizes, will
va-prompt-smd-imptrn t s
if au personal application. Address to
Lottery Vender, Baltimore.
December 6, 1831. • td-35
Alllice is hereby Given,
.ALL persons concerned; that the
final Accout4 . of John Aulabaugh and
Martin Clunk, .1 rustees of THOMAS
WARRISON, is tiled in the Prothonotary's
Office of Adams County, and will bo cuu
' firmed at the next adjourned Court to be
Ireld aLklettysburg, on the 27th of Deeena,
ber inst.,:it no Objectipos.
pecember 6, 18:31. 4t*-33
"ILI o . CI ; WEIDIT ®I3A .
FrAliE NO'T'ICE, that I -hare applied .
to the4udges of the Court of Common
Pleas of Adams County, tbr the benefit of
the Insolvent laws, and that the said Judges
liave appointed Tueiday the 27th of Dicem;
lier inst. for the hearing of ore and i f fy ere&
fors, at the, Court-house in, the Borough*of
Gettysburg; where you may attend if you
think proper.
December' 6,1831. to---4- 15
S•'TVLA.:II %.
CAMt to the . plantation of the substr i -
ber, in. Cumberland township, Adams
i....11-Nik,,leo. tinttr i some time hist-month, 2
i 01k09, 1 ,7 COWS one of . them partly
, white, vrtth a feW red spots—
(ltelother rod, witti white Spots
on her fOrehead, iihc!rt tail,npparentfy hiea;
vynitli The owner is desiied , to none
,Eortkard,- prove' property, pay chit:roes and
-4:uko thenraivny, -
•- •C‘EESTIGE 71.0STtrit,
4Deconilier . ,
unting to $60,000.
- The tilitor of the Stetwig glve
• the present - Volume or suer
"SATURDAY (X)U.RIEIt" neatly-bound /
to the Author of the hest ".Nets. Yeer'sAd=
dress," The Addresi to IA delivered by
the 24tri instant.
Wl' It, A. WilifiEgils •
VA ME to the plantation of tt i dittitiseribef -
in Cumberland township, about'!" itiikti—'•
West of the - to rough - of - Gottysbilig;ollls7.
time in September. last ! FOUR • 'N
SHEEP,' three, Ewes and dile
Ram—two °kite Ewes are with -
nut. ear mark; one of them has
horns—the gam has both ears cro t Wand
has br:rns---the--EwuAlas-a-erop--
ear=the Ewes are yourtg,: : _the . Rate is olat
The owner is desired to co me
prove porperty, pay thkumit and take them
away. , .IACOI.I IiERBST,
Diesmber 6, 1631,
IZOPOSALS to publish a Slonthly Literi%
A4l and Political Maga, to ilLentitled
tneriettn Annals and Repository oPolitic., Sca r
ence, tiltd Literature." STMPHICN 8111600 N.
In order to separate from the itifinenee ,
of mere party views, the political 'avail*
and history of the Times, 1.14 Editor - pro-.
poses to
. publish t above . .work, on.ieinis
, i in
accessible to every r der, It shall be ii.
sired in, - 31fonthiy mumlierikof between 70
and SO pages, at $4 per aenuni—payable
every six.,thout lis—or, $1 per quarter—het -
no subscription twill,
~received for low
than one year. . . It is cOtiiatiplated to,.impta
the first numbers on the let of January,• it'
sufficient patroinrige is ett! the .titi ,
clertaking. The.follo.wingsynopttiolVillf
hihit the "characterof the proposed 3foilw
tine, -- ---- - - , .
1. Important State papersi
2. Abstracts—or condenses; brief's or otilv Pd 4
.litical Documents.
3. Condensed Statistical Tables.
4. A Review of Political History for thtr *co*
Movements of Parties, &c. _ _
.5. A rrzular and niethodield &fistful of FOrft
rigs Intelligence.
6. Domestic Intelligence, '
7. Extraordinary Crimes and .itstialtles; etaa‘,
nected with moral and philosophical reflectiliase
8. Agricultural—hlechanical--and - Etelisitifirs
It is contemplated to make this litagatonet • ~
a valuable Book of reference to alr:ohusto
of society, and men of all parties., _
To subscribers to the L'ennsylvanitoCl4
the Magazines will only be obargotifittlW
per annum—making, two volumes* 14
year, of 400 pages mid. -
Philadelphia, Dec. 0,183 I•
For inalifieliing in the City Of Washington, 05.
a ieneizweekly newetieyer,*eatitlet • 1
The Republica!' Reread,
To be devoted. to Palitics and Literstwh.,
AS a trieroutiiiie of the principles whiclt
this paper' will advocate is .due ttithd.
public, it may be sufficient to state that it
shall be guided by the great poMicanand",
marks erected by Mr. .Tefferson to ;protect •
our republican institutions from the evilijor
accumulated power and corruption, to pre. -
serve to the people and the States that
quality of political rights which marks the
spirit of the net, and which alone can par. , '
petuate the blessings of liberty, harmeny E
and peace, and secure to the "g test
number the greatest possible hippi4em. ft
When these objects are lost sight of f , .4
interests of the people are ascrifiCad- -19
rider* ,
gratify the ambition of their' rider* Par
if the justice and proteetion dud. to a11e40.,..
ance be withheld _from the eithetr i lietr . uilr'
'ealousv and contention intiat I retig.
It will oppose every cabal andtonideta ,
don, no matter of what denomination, y
which bad men can secretly con - II:rho and
trample on th - es onslit tit ion diiTiitsofthelind,
polson the sources of justice, prostrate tel. -
ents and patriotism, and shield the ticking
•r - • puma iment due to-theitcrimet.7 . - -
If ever Secret_Societies_were.prodrieti • • r
benefit tootasikind, it cenld only hate beau
in the dark ages' of despotism; when the lib
erty of speech itself.waa held by the frail
tenure of tyrants wilt. In this age, in thin •
country, whore -the • capacity and right or
self government are practically conceded tri •
the people, the only peaceable and colitaitu ,
tional mode by which theOicious tendency
of "Secret Societies"' eitnie averted, lien
earnest appeal to the reason of intelligent
freemen and to the ballot bog. , The great
end of this paper, therefore, will be to dart.. ~,,,,
relop end extend the , principles here laiit
down; and iri`order•rnere effectually ta stir;
cure this object, it will advocate the elections
of WILLIAM WIRT to the Presidency, ~
and AMOS ELLMAKJR to the V ice.i .
Presidency, of the United States.
In, advoeating . the election of these midi'
eta and statesmen to the first offices an the
gift orn free people, we cherish, the:pzinci.•
pies for,which we contend, anti prevent to
our Country ert4 candidate, possesidrig., a:
combination of intelleettral energy and •rid&
ty of character, ivhich will secure rune and
harmony, and reflect honor orrour•eonuntsit
country, ' . A
porting of the ' ecifu'irins ofilhe Republi
canp Herald ehull be' devoted to litigslu,lnt•
and the, progress of the arts and science*.
The Herald will kepublishedeetniMink-^
ly, at five dollar. 9 per anautn,payabireadbe•
receipt ofther first number, whisleitillins* 1 -
adjiroen es fifteen' bunked sabeeribens ihtilf'
have' been obtained; and as it is .desktiatria I .
that : the publientioit may , eolnitumew•A.,Pir
itillf)l - atii; - qhill'OnlttlifiAili Of (,' , 440 1 1:
once (~rgaiti2.ed for tbstot*PtuiertinCr„l,, / , .:
Alio. desire tb .- protiu* the elictiotet; LOW ~...,-',:
Peal Frustktitil, are 'requeotod to t , AtOitiiii ' -
totgiaintOknrs and tienstnit theirnansii:'•tu Mut
i;die..,r in Washington City. '.' ' , , \ .I.