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April 1887-April 1987
Turning the Tide
Penn State quarterback John Shaffer looks for a receiver while offensive Bennett Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The Lions handed the Tide only their
lineman Chris Conlln attempts to stop Alabama linebacker Cornelius third loss in Bryant-Denny Stadium in 25 years.
Israel applauds Britain for severing ties with Syria
Associated Press Writer
JERUSALEM An Israeli expert
said yesterday that Syria’s air force
intelligence chief ordered Nezar Hin
dawi to plant explosives on an Israeli
jetliner flying from London.
The Israeli government meanwhile
applauded Britain’s decision to sever
ties with Syria and suggested other
Western countries follow suit.
“This is a most important and
positive development. We have to
prevent state assistance to terror,”
Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir said
on Israel television.
Yossi Olmert, a political science
professor at Tel Aviv University and
expert on Syria, said on Israel radio
that Hindawi was directed in the
Schlafly vs. Smeal highlights symposium
Collegian Staff Writer
INDIANA A national debate on
educational issues beween two of
America’s most prominent women
exploded into a controversial dis
cussion on AIDS, abortion, birth con
trol and nuclear war.
Anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly and
National Organization of Women
president Eleanor Smeal, opposite in
their goals for American women and
values, met at a symposium held last
weekend on the campus of the India
na University of Pennsylvania.
Titled, “American Dreams: The
National Debate about the Future Of
Education,” the symposium brought
over 20 noted educators and lecturers
together for the three-day event.
The Schlafly vs. Smeal debate over
educational values drew national me
dia attention and an excited crowd of
about 600 Shlafley and Smeal support
Talking about elementary educa
tion, Schlafly commented about AIDS
saying, “If (elementary school teach
ers) are teaching our youngsters to
be anti-gay, that’s good,” but if
they’re teaching them to be pro-gay
and supplementing that teaching with
contraceptive information, that’s not
“AIDS is a homosexual problem,”
she added.
Smeal said “AIDS is a virus. It has
no sexual preference.”
The crowd mostly Smeal sup
porters shouted support for their
respective speakers. Schlafly sup
porters, who occupied seats in the
front of lUP’s 1,000 capacity auditori-
bomb plot by Syrian air force intelli
gence chief Gen. Mohammed el-
Khouli, who reports to Syrian Presi
dent Hafez Assad.
He said his information came from
evidence supplied to Britain and Hin
dawi’s own testimony, but did not
Hindawi was convicted Friday in
London of planting explosives found
in his girlfriend’s luggage as she tried
to board an El A 1 plane April 17 at
London’s Heathrow airport. The Brit
ish government said it had evidence
Syria aided Hindawi in the plot, and
broke diplomatic relations with Dam
The Chicago Tribune also reported
in its Sunday editions that el-Khouli
oversaw Hindawi’s actions, saying
his role was uncovered in a British
um, waved small American flags in
support of each of her statements.
Teenagers should not be responsi
ble for learning about contraceptives
in school, Schlafly said during the
discussion of birth control distribu
tion in high schools.
Smeal disagreed, saying “It’s ludi
crous to pump, pump, pump sex and
violence on television” and not offer
contraceptives to our young people.
“There’s so much hypocrisy,” she
‘Our speeches sound
like two ships
passing in the night.’
—Eleanor Smeal,
president of the National
Organization of Women
Schlafly said the most significant
problem for universities is high tu
ition costs, and the major problem for
elementary schools is illiteracy.
Because of illiteracy “more than
half of those in public schools in the
last 25 years are excluded from read
ing the great works,” Schlafly said.
Smeal said Americans are unfairly
attacking the country’s educational
“Our educational system is getting
a bum rap,” she said, adding that
diversity and plurality of curriculum
and teaching methods is essential for
the success of today’s education.
Saying America’s public education
investigation that intelligence
sources believed was conducted with
the aid of Israel.
Israeli official reaction to Britain’s
severing of relations with Syria was
delayed until yesterday because of
Syrian denies Israeli
Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON, D.C. The Syrian foreign
minister yesterday denied British charges that his
nation was behind an attempt to bomb an Israeli
airliner and expressed confidence that Washing
ton would not join London in severing ties with
“I am sure that the United States will very much
has given almost everyone the
“chance for the American dream,”
Smeal supported ,such educational
reforms as plurality of teaching
methods, increased early childhood
education, teaching of fine arts and
music, vocational education for wom
en and the abolishment of stereo
typed jobs for men and women.
Smeal said in relation to educatio
nal spending, “the military has dried
up money for everything.”
Asked if she feels early childhood
education is effective, Schlafly said:
“I don’t believe in kindergarten. All
they learn there is how to get germs.”
The abortion question was raised
several times by the audience, and
both Schlafly, who is anti-abortion
and Smeal, who is pro-choice, debat
ed abortion rights, ending with the
abortion question becoming one of
Smeal also advocated more worn- :
en’s studies programs, more political ;
influence for women in high schools,
less discrimination against women,
more funding for primary and sec
ondary education teachers, who she
said were mostly women, and the
formation and support of teacher’s
Schlafly supported phonics as the
standard system of elementary learn
ing. She also spoke out for more
literacy programs, the English lan
guage as the “key to the American
dream,” honest American values,
American textbooks, and parental
choice in deciding what public
schools their children attend.
“Our speeches sound like two ships
passing in the night,” Smeal said.
the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah.
In praising Britain’s move, Shamir
told the weekly Cabinet meeting,
“The international struggle against
states that support terror is a vital
necessity for humanity everywhere.”
look into the facts more than the mere statements
given by the British government,” Syrian Foreign
Minister Farouk al Shar’a said on the CBS-TV
program, Face the Nation.
“We are sure that there are no evidence what
soever” linking Syria with the attempt to smuggle
a bomb aboard an El Al jetliner at London’s
Heathrow Airport, Shar’a said.
Last Friday, a British court convicted a Jordani
an, Nezar Hindawi, 32, in the attempt. On the same
Phyllis Schlafly
Eleanor Smeal
‘This was a very big game in our
season and in Penn State’s
- I For com pl e^e Lions'
football coverage
See or * S ~ Pa 9 e
A Centuary off Peam State Football
Cabinet Secretary Yossi Beilin told
reporters it would be natural for the
United States and other Western
countries to follow Britain’s example.
The United States withdrew its
ambassador to Syria and Canada
airline bombing charges
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Lions’ Quarterback John Shaffer
day the British government, accusing Syrian offi
cials sponsoring the plot, severed diplomatic rela
tions with Syria.
In a show of support, President Reagan recalled
the U.S. ambassador from Damascus. The envoy,
William Eagleton, was to consult with administra
tion officials this week in Washington.
In making their decision, administration offi
cials will be watching the degree of international
support for Britain’s action.
* + * + * + + + + ■+*■ +
recalled its envoy from Damascus for
Syria opposes any negotiated peace
settlement with Israel, and views as
traitors those Arab leaders who have
met with Israeli officials.