The star, and Adams County Republican banner. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1831-1832, October 18, 1831, Image 3

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Extract of a letter, dated'
WASIUNCTON, Bth Octs. 1831.
I have heard it rumered within a day or
two, tt►at Gen. Jackson has transferred sonic
of the public deposites from the Branch Bank
to sonic other which has the good Ibrtune to
stand higher in his estimation. If the• re=
port be correct, the act evinces a persevering
hostility to that institution which heaves-no
reasonable hope that Gen. Jackson will, in
the event of his re-election, tl►tow the weight
of his•inlluenco in favor of a renewal of the
charter of that institution; and we may set
down the rumor which was recently in cir
culation, that :qr. 117 Lane had succeeded in
subject, as without any foundation in truth.
Men on the verge of seventy, rarelyabandon
ally -sentiments" they .have adopted. Age
stiffens our convictions as well as our joints.
The Philadelphia Chronicle of Thursday
says: "The deep interest tiAt throughout
the United Stats
in every thing which con
cerns Chief Jus cc MAnsitAbr„ induces us
to mentioned, for the information of his d is
tont friends, that the oiler • Of
to which it has been generally known that
lie was about to - submit, was performed this
morning, sitecessailly and satisfactorily, in
the presence of several eminent profissional
gent lemon."
JOUN M'LE 1. N.—The Lexington Oh
server. usks "Is nut Judgo M. Lean a Jack
son-man? Did he not askit and most pow
erailly, by means of post-olli::e influence,
in elevating 0011. JUASOII to . the Presiden
cy"! Did not Gan. JacWni reward him by
appointing him supreme judge." Either
Judge M'Lean is not what he. was .two years
ago, or the Observer labours under amis
take. We happen to know that Mr. .51'
Lean's transfer frottil the post-office depart
ment to the United States bench, was-not
voluntary on his part—that it was forced
upon him and that Ito did not thank Gen.
Jackson for the exchange. This we know
—and we believe that the transfer was made
because Mr. M'Lean would not consent to
apply the an L'uren rule ofproscription to
the 'department of the p,,,st office.— Win
A ietier from ‘.l aslimirton saes--The
opinion :is every day becoming: -more
more prevalent, that from, great public.con.
siderations, the nomination-of Mr. VAN Bu.
lIEN as Minister to England, will be rejected
by the Senate,and this too, by a consi'derable
majority of that body. The 'same letter
adds—Mr. Randolph's mnissioii will be looked
into, that the People may know how much
u; 'the
,pablic money has boen most shathe
thlly la' ished upon Intn.and the kind ofser
vice he has rendered for it. It is rumored
that Mr. Livingston is doietailing his long
standing account, and thus preparing his
defalcation for a Congressional scrutiny.
Several (Alan' important investigations are
in contemplation, and among °4 them a call will
be ntatie for the amount paid to the Globe
and other kindred papers for publishing the 'advertisement for Mail contracts,
&c. and an enquiry .will also be made as to
the otThrs for carrying the Mails and the dis
position of certain contracts. ,The nextses...
:•don will be a busy and an important one,
and'AUCti - dittlesures • Made as will surprise
thd retviL—Baltintore
Mechanical Ingenuity.--We were slumn
yesterday, a lock and key, manufacturtd by
Richard , 4Nolre , the fOreman of the'
Smith-shop Belonging td- Messrs. Gross &
dickloy, in the rear of theirlron shire, sit
uated on Gay-street. The fitee,otthe lock
wits fitinicated.,,frcan . a five cent ,piece ;'and
he whole work is executed with.the utmost
'mechanical nicier‘ jastanCes of in
;xnality, deberire notice " as they serve . to.
spew the parrectiotv to which the arts ; haie
lyien carried in our cotintry,aa pre...the
ri ov .
, :!brrectnesiCof that' 0 . 0114 by'whieh home
'has been hitherto piotected.-46.
• .
C. Gh GO :A '46 .-..
OD CO tat tat
41. c.', ',I4J tO
is t0...a
cn ch La 4- 4-
C') CO iv- 14, 131 00 (n 6
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Q) 'J4 ,a+ 64J ZD.
t 0 60 GO4:.
C(' ^4 C.4 ;n
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o•+ 03
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4 d!tisumo) puntrim
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C.l 'N.
P.- co
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t. 5o
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AD 00
C. , --•
Ks •)
On Tuesday last a general-election--was
held- throughout this . Commonwealtl4 for
the choice of Members of the Senate and
House of RepresentatiyesAif this State, and
of all the local otlic!frs'electally the people.
In the City and-County of Philadelphia
less excitement was !bit than is usual upon
these occasions, and smaller number of votes
was consequently polled.
The number of votes polled in the City
was between 6 and 7000, of which there
wa:, an average majority for the Deino;:ratie
Ticket, rising 1,600.
In the county, the candidates upon what
..was—c.a44e4 the 4ac-1,,,Da and - W6ll - Vi - Cira,
were elected by an average majority of near
Corporate Officers were elected in the
different Districts, without 4trict reAwence
to their political sentiments.—LCotirLr.
The editor of the Sporting Magazine, in
his l,•ast number, gives the following rutviee,
which-May nut lie;eonsidered al-timed, as un
many Dirge estates, not a .single Partridge
survived the great snow of last winter:—
• =Mr
ARTRI D lES. - It-has been well suggested
to put the question to all farmerS and liber
al sportsmen, whether it is not highly ex
pedient to forbear the taking of Partridges
altogether Alm ensuing season. By that
means only can the ravages or the last win
ter be repaired. No genuine lover of the
trigger, will draw one upon a Partridge
this tall. For ourselves, we are determined
not to buy or taste one until the fall of 183'2.
A Neuvaper Putron.—:The editor of
the Guernsey (Ohio) 'Times, extracts the
subjoined running account from his books,
for the benefit of his editorial brethren a
broad :
13. R. litzcilltAYr, Esquire,
To Jon N FlEnstr, Dr.
For sobscripii , a9.ta "'Ft:llEs" from 44 50
:106113,1'3:30, to Ap6llB, 1831, '
By running away—in full,
G. A. Mot: IVTADi taj.)Jav,StlrY4Or- and
Inspector of the Revenue for the Port of
Rayon St.--John, 4n the - State - ef - Louisian4
Vice C. Levapeur, resigned
SO - tiNuSiritn, t - o be - Survevor and Inspec
tor of the Revenue for the Port of St. •Louis
in the State ofillissouri,vlep James W. Moss,
Josern B. LANcAsTrm, to be Collector
of the Customs fok. the District of St. Johns,
and Inspector_of the Revenue for the Port
(It Jackson in the Territory of Florida,
vice James Dell, deceased.
Join, M. SMITIJ, to be Surveyor and
spector of the' Revenue for the Plirt of Nash
ville, in the State of Tennessee, vice lasi!
Shaw, resigned.
sactrßLGivrx,to be Register of the Land
OfliCe for the District of Lands subject to
sale at Mount Salt's in the State of Mississip
pi, vice Stockly D. Hays, deceased.
OGDEN D. LANGSTAFF ) to be Collector of
the Customs for the District Of Teche, and
Inspector of the Revenue for the port of
Franklin in the State of Louisiirna, vice Don
uelson'Caffery, resigned.
• The Globe announces the Appointment
of theßlon. J41.31E8 BUCIIA.NAN, Ildiaister to
The Baltimore Chronicle or Thursday,
says: The venerable Judge Dom: is no
more! He died ill Annapoliftn Sunday lasi-
• i' ., fail storm is mentioned in the Liver
pool totiri c _eri-as having lately occurred in
the vicinity or that city, the damage done
by which .ip two parish - es exceeded Ave
Thousand pounds sterling: . ..
.1 - .)aCtor . E7Grettings; of South Carolina,
has been elected Professor of Anatomy,- in
the Univorsify. of:Maryland.
_WE .
0 11 0
`Pio.P , O
to o
a on
ft Ow
O 00
2 Pd_,
Cl 30
Potter's Pegetabie Cathoriioi
The unrivalled *ande.rtensire reputation
acquired by this medicine for the last five
years, both in fiesrrrAL and prirate prac
tice, demands from the proprietor his grate
ful ucknowledginentS to a disce rn i ng Ind,.
Potter's Vegetable Catliolicos is offered for the
core of Diseases of the - Fitter, 'Ulcerated Sore
and - Dini - prtiorl'
and Inveterate Ulcers,. rains in the Hones,
Rheumatism, Disprysia :or Indigestion, Dis
eases ofthc Lungs, Syphilis, Blotches' On tho
Face and Skin, White Swelling or the Joints,
Tatter, Mercurial diseases, Piles, &e. &c.
The botholicon consists exclusively of vegeta
ble matter, and-with a- slightdetorminat ion to the
bowels, which it preserves in a soluble state, nets
insensibly, is pleasant to the taste, and requires no
particulas regimen or confinement. As a gen
tle cathartic medicine, improving the appetite
and restoring the general tone of the system, it is
confidently recommended to ladies in a delicate
The Unrivalled Tad extensive diameter which
this medicine has enjoyed, for the last six !years,
as a complete penovator, and purijii:r of tbe blood
and humours both in IL'spilot and Priv6te. Prac
tice, is a substantial-basis for its tnture support.—
It has - obtained its present great distinction by
the extraordinary success which has attended it
in the Healing Art, while every avenue and track
have been seat cited in vain for its porrallel; in
deed, its discovery may be considered , o ne-o! the
most sacred Limns that can be afforded to the un
fortunate; and I most. sincerely hope the why pa.
thy of the public will be excited to diffuse its in
valuable -merits:
There are at this several spurious mix
tures in circulationriTt d, and some vended in
this city, assuming to possess the same, or equal
irtues, of Potter's Catholicon. It is to be hoped
that the unsuspecting will be placed on their
guard against such impositions, mud mischief
has resulted from their use. They consist prin
cipally of sawaparilia sirups, viz. Sirop do Cuisi.
nor or Rub L'Atrecteur, and are sold Ibr a much
less — pri cc; ymr will therethre he particular and
purchase of none_" but - my alit hori2eii
where you can obtain the GEN VINE CAI
IV. IV. POTTER, PhiladThia,
The fi.illowing i4linng testimonial is furnished
an the request of 1 . ):. Davis, of Lynchburg,. Va.
by u geutleman of great rospectabilily, residing
in theit place, whose original certificate, of which
the Killowing iy an exact copy, is Ica with the pro.
prietor of the Cutholicon.
C.A S E.
LYNCHBURG, l'a May sth, 1825
At the request of D.—, I here give a state
then I. of the eil;tet of Putter's Cat helicon the
-stint-film of-errs- _health. toustitutioi ha
been in a declining state thy more Ilhin (Ughteen
months. I was .nuch . troubled with a short 'dry.
cough, slightithllcul ty of breathing, which was
much increased by bodily exercihe. At night,
great oppression attire chest was experienced,
With excessive colliguntive sweats, sureness and
pain in the sides arid breast, with extreme languor
and loss °lappet Ito. in this situntwn, I travelled
to the Now Englund states by sea, but .obtained
no permanent Some time after my return
by way a experiment, I was induced to use'Pot
ter's Catholican, and after using two bottles, my
health marl perfectly restored.
PIIILADELPIIII, March 9.Sth, 16'23.
Dear Sir—Aber many but inedbetual trials to
relieve myself from a most severe and distres=sing
attack of eirpcpsiir, 1 have been completely cured
by the use in; to mo, your invaluable Vatholicon,
and 1 think it my duty thus publicly , to state my
case, arid in order that others may profit thereby.
The first symptoms of the disease were manifest
ed in the spring ot lcC27. Warned at the approach
,of this destroyer ofall ease, I had recourse to phy
sician after physician, and remedy after remedy,
but received little or no . I was recommend:
ed to retire into the country, where I so far re
cruited, that I began to think the enemy was die.
lodged. I returned to the city, whore in a short
time all my old symptoms returned with double
violence. My etanusgh became so debilitated with.
dings that I relirep&hed the regular,:system and
entered on a C 011 1 ,33 of Swaim's Panacea. It did
me no goad, and I went beck to my doctor, who
crammed we with pulverized oyster shells, etc. etc.
My teeth became loose, and some actually fell out;
there was a constant pain. in my joints, particular
ly in damp weather, pains in my right side and
shoulder, etc. I now sumnitted to another course
of medical - treatment, until - the fall 01'1829,1010n
my physicians stated the disease to lie a schirrus
of the liver. Then it was that I determined hurry
your Cotholicoo, a feW doses of which improved
my appetite, and gave me a fooling oferise and
comfort, I cannot readily describe. In twelve deyit
the few teeth I liadloist. wore firmly clasped by the
gums and - Any apptite•and digestion porliteily
'stored. I now enj . oy as good health awl ever dig,
and I must say it is 14 your-valiitible 7 Catholicum.
that I. attribute this haply result.
Respoctiully your:, '
NORFOLT.:, Va. May Ist. 1828. •
Dear slum ly Mato my former ease.
I labored for six years wider a violent Liver Co n- -
14. first manifested itsolf in the summer
of NM, and•rendi , red frequent application to an
eminent family physician 'necessary, by whose
prescriptions I could obtain only a temporary re.
lief.' After the lapse of many mouths, withmit
ceiving any permalient benefit front medicine,. I
came, to the determination to try your Catholicon.
I took throe bottles, and thank God, I can truly
say the disease of the liver entirely left rue; and' I
have since been as well and hearty as'man can be,
in the fullest enjoymenr of health and spirits.—
My cure was effected solely by your celebrated
and agreeable Catholicon.
- Your friend,
To W. W. POWER, Philadelphia.
C A SE. •
wiLmINGToN d may ; 2.9 d, 1830.
Dear Sit.—T,lns was a case of rheumatism in
anintilnate friend of mine, an old gentleman A
bout sixty years of age, who had the. Rheumatism
for a nuniber of years past, part pi' the time con
fined to bed; he took it merely througlr experi-.
morn, and was sumised to find himself entirely
freed from his painful disorder by using only one
bottle. •
Your % 3 1• F e ;1 1 1E vZ a
11h i ori i
An eminent physician PaYas "I have known
several tures per fornind by the woe of jobar
liedn, which had prevlioul,ly resisted. the ordinary
proacriptioni of the faculty, phi I h av e never
known it to' produce INJURIOUS EFFECTS!"
To: be . had o i ttlie Drug Store e f.
Ge;;;lprg, Oct. 18,1831.
Vatir4ll( 7 l4t
,„ „
+On Wedngp
Mr. *(4EORGE KAUFF*AN, of - Maria Furnace, to
Cirnatitni, MpiNton, of Petersburg; (Y o rk
On Thursday the 6th inst. by - the Rev. C. G.
M'Lean -Mr. %V AM TOOT, of Straban township,
,to Miss BAR/lA-RA EII:HOLTZ, 7dflughter of Mr. Ja
cob - Eicholtz, of Cumberland township.
On Sunday the 9th inst:•after a long i!lness,
. - eonsort OrJohnl..
Estp - of - this - borough - ;'iirtlid - 25111wy t her age.
TIIE Delegates who represented the sev
eral townships - when the County Tick
et was settled, are requested to meet at
the Court House in the Borough of Gettys.
burg, on
,Saturday the 291,1 t day 'of October instant,
it the purpose of nominating conferees to
the Convention tube Shippensburg,
ou the Ist day of November next, to nomi
nate a Candidate fur Congress in the room
of William Ramsey, deceased. If aurva
alley has occured, the township is re
quested to elect a lull delegation. •
By order of the Committee.
October 18, 1831.
111 -F
just received from Philadelphia, a
new and beautiful assortgient of
1 1 117431 at, WINTER. GOODS
Superfine Blue; Black,
Mixed and OliVe CILA I MML"
French & English Merinocs & Crape Royal,
for dresses. •
Black Bombazetts, Circassians, •
Tartan Plaids and Camlet CLOAKS,
English & Italian Lustring SILKS,
With almost 'every other article in his line
of business. His stock of GoiAs having
been selected with great care, will be sold
on very accoFnmockting tet ms.-'Per
sonsons wishing, to purchase largely, will find
it to their advantage to call and examine,
they ina rest assured of. havin_ Goods of.
lewd theta as CHEAP as at aiiy other house
in the place.
41 large lot ,orilliMr-
has just been received. from Arnold & Ste
vens' Forge, warranted of a superior quali
ty—which will be sold low.
Gettysburg, October 18, 1831.
! LIE subscriber respectfully informs his
JIL customers and the public, that •he is
just receiving a fresh supply of
' • . ST . t OP,
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Queens Ware and Hard AVare,
Stoves arid HolhAv Ware,
Iron and Lumber, &c.
N. B. 1 return my tlianks to those that
have attended to" thy last. notice fur. calling
and settling; and Obeli to call and
settle ; where their-ace nuts is of uld stand
October 18, 1831.
1R0.17 IROAI
T HE subscriber offers Iron_ for' sale at
the maimed price of $5 50 per cwt.,
gross, and $4 92, nett. He has on hand
a large assortment of all kinds Of iron,
rolled and hammered. -'
QctoberJB, ISJI. 4t-28
The Casket for Oe.fober.
The Old ,Centre House, Philadelphia,
cupperpaii engraving; Pelham, Pa
man Neck, N. Y. the seat of E.' W.
',Kin d , Esq.; Mint, of the United
Chesnut street ? Philadelphia; A44(cm,y
of Nati.ral Sciences, Philadelphia; The
Prison of Venice; School of ..flOta—
.Nymphea Odorata,
or While Pond
• u sic—When MEyes are beaming.
The Old Centro Houie, Philadelphia, taith an
engraving; The Hypochondria c ; Last India Cho.
lora; sketches from arfOld Mb. - No. III; The Po
litics of Defoe; Ellen Howe, or Deception; Heury
Morton; Pelham, Itodninn's Neck, N. Y. with an
engraving; Mint of the:, had Stateti; Philadel
phia, with an engrainn . ' George Dobsim's Ex
pechtionto Hell; Pu 'p •ts • eth; Breaches of Prom
ise of Marriage; Tat os of Honour; Dreams; Pop
ping the Question; Cousin Sally Dilliard; Acade
my of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, with an
engraving; Scenes in P oland in 1794; The Prison
at Venice, with an, entraving; A &Ptah; by' Flo %
rolla; The Baroationor; School of Nora--a
Odorata, or White Pond Lilly, with an engraving;
Wit and ScAiment,
POETRY.,—To a &inertly; Behold, alas: our
days we spend;' Ode to Lavinia; Sonnet to Wash.
ingtop; Song,--Rest thee v oh, rest thee; Ode to
Ames Kendall, Esq.; The Eariperor's Exile; The
First Night.iii the Grive; Song-1 know that he
loves ine;The Shayfl—a poem;,Ontlie Picture of
a Child; The thought of other dips;• The Wreck
9i'Genitts; The Co' quette;filto Avowal;'MUSlO-4
When eyes are beaming. , .
Liberty liiflemed!
.An Appeal for the last five parades 'witl
beheld at the liouse OfN.Noritt, in Liherq
township, on ?.Itonday the 7th of' November,
at 4Z,o'clUelt, in. -WM. ' KEp, awl.. ,
tober 18 1831. • 4
Ze____ ‘
__. .
T. J. C.
ertfolitivan — dirrisitertr,
Manufactures and Seib
. .
fil'All orders, post paid, encl Ng the . ,
it h
will meet with iminediatealteu on.
15 likeivisalteeps cone tli on band,A- --- -
tar:oE AND whal. - s .LEcTro eTtitic 0?
- I F .101 "II 4
OF all the different kinds, Foreign and Domestic.
Florence Sireelmeals, Cordials,
East India l'reserred Ginger, Syrupai
fire-.4::7llrkers,- . -4. c.
.4'c. 4.c
Baltimore, October 18, 1831. .. '44,t. ! %29 .
ALN pursuance of a Writ, directed Ming:
for that purpose by his ExCellency
GEORGE WOLF, Governor of theCo'iyi.
inonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1 WILLIAM -
S. COBEAN, Esquire, High Slteriff-o€ th
County-of-Adams, no . pfantisFon*,
make known, and give this public notice to'
the Electors of said county, that tm Eleetio ;. held
On 'Tuesday the 2U. of November wt. %
at the several Election Districts establitibed
by law -iii-said- county-v at —whi, :1
places the qualified eleeters aslitureaft'Jii.
will elect iby Ballot
One ellrember of Congress
to represent the Eleventh Congressional
District, at present composed of the Coup. , .
ties of Cuinberland, Adams, Frankhzt_and--- -
Perry, in the Ilousi3 of . Representatives of
the— United States,-- in -- consequenee - ct - t her --
vacancy which hastapponed by the iecetufer
of ‘Villiata Ramsey, tlsq. who was elected
a Member of said District.-
By the 15th Section of the act of 15th of
Fobruary '1779, it is provided, that the
Judges and Inspectors chosen for and before--
the . preceding General Election, shallettenci_ _
and serve as such respectively at such oc
casional election; and the said Inepecteill •
and Judges will therefore meet at the prod •
per place in their respective districts, onthet
day of
.the election aforesaid at nine
in the 'forenoon, to• do and perform the sew
iral-duties '-red on trie.vb,
St, .cs enjoined on them - by laW. -
The Return Judges oLthe=several-Eklo=
tion Districts, are to !beet at the Court
House-in-the Boeutighi uf --- Gettysburgi - oft7'
Friday the 25th. day of November netit t lig'
11 o'clock A. M, with certificates ofEkit4if
tion in their respectiie districts, to perietila'
tits duty required oCthem by law. - Andiao
and by an act of the Generid±
passed the 2d day of April,lls2 . l it is'
ed and declared that every' pereeit_wita4s
shall hold any office or appeirittittariprow, ,
fit or trust under the Government oftherVW
States whether commissioned officers or
otherwise; a subordinate officer or:nom,
or who is_ oroliall_ be employed under the
Legislative Executive or Judiciary ,Depart. .
went of the United States, and abler
every member of Congress, is by law ism,
pable, of holding or exercising, -- at - thir mow - -
time, the office or appointment of Judge g t
Inspector, or Clerk of any election: in this.
• Dated at Gettysburg, the 18A_
tober, in the year. of our Lord,lB3l. '
Robert G. Harper, Treasurer l*
Borough of Gettysburg, -D P
18:28, May 30. To outstanding Tax in tAx_ ii
hands of James Gourley, i —, ,
" " " Do do C. Chritzman, 136,7
" " " Do do Jacob Handers, 41,80
" " " Balance in hands °fa. 12 e at
Smith, lath ' real . (sine° paid,) c . *I I
" " a' outstanding Tea: in
hands of T. r ed, (since aid,l
- 1' June - 13: = '1~a — -ir
1828 June 26. By cash paid Wro,,Me. CIL
Clellan—Balanco on order of D. Trox. 5,6't
ell Street and Road Commissioner, •
" " " Do. paid 1). Zaegler,Council l l 7,15,00
""" i 4 DU. Z. Herbert do. 5,00 •
" " Do. J. F. Macfarlane, 1826, . 6,00 -
"" " Do.. Use. Ziegler, 1826, 400
.. 6. es Do. John Hersh, Sen. 10rr.
Street and Road Commissionor, i .
" July 12. Do., NVulterßmith-41t. ' '" ' '
lance on order of D. 'frozen St :- ..6019}
and Road Commissioner, .
a. Aug. 4. Do. Patrick Calton c0n . ;... t _ ..f 4
order of J. Hersh; S. & ft. Co :
- " " 20. Do. .1". Hersh,St. &R. 0111.—,
" " 23; Do. T. Steven 1847,.1,0&"
" " " Do. Geo. Swerioy, do. do: ' 5,00 •
" 4 ' " • Do. J. Borah, sett. S.& R. C. 15,00 .7 ,
"" " Do. ,P. Sheets, order ofHeahr.• 7se ••44 . " " Do. H. Butler, do. %VC
" " 25. Do. G. Geyer, • do. ii__77 .;
0 Sept.2o. N. J. Hersh, sen. S.& R. C. Aloft -.
. 4 , . Do. D. MeGonegal, on or. to laic .
der of Hersh, . aussAis
~ • •
' 1 " 27. Do. J. Hersh, son. Pk& R. . '9,10 ' , •
Dn....M. Toner,order ofifersl44-494 '
" " " Do. P. Rogers, do. ;
.• ;105.-
a " 30. Do. Cr Shirkey, do:, .6,Batr. - -..
c. " Noy.2. Do. W. Riley, do. . 9,15, ,
" Dec. 3. Do. •G. Ziegler,, ' d
" Do. J. Houck , Counoicr27,•
" "6. Do. John Stullsmith order 4 i
of St reet and Read Conunissloper, "
a' " 22. Do.. John Chritansan, do /10
1829, Jug. 24. DO. .I.ller shy 5..& R.Coin.
~. ~ ..• -• p,,, • d o , , __,
.115 MY'
" Feb. D. Do. J. B. McPhersenOles •t o no ,
_ as; Council 1826 and 1827. "'" ' 1 ""*""r , • .
" " " . •Do; Wm. Gilptspia,do4 4•00 k "..
" May 1.4. By Outstanding Ta i te)n /, ..- , •,,
04 ft
the hands of C. Chtitzinan,_lBo7, ' ... ,4 ; ,.;
44 c D o „, do, do. 11128, i ';1 i y
'"" as Do. do.' Ji4sii*GoOdeit " l':,
~ 4 , tt Do. do. J_aeoh Sender., .: 4 -,4.:;, ; :i ::
.4 .. .. Do. „CM I.'ireitau "'shee t •,, b ' „:1 44 '
- By Balance, homiliref le, ry ,',.#' . ' t r. 414,..
. ~
,r' j
$4611 4 781