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Unato'd by influence, and by GAIN.
Tr.orday Morning§ October 14 1831.
Demon 'gine Antl•Masonlo Nom!"halo* I
Pr'' Nig*
_Wirt, of .111 d.
Jaws EUmsker, of Pa.
BAtaluoar MARKET.—The prices of Flour, and
other articles of marketing, vary but little from
111 week'. /*a •
PP. sie.
1111 1 6 0 160 1 4614.4Wrpublicans are request
iobeet at thioilitease of Michael Newman, on
• 4 7 741114 W arming next—at the house of James
ing—amd at the housef
sh:on y -- 1 • islg--111Won - lif• tiy
evening, at the house of Philip Heagy—to concert
measures preparatory to the election.
DraTarsinua.—On Thursday morning last, very
early, Mrs.. Waiaiar wife of Mr. Henry Weikert
near Bonaughtown, in this county, was found,ly.
ing in a spring dead. An inquest was held over
the body, whose verdict was, "that she came to
her death by accidentally falling into the spring."
She was always esteemed as a good neighbor, and
kind and affectionate wife and mother, and has
left near and- dear friends - to main her quick and
anlooked for exit from among them.
THE SENATOR.--Let it over be remember
•d, that the Masonic Ticket is headed with Hkx..
no one pretend, that such a ticket is •Democratic:
And let it also 'oe remembered, that the Anti.
masonic ticket is headed with a firm Re • üblica •
one who will represent the People, and oppose the
trickery of the Lodge, it he is elected.
To the_pcills;_then, and _ ch __ oose_s_cons . • •
PUBLICAN, in preference to a titled ARISTOCRAT.
THE PRESIDENCY.—The nomination of
Mr. WIRT will, we presume, be highly satisfacto.
ry to all the opponents of Secret Societies. It is
a happy illustrAtion_oLour_principles, --It ahowe
that we entertain no proscriptive feeling. That
we do not war against . Men. That we think no
worse of any man for having been deceived into
Masonry, provided he is now willing to renounce
and join us to put down- ,that vibe Inestiiajou.......
Mr. WIAT had himself taken one degree fluty
years ago. Ho had no , k.nowhAmsvpf the abom
inations of the high degrees, But as soon as he
was convinced of their iniquity, from the late dis.
closures, he repudiated the Institution; and has
joined his mighty name and talents with the pure
patriots who are laboring to save our country from
its blighting influence. In talents, integrity and
honor, he is a host himself, and 'deserves the more
credit for now aiding us, that he was once in the
polluted den. Mr. Warr and Mr. ELLMAKER are
both of German descent. It would be galling to
the pride of the Great Grand Kings, if the two
highest offices in. the_Dnion should be. filled by ple-
.ian Germans I 1
NEXT TUESDAY you will be called on to ex
ercise the dearest rights of Freemen; that right
which distinguishes you from the subjects and
sieves of Des Pots. You will be allied upon to
_your approbation, or disapprobation of pri n.
eiples firma importance to your 'safety. You
---evill-be-asked-44}-reeord-your-abhol or appm
val of-that oath.bound and bloody Institution,
which makes war upon the laws of God and man,
and is_ketwoiLagai n Rt. 1' orn rn n v ,Let no-pat. ;
riot stay from the Polls. Freemen, as you value
your Liberty,. go to the Polls! Pailiotaoli_j_ou..
value 3rour.Conntry, go to the Polls! Christiana, yuut.Gbditimi-venorate-your---Retiticm;
foto the Polls! All those are in danger from a
-- -treasornbleand
to be sustained by a combination of political par
. tisane, who have forgot their ancient hatred, in
their love of Masonry. Penney/mini° "expects
every man will do his duty."
Erne Insparroas Ecconotra, as far as heard
fkom, -show a considerable gain for our par
ty. Ap the borough, although a number of our
friends were absent, and more votes polled than
at lastyear's election. the Masons succeeded by
about the same majority that they did at: the last
Inspectors election. In, Cumberland township,
our Inspector was anonirrieue/y Wected. Last
'Fall a devotee of the Lodge, we believe, was elec.
ted in 'Huntington—this year, a RepUblican An
ti-in' aeon carried the day. •In Liberty, although
two of the,cable-tow men were on the spot.our ,
!Hands succeeded by a majority double that of last
year. In Franklin, and others of the bilwhill;
eur friends have triumphed. •So we go. Every
day liiiiagemate convert9o our party. And on
TUisDA I Ir NEXT, la proud Aristocrats who
oppotai Anti-Masonry, will learn the estimation
ist whsch they are held by' Republicans.'
QUERY --W 4 wee Brother Boaz, and other
Fedeial Maeoni, so actively engaged tut.] riday
in trying to (14!feat the Antimaeonie ticket?
Aztewza-03-All for the good of tie DEMO.
(RACY, foreoetht
• rruOld Ilppio," although ba type, u crowded
out ibis weak. •
- We have just learned and are requeatt
Mite that the accountgiviurof tha trimmer of n •
kifing Min Reilie as given from the York •paper,
Ogit intact hi* llll * parts,'
KrTA I X:PAYERS, .11§-
The Lancaster Herald says—,P4urylva.
nia is in debt about Fifteen Millions of
• Ftee
H red 7'
- 4
~.:., ft , 1., . . •r C • 111 ‘• T/, 'I/, . an
r t, I,___ average of * lO6 for every taxable inhabitant
* in the county. It will likewise be a tax of
im ill
nearly one dollirr on every acre - of arable
• 14 ,
land. 4
Again—The interest on the above at fi ve
per cent would amount to 75,000 dollars per
_ annum. To meet this a tax of one dollar
to-be-paid y- ao
composing our population—or five
dollars by every taxable inhabitant, rich or
Farmers, too t these facts! Are they
not startling. t they not cause - every
one of you to pills° and reflect upon the
causes which hese broup,ht - suctrunparalleted
burdens upon yolk,. Must they not cause you
to look for the ineans of escape from the
ruin with whictivirou are threatened. Ex
amine the sit eCL as becomes you. See if
't is not the st 4, of profligata corrupt
legislatio ' 'Slog it,, has not•er une a
mong t , .:*.y . curses.of a Masonic gw.
erpm — w ether the schemes plimatin
the ..14 0 midnight lodges to•treat
o ,to dart power, has not beeri•tllE
source, the vgry fountain of the burdens un
.. Which youitire groanii4; - ard — which if
continued, will givallow up your substance. I
Be assured that you will find this tliabealbik'
Resolve therefore to escape ruin before it be
too late. Dismiss your unworthy agents
who have betrayed your confidence; who
have proved their utter incompetency and
their matchless profligacy. Selectmen who
are truly republican in principle and prac
lice,„ who prefer the interests oftheir_ con,
stituents to their own aggrandizement; who
will be at liberty to act according to the dic
•Dites of their own judipaent, instead of con
forming to the instructions of the lodge, or
the force of secret obligations. Select, in
short anti-masons, freemen; honest men and
capable. Send such-men to the legislature,
and retrenchment and economy will follow.
Think of these things, fellow-citizens, when
you go to the Ballot-Box, on next TUESDAY. a
Ma. MAD L1uz011..=37011 may - consizie
it ridiculous, in one who has never had the
advantage ofa College Education, nor placed
in a•situation of life, to command any respect
or influence from wealth—nor has he any
claims upon the Flublic, nor vanity enough
to ever expect-any; further than what strict
justice may confer upon him, as a reward
of his daily labor, to attempt to_form any o
pinion of the two great political divisions,
now agitated in the United States, establish
ed upon _the principles of Speculative Ma
sonry, and ArcrFMAsointr—but I assure
you that he has; and however simtde the
process that established it, I have no doubt
but that it may assist same in forming theirs.
Being convinced that simple dregs often of
what compounds would fail to do, and
at the same time easier swallowed, and
'more moderate in their a operations—being
more easily digested, they of course become
more agreeable—l then conclude, that the
principles of the two great political interests,
may be defined under the twofollowiri l m
ple heads, viz: Ist, the folly and vanity of
-Masonry—end again,-the -great evil-result=
Suppose then, that we very justly and ra
tionally compare Masonry to a. large
splendid Trunk, decorated with mairbm
ily and costly appendages, placed in the
hands of an officer, with instructions how z lo
for t he use it
side of this richly dressed and_ gold
t •
- themtwitiiiii - St — ritifibifiliTetters of 4n -
ten thus, "A SECRET WITHIN" , - - - I• ;
you approach and read this superscription,
the•etheer-iftforms - yotr-that - this - Segerertt
contains is of great value, and known to but
few of the hums n family -and-if-you-wish
to become acquainted with it, and join the
.- nobki : kwryou - vvill - but - have
—or 20 dollars, and swear to keep the se.
crettref - the - Institution aninte will opeh the
trunk, and reveal the Secret. But behold,
when the trunk is opened, how astonished
the beholder, in seeing nothing more than
another trunk, with a like
His curiosity being now excited, he is c •
strained to swear and pay the demand • . fee,
and the second trunk is opened—h: s again
astonished to behold a third trunk, with rthe
same inscription as before. ' Vexed end
disappointed, yet ambitious to find the
cret, he continues to pay and swear, until
the last trunk is opened, when lo! it contains
By this view of Masonry, we readily
conceive, the folly of the Institution, in its
childish pretensions. But again when we
consider the number of trunks to be opened
and the aggregate amount of payment re?
teived, we may as readily conceive the fa
cilitythat, is gilien to the acquirement of an
inexhaustible finad to be disposed of; by the
Institution, in whatever way may be thought
prPper. This fund, although acquired by
the most simple - invention ever devised by
man, clothes the `lnstitution with a power
unknown to the multitude,- and hence the
evil; the members of the Institution being
sworn by the most solemn.oathe--4mund
under the most severe penalti es , to protect
and defend a brother in whatever
'difficulty he might meet with,right or wrong.
Whether that difficulty should arise from a
tranegreneion of either the civil or political
laws of.otirOwernment, It Matters not; the
evil cora ieq uerelitk , are felt in StiC t ity, - an 4
justice and humanity °Oen mourn.
Whether in carrying 44y, a nd. Si agiur :.
daring-% free borncitizen, kir nothing more,
than his preparing io . pulish the Secrets of
the Institution;:Wider a ctscious sense of
duty to his country, bu which would con
sequently, open all the funks, exhaust the
fund , d des , the , • ,- •
InstitUtion—or whetOr in defending and
protecting the perpetrsors of this foul act
from .the puiilshment ue to their crimes,
by contempt ol — th\e — civt - authority of the
Government---trarnplinfupon the Laws of
God and setting the saluary laws of man at
defiance, the two lafegurds of man
pact society, the evil ofthe Institution is' e
-qually . .
Thus having myself lad independence. f
mind 4ufficiedtly file from prejudice, to
trace_Masoary_Abroughits many winding
ways, from the Ravelatims of Morgan and
many honomblasecedin4 Masons—although
by ^as simpleatgumentt as the above, 1 be
came opposed tst pinciples, believing
them to have a:an rtes influence upon
I our free institutions, andam of opinion that
if the many andegst us ? who say they are
neither Numb:l66r Atti-Masons, would
take an impartial view. of the Institution,
they would matkely_setie Oow‘upon the
same opinion. ratnAlstastutithed at those
who call themselverritither*Masons nor
Apia-Masons, which is is much as to say,
'that at an electiop (hey would vote for the.
andidates whom key considereciW_st quali 7
Red to fill thri - difFerent )ffices, without re
spect to party, generally rote the Ticket sup
, 'ltd. by the Mason&-7contradicting in
practice their own assertions. But , what
ever the result of the approaching election
may be, it will prove there are consistent,
undeviating and firm Anti-Masons in
Ma..MlDDLErrort—l- - was not a little• sur
prised in looking over the "Star" of last
week, to see that the CONVJCTRD EDITOR of
the "Compiler" has been pardoned by your
Deputy Grand Master, Governor WOLF.—
I was strongly persuaded that, for the sake,
at least, of 'giving the lie to the Anti-masonic
publications concerning the Royal Arch De-)
gree, (that oyal Arch Mason is bound to
assist a brother when engaged in any diffi
culty, so far as to extricate him, whether he
be—rcrigi , • - • " II •
permit the culprit, in this instance, to suffer
the . full amount of punishment awarded to
- -him for-this flsgrahrbretich-of the laws bo
moral and divine. But I was mistaken.—
True it is, that though three fold chord
be strong," the four fold chord of a "Past
Master is not easily broken."
But, Alas! Mr. Middleton, in sober sad
-mess, what are — the prospects - 61 the enlight
ened many in this boasted land of Liberty
and Equal Rights in the present state of af
fairs? What is our boasted trial by jury
worthl If the crhninal be a Mason, he is,
if possitge,acquittettbrenwarmelitig Mason
ic Jurors—witness the case ofElisha Adams,
'bn - his trial in Lockport, N. Y. when the
proofs were so positive that 11 out ofl2 ju ;
rors unhesitatingly pronoun Ced him guilty,,
yet the 12th man, who teas a mason, (and
the only mason on that Jury) hung out to
the last, and refused to convict him !—lf the
expediency should fail in procuring a suita
ble jury, and the prisoner should unfottu--
nately be found guilty, as_it happened in the
case of LEFEVER, we behold the prosecuting
-.4tterney-visiC iig lain, &sawn as - the prison.
er-is confined—kindly and "charitably"
condoling- with -him,- and-- PnoßAßLy—aiding
_in--forwarding--a—petitirmin Govel nor;
who if he be under the power of the Cable
tow, is hound to pardon him however horrid
the crime, except the prisoner should have
been so unfortunate as to have perpetrated
it Upon a Mason—which I presume, by the
by; would make an important diflerence.
: After such proofs as these, shall we stand
Oh folded arms coolly looking on and be-
Mid_the prostitntion_Will we hold- most,
Auar-,--- 5 - 4 our--Ccsistitiition and our sae
Laws? No, sir, Maryland is too pry
on; she will ere long arise in
teach_the miniaut_of the
I N pursuance of an order of the Orphans' 4 .
-..c9Aid orAdapLeo6W-viirbegiNlPOlß•m'
eti to public sale, an
.... ,'
Saturday the 28th day of iv' oodtabmWr i . as
-- - - -- .- on tiro premitiet ; 4, -- ' , ,--t
Late the Estate of John Fiches, : .. . • , i' •
Contaißiy, 9.1 Aeres& 38 ' erett;-
, • - in —t. .
, ,
~„,,,„ ..,,,„ ~ , or, with an owance, s it uate - titurninr
TO OUR CREDITORAL - ton tm lll 4 , littlani, B wu n c l, , t it, .e .ll ' ii ... 1- t t
• the town of eterseurg, or nip ,
On Friday last, the str e ngth of the Ma- rifIAKE•NOTICE, that we bave app lied adjoining lands of Fletcher Mddrhead t &-
sonic party was put to its utmost stretch— -m. to Judges of the Court of Common cob. Gardner and others, on which tillt.01613••
yet Anti-Masonry was triumphant ! not- Pleasof Atkins comity; for the belt& of the ted a large and cowmen* two story
withstanding the leading Jacks had every Insolvent laws, and 'that the said Judges - • • • BRICK 11011111111
brother in the Township, white, brown and have appointed Monday the 28th day of ['Li] sod KITCHEN,. a brick Spring
yellow, on .the - ground, aided by two men- November wit; for the -hearing of us and al ill bowie, a double Barn, ano n fivner
ials of thellandmaid, or Apprentice Masons, our creditors, ikt theeourt-housein the bor- . - There is never-
James White; Jr. from Ohio, and David' ough of GettysburWribere you may attend failing Spring of Water convenient. id the.
Biker; Jr. of Maryland. But ,the Cable. if you think paoper. home' and barn, with a Fountain Ptipttnean - '
row was too short—it would not reach! ALEXANDER SCOTT, the kitchen door.. • ° '
,' JACOB,. SMITH, - About SEVEN AMES. of tilt:l;l6)re . ,
MR: MtOpuriort.—Aed reside in rather • HENRY WOLF. - Tract:is cleared. and -under good fence,- tbw
a remote section of the county, and tie a mat-4. October 4, 1831. - - . 4t--46 re i l iei n d er e etipe d w ith .otoo ll e heri i iii, . .
~ .
ter of course Ido not get yontpaper so di- The Frederick "Biel:airier"' wilt insert the a. There is an Orchant of . .,PoAA:tuidAgglii,.
rect as many others of ylpur pWoo—but as boys to the amount of Id wed charge this office. trees onthe prem i ses . •-,,, ~„,.. . - -
chance would have it, I 8040 see your's . - - Aliso
... .
. 3. • ~
and likewine poor tittle inneamt*Patriarch TO OUR CREDITORS. -.. ' ) - $,, „,, at , •0
DS WOS. ' , •
JACOB'S paper, of buit week—both in due n - • • _
season. I must centess that:l caught, hold T AKE NOTICE, that we have applied Adjo(ningtherTown orPettolharg. ALEN& •
of tbe Patriarch's withconsiderabb) inhiosi. •m• to the Judges of the Court of Comnpcn 4-140 T .-Oir- G 110 1 7 4 .0 --- s
ty, as I had not an opportunity of -hearing Pleas of Adarne county, for the benefit of thle ' n the To*n of i teterebe . m„ •3* which: UPI
any : thing particularist from the Gentleman Insolvent ' laws, and that the seid Judges ensetear, 4 .Festibee HOW* if 1011101 W ,
since his return from Comaten and expect- have appointed Monday 'the 28th day ~/ A &rennet* Water runs tknoughthis Let.
ing that his ideas and Style would be o f November next,for the hearing of es end our - . Sale to . eommence at 12 n'eleaglllL, of '
lore; mated, order than Envneirly; but, to creditors at the Cotirt-houtte in the borough said day, when .attendance _will 'he Atirioldo
my sad &appointment, r could' not &scoter ofGettynturg, where you may attend if you and terms of sale made knevriOPY .' 1 ;4 1 '
, ,
~ .
that improvement whir 1" bad so - fondly an. think 'ProPer.,- ' . - . • JACOB. - FICM 41 1 ,,,,L... .___
' PETER IR. BIWITil; $ ''- . TV
ticipitedi _ and flit:l4oa !enclude, That he ,' , JORK,,,MINTYRE, . .
cannot be a very 9 4 artattlat or otherwise - , _JOSEPHXONER, ~ , Ay tho Court„ .
theirir . b9s, been a vacation Ardered by the --..-- ,' \I'OHN BITERS. - JOHN A. CLAIM eke*/ ' i._
Principal &the Inatitlltiotiy end thit he had ' Octobey 4; 1831.\ - ' 4t-28 Octotter 4,,.1331,,,,,- ' ~- .10...,1111 .
will - not permit herito
i-Masonic question is pra
y in this end of Frederick
have no doubt but its course is
m every other part of the county.
Zmmittsburg, Sept. 26, 1831.
gtesiing ra
per might and
idmaid that she
o be thus enslaved!
_ flotAi ._m_
WAS fitifebr, some
SHOTES, black and white color, with their
lett - ears cropped. -- The owner IS here noti
fied to call and prove property,,parettliges
and take them away, otherwise they Will
be disposed of as the law directs. -
October 4,18 31. 4t--403
~~~ ~'~~
not an opporiliplfrog4idking as an e.Tteissive
a course as Ukelele* but intendurtsuming
his studies by and by. I think the latter
is the most plausible conjecture; and that
Again, it almost causes me to smile when
I think of the Gentleman's liberality in of
fermg_ ycl supply Franklin county with an
Anti - sonic ticket. It reminds me very `
much of the Devil's offer,,to Christ when on
the ingunt-,-{ihewing him the kingdoms of
the earth, and saying, "all these wily give
unto thee, if thou will but fall down and
I . i • • ••• • • same tithe the
poor Devil had nothing for himself. Dr.
SMlrx and 4. RozinvErric, are both stern
mid- efficient supporters-of - the Republican
cause of 'Anti-Masonry. No doubt the Pa
triarch would be very willing to bury them,
with theirs, in the !Niagara, or some where
else, so that the owl, party might facilitate
their plans, and consequently be more sue
cessful in the torture of their prey.
Oct. 1, 1831. TYRONE.
We have juet learned, with_fielinge of deep re-_
gret, since we commenced striking off our paper
that the Hon. WILLIAM RAMSEY, Member
of Congress , from this District, died in Carlisle,
on Thursday morning, the 29th instant—of the
prevailing fever.—Carlisle Expositor.
-A - SSUIH3tLy CA-iIM)2kTE:
At the solicitation of many of my friends
I have been induced. to offer myself as a
Candidate for the Assembly at the ensuing
Election—lf the Public think proper to sup
port me for the above office, it shall be
thankfully received by their humble servant.
September 6, 1831. te-22
cffk2Elo 4 CabOIDO
T HE subscriber respectfully tenders his;
thanks to his friends, and the public
generally,- for tneir liberal encouragement,
:nd informs them tii,t,he - has just returned
from the Cities of Philadelphia and Balti
timbre with a
• 003:114-•
gihdrand - French - super ! rayal*
MERINOS, & Merino and Thib
C* — As Puffing isinmecessary,Tonlyw;
quest a call, to oblige
Yotrr obedient serv't.
Gettysburg, October 4,1831. 4t-26
Committee of Joseph L. Hutton and
Benjamin Hutton, is filed in the Prothono.
tary's Office of Adams county, and will be
confirmed at the next-Novenkr Term—if
no objectiOn.s are made.
GEO. WELSH, Proth'y.
October 4, 1831.*. tc— A
• -
EMAINING in the Yo
sm• Office on the Ist da7—d
John Brough, 3
Miss Alma Boy!!
Wm. De t sp
Robt. E
October 4; 1831.' 4t-26
%TR.kY t4llo_TlEtii.
5 prings
Oct. 1831.
r - eorge Raman
Mary MondorfF
Wrn. Nicklin
Wm. Reid.
John Shewmaker
The subscriber Will Bell atipablie
On Saturday the ietb rslant
oa t e premises, at 12 delecispli.
Lying in Tyrone township, Adam; eounty;, ,
adjoining lands of Jacob King.ConinallVa...
goner and ethers, 1 mile from iiihitestolimi
and about the same distance from the new
Furnace erected by Mesets. Duncan is Mi.
hon. It will be sold in LOTS of lO r loor
20 Acres each, josuitpumb • - .
half the purchase :motley Ur
be Cash, and the balance - in-three equal 40,
nual payments.
October 4, 1831. tee2B'
Will be sold at public sale, on the premises,.
On Saturday the sth o'= Not;
.•'••• A TRACT Or
• , „„
'ontaining 230 Acres, -more or
y o -
.ceased, situate in Liberty to
county, adjoining lands of Robert S. GneTr
David Roth, and others. Thor itoptan* ,
meats are a two-story
rute4l o 6 . 32(o4 2 eiaie
a double log Barn, with other _
outbuildings; an excellent well of water
with a pump, convenient to the dwelling
anorchard containing — n — satiety of _fruit
trees; a sufficiency of meadow and timioeir
for the farm.. ALSO,
With out-buildings.
The above property will be sag togeth--
er or divided to suit purchasers. Persons
wishing to view the property, will call ea'
Mrs. Bigham, who resides on the fitrin.,a-
Sale to eommence at 12 o'clock, M. nrhinn
the terms will be made_kno
tenice given, by
MCOB MYERD, Ereentorce
IN-puremanoe of an Order of the s • •
Court of Adamecounty, will beettramed•
to public sale, •
On Tuesday the 25th day of detobsi
* on the premiere,
L •rts D . r
Situate in Cimlstrhuld township,
county, 2 miles from Gettysburg, 1 1 41044
lands of John Ritter, the heirs of WI
Clelland, sen. John S. Cmwfortt
Ccintaining 230
more or less. The i
.Ott.l l l do]
.cres„ -
kovements are a
re log }lam, and Orchard-4-
spring -of water near the - haese.
is a sufficiency of good WOOD'
W. To be sold as the Estee ,cf:
Friderick Eicholtz, deceased.
The above property will be shewn those
wishing lo puithise
ingon the farm.
Sale to commence at 12 o'clock, M. when
attendance will be given, and terms made'
known, by
JOHN REX, I •.,•,•.
Ad* r
By the Court,
I ;
- October 4, 1881. to