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VOLUME I. —No. 19.
The Influence of the Italian
Upon the world Advancement
For the Italian immigration
cause in America, we like to re
print from the "Houston Post''
the following fine article written
by Mr. Charles Edward Russell.
For my part I have heard
enough of this cheap talk about
superior and inferior races and
can do very nicely (as they say in
England) if I never get any more.
As a matter of fact there is no
such things as a superior race. All
races are essentially alike, admit
ting that there is any such thing
as a race. In some parts of the
world, because of fortuitous cir
cumstances, some of us have ad
vanced a microscopic distance be
yond some others less fortunate.
But a reversal of conditions
would have produced a reversal of
results; any way there is no
group nor tribe of the whole fain
ily that is out of hailing distance
of the jungle.
You only have to look at the
slum region in any city to see that
And another thing. While we
are on this subject, I have heard
enough of that word "dago", ap
plied in a derogatory sense to a
person born in Italy.
Here is a very good example,
one of the finest of the whole
world, of this idotic and bone
headed thing called race prejudice
Let's take a good look at it as ex
hibited in the case of the; anti-It
alian feeling that runs riot in some
parts of this country.
Superior Saxou, talking in this
large, vague way about the unde
sirable nature of the Italian immi
grant, are you aware that when
we call Western civilization is
nothing in the world but the Ro
man empire?
Do you ever reflect that all the
culture we have drew from the
shores of the Mediterraean and
the Adriatic?
Do you know that we are in
debted to Italy for the foundation
of all we have in government, law.
organized society, l art, literature
and every influence that makes life
decent and above savagery?
Do you know that we are all
Italians so far as we have in us
any of the results of education,
knowledge, restraint and the ac
cumulated wisdom of the world?
Do you ever reflect that Rome
was never really conquered by the
barbarians, but conquered them,
overcoming them with its civilza
tion and spreading through them
to the darkest corners of Europe
the light of such culture as we
have ?
Do you ever stop to think that
ii there had been no such thing as
the spirit of Italy we might all be
barbarians this day?
When your ancestors and mine
were skin-clad savages running
about in the woods, killing with a
club something for breakfast, It
aly was writing immortal books
and laying such foundation for the
education of the race as can never
be overthrown.
When the people of England
lived in filthy styles and had nei
ther art, literature, decency nor
ideas of progress, Dante was writ
ing one of the world's eternal
monuments of literature aud a
throusand schools in Italy nourish
ed for the rest of the world.
For all the modern world, she
was the mother of every art. We
owe her music, painting, architec
ture and sculpture, poetry and the
She even taught us to cook.
In the face of this record, the
descendants of a nation of greasy
hut dwellers that for centuries
never did a thing except eat raw
meat and carve one another look
rather ill talking in an awesome
manner about the inferior Italian
We can even go farther.
AYhat is it that the English
qieakingi people most brag about
when contemplating their vast su
periority to the lowly Latin?
AYhy, is it that we are pleased
to call our achievements for hu-
man liberty and free government.
When I was a school boy they
to drill that into me. The English
revolution of 1688 was supposed
to be the grandest event that ever
happened; all progress took it
date from 1688.
The American revolution, sup
plementing this, shed glory far
around and proved that when it
comes to struggles for liberty the
English speakers are the only gen
uine. All others are imitations.
There is not a page in the 1 i- ;
tory of the English-speaking peo
ple fit to compare for a moment
with the most obscure record of
the Italian revolution. We \hink
we have made sacrifices for liber
ty, do we not? The truth is wo
are not fit to be torch-bearer< to
j the Italians. All that w< ••• • ev
er done put together i. liildish
compared with the uneqiialed
story of that tremendous struggle 1
that ended with a united Italy.
Those long years of dogged, cease
less, unswerving; defeated and
never turning back, betrayed in
,the hour of hard-won victory, fool
ed by the pope, tricked by Napo
leon the Little, the soldiers of free
dom horribly persecuted, hanged, j
imprisoned, tortured, subjected to
the fiendish malice of the unutter
able monster, Ferdinand It, and
all this consuming not years alone,
but more than a generation; and
yet there was no turning back and
no thotight of giving up, but only
persistent, ceaseless fighting.
AYhere can you match such a rec
AYhere among the annals of
mankind is a figure fitted to stand
I by the side of Mazzini ?
AYe make overwrought heroes of
Hampden and Cromwell, Sydney
and Gladstone. They are but pig
mies all compared with this won
derful mail. With the single ex
! ception of AYendel Phillips, the
English-speakers have never pro
duced one man deserving to be
classed with him. The poorest It
alian village has its memorial of
Mazzini. In America the name of
Phillips is already obliterated.
iAre we really so superior ?
As Phillips himself said, a fair
test of ideals and aspirations of a
nation is had from the monuments
it erects.
You go about the city of AYash
ington and are edified with the
i sight of monument to military he
roes. AYhere did this man fight?
i I forget. AYhat was this man's
contribution to the human cause?
There is something about him in
the school history, but I don't re
member what it is. They are all
very brave in uniform, with
swords and pistols and things.
AYhat did they do? AYell, nobody
, knows exactly but they were great
I fighters. AYhere are the monu
ments to the men that led in ideas
|of freedom and progress? I have
not seen any of them in my native
land, but wherever they are I will
engage to find for each one of
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© 1914, by Presa Association^
These colors, taken In the battle of the Marne, are on exhibition In the Cbapelle des Invalldes In Paris.
Unconfirmed Report Says Subma
rines Attacked Admiralty
Harbor Unsuccessfully
British Officially Anounce Nurn
berg Destroyed by Stur
dee's Squadron
London, Dec. 11—Half a dozen
German submarines made an at
tempt at 6:30 o'clock Thursd .y
morning to enter, the admiral "f
harbor, according to a Dover tus
patch to the Exchange Telegraph
Company and for half an hour the
batteries kept up a furious fusi
lade, firing at least 200 shots. It
is reported that two or three of the
submarines were sunk, but no con
firmation of this can be obtained.
Attack in Storm,
ed on the east by the Prince of
The attempt was made under
Holdup at Creekside.
James Walker, who conducts a
small grocery at Creekside opened
his store about 6 o'clock Friday
morning and started the fires. A
stranger entered and asked for
chewing gum, then asked for a
loaf of bread. AYhen Waker turn
ed around from getting the bread
the man was pointing a revolver
at him. Walker gappled with the
fellow, who jerked loose from him
and ran out of the store. Having
no gun Walker did not follow him.
At 7 o'clock an American work
man employed at the coal mines
was held up. it is thought by the
same fellow, at the point of a re
volver and compelled to hand over
$5, all the money he had with him.
The robber then escaped. He was
an American, a big husky fellow;
too lazy to work for a living.
No Stamps Necessary
J. Blair Sutton, recorder of
deed for Indiana county, has been
advised by the Department of In
ternal Revenue, that No Stamps
will be required on deeds executed
prior to December Ist, 1914.
All deeds executed prior to that
date and not reeirded will be ex
empt from the tax, and it is im
portant that the people of our
i county make a note of this fact so
that they may know that their
deeds are valid if filed for record
without any additional expense.
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cover of early morning darkness
and during a heavy rainstorm. The
first alarm, says the dispatch, was
given by the firing of a naval gun.
and soon all the batteries were in
The admiralty, to whom this dis
patch was submitted, said that it
had not received confirmation of
the reported attack.
Dover is opposite the French
town of Calais and is one of the
chief ports of communication be
tween England and the continent.
The admiralty harbor, comprising
an area of 610 acres, is the finest
harbor of refuge in the channel.
Its construction was begun in 1898
and completed in 1909, at a cost of
The western limit of the older
commercial harbor and the admir
alty harbor is the admiralty pier.
The Commercial harbor is bound-
Name Attorney to
Defend Sam Mason
Attorney W. M. Mahan has
been named to defend Samuel Ma
son, charged with the murder of
bis brother-in-law, John Roof. Ma
son told the Court that he had no
money and that he would like to
have an attorney.
Two miners from Scott Glenn,
along the C. & C. branch of the
Pennsylvania railroad, have been
committed on charges of violating
the mining laws.
John Zellinouza, of Parkwood,
has been committed to jail on
charges of larceny. He had in his
possession some butter, apple-but
ter and other edibles and a stolen
overcoat when arrested.
Farmers Bank Elects Officers
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Farmers' Bank of
Indiana was held on Tuesday af
ternoon of last week and the fol
lowing directors were re-elected:
J. D. Ake, J. O. Clark, J. N. Lang
ham, D. C. Mack, Godfrey Mar
shall, J. C. McGregor, Dr. R. F.
McHenry, Robert Mitchell, D. B.
Taylor. John B. Taylor and Harry
W. Wilson. Attorney James W.
Mack, of Indiana, was chosen a
| director to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of S. A. Rinn.
of Punxsutawnev. The meeting
was presided over by Joseph D.
Dickey, of White township.
Wales pier, while the east arm of
the Admiralty harbor is built out
from the shore, to the east of Dov
er castle. There are numerous
forts guarding the entrance.
Victory Is Complete.
London, Dee. 10—The official bu
reau announced this afternoon
that the German cruiser Nurnberg
one of the warships which escaped
from the English in the engage
ment of December 8, has been
sunk. 4 .
The text of the official bureau
statement reads:
"A further telegram has been
received from Vice Admiral Sir
Frederick Doveton Sturdee, re
porting that the Nurnberg was al
so sunk on December 8, and that
the search for the Dresden is still
New Captain for Normal
School Football Team.
Irvin Shick, son of Mr. and Mrs.
James Shick, of East Chestnut
street, was elected captain of the
Indiana Normal school football
team at a meeting of the athletic
association of the school held on
Saturday evening. Former Cap
tain White and several of the oth
er members of the team will grad
uate from the school in June.
MET Brother First
Time in 45 Years.
W. B. Stahl was surprised this
week by an unannounced visit of
his brother, Peter Stahl, of Prai
rie du Chien. Wis, It was the first
meeting of the two brothers for 45
years. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stahl
were both natives of Cherryhill
township and located in Wiscon
sin 30 years ago, at which time W.
P>. Stahl was located in another
part of the west.
May Mean New Town.
Ward C'al dor wood has sold 135
acres of coal at Locust to Smith
and Chapman, of Irwin, who have
been active in that section. Tests
are being made in the same; sec
tion by the Bigler interests who
have large holdings, and it is be
lieved that a new coal operation
will result.
Savings & Trust Company Checks.
The Savings & Trust Company
i of Indiana is this week mailing its
checks to members of its 1914 club
The number of checks sent out
was 1,385, aggregating $31,009.
Italian Orchestra and Singers
Gave Splendid Pi ogram—-Reo
( ord Breaking Audience.
The Auditorium held the largest
* audience in its history since its
i renovation, for the second number
I*' the 1. M. C. A. course Tuesday
evening. The Neapolitans gave a
most pleasing program of popular
and lighter classical music, prop,
erly confining their numbers to
such as can be successfully played
by an orchestra of eight. The pic
colo and trombone soloists were
I'leasing, and were warmly eneor
-1 1 As director, Siguor Guarini,
was effective, and the organiza
iui as a whole was even better
than the Neapolitans of two wars
Signer Manetti and Madame
Bellini sang numbers from *'ll
Tro vatore and "Chocolate Sol
dier," responding to numerous en
cores with Italian comic songs
which pleased all, but were proba
bly understood only by the> Itali
ans in the house. From all over
Indiana county there was a large
turn out of Italians to greet their
fellow-countrymen. Special cars
ran north and south after the con
No Clue to Gypsy
Safe Dynamiters
Indiana county officers have
been unable to secure any clue to
burglars who dynamited the safe
in the P. V. Pyger store at Gypsy.
The robbery was a daring one. The
safe was removed from the back
of the store to the front and a hea
vy charge of explosive tore away
the door of the safe and wrecked
the front of the building. About
$350 in cash was secured by the
burglars. Tyger's loss is heavy.
A number of persons heard the
robbers at work, but thought it
was only someone connected with
the store unpacking stock until
the explosion occurred.
Joe Cedro Paroled.
Sheriff George 11. Jeffries left
Thursday morning for the Alle
gheny Workhouse to bring back
to Indiana Joe Cedro, who was
recenty paroled by Judge S. J.
Telford. Cedro was implicated in
a cutting affray at Eruest during
last summer and was given a sen
tence of 12 months' imprisonment
in the above mentioned institution
Has Pneumonia After
Fight With Officer
A\ alter Blystone, a member of a
prominent county family of near
Creekside, is in the hospital de
partment of the Indiana jail suf
fering from a serious attack of
pneumonia. Blystone was arrest
ed after a hard fight with Consta
ble Griffith near Coral and was
lodged in the county jail, where
pneumonia developed. The pri
soner is in a serious condition. Bly
stone is charged with surety of the
Wilson Site for New
Indiana Postoffice.
Harry Wilson has received word
; from the United States treasury
department that his residence site
at Seventh and Church streets has
been chosen as the site for the new
Indiana postoffice. For years this
has been the Wilson home. The
price is $lB,OOO and was selected
from 15 available sites. The new
postoffice will face the M. E. and
Presbyterian churches on opposite
! corners of these streets and will
| abut the Dr. W. A. Simpson and
G. P. McCartney residences.
WANTED—To buy a 6 or 7 pas
senger automobile; one that has
1 1 been used but a few months. Ap
ply at this office, giving make and