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itluey Newton
Carter wants more education funds
president Carter will support
p 15 per cent increase in
gending . for education
,Contained in the Labor-HEW
,appropriations bill if dif
ferences can, be resolved over
funding for other programs,
( Vice President Walter F.
Bike registrations set
: State College police will
;hold another series of bicycle
Tegistrations beginning today
:from 1 to 3 p.m. in the rear of
:the State College Municipal
Building. Bikes may also be
registered at the Municipal
:Building July'9 from 9 a.m. to
'.2:30 p.m., and-at the Welch
At Last!! A Locally Owned and Operated Rapid Reading
and Reading Enrichment Lab. .
More than Speed Reading . . .
The State College Reading Lab will offer a 5 week course
in Rapid Reading to qualified people in the Centre
Region. This program is based on solid research and is
not just a "speed reading" course, but rather a combined
rapid reading, comprehension, and study skills program.
The program places special emphasis on the reading of
technical material, and the program also will help you
read different material at different rates.
Just 5 sessions . . .
our program reduces classroom time to only one class
per week for only five weeks. In addition, students who
complete the classroom instruction and the outside prac
tice will receive at no cost, a reading enrichment course
on cassette tape.
Guaranteed Results .
You will triple yoiir current reading speed, or your
tuition will be refunded. In fact, our typical students in
crease their rate 3 to 5 times after completing just the
classroom part of our program. That translates to speeds
of 1000 to 45000 words per minute. Improved com
prehension skills can be expected.
Reasonable Tuition . . . Less than 1 / 2 the others.
If you have always wanted to become a more effective
reader, but you have found the typical speed reading
course too time-consuming, too expensive, and too rapid
this summer you can turn things around before finals.
Free Lectures . . .
If you are interested in finding out more about our
unique program, please attend one of the following free
90 minute lectures.
Wed., July 6
Thurs., July 7
Fri., July 8
Sat., July 9
Sun., July 10
Mon., July 11
Wesley Foundation, 256 West College Ave
Mondale announced yester
In an address to tne
National Education Assoc
iation's annual convention,
Mondale said:
"I am pleased to announce
that if other issues in the
HEW bill can be resolved,
pool on the Westerly Parkway
between 1 and 3 p.m.
Eight vehicle accidents
occurred over the holiday
weekend, State College police
reported. No deaths or serious
injuries resulted.
6:30 and again at 8:30 PM
6:30 and again at 8:30 PM
6:30 and again at 8:30 PM
2:30 and again at 4:30 PM
2:30 • and again at 4:30 PM
6:30 and again at 8:30 PM
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President Carter will sign
that ' legislation when it
reaches his desk, and
teachers can count on
receiving that major increase
din education funds."
Mondale prepared his
speech for the convention in
Minneapolis, and the text was
Electrical power was off for
about 40 minutes Tuesday,
while fireman fought a small
electrical fife in the Calder
Square. The fire was caused
by a short circuit in an
electrical panel box in the
basement of the building.
Campanis Shoe
Huey Newton
' 2 -
OAKLAND, Calif. (UPI) A judge yesterday set bail at ..
$lOO,OOO for Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton, who
jumped bail in '1974 and fled to Cuba, but held open the
possibility that he could be released on his own recognizance
Newton, 35, who returned voluntarily to stand trial on
charges of murder and assault, stood quietly in the courtroom
packed with his supporters. Many others waited outside in a
Oakland Municipal Judge Courtland D. Arne delayed en
tering of plea and setting of a trial date until July 19.
Arne also asked for a report on whether Newton should be
granted his request for release without bail.
Newton's attorney, Sheldon Otis, said no attempt would be
made to raise the $lOO,OOO. .
"We will concentrate on getting him out on his own
recognizance," Otis said after the court hearing.
• In arguing for Newton's release, Otis noted the Black
Panther leader came back to face trial voluntarily.
"He did not return to walk out the door," he told the judge.
"He returned to prove the charges against him are false."
Prosecutor Tom Orloff argued for a minimum bail of
$lOO,OOO. He said the previous bail of $42,000, which Newton
forfeited in 1974, had not been sufficient.
Newton, a co-founder of the Black Panthers, is charged with
the stabbing death of a teen-age girl and assaulting a tailor.
He was free on $42,000 bail when he disappeared in August
He said he fled to Cuba because narcotics dealers had
placed a $lO,OOO "contract" on him as a result of his staunch
opposition to the use of heroin.
Newton, who has maintained he is innocent , of the charges
facing him, said his attorneys can now prove he was the victim
of an FBI and CIA plot to remove him fnom the scene and ruin
the Black Panther party.
"I want everyone to know I have not killed anyone," Newton,
told a crowd of 500 cheering supporters when he arrived at San
Francisco International Airport. "I believe I will be acquitted,
although it will be difficult to get a fair trial."
UPI wirephift
released in Washington
•He said the Carter ad
ministration had increased
educational spending by $1.5
billion, and Congress had
added funds for several
programs. The combined
increases, he said, amount to
a 15 per cent hike in federal
spending for education.
That, Mondale said, is the
"largest increase in federal
dollars for education since the
Elementary and Secondary
Education act was passed."
-In making the an
nouncement, ~. Mondale sp
pealed for teachers' sup Port
of the administration's efforts
to . reform the impact aid
"Right now, one dollar in
trial to begin
in two weeks
four goes to a school district
in the upper 25 per cent in
come bracket of this nation,"
he said. "That's just not a
wise use of our resources at a
time when so many poorer
school districts are starving
for additional funds.
"We want to target these
funds to the areas where the
real needs are," he said.
"And we need your help."
Furthermore, Mondale
announced a major new
"effort to involve teachers in
our decisions in educational
"This adixiinistra'tioti is
committed to giving this
nation's teachers a real voice
in the educational policy of
this country," he said.
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The Daily Collegian Wednesday, July 6, 1977-3
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