The star, and Adams County Republican banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1831-1832, December 06, 1831, Image 1

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    • ',OFF ICE OF THE STAR, . .
, ,
.1 FEW D901t6
• 4
. .. g . , ~, • - ...i"
. Wirt' OF ME. - FOXILY-YE - I AVERN. .
ConspienonslY inserted FOUR times for osE
' , ovu m per square—over fdiir times, TWENTY-FITS
own per rquistawill be charged.
Urtil 12(013:Satk - 71..Y0 TilaWW`thlA4 l 3l4
At $2 per annum, half-yearly In advance.
zoavntzo atalottsr,
C KIRIN ET -111 L ViklEA
RETURNS, his . , giateful acknowledg
ments for the very liberal encourage
ment which , bas heretofore been extended to
him, and respectftilly informs them that he
Where he is prepared to execute the neatest& most
c-lacar,osiLatla worz,
Which he will warrant EQUAL, if not sc
.- PERIOR, to any in the place.
A general and extensive assortment of
Mahogany, Maple and Cherry
L aYi' aim
And of a quality, which he only asks an ex
amination to be pronounced sumaroi.
KrHis prides are'reasonable and suited
to the present times. Purchasers will save
by calling at his Ware-house before they
purchase elsewhere.
Otr - All kinds of LUMBER and COUN
rRY PRODUCE will be taken in ex
change for Work—for - which the highest
price will be allowed.
. o:7 — He deems it unnecessary to nottce, par
ocularly, that he is always prepared to
make Corrnis from his long
r_ at. Imo
practice in die business, and strict atten.
, tion, he presumes it generatly known; and
...flatters.himself that, from the general satis
action: his work has given, he will continue
to receive a share of patronage.
Gettysburg, November 8, 1831.
;iti A (Pii . -1-% 41
iN pursUance of an order of the Orphans'
- Court of Adams County, the subscribers
wv,ii offer at public stile,
Olt Saturday the 10th off'DCCaTtber next
on they premises,
Late the estate of Daniel Spangler,.deed,
situate in Mountjoy township, Adams co.,
consisting of a FARM
containing 200. ACRES, - 4 •
more or less, adjoining lands of
Jacob Spangler, Jonas Spangler, and others,
on which are erected, two good
iii ROUSES, N'll;+:.!f.-
a large Stone Barn, and a good O*chard;
Alloway's Creek runs close to the ho Ise.
, A .good proportion of rsaid farm is in 1' M.
7 1 11EIL lin d_the....bulance cleured,lancLwi.
good Meadows. The New Road from Lit=
flestown to Emmittsburg passes a►y this thrill,
Terms will be made known on day of sale.
Sale to commence at l 2 - o'clock, M., when
due attendence will be given hy
. _: J0HN....L1 Adm'rs.
November_ 8,1831. ts-31
IN pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
AL Court - of Adams County, will be ekpos
to Public sale on
?Saturday the 17th day
,qf December next,
on the premises,
lL TRA.CT 010
LA!r D 9, •
J 406 .Est at oof John Fiches, Esq. dec'd.
C wataining, 21 .Irres and 3S
'rti "fetes, with allowance, situate in Hunt
. ..i4en, townshiv, Adains - ountjr, adjacent
. • t0%.11 of 'Petersburg, '(York Springs,)
adjoining lands of Fletcher Morehead, Ja
,:ob Gardner and others on ,which are erec
ted a large and convenient two story
HO JSE • •
and KITCHEN, a Brick Sprit - yr-Heusi", a
double Barn , antiFrorne Wood-House.—
There is a never failing Spring of
Convenient to the House and Barn, with a
Fountain Pump near the Kitchen door.
About SEVEN • ACR.FIS of the above
Tract is cleared and under good
. fence, the
{O ,
remainder covered with excellent Timber.
There is an Orchard of Peach and Apple
Trees on the premises. -
• Sale to commence ; at o'cloelc, M. of
said day, When attendance will be givth,
and terms of sale made known, by
• PETER 11. SMITH, 5
By)the Court, 4
/ .I.QHAT CLARIC, Clerk.
ri be 20 1 • 1881 t*--84
.. • ,-
- -- - '
• .1. illk, - -4 - _ ~..... ~ . ,
. .
. ... ,
___ • , . .
. .
. . . ,
. . ~. . •
cotantit 4 ' 1 ' tillitt Itra It
. It . assurr „ 1
Cit %IR M 4101. 1 N G 4
House mad t Sigla P'aiattingl&c
The subscriber respectfully informs the-ci
tizens of Gettysburg and its vicinity,
In Chanibersburg Street, -nearly opposite
Mr. Ecrri.tei Tavern,
9 - 02,
—A LSO— '
Mouse and Sign Painting,
Neatly & expeditiously executed at all times.
As he has just commenced business in
this place, lie hopes, by making good work
on reasonable terms, to merit and receive
a liberal share of public patronaLre.
oz!rAn APPRENTICE to the above bu
siness is wanted immediately.
November 29, 1831.
IN pursuance of ao Order of the Orphans'
Court of Adams county, the subscribes
will oiler at public sale,
On Saturday the 10th of December next,
at 12 o'clOA, M. on the premises,'
TILICT or -.L•I. 1 171) 9
Part of the Estate of JACOB GILBERT,
deceased, situate in Menallen township, Ad
amS county; adjoining lands ofPlulip Long,
John Rex, Henry Bender, and others,
Containing 11 6 Acres, and al
lowance, of Patented Land,
On which are erected; a two-story
.11wellin*-111ouse, "
and Stone Back Building, which has been
kept as a TAVERN, a: -Bank Barn, Ten
ant-house, and Smith-shop. There are
two Wells of good water, and two Orch
ards, on the prentises.
Attendance will be given, and terms of
ans '
sale made known on the day of sale, by
sibers DAVID WILLS, Adm l r.
By the Court,
der next, . „WEAL CLARA, Clerk.
November 22, 1831. is-33
On Monday the 12th, anti Tuesday the 13th
of December next, I will sell my stock of
; ); 4 S HORSE
. 9
T6t; h •iN,4
CATTLE c typ iL
and other things usual to carry on Farming.
A credit will be given. Sale to commence
at 10 o'clock." A.
__ac._ ouch , day.
November 29, 1831. ts-34
WILL be exposed to public sale on
Saturday the 17th day gf December
next, at the-house of John Bair, Innkeeper
in the Borough of Hanover; at 1 o'clock
P. M., the following described property, viz:
II r. 1•••
and Lot of Ground, situate in the Borough
of Hanover, Baltimore-street, next door to
Gohrechts' Apothecary, late the residence
of John Michael, 'deceased. lie above
property is well calculated for any kind of .
public business, and has been occupied by
said deceased as a store for a number of
years, being the third lot from the corner
or square.
The condition of sale will be as follows:
One half of the purchase money in hand on
delivery of the Deed, which will bon or
before the Ist day of April 1832, and the
residue in two equal annual payments; the
- .purchaser to give his bonds with approved
security. .
October 25, 1831. is-29
CIA ME la the enclosures of the •
ber, in ,Cumberland towns • ,
county of Adams, two stray (1," 1, 31 1 7/14 .\\
STEERS, about 2 years old, •'11),0,11 , , , ';
one a browh colour, and the
other a red -with - a, white streak ,
along the back, and slits or holes in the
ear. - The aforesaid cattle - value, to the en
closni* ''of the subsc"riber sometime about
the Bth of this month.. The owner is
. ed come forward, prove roorty, vatcl}aigOs,
chare, \ and take them away;
ortatteltazatcsia, zeac) tetpatinuarc,, zoxcoatatmaut aaoa%
pun= _SALE.
4 g
Farina,'; • -
Thal the mind of destillory man, B:rations of chant:,
And permed with novelly, Islay he indllgrl.l."
To conduct. a leading newspaper well, is
not so easy a matter aS many idlers imagine.
Every body who spins out morning a
long rigmarole speech—or who strings a
few rlivine , s tO , r(tther 7 -or any 31. C. M u ;
bores the nation and puts Congress to sleep
--imagnies that to write editorials for news
papers IS like Dogkrry's reading and IVrit
ilpr---,4it comes by lirittir." To n take a 'rood
editor, requires the essence of flinty mein.
.hers of Congress, twenty fourth of July ora
tors, and about a dozen modern poets, to'sztv
nothing of the thousand flowers caught from
the "living manners as they rise."
OCC tr LTA TI ON.—Early in the even
ing. of Friday, Decemlxtr Oth, the beautifid
planet Jupiter, will, with all his satelites,
appear to the inhabitants of the U. states,
to be eclipsed by the moon, under circum
stances the most favorable to o►bservation.
A phenomenon, which it is hoped, will not
be permitted to polo unnoticed.
The Inm►ersion will take place on the dark
and the Emersion on the enlightened side of
the ttlooll.
An occultation of this planet is of very
rare occurrence; the last that was obServed
in this country, happened in the autumn of
1820, and another t* not to be expected li►r
many years.
The nurnhor of inhabitants in the United
States according to this census is as follows
Free white persons, 10,526,368
Free colored persons, 310,467
slaves, 2,010,572
South Carolina and Louisiana have, more
slaves than free persons. South Carolina
has 31 slaves idllo fro persons, Louisiania
11 slaves to 10 free. Georgia .21 slaves to
30 free. North Carolina 1 slave to 2 floe.
Alabama 12 slaves to 10 free. Virginia
4.6 staves to 74 free,&e.
The population of the six New England
states iii 1,964,605; of New York 1,913,603;
of Pennsylvania 1,317,572; Virginia 1,211,.
266; Ohio 937,679. NOw York contains
more free persons than these four states uni
ted—Virginia, North Carolina, South Caro
lina and Georgia.
The money received fi)r passengers on
the Liverpool and Manchester rail-road, last
year, was about 9414,000, and nearly as
much was gathered for conveying inerchan
dize. •
We learn fron► of authentic sourgelsays
the Poughkeepsie Journal, that Mr. ;Solomon
Wright, of the town of Fishkill, died last
week in consequence of drinking a large
quantity of rum, which he took to relieve
himself from an attack of intennitting tiwer.
We are assured that Mr. Wright waQ a 90-
ber,respectable inati,& a member of the Bap
tist church. lie fell a martyr to quackery.
A Northampton farmer has for three
yearstried_the-__experimentor seleeting-seed- 1
corn from stalks having two or more ears,
and the result has exceeded his expectation:
he freqnently finds stalks with 3,_4,_..5,_zuul
sometimes 6 ears, and __3 of them, fair, full
grown, and fit for seed, and that too in hills
of 4 or 5-stalks.: - His -crop-is increawd- this
year several bushels by the experiment. In
picking corn, tic those ears found on one
stalk together, and they can be recognized
when husking.
At Delaware Water Gap, 20 miles above
Easton, in 'Bucks county, Pa.owhero the
rocks am piled up 1200 feet high, James
M. Porter has a manufactory of Cyphering
Slates, operating by water power: They
are smoothed, framed ready for sale, supe
rior to imported ones, each in two minutes.
Last year it made 4200 dozen slates; and
will finish 5000 dozen the present year.
The fallowing story gives a livery idea of
the Russsian ride of Poland: 7 —A Jew met a
Cossack in the forest; the titter robbed him
of his Horse. On returning to .thq,town he
lodged a complaint with the mayor in com
mand, who was, with what truths "we shall
see, reputed to be a most rigOrous disciplin
arian. The Cossacks were paraded, the
robber pointed out v when, with the utniost
effrontery, he declared _that he had,. found
the horse. "How," replied the Jew;
was on his back.?' "Yes," replied the Cos
sack, "I found you too; but having no use
for, a Jew, I did not keep you." The excuse
was deemed sufficient, and the Jew lost his
, in the
' On the Bth .ult.. two , gentlemen of Louis
ville, with their friends crossed aver in the
Steam Ferry boat to the Indiana shore, to
settle a dilibalee.beiween them by due.-
The. boat was crOwded with 'passengers,
who went over to witness . the scene. Alter
the duel, in which one of th e party were.
slightly ,wounded in the head, all hands mil
l:larked On board the boat, to return to Lon,
isville when i botlf bursted, apd four
poisons Word instantly !tilled, LQgile
of Louisville, Mr. Crow of—Jeffersonville
Springs, the engineer and a fireman; one
} person since died and several others wound
ed, one of whom is not expected to recover.
From the number of hats and shoes found,
it is tbared there were more deaths than are
here reported. - .
The magistrates of Birmingham, Eng.
have lately made a decision which affects
the usual rules observed in the Love_Feasts
of the :Methodists. On the previous Son(lay
afternoon, a man named Ingrain, Who had
either been expelled or who had w,ithdrawn
ti.orn the society, presented the
door, to attend the Love Feast, but had no
"admission ticket." On his persisting that
he had aright to enter, he was (breed out,
and complained betbre the magistrates of the
assault. They decided that, "as it was a
registered place of public worship, .the de
fendants had no right to prevent any person
whatever from attending any service;" and
the defendants were accordingly fined for,
the assault.
The Vermont Legislature, in joint com
mittee, on the 7th instant, elected Samuel S.
Phelps a Judge of the Supreme Court of
that State. Mr. Phelps was supported by
the antimasons. lie received 10 votes,
and a majority 0f , 26 over all hisskpmetitors.
Anti-masonry is making clean work in Ver
mont, and doing it soberly, and with discre
tion and credit.
At Kenwy . y-n, during divine service, two
dogs, one of which. was the parson's, were
fighting at the west end of the church. The
parson, who was then reading the second les
son, rushed out of his pe*, and doubtful
where ho had left oft . , asked the clerk,
"Roger, where was P" " hy , down part
ing the, dogs, moister, to be sure," replied
Roger, to the no small amusement of the
BREAD.---,"Bread is the staff. of life"—so
says the ancient proverb. Bread is literally
a composition of flour, water, and yeast;
and it is seldom the case in this happy coun
try, ;let quidnunces grumble as they may,
that a sober and industrious family is in want
of a morsel of bread.
In many parts of the world bread in a lit is seldom seen. in the West In
dies, and some parts of South America,
plantains and yams are most common:illy
used instead; and in Ireland pgatoes are
naually_subst itutedfor_that article.
'An Irishman was once taken before a
Magistrate - in - Dublin for refusing to give a
proper account of himself, and how he ob,
tained a livelihood; when the following dia
logue ensued between the dispenser of jus
tice and the Hibernian:
l e iragistrate.—WW Igo you?
irishman.-;--A man at your service. .
Magistrate.—You are an impudent fel.
/rishnsam—What, for calling myself a
Magistrate.—How do you get your bread?
Irishman.—No how at all at all! .
.Magistrate.—lf that is the best account
you can give of yourself. I shall commit you
upon the vagrant act. You say you have
no houe4 -------------------------------
7risknan.—By °the holy Shannon, your
worship spaiks nothing 'but truth. I have
no honest way oflgettingtny breadf_lbeeause
I never eat any at all at all—fbr I lives up ,
on potatoes.
CIILORINII, an Antidote far Poison.—lt
is said to have been satisftwtorily ascertained
that Chlorine is' an effectual antidote to
Prussic Acid.. If thif be so, the wonderful
Fire' King's important secret• is out. A
very large reward is said to have been offer
ed for it in France.
From the Little Fulls People's Friend, Nov. 17.
CAPE FROM DEATIL.—On the 10th inst. as
Abijah Mann, Esq. of Fairfield, a gentle
man some sdenty years of age, and his son,
our late Asseniblinan, of the same name,
(on his way to take passage on the canal for
New Yorit,) were crossing the Mohawk
bridge at this place in a one horse wagon,
they were met about 30 feet from the south
end by a di•ove of more than 90 oxen,. the
property of Messrs. Averell and Sons, St.
Johnsville, when suddenly the inside timbers
of all that part of the bridge *gave way, and
the two men witl their horse, wagon and
baggage together with twenty-seven head
of cattle; were precipitated into the foaming
torrent of the river, nearly "twenty feet in
The Messrs. Mann, on rising to the sur
face, each. succeeded in. laying hold of an
ox's horn in such a manner as to enahfe.
them to float down 30 or 40 rods, when find
ing the animals likely to sink, and seeing. a
largoaiece of the timber approaching, the
youngEr grasped one end of it ; 'by which
means and the assistance of . Mr. S.
.Brown, himself _ and father reached Cl
:shore; their/ liorse; closely surrounded I
the Plank froth tho bridge, atlengthdirected
his course towards then), and wasgot out by
the aid of the by-standersv part olthet wagon
sunk near the .hridge, some of the .-trunks .
dzxn, lodged at the reeky java:
below, and the ratratinder ofthemagen went
Ternas—Two noLtracs • • . e
payable half•yeakly in advance' 'Ma anfi
script - ions taken for lese t laii*Cvnonthi
none diScontinued larreargesarepaitt
—A failure to notify a discontinuance, will
be considered a new engagement ancrther
paper forwarded accordingly. • •
Whole Number ,
- over the fftlievthe-whohOloweve ,
terwards recovered, excepting some articles
of trifling value. All.the oxen got safely ,
ashore but two, who were so badly wound •
as to be obliged to be elangl►tcred im •if
Bath__ gentlemen, Rarticithirly_lhe_elder,_
were most ik)vorely bruised;- but—directly
receiving the most carefbl inedical and tither
tiWridanee, they were filially able to be car.
lei] home yesterday.
It is stated in a If urrisbing Paper,: that a
gentleman residing in that neighborhood,
has made this year, from-the.product of his
own vineyard, IS barrels of wine, estimated
at 20 dollars per brl. The. vines occupy 3
acres of land, and were planted font. years
A barn w 11.9 destroyed by fire at- Longue
'Point, near Montreal, on the 14th inst. A
young man, thirty-three head of cattkt; and
one horse, where destroyed in the flamesi --- ---
The remains of the untbitunate young mad
were found near the outer door, where it is
supposed he fell at the moment when a. few
steps would have rescued _him _from the
flames. He had only been a few weeks
married. His mother, as , we have been in.
formed, was an eye-witness of the shocking
scene,Sind her cries were truly heart-rending..
• ,1
A NTI ASON R Y --A good beginrring.
—We, the other day, gave the first message
of the first anti-masonic Governor, as a prac
tical improvement in official State papers,
and We are gratified to learn that a resolution
passed they Legislature of Vermont wilier
26th of October, aves 162, noes 21, direct. ,
ing the Judiciary tommittee to report a bill
abolishing imprisonment for debt on all con
tracts entered into since the first ofJasauttry
We note this for .the benefit of those , old
friends and new allies, the Richmond Ennui.
rer and the Natiohdintelligencnr t - whohave
of late taken the alarm, and seem to be run
ning into sweet communion
,for the purpose
of extinguishing the "fipaticisse.."--rUnited
States Telegraph.
We find the following in the Richmond
"A voluminous - writer in the Lexira
(Va.) Intelligencer, urges a division o thtt
Commonwealth--ittnnt the line el.. lbw
top of the Blue - Rld: . -. is
tator pronounces his reasons substantial, and
acknowledges they are such as have been
preparilig - itnome.—
Whenever that measure is submitted to-the ,
people, a thing will happen not very com
mon—both sides will vote for it."
RAIL ROAD CARS.:- , LTwo new nag._
eenger cars were placed on the Baltimore,
and - Ohio Reit Road;last
some respects, in construction,, but nearly
Similar in plan, size and convenience,
certainly much better for the comfortable
accommodations of passengers, than ail ow that
have yet been placed on the Road. of
these cars named "The Frederick," is, in
shape and _appearance, in our opinion, the
best model for Rail Road passenger cars, in ,
general use - , that we have yetseeri. Who'
construction of it all short curses .
tionable on Rail Roads,) have been judicious
ly dis - pensed with, as they add greatly to the
expense while-they-lessen the convenience
of cars for travellers. - Sliding mites with
glass, to admit the light, while they excluder
the cold air, are most beneficially substitu. ,
ted for curtains, both in the ends and sides.
of the new cars; and the interior ef.each-le- . -
divided by partitions. They- are in fine,
great improvements in the construction
Rail Road cars, both as regards conveniencer
and expense; and will be preferred by air
who prefer comfort and vscfsdness to shoat
and fashion.—)3altimore Gazette,
Singular death at a christening.--Cht
Sunday four or five children were taken to
Bourn church, to be chrkened. Among
these, one of the infants on being taken by
the clerg,yrnan, was discoveird to tie dead,
and returned to its afflicted parents, whp
could assign no cause for the event.
Stamford Champion.
hie Hays, and assistants, succeeded on Sat-.
urday evening, in breaking up a nest or
Gamblers at the corner of CallowhM and
John streets, Philadelphia. About sixty
persons were congregated, and engaged in
the various birsiness of gambling ? when the
police officers came upon them. There
was a* tremendous rush to the windows and
down the stair-way; but the officers succeed•
ed in capturing nine of them—mome of whom
were immediately committed to prison, and
the remainder Sued. .
"Love among the Roses.;'—Six bait* or
the name of "'lose were recently rciainied *1
Portia-14 Maine,. in at ain,ll,o week.
Why is Preemnsorry like Senehts gourdf
Because it grows Hs the night AniWitho.
ere int‘the light.
Why lei IllsiedyPik r Talk reptisivar
carder' the gelloissi
Because he hee had tine halter mud 14,,
neck. , „t
A '