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Seven days, later, from Liverpool.
NEW YORK, October 4.
Our news schooner "Courier aml,Enqui
rer," boarded- the packet ship Napoleon,
Captain Smith, yesterday at half past 11 A.
M. 70 inilea east of Sandy Hook. Na
',peteext _540 tiIQ. 24iti, and brings; us
-..Lonilon-papersof the 23d, Liverpool of the
24th„, and Shipping and Conimercial Lists to
thti latists dates.
The news by this arrival i highly impor
tant, 'as proving that the gallant POLES
have not only nobly defended themselves a
oppressors;but are in high spirits
on the eve,Of what is considered a great and
fintitstrug4le for their freedom. What is
still More Important, ther - e is reason to be
iievst_that._by_their_gallantry and persever,
.-ence;_theYluiventlength compelled the Pow
-ere of Europe to interfere in their behalf.
The London Sun of the evening of the 24th
_. ~.,.Courier, Francais mentions, in a tone
4 b . '
length decided on recognizing the ind'epend
enee pf• Poland." •
[God grant it may he true.] •
Accounts frotn - Warsa w, says the Herat
- itave, been received up to the 1211} inst.—
They state that %lie Russian General, Field
, Marshall"COtint Paskewitch, kept the grand
...tinny at a cautions distance from the Polish
capital (fully 50 miln4, aad as cautiously a-
Voided coming to-e.Yi engagement. It was
thought that his plan Was to cut off the, sup
plies-from Warsaw. - He was said to 'be ex
pecting reinforcements of ti•oops from the
- &mute Asiatic provinces, and fears were
tertained et . ..those troops bri c iog in their
„train t a plague; which had, it is stated, some
time : . . broken out 'anion -t them.. The
greatest' unanimity pram s • in the Polish
. #a)elings,of spirit have given
way . to patriotism. The Polish army, at
the :dataof these - accounts, was in. sight of
the',Russians, and a great battle was hourly
expected. .. Despatches had belnreceived at
Warsaw from Colonel Koss; ) ;vho accompa
nied Gielg,ud to Littitiania, and who was de
tached' towards Polang,en. The - Colonel
oxitinuedio maintain himself in the'Crovern
ment of Mohilew. The number of the arm
- red -insurgents there, and In the vicinity of,
Witepsk,.waa estimated at 10,000 men.—
„Gen. Toiitoi itad broken up from %Vilna to
march -against. them.' The report that a
F lirt of Geberat Rudtger's corps had crossed
the Vistula had not been confirmed. Gen.
Dembinski_had been appointed Governor of
Virvisinw, and had already begun to actin
that character.
' No change of importance had taken place
in the position of the armies. since the last
aceounts, but every - thing...l'6ring tn. pretend
• an awful and final struggle. It seeing to be
the policy of the resent, Commander of
. inte . n stytender that'll° make a bold push
its capture. He deals much more in feints
and *hal , manoeuvres, to make his enemy
•• believe 'flint he meditates an-attack in one
.place,whilithe, in fa.ct,attempts it in another,
Alunt-bie predecessor; and this cautious policy
has hitherto proved beneficial to his objects.
Tlifta tabus have, not, however; hitherto en
trapitliarzynecki intonny.act of imprudence;
• nor does it appear thnthe himself is desirous
in Warsaw which is calling out
racy eetive rneasures, Etlia — Cohstanily - -
protiehin z g the Commander-in-Chief with his
mactivity. We are sorry to perceive by
out private Correspondence fro - in - Berlin, that
thene is a considerable party in Poland Which
is_paasively, obstructing the, measures of
Government as much as it can. This party .
consists of the German •mtwafitcturera in the
different towns, whose trade has suffered
greattyflorn the revolution, and wha sifOuld
make any sacrifice of independence to the
return of tranquility. The garrisonot War
itttuo ha& reedited tin Recession of 5000 by
the return ofbembeski l s corps,who detesting
the perfidity OfGielgud and Chalspowse c ti,haci
raturnOd'.,frotn Lithuania, 'after cutting his
waiY-IhrOttgh the most formidable obstacles.•
triterl*iaene.e ofthese troops, in the reigning
deal* of provisions in the 'capital will, how
evne;4o to the privations to which that de;
yotta* city has been already exposed, Dem
, tkiki has been appointed Governor of=
cs ' • • •
There has been twoarriialsat New York
later.. '
1y*,„..1 . The - most important intelligence
b .these arrivals says the N. Y 4
'Ell . oit, relates to the cause of Poland,
'ethidh*lStipresented as being in a condi
' ,iion 41144 hopeless, t he.populati on of War
leit*Otlitte, of open rebellion against the
giseeihOifillte Governor displaced, Slily
,llo4.o44Outeed, the,capital in a state ofan
hndAsjthout resotrcesi and the Rua
, • ptitotily *wool:whin* oi The articles which
,40449:thiliO„StSotints are knio 'Prus
• • i. "The London Tim s From the Plattsburgh, (N. Y.)' Aurora, Oct. 5.
' 9
. questions -those ac- . DARING OUTRAGE.—On Saturday
illireasons the great, influ- evening last, an lontrage 'was committed in
A a t : • , olltth tat and GotOrnmout this village, w,hicti is alines hout a par
(A•.e 7 i ; • 00. little credit 'postossed allel. The f c
, as we Dave beep able to
ehtto.rjto are Said to have collect froM the Various reports in Circiila
40ittrieetieh and who are said tion, are brjlHy these: ,A..bdut 8 o'cicejs on
4 -, liiis
ter• - but there a
and qnally, ffte 'grfnir popularity of Prince
improbable that he - shOuld be suddenly dis
placed to make room for men Standing
low ill the estimation 'of the people of War
saw as Gen. liruckovvieeki and , ProndtinSki.
The quiet ofSwitzerhand'is again disturb
ea. "At Basle" says an English paper,
"every body
_is under arms. A severe light
had-taken place-between- The troops of the
Diet and the peasantry in favor of the Pro
visional Government, who were assisted
from Soleure, 44c.• and remained masters of
the field."
Domestic, airaffers,
Taxable objects;from the first vie v of the
ISt sect. as published, comprehends all
ground rents, monies at intere,t, and ail debts
hie from solvent debtors, whether by prom
issory notes, &c. . Then fiillows a list of ex
ceptions, which seems to go pretty far to
wards a nullification of the whole design.—
Itinay be, that the framers of the law intend
ed only to except Bank notes, but this con
struction is forced and not the literal read
ing of the sentence...
Ground rents and monied at interest, ar
pear to be within the gripe of this new law,
(as it is emphatic:a:lly called) as welt as all
debts duo from solvent debtors. Now it
cannot be said that ' mere accounts made,
are included in debts due. Nor can notes or
obligations not due, and not drawing interest,
be considered within the law. Obligations
as by note or bond, executed or remaining
for the purpose of drawing an interest, to,
gether with ground rents, and all pleasure
rriageg-Kept- for use. -- Are ail the objects
within the - letter of the law - as 7 rConceive. - -
Though I cannot exhonerate the design
ers of this odious system of taxation, from
the intention of including other objects.—
Some persons understand it to comprehend
all accounts that my be fhlly put on the ba
lance sheet of any mans whole concerns,
which would require a regular stock and
book debt account, whenever the AsSessor
in his round chores to require it. This pre
sents such gross abshrdities, that we scout
the idea with the principle.
Every merchant pays a personal tax al
and this; on mercbandize - which has paid a
heavy ditty to the general govertiment; but
as our Lawyers say- the breaking up and
mixing . goods, gives the State a right or
property in them, we must submit and now
as our Legislators say, by another conven
tion of tnerchandize into paper, and that pa
per into money, they must have a
. slice, of
each—we must pay it.
A host of praying spies and busy inform : -
ers, are about to be created too, for the put
pose of .examining the books and private
papers of every man whip transacts any
Abuses truly crowd upon us, while we are
asleep; let us arise and cast out, all such
plotters against the Constitution. and Law of
our country, and the community in Willa' we
live.-Poulsdn's Daily Advertiser.
Poulson's Philadelphia Advortiser says:—The
following information was ,derifed front a letter
written by a gentleman in Georgia, to his friend
in this City;clated
LAwRENcEvILLE, Sept. 17, Ism.
"You have heard, before this, of the se
cond arrest of some of our Missionaries and
others, by the Georgia Guard, and of their
-delivery-over to the-civil-autherity--of-the
State for trial. They have been tried within
the last 2 0r.3 days, found guilty of residing
within the chartered limits of the State, in
the occupaney - of -- . - the - Cherokees, without_
taking - an:oath - A - allegiance prescribed - by
the list Legislature, and sentenced, by
•ge - Clayton, to confinement, AT HARD
POR FOUR YEARS! 'Eleven respec~a
We white men to be put up in a Prison, with
felons, and the most degraded of human
beings, for four years, and the slightest.
Crime alleged against them!
-"Rev. S. 4A.. WORCESTER and Dr. Euz-
ER 'BUTLER Missionaries under the Ameri
can Board, are among the number—The
Rev. Jour/ . J. Titort, an itinerant Methodist
Clergyman, under the direction of the Ten
nessee Conferenee—Jonx H. WHEELER,
itlitys,.a re respectable -white men, who have
intermarried with Cherokee woMen, and a
Mr;- D'Lorten, who had merely stopped in
the nation, as a mechanic, cdiiipliies the
number of .theseunfortunate vicijuis to..tb‘
"tender mercies" of the State.--They :Will
be 'marched hiloce in a feW minutes more,
by a guard,- kr . the plaCe..of their confine:
inent. 4 ;' I-shalt offer no den3ment upon these
memelable -proceedings: .My feelings- ase
an achuaintilliee and a'friend to these- per
sectited metioind as a citizen of the Chem-,
kie Nation; goaded-as we are byall the
evils and harriers of a Military,Despotism,
not allow it. At anoilletitime 1 - may
-give-you a detail of the . trial: It' was a
wenethe remembrance,of whieh:ci n never
be erased from my. me,inory.,llut Sir, when
I return to my Country, beheld the fond and
.anxious mother, with her innocent 'Children;
hasten tbrth to learn the late of the. Husband
-and.the Fathdt good:Heaverie what feelings
*will npt rush irito my bosom!"
. • 't..4
the. evening•abeVe - -mentisined,lwo ladies,
sisters, the one a married .lady; -and the o
her-rininttrii ,•• - • ' . -
home, unattended,' when they were met or
overtaken .by a person having the appear ,
ante of a gentleman, as far as they could
discever,iij the gloom of the evening, who
attankd tifeYnfinglddy with great violence
and inflicted a dangerous wound with an
instrument suppeseillo be - a dirk:. The (513- -
ject of the villian was.noiloubt murder, and
he probably thought he had effected it.—
The circumstances have produced u,;,geod•
deal of excitement in our village; the more
so, as no cause can be assigned by the young
an -attack of the kind' from any
- [Alittblic meeting of the citizens of Netts
hurgh„ in relation to the above outrage was
held on the 4th inst. A committee ()Ivigi
lance, consisting of seven persons, was up
. pointed, and a resolution «a:-; passed, recom
mending a reward of .5500 fur the detection
of the offender.]
Darin(' the quarter ending on the 30th
September, 20,000 barrels of Flour were
inspected in Alexandria, and 3 . 2,000 barrels
in Georgetown, U. C.
Proposals have been issued by Mrs. Ana
Royal, for , publishing, in the city of Wash
ington, a weekly paper, to be called the
"Paul P;.y." • Doubtless it' will be a pope
lar paper. Perhaps it may become in time
the "Government Official." There is no
knowing what strange things may happen
urt these times.--Arezandria Gazette.
From tho Pennsylvania Whig.
The J7ree Tra(le Convention or Nullifiers
are- as modest ti - they are patriotic—they
pronounedthe TARIFF LAWS uNcoNsTrru - -
TioNAL!!!. Wonderful disCbvery, worthy
of its authors! The TARIFF has Liam pro
nounced cowsTrrunoNAL, by
George Washington, John Jay;
Alex. Hamilton, Thomas Jeffer
James Madison, John Adams,
James Monroe, John Q. Adams,
A. Jackson7-r-(see message to last Congress,)
Henry Clay, Daniel Webster,
J. C. Calhoun—(see his speech in Congress
in 1816.)
William Wirt
'Llenry Baldwin, Richard Riish,
Benjamin Franklin, Albert Gallatin F! !
Besides a loaAst of worthies not recol
• , Perhaps the remark or axiom, that "the
People, when rightly informed, will act
right," never was more verified than in the
recent election in this ,State. _ No. man, in
the exercise 'of his rational faculties; 'Will
jeopardize his dearest interest. No Patriot
will, understandingly, ACT against the equal
rights of community,' • The late election has
been conducted, almoSt delusively, upon the
concentrated principles orMasonry and An
timasonry. It will be seen by the return of
votes we this day publish, that the people, in
thoie towns and counties whore Free Presses
have been in oßeration—where antimasonic
periodicals have had their natural, salutary
influences—where intelligence, which is
most emphatically the life ofliberty, has
been freely diffused, unrestrained by the
masonic 'oath; cable4w and hoed Wink—it
will be the most clearly seen, that in those
places, the PAple have beentrue to them
selves, true to tiv cause of righteousness, of
Gociand their coiullry.
We intend to say nothing by way of exul
tation—it is unchristian 7 --but barely, to refer
to some brief tiicts in the case--;-and 'facts
are stubborn-things." - It is a filet, that in
every section of our country, where the
subject of masonry has been coolly investi
gated and - the public mind divested of 'pre
possessions and - prejudice, the people' have
placed theieveto on the secret machinations
of the Encampment,cluipter and lodge.rhotn;
ware- that -heretofore;triasertryhasA, lluird-•
but to destroy their rights: It is a fact,
declared and acknowledgefl by our opponents
and the adherents to the Institution, that no
party, in this or any other country, ever
made such strides as the anti-masonic party.
It is a fact, _that whenever its principles are
conscientiously and understapdingly embra
ced, the effect is like the &Wang of a nail
by "master builder;" once an anti-mason,
always an anti-mason; the principles never
can be obliterated from the bosom of the
patriot. It is aft/et, that this party, who
but two or three short years since were
called by some editors "demented fools" and
"lunatics," and by (Alias were esteemed
"beneath contempt," is . now the dominant
party in Vermonk - And it requires not the
gift of prophecy to foresee, that the-period is
not far distant :when it will bear this corn
manding character throughout every State
in this favored Republic-•---favored of Heaven,
for the hand of God is evidimtly in thiS'great
moral rovolutiou.--bun vine ( Vt.) Star.
Cc:tr•The Editor of the4llthtesal4lMlNA.
RY will accept: - or an .* . ,2l.gency for all Anti
masonic Books,i motsmaps drawin g , paint
ings. Almanacs, &c. and make the
most he can of thenafor the owners, and
for the cause. of Ant imason ey, if the owners
pay carriage to Pittsburg, and pay poetage
to Mercer which is 55 miles.north of Pitts
burg-.Pn.• Surrounded by the• counties of
Erie, Crawford; Watren,Venango,
and Beaver, and located in the centre, Met
eor would b,o , a place from whence much
antimasolify could be 'vended. \ Ashtahula
Trumbull and polunlbiaria counties in Ohio,
are equally cOnveniont, to Mercer.
,masonic Boqksellers,'Poots; Painters, &c.
are hereby invited to the prOspect ot a nixie-.
4cet through,. but, egfeey--in North UCat.
Peturylrapia. , .
' . i, - 4:_NIECO'Xi
Chief Justice Marshall,
Here, shall the rrtEss the People's BIGHTS proclaim
Unaic'd by ityluenee, and unbrit'd by GAIN.
:Vitriol:ay Morning, Ortobgr
Dcnkocratic Ant i•9laaoille NOlllinat lama
p rt, of OM:
volt vico-pnEsiDENT,
slows Elimaker, of Pft.
13 A LT 1 MOR E lt K ET.
F F uni the Patriot of Saturday last
FLOUR, lloward-st.—Wenotesalos from stores
in parcels Of, 300, 200, and 100 brit+. it 5.5 75 per
brh. and we give this as the fair wholesale store
rate to-day. By retail, and for fancy brat/de:deal
ers soil at'a fraction higher., Tho wagon price has
been steady thioughout the -week at 5 62.!, per brl.;
in. occasional instancos a fraction more has boon
paid, but - the price just nutitedmay - be re,gardud as
the current tate.
WHEAT.—The supplios have been moderate
only. Of the parcels tit red'ilektsd bet4eThurs-
Clay, sales of fair to good wore readellksl 02 to 1 08;
and on Tuestlay one parcel of very prime red was
sold at 11.1. Ou Thursday a cargo of 3000 bush.
verif Itrime Virginia red was sold at 1 11 per bush.;
and to-day two cargoes of very prime - red ware told
at 1 1.`2. - AN'd q uoteliostreds today at 1 10 to 1 12 $
fair to good at 1 02 to 1 08; and thir to ordinary at
$l, and downwards, as in quality. On Tuesday a
lot of 100 bushels very prime white was sold at 1 25.
ye quote best white at 1 22 to 1 23, and other
•ts lower according to quality,'
CORN.—:-Sales of both . sorts of old have been
made at . stg'to- 3.5 ets. pea bushel, according to
duality, and we quote in conformity thereto.
RYE.—Sales have ranged from 65 to 63 cents
)or bushel.
"OATS.—Sales at 31 conts—wo quote 23 to 35
contsp_or bushel.
Kr3Ows IIIgNTYRE, who has applied for
the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, is a resi•
dent of Cumberland township.
07-The CASKET for October has been
received. See the Contents, in another co
Titurr , mkt
Agreeably to -publie , notice, a:respectable
meeting of the friends of the AMERICAN
SYSTEM was held at the Court-house, in
the, borough of Gettysburg, on Saturday
the 15th instant. The meeting was orga
nized by. appointing the Hon. JAMES
WILSON Chairman and JOHN B. M‘Pumt
soN-Seeretary. The object of the meeting
being stated, on motiorY of A. G. Miller, Esp
Resolved, That a committee of five be
appointed to draft resolutions expressive of
the sense of this meeting..
Whereupon, A. G. Miller, Esq. Col. J.
D. Paxton, Z. Herbert', Esq. J. McSherry, -
Esq. and Mr. S. Buehler, were. appointed
said committee—who reported as follows:
Resolved, That this meeting approve of
the,pi:oject of holding a Tariff Convention
in the City of New York, on the 26th inst.
Resolved,' That we approve of the rim-
TECTING DUTIES as they exist at present—
as we deem it the policy and interest or the
Resolved, That we disapprove of the OB
JECT and PRINCIPLES of the Tara Cotiven
tiOrilately held in• Philadelphia.
Resolved, That the following gentlemen
be appointed Delegates to the contemplated
Corivention to he held in the City s y New
York on the 26th instant, viz:
James WilSon, Esq. Hon. Daniel Sheffer,
Daniel M.Smyser, Esq. iblin B. Clark, Esq.
Ezra Blythe, Esq. James I McSheiry, Esq.
David Middlecafr,Esq. 141icliaol Slagle, Esq.
Col. Goorgo tholes, Capt. James Clark.
Resolved, That these proceedings be
signed by the Chairthan and Secretary and
published in all the papers of the Borough.
JAMES WILSON, Chairinan.
J. B. MTuraesoN, Secretiry.
The. EZcaion..,—ln another column
wirbe &and the Returns in , full of the late
eleeti6n in : ttis County. Considering the
• •
inclemency orthe weather, the result of the
election vv - a.s quite •as favorable. as we ex
pected. Had the day 'been favorable, our
majority would have been at least 500. One
of our candidates Test his electipn, not through
the paucity of...hati,masonic votes,-but toe
causexca.sox, Esq. t e third Anti
masoniccandulate, persistedii running,,end
thereby diverting aSeetickofour votes from-
Mr. CAss.4.yr. It is to be regretted, that
personal enmity should have leen permitted
to triumph over- patriotism, in so worthy a
man as ,Diekson-'..-iu one so truly and
originally Antimaionic. Had it not been for
the \ unceasing rain, our Majority would have
been overwhelming. Itr Menalletvand Be:.
wick - atone, cut of as they were with im
passable waters, our mdorit was thereb •
diminished more than two hundred; and
elsewhere in proportion. The Masonic
strength all lies in the towns, and were all
out--cur's 'in the country. Besides, Anti
masons are *composed of old steady, and :se
date men, .vho have an eye to. eternity.---
Their constitutions could not bravo-the ele
ments. The Masonic forces consist mainly
of reckless adventures, who regard neither
God, man nor weather—who would sacrifice
all for ROYALTY. Under all these circum
stances, our success is a real triumph. -
We learn that Lebanon county has dent
ed an htimasonic ticket in lull. Dauphin
gives one Antimasonic and one Masonic .
Member of Assembly. Lancaster gives the
whole ticket and 900 of a majority!
to-day, the Antima.sonic Republicans will
find a Call f r a meeting of those Delegates
who settle r the late ticket. We hope the
Delete appointed will all attend, and that
the township which was not fully represent
ed heretofore, will, be so this"time. ‘,. .
Jorry D. AfAtro7, Esq. and Gen: ROBERT
McCoy, of Cumberland,and JESSE MILLER; . "
Esq. of Perry county, are . cm.sidered can
didates for Congross, in' he plad v e of the late
Hon. Wm. Ramsey.:
MARYLAND ELEciloNs.---The elections
Id Miry land havo-torminated--inAhe,defeat—
of the friends of the present administration..
The Senate of the State (says the Fredevick
Examiner,) is composed of 15 members, all
of whom are opposed to the policy, and re
eleCtion of Gen. Jackson. Theouse of
Delegates consists of 80 members,•of*Whom
21 are in favor and 59 adverse to Gen. Jack
son. And.we also learn front the same pa
per, that out of nine Representatives,to Con
gress,.eleeted this fill, in. that State, five are
I • ea: I nn Gm brkson_
oti- When B rot her SAN aDERs next, appeals
to the pub!' about "unfounded" and "un
true" statem,s in the Star, he should lay .
the spirit of Masonry aside, and let the pub
lic know who it was that made those -false
statements.. • The Town Council, and *not
the Editor of the Star, as is inferred from
Brother Sande& appeal, have made those
"unfounded and untrue" statements if there
are any. Act honorable if you can, brother
Boaz, if it is towards an Anti-Mason.
MORE MAsoNnY.—We addressed a No.
of "The Star" to a Masonic Editor a week
or two ago. It was returned last week, with
the following written on the margin:—
"Kr f wish you would go to hell with
your damned political Anti masonry—we
want a paper that hits some news in it—not
filled withd--t-d foolishneSS as• yours is—
So. dont scud it any more—or else we will
be obliged to use it as it ought to be—We
are no masons nor antimasons."
The paper containing the aboVe is at the
service of those who wish to see 'it. For
ourselves, , we. -make -no comments. None
are needed. The people can make their Own
COME AT LAST !—From the Baltimore
Pairiotwe learn that the MiniSterExtraor-
JOHN RANnoLrn, who was sent with
atoving -commission. to St, Petersburghi - has"
.arrived at New York.
INWRRECTrONS.—Judging from reports
that are in circulation in various parts-ofthe
country, it'appears that a secret understand
ing must have prevailed among the Negroes
of the several States in which they have
risen. They have almost simultaneously
risen in Virginia, North Carolina, South
Carolina, Delaware, and Mar*land-cand from
the Frederick Eiaminer L we learn, that the ,
Frankfort Kentnckian, received on Tuesday
last at that office, "states tliat a rumor has'
reached that - place, that the Negroes have
risen in Louisiana and have possession of,
the coast both above and below New, Or
Siror-tarrrsc.-.--A "lady" was lately de
.tected, in New York, it; taking a roll of
ribbons, valued at $4 from a store; and sen
tenced to pay $B, doubln c the value of the ay-,
tick stolen."' She paill-dearfor hel•
A CoumrnurErren.—A man was tec - 64 1 V..
Tyco . gunitted to jail iri .Fleiningsbui.g, Ky..
'rdii suspicion of being Concerned in the
making Of counterfeit dollars." He, howev
er, making his way through a
window, mounted a horse, and effected his
.escape, His name is Azdria.h P. 'art,
Printing Establishinelafor sale,
. 04T - The Proprietor of the " Man.?) eld,
kw, Gazelle Printing EstubliShmept," wish
es to sell out, on accommodating terms. Ad .
d miss, polt -ptid, JAMES PURDY, Mansfie l d
Ohio. :