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    I Friday, Dec. 10,2010
Police dog euthanized after battling cancer
ALLENTOWN A veteran police dog in Allentown has
been euthanized after briefly returning to wo A amid a battle
with cancer.
Nine-year-old Ealko had his spleen removed due to a rup
tured tumor in October and was later able to return to work
with his handler.
But The Morning Call of Allentown reports the cancer
spread to his liver and elsewhere. The police department said
Thursday that the canine was euthanized at a veterinary cen
ter in Whitehall.
Ealko joined the department in 2003.
He was honored for chasing down and catching an armed
suspect last summer and also chasing down a hit-and-run sus
pect two years ago.
The department credits Ealko with more than 20 felony
apprehensions and hundreds of narcotic detections.
Man charged in Facebook threats
ALLENTOWN Federal authorities say an unemployed
amusement park worker in eastern Pennsylvania threatened
to carry out “the most heinous school shooting ever imag
The FBI says Bethlehem resident Anthony Elonis made
that threat and others on Eacebook after he was fired from
nearby Domey Park and Wildwood Kingdom in October.
Elonis was charged Thursday with interstate communica
tion of threats. He is in federal custody pending a bail hearing
on Monday.
Authorities say Elonis posted a threat Nov. 16 that said there
are “Enough elementary schools in a 10-mile radius to initiate
the most heinous school shooting ever imagined.”
It continued: “And hell hath no fury like a crazy man in a
Kindergarten class.”
The public defender’s office did not immediately return a
request for comment.
Shumei Sun of Virginia Commonwealth University will
give a lecture at 11:15 a.m. in 127 Noll Laboratory (with video
conferencing to room CG62B at the College of Medicine). The
event is sponsored by the Department of Kinesiology.
Axel Munk of George August University in Germany will
discuss “The Estimation of Spot Volatility for High-Frequency
Data” at 2:30 p.m. in 106 McAllister Building.
Heidi Hausermann of Penn State will give a lecture enti
tled "Understanding Beans and Buruli: The Political Ecology
of Landscape Change in Mexico and Ghana" at 4:00 p.m. in 112
Walker Building.
Findlay, Pollock, Redifer and Warnock: Baked potato and Ched
dar soup, black bean chili, cuban sandwich, Cuban slaw, hot
dog, rice, teriyaki, vefetable stir-fry, french fries, glazed baby car
rots, vegetarian baked beans
Simmons: Dipped chicken sandwich station, bruschetta, flat
bread pizza, chicken and roasted vegetable pasta, rustica flat
bread, whole wheat pizza, tofu skillet, broccoli florettes, chick
pea bulghur, tomato pilaf, grilled eggplant, potato medley, roast
ed vegetables, sauteed cabbage, wild rice
Waring: Baked potato and Cheddar soup, cream of tomato, soup
of the day, greek salad, chicken cosmo, grilled chicken sand
wich, glazed baby carrots, grilled cheese, panini, grilled chicken
breast, harvest blend, popcorn shrimp, quarter pound cheese
burger, quarter pound hamburger, shoestring fries
Findlay, Pollock, Redifer and Warnock: Lobster and corn chow
der, pea soup, grilled chicken breast, horseradish crusted prime
rib, maple cranberry glazed roasted turkey portabello, mush
room lasagna, salmon with red wine barbecue, chives and garlic
mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing pala deen, fresh grilled
asparagus, roasted cauliflower parmesan
Simmons: Baked salmon with cashew presto, grilled chicken
breast, grilled chicken with honey mustard sauce, portabella faji
ta, brocoli florettes, chick pea bulghur, tomato pilaf, grilled egg
plant, potato medley, roasted vegetables, sauteeed cabbage,
wild rice
Waring: Assorted specialty breads, baked potato and Cheddar
soup, soup of the day, batter fried fish, chicken enchilada case
role, glazed baby carrots, monaco blend, old bay steak fries,
baked potato, black bean chili, broccoli florettes Cheddar
cheese sauce, quinoa and vegetables, vegetarian burger
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Sexual assault reported
At 11:26 a.m. Wednesday, a female Police were unable to confirm
student said she was sexually whether this was the first sexual
assaulted on campus by a man she assault reported on campus this
knew, Penn State Police said. academic year. Eight forcible sex
Police would not say where the offenses were reported in 2009, of
assault occurred or whether it which six occurred in residence
occurred close to the time it was halls, according to annual statistics
reported. released by Penn State Police.
From Page 1.
team in the past and it’s not a big
deal,” Patemo said.
Jay Patemo said Newsome’s time
spent with the unit is simply to get
him more reps since he’s third on
the depth chart and said he fully
expects him to attend the bowl
While Newsome still attends
meetings with the rest of the quar
terbacks, one of his former team
mates wouldn’t be surprised if the
sophomore left.
Former Penn State quarterback
Daryll Clark, who still checks up on
Newsome, said if the sophomore
decides to leave, it would be because
he feels his talents would be better
From Pa&e 1 want to be the voice of the student "The town is not centered around
° ' body. We have more power as stu- Penn State Harrisburg right now,
Harrisburg.” dents than some people think." but in the next few years, I want to
Taylor will be sworn into the coun- Though Taylor is unable to vote make it more student-friendly,”
cil in January. His term will last on the council, he said he is excited Taylor said,
until June, when the council will to bring some of his ideas forward. Taylor said he hopes to have more
either reappoint Taylor or appoint a “In Middletown, some students students on the council in the future,
different student for the 2011-2012 have felt harassed by police. One of 'Eventually, I would like to have
school year. Taylor said he is confi- my primary goals is to create a safe two Penn State students and two
dent the non-voting student seat will environment for students to live in," high school students on the coun
be a long-term position. Taylor said. cil." Taylor said. "Our input is criti
“l want this to be long-lasting. If Taylor said he hopes to make cal even if we can't vote.”
From Page 1.
ence top-notch competition, and
then was able to observe and learn
the offense from the sidelines.
Bolden was not made available
for comment per Joe Paterno’s
media policy.
Though Penn State fans might
wonder how Bolden would’ve fared
had he not been concussed in
Minneapolis, his high school coach,
George Porritt said Bolden’s exit
from the starting lineup was “at
about the right time.”
“As a freshman, geez you don’t
want to totally get your confidence
shaken too much,” Porritt said.
“I think the coaching staff did a
great job with him. There was a
learning curve there and also you
don’t want to hurt a kid for the
While Porritt was never forced to
coach without Bolden on the football
field at St. Mary’s, he and Buchanan
From Page 1
building, Rommelt said.
“The buildings are not very traf
ficked,” she said. “Judging by the
amount of written comments in our
catalog, there is no one who passes
Even classroom buildings with
heavy student traffic present prob
lems for artists, Brewer said.
For example, she said, students
can show their work in the
Patterson Building hallway but are
not fond of it because many ceram
ics either get stolen or broken.
HUB-Robeson Gallery Art
Director Ann Shields said she was
surprised to hear students complain
of a lack of places to show their
Shields said students can show
their work in a number of places,
From Page 1
During his tenure, Clemente
taught 2,500 SOCOOS students eveiy
John McCarthy,head of the sociol
ogy department, said Clemente’s
popularity is undeniable.
“It’s hard to find faculty who con
nect well. He does that. He goes to
more funerals and weddings than
any other faculty member I know,”
McCarthy said.
Reflecting on his career,
Clemente said he never expected
the impact teaching would have on
“People say I’ve done a lot for my
students, but the students have
done a lot more for me,” Clemente
Revered by students and peers
alike, he began teaching again full
time in 1998 after 13 years as the
sociology department head.
Before then, Clemente spent
most of his time conducting
research or carrying out his admin
istrative duties.
Professor of Sociology and
Demography Barrett Lee said
Clemente’s return to teaching
By Casey McDermott
Police also would not confirm
whether alcohol or other substances
were involved in the incident.
suited elsewhere.
Though Newsome came to Penn
State with the reputation of being a
mobile quarterback that also had a
big arm, Clark said he doesn't see
the Lions ever using a two-quarter
back system.
Thus, Newsome’s decision to go
elsewhere would be based on the
fact of his position on the depth
chart or how open he’d be to a posi
tion change.
“Obviously he wasn't happy about
what was going on this year, and I
mean, he wasn’t seeing a lot of play
ing time,” Clark said. “I think he's
just going to try to take his talents
While Newsome was the original
front runner heading into camp,
Bolden’s ability to open up eyes and
show the coaches he could lead the
this only lasts a few years, then it Middletown a more student-orient
wasn’t effective,” Taylor said. "I ed place than it currently is.
agreed that Bolden will continue to
respond well to the situation.
Much like the quarterback did
when he wasn’t a starter on St.
Mary’s basketball team, and much
like how couldn't compete in a few
track meets because of injuries,
Bolden always found a way to
And though Paterno has opted to
stay with McGloin for the Outback
Bowl, he’s still optimistic about
Bolden's future at Penn State.
“[Bolden] has a lot of ability, but
he is a true freshman in the truest
sense of the word,” Paterno said.
“He wasn’t even here for spring
practice. He came in and unfortu
nately we had to start him a few
games early until [Matt McGloin I
started to show some promise."
Patemo said he thinks the Lions
“are all right" at the position, and
several times throughout the sea
son cited Bolden's inexperience as a
reason why the team played better
with McGloin under center.
While the learning curve was
including Art Alley in the HUB-
Robeson Center, University Health
Services Lobby, North Halls
Resident Cultural Lounge. West
Hall Resident Cultural Lounge and
the office suite of Vice President for
Student Affairs Damon Sims.
Shields said she has been show
ing student artwork since 1990 and
even developed the Art on the Move
program, which opened up many
different spaces in the university to
student work.
“I went to various units in the uni
versity asking them to set aside wall
space that had been renovated to
accommodate artwork along with
lighting,” she said.
Shields said her records show
student work makes up 50 percent
of the artwork she exhibited.
“Students cannot call me the
week before and want an exhibit in a
few weeks. I can’t do spaces like
that,” Shields said.
SOCOOS was a leap of faith.
"He was sort of terrified about
stepping back into the classroom,"
Lee said.
He said Clemente revolutionized
the sociology department as its
head from 1983 to 1996, taking it
from mediocrity to a “nationally rec
ognized powerhouse.”
Clemente said he never expected
to rise to such a leadership position
when he arrived at Penn State in
He said the first time he gave his
“Clemente’s Rules of Life,” he
expected 20 students out of a section
of 400 to attend.
The rules Clemente devised
include encouraging students to fol
low their dreams, raise the bar and
instill self-respect.
Instead of arriving to an empty
room, all the seats were filled and
people who did not take the course
occupied sparse standing space.
Since then, his last lecture of the
semester has grown in popularity
every year.
Despite all the life experiences
Clemente had, from his early life
growing up in an Italian household
in Pittsburgh to the present, he said
his most cherished position is that of
a father.
The Daily Collegian
on campus
According to the same report, in
2008, nine forcible sex offenses
four in the residence halls and two
on public property were reported
on campus. And in 2007, eight on
campus forcible sex offenses were
reported, six of which occurred in
the residence halls, according to the
same report.
To e-mail reporter:
“I love Penn State
and I love the game of
Kevin Newsome
offense left Newsome the odd man
And now the sophomore might be
completely out of the quarterback
"We ll see." Newsome said as he
shared high-fives and laughs with
teammates and friends. "I love Penn
State and I love the game of football,
so we'll see what happens after I
talk to Joe."
To e-mail reporter:
noticeable to Porritt. who caught
several of Bolden's starts on TV he
isn't worried about the freshman’s
physical tools, or his work ethic.
Though he said the already quiet
Bolden used the second half of the
Lions' season "as a humbling expe
rience" he expects standing on the
sidelines will drive Bolden to work
even harder in the offseason.
But whether or not Bolden beats
out McGloin and the other two quar
terbacks on the roster for next
year s starting job, will begin to get
sorted out in the coming months.
And the competition at quarter
back seems like a good problem for
Penn State to have.
"IRob's 1 gonna face that all
through his playing career,”
Buchanan said. “There should
always be competition. No. 1, it will
make him better if he’s the starter
and if he's not the starter, they’re
going to have a pretty dam good
quarterback playing."
To e-mail reporter:
"Students need to book these
spaces six months to a year in
But Brewer and Rommelt said
many of the exhibition rooms avail
able to them, such as the basement
of Sparks, are not conducive for gal
leries because of their aesthetic lim
itations among them, poor light
ing and distracting floor colors.
Brewer said to show her work the
way she wants to. she needs a space
that is more changeable and can
bring in the community the way
established artists do.
Shields said she has always been
in support of student artwork on
campus and has tried to accommo
date them.
"I have been a student art advo
cate. often visiting their studios
when invited and their opening
receptions,” Shields said.
To e-mail reporter:
Frank Clemente’s rules
of life
1. Know yourself. Respect yourself.
2. Live a full, passionate life.
3. Keep your health.
4. Raise the bar.
5. Give something back.
6. Don’t be afraid of risk or failure.
7. Always take the high road.
8. Remember the buffalo.
(Never give up.)
9. Follow your dream.
10. Tomorrow belongs to you.
He said during his retirement, he
plans on visiting his family scattered
across the country, some of which
he gladly pointed to in the audience
including his wife Claudia.
Students in the audience said
they couldn’t help but think of him
as a father.
“We believe in his values,”
Sukhpreet Singh (senior-supply
chain and information systems)
In closing his speech, Clemente
commended his students.
“Let’s do lunch,” he said.
To e-mail reporter m)