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    4 I Friday, Dec. 10, 2010
Career Services director retires after 27 years
By Kathleen Loughran
Jack Rayman had a dream.
As director of Penn State's
Career Services, Rayman was
instrumental in
developing jiBPBHg
Career Services Wr iMg
into the premier JBP
center it is today, .j*
Associate Vice V M
President for • r M
Student Affairs
Burlingame Rayman
"He's been a
leader nationally in focusing
career service on the idea of coun-
Distinguished communications professor retires
By Megan Rogers
Even though journalism profes
sor John Curley will retire at the
end of this semester, his legacy
will live on __ _
through his contri
butions to the uni
versity and les- ~ Ir- 1
sons imparted to \
students. i —< Lj
"The College of j - j
Communications l Ji
has been fortu- I— —BkJLl
nate to have such Curley
a distinguished
journalist on the facial;, for the
past ten years." Dean Douglas
Anderson said.
Curley made his mark as a
great teacher and journalist and
earned the respect of his students
Buses take
home for
By Matt Morgan
As students look to head home
ior the holidays, some local travel
companies are. oiierine special
For winter break, Fullington
’(railways is extending its express
.'■rvieo to most locations from
Wednesday Dec. 15 through
Sunday Dec. lit. said Milt
Weisman. Fbllington Ti'ailways'
\ice president of intercity coach
Express bus rides take cus
tomers directly to their destina
tion with no layovers, he said, and
are normally offered only once a
week from State College.
"Express buses are almost as
quick as a car" Weisman said,
it's safer, and for the cost it s
cheaper than having a parent
drive up and take them back."
Weisman said the bus is also a
■greener" way for students to get
Dan Fra to ni said he likes the
bus but has a problem with not
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upto so%off
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including “Free People"
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www connectionsclothing coni
seling students to think about
their careers in a very long range
view,” he said. "He’s a personal
champion of making sure we have
excellent career counselors.
That’s the reason Penn State’s
program is so highly respected."
When he arrived at Penn State
27 years ago, Career Services'
facilities were split between two
buildings, Rayman said. And
though there was a commitment
to Career Services, there was def
initely room to improve, he said.
"If you never have a dream,
you'll never have a dream come
true,” Rayman said. "Somebody
has to have a vision.”
This semester is Rayman’s last
at Penn State as director, since he
and colleagues. Some students
said they only had positive experi
ences to share about Curley.
Cariy Mallenbaum took COMM
475 (Issues for Newsroom
Managers) with Curley this past
semester and said she made it a
point to never skip the class.
"He's the man. I'm really
bummed that he's leaving." she
said. "He really cared and he knew
what he was talking about."
Mallenbaum < senior-broadcast
journalism) said everything she
could say about Curley is positive:
He was personable, gave great
feedback, held discussion-based
classes and truly cared about his
students and his profession.
Andrew Dzurita took COMM
401 (Feature Writing) with Curley
last spring and said Curley had a
vast wealth of tips not only for
Courtesy of
The megabus. and other bus services, provide students with an eco
nomical and environmentally friendly way to head home for break.
being able to take as much home
with him as he would like.
"There is never enough room
for what you want to bring,"
Fratoni (freshman-business man
agement! said.
Madison Savaria said she has
had similar problems.
"I definitely am aware that I
have to pack lightly, and that's
annoying," Savaria (junior-public
relations) said.
While taking the bus can be a
pain for some, others have had
good experiences with using the
bus to travel home for breaks.
"The bus is pretty fast and effi
cient." Andrew Pirollo (junior
accounting) said. "It makes it eas
ier on me and my parents." is another
Mon.-Fri. 10-8. Sat. 10-6
Sun. 12-5
will be retiring this month.
But Rayman’s retirement does
n’t come with an abundance of
free time. He said he hopes to
spend time with his 93-year-old
father and travel to see Egyptian
antiquities and Serengeti animals,
among other things.
At Rayman’s final conference,
attendees all wore a navy blue cap
imprinted with the slogan “You
don’t know Jack.” But for those
who knew Rayman, he’s a man
who many won’t forget.
‘ Jack’s intensity, strong sense of
purpose, intellect and commit
ment to quality will be difficult to
replace,” Vice President for
Student Affairs Damon Sims
wrote in an e-mail.
writing but for life in general.
"He was just awesome to learn
from." Dzurita (senior-broadcast
journalism) said. “He’s done so
many things.”
That's the kind of teacher
Curley was from day one,
Anderson said.
“I don't think I’d ever seen a
professor prepare so hard before
arriving at PSU,” Anderson said.
And students who have been
lucky enough to interact with
Curley should aspire not only to
his level of excellence in journal
ism, Anderson said but also to
his work ethic and positive atti
"His consistency and level of
preparation and dedication to stu
dents and loyalty to the institution
combine to make him what he was
all about,” Anderson said. “That’s
viable options for students look
ing to travel home to Pittsburgh,
Harrisburg, New York or
Philadelphia. Megabus boasts $1
fares if the ticket is booked far
enough in advance.
Dale Moser, president and
chief operating officer of, said the company
is not offering any special deals
because he believes its prices are
already a value. But they will
increase the volume of buses if
Students may not always want
to take the bus, but most will do
what they have to do to get home
for break
"I'd rather not take the bus, but
if I have to take it as a last resort I
will." Savaria said.
University Park Undergraduate
Association President Christian
Ragland said he has had the
opportunity to work with Rayman,
since Ragland has sat on the
Student Activities Pee Board, of
which Rayman is the chairman.
“He’s very student-oriented,”
Ragland (senior-political science)
said. “He was always available to
talk to students. He was very
quick to help us out he definite
ly deserves a lot of praise for that.”
Rayman said he initially decid
ed to be a career counselor
because while he was an under
graduate, he felt there was a lack
of quality services available.
During his time at lowa State as
an undergraduate, Rayman said
“His consistency and level of preparation and
dedication to students and loyalty to the
institution combine to make him what he was
all about.”
the kind of professor he was and start what is now known as the
the kind of person he is.” John Curley Center for Sports
Before coming to Penn State in Journalism in 2003. which was
1989 to serve on the Board of named after him in 2006. In
Visitors for the College of September, Curley was named the
Communications, Curley was the university's fundraising volunteer
president, chairman and CEO of of the year.
Gannett Co. Inc as well as the first With more free time on his
editor of USA Today. During his hands, Curley said he will see
tenure as head of the Gannett more of his five grandchildren. He
News Services, the company won also plans to increase his travels,
a Pulitzer Prize.
At Penn State, Curley helped to To e-mail reporter:
Ragland: ‘Pleased’
with semester’s work
Student government leaders
from different organizations said
they have had a successful fall
semester and are already plan
ning for the future.
University Park
Undergraduate Association
President Christian Ragland said
he is pleased with what he’s
accomplished so far.
“From the executive stand
point, [UPUA Vice President]
Colleen [Smith] and I have pretty
much accomplished the majority
of our platform, and anything that
hasn’t been accomplished is 50
percent there,” Ragland (senior
political science) said.
Council of Commonwealth
Student Governments President
Mohamed Raouda expressed
similar sentiments.
“It was actually one of the best
semesters we’ve seen in a long
time... it’s a really good step for
ward for CCSG,” Raouda (senior
history and international politics)
"Everything from my platform
has been accomplished. We set
out to finish our 90-day plan that
we had introduced in August, and
December 17 th
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By Kathleen Loughran
The Daily Collegian
he was a resident assistant with
Graham Spanier in the same
“I always tell people that’s the
last time I was above [Spanier],”
he said with a laugh. “I was on the
eighth floor.”
After graduating, Rayman
entered the Peace Corps because
he said he wanted to make a dif
“You go in wanting to change
the world, and the world ends up
changing you,” he said. “It made
me realize that the most impor
tant things in the world are not the
material things but the relation
ships you make.”
To e-mail reporter:
Douglas Anderson
dean of the College of Communications
we finished it back in November.
The 90-dav plan was the first
for the organization, CCSG Vice
President Peter Khoury said.
“It’s gratifying to know that we
were able to work collaborativelv
with the other student leaders
because they in turn enact posi
tive change within the Penn State
community." Khoury (junior-biol
ogy) said.
Ragland said he has learned
this semester what it takes to be
UPUA president.
“One of the things I've learned
is that this is a role where you
can’t take yourself seriously
you can’t get caught up with your
self in the role," he said. "It's
about putting students first. At
the end of the day, we re all stu
dents. That's why the word stu
dent comes before leader."
Student government leaders
said they will continue to be busy
come spring semester.
Smith (junior-history) said she
is already looking forward to next
semester on UPUA.
“This was a really positive
semester, and one that is really
going to set the tone for next
semester," she said.
To e-mail reporter:
7 PM